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Forbidden Love

File: a202efa3e36e0ee⋯.png (3.92 MB, 1885x2500, 377:500, a202efa3e36e0ee55ead9b9215….png)



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Districts don't mean anything

File: a7474ff3b20632a⋯.jpg (882.92 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, djt.jpg)


Cornucopia of Resources / Guide

Read the guide before asking questions.


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Could always use Ghostbin cause it's got formatting and color text. I'll make a new thread later.

File: be6bbd9156a43c5⋯.jpg (194.57 KB, 1499x1500, 1499:1500, __arisugawa_juri_and_takat….jpg)


Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Discuss anime/manga/VNs, post downloads and stuff you created on other threads, discuss non-/u/ habbenings, shitpost, etc. Anything that doesn't have its own thread belongs here.

Previous yuri releases:


Previous thread: >>25380

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File: 1bab55a169d291e⋯.png (757.35 KB, 403x479, 403:479, 1455814823451.png)


>Demanding other people to do what you want

I mean I think 4/u/ scanner fag is a pretty lost dude but I wouldn't order him to come over.



I'm not. I was asking a legitimate question and giving a logical suggestion.


File: fa14b263b60f1ba⋯.png (351.99 KB, 686x576, 343:288, 1395131322506.png)


New wildstyle doujin?


File: c43f1a02f65770d⋯.jpg (353.99 KB, 623x870, 623:870, 64471090_p0.jpg)


File: 3075b6127bf3529⋯.png (8.6 MB, 5735x8101, 5735:8101, page1English.png)


Since Meganon's account overfilled its capacity, we're going to have a thread dedicated to the latest releases instead, similar to 4/u/'s releases thread. Everyone is now welcome to contribute.

Make sure to link to the original scanlators' sites whenever you post new releases. Exhentai, Sen Manga, or Batoto are permissible if raws or the scanlators only release on there, but please refrain from posting Dynasty links for obvious reasons. If they only release on Dynasty, then click the download button on the top right of the reader (or use a crawling software) and upload the release onto Mega, Mediafire, Volafile, etc. to make a share link.

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>Black Lily and White Lily - vol 1 ch 3

>Black Lily and White Lily - vol 1 ch 4

This one seems promising. Like the artstyle. Wish that page with the 'repentance room' wasn't just a single page.


File: 50005938fce6c6c⋯.jpg (212.04 KB, 650x467, 650:467, 02.jpg)

File: 1a120149f85ff78⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1347x1960, 1347:1960, 02.png)

File: 32a65280bd46499⋯.jpg (222.61 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, 013.jpg)

August 17, 2017

(Reitaisai 8) [Rocket Nenryou 21 (Aki Eda)] She is Greedy. (Touhou Project) [English] [DB Scans]

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Kanna's Daily Life ch11


Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Kanna's Daily Life ch01-17


よるのないくに2 ~日々花盛り~


NoWaYu Chapter 9


NoWaYu Chapter 10


Changes by Michairu


Hakumei & Mikochi – Volume 5, Chapter 32


Car Graffiti JK: Chapter 19

https://teammoe.haruha.ruPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>よるのないくに2 ~日々花盛り~

Oh nice. This an official prequel manga for Nights of Azure 2?



I think so. I remember talk about in in the 4/u/ NoA thread.



Do you think it'll get an official translation?

File: c0571b2f50a5dc4⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1429829054082-0.jpg)


Post games with yuri or yuri elements. Starting with news from the last post in the last thread, Nights of Azure 2 has been delayed for sometime this year. Gust want more time to polish it.


Also Nintendo unveiled the Switch in a horrible presentation. But there's Splatoon 2 and FE Musou, so doujin of those might be made sometime.

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Another "win" for the nanny state.



>and the ever so tolerant Germany.

Inshallah, Sharia is almost upon us!.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bit more gameplay of the Little Witch game.

Set during Akko's first summer break at Luna Nova, she discovers the Chamber of Time and this allows her and her friends to restart the day to discover… why time keeps them in a groundhog day? I dunno.



I pity the aussys and germans that have to endure their shit government's nannying.



>DL autohotkey

>rebind Atelier Sophie keys to the same mappings I use in RPCS3 to play PS3 Atelier games

All is comfy with the world!

File: c736d6bc53baede⋯.png (769.43 KB, 640x898, 320:449, uma delicia.png)


ITT Post unpopular yuri opinions

>there should be more yaoi side couples in yuri, just so the storyline can incorporate male characters without triggering paranoid yurifags

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File: 743f75f4526b309⋯.png (483.12 KB, 531x622, 531:622, f09529690484367d63c213c4c1….png)


Search your feelings. You know this to be the truth.



I don't get it.



Are you ready?




>yaoi side couples in yuri

>implying gays aren't degenerate butthumpers

>implying men are capable of love

Girls should love girls and boys should just love sperm bank cups.



I wonder who's behind this post!

File: 73821cb04410c0d⋯.jpg (133.85 KB, 567x789, 189:263, 170a03180c4cf88a345d52280d….jpg)


Anyone have some Camotamang? Besides what's on ehentai? He has a lot of work that I can't find any digital copies of.

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File: d39095402819338⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 9.jpg)

File: 96bcda6b2193465⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 10.jpg)

File: 3f4627f2cd435da⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 11.jpg)

File: 45970f905820225⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 12.jpg)


File: ae55db64a7c43ac⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 13.jpg)

File: 2282e7662496dca⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 14.jpg)

File: 9c908de5bde0846⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 15.jpg)

File: 816d0cf2807d468⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 16.jpg)

File: f739ac989b71f1d⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1433x2024, 1433:2024, 17.jpg)



That was great. If only it was a little longer.



Ohhhh. That's an opportunity there.


File: b05f75e986ee701⋯.jpg (722.8 KB, 900x1236, 75:103, __fou_and_shielder_comiket….jpg)


Might as well make a thread, Happening between 11th - 13th of August. What are you looking forward to? Post some links to materials and other stuff.

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File: ff9b1763eb8a3bd⋯.gif (142.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Recharge.gif)

Did a quick whip around and could not find the KS omnibus in digital form anywhere. Why release it only in paperback is beyond me.

I'll look through some of those in a bit. There's alot of Strawberry Panic stuff there real cheap.


Shin also wanted me to post this link, it's to the LWA doujin.




This one was scanned already:


>(C92) [コノワタ (まざきかつみ)] IMAGINARY LINE 2 (NEW GAME!)


File: bebb7f754f21101⋯.jpg (282.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_ouf6f14EaQ1s50ndwo1….jpg)

File: 7d82e69a7686105⋯.png (86.23 KB, 500x381, 500:381, tumblr_inline_ouis3rKSrS1r….png)


Requesting camotamang. Anything by him not already scanned to ehentai. This one in particular would be great.


Here's my contribution


official site




I like that.

File: 1466570315381.png (521.64 KB, 1116x1515, 372:505, madoka escapes the homuver….png)


Once I reach page 4, I's be free.

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File: 6bced37d8c5da1c⋯.png (453.24 KB, 1422x2000, 711:1000, 16_uX1ypMe.png)

File: 968113f909e15bb⋯.png (860.9 KB, 1406x2000, 703:1000, 17_mfjg0ev.png)

File: 4430194dd08425a⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1406x2000, 703:1000, 18_pkt1ZaJ.png)

File: 4a83acfbfbeba9d⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1410x2000, 141:200, 19_BAknnt5.png)

File: fa1569ccc2d79a6⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1413x2000, 1413:2000, 20_ZwSB7Pv.png)


File: 210ffdd9067cfed⋯.png (892.36 KB, 1413x2000, 1413:2000, 21_TDY5eEH.png)

File: 7a91e002bb0ff39⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1417x2000, 1417:2000, 22_2TlbWLL.png)

File: ec4eb5e274e2e06⋯.png (893.7 KB, 1410x2000, 141:200, 23_jQqBrlE.png)

File: 5d177e6bdcf9ad4⋯.png (32.31 KB, 1411x2000, 1411:2000, 24_M0Q9k8R.png)

File: e365faf43cf53aa⋯.png (43.36 KB, 1379x2000, 1379:2000, 25_5oeRYjb.png)


File: 76dab8e04cdc82b⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1420x2000, 71:100, 26_MRionYi.png)

File: 82e682ca9db005c⋯.png (39.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27_pn0Iqrt.png)


Why is this board so dead?



Because you touch yourself at night.

File: a6ab73c5001c538⋯.jpg (393.33 KB, 965x1350, 193:270, sakura trick.jpg)


Post that one webm of them kissing

4 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: cd4338eff9e39f8⋯.webm (10.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, e6c4b28455c0ecc371d921639….webm)


>Post that one webm of them kissing

Can't find it!



Mitsuki has a body built for yuri.


I hope Lazy Lily will keep translating it.



Translator was on vacation so SHiN asked ours for help. Most likely he'll be doing the rest of the releases on his own.


File: fc835761f9a7f34⋯.webm (1.28 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Nonconsensualinaway.webm)

File: 1f5bc2e24e093db⋯.jpg (380.5 KB, 675x765, 15:17, 775520_p0.jpg)


And now for something we could always use more of.

118 posts and 190 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9bbda1595e9679d⋯.png (423.11 KB, 1024x1478, 512:739, 06.png)

File: 58ac5f51adde036⋯.png (479.67 KB, 1024x1422, 512:711, 07.png)

File: 9856bde579a7949⋯.png (392.98 KB, 1024x1422, 512:711, 08.png)

File: 61a57ffe2bf84f8⋯.png (347.48 KB, 1024x1422, 512:711, 09.png)

File: 6eb89b180db877e⋯.png (416.6 KB, 1024x1420, 256:355, 10.png)


File: 7944f28bcda9e81⋯.png (35.97 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, credits.png)


This looks like it would have been a bitch to do normally (at least the SFX cleaning).

Good angsty Shizuru doujin.


File: 2e0855bc21139d6⋯.jpg (78.67 KB, 600x847, 600:847, C9UDA1RUwAEpV6m.jpg large.jpg)

File: e0cb4069e0dea75⋯.jpg (62.98 KB, 447x785, 447:785, DF3TcwhVwAEKizB.jpg large.jpg)

File: 29a2a44bfcebe15⋯.jpg (197.11 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, DGRt1shUMAI_8R4.jpg large.jpg)

File: 5892c325e32a75f⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, DGv5wfYUQAE2Yg3.jpg large.jpg)

File: d023ecbe024ed49⋯.jpg (63.38 KB, 550x778, 275:389, DGY_jHgUQAAanWy.jpg large.jpg)



File: c3af5bfed446b7e⋯.jpg (96.81 KB, 650x900, 13:18, Ikezu_5.jpg)


Submissive Shizuru is best Shizuru.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This anime is kaiji + yuri, what do you think?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


File: fe043ed6a3d5422⋯.jpg (65.65 KB, 640x423, 640:423, Risky-Lilies.jpg)


File: 00d9d62ec1b1cfd⋯.jpg (710.18 KB, 1100x777, 1100:777, __jabami_yumeko_and_saotom….jpg)

I dunno.



Is it good?



That's just fine.

File: a7474ff3b20632a⋯.jpg (882.92 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, djt.jpg)


Cornucopia of Resources / Guide

Read the guide before asking questions.


Stickied one still has stuff we need to translate - this one we're not gonna post giant translations in pastebins/ghostbins so thread will stay on topic.


If you have questions that aren't answered in the guide, feel free to ask, I will answer to the best of my ability eventually. Note I am not near-native.

Also watch this video:



Translator sent me the translation for the first chapter of Yuri Tantei.

Big typesetting job.

File: 4cd441d1872ec0e⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1132x1600, 283:400, princess principal.png)


Seems like Noir/Madlax but with younger girls in victorian era england. Hopefully it stays good.

36 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Haha. Wonder what that whole black lizard thing is about.


File: e9c0e2e0cb685c2⋯.jpg (219.7 KB, 1233x2000, 1233:2000, __ange_princess_principal_….jpg)

File: 5ffdedf8929663e⋯.jpg (417.24 KB, 1429x1606, 1429:1606, __ange_princess_principal_….jpg)

File: 5fdb71c748c32bc⋯.jpg (224.41 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, __ange_princess_principal_….jpg)

File: 53455a41f4400f8⋯.jpg (642.95 KB, 2024x2024, 1:1, __ange_princess_principal_….jpg)

File: 0a0480634a53853⋯.jpg (57.4 KB, 497x800, 497:800, __ange_princess_principal_….jpg)


She's a gayy lmao here to inspect Earth's women for breeding purposes for the Black Lizard Oneesama Imperium.


File: 7bb08c79f06746a⋯.png (637.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Princess Pr….png)


>to deal with recoil.

It's not just recoil absorption; it's how the gun cycles. It's a Webley-Fosbery. There's a pin on the grip part that runs in the grooves on the cylinder, making it rotate as it slides and putting the next unfired cartridge in position. It also cocks the hammer for the next shot.

Someone on the staff knows what they're doing, because there's a lot of attention gone into the guns. The gun the Princess used in episode 4 was not something you would ever think to include unless you had an interest in early self-loaders.


File: 7a0cf3c0efe5724⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 650x1045, 130:209, yuumura kirika.jpg)

Who would win in a one-on-one fight? Ange or Kirika?


File: ba376f1adcbfcc7⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2508x1764, 209:147, 59990584_p0.jpg)


Don't know. Kirika is supposed to be the perfect assassin but Ange has gravity powers.

Madlax would beat both.

File: 7845d0c490fc037⋯.png (707.39 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 335a2c56-67d4-47bc-b19b-80….png)

File: 4c53a4c581fa51f⋯.png (699.13 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 4f89d310-d0b2-44f3-b09a-c1….png)


Post your best yuru Yuri pics.

39 posts and 170 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



How horrifying.



Hehe, that's actually pretty fun.


File: 3c0dea748ca644c⋯.jpeg (236 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, z26b948a9056f2e9e.jpeg)

File: bec6463d68a36ad⋯.png (610.13 KB, 1024x780, 256:195, z5510c8b20b57dc92.png)

File: 0e59c7eaca00e71⋯.jpg (217.99 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, zbd122a6f2151ec9d.jpg)

File: bf2fad30da3bee8⋯.png (69.78 KB, 640x495, 128:99, z933e3532d4de6221.png)





This only reinforces my headcannon that Yuruyuri takes place in the madokaverse!

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