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/tikilounge/ - BIG KAHUNA'S Tiki Lounge

Exotic drinks served mid the relaxing decor of a South Pacific paradise


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I have finished made an advertisement for our wonderful board :^)

Please shill it like crazy so we may have more tourists (^:
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File: d7673671577bc97⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 14cC.jpg)

This ad is stillb great 3 years later

File: a16bdd6cc15de2d⋯.jpg (31.21 KB, 480x468, 40:39, 0a20dec5c6f6479861c69f3ded….jpg)



Now under new management :^)

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So, who is in charge right now?

File: 1421355261717.jpg (72.03 KB, 417x640, 417:640, 8169x4c3e6759.jpg)



/tikilounge/ is a laissez-faire board with an Oceanic theme :^)
Everything can be discussed, but preferred topics include:

>Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian:

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Looks like a few of these threads have been hit by the 404 error. Lemme fix that.

File: 1417462904883.png (21.64 KB, 160x160, 1:1, hawaiicocktail.png)


uploading these images in a locked sticky because no off-site links are allowed in the css code now
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File: 1417462959234.jpg (395.6 KB, 2362x1772, 1181:886, tikibg1.jpg)

File: 2f8fbcb3bf6aede⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 2f8fbcb3bf6aede7c41fa41111….jpg)




Does an abbo surf the bird?

File: 1456138398357.jpeg (158.61 KB, 600x643, 600:643, serveimage.jpeg)


Like any cool kahuna, I end my day with a nice Hawaiian beer with my dinner. I also have a knack for collecting bottle caps, which is great because every beer bottled by Kona Brewing comes with a Hawaiian word printed on the bottom so you can learn a bit every time you drink. As a big mahalo to Big Kahuna, I'm going to come in here every day (give or take) and post the bottlecap of the day so you can learn something every time you visit the Tiki Lounge.

Today's word is:


To relax

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Yesterday's word is



Today's word is


To finish

I'm seeing a lot of repeats in these caps. I'm afraid I might run out of words soon.



Great Lord



Big Coconut



Shack or Hut



fond of going about from place to place

File: 4210584179d707b⋯.png (566.24 KB, 772x720, 193:180, sketch-1544313086494.png)


Just lying in bed, listening to a obscure hawaiian radio station, feeling comfy at the fact that some guy might be relaxing in a bamboo shack on a beach in an island listening to the same tunes while stargazing.

That's comfy.

File: c0b7cd23610add3⋯.jpg (88.98 KB, 665x482, 665:482, micronesia_beach_lrg.jpg)


Relax, take it easy. Let's just make some small talk while we enjoy the day.


sometimes I live for that sensation of crawling into bed and feeling my bones settle

File: d2fee39af92d296⋯.png (607.02 KB, 900x605, 180:121, ClipboardImage.png)


Does it rain on Hawaii? Hearing the soft drum of the draindrops on a sturdy roof over your head while the waves keep crawling across the shore is the closest sound to heaven I can imagine.


you can get that in florida too, albeit more akin to god pissing on your existence at that point.

File: 77c44a9131d385b⋯.png (237.76 KB, 542x944, 271:472, nice girl2.png)


greeting from /s8s/!

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File: 49c28046dd52c6c⋯.png (109.61 KB, 443x411, 443:411, 1312474715376.png)


You're my favorite nice meme, Bury Pink


how nice of a girl is she


Also gg /s8s/ you won.



Congrats on the win my nice pink friend.


File: ca603c4add9a919⋯.gif (28.22 KB, 331x410, 331:410, image0.gif)

I'm also /s8s/ that was just checking in! You all seem like bury nice people and I'm glad to be able to call you my friens

File: facd98a2c36a310⋯.gif (329.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, facd98a2c36a3105fd3a054c0d….gif)


Would going to Hawaii for a vacation actually be worth it?


File: 62b228554ab0f50⋯.png (517.08 KB, 640x431, 640:431, ClipboardImage.png)


Would probably be really expensive, but the Hawaiian islands do have some truly awe-inspiring natural beauty.

File: eb5a631ddccebe8⋯.jpg (104.02 KB, 570x811, 570:811, cityflyover.jpg)


How do you take it easy my fellow lounge lizards?


File: d0a613361794c0e⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 588x472, 147:118, d0a613361794c0e05b0fea4f77….jpg)


vidya with soda and music usually. Sometimes I get chinese food with that as well, but that's only when I can afford it or friends are over.


File: 2a97cd8cee62064⋯.png (91.7 KB, 237x287, 237:287, 2a97cd8cee620642231e5a3f33….png)

I'm usually going at full speed all the time so to really kick back. I sit in my room turn off everything close the blinds and just lean back on my recliner.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll start off with this one.

File: cc0dde12f40d620⋯.png (89.53 KB, 318x394, 159:197, AnonImplying.png)


Where are the cocktails


File: d1dc41fed003cac⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1440x834, 240:139, mini girls getting shitfac….png)


Maybe the real cocktails were the friends we made along the way



That is a pretty comfy thought. I'm still thirsty though.


File: 7a3a152dd528500⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1440x834, 240:139, vlcsnap-9611-12-27-07h33m2….png)


Wish I could be of more help, but I've got no skill for mixology. All I can really do is stir up sodas and boozes and find out what tastes nice.

Incidentally, if you get some A&W cream soda and mix it with caramel vodka, you get a really tasty, sweet drink

File: acf3a5598853b52⋯.jpg (2.5 KB, 100x90, 10:9, [000416].jpg)


How dead is this place?



I need to bring this place back to life

revitalize the tiki lounge NOW



I want it revitalized too, friend.


We're all going to make it.


File: 43a39aabe5729b7⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 720x720, 1:1, that bloomer.jpg)


Not dead yet



Big Mahu needs to get this place going again.

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