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File: ab3652fbc999b84⋯.jpg (301.31 KB, 450x599, 450:599, arcade_sona_by_sioso-d636n….jpg)


/1cc/ twitter is now live!

Please follow us on twitter and spread the word! We'll be posting news and updates regarding arcade stuff!



File: 1434687616305.jpg (169.28 KB, 913x534, 913:534, 1cc.jpg)


Welcome to /1cc/! All conversations pertaining to arcade hardware and arcade games allowed. Games that aren't specifically coin-ops but have arcade gameplay are allowed too.

In order to download from encrypted links you'll need to use Megadownloader 1.7

>Download Megadownloder 1.7 Portable here, requires NET 4.0 if you're on Windows or using it on Linux/Mac via WINE



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File: 7be42dd900d1618⋯.jpg (58.34 KB, 330x377, 330:377, 5708w7286.jpg)


Hi everyone. Just letting you know ahead of time that I would appreciate if you also gave feedback on the stuff you download and start threads of your own. This is a board to discuss things as well! Thanks and have fun! And don't forget to check out the chatroom links.

https://discord.gg/UypwQ3R ← /1cc/ chat

And please spread the word out as far as you can! If you own arcade machines of your own or you know a bit about cracking or reverse engineering we'd love to hear from you!



아케이드 기계를 보유하고 계시다면 저희에게 문의하십시오!

당신이 프로그래밍 기술 또는 리버스 엔지니어링이있는 경우, 우리는 당신의 도움이 필요합니다!

Если вы обладаете навыками программирования или реверс-инжиниринга, нам нужна ваша помощь!

Wenn Sie Programmierkenntnisse oder Reverse-Engineering haben, brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe!

Se você tem habilidades de programação ou engenharia reversa, precisamos da sua ajuda!

Si usted tiene conocimientos de programación o ingeniería inversa, necesitamos su ayuda!

Si vous avez des compétences en programmation ou l'ingénierie inverse, nous avons besoin de votre aide!

Se si dispone di competenze di programmazione o di reverse engineering, abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto!

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File: 42315bb6109933a⋯.png (15.42 KB, 440x145, 88:29, 440px-Sega_Chihiro_Logo.sv….png)



You need wayback machine to get them.

A few doesn´t work.

Please Save only Chihiro.

Good Luck.

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I know that!

I hate LLE the reason why HLE is more powerfull.




faster != powerful


please share CXBX emulater which you are using one. thanks




Click on Release - Artifacts in the right option and select the zip you want.

Save the website.




You clearly don't know anything you're talking about, you're both wasting your time and the time of the other anon stating the obvious

File: 79bfa504c3d118a⋯.jpg (100.35 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 003.jpg)

File: 75758332c5ceb26⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pd.png)


A TTX touchscreen game, requires jconfig to launch so make sure to download that first, also requires a modified debugging exe. once the game loads you have to press t to get to the test menu and click the 8th option and set the option which says off to on.

exit from test mode and wait for the game to get to the title screen and click the mouse to start, the game is a touchscreen game so it's played with the mouse

Game data: https://mega.nz/#!g6ZwhCaK!2swmBV4xuwQ_CbXyZbJ-U_e4rXryO8S-E-jIM23yNlE

Modified debugging exe: https://mega.nz/#!k2wxERpA!ke7uShRjD7ut8B3ufbuENJ8est8KPnlROU6lSrpa29A

Jconfig: http://8ch.net/1cc/res/3285.html

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File: 00e64a3752a239a⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1307x754, 1307:754, Unbenannt.png)

my screen is cropped like this and how to get rid of the yellow text ? i checked point 8 from off to on.


perhaps we would all need a tutorial here about the game how to pick cards and strategies since the game is all in japanese


Hi, got the game working and even played online with someone(??), but is there anyway to save in the game?, it needs a server to save, or it can save the progress some other way?, please help



nvm, found that you can press enter from the numpad and emulate the nesica card to save.


File: d7aea886c56777c⋯.jpg (138.4 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 2017-07-19_141427.jpg)

File: db5fb7d50630364⋯.jpg (210.1 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 2017-08-17_133846.jpg)


saludos desde mexico, aqui mi pregunta que tan en contra estan de las maquinas arcade armadas en SM5 ?

en mi caso poseo una Infinity casi fiel a la original (hasta casi en lo lento del user nav)

y con modo pay mode activado

ustedes tienen SM5 con pay mode?

que versiones tiene y si desean intercambiar material?


I have Prime for SM5 but the theme is buggy. There's a better theme but no pay mode and it's encrypted.

Tengo Prime para SM5 pero el tema es inestable. Hay un tema mejor, pero no hay modo de pago y el juego está encriptado.


yo tengo prime sm5, cambio por master de palancas y botones actualizado a la fecha, ofrezco el tema por un disco master o bien imagen completa por master y efectivo




File: 306d29893fd9c64⋯.jpg (250.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2017-08-21_200736.jpg)

tengo el tema Galaxy con el paymode activo actualizado a prime 2 pero quiero cambiar el tema a uno mas actual

File: c15e4caa50b1da8⋯.jpg (276.17 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, ffdriftflyer1.jpg)


So after seeing super bikes cracked i thought it would be a convenient time to upload these

These are restore disks for Tokyo drift, needs dongle checks removed and input to be playable.

To get the data out of them, install them in a vm as usual then open the vm image with 7zip and pull the game files out of it

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!En53wZgJ!LaNpw0kzy7xmTd2AzDgKNg

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No, come on I just wanna play that game, because RT Key not found


Somebody give me a dongle crack



Stop asking for a crack over and over again, no wonder the moderator had to lock the thread


I need a crack, Its been long time on July




File: b06d4f63809bd23⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 504x304, 63:38, mgexarc04_thumb.jpg)


Any chance for this game ?


Buy teh cab, dump the data. Profit!



Import it on PS3? Or wait till PS3 emu can play it?

File: 322dd86bd95b150⋯.jpg (257.79 KB, 640x883, 640:883, flychq2.jpg)


The sequel to a classic, Finally decrypted and cracked… Chase HQ2!!!

Use jconfig to configure the controls and read the readme to see what control does what in jconfig

If you don't see Nancy you need to install the WMV codecs which are included in the download

Download - https://mega.nz/#!9scH0LDB!1jgmHPFnBMJuAHeyH9ez7HjtQGaMCD-fUQnPUpOBNbY

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Does anyone have an idea to get this game working in full screen?


uncheck dx window mode in jconfig and change resolution


I get stick at a configuring input screen, wheel and pedal both fail?


why has this suddenly started crashing for me at "network checking" i was playing this no problem a month ago


ahhh never mind, just needed to activate direct play, the sound wasnt working either when I got in, just changed from 7.1 speakers to 2 and it worked… ahhhh the wonders of reinstalling windows

File: 650c2ae95ee8ccd⋯.jpg (240.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ms6_01_1.jpg)


Hi guys!

In all Metal Slug games you can use the service menu to activate Blood: ON, but for some reason Metal Slug 6 only gives you "white sweat" for blood in the arcade version, with no option to change this…

I have attatched the files from the nvram folder of demul after I activated the blood.

Download this and overwrite your files and see if it works.

Extract in …/demul/nvram/ folder

This is achived by entering a hidden menu which is stupid hard to get access of, hence the file attached. :P


This is how you make this work - and when you've done it once, it will remeber the blood on settings!!

- Enable debug mode, on title screen:

1) insert credit

2) Press P1 Start + Service Button + Player 2 Button A (even B or C should work though)

Kepp pressing the thre buttons at the same time until a game is started (debug-mode should active now - about 30% of success)

3) When in-game press Player 1 buttons D+E twice (, or until the Debug/Pause menu appears)

If this is a no go, you have to start over from step 1 again…

If you are lucky:

4) Choose Option 2 and press Player 1 button A

5) Choose Option 9 between the PAUSE and DIFF LEVEL (see picture) and press Player 1 button A


6) press Player 1 button B and navigate to the last option and press press Player 1 button A to exiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Sorry, linked to the image file *tard*

Heres the NVRAM



Here is a prepatched ROM where red blood is activated by default:


No need to do anything, just execute the ROM and play with red blood ;)


Cool! Well that's even better! :D


Happy Birthday to Demul 0.7 Alpha.

File: b4e185a53e3b4e9⋯.jpg (119.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


A lot of people can't get the emulator so I add the link for you guys can get.



it is not emulator, just a Loader…


Thanks for the game

File: c400e0352a46ae4⋯.png (465.68 KB, 1600x464, 100:29, Maxi_Logo.png)


I found this website to find the closest maximum tune 5 cadent so I found one more or less at 60 miles so give it a try only for North.



This is a copy there was a glitch while I was posting

File: 50774bb843cbdc4⋯.jpg (324.57 KB, 540x513, 20:19, Konami_Road Fighters 3D (5….jpg)


I had this dump for a while and I thought you guys want it this is like maximum tune and burnout had a baby.


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I had not find the recovery disc yet but still searching


I found some game files on the zip files


You need to dump HDD files and somebody got it working but I can't find the video


File: 832deca2e57d6e2⋯.png (98.49 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_20170816-184100.png)

File: 2e312911f23a7e1⋯.png (102.07 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_20170816-184116.png)

I found this files so this a chance this game could be cracked

File: 34be5338b6b5190⋯.jpg (792.4 KB, 980x1386, 70:99, Pop'n Music うさぎと猫と少年の夢.jpg)


Does anyone have a dump of it?

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It also has popn dumps



You share now.


I don't WANT those dumps. q_q



Not before 6 or 7 months.




Well you suck then…i was gonna make a Stepmania 5 theme based on Pop'n 24 but booooo…

File: 9a103660f7ee113⋯.jpg (134.23 KB, 500x669, 500:669, tumblr_ny0d62Aabc1uc6b0lo1….jpg)


Leggendaria talks about an omnimix but it's not in the torrent :(

Is there a db editor like IIDX's to make our own?


I can't even find the regular game, Mega downloader just crashes when I put in any of the images. Any tips?



The regular game is in the big leggendaria torrent, working perfectly :)

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