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File: 3a2b0fb3ea32f27⋯.jpg (532.49 KB, 3830x2263, 3830:2263, JP_hi_res_3.jpg)

File: f1c9f705ce934f6⋯.jpg (93.85 KB, 265x358, 265:358, jurassic-park-arcade-envir….jpg)


Is there anywhere I can download this glorious game?

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please post dongle dump for walking dead :)


Lets get this one working first





Any progress yet? Thanks


How do i get the dongle and memory dumps?

They seem to be inside the game file and i don't know how to extract them.

and does it start on pc if the real dongle is plugged in?

File: 37f15e27d229a09⋯.png (127.85 KB, 642x512, 321:256, 2019-01-09.png)


It works even on Windows XP and later (Windows 10 also works)

You can not control it. Please be able to control someone.

I am Japanese, but I will cooperate as much as I can.


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Some had an error when booting, it was due to webcam missing or not compatible. See attached picture.

So, if you got this 5-1503-0000 Error, just connect a webcam or use the following files where it is disabled.

Here are the patched files for computers without compatible webcam.

Just replace (or rename) the old files in the bin directory.



As usual password is MOHKERZ.

See ya!


File: 949dd10ea33f07f⋯.png (33.71 KB, 500x281, 500:281, error.png)

error screenshot..


Thanks for the dump tanisige5ch and thanks for the playable version MOHKERZ, amazing work! It seems like this is the initial version, although there's only 52 minigames as opposed to 53 that should be there according to wikipedia page. If anyone has the most updated version with 73 minigames, please post it here!


From the game files,there is already 95 mini-games included here.

Did you try to activate WaiWai mode from TEST MENU?

It adds a new main menu entry…. maybe completing the game can unlock some…



Yes I checked in WaiWai mode and there's 17 rows of 3 games + one game, which equals to 52 games. I don't know about any unlock conditions, the information about this game seems to be very sparse on the internet. Maybe someone with more knowledge about the game could say more about this. My information comes from japanese wikipedia page about bishi bashi, which states that the game initially started with 53 minigames and every month until february 2006 there were 2 new games added.

File: f3d53583e1bf654⋯.png (45.41 KB, 277x249, 277:249, maimaimilk_logo.png)


Tested on windows xp sp3

ringedge 2 is needed to make it run

.exe is undumped


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it is possible if you could dump maimai.exe in the maimai folder


The mega file is somehow not working. Tried download multiple times and even with VPN to bypass limit count, But still no luck. Can you re-upload both Milk and Murasaki in a smaller file? Thank you.



I change my router's MAC address. My ISP provided me with a different IP address, that can bypass the transmission limit. Hope this help.


ok found a workaround now, Megadownloader somehow not working with a large file. I am now using Mega link downloader to download it. Still, need to switch VPN every 2-3gb. But I am getting progress now.



use jdownloader

File: f6e7c86d0a642c9⋯.jpg (61.39 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, PIU_Prime.jpg)


This is an image from a modified linux, no domgle needed, the game estructure is all ok, the operative system is fault, can somebody help me to fix it?


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yo okay so by inspecting that message, looks like line 32 in piuio.py wants that PIUIO_DEADBEEF. Probably you can comment out that code that wants it?


Maybe the hoscore have this file inside the .IMG


I already checked the code and made a call to that file or file, I'm waiting for a prime disc that I would probably borrow from there and get that file out. regards



any news??

File: cd2b2674bd96faf⋯.png (159.02 KB, 500x217, 500:217, maimaim_logo.png)


Tested on windows xp sp3

ringedge 2 is needed to make it run

.exe is undumped



The mega file is somehow not working. Tried download multiple times and even with VPN to bypass limit count, But still no luck. Can you re-upload both Milk and Murasaki in a smaller file? Thank you again.



i will upload it in mediafire but it will take some time since internet connection in our country sucks

could you dump it?

tried dumping it trough x32dbg but no luck



No I can't, but just want to see what's in the file and see want to do with it or maybe just keep a backup in the PC to wait for someone to crack it.

File: 1bca284c2d22952⋯.jpg (166.46 KB, 492x640, 123:160, mug02.jpg)


Where would I download the game?


What would you do with it if you got it?


Bump, looking for this too since the thread linked in an old video is dead



File: 9d4f3f626111945⋯.jpg (5.32 MB, 5984x3366, 16:9, DSC_0058.JPG)


Dance³ is a Chinese made Maimai ripoff (but not exactly bootleg) arcade machine.

Here is an update package for Dance³ (date 10/12/2018):


but I don't know if this is anything useful, for I have no idea how to open it and whether it's encrypted …

Other update packages are publically available at http://, though this website looks very sketchy.

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It is cool, but it is encrypted and useless.



It is a piece of shit. Not worth wasting time to play.



I played for a few rounds in the arcade and I can say it's quite mediocre. Just don't expect too much from a ripoff game.



on what hardware does it run?



As a ripoff machine, there is no detailed tech specification (and I don't own the machine), all I can tell is it runs on x86 computer, video goes through VGA/DVI. Security dongle and keys are unknown but they don't go on USB. These information comes from its service manual, which is also poorly written.

File: 6aa7a9cd31fe5a0⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 181228043014.jpg)


Dear Ez2On Community,

As you know code exists to run an ez2on server.

We are the creator of this code and are very happy to see that a big community has formed around it.

By providing additional services we hope to improve the experience of playing.

What does that mean?

- game server that is always online

- website for statistics and game play history

- API to query game data

For the past year a team of around 3-5 people has helped voluntarily to build a platform around ez2on.

Please keep in mind that we can not compare to a company with money and resources, we tried to focus on the most important parts first - game play.

That means a lot of features are not available yet:

- Quests

- Ranking Screen

- Team Play

- Directly Switching Channels

However we improved some parts:

- Battle Meter

- Friend System

- Mail System

Be reminded that we do not make any promises about server being online or any functionality.

Especially in software there are always bugs and issues because everyone has a unique system.

Nevertheless we will try as far as our personal time allows to help and improve the platform.

Our goal is to provide a platform that is working and offers stability.

Please report bugs with screenshots or videos, and give instructions how to make the bug happen.

Lastly keep in mind that:

- We will never charge for this service or in game currency.

- We will never ask for your password. (we do not know it because it is encrypted with bcrypt)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 621fd4ae1c99cdd⋯.png (186.64 KB, 332x400, 83:100, transha_cab.png)

File: d9a5611d54201d6⋯.png (125.35 KB, 224x400, 14:25, transha_cab2.png)


hey,this game looks like very cool,its sega Ringedge2 board game

has anyone has it dump source?

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Is anyone able to decrypt this for us guys


Im guessing that there are only a handful of people able to decrypt these games. I wish I had the talents to do what you guys do, I would have no idea where to start.


Any word on a decrypted exe for TF? Just curious … Thanks


Any luck on a decrypted exe file?



is this the recovery disc?

File: 33c93825d2d1b39⋯.jpg (15.04 KB, 230x320, 23:32, 1106077053.jpg)



here comes a new dump in a playable state…

Old game from UNIANA (remember Frenzy Express?), released in 2003.












Just unzip the archive and run launcher or exe in bin directory.

This game uses d3d8 so i used dgvoodoo to make it look better, feel free to tune the settings by running dgvoodoo exe in bin dir.



Merry christmas et joyeux noel!!!! Enjoy!





Thanks for share it!!

Merry Christmas!!!


merry christmas to everyone in /1cc/


File: f8f686d829f943b⋯.png (490.43 KB, 640x525, 128:105, christmas_roll.png)

thanks mate

File: 9aac4be684d59ce⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 225x225, 1:1, sdvx.jpg)


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yeah the download link seems to have nothing… any other new download links?



File: 5e73edfa9588588⋯.png (155.55 KB, 723x1002, 241:334, KakaoTalk_20190403_2335424….png)

how can i fix it?


can anyone send a download link pls


what is this

File: 901427cffc29b84⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 109.jpg)

File: 4c875197fbe0992⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 147.jpg)


Pump It Up Fiesta 2 arcade rhythm game by Andamiro. Cracked version, no dongle needed.

For non-commercial use only.

Works with any nVidia card from Series 6 (6xxx, 2004-2005) up to Series 10 (2016).

Works with Intel Graphics (HD 3000 and newer).

Works with most AMD Graphics.

Flash img.xz file with Etcher https://etcher.io/ to at least 40 GB HDD or SSD.

Activate "Unsafe mode" in settings first.

Alternative way for Linux:

$ xzcat pumpitup-fiesta2-161-nodog.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

Torrent available only in I2P network. It can be downloaded with any I2P torrent client (built-in i2pshark, robert, vuze). Please do not upload to clearnet (usual torrent / file sharing sites).

Visit https://geti2p.net/ to learn more.

Tracker link: http://tracker2.postman.i2p/index.php?view=TorrentDetail&id=45386

Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:eab2ab0e06bfe83fd0449dddf9f09b66ce7eac36&dn=Pump+It+Up+Fiesta+2+%28cracked%29&tr=http://tracker2.postman.i2p/announce.php

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Dude, fiesta 2 don't have HD support, only have 720p in SD, Prime is the first Canon game with HD


Thanks for resolve my question!



clarissa, Please can you reupload that files?


Does this have a keyboard support? or could i edit a file to have keyboard support?



who can reupload the keyboard support?

File: a03e85d23068acd⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 393x152, 393:152, 1430854982211.jpg)


Tell me how to unlock all the songs in:

-Jubeat knit

-Jubeat Prop

-Jubeat qubell

-Jubeat sauser

-Jubeat clan

Or explain how to save progress when leaving the game.



Use BemaniPatcher



Go live on Japan, buy a cab, buy the e-amusement server

File: 14aeb1edfee2009⋯.png (382.19 KB, 2048x1155, 2048:1155, 14aeb1edfee2009d4477caa813….png)



Support Tenkoparrot 1.65

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Jeez what next Overtake by IGN


Hope they emulate the card reader soon




GTI Club should work on the AMD graphics card since the arcade machine itself uses Radeon HD 2600 XT (Sord FAB-e865)



Correction: actually it's Toshiba/Sord FAB-e965

File: f41bba16e5594e9⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ID8.jpg)


Initial D 8 (Public Dump) : https://mega.nz/#!vUhDHTID!WUffRUE09a4RvNgzWctip4U-60Q5incd4GjsAuaoE6I

source : Emuline

The FUck !

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Game All RH and Mohkerz Loaderz both support Operation Ghost which is a Ringwide game.

I would not be surprised if more games are supported or if another loader starts supporting Ringedge and Ringwide soon.



Except you can run that game without any emulator, so Challenger and I are still correct about "theres no other Ringedge\Ringwide emulator"


download link is not working.




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