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The Empire did nothing wrong.


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you ready for them to rape Thrawn?

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File: 487589842ad6f8e⋯.gif (3.21 MB, 720x404, 180:101, atst.gif)


>These idiots have nothing original to offer. Now its celebrity cameo after celebrity cameo.






These are the same people that would take the piss out of me as a kid for liking Star Wars.



I think Sheev would consider 3 the best SW.


File: fba869c78e8af4e⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Tragedy of Darth Plag….webm)


Revenge was the best film.



revenge of my bp tbh

File: b261f9c0d789b9f⋯.mp4 (10.31 MB, 640x352, 20:11, VID-20161215-WA0009.mp4)


>Darth Vader’s final scene in Rogue One was added during reshoots

>“What was added — and it was a fantastic add — was the Vader action scene, with him boarding the ship and dispatching all those rebel soldiers,” Gilroy tells Yahoo Movies. “That was something conceptualized a little later. It was a really great punch in the arm and something I think fans wanted to see.”


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>the original ending was just the main characters all dying, there was no stupid Princess Leia ending

Yeah, the reshoots were shit. The Vader scene is cool, but only the first time you see it. If you think about if for more than a minute you realize how stupid it is.


Between this and cutting "Ayy Rebel" from the movie, I suppose Disney was right to add the reshoots. Then again, they didn't see fit to cut out that weird part with the psionic octopus. Wonder if it had something to do with Forest Whitaker.


File: d0b02f0528d5d54⋯.jpeg (208.12 KB, 1154x690, 577:345, image.jpeg)


>tfw Forrest Whitakers contract specifically dictated there must be a tentacle rape scene in the film if he's to be in it




unlike jyn's "i'm a stronk wymn and there's nothing u can do about it u sexist pig" moment, the anime octopus had some relevance to the film.



>he doesn't want there to be aliens in Star Wars movies

How did you escape reddit?

File: caab2950d626b73⋯.jpg (60.25 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 5ef8d5803c52c12a8787ee54e2….jpg)

File: 21d2fab238aef9d⋯.jpg (97.56 KB, 1024x457, 1024:457, Doug_Chiang_flying droids.jpg)

File: 4d6b97d195d642d⋯.jpg (69.89 KB, 960x396, 80:33, 1004407_574143255970613_35….jpg)

File: b79d25fdac88b13⋯.jpg (187.4 KB, 1280x572, 320:143, StarWars_DougChiang_10.jpg)


>the Darth Vader can't use force lightning meme

Where did this meme come from exactly, and how is he unable to use force lightning?

I don't believe there would be electrical interference with his life support systems that is complete bullshit if it were the case then anyone shooting lightning out of their hands would kill himself.

I just get so mad when people make up stuff like this like umm for instance when people say the Emperor made Darth Vader's suit shitty on purpose to torment him. Where exactly in the films did you get that idea from? Because if anything his suit is state of the art the best technology you know why? Because his organs aren't failing like with General Grievous. See he was like the "prototype Vader" and the technology has been perfected which is how he's been kept alive for so fucking long without coughing up what's left of his lungs. Christ, Star Wars fans are dumb and make up completely retarded shit with no proof. Show me in the films where you formed your stupid ideas or quotes from George or LucasFilm somebody and not EU bullshit that's all fake and has nothing to do with the films.

So there's like some scenes where they show them making lightsabers by levitating the parts? That's non-canon shit and you don't need the force to make a lightsaber, they're not magic THEY'RE TECHNOLOGY. Luke builds one in a cave with some kinda screwdriver thing he's just sitting there assembling the pieces yeah it's a deleted scene but a deleted scene is more canon than some fucking cartoon show i mean I'm talking about actual footage of the real movies here god damn.

So how do you guys feel about this? I mean umm back to the force lighting thing. That was like the Emperor's ultimate secret power I mean holy shit magic powers like that were amazing before the video game generation where everoyne is a level 20 mage summoning meteors from space. You just don't get it. Then the prequels came along and lighting is like this level 2 sith power. I don't think uhh Vader was physically unable to use force lightining it's bullshit man it's just EU lies and losing his limbs doesn't weaken your force sensitivity either it's aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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why are you bitching about something that's completely possible? it looks edgy, yeah, but it isn't defying the laws of physics or anything.


tbh i don't remember the later kamino levels looking anything like this, but as i said before i haven't touched tfu2 since release, and that was on the wii, the levels might be different on other consoles. also, i don't think that was vader using lightning, more like he used his suit as a superconductor for the shit going on around and focused it into an attack.



There are people who groan endlessly about the inquistors' helicopter spin sabers but want plotkiller and his dual reverse grip idiocy back.


File: b0e6d185189befc⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 441x401, 441:401, sheev.jpg)

File: 65e001ea3f0493c⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 280x202, 140:101, what the fuck.gif)

File: 1b6d740824f110b⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 480x287, 480:287, wrong.gif)


what the fuck

are you implying that the reverse grip is somehow worse than fucking lightsaber helicopters? what the actual fuck am i reading?


File: 1365aaa608afea9⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225, 16:9, implications.gif)


No, I'm explicitly saying that in the end they're equally dumb eye candy.

Wanna fight? Wanna have a sorcerers' duel (wield)?


File: 0b368380ec10f90⋯.mp4 (542.29 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Shouting beaver.mp4)


i'll agree that both are dumb eye candy

but saber copters by far is more retarded

File: 68ee3ba54eff089⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 533x400, 533:400, kylekatarnisdisappointedin….jpg)


lol, even starkiller didn't like rogue one

he's so autistic in his love of star wars that he specifies what he would do if he wasn't an employee (pic related)


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>I always thought of the Force Unleashed as a separate canon from the EU but I'm actually starting to miss it these days. Witwer always seemed like he cared about the franchise.

Pardon me, I'm just going to go on a bit of a personal tangent here, but didn't Michael Kirkbride ( the one true auteur of >>>/tes/ ) have some role in writing The Force Unleashed, too?



One more quick thing, completely unrelated - Michael Kirkbride did this: http://c0da.es/rebellion


File: febfd0ac5cca2c8⋯.png (18.37 KB, 290x29, 10:1, Clipboard02.png)


I didn't know Titus Mede was originally going to be the name of a Star Wars character. I guess he must have been recycling old ideas when he used that name for Elder Scrolls instead.



C0DA was shit, tbh



You raise a good point, though nothing will stop turbo spergs from insulting the pedigree of any novelist who uses the wrong artillery loadout for a given class of Star Destroyer.

File: 1471855527398.jpg (34.74 KB, 500x480, 25:24, sheev.jpg)


Sheev thread.

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File: e6ca0db6973c4d4⋯.jpeg (42.25 KB, 680x478, 340:239, meeting on green.jpeg)

File: c309a193ded011e⋯.png (973.65 KB, 512x820, 128:205, sheev art.png)

File: c4c1f5eaa3b320d⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 372x577, 372:577, sheev cede.jpg)

File: c3c1ff7453fb151⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 200x229, 200:229, sheev expression.jpg)

File: e9f826cf1bd23e1⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 600x342, 100:57, sheev explain.jpg)


File: 015d348f70a3c9e⋯.jpg (206.95 KB, 1024x479, 1024:479, sheev cosplay.jpg)

File: 5cfc649ac1f0ff4⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 700x300, 7:3, sheev throne.jpg)

File: ce9823b9c09ad56⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 600x307, 600:307, sheev waiting.jpg)

File: 03eeac42838cd27⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 600x307, 600:307, sheev won.jpg)

File: 10dc3db4eeff9e6⋯.jpg (10.4 KB, 300x168, 25:14, sheev force.jpg)


File: 7ff00b4e725ba4c⋯.jpg (37.45 KB, 600x307, 600:307, not forgiving sheev.jpg)

File: 1ddbab95cc5d399⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 600x307, 600:307, sheev obi.jpg)

File: e6ca0db6973c4d4⋯.jpeg (42.25 KB, 680x478, 340:239, meeting on green.jpeg)

File: ea94038ac41d39f⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 674x762, 337:381, sheev love.jpg)

File: b1f70c50740b2c0⋯.png (201.87 KB, 354x374, 177:187, sheev oaaggh.png)


File: dcf3169344cda0d⋯.jpeg (139.52 KB, 816x816, 1:1, execute flight plan 66.jpeg)

File: bc680425db028fc⋯.jpg (509.79 KB, 990x437, 990:437, darth bane im OBI.jpg)

File: 96560a1bc19732f⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x819, 640:273, dont get to bring sith.png)

thats my folder hope to see more sheevs in here


File: ae5318c3a066af4⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 318x688, 159:344, rare_sheev.JPG)

File: eb873854bfe341d⋯.png (520.21 KB, 444x596, 111:149, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminder that in the true canon, Revan did literally nothing wrong

Except not putting down Malak's coup

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Why do you think kotor 2 is so underrated compared to the first one.

Don't bother with Tranny or even with Obsidian future games, they lost all their talents including Avellone who wrote kotor 2 and all the games prior to Pillars of Eternity where Obsidian butchered his writing and that is the reason why he left. New Vegas was their last good game.



should i bother with pillars then? i got it on sale for cheap but haven't really played it.


File: 2212030e15ec704⋯.png (564.37 KB, 579x900, 193:300, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e3dbefab04e220⋯.png (1.02 MB, 515x1551, 515:1551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73d760faabe67b5⋯.png (266.37 KB, 791x411, 791:411, ClipboardImage.png)

Fem Revan best Revan



Well, since you already own it why not to give it a try. Personally I find it quite mediocre, though it still has some decent moments.



I wouldn't say that. Karpshyn and Avellone were in contact when the former was writing "Revan" and the Jedi Knight class story for TOR and the later's input mostly amounted to "I guess, whatever you want. Your writing."

Drew even ended up thinking that the feminine dark side entity that shows up in the Sith Warrior's storyline is Kreia because that was his favorite KotOR II character and Chris shrugged about it just to be a tease.

File: df7ea19884b2468⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 1064x681, 1064:681, jiiSuyr.jpg)


Random crazy theory: Snoke isn't a physical being, but a subconscious Force projection, created by Kylo's deep need for a Palpatine figure to complete his Vader fantasy.

Snoke and/or stupid theories thread?

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Jar Jar as a Force user is something I can believe, though I'm not convinced he was a sith lord. Maybe a useful, Force-sensitive idiot.


Leia would have been a major plot point in SW IX had Carrie Fisher not died

SW mostly takes place in the Andromeda galaxy.




His death would have been legit great if he died then. I despise bullshit asspulls like the one they pulled with him coming back. How the fuck did he get through the closing door thing?

He should have died right there. If you actually liked the character, it would have been effective.


File: 558a10a7df9f6b6⋯.png (448.83 KB, 1070x793, 1070:793, Goon.png)


Snoke is a puppet in Ep8 thank god.

File: 48242005ba245c5⋯.png (942.21 KB, 1540x816, 385:204, Geonosis_AotC.png)


Let's have a thread about planets. I've always loved how varied they are. In reality we've discovered some truly bizarre planets.

What are your favorite worlds in the Star Wars universe?

Pic related. It's Geonosis. I'm not a huge fan of desert planets though except Arrakis

14 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Dantooine was my favorite world in both TSL and Kotor. Something about the agrian life style was so comfy.




if coruscant is new york, would nar shaddaa be chicago?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just skip to 1:55


File: e5f9fa174a3cb0d⋯.jpg (205.54 KB, 1024x560, 64:35, Dantooine_enclave.jpg)

File: e2fa37ebe1fba74⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 516x296, 129:74, Originalenclave.jpg)

File: 439366cc50320ea⋯.jpg (268.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, kotor dantooine 02.jpg)

File: b47c65c0aca44c4⋯.jpg (101.81 KB, 960x530, 96:53, Aewdvwavr.jpg)


I'm thinking Las Vegas for Nar Shaddaa.

Chicago, or maybe Detroit, would be Malachor V


Seconded. It was beautiful & tranquil - a welcomed change of scenery after all the crowded & cramped planets.



You should move to Northern California. That's literally Endor.

File: 1471905745449.png (2.9 MB, 2500x1617, 2500:1617, 1460816467158.png)


Post some Twi'leks

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File: 8090ee4d4ef2558⋯.jpeg (156.96 KB, 504x711, 56:79, ss.jpeg)



At least Digital Playground is keeping the spirit alive



>the reshot two thirds of rogue one because it was "too scary" and "not campy enough"

idk man, from what we saw in the trailers compared with the final film, the reshoots seem to have made it better and not illogically retarded.


File: a03da7236ae4f81⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 090415normal_sale5-vi.jpg)

special doll



>What 1313 would have been


File: bcf1ad4b309de30⋯.jpg (175.65 KB, 847x1101, 847:1101, 325610 - Aayla_Secura Reve….jpg)

I find your lack of Shabby Blue disturbing.

File: c14566c1ac60970⋯.png (784.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Just thought I'd post the torrent for Battlefront 3 from /v/ over here. You need a modded 360 to play, then set it in dev mode.




The characters from this game were in the PSP Battlefront games?



The campaign has Ferroda



the psp games took a bunch of things from swbf3

- ground to space (although not seamless, there would be a transition cutscene)

- that ferroda guy (i think he's one of the clones) in the campaign

- the campaign itself borrows a bit from what was known at the time

also, the psp games had rahm kota as a hero for some reason.



Elite Squadron used a whole bunch of downgraded assets from BF3 when it got cancelled. The cutscenes with 3d animations were all direct copies, with the location of the end fight changed.

File: 27aabc5dcada1a3⋯.jpg (141.23 KB, 828x926, 414:463, Tapani_sector_nobles_duel.jpg)


The best things in Star Wars! According to you, anyway.

What do you think are the best-







>utility items

>inventions and innovations

4 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




A-Wing best wing




Mandalorians also Twi'lek & Togruta because muh dick






HK-47 without question

>utility items

Bacta probably

>inventions and innovations

muh lightsabers




Starwars didn't invent humans though.



TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced x1


Green Lightsaber, Ion Cannon


Mandalorians, Ithorians, Chiss


Cato Neimoidia, Korriban/Moraband




HK-47, Gonk Droid

>Utility Items


>Inventions and Innovations

Lightsaber, Hyperspace Travel, Death Star



Fuck I could make multiple posts for each one of these, I'll try to narrow it down.


Nssis-Class Clawcraft

Tie Interceptor

Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps Ships

Mon Calamari ships

Any sort of Star Destroyer styled ships


Squib Tensor Rifle, Vibrosaw


Humans, Squib, Verpine, Anomid, Ithorians, Bartokk, Celegian, Feeorin, Kushiban, Neti, Ubese, Vratix, Gand, Chiss


Duro, Nar Shadaa, Coruscant, Tatooine, Kilia


Empire, Corporate Sector Authority, Kilian Rangers


Dark Troopers, Vulture Droid, Super Tactical Droid, Industrial Automaton Astromechs (R2 series and up), Proxy, HK-47, Droideka

>utility items (all of these will also count as inventions and innovations)

Bubble Cloak, sheer silence bubble, no-show cloaking device, personal deflector shield, liquid cable, bacta

>inventions and innovations

Hyperspace Travel, HoloNet, Gravity Well Projectors, Tractor Beams



In terms of Aesthetics and raw power, Executor SSD. In terms of practicality and power projection, Venator.


Lightsaber, DC-15 blaster rifle




Mandalore, pre-The Clone wars.




Roger, Roger

>Utility Items

Bacta or Kolto, if you consider them as such


Easily the technological marvel that is the Death Star

File: 26d04ac073bb501⋯.jpeg (58.42 KB, 550x525, 22:21, darth-mauls-spider-legs.p….jpeg)


The question we all asked ourselves in private, but never said publicly:

How does he poop with a robotic lower half?

Suggestions? Ideas? Personal canon fanwank?

23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



2D Clone Wars was top tier and worked with the canon, 3D Clone Wars was hot shit that raped everything it could get its hands on, Mandolorians, Darth Maul, The Force, Boba Fett, etc. Fucking trash, tbh.



Scion was a corpse held together by pain and hate.

I recall that he was often described as being decomposing, and that all of his bones were broken, splintered, and only held together by the force.

If you recall, you don't defeat him by mortal blows, he gets up after each and every one. The only way to defeat him is to persuade him to let go of his hate and die.

I'd say Sion could have easily survived being cut in half and thrown down a generator. I think he would use the force to pull himself back together, rather than getting robot legs.



When the Death Star showed up, it was novel. No one had ever thought of that (in casual minds, not scientific theorists, Tesla for example) and so it's capabilities and power were amazing. Though to be fair, there are far easier way's to destroy a planet. BDZ is easier, cleaner too, you can argue the planet was destroyed by a stray solar flare or something. Hell, tractor beams work on mass of the tug, so they could move an ISD sized asteroid and give that planet a good "fuck you" like what happened to the Dinosaurs.

Point being that the Death Star was around because it was novel. That planet killer in Episode 7 was garbage and a cheap attempt to get viewers. It was click bait essentially. Who wants to put money that they go with another planet killer in Episode 9?



Darth Sion held himself together due to sheer hatred, for himself, for his master, and for the Jedi. He survived being stabbed, having his body crushed, burns, and fall from great heights that would kill even a practiced force user.

He was never cut in half or anything though.



Planet-killing super dooms are sort of a Star Wars tradition. Beyond the Death Stars and Starkiller Base there was the Sun Crusher, the World Devastators, the Ritual of Nathema, the Thought Bomb, and it goes on.

File: 3ee7f683fd917ec⋯.jpeg (21.86 KB, 214x317, 214:317, image.jpeg)


Pay your respects in this thread troopers, royalty just died

25 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f71e146b74c5004⋯.jpg (254.56 KB, 1000x1010, 100:101, c8d22456b5c483f12fef6d37e0….jpg)



File: 3dd920bdc96dd6d⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 591x500, 591:500, 10bbfd48069545449f1ca7f99c….jpg)

File: 85b7caffd20a90e⋯.png (282.09 KB, 911x379, 911:379, jlm.PNG)


tweeted pic that at Mark Hamill and his cuck fans.

also this fag blocked me because I posted this other pic.


File: dbc35c39f4b02d6⋯.png (46.17 KB, 810x234, 45:13, 2.PNG)

File: a0043aaa4691d4c⋯.png (29.63 KB, 806x232, 403:116, 1.PNG)

File: 0209cefb3a94eb4⋯.png (20.98 KB, 586x180, 293:90, 7657676.PNG)

File: 7b6fe376add6842⋯.png (37.98 KB, 586x215, 586:215, 6767.PNG)

File: 831a8e40005a2af⋯.png (18.07 KB, 566x99, 566:99, 4.PNG)

pissed off a lot of cucked Star Wars fans.





Holy fuck thats funny.

Also Mark Hamill is boss as fuck. He talks shit on Disney and doesn't even give a shit.



>Holy fuck thats funny.

It's still going, hours latter. Numbers have doubled, endless notifications.

File: 0a47f6aad66cae2⋯.jpg (251.98 KB, 1920x893, 1920:893, 501st vs space roaches.jpg)


ITT: We try to market Disney-Wars products

>Star Wars Battlefront 2! Coming this holiday to retailers near you!

>Battle on iconic planets like Tattoo-Jakku! The Death Star…Killer Base!

>Join the ranks of the Not Empire or the Not Rebels! Fly TIE Fighters and X-Wings…again!

>Fight as Kylo Ren! Slaughter dozens of feeble old men as they make no attempt to fight you, and monologue about your inner torment! But watch out! You'll be heavily countered by whoever's playing some undernourished desert broad who weighs 90lbs soaking wet.

>Watch out for our iconic DLC heroes like Unkar Plutt and the Crimson Corsair!

>Pick it up for the low low price of 120 USD

>Join our pre-release sweepstakes! The winner gets to help the devs come up with an ability set for Captain Phasma.


I want to laugh at this but it is probably better than what they will actually make. We will never get to play as Prune Face.


File: d5f49c9392ecf59⋯.jpg (48.58 KB, 474x450, 79:75, 3246cd96447b4f1c69d1aaa59d….jpg)

Battle with iconic Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens weaponry like Rey's Blaster, Finn's Blaster and Finn's Other Blaster.

Fight alongside iconic Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens heroes and villains like the battle-hardened General Leia and the fearsome bounty hunter KanjiKlub Guy.

Fly into battle with your rotating double-bladed lightsaber as one of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's fearsome inquisitors or slay the enemies of the rebellion from afar with the new Rebel Slingshot.

Pre-order now for early access to never-before-seen Star Wars: Aftermath characters such as Rae Sloane and Porkins 2.0 as well as exclusive character customization options including all-new pronouns, gender identity options and space diapers.

Order your season pass today to unlock lightsabers on Han and Chewie in this exclusive comic book crossover.

File: fc39f6bf04bf926⋯.png (304.69 KB, 517x498, 517:498, diversity.png)

File: b1582e99caf756b⋯.png (161.23 KB, 1572x801, 524:267, Chuck Wendig.png)


Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Says She Doesn't Need to Cater to Male Star Wars Fans

>"I have a responsibility to the company that I work with. I don't feel that I have a responsibility to cater in some way [to those particular fans]," Kennedy told the New York Times in an interview focused around Jones. "I would never just seize on saying, 'Well, this is a franchise that's appealed primarily to men for many, many years, and therefore I owe men something.'"

>Likewise, characters of other races than caucasian have begun to get the spotlight in Star Wars more frequently. The Force Awakens featured a black male and hispanic male lead alongside the female main character, and Rogue One's diverse crew includes a man of Pakistani descent, a black lead, two East Asian leads, a hispanic man, all able to lend their points of view and represent their respective peoples alongside the white characters.


73 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The younglings of Yavin 4 likely refers to the teenages and younger rebel recruits who died trying to destroy the Death Star.


File: 53893ad7530ea0f⋯.png (941.82 KB, 777x1047, 259:349, 358660e84d33adb5385404288d….png)


I hate this planet.



>The sex of the main character is Catering to that sex

Have they ever heard of Alien? Or Harry Potter?

Of course they have.

> characters of other races than caucasian have begun to get the spotlight in Star Wars more frequently.




Now it has far more realistic aliens in it :^)


File: 9ca81be487d646f⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 500x400, 5:4, i-was-abducted-by-aliens.jpg)


Yeah, just not the good kind of aliens…

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