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File: 789adf6863c0c70⋯.gif (23.49 KB, 125x100, 5:4, red-tank-test2.gif)

File: 9043c72c9528995⋯.gif (23.04 KB, 125x100, 5:4, red-tank2.gif)

File: 0e037b87e526ac5⋯.gif (14.14 KB, 60x60, 1:1, bolt-action-reload-sprite-….gif)

File: 17751c374773ce3⋯.gif (9.38 KB, 60x60, 1:1, test-sprite-walk-cycle3.gif)

a89703  No.28875[Reply]

This is something I've posted a little of here and there over the past year or so, but I figured I may as well make a dedicated thread for it.

Basically I envision something that visually would be similar to Advance Wars, but with more depth to the gameplay, with things like armor facings, unit ranges, units getting affected by statuses (ie freezing or starving), and other similar stuff. I think the biggest fundamental differences with Advance Wars would be in the more core things, though, like having an "action points" system similar to Classic X-Com or Valkyria Chronicles, instead of the more simplified move-shoot 2-action system most turn based games have.

Another core idea that I'd like to experiment with is the idea of units being capable of being combined into larger groups. While the actual scale of the game would likely have each in-game "unit" as being roughly platoon sized (so a single infantry unit on the map would actually be about 40 men), several units (likely up to 4, since that number fits nicely onto a single terrain tile) could be combined into a larger group of units that would operate as a single unit, but have all the advantages of all the units in the group. For example, maybe you combine 2 infantry units and 2 tank units into a group, where the tanks being in front confers a defensive bonus to the infantry in back, while also limiting to the mobility of the overall group to that of the infantry. While this could increase firepower it could also be a disadvantageous in the case that the group can be targeted as a whole, making artillery barrages deadlier in this case.

Speaking of artillery, another idea I'd like to play with is artillery less as a kind of long-range sniper as in most strategy games, and more of a deterrent and force multiplier, where single artillery units can attack multiple spaces simultaneously, making them useful in softening up enemy forces before an attack, or for creating a kind of "barrage barrier" that damages units that pass through it, making artillery units useful in both attack and defensive roles. Might also be cool to differentiate between different types of artillery, with howitzers having long range but being poor against entrenched units, while mortars have a shorter range but are better suitedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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538324  No.29000




The German word for war is der Krieg. Plural of das Dorf (village) would be die Dörfer. War of villages would be der Dörferkrieg. The word for engagement or battle is das Gefecht or (bigger) die Schlacht. Schlacht sounds more metal, as fechten means fencing and schlachten means slaughtering. There is also the word das Scharmützel, which means something smaller and more chaotic than a Gefecht, so something like skirmish in English. Since you are going for a somewhat chibi look, it makes sense to go with a somewhat chibi language. German grammar has a feature for making words cuter, like Tom -> Tommy in English, but with all the things:

der Hans -> der Hansi, das Hansili, das Hansilein, das Hänschen, das Hansileinchen, das Hansileinili

der Wald (wood) -> das Wäldchen

der Hund (dog) -> das Hündchen, das Hundilein

die Stadt (city) -> das Städtchen

das Dorf -> das Dörfchen

der Soldat -> das Soldatchen, das Soldatilein

der Panzer -> das Panzerchen, das Panzerlein

der Flieger (plane) -> das Fliegerli

der Hubschrauber (helicopter) -> das Hubschraubi

die Pistole -> das Pistölchen

das Messer (knife) -> das Messerchen

die Rakete (rocket) -> das Raketchen

die Truppe (troups) -> das Trüppchen

das Mordkommando -> das Mordkommandochen

der Knast (jail) -> das Knästchen

das Konzentrationslager -> das Konzentrationslagerchen

der Genozid -> das Genozidchen

der Keks (cookie) -> das Kekschen

die Leichen (the corpses) -> die Leichileinchen

das Massengrab -> das Massengräbchen

85db64  No.29024


What's your programming experience? This seems like a fun project

f0cf66  No.29076

File: 27a9361496df5bd⋯.png (45.17 KB, 1270x1128, 635:564, djiboutitest4.png)

File: d913f89ed6715b1⋯.png (35.15 KB, 1200x1152, 25:24, AbsentArmour.png)

File: e948268858a502f⋯.png (760.73 KB, 1398x764, 699:382, progress3.png)

File: d913f89ed6715b1⋯.png (35.15 KB, 1200x1152, 25:24, AbsentArmour.png)

Oh man, you're working on an Advance like game too! That's fuckin' cool man! I must admit that our game doesn't have quite the original take on it, while ours is planned to stay quite close to the original Advance Wars with a new story, day/night rythm and buildable defenses too. We try to keep it small, because usally it's scope creep that really really fucks up game projects like these.

7effe5  No.29351

File: 3cf58e547d61cae⋯.jpeg (65.4 KB, 576x418, 288:209, 3cf58e547d61caeb515910a66….jpeg)

Both these projects look really impressive. Wow. Keep up the great work, anons.

57f999  No.29513

Love the WWI sort of style, even with the futuristic/artistic elements. Doesn't get enough attention. I also dig your take on field guns/artillery and environment effects and affecting the environment. Here's hoping things get rolling OP, I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this

File: a17e97d8d8dca21⋯.png (8.5 KB, 150x150, 1:1, wiki-logo-150.png)

82c163  No.29441[Reply]

Get in here faggots and make an entry for your game


6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

265041  No.29456


I did. Finding it was a bitch Well, if you have any other gripes, feel free to tell me.

I hope this thing picks up speed, I don't want to be the only one to add anything.

82c163  No.29457


Shodanon you're doing a good job, i think we just have to be a little patient and eventually everyone will have picked up on his own article page and will write and update it.

265041  No.29466


thanks, bro. It's both a fun stroll down memory lane and a learning experience. Finding out about threads from February 2015 and still seeing some anons visiting is really pleasant.


seeing the unfulfilled projects, not so much

c76d8b  No.29475

File: 06cf707b3eb8f03⋯.png (605.45 KB, 1275x707, 1275:707, Screenshot_2.png)

i'm gonna add mine tomorrow now that im hoping to get some work done on it

409299  No.29503


>Seeing your own posts from 2 years ago

>All those unfinished projects you started


File: bf0f5a1182b622e⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download (12).jpg)

d8b193  No.29236[Reply]

So I spent the last week designing on paper a game that was wondering my mind for a while.

So I want to build a city building game. Pic related is one of my favorite games of all time and I would like to make something similar.

My question is... What engine should I use? I'm torn between Godot and Unity. Personally I am decently fluent in C#, while I know just a couple of swear words in Python, so probably Unity is better, but I like Godot for its better support of 2D and open source structure.

What do you guys say?

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a3c2ad  No.29323

you should look into godot to see if you like it, since it is more 2d centered and you already know C#, passing to C++ shouldn't be so hard (and it's faster with number procesing, which these games seem to use a lot)

d94436  No.29375


If youre making your game in 2d then you'll want to use godot.

f00993  No.29382


You can still use Godot for 3D games. While GDScript is considered slow and writing all the logic using only GDScript is considered inefficient, there are ways to improve performance of the engine to deal with your game. The way I'm thinking about is to implement various performance critical routines and objects in C++ and then provide a GDScript interface to those objects. This means part of the game logic is written in performant C++ while the higher level logic is controlled with GDScript.

1eace9  No.29414




What advantages does godot have for 2d?

Im in a similar position to OP and finally decided it would be better to make my 2d game in unity

4e86bd  No.29436



Godot has any feature you would want in any 2d engine. I don't know how this compares with Unity.

File: 0719f5df181b2e4⋯.png (83.84 KB, 256x160, 8:5, urho.png)

7ee65a  No.29387[Reply]

00b244  No.29418

So why this over the many other 3d game engines now?

File: ee0cca96631ea8f⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 256x256, 1:1, HoXoRdqa.jpg)

File: 73f7455e5d450c8⋯.png (19.01 KB, 161x136, 161:136, monster bust logo sprite.png)

File: 1007b982c0d1ce2⋯.png (244.76 KB, 555x372, 185:124, Teagansubhq.png)

File: da1bc130f454c9c⋯.gif (13.07 KB, 96x96, 1:1, Sami01.gif)

f44966  No.29410[Reply]

Hi there! First off, let me just say thank you for taking the time to read this post. We here at Team Salmon realize that you are a busy individual with a scheduale so lets get to the point.


Here is the current build of our prototype for our Debut title "Monster bust" (think streets of rage with Monster girls).

The controls are

z = Jump

x = Punch

c = Kick

There is no button to close the program at the time of this post, just close the window when you are finished.

We would appreciate any honest feed back you fellas might have, it would help us improve.

d67264  No.29415

void.cat is down. Maybe give another link?

d3ee2e  No.29428


nevermind, it started working.

I think it looks nice but it feels a bit clunky to play.

8cb76c  No.29930


8cb76c  No.29931


File: e6316096429f2ec⋯.png (524.74 KB, 597x693, 199:231, Fortress island.PNG)

f0f384  No.29368[Reply]

I will keep this short i am building a game on rpgmaker vx ace as a warm up before i try more advanced programs like unity, unreal, ect. Of course I hit a snag. In my opinion the stock tile set and bgm suck. No surprises there i know. So i need help finding a new fantasy tile set and music. Also I'm thinking of spending in the 20$ to 30$ range total but i'm not above going over that .

Anyway since I'm shooting from the hip on this project I will lay my cards on the table and take any advice at face value.

1. My general tastes run for bgm is between Final Fantasy 4-6 to Elderscrolls 3-5 and some classic Japanese music is not needed but wouldn't hurt. I will explain latter.

2.my main problems with the stock are that one the pov on all the tiles are messed up and that really distracts me. Also the way the terrain doesn't mesh well. Example if you put a grass tile next to a swamp tile there will be an awkward dirt strip between them.

3. As for style of tiles. 16 to 32 bit fantasy rpg would be nice but it i would prefer that it has sprites that cover a few vague concepts.

Here are some concepts I would like to use in the game if you think of a tile set that covers these points that would help.

The bulk of the story will revolve around visiting castles from opulent to ruins, towns ranging from modest to run down, lastly ship exteriors and interiors.

Sprites both battle and should have a good selection of distinct nobles, knights, and commoners as well as the standard monster manual monsters.

As for props in addition to the basics (tables, chests, coffins, ect.) Battlefield ( weapon racks, training dummy, and so on) and ship (rigging, oars, sails, you get the point.).

While swords and sorcery are the priority I,m not against japanese sprites if theirs enough to sell the idea of limited trade with japan.

Lastly one of the factions i would like to have more fantastical aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

76f269  No.29381

I think your time could be better spent writing shitty NES-like games with the language of your choosing to get the hang of it for bigger projects. IF you insist on doing it though, check around RPG Maker forums for free tilesets and whatever else you need, don't bother buying anything since they rarely fit each other's style.

File: 434d6dbc9e5d45a⋯.jpg (34.43 KB, 440x335, 88:67, IMG_2131.JPG)

fd5624  No.28253[Reply]

Wanna develop vidya (and beyond) already can program and know how to progress in that area, but how to get ahead in 3D art? CGCookie seemed like a good intro to Blender, but after running you through the very basics they went full Jew and blocked the rest until I give them shekels.

What other good resources are there for getting on with proper modelling in Blender rather than just kiddie shit like copy, add, navigate and delete?

15 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

279d3e  No.28952


how ironic, issuing a protip that a professional would never do.

301718  No.29214

e63a62  No.29305


Sorry for late response.

No, I was just doing it for 3d modelling practice. I'm actually now working on an indie dev team and making swords for them (late 18th century European type game).

e63a62  No.29306


Blender has plugins for Quixel, Blender is going to get output maps for Substance Painter and already has open source shaders you can use with maps from Substance Painter, you can freely switch to edit mode with a multiresolution modifier (while sculpting), resize an entire face, move back to sculpting with no issues (not a feature on Zbrush, last time I checked), many professionals use it to make advertisements; in short, I don't think people should write it off, but I don't think they should base their career prospects on it being accepted by all prospective employeers who want 3d models designed.

ee4216  No.29378

File: 30f186fb5ebf8f2⋯.gif (5.69 MB, 1000x564, 250:141, d6310e4d8636d8328da4b302af….gif)

1815f4  No.29223[Reply]

so we have an actual full time 24/7 server up, we have someone looking after that server and we have a mapper but so far the most important aspect we need hasn't shown up yet, which is coders.

we need coders otherwise our server is going to fail horribly, please consider having a look at byonds language and coding for us.

if you are interested please contact me at discord Wolfspider#8471

13d816  No.29321

a-anyone at all?

34bf0e  No.29324

what server?

also, prove you are worthy of my incredibly valuable shitposting time

07e8b6  No.29328

god damnit chaosnigger

fb0435  No.29370


Only if I can revert everything that has been done to most codebases in the past 5 years. Bring back quickchoking, bring the return of robustness!

File: 947a98a11ca7a7a⋯.png (239.96 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20170719-163830.png)

0c5753  No.29297[Reply]

Making Games For Money

I am a PoorFag I need money

7€/ 2D-Game

10€/ High-Quality 2D-Games


40€/High-Quality 3D-Games

+10€ for own Licenses +2€ for publish online with your name.

cc50af  No.29303

File: 75afa5f41facead⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 599x537, 599:537, ec615b5d48adab7b8399ce777b….jpg)

Unity3D? Are you familiar with json and do you have any example projects?

This is a development forum, if you're looking for contract work you need to describe exactly what you have to offer.

446bec  No.29345

It would be faster to work freelance as whatever it is you're good at (ie. do art for other people's shit for money rather than develop a game from scratch on your own). If you have no talents then get a marketable skill.

File: 5375096c823415a⋯.png (53.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Aint_That_a_Kick_in_the_He….png)

bfc3d8  No.29316[Reply]

As stupid as it seems, although I can program, I don't know how to apply the 'programming mindset' for a game. My plan would be to make a sandbox game like Animal Crossing but I feel like I should learn how to make minigames or simpler stuff before I jump to that big project. I also don't know what to use:

Unity? I heard it's relatively easy and I can get shit done with C# (I can also use Java and C) and I can get a multiplat game easylly with no fuss. Any recommendation or suggestion?

545511  No.29320


If you want to make very small projects just to get a feel for the creative process, I highly recommend Unity.

e1605c  No.29334


10f9e4  No.29343

Ghaz works has some great step by step processes for making simple games real quick.


It's specifically for gamemaker, but it will give you a great idea of how to get started.

File: 83926b4ea944e5a⋯.png (10.98 KB, 414x320, 207:160, sprites mockup copy.png)

File: 778b78e2ce30e58⋯.png (28.3 KB, 742x478, 371:239, asdf.png)

File: bac1b748daec59f⋯.png (3.54 KB, 160x96, 5:3, label temp copy.png)

407b5d  No.28844[Reply]

I've posted about this a bit on /v/agdg, but I figured that if it's been a month and I haven't given up on the project yet, I can post it here.

My goals:

>Comfy simulation game about managing a retail store

>Initially focused on grocery stores only, adding other departments and store types across several development arcs

>Want to have it run on a toaster and WinXP compatible

>Plays something like RCT meets DF

13 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

407b5d  No.28918



small decoration idea:

>numbers in barcode are either all 66666666 or equal to 666

407b5d  No.28923


Well the barcodes I used in GROCERY for >>28898 actually do correspond to their decimal ascii value

56e323  No.29226

c62739  No.29326


Welp, better than I can do. Time to give up

92de0a  No.29340


There will always be a better version of whatever game you want to make, amateur game devving might as well die if people are going to let that get in their way of their games.

File: 8d422ad8d594f54⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 587x391, 587:391, 1958-cj5-firejeep-redwing-….jpg)

c91d39  No.29319[Reply]

Is a non tickbased server possible? What is that even called?

File: 3657744cbccffd8⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 1010x568, 505:284, 41.jpg)

37cec9  No.29248[Reply]


/Also requesting some minimalist starter code

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

503891  No.29257

I don't think w is supposed to be used this way somehow..

<script id="shader-vs" type="x-shader/x-vertex">
attribute vec3 aVertexPosition;
attribute vec4 aVertexColor;

varying lowp vec4 vColor;

// attribute vec4 aVertexPosition;

void main(void) {

gl_Position = vec4(aVertexPosition.xyz, 1).rgab; //, 1, aVertexPosition.z);

vColor = aVertexColor;


21df7c  No.29258

File: 09dd66ce85df685⋯.png (153.63 KB, 632x462, 316:231, canv2.png)

2e1d8e  No.29274

fcc0e5  No.29282

File: ad2830fc68dda62⋯.png (194.04 KB, 672x496, 42:31, surf.png)


cleardepth 0 // depth order greater / gequals // z = 1/w

fcc0e5  No.29283

What does agdg think of using a sqrt(x^2 + y^2 +z^2) scaling factor?

File: e479038893a7520⋯.jpg (274.81 KB, 1650x1650, 1:1, IMG_2605.JPG)

59429d  No.28866[Reply]

These are some pretty big questions that lead to large discussions so I felt they needed a whole thread.

>want to develop game but I feel like using jewnity is a cuck-out but don't have enough knowledge to design an engine

>idea that I really, really want to so requires a medium-scale game but don't have a lot of experience so I can either do it medium scale and potentially fuck it up or do a small scale game and maybe remake it later with more content

>don't know how to art so wondering if I should get somebody (and potentially waste their time or have them waste my time) or just do it myself

>if i make a small scale game with my idea, i don't know if I should waste time bugfixing it and improving it/adding more stuff or just remake it completely with more experience and content

Any advice?

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

59429d  No.28892


I honestly don't give a shit about your opinion unless you can prove that it was useless in massaging your asshole. You say that gravel dildos are shit, so show me your asshole right now and tell me what gravel dildos did that it couldn't make your asshole comfy or it inserted terribly despite doing the best you can to lube it.

No proof, no reason to trust you. If you reply to this post without actual proof and you are just gonna shitpost on me then that just adds fuel to the fire.

59429d  No.28893


As expected, a shitpost. You can always out retards because they never can form an opinion on their own. All you can do is copy thoughts from other people, "UNITY IS SHIT, THAT IS SHIT."

Fuck you too buddy, you didn't even deserve a response.

59429d  No.28894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Unity isn't useless, just suboptimal because it's an engine that tries to do everything for everyone without doing anything particularly well. Even the developers acknowledge it and are trying to fix it through vid related, which may help Unity become a little more viable again.

The biggest reason why I don't use Unity is because I like being able to read and edit an engine's source code depending on what I need, and Unity doesn't let me do that unless I pay up. It also completely lacks a Linux editor, another major dealbreaker for me. I can get much more creative, technical, and legal freedom with freetard engines, or even something like UE4 which gives all registered devs full source access.

59429d  No.28896


I understand that a popular engine nowadays tries to give you every tool in the box, and it may fail to do it perfectly. But let's be honest, that is the reason for why people use these engines in the first place, because they know that they can make their game with it because it doesn't lacks features.

Yes, it sucks that it's not perfect and I wish that it could run better and have fewer bugs, but this is why I asked you for your game. For my game Unity would probably be suitable, for yours, depending on what you want to do it might be not. So it's kind of stupid to call it shit for everyone. I can't really think of a feature that it doesn't have that I REALLY needed. I tried UE4 but unless you want to go deep in it's c++, all you have is shitty slow visual scripting, which always sucked. People have made games with both engines, let's not call an entire popular engine complete shit because of some script kiddies. Not that I care about their company, because they are loaded with cash, but just to be objective.

35745d  No.29268


>> X is shit, Y and Z are better. To drive home my point, have absolutely zero evidence or reasoning.

File: eaf879728f50d6a⋯.png (54.76 KB, 302x302, 1:1, 950b554ec9f11889d1a7f34ccb….png)

02bb80  No.29056[Reply]

So I've been having troubles with writing parts of my game like z-layering and structuring my game code. Are there any good resources on algorithms and code structure? Or should I just cheese it

f16bff  No.29057

I think its a matter of practice, at least thats how i have improved over time, its like any other skill, the more you do the more you learn.

7a335c  No.29138




Seems like two differing concerns to me. There are some good C++ books out there about dealing w/ large development and how to manage the complexity of it. But all you really need to begin with is some good advice you can find on the isocpp super faq. At the very least separate your files into declaration/interface (.h) and implementation (.cpp) files.

As far as the algorithms are concerned, trying to stick with the standard ones like std::find etc. to begin with is your best choice.

Try to stay as standards-based as possible and you'll be good to go.

d82a0e  No.29231

I'm not sure if this is what you're exactly looking for, but this guy released his book in Web Format for free:


I haven't yet decided if this is a great book yet, since I've recently started to have some inner conflicts with OOP designs, but if you don't care about that, it's probably a good book for you.

There's also this huge ass compendium of information:


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