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File: 1455883085473.png (87.75 KB, 629x815, 629:815, ClipboardImage.png)

fac786  No.25450[Reply]









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fac786  No.25927

File: 1457444953174.png (752.3 KB, 567x800, 567:800, wjammers[1].png)

You better have played this shit.

Arcadey frisbee action, doesn't get much better than this.


fac786  No.26237


same old sportsanon, I have HEARD about it in a vidya thread and watched some gameplay, it looks like I'd have loved it back as a child

I especially like how its mechanics are kind of really unique, it's sort of a predecessor to Lethal League

fac786  No.26263


soooooooooooooo gud

fac786  No.26265

I made this, but it was my first game so it's not great.


Please try it!

fac786  No.27840





File: 1460447955769.png (2.35 KB, 502x325, 502:325, 3BMrl2M.png)

7d26f1  No.26367[Reply]

This shit is amazing, but I don't see a topic on it yet. Just finished my first project and I'm pretty excited.

What have you done in LÖVE?


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7d26f1  No.26788


I don't think I've ever seen as much as a regular RPG made in love2d

7d26f1  No.27362


In my day all we had were line number error messages and the single-step function and we were grateful.

That said, Lua doesn't have good debugging facilities, but it's not hard to gin up the output and control you need (well, it's not hard to gin up the output anyway).


I'm working on a game, right now it's all placeholder art because I can't draw. I have collision the way I want it along with movement and it's handling player health and knockback correctly along with player and enemy death and player attacks. I have almost all the functional bits of the game in place. Unfortunately I'm at a loss as far as level design, so I'm still using the little starting area I built. I'm also starting to consider making it top-down instead of side-on, but I'm not taking that very seriously, because it would make it feel very different and would make drawing and animating the whole thing that much harder.

7d26f1  No.27373


I'm making classic grid based dungeon crawler with it and I've seen few rogue likes and even shitty pseudo-MMORPG.

It's not impossible nor hard but there's basically nothing as far as code snippets, tutorials or libraries go for RPGs so be prepared to pull out your favourite pen&paper rulebook and make everything from scratch.

7d26f1  No.27833


To expand on this now - I'm reaching the point of completion with the dungeon crawler and while my code is pure spaghetti and debugging is sometimes hot mess Love really isn't a bad choice for RPG since it really makes working with tables and arrays easier than when fucking in plain Lua.

8079a1  No.29337


File: 38bad1ded69b0a2⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 545x353, 545:353, 1469963304348.jpg)

d62c38  No.27793[Reply]

What are some advanced books on writing a C++ game engine?

I'm looking for something like gameprogrammingpatterns dot com that actually walks you through making a full engine, the "right" way with best practices.

Not necessarily a 3D engine or with heavy physics, I'm mostly interested in the way it's structured, how it handles memory, best practices, scripting etc.

Bonus points if it uses C++11 or higher.

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d62c38  No.27820


writing engines is fun if you enjoy programming for fun

d62c38  No.27825

File: 97ef4ee61ba79c8⋯.png (558.68 KB, 717x527, 717:527, pls go.PNG)


>you enjoy programming for fun

d62c38  No.27827



Anon don't you know we only program in order to hurt ourselves psychologically?

We're masochists for chrissake!

d62c38  No.27829


Why do people have such a hardon for scene graphs anyway?

9eb7a5  No.29336


File: 852669c8353d0d5⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: 6e7bc10d78d16ff⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)

4f9240  No.27761[Reply]

What are the best strategies for marketing your game? Where are the best places online to get the word out? What makes a good sales pitch?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4f9240  No.27783

File: aa07d2e44e1fed8⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 675x530, 135:106, 1445901233747.jpg)


>Extra Credits

4f9240  No.27785

File: 07736db5f5e5fc0⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tuco.jpg)

Marketing isn't hard. I have a mandatory marketing class in my graphic design course and didn't learn anything mind blowing. Just put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and think about where seeing your product would speak the most to you, and how it's best presented.

If you want to make banners and such: create some drafts, ask people you know for an honest opinion whether it would make them interested in seeing more. If it doesn't, start over.

Something that's incredibly obvious but people don't really realize is that most effective ads have a face or a character as the focus. That alone is not enough, but it's a start. The REALLY effective ads stick out and for that there's no guaranteed recipe for success, so get creative.

But honestly, the easiest way to market a game is just posting progress and interacting with people. The average person has a really short attention span, so an ad on some random website will be lost on most people. First impressions are everything and nothing works better than the recommendation of someone they know. Word of mouth is what you want to rely on, since I doubt you have the budget to launch a huge shilling operation (which can also fuck up said first impression because it comes across as dishonest if found out).

This is provided your game actually looks good. So put some effort into it, you lazy faggot.


>unironically linking Extra Credits

Please go back to halfchan/reddit.

4f9240  No.27822

File: 6d166f0a20da07b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 7802x6822, 3901:3411, yergay.png)


>extra credits

4f9240  No.27823


>extra credits

>taking any advice from a guy who cried because he played mmorpgs and hurt his girlfriend's feelings

>taking advice from someone who worked on some shitty mobile call of duty thing or nothing that mattered

4f9240  No.27824


You forget the best part


File: 1465050649497.png (571.29 KB, 1016x700, 254:175, 1389453390001.png)

9abc32  No.26924[Reply]

hi /agdg/

was wondering if any of you had actually finished any of the games you worked on, i see a lot of links to resources, guides, and books but none to finished products.

has /agdg/ finished anything? if so, please link, i want to play some of your works.

t. /v/

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

9abc32  No.27552


Some space shooter way back when, but nothing big. Trying to code a bigger space shooter now, and making decent progress.

I'll make a thread when there's something that looks interesting to show off.

9abc32  No.27556

I finished a solitaire card game. It was on github, but I nuked that account when they went all SJW.

Anyway there's tons of these games so it's nothing special.

9abc32  No.27797


I wrote a game in my spare time in MATLAB for some reason.

It was pretty simple.

You rolled a chracter based on basic D&D rules, but simplified and changed a bit. Then the king ordered you to find the dragon and kill it in some cave. If you killed the dragon, you returned to the king and he gave you nobility, if you convinced the dragon to leave, you returned to the king and was arrested for heresy, and if the dragon enthralled you, you returned to the king and slayed the king, becoming the new dark ruler.

If you didn't become the new dark ruler, but became a noble, the next stage of the game was to find a waifu, convince her to settle down with you, by going out on dates. If you got her, you won the game. If you were a prisoner, the next stage was to escape and leave the kingdom forever.

9abc32  No.27809

9abc32  No.27821



Thanks for mentioning my game bro!

File: 1435146132874.png (557.86 KB, 1492x1080, 373:270, 1422714585043.png)

67241f  No.18872[Reply]

so my plan is this

>learn python the hard way

>learn c the hard way

>lazyfoo tutorials for SDL and openGL

>bullet physics PDFs

can i make an engine and know my shit going in this direction or am i squandering time? i want to build an engine becuase there aren't any that do certain things that i want, like destructive physics, verlet integration for hair, and so forth. i wanted to try and make my own so i can include it.

thoughts? i want to make a 3D game engine, and then a 3D game with lush hair and clothing movement, and character customization where one clothing mesh can be used on both genders by stretching to the hips and bust, due to the physics API. afaik unity and unreal don't offer this, so i'd be me shooting in the dark.

inb4 waste of time

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67241f  No.24310


Welcome to hell.

67241f  No.24311


Don't use bullet physics. Just don't. The current game engine I'm working on uses Newton Dynamics for collision detection.

67241f  No.24368


>Newton Dynamics

Is that compatible with variable time steps WITHOUT being shit?

67241f  No.24375


why use variable timesteps though?

67241f  No.27806


This. Just make a plugin for an existing engine.


Pretty sure these things already exist as plugins or at least libs.

Also verlet integration is kindof bad, position based techniques are what's popular.


Unreal is an AAA engine that is much more about developer-interface than actual engine content. FFS it has a builtin C++ JIT

File: 1442825767987.png (1.85 KB, 113x131, 113:131, Capture.PNG)

a3f54b  No.22087[Reply]

making an anti police game in which you storm a police station

spriting some cute characters first

136 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a3f54b  No.27769

a3f54b  No.27770

your game is shit

your drawing is shit

go kill your self you fucking dumb cunt

a3f54b  No.27771

Who the fuck steals pixels

a3f54b  No.27784


Fuck, I was on my way here right now to post this.

4f6456  No.29329


File: 1466438203610.gif (184.13 KB, 276x276, 1:1, p8_jelpi.gif)

619698  No.27024[Reply]

Didn't see a thread in the catalog, so I hope this doesn't come off as shilling.

>Pico-8 is a self-contained game engine and editor with harsh technical limitations, and responsible for some small pixelshit indie games you've never heard of

>16 color palette, 8192 Lua tokens, up to 256 8x8 tiles

>Somewhere between Atari and NES in terms of depth, power, and complexity of games


Most of the games they made are pretty shit one-screen gimmicks, but it's kind of fun to play around with it.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

619698  No.27205

File: 1467931408607-0.png (109.68 KB, 724x681, 724:681, asdf.png)

File: 1467931408608-1.png (35.93 KB, 591x366, 197:122, asdf2.png)



Don't worry, I got ya fam.

~44 mb, has all their current zips/binaries


619698  No.27209


Thank you !

619698  No.27252

You fags make anything fun yet?

619698  No.27774


too embarrassed to show

619698  No.27792

File: ce8399126aed176⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,101010 ….jpg)

347074  No.27758[Reply]

SO I'm tired of procrastinating and I want to start actually making my game. Anyways, I'm trying to choose what engine to use. The game I want to make is a tactical srpg, though the game also would have an overworld that you travel like a typical jrpg, solving puzzles and stuff.

Any recommended engine that would be better for a tactical srpg?

347074  No.27760

RPG maker, maybe. not really enough information. is this your first time making a game?

347074  No.27767


Yeah, besides a bit of messing around in Game Make and RPG Maker years ago.

347074  No.27768





if you're still raring to go after watching those then I wouldn't worry too much about which engine to use. just pick one that's easy to learn with a big community behind it for support. it's not really practical to find the "best" engine for your game, at least until you're personally familiar with all the pros and cons, and that comes with experience.

File: 1455344467791.jpg (47.42 KB, 590x572, 295:286, feels-bad-man.jpg)

2aba90  No.25275[Reply]

has anyone here actually made money with game dev..?

I can't help but thinking my project will fail and it will be a waste of time. I just realized you need to get voted in to greenlight your game on steam

At first I was going to make an epic game, then realized it would take too much time and money, so I aimed small and decided to make sokoban clone with a different theme and 3d graphics but then realized people might not even want it

what do? m-maybe I shoudl just quit game development and do someting else

35 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2aba90  No.27699


>too much money

Only idiots spend any more than $5000 on a mid-scale project. Use free software, learn a few tricks about each field yourself, and get some low/mid poly art rolling off your free time, then hire people using Blender to work on the bigger stuff for cheap (about maybe $100 a mesh)

So while you're making yourself barrels, crates, and guns, they'll be making people, animals, and cool autistic machinery.

2aba90  No.27722

I sincerly don't mind making any money out of it. I don't play any vidya-game or anything. I just try to make it for fun, it's the only fun thing I'm able to do alone. I, to this day, never finished anything and I kinda feel bad about it. Though it is not a requirement to recognized for my work, I just wish for someone to appreciate my work. All I want is a "that's nice" from a none-programmer. I envy this feeling. All I do is only able to give me recognition among other classmate that look to my screen and sometime a teacher or two because they rarely seem anyone really enjoying programming in this decade.

Put the hearth you got during your childhood in your game. Don't do something simple, nor to complicated, express yourself. Isn't it an art in the end? Just keep on programming games, opportunnity will be more abundant in front of your eyes if you're getting better.

english isn't my main language, t.frenchSpeaking

2aba90  No.27727


>Uncanny Valley

trash like undercancer and risk of brain damage got popular, so why not a shitty two-bit jewtube bait game?

2aba90  No.27763

Yes, all of my games have generated over $100k in revenue OP.

I have fans who call me on my cell phone. People send me emails telling me how my games have changed their lives.

I don't really do social media. I sell my games as products, and I treat what I do as a business. I do not need game sites to feature or review my games in order to sell them.

2aba90  No.27766


It seems like to me that the only way you can get anywhere in game development anymore is if you use your game as a soapbox for liberal propaganda (see: sjwtale, starjew valley, diary of a spaceport tranny).

How do you sell your games if they don't pander to the liberal propaganda machine and as you say, don't need to get featured or reviewed?

File: 7858d9a629c8539⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 222x227, 222:227, tomorrow[1].jpg)

7171f0  No.27731[Reply]

I just can't work, every time I start up even the ideas/tasks .txt file I just get turned off completely. it's like something inside me just sas "no".

not a loud and scary "no", just a "no" that quietly saps my entire life force.

the game is near completion, only need to add the last few social media shits(which I fucking hate, maybe that's it ?), I even know how to, I just can't bring myself to do it.


does it have to do with the fact that I was beaten/emotionally abused since I was 5 and maybe I just can't process happiness/winning that well?

please help

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

7171f0  No.27734


"I just can't work, every time I start up even the ideas/tasks .txt file I just get turned off completely. it's like something inside me just says "no"."

7171f0  No.27740

The problem is that you're a faggot.

7171f0  No.27744

File: 32470dffb02d890⋯.gif (216.93 KB, 436x396, 109:99, 1443422093554.gif)

7171f0  No.27752


sorry, I thought the life of a dev is 99% procrastination and this thread would be good for all

7171f0  No.27753


oh and thank you

File: 1463744931030.png (39.81 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, haxe_flixel_logo_for_slide….png)

ce048d  No.26812[Reply]

Is it any good?


ce048d  No.26816


Seems like it.

ce048d  No.26821

ce048d  No.27747

It is.

File: 1411071979842.png (227.65 KB, 1739x1774, 1739:1774, gmslogo1.png)

7debb4  No.29[Reply]

So this is going to be a new general in here I guess, suggest links.

>GameMaker:Studio Homepage

>GameMaker:Studio Marketplace

Who master collection here?
296 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7debb4  No.27381


Game Maker is the best 2D game engine period, it's a good choice unless you want to use some shitty drag and drop engine. Unity and Unreal add a level of complexity that isn't necessarily worth it unless you also want to make 3D games.

There's always the option of using a library or something with less UI, but that requires you to rely on your programming skills a lot more.

Also, it's worth noting that since you're just beginning, you want something that has a large community because that allows you to find help for all kinds of little questions a lot easier.

7debb4  No.27735

Torn between being a cheap fuck and getting Game Maker Pro for $1 or whatever the minimum is, or just buying the larger bundle to get access to Android stuff.

Is GM good for Android games?

7debb4  No.27737


I thought the same thing when I've heard about the bundle, ended up buying the full packet, just because I never know when I have an idea for some silly viral android game since he android export is expensive usually.

And even if I fail, since game maker was the first thing that let me made an actual working game that I enjoyed making, it's worth the $15.

7debb4  No.27738


Yeah I did the same. Hard to leave it at that price since I'll more than likely want to have a play around with it if nothing more.

7debb4  No.27786

So i've done this

if type = network_type_disconnect{
playerleaving = ds_list_find_index(listedsockets, sockinlist);
global.playerout = playerleaving;
with obj_player{
if controlledby = global.playerout{

and my problem is that, since every socket is called sockinlist, it always returns 1 no matter which socket i access because, according to GM help "Note that if there are more than one entries in the list with the same value, the position of any one of them may be returned"

So, how do i get the sockets to have different names? because i need the position which is gonna be parsed into the ID of the player disconnected.

File: dd57f3aeade35ae⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1920x954, 320:159, 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775….png)

43bcfd  No.27729[Reply]

I wanted to share with you this thing.

Is basically a custom rendered for Panda3d (really), it has PBR and that post 2013 kinda look to it.


File: 1466540783324.gif (98.02 KB, 500x364, 125:91, ss.gif)

b673da  No.27042[Reply]


How to write interesting, non-cliche characters? Any tips?

12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

b673da  No.27517

by considering nietzche work, a ubermansch needs to suffer to get the state of mind of a hero.

b673da  No.27536

File: 1470748050302.jpg (676.64 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 05271612ac131713d26357cdc1….jpg)

OP, you should take the advice of >>27054 a lot more seriously than you did. A fixation on originality over general quality of content is a primary indicator of an inexperienced author. If you want to avoid cliches, the biggest cliche to avoid is that of the teenage writer who is so obsessed with not being cliche that they forget to attend to the quality of their story.

It's more important for characters to be relatable, believable, and likable than it is for them to be unique. As the old demotivator goes, a fork with each prong bending in a different direction is certainly unique, but it's not a very good fork. Worry about making something good before you try to jump into making something that's NEVA BEEN DUN BEFO.

b673da  No.27543

don't worry about being cliche first of all

b673da  No.27544

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


[premature reply]

I wrote out a long post but then realized I have no experience only intuition

watch this vid.

its all about introducing characters to develop aspects of another character's personality and tricks for "visualizing"

play a game and try as hard as possible to dissociate from yourself and have empathy for the side characters

for example, play a JRPG (hard mode: xenogears) and think about every characters past and why is justifies their current attitudes and traits

be autistic and motherly

b673da  No.27728



Read some real books man, real western stories that have adventure and are written well.

The writing helps me find inspiration and think more clearly and see characters in action and formation. I recently got into "metro 2033" which inspired the game of the same name and "treasure island" which inspired "treasure planet".

i believe it really helps to see how a professional does it, almost like doing your own English class book report just without writing the report. You can study the workings of the writing still.

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