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File: 1460880389828.jpg (157.78 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, le inquisitive negro face.jpg)

2a2941  No.26420[Reply]

I am an artist; as my skills improve slowly-but-surely my attention turns towards game development. I would like to enlist a programmer to help make a simple game project a reality but there's a few caveats.

how much to pay/how often

I don't buy this "I'll pay you when/if my idea pans out" stuff that seldom works out for anyone but the idea guy, at least not as a defining feature of someone's working relationship to my project or heaven forbid future projects. I've saved up some money over the years and I'm willing to pay as much as I can for good work on a regular or "work-for-hire" basis, but admittedly I'm a man of limited means and what's taken me a lifetime to save wouldn't amount to much to a professional programmer.

How can I expect loyalty from a stranger when I couldn't offer them what they'd typically deserve? I'd appreciate any programmers to chime in on this. In lieu of substantial payment up front, what do you expect in return following the project's completion?

how to prevent myself from getting robbed

How do I protect myself from outright fraud? I could pay someone however much and find out only after it's well too late that he's written thousands of lines of junk code (if any at all) and made off with a good chunk of my savings for his trouble.

How do I enforce transparency? Is there any way to quickly check code to see that it matches how it's commented without having experience as-such, myself? I feel like programmers in a similar position have a big advantage here. Anyone can look at a picture and tell that something's not right. While the skills to make aesthetic and appealing artwork takes years to master-same as programming-aesthetics are a universal language and ugliness or wrongness in that regard is readily apparent to the layman. Conversely it takes far more experience to wade into a morass of esoteric code-language and find something amiss, and I fear without being able to do that I would potentially be risking losing everything to a disingenuous code monkey that may never have even known whaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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a9ca17  No.29790

File: 6bbaa6782ef5335⋯.gif (969.95 KB, 632x637, 632:637, botrun.gif)

OP here. Still working stuff out but I'm getting closer to putting myself out there. I'd really like to do it by the end of the year, but I'm not super confident it's going to happen. I've come out of pocket around $3500 so far but there still isn't enough material to work with just yet.

You guys have any advice on crowdfunding? I have a few ideas but I'm always curious what kind of rewards hypothetical supporters should be able to both expect and deserve.

504b1f  No.29794


If you're going to go the crowdfunding route, make sure you have a playable demo of your game before you start. Your demo should have enough release quality artwork and polish to give an impression of what the final product would feel like.


The nature of game development means that it's possible that certain design features you intend for the game may actually turn out to be bad for gameplay. This implies that you would have to change of the game mechanics and thus this would change the feel of the game. As much as you can, you don't want to deviate very much from what you promise in your campaign.

A different strategy you can take is to mature your game in your own time. You start your crowdfunding campaign when your game is developed to beta level and you don't need much more time to get it to release level. The purpose of doing it this way is to show to your audience that gambling their money into your game is low risk because you're already got something good and what you need is a bit of help to push it over the line.

Justin Ma talks about the development of FTL, this might be useful for you.



dbfa09  No.29795


Thanks for the videos, I'm definitely going to want to check those out. Not only for the content itself but they remind me of the fact that there's a huge legitimate indie game and media community out there and that it'd probably pay to get involved with them to some degree from the beginning.

As far as a demo goes, I don't think that's in the cards yet. I don't have the money to pay for a programmer (part of what the campaign is meant to address) and I'm far too busy working on animations and trying to figure that whole process out. I could have several proposed in-game animations and pieces of splash art ready to give people an idea of what to expect and what their money is helping work towards though and I believe that will be sufficient.

I'm a big fan of physical media as rewards and would like to frame my Patreon as a sort of slow-rolling kickstarter. Do you know of any good companies offhand that make limited run games, music CDs, print books etc.? Part of the dream is reliving that feeling of opening the box and seeing that instruction manual with all of the cool character art and story blurbs and having something I made on my shelf. Is it possible or even desirable to contact a mainstream publisher about this sort of thing? Where do I go or who do I talk to to get a real game made?

In any case, I would like to be able to keep close track of who's given what and I'm not sure how that's done. I've heard a lot of horror stories of hit-and-run patrons who "donate" in whatever amount, take all the content available to them and bail before they actually have to pay (well, not so much a horror story but one of a minor inconvenience, I guess). Say I send out art books or something like that to Patrons who've given $100 or more over time (after taxes and Patreon's fee that'd be about $70 in my pocket I believe). I imagine printing a book is hugely expensive (wouldn't be surprised if it cost at least $20 for an art book with 50 pages or so and that's not including at least $5 for shipping) and the last thing I want to do is give something like that away to a mooch that looks like he's been supporting me for months but reallyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e4426e  No.31484


The answer you're looking for is: don't hire, get hired.

906dd2  No.33052

File: 36743f997483b8e⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 554x1006, 277:503, knigt.jpg)

Don't mind me, just trying to make sure this thread lasts at least three more years

>tfw my art hasn't progressed worth a damn this entire time



>get hired

I don't think it's going to happen, I'm pretty much all-or-nothing "in" at this point. The lowest I could be brought is down to the level of some kid fresh out of college financially so I'm not worried about things not working out too much. Being a loser is my comfort zone, I want to make a genuinely good game and maybe make some money I can help my family and friends with but I'm trying to keep my expectations realistic-especially with how slow my artistic progress has been.

File: 1468984365204-0.png (14.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, scr4.png)

File: 1468984365205-1.png (2.67 KB, 144x234, 8:13, vhurt.png)

File: 1468984365205-2.jpg (72.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wallpaper-rpg-maker-xp-typ….jpg)

File: 1468984365205-3.png (21.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, scr3.png)

3d0f2f  No.27315[Reply]

I see some really neat rpg maker projects floating around (space funeral, Yume Nikki, Off, etc) so I decided to give the program a serious shot for the first time in a year


For a little thing developed in the span of three weeks, I think it came out alright.

I avoided the typical pitfalls of RPG maker games (generic fantasy cliches and tropes, stock assets, etc) and i tried to take some pointers from devs like thecatamites and ToG in making this nonsense.

The program is very, very restricting unless you feel like picking up ruby and/or finding a fuckload of custom scripts. I used XP, by the way, and earlier versions don't even have support for custom scripts.

If you want to make a 2d jrpg, it's okay. Obviously, anything much different than that isn't going to work well.

It does what it says it does well, but don't expect any more.

Anyone else have experience with this shit?


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733d34  No.31597

2e18cf  No.31619


Does anyone know any good resources to learn the RGSS for RPG Maker XP?

1fe65a  No.32331


First, learn Ruby.

0227f4  No.32448


Thanks for sharing man

1574b5  No.33002


This issue keeps happening.

File: f98e3d133642911⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 154.5 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Ike.png)

93681a  No.32969[Reply]

Can Breeding Season ever be finished? It's very much playable, even replayable in the state it was in when the dev team went to shit. I think if they just finished the artwork it would be a 10/10 game.

File: 3702baa4bd06b25⋯.png (1014.01 KB, 652x567, 652:567, dogo saving a hoe.PNG)

e5f7dd  No.32778[Reply]

I've been trying to finish a game(s) for 5 years now, but often abandon projects once it comes to the asset/art development phase. I can program, but my art skills are very poor. So here's my question, should I:

1. Focus on Blender, make 3D games and use those skills to make stuff on my 3D printer. Maybe start selling models on the side once I'm talented enough.

2. Focus on pixel art and digital art in general and make 2D games. Would allow for my projects like >>32466 to go a lot faster.

I'm already trying self-improvement, working, and studying programming, so I can't learn both. So I'd like some external input and to hear what some of you would/have done when in this situation.

209a2c  No.32780


Nigger what the fuck are you doing?

You're shit at art but are asking if you should re-specialize in making 3D models and sell 3D prints of them? It doesn't even sound like you have any idea whether to make 3D games or 2D games.

Before you do anything else, figure out what you actually want to be doing, and then learn whatever you're lacking to get it done.

3270dd  No.32781


I know how to make games, as I said, I'm a programmer. I'm asking whether it'd be more advantageous to go 2D or 2D and listed some benefits I can see, including being able to 3D print my models and potentially sell 3D models if I get good enough.

069dff  No.32782


3D modelling would give you way more options, definitely. Not just because you could use it to make your own models to print or sell, but you could also become a 3D animator, which is a pretty big market. In comparison, learning how to make pixel art is only useful for making games. Also pixel art is insanely boring unless you happen to really like it. It's a very time-consuming process that involves staring at the screen for entire afternoons moving single pixels around.

dec2a9  No.32783

Use all the free 3D models and props that are floating around the internet to get your game off the ground, then just buy the models you need. There are plenty of 3D artists that will take commissions.

b872b3  No.32868

If you learn 3d you can throw your models on the unity store and make money from retards making shit games.

File: 16d956d201d4332⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, Screenshot_5.jpg)

511cca  No.29911[Reply]

How much does the average Steam game make in the first month?

nota bueno: by average I mean games with 20-40 reviews

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

471de6  No.32669


God damn you have shit writing capabilities. I needed to skip over a majority of your sentences. Instead, I visually located the few words that held the real meaning to what you were communicating. Then I mentally attached those 4-5 words together at the end in order to conclude what you had just written. If I were to read each word in your sentences, I would go insane, or be filled with rage.

d5c1f7  No.32670

File: a03162cc25b20b7⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 300x400, 3:4, aAd1OQ0_700b.jpg)

b095b5  No.32674

Not a cent from me.

dce36a  No.32733



29c377  No.32764

Here are a couple of GDC talks that go in-depth about making money selling games.



File: bf4cb12ae48741b⋯.gif (268.85 KB, 576x324, 16:9, running.gif)

056f48  No.29265[Reply]

Brass Golem just came out. You can render Blender projects in minutes for mere dollars worth of USD.

I'll be dumping images rendered using it and the time it took to render them.

4 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

983b0a  No.30489



Is this a thing where you're told to go to a different board? I've been from:

>>>/b/ to >>>/v/ to >>>/agdg/ >>>/3d/ to >>>/artass/ to >>>/bog/ to >>>/liberty/ to >>>/israel/ to >>>/white/ to >>>/black/ to >>>/pop/ to >>>/agdg/

b1cec6  No.30504

It's still in alpha but it works well and it's free atm!

3f163d  No.30519


It's called receiving correction, it happens when someone posts stuff that doesn't match the board topic / is an obvious shill.

43d609  No.32737


>for mere dollars worth of USD.

wtf am I reading?

f47d8e  No.32739

Those renders look like shit, you can render shit in real time better than that for free

File: a2c4c45ae8ffcb8⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 3915c756021dbb2a448944ccd9….jpg)

File: 46f0f971ba68fc8⋯.png (551.99 KB, 625x790, 125:158, HHLoss.png)

File: 3a856dac48dbeaa⋯.jpg (461.47 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Mightiest Nigger.jpg)

a3b03e  No.32716[Reply]

Need a javajew to help codemonkey some mods for a Wurm Unlimited 8ch community server to go up in about 6 months. pay is optional. email mrfixitwurm at gmail dot com.

pleze help out last codemonkey literally fukkin died on us

f0e474  No.32718

File: f4da09574131a85⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 550x309, 550:309, HAHAHAHAHA.gif)

>last codemonkey literally fukkin died on us

I know who he is, and he is working on my game now HAHAHAHAHA

File: 8ca2d4f427d7076⋯.jpg (223.48 KB, 693x512, 693:512, 20180108_223007.jpg)

ab5600  No.30427[Reply]

Whats with the agdg guys and being so unwilling to actually follow through? Its like every time I talk serious with you people, you freak out and go no-contact, like youre scared of actually getting something done.

In the long long ago, I worked with an independent studio in a permanent position, after a couple of years we had to downsize because we had some salty ass programmers get a beef with each other and ended up with the programming lead the only one left. He about had a cow and we immediately tried to replace them, but this was juuust about the time Indies were blowing up, and suddenly every faggot on gamasutra with a high school programming credit wanted insane levels of pay. The director stepped down and I was put in charge, I put a halt on development, dumped a few dozen grand into the studio, and pulled out some smaller, personal projects so we could produce quick content and get some new cash flow.

Then our servers ????? Resulting in massive data loss, our programmer had forgot to back up his work the entire month, and all of my personal backups of his builds were from the same timeline. He got frustrated and quit, I literally begged him to not give up, but he told me "good luck" and fucked off for 5 years before contacting me again.

After learning just how fucking hard programming is with dyscalculia is (Even a visual system like gmk eventually hits a wall where I get a fucking panic attack trying to figure what the fuck im doing wrong.) I fell into a drunken mess, got a shitty wagecuck job, and have lived miserably since.

But every now and then I come into agdg threads, pick up some guys, and become immediately disappointed by their unwillingness to work.

What does it take to get you people to devote a fraction of time each week towards something you supposedly wish to do? What do you want, scifi games? Fantasy? Noir? Platformer? Action? Puzzle? Ive got them all, premade, in need of nothing but a programmer and artists. What excuses can you possibly keep making?

What is honestly stopping you from saying "you know what, former professional artist and systems designer? Youre right, I need tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

28 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

576280  No.31616


A sidescroller with jokes at the end of every level.

baa1f6  No.31621


Good luck. I'd help but you probably don't need another programmer.

e13d07  No.32639


>in need of nothing but a programmer and artists.

So you're an idea guy then.

5eee8e  No.32640


Are you actually offering a payed job, or are you asking to build a team that will "do it for free" until the game can be sold?

a791d2  No.32645

OP hasn't posted since January and only 2 days after making this thread.

File: 3a0771ba8f88d6d⋯.png (123.89 KB, 946x872, 473:436, ClipboardImage.png)

f51187  No.32517[Reply]

Yeah yeah it's probably a shitty jam, but just in case any anons wanna participate in it, you can all coordinate ITT

>The theme for this year's Game Off is HYBRID!

>Submission date: December 1st 2018 at 13:37


24534a  No.32597

The seasonal event is more popular.

f51187  No.32617


Good. I'm glad our demoday got the turnout it did.

File: b34990c710a189d⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1906x1002, 953:501, UI NEW.png)

File: fdb619d6948aa9b⋯.png (3.38 MB, 1900x1003, 1900:1003, UI OLD.png)

fd28fd  No.32389[Reply]

I've made a post on the /v/ thread already, but I thought I'd make one here as well since I'm a faggot and the thread has already reached bumplimit. >>>/v/15572767

If any anons with experience of javascript/RPGMAKER MV are out there, then I think I need your help.. This seemingly easy idea has been proving extremely difficult to implement thanks to how RPGMAKER sees the UI anyway, to an extent.

In short, I need some assistance with javascript/plugins I believe. UI NEW is what I intend to do with the UI, and UI OLD is what is currently being displayed. I had wish to use hudmaker but it spams the console with error messages and honestly, if there is a way to do this with the least amount of conflicts then I will take that route.

>You're using assets from honey select!

Yes I am and I intend it to be the most original use of said assets because, well, for one, this obviously is NOT a VN. I intend to raise the bar a bit.

>Why is every character the same?

It's a placeholder at this point in time, I've been trying to concentrate on securing the fundamental basics e.g. UI/hud before moving onto anything else


MV to be exact. This project is just to be somewhat of a short term work because every week I spend on this is another week without reliable income. I intend to get some form of functional demo out shortly so that I can proceed onto the next steps.

>Why don't you just use plugins

I have tried, I find that about half the time they'll just conflict with one another or refuse to work entirely. Several times I've just had to tweak values in the actual files. At this point, if there is an easier way to do this e.g. going into the games files and injecting some fresh javascript in there, I'm all ears. In fact, I've somewhat gone down Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fd28fd  No.32390

Also I have no idea why this thread has fucking reddit spacing because I literally just copy + pasted from the thread on /v/ for the most part.

623ddb  No.32424

Hey, I'd like to offer what help I can. I'm unfamiliar with RPGmaker in any form but have passable javascript abilities, contact me at this email address

fd28fd  No.32485


Okay sent you an email I think

File: 7ad15f595cf6ae6⋯.png (41.11 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, titlebig.png)

File: 1b4c651d80f8dac⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1452x818, 726:409, DemoBuild1.png)

File: f59b3fd882f1d19⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1455x817, 1455:817, DemoBuild3.png)

59ac27  No.29843[Reply]


>Website(read dev logs and get builds)


>Twitter(alerts on new logs)


I've never made a full thread for my project, so I suppose I will now since the demo day is today and people may come here for information. It'll be another good place to log stuff at too.

Occultus is a 2D action platforming game inspired by several of the great ones from the late 80's and early 90's. The controls are straightforward and the objective is simple: get to the end of the stage and defeat the boss to move on to the next one until you beat the game.

I've tried to design the game with a high-ish level of challenge, but not in a mindless manner. I have attempted to put thought into every enemy placement, how I introduce obstacles and new foes, and to what degree I expect the play to be prepared for what lies ahead. So while some stages are harder (or easier) than others, I do my best to continually provide the most engaging challenge I can, while being fair. After all, the game is ultimately you the player pitting your skills against my design abilities. So expect the game to put up a good fight, don't go in expecting to beat it easily. But maybe you're a lot better than me and you'll find my challenges easy, who knows.

I'll try to keep this thread up to date with stuff I'm working on. I'll also try to visit every now and then to answer any questions if anyone ever has any.

9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

59ac27  No.29942


Thanks. I'm working on some changes to color choice, esp on that knight enemy. Sometimes things look better on your sprite sheet than in certain parts of a level.

Also, for anyone that comes looking, I'm going dark for a little while here. I wont be posting updates here for a little while. This doesnt mean going on hiatus, the opposite actually. I'm going to be focusing down hard on working on some mechanical elements for the stage 4 boss and on elements of the 5th stage. So if you're wondering where I've gone, Im just focusing. I may post an occasional thing on my site, but not as much as lately. Not until a later date.

fb1d55  No.30653

-------------------------DEMO DAY 2/2/18 POST-------------------------

If you're seeing this post, you've come to right spot for information about the new demo. Here's a quick rundown on some changes and known bugs


>Larger native res and reduced UI for wider view

>Demo contains 4 stages instead of 1. Many new enemies and new bosses

>New powerup. Feather, found in stage 4. It gives you control over your air momentum and grants you a second midair jump for a short time after use

Known Bugs

>Sometimes, torches won't play their animation. Functionality not impaired

>If you turn the CRT shader on, you may notice some distortions on pixels

>UI Text is illegible in some areas. Most notably, the little stage intro headers. I haven't made a micro font yet.

>During certain circumstances, you might be able to jump higher than normal. Not sure why this happens.

Controls can be found in the readme container with the game. Windows exe only for now.



fb1d55  No.30657


Just adding on to this. Since I'm a scatterbrained tard, I forgot to include a really basic fix I did a long, long time ago. So to add on to the known bugs list,

>If you pause the game, the Bats will still continue their vertical movement.

0b4620  No.32407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the dev isn't dead, he keeps working on the game. He recently uploaded this music to his YT. let's hope he comes back to post progress as well

2ce6c8  No.32482

File: ec7f9afeb828925⋯.png (18.91 KB, 1200x620, 60:31, throneAd.png)


I've launched a small Kickstarter campaign to try and get some additional funding to speed up the process of making this game. You can check out the campaign page here, which has loads of new information as well as a new test build you can play.


Some of you will be familiar with the stages a little, but many, MANY things are different, from the physics to actually having sound and music etc. So please give it a play and maybe fill out the survey for me, it helps a lot! Also consider sharing it around if you know anyone who might be into this kind of thing, the more the merrier.


Yeah, I'm just really bad about updating here. I tend to get wrapped up in minutia and forget to post updates. Trying to get better about that though, the kickstarter will hopefully help get me into gear with these sorts of things.

File: 567607b6d3c3c3f⋯.png (819.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Logo Newest.png)

File: bd1b4c9e189ee69⋯.png (592.01 KB, 756x600, 63:50, tut_stage_area_2.png)

File: d0f1a53de039264⋯.png (131.66 KB, 959x491, 959:491, projectiles.png)

File: 9ce3732fa5acf7d⋯.png (137.34 KB, 754x470, 377:235, cacti.png)

e84903  No.32289[Reply]

It's us, Mobius Trip! We haven't made a thread since earlier this year, but that's because we have all been busy with our own issues and with half of us now (myself included today) working full-time, it's difficult to continue chugging along at the same development speed. We decided to use /agdg/ this time because we are at a critical stage in development as finishing this tutorial stage will lead to development of the rest of the game.

We have been working on this game for over three years now, but we think that it's safe to say that our tutorial stage is nearing completion. We have made several big changes, including: ground interpolation implementation for movement on 3D slopes, fully implementing basic player controls, and migration to itch.io because our manager for the previous build's page address is seemingly MIA and we absolutely need to make the master build available for play.

For those unaware, A&CP is a 3D "Collect-a-Thon" platformer inspired by the likes of Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64. The idea was proposed in a mere thread on /v/, but we ended up forming a team under the name "Mobius Trip" and have been working on this game ever since.

We're open to recruiting artists and programmers for C# language. We still have only one or two 3D modelers/riggers and animators left. It is our weakest link and in a 3D platformer is absolutely vital. Therefore please consider joining the Anton&Coolpecker team or recommend this to those you know who are skilled in 3D software such as Blender. It isn't very difficult to pick up and learn, but to work at it consistently is what our team needs as it is a time-consuming endeavor. We need dedicated members or this project will continue to decrease in productivity. Please share our contact email at the bottom of this post with anyone willing to continuously contribute to this work.

Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome so give our playable build a try and report any bugs encountered during play. Also, give us feedback on the overall shape of the tutorial stage. We have yet to implement the river platforming obstacle and boss fight at the end, but both are WIP. We've recently implemented swimming and underwater mechanics too in this new build, but they need proper testing. What better way to test than playtesting? Give it a sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

76d696  No.32294



He had other projects he wanted to work on while we work on the game, because honestly he was twiddling his thumbs, waiting for us to catch up. That plus some personal differences, he decided to split from us for the foreseeable future.

He hasn't asked us to pull the music, which we would if prompted to. Its nothing earthshattering. Slightly sad, bittersweet. But we don't consider him bad blood. We still love Apple.

534b42  No.32295

Good to see you guys are alive!

b5e4e3  No.32298


His music was generic tbh.

Here are two other ones you could hire, I follow a shitload of Indie artists.

7a9cd4  No.32314


>"His music was generic tbh"

He was trying to ape Kirkhope's style, and he was quite good at it. It's sad to see him go.

1605cc  No.32315


>He was trying to ape Kirkhope's style

There's your problem.

Kirkhope is easily the worst of the ex-Rare composers. Not that I'm trying to shit on Apple Green's work, but imitating mediocrity results in more mediocrity.

File: 166189ffb25cf4e⋯.png (68.34 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dbv8142018.png)

c3cfc5  No.32126[Reply]

Hello /agdg/!

I'd like to share for a moment a game similar to Space Station 13 in engine only, called Dragon Ball Climax.

We have a thread over on /v/ ( >>>/v/15300175 is the current thread as of now) detailing the server portion.

However, we're running into a real problem: the current state of our custom codebase we've ported over from a older version of the one we're currently using for the main server is taking a long time to develop. So far, we've got health bars, a WIP but better skill system, some customization options, the beginnings of sounds and a title screen... and that's about it. It's been about a month, and from two coders that have been semi-active, and another novice whose still learning it, to one or two potential novices, it's clear we need more help.

Not only would we like nigs to play on the server, but more importantly I'm begging for codefags to help out if it seems like something they'd like to get involved in.

>Here's the source of what we're working with right now: https://gitgud.io/dankus10/Finale/commits/master

It's BYOND code, but on top of that most of the code is not ported/redone yet and is really shit. Hell, even some of the 'finished' portions has real shit code.

Some of you might have already seen this post on /tg/. Unlike /tg/, here I'll post a quick FAQ.

>Why the fuck should I help/care?

There is literally no reason for you to be involved if you don't care or don't want to play a improved version. Honestly, you should only get involved if you want to contribute briefly and leave your mark on something others will play (read: code 1 thing then fuck off), or if you want to play it. It'd be pretty shit to waste time and energy on something you're not even interested in.

>Why post this on /agdg/?

Because right now I'm a amateur codefag working on a game with three-ish other anons, and help is wanted.


Because the source we'rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b33df2  No.32307

well i installed BYOND and i forget how to actually get to the server. even if i'm focusing on Unity/C# code, i hope i can be a part time beta tester or something.

File: 1d885aa9de3cccb⋯.jpg (23.46 KB, 390x380, 39:38, 9ca.jpg)

50a779  No.32232[Reply]

What's your thoughts on making collectibles and power ups skill based as opposed to grinding based?

The GBA Castlevania games have lots of attacks you gain from grinding enemies until their soul drops. This makes it so if you want a specific attack you have to find a spot it spawns and go full murder hobo until it drops. Even with low drop rates you can pretty much get anything with a ranged attack and enough time to waste.

The other option I was looking at was closer to pokemon. You find a monster you want or an ability you want and then you have to weaken it without killing it. Then you have a chance to capture it (which varies based on capture items). It requires a little grinding if the enemy is rare and doesn't show up often but it's mostly about having the skill to not kill it and preparing in advance with items needed to capture it.

What's /adgd/'s thoughts on these systems? Which would you suggest works better or what alternatives would you recommend in enemy based ability collection?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

50a779  No.32236


Which is more masculine?

e0c736  No.32244

File: 36e57187800020b⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 683x495, 683:495, death.jpg)

I used to play FFIX and I was absolutely shit at it. I would have to take a few hours to grind at certain places to progress. Watching the speedruns of it blew me away, like how every enemy has some special way you can beat it without needing to be levelled.

So I think it's good to provide both options. Make sure you have powerups placed intelligently, so that a person who knows what they're doing can go straight through the game. And then the grinding functions as a backup for people who missed something or don't know the technique.

000000  No.32284


As >>32233 said, grinding can be a good idea if it's used as a difficulty adjustment.

Use incremental progress (kill 123 enemies) instead of random chance, and consider adding some form of feedback to inform the player so that they don't give up (not necessarily in UI, a statue for an hero that killed exactly 123 enemies could work too).


In general, more options = more power.

Options that raise difficulty are extremely hard to do well.

77b28e  No.32285

I think grinding 7x

39a551  No.32288

Grinding in single player boils down to providing more iterations of the game's core gameplay loop. So long as the gameplay remains compelling and novel (or the player obtains a process addiction) they will keep playing. This can be used not only to pace the release of new content to the player, but also to give them opportunities to experience their newfound content. There's little purpose to an item gained five minutes before the end of a game.

In multiplayer games there is a sharp segmentation between players that grind for 100+ hours and players that don't. A level 10 player fighting a level 50 player is not generally a contest, just a comparison of stats.

For the game to remain challenging and novel, I would introduce a couple design principles/features.

The first would be a cap for grinding. Whilst level 10 vs 20 is still a huge difference, 15 and 20 not guaranteed either way. This turns leveling up into a set of strategic decisions, meaning that two level 20 characters are comparing their strategy.

The second principle would be to use leveling up to differentiate characters, rather than to merely strengthen them. This would include adding abilities that are most useful in certain situations, or that offer synergy with other abilities. Additionally, passive bonuses that come with penalties also fit into this scheme. A level 20 character would consist of 20(initial build being one) opportunities to shape how a character becomes.

The third principle would be to introduce variability/entropy and prevent every player from immediately selecting the "flavor of the month". Some combinations of abilities will be more useful than others. Instead of giving the player five branches to invest in constantly (guaranteeing they will end up at a specific character), random elements (choose from these 3 abilities) would make approaching an exact set of abilities very, very difficult. This would allow a player with 300 hours to create multiple level 20 characters and then select their best to compete with. Such a character would have an advantage over first-time level 20 characters, but either could conceivably win in a fight together dependPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3ec3bdca9a3c3d1⋯.png (436.58 KB, 581x381, 581:381, ClipboardImage.png)

60114a  No.29565[Reply]

Apart from IS Defense, I'm surprised there haven't been more games about defending the free world from radical Islam.

I'd like to see a Metal Slug-style game about this. You start off in Islam-infected western locales like Canada, France and Germany and gradually push them back to their homeland while destroying Islamic superweapons across the way. It'd be a cartoony and bloody romp.

I could do graphics for it if anyone else wants to take up coding and sound.

14 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d9d34b  No.32203


You need to be subtle.

4901c5  No.32253


says the man that rapes, murders, & terrorizes all in the name of a false prophet & false god.

324e6c  No.32275

File: f447b60be4189a0⋯.jpg (83.03 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, trump_jew.jpg)

File: b3dcd61c11cc362⋯.webm (1.94 MB, 854x480, 427:240, trumpstep.webm)

I'm surprised there isn't a game about defending the actual free world

324e6c  No.32276

I'm actually surprised this thread has been standing for so long, so whats the mods word on derailment like this?

6395b1  No.32280


This discussion is on-topic, so there is no reason to delete it.

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