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File: c5b2b89de27dca0⋯.gif (237.98 KB, 752x484, 188:121, pixel_waterfall.gif)

446b52  No.28950[Reply]

Post what you're dithering on.

Previous thread >>24615

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eccfb1  No.33468

File: 70436dcd8269d93⋯.png (146.38 KB, 1015x695, 203:139, DrTsuchinoko.png)


Well that the most I've ever procrastinated on a project.

I shelved it for 14 months, and then after picking it back up I got it finished in a few weeks.

A lot of it was me being worried I'd forgotten my own coding and it was too late to go back, but I spent a solid chunk of time just on reformatting everything while I relearned it and adding notes everywhere I could. Great learning experience.


File: d0ff32791978d96⋯.png (260.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, logo_render_transparent.png)

cc6769  No.29079[Reply]

Welcome to /agdg/, home away from home.


The recent Fickle Prick spammer infestation proved that the board has unfortunately been unmoderated for the past few months. I have claimed the board and wish to return the board to a fraction of its former glory. I can't always be around, so I'd love you to apply for a board volunteer position using the email provided!

Please add your games to the wiki http://8agdg.wikidot.com/ and help make the best use of the tutorials available there. Some really dedicated anons have been hard at work to make them as helpful as possible.

Shout outs to the recently started thread at >>>/vg/27335 and the official unofficial /agdg/ Disagreement server at https://discord.gg/k2e67JB.

The rules

Please feel free discuss all aspects of game development here.

Make a thread for the game you are working, it will be lovely to follow your stuff. Shining examples of that are sgt. Shinobudev >>30078 and Fables of Laetus bros >>30488. If you want to develop your game concepts or have small tech questions, go to the design/implementation thread >>29080.

Do not spam or dox. Spoiler any NSFW images. Spamming is defined as making the exact same post over and over again, or deliberately trying to hit a thread's bump limit and will get you permabanned.

If a post or thread needs policing, report it and move on. Also, feel free to send any suggestioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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b8583a  No.33411


>the left


The left can't even meme, faggot.

Go be a filthy kike somewhere else.

File: 229af92ed128058⋯.png (264.69 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, fall_demoday_new.png)

40944d  No.32567[Reply]


Demo-lition edition

>What is demo day?

A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best.

>That is?

Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck.

Obligatory Notices

Please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread.

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2c0beb  No.33386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wasn't making the argument that you as an individual wanted this. It's what out society collectively decided. I live in the west and therefore I talk from a western perspective. There are cultures out there that do things differently, but so far it seems that capitalism is the only system that's working. Unfortunately it's also self-destructive.

>The banking cartel don't have to work. They just leech of the rest of mankind like parasites.

Debating this would require a comprehensive explanation of how economies work. I'm not prepared to do that here, however The Ascent of Money is a good primer.

File: f73344f8b3426d9⋯.mp4 (2.35 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Adam Walking on Grass WIP.mp4)

b5c5d4  No.30488[Reply]

Last thread reached bump limit

Old thread: >>27922


Everyday Lite is a fantasy themed farm sim with focus on deep mechanics, it will feature cooking, farming, fishing, building, faeries (helpers), over 20 female NPCs (you will be able to marry most of them).

After the official release (15$) all expansions will be free, planned mechanics are alchemy, exploration (more maps) , combat and other crafting systems.

Cooking System and Faerie Village management are available in a vertical slice i released on Steam for free


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81d043  No.33474


Everything looks like a dick if you really want it

6f5004  No.33476

File: 40d5908b15c1f89⋯.jpg (26.12 KB, 510x242, 255:121, f46a23928d8322f3.jpg)


nope, my dick looks like a pretzel.... mini pretzel.

81d043  No.33484

File: 3d6afdb67a7206e⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1120x591, 1120:591, bridges.png)

File: 829d1e3c2a3b815⋯.png (825.96 KB, 1104x583, 1104:583, city on new terrain.png)

Back to Unity

81d043  No.33485

File: a78b6992962f03b⋯.png (78.95 KB, 1210x1210, 1:1, DESIRE = JUSTICE.png)

This is my dream... and i think i can achieve it

d3b259  No.33489

File: 9d8a7b23c60c72d⋯.png (224.49 KB, 1210x1210, 1:1, island map.png)

Plans for the future

File: 9a73c72c4dedec4⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 503x373, 503:373, running to adults 2.gif)

File: 02140bb81c03764⋯.png (4.15 KB, 145x189, 145:189, tropical cutie.png)

File: 6082091644da457⋯.gif (3.16 MB, 503x373, 503:373, 6082091644da457a823f5e07df….gif)

File: f3bb08409cceecb⋯.png (2 MB, 1962x4595, 1962:4595, 839513cc353328ba1ea6f2a05c….png)

5f1096  No.31931[Reply]

Main development thread for Sim Loli

IRC channel: #simloli on irc.rizon.net - webclient link: https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=simloli (but it's advisable to use your own client since the webclient isn't too great). Remember to wait for a while sine you won't get an instant response.

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d0ee77  No.33449


Sorry for being a newfag and asking stupid questions, but I want to make sure. Is this the latest version? I have been browsing the thread and see pics of people doing things in game that I can't seem to do. Are there any other forums to keep up to date with this?

42c09e  No.33473


Yep, this is the absolutely firtst focus of development

d0ee77  No.33477


Has the dev abandoned it? He hasn't posted since .40 which was a couple months ago. It really needs an update to add some sort of affection/trust system, it would really take the game to the next level. Something like being able to build a loli's trust to the point they willingly go to your home without having to kidnap, then further building the trust to be able to have sex without it being forced and of course if kidnapping them their affection levels would build a sort of stockholm syndrome, where they begin to love the PC even though he kidnapped them.

It also needs more work on penetration. The idea of having to break the loli's hymen and loosen them with a finger before being able to penetrate is a really great idea, but it doesn't seem to work properly(unless I'm retarded if so please explain, because I can't seem to get past 2 fingers, they don't seem to stretch beyond that point). This same feature also has to be added to anal.

Finally, there seems to be a system in place where they get more skilled at giving oral/handjobs by being able to teach them, but the actual stats don't seem to be implemented yet. All these features above could turn this into one of, if not the best Loli game ever made. Of course it's buggy as hell and crashes a lot(also suffers from stuttering and short freezes), but first all of the systems should be put in place, then bugs can be ironed out, because adding more features will just add more bugs anyways, as long as it's stable enough to run and save that is enough for now.

7a03f1  No.33481


>if kidnapping them their affection levels would build a sort of stockholm syndrome, where they begin to love the PC even though he kidnapped them.

That sounds like a neat idea, but only if it's by chance that the loli you kidnap ends up developing it over time, rather than it happening to everyloli you nap, similar to how there's a chance to come across a dominant loli.

feeb28  No.33488

bump for lolis

File: d8d52c2c0c9f4dd⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1128x900, 94:75, steel sauce run.png)

423021  No.33460[Reply]


If you don't think you have anything specific go to progress general and explain whatever you did since the last time you made a post.

If you were pathetic and did nothing in that timeframe shitpost in this thread.


This is how I shall revive this board

Anons who ignore this post are triple nodev

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38194f  No.33469

Nothing really going on, in fact I just get distracted by "devops" ideas to solve some annoyances on this system

1353ff  No.33475

File: 96170181d69e863⋯.png (68.57 KB, 273x256, 273:256, carol boo.png)

Fuck you , you can't trick me into posting

10448d  No.33483

Little to no progress this month. Lost my enthusiasm, but figured out a method to convert anime styled pictures into decent looking pixel art. Doesn't work with non anime art as well because they have a higher range of colors.

716df0  No.33486

File: 2adce2df3bbc2ae⋯.png (263.79 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1505273752897.png)


I would if someone would answer my iddle-widdle questions

8b1777  No.33487

File: 35e42f75de1b54c⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 150x214, 75:107, Beachside Shack Part-Timer….jpg)

I don't do any of the coding, I just make the assets. Fuck your nonsense draconian languages.

Lord where would I be without coders? I look at that magic and the best I can do is glean the functionality of it. If I try writing code, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Lord please

By your grace, dear god, never take my coders away. I need them.

File: 6c29250141760ca⋯.png (12.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AGDG.png)

de77a4  No.29080[Reply]

Interested of getting into game dev?

Got a small question not worth it's own thread?

Wondering how to move forward?

This thread is for you!

Dev resources



- Gamemaker: http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/000_using%20gamemaker/index.html

- Unity: http://unity3d.com/learn

- UE4 tutorials and resources: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?483-Community-Tutorials-for-UE4

- Godot: https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/wiki

- Sly: https://github.com/guildhall/guile-sly (2D)

- Xenko: https://xenko.com/ (2D/3D)

- Construct 2: https://www.scirra.com/ (2D)

- Urho3D: https://urho3d.github.io/


- Python: http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/python

- Javascript: http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/javascript


- WebGL Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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41413b  No.33452



Air, Water = Mist
Air, Earth = Dust
Air, Fire = Smoke
Water, Earth = Mud
Water, Fire = Steam
Earth, Fire = Ash/Lava/Magma

There was one text based MMO that had a lot of elements but I don't remember the name of it now. It had a wiki. Might be worth searching for. It had things like poison, plasma, light, and darkness.

f0643a  No.33453


I got a realy fucked intestinal infection that lasted for 6 months. lost 10kg and was shiting blood for some time.

When i got to the medical they said my asshole looked like i was raped by the insides out.

11952c  No.33461

I've been working on a Ren'py game (I know, kiddie-tier but shut up, it works for what I need and is free) for the last couple weeks but it's been ages since I coded anything and I haven't used Python before ever.

How the fuck do I make a variable that is itself variable?

Like if I wanted to call the [Character]Status variable for a collect-a-monster game, or I want to call [Species]AttackStat to modify the monsters final Attack stat. I don't want to do a thousand line If statement for every single species every single time it gets called.

I just want to be able to dynamically create, call and edit variable names.

397d64  No.33478


It's hard to tell what you're trying to do. Can you post some code?

786a6e  No.33482


Use dictionaries?

File: 16430537f5d2990⋯.png (92.95 KB, 580x590, 58:59, 0.PNG)

File: ed45f1e425f7fd7⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 354x502, 177:251, 1505976273.jpg)

4a96fc  No.30078[Reply]

After completing my dream marriage simulator, I realized I had a loooong way to go for modeling. I learned a great deal about do's and dont's, basic topology, and most importantly, rigging properly. I'll be posting progress in this thread about my journey to becoming a good 3D cartoon modeler so I may start my next VR project with my wife Shinobu. As well as posting tips and providing insight to help others achieve similar results. I will be starting with posts I did not log since 9/30/17.

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000000  No.33423


Tits or GTFO.

72e726  No.33432

File: afb73b1a8c5678a⋯.jpg (19.39 KB, 246x221, 246:221, Doremy_smug.jpg)


>inb4 lightening storm burns shitty Mexican architecture down, leaving anon and his waifu to prostitute themselves for money and shelter


005528  No.33456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trailer time! v0.4

0491c3  No.33471


If I ever get vr this will be one of the first things I use it for

Looks great!

6e77a1  No.33479

File: af43041b465bbc2⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 960x586, 480:293, vr.webm)


File: c65406dbe0c6e48⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 421x415, 421:415, Thread Crasher.jpg)

984b4a  No.33454[Reply]

I'm working on a small project but I suck at art. I got referred to an artist friend of my mate but she is moving at a glacial pace and frequently creates deadlines then misses them. I've still yet to get a proper concept art, or any concept art beyond one minor character that apparently caught her interest.

I'm worried that she won't be up for the entire project or if she is it will be produced too slow so I want to find a good alternative.

Emphasis on good, how do you find and attract good artists /agdg/?

35917f  No.33457


>how do you find and attract good artists

You put forward money.

8c9390  No.33459


I threw money at my screen but no artists have appeared unfortunately.

Any other advice?

File: 5e1de70cf26576e⋯.png (465.87 KB, 655x675, 131:135, 1550606991686.png)

15f14d  No.33348[Reply]

What the fuck is wrong with me? I start with unity to make a 3D game, and then I want to make a 2D platformer, so I switch to GMS 2 because I dislike unity's 2D tools and now I want to make a 3D game again.

On one hand I like gamemaker for it's workflow and all the built in tools, but it has no 3D, Unity has both but is bloated as all FUCK. And I can't do shit with Godot because it uses an autistic node setup.

Am I autistic, whats wrong with me? Why can't I settle on a fucking engine and start making games?! WHY IS IT SO HARD TO STICK TO IT?!?!

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

1a8fa6  No.33352


Your biggest autism is your refusal to use the best tool for the job instead of insisting to use one tool for everything.

e8f756  No.33397

I don't know if it's autism, or just that you're not serious. You seem overly worried about tools being good, so much so that you reject them all. You're the common thread here.

000000  No.33401


36d586  No.33418

File: a43ffedb1413afa⋯.jpg (30.01 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 301cb13a-e9fa-4610-b744-d1….jpg)

Just use Unity. The 2D tools are great and you can make some amazing stuff, needless to say that the 3D tools are freaking amazing. It sounds like you've no attention span, spend 1-3+ weeks designing a game and really asking yourself what you want to make (within a realistic scope). Figure out a basic gameplay loop and have the elevator pitch summary memorized. If you're committed at this point make the game, otherwise you'll probably just keep starting and stopping a new project each week.

408b96  No.33458

You either need to commit or need to come up with a better idea. Because that's what is going on. You either lack the will to see a project through(fix this immediately if so) or you're hopping between projects rapidly because you're not in love with the ideas you come up with and need to make better ones.

File: f9a6b6f9571b994⋯.png (90.91 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ClipboardImage.png)

cfadfb  No.31374[Reply]

Borrowing the concept from /tg/, post half-baked concepts you'll never get around to doing, so other anons can put it to use. Half idea guy, half abandoned project, post 'em ITT

31 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3bcf5d  No.31768


>you mean their corpse does

Nah. They populate the lower plane. The final idea of the game is population balancing and population control.


It would be isometric. There would obviously have to be a limit to the size on some lower planes.

f77f00  No.31851

File: 39feb1a0a82b25d⋯.jpg (109.26 KB, 894x894, 1:1, ork_life.jpg)

a king of dragon pass style game where you manage a wh40k ork warband

05ca43  No.32426

Cannibal murderer simulator:

Entire game revolves around a sanity meter

sanity meter can only be replenished by stalking, killing, eating, and making trophies out of people

Let your sanity meter go down too low you might get really angry and attract attention

But the more you kill the less it replenishes, so you have to choose several options.

will you just kill several people a night? Or will you kill one person and keep their body parts in the fridge to eat, Or will you go even further and start making belts out of nipples?

Certain people like a policeman's daughter will attract a lot of attention but will satisfy you more. Whereas homeless drifters become boring quickly.

Construct elaborate dungeons to hide your trophies, mail body parts to random people. See how long you can last until the Feds catch you.

b64a5d  No.32646

Retirement Plan

>heisting game focused on pre-planning and tactics rather than horde shooting

>online co-op, some levels can be done solo

>voice recognition or zxc 1-8 menu for commands

>varied maps, (can rob liquor stores, newsstands etc. move up to jewelry stores, burglary, banks etc.)

>intended for playing with friends as opposed to randoms due to betrayal mechanic like in Kane & Lynch 2 multiplayer

>no in-game punishment for betraying players up to you to know who's trustworthy or not, can keep a list of names in-game


Look into dadaengine, a creator of grammatically sound meaningless post modernist trash

172a86  No.33450

File: e6c3ad0874c17e1⋯.png (88.45 KB, 1028x858, 514:429, 2019-03-14-111029_2560x102….png)

Literally just Earthsiege 2 rebuilt on a new engine with multiplayer.

File: 195226d5c0f6c5b⋯.png (77.73 KB, 932x524, 233:131, nutt.png)

a55f52  No.33019[Reply]

I've been doubling down on my own stab at the CoC-like ero VN/RPG genre but with richer sim aspects and 3D graphics. I'm thinking something like a lewd Animal Crossing. I'm still working on basic core features and polishing up my modeling skills, but I'm happy with progress so far and would like to make this a place to post regular updates.

a55f52  No.33020

File: b390ca8c6d63b62⋯.mp4 (9.51 MB, 960x632, 120:79, test.mp4)

Here's a video of the dialogue system in action. I'm still working on setting up the data end of things so I can plug in data assets right into the dialogger and have it spit things out, right now all I have is a very clean scripting interface for branching conversations, with a simple hashtag system for embedding state changes and cues in the dialogue. Working on fleshing this out further to write expressive dialogues entirely in text without having to do too much manual scripting/animating.

018ad9  No.33059


Interesting, am monitoring.

0dd6d4  No.33349

ded gaem

99155f  No.33448


if you ever decide to abandon this, drop it somewhere that I can pick it up cause im a fucking degenerate.

File: 137d5b23d60d462⋯.jpg (116 KB, 1279x704, 1279:704, IMG_20190121_131049.jpg)

File: 0711407310bb8c7⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, IMG_20190121_131014.jpg)

File: 27bca704d4a8c8f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.4 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, IMG_20190121_130107.jpg)

6e783c  No.33181[Reply]


I am a french artist and a semi-professional game coder. I love to draw gore stuff, science-fiction stuff, pretty close to the universe of Maurice Dantec (the writer of the Babylon A.D. or Babylon Babies), and I also have a vast array of fetish, most being related to bondage. I am also a libertarian, thinking there’s too much regulation applying to the regular citizen, and I am pretty excited by bitcoin and people like Cody Wilson.

As a programmer, I worked with Unity 3D and made an home-made virtual reality FPS on Google Cardboard. Unfortunately, I never finished the project at 100%, even they’re was numerous people asking me for more features (like multiplayer, level editor). But let’s be realist, I cannot invest a large part of my life in a quality project without a financial compensation.

My current project:

A virtual world, multiplayer, where the users can post picture and messages, can interact and fight in a very basic way. I started some proof of concept of the game (screen-captures related) The purpose is to create some kind of layer of abstraction a 3D world to protect free speech. An hybrid between the web site and video game.

Features of the game / the world:

Combat / special interaction turn-based to make something easy to code

Posting picture on the wall

Cyber coffee where you can chat between users

Example of interactions:

Using guns



Burning people alive


The game engine:

The game having some HTML feature, like embedding elements like Youtube / Twitter, torrent, bitcoins, I want to make it run on an HTML friendly environment.

I am experimented with Unity WebGL, but there’s a major problem to it : it doesn’t run on mobile and Linux.

I’ve also experimented the BabylonJS lib and the stuff looksPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b243c5  No.33385

this would make an interesting way to use as an imageboard viewer

cfbfe8  No.33388

File: cf51aa71bec46ef⋯.pdf (4.67 MB, S_E_Lain_PSX_Game_English_….pdf)


Regarding the game, you're probably better off reading the script. I believe it was only recently translated and even then it's probably only something hardcore fans would be interested in.

The anime is a classic, but it's not easy watching IMO. I agree that your project would probably most appeal to the cyberpunk subculture, and I would certainly get behind a Wired theme, but hey it's your game.

I'd say your best chance is Javascript because you can run it on pretty much anything. Cyberpunks love their Linux machines.

As for money, good luck with that. I think your best option would be taking donations or going freemium. The good thing about online games is that you can easily sell extras like fancy avatars and whatnot. Shit, you could even have a members-only room.

73dcf4  No.33425

File: d927b05330badd7⋯.jpg (96.42 KB, 1280x617, 1280:617, IMG_20190311_073016.jpg)

Hi Folk, OP here.

Thanks for your support, it’s always a pleasure to have some interested comments on my project. I have now a working and playable proof of concept running in the browser page. You can move in the level, using WASD (or ZQSD on french keyboards), post pictures using URL and paint on the walls. That’s all, but this start will allow me to start some level design.

The demo is right here, and feedbacks are welcome:


It’s not safe for work but don’t worry there is no gore on it.

To get back to the last discussion about the Serial Exp Lain’s video game, I’ve re-watched some episodes and definitively abandoned the idea. Seriously the PHANTOMa video game looks like a sub-plot and I am not even sure it appears more than two minutes in the whole serie. I don’t even talk about the terrible graphism and the zero idea of gameplay behind it.

I’ve and I will found (In my view) more inspiration from 90’s TV shows like X-files. My current inspiration currently look like these:

-They Live

-Deus Ex (the first one)

-80s Brooklyn NY with all the street arts

-X-Files (episodes First Person Shooter and Kill Switch)

-Black Ops 3 story mode, with Direct Neural Interface hacking, and the CIA conspiracy.

What are my next steps:

-Starting some level design, trying to figure out how I can make level work, with keys, doors, secret corridors and NPCs, treasure data and logic of the different posts on the map.

-Chat and interaction between user

819597  No.33442


Just tested this out OP, pretty neat proof of concept for sure.

Now I'm wondering, do you want to make this a video game-imageboard or a imageboard-video game?

Because you're talking about "level design", but I don't really get what you want to create with this. You want a game where people play together and interact by painting images and text on walls? Or is the interaction what you want, and the game is just an excuse?

Because I prefer someplace where you can just hang out more. Walking in your world and discovering other people's posts was... Something at least, a bit fun I guess. So I'd like to see that

PS: beau travail continue, je trouve ça hyper sympa comme concept, je me demande quel genre de personne tu es pour faire ceci et pour poster ici, mais je garde le mystère, c'est plus drôle.

11fd0c  No.33447

File: fd05c87607efcc6⋯.png (561.42 KB, 912x454, 456:227, ae_blured.png)

File: 38de18664a36202⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1279x638, 1279:638, Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 0….png)

>>33442 Let’s say than the whole thing is an imageboard, using video game as a medium. Think about the video game as some kind of abstraction for the posts and the boards, the game space, with items, traps discriminating the people that can post, upload, comment and how they can place their posts. It’s will be about deciding which wall you can post on and which wall you cannot. Which area need to be hidden. Which item give you secret interactions on other anon.

Also, people (Or anon) will be materialize in the 3D space with real anon avatar and will be able to interact with each other in many way, including lewd stuff.

Good to see other french people.

Also if other people are interested, I corrected a bug yesterday, including some proper game controller using WASD for QWERTY keyboards. I also added doors and ladders.

File: 49acf8313317252⋯.png (179.8 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190306-172210….png)

692ab3  No.33381[Reply]

Hope you enjoy being hated and millions boycotting your gams

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

de0d4e  No.33391


The primary audience of my game is 8chan so it doesn't harm me.


It's hard not to change your outlook on a game when you find out who the dev is. You start noticing subtle things in the game that go against your principles.

794ab0  No.33393


Phoneposters should be shot.

000000  No.33402


> fascist CP website

Wait? What!?


260032  No.33408


>explaining it's foolish to lose your anonymity on an anonymous website

No shit faggot. Not all of us post what we're working on. God speed to those who do though and I hope you smugly laugh in their faces when the socialists come to thought police you.

6127c7  No.33436

Notch shilled Minecraft on /v/ a lot during its early alpha, just food for thought.

File: eef3cc42ef602ee⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 399x399, 1:1, 1515771394482.jpg)

e6ae28  No.30453[Reply]

I had a small panic attack yesterday trying to figure out Unity. This crap isnt accessible. I've got an idea for what I expect to be one of the next hottest games and I can't make it, no matter how fuckin hard I try.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a5df9f  No.30465



8f4efe  No.30494

>Engine that opened the floodgates for half-assed shit to flood steam

>Not accessible

2aa863  No.33379


If you can't figure out Unity after watching some tutorials, you might not be cut out for gamedev.

749e2e  No.33389

File: 46bacae8bcdffaa⋯.png (167.78 KB, 833x1200, 833:1200, NHK_v1p090.png)


Clearly you should tell us the game idea so we can make it for you

c01d53  No.33419


I did it at age 14 with no previous coding experience, toughen up. You have to actually put effort in to learning. Just follow a bunch of tutorials until your competent enough to make changing to the complicated code, then try make your own basic prototypes and simple games.

I spent well over 150+ hours on my first personal project trying to figure everything out and using what the tutorials taught me. Coding requires patience and a willingness to learn.

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