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We have a few Groove Coaster 2 and 3 machines. I hear that if we try and dump them it will corrupt the drive. Does anyone have a workaround or know anyone that might? Also curious about the english versions floating around and the possibilities of setting up some kind of local network for these machines.


File: f23d13280f18fe9⋯.jpg (174.25 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, arcade_sona__by_rozemira-dā€¦.jpg)

Fellas in the chatroom would know a thing or two about dumping and cracking these games. Please drop by and we'll talk more about it


Anyone know how to update the actual machines for it? There's a Round 1 near my city and they still haven't gotten GC online yet because they can't figure out how to update the damn things. It's fucking frustrating, I wanna continue my profile already



ask them to contact the manufacturer of cab


no groove coaster ex?



it can be done, too bad you're all fucking idiots with zero experience actually cracking games


File: db053703620cbc5⋯.gif (438.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1479772299986.gif)


>He says this on the board of the people who just cracked 30+ games and reverse engineered an eamuse protocol far better than the team who have been doing it for years now

Your pathetically impotent rage at people far superior to you amuses me, keep going

Post last edited at





what is there to bump???



im still interested in this being cracked



it's being worked on please stay tuned for more info at a later date




someone in the discord posted that



Can't wait boi!


i downloaded some stuff somwhere but didnt know the source anymore and cant get it up running -.-



hello thank you for the explanation, I want to know if you would have the dump of games please or how found? thank you



The control config for JConfig isn't correct (down = button press, right = down etc.). Is there a fix?



Can this be run in an original cab?


Where exactly can I get the dump from? I can't seem to find it really anywhere.



GC2, what is the arcade system? Nesica?



if I'm not mistaken ,yes system nesica


hum, it seems to be ttxzero (and the files indicated in 4505 suggests), I did not find any SEO with the nesica on this game.Should confirm…



you're probably right, and I do not understand what are you talking about in terms of SEO? you have problems to make it work ?


I said that I can not find a reference with nesica. (but the phone has renamed the word^^)


If anyone wants to see the adlib notes, just go to data/debug.cfg and edit AdLibVisible from 0 to 1.



groove coaster 2 arcade

Please share this again.



Plus one for re-upload.



Plus one for re-upload.



Plus two for re-upload


anyone have issues with sound? in song selection sound is fine but in game the sound is really bad quality

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