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File: 240b7a6cde5568c⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, sample20161009_18.06.37.webm)

File: 84883849d8b330d⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 1292x843, 1292:843, morelayers.gif)

7f90e3  No.30539[Reply]

Hey fellow nodevs...

This thread is for the development of Jack-o-Nine-2 slave training game, or JoN2 for short

First of all, I was just want to say that I already had a dead thread in /hgg/, but since most of the traffic there is just about brainded horny anons, it was frustrating finding any input that mattered

Second, I first start this project about two years ago, I did some nice progress for a long while but it remained half dead for most of that time, including some HD crash that really crashed my motivation

now I'm back with a newfound motivation, and mostly because I got a lot a free time now and need a creative outlet, I really think its a good idea even though I have very little chance of getting anything back

So what the game is supposed to be about? its basically a spiritual successor to the original Jack-o-Nine-Tails

at first it was supposed to be more of re-write of the original in sensible code, but now I'm aiming to distance myself from it for a simple reason: the game was boring

though the original had a really good slave training mechanic, you need to manage your slave body and mental health, in sort needing to break her in without breaking her mind

however the game was mostly constituted of stolen random pictures that didn't fit together, and somewhat unplanned by design, but having very bad ecchi content,

thus failing at in main objective, that is to be an hentai game, what I want to do instead is inherit that slave training depth while also giving it good hentai to fap to

For that task I've chosen godot which is a reasonable featured open-source engine and easy enough to work with (which I'm sure most of you know it already)

I'm aiming for the same basic navigation design for the overall game, just menu based navigation, with the occasional dialog or something else, in general daily training aspect will be the same

and of course one of the biggest let downs were the unrelated stolen images, my idea was to break this by introducing paperdoll mechanic, where you have a whole Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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42094f  No.33036

File: 2de790d1c3aebf5⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 600x854, 300:427, necropost.jpg)

Heya there folks, original developer here, bumping this up from beyond to ask some two serious questions.

The first is that I sort lost hope with this project on the sole reason that I may never be able to make a reasonable income with it, given stolen graphics, music and everything else, the only thing I could claim as my own would be the code.

This was a long time realization and reason why I never really devote much to it, while focusing on my normie life, studying finding a proper job for my wanted career, taking care of my health and relationship with a real woman.

The bad news is that much time has passed and everything went to shit, still failed to find a job, gf broke up my heart nearly myself with it, relapsed into bad habits over porn consumption and now am sitting on huge amounts of free time on my hands.

So naturally, while I'm still working on improving myself (while also trying nofap), I'm sitting on huge amounts of free time that in turn brings me more anxiety and lack of motivation, so I've considering taking back on the project, even if just to pass some time.

So what I'm really asking here is for some insight from you bros that have been developing steadily for longer, I usually go into this devoting too much for some weeks literally only this, only to burn out later and completely leave it behind, I've guess in the end is not really what I would to be focusing on life right now, but its still something I liked to do.

The only way I could see getting some income from this would be to open a patreon page solely for supporting development, not for releasing the game as I intend it be open/free and I wouldn't be able to sell the assets anyway. But even then to get even the smallest of support I need to devote a lot of time and work to show off and to get some decent demo going on.

So help me bros, and its even a contradiction here since I want to steer away from degenerate content, but I guess creating it is better than falling in consuming it.

Another point that I want to make as well, with the possibility of giving it up for good, is that I'm open to pass the torch on to someone with interestPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7ed6e5  No.33039


Honestly, it looks like you've got a pretty decent amount of work under your belt. I think it would be absolutely wasteful to do nothing with it as it stands, though the borrowed art assets will definitely prevent you from monetizing it.

My personal advice is to spend some time researching similar projects and find out how much they're making, and observe what characteristics set them apart from their competition. See what sorts of themes and settings are popular, and try to keep that in mind when making this sort of thing.

My strategy in this regard is actually to look for a successful NON-erotic franchise that gets a LOT of rule34, then deliver something similar with an erotic twist.

42094f  No.33042


Thanks, I did have a lot of work put into it, and I believe the design and finished product could be great. But at the same it will require a lot more of work as well, and then a good amount fiddling to find the best values for the mechanics and a whole lot more in terms of content filling.

2e60b8  No.33182


I loved original Jack o Nine Tails and I've been drawing up some mockups, documentation and fiddling with renpy(cant code, and not the best engine for what I want but oh well) for the few past days because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time. The problem is it's very hard to start properly because there are so many things to do and I don't know which one to do first.

I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

My game idea is inspired by Jack o Nine which is why I'm in this thread in the first place, just trying to scour through everything I can to see what people liked/disliked about it and get as much info as I can while working on my "game".

Lore and setting background are done to the point where I know where I'll be heading but not to the point where it's fleshed out. The nature of the setting means you can put in almost anything and keep it consistent, which is exactly the reason why I've designed it like this.

When it comes the the mechanics I'd like to implement some turn-based small scale combat that is at least somewhat fun, a raiding mechanic which would be part turn based-part VN style choices(not sure about this yet) and a slave management mechanic. Also some basic gladiatorial combat and hippodrome races(like blues and greens, except there would be 4 different teams to reflect each faction, maybe add some hooligan shenanigans for fun).

When it comes to slave management, I liked how the Oldhuntsman did it but it seems to me that he put excessive amounts of unnecessary complicated mechanics. Also the fact that every slave was randomly generated was boring and the grind was tedious. I'd like to add generated slaves you get from raids for instant H-scene gratification, but also uniques that you needPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

42094f  No.33187

File: cffc62e2f8dd5e3⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_15.50.….webm)

File: cd9b541c3e6e147⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_16.03.….webm)


>because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time

I'm just going to warn you right there, how it is to do a project of this type all by yourself, specially if don't know programming or doesn't have any idea of what you're doing.

>I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

This would be the kind of help I would have liked some time ago, I would still do with this stolen art (check attached), since I think even comissioning my own would be a major task to undertake, with the dangers of bad quality, bad commitment on the other part, specially being the internet and all.

I also think that my idea is quite different than what you had in mind. For one, the original Jack did not have randomly generated girls, it had tons of custom tailed girl files with their own stats and images, this is just something that made managing in that game a sort of a nightmare. Another thing is that the detailed slave mechanics is what intrigued me the most, so I would want to mimic or at least improve on that. And finally, that while you work on your slave stats, I would change completely on how the H is delivered, in a sense that you can certain scenes when unlocking stats/selling slaves/specific jobs, where there would be actual VN style scene, much like other KISS games and HRPGs if you ever played one. So in turn it would have any side minigames either, like fighting or other stuff like that.

So what I wanted to show in these examples here was the positive point of the random/customized paperdoll style thing, I would slave would generated with randomized attributes and body, so you can have a proper representation of her in every specific scene, clothes, tattoos, and other appendages are additional attributes, and then when writing the scenes up you can check on each addiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 8e68017f397358e⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 458x190, 229:95, IMG_20180524_005146.jpg)

b25bde  No.31544[Reply]

I've been in a slump for years and haven't been able to wrap my head around this. Are there any good resources for learning GML?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a3ceeb  No.32122


Nothing that I know of, except maybe the weird GUI.

8809b8  No.32785

File: b5b599f7ba09445⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b5b599f7ba094459a436be3ece….jpg)


Anyone got a dl link? need the pro edition

000000  No.32908


When I was 10 (9 years ago) I learned it mostly by using a "game" someone uploaded to the site which converted D&D to GML to help learn how to do things in GML. I used it as a reference when I would get stuck. I don't remember if my code was any good though. Considering I was a kid and just learning at without using any sort of guide, it was probably pretty bad.

e455e4  No.33092


Just use the Help guide. The whole language is explained there. Also tutorials, like >>31574

01497d  No.33165

Out of curiosity, if I made games within gamemaker and had a site associated with them, could I sell the games on that site DRM-free as a steam alternative? Would that be within what the developer license allows?

File: 73585b814ec98db⋯.png (14.72 KB, 1113x346, 1113:346, 1.PNG)

e568e6  No.33075[Reply]

Users on my Discord recommended I share the game more so here I am; The Bad Grammar Loliconman to present:

Lolicon Market.


Lolicon Market is a text-based (Lolicon/Shota) dating sim. While the game is still being improved, I pride myself on user input and a multiple choice story where almost every choice has an effect on the story; from massive to the hypocrite.

The game is the first game I ever made with twine and...Well, I was banned from twine discord instantly and told I could never host it on their site due to the Admin being triggered. I respect honesty and love to receive both good and bad input, but if you're not a lolicon I'd recommend not to even play it.

Hope you enjoy, next update coming out on the 15th to remedy small bugs and most of the typos.

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a6a5b0  No.33147

File: 6366249864f4395⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 340x277, 340:277, dejected loli.jpg)


Wait but Mister, if I was abandoned by my parents and told to take care of a newborn baby girl, I'd make sure she turned into a good woman! I wouldn't be angry!

a6a5b0  No.33150

File: e4ef76d611af8c7⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 601x583, 601:583, smug_kuroko.jpg)

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter anywhere near a public school

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter/ anywhere near my degenerate habits

>implying I wouldn't let them go for my sister/daughter's sake

Anyway, definitely needs some editing work. To name two examples, "gestor" should be "gesture" and

>"'You’re doing well! Don't be shy, my sister here to be your new friend.'"

is missing an "is" between "sister" and "here", though even then the sentence sounds a bit off.

Otherwise I kind of wish there were more customization choices. Even if simple, like hair/eye color. I'm still playing through it, but so far I kind of wish there were more options; feels too linear.

a6a5b0  No.33151

File: e6f249412f791dd⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 900x636, 75:53, wutkit.jpg)


>Soon after your sister begun grade school, you often see her with her two friends you introducted to her.

Wait, there was another? I only met Suika.

a6a5b0  No.33152

File: bfc3eb9f5389ea8⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 594x439, 594:439, newspaper_really_m8.jpg)



>daddy has anger issues normal temperature for modern first-worlders

>scold daughter

>get pressured into apologizing

a6a5b0  No.33161

File: 9a980a173c6a76a⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 568x360, 71:45, SWTOR_-_le_Dark_Side.webm)

File: c28374c9b213974⋯.gif (426.7 KB, 200x198, 100:99, wait_what.gif)

>mother is a CEO

>cannot afford the bills whilst paying for the condominium

Don't remember, but is he just paying the bills, or mortgage as well? If the latter as well, why doesn't he just move to a smaller abode? If he isn't allowed to sell the house, why doesn't he change the ownership? If it's more complicated then just visiting a government center, why doesn't he go to court? Doesn't really matter, and I understand that the point is that the parents really don't give a shit about their children, but still.

Also, the default age says "18", but now I'm 24? Then I think it says I'm younger again, I don't know.

>have a thing for tomboys

But I don't actually I do, at least not Jewesses, unless she was supposed to be Anglo-Saxon-Hibernian shouldn't I be able to choose? Or is it based on how high the love meter is?

Otherwise, I select options that read, for example, "Smoking isn't for everyone", yet then there's all this extra stuff I did not anticipate when selecting. Vid related.

Also, I don't remember meeting Redia on day 2. Also also, what was that about the sister and her room? Is it revealed later or what? Most people would ask why everything strewn about and why she's crying.

I don't know if text games or Japanese VN are like this, if so, then I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I have not really played VNs. Anyway, I enjoyed it (really, there's something comfy about games like that), but the earlier chapters definitely need to be tuned before continuing.

File: fc57af4a5e8422b⋯.png (33.21 KB, 1200x436, 300:109, Unity_Technologies_logo.sv….png)

844669  No.33099[Reply]

Im currently making a fast paced fps game in Unity.

I've been using Unet this far but I recently found out that it's deprecated (I'm not entirely sure what that means). Should I keep using Unet or should I switch? I need something that works with fast paced games, I'm don't think I'll be able to wait for Unity's new networking solution. I'm an amateur when it comes to multiplayer games so I would prefer something that's easy to pick up.

File: 1460880389828.jpg (157.78 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, le inquisitive negro face.jpg)

2a2941  No.26420[Reply]

I am an artist; as my skills improve slowly-but-surely my attention turns towards game development. I would like to enlist a programmer to help make a simple game project a reality but there's a few caveats.

how much to pay/how often

I don't buy this "I'll pay you when/if my idea pans out" stuff that seldom works out for anyone but the idea guy, at least not as a defining feature of someone's working relationship to my project or heaven forbid future projects. I've saved up some money over the years and I'm willing to pay as much as I can for good work on a regular or "work-for-hire" basis, but admittedly I'm a man of limited means and what's taken me a lifetime to save wouldn't amount to much to a professional programmer.

How can I expect loyalty from a stranger when I couldn't offer them what they'd typically deserve? I'd appreciate any programmers to chime in on this. In lieu of substantial payment up front, what do you expect in return following the project's completion?

how to prevent myself from getting robbed

How do I protect myself from outright fraud? I could pay someone however much and find out only after it's well too late that he's written thousands of lines of junk code (if any at all) and made off with a good chunk of my savings for his trouble.

How do I enforce transparency? Is there any way to quickly check code to see that it matches how it's commented without having experience as-such, myself? I feel like programmers in a similar position have a big advantage here. Anyone can look at a picture and tell that something's not right. While the skills to make aesthetic and appealing artwork takes years to master-same as programming-aesthetics are a universal language and ugliness or wrongness in that regard is readily apparent to the layman. Conversely it takes far more experience to wade into a morass of esoteric code-language and find something amiss, and I fear without being able to do that I would potentially be risking losing everything to a disingenuous code monkey that may never have even known whaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

37 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a9ca17  No.29790

File: 6bbaa6782ef5335⋯.gif (969.95 KB, 632x637, 632:637, botrun.gif)

OP here. Still working stuff out but I'm getting closer to putting myself out there. I'd really like to do it by the end of the year, but I'm not super confident it's going to happen. I've come out of pocket around $3500 so far but there still isn't enough material to work with just yet.

You guys have any advice on crowdfunding? I have a few ideas but I'm always curious what kind of rewards hypothetical supporters should be able to both expect and deserve.

504b1f  No.29794


If you're going to go the crowdfunding route, make sure you have a playable demo of your game before you start. Your demo should have enough release quality artwork and polish to give an impression of what the final product would feel like.


The nature of game development means that it's possible that certain design features you intend for the game may actually turn out to be bad for gameplay. This implies that you would have to change of the game mechanics and thus this would change the feel of the game. As much as you can, you don't want to deviate very much from what you promise in your campaign.

A different strategy you can take is to mature your game in your own time. You start your crowdfunding campaign when your game is developed to beta level and you don't need much more time to get it to release level. The purpose of doing it this way is to show to your audience that gambling their money into your game is low risk because you're already got something good and what you need is a bit of help to push it over the line.

Justin Ma talks about the development of FTL, this might be useful for you.



dbfa09  No.29795


Thanks for the videos, I'm definitely going to want to check those out. Not only for the content itself but they remind me of the fact that there's a huge legitimate indie game and media community out there and that it'd probably pay to get involved with them to some degree from the beginning.

As far as a demo goes, I don't think that's in the cards yet. I don't have the money to pay for a programmer (part of what the campaign is meant to address) and I'm far too busy working on animations and trying to figure that whole process out. I could have several proposed in-game animations and pieces of splash art ready to give people an idea of what to expect and what their money is helping work towards though and I believe that will be sufficient.

I'm a big fan of physical media as rewards and would like to frame my Patreon as a sort of slow-rolling kickstarter. Do you know of any good companies offhand that make limited run games, music CDs, print books etc.? Part of the dream is reliving that feeling of opening the box and seeing that instruction manual with all of the cool character art and story blurbs and having something I made on my shelf. Is it possible or even desirable to contact a mainstream publisher about this sort of thing? Where do I go or who do I talk to to get a real game made?

In any case, I would like to be able to keep close track of who's given what and I'm not sure how that's done. I've heard a lot of horror stories of hit-and-run patrons who "donate" in whatever amount, take all the content available to them and bail before they actually have to pay (well, not so much a horror story but one of a minor inconvenience, I guess). Say I send out art books or something like that to Patrons who've given $100 or more over time (after taxes and Patreon's fee that'd be about $70 in my pocket I believe). I imagine printing a book is hugely expensive (wouldn't be surprised if it cost at least $20 for an art book with 50 pages or so and that's not including at least $5 for shipping) and the last thing I want to do is give something like that away to a mooch that looks like he's been supporting me for months but reallyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e4426e  No.31484


The answer you're looking for is: don't hire, get hired.

906dd2  No.33052

File: 36743f997483b8e⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 554x1006, 277:503, knigt.jpg)

Don't mind me, just trying to make sure this thread lasts at least three more years

>tfw my art hasn't progressed worth a damn this entire time



>get hired

I don't think it's going to happen, I'm pretty much all-or-nothing "in" at this point. The lowest I could be brought is down to the level of some kid fresh out of college financially so I'm not worried about things not working out too much. Being a loser is my comfort zone, I want to make a genuinely good game and maybe make some money I can help my family and friends with but I'm trying to keep my expectations realistic-especially with how slow my artistic progress has been.

File: 1468984365204-0.png (14.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, scr4.png)

File: 1468984365205-1.png (2.67 KB, 144x234, 8:13, vhurt.png)

File: 1468984365205-2.jpg (72.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wallpaper-rpg-maker-xp-typ….jpg)

File: 1468984365205-3.png (21.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, scr3.png)

3d0f2f  No.27315[Reply]

I see some really neat rpg maker projects floating around (space funeral, Yume Nikki, Off, etc) so I decided to give the program a serious shot for the first time in a year


For a little thing developed in the span of three weeks, I think it came out alright.

I avoided the typical pitfalls of RPG maker games (generic fantasy cliches and tropes, stock assets, etc) and i tried to take some pointers from devs like thecatamites and ToG in making this nonsense.

The program is very, very restricting unless you feel like picking up ruby and/or finding a fuckload of custom scripts. I used XP, by the way, and earlier versions don't even have support for custom scripts.

If you want to make a 2d jrpg, it's okay. Obviously, anything much different than that isn't going to work well.

It does what it says it does well, but don't expect any more.

Anyone else have experience with this shit?


8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

733d34  No.31597

2e18cf  No.31619


Does anyone know any good resources to learn the RGSS for RPG Maker XP?

1fe65a  No.32331


First, learn Ruby.

0227f4  No.32448


Thanks for sharing man

1574b5  No.33002


This issue keeps happening.

File: f98e3d133642911⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 154.5 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Ike.png)

93681a  No.32969[Reply]

Can Breeding Season ever be finished? It's very much playable, even replayable in the state it was in when the dev team went to shit. I think if they just finished the artwork it would be a 10/10 game.

File: 3702baa4bd06b25⋯.png (1014.01 KB, 652x567, 652:567, dogo saving a hoe.PNG)

e5f7dd  No.32778[Reply]

I've been trying to finish a game(s) for 5 years now, but often abandon projects once it comes to the asset/art development phase. I can program, but my art skills are very poor. So here's my question, should I:

1. Focus on Blender, make 3D games and use those skills to make stuff on my 3D printer. Maybe start selling models on the side once I'm talented enough.

2. Focus on pixel art and digital art in general and make 2D games. Would allow for my projects like >>32466 to go a lot faster.

I'm already trying self-improvement, working, and studying programming, so I can't learn both. So I'd like some external input and to hear what some of you would/have done when in this situation.

209a2c  No.32780


Nigger what the fuck are you doing?

You're shit at art but are asking if you should re-specialize in making 3D models and sell 3D prints of them? It doesn't even sound like you have any idea whether to make 3D games or 2D games.

Before you do anything else, figure out what you actually want to be doing, and then learn whatever you're lacking to get it done.

3270dd  No.32781


I know how to make games, as I said, I'm a programmer. I'm asking whether it'd be more advantageous to go 2D or 2D and listed some benefits I can see, including being able to 3D print my models and potentially sell 3D models if I get good enough.

069dff  No.32782


3D modelling would give you way more options, definitely. Not just because you could use it to make your own models to print or sell, but you could also become a 3D animator, which is a pretty big market. In comparison, learning how to make pixel art is only useful for making games. Also pixel art is insanely boring unless you happen to really like it. It's a very time-consuming process that involves staring at the screen for entire afternoons moving single pixels around.

dec2a9  No.32783

Use all the free 3D models and props that are floating around the internet to get your game off the ground, then just buy the models you need. There are plenty of 3D artists that will take commissions.

b872b3  No.32868

If you learn 3d you can throw your models on the unity store and make money from retards making shit games.

File: c3491cecbeb4cfd⋯.jpg (252.14 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 92199d4954912298849144ef5a….jpg)

73be5a  No.29670[Reply]

A friend and i are working on a KND dating sim, right now we've no artfags at all it's just me and him and we're gonna make it in Ren'Py most likely

Could anyone possibly give me a simple "sprite" for lack of a better word of Numbuh 86 simply standing, with 3 different facial expressions, them being neutral, angry, and happy

If anyone is able to do it, could it please be in an Artstyle similar to pic related, what's a WEG without an attractive artstyle,right?

a1be45  No.30756


I cringed so hard that my sphincter tightened enough to kill my hamster.

You owe me a new hamster but I wouldn't accept it because you probably touched it with those sick, unwashed neckbeard hands. You should stop what you're doing, just stop. Go to church.

2cfd76  No.30766


>unironically replying to a post that's over 4 months old

I agree with you, but still...

15fa65  No.32693


what is there an article of limitations when it comes to replies?

9d851d  No.32776


Unless you're posting on desuchan, then yes. Or at the very least sage it if your reply isn't in support of OP. Let bad threads die.

File: 16d956d201d4332⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, Screenshot_5.jpg)

511cca  No.29911[Reply]

How much does the average Steam game make in the first month?

nota bueno: by average I mean games with 20-40 reviews

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

471de6  No.32669


God damn you have shit writing capabilities. I needed to skip over a majority of your sentences. Instead, I visually located the few words that held the real meaning to what you were communicating. Then I mentally attached those 4-5 words together at the end in order to conclude what you had just written. If I were to read each word in your sentences, I would go insane, or be filled with rage.

d5c1f7  No.32670

File: a03162cc25b20b7⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 300x400, 3:4, aAd1OQ0_700b.jpg)

b095b5  No.32674

Not a cent from me.

dce36a  No.32733



29c377  No.32764

Here are a couple of GDC talks that go in-depth about making money selling games.



File: bf4cb12ae48741b⋯.gif (268.85 KB, 576x324, 16:9, running.gif)

056f48  No.29265[Reply]

Brass Golem just came out. You can render Blender projects in minutes for mere dollars worth of USD.

I'll be dumping images rendered using it and the time it took to render them.

4 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

983b0a  No.30489



Is this a thing where you're told to go to a different board? I've been from:

>>>/b/ to >>>/v/ to >>>/agdg/ >>>/3d/ to >>>/artass/ to >>>/bog/ to >>>/liberty/ to >>>/israel/ to >>>/white/ to >>>/black/ to >>>/pop/ to >>>/agdg/

b1cec6  No.30504

It's still in alpha but it works well and it's free atm!

3f163d  No.30519


It's called receiving correction, it happens when someone posts stuff that doesn't match the board topic / is an obvious shill.

43d609  No.32737


>for mere dollars worth of USD.

wtf am I reading?

f47d8e  No.32739

Those renders look like shit, you can render shit in real time better than that for free

File: a2c4c45ae8ffcb8⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 3915c756021dbb2a448944ccd9….jpg)

File: 46f0f971ba68fc8⋯.png (551.99 KB, 625x790, 125:158, HHLoss.png)

File: 3a856dac48dbeaa⋯.jpg (461.47 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Mightiest Nigger.jpg)

a3b03e  No.32716[Reply]

Need a javajew to help codemonkey some mods for a Wurm Unlimited 8ch community server to go up in about 6 months. pay is optional. email mrfixitwurm at gmail dot com.

pleze help out last codemonkey literally fukkin died on us

f0e474  No.32718

File: f4da09574131a85⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 550x309, 550:309, HAHAHAHAHA.gif)

>last codemonkey literally fukkin died on us

I know who he is, and he is working on my game now HAHAHAHAHA

File: c49be582087b136⋯.png (150.31 KB, 2557x1439, 2557:1439, screenshot-new.png)

c1db6d  No.32357[Reply]

I've been working on this sci-fi, Star Trek inspired, choose your own adventure style game. For the demo-build, there won't be any combat, but it's the first thing I plan to add. Basically, you're the captain and you need to make all the decisions.

9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e72cc  No.32561


1. Breddy good so far.

2. Text overlapping when there's a lot of choices.

c1db6d  No.32612


I don't even know why I made it 64bit. It's not 32 bit at this new location:



Thanks for the feedback. I fixed up those overlapping choices. Now I just need to add more content.

3315bb  No.32655


I only have a 32bit machine so I can't give any feedback other than converting your WAV background music to OGG because 30mb on a 3 minutes soundtrack is a bit too much.

8e24ad  No.32658

File: dab7c13a023b53c⋯.png (6.73 KB, 936x228, 78:19, progress.png)


I played it. It's really good. Wish it was longer. The radio voices are cool. There should be more information about the 2 empires before picking a side or remaining neutral. It's hard to remember the crew roles. There should be a reference. The crew dialogue shouldn't disappear. It's sometimes hard to read fast enough. The crew names should be color coded in the options like in the dialogue. Why exactly does the embryo ship commit suicide? Is it because it did its job and is not needed anymore? Why does it transmit the coordinates of the moon to the crew? Shouldn't it be keeping that hidden as suggested by the dialogue?

c1db6d  No.32677

File: 8ca2d4f427d7076⋯.jpg (223.48 KB, 693x512, 693:512, 20180108_223007.jpg)

ab5600  No.30427[Reply]

Whats with the agdg guys and being so unwilling to actually follow through? Its like every time I talk serious with you people, you freak out and go no-contact, like youre scared of actually getting something done.

In the long long ago, I worked with an independent studio in a permanent position, after a couple of years we had to downsize because we had some salty ass programmers get a beef with each other and ended up with the programming lead the only one left. He about had a cow and we immediately tried to replace them, but this was juuust about the time Indies were blowing up, and suddenly every faggot on gamasutra with a high school programming credit wanted insane levels of pay. The director stepped down and I was put in charge, I put a halt on development, dumped a few dozen grand into the studio, and pulled out some smaller, personal projects so we could produce quick content and get some new cash flow.

Then our servers ????? Resulting in massive data loss, our programmer had forgot to back up his work the entire month, and all of my personal backups of his builds were from the same timeline. He got frustrated and quit, I literally begged him to not give up, but he told me "good luck" and fucked off for 5 years before contacting me again.

After learning just how fucking hard programming is with dyscalculia is (Even a visual system like gmk eventually hits a wall where I get a fucking panic attack trying to figure what the fuck im doing wrong.) I fell into a drunken mess, got a shitty wagecuck job, and have lived miserably since.

But every now and then I come into agdg threads, pick up some guys, and become immediately disappointed by their unwillingness to work.

What does it take to get you people to devote a fraction of time each week towards something you supposedly wish to do? What do you want, scifi games? Fantasy? Noir? Platformer? Action? Puzzle? Ive got them all, premade, in need of nothing but a programmer and artists. What excuses can you possibly keep making?

What is honestly stopping you from saying "you know what, former professional artist and systems designer? Youre right, I need tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

28 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

576280  No.31616


A sidescroller with jokes at the end of every level.

baa1f6  No.31621


Good luck. I'd help but you probably don't need another programmer.

e13d07  No.32639


>in need of nothing but a programmer and artists.

So you're an idea guy then.

5eee8e  No.32640


Are you actually offering a payed job, or are you asking to build a team that will "do it for free" until the game can be sold?

a791d2  No.32645

OP hasn't posted since January and only 2 days after making this thread.

File: 3a0771ba8f88d6d⋯.png (123.89 KB, 946x872, 473:436, ClipboardImage.png)

f51187  No.32517[Reply]

Yeah yeah it's probably a shitty jam, but just in case any anons wanna participate in it, you can all coordinate ITT

>The theme for this year's Game Off is HYBRID!

>Submission date: December 1st 2018 at 13:37


24534a  No.32597

The seasonal event is more popular.

f51187  No.32617


Good. I'm glad our demoday got the turnout it did.

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