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File: 7827ff506c10b46⋯.jpg (474.25 KB, 1781x1781, 1:1, Grid DLX Cabinet [PROTOTYP….jpg)



You small smelly piece of shit…


File: bd1da3722fad5ce⋯.png (135.49 KB, 793x287, 793:287, dea2016.png)


I see a screensnap from a private chat group. Does anyone know is it released?

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nvm im blind


So I applied the 2016 files onto the 2015 rip and overwrote with bemanitools and everything. Launcher works but when I get into the game I can't do anything and it stays on the idle loop with the notice that the game is out of order.

I reverted back to 2015 rip and have no issues playing so what would I be doing wrong with the 2016 rip?


File: 3957ffcb0f55e02⋯.jpg (58.73 KB, 347x263, 347:263, JPEG_20181030_231521.jpg)


I just get to the title loop and can't do anything.



Change <pcbevent type="u8">0</pcbevent> to <pcbevent type="u8">1</pcbevent>


how do i install the omnimix?

File: 83043d3959445db⋯.jpg (668.02 KB, 920x2462, 460:1231, 190207.jpg)


!! Many thanks to >>9267 for being kind enough and sharing it with me !!

An update pack for any release of Sound Voltex Heavenly Haven and Sound Voltex III KFC-20161212 version.

This upload is only an expansion pack, not stand-alone version.

You need full release as base first (if you don't have any of above) and custom libacio.dll/ea3-config.xml.

This one works (KFC-20180116, guide.txt included inside):




[Guide (not included in package)]



Works with spicetools/bemanitools and xrpcv/ea servers.

Only exit (alt+4) works with BinF(FS) as it doesn't support KFC-20180116 or later at the moment (for song crashing).

Hex edits supported (2019-02-06 .dll file version) - mon.im/bemanipatcher/sdvx4.html


- Direct links (most likely to die off quickly)

Zippyshare (11 parts)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You didn't replace soundvoltex.dll with latest and you are using one from 20180906updatepack.

Go to 20190206updatepack.rar (or redownload it if you already deleted) and extract soundvoltex.dll (only) to /contents/ (root) folder of version you already updated with everything else.


Yes - sorry for that - anyone who has problem with spice not being able to load the game and is sure that uses correct (32-bit version) of it, may try using libacio.dll they already had or one directly from 20190206updatepack.rar


File: 65f7806f48db681⋯.jpg (4.26 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0038.JPG)

Thank you so much for your upload! I really appreciate it.

Do you have any idea about this problem?


For any of you people who have no idea how to update KFC-2018011600 to KFC-2019020600, here's a video guide you can easily follow. I wasted 5 minutes of my life making this so I hope it helps someone out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45l0-N6crts



Okay so basically I'm retarded

If you're following this guide down to the launcher keep the original libacio.dll I didn't realize spicetools requires that


Where can xrpcv download it?

Or could you upload it somewhere?

File: 8bed68c54a91a95⋯.png (716.38 KB, 853x1024, 853:1024, Left_06_large-853x1024.png)


anyone have a dump of this yet?


That would be amazing !

File: c8b6c413fca9111⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ci-140315162903-960.jpg)


Some decrypted system 357/396 dumps here courtesy of Jewking

The Namco system 357 is based on Playstation 3 hardware so these may already boot on a cfw PS3 or a PS3 emulator just don't expect to be able to play them as they need dongle and watchdog patched out

Tekken 6: https://mega.nz/#!O0g0mTjD!me30gn66zg2iCqAJY_gZvt1-xFRHF1fj2TWA8jNmon4

Tekken 6 Bloodline: https://mega.nz/#!mwxQhaYY!6IlvHb4gFKzxeIBZv3iaU-bWug7zDXMmcEpMBONd3gM

Tekken Tag 2: https://mega.nz/#F!S0wGkRZA!7ZzuWn0Zv3mJrJl4lIuUdQ

Gundam vs Gundam extreme: https://mega.nz/#F!ilZG3QyQ!R3sLpRezQuW6QCPRttAgRw

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So one your butt-hurt about a single game, despite the ~100 that have been released by 1cc

We never promised anything for one, and all but that single game and one game that wasn't even working the other ones have been released or will be, when the owner of the dumps decide to release them just incase you dont understand how the system works you buy a game, ill dump it give it back to you working, what you do with it is your business so a single update for a 2017 game hasn't been released big fucking deal, ask the guy who spent 900$ on the drive to dump it. this clearly dosent negate the 100s of games we have done

Also Fun fact there still reaver dick riders so they barely bent the knee


What part of you dont patch shit dont you get? the dongle is super goddam easy to make,

waaaa I cant figure it out therefore it isnt true and or possible



You have some issues with reading comprehension.

I already know that it's possible to create a dongle, yet again you have just said what is already known without anything specific to indicate any knowledge on this topic. So what is the first step of creating a dongle? Generating some sort of hash of the drive serial number? If it's so easy and trivial, you should have no trouble coughing that bit up.

And you DO need to "patch shit" if you want to run Tekken Tag 2 on a System 357, and vice versa for Tekken 6 on System 369, due in-part to dependencies in the apps for the different USJ boards. It's one of the most common things people ask for.



Nope thats part of the game, and I already dropped the most important hint bout it

Sorry you dont get it,


Tekken 6 Bloodline link dead. Can you reup please.



Just dumped my original copy of T6: BR, will upload it soon.

File: ddba56a7a56c36c⋯.png (300.53 KB, 768x428, 192:107, wKCuI.png)


Maybe it got a little cold during the wait, but its been reheated for your pleasure.


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Is someone can reupload this? dang didnt make it, I can't download it. Thanks very much


Can not play with touch?



Hey buddy

The HEXCODE you taught me

It does not exist in JUBEAT.DLL.

In JUBEAT CLAN, HEXCODE is thought to have been changed unlike existing JUBEAT

If you have a DLL file that skips the tutorial skip, can you share it?


File: 546d6d2efa501d6⋯.png (357.58 KB, 2547x1357, 2547:1357, ClipboardImage.png)

what is this error



It's a server connection error.

I don't have the game so I don't know how to fix it exactly.

What I would do though if I had it, is to run it with SpiceTools using the -ea argument (spice -ea or spice64 -ea) and see if that works.

File: 975ddaac8f467ac⋯.png (115.17 KB, 236x500, 59:125, Projectdivaarcade.png)


Does anyone has the RingEdge version? (or the Nu version?)

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Video lags because OBS encodr is overloaded



Can we stop insulting each other? This is somehow not very good.

Yes. Sorry. I didn't know about it. I admit that I do not know some of the things. I don’t know about the engine itself how it works, but I know very well about most of the in-game functions.



Hi Atrfate.



Locked, I started losing brain cells.


For those complaining about people hoarding PDA and not wanting to buy a PS4


Expect it to be supported on TeknoCrap™ at some point

File: 761606ac27c8e2a⋯.png (328.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, PumpItUpXXteaser2-20thAnni….png)


How hard could be to crack this thing up? or at least getting the files out of it to recreate them on Stepmania? Too expensive to pay for it.


You need to pay for it in order to crack it.

The game just came out too, give it >3 years and you'll most likely have a public release for it.



PIU data isn't being publicly released anymore, thank south america for that.

use StepF2


I don't have any information regarding PIU P2 being cracked. So far some crackers have reverse-engineered only parts of initial bootloader while there's more, much more than that. It's unlikely to see working cracked P2 in ~2 years even in private.

File: cbc8309791dafe0⋯.png (194.39 KB, 630x280, 9:4, mkagpdxslide5.png)


Mario Kart DX save profile v1.0 and v1.1

Special thanks,

Ducon2016 - Discovering all memory addresses

- small fix in the save profile of mkdxv1.1

- added profiles to unlock all characters, cars, weapons, etc for versions 1.0 and 1.1

Download: https://mega.nz/#!p2gilC6K!z84smHmzEYpsfvCuJYIgfDonFkLHN850LwbIaCwttmE

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download link is not working.


Download: https://nofile.io/f/hox3mHVrcrj

download link is not working.



Link is now fixed


JVSEmuMK.dll to virus


JVSEmuMK need Directx9c? need Visual c++? need…?

Thanks m friends!

File: 092ff53f68548d1⋯.jpg (57.11 KB, 425x550, 17:22, 332000301.jpg)

File: fc0013057285141⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 425x550, 17:22, 332000302.jpg)

File: a56fbb9b6c1edf1⋯.png (52.21 KB, 265x455, 53:91, madden-min.png)



Madden NFL Football - Season 1

by [EASports & GlobalVR]

—= Cracked by MOHKERZ =—


Here is a new arcade game released, once again and again, in a playable state.

Game lacks online (server were shut down more than 10 years ago) and CardReader features (saving and loading progress),

so it may not be fully enjoyable, because CAREER, TOURNAMENT and LEADERBOARD are not available.

Only TRAINING and EXHIBITION are playable, enough to have fun anyway.

This game version only allows 2 players to play together, it's a dump from the 2 players cab version without 4 players support.

Maybe someone could figure out a way to get CAREER mode unlocked and saving.

Dump includes hacked exe and dlls, DxWnd settings (for some fixes), DGVoodoo (for some other fixes) and a launcher taking care of

path, cursors and other commands and settings to make the game portable.

So to run the game, just extract the archive anywhePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 2d5e16e8cce3fa2⋯.png (5.1 KB, 300x197, 300:197, 2019-02-05 19_40_43-Window.png)

Followed all instructions but getting the following error on launch


Ok, so this is a problem of remapping keys, you're keyboard is not the same as mine, or there is a problem in remap.ini encoding…

So try changing the key assigned to player2 start in remap.ini.

If it doesn't solve the problem try converting and saving remap.ini as ANSI in notepad+ or other text editor…


Yep, that worked thanks. The e with the accent is in other controller config files too. After updating everything to just a standard e it works great. Thanks for this awesome game guys!


thanks for this

File: 46629a2bd9ab8ec⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 297x221, 297:221, MMM.jpg)



hahaha what the fuck



File: 1457548340018.jpg (391.04 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, FastandFuriousArcade.jpg)


Fast and Furious Arcade Game


Put "rawart" in C:/ or else it won't launch

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See page 40 of the manual here


There is a custom interface board that inputs USB data to the PC. Perhaps if you by the board the arcade dump will work fully?



I got the original arcade with the hasp key and all boards. I just want to use this dump as a measure against the silly hardware restrictions of the original image. I plug in the LPT interface and the usb to a windows xp pc and controls are not working. The usb gets recognized as JAMMAUSB.. i bet there is something in the sdaemon.exe that bypasses the i/o board initialisation ?

Thanks in advance



nice one mate, cheers



Didn't this get a Wii port as "Cruis'n"?



it did, the wii port didn't have the fnf licence

File: 139000dceb35540⋯.jpg (21.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, bishibashi.jpg)



I'm connected to my desktop remotely from work. So if you have questions. There might be delays from me. This was a hard one to find and also get working.

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Any toaster will run it


Are there other similar games that uses the same 3, 4 buttons as The Bishi Bashi? Does the MAME one works?



I think some of the MAME ones work


Is there a way to change the language to Japanese?


File: 5a7288a04c1aa72⋯.jpg (693.14 KB, 920x1887, 920:1887, 180906.jpg)


(Seems like post got deleted last time, so reposting.)

An update pack for older releases to Sound Voltex Heavenly Haven KFC-20180906 version.

This upload is only an expansion pack, not stand-alone version.

You need full release of SDVXHH (KFC-20180116 or later).

This one - https://8ch.net/1cc/res/6681.htm - works, working link in >>8185 (KFC-20180116.7z, may also add better continue expansion)

[Guide (also included in package)]

- Extract over to contents (root) folder and overwrite/merge when asked.

- No need to change anything in /prop/ folder if you succeeded to run full release.


Works with spicetools/bemanitools and xrpcv/ea servers.

Only exit (alt+4) works with BinF(FS) as it doesn't support KFC-20180116 or later at the moment (for song crashing).

Hex edits supported (2018-08-21 .dll file version) - mon.im/bemanipatcher/sdvx4.html


- Direct links (most likely to die off quickly)

Zippyshare (3 parts)





https://userscloud.com/4p7ab0ne1cpaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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How did you get recent songs????









Thanks for the language pack!! I was going crazy trying to switch it to Japanese by myself and I had given up already.



You're welcome. You may like to check final SDVXIV package here >>9286 - it's already in japanese.

File: c472ee7cfcf0985⋯.jpg (191.79 KB, 850x1125, 34:45, 469000101.jpg)


디제이맥스 테크니카2

디제이맥스 테크니카2

디제이맥스 테크니카2




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It's only running on intel cpu




plz… hump image baidu upload~


Anyone get this running on a touch screen correctly? It's got same problem as most older mouse games where double tapping it registers as a click in the game. Is there a universal touch screen driver that allows mouse click emulation or perhaps something we can do so that game works correctly with touch pad? Thanks!



Works on Microsoft Surface Book 2 Flawlessly. menus need touch and circle motion. in game songs are 100% easy to touch.

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