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File: bd56fe42162c832⋯.png (86.53 KB, 2000x667, 2000:667, 2000px-SEGA_logo.svg.png)


We at 1cc are no longer support anything related to TeknoParrot. This is due to the action of the creator and the effect he is having on the community.

We do not condone the profiting of other peoples work.

He can say he giving it away for free but its just magical that a game gets released and then he has a build for it only to patreons the next day.

this is purly him using games he acquired from someone else for free to create a need for his patreon builds.

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So many drama for nothing guys. Thanks challenger.

File: 1434687616305.jpg (169.28 KB, 913x534, 913:534, 1cc.jpg)


<Welcome to /1cc/! All conversations pertaining to arcade hardware and arcade games allowed. Games that aren't specifically coin-ops but have arcade gameplay are allowed too.>

-→In order to download from MEGA encrypted links you'll need to use Megadownloader 1.7←-

>Download Megadownloder 1.7 Portable here, requires NET 4.0 if you're on Windows or using it on Linux/Mac via WINE


-→In order to download from DLC files you'll need to use Jdownloader 2←-



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File: 5b55be2395f2c1d⋯.jpg (350.26 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, a.jpg)


i'm Use arcana server, but card number is blank. and entering number is all be wrong. what's wrong?

File: 621fd4ae1c99cdd⋯.png (186.64 KB, 332x400, 83:100, transha_cab.png)

File: d9a5611d54201d6⋯.png (125.35 KB, 224x400, 14:25, transha_cab2.png)


hey,this game looks like very cool,its sega Ringedge2 board game

has anyone has it dump source?

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no rules are being broken here

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what is the size ? it is only 2.3 Gb ??


When will the exe be cracked?


this dosnt run. what is needed to get it working?


At some point we need a decrypted exe which I'm sure will turn up when someone gets time then we need it added to teknoparrot which will happen when we get the exe and Reaver gets chance

File: fe43ec3fa716b8d⋯.png (285.28 KB, 1348x1053, 1348:1053, 363Forums_bemaniso_tracke.png)


Can someone invite me to bemaniso.ws?


Believe me, this is not the right place to ask for an invite…I think no one here will be willing to give one to you.


Sure what's your email



[Removed by moderator]

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please discuss invites in private

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Could someone invite me to bemaniso.ws too?

File: dc19b7139f95291⋯.jpg (393.74 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, launcher_2018_01_05_11_56_….jpg)


ea local server - http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/HL0syuBj/file.html

Sound voltex iv heavenly haven - http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/i3Asn2XT/file.html

(Use jdownloader to download)

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why wont my inputs work with spicetools? i get to the title screen and nothing works. I've renamed spice.exe to launcher already, so im already using the spice launcher. what am i missing


File: ae0da2524886b56⋯.jpg (255.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Capture.JPG)

Is there any way I can shrink the screen?




You must set the screen setting vertically



configure inputs using dpicetools?

File: 975ddaac8f467ac⋯.png (115.17 KB, 236x500, 59:125, Projectdivaarcade.png)


Does anyone has the RingEdge version? (or the Nu version?)

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Graphics : 720p for Nu, 1080p for PS4 "4K" render for PS4 Pro)

PS4 Win

Content : TWO songs missing on PS4, and 6 EXTRA EXTREME charts

Arcade Win

Gameplay: Can play custom home made arcade controller or adapted PS3 HORI on PS4 , but still missing the real feeling of sliders

Arcade Win, but still really enjoyable with custom home made controller, so pretty nice

Inputs :

Arcade works directly for the timing feeling, BUT ! PLEASE GUYS ! Just configure correctly your setup !

Use some audio setup without delay, configure your PS4 on PCM priority, and not DOLBY or other sort of things ^^

Same for your screen, use a good low delay screen, and it will feel EXACTLY THE SAME


Customisation :

Arcade have skins for your HUD, PS4 have Body/Head "fusion"

PS4 Win, of course it's more itneresting creating modules fusions, more than a flashy skin on your HUD ^^

Verdict :


So have fun with the PS4 version <3



game modding: Arcade(PC) yes, ps4 no

game modding -> higher resolution possible = 4-8k and\or 21:9 anyone?

game modding -> the possibility to add in higher res textures, models

game modding -> adding more songs

everyone has a PC that can be used for literally everything = free

buying a PS4 pro for 1 game that becomes a dust trap after you finish that 1 game = $$$$

Record long videos without capture cards (and with free software like shadowplay, relive, OBS) meanwhile getting a good capture card is $$$$$

The possibility of having server emulator, so when sega kills servers, you can still do stuff

(upload\save your scores, etc.)

Use any kind of controller, you can even build an arcade controller clone to use with PC (Arcade).

Having\making backups of the game, you can't on PS4, if you disc busts or sony\sega decides to remove game from store, you can't get the game anymore, while on PC you just make a backup to disc\hdd\cloud and redownload it whenever you want

PS4 2:8 Arcade

PC (Arcade) wins. Fatality.

PS: Ringedge version would be better than Nu, because Ringedge can be ez emulated by some guys.


Exactly. I can mod this game easily and add a shit ton more songs. I did in Project Diva F, up to 100 because that's the song limit in that game. I can even port song charts from other games easily, such as Miracle Girls Festival



>Having\making backups of the game, you can't on PS4, if you disc busts or sony\sega decides to remove game from store, you can't get the game anymore, while on PC you just make a backup to disc\hdd\cloud and redownload it whenever you want

Well, you can buy the japanese physical release and just take care of the BD, I have CD-Rs that are almost 20 yrs old. a BD Disk surelly will last more than those


Any news? Still noone has the Ringedge version aside from hoarders?

File: 896638966126219⋯.jpg (311.11 KB, 1100x621, 1100:621, cdl.jpg)


Cyberdiver 1.05 with most of the unused hl2 files stripped out

Reduces extracted size from 8.7GB to 3.8GB

Download: mega://enc2?GtjCcfKlFuryxT7IKWLcwlyVTqrxHKUZVnGl94RyjD0mobVhYW6TzXT8wmOIWihIST3mxfUQZfUxtd-bOG8wOA



This has Cyberdiver_1.20

How do I set up this key? I want to play with a joystick.

File: 2b29a8b77b799f0⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 800x531, 800:531, MV5BNmI3MDBhMzAtNjEyMS00Mm….jpg)

File: 28b2981e66007c7⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 197x255, 197:255, download (1).jpg)


has this game been dumped and playable yet?

File: 6ca220bae75d773⋯.png (292.56 KB, 1150x1535, 230:307, Batman.png)

File: bb445d5b465063d⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 198x255, 66:85, download.jpg)


has this game been dumped and playable yet?

File: e37be708bcd07ef⋯.png (480.32 KB, 1907x947, 1907:947, kjfkjfk.png)


When registering with ARCANA, what should I enter Card ID? . I do not think that putting ID of e-amusement pass will be included …


Why are you asking here? Go ask in an Arcana group

File: 901427cffc29b84⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 109.jpg)

File: 4c875197fbe0992⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 147.jpg)


Pump It Up Fiesta 2 arcade rhythm game by Andamiro. Cracked version, no dongle needed.

For non-commercial use only.

Works with any nVidia card from Series 6 (6xxx, 2004-2005) up to Series 10 (2016).

Works with Intel Graphics (HD 3000 and newer).

Works with most AMD Graphics.

Flash img.xz file with Etcher https://etcher.io/ to at least 40 GB HDD or SSD.

Activate "Unsafe mode" in settings first.

Alternative way for Linux:

$ xzcat pumpitup-fiesta2-161-nodog.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

Torrent available only in I2P network. It can be downloaded with any I2P torrent client (built-in i2pshark, robert, vuze). Please do not upload to clearnet (usual torrent / file sharing sites).

Visit https://geti2p.net/ to learn more.

Tracker link: http://tracker2.postman.i2p/index.php?view=TorrentDetail&id=45386

Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eab2ab0e06bfe83fd0449dddf9f09b66ce7eac36&dn=Pump+It+Up+Fiesta+2+%28cracked%29&tr=http://tracker2.postman.i2p/announce.php

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you can´t with that board



I think this board is suposed to be a clone/replacement of the piu i/o board, it should work fine, he just need to wire buttons/ sensors to the right places





Nope, that board works as a joystick, piu games will not work with that




File: de39795a3aebdad⋯.jpg (372.38 KB, 750x1065, 50:71, 165000101.jpg)


>Encrypted download link


This is a virtual machine with a ton of Pump It Up games, already preconfigured with everything needed to get the games running! It contains

>[1999] Pump it Up - The First Dance Floor

>[1999] Pump it Up - The Second Dance Floor

>[2000] Pump it Up - The Collection

>[2000] Pump it Up - The OBG Season Evolution

>[2000] Pump it Up - The OBG Season

>[2000] Pump it Up - The Perfect Collection

>[2001] Pump it Up - EXTRA PLUS

>[2001] Pump it Up - EXTRA

>[2001] Pump it Up - The Premiere Brazil

>[2001] Pump it Up - The Premiere

>[2001] Pump it Up - The PREX

>[2002] Pump it Up - The Premiere 2

>[2002] Pump it Up - The PREX 2

>[2002] Pump it Up - The Rebirth

>[2003] Pump it Up - The Premiere 3

>[2003] Pump it Up - The PREX 3

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Any way to fix the delayed audio?



Oh my… soon or later we need 1000 Hard Disks to collect all the Dance Simulation Games, Looks like Mame.



A 10tb HDD should suffice


File: 24f790726532472⋯.png (449 B, 140x50, 14:5, deleted.png)




Man, ive tried downloading at least a dozen times and ive gotten the same "corrupted file" error message, ive tried it from several accounts, at least 5 different computers and differet connections and with jdownloader, mega and others account and i keep gettin the same message, any way to get these files

File: 93c51472909353f⋯.png (455.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 45636345.png)


I managed to get my hands on a dedicab but it's in real bad shape, does anyone have a fresh image of the HDD?

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The machine has the dongle still, yes. A cracked image doesn't need it though? At least that was what I have seen from my research.




Here's the old-ass cracked R16 image

Btw stock ITG drive partition layout has very limited space for custom songs, so you will need to use gparted to expand one of the partitions if you run out of space, then add a custom song directory and the appropriate line in the static.ini.

Out of curiousity did you buy the dedicab from the recent Captain's Auction?



Thank you so much, I've dug for this thing for weeks and never found it.

I purchased the machine a few months ago off ebay, I've been trying to fix the pads since then and that was a whole fiasco since it clearly seems like no one has EVER cared for this machine.

I'm not too worried about overloading with custom songs yet, I only put two relatively small packs on and bootup slowed to practically a halt. Whoever the previous owners were either botched the hack job on the machine or botched resetting it. A lot of normal shit just doesn't work, like I can't use the codes to unlock the "hidden" songs and unlocking them in stepmania/static.ini didn't change a damn thing either. Which is why I wanted just a working stock image for now, enjoy it as I did forever ago, then when I've got more money I can replace the internals and upgrade to SM5.

Seriously though, thank you.



No problem man I've owned a few of these in mixed condition. Most cracked music games stuff like this is locked behind a login on sows sadly hurting many who need to fix cabs.

In case you need it someone there remade all the ITG cabinet artwork too heres the link




You beautiful motherfucker, thank you. The previous owners apparently spilled water or something down the front panel and never bothered to clean it off until long after it had already ruined and rotted the button panel decal and rusted the panel itself. I had to peel it off and sand and repaint it to make it not look like hot garbage. After like two months of searching I had figured I'd never find those decals and took a bunch of pictures to try and recreate it myself when I'd find the time. You just saved me like 20+ hours of work, easily.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help, for real.

File: 84de82e51a28914⋯.jpg (110.94 KB, 900x400, 9:4, locationtest_main.jpg)


With Cannon Ballers right around the corner, it's ninja time!

To download, open the DLC file with jdownloader 2 and it should allow you do download all the parts

Requires either Spicetools or Bemanitools

Download: mega://fenc2?r3lUrmRLZH2mmKJZBp0E6kpASXn7MQtrGhyr-BqQM-LFy2dtjbJf-qL-MdTSWXuf

Jdownloader 2: http://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2

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Thanks heaps. Sorry if this was public somewhere and I just couldn't find it




This works for viewing the ifs files



Another guide to change qp? The link is broken in the post sadly.


so I managed to get IIDX24 but I only have IIDX24 songs, found a torrent with IIDX 10 to 24 I'am downloading it right now but it will take some time. How do I add the song once I've dowload it please ?


File: 1e6cf9c65deefca⋯.png (20.47 KB, 271x359, 271:359, a83559d7c9d76f1a529d669870….png)

Can i help delete this graph message?

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