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File: 1426856765114.jpg (6.75 KB, 189x68, 189:68, image.jpg)

ce3248  No.14637

ITT: we discuss the Godot engine

ce3248  No.14642

literally who?

ce3248  No.14646

Before you call shill, it's FOSS, works with Linux, can port to mobile, PS3 & PSVita, and can work with 2D & 3D games while having a C++ API for trimming the fat.

It's not /tech/ tier, but it comes close. the only thing damning it is that it was coded by BRs.

ce3248  No.14649

>Before you call shill
I almost did, but then I mustered up the energy to type it into google and found out it's been around for a while and is free.

Never heard of it before though. Looking at the screenshots makes me think this could be the game dev equivalent of blender, but I won't make a judgement before I've tried it.

ce3248  No.14669

Browsed the tutorials on the site, might tinker with this a bit this weekend. It looks like it the engine focuses on simple action games.

One approach to programming is a core of code that does interesting things, and the graphics provide info to the user about what is going on in the code (game). A city builder game might use this approach.

Another approach is to have interactive bits, usually graphics, with code attached to each. Some game frameworks do this and Godot does too.

By default the game has nodes contained within scenes, and scripts attached to either nodes or scenes, but no global data or scripts. One of the last tutorials includes global nodes (which may contain data or scripts), but this is de-emphasized in the tutorials and the basic approach.

The code structure is a tree. Scenes contain nodes which may contain other nodes. This is useful for easy message passing up and down the tree. But it is more difficult to create relationships between or share data across the nodes of the tree structure. I'm not too keen on hierarchies for game design.

I don't see an easy way to save data during a game. There's a low level file i/o, but I haven't found anything simple yet. I haven't looked through all of the documentation though.

Downloading it to poke around a bit but I don't think I have much use for this.

ce3248  No.14862

It's an interesting engine, though it's got a remarkably bad learning curve to it. I could churn something out in unity within 10 minutes, but with godot I'm still trying to figure out the basics after an hour since the docs don't explain anything too well.

ce3248  No.15468

The docs suck but it's a pretty capable engine. It's got sweet physics and lighting for 2D for example.

The scripting is the hard part for me, but I've never programmed so that is to be expected.

ce3248  No.15469

I like the engine, didnt have any trouble with a learning curve.

ce3248  No.15471

File: 1428420912321.gif (28.74 KB, 256x192, 4:3, GODOTYEEEEEE.gif)

There's an engine named after me?!?

ce3248  No.15496

Please tell me your sorcery, I can't get RigidBody movement to fucking work and it's killing my motivation.

ce3248  No.15644

File: 1428719812506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.04 KB, 210x240, 7:8, le pun spic.jpg)

Linuxfag here. I'm trying to compile it, but it's taking a really long time! How long will I be Waiting for Godot?

ce3248  No.15711

They have precompiled binaries in their download section. Why the hell are you trying to build it by yourself?

ce3248  No.15712


>six 0's

Holy fuck nice

ce3248  No.15713

It happens when you post from TOR

ce3248  No.15733

File: 1428883875194.jpg (36.5 KB, 268x212, 67:53, 1237234745.jpg)

ce3248  No.15756

>Naming your engine after an allegory of death
That's BRs for you I guess.

ce3248  No.15766

I know. It's guaranteed replies :3c

ce3248  No.15771

File: 1428971038757.png (5.79 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

ce3248  No.15801

File: 1429029764486.jpg (148.71 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Reaction-pic---Crying-meme.jpg)

>they are leaving the community to figure everything out themselves and have us document it for them
>you have to do complex vector math and be a mathematical genius just to do simple rotation in 3d
>mfw this is what happens when you use an engine made by brazillians
I just wasted 2 days trying to learn this and now its all going to waste, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

ce3248  No.15812


It does not seem to be built in to the engine, per se, but they might have functions planned for the future if they are going to take the 3D engine bit seriously for more casual programmers.

It doesn't look like you need to be particularly excelled at math to do it as it stands though. Then again, I'm skimming this guide you may or may not have already looked into and am mostly here for 2D dev:


ce3248  No.15915

Not surprised in the slightest. The 3d part of the engine seems to be a bit of an afterthought in places.

ce3248  No.16502


I actually tried this for my Raspberry Pi. Particularly curious if it would run on the new one. I compiled with the older Model B, but it kept having fatal errors when compiling the tools due to low memory. Maybe it will on the new one? If only cross-compiling wasn't so confusing for me...

ce3248  No.16506

Is there a way to make Windows exports smaller than 22mb? This is ridiculous.

ce3248  No.16823



This thread goes in-depth why the empty filesize is so big and what you can do about it to reduce that size.

ce3248  No.16841


The engine was red.

ce3248  No.17044


Literally zero docs, and just doesn't seem powerful.

ce3248  No.17051


It's powerful.

Just undocumented power is useless power.

ce3248  No.17058


It hasn't been too hard to learn. There IS documentation, it's just not good enough yet. Reduz is very aware of the lack of documentation and has made it a top priority.

If you want 'powerful' try UE4. This is plenty enough for anything I'll make.

ce3248  No.17231

File: 1431790080936.jpg (6.69 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1601231_1437658416476089_9….jpg)

Was planning on playing with it over my vacation next week actually. Saw the "shower of bullets" example and really want to fuck with their scripting language and make a danmaku with it, since it's obviously possible.

Anyone else interested in actually using godot?

ce3248  No.17235


I am very interested, i hope to one day make a (proper retail) game on it

I even have some shitty concept art

that's how determined I am

ce3248  No.17408


Yes, I have been digging around those very examples. They are really useful and are filling the gaps that are lacking in the documentation at least for me.

ce3248  No.17467

File: 1432144190251.mp4 (6.61 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, trucktown.mp4)

... Could they have at least included a car game demo that's a bit better? So far Big Rigs is funner than this. You can't reverse, the 'trailer truck' falls apart most of the time, the controls are too sensitive, there's no borders and everything is ugly as fuck. Surely someone that has made anything like this can poop out a better one with no effort.

ce3248  No.17471



I think that's pretty fine for a tutorial. It's up to you to adjust the parameters to your liking and design a better map and stuff anyway.

ce3248  No.17483


I lol'd hard 0:05 - 0:12 should be a banner

ce3248  No.17547

1.1 has been released with some nice new features.


ce3248  No.17548

File: 1432309931975.png (5.27 KB, 452x180, 113:45, i guess thats a yes.png)

at least you won't get any bad habits using this

ce3248  No.17824

>no proper showcase

Why do enginefags do this? Don't they know the first thing people want to see is projects created with their work?

ce3248  No.17835

File: 1432942872574.jpg (91.97 KB, 492x428, 123:107, 1426793349564.jpg)


>multi-monitor support

>2d materials

>2d lights and shadows with polygonal occluders

>navigation polygon support for 2d navigation

>high dynamic range rendering

>all this shit's built-in, don't have to do it from scratch

Holy fuck, I've been taking this engine for granted this whole time. If I didn't already have a GM:S Pro license I would be making games with this instead.

Unfortunately I've had a GM:S license for a few years now and don't feel like ditching it yet or take the time to learn a completely new engine.

ce3248  No.17845


I'm pretty sure it will never have more features than game maker studio, so why would you ever switch from GMS? A company has added way more shit than a few guys did.

ce3248  No.17861


That is being simply presumptuous. For one, it has many features already that GMS does not and was built from the ground up with better ideas like the scene system and pythonic-like scripting. It's also free and open source with many improvements over a short time.

Have you even checked out the nodes or demos? It's easily able to compete with GMS if you'd just have a look.

ce3248  No.17866


>Have you even checked out the nodes or demos? It's easily able to compete with GMS if you'd just have a look.

I didn't check it out, but is it really? I find it very hard to believe, after all game maker is probably more than 1 decade, and had a team full of programers keep making updates and adding features.

How would godot which basically has 2 programmers from what I know, compete with 1 decade of people working on game maker? Godot has things like 3D, but so does game maker. And game maker is specifically for 2D games so wouldn't it be logical to have more 2D support than godot?

I don't hate godot or anything, I want it to become the best thing ever if possible, but I just heavily heavily doubt that it can compete with 2D game maker, or 3D unity if it will become mostly a 3d engine.

ce3248  No.17867

checked out these and did a few tutorials


If I spawn too many 3d models it jitters/lags already. Not bad for 2d though so I might use it.

I still like UE4 better for 3d, it makes more sense to me. The main thing about UE4 is the insane amount of unnecessary shader precompilation that you can't turn off.

ce3248  No.17868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


oh also check out this


If you don't want to suffer and get your hopes blown on slow Unity devs then you have to learn SOME math yourself, just follow tutorials every time you need math, I do and it works.



ce3248  No.17882

woww wow wait a fucking second, is this really coded by BR's? it's amazing and interesting if so

ce3248  No.17973

ce3248  No.17983

ce3248  No.18022


I know that guy who made it. He's Argentinian.

ce3248  No.18409

File: 1434099457650.jpg (35.09 KB, 190x439, 190:439, image.jpg)

Mfw: this is the only good thing coming out of brazil

Ps. Don't know if this has been mentioned before but gamefromscratch has some pretty nice tutorials


ce3248  No.18411


PPS. u got trolled XDDD

It's actually from new zealand

ce3248  No.18412


Godot has been worked on in house for around that amount of time by okam studios

Only recently has it been released to the public

Most (if not all) of okam studo's games were made with it

ce3248  No.18415


NZ? NZ? NZ? Gib wool or i report u

ce3248  No.18462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Godot is my new favorite toy as of the 1.1 release. Time for some shilling.

The tits for 2D, 2.5D as well... would go to a different engine for 3D but it's still decent for that. The learning curve has mostly to do with the tree model it uses, as well as finding all the built-in editors and what you can do with them. But it's incredibly powerful.


Here's a video demoing the new featureset.

ce3248  No.18463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The shilling continues. This engine is young, so it's not great yet for first time devs, but it has a lot of potential -- quite a lot of power packed into that one little executable.

Vid list of games and demos made with Godot: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9i2bb2OUKCACptlUgO20di75FUAVfCn7

Embed video shows an Okam Studios game currently in development which uses Godot. They also have a game out being published by SquareEnix.

ce3248  No.18464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's a great overview of the engine in video form. It's intended for current developers, not very useful for newbies. Again, without experience, would say stay away from Godot (for now -- 1.2 is being worked on atm, as are the docs), but if you've done some gamedev before, and want to work in 2D, it'd be a shame not to consider it.

If you've worked in a simple point and click engine GameMaker before, but like me, are a little annoyed at how GM makes too many sacrifices toward user friendliness over an efficient workflow, especially when you're scripting -- keeping those fucking scripts straight, like which object is firing which script, is kinda maddening, as are the really weak, wonky OO features of GMScript -- this might be your thing. Once you get your head around it, the interface and overall design is actually really logical. So like people are saying, bit of a learning curve to understand what the fuck is going on, but once you do, you can develop quite rapidly.

ce3248  No.18465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Annnd last, some tutorials.



You can also do a LOT with the examples, especially with the new ones released after 1.1. Just explore around a bit:

You can develop on just about any OS and export the project to almost any OS. Also has pretty much no dependencies! http://www.godotengine.org/wp/download/

My ulterior motive: the more people who try it out, the more demand there will be for documentation and development.

ce3248  No.18466

Well shit, you guys really made me think a bit. I am a game maker user for about 6 months. So while I don't know it fully, I am still pretty comfortable with how game maker and it's scripting language works, I know some hate it but it's not that limited.

HOWEVER these videos of godot, especially >>18463 really make me consider wanting to try and making a simple game in it just to see how it works. What if it turns our better than game maker?

I saw that it has 2D shadows, and polygon pathfinding. AND automatic isometric view, now that is interesting. Because it would be pretty hard for me to make 2D shadows and polygon pathfinding in game maker, even isometric is a bit tricky. Also the filters, I cannot figure out shaders but I see that go dot has some built in shaders, I assume you can customize them a bit? This is very tempting.

Obviously it's very hard for me to move out of my comfort zone and abandon a program that I used for half a year. I mean, the one thing that I like in game engines is that they take away most of the math from me, this is what I like. Game maker has functions for calculating angle differences, it has the A* pathfinding (which sadly I can't develop it on my own from scratch), it has functions for calculating distances from the bounding box of the sprite, functions for calculating where a position in XY would be if you would add X numbers. And just things that make me not worry about math. And then there are all sorts of real time stretching and modifying of images in game maker, maybe those require complicated coding in godot.

And how about scaling? I am not good with screen scalling, in game maker I just thick an option to scale the screen to different resolution, I don't know how hard is in godot. If godot doesn't have this it's a deal breaker for me. Believe me guys that I really like how godot looks, open source, free, even android exporting for free and all that, that's awesome. The shaders and shadows, pathfinding, very cool. But if it can't take away medium-complicated math and simplify it for me then I will have to stick with game maker.

Another thing is steam, I want to release my game on steam too maybe in a few years in the future, so I don't know if I could do that with godot since I probably wouldn't know how to integrate the steam api into it, which I heard is pretty easy in game maker. Also, does godot even have a map editor, like the room in game maker? Can you have different rooms in godot?

But damn for making me rethink my comfort zone...

ce3248  No.18467


Also game maker has a great particle system, and the surfaces. So I don't know...

ce3248  No.18468


Yeah, it has a built-in shader language, as well as a visual editor (see pic).

It's pretty good with abstracting you from the math and letting you create. Rather than using a programming language, it uses its own script language with Python-like syntax. The reason for this is because the scripting language can be very targeted. Pretty much all the functions you're talking about are in Godot. There's nothing you have to do that's too complicated. It's a lot like GM in this respect.

Screen scaling is handled pretty well overall. Haven't done much in terms of pushing to Android and the like, but it's taken into serious consideration. It was written from the ground up to be highly portable (unlike GM). If you watch that engine overview vid, I believe he mentions the scaling issue.

Steam API is not yet integrated, but you can insert C++ code for anything along those lines and recompile, exposing the necessary functions to GDScript. It's not trivial but it's not that difficult, either. Within a few years, also, someone will undoubtedly do it before you, and will share the code.

Godot does have a map editor -- you can define a tileset and the various properties of each tile, then place them. You can of course have different rooms, but they're called Scenes instead. Functionally they're fairly similar to rooms in GM, except that scenes contain nodes (objects) and can themselves have their own properties. Confusing at first but it makes more sense after a bit.

Definitely worth checking out. There is no installation -- the EXE you download is the editor, which you can run from anywhere -- and then just load up some of the example files.

ce3248  No.18469


Sounds good but then there are other things.

In game maker I could make a 640x360 room, I would place two objects and I would increase their X by 4 every step. When I resize the whole thing into 1920x1080 it still increases by the same amount that 4 pixels would be in 640x360, but in a much higher resolution. So I wonder if it's the same in godot, if I could do pixel perfect code at different resolutions without me doing extra work. I can also place GUI objects at certain positions in low resolutions and they would maintain their aspect when rescaled automatically by game maker at a higher resolution.

Game maker has a built in shader language too from what I know, but what I want is already made shaders that just let me apply them and trick them, without coding them myself in that shader language. You know, I don't want to write shaders from scratch.

I would probably be not able to integrate the steam api myself if no one does it in 2 or 4 years. If I would be able to do that kind of programming I wouldn't use engines in the first place. Is there an automated "step" feature in godot? Or do I have to write how the game works from scratch? Is saving files (save games) easy? Does it even have features to deactivate objects that game maker has? Because it's very useful for building a pause menu.

And does it really have those angle, directions, and all sort of distance functions etc. implemented? How about manipulating sprites? Could you please tell me before I try my hand at this thing? Also I never worked with C++, I learned python a year ago but I forgot most of it.

ce3248  No.18470


I forgot another important question to ask, how is the performance in comparison to GM:S? We are talking about a lot of objects with path finding, particles (does it even have particles?), physics?

ce3248  No.18473

File: 1434284738547.png (164.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


You can do scaling a few different ways, including pixel perfect: https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/wiki/tutorial_multires

There are a bunch of built in shaders that you can tweak. If they don't match what you want, ask if someone has done something similar to what you want on the forum. Now that there's a visual shader editor it's pretty simple to cook something up.

For steps, you're talking about frames. Yeah, that's all built in there. It'll be different than how you're used to handling it in GM -- you basically enable a node to handle updates every frame/step and then take action accordingly. You'll be passed a value indicating how long it was since the last frame, so you can basically set step size this way ... as in, if you want 20 steps a second, you simply return from the function if 1/20 of a second hasn't passed yet. A little more complicated, but you're trading off for more power. But not so much of a tradeoff as, say, a game library. It's walking a fine line between the two. You have the power and flexibility you need to do what you like, while having a lot of useful tools.

Saving could be done better. If you are OK with saving in plaintext, that's easy -- you can save data in an INI file. If not, you have a little more work to do, but it's doable. Hopefully we'll see improvement here in time.

There's a mode to deactivate for pausing, yes. Basically no events are passed to nodes during this time, so they can just freeze.

Some of the math functions that you desire may not be implemented -- if you're wondering about specific stuff, I'd say ask in the forum. Though in fairness, such stuff is pretty trivial to write. If they're not in there, someone could write them for you in a short time. Sprite manipulation is no problem though.

You don't need C++, but knowing Python syntax will help. Should probably come back to you. Like any scripting language, it's fairly simple.

As far as performance, I'd be very surprised if it didn't perform better than GM. It can handle a fair bit without slowing down. You might run into a few snags here and there, of course. Yes, it has a particle system (as you'll see it's got a more extensive particle system than GM, at least from what I recall): https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/wiki/tutorial_particles_2d And yes, there's a built-in physics engine that's pretty robust.

ce3248  No.19106

So far, it doesn't look too powerful simply because there's not enough documentation or showcases for it to make a name for itself, but it obviously has a lot of potential. When I'm done with my current native C++ project, I'll probably toy around in Godot and see how much more efficient it is.

ce3248  No.19110


Only came to this thread to make sure someone made that joke.

ce3248  No.19112

how does this compare to polycode

ce3248  No.19119


weird. Do they provide something equivalent to glm::rotate() for vectors, quats, and matrices? If not it's probably not worth your time.

ce3248  No.19125


You mean, if not, the math is trivial, already available and you can easily write the functions yourself. We're talking 3-10 lines each.

That said, yeah, it's built in, and that guy is retarded.



Yes, it's a little more like a real programming language in how it handles it. But, really, IMO, you shouldn't be even thinking about touching 3D if you are not comfortable with what is in the end not very complicated math.

If you want to create a 3D "game" that you end up ditching after 6 months, you can always give Unity a shot.

ce3248  No.19135


No, I agree it's not hard. But if I'm going to bother using someone's 3D "game engine" then I expect good basic math utility functions to be there and be decently optimized, SSE2 versions, etc. Otherwise, why bother? Better stuff is out there if they can't get the basics right why would I use it? GLM is out there (not great, but easy), Sony's open source math library is good and pretty fast, OpenFrameworks exists if I want OO retardation. The only thing Godot or Polycode or whatever bring to the table is hopefully, a decent UI and scripting interface.

ce3248  No.19147

It looks like an interesting engine, but damn it all, the documentation just isn't there.

Same for Polycode, I'm afraid.

ce3248  No.19167


>you have to do complex vector math and be a mathematical genius just to do simple rotation in 3d

You need to be a genius to multiply by matrix?

ce3248  No.19168


It is developed by an Argentinian dude with polish ascendance. Not really a huehue...

ce3248  No.19169


it actually works

ce3248  No.19175


Why? just use unity or Unreal

ce3248  No.19199


Just saiyan, it is there.

The docs are weak in many places. Sadly it is not yet an open Wiki for the docs or they would be done already.

ce3248  No.19200


Neither is very good for 2D.

Godot shines with 2D. If you want 3D, use one of those. If you are planning on 2D, try Godot and make life a little easier.

ce3248  No.19729

How can I learn to make things in 3d space without the documentation? Is it possible to rifle through the raw class list?

ce3248  No.19730


Why shouldn't I use godot for 3d? 2d is great because it has documentation. 3d doesn't yet

ce3248  No.19745

File: 1437167946016.gif (51.84 KB, 388x385, 388:385, waiting for godot.gif)

ce3248  No.19751


>3D rotation


gb2 GM

ce3248  No.19807


Godot's 2d API is supposed to be similar to the 3d API so it shouldn't be too hard to learn to use it; from the website "Dedicated 2D and 3D physics engines, which use the same API"

ce3248  No.19810

I've been playing around with the engine for 3 days now. Some things are a bit unintuitive but the scene system is really good once you get used to it.

The engine feels solid, but has room for improvement (for example checking for collision at arbitrary points is a bit of a hassle now). The gui needs work though, I don't think there is a way to move nodes up and down the hierarchy, which is a big miss if you want to reorganise your entities. (or maybe there is a way and I'm just retarded). The expandable menus are all expanded by default and reexpand with every change you make of a field, which really clutters the ui up. I also don't really understand why there needs to be a resources tab as well as a filesystem tab and why the latter is placed where it is.

ce3248  No.19811


I tried finding documentation on quaternions or rotation matrices and it seems the Internet is devoid of them.

Could you please enlighten me on how rotate in 3D?

ce3248  No.19813

File: 1437310370079.png (164.24 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 04 - bmetransform.png)

ce3248  No.19814


You usually buy a book on 3D math for this. I'm holding "Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics (3rd edition)" by Eric Lengyel in my hands right now. It's rather dense, but it explains WHY formulas work and how we got to them, and by skimming you can usually infer the right formulas for the job.

Additionally, google gave me this within 5 minutes:

//axis is a unit vector
local_rotation.w = cosf( fAngle/2)
local_rotation.x = axis.x * sinf( fAngle/2 )
local_rotation.y = axis.y * sinf( fAngle/2 )
local_rotation.z = axis.z * sinf( fAngle/2 )

total = local_rotation * total //multiplication order matters on this line

"Total" is the final quaternion of the object. In Unity this would be transform.rotation I think. I don't use Godot so no idea how it works here.

But seriously, this is first year college stuff for any game programming course worth your money. Not advanced theoretical mathematics.

ce3248  No.19816


>any game programming course worth your money

>game programming course


I know a guy who went into one of those and they only learned 3D modelling with proprietary software and Unity.

ce3248  No.19817


Which is why I said ones worth your money. He went one of the shit ones, which are the majority.

>programming course

>3D modelling

That's not a programming course.

ce3248  No.19818


I wouldn't take a game programming course, but I *would* take a course on using 3D modeling software.

ce3248  No.19820


not everyone is a fan of things like quartinions and normalizing along grav vectors and such

ce3248  No.19860

File: 1437370778321.jpg (13.29 KB, 312x312, 1:1, blurgh2.jpg)


trash tier engine made by drunken huehue jungle bunnies

will stick with ue4

ce3248  No.19916

Im new to coding and godot's documentation for 3d is super limited.


When I download the example project I get error(36,18): Expected identifier for member variable name.

ce3248  No.20911

Is there inverse kinematics for 3d? The documentation shows it for 3d but no word on 3d.

ce3248  No.20924




Pick one

ce3248  No.20945


>make great engine

>don't tell people how to use it

>work is pointless

>engine doomed to die

ce3248  No.20960



I was thinking to make a try but thanks to point this.

I have a rule: "If it is not documented, it does not exist". I hate spending hours trying to reverse engine an API or framework because of the lack of documentation.

ce3248  No.20972

File: 1439750716684.mp4 (7.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vf.mp4)

I spent a couple weeks trying out 1.0 to make something for April Fools.

My memory's kind of hazy, but I felt handicapped as a programmer because it took me awhile to figure out how to do composition and inheritance. Seems like the engine is geared towards inheritance.

Most frustrating would be nodes getting inexplicably bugged out and only being fixed by deleting and recreating them. I lost a lot of time debugging thinking I was at fault rather than the engine/editor.

The editor was kind of annoying. You can't quickly jump to different scenes. It also auto-indented with tabs when I'd rather have spaces.

What I did like was that it worked on Linux and was free. Can't really critique more because I only recently started trying game dev, and this was my first engine besides RPG Maker.

I like that there's the option for native coding, but I don't want to get into C++. Anyone know what the process is like for using something else, like Rust? I have zero experience with mixing languages.

ce3248  No.21146


>it took me awhile to figure out how to do composition and inheritance

What do you mean by this?

ce3248  No.21192


Composition and inheritance in the object-oriented programming sense.



They're fundamentals that you'd look at in your first hour with a new language, but for reasons I no longer remember, it took me a lot longer to get a hang of.

ce3248  No.21364


damn son, this looks amazing

ce3248  No.21545


>shilling for a gratis and libre product

Holy shit you're retarded

ce3248  No.21673


If you need to ask that then you shouldn't be posting here

ce3248  No.21709

File: 1441612941200.png (14.62 KB, 814x374, 37:17, fuck yes.png)

New website motherfuckers!

also, you see this shit right here?

Dox for engine incoming :^)

ce3248  No.21734

File: 1441721841769.png (23.84 KB, 231x73, 231:73, brfw0.png)


ce3248  No.21959


tfw I had to look composition up despite having programmed for many years already.

ce3248  No.21972

File: 1442509470313.jpg (16.78 KB, 256x300, 64:75, 3650.jpg)

Reading through basic tutorial / docs right now. So far using Godot feels like a hybrid of Qt and Unity3D.

ce3248  No.22095

File: 1442838871767.gif (988.63 KB, 255x160, 51:32, 1442613632111-2.gif)







ce3248  No.22102


Beginner friendly != For idiots.

ce3248  No.22103


if its not hard its not good kiddo

ce3248  No.22118

Turned out it's quite usable. Too bad their website is a mess and freezes firefox, at least documentation is available in github™.

ce3248  No.22260

Godot wiki's tutorials on vector and matrix math are pure gold.

ce3248  No.22412

File: 1443384037153.webm (1.37 MB, 720x480, 3:2, br thread.webm)



ce3248  No.22437

File: 1443414812952.png (144.48 KB, 231x277, 231:277, 1440946543696.png)






Isso foi inesperado.

Essa engine parece ser uma bosta

ce3248  No.22442

does the continuous collision detection option even work? shit just goes through everything at moderate speeds no matter what collision detection I use

ce3248  No.22472

What is a good way to create split screen in 2D? I tried to put this kind of hierarchy but don't know how to display same contents in both cameras.


| - Sprite

| - Control1 - Viewport - Camera2D

| - Control2 - Viewport - Camera2D

ce3248  No.22481


Just write a script capable of setting the viewport to Camera1, rendering to framebuffer, then setting the viewport to Camera2, rendering to another framebuffer and then render both to a single framebuffer.

Computationally expensive, but that's the joy of split screen.

ce3248  No.22512



ce3248  No.22517

>All these faggots actually trashing Godot because it's FOSS, saying to use Unity or Unreal

>All these faggots who think that Argentina is part of Brazil

I don't much like using Godot personally, because I like my low-level, but come on, you come off as either shills or lazy easily-marketed faggots when you say "What? Why would I use something that is actually free and has no licensing restrictions when it isn't advertised to me with a million-dollar marketing campaign?"

I've got nothing against UE or Unity, either, but to act like real free software has no merits because proprietary software exists is retarded. We'd all be using Internet Explorer and Opera if that argument actually had real merit. Break out of your baby duck syndrome and actually give something new a try. Worst case scenario, you go back to what you already know and you spent some time trying something new out.



I don't know exactly how it would be done in Godot, but in OpenGL you can specify a viewport as part of a framebuffer, so you could skip the last rendering step. Once you have that done, you'll be about as optimized as you can for split screen, since you'll always need to do that rendering twice anyway.

Check Godot's "viewport" class. There should be a way to have two viewports for the same framebuffer. https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/wiki/class_viewport#set_rect

ce3248  No.22548

GODOT 2.0 ALPHA just released in the last couple of days.


Documentation is coming along decently well, too.

Anyone have any decent links for explaining how the hierarchy system in Godot works? I think that's the most confusing part of it. Once you get your head around it, it's pretty awwright though.

ce3248  No.22562


wow that new website is really shitty. It's like they replaced the whole thing with some wiki archive, makes it look incredibly cheap and amateur.

ce3248  No.22633

Alright i have to get this off my chest and i know it is stupid since i've only used gml but.

WTF is with the GDScript? it looks fucking retarded. yes i'm complaining on how it looks

Where are the semicolons?

What's withe the white space?

And where the fuck are the curly brackets?

is there anyway to make the transition from Game Maker to Godot easier?

ce3248  No.22635


>inb4 why transition

i've started using linux. so game maker is in the past

ce3248  No.22637


GDScript is almost exactly like Python.

I don't much like Python, but the answer to all your questions about GDScript are the same in Python.


I don't really like Python, just pointing out that none of your complaints are exclusive to GDScript. The whitespace thing in Python is polarizing in itself. I don't find it much an issue when you get used to it, though it is pretty annoying to have a language that renders editor auto-indent impossible (because the end of an indent indicates the end of a block).

My biggest issue with Python was the clusterfuck retarded transition between Python 2 and Python 3.

Python 3 is fine. The transition from Python 2 to Python 3 was a fucking nightmare for anybody working with Python, and it was caused by the original developers fucking the Python specification in the first place in a way that they had to break Backwards Compatibility just to update the laguage.

ce3248  No.23524


the documentation is really shaping up!

I'm finally starting to understand this engine...

Pretty cool

ce3248  No.23541


because we're autists who can't into art or socialise with artists :^)

ce3248  No.23550

File: 1446582240736.jpg (174.57 KB, 550x1925, 2:7, something nice for the ano….jpg)

Anybody know how to change the texture of a TextureButton in game?



Ain't working.

Feels bad man.

ce3248  No.23566


Could Godot support the sort of set up Torment: Tides of Brian Fargo's Income will have?

You know, where environment is prerendered, but 3D lighting interacts with it through simplified 3D objects "underneath". Or something like that, can't find the bit that explained it right now.

Could you do that with everything? PCs, monsters etc.?

ce3248  No.23807

File: 1447383047284.jpeg (20.09 KB, 480x360, 4:3, papermario.jpeg)

Would Godot be a good choice for making a 2.5D, Paper-Mario-esque RPG game? The 3D tools look somewhat basic but I really don't want to go back to fucking Unity.

ce3248  No.23837




ce3248  No.24234


How does modding the engine itself look like? Is there any help/documentation for it?

I have an /idea/ for a dev tool.

ce3248  No.24520

File: 1450565813751.jpeg (860.13 KB, 4288x2848, 134:89, spaghetti.jpeg)

I'm wanting to learn enough about Godot to make systems and games that aren't shit, but having a hard time converting over from Unity. Any good resources for learning this stuff from a perspective of a Unity user and/or how to structure nodes to not have spaghetti-projects?

ce3248  No.24550


On the forums I saw a guy make some tool that could either (a) randomly generate quake style maps or (b) turn simple diagrams into 3d maps in editor, I can't quite remember; in any case, the tools are there.


They've got a wiki, but the rest will be learning and tinkering in your own time I believe.

ce3248  No.24571

ce3248  No.24599


>randomly generate quake style maps

Do you have a link? That sounds cool as fuck.

ce3248  No.25020

2.0 beta released.

ce3248  No.25050

complete linux scrub here

how do i run the .64 file? I try to run it as executable but nothing happens, not even an error message.

ce3248  No.25060

File: 1454022324245.png (58.25 KB, 1366x741, 1366:741, godot-1-1.png)

Anyone know how I can prevent sprites from becoming children of the original sprite? Or is this supposed to be how it's done?

ce3248  No.25061


What are you referring to? Also, what distro are you on?

ce3248  No.25062


bump, interested in this as well

ce3248  No.25063


Never mind I figured out what you were talking about.

Assuming it's in your Downloads folder...

Open terminal

cd ~/Downloads

chmod +x Godot_v2.0_beta_20160126_x11.64


You might also be able to right click it and turn on the "executable" option depending on what DE (desktop environment) you're using.

Since you're a scrub let me explain what we did.

cd ~/Downloads

cd = Change Directories (directories are what Windows calls folders)

~ is a short cut for /home/$USER ($USER is an eviroment variable that stores the current user's name. Try "echo $USER" in the terminal)

So that part says "Change from the current directory to my Downloads folder"

chmod +x

chmod means "change mode". Without going to far into file permissions, just know that each file has three permissions by default. Read Write and Execute.

Read allows you to view the contents of the file

Write allows you to change the contents of the file

Execute tells Linux to run this file as code.

ce3248  No.25064


So, the tutorials I'm following didn't mention that you need to create a node2d object and everything falls under that.

ce3248  No.25067


>what distro are you on?

*tips operating system*



After compiling the files from github, the resulting seems to run just fine. But thanks anyways.

ce3248  No.25110



I'm writing a PKGBUILD for the AUR so if anyone needs help with compiling let me know.

ce3248  No.25113

File: 1454344068528.mp4 (182.83 KB, 534x300, 89:50, clownpiece throwing a craz….mp4)

>tfw when using godot solved my problems with rendering my unicode font and loading savefiles

Its been so long since i made progress i dont even know what to do next.

ce3248  No.25129


Show us what you have so far!

ce3248  No.25142

File: 1454453484709-0.png (127.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bildschirmfoto von »2016-0….png)

File: 1454453484720-1.png (49.87 KB, 960x540, 16:9, babbys first worm model.png)


not much yet, those two things just were something i wanted to get out of the way ASAP, especially the font so i dont need to rely on console output.

also, the models texture got lost in import for some reason, but thats not a pressing issue right now.

can you guess what this is supposed to be a fangame of?

ce3248  No.25232

How do i change a label's font from code?

.set("custom_fonts/font","font.fnt") only returns a unspecified error and the default font is used instead.

ce3248  No.25254

File: 1455170764445.png (10.33 KB, 484x150, 242:75, wacky.png)


You never needed semicolons, man.

The whitespace is your brackets now.


I appreciate this, and also the unintended second-level humor that the image is a gif, but not animated.

ce3248  No.25330

File: 1455611015585.webm (172.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, agdg.webm)

Finally got my first thing done myself. Nothing impressive, but I now have a guy that moves and collides with walls!

ce3248  No.25414


figured it out myself, the path should be "res://font.fnt".

silly me.

ce3248  No.25420


But that's not really humorous at all... GIF format does not imply animation

ce3248  No.25495

Should I use 2.0 RC or 1.1 Stable? about to start using this thing.

ce3248  No.25507

File: 1456047637866.jpg (298.14 KB, 857x822, 857:822, high af.jpg)

>try godot

>see python

>turn 360 and walk away

thanks i'll keep it real with sfml and c++

ce3248  No.25512


>and c++

godot can use that too

ce3248  No.25540


>being afraid of snakes

ce3248  No.25554


I'm using 1.1 stable because I ran into quite a few bugs with 2.0. YMMV

ce3248  No.25612

2.0 IS OUT

It's breddy Good

ce3248  No.25638

I like this, but why the fuck did they take down the forums?

Pretty much every problem I've had has a forum post, but I can't read them because they don't exist anymore. Atrocious, considering their documentation is still pretty lacking in some areas.

So, how DO I export a Windows executable without the Godot console?

ce3248  No.25639


Found it.

Disable debugging in the Export Project dialog, when you're choosing where to save the .exe.


ce3248  No.25744

How in the goddamned fuck do I erase a tile in the 3D gridmap?

ce3248  No.25746

Godot seems to be getting better but the editor & documentation still feel very lacking in terms of polish.

Also I don't really like GDScript at all.

ce3248  No.25802

File: 1456894201674-0.gif (51.84 KB, 388x385, 388:385, waiting for godot.gif)

File: 1456894201674-1.png (44.07 KB, 388x385, 388:385, waiting for godot.png)

File: 1456894201675-2.png (10.98 KB, 192x110, 96:55, apng test image.png)

File: 1456894201676-3.gif (1.78 MB, 392x226, 196:113, youtube and g plus baby.gif)

File: 1456894201677-4.png (1.63 MB, 392x226, 196:113, youtube and g plus baby.png)


It does in this day and age; png is superior in just about every way, but apng is not standard, so the only legitimate use for a gif is for animation.

ce3248  No.25803

File: 1456895189985.jpg (137.49 KB, 390x256, 195:128, editor.jpg)


Is... Is that the Haiku symbol? Is the editor actually supported on Haiku OS? That's fucking awesome if it is!

ce3248  No.25887

The 3D engine is still pretty mediocre, but being able to animate variables and function calls with keyframes is making me hard. Are there any good plug-ins yet?

ce3248  No.25893

File: 1457299496057.png (585.32 KB, 1188x670, 594:335, for some reason people kee….png)


Plug-ins? For what purpose?

ce3248  No.25926


>Are there any good plug-ins yet?

Probably not, as the plug-in APIs are WIP:




ce3248  No.25933

At least godot lives up to its name. I've been waiting for them to implement actually useful features since version 1.

ce3248  No.25967


Such as?

ce3248  No.25970


There seems to be a distinct lack of control with the 3d renderer. Being able to offset the depth buffer or more explicitly sort objects comes in very handy, such as when rendering decals. I've only ever seen 1 tutorial which deals with this, and they go with the "stick a mesh close to a wall" approach which doesn't work properly at a distance due to z-fighting.

ce3248  No.25979



If you're doing 2D games, this plugin is pretty invaluable, considering how FUCKING retarded the tilemap system in Godot is.


ce3248  No.26135

I was going to use pygame because I'm an idiot. This has changed my life.

ce3248  No.26183


Wasn't a new 3d renderer part of the future plans?


Is it that the everything-is-a-nested-object isn't a good approach for tile-based games?

ce3248  No.26292


>How would godot which basically has 2 programmers from what I know


>167 contributors

ce3248  No.26293


>liking sepples

ce3248  No.26299


No, I'm talking about the absolutely fucking retarded way it handles tilemaps.

You need to open a scene, import EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TILE as an individual sprite, then export that as a tilemap and import it in the scene you want it used in, instead of just opening a spritesheet and defining width, height and optional spacing.

ce3248  No.26318


Well, that fixes that I guess.

Do you know if it's possible to take the GDScript interpreter and embed it into your own sepples game?

>inb4 Lua



There is literally nothing wrong with that.

ce3248  No.26319


Apparently a better way is on the roadmap.

ce3248  No.26327


Man, I thought making maps was fucking over complicated.

I stopped trying to make my first level because of this shit. Maybe I'll pick it back up with those plugins.

ce3248  No.26360

File: 1460374665410.png (153.71 KB, 661x808, 661:808, 2016-04-11 13_36_54-untitl….png)


Definitely do. I recommend the Tiled Importer plugin, since it supports output from a dedicated tilemap/level designer.

Shit is real easy in Tiled.

ce3248  No.27375

Can someone help me out? so I have an enemy thats a kinematic body with a collision shape to see if it gets attacked.

But I also want the enemy to know if the player gets within a certain distance of it. How would I do this?

ce3248  No.27377


Haven't tested it but it's probably something like

if get_node("enemy").get_pos().distance_to(get_node("player").get_pos()) < 1000: 
playerInRange = true

ce3248  No.27395

I'm starting to learn godot both 3d and 2d. Are there any tutorials demonstrating the scene tree. Adding and removing objects in real time, not just runtime.

ce3248  No.27396


>put in %appdata%/godot/plugins on windows

doesn't work and I'm not sure why. I tried both zipped and unzipped

ce3248  No.27397

How good is

3 D I M E N S I O N A L G R A P H I C S

in Godot?

ce3248  No.27398


runs better than unreal

ce3248  No.27399


How do I install that? I followed the directions and am running 2.1

ce3248  No.27410


Can handle a pretty large number of polys but no fancy features. It only has FXAA for AA for instance.

ce3248  No.27413


I heard they had something about getting Vulkan support and GLES 3 support.

ce3248  No.27441


This month they're probably going to release Godot 2.1, after which they'll start working on Godot 3.0 which will include the changes you mentioned as well as many more.

ce3248  No.27651

I remember checking Godot out near the beginning of the year and its website fucking froze Firefox. Decided to look at it again on a whim the other day and the website actually works. As for the engine itself, I don't have any experience with Python like scripting languages; but, Godot is honestly an instant favourite for myself. I'm sure Unreal is the better choice in terms of visual fidelity and features; however, I think Godot is the best option for independents right now.

ce3248  No.27653


>see image of scripting window on the front page of their web site

>distort face in disgust

They force you to write code in this Godot engine? What person who isn't a genius coder with unlimited free time will care about this?

Why would any non-coder choose this over Blueprints in Unreal Engine?

ce3248  No.27655


Game developers should know how to program; what good are you if your only skill is drag-and-dropping things into place? Besides, if you can understand how Blueprints works then it isn't a big step to translate that into code.

ce3248  No.27657


>what good are you if your only skill is drag-and-dropping things into place?

Well, what good are you if you lack the artistic skill to even create the assets? And then there's this thing called game design. Many underestimate its importance which is why 99% of all indie games are dog shit.

But enough of that. I didn't want to have a discussion, I just wanted to hear what's so good about Godot. But it's probably easier and less stressful if I just google it myself.

ce3248  No.27658


Having used Godot myself I can say that the main reason anyone would prefer it over Unreal or Unity is the linux support and that it's lightweight. Other than that it's plagued by sparse documentation and lack of any advanced features you would find in a proprietary engine. I feel like it's going through a lot of growing pains and it might be a competent engine in the future, but if you have the hardware I'd go for something else.

As far as Blueprints goes, I just hate the idea of that type of drag-and-drop coding. Sure, it's a visual way to organize information, behavior, and a game loop for people who don't have the knowledge to code, but it lends itself to shoddy design practices and literal spaghetti code of nodes. It's a crutch and an easy trap for novice devs to fall into. Sure, you could get good at Blueprints and learn how to use it to the best of its ability, but at that point you might as well start coding for the flexibility and the general usefulness of the skill. Just my two cents I guess.

ce3248  No.27665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ce3248  No.27667


no functional concave collission meshes

ce3248  No.27670


Why would a non-coder think they can put together a videogame?

Why do stupid fucks like yourself assume you can cum on a napkin, throw it at your computer and have a finished game? Shit is hard, mongrel.

ce3248  No.27679

File: ea93c2e6d45fd8f⋯.png (12.92 KB, 633x335, 633:335, first click.PNG)

File: aa2cc5d98f2d831⋯.png (11.61 KB, 630x355, 126:71, slightly move it.PNG)

So I just started trying this out and I've enjoyed it so far. I'm having one issue though that I haven't been able to google and answer for. I have a confirmation box for exiting the game, and when I first click exit, the confirmations box's buttons are outside of the box. If I move the confirmation box at all it fixes itself and is fine every time I click exit.

Why are the confirmation box's buttons drawn wrong at the start of the program? I have it as a child of a vertical box holder with all the other buttons, is that causing an issue?

ce3248  No.27697



Good news! Godot is adding C# and visual scripting!


ce3248  No.27706

How do I get the user to be able to input strings? (for his character's name for example)

ce3248  No.27717

File: d6593b11bdd6861⋯.jpg (17.84 KB, 384x288, 4:3, courage.jpg)

>start messing with sound

>make it to where every time i shoot, it plays a sound

>audio has the most obvious delay I've ever seen in a game engine

So have people actually used this to make games with sound

ce3248  No.27844


How is that good news?

GDScript was a mistake, but so is every other language at the engine level.

Scripting facilities belong into the game code, not the engine code.

>inb4 C++ is hard

get shrekt, plebs

ce3248  No.28066


I don't have this issue.

ce3248  No.28068


Works for me :^)

ce3248  No.28069


C++ is hard. You can't tell me that you "understand C++" if you're not part of the C++ steering committee or writing textbooks that detail C++.

One reason why C++ is hard is because the meaning of various C++ statements change according to context where the statement exists. In most languages, there is only one way to interpret the meaning of a statement wherever it's located in the code. This is one out of a whole textbook full of reasons why C++ is exceedingly hard.

GDScript was the perfect solution for Godot.

ce3248  No.28083

Anybody know why you can't set an exported variable from outside of a gdscript if you try to use setget with it?

ce3248  No.28088

Godot is shit

>Can't change font size without setting a new font

>Not enough tutorials and terrible documentation

>Button changes size when the text is changed with no obvious way to disable it

>Fog doesn't always show. Haven't used the engine in a while so I can't remember the details.

>Can't use WASD to move 3D camera

>Can't have multiple root elements

>Certain Controls not visible in 2D View (Control, Containers, etc)

>Can't lock/unlock elements from the SceneTree (like how you can toggle visibility)

It has potential though.

ce3248  No.28089


Ignore the part about the button. Just me being an idiot.

ce3248  No.28090

Godot is the shit. Go godot go!

ce3248  No.28091


If you know how to code you can better implement your design.

ce3248  No.28495

File: 363a3a6e7eb4c72⋯.png (66.28 KB, 578x632, 289:316, >200ms.png)


The latest Godot release fixed that bug.

ce42d3  No.30626

I wasn't sure if I should just make a new thread or not. I wanted to know if Godot C++ scripts actually gets the "advantage" of c++, or is just syntax for people who are familiar with c++. Also, with 3.0 letting you write scripts in c#, is there a preformance difference? If it actually has to load .NET libraries, I would think writing something in c# would in some way slow it down.

c26a2a  No.30631

Am currently transitioning from Unity3D to this engine(using it's C#). It would help if they documented their C# API exhaustively, but I guess it's been changing from RC to RC.

3a0f68  No.30635


>new renderer

>new sound engine

>new physics


>tons more cool shit that's hard to explain (case switching, better scene inheritance, move_and_slide() etc.)


4d30c9  No.30658


I think you don't directly script C++ in the editor, you just compile your own .dll/.so files that call Godot classes and functions through bindings and that you then import into your project.

98f41f  No.30732

File: 292747cef4d576f⋯.gif (633.95 KB, 500x253, 500:253, 1235234876.gif)


If anyone is using godot3 with scripting and not C, avoid using the visual scripts. It's still very buggy and corrupted one of my projects. It seems fine for wiring up buttons to emit, but so is gdscript and gdscript is still easier to read.

77db32  No.30743

File: 83fcc3f5c2e5d12⋯.gif (579.55 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 83fcc3f5c2e5d12df6704774d7….gif)

>download the 64 bit zip


>doubleclick .exe

>opens console, red error visible, closes immediately

what is this shit

cb6e3e  No.30748

File: a1c6afd4e700666⋯.png (92.33 KB, 883x669, 883:669, cb21a2f6954688f7f9641a9e3e….png)

What's wrong with this code?

The panels are meant to update when I press one of the buttons.

d3a1f2  No.30757


I have yet to find a computer where that doesn't happen. :/

4a10d0  No.30759


In lines 31 and 32, you're just resetting the text to the name and type of pokemon[0] each time, no matter what button you press. You need some way of figuring out which button is getting pressed so you can use the appropriate name and type.

c26a2a  No.30761


You should submit a bug on their github.

Once confirmed, it'll likely get worked on by someone.

b8fe96  No.30764



I heard the Haiku version is shit though and you can't export to Haiku.

70d201  No.30773



This is seriously embarrassing. Turns out the version on Steam works though.

84f340  No.30808

File: b5427c3ac07afbb⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 400x319, 400:319, Judgemental.gif)

just allow me to vent for a second fellow gamedevs

but I'm really fucking displeased at the direction they've taken for godot3

it really seems they took a lot inspiration from Unity's engine design, and probably people ask for it, making a lot of things "user friendly"

and publishing it on to steam as well, seems to have opened the floodgates of vidya hell once again,

with the q&a site for godot now filled with illiterate retards that won't even bother to read the fucking documentation

one thing that really fucking bothered me, for example, was the auto asset importer feature, just "taking care" of assets for you, importing it under the hood

literally just taking away the control and design decision from the developer, because developers these days are braindead it seems

4d30c9  No.30809


oh yeah, the new import system is annoying as fuck, if you want unfiltered pixel art textures, you have to reimport them again. you can't automatically create .mesh files either, which is a pain when dealing with Gridmaps.

a38b6e  No.30810


I had to deal with that, too. Settled on a kinematic body and then custom gravity code.


Godot is a product(even if foss) and direction is being taken to grab as much attention(and thus potential doners/contributers) as is possible. They very likely are going to provide for userbase that wants Unity3D, but without the licensing headache.

I can only hope they will include optional manual control over anything that is supposed to work by magic. Unity's idiot-proof features were a pain in the ass to use when they either randomly failed, required clicking and dragging as a workflow, or their implementation functioned weirdly and forced hacky workarounds.

cd7ff2  No.30829


Stop bitching, Godot is open source. The more popular it gets, the more contributors it gets.

6de035  No.30846


Im not sure about 3.0 but in 2.1 you just had to change a few settings and all your art could be imported unfiltered.

84f340  No.31195

so any of you faggots actually managed a successful transition from an in-progress godot2 project to godot3?

I was aiming to stick with 2, but I see more and more things which were improved in 3 that may be worth the exchange

c7d96f  No.31290


It was messy, had a "corrupted" tscn, editing in 3, weird things happens like copy/paste nodes, edit one of the nodes, it would update all nodes. Got the scene into a weird infinite loop. Ended up quickly recreating some of the tscns and generating as much as possible in script.

I did edit the project with unofficial build so that was probably it. Just give it a try, I prefer 3 to 2.x

c7d96f  No.31291

Can anyone recommend books/vids for "AI" dev/script. I'm working on a board game

c7d96f  No.31292


>Can anyone recommend books/vids for "AI" dev/script. I'm working on a board game

wrong thread

70e382  No.31433


Something like

$Button.texture_hover = load("res://xx.png") ?

70e382  No.31434

File: 6830af02f402a85⋯.png (412.03 KB, 1481x754, 1481:754, botts.png)

I am quite pleased with it, it is not very well documented at times and often google searches lead to nothing (trial and error often helps).

I've been working on this game for ~3 months and I still learn something new pretty much every day.

e0a450  No.31506


looks very neat, anon.

70e382  No.31524


thank you mate, I hope for a v1 by mid june - this is just to beef up my portfolio

f644ca  No.32163

File: e35be7e96de6cdc⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 328x328, 1:1, 408dc3a3820a8ab90afed05fe2….jpg)

Shameless bump

a5c292  No.32187

Only cucks use godot.

76ac9f  No.32188



Shut up newfag, lurk more post less.

ae704d  No.32219

File: 1c27a1af766355f⋯.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1531165365563.jpg)


Gr8 b8 m8 but ur 2 l8

2d1ee3  No.32229

File: 0b06c40c36ac9da⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, seinfeld-yearn.webm)

I saw the was an update a few days ago for Godot 2, anyone still stuck on this knows what's new?


Looks quite good anon, one of my dreams was coming up with a VH clone (RPG maker style)

you're at least getting there

6791e9  No.32245

File: b9ad7c08e802dea⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 337x328, 337:328, 1427006003190.jpg)

>They had to change the keyword slave (Which is a standard term in computing) to puppet because a twitter tranny complained

It's only one keword but it's still pretty gay

Oh well. I suppose if you live in a country where debt slavery is still a thing (See: College)/you work for amazon this is nice for you

6791e9  No.32246


*multiple twitter trannies

8dc9e4  No.32257

I miss the days when gamedev trannies couldn't use anything but twine, RPG Maker, and ren'py

ba209f  No.32270


They still can't.

76ac9f  No.32352

File: 0ff7214ff3a2a95⋯.gif (998.99 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 0ff7214ff3a2a9577c9b53da86….gif)

Gotta say I love how easy Godot makes interfacing with a controller. Just made a turn based RPG menu and it's already fully functional with a controller without me touching anything.

bc6c52  No.32353


>TFW you don't even know how to make quaternions do the work for you

bc6c52  No.32354


If they don't, or decide that they don't want that functionality in the engine at all, there's always the option to fork it and code the change you want to see in the world

cc7482  No.32359

>Download the latest stable c# 64 binary

>can't download assets from asset store because of hash error

>download the master of example projects

>every project import crashes the editor

>switch to 32, same problem

My experience has been dog shit so far, I have zero interest in learning their engine specific language and I don't know why it didn't always have c# or any other real language support. The message about crashes on c# is sad seeing as I 100% crash on top of it and can't even close it, guess I'll try older versions but my experience has been soured already.

76ac9f  No.32362


GDScript is far superior to C# much in the same way Python (which it's based on) is superior. I suggest at least trying to learn GDScript, it's a very easy very smooth language and as someone who started with C# I now piss on C# compared to GDScript. C# is still being reworked for 3.1 where it should be stable and more complete if you want to revisit it then.

cc7482  No.32372


I've always thought of python as a mickey mouse language or prototype language, there's no way you're making a game with decent speeds in python and I can't imagine GDScript being any better. What exactly makes python or GDScript far superior to a faster language?

76ac9f  No.32373


By the logic of what you're saying every Godot game should run like shit. They don't. Also C# isn't that fast.

76ac9f  No.32374



>What exactly makes python or GDScript far superior to a faster language?

How it codes. It's a much smoother experience.

90f9f2  No.32375


gdscript is pretty straight forwards, you can code a game fast, and I mean really fast, then it's easier to revise critical code and move it from gdscript to a faster language, you may ask "why wouldn't you start with the faster language then?" and the answer is, static typed languages require planning and more knowledge, it also makes your code rigid and more resistant to changes, unless you refactor (or you've planned the whole thing ahead), which takes a lot of time, in the end, you're either trading performance or the speed of development.

the speed of development can be really critical especially for indie games where the longest you take the least likely you'll finish a game, besides, you don't know that you will absolutely need the fastest language.

cc7482  No.32401




I see, I tried the regular gdscript version and it experiences the same problem as the mono one.

cc7482  No.32402


Found out the problem.


Had to create blank _sc_ file and run in admin mode. All versions work now.

a66ae6  No.32770


>Make a singleton

>name it singleton


503bc7  No.32869


>GDScript is far superior to C# much in the same way Python (which it's based on) is superior.

So, worse in every single way?

756a2b  No.33067

File: e57122f9964e873⋯.png (368.28 KB, 1602x685, 1602:685, knak_thumb.png)


GDScript is indeed straight forward and smooth, even tough you may need to invest some time learning, it will be rewarding

Pic is my own Godot game

e44a27  No.33085

Godot would be nice if its rendering wasn't an unoptimized piece of shit. This toaster laptop I'm using can play pretty much all 16-bit console emulators and most indie 2d games at 60FPS with v-sync enabled and no stuttering whatsoever.

Godot 2.1 has a bunch of random microstutter at 60FPS with v-sync enabled, that is extra noticeable with camera movement. It can be improved on my end by adding some frame delay (which just masks it) or lowering the target/fixed FPS to 50. Godot 3.0+ is even worse.

A real shame, since I dig the workflow in Godot. I will probably stick with it for now since I can't find a suitable replacement, but I'm keeping my eye on ENIGMA (https://enigma-dev.org/). I haven't tested it yet, but from the description it seems nice (game maker, but free/open source + translates its custom scripting language into valid C++ instead). Can't really find much info about this engine and its own editor is currently WIP (uses a custom editor for the regular game maker at the moment).

604cb5  No.33088

How do you pronounce its name?

I'm saying Go-dot with a strong T but everyone has a different pronounciation of it.

**>Call your engine GOdot

>Don't have Golang support**

e44a27  No.33090


From what I can tell GO-DO similar to ゴードー

813ad2  No.33113

File: 5d9585c3e4d2b71⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)

Am I completely retarded, or does AnimatedSprite not support setting the duration of individual frames? Am I going to have to set the FPS of each animation to the shortest amount of time spent on a single sprite and then duplicate the shit out of every other sprite?

e44a27  No.33121


You could try a regular a Sprite node using a sprite atlas together with an AnimationPlayer node instead, it should allow holding keyframes.

813ad2  No.33131


The interface for that is even worse than duping frames in AnimatedSprite. Fucking hell, even Doom had the sense to have frame duration counters.

30ccfa  No.33142


Well, it gives you more control and is pretty straightforward if you've ever used a video editor or animation software before. Create a new animation, select animation length, add a track for the properties you want to edit (frames or region rect in this case) and then position each keyframe on the timeline and increase or lower the gap between them to adjust the duration.

It's a bit overkill if you just want to make a simple sprite animation and animated sprite ought to be able to do this on its own, but this is what you get when you choose a post 2007 engine made by two literally who Argentinians and an army of random contributors.

8a0c59  No.33195

>Godot cannot into bmp images

well there goes my Elona port idea

now either it's back to monogame or write a script to convert all the images to png

76ac9f  No.33214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's from a French play called "Waiting for Godot"

89616f  No.33503


when are they going to refactor this fat bitch and stop using inheritance for interfaces?

475dbd  No.33525


>inheritance for interfaces

If you're talking about GUI: Why?

If you're talking about that stupid shit from C#:

Firstly if you only want an interface to use as a "generic" version of a class why not use inheritance.

Secondly if that behaviour is so widely needed and inheritance somehow won't cut it why not just make it it's own instantiable class?

Thirdly the engine is written in C++ and that gay shit isn't tolerated there.

238add  No.33538


Yeah it's weird how Godot blows Unity out of the water with some basic stuff like input handling.

f10ce8  No.33602

File: 589d78b1dde8c48⋯.jpg (34.86 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, maxresdefault_by_menaria_d….jpg)


>going into file menu

>box selecting all relevant graphics files

>tick filter in the file import menu.

>hit the re-import button

Yeah, piss-poor UI. Best to trash the engine entirely.

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