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14bb2e  No.23561

Back in 2011, Ben Aksoy made a neat game called Ace of Spades, but sold it out to Fagex. Since Fagex deleted the source code to the original game, why don't we fix the source code and go from there?


Barring that, why not just remake the game from scratch?

14bb2e  No.23567


Don't see why you couldn't make it from the ground up, if you use an engine like UE4 or Unity it would be even easier.

The voxel system itself isn't too hard, especially if you want the simplistic one used in the original (you could also improve upon it, or add over it a marching cubes algorithm, though in that case you'd lose the blocky look). The game itself is simple as fuck, I don't think you'd need more than a week to code the game mechanics and content once you got the voxels down. The netcode could be a bit of an issue if you are inexperienced but nothing that can't be fixed with some effort.

TL:DR relatively not hard at all if you got the drive to actually do it.

14bb2e  No.23573


>why don't we fix the source code and go from there?

>Barring that, why not just remake the game from scratch?

Either way sounds good, anon. We eagerly await your release.

14bb2e  No.23577

OpenSpades went the remake route I believe. It is open source, and is currently played as well.


Definitely cheeck it out first. At worst, you could fork it and make your own from there.

14bb2e  No.23686




I meant that I wanted a "new" AoS to mirror the 0.21 feel, except I don't know how to program anything other than a batch file.

14bb2e  No.23703

>Barring that, why not just remake the game from scratch?

Wouldn't it be easier to make a minetest mod?

14bb2e  No.23742


Then learn to program. Unless you already have some other talent (asset creation or something), in which case find someone who can program and is willing to do that part. If you want to make a new one, you'll have an easier time getting started in UE4 or Unity than finding someone who wants to code a voxel engine for you.

14bb2e  No.23803


Unless you make it yourself, I think the best you're going to get are /v/'s modded versions.

14bb2e  No.23809

14bb2e  No.27337


If you do this implement slopes.

14bb2e  No.27519


AoS uses Voxlap which is an absurdly optimized engine with bits of hand-written assembly.

Cleaving voxels such that orphans are gravity-ed is extremely difficult to do with acceptable performance.

14bb2e  No.27520



I forgot that "fall" was a word...

14bb2e  No.27521


Mods have tons of disadvantages, especially questionable IP rights.

Voxel engines are absurdly easy to make.

Almost all of the work is the netcode.

14bb2e  No.27980

So here is the thing, all builds after the SMG update are not fun. All people want is the rifle, shovel, and pikeaxe updates source code.



>>23561 (OP)

These are all newest version, which is akin to CoD than classic Ace of Spades

14bb2e  No.28007


So fork it and write a version with the exact features you want.

14bb2e  No.28021


The voxel engine is not hard to develop in itself. What's hard is making an engine that's also extensible through mods and is also coherent with multiplayer aspects. I could write a Minecraft clone in a tiny portion of the time to took to write the real one. As soon as you ask me to implement a mod API and also networking, it would take a lot longer and a lot more effort to make it happen.

14bb2e  No.28026


it still exists tho

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