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File: e424d53b1cdf673⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Demoday Beelzebox Screensh….png)

File: bc47a7df2413ab8⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Demoday Beelzebox Screensh….png)

File: e29b706fdb78946⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Beelzebuild Screenshot 201….png)

File: 56a105d094fe6ae⋯.png (900.15 KB, 1124x745, 1124:745, items.png)

File: 3c9aff2858e2d92⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Demoday Beelzebox Screensh….png)

be8d60  No.29865[Reply]

Alrighty, it's Demo Day time so perhaps it's a good time to start my first thread on the /agdg/ board.

Beelzebox is a Diablo-inspired action RPG. You play as a tic-tac kinda dude inspired by my old webcomic Konspiracja.

I plan to have a complex and varied loot system for maximum fun, with item looks, names, atributes being completely randomized. The monsters all have unique names, some of which I find quite humorous.

Main website of the project:


I'll try to add more blog posts, especially now that so much has been added. All the usual social media links are there as well, if that's your thing.

Wiki (includes play tips):


itch.io link includes the early prototype demo, so you can compare how much progress has been done since this was just a gamejam project:


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f8045a  No.32411


>I wish I knew anything about game dev so I could help

no problem, bro. If you played the demo and shared your thoughts, that would be more than enough.


>releasing this for free or for money when it's done

demo day releases will be free, I will release this for a hopefully sensible price on different distribution platforms when it's done. Steam, itch, maybe GOG by the virtues of speaking the same language... But first it would have to be actually "finished".

f8045a  No.32432

File: f5ba500df547a8c⋯.mp4 (3.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-10-14 10-05-55.mp4)

File: e262e9d2fd8ffcb⋯.mp4 (2.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-10-13 19-28-32.mp4)

File: 57058c11cd640ee⋯.png (1.22 MB, 796x669, 796:669, ClipboardImage.png)

returned to the feature everyone was waiting for: the gore system. I'm gonna scrap the earlier implementation as boolean shaders are much faster than editing the texture alpha through code.

973e44  No.33221


Dude holy shit you've come so far since you've started with this project. I remember when you were first starting out and posting videos of the character following mouseclicks.

Honestly amazing job man.

534632  No.33237


Keep up the good work

f8045a  No.33278

File: 7a7780396f5754f⋯.jpg (194.55 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, d71d33cadf27b77b9b6c340c6a….jpg)

File: 356356e05bae7de⋯.jpg (156.26 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, bca1b3bdf1306f2f87860bc13a….jpg)

File: 25561a88d9e914e⋯.jpg (198.42 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, a1808da2503ad8ac590d944a22….jpg)

File: 2cf1191590bb308⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 07e34804338a591b98d16e8ae2….jpg)

File: 4599423044e9037⋯.webm (14.72 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, 4599423044e90373c543e5be0….webm)



thanks for the kind words, bros. I haven't posted the previous demo day version in this thread, so here are some (very late) updates. I've been working on Codename Waifus and haven't applied many criticisms and suggestions given in November, I hope to fix the problems in February.

So here's the latest demo:



Left click – attack/move

Right click – activate skill

C – skill level up screen (you choose skills from the menu to the bottom right)

I – inventory screen

Alt – highlight all items

Tab - switch automap opacity

Space - toggle first person mode

Shift + click - attack in direction of cursor

1,2,3,4,5 - use potion on belt

Esc - menu. duh.

in first person mode:

WASD - movement

Middle Mouse - toggle freelook

Left click - attack and pick up items

File: 85ee948655e6aef⋯.png (17.63 KB, 512x512, 1:1, s2-3dlogo.png)

File: f4548e516c66839⋯.png (413.25 KB, 646x505, 646:505, sigma2_2018-03-05_01-45-12.png)

File: 543ec720dc7dbf3⋯.png (44.59 KB, 648x507, 216:169, Sigma Editor 2_2018-03-24_….png)

e6b9f1  No.31318[Reply]

This thread is for my game engine, Sigma II, since I needed to get around to making such a thread any-way. It will be where I post all of my progress and what kind of stuff I am working on in one place in case anyone is interested in seeing the progress the project has been making over time.

There is a page on the wiki here:


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1bd89b  No.33118

This is an incredibly interesting look at IDE design, and well-documented at that. I love seeing a real-time dev-tool development.

Could you explain exactly what it is about Linux that causes compatibility issues and requires re-compiling? It's got to be more than just implementing OpenGL, right? Linux exporting has been done automatically in all the programs I've used, so I'm interested in the specifics.

e1db7f  No.33119


I don't think my Linux version has compatibility issues with the binaries that I can produce. Maybe I complain about it a lot because I am not as experienced as someone who runs Linux as their primary OS. My workflow just isn't going to be as efficient. I did have a problem with targeting x86 on Linux. I can compile on both x86 and x64 on Windows without thinking about it- but on Linux x86 is a second class citizen. So, I had to do some work configuring my system to be able to compile and run x86 binaries. Then I produced binaries that didn't work on other x64 Linux systems because they were not configured to run x86 binaries. The real solution was to just set it up to be able to compile both x86 and x64 binaries... it's not to unreasonable... in Linux, you can compile everything, so what's the point of supporting x86 if you have a x64 processor? I just did it that way because I don't want to leave x86 Linux systems behind. Also, since Linux programmers marginalize x86 more and more, the effort too support it doesn't seem to be that strong. I had to edit some makefiles in some of my libraries to compile for x86. But it wasn't a big deal since I solved all of my problems in the end.

Once you have the binaries, it's fine. Linux computers (on the desktop at least) all generally conform to some common set of features. You can basically expect them to all have OpenGL, X11, etc... I used Xlib, and XFree86VM for full-screen mode, because they were included in Slackware 14.2, which is the Linux distro that I use. I have never used a package manager unless I am using someone else's computer. I compile everything from source. Luckily its a fairly standard package to find, even though my friend trying to compile the engine on Debian a while ago had to download a lot of packages to do it....

Don't fall into the trap of writing "Distro Specific Software". Just read this: https://forums.svencoop.com/showthread.php/46288-Dropping-support-for-Windows-XP-2003-Windows-Vista-2008-and-Linux-GLIBC-lt-2-24

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1bd89b  No.33120


Thank you for, I've never seen an accurate write-up on this.

>I don't know what you mean by an IDE though. Is that what you call that thing modern game engines do, where you work in some kind of weird software that is a combination of a map editor, a script writer, a resource manager

I think that most people just say "game engine" but whatever, yeah, that is what I meant by that. "Integrated development environment" expresses what it does, but then I guess you can get it confused with a programming tool like visual studio. 'Game Engine' is fine too. Disregard me.

>it all looks very complicated

you programmed your own game engine in C. I can't tell whether you're joking.

e1db7f  No.33123


I'm lucky that slackware has easy instructions for enabling x86 support from x64. See here: http://www.slackware.com/~alien/multilib/

I don't know what the process is like for something like Debian, for example. I really wish that LSB was followed by all of the major distros, it's a shame that the effort didn't work. Then I can just read this spec here: https://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/lsb.shtml

And I know what libraries I can expect and when to expect them. It would solve a lot of problems.

Modern game engines with that kind of environment that Unity, Unreal, Godot uses, just seems like a much more complicated tool than for example my experience with game engines, but I guess that's a funny way for me to say that I don't understand how to use them. I guess I can't relate too it. But I think writing code in C# or C++ is a lot more complicated and difficult than writing code in C.

ad26d4  No.33273

>listening on port 1488


File: bbb176c025f27ca⋯.jpg (604.88 KB, 2500x1201, 2500:1201, header-island-bats.jpg)

4b52aa  No.33261[Reply]


I don't mean stuff like areas lighting up when you throw an object against a wall, but somehow managing to replicate the feeling that humans with echolocation actually experience, is it feasible or is it impossible for non blind people?

Also some interesting blog on how echolocation works, it's a fiction blog mostly http://planetfuraha.blogspot.com/2012/07/echolocation-sound-choice.html?m=1

Not an actual dev by the way, thought this board might be a nice place for discussion.

9262ea  No.33263

File: 5c384cb431a79c1⋯.png (362.69 KB, 649x611, 649:611, Kim_Jong-un_disgusted.png)


Wouldn't /ideaguy/ be a better to discuss thi-?


Smartphone users should be shot.

4b52aa  No.33264


Welp thanks, will try that instead.

I have a PC but i felt like making this thread by phone idk mane

59db46  No.33270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Unsure if this is what you'd have in mind, but I remember ages ago I tried to keep up with independent game development and heard of something called Devil's Tuning Fork. Everything's completely invisible until you hit it with a sound wave.

File: e454b565ae2014c⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 360x360, 1:1, kenshin.jpg)

2130e5  No.31908[Reply]

So, i feel is time for me to pay homage to a manga that had the downfall of having a pedophile as a writer. I can see Kenshin fall down not because of absence of quality or relevance but solely because of agendas.

I wanna make a Rurouni Kenshin fighting game to keep the idea that the art is separate from the artist.

So, how do i make a fighting game?

I've got no notions on how to program but i feel like i'm destined to do it

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

16f2c2  No.32182

thats why there's a backlash for the author? the author is japanese right?

>was abused as a child and mom was sexually abused.

>is jaded AF towards things like this.


e86358  No.32183

Shame about Kenshin, I love both the manga and anime. It sucks more people can't separate the artist from their work, we really live in an age where personal politics are treated as the most important issue.

The good news is fighting games aren't the hardest of things to make. I suggest picking up a good engine (my suggestion is Godot because of how smooth it codes and how easy it is to make collision shapes which you'll need for hitboxes) and start learning your asshole from your elbow in it. I just picked up Godot recently and I feel very confident I could set-up a 2D fighting game in it even with my little experience (though I've worked a lot in Unity before). Mind you, you'll still need to either git gud at art or find an artfag who shares your love of Kenshin.

tl;dr learn an engine and how to code in it, then just like make game.

9d27f6  No.33230

Learn2code is necessary, but you need to ask yourself: Why you need to learn to code? You need to learn code to make a video game? Great! One problem: Have you made plans yet? Pre-planning is half the work of designing the game. Coding is putting your designs to the test. You given us an idea but literally nothing else.

What are the rules? Can you break down the rules step-by-step that logically makes sense? If you base your game on another game then have you considered studying that game by reverse engineering it's logic and design? By pre-planning the logic design of your game as you study the coding language you will eventually get a better idea of how your game is going to play. Also sometimes your ideas don't go as planned as you code. Sometimes those ideas are used for another game. That's fine. If your fighter doesn't turn out to be mechanically possible but the mechanics are solid then you may want to switch to a brawler and see how that works.

Personally I think Kenshin would work just as well as a brawler if the focus is to master the character's moves. I can see switching stances altering how Kenshin swings. The direction of your swing determines whether or not you use the blunt edge to deal damage and KO/stun enemies or the cutting edge to destroy weapons and objects in the environment to disarm and trap your enemies respectively. Kenshin wouldn't just have health. He would have stamina, balance and momentum. If this is implemented into a fighting game then it will be a Power Stone like arena fighter rather than a 2D one. Let's break down.

-If you run out of stamina then you run out of breath and will have weaker swings. Some attacks won't be available and your senses could dull with the fatigue lowering your window of evading and just guarding.

-Balance determines what moves you can follow up with after a swing. If you attack with another stance that doesn't counter your balance, then you become off-balance. This not only stops your momentum; it leaves you will be open to attack and tripping as you re-balance yourself.

-Momentum is simply how fast, and sometimes hard, your attacks become. As simple as momentum is, it is the most complicated part the player has to manage. You want tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2d516e  No.33269

Isn't Samurai Showdown basically a kenshin fighting game?

67c0be  No.33271


They share over the top feudal Japan settings and there's actual Kenshin fighting games already.

File: 48973bb47b9c09a⋯.jpg (61.22 KB, 512x512, 1:1, uw_logo.jpg)

a34e47  No.32403[Reply]

UW is a tactical shooter with waifus.

Posting progress and answering questions and stuff.

Harsh critiques are welcome!

twitter : https://twitter.com/unwargame

50 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a34e47  No.33167

File: ae7db80261550c3⋯.webm (2.26 MB, 689x434, 689:434, DestructionOptimized.webm)

optimized destruction system

a34e47  No.33168

File: 05d64b4a382c340⋯.webm (6.3 MB, 800x440, 20:11, Campfire.webm)

camp mechanic

a34e47  No.33169

File: 29d46998099e72c⋯.webm (4.26 MB, 869x484, 79:44, DiggingTrench.webm)


a34e47  No.33247

File: 38edcaa1a657d6c⋯.webm (5.62 MB, 842x465, 842:465, CampDefense.webm)

4a8064  No.33262

Holy shit batman, this is the kind of game i've been wanting to come around. It really looks fan-fucking-tastic so far.

I'll totally follow this and slap some dingo dollars down. I can't believe I haven't seen posts about this outside of /agdg/ It looks real killer so far.

File: 96e28d36e56452c⋯.gif (410.65 KB, 499x477, 499:477, demoday_2.gif)

2639d5  No.33244[Reply]


>What is demo day?

A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best.

>That is?

Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck.

Obligatory Notices

Please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread.

3 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f552e6  No.33253

File: af750ae14552f0b⋯.webm (9.72 MB, 1024x600, 128:75, 2019-02-02-1902-30.webm)


Nice to see your progress. I like that there's a target now. The gun looks better than before. I didn't notice when the gun ran out of ammo. That happens to me IRL sometimes. The gun gets bugged near the end of the video.

2639d5  No.33254


Thank you for playing. I was told last time that there needed to be something to shoot at so I added a target for demo day. The current gun is less of a placeholder, glad you like it. I've already fixed the floating magazines since some people in the /v/ thread brought it to my attention.

I don't know why but that gun bugging out there at the end is really funny. It threw a fit. The bug seems to come from inserting a magazine that came from the table and has been in the inventory into the pistol. If I had to guess, magazine collision is not being disabled properly.

707aba  No.33256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shinobu Project

Autistic singleplayer experience with my waifu.

There is a new tutorial inside for controls and instructions.

This is hardly a game and more of a simulation of hanging out with a loli. Will eventually have more outside adventures where you can explore places but the main focus is taking care of her and deep character interactions. I'm working on v0.4 right now which will have more props and stuff you can do with her like video related. v0.5 will have bathing.

Download for wangblows here no Patreon required, it's a free game: https://www.patreon.com/posts/23946970

6fa943  No.33258


Fug I forgot. Anchoring. >>33256

2ac820  No.33260

File: 9d7deeb2cfc9377⋯.png (9.24 KB, 628x412, 157:103, heaven.png)

File: 888ce47baf8432b⋯.png (26.68 KB, 580x394, 290:197, hell.png)


Earth B

An unfinished demo for an RPG Maker game I'm making inspired by LISA: https://mega.nz/#!90pDmaaS!qG2erTzL-gBLstHkGdqv-T2-rIs01MlfawEubzI0OnU

Controls: numpad or xbox 360 controller, 0/B is cancel/menu, enter/A is confirm.

My goal is to make a cyberpunk QRPG that plays open-ended, kind of like Fallout. You're dropped in a world with little exposition and you're given a vague suggestion to kill stuff and collect artifacts. Since it's a 30 minute demo for what's intended to be a longer 5 hour RPG, not much of the story is revealed. Whether or not you want to learn about the world is up to you. There is a Quest Log in your items to help you stay on track.

I did a couple interesting things with the battle system. First of all, there are certain Techniques that "expose vulnerabilities" and then you can use other Techniques that target those vulnerabilities for extra damage. There are also "Gambits" which let you sacrifice 75% of a stat to simultaneously sacrifice 75% of the enemy's stat. Some Gambits expose vulnerabilities without doing damage or costing TP. Then there are a bunch of status effects. You also have the equivalent of "Act"ing from Undertale with "Check battlefield".

I still have a lot of the stock graphics in place, so brace yourself for that…it's not pretty. Music is either by me, from Sonic Xtreme, Nier, or anime.

Due to it's open-ended nature it's been really difficult to beta test so expect bugs too. It's "over" when you are free to leave the city and blow up all three magic barrier generators.

File: 61b3be003709cfa⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 620x450, 62:45, 61b3be003709cfa510f6f2d48b….jpg)

File: d68905337e7e5fe⋯.jpg (47.06 KB, 620x450, 62:45, putinsky.jpg)

File: 397c4ea6cae647a⋯.jpg (28.95 KB, 415x300, 83:60, putinsky2.jpg)

File: 374cced9c855aec⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 320x320, 1:1, putinsky desu.jpg)

f3d68c  No.33224[Reply]

I begin with lowres image of irl person. In Gimp

>I scale him down to 10% with cubic interpolation.

>I scale him back up to 1000% with no interpolation

Now I have glorious pixel image of Comrade Putinsky to use as art asset in shitty pixel game, no artistic ability required. I provide two additional Putinskys created by the same method, with variations in the scaling percentages.

So I have a question about this, but I'm not quite sure how to word it. Basically are there any ratios or formulas that would achieve the optimal result for this effect? Like to accurately imitate an 8bit or 16bit art style.

I want to be more helpful to anons, so here's a FOSS tool (Apache2 license) for making sprite sheets and animations. They don't really mention it, but there's an offline version of the app under downloads.


426850  No.33225

Why are you scaling it back up? Just render the game view to a low resolution target texture then scale that texture up to window/renderer size. You also have way too many colors. Clamp to a fixed number and range to mimic an indexed palette. Also you'd get better results with some slight sharpening post processing to better define features that are lost during downscaling.

131aca  No.33226


I would tell you that you can then use posterize or one of the other color tools to limit the palette, but they don't apply dithering so it's still shit. Perhaps you could convert it to 256 colors with dithering in Kolourpaint, then open it in Gimp and posterize it, then open it in Aseprite to tweak the palette however you want. Or maybe Krita does all of this, I've not used it extensively yet. Just in the short time I have used it though, it is way better than Gimp so it wouldn't surprise me.


>Why are you scaling it back up? Just render the game view to a low resolution target texture then scale that texture up to window/renderer size.

>Also you'd get better results with some slight sharpening post processing to better define features that are lost during downscaling.

Also this.

d29cd4  No.33227

File: f140140d2393d4c⋯.png (44.12 KB, 620x450, 62:45, vlademon0000.png)

Most actual pixel art™ uses 1x1 pixels and not 10x10 pixels like in your examples. Don't make blocky pixelshit anon.

You can manage to make shitty C64 looking stuff by converting to a low color depth with dithering, then apply a sharpening filter and a blurring filter. Pic related is a demon version I made quickly using that technique + a bit of manual editing in GraphicsGale.

>accurately imitate an 8bit or 16bit art style.

With today's technology this can't be automated. You'll still need to adjust it and manually place pixels and use the various pixel art techniques to do it justice. Read the pixel logic PDFs if haven't already, they should be on the wiki.

f5e275  No.33238

File: 39229bbb68dfc2d⋯.webm (273.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, CYKA BLYAD_.webm)


>/agdg/ summons abdulov

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fae4ca  No.31829[Reply]

>tfw this video summarizes me whenever I think about making something

How the fuck do I actually come up with something and make it? I always feel like I'm just screwing around and can't come up with anything when I'm actually devving. It's only once I leave my PC and start doing something else I come up with fantastical ideas for stuff to make but it's usually never anything specific like an environment to build.

How do you guys do it?

27 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0ee16c  No.32551

For me its the opposite, I have so many ideas but don't know to approach them. I can code and I am fully capable of planning I just stop once I start it.

1d62a1  No.32560


Just to add my input to the pile.... Whenever I play a videogame, there's some voice in my head which says things like "this game would be better if they did X". Over time you start building up a mental image of your perfect game, and slowly start to fill in the details of exactly how it would work. Then you start to make it happen. And whenever I sit down to play some vidya, and I get frustrated by some mechanic, it reminds me I'm supposed to be working on my own stuff.

As for these more specific details, it's part of building up that mental image. Imagine sitting down and playing your finished game. Let your mind create whatever details it would like. Then write that shit down in a design document or wiki. It's important to write this stuff down so you can remember it all. Let the ideas build up and then go over them and think of a way to make all these separate ideas come together.

825e0b  No.32638

i dont think its even worth making a game, I've spent 10 years of my neet life playing vidya all day, and 90% of the games I want to play have been done 20 years ago. I'll often find myself thinking up of an idea for a game, and then find out its already been done on the SNES and it's 100times better than something I could ever do.

You should just make assets and templates for a preexisting engine since idiots are asset flipping and pushing shit onto steam and other platforms.

f4ca0d  No.32642

Between old games being clunky and new games being made for the lowest common denominator, there's not many games worth playing. That's the niche to fill.

1a7da5  No.33233


>I know a dude who thinks Minecraft and Rimworld are new things, even though they blatantly ripped off Dwarf fortress

Are Minecraft and Rimworld not good games? If they are good games, I don't understand the argument you're trying to make. OP is asking for help coming up with ideas, not making the next Doom.

>Every ones just reusing old ideas and adding a twist to it.

Aka the history of mankind.

File: f59351b71d4931e⋯.webm (6.85 MB, 500x282, 250:141, bsragdgtrailer.webm)

2df1d4  No.29841[Reply]

This is the AGDG Demo Day Thread for this WIP, turns out I hadn't made a thread yet for this game.

Currently in pre-alpha stage. Mainly a weeb third person shooter with flight combat, tower defense, and RPG elements. There is lewd but depends on final release platform.

agdg demo day higher resolution trailer:


agdg demo:


21 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cb6e27  No.33060


That vid is a prime example of why abridged series are so shitty.

>have a devout Christian character

>"ill suk yo dik mang"

Unless it turns out it was all a ruse, but still doesn't seem to fit her character. Unless it was a different one entirely, clone? Haven;t seen it.

cb6e27  No.33061


Wait, you don't know anything about that poster, so why just make assumptions to blindly defend others?

c0f7f7  No.33063


Can we get the camera going a bit higher so we can see over the character? I get that the point is looking at a cute animu girl, but it detracts from the rest of the game if she's occupying most of the camera space all the time. I did notice that the camera shifted when shooting, but that's really not enough.

Wouldn't it be a better option if you had an "inspect button", like some shitty shooters have to look at your guns, only here it'd be to look at the girl with a closer camera and even changing the controls to rotate the camera around her?

This way, you could appreciate the girl whenever you want but still get a decent camera for combat.


Crab bucket mentality, cheering for the underdog, etc could easily explain it.

You also don't specify what your attitude is, it could just be that you're unlikable?

Or maybe, like other's suggest, your game was pretty but had bad gameplay?

Games with unique gameplay are rare, pretty games are not. If someone makes a game that plays specifically how a playerbase likes it, they won't give a fuck about how it looks. If someone makes a pretty game... Hope you like competing with AAA for an incredibly stale market that impresses nobody anymore.

Of course, we don't know what your game is so it's not fair to make these kinds of judgement, so why don't you link it here?

cb6e27  No.33158


What engine did you say you made it with?

280602  No.33220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New idea, use Japanese voice actors for the english dub

File: 1426856765114.jpg (6.75 KB, 189x68, 189:68, image.jpg)

ce3248  No.14637[Reply]

ITT: we discuss the Godot engine
259 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e44a27  No.33121


You could try a regular a Sprite node using a sprite atlas together with an AnimationPlayer node instead, it should allow holding keyframes.

813ad2  No.33131


The interface for that is even worse than duping frames in AnimatedSprite. Fucking hell, even Doom had the sense to have frame duration counters.

30ccfa  No.33142


Well, it gives you more control and is pretty straightforward if you've ever used a video editor or animation software before. Create a new animation, select animation length, add a track for the properties you want to edit (frames or region rect in this case) and then position each keyframe on the timeline and increase or lower the gap between them to adjust the duration.

It's a bit overkill if you just want to make a simple sprite animation and animated sprite ought to be able to do this on its own, but this is what you get when you choose a post 2007 engine made by two literally who Argentinians and an army of random contributors.

8a0c59  No.33195

>Godot cannot into bmp images

well there goes my Elona port idea

now either it's back to monogame or write a script to convert all the images to png

76ac9f  No.33214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's from a French play called "Waiting for Godot"

File: 240b7a6cde5568c⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, sample20161009_18.06.37.webm)

File: 84883849d8b330d⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 1292x843, 1292:843, morelayers.gif)

7f90e3  No.30539[Reply]

Hey fellow nodevs...

This thread is for the development of Jack-o-Nine-2 slave training game, or JoN2 for short

First of all, I was just want to say that I already had a dead thread in /hgg/, but since most of the traffic there is just about brainded horny anons, it was frustrating finding any input that mattered

Second, I first start this project about two years ago, I did some nice progress for a long while but it remained half dead for most of that time, including some HD crash that really crashed my motivation

now I'm back with a newfound motivation, and mostly because I got a lot a free time now and need a creative outlet, I really think its a good idea even though I have very little chance of getting anything back

So what the game is supposed to be about? its basically a spiritual successor to the original Jack-o-Nine-Tails

at first it was supposed to be more of re-write of the original in sensible code, but now I'm aiming to distance myself from it for a simple reason: the game was boring

though the original had a really good slave training mechanic, you need to manage your slave body and mental health, in sort needing to break her in without breaking her mind

however the game was mostly constituted of stolen random pictures that didn't fit together, and somewhat unplanned by design, but having very bad ecchi content,

thus failing at in main objective, that is to be an hentai game, what I want to do instead is inherit that slave training depth while also giving it good hentai to fap to

For that task I've chosen godot which is a reasonable featured open-source engine and easy enough to work with (which I'm sure most of you know it already)

I'm aiming for the same basic navigation design for the overall game, just menu based navigation, with the occasional dialog or something else, in general daily training aspect will be the same

and of course one of the biggest let downs were the unrelated stolen images, my idea was to break this by introducing paperdoll mechanic, where you have a whole Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

42094f  No.33036

File: 2de790d1c3aebf5⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 600x854, 300:427, necropost.jpg)

Heya there folks, original developer here, bumping this up from beyond to ask some two serious questions.

The first is that I sort lost hope with this project on the sole reason that I may never be able to make a reasonable income with it, given stolen graphics, music and everything else, the only thing I could claim as my own would be the code.

This was a long time realization and reason why I never really devote much to it, while focusing on my normie life, studying finding a proper job for my wanted career, taking care of my health and relationship with a real woman.

The bad news is that much time has passed and everything went to shit, still failed to find a job, gf broke up my heart nearly myself with it, relapsed into bad habits over porn consumption and now am sitting on huge amounts of free time on my hands.

So naturally, while I'm still working on improving myself (while also trying nofap), I'm sitting on huge amounts of free time that in turn brings me more anxiety and lack of motivation, so I've considering taking back on the project, even if just to pass some time.

So what I'm really asking here is for some insight from you bros that have been developing steadily for longer, I usually go into this devoting too much for some weeks literally only this, only to burn out later and completely leave it behind, I've guess in the end is not really what I would to be focusing on life right now, but its still something I liked to do.

The only way I could see getting some income from this would be to open a patreon page solely for supporting development, not for releasing the game as I intend it be open/free and I wouldn't be able to sell the assets anyway. But even then to get even the smallest of support I need to devote a lot of time and work to show off and to get some decent demo going on.

So help me bros, and its even a contradiction here since I want to steer away from degenerate content, but I guess creating it is better than falling in consuming it.

Another point that I want to make as well, with the possibility of giving it up for good, is that I'm open to pass the torch on to someone with interestPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7ed6e5  No.33039


Honestly, it looks like you've got a pretty decent amount of work under your belt. I think it would be absolutely wasteful to do nothing with it as it stands, though the borrowed art assets will definitely prevent you from monetizing it.

My personal advice is to spend some time researching similar projects and find out how much they're making, and observe what characteristics set them apart from their competition. See what sorts of themes and settings are popular, and try to keep that in mind when making this sort of thing.

My strategy in this regard is actually to look for a successful NON-erotic franchise that gets a LOT of rule34, then deliver something similar with an erotic twist.

42094f  No.33042


Thanks, I did have a lot of work put into it, and I believe the design and finished product could be great. But at the same it will require a lot more of work as well, and then a good amount fiddling to find the best values for the mechanics and a whole lot more in terms of content filling.

2e60b8  No.33182


I loved original Jack o Nine Tails and I've been drawing up some mockups, documentation and fiddling with renpy(cant code, and not the best engine for what I want but oh well) for the few past days because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time. The problem is it's very hard to start properly because there are so many things to do and I don't know which one to do first.

I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

My game idea is inspired by Jack o Nine which is why I'm in this thread in the first place, just trying to scour through everything I can to see what people liked/disliked about it and get as much info as I can while working on my "game".

Lore and setting background are done to the point where I know where I'll be heading but not to the point where it's fleshed out. The nature of the setting means you can put in almost anything and keep it consistent, which is exactly the reason why I've designed it like this.

When it comes the the mechanics I'd like to implement some turn-based small scale combat that is at least somewhat fun, a raiding mechanic which would be part turn based-part VN style choices(not sure about this yet) and a slave management mechanic. Also some basic gladiatorial combat and hippodrome races(like blues and greens, except there would be 4 different teams to reflect each faction, maybe add some hooligan shenanigans for fun).

When it comes to slave management, I liked how the Oldhuntsman did it but it seems to me that he put excessive amounts of unnecessary complicated mechanics. Also the fact that every slave was randomly generated was boring and the grind was tedious. I'd like to add generated slaves you get from raids for instant H-scene gratification, but also uniques that you needPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

42094f  No.33187

File: cffc62e2f8dd5e3⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_15.50.….webm)

File: cd9b541c3e6e147⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_16.03.….webm)


>because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time

I'm just going to warn you right there, how it is to do a project of this type all by yourself, specially if don't know programming or doesn't have any idea of what you're doing.

>I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

This would be the kind of help I would have liked some time ago, I would still do with this stolen art (check attached), since I think even comissioning my own would be a major task to undertake, with the dangers of bad quality, bad commitment on the other part, specially being the internet and all.

I also think that my idea is quite different than what you had in mind. For one, the original Jack did not have randomly generated girls, it had tons of custom tailed girl files with their own stats and images, this is just something that made managing in that game a sort of a nightmare. Another thing is that the detailed slave mechanics is what intrigued me the most, so I would want to mimic or at least improve on that. And finally, that while you work on your slave stats, I would change completely on how the H is delivered, in a sense that you can certain scenes when unlocking stats/selling slaves/specific jobs, where there would be actual VN style scene, much like other KISS games and HRPGs if you ever played one. So in turn it would have any side minigames either, like fighting or other stuff like that.

So what I wanted to show in these examples here was the positive point of the random/customized paperdoll style thing, I would slave would generated with randomized attributes and body, so you can have a proper representation of her in every specific scene, clothes, tattoos, and other appendages are additional attributes, and then when writing the scenes up you can check on each addiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 8e68017f397358e⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 458x190, 229:95, IMG_20180524_005146.jpg)

b25bde  No.31544[Reply]

I've been in a slump for years and haven't been able to wrap my head around this. Are there any good resources for learning GML?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a3ceeb  No.32122


Nothing that I know of, except maybe the weird GUI.

8809b8  No.32785

File: b5b599f7ba09445⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b5b599f7ba094459a436be3ece….jpg)


Anyone got a dl link? need the pro edition

000000  No.32908


When I was 10 (9 years ago) I learned it mostly by using a "game" someone uploaded to the site which converted D&D to GML to help learn how to do things in GML. I used it as a reference when I would get stuck. I don't remember if my code was any good though. Considering I was a kid and just learning at without using any sort of guide, it was probably pretty bad.

e455e4  No.33092


Just use the Help guide. The whole language is explained there. Also tutorials, like >>31574

01497d  No.33165

Out of curiosity, if I made games within gamemaker and had a site associated with them, could I sell the games on that site DRM-free as a steam alternative? Would that be within what the developer license allows?

File: 73585b814ec98db⋯.png (14.72 KB, 1113x346, 1113:346, 1.PNG)

e568e6  No.33075[Reply]

Users on my Discord recommended I share the game more so here I am; The Bad Grammar Loliconman to present:

Lolicon Market.


Lolicon Market is a text-based (Lolicon/Shota) dating sim. While the game is still being improved, I pride myself on user input and a multiple choice story where almost every choice has an effect on the story; from massive to the hypocrite.

The game is the first game I ever made with twine and...Well, I was banned from twine discord instantly and told I could never host it on their site due to the Admin being triggered. I respect honesty and love to receive both good and bad input, but if you're not a lolicon I'd recommend not to even play it.

Hope you enjoy, next update coming out on the 15th to remedy small bugs and most of the typos.

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a6a5b0  No.33147

File: 6366249864f4395⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 340x277, 340:277, dejected loli.jpg)


Wait but Mister, if I was abandoned by my parents and told to take care of a newborn baby girl, I'd make sure she turned into a good woman! I wouldn't be angry!

a6a5b0  No.33150

File: e4ef76d611af8c7⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 601x583, 601:583, smug_kuroko.jpg)

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter anywhere near a public school

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter/ anywhere near my degenerate habits

>implying I wouldn't let them go for my sister/daughter's sake

Anyway, definitely needs some editing work. To name two examples, "gestor" should be "gesture" and

>"'You’re doing well! Don't be shy, my sister here to be your new friend.'"

is missing an "is" between "sister" and "here", though even then the sentence sounds a bit off.

Otherwise I kind of wish there were more customization choices. Even if simple, like hair/eye color. I'm still playing through it, but so far I kind of wish there were more options; feels too linear.

a6a5b0  No.33151

File: e6f249412f791dd⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 900x636, 75:53, wutkit.jpg)


>Soon after your sister begun grade school, you often see her with her two friends you introducted to her.

Wait, there was another? I only met Suika.

a6a5b0  No.33152

File: bfc3eb9f5389ea8⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 594x439, 594:439, newspaper_really_m8.jpg)



>daddy has anger issues normal temperature for modern first-worlders

>scold daughter

>get pressured into apologizing

a6a5b0  No.33161

File: 9a980a173c6a76a⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 568x360, 71:45, SWTOR_-_le_Dark_Side.webm)

File: c28374c9b213974⋯.gif (426.7 KB, 200x198, 100:99, wait_what.gif)

>mother is a CEO

>cannot afford the bills whilst paying for the condominium

Don't remember, but is he just paying the bills, or mortgage as well? If the latter as well, why doesn't he just move to a smaller abode? If he isn't allowed to sell the house, why doesn't he change the ownership? If it's more complicated then just visiting a government center, why doesn't he go to court? Doesn't really matter, and I understand that the point is that the parents really don't give a shit about their children, but still.

Also, the default age says "18", but now I'm 24? Then I think it says I'm younger again, I don't know.

>have a thing for tomboys

But I don't actually I do, at least not Jewesses, unless she was supposed to be Anglo-Saxon-Hibernian shouldn't I be able to choose? Or is it based on how high the love meter is?

Otherwise, I select options that read, for example, "Smoking isn't for everyone", yet then there's all this extra stuff I did not anticipate when selecting. Vid related.

Also, I don't remember meeting Redia on day 2. Also also, what was that about the sister and her room? Is it revealed later or what? Most people would ask why everything strewn about and why she's crying.

I don't know if text games or Japanese VN are like this, if so, then I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I have not really played VNs. Anyway, I enjoyed it (really, there's something comfy about games like that), but the earlier chapters definitely need to be tuned before continuing.

File: 5a76279ed0bc253⋯.png (107.49 KB, 601x499, 601:499, npc7.png)

23d2cd  No.33094[Reply]

Say I want to make a top down text based rpg and fill it with a bunch of npcs who have thier own daily routine and "talk" to eachother like in es oblivion but to have them actually make coherant conversation, how would I do it?

Would I actually need to handcraft each dialog interaction or is there some way to make it automated but not seem robotic.

384cac  No.33095

The video below might help. The gist of it is to have a list of dialogue that trigger based on some condition, like bumping into another NPC for example. That piece of dialogue then in turn triggers a response that could be static, random or based on some other condition. You would have to handcraft the dialogue entries and responses so that when an NPC talks about the weather, the other NPC responds with a dialogue entry that is also about the weather. There is probably some way to generate it all procedurally, but that's another whole can of worms.

>AI-driven Dynamic Dialog through Fuzzy Pattern Matching


000000  No.33125

both handcrafted and automated each to some extent


I found a norrowind-like convo engine recently but its in JS

89ff74  No.33146


Thanks anon this was really intresting!

File: fc57af4a5e8422b⋯.png (33.21 KB, 1200x436, 300:109, Unity_Technologies_logo.sv….png)

844669  No.33099[Reply]

Im currently making a fast paced fps game in Unity.

I've been using Unet this far but I recently found out that it's deprecated (I'm not entirely sure what that means). Should I keep using Unet or should I switch? I need something that works with fast paced games, I'm don't think I'll be able to wait for Unity's new networking solution. I'm an amateur when it comes to multiplayer games so I would prefer something that's easy to pick up.

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