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File: bb7c37bd5ff4758⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 237x222, 79:74, i'm lost.jpg)


Hence new thread.


File: fc76387b54e3655⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.22 KB, 1200x1031, 1200:1031, IMG_0468.jpg)

yeah, don't know if I going to post the rest



Up to you, of course. It's a new thread so you don't have to hold back for my sake ^^

Also I love the last one in >>44369


File: cac1a33ad311e86⋯.jpg (70.12 KB, 1000x469, 1000:469, 1499920888754.jpg)


maybe when I am alone

sorry, not in a good mood right now, Colttaine always put me in a bad mood


File: 5c990ef11e2304f⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 193x230, 193:230, i don't recognize that one.jpg)


Aw, I see I see, sorry to hear.

What is that, some sort of medication?


File: 9863d5dea7e74a1⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 13388649_941251159325631_1….jpg)

I just checked the banner thread cause I never really have before. This one is so kawaii >>15182


File: d2e7c77dbd7b170⋯.jpg (65.23 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1499970040484.jpg)



brings up things that crush what little hope I have, but it is important to see it this way.




File: 23fb847851604f7⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1499969985464.jpg)






I knew you would like it. I mean, you posted the original gif, probably.


Oh, okays. Doesn't seem healthy.






File: 6f9d816e54259a9⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1499970100646.jpg)


hope for the best, expect the worst

best way of seeing the world


File: 9410ef7e518a382⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 196x227, 196:227, guy with connections 01.jpg)


Mmmalrighty then.



I dont have it saved I dont think


File: 9e7dd9004c27253⋯.jpg (64.23 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1499970166601.jpg)


File: e527e47e40c231c⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 500x281, 500:281, e527e47e40c231cd314a675485….gif)




Must have been somebody else then, huh. Here be the original.


File: 1b01c2ebb090ca6⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1499969947615.jpg)


I don't know




Still tired but cannot sleep?


File: b5aacd6c08fc0fc⋯.jpg (276.96 KB, 794x596, 397:298, ee06e606adad05d9a75d47c44f….jpg)


have to watch brother



Oh, that sucks but what ya gonna do, hmm?

That pic is kinda terrible tbh.


File: 1ab9ae6a5de0a83⋯.png (14.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1e6ef3048fb87e1e5588e33426….png)


I am going watch him, and hate my life

I know, everything from this artist is shit


File: df7b4543b753920⋯.png (649.41 KB, 1280x437, 1280:437, 1.png)

File: 14c25e779d5e349⋯.png (716.56 KB, 1280x435, 256:87, 2.png)

File: 849663b4e64e51a⋯.png (629.87 KB, 1280x435, 256:87, 3.png)

File: fc029ed1866d2e6⋯.png (624.9 KB, 1280x431, 1280:431, 4.png)

File: fb344855159c18a⋯.png (732.8 KB, 1280x434, 640:217, 5.png)


also king of the hill, just can't get good porn for something reason



cause hentai is done best by the Japanese.


File: 303699d2adf19a8⋯.png (764.45 KB, 1280x436, 320:109, 6.png)

File: 9186b664d65e868⋯.png (537.59 KB, 1280x434, 640:217, 7.png)

File: ee19a782ce6f567⋯.png (395.67 KB, 1280x433, 1280:433, 8.png)



Yyyyyup x:



>she gave him a butt plug

Unexpected o:


File: b1e31f8ddd40f1a⋯.png (975.5 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, kpantsu.png)


I've been dying to play with a butt plug. Using fingers works, but a plug would be much more hands free


File: 7bb94221b28f52c⋯.jpg (583.94 KB, 900x1800, 1:2, shotacon (107).jpg)

File: 5658c4e3423e355⋯.jpg (132.77 KB, 762x1095, 254:365, shotacon (108).jpg)

File: d96a905ae8bea6d⋯.jpg (148.52 KB, 970x891, 970:891, shotacon (109).jpg)

File: 9bee8b252197d9c⋯.jpg (628.62 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, shotacon (110).jpg)

File: d622114ed0877cd⋯.jpg (639.2 KB, 1128x1593, 376:531, shotacon (111).jpg)


yeah, I just read >>44470

really need to read before I save


alone kinda now, posting the rest for the dude when he comes around


File: 790a404f294c77b⋯.jpg (110.22 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, shotacon (112).jpg)

File: 272ac6fda1ada00⋯.jpg (289.09 KB, 821x1000, 821:1000, shotacon (113).jpg)

File: 24a205ca6d8035e⋯.jpg (363.54 KB, 600x854, 300:427, shotacon (114).jpg)

File: 0fe1b20a0ff294d⋯.jpg (1010.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shotacon (115).jpg)

File: f481fc35f25c624⋯.jpg (328.88 KB, 868x1024, 217:256, shotacon (116).jpg)


File: bd1dd7ddf9414db⋯.jpg (415.72 KB, 641x1000, 641:1000, shotacon (117).jpg)

File: c2762f3d58b5bb2⋯.jpg (276.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (118).jpg)

File: ec2767a0b040916⋯.jpg (600.15 KB, 1000x880, 25:22, shotacon (119).jpg)

File: 303b38565b204fa⋯.jpg (434.89 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, shotacon (120).jpg)

File: 9b9ac495285cac0⋯.jpg (234.8 KB, 1152x1130, 576:565, shotacon (121).jpg)


File: 477bb3f2dbb0c6e⋯.jpg (321.37 KB, 935x1155, 17:21, shotacon (127).jpg)

File: fd9e984f7d59d50⋯.jpg (73.85 KB, 586x899, 586:899, shotacon (123).jpg)

File: 545096cc4454b80⋯.jpg (551.15 KB, 1200x847, 1200:847, shotacon (124).jpg)

File: 33d8a3fee46a97b⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 887x1015, 887:1015, shotacon (125).jpg)

File: a21df16c0d9b164⋯.jpg (455.54 KB, 1264x1036, 316:259, shotacon (126).jpg)


File: 4226eecafe4e995⋯.jpg (242.4 KB, 905x930, 181:186, shotacon (132).jpg)

File: 9471b269c99d89c⋯.jpg (383.4 KB, 1119x997, 1119:997, shotacon (128).jpg)

File: 8e93305112c45a2⋯.jpg (381.84 KB, 998x686, 499:343, shotacon (129).jpg)

File: 0fb95bf5e2ec8ef⋯.jpg (917.54 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, shotacon (130).jpg)

File: 3fb2dd8705c18d5⋯.jpg (493.98 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, shotacon (131).jpg)


File: f35b61567a4ced4⋯.jpg (719.44 KB, 1052x744, 263:186, shotacon (137).jpg)

File: a5a3b4b2f59fd3f⋯.jpg (631.87 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (133).jpg)

File: 1768d51eecd09cc⋯.jpg (473.25 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, shotacon (134).jpg)

File: df80aeef76e8d7b⋯.jpg (556.04 KB, 828x1200, 69:100, shotacon (135).jpg)

File: 408d52d68e89bb6⋯.jpg (826.47 KB, 1241x1754, 1241:1754, shotacon (136).jpg)


File: de3bc0a62fbc299⋯.jpg (865.99 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, shotacon (143).jpg)

File: 84f5b1f41bad931⋯.jpg (663.57 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, shotacon (138).jpg)

File: 80438743c59734b⋯.jpg (182.57 KB, 800x1120, 5:7, shotacon (140).jpg)

File: 56df2dfcf4b1526⋯.jpg (511.71 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (141).jpg)

File: 1b795fa3f93bd2c⋯.jpg (269.83 KB, 700x2264, 175:566, shotacon (142).jpg)


File: 110eeef43d1e490⋯.jpg (449.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shotacon (148).jpg)

File: 3237322117e482a⋯.jpg (441.85 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (144).jpg)

File: 4a3b5ef5e93499e⋯.jpg (280.67 KB, 815x1394, 815:1394, shotacon (145).jpg)

File: 6ab72ff780871b0⋯.jpg (430.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (146).jpg)

File: 83e712c59c66122⋯.jpg (237.43 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (147).jpg)


File: c2ac3cbad0e3662⋯.jpg (383.87 KB, 794x1104, 397:552, shotacon (149).jpg)

File: 1f4fa01e4c2f381⋯.jpg (552.82 KB, 634x900, 317:450, shotacon (150).jpg)

File: d1d862baab7c6f4⋯.jpg (1012.01 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, shotacon (151).jpg)

File: b6228137d2a84e8⋯.jpg (226.44 KB, 428x600, 107:150, shotacon (152).jpg)

File: 510cfdd7409261d⋯.jpg (207.04 KB, 1200x1703, 1200:1703, shotacon (153).jpg)


File: 00dd994770d9d78⋯.jpg (830.59 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, shotacon (159).jpg)

File: 93443b1b095774d⋯.jpg (185.41 KB, 1200x1108, 300:277, shotacon (155).jpg)

File: d060da3e2f9b9fd⋯.jpg (87.23 KB, 300x400, 3:4, shotacon (156).jpg)

File: f5c0ce477d6be29⋯.jpg (663.96 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, shotacon (157).jpg)

File: 3c24907eb3643ce⋯.jpg (348.86 KB, 800x960, 5:6, shotacon (158).jpg)


File: 833e801665a2702⋯.jpg (134.29 KB, 1200x506, 600:253, shotacon (164).jpg)

File: ca9615c8dafef4a⋯.jpg (278.53 KB, 800x960, 5:6, shotacon (160).jpg)

File: bf5a259d684e74b⋯.jpg (236.92 KB, 667x800, 667:800, shotacon (161).jpg)

File: ec1638c702796ed⋯.jpg (699.62 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, shotacon (162).jpg)

File: 6fcf78561668718⋯.jpg (868.7 KB, 1748x1252, 437:313, shotacon (163).jpg)


File: 671ce15a193e78b⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (169).jpg)

File: 60df1c51dd85ac5⋯.jpg (516.86 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (165).jpg)

File: c3d01d8989264f4⋯.jpg (91.23 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (166).jpg)

File: 6603e082bd16c44⋯.jpg (238.56 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, shotacon (167).jpg)

File: 2ba340c02d3abb7⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, shotacon (168).jpg)


File: efe1257de415608⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (174).jpg)

File: 5b18380b313897a⋯.jpg (95.12 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, shotacon (170).jpg)

File: 8159a693af41c66⋯.jpg (102.16 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, shotacon (171).jpg)

File: 46e71ecba638425⋯.jpg (167.32 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, shotacon (172).jpg)

File: e0761e9b9699f8f⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, shotacon (173).jpg)


File: 64b6def3e0fb436⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (179).jpg)

File: b0c6a5cba3f1da5⋯.jpg (114.12 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, shotacon (175).jpg)

File: 4a87ac9d2b85d1c⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, shotacon (176).jpg)

File: 3dda5e73a7459c9⋯.jpg (492.92 KB, 869x1198, 869:1198, shotacon (177).jpg)

File: cbf2ca95c2e1814⋯.jpg (131.78 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, shotacon (178).jpg)


File: 7e639ef184ddfa7⋯.jpg (283.76 KB, 850x1075, 34:43, shotacon (185).jpg)

File: 855c7782ac740c0⋯.jpg (99.46 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, shotacon (180).jpg)

File: eb0e6bb71059ebd⋯.jpg (569.5 KB, 781x901, 781:901, shotacon (181).jpg)

File: 5a13d8c0f595650⋯.jpg (425.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (183).jpg)

File: c959f7f89244ccc⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 800x633, 800:633, shotacon (184).jpg)


File: 6f74efe4f279a48⋯.jpg (637.19 KB, 1121x1600, 1121:1600, shotacon (190).jpg)

File: c13ad4d096729a4⋯.jpg (93.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (186).jpg)

File: 7094f24dea87b0c⋯.jpg (280.19 KB, 1400x1100, 14:11, shotacon (187).jpg)

File: 80056f225b354c0⋯.jpg (320.07 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, shotacon (188).jpg)

File: 8e78c223fce59c6⋯.jpg (252.85 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, shotacon (189).jpg)


File: 08782225305f206⋯.jpg (597.44 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, shotacon (195).jpg)

File: 23c2498c5f4e839⋯.jpg (257.77 KB, 600x800, 3:4, shotacon (191).jpg)

File: 53d18de5c405875⋯.jpg (217.71 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, shotacon (192).jpg)

File: bb5a007f9da3c56⋯.jpg (221.33 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, shotacon (193).jpg)

File: 269bd980930b390⋯.jpg (467.11 KB, 841x1200, 841:1200, shotacon (194).jpg)


File: 668cc7d92f5187f⋯.jpg (232.52 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, shotacon (200).jpg)

File: ab4cc5e24042a18⋯.jpg (171.51 KB, 1333x1000, 1333:1000, shotacon (196).jpg)

File: 27b2d83701b869a⋯.jpg (211.13 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, shotacon (197).jpg)

File: 0d283a58eb23f97⋯.jpg (151.76 KB, 807x550, 807:550, shotacon (198).jpg)

File: 05cba8779934efb⋯.jpg (136.61 KB, 1041x915, 347:305, shotacon (199).jpg)


File: 55f5ee73319bd0b⋯.jpg (365.24 KB, 952x1321, 952:1321, shotacon (206).jpg)

File: ec24a761b8af879⋯.jpg (266 KB, 1600x1132, 400:283, shotacon (201).jpg)

File: 7bb1bf89b904113⋯.jpg (204 KB, 850x708, 425:354, shotacon (202).jpg)

File: 32ee1a395148ad4⋯.jpg (161.51 KB, 850x600, 17:12, shotacon (204).jpg)

File: 34ef894169b3b21⋯.jpg (378.39 KB, 1698x1200, 283:200, shotacon (205).jpg)


File: f4a6d155a6d3287⋯.jpg (119.75 KB, 560x420, 4:3, shotacon (211).jpg)

File: dc9edb6ba951343⋯.jpg (145.71 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (207).jpg)

File: c9a867e5c17bd97⋯.jpg (140.82 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (208).jpg)

File: 5cc4d498d1a7e5a⋯.jpg (266.53 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, shotacon (209).jpg)

File: 6b34b893d4d60be⋯.jpg (255.22 KB, 950x1100, 19:22, shotacon (210).jpg)


File: a1641493b69b946⋯.jpg (563.6 KB, 1637x1157, 1637:1157, shotacon (217).jpg)

File: dc11c52311d3682⋯.jpg (120.93 KB, 761x800, 761:800, shotacon (213).jpg)

File: 220cb8981208df5⋯.jpg (315.33 KB, 650x722, 325:361, shotacon (214).jpg)

File: 1a7d3858cf31c99⋯.jpg (451.19 KB, 1157x1637, 1157:1637, shotacon (215).jpg)

File: 8083efb734c47c4⋯.jpg (413.52 KB, 1637x1157, 1637:1157, shotacon (216).jpg)


File: bdcd03743e33fcf⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 184x220, 46:55, all better.jpg)


Well, yeah, obviously it would X3 I think the common complaint about plugs though is that you get used to the feeling and then it's kinda meh. So a proper suction cup dildo is probably better tbh.



Ah, that would be Lettersoup, yeah?


File: d09947af39f0dcb⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, shotacon (222).jpg)

File: c8f33c4fea09f61⋯.jpg (620.47 KB, 1157x1637, 1157:1637, shotacon (218).jpg)

File: e309c0e9638d2e4⋯.jpg (276.26 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, shotacon (219).jpg)

File: 94fd00097dbb181⋯.jpg (235.33 KB, 862x1207, 862:1207, shotacon (220).jpg)

File: 118d82d7749346f⋯.jpg (304.24 KB, 1400x1100, 14:11, shotacon (221).jpg)


File: 2ed106da66e825b⋯.jpg (157.43 KB, 850x850, 1:1, shotacon (223).jpg)

File: 553cbb06adc2508⋯.jpg (102.27 KB, 850x850, 1:1, shotacon (224).jpg)

File: 57a7d45559da7e7⋯.jpg (502.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, shotacon (225).jpg)

File: 947e85f80b541a3⋯.jpg (246.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (226).jpg)

File: b956db3368f5891⋯.jpg (235.08 KB, 649x800, 649:800, shotacon (227).jpg)


File: a0edc73f65724e1⋯.jpg (129.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (233).jpg)

File: 00ecd448b75237a⋯.jpg (414.34 KB, 841x1200, 841:1200, shotacon (228).jpg)

File: d22a07d94b5a530⋯.jpg (319.46 KB, 697x776, 697:776, shotacon (229).jpg)

File: 18b176617200c08⋯.jpg (93.54 KB, 850x600, 17:12, shotacon (230).jpg)

File: 732a1bca00443be⋯.jpg (338.38 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, shotacon (231).jpg)


File: ea9152ebcef4599⋯.jpg (128.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (240).jpg)

File: fee352a2e280152⋯.jpg (280.64 KB, 1048x1500, 262:375, shotacon (234).jpg)

File: 18edd4dcf942caa⋯.jpg (121.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (235).jpg)

File: 57976869ddcaff6⋯.jpg (257.43 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, shotacon (237).jpg)

File: a7258a53f4eaf62⋯.jpg (189.57 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, shotacon (239).jpg)


File: 74ef9ace784631b⋯.jpg (209.39 KB, 1200x875, 48:35, shotacon (245).jpg)

File: 5f6a8a896ca86b6⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 700x820, 35:41, shotacon (241).jpg)

File: 7b02a500a65a540⋯.jpg (491.69 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, shotacon (242).jpg)

File: 5e9721238c6aa76⋯.jpg (320.87 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, shotacon (243).jpg)

File: 8524ea12533d247⋯.jpg (192.67 KB, 1200x875, 48:35, shotacon (244).jpg)


File: d5900650794b578⋯.jpg (887.31 KB, 1280x1096, 160:137, shotacon (247).jpg)

File: 549caa50957f949⋯.jpg (136.35 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (248).jpg)

File: e41f46018f797b8⋯.jpg (188.25 KB, 975x750, 13:10, shotacon (249).jpg)

File: 829a8247ebad3b9⋯.jpg (416.86 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, shotacon (250).jpg)

File: 67f22c1a50481dd⋯.jpg (475.2 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, shotacon (251).jpg)


File: 59fd29f3fac53a6⋯.jpg (617.37 KB, 1169x826, 167:118, shotacon (259).jpg)

File: cc60f08b0b865ac⋯.jpg (241.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, shotacon (253).jpg)

File: 636b21d1d4c1d92⋯.jpg (179.63 KB, 850x600, 17:12, shotacon (255).jpg)

File: f875d5769cb6621⋯.jpg (90.31 KB, 640x808, 80:101, shotacon (257).jpg)

File: 4f0dc2b4465e2b7⋯.jpg (115.75 KB, 850x680, 5:4, shotacon (258).jpg)


File: 62cec6d8c2f19c0⋯.jpg (118.43 KB, 850x601, 850:601, shotacon (266).jpg)

File: 15f4dd6fda2273d⋯.jpg (399.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (262).jpg)

File: 246b788166bd771⋯.jpg (653.12 KB, 963x1400, 963:1400, shotacon (263).jpg)

File: fe2ade03bbd0e42⋯.jpg (145.92 KB, 1091x844, 1091:844, shotacon (264).jpg)

File: 7d87dcc1390650b⋯.jpg (181.72 KB, 841x1200, 841:1200, shotacon (265).jpg)


File: 3a14b6a2c3bea94⋯.jpg (331.32 KB, 900x2200, 9:22, shotacon (271).jpg)

File: 296fd3b9dc2f0c7⋯.jpg (391.3 KB, 882x1000, 441:500, shotacon (267).jpg)

File: b01e8b9adf25ccc⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, shotacon (268).jpg)

File: 7d580c88d09413d⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 421x600, 421:600, shotacon (269).jpg)

File: c64a40c5abaf910⋯.jpg (234.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (270).jpg)


File: af17f85b6515d71⋯.jpg (185.23 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (272).jpg)

File: b7383df5498c4e8⋯.jpg (155.29 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (273).jpg)

File: a8ae4af35d79acd⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (274).jpg)

File: 6c66aef2595b437⋯.jpg (371.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (275).jpg)

File: d3588131d02d53a⋯.jpg (276.87 KB, 828x1380, 3:5, shotacon (276).jpg)


File: 34ab443906ddbae⋯.jpg (86.07 KB, 700x607, 700:607, shotacon (281).jpg)

File: fcb3ffd59d5bcdb⋯.jpg (355.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, shotacon (277).jpg)

File: 9561719a614d2b6⋯.jpg (308.75 KB, 900x1800, 1:2, shotacon (278).jpg)

File: 65b744dea3b062e⋯.jpg (159.35 KB, 850x604, 425:302, shotacon (279).jpg)

File: 3a58b5a19f1eb86⋯.jpg (446.49 KB, 1024x787, 1024:787, shotacon (280).jpg)


File: 3c6d8d444b4664d⋯.jpg (327.78 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (282).jpg)

File: 821debc50b06521⋯.jpg (388.8 KB, 630x840, 3:4, shotacon (284).jpg)

File: 4f3f8b88203f269⋯.jpg (128.38 KB, 1200x562, 600:281, shotacon (285).jpg)

File: 6f9df95c95bb683⋯.jpg (503.37 KB, 1043x870, 1043:870, shotacon (286).jpg)

File: 57b71e2fd7b763f⋯.jpg (135.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shotacon (287).jpg)


File: f56495927a3a476⋯.jpg (128 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, shotacon (292).jpg)

File: 516a374e655e472⋯.jpg (247.96 KB, 850x713, 850:713, shotacon (288).jpg)

File: 5aa282d2c1634fe⋯.jpg (459.53 KB, 722x945, 722:945, shotacon (289).jpg)

File: 34853dc0009c0fb⋯.jpg (183.65 KB, 1200x1418, 600:709, shotacon (290).jpg)

File: cd04661f66550b3⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 827x620, 827:620, shotacon (291).jpg)


File: 100e0cd61ee664e⋯.jpg (765.84 KB, 1698x1200, 283:200, shotacon (298).jpg)

File: 68f271a7c65d5d6⋯.jpg (256.05 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, shotacon (293).jpg)

File: ec5bb08a74e6fd9⋯.jpg (325.57 KB, 800x1033, 800:1033, shotacon (294).jpg)

File: bcf46f2057c9711⋯.jpg (251.34 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, shotacon (295).jpg)

File: 4ab631a5c98c69f⋯.jpg (160.09 KB, 801x562, 801:562, shotacon (296).jpg)


File: 730c5cfec7a6fcd⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 560x560, 1:1, shotacon (303).jpg)

File: 4f84c005f6e57a7⋯.jpg (496.95 KB, 1000x809, 1000:809, shotacon (299).jpg)

File: 5a1990c480eabcf⋯.jpg (118.39 KB, 1200x436, 300:109, shotacon (300).jpg)

File: 342ad865e64fe0d⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 730x2171, 730:2171, shotacon (301).jpg)

File: 3735af09d75917f⋯.jpg (378.69 KB, 770x1026, 385:513, shotacon (302).jpg)


File: b6be224138c3771⋯.jpg (107.51 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, shotacon (308).jpg)

File: 4866dfe4547e9d5⋯.jpg (554.95 KB, 636x900, 53:75, shotacon (304).jpg)

File: fa2f1d9ab562b63⋯.jpg (99.46 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, shotacon (305).jpg)

File: e7ee7ddbc474403⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 1060x806, 530:403, shotacon (306).jpg)

File: ce2c66ad0dbf7ec⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, shotacon (307).jpg)


File: 72caece450740ef⋯.jpg (143.01 KB, 1200x834, 200:139, shotacon (313).JPG)

File: 9839a184cfd544f⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (309).jpg)

File: 8ac9e4c29c4aac5⋯.jpg (126.53 KB, 560x420, 4:3, shotacon (310).jpg)

File: d2eeb607d6264f7⋯.jpg (276.93 KB, 1074x907, 1074:907, shotacon (311).jpg)

File: 106f6eaf24c231a⋯.jpg (856.75 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, shotacon (312).jpg)


File: fd3900cee3ae326⋯.jpg (303.74 KB, 1019x625, 1019:625, shotacon (318).jpg)

File: 62489169f3e0b9a⋯.jpg (274.68 KB, 1048x1500, 262:375, shotacon (314).jpg)

File: e6255bfd6a1c4d7⋯.jpg (215.35 KB, 1280x752, 80:47, shotacon (315).jpg)

File: e9a8ca0ddae32d4⋯.jpg (789.73 KB, 1107x1600, 1107:1600, shotacon (316).jpg)

File: be973a925d9c046⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 623x850, 623:850, shotacon (317).jpg)


File: a7317e27f68930d⋯.jpg (167.96 KB, 700x950, 14:19, shotacon (323).jpg)

File: 18a4455ed7dbb0b⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 1076x701, 1076:701, shotacon (319).jpg)

File: 54466cc49d216ad⋯.jpg (190.9 KB, 700x950, 14:19, shotacon (320).jpg)

File: 92b3bf9ed4c2c62⋯.jpg (258.4 KB, 900x1100, 9:11, shotacon (321).jpg)

File: 92740db751a7be0⋯.jpg (182.58 KB, 700x950, 14:19, shotacon (322).jpg)


File: 386d95d0d64dcca⋯.jpg (419.69 KB, 1100x2200, 1:2, shotacon (328).jpg)

File: 1f38d58c3c13346⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 566x800, 283:400, shotacon (324).jpg)

File: 92871f1594b0e91⋯.jpg (289.63 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, shotacon (325).jpg)

File: 9f7b83dbcd5b675⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 850x917, 850:917, shotacon (326).jpg)

File: 586b770faeda46b⋯.jpg (250.81 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, shotacon (327).jpg)


File: f6b6dff5e2cca5d⋯.jpg (290 KB, 850x1020, 5:6, shotacon (334).jpg)

File: 0db0086e9665908⋯.jpg (223.71 KB, 900x1100, 9:11, shotacon (329).jpg)

File: 2b6556a9cb99abe⋯.jpg (165.64 KB, 1121x528, 1121:528, shotacon (330).jpg)

File: 671108676dd8b58⋯.jpg (158.89 KB, 850x588, 425:294, shotacon (332).jpg)

File: ffeac82b2bbb75e⋯.jpg (368.54 KB, 850x1168, 425:584, shotacon (333).jpg)


File: e5c4f24ba7c9f1e⋯.jpg (267.51 KB, 850x695, 170:139, shotacon (339).jpg)

File: 469900e9bc5288b⋯.jpg (118.15 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (335).jpg)

File: e8d8fd482752baa⋯.jpg (164.25 KB, 850x708, 425:354, shotacon (336).jpg)

File: 5d332ee6521e04e⋯.jpg (286.65 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (337).jpg)

File: 8eebacff5713070⋯.jpg (242.64 KB, 850x534, 425:267, shotacon (338).jpg)


File: daa43beb21608b2⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 850x1229, 850:1229, shotacon (345).jpg)

File: 434db28965d1511⋯.jpg (262.62 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, shotacon (340).jpg)

File: c3bb26dc498eade⋯.jpg (405.26 KB, 850x990, 85:99, shotacon (341).jpg)

File: f5f3ceeb62304de⋯.jpg (176.89 KB, 850x618, 425:309, shotacon (342).jpg)

File: a87584d91af6ea0⋯.jpg (165.41 KB, 850x618, 425:309, shotacon (343).jpg)


File: ac5ca117c160262⋯.jpg (122.48 KB, 850x1031, 850:1031, shotacon (350).jpg)

File: e4e31507bda257f⋯.jpg (351.66 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (346).jpg)

File: 869b18dc19074a2⋯.jpg (121.61 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, shotacon (347).jpg)

File: f33129b2d64b87c⋯.jpg (472.52 KB, 850x1105, 10:13, shotacon (348).jpg)

File: 11a5fdf0c217bca⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (349).jpg)


File: e6bdc04bd329a31⋯.jpg (131.63 KB, 850x655, 170:131, shotacon (358).jpg)

File: 3f7ae4ade0edd85⋯.jpg (333.36 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (351).jpg)

File: 3a46a1c97b9bea2⋯.jpg (287.44 KB, 850x682, 425:341, shotacon (352).jpg)

File: e9834ab582087d2⋯.jpg (260.71 KB, 850x1187, 850:1187, shotacon (354).jpg)

File: 6a0b722e6bb2414⋯.jpg (138.4 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (356).jpg)


File: d65c9c3481a954a⋯.jpg (161.21 KB, 850x588, 425:294, shotacon (363).jpg)

File: 8bcb5ceb0a0fa9c⋯.jpg (263.09 KB, 849x653, 849:653, shotacon (359).jpg)

File: 090f88bd99aa8ac⋯.jpg (101.59 KB, 850x680, 5:4, shotacon (360).jpg)

File: 931cb2b4f675278⋯.jpg (370.97 KB, 850x690, 85:69, shotacon (361).jpg)

File: 389d508717539d6⋯.jpg (444.09 KB, 850x617, 850:617, shotacon (362).jpg)


File: 78a8fdebdd81615⋯.jpg (428.85 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, shotacon (369).jpg)

File: 71e83ad80506468⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (365).jpg)

File: 59a788ee149d2b4⋯.jpg (231.36 KB, 850x1323, 850:1323, shotacon (366).jpg)

File: 742ab4534848f3d⋯.jpg (315.5 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (367).jpg)

File: d99831ebb5c77c9⋯.jpg (376.75 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (368).jpg)


File: f09e44c82202e9d⋯.jpg (193.76 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (375).jpg)

File: 22c813d07485904⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 850x1212, 425:606, shotacon (370).jpg)

File: fc82abde1187b56⋯.jpg (221.25 KB, 850x566, 425:283, shotacon (371).jpg)

File: e87b8e05254a3b7⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 850x1199, 850:1199, shotacon (372).jpg)

File: ec9b83a8c7faf2f⋯.jpg (407.9 KB, 850x637, 850:637, shotacon (374).jpg)


File: 2201cb5864fb149⋯.jpg (376.15 KB, 850x615, 170:123, shotacon (376).jpg)

File: eed40dd18aaa6c1⋯.jpg (129.76 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (377).jpg)

File: 35e05986548a3a5⋯.jpg (387.12 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, shotacon (378).jpg)

File: c3ce6fbf07e5772⋯.jpg (144.03 KB, 800x1180, 40:59, shotacon (379).jpg)

File: 358ca8af873b99e⋯.jpg (155.68 KB, 1200x603, 400:201, shotacon (380).jpg)


File: ca3627722b34d17⋯.jpg (439.4 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (386).jpg)

File: b84aa3cd8e5e5b6⋯.jpg (165.08 KB, 1200x790, 120:79, shotacon (381).jpg)

File: 91db1ef0393c9d4⋯.jpg (267.16 KB, 1200x1695, 80:113, shotacon (382).jpg)

File: e56eb2e5d777634⋯.jpg (665.74 KB, 1200x4941, 400:1647, shotacon (383).jpg)

File: d6e4ae99713dcbd⋯.jpg (159.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (384).jpg)


File: 862f63ba7e29e17⋯.jpg (366.02 KB, 660x1003, 660:1003, shotacon (392).jpg)

File: c9eee4275c9181b⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 832x1307, 832:1307, shotacon (387).jpg)

File: e8a48a7e8340c64⋯.jpg (374.78 KB, 1026x849, 342:283, shotacon (389).jpg)

File: a6178b161081996⋯.jpg (428.95 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (390).jpg)

File: 062bfcb62efcb9d⋯.jpg (465.43 KB, 960x960, 1:1, shotacon (391).jpg)


File: d71da210cafd80b⋯.jpg (647.85 KB, 1022x1417, 1022:1417, shotacon (399).jpg)

File: 2175f748ece5fdd⋯.jpg (915.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shotacon (393).jpg)

File: 907287d9de985b4⋯.jpg (594.18 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, shotacon (394).jpg)

File: 8d31d2e30b67781⋯.jpg (152.12 KB, 566x800, 283:400, shotacon (396).jpg)

File: d61660ff2616595⋯.jpg (360.8 KB, 1358x960, 679:480, shotacon (398).jpg)


File: 0a7d4ca24ef9d60⋯.jpg (256.7 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (404).jpg)

File: 1d0eed9932c7474⋯.jpg (546.55 KB, 1000x1434, 500:717, shotacon (400).jpg)

File: b5fdf0593d98d55⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 492x448, 123:112, shotacon (401).jpg)

File: aa8c99296a26169⋯.jpg (310.94 KB, 823x700, 823:700, shotacon (402).jpg)

File: de12c86f60bb009⋯.jpg (282.54 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, shotacon (403).jpg)


File: c4c221c2bd69d7e⋯.jpg (597.61 KB, 1579x1116, 1579:1116, shotacon (405).jpg)

File: 005bcbda85c56b4⋯.jpg (384.15 KB, 960x800, 6:5, shotacon (407).jpg)

File: ec55de768f80991⋯.jpg (418.06 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, shotacon (408).jpg)

File: 9040ebd20281029⋯.jpg (409 KB, 800x800, 1:1, shotacon (409).jpg)

File: ff8014e0cf1bcf9⋯.jpg (222.13 KB, 1240x825, 248:165, shotacon (410).jpg)


File: 2b120d81569f1ce⋯.jpg (150.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, shotacon (411).jpg)


man I am bored



High quality stuff right there!

Seen a good few of them before i think

have any of you guys heard Damon Albarn's stuff outside of Gorillaz?


File: e5a20032afa2bac⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 750x553, 750:553, b27de7d2ef3b09747267fe9bfb….jpg)

File: db49bed367aaef1⋯.jpg (330.08 KB, 855x936, 95:104, ca8116f768446b0707f9f9b36f….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Good afternoon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


forgot the song aha

up to anything fun?


File: d518e75735add21⋯.swf (531.77 KB, 43 - Erin Esurance.swf)


on /loomis/

looking at tutorials


File: 7e8857b0fd20501⋯.png (216.67 KB, 841x949, 841:949, 1436301064506.png)


Any particular reason?


File: d315b7666dfaf04⋯.swf (5.29 MB, MidnaFuck.swf)


nope, nothing left to do


File: 8e7b2fe77d3a927⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 342041-watashi-ga-motenai-….jpg)


nothing at all? not even shitty vidya to play?


File: ebeb35a71354177⋯.swf (6.73 MB, 51 - Juri Han.swf)



something that wanted to play ended with psychonauts


File: ef5b6a0ec39887d⋯.png (385.5 KB, 750x562, 375:281, hqdefault.png)


pschonauts like someone who really likes to take psychedelic drugs?


File: d315b7666dfaf04⋯.swf (5.29 MB, MidnaFuck.swf)

File: 6f25157b71688a0⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)


older game




sounds really familiar but i haven't played it


File: 31e687e9eab833e⋯.swf (6.69 MB, 52 - Jenny Wakeman.swf)


platformer from double find

not bad, even now





File: 208fcfa3d9161ff⋯.jpg (200.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Welp.jpg)


What other games do they do?

My taste is shit, i'm a big Dark Souls fan

used to be bigger into it but the PvP is fucking horrible


File: 1b1724db0a7e91b⋯.swf (5.71 MB, 26 - Raven 2.swf)

File: a280febb1591e04⋯.png (549.29 KB, 1736x241, 1736:241, game.png)


in that case nothing you would like



I played Brutal Legend and thought it was interesting

not my favorite game but i played it drunk a bunch hahaha


File: 98abdefa7bee10b⋯.gif (3.75 MB, 468x272, 117:68, 98abdefa7bee10be74ff16b76b….gif)


well, if you want some other porn

let me now



any mind break?


File: cdf920b19f8f82d⋯.gif (909.06 KB, 600x534, 100:89, ab893df04eaaec9df02d37413c….gif)





that works

I've seen that one before, nice


File: b9cfbea282b8b45⋯.jpg (268.51 KB, 1200x901, 1200:901, 3d7500f9524633c1f833a20cf4….jpg)

File: 64ebf150abc5515⋯.jpg (250.5 KB, 1058x900, 529:450, 0cee29d20d4b93dcbb87d9b281….jpg)

File: 184254c787e656c⋯.jpg (78.47 KB, 1075x1093, 1075:1093, 1c5544216cb4cb1a96585a9106….jpg)

File: d5a92926383a4a2⋯.jpg (500.7 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 1d7b6807461058c1658ae1fa80….jpg)

File: a415f0040313738⋯.jpg (567.3 KB, 800x1119, 800:1119, 2ea5b1c399259243e6caa9ae5b….jpg)


not much, mind break and hypno can NTR at times


File: 7a5cf126fcef5d8⋯.jpg (164.04 KB, 1200x1025, 48:41, 7b05d4a2d1732583aeac95b327….jpg)

File: 859f818bd2167c4⋯.png (301.17 KB, 508x856, 127:214, 3e731e6e70971f39ae91bc9fa4….png)

File: fad3ec5e1c1608b⋯.jpg (453.67 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 5cb2d4ce14a4ef35274880b519….jpg)

File: 5e72a6c14ed688d⋯.png (548.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5d5eb4d8a026213ee8bb384e85….png)

File: d083b03c5cf9460⋯.png (473.68 KB, 655x1000, 131:200, 5r4cbI7.png)


File: cb6f6f9db7db85a⋯.jpg (207.2 KB, 850x706, 425:353, 7c973b93d210ab259441f73f74….jpg)

File: a81fcc30b98ecda⋯.jpg (206.37 KB, 700x947, 700:947, 7sGIbxx.jpg)

File: e929012313ffbc7⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 500x1060, 25:53, 08e6bbf8d3e374d3db62dbc667….jpg)

File: af2c5192dba5215⋯.jpg (120.93 KB, 1200x644, 300:161, 8d90a196187de2a1f2730c82e1….jpg)

File: b90e92e7120e180⋯.jpg (384.32 KB, 800x1048, 100:131, 09b8548d684c27d0fa8e790d89….jpg)


File: f4420dcfe43ee94⋯.jpg (593.94 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 46d559f081d86d0b411f0b6d33….jpg)

File: df6ac7714aeafdb⋯.jpg (135.08 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 15kzY6l.jpg)

File: e777499fb501e7e⋯.jpg (99.14 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 23c307e353743b99e12d908b21….jpg)

File: 3ee3ecd7c199d2d⋯.png (424.05 KB, 976x1134, 488:567, 27b56e53a884da81d6a29788b4….png)

File: 0f085d0f3ecd3a1⋯.jpg (181.27 KB, 803x929, 803:929, 36b8b5a0b09e3c9e7220348644….jpg)


File: 1263ae23f17ec7f⋯.jpg (191.14 KB, 931x800, 931:800, 92Bi2oW.jpg)

File: dbf72f019a49eba⋯.jpg (126.13 KB, 1200x744, 50:31, 54ef290d14e296dbf3c165a32f….jpg)

File: 60f94fe26b30adb⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 55ea3ca7469314aff9b018a496….png)

File: d3982340267d2de⋯.jpg (107.55 KB, 1200x1282, 600:641, 63c291fbe6f4bcdf40c001a231….jpg)

File: e60b0df88ff7c57⋯.jpg (79.64 KB, 1200x994, 600:497, 77a29bf483704e73843ae05a33….jpg)


File: 43462282eaefb17⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1151b4d3f1db8d34b7e14ced58….gif)

File: 8e81b2cb0bdd0c1⋯.jpg (510.93 KB, 756x1052, 189:263, 99f1ede77bff9ba562c75990fc….jpg)

File: 74eeeeff9ec252e⋯.jpg (230.96 KB, 769x1200, 769:1200, 106e71a664e20e0f71d52c12de….jpg)

File: ad86589e41d5978⋯.jpg (315.54 KB, 616x800, 77:100, 319a50e16ad2ed14303c288ae6….jpg)

File: 0ef7beb77adaf91⋯.jpg (241.83 KB, 900x995, 180:199, 542cc7fd7bddfdce49e1631387….jpg)


File: d6018f4d37721e2⋯.jpg (126.18 KB, 798x590, 399:295, 0183324de65ca34675cb1f90e7….jpg)

File: 4c2119a0ea364e6⋯.jpg (437.71 KB, 1200x1714, 600:857, 4934d4bc25aa54d043f797e559….jpg)

File: bd6f0d31b28e954⋯.jpg (372.96 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 11726f00a0a67ce36a764a0ca8….jpg)

File: 01ff0a212b05ed9⋯.gif (692.26 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 50342b79231fd1c0469b819adf….gif)

File: f21ddaf55c626b0⋯.png (582.85 KB, 1024x960, 16:15, 66440b0ffe8cb36a2c1117bc2e….png)


File: 8878d2b84ee2207⋯.jpg (818.87 KB, 1113x1257, 371:419, 1427535459797-2.jpg)

File: 2b9354cea976b73⋯.jpg (339.91 KB, 1200x2682, 200:447, 734856fbe5d4d987beab0b7576….jpg)

File: 4e0afc578f22a07⋯.png (218.25 KB, 413x512, 413:512, 103135153.PNG)

File: c95559a3e3fb043⋯.jpg (201.41 KB, 1104x1000, 138:125, 1424443912613.jpg)

File: 404b2374da783af⋯.png (336.59 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1427535459797-1.png)


File: 5f5445ca9d8dd7d⋯.png (940.35 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1427535560838-2.png)

File: 792ce4c8b27ea35⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 1427535459797-3.png)

File: dcdc95ddd880709⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1427535459797-4.png)

File: 76690b34ee861ad⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 1750x1000, 7:4, 1427535560838-0.gif)

File: 0d3b0f4fb32d402⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 800x953, 800:953, 1427535560838-1.jpg)


File: 2f3c2d65a0e04bf⋯.jpg (606.27 KB, 1488x2105, 1488:2105, 1427535852273-3.jpg)

File: a7a46d42f9998ac⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1427535560838-3.jpg)

File: 910d7dfec633149⋯.jpg (307.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1427535852273-0.jpg)

File: 29b52ee4d8a36c1⋯.jpg (406.05 KB, 2500x1200, 25:12, 1427535852273-1.jpg)

File: baaad9f1356fd6b⋯.png (685.94 KB, 650x844, 325:422, 1427535852273-2.png)


File: df4fd52c875af43⋯.gif (477.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1427536373291-3.gif)

File: ed730a8e32bb230⋯.png (833.79 KB, 800x872, 100:109, 1427535852273-4.png)

File: 91149fb6e61edda⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1427536373291-0.webm)

File: e9d3cf376bcbeb1⋯.png (380.65 KB, 400x243, 400:243, 1427536373291-1.png)

File: d215270981b7b9d⋯.gif (466.85 KB, 710x1000, 71:100, 1427536373291-2.gif)


File: 17addf46b220a67⋯.jpg (300.18 KB, 829x1200, 829:1200, 1427536673609-4.jpg)

File: 5c3e937b5dc56a4⋯.jpg (174.59 KB, 948x800, 237:200, 1427536373291-4.jpg)

File: 0eee700e58fd670⋯.jpg (280.55 KB, 1200x420, 20:7, 1427536673609-0.jpg)

File: b8d65661d579c52⋯.jpg (108.18 KB, 847x944, 847:944, 1427536673609-2.png.jpg)

File: a2244d20f435876⋯.jpg (172.23 KB, 1200x365, 240:73, 1427536673609-3.jpg)


File: 1ee64ecf071a5bc⋯.png (232 KB, 528x608, 33:38, 1448254056780-2.png)

File: 1d41720d84c78c6⋯.jpg (146.68 KB, 701x1000, 701:1000, 1448253981101-1.jpg)

File: 51e2ecacb92ffa7⋯.png (3 MB, 1683x2178, 17:22, 1448253981101-3.png)

File: 2761cf77bc3f5fb⋯.jpg (426.5 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1448254056779-0.jpg)

File: 72cfd209ad3197b⋯.jpg (164.9 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1448254056779-1.jpg)


File: cf8d2d7e850937d⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, a50dd722faf98a57a844318753….png)

File: f5ca5b66e84fe67⋯.jpg (213.85 KB, 700x727, 700:727, 1448254056780-3.jpg)

File: 6b1335e56717fa0⋯.jpg (200.07 KB, 850x1207, 50:71, 1449991262617-4.jpg)

File: abc617df0cf3d71⋯.png (2.72 MB, 2014x2014, 1:1, 1451442874200.png)

File: 3a4a32e6061eedc⋯.jpg (201.64 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, a2a806a406d68ff3a62f47c997….jpg)


File: ca8f20a7831745b⋯.png (958.85 KB, 756x1052, 189:263, ae028635611dd821722ede0508….png)

File: 9e365bfd14610bf⋯.jpg (174.67 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, a90dac0275d584575b408bae95….jpg)

File: 37d03e735faceff⋯.jpg (435.53 KB, 848x1182, 424:591, a7378571794ea48af237036207….jpg)

File: cdf920b19f8f82d⋯.gif (909.06 KB, 600x534, 100:89, ab893df04eaaec9df02d37413c….gif)

File: b779f38aadcd002⋯.jpg (257.1 KB, 1200x1424, 75:89, ab2864aa9c1ad80ca176a3aa46….jpg)


File: 86c15869f5460de⋯.jpg (358.82 KB, 1553x1181, 1553:1181, EST8IxF.jpg)

File: f016bc08bccaca7⋯.gif (995.64 KB, 600x740, 30:37, b435fe9a55589a2e89dc0cf99b….gif)

File: a411b59c665c144⋯.jpg (543.51 KB, 834x1276, 417:638, c5ad469cf775bb97003d4a8546….jpg)

File: 80f3b0067ef3353⋯.jpg (451.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ca26cb88e6253ff4dc45d148a5….jpg)

File: 780e0b0c866d606⋯.gif (741.29 KB, 250x250, 1:1, da0e2a7bf666f80ba32b14d33d….gif)


File: 1db110cad9fd88f⋯.jpg (521.06 KB, 871x1200, 871:1200, f193701617a74fdda154bc190a….jpg)

File: 72a9fcedfd84b68⋯.png (1.16 MB, 723x1023, 241:341, f0b7f24d0377fadf48194a8830….png)

File: 488e294d071d72a⋯.jpg (179.12 KB, 793x1200, 793:1200, F60NSKd.jpg)

File: 15066e730129d2f⋯.jpg (60.26 KB, 545x800, 109:160, f112b45710241f29587d1ab63b….jpg)

File: ff268d5d2416028⋯.jpg (818.34 KB, 1000x988, 250:247, f421a06c88668b5f42c6252311….jpg)


File: 6308f29ee858bc7⋯.jpg (187.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hypnohub 2020 bondage brow….jpg)

File: 816de20029837fd⋯.png (369.8 KB, 510x680, 3:4, gd2aFLy.png)

File: 85a367ba6fb9249⋯.jpg (150.89 KB, 800x1133, 800:1133, gWUHnPQ.jpg)

File: 720252b3fcaffef⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 800x642, 400:321, hypno.gif)

File: 49ea18bc06e2c79⋯.gif (285.26 KB, 900x886, 450:443, hypnohub 759 animated_gif ….gif)


File: 871dd499fa29022⋯.png (705.22 KB, 732x1035, 244:345, unWoUvm.png)

File: 722a3989e07a068⋯.png (325.79 KB, 909x600, 303:200, hypnohub 9503 crossdressin….png)

File: 2272e2e8fe22931⋯.jpg (189.25 KB, 800x873, 800:873, hypnohub.jpg)

File: ef5aa415c23a92c⋯.jpg (286.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, K7ox0eX.jpg)

File: e33e6873a03d002⋯.jpg (223.87 KB, 800x864, 25:27, lBBKmUw.jpg)


File: 98b599cabfaf82b⋯.jpg (234.91 KB, 1130x600, 113:60, YHL6GtG.jpg)

File: 2e9a499ed5dc60e⋯.jpg (248.15 KB, 1116x600, 93:50, v4VNw1w.jpg)

File: 83103047f5844f2⋯.jpg (180.09 KB, 1200x775, 48:31, XS5rS8j.jpg)



damn thanks a million dude!!

NTR is a big turn off for me but hypno stuff is great


File: e59538768c724b0⋯.jpg (154.52 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 25c629a7f076410e54a0b67874….jpg)

File: e5011825ab3fcce⋯.png (38.98 KB, 452x442, 226:221, 6d80ae0ba8ffc042a5c09dc4ff….png)

File: dbc1b66be24e9fd⋯.gif (335.74 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1427833243706-0.gif)


File: ec637352ea13d32⋯.jpg (154.48 KB, 935x1200, 187:240, 0bc7083469911fe5234b90ced8….jpg)

How are you guys doing?


File: 6a5f4a8c497e81b⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, NDI51ev.png)


back from work


File: 34ca15ecc0b2f8d⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 97e3d2a092e2022f739c2297d9….gif)


File: f5c08fd103b9fc1⋯.png (174.6 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20170715-022006.png)

>tfw sea breeze comes into you

>tfw he gets jealous of noun

>These abstract feels

>the noun deletes his Tumblr because ceb asked what's wrong with me.

I could be wrong about the why he deleted it but the timing of when he asked and the deleting are super close. Either or I cried.

>tfw no one will care but me


File: feb101cddfa1bc8⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1.jpg)


File: 50fc8a0e3dcdfc4⋯.png (1.64 MB, 910x1100, 91:110, tumblr_okupsjo85I1rww0upo1….png)


File: 330845f3daed815⋯.jpg (118.49 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1446574827489.jpg)



File: 2fbfdc48d063b65⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 202x200, 101:100, 1446494798699.jpg)


File: 81d76c2bac854fa⋯.jpg (215.53 KB, 640x641, 640:641, 81d76c2bac854fa8f4987006dc….jpg)


What do you mean by that


File: 225ec2746e65ae1⋯.png (280.1 KB, 638x638, 1:1, 225ec2746e65ae1425429f6943….png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 66c7f05dbd4f4a5⋯.png (412.57 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 1.png)

good morning, in the afternoon!


File: 3ff2b030cd22492⋯.jpg (656.28 KB, 966x1250, 483:625, 3ff2b030cd224923fbcb44b482….jpg)


buenas tardes


File: b44d54d96f6f442⋯.png (253.78 KB, 500x489, 500:489, 1a4a7f24f52329a8d48c4c9971….png)




File: 12e38a0439d85ee⋯.png (374.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, thisOnesIsVylee✿.png)

Guten Abend.


File: 59ba62a3eb6809b⋯.png (621.21 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 60082708_p0.png)

I can't tell if machine translations are messing with me, or if I'm misremembering.


File: 812f401c58db4ce⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, be5fd94b1486e5bced693d1293….jpg)

How is everyone's day/night going?


File: 96a65fc022fee90⋯.jpg (123.93 KB, 1115x968, 1115:968, 4bd856fa4330b51c63f1a0dd9c….jpg)



Up to anything fun?


File: 1afd3a75c84c855⋯.jpg (134.91 KB, 1013x847, 1013:847, 5Jf4ADc.jpg)


File: 7314e62b7b950d9⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x281, 500:281, HDD.gif)


File: 925486f7cb902ae⋯.jpg (107.07 KB, 500x1291, 500:1291, 4c1fee3482d312d6515972552f….jpg)


nothing to talk about today.

you think we'll be to mod our genes in the coming years?


File: 3227337c283a7ba⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, OiBySuJ.jpg)


It already happens in plants. Im sure they either have tested on animals or are planning to

It cant really be done on humans because of the certain law against it. Experiments cant be done on humans if they cause permanent damage. And modifying your genes can potentially cause that



not all place have those stupid laws


File: 8c81aa63c3b4749⋯.gif (818.22 KB, 500x602, 250:301, 8c8.gif)


hmm I suppose so. Still gonna be kinda hard to get to a point in which its considered safe though.

Its really interesting to think about the nazi experiments. Sure, it wasnt a great thing to do to the individuals. But it provided science for how humans work in the long run. Im not quite sure what they did though


File: 61b4092eab8e3c7⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 69015.gif)


we didn't get the data from what the nazis did, we did get it from the nips tho



What is the nips

Sorry I got caught up talking to people and discussing music


File: 8538f20589f0b50⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 819x410, 819:410, 20d0e12cc34cce05a5d10d0903….jpg)


the japanese

it is fine

Deviant's Episode 10 is out


Psssst. Stop being so dead, thread!


File: 4c802dc0de4fe16⋯.png (93.52 KB, 303x285, 101:95, i_want_to_capture_womans.png)


File: 8c258cb972e5fd3⋯.png (273.77 KB, 640x720, 8:9, (you) 8c258cb972e5fd3e4542….png)


File: 0362a4ce049f4d3⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 470x647, 470:647, 7dae0b7332faea3b2add67f7ed….jpg)


oh wow. Would you look at who the OP of this thread is


File: 48335903b58f909⋯.gif (117.78 KB, 421x248, 421:248, 1415494841383.gif)


Y-yeah, some internet weirdo posting my images, mhmmm!


File: 7c05940cdc28035⋯.gif (238.63 KB, 188x225, 188:225, 1435859250092.gif)


File: 5137f40dc46c73f⋯.gif (128.93 KB, 500x575, 20:23, 65e157f0ac51c78fc532ad88b0….gif)


wtf is that. Johnny and Sarah from Ed Edd and Eddy's kid? After meth?


File: 4053c1f70ab7000⋯.jpg (238.97 KB, 850x1190, 5:7, 5de378d13f6965cc67423046b1….jpg)


Clarissa by Jason Yungbluth



it looks gross


File: 621aa572992780e⋯.gif (800.75 KB, 1200x1878, 200:313, page 1.gif)


I liked it


good night



nite monsteranon~


File: 5a0c57ffdb327a7⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1.png)


File: 26e73fa007a43da⋯.jpg (972.12 KB, 2560x1329, 2560:1329, 1438724303169-1.jpg)



post him with no clothes


Do you happen to be around, Clan?


File: 4cff77f4147d191⋯.jpg (89.69 KB, 1000x1268, 250:317, 202e9497d0c86e2318f578650c….jpg)


File: 270f8a80525faf4⋯.jpeg (165.32 KB, 600x927, 200:309, 0d006026a4111279a08f44b5b….jpeg)


If you remember, have you done anything with the idea for a poem?


File: ee88c1b68407863⋯.jpg (251.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, IllyasvielVonEinzbernfull3….jpg)


Not really. I've been working long-ass shifts for the past three days, and it kinda has me dead inside.



That's rough dude! Is your job pretty strenuous?


File: 039d08f093eb645⋯.png (126.63 KB, 589x251, 589:251, de4dd5c147e9515b62f253852a….png)


Just tedious, really.


File: 6458b93e38b91fc⋯.jpg (244.3 KB, 1024x948, 256:237, aa4082da3c78e5b9a305c83772….jpg)


Oh, tedium, especially in work fucking blows, i hate it with a passion. When i work i just destroy my body hahah.


File: 99491e9ca32121e⋯.jpg (121.2 KB, 602x817, 14:19, 99491e9ca32121e396138d55a7….jpg)


Yeah, it's pretty soul-crushing. I need the shitty paycheck tho


File: c2b39389b7dc08d⋯.jpg (67.59 KB, 800x450, 16:9, _fate_zero__kiritsugu_emiy….jpg)


How do you deal with it? Also if you don't mind me asking, what do you do?


File: 91fdfdd2aaf4525⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 4e150c44be48cb60755cd812dd….jpg)


I don't know, I just drone through it. Nicotine helps tho. I should be getting to bed now, see you later man



Sure can help, take it easy dude!


File: 16eb40e81390c4c⋯.jpg (104.92 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 16eb40e81390c4cf7652d8b680….jpg)

Why did the chicken cross the road?


File: 7cec392f5563711⋯.png (284.73 KB, 772x753, 772:753, __anchovy_kanzaki_ranko_an….png)


File: 8a47b4d25eadf20⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 192x228, 16:19, i don't know 01.jpg)


File: 3926c1b6b01e685⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1872x1838, 936:919, 210.jpg)


To get to the other side!


File: a3206ed30248350⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1500x2200, 15:22, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_mas….png)




File: 6864eabacc5f9b9⋯.png (485.86 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 6864eabacc5f9b96ba8bf3a8f3….png)


Yum, fresh fish~


File: 19a734ca6ae37cf⋯.jpg (157.83 KB, 486x1456, 243:728, __hibiki_and_inazuma_kanta….jpg)


the other joke is explained in the comments


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't get it. Silly Fins.



Hey there.


File: fcfd9613c44a951⋯.jpg (207.89 KB, 969x1400, 969:1400, 4e36a01155cd9b0def951bf706….jpg)




File: bd4dd3887c28088⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 184x220, 46:55, and what else.jpg)


That's me.

A reasonably nice picture, that one. How did you sleep?


File: b606db572b31ea6⋯.png (1001.89 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 2007232 - Alien Xenomorph ….png)


I had a dream that I made a home in a abandoned building, then got kicked out, then I was a teacher that left my class to xenomorph


File: 8d9644c4d86ffff⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 190x220, 19:22, but i am now.jpg)


Heh, people are having weird dreams all over the place! Except for me.

Also, nice numbers.


File: 10e0c284c828b8f⋯.jpg (113.34 KB, 1280x1054, 640:527, 10e0c284c828b8f54e0f35b23b….jpg)


what dreams did you have?


File: dd7f4b6f87376d0⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 237x224, 237:224, good reason.jpg)


None whatsoever, mhm!


File: bb9a3d9ae0b10a4⋯.jpg (120.26 KB, 738x1052, 369:526, 2f2b29d0450b476d7473a28d4f….jpg)


so, what else has been up to, mouse?


File: 07ba4b10e440852⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 247x222, 247:222, hard to say 01.jpg)


Oh, nothing much. Just chilling. Ate a soup, drank a beer, being lazy now. How about you?


File: e9138b66ee91da6⋯.jpg (140.51 KB, 1280x1079, 1280:1079, 149710 - Rule_63 Sly_Coope….jpg)





Ah, I see I see. I have consistently rejected playing that game so far.


File: c1d75cb68dd9e30⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2086x1678, 1043:839, 4b5f18aa4825cd9df50f743a5e….png)


File: aabb88ebe804a19⋯.jpg (25.25 KB, 181x219, 181:219, error 02.jpg)


I don't know. It just never really appealed to me, I suppose.

Also that pic before the last sure was furry!


File: bd441c37940c45c⋯.png (646.59 KB, 635x928, 635:928, 1.png)

File: 445bfaf22a10711⋯.png (729.77 KB, 635x928, 635:928, 2.png)

File: 7b49c8643147446⋯.png (650.38 KB, 635x928, 635:928, 3.png)

File: 73c79a96db21c60⋯.png (628.08 KB, 639x928, 639:928, 4.png)

File: 4a5bb3cafb6a38a⋯.png (583.04 KB, 639x928, 639:928, 5.png)


we can go all the way



Whew. That's evil.


File: 428ee6c8118f66b⋯.jpg (775.33 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1430025759747-0.jpg)


she seems to like it by the end


File: a5425be2c9dd1aa⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 192x226, 96:113, hard to tell 01.jpg)


Ehhh, hard to say.


File: 94048d1f15984f3⋯.png (490.03 KB, 779x800, 779:800, b44a2618d3e946f0c6fc8933a3….png)


I mean, at least she didn't let them use her as flesh light when she was a baby


File: 2977a208693c18e⋯.jpg (141.41 KB, 578x996, 289:498, 1238194609.peritian_post.jpg)


Uh, I suppose so x:


File: 8d06f3d558d355d⋯.jpg (561.66 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 45634345345634564.jpg)


cooking something

be back in a bit


File: b8dde13943d9142⋯.jpg (345.02 KB, 834x600, 139:100, 1293228007.peritian_xmas_c….jpg)


Aha, alrighty Monsterbee, have fun with it.


File: 918dcc34e2a58f5⋯.jpg (213.29 KB, 1044x2925, 116:325, 2a719cc089c4939b74e39595ef….jpg)





File: 8ee2c571908f0f4⋯.png (242.37 KB, 407x787, 407:787, 1360648451.tanks_fuzzyjack.png)


Welcome back Monsterboy. How was the food? What did you make?


File: f528d3c85204f06⋯.jpg (145.33 KB, 1200x894, 200:149, 4.jpg)




File: 109a45eac443619⋯.png (315.79 KB, 828x661, 828:661, 1355123868.tanks_demona4.png)


Aha, I see. What did you have with it? Bread, potatoes, something else?


File: 7b3d9f8aca455d3⋯.jpg (144.02 KB, 1280x805, 256:161, 8dba8f27906e7be32c0e2a7d65….jpg)


File: 376b71598e7298d⋯.png (702.76 KB, 920x1178, 460:589, 1440439087.lockworkorange_….png)


Nothing? Just the sausage? How odd.

Also Tokifuji is a pretty good artist.


File: 54be1f2709cdf4a⋯.jpg (221.96 KB, 977x1528, 977:1528, 3 (2).jpg)

File: d64d20d1b6ebf25⋯.jpg (179.56 KB, 977x1524, 977:1524, 5 (2).jpg)

File: b35520ba20aabc9⋯.jpg (202.39 KB, 973x1526, 139:218, 6 (2).jpg)

File: 3b06869cc07b815⋯.jpg (193.34 KB, 978x1528, 489:764, 7.jpg)

File: 99884e40057a259⋯.jpg (219.71 KB, 1003x1528, 1003:1528, 12.jpg)


yeah, the cunts could use some work


File: 2b1f6fd647af1fd⋯.jpg (143.23 KB, 947x1280, 947:1280, 1425669707.lockworkorange_….jpg)

File: 59966bd8ed82a07⋯.png (381.01 KB, 723x841, 723:841, 1429058026.lockworkorange_….png)


Ehe, maybe. I don't really have that many of pics which have vajeens X3


File: f56bf0b07056487⋯.jpg (231.3 KB, 995x1528, 995:1528, 10.jpg)

File: 888835acd743f16⋯.jpg (187.77 KB, 1001x1522, 1001:1522, 11.jpg)

File: 99884e40057a259⋯.jpg (219.71 KB, 1003x1528, 1003:1528, 12.jpg)

File: fec7331e0380a3e⋯.jpg (184.15 KB, 980x1515, 196:303, 13.jpg)

File: 15033360041e3ea⋯.jpg (218.76 KB, 1038x1518, 173:253, 14.jpg)




File: 8b23e63124b72eb⋯.png (409.89 KB, 965x777, 965:777, 1390200035.lockworkorange_….png)

File: 137e357a6500817⋯.png (770.36 KB, 835x1054, 835:1054, 1393644704.lockworkorange_….png)


Yup that's the idea. Seems to me like you are awfully underpictured in that department! Gota rectify that situation.


File: 8c1f6fb77052e3e⋯.png (969.78 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 1eb978a21621786fb4580aa1ba….png)

File: 69a900093948c83⋯.jpg (127.48 KB, 1116x1280, 279:320, 871a8bd010bea60c208484037e….jpg)


File: efc8859f2a9993d⋯.jpg (150.9 KB, 742x1280, 371:640, 1403932158.monamoo_tythski….jpg)

File: 5df1edee1f8a8a6⋯.png (658.34 KB, 1100x937, 1100:937, 1403660087.monamoo_tyth1pi….png)

File: b16cd9d65cacfcf⋯.png (766.79 KB, 1100x937, 1100:937, 1403660283.monamoo_tythpie….png)


Better, but I still remain convinced your gfur game is lacking!


File: eba26c9c7ca72e1⋯.gif (1004.91 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 1413505757487.gif)

File: ba207e12e0f9135⋯.swf (3.77 MB, beepbeepfurryver.swf)


I would go get more, but I don't really jerk off to furry very much


File: 9980da8a34c8e3d⋯.png (772.63 KB, 1050x825, 14:11, 1409905653.monamoo_innertu….png)

File: cf8da4fe873741c⋯.png (739.37 KB, 1050x825, 14:11, 1409905923.monamoo_innertu….png)


Hmm, I bet that's only because you don't have many good pics. A vicious cycle!

I wonder if we're scaring other tripfriends away with all this degeneracy. Although it was silent here even before we started so idk.


File: 31c6ec291c4ec83⋯.png (259.02 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 3b3119d3a0e08e586d46642535….png)


I have always posted stuff like this.

just a slow spell

My mother found a house.


File: 55a48ec549db5a6⋯.png (658.15 KB, 832x1084, 208:271, 1359440051.tanks_kiihay.png)

File: cb1467019ce5d56⋯.png (576.26 KB, 759x1035, 11:15, 1359448137.tanks_kiihay2.png)


Well yeah, but not furrfaggotry, hmm.

Oh, neat. I think?


File: 1edba75b8fbbd23⋯.jpg (128.92 KB, 700x921, 700:921, 1edba75b8fbbd239fc5ee3c613….jpg)


File: 31c9adef9a74e22⋯.png (696.57 KB, 901x1031, 901:1031, 1374954240.tanks_sketch-73….png)

File: 84cf860e10cd7c1⋯.png (757.75 KB, 1141x1123, 1141:1123, 1374954428.tanks_sketch-90….png)

File: 07ddd1fe91edd3c⋯.png (617.76 KB, 913x1088, 913:1088, 1375766769.tanks_ia-002-sh….png)


>bent over knees

>hand on buttocks

Is he about to spank her?


File: 0075465389054e8⋯.gif (660.66 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 076178333ddd418b938e3cb6da….gif)


cats liked to be spanks>>44679


File: c41198eb4a81455⋯.jpg (175.9 KB, 850x938, 425:469, sample_acd4d3388360a9b5a1b….jpg)

How's it going dudes


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm doing good, I think. A lil bit sick but other then that fine.


File: f565e672eae138f⋯.png (385.75 KB, 595x1215, 119:243, 1378128685.tanks_ia-087-pu….png)

File: c5275b99471727d⋯.png (479.04 KB, 833x1224, 49:72, 1380015366.tanks_ia-37-her….png)

File: d1355eaed9a6d8b⋯.png (505.53 KB, 922x1224, 461:612, 1380074671.tanks_ia-37-her….png)


Ehe, maybe!


Heya. Going ok, but not for much longer. Should go to bed in, say, twenty minutes. How about you?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a0c15eb099b6832⋯.jpg (58.39 KB, 748x599, 748:599, 5y8JJuK (2).jpg)


That's good man, what kinda sick if you know?

Nice song by the way! Got anymore like it?


Hey there, anon

that's gud, i'm swell thanks for asking, had a nice day?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dunno exactly, but got tummy aching and extreme tiredness.

I'm listening to youtube auto-play atm. Currently got this song on.


File: 54d4e072c276540⋯.png (590.72 KB, 798x921, 266:307, 1381455723.tanks_kileak.png)

File: 114931c167c33d8⋯.jpg (215.78 KB, 1280x1058, 640:529, 1381712630.tanks_rakakuza1.jpg)


Not sure if poor catto or a silly one!


Heya. I'm not actually anon, I'm Mouse/Rumor without a trip for some reason.

Yea a reasonably nice day. I had worse Mondays for sure.


File: b8673ecfaa0eaba⋯.png (7.98 KB, 180x279, 20:31, What's up.png)


That's shitt man, hopefully it goes away soon then, that's another snazzy one, where did you start off to find them??


I'm aware hahaha, it was a shitty joke

neato though! anything interesting happen at all?


File: 410cd73def19e95⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 5c601c20a10e2f41340f917115….jpg)


it likes it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've been like this since Friday, hasn't gotten better but it's not getting worse either.

Foot anon send me embedded related.



Oh! X3

Well we finally got the new driver, so that's neat. Might mean that this will bubble its way into me having more time to do stuff that I am supposed to be doing!


Yea. So it's a silly catto.


File: c421546a212d6eb⋯.gif (899.44 KB, 500x281, 500:281, sleep 1433900409_tumblr_mj….gif)

File: 5338afc1375528f⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1227x1136, 1227:1136, 1399831909.tanks_kodiakone.png)

Anyways! Gotta go, good night y'all.



good night anon that is Mouse without a trip


File: 6f74bb927b0c5df⋯.mp4 (1.24 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 6f74bb927b0c5dfaae598d1e90….mp4)


night, mouse


File: e5132389b8b146e⋯.png (271.23 KB, 443x587, 443:587, Me_irl_sleep.png)

I'm actually gonna go to bed early myself to try and speed up recovery.

Good Night /tripfriend/

Sleep Tight ~

Sweet Dreams ❤


File: c6aae793924f977⋯.jpg (260.29 KB, 500x943, 500:943, 79cad58a151cb2a866625e2179….jpg)




File: dce1e03adedf8cf⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 3422x1925, 3422:1925, Vash.the.Stampede.full.942….jpg)

sorry i missed you guys i had to go to the store


it's probably nothing too bad then,nice tunes as well!


That'll be really helpful i bet, kind of cool that they have to you do other jobs as well, but yeah hahaha.

Gnite dudes


File: 2c0b9ae37ae1810⋯.jpg (196.36 KB, 1280x741, 1280:741, 15_alien_transformation.jpg)


they in bed, dude


File: 303a040a876290c⋯.jpg (264.05 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Vash.the.Stampede.full.178….jpg)


Yeap, responding just feels like the right thing to do anyways, is that a bad thing?

also how are you doing?


File: 390663120ec0bc1⋯.jpg (281.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 9e937e14a3c3c90ceec9f2dc95….jpg)


fine, thought about drawing, didn't, then played minecarft

how was yours


File: e17fa66c37b01ad⋯.jpg (262.61 KB, 850x810, 85:81, Vash.the.Stampede.full.178….jpg)


what kept you from drawing, and how'd minecraft go?

swell, looking around for apartment pricing and just lazing around



don't know

up-rooting trees, and replacing them with bigger trees


File: 0ff9949b0bfe334⋯.jpg (229.65 KB, 759x1052, 759:1052, vash_the_stampede_sketch_b….jpg)


good times right there aha, do you play much of it?


File: 8a98579c27870da⋯.jpg (187.01 KB, 1280x1275, 256:255, 11_00.jpg)


yeah, if I find myself with a project


File: edd35f2438f9967⋯.jpg (166.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Snapshot20120130055705.jpg)


what kind of neat stuff have you done in the past?


File: 45d063e262f8096⋯.jpg (357.08 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 11_09.jpg)


a stone tower, with a shit ton of red stone lamps, that goes underground, breaks off into hallways, rooms with loot, rooms where I grow shit, and a mine.


File: 30907ce60e90580⋯.jpg (107.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FURRIES LAUNCHED INTO THE ….jpg)


File: aa10b927bfbee02⋯.mp4 (10.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PSA about bullying.mp4)


File: 50bf62dc76cc976⋯.jpg (324.7 KB, 2000x1617, 2000:1617, 0aa66d6adb5a281c80214e2a28….jpg)




File: 7d994087a1e7464⋯.gif (203.7 KB, 253x253, 1:1, 7d994087a1e7464e0af4d512b8….gif)


Afternoon almost evening



>nerd demands


File: 31cfe1ce3efd74d⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 268x188, 67:47, 3ee78c26ab681a856a1204f3a9….jpg)


File: 8f6164de505c95f⋯.gif (152.26 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 8f6164de505c95f96d1cedb904….gif)


File: 106a939abe98181⋯.jpg (90.21 KB, 806x990, 403:495, 7iujytrge.jpg)


You wanna hear a little s͈̫͓̟̞̪͓͑̾ͨ̀e̱̝̻̮͚͈͇͗c̳̜̱͙͈͓r̖͉͉̹̙̎̌ͮ̊̓̎e̩͓̺̯͛͗͑ͩͨ͛̎t̝̳̘̘̰̯͙͒̂ͨ͊̚?͊͑


File: 4109450ebc342bf⋯.gif (397.91 KB, 359x270, 359:270, 4109450ebc342bf9e8ff65f0f6….gif)




File: f10cbdba7740d29⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 479x328, 479:328, 1420473313422.jpg)


A͎̪̎ͮ̉̐ͤ̑̌ ̘̹̅̇͂͒̋Ṉ̣̝͇̺̽̂̈E̫͗̾W̝̝̲̊̑ ̺̮̯̓̌̾ͪ̐̂̾Ē͉̳͖͚̈́ͭͮ̚R̲̣͔̝͕̪͋̏ͫ̑̾̽ͦ̾A̝̺̰̠͕̰̟ͩ̈́̑ͅ ̤̭ͧ̿̉̍ͫ͛H̱̙͐ͫ̀̎̚̚Ḁ͐ͥ̑ͫ̋S͍̎ͨ̒ͮ̂͒͂̾̚ ̟͈̰̭͆ͨD͔͔̰̘͍̗ͫͮ͊A͎͈̮̿̇͌̎͊W̥͙̟͎̣͑̓ͨṊ̥̪̹̻̮̫̉ͨ̑ͦ̔E̱̅̅͋ͩͦ͗̇D͕ͪ!͎̹̓̓ͣ͋ͯͩͬ̊̅


File: 6c8d4f59aaf8ee0⋯.jpg (52.39 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 13696970_304301656569728_5….jpg)





File: 9276d8c8ee8c461⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 419x750, 419:750, 1428333996882.jpg)




File: b2db5f74d024e41⋯.gif (422.82 KB, 540x304, 135:76, b2db5f74d024e41a723a817ebe….gif)


File: ac61604c7f84a66⋯.jpg (849.17 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, ac61604c7f84a6687e8a69db9e….jpg)

H̱̲̝̗̬̳͖͔͎ͦ̎̇̏̾̔̒̏e͍̹̔͒̈͋̔̄ͦl̹̺̲̻̑͆̊l̫͖̼͕̿ͩ̅̾̌ọ͉̳͕͓̖̐͑̓ͅ,̯͉͛ͩ ̰͇͔̞̼̮ͬͬ/̟͔̥̖̠͋͐̃̾͋ͮ͋̑t̙̖̞͓̂̈̽ͧr̙̠͍ͦị̩̩͙̥͖̥̆ͣ̍͊ͥ̅͛̈́̌p̞̹̬̖̳͔ͫ̀f̹͛͆ͫ̊̒ͩ̀r̺͈̪͚̭̘͖ͯ̓ͭi̹͓͒ͣ̾͌́̿̒e̗̲̠̠͕ͭͤ͊̑n̝̞ͤͤͣ̅d̻̣̦̜̤̖̲̗̊̽̈ͥ̂͌ͥ̉/̲̹́͌ͨ͒̂͑̂͛~̰͇̝̥̞͈͉͈͑̽ͯ̈͛


File: 5d5ed0dec813aac⋯.jpg (558.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1441049111946.jpg)

I̳͎ͣ̉̉̍ ͙͎̠͍̱̤̯k͇̖͑n̥̟̯̹̳͑̒̆̔͌̄̄ͅo͈͇̠̹͗̄ͮͅw͎͇͚̱͇̐͑ͮ ̘͉s͎̖͎͇ò͇̭̯̜m̻̖̫̩͓̜̣̚̚e̜̓̽ͩ͐ͫͩ̓t͎͙̺̎̑̋̈́ȟͨ͋ͣ̄̈́ï̠̬̳͕̙̬͖̂̓n̯̹̩̪̦͊ͪ̐ͫ͑̓g͍̫͉̞̩̎̒͗̒ͧ̑̚ ̝̖͉̤͓ͮͤ͆̃̊y͔͙̪̱̠̙͑͌̑̽o̟̙̪͕̤̫͒̅̓u̼͔ ̼̥̙̌̓̂ͪͫͅd͓̣̣̝͔̰̔͛̃͑o͇̤̱̙̭̩ͣ̑͂͌n̙͖̬̓ͧ̓ͨ̂̅ͅ'̠͕̗̥̲͎̀̆̽͒̄t̺̦͉̳͔̙̠ͥ̈́ ̰̝̤͌̿͑k̝̼͑ͥn̘͚̲̬͖ͥ̐ͅo̓͊͌͌w̫̙̐~̟̞͇̳ͧ̑̚ͅ

̟͎̦͖̝̲̪ͤ̚D̥̜͇̟͚̔̊ͮ̈́̓ͮ̓ͅo̞̮̭̻͉̽͌̈́ ̜̽͌ͭ̅ͧ̆̾y̰̳̩̩͗̊̈́̅ͧͫ̚o͇̟̬̹ͮu͕͚͕̪̺̲͑ͭͨ͒ͅ ͋̓̔͛̊̑̓w̟̼̘̘̭̌a͕͕͈̥̦͚̎ͪͥn̮̩̺̩̱ͥͦ͐͋̃ͯn͎a͚̭͓̘̜͆͆̑̓̅͌͌ͅ ̭̰̔ͯͬh͒͛̇ȅ̝̠̿̎̾̓ͦ̊a̩̟̣͉͔̓͌̔̾͊ͥ͆r̼̱̜̩ͧͣ̈̅ͧ̿ͫ?͕̤͚̤̘͉̾̾͛̏͒̔͋


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

let's raid /b/


Quite the development…


File: 6f69586cf754ade⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 989x1018, 989:1018, 6f69586cf754adec29e2e7658a….jpg)


T̪̪͕̰h̻̞̘͕̹̩ͪ̋ͦ̍ë̟͓̖͕̬̭́̋ͮ̔̊ ͖̫̪ͮ̒ͬ͑ͬr̗̞͚̦̀̆ͤ̇͂á̮͙̗̯̈́ͯ̇̓i̖̤̦͗͐d̟̥̠̬ͮ̌̋ͭ̐ͧ́ ̞͔̗̜͚͂̀̾̉̚h̘̅̾ͭͨͬa̯̙̖s͊́̓͆͌̇ ͙̜̰̜͍̖͈͋ͤ̐ͭ͆c̤̼̟̬̩͉͒̓̒ͣ̏̓̐o̮̦͍͚̯̗͊̄̌̈̓ͦͨͅm͉̳̺̳̜̀ͬ̅̅ͩ̔̒ͅe̹̪͈̊ ̓̇to̩̳͓̣̙̓̐̍̉ ̤̜̠͔̦ͅy͉͕̝͕͙ͥͅo͗u̙͇̹͚̘͛̍̓̊̔~̩ͫ̆̿͐ͬͯͨ


Ị̝̓ͦ ̣̞̺hͯ̑͐a͖̋̐ͅv͎͕e̿̚ a͔͎̠͇͚̯̝̋ͯͭ̏̽ͣ ̼̦̉̂̽l̙͓̫͓̼͓iͩt̖̘̳̙̻̑̅͐̋ͥtͥ͂l̗̫͎̆͑̈́̀̆ē͓͚̠͍̥̭̟͛ͭ͗͒͊ ̅s̼͓̣ë̺́ͪͦͥͨc̯͎̗̜͖ͬ͗r͍̯̦͉̊ͤ͂ͮ͊̽ͧe̼̯͍̫̩ͮ͋̇̇t̳̙͉̳̬̜̥ ̺̣f͓͈͚͔̰͎͉̃͛͌̔̆ͬͬȏ̥͙͔̃̈̃ͮͤr̜͈͑͗̇̎̽̐ ͇͖̬̭̿͋̿̋̐̑yͬ̌ͦo̬͈̣͇̘̬ͅů͈̓ͬ̉̈ͦ,̣̭͒̍ͪ̂ͥ͋̚ ̺͕̮̬͚̼̍t͔͚ͣ̔ͦ̄oͨ̊̍o̥͋̈́̇~̠̱̘͗̈̇͊̈ͥ



Spill it out.



File: e1dd27957933b80⋯.jpg (447.71 KB, 750x850, 15:17, e1dd27957933b80bd955794d13….jpg)


Your time was going to come one way or another.



That's not a secret.


File: ca1bea81cd0b746⋯.jpg (116.86 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 00f787181eea54f8eb1f9baf3e….jpg)


File: 231ad0f411972f2⋯.png (288.98 KB, 1561x1451, 1561:1451, 231ad0f411972f2dd946a7886a….png)




How long for, also 89 years?


Wait.. okay.



File: 99c9e6dc49b406c⋯.png (83.21 KB, 203x369, 203:369, 1430587844553.png)


That wasn't very nice of you, escaping your banishment like that~



I literally just posted, that's all.


Oh I see what this is. I like you Mouse, that's why I'm gonna ban you last.



Do you feel in charge?



File: e102c53ea252823⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 1466629372778.jpg)


Hmph. I'll just have to keep banning you until it sticks.





Ah, you think bans are your ally. You merely adopted the mod tools. I was born in them, molded by them. I wasn't out of rangeban until I was already a man, and it was nothing to me but id coloring.



File: 20bf23f16d3d625⋯.jpg (317.02 KB, 1200x731, 1200:731, 1457058602174.jpg)


You can't Banepost your way out of this one~

Post last edited at






File: b0aa5d62b20dcaf⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 1301x720, 1301:720, FAKER[1].jpg)


File: 1fea7c287b5fb8b⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 1457575217505-1.jpg)




File: 98e697316e63b84⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, sherlockaren.jpg)

There's a mystery to solve gang


File: 4c608df2c3b557d⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 600x413, 600:413, 4c608df2c3b557ddd4da6ad420….jpg)


T͋ḧ̙̈́̚e̬̒̽ͩ̄ ͕͉͋̊ͪ̄ͭͫm͈͉͉y̥̝ͭ́̆ͮ̆͌ͅs̟͍̮̺̒͋ͯ̈́͐͗t͉̭͍͉̼̤̯͗̂ͫͦ̏ͮ̔e͓̹͙̰̖̙ͩ̆̂ͨͅr͖̱̯̥̻͔̼͌ͯͩý̺͍͔̠͎̱̦̉͆̓ͮ̏ͬ ̞͎̣͇̙ͩ̇ͧ̾ͮ͒g̮̤̝̘̰̬̫ͨ̀̎̊̚oèͤ̽͌sͭ͐ͣ͛̾ d͎͕̪̺̗̞̩ė̂ͨ̄̚é̱͈̥̮̀ͦp̠̤̬̯̍ͦ͐ͯ̐͌ͥë̩͙͑̾̓ͣṟ͂̈ ̩̣̂̈ͬͫ̋ͣt͇̣̟͒̽̊̚h͈̮͚̩̹̹̳̎ͥa̪̫̲ͧ̃̒̒n̪͎͎͎͖̂͊ ̮̟͎̙͐ÿ́ͨ͌o̳̖̯̟̩͎ͭ̒̽͋͌u͚̼͔̺ͬ̿̐̂̓ ̪̳͓̻̫̦̬̍͐̚t̼̜̲ͬ̊hͦ̉̅̒i̝̝̜̰̠̊͆ͮͥ̈́ͨn̮͍̱̗̱̹̑ḳ̭̤̙̹̠̰̉ͤ̈́̃̚̚


File: 8d4e6472b913090⋯.gif (83.46 KB, 500x255, 100:51, kwaifu.gif)


how deep? Give it to me in a measure of inches


File: e1a3ed80f72c73b⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1354x1092, 677:546, Tomoya-Ushio-clannad-35840….png)

Is it actually you that took ownership, Clan?


File: 15198618d733029⋯.png (353.38 KB, 450x510, 15:17, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 3cf2ad85d5a30cb⋯.jpg (150.35 KB, 800x778, 400:389, animoon.jpg)


Enough to tear up this boards insides~

You wanna hear a little secret~?


I have become judge, jury, and excecutioner



>posted at 11:11:11


File: 80167e9181c9676⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 900x624, 75:52, dea7d8a6252d4d7c9ce5095779….jpg)


Enjoying the show?


File: 079805623e2d2fd⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)


hahaha neato, interesting power to hold, is the secret that you've been poppy all along?


File: 602ea9e0ec52f71⋯.jpg (57.53 KB, 600x502, 300:251, 602ea9e0ec52f7133911fc12b3….jpg)


Nope, I stole the board right from out under his nose. That would be a marvelous plot-twist though.

No, the real secret is more sinister.


File: 73c6d42614c870e⋯.jpg (158.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kgalaxy.jpg)


oh no. Im scared



File: 618cab9602c561b⋯.jpg (136.21 KB, 742x742, 1:1, 1429556783299.jpg)


Do you wanna hear the s̱e̯̐͛͌ͅc͖̣̍̽̀̓̇r͎̗͉͎̯͕̎̿ͨͣ̇͂ͫė̫̘̜̥̺̰̮͂̐ͧ̍t̙͊̇͌ͨ̀?̭̮͙̻͎ͫ͗ͅ


File: db282648dc8ccc0⋯.jpg (570.93 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, qw.jpg)


Impressive, very nice.

Yeah it sure would be, even more sinister than that? You have my attention.



File: 4762d5168d823b2⋯.jpg (282.96 KB, 771x868, 771:868, 4762d5168d823b267dc79c206d….jpg)


Did you like my secret?

Don't tell anyone now~



I don't get it!


File: c69bf227c255f97⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 480x352, 15:11, 1467219846137.jpg)


What isn't there to get? I layed it out pretty clearly.

You at least saw it, right?



No i didn't see it, sorry. Try again, and i'll take a look




Did the ban take this time?



idk, I'll test



File: 94861281bc12652⋯.jpg (153.95 KB, 600x847, 600:847, ksmirk.jpg)


File: 8a348d7e6b95445⋯.gif (34.19 KB, 97x165, 97:165, CloverSmile.gif)

There are no active bans on this board.



File: f3273458d1b6403⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 1024x468, 256:117, Clannad-Afterstory-Furukaw….jpg)

Now, my time is nigh, and an era of great bullying will come to a close.

Soon I will leave, and your precious Poppy will have control once again.

I hope you all had fun though, I know I did~



The bans are hidden


File: 14d8e832798a307⋯.jpg (115.63 KB, 600x605, 120:121, adorable-anime-girl-art-cu….jpg)


File: 248f2ff9175b62a⋯.gif (69.53 KB, 129x169, 129:169, Cloversighing.gif)


So you were never, at any point in time, trying to bully. You were just a child lashing against the walls in a desperate bid for attention.

Congratulations, you've successfully accomplished nothing.




File: f7c0f8069c536f1⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 400x254, 200:127, anime-art-cute-girl-Favim.….jpg)


Hi Fag :^)



Monster Anon*


File: b5412efd34b52ba⋯.jpg (10.05 KB, 236x236, 1:1, karen-oneil-kiniro-mosaic.jpg)

we back here now?


File: aa3009d3f3c7df7⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 640x905, 128:181, 1433923628630-3.jpg)




taking a nap

see you around, wired




File: 2f0d48a5befa5d7⋯.jpg (340.69 KB, 328x901, 328:901, __konpaku_youmu_konpaku_yo….jpg)


File: c299d779a14e2d8⋯.jpg (66 KB, 499x382, 499:382, anime-girl-in-love-kawaii-….jpg)


Should have left you perma-banned tbh :^)




File: 4d4be5597948cbb⋯.jpg (507.68 KB, 1300x550, 26:11, 1.jpg)


wow, don't you remember, bullying is no good


File: d2ddebe1f2bc7d2⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 597x915, 199:305, karenmusic.jpg)


too bad I had a VPN hours before I anticipated being banned. I was way ahead of the game


File: a3668954cc51384⋯.gif (443.88 KB, 500x281, 500:281, heardo.gif)


It's just friendly banter~


Karen is pretty kyute


File: efd0754ace76f5c⋯.png (309.32 KB, 599x338, 599:338, kshy.png)


File: c476c7aec29a722⋯.gif (32.01 KB, 101x166, 101:166, Clovershocked.gif)

Wait, do people still just not have dynamic IP addresses?



As far as I know the providers here don't provide that unless you are a big boie business.




File: feb101cddfa1bc8⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1.jpg)


really? that's weird, I think the majority of north america uses dynamic



Yup just did some googling, doesn't really get offered over here =/


File: 8a348d7e6b95445⋯.gif (34.19 KB, 97x165, 97:165, CloverSmile.gif)

To be fair, I think mine only reassigns my IP when the router goes offline, or once every 24 hours.


File: 2fa2abba1d6fa84⋯.png (1.2 MB, 969x1446, 323:482, Symonne 038.png)

I forgot that I had a folder of Symonne.


File: 3e461ba670bfd11⋯.jpeg (29.01 KB, 271x325, 271:325, 3e461ba670bfd11843e3c55ef….jpeg)


I almost forgot you existed wew.



>forgetting Pricia

thats like forgetting Cherry-kun, and Eggman


File: fd03f1417b7c36f⋯.jpg (335.88 KB, 700x496, 175:124, Symonne 033.jpg)


That means it's working.





File: 5af6f3637f16f4f⋯.png (879.39 KB, 1600x1081, 1600:1081, 5af6f3637f16f4f96746dc4df2….png)


Hmm, I should ask :cherries: why he doesn't post any more when he's online again.


I could never forget you. You are entangled in a web of memories of someone I'll never forget.



Also, not mentioning Foot anon! Rude



I didnt forget who that is. Or RC

I feel like they left cause they wanted to though. Whereas Cherry and Eggman are busy with school


File: cba54929911e113⋯.jpg (196.13 KB, 653x764, 653:764, 1.jpg)

sorry if this is too long or formal

I want to apologize to everyone for letting that happen. I trusted the claims admin to follow 8ch procedure, to send an email before transferring ownership.

I have the email set up to my phone, to notify me, and never got one.

I wont let it happen again.

although Clan-Chan was pretty rude to claim-snipe our board, he was still respectful in not deleting anything, or messing up the board, more than playing his own kind of joke on everyone here.

he claimed it about a week ago, and I was aware, but I trusted him to return the board on tuesday, today, so I stayed quiet about it

ewww, big long post!!

I said in a post here >>44028

that I think there will be some positive changes in the future, I still think that~

those definitely weren't the positive changes


File: 36407204e037081⋯.jpg (356.65 KB, 900x1268, 225:317, Symonne 047.jpg)


Were you not the one just saying you almost did?


File: 5f2015040a6a721⋯.jpg (33.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5f2015040a6a721a4f3edc6735….jpg)


Cherry finished his exams already though. I believe he got a job as a qt nurse somewhere even. But he's rarely online, so he's prolly to busy with that now.


That was a joke about you not having showed yourself here for a while~


File: 8f1dc6d7285522e⋯.jpg (259.9 KB, 464x784, 29:49, 8f1dc6d7285522e4f950f97432….jpg)


Can't wait to see what big positive changes you are going to bring~



>got a job as a qt nurse



File: 690c67fa2604739⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1768x2262, 68:87, Symonne 016.jpg)


Give me my LaTeX, woman !


I usually make at least a post every few days.


File: 10d709b2c3f51b2⋯.png (164.49 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 1.png)

File: 09a0f868cdefe4b⋯.jpg (112.42 KB, 693x1039, 693:1039, 1.jpg)



when mentioning people, it's always inadvertent bully when you forget some, don't forget about the nice doll-poster anon, and Chijo who says hello sometimes, there's a few others I can think of too, but I'm inadvertent bully like everyone else who lists people!



I dislike the those dolls.



yeah but I talk to Chijo near daily and they post to the board decently often



I think they're pretty funny looking. I normally detest dolls though



They're sex toys.


File: fa0456a574c2bbe⋯.jpg (196.15 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1.jpg)



I thought they were nice


mhm, I suppose you're right, then there's always people like RC who deserve a mention, at least a little, right?

d-do you think he's lurking?


File: 976aaa04c35407b⋯.png (550.16 KB, 800x800, 1:1, quagsire_shaming_by_dragon….png)


topkek. I was unaware of this




>I didnt forget who that is. Or RC



I wonder about RC too sometimes, he removed me from everything =/

I don't like it when that happens without a good explanation. RC if you are lurking you owe me an explanation!


$$\color{red}{\text{Error: Invalid } L^AT_EX \text{ syntax.}}$$




File: 502e53e577aa8bc⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x983, 1500:983, 1.jpg)


s-sorry, I'm blind!!


I need to actually find that old thing for that, instead of just the memes about it.


$$\color{red}{This is a test}$$



its ok. sometimes I misunderstand what someone says. which is a bit worse




Like every other sentence baka!


File: 96eed889a4ff507⋯.gif (3.75 KB, 107x125, 107:125, 1.gif)


misunderstandings are never fun


wow, no bully

did your room cleaning work out nicely?


File: 23cb5b9b25f5b8a⋯.png (1.15 MB, 2111x1447, 2111:1447, Symonne 013.png)

I feel legitimately cheated.



why's that, what happened?


File: bc67da4b72a76eb⋯.jpg (350.98 KB, 525x700, 3:4, Symonne 004.jpg)


Something about Cucks, Monkeys and Latex.


File: 3b2c33bbbba9762⋯.jpg (13.33 KB, 326x318, 163:159, 27b79375382d468f935fcaa96d….jpg)


Got most of it done. Cleaned most of the big junk, and cleared the floor. I quickly ran the vacuum cleaner trough my room to get rid of the biggest clots of dust. Gonna have sis help me tomorrow with thoroughly getting rid of all the dust and maybe sort trough a cabinet I've been dumping shit on.


File: cfb916a2c6b9b2d⋯.png (294.23 KB, 715x1024, 715:1024, 1.png)


that's good, it sounds like it was pretty messy though, wow, I remember seeing a picture of some of it from you before

I hope you enjoy the nice refreshing feeling of a clean room!


File: a2042fe94e7b01a⋯.png (1023.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Edna_Cut-in_(ToZ).png)

The only time my room is a mess is when Poppy gets a hold of me.

I mean.



File: beb0670d4ed6407⋯.jpg (419.39 KB, 1500x2017, 1500:2017, 1.jpg)



but Poppy doesn't get a hold of people! you bulliy!


File: 11b2d9faf6603ee⋯.png (901.51 KB, 1360x2000, 17:25, Symonne 036.png)


File: 36407204e037081⋯.jpg (356.65 KB, 900x1268, 225:317, Symonne 047.jpg)

Tbh, I like Symonne because she so firmly believed in her actions that she was willing to betray her pact to do it.

Not only that, she was so firm in her conviction that she couldn't even be corrupted by Malevolence.



it feels nice yess~


File: 012153d4ed86566⋯.jpg (375.93 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 1.jpg)




that's good


File: 2d5b06bed102d26⋯.jpg (75.79 KB, 609x553, 87:79, Symonne 044.jpg)


File: b2eb3b37c5748fb⋯.jpg (736.72 KB, 1295x1812, 1295:1812, 1.jpg)




File: f94197b52af04ec⋯.jpg (443.84 KB, 897x1000, 897:1000, Symonne 027.jpg)


File: 42903098ff72020⋯.jpg (158.22 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 1.jpg)


File: 046afce626f7c0a⋯.jpg (149.83 KB, 1158x794, 579:397, Symonne 042.jpg)


Let's make a mess.



But who will have to clean it all?


File: 0334b5658d471fb⋯.jpg (361.99 KB, 800x1196, 200:299, Symonne 039.jpg)


Mature adults clean the messes they make.


File: 3bf69c60f39a1fa⋯.gif (279.16 KB, 900x595, 180:119, meanwhileonpol.gif)

Das ist ain posthumous feier zum der neu Führer Clan-Chan!

Ich zufällig geschoben die antworten taste.




>That is a post-humus party for the new leader Clan-chan

>I accidentally something with an answer.

I'm bad at german :^)


File: 57cbebfa28d4f18⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, eingebildet schutzstaffel ….jpg)


File: e5132389b8b146e⋯.png (271.23 KB, 443x587, 443:587, Me_irl_sleep.png)

Good Night /tripfriend/

Sleep Tight ~

Sweet Dreams ❤


File: 19231ba0f550fbd⋯.jpg (390.44 KB, 1500x1175, 60:47, 1.jpg)

too sleepy, time to sleep


File: 143542368e84c3f⋯.png (274.95 KB, 443x587, 443:587, Me_irl.png)


File: f9788627ed356a5⋯.png (4.85 MB, 2576x3637, 2576:3637, f9788627ed356a5f6a6a4aef8d….png)


File: f2a5528dc29136f⋯.png (274.73 KB, 443x587, 443:587, Me_irl_are.png)


Why do I not know this image… I fucking love the artist!


File: 370b504b17ac7e5⋯.png (781.46 KB, 700x1165, 140:233, db741f58ca03e4f1b73d5581eb….png)


yeah, some one uncucked it. Dude was a nigger


careful if you go looking for more

artist does a lot of cuck shit

got to go



okii bye, hf




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