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File: 01380ef2262a2cc⋯.jpg (4.15 MB, 2100x1854, 350:309, 01380ef2262a2cc2bb52fa29fd….jpg)

f1c2f7  No.6098875

Continue to discuss.

Previous breads:

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f1c2f7  No.6098904

File: f158e5855634995⋯.png (29.22 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8ed5f5d701160ed941e792e726….png)



5e4963  No.6102138

File: 63093fa67caeea7⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 373x521, 373:521, LimitedEdition.jpg)




Bitcoin did not start the sound money debate. GATA (Gold Anti-trust Action Committee) has been around for 2 decades along with people like Ron Paul and others. Bitcoin came out in 2009.

Ya, it could be crimes against humanity. Straight up EO classification for severe crimes against humanity and economic corruption.

Although Bitcoin is capped in quantity, new cryptos are coming out every day, which inflates the overall cypto pool. The best blockchain can be is an amazing currency, it can never be money. Only silver and gold are money. However, it is a wonderful innovation that was the breakthrough blockchain needed. I think the blockchain may be the best invention since the internet tho. However, the closer currency can be to real money, the better it is. Therefore, blockchain used to account for metal is a great option to use as your currency holding , while keeping most of your savings in real money, somewhere safe. As for Kinesis, they have a kick ass monetary team, which are aided by a great digital team. Not just extremely talented computer people giving (sound) monetary theory their best shot. Andrew Maguire, who blew the whistle on JP Morgan for rigging precious metal markets, is on the team. The CEO Tom Coughlin has ran ABX (Allocated Bullion Exchange) for almost a decade. It also has solved the Gresham's law problem with bringing metals into circulation (via profit sharing minute transaction fees and paying as interest instead of a credit card company taking all profits). Check into it yourself tho. Money will still be money…same as always.

Silver is a monetary metal, just like gold. Silver moves hand in hand with gold and is 95%+ correlated. The word for silver is the word for money in several languages. Indians have been passing generations of wealth down in their families via silver and gold dowry. It has been money for 1000's of years. It works great when not jacked around by banksters via paper metal contracts.

I could see the 1:10 ratio as a good holding %. The rich man can go heavy gold, but the average person should stick with heavy silver for the time being. The higher you can tolerate a little risk, the heavier you should go silver.

If the currency was to be backed by real money and everyone's assets are denominated in that currency, then the average citizen with any currency at all will have metals (money) exposure. Having a good measuring stick as money only helps the scenario. Constitutional money (silver and gold) are a way better base for an economy than RothsChild-Diddler pedo paper debt notes.

We need to drain the swamp. Then confiscate their assets legally via the EO & give the assets to the Treasury. Default on the debt that has least public exposure. Tell the banks they can piss off. Repatriate any metal that left in the Fed to the Treasury and absorb/abolish and confiscate assets. Hold the banksters accountable for economic crimes and confiscate all their assets too. This is treason and sever human abuses. It is literally robbing the population of their life donated to earning currency. Back a Treasury dollar and go back to Constitutional money. The definition of a dollar is 371.25 grains of silver. You can pay $1000 in debt with $100 of gold IF you allowed the price to rise by 10X.

Drain Swamp - Confiscate Assets - End/Absorb Fed - Default on bad debt - Raise the price of metals to a level that will clear the books - Release Treasury gold/silver backed dollars - Allow silver & gold ratio to work its magic after hopefully getting close (or at least closer) to fair value

There may be a hangover but it will be worth exiting the cancerous monetary system and getting back to free markets and honest money. It is not something that we can't get through as a nation.

d552fe  No.6108057

Bitcoin allows the crimes unearthed during the Great Awakening to be fully documented and preserved for all the world to see and access instantly, decentrally enough, for virtual eternity.

Internet: pages and sites disappear and are stealth edited all the time

Books: can be burned and banned (look at history and NZ)

Bitcoin: immutable and very good at bypassing state and corporate internet censorship

Do you understand yet?

f1c2f7  No.6110896

File: 03041886c23ae53⋯.png (930.35 KB, 620x1102, 310:551, 03041886c23ae5335069b31f07….png)

>>6108057 :: Information on bitcoin cannot be stealthy censored or altered by the cabal


f19f55  No.6111538


neither can deep fakes be claimed about photos whose hashes were embedded and timestamped in 2013.

"proper fucked"

f19f55  No.6113458

File: 31df342f42b371b⋯.png (704.74 KB, 1450x1180, 145:118, ClipboardImage.png)

The bipartisan bill has been authored by Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) and co-sponsored by Representatives Darren Soto (D-FL-09), Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ-05), Tedd Budd (R-NC-13), Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI-02), and Scott Perry (R-PA-10).

cbf556  No.6115559

File: b12bb1ce3057e41⋯.jpg (595.6 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, 72.jpg)


>Do you have any gold/silver target goals, or are you waiting for the polymer? I know some folks are going in on crypto. I really don't like the idea of a government crypto, I know a lot of people like it but I don't.

The goal is to stack the metal that yields the most new notes. The ratio balance will show you the way. Going in on crypto is only going in at the top of the debasement bubble. What happens to those that fall into the greed black hole? They hold heavy heavy bags. Once the debasement paradigm finally and fully capitulates you will be way ahead by playing it smart and finding support back at 1913. This game is for keeps. If you are a patriot then .gov driven by blockchain shouldn't worry you one bit. I discourage anyone thinking they can dance around at the top of the tower of babel while the c4 is cracking and popping.

144,000 and we ride:

144,000 - 129,252 = 14,748

Grab your tickets and don't look back.


When they come you can guarantee they are coming in hot.

The financial landscape will be in ruins and tears will flow.

cadcf4  No.6125584


Big if true

Theoretically how would one find these hashes or read more into this

Appreciate you sharing anon

f19f55  No.6126467




There was a thread in the qresearch catalog as well that flairs up now and again with guys trying to decode it. There are claims that it's been done, but there are tags on the files that are immediately tagged and shut down. Perhaps even killed. No evidence of either. I imagine it's pretty airtight. Those files could be screen shot and bounced around the world if they were out of pandora's box already. This is why Assange is alive still.

104a3f  No.6126676


Sounds like the last gasp of a deep state trying to keep their house-always-wins casino afloat

07c602  No.6126766


Step 1 is 80526b /\

Step 2 is ?

Sand castles erode but vision is not sacrificed

f19f55  No.6127881


I'd say that it looks more like trying to stimulate innovation and developing appropriate regulation in time rather than pushing a square peg through a round hole.

07c602  No.6127963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

help me saddle up, fren

baf529  No.6132842


Innovation in the blockchain space doesn't require and is in no way helped by loosening securities laws. Securities laws are for investments, to protect investors. Blockchains and crypto do not make investments special in any way, although the crypto community at large mistakenly that crypto as an investment is blockchain's best (sometimes only) use case.

And even if blockchains were a special type of investment, they would on average be one of the poorest investments in history. Sure some people might have made money on the FOMO hype and manipulated pumps of individual coins to date but 99.9% of them have zero underlying value, and when the crunch hits they'll collapse to worthlessness without looking back. To bring it full circle, this paragraph sums up why we have securities laws…to protect investors from ponzis and other obvious scams (with or without blockchain)

34394a  No.6141069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we're barking up the same tree…

I agree with most of what you say though I do think there is a case for some of these projects to have new regulation. stock certificates don't have utility, dual or more use. It's just a contract. So in the cases that there are tokens that do more, then I would suggest appropriate categorization, which doesn't yet exist. I don't know if such thing as a utility coin only reg would be appropriate since a lot of these also raised money on the token sale. There is no ultility token only or hybrid regulation and the securities law as it doesn't apply for those. As for the other 95%, sure, fuck 'em. They should all go to jail. To me, ETH is a scam from the beginning. I might only give leeway to Mastercoin/OMNI because it was the first ICO, back when they were still called crowdsales to solve the colored coin failure with a meta token on BTC. There are elements of security, but also utility and innovation. It had real thinking behind it. Also MAID, the second crowdsale. In my mind, not a lawyer, it seems more like a security, startup money, but ultimately it is to be exchanged for the network utility token. More importantly, though, is that they haven't pushed out an unfinished product. There's no copy/paste with MAID. It's more legit as an actual decentralized technology than even BTC…and 5 years on, the network still isn't live. People complain because it's not getting the fast money, but when you really look at the innovation and what's coming, security or not, it's the opposite of the 99.99% garbage in terms of honestly with regard to innovation, funding, and post-funding behavior. DOGE got crypto-rich and sponsored a Nascar…seriously? Money made by fraud gets spent that way.

Faggots act like marketing idiots when money is free. Think bitconnect! Even better, Ethereum!

f1c2f7  No.6141763

File: 03041886c23ae53⋯.png (930.35 KB, 620x1102, 310:551, 03041886c23ae5335069b31f07….png)



085d68  No.6161244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jim Willie on silver and gold.

Starting at 54:50 he talks about silver, then later gold.

He says that his insider claims that silver will NOT be a monetary metal but will be a "highly protected and treasured industrial metal" and "the energy and technology standard metal" and that gold is going to be "the monetary metal." Silver will have a protected market although still fair and just, based on supply and demand.

Price estimates (per troy ounce):

silver: $200 - $400

gold: $10,000 - $15,000

bc240e  No.6166139


Great satire. Like The Onion for crypto…though these articles might be half true! Funny nonetheless.

cbf556  No.6192879

File: f0a8cc2eade712a⋯.jpg (70.01 KB, 1054x496, 17:8, we_ride_15-Apr-2019.jpg)


Stick with Au if you want solid insurance. You will be watching it oscillate in the "balance zone" from now until the fix.

Ag will net you some bonus notes as well as Pt (anon's choice). Pt the most undervalued right now in terms of bringing things back to 1913.

Pd will net you the least amount of new notes as the fix has quite a correction at this point. Shorts have one more job to complete and their debts will be considered paid in full.

After your horse has been selected grab some nUMs and wait for 144,000.


After that we ride.


Closing in on 14,000 as we speak…

144,000 - 129,945 = 14,055

May 7th….China……they know the new notes are coming…

All traders (traitors) are starting to finally smell the change in the air. The fear is real and they know the fee machine is shutting down before their very eyes. This is not a drill.


Install based individuals back into finance and the rest falls into place. Fix the source and the echoes will become music to your ears. The show goes on.

In short Step 2 = You

cbf556  No.6193010


Jim Willie is a delusional RV advocate most likely working directly for the fee machine. These clowns don't actually ever want to see anything like this as they know their business model will be null and void. Over half of these jokers sold out to crypto and now have the balls to advise you to store your metals in one of their vaults. They know what's coming and I can assure you all they want is to promise you the world while they pluck cells from your soul one penny at a time.

c6e079  No.6198154


Is 80526b the key to get nums early or do I have to wait. I know something is there

Some of us weren't born with the autist gene, however weve made it further then those that were..

2c15a0  No.6199684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3d0bd  No.6200029

From the moment Bitcoin arrived on the edges of the mainstream, bad actors have been trying to take it down, and here in 2019 is nothing different. Nearly every Twitter sock puppet and crypto influencer (lol) is going hard in the paint against one coin right now. The chain with the longest set of unbroken digital signatures. The chain with an unchanged protocol over 10 years. The chain that supports instant p2p censorship-resistant transactions. The chain that can store immutable records and files for the world to access censorship-free. The chain that scared the pants off the bankers and the globalists when they first began to understand its implications in 2012 until they seized control of it in 2017.

ec7bc9  No.6202244

File: c65a95d0825032a⋯.png (955.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

f1c2f7  No.6203230

File: 2800a41d8e32483⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 1545x1613, 1545:1613, 8e5709ae1e57f8f9544efc097d….jpg)


The great awakening is coming to [crypto].

c6d27b  No.6207250

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock Best Interview Ever!

c6d27b  No.6207260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Deep State can't stop the Great Awakening: DAVID WILCOCK Exclusive Interview [Part 5]

c6d27b  No.6207262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Wilcock: Antarctic Atlantis and Secret Space Program 2019

c6d27b  No.6207273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Wilcock Predicts Some Very Big Events Coming Up in 2019

97667d  No.6208208


>until they seized control of it in 2017

sauce or gtfo.

81b93b  No.6210186


Ugghhhh man.

This is recycled bovine scat.

Years of the same crap!

Old & crusty hype for nothing…

d3d0bd  No.6211568


Check the previous breads for connections between Blockstream, Digital Currency Group, Mastercard, Paypal, Bilderberg

d3d0bd  No.6211648

File: 5363c748edd7ad9⋯.png (60.75 KB, 608x480, 19:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f88e980a010b56d⋯.png (205.61 KB, 595x870, 119:174, ClipboardImage.png)

With Bitcoin, we can now archive websites to a censorship resistant blockchain for essentially eternity.

One of 1,000 world-changing applications contributing to the Leftist-Communist-Silicon Valley alliance's mission to destroy or bastardize Bitcoin.

db59ee  No.6212292


I'm sure Q borrowed some of the ideas from him…

aca920  No.6215757


correlation is not causation.

BTC is not controlled.

aca920  No.6215785


storing files on a blockchain is so dumb.

6597c6  No.6221477


XRP will be world currency, predictions from $200-$10000 per xrp.


6597c6  No.6221493


bitcoin won't be used for this, bitcoin is slow and shit. it will be tron.

9396ce  No.6222494

File: 613e8d333558545⋯.png (284.52 KB, 500x640, 25:32, ClipboardImage.png)

e65d51  No.6226432


If BTC isn't controlled someone really needs to come up with a good reason for SegWit's existence and explain it to the smart people in the room. Also we should have a good reason for the tentacles of the Blockstream Behemoth spending so much time and money astroturfing and socially engineering the entire crypto space toward shit solutions and manipulated pump and dump ponzis.

Because from here it looks like some run-of-the-mill commie tactics, same ones they used (and which failed) against Trump, and it looks an awful lot like nothing scares the crypto space like a stable Bitcoin protocol without the SegWit bug.


The internet is dumb.


GL and HF


Reasonable prediction anon

ff50ad  No.6227484


>5G Push

>Gold backed cryptocurrency

9396ce  No.6235656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



"Race Day"


9396ce  No.6235807


>a good reason for SegWit's existence

blockchains can't scale. I'm not against second layer solutions.

Not sure what you mean about blockstream pushing ponzis. Those guys are generally Bitcoin maximalists.

I think you point out an interesting nuance in the cypherpunk world. I noticed it with the SAFE crew as well. There is some overlap with honest idealistic utopian commies, libertarians, and anarchists in being against centralization. It's important not to conflate them nor to confuse a well meaning idealist with a bastard centralist masquerading as Bernie Sanders. It's subtle, but your blanketing blockstream for having some lefties…

Think for yourself. Look at their individual fruits. Follow money and relationships. For the moment, I'm comfortable with them. Bitcoin was/is a shit protocol that is still the best hope for destroying the fed. That said, I'm hedging bets. Not going all in on anything. Never go full retard!

(Digital) Gold destroys the FED.

e65d51  No.6237644

File: 9a5dc4813fc7667⋯.png (201.32 KB, 1191x878, 1191:878, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 69eee3d732fe120⋯.png (305.71 KB, 1150x998, 575:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bec00a931ff95a2⋯.png (74.54 KB, 345x485, 69:97, ClipboardImage.png)


The "Blockchains can't scale" narrative was a whopper from…Blockstream…which has been empirically proven false. FUD around reorgs are exactly that and solely affect miners, not users, when the system is working as intended. Otoh Blockstream's irreversible SegWit bug cannot scale - BTC is dead whether anyone realizes or not, at least as far as a global network is concerned. Most recently Core is entertaining the idea of increasing the $21M cap to introduce inflation. When its possible for a small group of paid-off developers to change fundamentals like that, we might as well suck it up and accept the Fed. A stable protocol for blockchain based money removes the power that so many in this space are seeking.

It sounds like we're close to agreeing that central bankers are the root cause of most of the woes of this planet. (THEY) are not threatened by thousands of shitcoins. In fact its in their best interest to have as many competing cryptocurrencies as possible! Divide and conquer.

When the first sniff of a recession approaches the implosion of crypto begins, and (THEY) will centralize even more wealth and power because people were blinded by short term gainz. But if we as a group were smart enough to coalesce around one coin, with a stable protocol, we would protect from (THEM) as well as the worst of ourselves. All we need is a reliable, scalable blockchain…nothing fancy.

9396ce  No.6239683


You lost me at EOS. Forget Blockstream. If you're pushing EOS and some of these other attempts at scaling + features, then FUGGGGG… EOS is more centralized than Blockstream would ever want to make Bitcoin. That itself undermines the argument. I worked with some of the folks from one of main block producers for EOS. The whole thing is a scam in the back office. I ran away as far and as fast as I could. That BS will blow back hard and I hope Dan Larimer, his dad, and their combined decades with Raytheon will be a lesson for the fast money crowd. Direct investors were fairly famous international liberal/establishment billionaires. There was already open discussions with gates foundation money and direct connections to Soros NGOs, etc. It all got too spooky for me so I bounced. I'm sure I could have stayed and made bank, but I want to crush those people. It would have been illegal for me to record them, but FUGGGGGG. The crypto community is ignorant and naive.

Coinbase promoting shitcoins doesn't mean anything. Look at who has left Coinbase. Compare their values vs. those that stayed. Look who banks Coinbase. They've already stated they hate Bitcoin. Coinbase is compromised, IMO…and you're bitching about Blockstream? Seriously?

Promoting SV as a scaling solution? GTFO already. Lots of things can be shown to scale technically, but not economically. Plus, you need adoption. All the good will in the world, won't make anyone's pet/preferred project win the race. Shit has to work, and the best minds in the world, Blockstream or not, are working on Bitcoin. Period. End of Story. There are a handful of experiments on the side, like my preferred SAFE Network because it's at least a 10x improvement from blockchain as a consensus mechanism + a whole network, not just a distributed ledger, womp womp, but 99.9% of the rest is shill territory and pure fraud.

Central Bankers, Pharisees, Cabal, whoever. Same people. I'd personally tie millstones to their necks.

Centralized money isn't the only problem. It's the underlying problem of centralized data/information at the heart. This calls for more than just blockchain, the end of the FED, or the end of MSM.

Don't confuse distributed with centralized either. before 1987, there were lots of medium and large sized banks. And now, there's only about 6 big investment banks plus the scraps for regional banks. Sure, the FED and no gold was still the underlying issue, but distribution was better. Full decentralization has undesirable tradeoffs. The demand on individuals would undermine the benefits of working together and specialization. Some level of not centralization but transparent audited distribution is optimal…just not the mere 20 or so nodes of EOS…

9396ce  No.6239701


Almost forgot the link.

Sat(ire) but True!

Much great articles. Wow clean fun!


Dan Larimer Receives Guinness World Record for Most Crypto Exit Scams

2 weeks ago Coin Jazeera

Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech.

Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech.

Serial swindler, Dan Larimer, who conned his way into becoming a Blockchain Billionaire, was awarded the Guinness World Record on Thursday for most crypto exit scams. Larimer, who is best known for his role in creating popular hit scams such as Bitshares, Steem, and EOS received the award after brilliantly exit scamming EOS in October and announcing plans for creating his fourth new shitcoin.

The genius behind Larimer’s work is his finesse. He tells everyone he’s not quitting and then…he quits!”

Brendan Blumer (CEO Block.One)

Although Larimer still claims to be the CTO of Block.One, our reporters checked Github only to realize he hasn’t made a single commit to EOS since October.

When asked about his new project, Dan told Coin Jazeera:

“The muse behind my art is greed. With EOS I was able to raise $4 Billion Dollars by liberating a bunch of suckers, I mean investors, that missed out on the Ethereum ICO. I consider it to be my finest work to date. For the next one I think I can raise $8 billion. It will be my masterpiece. My magnum opus. I have this brilliant idea to tell people I can create a better Bitcoin. People believed me three times already. Why not four?”

We caught up with Kyle Samani of notorious hedge fund Multicoin Capital, and asked how it feels to have thrown away his reputation and disgraced himself in the industry by shilling Larimer’s latest work.

“Being a Crypto fund manager is hard. Like really hard. My job is to hedge into Ethereum competitors but everything else honestly sucks. If we keep our LPs money in ETH they say we’re not doing enough. If we move into shitcoins they say why didn’t we stay in ETH. It’s tough. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I try hard to act like I do. My job is literally to beg for money for a living. It sucks. I wish I just invested in Ethereum in 2014 so I wouldn’t have to do this shit. At least Dan has the best scams, err- art, and tells us about them beforehand. In that regard he deserves the Guinness.”

People believed me three times already. Why not four?

Dan Larimer (We don’t even know anymore)

Upon receiving his award, Dan said, “This is an honor. I’d like to thank my parents for teaching me these values. I also want to thank my mentor Brock Pierce for helping me exit scam everyone from Burning Man to LA. Without them, none of this would be possible. It took years of practice to get this far. I started with chain emails and moved my way up to Herbalife. When I came across crypto, I knew this was my moment. My only wish is that Elon gets us to space soon so I can scam the aliens.”

Dan Larimer is 36 years old.

048010  No.6239774

File: 8135d6f483efb11⋯.png (456.22 KB, 1041x581, 1041:581, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97c2d3d9d8c436c⋯.png (445.58 KB, 1185x449, 1185:449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f1a20f07569fdb⋯.png (229.04 KB, 941x401, 941:401, ClipboardImage.png)


>All we need is a reliable, scalable blockchain…nothing fancy.

for sure anon. well stated. if you dig deep enough, you will find the gems. just putting it out there for more research and exploration.

200,000 active node downloads, 5 mining algorithms (soon to be ASIC resistant with Odocrypt - a morphing algorithm), 15 second block times, scalable to more than 2000 tps by 2020 and 285,000 tps by 2035. Solid multi-layered applications including cybersecurity, real-estate, supply chain management and financial technology.

03e192  No.6242641

File: 8455f6b3456803d⋯.jpeg (241.55 KB, 1280x840, 32:21, AFD207EA-94F4-41DF-A70A-6….jpeg)

File: 8892c27a244e1a6⋯.jpeg (107.06 KB, 938x716, 469:358, 1B8FABBF-31C0-4B08-A068-0….jpeg)

RE: muh crypto and blockstream and coinbase

Wouldn’t trust 99.9% of them. I’m sure some of them are good people but those running the show?

Would feel very comfy wagering that a vast majority of the Coinbase and Blockstream types voted H in 2016 and will vote against Q+ in 2020 (~95% of Silicon Valley donations went to Dems in ‘16 n ‘18). Have they cleaned house yet? Judging by continued social media censorship and deplatformng, shills and bots, etc?

Remember all this ties back to weird occult shit, child trafficking, and above all POWER.

cbf556  No.6244128


>Would feel very comfy wagering that a vast majority of the Coinbase and Blockstream types voted H in 2016 and will vote against Q+ in 2020

Digital Currency Group:

In their Portfolio = Everything "the future"


Running their show = Delusional leftists


For those of you having a hard time connecting the dots….

Digital Currency Group → Bitcoin → Coinbase → Barry Silbert → Larry Summers → Bill Clinton

You get the point.

Crypto is a continuation of what we already have. A rebranded trick to the eye. It hijacked the libertarian movement. Constructed to be a precious metals look alike paradigm. Creates digital currency ad infinitum. Sound like something you are familiar with?

Crypto = Wall St. 2.0 = Life Extension

We are witnessing something that is literally in it's death throws.

cbf556  No.6244154


#80526b is your only ticket out of here. Grab a horse and saddle up. Nothing is stopping this.

5e4963  No.6244402

File: a936fed786e6e2f⋯.png (331.77 KB, 524x468, 131:117, GoldFractionalReserve.png)

File: b50fb9f87c28b09⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 356x468, 89:117, GoldFractionalReserve2.jpg)

File: d21bea258ef2dfe⋯.png (271.08 KB, 528x385, 48:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7e0b4a46e08918a⋯.png (126.78 KB, 472x553, 472:553, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3b4afae373a4be7⋯.png (120.61 KB, 493x553, 493:553, ClipboardImage.png)

Physical gold and silver are suppressed and manipulated via the paper futures market. HSBC is the custodian of GLD and had sent the a camera crew into their vaults to "prove" the gold was there after rumors were spreading that it was not. The vault seemed to have the gold……however it turns out the bar that was shown to the camera was from someone else's stash and had been shuffled into the HSBC vault without permission.

The phyical gold and especially silver markets are the Achilles heal of the banksters. Just like in the London Gold Pool, they need to suppress metals by adding supply to the market. LEarning from the London Gold Pool, the banksters created the futures market in metals to suppress so they wouldn't need to sell the physical for suppression.

Take away the ability to suppress metal (even better, go to a gold standard) and the banksters inherently evil system will collapse upon itself. The current system would not be sustainable in a free market. Free markets need honest money to function.

A few years back, Deutsche Bank was caught rigging precious metals market and blew in other banks as part of the settlement. POTUS knows what's up, it just was a complicated problem that needed time to be fixed properly. The day is coming tho.

f95709  No.6257512

What to invest in?




Blockchain technology

0150bd  No.6260569

File: 7661eb409ebd533⋯.png (316.25 KB, 666x375, 222:125, ClipboardImage.png)

07c602  No.6263963


wifi router

7261d1  No.6268639



Is 80526b a reference to LOP?

dd7cd3  No.6283275

File: b311bad91a494ee⋯.jpeg (109.16 KB, 1039x865, 1039:865, 4EFC31BA-A968-43AF-85B2-B….jpeg)

This crash is going to be epic

9707b6  No.6287315

File: c3fe42d940804a5⋯.png (249.47 KB, 1018x742, 509:371, ClipboardImage.png)

cbf556  No.6290084


The four corners of your self made prison realized. Shatter them with #80526B.

They will babble all the blockchain tokens forever and ever. They only take pills so they can remain blind.

Getting closer by the day…

144,000 - 130,975 = 13,025

There isn't much time left now. The doors making that creaking noise now.

nums or death by the left

Your choice as always.

07c602  No.6290343


Do you put all of your horses into the nums, or do you leave some left over for when the horse prices inevitably rise. give a horse rider a good plan and he will follow it

cbf556  No.6290429


Eggs are a curious thing. As always do what you must to survive. Just know that nums will have you forgetting about price increases. Find the ones most out of balance and go to them. That window is shrinking. It was never about tangible vs. intangible. Once you form the composite all becomes clear.

07c602  No.6290714

File: 9faaf13e973a946⋯.jpg (237.06 KB, 680x478, 340:239, get_ready.jpg)

ad809a  No.6290760

Bitcoin is the cabal planned NWO currency you stupid fucks. Prolly made by DARPA. You all trying to pass the buck you bought in at 20000 off to the next bigger idiot still?

And block chain is not an interesting technology nor does it solve any problems that haven't been solved infinitely more practically already in the 1970s.

"fuck the feds. Let's all use a currency where all we care about is its ratio to fed dollars" derrrp bunch of useful idiots.

9707b6  No.6293009

File: 68683619f683a28⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1620x1382, 810:691, ClipboardImage.png)


9707b6  No.6293013

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d8563c  No.6294960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Truth. And it's gonna be a humdinger.

e5c70b  No.6296576


Read more and stop with the fear porn. The good guys are now in charge if you haven’t been paying attention for the last two years.

A Blockchain has the potential to perfect honest capitalism and government. What may have been previously created for evil purposes can be turned into something great for the world. And even if the NWO planned to usher in Bitcoin as the OWC, it’s possible that white hats realized Bitcoin was an immutable evidence trail of crimes and kept very detailed records of its use by low and mid-level members of the global criminal cartel. The NSA can do things that can spin my head for years. Let’s just say Bitcoin+Tor is not completely anonymous and it’s possible to ensnare a lot of higher ups based on this fucked up crypto web that’s been weaved.

Sure your scenario might be true but 1) I don’t think Trump is part of the NWO 2) I have guns 3) I think Q was on to something when he said BE THE PLAN. Fear porning about the NWO and Bitcoin while it’s quite clear to me they’re on their last legs accomplishes nothing. Whats your solution to a global debt bubble and unlimited fiat printing presses other than a full scale economic depression/meltdown? Even with stimuli it will be very painful for a large portion of the population. One or a handful of legal, stable cryptos solves MANY problems at once.

7dad27  No.6296640


>NWO’s crypto [its litecoin]


>>6294010 (pb) Is Lifecoin originator Charlie Lee a supporter of UN Agenda 21? Call for a DIGG

e5c70b  No.6296728


Off-thread NOTABLE af

048010  No.6296972

File: 82e853f5c7191a0⋯.png (584.01 KB, 1256x635, 1256:635, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 13a400b32dc9289⋯.png (46.06 KB, 242x380, 121:190, ClipboardImage.png)

1) embrace unhackable deflationary currencies.

2) decentralized blockchains are fundamentally defensive technologies. NWO does not like this.

3) ignore fear porn.

"Blockchain 2035. The digital DNA of Internet 3.0" - https://youtu.be/xsLQ61hnht8

cbf556  No.6301185

File: 083d4a0bd96bf03⋯.png (918.54 KB, 1076x980, 269:245, your_future_1.png)


>Bitcoin is the cabal planned

Now you are paying attention. Looks like Wall St., talks like Wall St., and smells like Wall St. life extension.

Eerily similar to when a corporation re brands itself to mask it's past. Oh and look its more efficient than ever!

Anyone pro Bitcoin anything is a proponent of a left wing socialist utopia that prints coinz foeva….

Those new notes however are exactly what the doctor ordered.


9707b6  No.6304000

File: 086b41a5ec52872⋯.png (226.17 KB, 2398x1334, 1199:667, Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 0….png)

File: c9ecfe0b622b322⋯.png (721.98 KB, 2206x1396, 1103:698, Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 0….png)

File: 9387b39a0a7b330⋯.png (349.15 KB, 2390x1064, 1195:532, Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 0….png)

7261d1  No.6304369


Isn't Rogers nwo?

667045  No.6308045



Charlie sure tweets to Jack a lot. It's like a three-way between Charlie, Elizabeth Stark and Jack. Smells like swamp.

If any crypto can be trusted with certainty, it's Bitcoin and only Bitcoin.

677ebb  No.6308105

File: 4a3ff2684067090⋯.jpg (42.91 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2341214_0.jpg)

Gold shall destroy FED


Said every conspiracy nut since 1987. Still waiting faggot. Wishing doesn't make it so. It's like the storm or the awakening or HRC arrest, or tribunals, RBG, JFK, DEWS and the rest of the bs you cook up and rehash to Qoolaide drinkers.

677ebb  No.6308176


Not to mention every transaction is permanently on a public ledger. Unless your selling BTC on the street cashing out is tricky while not letting every transaction you made be tracked for all fucking time. Almost like it was made for that… You can buy gold but its all tracked no hiding the trans. I would think that would light up the lizard brained here. Every transaction you make public… I work in blockchain. You missed the boom. Wall St is involved now it's over for anons. If you were smart you had an awesome 2017-2018. You are setup on the legit exchanges already and dont need advice from 8chan…There is some interesting things in the tech and it won't go away soon. But it will have zero impact on the dollar or anything else being thrown about here. Anyone getting crypto advice on 8chan and using it deserve to lose everything. Crypto is high risk. So please all your racist fucks invest heavy in whatever John McAfee shills. As far as privacy there are better coins than BTC. Even tumbled BTC can be traced. BTC was first and has best name recognition. Crypto best used for micro payments, gaming, etc. The idea that you need a coin in order to have a blockchain secured and decentralization was proven false years ago. Decentralization is great for video hosting, it has helped and probably will in keeping or regaining your freedom of speech on the internet that you Q freaks use so wisley… insert sarcasm for the ignorant

9707b6  No.6308236


Sauce or STFU.

9707b6  No.6308264



Namefag, tell us more about fucking whores without condoms…

>So please all your racist fucks invest heavy in whatever John McAfee shills.



7261d1  No.6308282


Nevermind it was a mislabeled video of Admiral McRaven. But sounds like I hit a nerve with you on your boss.

Why's this "patrios" Rogers, working out of Tel Aviv with Citigroup, Qualcom, and MSFT? Since when did all of that become patriotism?

713224  No.6309335


GTFO or what? Q going to use his mind control on me? Going to comment bomb me? I've had worse ignorant threats than 8 chan could possibly muster in my life. Are your racist? Plenty of them here.

That line was obviously meant only for the racists, was steeped in sarcasm too. Try it sometime makes life more… palpable

Whores with no condoms is dangerous just like investing in crypto, ask 90% of the people who didn't get out when the bottom fell last time. Happens fast. I was lucky being in the industry. MC of all crypto dropped faster than… (insert faster than joke here)

713224  No.6309871


Anyone who has spent 4 hours in the industry can tell you with confidence few voted for HRC in crypto. But your right they wont vote trump either. Crypto has been dominated largely by people with libertarian mindsets and ideals almost entireley until the money came pouring in, only a tiny amount reside in silicon valley. Of course they give dem its run by dems. I know its 30 miles from me. If it was in houston they would give to gop just the way it works they just want to do biz. I cant think of a single person i know in crypto lib or conservative values that voted for her. They want less govt control its what crypto was made to try and do as an experiment. Im sure there are a few. The others probably dont vote at all they were there for the scams and they made bank sadly. Your right not to trust coinbase but only because they don't give two shits about privacy or freedom's just high rates for their service. Its their for the convience noobs. The industry needed to purge the rest of the scammers and shit coins or be regulated to death even further. They failed. So far self regulation has been shit. These coins should be gone now. But greed took over. Imagine making 1000X on your money in a day several times over year. Makes people cray. Some gem projects with good people and intentions but lots of bottom feeders too. Steemit was somewhat a success with good aims, has fairness issues but not intentional its run by everyone who wants to work hard and gets voted to have a server. Ethereum is was coolest with potential to be born to furitian further and better on another platform learning from the first. I hope. Cool story the programer was like 15 or 16 year old genius from Russia. Highest IQ i have ever heard about. Wrote the concept walking through SF. That blockchain runs apps within it. Blockchains within blochains running decentralized apps independent of the others. Its public anyone can do it, producing their own tokens (coins). It has limit issues though. Crypto is all open source and copy pasta coins made up idk 75% of coins in 2017. Shit coins. People wanted on the train while it was still running and before the IRS caught up. Now its probably 60%. IRS caught up train is in the station. Took nothing to start a coin and call it whatever but a small amount of capitol for server space, a few public faces to take the heat when the tears came. A shit white paper and concept you could be a millionaire in raised ico money before the coin was even made or a line of code written. It also ruined the industry killing much of the potential. NSA doesnt need tracking tech with btc its built in. Its just a huge distributed ledger. Software to make sense of it yes but its around in open source. Nothing really special about that. Its just big. BTC and most were made so every transaction was public and permanent impossible to alter. And trackable by anyone. Bittrex is the only exchange i trust in the sense the owner is one honest law abiding dude. Would never intentionally burn anyone.Follows the letter of the law. Coinbase is good for the noobs its king and not going anywhere its paypal for crypto. Thats all not a conspiracy just a company.

713224  No.6309939


I do apologize for the faggot comment in one post you tagged. Thats not me. I hear it so often here by a few of the bad actors it caught on. Im tired and punchy today. Namefag yeah thats about right i got nothing to hide. There is sometimes freedom in complete transparency. Although i would fight to the bone for many freedoms i may rarely use.

070e0e  No.6311212


this tbh fam

af86ef  No.6311286


Law-abiding? Who's laws? Today's laws made yesterday's illegal.

daf605  No.6311751


Bitcoin (as designed) threatens common enemies of good conservatives, libertarians, anti-establishmenters, anarcho capitalists, capitalists, sound moneyers, currency nationalists, and empirical and non-Keynesian economists. Those common enemies are crony capitalists, communists, Leftists, and the globalists; they common theme tying all these people together is their ability to exploit a central bank system well when they're in control of a country. Shitcoins are not a threat to (them), actually they're a benefit as their existence fragments the space into a non-threat. There divide and conquer tactics will continue to work until we realize the severity of threats we face to our principles.

A stable Bitcoin protocol as designed threatens there gravy train and can help to alleviate worldwide debt enslavement.


The Rule Of Law is coming back in a big way.

cbf556  No.6312720


Enter the New Notes. One swift action to end all this nonsense and leave the digital fiat forgery machine in the dust. The notes will be created (and only created) as metals are deposited back into the system. Each note will be tied to one immutable blockchain that will be run properly by based individuals that are impervious to greed.

The errors of the past will be made clean. As said before there will only be two ways in and that is cash or precious metals in hand. They are the tickets #80526b. All else will be left behind. IN GOD WE TRUST or bust.

So many have a hard time wrapping their minds around the balance because their minds have been manipulated and mislead. For decades they have learned that finance can only exist in some convoluted way that requires some expensive college degree. Like it or not we are going back to simple. Find support back at 1913 because there is no stopping this.

We're under 13K now. How much longer are you going to wait? Crypto was the bear trap of the balance. Leftists took the bait hook, line, and sinker. This was a precision operation. Anon's choice laughing at the ones thinking that correction isn't happening.

Who implemented the coinage in 86? Who laid the infrastructure and protocols for the internet itself? Operation Trap Door in full effect.

You think they are showing you what a black hole looks like just for fun? The event horizon is a son of a bitch.

144,000 and we ride

fc4a62  No.6314682

File: 0259705e5500700⋯.jpg (338.37 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, Screenshot_20190425-182955….jpg)


that maybe proves to be 20/20 100% in this case. But dont lose sight of the fact that the genie cant go back in da bottle.

last time it was attempted:


002976  No.6322442


80526b related to ?…


(b) Communication with third parties

>Except as provided in section 1692b of this title, without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector, or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction, or as reasonably necessary to effectuate a postjudgment judicial remedy, a debt collector may not communicate, in connection with the collection of any debt, with any person other than the consumer, his attorney, a consumer reporting agency if otherwise permitted by law, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, or the attorney of the debt collector.

I can't find anything 805 (26) b other than a 25/25/25/25 hex color code but this is of vague relation to your 1/25/50/100 currency value

cbf556  No.6335089

File: 9d2338619cec85c⋯.jpg (71.88 KB, 1088x517, 1088:517, we_ride_26-Apr-2019.jpg)

File: 088ff79bdbe31e5⋯.jpg (116.99 KB, 600x580, 30:29, get_spoolin_sun.jpg)


>25/25/25/25 hex color code

The four corners of a self made prison. Only one way out.

Chart updated to match March 2019 CPI and today's "prices".

Find the balance…

163fb9  No.6339791

File: 8c85394be29d69f⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 700x501, 700:501, r2gKN1Lun0SutqfCmICcLg_r.jpg)

f1c2f7  No.6398127

File: 46e816293d7d23c⋯.png (692.88 KB, 881x552, 881:552, RXC 17.PNG)


f1c2f7  No.6398140


link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXdkczX5mR0

5f70f6  No.6400925



Craig Wright is tapped into the dark corners of the internet. He takes other people's ideas and co-opts them. There is a big chicken and egg problem with the CW symbols everywhere.

b8553d  No.6402744


Dr. CSW doesn't seem like the kind of guy who spends his free time tapping into dark corners of the internet, but regardless it doesn't matter to this anon if he created Bitcoin, only that he's the most vocal proponent of keeping Bitcoin Bitcoin. If CSW ever tries to introduce SegWit or CTOR or any other bullshit that makes Bitcoin not Bitcoin I will change my opinion of him, but for now this anon will not concern myself with the personal petty drama surrounding him.

Matthew 7:18

5f70f6  No.6402980


By dark corners, I don't mean nefarious. I just mean unpopular, niche. He's clearly aware of a few cutting edge areas before their time. More importantly, he's aware of them before most people, thus he can carve his name into places where perhaps he has no business. Those that come later have little basis. His "17" degrees are bullshit, but "17" gets an non-thinkinganon all boner'd up? Gay.

He's definitely NOT the most vocal proponent keeping Bitcoin Bitcoin. That's an opinionated statement on both terms. If the guy is Satoshi, prove it. He doesn't seem able to…And if he wants to keep his baby, why did he abandon it into the hands of others? There are great ideas out there…and monetary policy is a conversation, not a dictatorship. Whoever he is, fuck him. Some of these ideas outside of him are good ideas that should be discussed, not immediately and unilaterally dismissed as he does…every.fucking.time. #fulllibertariantard

f1c2f7  No.6403245

File: 9a5b62ecbf15fc6⋯.png (5.79 KB, 403x94, 403:94, never interfere.PNG)

File: 7031ed658277ae0⋯.png (163.58 KB, 727x279, 727:279, context2.PNG)


>If the guy is Satoshi, prove it.

b8553d  No.6404429


Not that it really matters, but which of his 17 degrees are you claiming to be bullshit?

cbf556  No.6405184


As you continue to discuss less than important matters regarding crypto and acting like the fallen angel (Wall St.) the moment of truth continues to get closer and closer.

144,000 - 132,245 = 11,755

The longer you stay in the utterly debased digital casino the more you guarantee your fate of getting devoured by it's downfall.

Again, only cash or precious metals in hand will get you the new notes. You are running out of time.

Once 144,000 views is achieved the balance will glide towards perfection and you will be locked out.

51012b  No.6410916

File: 56cb1d09b82e94d⋯.png (254.91 KB, 630x394, 315:197, e2329124c370dc2b13b149d5ea….png)

341df4  No.6411018


Should read: "Never Interfere with America While It's Being Destroyed From Within."

There is no stopping the destruction that is coming WW.

Trump is driving the final nails in the coffin. Leave the border open & go play golf.

Remind you of anyone?

7e7b67  No.6411043

File: 3978f62f4278f1f⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1519x2954, 217:422, ClipboardImage.png)

Regarding gold. Here are some people that need help. Last chance for the gold miners in Oregon to have their case heard by the Supreme Court.

47713c  No.6411399


Doesn't this just mean you have to buy mineral rights to your land? I think this just opens a tax opportunity that most states already have had for centuries

7e7b67  No.6411644


No, the western states are banning the equipment the miners use eg. motorized dredges. making mining unprofitable for small mines and hobbyist weekend types and family's on vacation. The states allege environmental harms they cannot prove. The claims are not the issue.

7e7b67  No.6411750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is what they banned. P.s. This man passed away 2 years ago.

d43183  No.6419340

File: 6f1e104db02b8a2⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1500x500, 3:1, mcafeetwitprofilepage.png)

Mcafee's friendship with [Jihan Wu] makes a lot more sense now.

5f70f6  No.6420009

File: 8bc30b623a749f0⋯.png (584.06 KB, 700x459, 700:459, ClipboardImage.png)

f1c2f7  No.6431392


>"I like money"

Every single ICO?

7261d1  No.6441843


I can't find anything on this coin but the interview mentions how people look for silver quarters and this is the only other quarter with 'actual value'.

Anyone want to help research what ratio of metals West Point is minting?

f59695  No.6454250


Regular mix only value is rarity/collector. I called and spoke to a WPMint rep

49c7b3  No.6455279

CSW proves he is SN.

BTC begins its final descent to ashes.

BSV rises like a phoenix.

5f70f6  No.6455430


c1665a  No.6467739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oops. Anyone who follows a shill's financial advice is gonna lose.

Until this swamp is drained, THERE IS ONLY BITCOIN.

Which is my segue to this blast-from the past. Remember when Creepy John Carvalho (@BitcoinErrorLog) had that "explosive" interview with Creepy Roger Ver? Ya, about that.


Think about it. Use logic and you begin to see through the shills shilling their shilly shit. All designed to undermine Bitcoin, the Only Coin.

Dividing and conquering. Diluting and disrupting. Don't fall for the lies.

b2962c  No.6468874

Why hasn't Cardano ADA been mentioned in these damn threads?

a0a8e2  No.6469234

File: 3c4d0392875953c⋯.jpg (971.27 KB, 1024x958, 512:479, Image-1.JPG)

File: 7b24f1fd979c62a⋯.jpg (1015.37 KB, 1024x958, 512:479, Image-2.JPG)

File: b8d757ed963aa25⋯.jpg (948.4 KB, 1024x958, 512:479, Image-5.JPG)

File: 04e2c93f6bddd13⋯.jpg (931.18 KB, 1024x958, 512:479, Image-10.JPG)

File: d278a968caea437⋯.jpg (952.69 KB, 1024x958, 512:479, Image-100.JPG)

Here are some images in my possession that I have not really made public. I was warned by someone high up in the DS not to reveal these but in the end I thought to myself, 'Fuck them. They don't scare me anymore.'

5f70f6  No.6469298


cause Charles Hoskins is a shill

5f70f6  No.6469337

File: 9abf0005057a055⋯.png (200.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

889549  No.6469640

Can someone relay this message to other anons and possibly Q.

Why does Q never talk about the Rockefellers? How are they going unscathed, unmentioned? They are the world first billionaires and the riches family that has ever lived. The rockerfethers have been notorious NWO proponents. Does anyone else find this weird that Q has never mentioned them?

4c85c8  No.6470399


Q544 and Q295. Other posts have implied link to rockefellers as well

6597c6  No.6470664


those are some of the ugliest things i have seen.

6597c6  No.6470670


The rockefellers were actually foot soldiers for the rothschilds in europe.

705989  No.6471399

File: 989f74e60205c5a⋯.jpg (184.1 KB, 1164x1238, 582:619, WinterIsComing.JPG)

4/25: Bitfinex and Tether face SDNY investigation over $850B

5/6: Binance hacked for $40M, "pauses" withdrawals for one week

5/8: Facebook reverses ban on cryptocurrency ads

5/11: BTC up nearly 20% in one week, nearly 100% in 3 months

Are we repeating the winter of 2017?

Or the winter of 2013?

Is this a coordinated FOMO meltup to the ultimate exit scam?

5f70f6  No.6471642


This guy is shitposting THIS same/very similar message across multiple threads with timestamp confirms, FYI.

If zhe wants to know, zhe can ask Q zherself!



>5/8: Facebook reverses ban on cryptocurrency ads

Bad idea, but they need the money. Good thing is that, hopefully, new projects will have trouble getting money like before. As institutional money floods in, it will signal that the future markets are much less interested in playing hot potato with shitcoins.

BTC is tiptoeing into a new long-term move up, but likely a pullback from here short-term…


b2962c  No.6472872


It is Charles Hoskinson and he is not a shill.

Babylonian Captivity of Cardano has ended



cross reference with H.W. death



Who are the disruptors?

Structure change




When Shelley?

b2962c  No.6472968


Cardano in Davos


Bldrbrg will have their hands full this summer…

5f70f6  No.6475372


>Babylonian Captivity of Cardano has ended

So…you're saying the Jews are now headed toward the Red Sea?

Charles is smart as hell. He was one of the key people I listened to early on. As time went on, he put himself into the shill box. I can't believe that you are promoting Lagarde as some kind of crypto leader. GTFO, seriously.

"Guardians of Cardano", "Social contract", "assign new board members", "Swiss Foundation" = centralized as fuck

"Now, personally, I'd like to see some more democracy…like 7 more board members" - Charles Hoskinson, Nov. 14, 2018




Enough said.

5ecf3f  No.6475508


"Series 2009"

Funny that it includes the pyramid, Mexico and Canada. If this is the currency there's no reset, cabal is still in control

cbf556  No.6475726

File: 741c11c73d1fc54⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1400x1483, 1400:1483, your_future_50.png)


This is not the currency. Only new notes coming and these are not the ones.

-No Pyramids

-Forces the FR to clean up the mess

Speaking of which:

144,000 - 133,478 = 10,522


With or without you…..

I'll give you a bit more of a nudge if all the others weren't enough:


Even the Swedish know now. They literally wrote the book on cashless digital utopias and now they say hold cash? They smell the new notes from a mile away.

b59732  No.6478675

One thing that needs to be said, is that although our world is filled with examples to the contrary, on paper, communism does not necessarily preclude democracy. Although those who have adopted it have gone on to make an utter mess of themselves, if properly executed, it is as viable a system as any.

Communism has this negative connotation in our common parlance, and it primarily stems from the way in which many communist societies have fallen to the wayside in overall prosperity. While it is easy to blame the system, it is infinitely more accurate to blame the circumstances. The Soviet Union, for example, was drawn into a long Cold War against an enemy that was simply capable of out-producing, out-purchasing, and all around out-fighting it. It went broke fighting a war that it had no business fighting.

Communism has also, repeatedly, been a vessel by which a few powerful can rule over the many poor. It is identical to capitalism in this regard, but capitalism seemingly has a better publicist.

In a communist society, if you are poor and your neighbour is poor, you are destined for a life of poverty.

In a capitalist society, if you are poor and your neighbour is poor, you are also destined for a life of poverty - but you're lead to believe things can be different. And while they can, that same astronomically unlikely chance is the same chance a person in a communist country has. Just like you can strike it rich becoming a movie star, or oil tycoon in a capitalist society, you can beat the odds and become a party big shot in a modern-day communist society.

The overall problem is no matter which way you go, our hearts and minds are still very much obsessed with stuff. One system promotes this obsession while the other abhors it. The difference being, the one that purportedly abhors it secretly obsesses with it too, because that's just how human beings are in this day and age. And it works against it. Capitalism is meant to reward greed, but communism is meant to stop greed. Ergo, if too many people get greedy in a communist society, the entire system goes to shit.

If we look at the Star Trek universe – in particular, the Federation – we see a quasi-communist society that works rather well.

Unfortunately, the truth behind that, is that with technological advances that create food out of air, that society has no 'have nots' - at least, not like ours does now.

And the sad truth of it is, until we do come up with that sort of technology, the system that favours the greedy will be the system that works the best…

b6cb94  No.6478909


You aren't thinking this entirely through.

The Star Trek utopia isn't "communism" because the Star Trek utopia introduces a totally "foreign" concept that communism can't (doesn't want to) entertain:


Star Trek's utopia is NOT communism, it is the natural result of society with ABUNDANCE. Free energy. Replicators. Unlimited technology.

There is NO NEED for a central authority to determine who gets the LIMITED supplies in Star Trek, because in the Star Trek utopia THERE IS NO LIMIT ON SUPPLY.

meanwhile, communism wants to ENSURE there is a never-ending LIMIT ON SUPPLY because it is that POVERTY that ensures the centralized power keeps its control.

In Communism, the centralized power decides who gets what, who eats, who lives. The entire communist game is dependent on limited resources,w hich is why [they] try to perpetuate poverty. By cutting off coal and gas and turning us towards unreliable wind and solar. Any way, [they] can starve us and keep us dependent, the communist will embrace.

The utopia of ABUNDANCE might be closer than we realize though. Suppressed energy technologies, cures, true freedom might be within our reach. And at that point, communism is TRULY FINISHED.


Think about it.

5ecf3f  No.6481855



-If you have old notes you can get one old dollar for one new dollar, nothing, or a different ratio (deflation's ~1290/Old:1/New)?

-If you have an unsecured credit card with $100,000 debt. It'll be deflated more or less than cash?

-If you have a mortgage will the debt balance deflate more or less than the principle?

-If you have a car loan, will the debt balance deflate more or less than the car value will?

5f70f6  No.6491503


spoken like a true leftist academic cuck.

BTC Dominance: 60.3%

put that in your communism.

>communism is meant to stop greed

Communism is meant to reward greed just as much but with social(communal) currency. Don't be an idiot.

>If we look at the Star Trek universe – in particular, the Federation – we see a quasi-communist society that works rather well.


"Communism works well in the movies! We should go full retard!"

Again, cuck…and a dumb cuck at that.

"Computer" is the benevolent dictator of the Enterprise…quietly in the background.

cbf556  No.6491539


-Old notes in hand will get you one dollar for one new dollar. They must be in hand. Digital FRNs will not get you the new notes.

-The digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down.

-The digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down.

-The digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down.

Please do not take the last three responses lightly. They are not in jest and the other side will not be like this side. Going forward (post new note release) you will have to earn your keep. No free rides only recognition for tuning into the most based frequencies.

While you may craft scenarios in your head to run up the digital debt in an attempt to get "stuff" you will wish you hadn't done so when the changes occur. If your mind isn't already prepared to take responsibility for ALL of your actions you might as well slip right back into digital utopia and go all in on crypto or something just as foolish.

cbf556  No.6491600


>I'll give you a bit more of a nudge if all the others weren't enough:

Yet another….

"Now, the industry trade group is preparing for the latest iteration of its test — dubbed Quantum Dawn — this fall."


Cash or precious metals in hand. Absolutely no substitutes.

5ecf3f  No.6492098


So by your own account, it's a better investment to hoard cash than metals. That way for $1300 I get $1300 instead of $50 (gold).

You also don't seem to have an answer for people that invested in their home. If they owe 5% or 95%, the debt is a forgery and disappears?

I'm not worried about buying things I always wanted, I only want to own my own home and deciding if taking a mortgage and using my cash today on a down payment is better than hoarding cash or investing in metals to get a house after the crash.

You keep writing 144k, but there's no date to plan around and every 'penny' counts.

I like working, I don't like supporting bad habits including keeping a bad job/company, so I'm looking to conserve my savings so it'll transfer the best way possible

49c7b3  No.6492696


You actually expect someone LARP'ing on the internet to answer ALL of your questions and with specifics?

He is just cherry picking the easy ones that can be answered the most vaguely.

This is entertainment.

5ecf3f  No.6493369


It's all entertainment until something tangible happens.

Look to get information and be your own judge, or be like everyone else and look to enjoy life and hope you don't see what kills you.

5f70f6  No.6494470



This was entertaining as fuck.

5f70f6  No.6502596

I was reading about the Bitcoin ETF process reset. The first "last date" for the SEC to make a decision is October 13. October 13, 1917 was the day of the Miracle of Fatima in Portugal. See the Vactican Fatima Letters prophecies. The event is also known as the Miracle of the Sun. Think Apollo, think Trump's apartment ceiling. Think multiple financial organizations competing as custodians for Bitcoin. Think structure.

10f85a  No.6503157


I'll watch that date.

Not a big believer in ETFs for Bitcoin, personally, however.

Definitely something big is coming to begin reforming our financial system, and Bitcoin might well play some part in that.

5f70f6  No.6503290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

good, clean fun

3f8c16  No.6516131

File: 371f88556c0f534⋯.mp4 (2.26 MB, 864x496, 54:31, a189c04cda380f47504361bd26….mp4)


Did you know that Dustin Nemos, the fake anon on YouTube, also pretends to be Austin from Altoin Daily?

Dustin changes his voice using an audio filter to try to disguise his identity.

Dustin is paid by the Cabal to provide disinfo to the Q movement and to cryptocurrency investors, trying to drive people off a cliff.

Not only are their voices the same (just listen to the video) but they even have the same name except for the first letter!



8e62c3  No.6516911


Disinfo? I've done pretty well with Q and XRP as well.

Disinfo seems to be coming from YOU….!

cbf556  No.6518206


We're under 10k now.

144,000 - 134,081 = 9,919

How much are you willing to gamble at this point?

There is no vagueness about:

-The digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down.


-JP Morgan silver locked and loaded

-One of the most cashless societies in the world warning citizens about cyber attacks and the importance of having cash

I could go on and on more than I already have in previous breads but your inability to let go of what is about to be the past is only going to be your issue to deal with in the end.


Metals are going to be better to have for transfer as things will happen for you faster. Cash for new notes may throw some delays your way as the new note distributor will have to find metals to acquire on your behalf. At first it should be quick but as supply (metals) dries out FAST it might delay your transaction significantly.

As far as future home purchases I would let the dust settle first…

The wick is lit.


6af3f6  No.6519913


~500 oz of silver enough?

083643  No.6520792

File: dfb3687c861120f⋯.jpg (14.63 KB, 188x162, 94:81, Bitcoin.JPG)


Of course crypto has been infiltrated

Bitcoin is the only one that scares (them)

That's why (they) tried so hard to change it

And diluted it with a divide and conquer tactic by propping up a market of thousands of shitcoins

And (they) will fail

49c7b3  No.6521584



Satoshi Nakamoto is an amalgamation of 富永 仲基 (Tominaga Nakamoto) and Ash Ketchum (サトシ; Satoshi).

49c7b3  No.6522378





542159  No.6522442


"Governments need to maintain public access to records, so there are a number of government projects and agencies that are open to placing government and public records on blockchain and want a scalable secure blockchain to do that on so we talked to them about doing that on Bitcoin SV"

"When it comes to the monetary aspect…governments around the world are considering central bank digital currencies…it makes information about monetary policy open, transparent, auditable, and can increase public confidence and market confidence in what monetary policies governments set based upon any tokenized central bank digital currencies that they would do on a public blockchain like BSV"

They get it.

bb6bd5  No.6522447


Have re-read your posts since Bread #2 & have a reasonably firm grasp on what you're suggesting. However, am curious to know whether this strategy applies only to "cash/pm's in hand" or whether that may also apply to precious metal IRA's.

07c602  No.6522935


So you are saying its a bad idea to have a loan to purchase metals? or that its bad to rack up credit card debt for metals?

please elaborate

f1c2f7  No.6523208

File: a03c3ade4559e3b⋯.mp4 (14.86 MB, 424x240, 53:30, 2019-05-17 12-53-47_5.mp4)

File: f075217ba351399⋯.png (114.49 KB, 1314x464, 657:232, rz2.PNG)

File: 3fceeb6f99176ef⋯.png (302.33 KB, 1342x702, 671:351, randyz.PNG)

File: 54b58bdaade868c⋯.jpg (133.45 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, zzzz.jpg)


Thanks for the link anon. This part (video related) stood out to me. I think Jimmy has been fooled by how "amazing" the zucc's are…I shudder to think of other possible explanations.

e75d32  No.6523254


No rack up CC debit(unsecured), go belly up and keep the metals, fuck'm.

e75d32  No.6523260


Call it "The Fed Hedge".

5f70f6  No.6523393



Gold/Silver HFT speed bump

b7434d  No.6523940


definitely the same person & now its got me questioning about all the other ones on YT too


now its got me questioning about all my shitcoins. i thought monero & dash was going to buy me a mansion but maybe their not

5f70f6  No.6531252

File: 33404790c832953⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1628x1084, 407:271, ClipboardImage.png)

4f73b1  No.6532396


Bitcoin is probably part of The Plan somehow.

But there are a few BIG hurdles to overcome first.

Until then, price seems irrelevant to me. It could crash to $1K before coming back to claim its rightful place in the Global Financial System. Or maybe the bottom is in. But when the exchanges are all owned and controlled by the Illuminati, I don't really see how we can rely on visible price action.

I like gold better for stability. US dollars are nice. And some Bitcoin for the longer term, keeping in mind that The Plan is unclear to us.

cbf556  No.6532397


Everyone's case is unique. Things to consider:

-current standings (debt obligations)

-single or married with children

-things in your possesion

One thing to take into account is what would 500 oz get you in 1913? Work from there.


Anything in the digital domain is high risk. Act accordingly. I'll send you a link and then you decide just how rare "in hand" is…


Physical Currency supply / Population =


There will be accountability on the other side of this. Keep that in mind. One's capabilities in the present will be a reflection of your future self. Remember only the most based running the new notes.

cbf556  No.6532439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The Plan is unclear to us.

Listen to the end. It's called a trash can…

1+3 = B


49c7b3  No.6532599

Extremely cryptic comment.

Concealment leads to secrecy, secrecy leads to lie.

Order from Chaos = (((Freemasons)))

If you want the Truth, don't expect it from anyone who tells it to you wrapped up in a puzzle.

Truth is simple, blunt and straight to the point.

Here is a simple Truth that your mind will fight to believe but your Spirit will know to be true.

Every single person you have ever seen on a television, is a controlled actor.

From the News, Sporting Events, Reality Shows, etc…

All the way back to the very first airing of a television program.

It has all been an act put on by (((Freemasons)))

Simple, Blunt and Straight. Not cryptic.

bb6bd5  No.6533181



While the precious metal IRA is invested in physical assets I've verified are in the depository, they're not "in hand"…but I get your point.

Appreciate the link & guidance.


5f70f6  No.6534144


Books too. Some partial truths, some complete lies.

5f70f6  No.6536364

>>6534921 pb

>NUOVI World Order

>>6535022 pb


5f70f6  No.6536640

File: 56ec3a9f9ff6831⋯.png (855.58 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



5f70f6  No.6537234

File: 88c6597139d083d⋯.png (65.56 KB, 1224x372, 102:31, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 1….png)

File: 74ca28fe06cce27⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1506x1200, 251:200, ClipboardImage.png)

About us

We are a VC firm that believes performant blockchains will provide important new capabilities to all industries. Shared ledgers, data stores, identity, and transactions provide considerable advantages to those who adopt them.

Through our strategic investments, we focus on developing industry standards, enabling end-to-end growth, and driving enterprise adoption in the blockchain 3.0 ecosystem.

Our team aims to contribute more than financial capital. We have been builders and founders and want to support entrepreneurs building solutions and creating value rather than chasing the next shiny thing. Our sole focus is on blockchain, which allows our investors and portfolio companies to benefit from our industry expertise and learn lessons from others in their market.

Every new technology needs a strong foundation and blockchain is no different. Join us as we find, fund, and support that foundation.

Interested in learning more?

Investors: investors@pithia.com

Entrepreneurs: pitches@pithia.com


The Pythia (/ˈpɪθiə/,[1] Ancient Greek: Πῡθίᾱ [pyːˈtʰi.aː]) was the name of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who also served as the oracle, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi.

The name Pythia is derived from Pytho, which in myth was the original name of Delphi. In etymology, the Greeks derived this place name from the verb, πύθειν (púthein) "to rot", which refers to the sickly sweet smell of the decomposition of the body of the monstrous Python after she was slain by Apollo.[2]

The Pythia was established at the latest in the 8th century BC,[3] and was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by being filled by the spirit of the god (or enthusiasmos), in this case Apollo. The Pythian priestess emerged pre-eminent by the end of 7th century BC and would continue to be consulted until the 4th century AD.[4] During this period the Delphic Oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative oracle among the Greeks, and she was without doubt the most powerful woman of the classical world. The oracle is one of the best-documented religious institutions of the classical Greeks. Authors who mention the oracle include Aeschylus, Aristotle, Clement of Alexandria, Diodorus, Diogenes, Euripides, Herodotus, Julian, Justin, Livy, Lucan, Nepos, Ovid, Pausanias, Pindar, Plato, Plutarch, Sophocles, Strabo, Thucydides and Xenophon.

Nevertheless, details of how the Pythia operated are missing as authors from the classical period (6th to 4th centuries BC) treat the process as common knowledge with no need to explain. Those who discussed the oracle in any detail are from 1st century BC to 4th century AD and give conflicting stories.[5] One of the main stories claimed that the Pythia delivered oracles in a frenzied state induced by vapours rising from a chasm in the rock, and that she spoke gibberish which priests interpreted as the enigmatic prophecies and turned them into poetic dactylic hexameters preserved in Greek literature.[6] This idea, however, has been challenged by scholars such as Joseph Fontenrose and Lisa Maurizio, who argue that the ancient sources uniformly represent the Pythia speaking intelligibly, and giving prophecies in her own voice.[7] Herodotus, writing in the fifth century BC describes the Pythia speaking in dactylic hexameters.[8][9]

49c7b3  No.6549941



Part 1, complete.

I hope you were all listening.

Remember: Truth is Simple, Blunt and Straight to the point.

All these 'informants' concealing 'truth' within secrecy are lying to you.

03e192  No.6550058


5f70f6  No.6550963



Anyone can copyright anything.

He doesn't have to prove anything to get a copyright on the Satoshi whitepaper.

Do some basic homework. Damn.

We could just as easily conclude that he's doing this just to create weak evidence in his trial, just like the dems are subpoenaing people they have no jurisdiction over because the mere fact they do it makes them think they'll be able to support having standing in courts over some other issue at a later date…or like the Christopher Steele planting the dossier with the FBI and then leaking the dossier to Yahoo News and then the FBI using the Yahoo News "anonymous" source as evidence at the FISA court.


Learn how it's played.

At best, he's fishing for the real Satoshi to come out and defend such acts, particularly if Craig starts to abuse innocent people over copyright violations or whatever else.

c36eac  No.6552115


"Crypto" is a manipulated circular pump and dump scam.

6cd752  No.6552270


Well, seeing that silver was .50 cents an oz in 1913, and according to your cpi inflation calculator that's 13$ in today's dollars, if we went back to the 1913 system then you would be losing money if you bought silver at current pricing…..

cdcb12  No.6553617


Definitely crypto is 100% a pump and dump scam. Or should we say 99%. All these shitcoins (and shit-exchanges) were designed to rob the people and destroy bitcoin, the original invention introduced by the Alliance as backstop for the global financial reset.

cdcb12  No.6553664




CSW is an agent for the deepstate. he was paid to pretend to be CSW and the [australian government] might have even been in on the game. all to undermine confidence in the bitcoin infrastructure. every time there is a major scandal that undermines crypto, the deepstate has a party. the deepstate wants everyone to believe that crypto can't survive without them. the deepstate wants everyone to believe that only with the "backing of a central banking authority" can "blockchain" achieve its incredible potential. the opposite is true, of course. but the deepstate doesn't want you to understand that and they created CSW as one of many evil actors, along with jihan wu, charlie lee, roger ver, mike novogratz, john mcafee, mike lee, etc, etc, etc. the deepstate has been freaking out about bitcoin's potential to destroy their banking cabal for ten years now.

cdcb12  No.6553687


blow me.

no one needs you.

we already have bitcoin.

cdcb12  No.6553715


shudder. jimmy is a fraud. they all are.

49c7b3  No.6553723


Dig deeper throughout all 4 breads.

There have been many convincing arguments of CSW being closely tied to Q Group and No Such Agency.

3800b9  No.6558046


The person that can move that initial wallet should be able to contest any copyrights.

cbf556  No.6563766

File: 0b4c66266e50426⋯.jpg (71 KB, 967x460, 967:460, we_ride_22-May-2019.jpg)


You're dismissing the fact that in 1913 1 dollar was worth 1 dollar. You're also dismissing the "London Fix" and the fact that coinage back in that time was only 90% silver. I will agree though that the system wasn't quite right at that time. A lack of balance due to purity and poor vision. Given that London was fixing the silver price I think it's safe to say that someone didn't want the US to have a safe and sound bimetalic currency system. I'll let you figure out the history because there is plenty of information about that.

Fast forward to today and what do we see? Coinage that is .999 fine, 1 dollar face value, and that pesky little London fix. Two out of three knocked out. 1 last hurdle to overcome. I could go on and on about blatant precious metals price manipulation but I'll let you google that on your own.

If only the day traitors would hang up their hats and admit defeat. Unfortunately, it's in their DNA to suck blood till the last drop before reluctantly admitting that food has run out.

Enter the balance and how 1 dollar 1913 = $26.09 as of April 2019. If you have been following along you might have noticed that gold is locked and loaded as I have mentioned. Palladium is now coming down from it's lofty heights. The other two metals (silver and platinum) seem to have a new stubbornness about them. The traitors must be worried about the 144,000. They should be as they have been inked. Regardless of the tricks they know now that time is almost up as we sit at 134,871 views and counting. The controlled burn worked like a charm.

Enjoy the new chart of the horsemen and witness just how shaken they have become after Pt jumped only $100. Keep your hands on the train tracks.

Also, take note of the historic gold/silver ratio.


See something interesting? Notice the two distinct fixing mechanisms. Also, witness the reluctance to bring that ratio back down where it needs to be. Starts to make you wonder what would have happened if crypto never came to the market. Can't help but to think something is trying so desperately to delay the inevitable. There is about to be a new fix in town and it won't be floating any more.

49c7b3  No.6564031


So you want Anons to all run out and buy Platinum, while holding physical Federal Reserve Notes in hand.

What is so difficult about saying it like a human being?

49c7b3  No.6564050


Also nice (((freemason))) dubs

5f70f6  No.6564982


How much of that initial wallet would you like to see moved?

Be creative.

0e9863  No.6566343


17 BTC

f6da3e  No.6568283


While I like the number q(17) said gold will end the fed. Unless we're saying csw is with nsa and made a Ponzi coin to trap ds

5f70f6  No.6568787

File: 2e0465c7a49d853⋯.png (407.67 KB, 1048x1333, 1048:1333, ClipboardImage.png)

New Exchange. Small float/volume, but notable because Maidsafe, unlike other coins, has always refused to pay their way on to exchanges & Bittrex is rare in that it adds new coins using it's own liquidity without the coin addition model of charging the projects. This is what happens when there are mature companies and real innovation. A taste of things to come?

5f70f6  No.6568814


Bitcoin and gold aren't mutually exclusive.


How about 0.55451711 BTC

5f70f6  No.6569673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Swalwell pumping crypto? Accepting BTC?

Break in the ranks?

Whatever is going on here, one thing is for sure: crypto adoption (building up the ecosystem and the enforcement capabilities) is the only solution to the illicit uses of crypto. A non-approach or a half-ass approach wouldn't dent it, and it isn't going back in the box.

Thought experiment: criminal pedos trafficking with crypto to push crypto adoption because they need laundered campaign donations. Knowingly or not, the dems push the Trump agenda to destroy the FED. Who knows…

f71a08  No.6570385


16.66% redpilled and 83.33% cucked

>>Announced Thursday by blockchain firm The White Company, which is providing the tech for the crypto donations, Swalwell will accept six supported cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, stellar, bitcoin SV and The White Company’s native token White standard (WSD) – on a dedicated web page.

fc4a62  No.6570860


1 of the few economic studies of bitcoin regulation published in the peer-reviewed world modeled a situation where banks regardless of stance they come to adopt will remain silent on regulations b/c it may signal to regulators that may not be bothering with the matter that banks give the tech credence and the hi silent dragging inevatibility out as long as possible to milk their position for what its worth in that remaining time

124c4c  No.6590822

File: 335ea6fbdc95faf⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, #80526b.jpg)





>Again, only cash or precious metals in hand will get you the new notes. You are running out of time.

You've said $1_inhand_OLD → $1_inhand_NEW via the new note distributors but warned such an exchange may take more time (compared to exchanging AG/PD/AU/PT for new notes) as the new note distributor may have to source the metals on your behalf.

Assuming one has time (?) to wait for the metal to be sourced, the old to new ratio stays $1_old : $1_new for old-cash-in-hand, no meaningful limit on the amount of old-to-new notes one can exchange, and the face value of 1oz of the four horsemen [AG ($1), PD ($25), AU ($50), PT ($100)] reflect how many new notes they are worth, why bother at all with bullion in favor of sitting on physical cash?

Yeah, it may take longer to exchange to the new notes but the bottom line appears to remain the same: it only costs $1_inhand_OLD to acquire $1_inhand_NEW.

1oz of anon's choice PT today goes for ~$889 brining the cost per new dollar to ~$8.89 meaning one is paying almost nine times more for a quicker processing/exchange time.


$889 (cost $889_OLD) → $889_NEW

1oz PT (cost $889_OLD) → $100_NEW


Honest questions here:

Am I correct in understanding you are saying the convenience factor of being able to quickly acquire new notes vs. potentially waiting is worth a 9x premium today?

If the goal is to stack today to acquire the most new notes tomorrow, and setting aside the timing question, old notes seem to be the best to stack to get the new notes…(?)

>While you may craft scenarios in your head to run up the digital debt in an attempt to get "stuff" you will wish you hadn't done so when the changes occur.

Hard time seeing how this pans out - here's where I'm stumbling:

Anon exercises a $10,000 balance transfer from a credit card (or other unsecured debt vehicle) to himself under a promotion for 0% interest for 24 months and negligible processing fees. $10,000 is deposited into anon's checking account, is withdrawn in physical old-FRNs, and the old-FRNs are then held in a secure location.


>Digital forgery machine shutdown

Anon takes $10k in physical old-FRNs to new note distributor, turns it in, new note distributor either gives anon $10k in new notes or provides anon with tracking info and receipt, pending sourcing of required metals. New note distributor delivers $10k of new notes to anon at a later date once metals are sourced.

The worst case is anon now has $10k of new notes to repay $10k of unsecured debt, assuming the unsecured debt was not deflated. The upside is the unsecured debt is deflated requiring less than $10k new notes to payoff.

Any guidance you can offer to help me expand my thinking here if I'm missing something?

f12472  No.6592494


If "in hand" is so important as opposed to in an FDIC insured bank account, are we in fact advocating a bank run?

8ce25e  No.6592925


I've asked these very questions and got >>6518206

My only guess is banks will get a front of new bills and likely trade metals for bills first. Then when they have enough metals to get more new bills from the treasury they mix distribution up between metal trades and old notes. As time goes on you might wait weeks to get to the point in line where you can trade your bills for new notes. By that time maybe inflation hits the old notes, if inflation will never hit, it certainly seems like it's best to hoard cash and maybe a couple ounces in platinum for the next best exchange rate. But if inflation is at risk that means metals should also rise in value, at that point you might wish you held a few oz of each

124c4c  No.6593351



>banks will get a front of new bills and likely trade metals for bills first

Accepting metals will require banks to verify/process metals. Guessing this is easier for the BoAs / Wells / JPMC / etc., but exponentially harder for the smaller guys and FCUs. Certainly not impossible but also not something that can be done overnight either PLUS banks/FCUs will need time to get their shit together for this and TIME is one of the key advantages one gets by holding metals over cash-in-hand.

>By that time maybe inflation hits the old notes

For the digital side you'd declare a bank holiday, do whatever adjustments are required to translate the OLD values into the NEW values (i.e. divide all balances by 25…so if you had $100,000 in an account prior you'd then have $4,000 afterwards), do whatever other macro adjustments are needed, if any (i.e. use FDIC/NCUA to credit some/all of $96,000 face-value loss back to the account).

Everyone's digital holdings are brought into the new dollars at once and since the digital side carries the majority of the transaction volume, the majority of people can still conduct der biddness with a degree of normalcy.

…where we went one, we went all.

Anything not in the digital realm is in the real world where we've got $1,700 billion of currency in circulation.


>$1,700 billion in circulation as of January 31, 2019.


>Federal Reserve notes ($1,655.2 billion)


>U.S. notes ($0.2 billion)


>currency no longer issued ($0.2 billion)


>coins outstanding ($47.2 billion).


If it is true old notes and coins can be exchanged to new notes/coins at a 1 : 1 ratio, then ~$1,700b of metal is required to support the $1,700b of new notes/coins to be potentially exchanged with the old ones. This is in addition to whatever the metal requirement is to support the new-digital-notes-translated-at-[???]-rate-from-the-old-digital-notes PLUS whatever other macro adjustments you want to do (e.g. FDIC/NCUA payments).

Not saying $1,700b is a small number but I do think it is dwarfed by the metal required to support the digital old → new adjustment, even if such an adjustment is not done at a 1 : 1 ratio. In other words, my suspicion is circulating cash is small beans in the big picture and having old notes/coins honored at their face value is not that big a stretch.

As for inflation, if the new notes are locked to AgPdAuPt, and AgPdAuPt are locked in to avoid inflation, AND if $1_OLD → $1_NEW, the value of the old notes will shoot through the roof.

Take away I keep coming back to is stack physical currency - plus a little Pt - and keep a few 0% BT checks on hand…

1182ae  No.6594582

File: 29279743a451287⋯.png (1.04 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, moneyasacingularity.png)

Why would the CIA perform an operation like operation cyclone? Where we foster Islamic extremist in Afghanistan to fight USSR in Pakistan in the stead of anti-extremist rebels?

Chaos. A nation in chaos is morally justified to occupy later than a sovereign one. Planning ahead. Operation Cyclone is not the first act of its kind. Cuba has been plagued by us with wars and trade wars sens the late 1800s. Why? because we wanted them. If we can't own it, then we control it with money.

This is the global bankings policy. This is how the economic world turns. Money is power.

I know you all know this. I just wanted to give a monologue of the inspiration for this art I made. Enjoy ~

9a801a  No.6596407

File: 77fd1e02e17e667⋯.png (387.64 KB, 413x627, 413:627, 20210a53364c743a7ef80d0a2e….png)

Soros backs Goldmoney.

And then there's the One Eye Symbolism.

5f70f6  No.6599160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

@2:45 re: MIT

Already happening @ MIT Media Lab with Tim Berners-Lee, Solid, and their relationship with Maidsafe.

5f70f6  No.6599210



Pick one. Gold. Multi pegs with metals that have strange properties, distributions, and use cases allows for the same bullshit of manipulated arbitrage with forex and carry we have now. It was part of the big problem with the Gold:Silver fixed ratio to the dollar. Not a good idea. Just let the everything else float.

95a823  No.6599494

File: 39d111821901a92⋯.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1027x9999, 1027:9999, 2736BE83-8E02-4BD5-8090-3….jpeg)

wouldn’t take much shift to moon 🌝 crypto’s

cbf556  No.6600555


>Any guidance you can offer to help me expand my thinking here if I'm missing something?

How does one become based?

Why do you need physical currency?

When you answer these two questions (in order) honestly you will have no more questions. I understand this sounds vague and dodgy but until you have this figured out on your own you will not be ready for new notes.

A money for nothing attitude on this side will carry over to the other side. Put an end to it now or be sniffed out by the new system later and suffer the consequences. I have a feeling anyways that if you try this now they will already be waiting for your shenanigans.


>You've said $1_inhand_OLD → $1_inhand_NEW via the new note distributors

One silver dollar will get you one new note dollar.

$26.09 in old notes will get you one new note dollar today per: https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm



I do apologize for leading you to believe that one old dollar (FRN) = one new dollar. This is only correct if you are holding the SILVER dollar (which is legal currency btw).

I should have stated the answer to:

"-If you have old notes you can get one old dollar for one new dollar, nothing, or a different ratio"


-Old notes in hand that equal the value of one 1913 dollar per the inflation calculator will get you one new dollar.

Are you clear on this now?


>Take away I keep coming back to is stack physical currency - plus a little Pt

All positions and strategies will vary from person to person. Mental awareness plays a big part in this.


>Everyone's digital holdings are brought into the new dollars at once and since the digital side carries the majority of the transaction volume, the majority of people can still conduct der biddness with a degree of normalcy.

Business will be based on the other side and by today's definition will be the opposite of normal.

All digital holdings will be declared vaporized. I'm not sure that some of you are taking the time to actually realize this.

Your lack of urgency around the statement "the digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down" is troubling.

Would you buy a stock at the all time high? Take a look at the world population chart. Would you buy into a paradigm crafted by a debased population that is currently sitting at an all time high? You have to "find support" before the crash.

cbf556  No.6600568


The new note system will be quad metallic. The days of the float are soon to be over. Don't get caught with your pants down on this one as it will be critical to your economic survival to accept this.


"Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done. Pour her a double portion from her own cup."

-Revelations 18:6

This only ends badly.

cd43e3  No.6600650


3ffd64  No.6601025

File: 498fd9bb38ba1a3⋯.png (872.88 KB, 1257x2403, 419:801, image.png)

Q is controlled by a bunch of Jews the only faceless Anon I will ever trust again is the Barney Anon/Purple Anon. Feast on these breads and you will never hunger again brothers. Unlike Q the Jew posting literal classified sites in a war zone is actual proof. Q is a fraud if you care about any of this you need to read these threads.













8ce25e  No.6602583


So it's not old notes as of the cutover, you mean old notes like pre1971 when they stopped printing silver dollars? So 1oz of silver or silver dollars likely more than 50 years old for a new dollar, and the federal notes we use today will become old notes at a ratio of 25:1 and anything you couldn't cash out after the bank run is wiped?

124c4c  No.6603694


nice trips

>How does one become based?

Financially? Hold fixed, rock solid, inflation-proof assets that can ideally generate passive income. Create a solid financial base to build on vs. the shifting baseless morass we are currently in.

Philosophically? Figure out and verify shit for yourself. Don't do something only because everyone else is doing it. In God we trust.

>Why do you need physical currency?

Physical currency can still cary out its value exchange function if the digital world is offline.


>One's capabilities in the present will be a reflection of your future self. Remember only the most based running the new notes.


>Savers to be rewarded.

If savers are to be rewarded and ones capabilities now are to be reflected in their future selves how does this reconcile with those who have diligently saved via digital FRNs - e.g. someone with $250,000 in a CD held at a FDIC or NCUA institution?

If the digital ledger is to be wiped, our saver gets wiped. Far from being rewarded.

If the digital ledger is adjusted then our saver's balance goes from $250k USD → ~$10k XUSD, but presumably with the at least the same (or more) purchasing power. Certainly not as bad as being wiped, but a stretch to call it "rewarded".

BUT if "rewarded" is tied in (somehow) to one's current financial standing, this hints at other mechanisms in play.

>A money for nothing attitude on this side will carry over to the other side. Put an end to it now or be sniffed out by the new system later and suffer the consequences.

I (think?) I get part of this but still struggle with the rest. If the goal TODAY is to stack metals to trade in for the most new XUSD notes, then why would an anon NOT consider unsecured debt as a vehicle to do so - maths below

>$900 USD unsecured = 1oz Pt


> ~$25 : $1 USD → XUSD adjustment

>$900 USD → $36 XUSD

>1oz Pt → $100 XUSD

>($36 XUSD) → payoff debt

>$67 XUSD remains

…so this is what I struggle with. Why is using cheap unsecured USD debt today (and then repaid) to stack metals detrimental?

Look if shenanigans are [somehow] to be frowned upon (in a shenanigan-proof future run by only the most based people) then I get the fact it needs to be based and simple. Cash in hand? New notes at [x] rate. Metals in hand? New notes at face value. Easy. Simple.

Neither the cash-in-hand nor precious-metals-in-hand involves sourcing/funding/acquisition/whatever. It's simple: you either have your ticket or you don't.


>…you will have to earn your keep. No free rides only recognition for tuning into the most based frequencies.

No free rides. Only XUSD for turning in metals or old notes…or so I think? What am I missing?

12e56d  No.6603787


i'd say yes. subversive isn't it. scared the shit out of me when I realized how it could be percieved by those in power. asshats of the extreme could just scream sedition since its in the same mass of gray shades. As a matter of fact thats been the response before look at liberty dollar guy. difference is with this tech all states are equally rendered impotent to the same effect and none can point fingers at another to deflect domestically. A rough analogy would be with respect to monopoly of force within domestic borders. If we all woke up one day to diy force fields or 3d printed kevlar it would be a similar blow albeit that example would raise more eyebrows and pearl clutchin swiftness more rapidly than woth monopoly to print currency

bf627e  No.6603991

File: d2ef730a842842f⋯.png (237.12 KB, 435x502, 435:502, AuditGoldmoney.png)

File: cf8e8e057abdc5f⋯.png (162.55 KB, 472x280, 59:35, GoldMoneyRoySebag.png)

File: 61f2d97c528a064⋯.png (204.99 KB, 472x315, 472:315, GOLDMONEYonfire.png)

bf627e  No.6604194

File: 29b7c5ab04838fb⋯.png (396.47 KB, 982x1080, 491:540, CrumbResignation.png)



Josh Crumb, a co-founder of Soros-backed Goldmoney and Mene, resigned five months ago. But it was all done very quietly. Notice here it's buried in a corporate announcement from December. Crumb used to be featured prominently as a spokesperson for Goldmoney, so his (secretive) resignation is meaningful.

bf627e  No.6604294

File: b13cd7b206ff408⋯.png (724.76 KB, 1046x815, 1046:815, GoldmoneyquietlyexitsBitco….png)


Some obscure news outlets seemed to get the news in March that Goldmoney was exiting their Bitcoin business. But customers didn't actually get an email notifying them to that effect until late April, giving customers very little time to react.

Customers who did choose to withdraw Bitcoin to a private wallet (rather than liquidate into cash) have been left holding the bag. Now Goldmoney is NOT returning customers' Bitcoin.

Given that Goldmoney is only (supposed to be) a safe-storage custodian of those Bitcoin, it should be very easy to return said Bitcoin. Goldmoney insisted they held customer Bitcoin in a secure cold-storage "wallet" offline. So every single customer Bitcoin with Goldmoney should be safely backed up on a 1-to-1 ratio in cold storage. Except for some storage fees payable to Goldmoney, the full transfer of customer Bitcoin should be easy to resolve now.

But no, Goldmoney is coming up with stall tactics, including cumping onerous and unreasonable KYC claims on the customer. A tactic to delay/prevent the customer from withdrawing their Bitcoin.

Which makes you think that Goldmoney doesn't even have the Bitcoin.

Note also that there has been a recent price run-up in Bitcoin, having more than doubled in a couple of months. Some speculate that there might be a run on Bitcoin as exchanges come under pressure of the authorities. Do any of these exchanges have the Bitcoin they claim to have? Is this a classic "run on the bank" only this time it's a run to get your Bitcoin out?

Gold might end the Fed, but Bitcoin might end Goldmoney.

Bitcoin is important.

d6bcac  No.6610769

File: f7a3e7e24c3ca8d⋯.png (110.25 KB, 916x388, 229:97, nyfedresig.png)


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today announced that Simon Potter, executive vice president and head of the Markets Group, and Richard Dzina, executive vice president and head of the Financial Services Group, will be stepping down from their respective roles effective June 1, 2019.

The New York Fed will conduct a broad and thorough search for their successors.

07c602  No.6614443


>How does one become based?

>Why do you need physical currency?

"When you answer these two questions (in order) honestly you will have no more questions. I understand this sounds vague and dodgy but until you have this figured out on your own you will not be ready for new notes."

A money for nothing attitude on this side will carry over to the other side. Put an end to it now or be sniffed out by the new system later and suffer the consequences. I have a feeling anyways that if you try this now they will already be waiting for your shenanigans.

Based currency = pairs

pairs = +- precious metals & its equivalent in cash on hand?

ie 5k in silver + 5k cash in hand?

you become based by owning the base?

And like others have said, i still dont understand why a loan for being based is a bad idea, if you fully intend on working for that loan and have the ability to pay for it throughout its entirety (Regardless if this was happening or not) then i dont understand what is a bad idea about it?

if you did this with the full intention of never paying it back or seeing it through then obviously that would make sense. But the ones that can and would pay it off, why is it wrong?

6597c6  No.6614723


Retards should shouldn't be relying on some 3rd party company to hold their own bitcoin, a simple offline wallet would have been sufficient.

b8ce32  No.6614878


A crime against a retard is still a crime.

Corruption is still corruption.

Evil is still evil.

$2 billion entrusted under their "safe storage" is a lot of innocent retards.

Are you with The People or are you with [them]?

e7ec3d  No.6621789


Truther media is infiltrated and corrupted by The Cabal.

And one of the most prevalent truther mantras is that one price-suppression ends, SILVER is going to be even MORE important than gold. Their argument is interesting: the silver is actually largely consumed (in industry) unlike gold, and that its available above-ground scarcity is not properly reflected in its price (i.e., in the re-set, silver might right to meet gold's price, increasing many more multiples in value than gold, making silver-bugs richer). Certainly history supports the idea that in precious metal bull markets, the more volatile silver market can rise higher (proportionately) and faster than the more stable gold market.

This is still all possible. But…

I also wonder if this popular mantra is a head-fake. Keep in mind truther-media is designed to confuse and deceive as much as MSM is, just with a different target audience in mind (i.e., the prepper, the awakened, the rebel).

So, if you wanted to trick this rebellious audience of precious metal "bugs," might you not DISSUADE them from buying gold and pushing them into silver?

Note Q never said anything about silver, but he did say Gold is important somehow in "destroying" the Fed.

Note that the Illuminati never said that "silver is the skin of the gods." (The Satanic rituals sometimes use silver though.)

Note the rumors of "mono-atomic" gold possessing "miraculous" scientific properties, but there are not the same rumors for silver (we already know nano silver is an incredible antibiotic and anti-viral).

Note the Central Banks of the world are buying tons and tons of gold, but we don't hear about them buying tons and tons of silver.

Maybe silver is the "poor man's gold" for a reason–the Illuminati never wanted the poor man to own any gold at all.

I'm not saying silver might not go up a lot in value in the future. Maybe it's still going to offer even greater returns. But the evidence might suggest that gold is the most important.

Something to consider for silver bugs.

8ce25e  No.6622352


>And one of the most prevalent truther mantras is that one price-suppression ends, SILVER is going to be even MORE important than gold. Their argument is interesting: the silver is actually largely consumed (in industry) unlike gold, and that its available above-ground scarcity is not properly reflected in its price (i.e., in the re-set, silver might right to meet gold's price, increasing many more multiples in value than gold, making silver-bugs richer).

Problem is without tech, most things would become extremely inefficient, mining included. Because of this they subsidize other things to keep silver cheap. If silver skyrocketed electronics wouldn't exist as we know it. IOT would become too expensive and we know 5G and IOT are high on their to-do list.

>Note Q never said anything about silver, but he did say Gold is important somehow in "destroying" the Fed.

The fed was a world central bank. The world previously used gold for p2b & b2b transactions (ie you move and want to use a new bank you'd cash out gold and buy into your new bank). Silver was always the currency of the commoner p2p.

The fed replaces the 'state' for country to country and business to business transactions. We only need gold to get rid of the fed. If NESARA/GESARA are true, we're going to a 4 metal system but still gold should be the most valuable metal considering the price and mined stock. Platinum might be twice as valuable but much less of it.

8ce25e  No.6622372


Also gold was the skin of the gods, which the Illuminati got from the pharaohs, which they think they're descendants of.

Chase has been buying up silver the most, they shorted it since 2011 and went from zero physical holdings to the largest reserve in the world. One of their traders was charged with manipulation and the CNBC article said he claimed everyone knew about it and it was orders from the top.

3d52e2  No.6622736

File: badc97336361ee9⋯.png (27.94 KB, 781x209, 71:19, SGE_PT.PNG)


>If silver skyrocketed electronics wouldn't exist as we know it.

Then why is 46 allowed to explode, just because there were huge reserves for auto-makers? Is Russia/SA/China a benefactor or victim of it? Or is 78 the real issue?

> Platinum might be twice as valuable but much less of it.

http:// gata.org/node/19084

cbf556  No.6622817

File: 54a2d91b53e8123⋯.png (12.95 KB, 362x235, 362:235, 1dollarconversion_april201….png)

File: 1b034740a381981⋯.png (13.07 KB, 360x237, 120:79, 25dollarconversion_april20….png)

File: e1df44a229d6efe⋯.png (13.76 KB, 360x237, 120:79, 50dollarconversion_april20….png)

File: 4753a05f2c9d059⋯.png (13.12 KB, 360x237, 120:79, 100dollarconversion_april2….png)


All you need to know for getting new notes:


-1 new note for one ounce silver

-25 new notes for one ounce palladium

-50 new notes for one ounce gold

-100 new notes for one ounce platinum


Self explanatory


Go to https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm

-See pics as to what to enter in the fields

-This is your secondary transfer mechanism when you give cash in hand for new notes

As of April 2019 calculations:

-26.08 cash in hand for 1 new note

-651.91 cash in hand for 25 new notes

-1303.82 cash in hand for 50 new notes

-2607.63 cash in hand for 100 new notes

There is literally nothing more to this.

Cash in hand and metals get you the new notes…..PERIOD. All other forms of digital fiat forgery will have you standing at the gates with a sad look on your face.

Why don't the cash in hand values match the spot price today for all four metals?





The day traders (traitors) refuse to let go of the float. No worries as they are scurrying into file 13 as we speak and will be dumped into the abyss where they belong forever and ever. Ever see cockroaches scatter when the lights turn on?

cbf556  No.6622980


>What am I missing?

Not much.

How you acquire tickets is completely up to you. It is a matter of decoupling your brain from old paradigm antics. Just stay based in the process. There are no shortcuts.

As far as the digital saver goes consider this:

The digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down. How this happens can be left to your imagination. Consider the fact that day traitors run the show right now and it is taking an entire copy paste paradigm just to get them unhooked from the digital meth that does have an impact on the human race. Ever see an addict go cold turkey or even a more gradual rehab? Not a pretty site and they are capable of all sorts of destruction. Never lose site of this when you are asking yourself what is fair.

If you want to be fair then propagate the transfer mechanisms to your loved ones and describe the situation. Tell them that they are in a financial meth lab full of junkies that are about to be cut off.

Show them the new notes:


After this it will be as fair as it can be. Not everyone can tune in. It is up to you to repair their receivers.

cbf556  No.6623097

File: d19b94e8672620e⋯.png (236.82 KB, 900x592, 225:148, Investor-Psychology-Curve-….png)


>Then why is 46 allowed to explode

See pic. The explosion is over and the mean will be found @ https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm

$25> 1913 = $651.91> 2019

It was designed to explode to top of the quad metallic backing required for the new note paradigm. Miners don't mine if the profit can't be had. Wake up and smell the flowers.

78 is the last major adjustment and it can be done with the lights on or the lights off. That is up to the day traitors. Either way it's happening.

cbf556  No.6623119


>Platinum might be twice as valuable but much less of it.

Face values already state the value.

1, 25, 50, 100

There is no "might" only might….

cbf556  No.6623175

Can you feel the old paradigm markets shaking now? Can you see the rats scurrying into their new found love? They fear the new notes. All by design without any details overlooked.

144,000 - 135,856 = 8,144

3d52e2  No.6623416

File: bb91209c72fa411⋯.png (12.06 KB, 461x288, 461:288, pd_cliff.PNG)


Then is this is going to drop off a cliff soon. We'll see. Not surprising to predict though.

The idea presented for note conversion is a nice idea that may be rooted in plans behind scenes as far as of during Reagan but no one is addressing some points.

why these four?

why 46 if mint isn't even creating anymore "new notes"

why 78 if mint limits their "new notes" this year they did 40k instead of 30k for some reason.

only 47 and 79 are given minting to demand requirements, and 78 isn't even limited to 100 face.

Its a good theory, and I have watched all the info you cryptically presented but its moot if you can't give anything that would prove it to be realistic. I will grant you, that more and more countries ARE creating their own 78 and filling the gaps of minting what they lack, not so much for 46 though, perhaps excusable given price.

The queens beast series scares me for some reason.

basically you are not giving any proof of being correct, theory yes, feels good perhaps. And I can imagine how it would play out pretty well. But again, pointing to a youtube video count is not convincing unless I'm missing something. In fact may be reason to dismiss anything you say but you keep pointing to it.

Give us something more. No one looks at the current CPI for reality.

07c602  No.6623499


based on the feels, the overall bigger picture, it seems as if this is the only course of action, if u believe what is going on in some of the bigger breads around here, i think you would have to be fucked in the head to ignore this. maybe thats just me. although i admit much of it is too cryptic for someone with a brain injury like me i can't figure all of it out, but we have only scratched the surface here of what 80526b really means . . . Δ

07c602  No.6623549


This is the most straight forward, honest, easy to understand post you have laid down in the last 4 breads.


07c602  No.6623561

i think the more important question right now is

once everyone realizes how important these 4 horses are, are you better off to be holding the new notes, or the metals when the demand for them starts to explode?

5f70f6  No.6624477

CW isn't trying to convince everyone that he is SN. Maybe just the Chinese?

58c8d1  No.6629662

"Going back to paper in this modern system is a good idea."

Donald Trump talking about returning to paper voting ballots as a back-up system to electronic voting (which can be hacked).

Stands to reason, paper money is equally valuable as a back-up system to a corrupt electronic banking system. I like it.

d06c9d  No.6635518

Once I kept a few coins on a random exchange called BTC-E.com. One day I woke up and when I went to log in to the website to trade my coins, I found that it had been seized by the FBI. You might wonder how the FBI can seize a domain whose owners and operators are based in Eastern Europe such as BTC-E.com. Well, the same way they can seize a domain whose owners and operators are based in Malta.


9de829  No.6635888




bbcf96  No.6644062

File: 289fe06ecd2b83c⋯.png (70.97 KB, 591x166, 591:166, deepstatewantsmarketpanic.png)

File: 6f97d54cad2a0d2⋯.png (39.49 KB, 528x343, 528:343, ZeroIntegrity.png)

bb6bd5  No.6646977

File: 7641ec40872dc20⋯.png (37.48 KB, 956x522, 478:261, Countdown.PNG)

File: d12ffa4cfcf617a⋯.png (552.14 KB, 593x492, 593:492, FishingIsFun_killary.png)


>>4667381 lb

>>4601778 lb

Verse to George Gershwin’s - Summertime (Piano transcription by "The Pianos of Cha'n")

Summertime & the living is easy.

Fish are jumping…just as high as the sky.

Your daddy’s rich…and

Your momma’s good lookin’,

So hush little baby,

Dooon’t you cry.

Seems like ride starts end of July/first of August…so rollin’ ‘em, boss!

Here’s 1 back atcha! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7tFeVLNH5E


(pics related)

2ab10f  No.6648589


Your posts are conflicted.


685b3e  No.6649009

Anyone else experiencing lag?

6597c6  No.6649375


Crimes happen with money, You need to be smart and not trust everything you see on the internet. You can only trust yourself.

cbf556  No.6654838

File: a39bf4440f489af⋯.png (98.37 KB, 481x548, 481:548, down_2-Jun-2019.png)


Speaking of zerohedge:


cbf556  No.6654877

File: a77b74edabf41ef⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 322x322, 1:1, service.jpg)


completely normal….

5f70f6  No.6661919

File: 4aa42d495834d01⋯.png (2.83 MB, 800x3811, 800:3811, ClipboardImage.png)


The absolute biggest bullshit project ever. And Block.One is a scam. I hope all these people end up in jail. Block.One also had about 35,000,000 MAID at one point. They were by far the largest holders. About 18-24 months ago, they mixed their coins with the Poloniex address, so no one is sure how much they still have, but I would imagine that Brock Pierce isn't much longer for this world, nor are his ICO stakes.

cba4ff  No.6669923


cba4ff  No.6670003



49c7b3  No.6671908



Fake and Gay.

Reads like a leftist jacked off onto a piece of paper and used his finger to smear it all around until it turned into a perfect Globohomo scifi story for trannies.

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

All (((cryptocurrencies))) are going to ZERO.

BSV is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is electronic cash.

cba4ff  No.6672015


Hi, Craig!

5f70f6  No.6672480

Learn. Think for yourself.


5f70f6  No.6673576

File: 65e0a002a506e53⋯.png (139.16 KB, 676x706, 338:353, ClipboardImage.png)

5f70f6  No.6673709

File: 654efde2b066657⋯.png (118.72 KB, 1392x554, 696:277, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 227cdbe23e5f522⋯.png (968.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f5d62598712b826⋯.png (3.73 MB, 2100x1400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb21bd8bc6ebcd3⋯.png (146.25 KB, 500x371, 500:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 89c602556fa7801⋯.png (72.5 KB, 220x236, 55:59, ClipboardImage.png)




0d30dc  No.6675878

File: 5961bcf31f313ba⋯.png (995.78 KB, 890x1433, 890:1433, Screenshot_2019-06-05 Libe….png)


I'm sure New Yorkers would love to find out that all their high taxes are being stolen by Shiter Duschlovio's WIFE!

She can not account for $850 MILLION in her NON PROFIT, and is now getting another $1 Billion the next 5 YEARS FROM NEW YORKERS!

Black Loudmouth Dem Eliah Cummings wife also Stolen 10s of Millions of dollars for her Non-Profit and yet, she REFUSED TO FOLLOW LAW AND PROVIDE HER MONEY!


Trump Admin needs to investigate EVERY SINGLE SPOUSE OF Congress and House of their Non Profit organizations…

Joe Biden's son gets $1.5 Billion and kicked out of the military for BEING A JUNKIE, yet traveled on AF2 with Joe, and 10 days after coming home, he gets $1.5 Billion dollars?

Did anyone check out and ask for Nancy Pelosi's taxes, as all the other Dem's?

How about house Granny Maxine Waters and her multimillion home and all her wealth?

Lets not forget the most treasonous Rep of them all - Mitch McConnell! His wife sells the most advanced jet fighters to foreign nations, as Mitch controls all the contracts! Mitch needs to be tried for TREASON and if FOUND GUILTY, BEHEADED, with his FAMILY SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW! Then his wife walks the plank.. T

Trump - How can one CLEAN HOUSE, if you keep the same old criminals in power? You know, they know everything and BLACKMAIL EVERYONE! They know everyones pedo and crimes in DC, yet the FAILED TO REPORT THEM BY LAW TO LAW ENFORCEMENT!


Mitch's failure to report criminal activies he is notified of IS A CRIME! Anyone in DC who knows of CRIMES and FAILS TO NOTIFIED OFFICIALS ARE COVERING UP THAT CRIME, AND ARE NOW PART OF THAT CRIME, BY THEIR FAILURE TO REPORT IT!

So why isn't Trump or anyone going after DC swamp of helping hide felony crimes going on they have driectly knowledge of? Thats a crime and now they are COVERING UP THE CRIME BY NOT INFORMING OFFICIALS!?


3436f6  No.6676093

File: c2b2a65ca75145b⋯.png (740.22 KB, 869x695, 869:695, DB_Gold.png)

Why do i have the feeling that this means some kind of serious habbening?

Not my find. But i thought it's worth mentioning.

The thing is. I have no clue if it's a thing or not.

In May, Venezuela reportedly sold 15 tonnes of gold worth $570 million from its central bank reserves, skirting US Treasury sanctions. This brought the South American country’s gold reserves to a 29-year low; they are now worth $7.9 billion.



49c7b3  No.6677541


Jared Kushner is the answer to all these questions.

It turns out that Q is a delay tactic.

The Great Awakening is something that happens in cycles, it is an uncontrollable force that happens no matter what.

It does not need a "Q" to stir it up, or guide it along.

The Great Awakening just simply happens because it is so.

Q is a Jared Kushner tactic to try to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

Life is not meant to be easy, we cannot rely on others to solve our problems for us.

The Great Awakening, is an understanding and growing acceptance of self reliance.

When we finally awake to the power within, not some magical power but a "okay I am ready to grow up now and do the work that needs to be done" kind of power.

Then we will finally realize,

Hitler did nothing wrong.

ad89d4  No.6679115

File: 0e0fba704cf599b⋯.png (80.42 KB, 472x279, 472:279, RBCRoyalBankOwl.png)

ad89d4  No.6679178


Ya gold matters.

In more ways than we know, probably.

6b0d67  No.6679313

File: 755a2f3fad6ceba⋯.jpg (188.91 KB, 696x345, 232:115, wuXX.jpg)

File: 9ac9aa2a06ddded⋯.jpg (203.94 KB, 990x800, 99:80, WU1XX.jpg)

0610fd  No.6685324


UK won't let VZ see the gold they're holding and I recall VZ sending their navy to accompany someone's visit. All this after their treasurer was convicted of using billions to bribe other countries politicians

850d65  No.6686415

File: ddbf6bf3de1bce2⋯.png (456.19 KB, 983x1184, 983:1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06 TSA ….png)

Stay Clueless DUMB ASS AMERICANs! You are all "STRAWMAN's" (Look it up for Awakening)!



The ONLY TIME A "DRIVERS LICENSE" IS REQUIRED, is when you are being "HIRED" and "PAID" to Travel GOODS, like a Taxi Driver or Truck Driver! Thats the Job to TRANSPORT GOODS FOR HIRE (PAY)! THATS THE 100% ONLY time one NEEDS TO POSSES IT!


ALL Gov Roads ARE FREE TO TRAVEL ANYTIME/ANYWHERE and one DOES NOT NEED ANY "LICENSE" LIKE "NAZI travel papers" to move in YOUR FREE NATION! But the CRIMINAL US GOV 100+ years ago, who CREATED THE DEEP STATE Control over the US, changed ALL THE LAWS, and FOUND PROFITS IN CREATING ILLEGAL LAWS, and thus the entre DEBIT US Court System was REPLACED FROM THE ORIGINAL CONSTITIONAL COURTS we once had? Notice ALL "FINES" go back into your Corporate cities budget? Because its NOT A CONSTUTIONAL COURT, but a DEBTORS COURT - TO MAKE MONEY!





When they use to say "Business Corporations" CAN'T VOTE, and you heard YES THEY CAN - well its because everyone with a US GOV BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A SECRET "BUSINESS CORPORATION" AT ISSUE OF IT! Did you know that?

What else do you want to learn? CTDB

850d65  No.6686429

File: ddbf6bf3de1bce2⋯.png (456.19 KB, 983x1184, 983:1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06 TSA ….png)


If anyone who TRULY WANTS TO LEARN THE ROOTS OF THE DEEP STATE, search the word "STRAWMAN" person ALL US CItizens are victims of. It forced you to need Licenses FOR Driving, Fishing, Hunting, as IT WAS ALL DONE FOR PROFIT and STEALING YOUR MONEY AWAY!

"Strawman" is one of Deepest most CRIMINAL ROOTED Criminal actions that REMOVED ALL YOUR FREEDOMS from the CONSTITUTION from being once a FREE PERSON!

Just like when you hear that large Corporations BUY ALL the NEW or smaller business, THIS IS WHAT THE Criminal US Gov Does to EACH PERSON or "Corporation"! This was the VERY ORIGINS of the DEEP STATE TAKEOVER OVER ALL YOUR FREEDOMS! Yet you only see the VERY SMALL TOP OF BO or Bush Deep State, but it started 100 years ago, and you only see the BO/BUSH VERY TOP crimes and not the Actual ROOTS of how Deep their Criminal Roots Lie within the US Gov!

Why does a Private "For Profit" bank "OWN" the US? You know, the "Federal Reserve" bank the US uses is ACTUALLY A PRIVATE "FOR PROFIT" BUSINESS like Wendys, Taco Bell, Ace Hardware right? So the US People "Owned" ALL THE LAND, yet the Federal Bank we use is PRIVATELY OWNED? So HOW COULD THE US Be in DEBT, when the US Gov OWNED EVERY INCH OF LAND? This when "Strawman" and the Country was SOLD and HANDED OVER TO THE DEEP STATE - 100+ years ago; WITHOUT THE WE THE PEOPLES RIGHTFUL OWNER OF ALL OUR LAND KNOWLEDGE NOR WILL! The criminals in DC turned Criminal and were BRIBED to hand over all US Land "We The People" owned to bankers and powerful elite, who Created a DEEP STATE. Yet "We The People" ownership of the US was criminally GIVEN FOR BRIBES to criminals in secret. Thus, the DS laws were then placed into each court and judge now turned from "Constitutional Law" into a strickly "Debtors Law" so they only make PROFITS for their business (aka USA Corporation):

You know, the USA is REGISTERED AS A BUSINESS CORPORTATION RIGHT? And each of YOU ARE Independant Corporations, your mom signed over the criminal US Gov as THEIR PROPERTY? Search "Strawman".

Do you know that each town, Police Dept, and Gov agency IS ALSO ALL registered as a "BUSINESS CORPORATION"? "Government" is a slick slight of hand trick of calling itself a "Business Corporation" yet you dumb americans sleeping know nothing about your nation?

If you look who actually OWNS YOUR TOWN, OR PD, OR WATER DEPT, etc, THEY ARE REGISTERED UNDER DIFFERENT PERSONAL NAMES IN LEGAL DOCUMENTS, AND NOT WE THE PEOPLE OWNED? The bank name is city, but you need to look AT THE OWNERS PERSONAL PERSONS NAME WHO "OWNS" AND CONTROLS THAT BANK ACCOUNT! Yes - a Persons NAME OWNS your PD, and elite pillage it, and keeps SOME MONEY in it, so it looks like its all the cities. Seach WHAT PERSONS NAME OWNS YOUR CITY - as it is not YOUR COMMUNITY - but a private person!

The Key is EVERYONES BIRTH CERTIFICATE CREATED in the hospital, "CREATES" each newborn INTO BEING A "BUSINESS CORPORATION"! And who "Unknowingly Signs" your RIGHT as a FREE PERSON over to the US Gov as THEIR PROPERTY

And being a GOV SLAVE, they use your "Strawman" name as Property ON WALL STREET, and EACH PERSON IS BOUGHT AND SOLD IN BULK ON WALL STREET, TO COVER THE US GOV BILLS! The US Gov uses its people Slave Ownership Birth Certificate as Collatoral on the STock Market!


See how Deep this Deep State and Criminal Nation was slowly and secretly passed on to the rich controllor elites, yet you need Licenses for everything? 1/3 of all jobs require Licenses controlled by the Gov? They make $ off of it.

Even all "City Fines" goes where when you get tickets? YEAH - THAT CITY to PAY THEIR BILLS! So VICTIMLESS TICKETS ARE ALL criminal tools as THEIR ARE NO VICTIMS IN ALL VICTIMS CRIMES, yet they steal all the money they can from you to pay their bills. Thus the DEBTORS JAILS came to be, just because YOU HAVE NO MONEY TO GIVE THEM IN MANY CRIMES!

Search "Strawman" and you'll have your mind blown.

Thanks! CTDB

850d65  No.6686906

File: ddbf6bf3de1bce2⋯.png (456.19 KB, 983x1184, 983:1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06 TSA ….png)



To further PROVE these FACTS, you are all unknowingly a "Corporation" and OWNED by the US Gov, look at ALL YOUR BANK, BILLS, LICENSES, ANYTHING LEGAL!



Thats your 100% PROOF YOU ARE ACTING AS A "BUSINESS CORPORATION"! Ever wonder WHY its not like Smith or Jones, where its 1st Ltr CAP and rest small? BECAUSE THAT IS NOT A LEGAL CONTRACT! Only LEGAL CONTRACT AGREEMENTS are ALL IN CAPs!

So your mom gave birth, and then unknowningly when she SIGNS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, THAT CREATED YOUR "Corporation Strawman" NAME AS A CONTRACT "Creating" your body as a Business Corporation!

Next, your mother needs to file in court within 90 days after birth, to claim you AS A FREE PERSON, yet no one does this and follows the norm. Once mom's DO NOT do this, THIS ABANDONED BABY IN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE 100% BECOMES A "WARD OF THE STATE" and 100% takes FULL CONTROL OVER THAT PERSON (Corporation person) IN THEIR WELL BEING!

Next, notice all these so called "GOV ABUSES" with parents and children in all Child Protectives Services PRIOR TO becoming 18? The Gov 100% "Controls" whatever will they want! But you all FAIL TO COMPREHEND your YOUR MOM "Abadoned" the bay after 90 days after birth and not appearing in court to claim it, SO THE GOV DEFAULTS INTO BEING ITS LEGAL RIGHTFUL PARENT!

So the GOV then "OWNS" that child until 18, and PARENTS ARE NOT IN FULL CONTROL OVER THEIR CHILDREN! So the parent is removed into the Gov system, WHO RIGHTFULLY OWN THAT BABY, due to your MOM NOT CLAIMING OWNERSHIP OVER YOU AFTER YOUR BIRTH!


Just because you GAVE BIRTH to a baby, DOES NOT MEAN ITS YOURS LEGALLY! Its all because YOUR MOTHER SIGNED YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE as a "Business Corportion" NAME, and you AGREED TO file in court, within 90 days, ownership of your child! Don't blame the US Gov for YOUR MOTHER REFUSING TO FOLLOW US LAW TO FILE COURT PAPERS TO CLAIM THE OWNERSHIP OF HER BIRTH CHILD! Its in the Birth Certificate LAW she AND EVERYONE FAILED TO READ, and you ALL DEFAULTED IN US LAW, so you ABANDED YOUR CHILD! Then the US Gov becomes DEFAULT OWNER OF YOUR BIRTH "Business CORPORATION" because your mom failed to claim ownership over her birth baby!

This is HOW THE REAL WORLD US GOV SYSTEM WORKS! Yet you clueless AMericans fail to follow your own laws, and worse yet, you all FOLLOW LIKE LOST LITTLE SHEEP, WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES AND NOT READ OR LEARN US LAWS!

So when any family complains about "THEIR CHILD", well, in US Criminal Deep State Illegal Court today, just answer WHY YOU NEVER FILED TO TAKE "OWNERSHIP" over your birth baby within 90 days AFTER BIRTH? By LAW, that is Required so they ask each parent, WHY DID YOU ABANDED YOUR BABY, and make it WARD OF THE US Gov; who now 100% controls your child's wellbeing?


So to keep this quiet, when major cases comes to MEDIA and WILL EXPOSE THIS CRIME OF OUR CHILDREN, the US Gov Child Protective Svs will "GIVE" to keep this SECRET GOING OF CONTROLLING YOUR CHLIDREN!

So you call yourself a great American, yet you worry more about TV programs then CARE ABOUT THE CRIMINAL LAWS GOING ON! Turn your back and leave it to everyone else to deal with… Yet thats the problem…


If you know nothing of "STRAWMAN" you are clearly one of the MOST CARELESS AMERICAN ON OUR SOIL! Stay being a ZOMBIE, as 99+% of you are. You "THINK" you are educated and smart, yet you are the MOST DUMBEST AMErICANS ON REAL ISSUES!

Funny Crminal Illegals can LEGALLY DRIVE, NEVER GET TICKETS, NOR MASS ARRESTED LIKE LEGAL US CORPORATION CITIZENS. See how you live in a NAZI Control Paper world, WHO NEED APPROVAL TO THINGS INSIDE THE US? This way, they keep tabs on your every movement, and Control your non existant freedoms.

Since when is it a crime to TRAVEL on free open public roads to get food or visit your parents? In this DEEP STATE CONTROLLED WORLD, you need NAZI PAPERS (aka Drivers License) to TRAVEL TO THE STORE, ON PUBLIC STREETS! SEE HOW YOU ReALLY ARE NOT FREE TO TRAVEL ANYWHERE, WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO SEE YOUR CRIMINAL WW2 Criminal Nazi papers when asked?

850d65  No.6687204

File: ddbf6bf3de1bce2⋯.png (456.19 KB, 983x1184, 983:1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06 TSA ….png)




So did anyone learn each legal US Citzen non existent "STRAWMAN" persona you were given AT BIRTH?


Did you serach and learn THE ACTUAL PERSONS NAME WHO ACTUALLY is legally name as the person OWNING YOUR CITY, or PD, or any Gov Dept?

Many times you will see, that its OWNED UNDER A BUSINESS NAME, but the human persons "CONTROLLING" and actually "OWNING" your city, or PD, is secretly hidden. But you will find either a persons name OR a Business Coroprations name as "LEGAL OWNERSHIP" of it! Start you journey int he Business Ownership database. But your city is not owned by your community, nor your We The People, but a person.

Then, look who actually owns the "United State of America" CORPORATION! The entire US was Criminally turned into a Business Corporation Business Entity, and OWNED BY SOMEONE!

If I remember right, Notice that the QUEEN OF ENGLAND IN LONDON ACTUALLY "OWNS" ALL OF THE US!

Notice that the Gov land being taken away or SOLD to China or businesses? How can that be IF IT WAS PUBLIC LAND? Simple! Public Land IS NOT OWNED BY THE PUBLIC, but the USA "Corporation"! Understand the difference? If you don't comprehend the LAWs, how in the hell can smart Americans know anything, yet the love watching CNN or MTV or reality programs because of course, THATS REAL LIFE!

Ask your mom why she failed to claim you 90 days after your birth Legally, into US Courts! Or is it because SHE, LIKE YOU, THINK GODS LAW OF BIRTH IS THE SAME AS US PRINTED LAW!

Sure, mom birthed you, so in GODS LAW, its yours. In that aspect YES but you failed to follow US PRINTED LAW - that REQUIRES HER to FILE IN COURT OWNERSHIP OF THAT NEWBORN! So why then, if you love America, did you mom abanded you PER COURT AND HER SIGNATURE, to NOT CLAIM YOU AFTER 90 days IN US LEGAL COURT? See how fun this game is played?

You all "assume" Gods Law of birth, means its yours forever, but not in any US Court of law. Compare that to a cow giving birth! So does that automatically mean the calf is that cows for life, or does it get sold off as property? 100% exact same thing as babys and calves are both properties that can be bought and sold! Stay sleeping in your own self tiny brainwashed reality in fantasyland… But for Gods sake, never ever read and learn TRUTH because its too scary.

Just like WW2 Nazi Germany, that needed to have people SHOW PAPERS to travel or when walking the streets, notice the US Gov does the exact same thing under LICENSES? You need a license for this or that, and if you are only travelling to get food and stopped, for not having the correct "Papers", you are arrested or fined! Yet your free travel for food to the store IS NONEXISTANT! Only walking miles is acceptable to Controllers to keep you confined to ONE AREA ONLY! See how the Nazi controlled free travel? Yet its all around you, and you all ACCEPT IT AS NORMAL!

395b23  No.6687290

850d65  No.6687513

File: ddbf6bf3de1bce2⋯.png (456.19 KB, 983x1184, 983:1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06 TSA ….png)






How about the ATTEMPTED COUP OF TRUMP! Remember, the Coup on Trump is the 2nd TIME A BUSH's NAME WERE INVOLVED!? Did you know that in 1933, Prescott Bush tried a COUP OF AMERiCA AND THE WHITE HOUSE, but was Caught and FOUND GUILTY OF HIS ATTEMPTED COUP? Yet in 2019, notice again we have the Bush Deep State again INVOLVED/NAMED IN the 2nd and ONLY COUP?

Did you know that the last name of BUSH is NOT REAL - like BO? Why do all the Bush family possess GERMAN PASSPORTS UNDER THE NAME OF "GEORG SHERIFF" SR & JR?

THE BUSH FAMILY ARE NAZIs FROM WW2, who got their wealth with one GEORGE SOROS! See how Deep State ties together? Now does that answer WHY Soros is never arrested or charged? He's also tied to one HRC now isn't he? But yet, SOROS partnered with one PRESCOTT BUSH (GHW Bushs Grandpa) back in Hitler Days, and THEY BOTH GOT WEALTH WORKING TOGETHER! So now you know HOW the Bush family got their wealth! Soros was in Europe raping & Pillaging Hilters Stolen valuables, and Prescott Bush family in US SELLING THEM and sending Soros/Hitler back the money! Yes - Really! Search and Learn!

Question - Why is Barr only going after the HRC Deep State and NOT THE BUSH DEEP STATE? They are different and the Bush DS includes GHW being detained in the room NEXT TO OSWALD immediately after the JFK Murder, untill HOOVER called Dallas PD to release him! Years later, this Bush took over HOOVERS JOB!? Strange? Then kid GW Bush ordered the 911 Towers to Come down on 911. And Barr only goes after the HRC Deep State? Could it be both Mueller and Barr and Strzok were both high officials under the Bush DS?

So how SMART ru brainwashed ones to not learn real truth going on?

850d65  No.6687525



This is why these boards ARE NOT TRUTH, but CONTROLLED to keep you AWAY FROM CERTAIN TOPICS OF DS you are NOT suppose to find out!

395b23  No.6687945

File: db5c87fc3e5a5ef⋯.png (47.17 KB, 1790x240, 179:24, ClipboardImage.png)

Can't see it.

Sorry, not sorry.

Fuck off.

cbf556  No.6689719

File: aa1941e4206b28c⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 498x212, 249:106, boxed.gif)


>he must think they don't already know

Social contracts are a son of a bitch and hind site is always 20/20 right? It's understood how things like this can upset your core. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do about order but provide a chaotic solution.

Maybe it is you who doesn't realize that the STRAWMAN meme is just another part of the game. You don't get out of this. There is only one truth. Pain and suffering.

On a lighter note 2020 is just around the corner and if you have your eyes all squared away you can see the new notes in your hand if you have the tickets.

144,000 - 137,045 = 6,955

Not much time left to get your house in order.

01cc5e  No.6695202

When else has DOD been involved in international mining negotiations?


124c4c  No.6695796


>Not much time left to get your house in order.

On a related note central banks appear to be on a sustained gold buying spree.


‘In Gold We Trust’: Waning confidence in US sends world’s central banks on buying spree

Governments around the world have recently been on a “gold-buying spree.” These countries have a tactful reason for doing so, and this reason is directly tied to the anticipation of the inevitable end of US hegemony.

Central banks are among the largest purchasers of gold. So far in 2019, they have bought 145.5 tons of gold, which is more in a quarter of a year than central banks have purchased in the preceding six years. To put it bluntly, this figure represents a 68 percent increase from the year before. Last year, central banks increased their reserves by 651.5 tonnes compared to 375 tonnes in 2017. Reportedly, this is the largest net purchase of gold since 1967.

Most interesting, however, is the class of countries that we find are turning to hoarding more and more gold, many of which are deemed to be adversaries of Washington.

As always, Russia is the largest buyer of gold. In 2018, Russia’s Central Bank purchased 274.3 tons of gold. It also dumped 84 percent of its US treasury debts (we will come back to why this is important later.)


f1c2f7  No.6697034

File: 7f2344fbf2e6c87⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 255x183, 85:61, ee48ec07771c638672b269b343….jpg)

File: 9ce5b478217581b⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 6a3cbf4a83ec651269b39d5efb….jpg)

File: ea0221582e6386e⋯.jpg (10.02 KB, 255x117, 85:39, 91ed0b4c1d9280552ca584a6cb….jpg)

File: 7f090ad36533d95⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 255x144, 85:48, bc121fe6fb89caf2fa93d4cac8….jpg)

File: 7aa5b759003cfda⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 255x228, 85:76, 389fe02533a3f6309c79ccc88b….jpg)

To any anons that were around for the first bread or saved images from it

Did you save any of the following images in their original resolution? I only have the lo-res ones from archive.org.

If you could post them here, it would greatly help with some digging for more than just me I'd assume.

cbf556  No.6697747


>Reformation day October 31st

Interesting little tidbit for you to chew on regarding this year:

Pentecost 2019 = June 9th

Reformation day 2019 = October 31st

June 9th → October 31st = 144 days

d50097  No.6698431


Not quite.

Waning trust in Central Banks and every economy OTHER THAN AMERICA's sends the world on a gold buying spree.

Real money sees the writing on the wall. Gold will destroy the Fed and a self-sufficient America will only increase in strength and influence, strengthening the US Dollar as a result.

If any country is going to back its currency with gold, it will probably be America first. that is DOLLAR BULLISH. Hugely.

1d64a9  No.6698681


>Real money sees the writing on the wall.

>Gold will destroy the Fed…


>the digital fiat forgery machine will be shut down

Assuming the America (and then the world?) is going back to a quad metal based financial system AND the digital ledger is going to be wiped, or at the very least drastically altered, Russia dumping US Treasuries for metal/GOLD seems logical.

6597c6  No.6700810

File: f077deb9af7992d⋯.mp4 (6.33 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 3.08 Federal Income Tax.mp4)

When will the Federal Reserve becomes Restructured?

When will the IRS be abolished?

cbf556  No.6702265





>Assuming the America (and then the world?)

The float will be abolished.


XDR = tick tock

2fe3be  No.6723447


>float will be abolished

Apologies for the tard question here but can someone point me to what a ==float== is in this context, what it means, and why it would be abolished?

Follow up questions:

What role, if any, will fractional banking have with new notes? Concept strikes a tard-anon like myself as anathma to being based BUT I’m also trying to reconcile with control of the money supply.

>Fiat grants power to grow/contract money supply

>Power to grow/contract money supply effects economy

>Been used for good and evil, mostly evil


>Power to grow/contract money supply no longer possible or at least no longer possible in the traditional sense of control of a based currency is distributed (?)

>no free rides

Damn. Guess that means we’ll no longer earn frequent-flyer miles (talk about fiat!) on purchases after the new notes debut?

1d1732  No.6723957


a managed float is sort of the opposite of a currency peg. a peg means the value of a currency is linked to the value of something else. a float means the value of a currency is determined by forex market. a managed float means there are upper and lower bounds set by some official, within which the value of the currency may move

5f70f6  No.6727402


5f70f6  No.6728325


huge douchebag. "kind of a big deal"

puerto rico trafficking source, IMO.

12e246  No.6730147

The State of OUR Union is STRONG

680d79  No.6731131

File: 7f27c2a3c9c3d1a⋯.png (154.23 KB, 650x653, 650:653, GoldAUD5yearchartJUNE2019.png)

680d79  No.6731182

File: 944ea55968b2b8d⋯.png (344.36 KB, 620x676, 155:169, SatanicBrockPierceTWITTER.png)

File: b1861ee70ae82c9⋯.png (478.35 KB, 945x480, 63:32, phoenixlitecoinhat.png)


Of course Brock Pierce uses Satanic at least two Satanic symbols on his his Twitter page: of the rising phoenix and the unicorn. The Satanic Cabal has done everything they can to infiltrate crypto because Bitcoin terrifies them! The exchanges and all the copycat shitcoins are highly suspect. At this point, I only trust Bitcoin held using my own private keys.

01cc5e  No.6733880


7cbf6b  No.6740079

File: ed5c000dc368e8c⋯.jpg (23.98 KB, 300x224, 75:56, Frog-and-Scorpion pic.jpg)

One has to put in place serious computing power to mine for digital currency. Anyone discuss what your computing power is being used for? It's not strictly for bitcoin, you are lending your computer for outside computations. It would be shame if you are aiding your own enslavement. Google buying adiabatic quantum computers and others who are not our friends. The spy grid takes up a lot of computer power…

07c602  No.6745631


can you clarify more on the face values

for example, the US 1 oz silver dollar has a 1$ face value, the canadian 1oz dollar has a 5$ value, the chinese 1 oz has a 10 yuan =1.44 US value, and the british 1oz silver has a 2$ pound = 2.44us value, so how does that work when you go to cash it in? is the canadian one the best since it has a 5$ value on it which = 3.40$ us? please elaborate more

5f70f6  No.6749572

>>6749547 off

4e7ec0  No.6751392

File: 909112cea20a2ac⋯.png (69.31 KB, 611x417, 611:417, ClipboardImage.png)


117D Chess

5f70f6  No.6751488


real! wow. this IS getting interesting. I knew he didn't like trump and is pretty liberal, but retweeting Evan McMullian???



5f70f6  No.6751507

File: 07c6c48bab1eda9⋯.png (215.04 KB, 1118x1192, 559:596, ClipboardImage.png)

cbf556  No.6752998


I can't speak to the other countries face values as it seems they have NO idea what they are doing.

For example countries like Australia, England, and Austria all have Au and Pt face values at the same value (100) which deviates from the quad metals backed US new notes. To give Au and Pt the same face value is absolutely ludicrous. Any sane individual on planet earth would agree.

The good news is an ounce is an ounce and I have a feeling that new note distribution will have no objections to foreign bullion regardless of the inconsistent face value stamps in accordance with US face values. Same goes for bars. An ounce is an ounce.

Bottom line is stick to the previously stated transfer mechanisms and ignore the rest.




144,000 - 137,994 = 6006

So close now…

You keeping an eye on XAU and USD?

-The bots are feverishly trying to jar Au out of the holding pattern while attempting to smash the USD. Pathetic.

Are you watching XAG and XPT?

-Ag at a stupid high 90:1 GSR

-Pt with insanely long candle wicks

Hope you are ready to ride cause the only way the meth heads day traders escape is through seppuku.

07c602  No.6759633


i know you have stated multiple times throughout the past breads that face values matter, however here you state that bars are acceptable too? is there any downside to bars, its much easier to handle 100oz bar then 100 coins

5f70f6  No.6761411

File: 51590d6ff40ca55⋯.png (425.23 KB, 850x299, 850:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0bcb94c381cfa7d⋯.png (356.29 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>is there any downside to bars

07c602  No.6761460


the same can be said for coins too though no?

if you are buying from a reputable dealer this shouldn't be an issue, i would imagine if this actually goes through the way they say there will be onsite ways to vette counterfeit things like this ie xray

3d52e2  No.6761604


>the same can be said for coins too though no?

It would go "thud" more than "ring" when you ping, au ag eagles both best for it. maples go "clank", so they require hardware to visualize the harmonics. xray is useless, that only tests the surface.

5f70f6  No.6761990


coins, not rounds, are generally easier to evaluate. more security features, etc.

just buy eagles. its a no brainer…unless you've got "good delivery" bars, you rich bastard.

f3e0c1  No.6763517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Worth Watching!

I had almost completely given up on YouTube. So many "alternative media" YT channels are just MSM liars in disguise. But this interview on Greg Hunter is really good. I listened carefully to every word, and I did not hear any Cabal disinfo or Satanic sleight of hand.

Here, Wayne Jett talks about economics and the importance of Trump's trade agreements in re-balancing the American trade deficit so that America (and the world) can transition to a new monetary system, based at least in part on gold.

Wayne doesn't mention Q by name but he mentions The Storm, The Plan and many other things that suggest Wayne is a patriot who follows Q.

Watch the interview, it's worth it. He discusses:

* The fact that Trump is backed by military and for the first time in history is taking down the Global Cabal.

* The Global Cabal always intended to murder and poison humanity to wipe out a large part of the human population.

* The Great Depression and Crash of '29 was contrived for the benefit of the Cabal. In that Depression, MILLIONS were deliberately starved to death in America, and the elected presidents did nothing to help.

* The SEC is a Cabal-created fraud which acts as a shield to cover for the Cabal's financial crimes.

* All of humanity has been robbed of their real wealth, and Cabal-issued promissory notes (i.e., dollars from the Federal Reserve and notes from other global reserve banks) far exceed the Reserve Bank's ability to repay those promises. That is, the Federal Reserve is bankrupt.

* Trump's Executive Order on Human Trafficking is critical to freezing the global assets of the Cabal, cutting off their power and opening up the possibility of returning trillions in stolen wealth to the people of the world.

* The Federal Reserve has been a criminal operation since its inception in 1913. He calls it a "foreign occupying power in the U.S."

df9614  No.6768797


How about junk silver/constitutional coins?

5f70f6  No.6768914


I wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't sell it. It's more useful than a lot of other stuff. They might even gain a bit of numismatic value being historical…

Like bars and rounds, though, they still need to be melted down, separated, and recast to be circulated again. Gold is for value; silver is for exchange. Junk/Old Gold is more interesting. Regardless, I'm only interested in a balanced portfolio, with au/ag play a very specific and limited role. Way to many other things in the world to worry about more than that.

333a78  No.6774619

File: 44e5a495eb880d5⋯.png (39.03 KB, 1136x345, 1136:345, LitecoinIsaScam.png)

File: b1861ee70ae82c9⋯.png (478.35 KB, 945x480, 63:32, phoenixlitecoinhat.png)

Litecoin continues to exhibit unusual weakness against BTC (usually LItecoin rockets in crypto market upswings). Are insiders quietly exiting the ultimate Scam Coin? Are red-pilled crypto-heads finally catching wind of Charlie Lee's grand deception?

I pray a lot of wind comes out of Litecoin's sail before people are seriously hurt.

Of course, there's the chance the Cabal runs Litecoin up much higher into a dangerous bubble so as to hurt as many as possible, with the hopes of bringing down Bitcoin (the good coin) in the process.

Or course, there's a chance that Litecoin is salvaged from the scap heap – that the Cabal scammers (including Charlie Lee) are removed from the crypto-space, and a reformed Litecoin survives and thrives after the exposure of the criminal Cabal behind it.

But I am not touching Litecoin with a ten-foot pole, no matter what price it might rise to, and not because it might crash either, but because Satoshi offered Bitcoin to the people as a chance at monetary freedom. And freedom (not lambos) is the ONLY reason to invest in ANY cryptocurrency. The only coin right now I can even imagine trusting (and it's all a very risky space) is Bitcoin.

cbf556  No.6775704


1 ounce is 1 ounce

New Notes take their marching orders from US face values but they have no issues with generics or foreign.

First come first serve in the following order:

-US Bullion

-.999 fine in all varieties

-US old notes in hand




Beware of the old guard. Their motivation is fees and full reset. They are not interested in the balance. I'm not discounting all of it but many of the old guard went full bore on pigcoins.

As far as the fed is concerned I say put them to work to help restore the balance. It is clear to me now that when the "decentralized saviors" run the show that they print FOEVA just like their predecessors.

cbf556  No.6775762

File: 9296d4502a3ce61⋯.jpg (78.18 KB, 698x557, 698:557, wickedup.jpg)


>-Pt with insanely long candle wicks

bots @ work keeping it cheap

This horse can only stay in the stable for so long….

3750d0  No.6775911


"* Trump's Executive Order on Human Trafficking is critical to freezing the global assets of the Cabal"

Very nice ideas, but either not true or not working. Take Soros: on the loose and creating catastrophes and chaos.

Money is no object for him or his spawn - ever. It appears no efforts have been made to take their operations out.

That is one instance. The list of perps is long.

Meanwhile, innocent people continue to be checked out.

5f70f6  No.6776149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Money is no object for him or his spawn - ever.

5f70f6  No.6781343

File: 921f56030bba3c7⋯.png (207.74 KB, 1800x1306, 900:653, ClipboardImage.png)


5f70f6  No.6783373


1. Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be a powerful force for good in developing countries, which is where Facebook intends to market the product.

2. Facebook will pay interest to holders of its cryptocurrency, and this will eventually lead to populist calls to repeal corporate subsidies to banks at the heart of the US banking system.

3. Facebook’s foundation will grow to garner big power in global capital markets.

4. Facebook will face regulatory uncertainty—which will shed light on many outdated financial regulations in the process.

5. Facebook’s regulatory reporting program will open all kinds of interesting discussions.

6. Facebook’s cryptocurrency will turn out, in the end, to be a Trojan horse that benefits bitcoin.

e65774  No.6783971

File: be3468810fb3bd3⋯.png (365.85 KB, 769x490, 769:490, LibraSatanicCoin.png)


Especially with the Libra logo. For fuck's sake. It's a known Satanic pedo symbol!

4eee02  No.6784141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ALERT: The New Litecoin Debit Cards will SAVE THE WORLD!! (Bix Weir)

e65774  No.6784158

e65774  No.6784163

4eee02  No.6784462


EZ spend for litecoin. Wier's opinion is his own.

5f70f6  No.6785044


just passing on the summary of the article…

547d6c  No.6785631


One more scam to be run on the uninformed.

cbf556  No.6785791


San Francisco → Coinbase → Barry Silbert → Larry Summers → Bill Clinton → the digital left in utter despair

Don't believe me? Look it up:


The only trojan was the wooden horse back in 2014. I think I see the soldiers busting out now.

Better saddle up because the real horses are coming.


Every single day that passes is a day for redemption.

Digital fiat forgery will always be a digital fiat forgery no matter how you package it.

144,000 - 138,936 = 5,064

Under 5g's incoming…

You really want to take a chance on this?


5f70f6  No.6787139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

From video description:

"When Nakamoto published the Bitcoin Whitepaper, a door was opened that could never be closed. The world now had a Sybil-resistant, trustless consensus protocol - and thousands of minds started working overtime on ever-more intriguing applications of this novel technology.

Maidsafe Developer and PARSEC co-author, Pierre Chevalier will present the PARSEC consensus protocol.

He’ll show why a blockchain just couldn’t cut it when it came to powering the SAFE Network - the fully autonomous decentralized data and communications network for the world - and how the PARSEC protocol solves that problem."

ffc625  No.6787253


You forgot to label your response an opinion piece.

5f70f6  No.6788441

File: 358e914e2a93e22⋯.png (1.58 KB, 38x43, 38:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1840c8e3e9314c4⋯.png (103.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


138c59  No.6788952

File: 0ce232febe9267f⋯.jpg (75.21 KB, 639x426, 3:2, THE GOLD TIE - QFS.jpg)

File: e6b4d6fc81cc3b2⋯.jpg (100.36 KB, 638x466, 319:233, Signals Intel GOLD-backed ….jpg)

File: 09955dd01103166⋯.jpg (151.29 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 33b6pf.jpg)

5f70f6  No.6792497

File: 8fdc720a5bb763c⋯.png (60.03 KB, 1066x330, 533:165, Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 1….png)

5f70f6  No.6792588

File: 4ff74a286d93f77⋯.mp4 (159.95 KB, 480x270, 16:9, gi2fKWle3Vfrk9l4.mp4)

muh faketoshi

3f6c91  No.6794170



Slaves no more!!!

138c59  No.6795316

File: 289c348a6b27512⋯.jpg (113.93 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Art Laffer knows who Laugh….jpg)

QFS? Dr. Art Laffer knows:

GOLD shall Destroy the Fed.


856286  No.6795488

File: 2ea5f7b350f8934⋯.png (275.5 KB, 579x407, 579:407, VerWrightTraitors.png)

4e139a  No.6796162


Facebook funny money.

5f70f6  No.6796338

Gold is exploding. Just crossed VERY important resistance. Not sure there is any going back from here. 1400 will confirm it, but I'm seeing 1387, wtf???

Pressure for the G20?

58c103  No.6796997


Bix Weir is deluded or a shill. I can't decide which. I lean towards the former. In which case his arrogance has seriously blinded him. Let's not forget that Bix was the one telling us BCash was the "real" Bitcoin. Ya he hasn't mentioned that in a while, has he.

Then there are his much more obviously compromised associates. Clif High? Bitcoin Ben? Paytriot shills. So if we judge Bix by the company he keeps, that doesn't bode well for Bix.

I feel sorry for the people who pay for his lies or misguided insights – you choose which. I feel sorry for Bix if he's just deluded because soon I think he'll be eating crow.

98f05b  No.6799627

File: 0f848439b1e411c⋯.png (40.19 KB, 680x564, 170:141, Countdown_06-20-2019 @ 133….PNG)

File: bef2dc9cbd61881⋯.png (207.27 KB, 1469x473, 1469:473, Quad Metal Comparison_06-2….png)

File: 6ce4c54f85454bf⋯.png (251.23 KB, 818x464, 409:232, Roll them Bones.png)



Guess the next few weeks will be telling one way or another.

Couldn't embed https://hooktube.com/T900ZNPYbKg

cbf556  No.6802252

File: f79e8b1ac190e03⋯.jpg (133.18 KB, 1275x545, 255:109, arb.jpg)

File: 5f100ab273cdfff⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, D_I.jpg)


>Gold is exploding

This condition is interesting. Looks like someone blinked. Where there is smoke there is sure to be fire.


72fca3  No.6802506

File: 7c57619b78ccfa6⋯.png (228.98 KB, 577x330, 577:330, TrumpisGold.png)


Not only Gold. Also USD, Dow, Bitcoin.

Safe havens denominated in the mighty USD, backed by the real gold standard: President Trump.

5f70f6  No.6805138

File: 43f44e57d034c80⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1680x945, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

05d98c  No.6812138



29348b  No.6812896




525a00  No.6822080

File: 2b577499c5aaca1⋯.jpeg (255.62 KB, 1242x1386, 69:77, 96569888-34C4-4B83-AC1F-8….jpeg)


7245d3  No.6822616

File: 9f2c856c6f0a070⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 524x416, 131:104, dabba612855.jpg)

5f70f6  No.6823418

File: 18d52daef129bf4⋯.png (254.35 KB, 1836x1420, 459:355, ClipboardImage.png)


muh sauce?



01986a  No.6825959


A good video for anons who's interested.

A few take-a-ways:


"The Fed is loosing control on the price of money"


"Either the Fed is going to have to cede control over the price of money, in which case, we don't need the Fed anymore. Or they are going to have to cede control over the quantity of money"

Hence, print to infinity…


They've been fucking with the way they calculate the CPI for decades. I'm not sure anon's assessment of PM's exchange rates will be accurate, when its all said an done. Obviously, its still a good idea to exchange now for PM while the dollar has higher value rather than later when they print to infinity.

John Williams @ Shadow Government Statistics still calculates the CPI pre-fucking (1980). Its propably not entirely accurate either, since it takes into account 1980 consumer spending habits (no cell phones for example), but its still a stable measurement.


We're talking somewhere around 8X more inflation than the CPI calculates. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of the CPI and SS-CPI.

fb28df  No.6826079

05d98c  No.6834104

World reserve gold purchases up >600% from a year prior


cbf556  No.6834326


>They've been fucking with the way they calculate the CPI for decades.

Find balance or suffer in chaos. Choice is yours. Try not to get dragged down into the utter devastation of it all and get ready for a new foundation. The face values were a blessing in disguise. There will be a last ditch effort to throw the balance off that you can bet on. This moment is already here IMO.

GSR = 91.7

Wall St. 2.0 = + $11,000

Leftists utopia = Libra

All major equities indexes = ATH

The desperation to keep it from the meek and in the hands of the geek is thick.

144,000 - 139,935 = 4,065

If I didn't know any better I would say we're already ridin…


Ag = undervalued

Pd = overvalued

Au = good to go

Pt = undervalued

1:25:50:100 / New Notes


5f70f6  No.6844706

File: 29edf65f1313ae5⋯.png (220.15 KB, 323x445, 323:445, ClipboardImage.png)



Maybe we'll get the Hammer to drop this Thorsday.

cbf556  No.6846267

File: 083d4a0bd96bf03⋯.png (918.54 KB, 1076x980, 269:245, your_future_1.png)

144,000 - 141,230 = 2,770

Wall St. 2.0 throwing that hail mary….

What will they do when their markets are still priced in old notes. Only way out will be the tax collector. Thats if they can avoid the MAGA log jam and lights out.


2d4c8d  No.6850711


WTF? You and I have been tracking this video questioning ETA and the last 2 days it's skyrocketed and looks to hit 6/28.


6/26 - 142,866

6/25 - 141,230 >>6846267

6/24 - 139,935

6/20 - 139,113


Right when BTC is taking another LEAP, just after gold and silver rose 10%, and this curious thing…


>Introduced in House (06/18/2019) Sets forth the rule for consideration of the bill (H.R. 3055) making appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, and for other purposes; relating to consideration of the bill (H.R. 2740) making appropriations for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, and for other purposes; and providing for proceedings during the period from June 28, 2019, through July 8, 2019.

This part:

>providing for proceedings during the period from June 28, 2019, through July 8, 2019.

1. That's 10 days.

2. It's not any window I've seen for financial purposes before.

3. It's really vague.

There's another bill about paying to hang/post something in the mall of america on 7/16-20 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-joint-resolution/60?s=3&r=4.

Also this really flew fast through the chambers and became law. It's about military funding to take over services for a pandemic. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1379?s=3&r=5

2d4c8d  No.6851340


WTF!? 143,343 !!! It's been under and hour and rose 500

5f70f6  No.6852199



Look for it to happen at midnight…but might actually happen in about 5 minutes at this rate…


5f70f6  No.6852251

File: f60bbe3c352de3a⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2398x1282, 1199:641, ClipboardImage.png)


and there it is. now what???


a1e7b0  No.6853963


Ultimately people don't want crypto they want a medium to trade for goods. So the crypto that'll win is the one stores accept


146k. 5k in a day. Someone planned to hit this before 6/28.

Let's see if you're right today

a43047  No.6854311


That ten days bit is odd. Would that have anything to do with 10 days darkness, you think?

342380  No.6854808


They rolled some 10 day "proceedings" funding into a funding period for the 2 half of next year. Can you find anything for this period of time from 2018 or prior? It's not a window I've heard of before.

b2886c  No.6858398

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f70f6  No.6859187


>Ultimately people don't want crypto they want a medium to trade for goods. So the crypto that'll win is the one stores accept

when it's embedded in the system that everyone desires, then that's what they'll use. Gold in the Earth, Dollars in the USA, native crypto in the most used decentralized internet, etc. It will be secondary to the environment. Bitcoin is a plan B. It will remain a plan B as well which is fine. It can scale but it can't be the foundation to a new internet. The internet environment is the problem, the incorrect incentives, etc. The solution to that problem that has a native crypto secondary will be used as digital currency in that market. Dollars and gold and bitcoin and even such a native currency aren't mutually exclusive…just a checks and credit cards aren't.


10 days…and 2 days early…July 4th.

cbf556  No.6860223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>now what???

We ride….

Just know that you witnessed the pouring of the foundation.

Ever see a raging wild fire?

050b25  No.6860243


Crypto is planB, Bitcoin has already been funneled to majority 1% ownership and control over development.


Ride becomes noticable when?

49c7b3  No.6860309


BTC rapidly falling now.

cbf556  No.6860315


>Ride becomes noticable when?

#80526b are the tickets

You got them?

49c7b3  No.6860340





cbf556  No.6860517


1780 → 1860 → 1940 →

How's that HD vision?

You are the plan.

3cb515  No.6862252


Bitcoin is transparent (as many continue to complain about).

Which means, it can be traced.

Which means it can be frozen in the hands of the Cabal traitors, while it remain free in the hands of freedom-fighting patriots.

"What is money without power."

Money is of no use in a world where patriots are without power. Money is free in a world where patriots are in control.

5f70f6  No.6862278


There are a lot of patriots with a lot of Bitcoin in that 1%.

Best defense is a strong offense.

3cb515  No.6862351


Correction: Bitcoin can't be "frozen" per se (if the criminal has adequately hidden his private keys). But he won't be able to spend it. Either because he's now dead, in jail, or he has to go through another medium (an exchange or bank) to convert it to currency.

Many saw Japan's legalization of Bitcoin as legal currency as heralding greater financial freedom in Japan. But maybe it wasn't about that at all. Maybe that move was really about the Cabal using Japan as a backdoor for the Cabal to wash their Bitcoin. Abe in Iran and his "Salon of the Morning Sun" don't suggest Japan is freed from corruption quite yet.

3cb515  No.6862405


Agreed. There are tens of thousands of freedom-fighting patriots who believed in Bitcoin as a way to shake control of the evil banking Cabal.

That says to me that, if Bitcoin can stabilize and become part of the global financial system, then a lot of money will be in the hands of good people. That would be a refreshing change from the past 5000 years.

I've already resolved that if I can achieve financial independence I'll spend the rest of my life being an anon: researching, meme-ing, truth-telling, writing, fighting, whatever it takes. I'll never work for the Cabal again.

5f70f6  No.6863839

File: 09fb41e00cb434a⋯.png (80.81 KB, 610x343, 610:343, ClipboardImage.png)


Good points. Some people might not be reading crypto news, but there is an official coordination to require all exchanges around the world in like 74 countries…the only ones that really matter for AML/KYC regs. Only decentralized exchanges will work in the future…and those could be big honeypots.

Honestly, I did a mini-dig last week on the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers. I think there is gold in them hills…

Speaking of Wizards and Warlocks…What about Magic the Gathering? MTGOX? There's quite a hoard of BTC in Japan. I know Mark is trying to restart/rebrand MTGOX. Is that hoard, which is now his/the companies, going to play a role in helping the world and redeeming his image with the help of Japan…since you mentioned its legalization there…


It won't stablize into the market cap reaches the levels that full adoption requires and the liquidity and other derivatives create a healthy ecosystem around it. It's a process.

>I've already resolved that if I can achieve financial independence I'll spend the rest of my life being an anon: researching, meme-ing, truth-telling, writing, fighting, whatever it takes. I'll never work for the Cabal again.

I like this sentiment. I think we have to take into account our mortality. We need to teach others, the next generation, build relationships and create firewalls against this from happening ever again. Cabal companies without the cabal and a reorg could serve us again. A social network or a bank in which the users are the customers rather than advertisers or central banks/wall street would align incentives and create pretty interesting results. Things like Bitcoin and soon to be newer protocols that aggregate distributed idle resources with 10x or 100x efficiency are going to help give us a new chance.

Deeper than that though to the metaphysical, perhaps this is part of the cycles of evolution: slamming up against hard barriers and pushing through or transcending them or whatever. On one level, we've failed repeatedly over recent history. On another level, considering not only how the cabal but nature or entroy itself conspires against us, I'd say we've come a long way. Overcoming the big pitfalls along the way gets you a throne in the book of history. Fight. Fight. Fight.

fb8ac1  No.6864793

File: 6bc8943e10214c9⋯.png (1.14 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Golden G20 Winning Ticket.png)


5f70f6  No.6871975

File: e61a6296186fdde⋯.png (314.96 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


c42175  No.6872582

File: 81bd442aaee0949⋯.png (147.62 KB, 661x520, 661:520, INVINCIBLE.png)

31c6a8  No.6873673

Phase 1

Phase 2

af7527  No.6878365

Was anyone able to apply the color filter?

If so, what did you see?

0508e8  No.6879938

File: 268212cfe0a26dc⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, Symbolism will be their do….png)

File: 2fdd834a1e17a8c⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, Symbolism will be their do….png)

File: b817f7243e92cbf⋯.png (2.77 MB, 2309x1732, 2309:1732, Symbolism will be their do….png)



I don’t have even a smidgeon of the skills TheGreatAwakeningAnon has, but I’ve taken a stab at your question in the related pics. Did my best to balance size vs resolution, but if you’re phonefagging…you’re gonna need a bigger screen.

Sincerest thanks go out to all anons who have provided answers & confirmations to the questions I’ve asked here…with special shout outs to cbf556 & 5f70f6. Also want to say how much I respect & love (no homo) each & every one of you…especially those who are in harms way in this fight to restore the light of truth, freedom, and justice for all.

If Phase 2 is upon us as >6873673 said, then this last goes out to Q/Q+:

We’re mounted up, have grabbed mane…so let ‘er buck!

5f70f6  No.6884334

File: 2742c5724a9e173⋯.png (127.5 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 1….png)

File: f1a411028009592⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 1….png)

File: acaa9f6bb8775b7⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 1….png)

File: 3768155afd8d6ad⋯.png (1.81 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 1….png)

File: c32300890ba39aa⋯.png (1.79 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 1….png)


Pillars and Checkers

af7527  No.6886132


I'm continually humbled by the intellect here.

…I wonder if applying a color filter using #80526b (plus the water) to the video would result in anything interesting.

981787  No.6886276


These new designs for a US dollar note is not from the Federal Reserve, the Treasure, the White House, or even America. They're the design work of Belarus (Russia) based graphic artist Andrey Avgust. So, while they're quite pretty, I'm a little confused why you're analyzing them like this.

af7527  No.6886521


Not concerned with the specifics of the design or designer, per se.

“The medium is the message”

f06a7f  No.6887918


You're speaking nonsense.

That makes no sense.

You suck.

1d65a6  No.6888463


No one else curious what drovr viewcount up so fast?

5f70f6  No.6889650

File: 70c119ac910da1b⋯.png (47.27 KB, 582x558, 97:93, Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 1….png)


I bunch of faggots that have been reading the shilling of that site across various platforms for months went to check on the status all at the same time with cleaned out youtube cookies. Pretty simple really.

What's up with gold overnight at provident?

0508e8  No.6890628


I inferred something else in your question, so apologize that my take didn’t quite fit what you were after…but thanks for the compliment.

Even though I don’t think using #80526b to filter the video is the point, I could be wrong (wouldn’t be 1st time). However, the graphic snagged has a try feature to play with…so you may want to give it a go.



Fair comment. However, the American Eagles ARE real US currency & I do believe they are the “keystone” , if you will, in taking out the old fiat…no matter what the final design/color of the new bills turn out to be (though I do like these pretty thangs). Sauce for my reasoning can be found in all discussions surrounding cbf556 anon’s 40 posts in this bread, his 115+ posts as d5955f in Bread #3 & all his posts as 9e323f in Bread #2.

Outside of that, a few major reasons I thought graphically portraying this theory was worth sharing are:

- Rewording 2nd Q cap on Page 1 yields: the “Eye” is FED by many world governments. This infers that Q #2619 could be re-stated as: Gold shall destroy “the Eye”.

- What 2 main cult symbols in drops 182, 184, 189, et al did Q tell us “the Eye” follows?

- We’ve seen POTUS troll “the Eye” numerous times. Some, like the https://youtu.be/G2qIXXafxCQ video Q repeatedly pointed to, are fairly direct; others are more subtle (hand positions, large envelopes held like an apron, etc). This time, however, I saw the combination of Scavino’s pool table pic & the staging of the Oval Office EO signing as a straight up, in your face signifier that Phase 2 started/is starting because of…



Well…remember the pics of the SecTreas & his hawt wife showing off that uncut sheet of fresh, fiat $1 bills last year? What did anons discover had been removed? Ya think that might’ve been Phase 1 of this operational move?

Everything else just flowed from there & while I will not attempt to forecast when the next act begins, Q has said “Be Ready”…so plan accordingly.

0508e8  No.6890677


2nd part meant for


not >>6834326

49c7b3  No.6892901


>cbf556 anon’s 40 posts in this bread, his 115+ posts as d5955f

10/10 Larp and ID Master

0508e8  No.6893974

File: 7aefa84411cc4bc⋯.png (135.14 KB, 881x428, 881:428, 49c7b3_BiteMe.png)



I just find it interesting that someone with your obviously advanced knowledge on most of the symbology I was pointing at, chose to throw more negative waves at another anon you've unsuccessfully bashed previously…rather than offering a useful critique (whether positive or negative) on the subject matter I was highlighting.

1, 2, 3 strikes & you're out on a high & tight fastball!

Pic Related

49c7b3  No.6894059


Transparency is necessary and so is disinfo.

If you look carefully you'll see I have purposefully and fully doxed myself, starting all the way back from bread 1 and into 2,3,4


It is not a coincident that Mr. CBF5:56 / D595:5F rolled those ID's.

He thinks he was LARP'ing, however intuition has guided him close to the unfolding truth.

Episode 4391

Stefan Molyneux: The Death of the Dollar: Lynette Zang.

Foundation, Structure and Key are defined there.

741336  No.6896067


When's this ride? Gold, silver, platinum down palladium up.

5f70f6  No.6897546

File: bb1b50246e63157⋯.png (242.54 KB, 500x608, 125:152, ClipboardImage.png)

f71c71  No.6906885

File: 30cb74b15ac8ce5⋯.png (17.96 KB, 564x146, 282:73, WHATHAPPENS4DUMMIES.png)

File: 7c0b56cf0588989⋯.png (53.61 KB, 543x299, 543:299, GOAT-CONT.png)

File: 268aa04db05b09c⋯.png (8.4 KB, 340x127, 340:127, QCONF.png)

File: b3e035d9c68922f⋯.png (121.7 KB, 419x381, 419:381, JUDYWHODAT.png)

File: 0a39af1b725ca2b⋯.png (34.9 KB, 584x297, 584:297, GOLDSTANDARDCOMINGSOON.png)


4f690a  No.6913482


Anyone else question why 144k? Number is in the talmut and the population size of Ethiopian community in israel

5f70f6  No.6913921


number of immigrants raptured to the promised land in May before we burn this mother fucker to the ground.

df5384  No.6914227

I have read through this thread trying to understand it and see if anything would answer my question before I asked it. My dad was a big Merrill Lynch man back in the day, but my brain wasn't calibrated for numbers. More the artist type.

What happens to the people holding other currency like the Dinar or the Zim for example? Worthless paper or can something good come out of those also? Ive heard so much about it over the years, I figured this would be a good place to get a solid answer. Thanks

124c4c  No.6915554


>What happens to the people holding other currency?

A currency can exist as one of two options: 1. =BACKED= by a [something] or 2. =NOT= backed by a [something].

The USD is currently on the second option, the NOT backed by any real asset, this is also called a “fiat” currency.

Prior to the FED coming into existence the USD was backed by some form of precious metals - that is to say for every $1 USD, there was [ x ] ounces of [gold / silver / etc.] it could be redeemed for. In other words, the USD was =BASED= upon a fixed exchange rate to precious metals.

Currently currencies “float” against each other. 1 USD may buy .8 GPB today but .9 GPB tomorrow, based on demand. The reason they do so is there’s not a set definition of what the currency is worth (i.e. 1 USD is worth 1oz of Gold and 1 GBP is worth one pound of sterling silver).

If the XUSD were to launch tomorrow with some fixed redemption value to a previous metal, and assuming this was believed by the market, than the old “float” for the”fiat” USD would disappear and be replaced by a ratio similar to whatever the local currency would buy in terms of whatever backed the new XUSD.

For example, ~1,7m Dinars buys ~1,400 USD OR 1oz of Gold today. If the USD is reset with the XUSD and the XUSD is fixed at $25 XUSD to 1OZ of Gold, then ~1.7m Dinars would buy ~25 XUSD OR 1 OZ of gold.

df5384  No.6916487


Thank you for taking the time to explain that Truly. I recall POTUS saying he was going to level the playing field and make all currencies equal. Is this possible with a reset?

ec91ac  No.6917809


>level playing field possible with reset?

Guessing yes, but for more than just FX (foreign exchange) reasons.

“Reset” in these threads implies (to me) the termination of using debt to create the monetary supply. Combine that with “Gold shall destroy FED”, a quad-metal base (Silver + Gold + Palladium + Platinum), Q’s hinting structural change coming to the FED, and cbf556 suggested benchmarking 1913 as the closet proxy to where we would otherwise be without the FED and you start to see the following picture.

1. A unit of currency backed by a real assets (i.e. ==BASED==) AG/AU/PD/PT destroys the fiat-forgery-machine.

2. Destroying the fiat-forgery-machine LEVELS the playing field as it stops the invisible evaporation of wealth for the average citizen. $1 in 1913 buys ~$26 worth of stuff today meaning $1 has lost ~96% of it’s value since 1913.

3. Assuming the XUSD will be precious metal based, the value of it will become much harder to manipulate for anyone, including the US. The same would be true of any other currency back by a real asset…aka as being based.

4. What throws me off about the reset is what I mentioned upthread - if they are going to shut down the digital-fiat-forgery-machine but ONLY give out new XUSD for face value of previous metal coins (e.g. AG=$1, AU=$25, PD=$50, PT=$100) or old notes in hand at the 1913-to-201[x] ratio of ~USD_26 to XUSD_01, what people currently count as vast sums of BOTH wealth and debt will vanish in the blink of an eye.

People holding real assets (metal, real estate, etc.) will pull through okay, especially if they took out debt to acquire those assets as the assets will remain but the debt will evaporate. Metal is cashed in at face value. Real estate prices will “normalize” (read: drop) to the REAL price levels without debt artificially pumping up the price but see this as ultimately being a win for debtors.

No idea how stocks will come through but if a company can actually do something that returns value today with fiat currency, it should be able to do the same function and return value post reset which means it will just need to be revalued…or so I would guess. Big assumption here is people are rational actors, which they maybe over the long run, but in the midst of a massive financial upheaval even cool heads can lose their nerve.

Another aspect here are savers. People who are risk adverse and diligently saved into “safe” products under some kind of insurance scheme (think CDs held in an FDIC or NCUA institution) and avoided or paid down their debt. If the digital ledger is being wiped, then the savings of such a person will be wiped. If they are not made whole, then you’re going to have some very upset people. I don’t know what the answer here is but I DO know if such a person life savings suddenly vanishes, they’ll be shocked at first, then then pissed. Really, really, really pissed.

01986a  No.6946093

They don't have to "force" a Gold Standard, they simply have to wait for the natural backing. Every 60-80 years the price of gold rises in order to cover the value of the Gold held by the Fed/Treasury. And we are due for one. At that point, you simply peg the currency at the new exchange rate and issue new gold backed treasury notes.

So, anon's CPI calculated price of gold in current notes with eventually be a lot higher one the next up leg happens.

So you have two options. Either you wait for the natural correction by a natural run on gold, or you hard peg it at the CPI rate and cause a massive deflationary crash the likes of which the World has never seen before. Both solutions there is pain….lots of pain, but at least in the inflationary crash, people get to walk away with something, rather than a barrel full of irredeemable debt.


98851c  No.6952729

File: 3979c83adfb3f88⋯.png (63.73 KB, 604x385, 604:385, ClipboardImage.png)

5f70f6  No.6953080



fascinating thread

f1c2f7  No.6954127

File: 84c9d3f76e92c0f⋯.png (27.83 KB, 617x247, 617:247, joe m invented it.PNG)

f1c2f7  No.6954134

>>6952729, >>6953080, >>6954127 :: JoeM (TheStormIsUponUs) says BTC, BCH forks of Bitcoin; CSW is the real satoshi.


49c7b3  No.6958276



Anon I…

2a260d  No.6959637


Bigly leak anons

03e192  No.6964377

File: 4f3bfc2cc7ec67f⋯.png (197.32 KB, 519x1557, 1:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1015340b95471ac⋯.png (116.21 KB, 529x1289, 529:1289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 198acbcee61998e⋯.png (204.97 KB, 528x1639, 48:149, ClipboardImage.png)

Some good maps of the silly crypto world. Seen some of this stuff in random breads and there's many more connections unearthed here.

News unlocks maps


2e4d39  No.6964394


Joe M is such a liar. And so is Craig Wright.

Joe is correct, however, in saying that the BCH fork was an attack on the original Bitcoin.

But Joe M is also all over the place. He's the one who said Bitcoin woudln't be part of The Plan if gold became a pillar of our global financial system again. Totally failing to understand how Bitcoin works (or at least pretending not to understand).

2e4d39  No.6964414


BCH was an insidious Trojan horse. One thing many don't realize is that BCH revealed the Bitcoin holdings of early adopters. Those early adopters who had coins "off the grid," but who grabbed their "free" BCH coins, thereby exposed their wallet addresses. Some of the smartest in the business recognized early that BCH could expose their privacy, so they didn't even bother claiming their free BCH (or Bitcoin Gold).

The Cabal's tricks are starting to backfire on them though.

At this point, there is no cryptocurrency I'd trust except Bitcoin. Maybe some scam-coins will be rehabilitated by White Hats (once Charlie Lee is jail, for example). But until then, stick to the Dow, USD and gold, and if you're brave, get some crypto but only if it's real Bitcoin.

5f70f6  No.6965376




>fascinating thread

I'm not saying I agree, just to be clear. Fascination is not an endorsement. I continue to doubt Craig and BSV.

7c2f79  No.6965382

File: d48cf1ed57018df⋯.jpg (207.04 KB, 1202x1141, 1202:1141, bitcorn2012.JPG)


if BCH was an insidious trojan horse to p2p electronic cash I'd love to hear what you think of SegWit and Blockstream>>6964414

5f70f6  No.6965476


I just think Bitcoin Jesus is a fraud, a homo, and a fake libertarian/anarchocapitalist. Just a real piece of shit in general.

7d1043  No.6966037

File: 0ee9b53e53fe3ac⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 1207x558, 1207:558, winter.JPG)


I don't necessarily disagree with anything you're saying but imo at the time of the fork BCH was clearly more Bitcoin than BTC, and at the time of the second fork BSV was more Bitcoin than BCH.

Is it wise to completely disregard a message based solely on the flaws of the messenger?

I will say that he's rather irrelevant now regardless, along with BCH

5f70f6  No.6967347


>Is it wise to completely disregard a message based solely on the flaws of the messenger?

He's proven absolutely nothing. He's got himself into a real problem. He can prove it or he can't. BSV, IMHO, relies on that. He message means nothing. I can say that I'm Satoshi and invent another fork. Doesn't. mean. shit.

03e479  No.6975122

File: 2ea5f7b350f8934⋯.png (275.5 KB, 579x407, 579:407, VerWrightTraitors.png)

File: f66e99fe8cc4136⋯.png (180.75 KB, 1836x1420, 459:355, 18d52daef129bf4460b1c7c325….png)


Rover Ver is a Satanic agent for rogue agencies.

So is his good buddy, Craig Wright.

These scams were just a way to undermine Bitcoin, rob us, and DIVIDE the people into manufactured "crypto wars."

Remember Ver's ridiculous fake interview by John Carvalho? These are just performances. Then Charlie Lee (another fake) goes on John Carvalho's YT channel and promises not to "rage quit" like Roger did. Why are all these billionaires going on that Carvalho scumbag's lame YT video?

It's all a big show and lots of people fell for it. You got to admit, the performances were pretty convincing. They successfully in generated billions for the Cabal through scam-coins and a lot of confusion in general.

Just think how much easier would it have been if everyone just worked on making Bitcoin better?

5f70f6  No.6977484


Pedo all over their faces, especially crying bitcoin antijesus.

Ver: criminal and abandoned his citizenship to live in japan with a st. kitts and nevis citizenship.

tell us more about the Caribbean, Roger!

4f8b4b  No.6978257

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Luperon - "children go out and don't come back "

"Where is Mike Pence? Were He and Fellow Pedophile John Sununu Planning FOTO? (*)"

01:14:21 boat fags got MOAR Capt.


5f70f6  No.6978598

File: 9360c9831655533⋯.png (217.26 KB, 400x298, 200:149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55508320c63922b⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2202x888, 367:148, ClipboardImage.png)



ea9761  No.6979071


Ya Brock Pierce and his pal Mark Collins-Rector have their feet firmly planted in the Satanic pedo cult as well as in the Cabal's cryptocurrency scams.

cbf556  No.6989036

File: 1a6b3b4126e1fa3⋯.png (33.31 KB, 381x630, 127:210, Bain_DCG.png)

File: 0a88224b4de8844⋯.png (64.89 KB, 679x466, 679:466, Bain_2018.png)

File: f406e07a4b522d7⋯.png (73.64 KB, 721x469, 103:67, Bain_2016.png)

File: a1a9d5936fe98c6⋯.png (52.78 KB, 393x460, 393:460, MH_Bain.png)

File: 185bea59297371f⋯.png (41.89 KB, 534x482, 267:241, MH_statement.png)


>They successfully in generated billions for the Cabal through scam-coins

They swallowed the contrasting agent hook, line, and sinker….

cbf556  No.6989162

File: e4965398b54907f⋯.jpg (34.67 KB, 640x400, 8:5, AU.jpg)

File: 35e2b91195e0cc0⋯.png (533.17 KB, 582x504, 97:84, connectthedots.png)


>Trojan horse

2014 = Year of the wooden horse


-July 4th Kali goes boom (6.4)

-July 6th Epstein arrested (6-6 @ age 66)

I smell a chess board getting tipped over…

Digital Fiat Forgery machine literally smoking.

49c7b3  No.6989618


>Doesn't know July is the seventh month of the year.

>Thinks people still believe his nonsensical ramblings

>t.144,000 brainlet

5f70f6  No.6990470


this starts with the consulting companies. they're all ivy league yes-tards that invent bullshit schemes to fire people and promote "solutions". if they are full of enough shit, they get promoted to the firms private equity or venture capital spin offs. Consulting needs to be regulated. They have tentacles and eyes in EVERYTHING with zero accountability.

5f70f6  No.6992042

File: 5e1d49cf97fc194⋯.png (257.35 KB, 2284x1352, 571:338, ClipboardImage.png)

BTC is eating the alts.

cbf556  No.6999447


>muh gregorian

So many greedy fat pigs just waiting for their undeniable fate…

5f70f6  No.7002016

File: 3644d4b0de7c578⋯.png (9.12 MB, 3500x2349, 3500:2349, ClipboardImage.png)

144,000=# of bitcoin FBI seized from Ross Ulbrecht


ad809a  No.7002062

DJT just called out crypto because it is the most obvious cabal money laundering scheme ever created.


5f70f6  No.7002110


Classic FUD.

There is so much going on in that set of tweets as well as the context that Powell mentioned Bitcoin today too in somewhat of a positive/neutral light. Read between the lines for nuance or GTFO.

cbf556  No.7002189

File: 43be0a706cd898c⋯.png (75.25 KB, 993x556, 993:556, Trump_5|5.png)


Let me help you read between the lines:

United (New) States (Notes) Dollar

Digital Fiat Forgery machine triggered foeva and eva…

ad809a  No.7002204


found a sucker who wants to pass the ball another sucker, did you buy in at 20k? all those mcdonalds wagies you put into it?

maybe apply some logic. Who runs Bitfinex? Who runs Tether? Who owns The Economist? Which country benefits enormously from Bitcoin? Who owns the biggest crypto wallets?

Bitcoin is a DARPA/CIA scheme and the planned NWO currency before Trump passed the executive order freezing assets of human trafficking - and surprise, Bitcoin CRASHED immediately after. now tether just prints billions and exchanges transfer the tether in backdoors for endless pump & dumps to take niggers money and use it to fund their operations

ad809a  No.7002240


and bitcoin only has 'value' from its ratio to Reserve Notes you imbecile. literally a giant ponzi scheme and the value is determined by Spoofy and Bitfinex (ran by spooks)

If you can't see that Trump is working to restructure the USD and get us back on the gold standard, what the fuck are you doing shilling for crypto on QRB?

cbf556  No.7002273


There is only one future fren.

US new notes backed by Ag, Pd, Au, and Pt

Try to keep up.

cbf556  No.7002387


[Wheels up]


5f70f6  No.7002494

File: c356d18e03be14b⋯.png (142.67 KB, 1182x682, 591:341, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 2….png)

File: cfe8e0b112957c6⋯.png (3.46 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 67ba1d03eb77260⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2398x1450, 1199:725, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 2….png)

File: f5b5623a1f0dbaa⋯.png (78.98 KB, 594x830, 297:415, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 2….png)

File: c356d18e03be14b⋯.png (142.67 KB, 1182x682, 591:341, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 2….png)


hey faggot, what was right before that tweet?



5f70f6  No.7002554


I'm up to date on what's been suggested. I've seen little logic behind it. Plus, platinum and especially palladium are ridiculous choices for backing money. I've just seen a classic clown shill attempt at driving a narrative about 4 metals again and again and again. Nothing of substance.

5f70f6  No.7002628


not calling for bitcoin to back the dollar. it's fine just as it is. more regulation would be nice and 99% of the shitcoins can go to hello.

Bitcoin crashed because after every 10000% move it falls 90%. The last crash wasn't any different. It didn't fall because of the E.O. Just stop it.

As for tether, I'm no fan, but the tokenized dollars would be fine if we get regs around them. Sure beats swift or this new euro-iran network.

You all are all black or white, but I'm thinking just black at this point.

cbf556  No.7002730

File: 9ee41c2e6b9c782⋯.png (39.44 KB, 531x287, 531:287, urnotsafe.png)


>You all are all black or white,


You would think again and again and again you would have heard.

Stay triggered

cbf556  No.7002841

File: 968439e4ef7f0af⋯.jpg (45.44 KB, 771x516, 257:172, householddebt.jpg)


>not calling for bitcoin to back the dollar

It is the other way around fren. Always has been. BTC is an extension of the fiat forgery machine. Looks like you are over extended…again.

The future = BASED

It takes only one prick to pop a bubble.



5f70f6  No.7002846


He's not a fan of Bitcoin. So what?

He's not a fan of other cryptos. Neither am I for most of them.

They definitely aren't money.

They are highly volatile.

Based on thin air? Air is an important commodity too.

Key word="unregulated"

drugs, lawlessness, etc. old news FUD. USD?

none of what he said is against Bitcoin as a whole. Only against Bitcoin in reference to the us dollar…and maybe gold. He doesn't have to like it, but he's also not saying that he's going to ban it. It's ridiculous to be so against it. The smartest people in the world, and yes some bad people but not all, are working in crypto. To dismiss it outright because you can't decipher if Potus is saying NO to Bitcoin on the whole or just saying he doesn't like it like he does gold because Powell mentioned it earlier today in a hearing. Narrow minded as hell, clown.

5f70f6  No.7002859


Bitcoin is a response to the forgery. It's not a solution. Just a response.

cbf556  No.7002874

File: 9cd201e89328eb9⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 725x483, 725:483, 2d1d580ae31a61d108e6501693….jpg)


>To dismiss it outright because you can't decipher

Really you must stop. It's unhealthy.

4cc6df  No.7002893


From QResearch >>7002684

Bitcoin might finally be making an entrance into the conversation about The Plan. At least in an introductory way. I don't think Trump has ever mentioned Bitcoin before, has he? Certainly Q hasn't.

This is complex and won't get many eyes. It's probably is better suited to an academic paper than an 8Chan post, but here goes…

The initial reference by the President to Bitcoin is on its face unfavorable. He says, "I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air."

Since when do Anons take any utterance at face value.

I think it's worth keeping in mind that the President has made seemingly contradictory statements on many other things before, and always for good reason. The dollar should be stronger. The dollar should be weaker. The gold standard is a good thing. Trump doesn't really support a gold standard (according to Trump representative).

And apparently, the President "doesn't personally believe in UFOs." Cough, cough.

Disinfo really is necessary.

Now I'm not saying that we can really know what role Bitcoin has to play in The Plan, if any. However there are many indications it does actually have SOME role to play.

I find it especially interesting that Trump's apparent critique of Bitcoin in his tweet that it's "based on thin air" echoes the critiques of the worst of the Cabal, like Jamie Dimon and others. Further, it's always worth considering whether something is GOOD FOR US based on how the Cabal reacts to it, and one thing is for sure, the Cabal has HATED Bitcoin from the beginning. So you have to ask why. Yes, certain Cabal agents, like John McAfee, have expressed loud support of Bitcoin, but these voices have mainly been at the margins, preaching to the choir (Internet back-channel conversations about crypto).

To me, saying that Bitcoin is "based on thin air" is so patently misguided as a statement that I have to believe that Trump is trolling the Cabal (and perhaps also warning patriots of very stormy seas ahead). Trump is so much smarter than this simple statement, as we all understand very well. We are watching a stable genius playing multi-dimensional chess. He knows that real money is not intrinsically backed by anything except its exceptional money-ness.


4cc6df  No.7002902


cont'd from above…

The best money always has been and always will be a perfect ledger for real wealth and nothing more. For a long time, gold was the closest thing we had to being the perfect money. But here is the hardest thing people will have to understand in order to break the brainwashing about money itself: in fact, ANY QUALITY OTHER THAN a currency's qualities as a "perfect money" DETRACTS from its perfect money-ness. Such as intrinsic "commodity" value. Such as silver. Which is also so effective in many ways as money, as exhibited through history, but not quite perfect enough, especially when you consider that it has critical commodity applications, in electronics for example. Mobile phones depend on silver. So when a money is also a critical commodity to our survival, does that make it better or worse as money? We have always been told that a money's corresponding value in OTHER ways (its commodity value) is something that increases the money's effectiveness as money. Yes, these commodity qualities increase its DESIRABILITY as a NECESSITY, in and of itself, that is certain. But what if this only reinforces THE PEOPLE'S willingness to back the money, but doesn't actually improve the money's effectiveness as a perfect money – that is if something could be perfect money in all other ways without being something we otherwise needed in our lives, THE PEOPLE could still decide between themselves (the hive mind) that this money shall be the ultimate measure of our wealth.

This part is hard to understand. It's an abstraction. But money itself is an abstraction. Of our wealth. We have to expand our thinking and see it with new eyes. I'm arguing this: being a critical commodity to our lives improves the effectiveness of something as money only to a degree, because at what point does something become TOO NECESSARY and thereby FAIL as money? For example, if silver were to become important to zero point energy, and therefore every single accessible ounce on the planet were regarded as something far, far too valuable to be tied up in coinage or vaults, then suddenly its commodity value actually detracts from its perfect money-ness. So you see something can be TOO BACKED BY SOMETHING OTHER THAN AIR, and thereby FAIL as money. Similarly, barrels of wheat, which do indeed rot but which are necessary to prevent famine, have been used historically as money but which actually fail as perfect money, not only because they rot, but because WE EAT THEM. You should not eat your money. That DETRACTS from the ability of the wheat to serve as a PERFECT LEDGER of real wealth, measuring what you have earned, spent or saved. As soon as your money is being consumed, in ANY QUANTITY, either by eating it or using it for its commodity value in electronics, it lessens its value as money. How do you measure the welath of the world when portions of it fluctuate in quantity because of the money's own intrinsic value in OTHER respects OTHER THAN its ability to function perfectly as money?

Bitcoin is not backed by thin-air. Bitcoin is backed up by its miraculous perfection as an un-hackable virtual (online) ledger for real wealth and nothing more. That's all it offers, and that's all it should offer, and no other money has ever offered that, so it's not surprising it's hard for us to fully understand. Bitcoin can't be counterfeited (like gold), and it can't be printed to infinity by a corrupt bank or government (like digital national fiat currencies). That is the ONLY thing we really want for our money, which is something WE THE PEOPLE give its power and value to, as a measure not of the intrinsic commodity value in the money itself but as its measure of what we all agree is your real wealth, my real wealth, a corporation's real wealth, a country's real wealth. That is the only thing money is measuring, and Bitcoin does that better than any money in history, at least in a digital world. And then it must be something which we can trade easily between ourselves, and while gold worked well in ancient times and today still works for big countries dealing in tons of gold, we all recognize that it doesn't work well as between individuals on a day to day basis.


4cc6df  No.7002912


cont'd from above…

So gold is still amazing, and we will probably go to some gold standard, as it does things no other money does (with limited if any commodity applications THAT WE KNOW OF). In the real, physical, non-virtual world, gold is still king of the moneys. Paper dollar bills BACKED BY A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT is the best money for transacting day to day between people in real life. But both gold and paper dollar bills have serious handicaps that are cured by Bitcoin.

Honestly I'm not saying buy Bitcoin. In fact, I would say the President might be warning there is trouble ahead for Bitcoin, at least in terms of it's listed price. But I don't take that statement as a categorical nail in the coffin for Bitcoin's future. Personally, I still believe Bitcoin has some important role to play, after the rest totally toxic, corrupted cryptocurrency environment has been cleansed of its almost total infiltration by the Cabal. The Cabal has spent 10 years infiltrating and corrupting the cryptocurrency space in order to bring down Bitcoin. That's the threat Bitcoin really poses to [them]. Today I have no idea what the price of Bitcoin should be, nor what it will be, nor when it might reveal itself as part of the Plan.

Or it won't. In either event, humanity is being freed, and that's the only payoff I want anyhow.


5f70f6  No.7003427


Funny, I actually am eating pizza at the moment…just not the kind you guys eat over in McLean.

5f70f6  No.7006130


Not saying a see it one way or the other, but this image is definitely about the famous Bitcoin Pizza. That a number of these people are depicted as pedos…and a few might even be, especially Ver…doesn't count out another theory: that the cabal run the Bitcoin media and want to control the narrative of Bitcoin by painting it with their own sins. Fuck that. The 3 part "thesis" above points out well that the cabal has hated bitcoin from the beginning.

5f70f6  No.7006164


For the normies, Trump needs to be seen loving the US through the USD. He can shift blame onto the FED from there as the USD devalues.

09bf32  No.7009472


Wild theory - the Cabal's plan

Libra was always supposed to be the one world currency.

Bitcoin was created by white hats as a backup plan. The original way Bitcoin was created and distributed for the first few years did not make sense to becoming an eventual one world currency…too many coins in the hands of anarchist and freedom types

Cabal hijacked BTC during Obama's term in retaliation

HRC's 1st term contains a planned currency crash caused by an engineered catastrophic event in the 16 year plan, like World War 3 with Iran or NK, and push Libra as a false flag private sector alternative to the collapsing fiat in the worldwide depression

Final conditions, every citizen's money is linked to a social credit system on a worldwide scale

5f70f6  No.7016845



>Wild theory - the Cabal's plan

>Libra was always supposed to be the one world currency.

Maybe, though it's blockchain inspired so…

>Bitcoin was created by white hats as a backup plan. The original way Bitcoin was created and distributed for the first few years did not make sense to becoming an eventual one world currency…too many coins in the hands of anarchist and freedom types

by white hats or grey hats, but a good campaign of real action and winning heats and minds draws better lines in the sand.

>Cabal hijacked BTC during Obama's term in retaliation

not sure if that is true, partially true, or if true would continue to be true into the future. we're at war, remember?

>HRC's 1st term contains a planned currency crash caused by an engineered catastrophic event in the 16 year plan, like World War 3 with Iran or NK, and push Libra as a false flag private sector alternative to the collapsing fiat in the worldwide depression

details aside, libra is definitely the proposed cattle drive destination

>Final conditions, every citizen's money is linked to a social credit system on a worldwide scale

second to last step. last is cancel all, kill off a bunch of people, and create a slave class like ancient egypt while the whores of babylon paint their tits with gold leaf that any of your surviving progeny dig up with their raw and bleeding fingernails…right before being tortured and sacrificed to the gods.

cbf556  No.7017886

File: 1483975a5b25cbe⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2148x982, 1074:491, Streets.png)


Bitcoin was created by Sn (tin) man as bait for the cabal so that they could kick "the can" down the road a bit longer. Hence the rabid infestation of all things crypto by them. It is rather simple. The reason why Q or POTUS (up to this point) hasn't mentioned it because the trap was meant to be full before emptying. The only thing to carry on is blockchain.


>number of immigrants raptured



Donald Trump: Immigration raids begin Sunday, will target criminals 'as much as we can'


"Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity…."

As always, tickets or bust.


124c4c  No.7018539


>While this is happening on one side of China’s national ledger sheet, on the other side something completely different is happening. China reentered the gold market seven months ago, in December 2018 and has added a little less than 74 tons to their official gold holdings of approximately 1,935+ tons of gold. Please keep in mind this does not count the known 80-100 tons per annum that is flowing in from Russia. While this is not a large volume of gold in the grand scheme, this has been going on since 2016 so we are now talking about upwards of 240 – 300 additional tons. This changes their “official” gold holdings from approximately 1,935 tons to somewhere north of 2,175+. It could be as high as 2,235 or more tons of gold.

95a823  No.7021761

File: 732ecef0e2d8997⋯.jpeg (79.11 KB, 552x769, 552:769, 1F90F90A-D3E9-4794-9CDD-D….jpeg)

File: 47079102763b1b8⋯.png (68.39 KB, 187x255, 11:15, D40F6F06-F990-43D3-B7DF-9D….png)


>The only thing to carry on is blockchain

>The only thing to carry on is blockchain


our identities will be our currency

re potus/q: all it boils down to is good vs evil

342380  No.7024813


More ride nonsense. I was rooting for you larp but your prediction was forced and weeks later we're still here waiting for your ride.

5f70f6  No.7027014


beyond that, it seems like the new fed appointee might have an opening for looking at the value of bitcoin and blockchain.

"the ride" is on a tiny mossad dick.

that's my best hypothesis. 1% of the world knew about Bitcoin. Trump tweets and now the whole world knows and they're researching it and reading lots of intelligent pro-bitcoin comments. he just brought about 5 huge subjects together in 3 tweets to drive the news cycle for a couple days. The larp just takes the tweets on face value. fucking idiot.

5f70f6  No.7046824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Real Vision: Why We Need Both Gold and Bitcoin (w/ Roy Sebag)

a22222  No.7047072

File: 77fd1e02e17e667⋯.png (387.64 KB, 413x627, 413:627, 77fd1e02e17e667200701673a5….png)


It seems like only yesterday…

5cf655  No.7047113

My plan for post NWO banking is stake the deflationary bridgecoin (BCO) and receive free bitcoin every 2 weeks.

49c7b3  No.7047420



86e38d  No.7048244

File: f6d8bf95bdc5d58⋯.png (351.64 KB, 1461x497, 1461:497, CSWQ.png)

12478d  No.7048838


Spinquark.com was just announced on Glenn becks radio program . He’s asking people to make this go viral…

It shines light on how the DS is using social media to exert it’s influence on the people. Very disturbing connections made…

5f70f6  No.7049009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f70f6  No.7049048



5f2d94  No.7049076



5f70f6  No.7049193

File: b6bba14f8492741⋯.png (67.98 KB, 1196x360, 299:90, ClipboardImage.png)

PARSEC lead from Maidsafe scooped up by Twitter.

Twitter going decentralized?


5f70f6  No.7056187

File: db1f67a1fac5d3c⋯.png (17.78 KB, 792x76, 198:19, Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 0….png)

somebody feels the need to support the MAID price at an interesting level. This is 10x the largest about I've ever seen…and even that was only once, and we're pretty sure it was Brock Pierce dumping 1-2 years ago…

cbf556  No.7057263

File: dd5afdf098ab920⋯.png (67.16 KB, 1048x575, 1048:575, 26_Jun_muh_dollars.png)

File: fac5ae67fc26754⋯.png (36.88 KB, 1254x637, 1254:637, trend_is_fren_26_Jun_muh_d….png)

File: 98de28f3eb7695f⋯.png (29.5 KB, 1255x648, 1255:648, Dead_cat_forever.png)


>Trump tweets and now the whole world knows and they're researching it and reading lots of intelligent pro-bitcoin comments.

They only chase the king….king dollar

No one is doing what you propose after he tweeted. Quite the opposite.

Perhaps it's time for you to stop living the virtual life and start taking things at face value?

Leave the translation to the adults.

>enter all of /biz/ in 3…2…1…

5f70f6  No.7057366


>Leave the translation to the adults.


"Trust the Boomers"


048010  No.7059665

File: 9641be704d4b7aa⋯.png (17.83 KB, 325x511, 325:511, ClipboardImage.png)


BTC generally satisfies accepted definitions of money. POTUS is most definitely playing chess here.

1c8ff8  No.7060593

Christine LaGarde schemes and connections.

7b892c  No.7061029


>>7059554 Planefag Update

>>7059556 Louisiana Congressman: ‘I’ll Pay’ for Those Congresswomen to Leave

>>7059575, >>7059579 Notes from reporter's pool report on the meeting with Acosta.

>>7059658 With no evidence, Nunes warns that Democrats are colluding with Mueller to create ‘narrative’

>>7059753 Projection: Full text of House resolution condemning Trump's 'racist comments

>>7059781 Video: The Wexner and Epstein Connection

>>7059863 Chad Pergram tweets

>>7059782, >>7059893 More on the Seth Rich related filing

>>7059905 Reminder of Placeholders

>>7059923 Anon on Laura Silsby possible connection to Epstein

>>7059952 Trump abortion rule deals 'devastating blow' to Planned Parenthood, group say

>>7059953, >>7060054 Feds announce indictment against 22 suspected MS13 LosAngeles gang members arrested

>>7059964 Salvini says he flagged ‘Ukrainian group’s death threat,’ leading to neo-Nazi missile bust

>>7060022 Off the Radar: Private Planes Hidden From Public View

>>7060049 Epstein’s New Mexico Property

>>7060150 Rand Paul backs POTUS

>>7060218 Claim: Trump Critic Ambassador Himself Leaked Secret Intelligence

cbf556  No.7064532

File: ca7735740cbc9fb⋯.png (18.67 KB, 307x391, 307:391, StockMarketCharacteristics.png)


>"Trust the Boomers"

-Sees a boomers tweet

-Doesn't like what it says

-Hears another person back it up

-Re translates it to fit his bias

-says "Trust the Boomers"

-realizes error in logic

That last one is a big maybe…


>wrong graphic

Let me know when I should buy GOOG. I just heard DJT say something about it.

124c4c  No.7065354


[ / ] Bank run rumored.


There is a reason James Simons' RenTec is the world's best performing hedge fund - it spots trends (even if they are glaringly obvious) well ahead of almost everyone else, and certainly long before the consensus.

That's what happened with Deutsche Bank, when as we reported two weeks ago, the quant fund pulled its cash from Deutsche Bank as a result of soaring counterparty risk, just days before the full - and to many, devastating - extent of the German lender's historic restructuring was disclosed, and would result in a bank that is radically different from what Deutsche Bank was previously (see "The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More").

In any case, now that RenTec is long gone, and questions about the viability of Deutsche Bank are swirling - yes, it won't be insolvent overnight, but like the world's biggest melting ice cube, there is simply no equity value there any more - everyone else has decided to cut their counterparty risk with the bank with the €45 trillion in derivatives, and according to Bloomberg Deutsche Bank clients, mostly hedge funds, have started a "bank run" which has culminated with about $1 billion per day being pulled from the bank.

As a result of the modern version of this "bank run", where it's not depositors but counterparties that are pulling their liquid exposure from DB on fears another Lehman-style lock up could freeze their funds indefinitely, Deutsche Bank is considering how to transfer some €150 billion ($168 billion) of balances held in it prime-brokerage unit - along with technology and potentially hundreds of staff - to French banking giant BNP Paribas. (See link above for full article).

8775d1  No.7068430


Trying to imagine a successful money having a 100% fee to send a few USD. Shit I waited too long now it's 200%. There goes divisibility as when I divide my coins their purchasing power drops.

BTC narrative astroturfing is becoming more embarrassing and ridiculous by the day.

6597c6  No.7068696

File: 8d6e9e386c62134⋯.jpg (81.17 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 8d6.jpg)


>buy high sell low


You are fucking ridiculous, Bitcoin will eventually collapse. its not sustainable, and requires too much energy to use.

All the liquidity of bitcoin and tether will fall onto alts.

5f70f6  No.7068758


>its not sustainable, and requires too much energy to use.



How's that "liquidity falling into alts" working out?

5f70f6  No.7068855



-Reads Trump statement on Bitcoin

-Agrees because confirmation bias (and cabal shill)

-Watches McCarthy interview

-Can't agree although should agree because shill role is pro-Trump

-Internal contradiction doesn't compute, shill BTFO right after attacking thinkers that don't drink the koolaid.

You're a sick fuck with this censoring clown tactic bullshit all thread long. no digging, just shilling and parroting entitled opinions. GTFO already.

6597c6  No.7070250


Netflix provides a service you dipshit, what does bitcoin do?

All it does is suck up electricity, it's quickly becoming largest drain of electricity in the world and a huge waste of resources to maintain. Bitcoin is legacy crypto, it was a proof of concept only it is not here to stay indefinitely. Ride the coin until its high and cash out into other alts who are here to stay. Like XRP.

a8fbc1  No.7071275

File: 506ba8769c8edc5⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 589x424, 589:424, QE to Infinity and Beyond.jpg)

SILVER is a fueled up Rocket Ship! 🚀

a8fbc1  No.7071320

File: 4f3605b0db06f63⋯.jpg (123.19 KB, 500x768, 125:192, VND Better than a Lottery ….jpg)

File: e6b4d6fc81cc3b2⋯.jpg (100.36 KB, 638x466, 319:233, 33tic5.jpg)

342380  No.7071453


The part about bitcoin most of you fail to understand is what's needed to keep it useful. The reason petrodollar became the standard was because it had the lowest cost of needs to survive as at that point we had all the tools made to meet demand and just needed oil source. Before that gold was the standard but under fractional reserve to keep the production down.

Bitcoin requires:

1) internet, which requires electricity in multiple locations

2) miners (cpu mining is dead), which requires hardware manufacturing and raw materials.

Look at those prerequisites and what those prereq's NEED and tell me if that doesn't rely on government?

Now ask yourself what a government is if it doesn't control it's currency? Why would government use an anonymous system?

Why would government adopt bitcoin if it didn't hold a huge piece? If it didn't hold any and switched america would be broke to who ever held it. If we held it it means we had something to do with it early on and other nations won't adopt it for the same reason we wouldn't use it if we didn't hold.

Makes no sense to believe bitcoin is a USA future currency. I believe it's a NWO future currency and I can also imagine it might be the cure to what ever future NWO currency would be if it wasn't btc. But I don't see any way USA will adopt it unless we're still NWO.

cbf556  No.7071637

File: 74a4069f1f93c2d⋯.png (48.57 KB, 601x321, 601:321, 4_horsewomen.png)

File: 7c8c272541e3890⋯.png (38.34 KB, 699x509, 699:509, 5:5_loud_&_clear.png)

File: 65069a32a8911bb⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 841x428, 841:428, we_ride_17-Jul-2019.jpg)


>GTFO already

This is only the beginning.

#80526b is here to stay.

It cannot be stopped.

You still watching those tweets?


-Realtime BTC energy consumption


"Bitcoin consumes more energy than the entire nation of Switzerland"

>muh Earth

Who cares about the ones that NEED power right?



POTUS verified.

Ride confirmed!

5f70f6  No.7071641


>it's quickly becoming largest drain of electricity in the world

waiting for the luddite to talk to us about global warming.

AOC, we've only got 12 years. Leave the Bitcoiners alone.

Legacy crypto, maybe. First movers advantage is a big deal. Also, trust. What other chain hasn't been full of scandal and has been distributed in a reasonably fair way without wildly enriching the backers in an ICO. Who the hell is going to trust that problem. Better chance that Bitcoin will innovate or at least just flat out rob a better tech from one of the other chains. Consensus is hard for any changes, but if push came to shove, a new algo would be adopted and Bitcoin would retain it's status in the crypto world. A 10-100x innovation is needed to disrupt it and I see that mere potential in one 1 project that is out there.

XRP is essentially WallStreetCoin. There's nothing decentralized about it. It has lots of interesting atributes, but not the key ones that are behind the whole point of crypto. It's not even a 10x move beyond fiat. The FED will create something easy enough just with a digital dollar to annihilate XRP and all the other centralized alts. Liquidity is LEAVING alts. People finally figured out that most are scams and a shortlist are just testbeds that will never turn overcome cryptogold, cryptosilver, or Web 3.0. Blockchain will be a cost reduction tech for business and government. Bitcoin will bridge a new monetary regime. The broader category of distributed consensus will result in a web 3.0 what will revert the data for free stuff business model of the internet and directly monetize the data for people to use at their own discretion. Data is the new oil and the whole directionality of the new monetary regime will be on how to monetize and transact in that world. In an oil world, you can base the currency with a physical commodity. In the digital world at least, you have to monetize the data digitally to base the currency. Fiat or bridges like centralized tokens or even credit cards will all fail at that in the long run. The internet is only becoming a bigger and bigger market…and attack surface. It's catch up time and people can place their bets where they may. Shitcoins are shitcoins for a reason, but feel free to continue not doing the homework and research but just parroting the cooked up notions of value from some self-interested consulting firm.

5f70f6  No.7071651


>The reason petrodollar became the standard was because it had the lowest cost

"War is cheap"

6597c6  No.7071716


hur dur hur gwoabal woming

Fuck off kid, You need to stop being so emotional about bitcoin and only focus on your own financial gain.

XRP is actually more decentralized than bitcoin, Who owns bitcoin? Anyone who can have the highest hashing power, which is currently China.

Who owns xrp? No one. even if the company ripple went out of business it would still function.

07c602  No.7072039


cbf556 please elaborate on the VND fren, thx

5f70f6  No.7073074


>Look at those prerequisites and what those prereq's NEED and tell me if that doesn't rely on government?

Government relies on the internet. You think they'll shut it down to stop Bitcoin? Funny.

That Bitcoin mining requires specialization is a threat? Do you personally mine for gold? It's called a market. Monopoly and collusion mining are worrisome, but not all barriers to entry are oppressive; natural growth hierarchies are developmental and beneficial.

Cash is far more anonymous than crypto so far.

What is a government if it doesn't control the currency??? What is a free people if it doesn't control it's own government is the important question. You've got your ass and you head switched around. A government doesn't need to control the currency. It just needs a stable currency to collect taxes and do large scale planning. Tariffs solve the problem of foreign intervention and help keep the playing field level. Why force people into bonds when fixed supply money produces a deflation dividend? You can still have a bond market, but it won't imprison the pension system into buying yield without regard to quality. It's the black hole of the bond market that is distorting time and space because of shit fiat money.

The new financial regime, whatever it is, will be phased in and it will be a participatory process. It's our government. While they're going to force consensus toward real and healthy monetary ideas, there's plenty of room for public participation…at least if you still think they're restoring the republic with a new government…

Bitcoin doesn't need to be currency, especially the US currency. It's not black and white. As a mere commodity with in-demand attributes, merely as a portfolio diversifier of a few percent, the universe of retirement accounts with an ETF would make the thing skyrocket. But I agree, the government probably does have a big chunk. And as more and more politicians speak about it, it's clear that people in the government are holding it.

I'm not dumb enough to say I can predict the future, but the level of autism and nuance in this thread is really lacking lately.

5f70f6  No.7073145


>hur dur hur gwoabal woming

You're the douche worried about muh resources, muh electricity. Who gives a shit. Econ 101. If it's too much at some point, the system adjusts, right? Or tell us more about your Limits to Growth conference with the Club of Rome…

Ripple gives away XRP so more people will use XRP. That tell you what a money is worth. If Ripple went out of business, people would sell XRP. Short it. You can thank me later.

Bitcoin has the highest hashing power? Are you looking at charts from 2014?

ce1c26  No.7079946


Government doesn't rely on anything it does t have control over. Gov doesn't use internet it has arpanet. You see military prefixes on the bgp table?

Comcast broke BitTorrent until gov stepped in you think gov can't step in and make isps meddle with btc headers? What happens to btc when transactions clog up?

Of we use btc world wide, what's to stop China from turning off CenturyLink or claim a cyber attack took them down to cripple a foreign government?

You clearly assume a lot about how the internet stack works.

b5bc59  No.7083630

File: 469e7dcf1104b90⋯.png (96.75 KB, 1194x583, 1194:583, ClipboardImage.png)

cbf556  No.7089543


All will kneel to the balance.


In the land of forex all will become relative.

5f70f6  No.7089947


You clearly assume that there aren't workarounds. That technology is stagnant, and that innovation is not worth it. I've got a horse drawn plow to sell to you.

5f70f6  No.7089975


>You clearly assume a lot about how the internet stack works.

The stack is fucked.

Something else is coming. Bitcoin can adjust and try to compete. That's all that's happening. Your individual sentiment doesn't really matter.

342380  No.7095592


>You clearly assume that there aren't workarounds.That technology is stagnant, and that innovation is not worth it.I've got a horse drawn plow to sell to you.

I'd buy it because I farm we don't use tractors for farms feed less than a town.

Nothing you wrote is more than a general sense of hope in some assumption you made in the past. I'm well aware of how tech's evolved, I've run IT for billion dollar startups in the "tech" field. I've formed partnerships with internet providers as I've created many autonomous networks. Hell I've even hired the first network engineer from Twitter. It's all based on math and blind trust in things you can not audit.

There's no such thing as encryption by it's definition, everything can be cracked it's just a matter of how long it takes. It's all obfuscation, a tactic to deter the ability to meddle with information transparently.

Because of this BTC will never be secure from sovereign states. Once the code is out, states know encryption used and can deter it. There's no ability to push encryption "evolution" fast enough to stay ahead of it's opposition. You still need REGULATED INTERNET to be able to even download BTC programs, you need to run it on a device, and your government has control over which devices you have access to as well as which ISP's operate.

If governments adopted a public chain citizens can interact with, there'd be no reason for them to not setup a contingency plan and kill the protocol when their enemies relied on it the most.

Maybe you understand some tech, I doubt it's most, but you've shared nothing but you're feelings so there's no reason to believe this is something you can even argue one way or another. If you understood the purpose of governments and how they serve that purpose, you'd easily see how btc doesn't survive unless governments stand down.

5f70f6  No.7103572


>you've shared nothing but you're feelings so there's no reason to believe this is something you can even argue one way or another.

Isn't this the Ilhan Omar strategy? Just say the exact same thing back to the people accusing you? She's just a retard…

I've given tons of info to help people dig and decide on their own. You just spew opinions and claims without evidence, toss out a bit of "appeal to muh authority" and whatnot. I don't need to doxx myself to make a point. You've just, once again, made it for me. Thanks.

27b363  No.7120166


Lol. "claims without evidence". Of what? That internet is regulated? That Comcast meddled with torrent protocol? That netneutrality doesn't exist? You merely cited a vague word to encapsulate your argument and now want me to disprove it despite you writing so generally that nothing ever could.

Ever heard of the rumor government tech is 50+ years ahead of the public sector? If you believe it you can't believe the public will ever have anything the government can't control.

e1a489  No.7120691

>>4349794 >>4598065

47th element in the periodic table is Ag; silver.

5f70f6  No.7121767


I don't want you to disprove anything. I never discounted any of the things you mentioned. The strawman is unnecessary. I only want you to either GTFO or contribute something of substance rather than attacking my information with empty rhetoric just because it doesn't align with your bias toward an analog-only future.

a59da5  No.7122812


Iran launching gold backed crypto?

49c7b3  No.7127854


Good for them.

Iran is not the enemy, no matter how much MSM tries to choke it down your throat.

aa2404  No.7129280

File: 4f6e3c502c64213⋯.png (411.47 KB, 1461x497, 1461:497, CSW Punisher.png)

No one noticed the capitalized Common, Sense, and Washington?

5f70f6  No.7129305

File: 8863d33c341c853⋯.png (110 KB, 1402x498, 701:249, ClipboardImage.png)


2 days early even…

5f70f6  No.7129453

File: 74b35713538b68c⋯.png (849.7 KB, 1096x1370, 4:5, Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 0….png)

File: 792f82e4f458c56⋯.png (771.3 KB, 1104x1364, 276:341, Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 0….png)

File: e0cd1d65db34626⋯.png (724.62 KB, 1084x1318, 542:659, Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 0….png)



Connect Kleiman in Palm Beach who worked with Palm Beach PD to Michael Fisten, the detective from Miami who worked as a PI on the Epstein case in Palm Beach.



2019? who's updating that page?



they kind of look alike…

342380  No.7131400


>or contribute something of substance

I don't know where your head is to make this statement after what I shared. Maybe it's too complex for you to grasp or maybe you dismissed most of it and never pieced it together.

It's pretty clear crypto depends on government and there's no way to get between that. Crypto relies on electricity, internet, raw materials and manufacturing. All gov regulated. gov can stop it any time and I even recall reading about China teasing breaking it up years ago. So I fail to see how it'll take off. US won't adopt unless they have control or a large share and other countries wont join if US joins for the reasons above. Catch22 for WW adoption

cb0b0c  No.7134057

File: bc1617f278aa394⋯.png (192.99 KB, 1505x583, 1505:583, ClipboardImage.png)





What are the odds that

the judge who is currently hearing the Ira Kleiman vs. Craig Wright case

owns a private practice which was hired to represent several of Jeffrey Epstein's accused accomplices back in 2008


342380  No.7138116

>By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 303 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (the “Act”) (50 U.S.C. 4533),I hereby determine, pursuant to section 303(a)(5) of the Act,


>that the domestic production capability for separation and processing of Heavy Rare Earth Elements is essential to the national defense.


>that the domestic production capability for separation and processing of Light Rare Earth Elements is essential to the national defense.


>that the domestic production capability for Rare Earth Metals and Alloys is essential to the national defense.

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