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File: 1440958881476.webm (3.15 MB, 720x405, 16:9, internet.webm)

6600f6  No.21421

What specifically is holding you back from making games? Lack of knowledge, lack of art, some mechanic that's giving you trouble, or something else that always gets in your way?

"No motivation" isn't an excuse, either you want to make games or you don't. If you don't have motivation, then there's something discouraging you.

Mine is graphics rendering. I'm an engine dev because that's the way I like it, but I have no idea how to use OpenGL and I don't know where to learn what I need to learn. I mean I can use it, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to use it, so I end up with shitty performance whenever I try to draw many things.

6600f6  No.21424

I'm mostly a writer. I write things that people read. Not code. I can't code for shit. I'm also inept at spritework and modeling, and I've just got a tad bit of experience in texturing. I can do sound design too, but I'm basically an ascended ideas guy.

6600f6  No.21427

Joined a small team. Tried to 3D model with blender and it all fell apart at skeletal rigging for animation and putting low poly hair on as well. All seems to crumple down at the worst point when you think you have it down.

No enthusiasm to start up Blender again, either. Team switched to game maker. Trying to find a role for that.

6600f6  No.21430

I learn everyday how to draw and make music, but both look and sound like they are from deviant art shit. Which is a shame because I have a great song in my head, but on paper... Same for drawings, I have the general idea for something cool but I don't have the skill to translate it into an animation. And even when I animate 6 placeholder frames, it takes me a damn hour to do it.

As for programming I get really confused when the project gets bigger, making everything work perfectly with the other things. I have to add AI but then I need to modify everything to suit the AI.

6600f6  No.21433

The way I see it, making a game consists of three things:




Writing, story etc are all secondary to these three major things that a working game can't really exist without.

So far, I can only make music. I don't even know what engine I'm going to use for my games, and I can't art for shit. I really, really want to make a game but I can't.

6600f6  No.21434

tbh I honestly don't know. I really enjoy doing it when I do it, I have the time, I find it fun, even if it is work at times.. but for the past few months I just open stuff and then close it and don't do anything. I still have tons of ideas and things I want to do that are realistic and etc I just can't make myself actually start and do. I'm just a fag I guess

6600f6  No.21436

Making game "structure" in Unity. I guess I have to start reading about design patterns and later specifically info for Unity.

Any resources on this would be appreciated

6600f6  No.21437

Simply realizing the amount of art assets I would need to create to make a game I'm pleased with.

Also I would like to make a game that I would like to play myself, but I can't think of anything I would like to play myself that I would also like to develop.

6600f6  No.21442

1. Cannot decide on a language

2. Cannot decide on a library

3. Programming on a toaster. Most langs/libs that people recommend won't run.

4. Cannot draw worth shit, will have to settle for stick figures

5. No clue how to make audio

6600f6  No.21451


You could do a rhythm game, like guitar hero or something in those notes.

If you're good musician, people will want to help you with art and code.

Try applying game design to what you know better: Music!


>1. Cannot decide on a language

Choose randomly one, or just a engine.(Java, python, game maker, unreal, unity)

>3. Programming on a toaster. Most langs/libs that people recommend won't run.

Make a retro game. Even if it is a retro 3d game, I'm sure it will run on your toaster.

>4. Cannot draw worth shit, will have to settle for stick figures

If you're a good programmer and a good g0y, people (artist and musicians) will want to work with you.

>5. No clue how to make audio



6600f6  No.21452

I am mainly learning the skills required to make a game (Art, 3D Animation/Modelling, Programming logic and etc) by doing small projects to get a good amount of experience before making my game that I want.

6600f6  No.21455

Because I can't draw for shit and I have .01% experience programming (I made it part way through the CodeAcadamy Python course, haven't finished yet), and every time I open up my copy of FL Studio I end up either playing video game music from other video games, or I end up making alarmingly awful music loops that sound genuinely terrible.

My main skill is writing, and while Python is the most conductive to writers, I'm the kind of guy who won't use Python because other people said it wasn't worth using.

And finally, I don't want to join a team. I don't like working with other people, I just want to make the game myself because I don't trust other people to get my vision correct, if I even get a say in the vision at all. I know that if I want to be serious about game dev, more likely than not I'm going to have to join a team, but I utterly despise the idea and I'd rather not dev at all than work with random people on something I don't care that much about.

6600f6  No.21456

File: 1441035161779.jpg (92.73 KB, 720x1108, 180:277, [ribbits confusion].jpg)

I started making small games on gamemaker, but that's about it, I'm about to release my second one and already made half of my third, both are not that great, but making then already made me realize that making 2d games isn't that much difficult as I originally though, it just takes a little practice.

My problem is that I can't survive only on freeware and I need to sell some games, but I can't into art and music.

So I don't know if I should take my time and go fully into art and music (which takes a lot of time) or risk teamworking (which I really don't know how it works, how much it costs to pay for a full sprite commision or if it is a good idea to split profits). Also, the only people that know how to draw and/or compose music IRL around me are either unreliable or really don't want to work with me.

Can I get some advice, /agdg/?

6600f6  No.21457


>Can't program much yet

>mid-tier art, but my main talents are music and level design

>No time because I'm working on another game. Said game will be free so our team won't see a single shekel

Besides, it takes too much time to do what I have planned all by myself and I need to get dosh too.

6600f6  No.21462


If you're good enough, I'm sure there are artists willing to work with you in exchange of a split in sales.

AFAIK most devs commission the music separately.

6600f6  No.21464


>AFAIK most devs commission the music separately.

What would be a fair price per song? I'm kinda new here.

6600f6  No.21465


I have no clue, but I guess it varies a ton depending on how good the music is.

6600f6  No.21470


What's your project about?

6600f6  No.21471



6600f6  No.21473


What's holding me back is that the only thing I ever really, truly feel motivated to make is porn games and I am morally opposed to them. :(

6600f6  No.21494

File: 1441126698565.png (255.86 KB, 342x316, 171:158, 1439545534108.png)

I abandon my projects quickly.

6600f6  No.21497


Try making small projects and concentrate on finishing them instead of polishing or adding features.

I had this problem too.

6600f6  No.21504



6600f6  No.21505

All the code. i can think like a coder, and have made a few small things (flappy bird and the like) but i just need more knowledge.

thankfully im going to university to learn that in a few weeks, so im getting somewhere. quite excited.

6600f6  No.21506

Lack of art and my general hatred of making UIs.

I'm working on stuff, but it's slow going because of that.

6600f6  No.21514


Personal problems. I know a lot about art and could probably pull off some decent graphics, and I also know a bunch of programming languages. I basically have a bunch of months where I'm completely free to make whatever I like, save for the fact that everything is free and I have no tablet. What holds me back is the fear of failure; I have those free months because I'm on academic dismissal, and I'm very insecure about myself and mopey. I keep telling myself working on a personal project would be beneficial and I'm young, but the thought of failing in my creative pursuits just like I did academically holds me back. In addition, I have a terrible work ethic that I need to work with in order to be productive.

I also need to learn APIs and decide what the heck I'm actually going to make my game around. Maybe a Metal Gear fangame since people seem to be upset about TPP these days.

Maybe I should just focus on animation.

6600f6  No.21515


Also my hard drive is full and I'm too arsed out of cash to buy an external.

Better play through those vidya or find some backups.

6600f6  No.21516


Failing is a necessity on the road to self betterment. Failing to fail (while recognizing mistakes and making the most of what you did manage to learn in the process) is a tragic thing.

What's worse is being years down the road and not being able to navigate the new roads that are being paved over the old ways.

You have to accumulate your efforts. When it comes to personal projects (contrasting against testing process like in academia), ultimately there is no failure in a noble process of working hard towards something and making it better.

6600f6  No.21517


>Maybe a Metal Gear fangame

Have you considered the possibility that you're setting your expectations for yourself way too damn high?

6600f6  No.21523

File: 1441187597679.jpg (32.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fdsfdsf.jpg)

Still too afraid to post it online for everyone to see.

My writing is a mess. It's horrible. Art is... meh. Music obtained from free stuffs.

I don't think I want to learn languages, at least for now, I prefer using either Gamemaker or RPGMaker. Also, my laptop is an 8 year old toaster.


I know that feel. My solution is reduce your project to ridiculously small scale. I wanted to see if I can make another Uncharted Waters game. And needless to say, that went nowhere.

I then scale it way down to just a bloke, lost in a cave, and trying to get out from it. With only 4 maps. It took 5 nights with approximately 20 minutes of repetitive gameplay. But damn it, I made something.

6600f6  No.21569

Music/sound skills suck.

Don't like making assets.

Can't learn too easily from other people's code.

I'd like to learn lua and use minetest to make a game.

6600f6  No.21678

Lack of ideas.

Im a pretty competent programmer but i am uncreative when it comes to making original things. aslo im really not an artfag.

but mainly ideas

6600f6  No.21682

File: 1441491506878.gif (882.13 KB, 500x289, 500:289, 1413567718372.gif)


My chance has come

6600f6  No.21686



I can't chess. I can't do these things. I was dropped as a baby many times. I think I'm brain damaged. Woops.

I just want to write my "code" out in plain text directions.

why wont u nerds make this special retard programming language for me? why?? im special

6600f6  No.21687

File: 1441511619080.jpg (83.58 KB, 339x500, 339:500, GameIdea.jpg)


hyeloo there ;) creative genius here. let's make a million dolar

6600f6  No.21689


Little Japanese girls shoot lasers whilst dodging incoming bullets. Million dollar idea, I promise you.

6600f6  No.21691


uh huh

6600f6  No.21693

File: 1441535433105.jpg (157.74 KB, 990x744, 165:124, 1410880900717.jpg)

At the moment, nothing. Our team has an illustrator, composer, programmer, coordinator, and an editor. The script has been completed and the copyedit is in progress, as are the assets we'll need for production. I'm the lead writer and project lead - I find myself mostly directing asset production and paying the commissions for everything.

If anything concerns me, it's the budget. I've got $20k set aside from my personal finances to fund the project, but we might wind up going over that just from the sheer volume of assets required. We'll definitely bust the budget if we decide to go for voice acting. I might turn out a demo and spin up an indiegogo campaign to offset some of the production costs if it comes down to that, though I'm not expecting much.

My job is both what enables me to do this and a constant thorn in my productive side. I'm moving around pretty much all the time and working out of hotel and coffee shop wifi to keep communication going. I'd love to have a couple of months back at my desk and another $10K for the budget, but life does what it wants, so I gotta flex for it.

6600f6  No.21699


>I just want to write my "code" out in plain text directions

Have you heard the Good Word about our lord and savior Python?

6600f6  No.21702

File: 1441569663615.jpg (11.73 KB, 220x218, 110:109, final-game-maker-logo-e131….jpg)


Don't trust this heretic, there's only one true god for retards like us


But seriously with some practice you can achieve things, you never imagined

In your case, go learn some basic math and programming it's not that hard, do eet faggot

6600f6  No.21703

File: 1441593846438.gif (365.11 KB, 400x328, 50:41, 1439054046598.gif)

Lack of time mostly.

I have a four hour round trip commute, which just leaves weekends (if at all) to learn how to code.

Just have to keep at it I guess. I just want to make something dumb, fun, and free that my friends and fellow anons can enjoy.

6600f6  No.21704


Better a heretic with virtuous word than an idolatrous peasant, you heathen

I actually have nothing against Game Maker, I'm just having fun comparing game dev options to religions.

6600f6  No.21706


All praises to the almighty G. May the G provide us the shortcuts for retards like us.

6600f6  No.21707

File: 1441602390873.webm (7.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tntakbar.webm)

>Be me

>Told my by many my idea is shit

>My Lore has been laughed at

>My 3D Models Program Crashed

>My Confidence Gone

>My Optimism Gone

>My Simile Gone

>I have no one to help me

6600f6  No.21710

File: 1441613419846-0.webm (821.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0001-0199.webm)

File: 1441613419847-1.webm (427.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Blender Renders0001-0140.webm)

File: 1441613419857-2.png (3.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, LancelotBattleship015.png)

File: 1441613419857-3.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Halberd-ClassBattlecruiser….png)

I'm an artfag. I'm no coder. So yeah. Even then, I'm more of a modder if anything.

>lack of "base" assets ala RPGMaker.

Building a library of shit to use for vidya's overwhelming especially for a one-man team. Having a bunch of "placeholders" and replacing them as I go is, kinda, more

>can't function without a framework to work with.

As I've said. I'm a modder. Making something from scratch is spooky. Besides. Why re-invent the wheel when you can just find one lying around and make it better?

> 3D animation.

Unlike 2D animation, 3D animation takes more time and effort. Actually, any 3D shit takes time and effort. I kinda want to just dump 3D entirely and stick to 2D. Sadly, I can't make pixelshit sprites.

Should I just stick to 2D or something?

6600f6  No.21717


>Unlike 2D animation, 3D animation takes more time and effort.

I disagree for these reasons:

2D animation takes consistent skill and a baseline understanding of how to visualize the world, 3D is more forgiving in the process and after initial prep, less work.

You can fake good anatomy in 3D by using references, and you only have to do it once for the character creation. In 2D, you have to deliver in any frame for any unique pose for your game.

You can draw 4 frames and mess up only after you see it in motion, and you'll have to do it all from scratch in 2D. In 3D, you just move joints around.

In 2D, whatever resolution you work at, you increase risk the higher you go. In 3D, you can scale.

3D is easier to deal with collision. 2D requires all kinds of methods from stacking primitives to masking, to less accurate measures.

So getting good at 3D is a good idea and it gets easier with experience. 3D helps you if you want to create 2D as well since you can rotoscope template models if necessary.

6600f6  No.21718


>Told my by many my idea is shit

An idea is just that. If someone says it is shitty, fuck them. FINISH YOUR FUCKING PROJECT.

>My Lore has been laughed at

Then laugh some more and make a funny lore.

>My 3D Models Program Crashed

Mspaint can help you.

>My Confidence Gone

Fuck that shit.

>My Optimism Gone

You don't need it either.

>My Simile Gone

Go work.

>I have no one to help me

You only need yourself. If you really want someone to help you. Find some collabfag.

6600f6  No.21722

File: 1441656817905.gif (297.1 KB, 500x281, 500:281, mariareactions (5).gif)


I see.. I guess I'll git gud at 3D, then.

Now I just need an asset library.

6600f6  No.21733

File: 1441717478126.gif (314.66 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 127.gif)


6600f6  No.21737

I realised the scale of my vision some time ago, but some months ago I started developing for real, and that shit took a whole new dimension. I was alone by myself, I was going to take for fucking ever to finish the game. Given that I start uni in a year from now, I think this is going to be hell on earth.

6600f6  No.21747



not specifically for unity but the concepts are the same and it's pretty comprehensive (and the author released it online for free)

6600f6  No.21754


I have the ideas, the art, the music, the writing, the half finished sources, but not my team.

I don't have them any longer.

My greatest fear is that I'll burnout and give up any one of these days.

6600f6  No.21772

Art is my main limiting factor. I have a solid vision for my game and have started working on it for real, with all the proper things in place like revision control. But 'll need to either find someone to work with or hire a 3d artist if I want anything beyond sphere and cube placeholders and to not have to learn 3d modeling for years and years. I can do landscapes at least and that's what I'm focusing on now in the art department. Character art is going to be the hard part it seems. Animations fall in here too. I can program animations but don't have the first clue of how to make one from scratch nor do I really have much of a desire to.

6600f6  No.21792


depression and just being overwhelmed.

6600f6  No.21795


I know how to do 2D art and animate decently, but I constantly hit hurdles with coding, I'm unsure how to explain it, but I initially have a plan with the intention of organizing files properly. Unfortunately that organization never works for me so I resort to hastily copying-and-pasting lines around until it works properly.

I hit some obscure syntax issues so I try looking for solutions on stackoverflow, it doesn't click with me until the next few days. I ask questions but no one seems to answer them for some reason. I have the feeling that they're "common-sense" ones, but it wouldn't hurt to throw some answers.

I understand C++ more, but coding is waaaaay too slow for me on there so I don't finish projects that take more than a week due to boredom. Java seems ideal, but there's an additional set of rules that you have to follow and it's puzzling to fix bugs on there,

6600f6  No.21799


Utterly shit attention span.

I was wanting to learn how to program, and then wanted to make a Dwarf Fortress-like game. I'd probably already be started on it by now if my attention span would allow me to read for more than 2 seconds.

6600f6  No.21807


How much does depression really affects people? I know that this is some kind of trigger question to depressed people but couldn't you have an absurdist discipline and keep making your game anyways.

I speak from experience, I'm not exactly depressed but my situation is somewhat fucked up and I consider suicide sometimes, but that doesn't keep me from making progress

6600f6  No.21808


Being suicidal and being depressed are not always related, being suicidal is a symptom of many different mental problems.

Real, clinical depression means your hormone balance is fucked up, mainly serotonin reuptake. Anti-depressants fix this, although they also have shitty side effects. The result of overly fast serotonin reuptake is you don't feel accomplished doing things, making your body refuse to do said things. This is why depressed gamers can't even bring themselves to play vidya anymore, those hormones were a large part of why most people enjoy games.

Not that I'm a doctor or anything, I'm just depressed and paraphrasing shit I got told by my shrink and various doctors over multiple years. I may be using some terms wrong here, but the basic idea is right.

6600f6  No.21809

File: 1441981434150.jpg (60.51 KB, 540x429, 180:143, 1438559660964.jpg)


From personal experience, being deeply depressed can make you completely lose desire to do or achieve anything at all, you just want to stop existing to make the suffering go away.

6600f6  No.21867


I'll be 100% motivated to get the project done. But

9/10 times I'd run into a technical problem rendering the project useless

spend days trying to fix the problem without success, then just hang myself and go on for month being depressed. Its the same everytime

6600f6  No.21869

>no idea how to use OpenGL

Kill yourself now if complaining about perf while using legacy :v

Op expense, descending

FBO bind

program bind

Texture bind

VBO bind

VAO bind

uniform set


6600f6  No.21870


Waitwhat, its true layers are difficult, but 3d math, especially if you want to do kinematics, is absurd.

6600f6  No.21871


SNRIs / SSRIs make depression worse if prescribed to the wrong people (google it). Most people are depressed due to situational things like being overworked or not having a sense of accomplishment.

Myself I'm highly emotional over my work, if I've been stuck on a bug for more than a day it'll affect my mood over completely unrelated things.

6600f6  No.21872


>understand C++ more than Java

Uh... you must not understand C++ very well then, because its about twice as complex.

If going from c++ to java all you really have to do is unlearn everything related to pointers.

Java is great if you want to get something done fast and don't care about low level optimization.

6600f6  No.21873


I sure love running into performance issues on a high end PC while drawing less than 1000 2D sprites including particles.

6600f6  No.21876


Lol what the fuck are you doing? Immediate mode while rebinding a unique texture for each object?

A high end PC should be able to handle 10-40M rect-sprites

6600f6  No.21897

File: 1442351309217.jpg (2.52 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, afghanistan-highway-after-….jpg)

I need an audience/client to work effectively, and my current audience is a GMod server.

I'm terrible with BIG stuff. I've always preferred to work on low size, high detail things. Mapping for GMod is just really difficult for me because there's SO MUCH GODDAMN SPACE TO FILL, and my usual style of "Create a landmark; Fan out some main routes; Plonk down objectives; Fill in the gaps with 'interesting' routes/impassable terrain" doesn't work at all because there's just so goddamn much ground to cover. And the temptation to just make it flat bullshit is way too great.

6600f6  No.21900

collision detection and response is the only thing holding me back from escaping poverty.

I'm sure this is where most game devs give up and make some shitty adv game instead because they couldn't figure out this collision faggatory

6600f6  No.21901

collision detection and response is the only thing holding me back from escaping poverty.

I'm sure this is where most game devs give up and make some shitty adv game instead because they couldn't figure out collision

6600f6  No.21915


For AAA games they will have someone whose full time job is map design. Not only is it time-consuming, but requires talent so that everything is located nicely

6600f6  No.21922


It's like you completely forgot about the first post that you replied to.

6600f6  No.21923


Even for not being good with GL, youd get better perf if you used a random approach. Thats more than not knowing how to optimize, its actively doing extraneous stuff

6600f6  No.21929


Imagine you have all the ingredients for a cake. You know how to cook and you know how to use those ingredients that the chef gave you, but you have no idea how to get a cake out of them because you don't have any kind of a recipe. The only thing the chef is telling you is how to break the eggs and how to put things into the oven and how to whisk some stuff and how to buy a cake if you're lazy, but he's never telling you what to do with the ingredients specifically in order to get a cake. He might occasionally tell you to use X and Y to get Z, but he doesn't tell you how to combine X and Y and in what proportions. You can mash some of all the ingredients into a bowl, mix it real good, and then burn it in the oven, but that's not quite a proper cake.

That's me and OpenGL.

6600f6  No.21937


Keep running the ingredients through all possible permutations and eventually youll make something that can be considered cake :v

I never really had that problem, it's always been intuitive to me.

After you understand VAOs and programs then the wiki has everything you need

6600f6  No.21951

I would make game if I had a good idea to make game with.

But all I have is retarded OC shit that belongs more in a bad fanfiction than in a vidya

6600f6  No.22047

my pc's power supply died and im waiting for antec to send me a new one

its been two weeks

where the fuck is it

6600f6  No.22288


Didn't know about the Game Maker Studio humble bundle that ended 2 days ago. Have heard bad things about pirated copies. Too poor to buy it outright, and too intimidated by the idea of optimisation to worry about a lower level language before I really know my shit.

6600f6  No.22290


Pirated ver is fine. It can crash very occasionally so save.

Buy full when you release

6600f6  No.22292


Alright, if you say so, Anon. I'd heard the pirated version can trigger copy protection that changes all the sprites in the program into a skull and crossbones image.

Thanks, I guess I'll just have to give it a go.

6600f6  No.22303

File: 1443141423387.png (17.46 KB, 881x438, 881:438, 1301966834458.png)

I've tried again and again to learn programming but I can never get past the most basic things. I have a bunch of designs and assets for small programs complete and ready for code, but that's it. I keep getting depressed when trying to start learning C again. It just feels like an impossible task, especially when I'd like to write my own 3D engine someday.

6600f6  No.22322


Haven't heard of that, but have always used pirated GM. If it happens, you can always just import the sprites again, or start a new project and copy shit over.

6600f6  No.22351

File: 1443198529704.gif (1021.97 KB, 500x355, 100:71, b54c8d305f20bf4055b00e6698….gif)


If you have a grasp on the basics of a C-family language then you have the ability to understand the K&R of almost all programs. Here's some things you can do to continue:

Learn Object Orientation and Design Patterns. Lua is my favourite learning language for this purpose.

Go here: https://github.com/prakhar1989/awesome-courses

These are freely CS courses from MIT, Cornell and Harvard made available through Open CourseWare. Pay special attention to stuff like Operating Systems, Data Structures, and Software Design. If you don't feel confident on your fundamentals, go through the CS101 Stanford course.

Go here for an expanded list of free learning resources: https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome

Most of them are about web development but even that might pique your interest. It's how I got a job, anon.

For the 3D Engine, just go to open.gl

Have fun.

6600f6  No.22385

Got GameMaker from the Humble Bundle and I've been fooling around with it. I'm trying to make a twin stick shooter, and I've already done more than I thought I'd be able to. The biggest thing holding me back is art, I won't be able to get my game to look good.

6600f6  No.22396

what's holding ME back right now is that i have no idea how to use FTGL to render text, the tutorial on sourcefourge is no help at all.

how do i render a string with FTGL, OpenGL and SDL?

Getting that figured out would be a huge leap for my projects.

6600f6  No.22398

The thing that often holds me back is that I usually go from thinking "Hm, how could I make a game about x?" to thinking "Hm, how could I implement [NP-complete algorithm] efficiently using machine code operations?".

At that point I stop caring about the game idea.

6600f6  No.22399

File: 1443315223501.jpg (249.52 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1397854605346.jpg)

Zero art skills is kind of a deal breaker

Also not much free time to devote to nodevving and general apathy

6600f6  No.22404

the inability to learn a single engine. I'm currently writing my own 2D game from scratch, but I cannot for the life of me sit down and understand someone else's code or learn the UI.

6600f6  No.22416

I don't know any good C/C++ tutorials or compilers. I tried watching that one Youtube series on making a game from scratch (Handmade Hero, I think it was), but I couldn't get the software the dude was telling me to use.

6600f6  No.22424


if on GNU/Linux just use gcc and literally any text editor

on windows you can use any IDE. he tells you he doesn't like visual studio and shit like that because of how bloated they are but trust me for a beginner it doesn't matter

6600f6  No.22431


this, rather than making the game I end up making a tool that could be configured to produce a game

6600f6  No.22451


If you have no art skills that just means you're not meant to be a solo dev. Very few people are talented programmers AND artists. Do you know how rare a combination that is? To be left and right brained? You're crazy for being depressed about it.

Use programmer art. It's all placeholder shit. Don't feel bad about it.

When you have a decent enough amount of progress, that's when you bust it out and find a hard-working artist. There are tons of people who want to do art for games but suck at programming. But they don't generally join a project from ground zero unless the dev has past success, or they are not very good at what they do.

6600f6  No.22452


He says he wants tutorials, though. Meaning he wants to learn one of the more difficult languages from scratch, without even the assistance of a college class. AKA basically setting himself up for failure, probably because he's afraid someone will make fun of him if he uses GM or similar.


If you're not already a programmer, learning a complex language to make a game is silly. You're much better off learning a scripting language inside a tool like GM, Godot, etc etc. Those skills you learn will apply directly to all other programming languages and gamedev suites; programming is a state of mind, a way of thinking and breaking down problems, and is absolutely not limited to any particular language.

Just start learning SOMETHING, ANYTHING, rather than sitting around moaning about how nobody will provide a YouTube video that teaches you a skill people go to college for 4 years to learn. It's like complaining that there are no YouTube tutorials for how to be a biologist, but you're also unwilling to start by just picking up animals and bugs and just checking them out. All the effort pushes you toward the goal, even misdirected effort. Everything else is a poor excuse.

6600f6  No.22484

File: 1443469125785.jpg (64.63 KB, 800x624, 50:39, A_master_is_out.jpg)


That's a very nice advice but there are few personal nuances

I genuinely want to learn to draw. Turns out learning how to draw is the only way to convey imagery in your head. I know it's a long and hard path, I kind of started taking first steps at the end of this summer, though in past two months minor health problems ate away all my free time and I got a bit depressed because of that and stopped for now. I'm planning to review my schedule, probably quit my job or at least reduce my commute time because I'm underspending and barely have time for my hobbies, and get back to learning how to draw. I might not become great but at some point I'll be good enough.

I also don't click with people very well. Working in team is hard, and it's much harder if the idea you work on is only, say, 50% yours, because the artist gets another part. It's also very easy to commit for money but I'm not sure if I'm reliable enough to commit to a hobby project to avoid wasting artist's time. Not to mention that artists nowadays don't need much help from "real" programmers, with all those fancy frameworks and RAD kits artist can learn everything they need in a few months.

Until I'll learn how to make passable lo-fi sprites I guess I'll have to work on a roguelike or some gnolls-rape-elves economy game or something.

6600f6  No.22669


>What's holding you back?

GUI coding.

6600f6  No.22677

I'm absolute trash at coding and can't come up with mechanics. I'm only any good at art. Throw in a few mental issues in there somewhere.

6600f6  No.22680

File: 1443894500812.jpg (95.26 KB, 1293x792, 431:264, latest.jpg)


I am not being held back, my game is getting closer to completion with every passing day.

6600f6  No.22685

File: 1443903425975.png (62.47 KB, 900x480, 15:8, ss.png)

I'm OK at coding, kinda shit at everything else, including project management.

I can't work on anything big or medium sized because I get overwhelmed and just lose all motivation.

There's too many directions you can go, and design decisions make me anxious for some reason.

How do you guys plan out your development? How do you track plans, tasks, features, etc. ?

pic related is a small tower defense game I've been trying to make since June, but I simply can't be arsed to sit down and work for more than an hour every week.

Perhaps having a better plan or to-do list might help me not be such a lazy faggot.

6600f6  No.22688

File: 1443905873140.jpg (30.62 KB, 397x566, 397:566, Saruman-the-white.jpg)


>There's too many directions you can go, and design decisions make me anxious for some reason.

Whenever I try to do a project I pick 1 priority.

I have 1 priority that stands above all other, once I have another idea I always check it against my 1st priority to see if it fits. If something clashes with priority 1 then that thing either gets altered until it doesn't clash or it gets removed completely.

> to-do list

I have a to-do lists and it works pretty good. I have it in txt file on my PC so it is always close at hand when working.

This is more of a personal thing but I would recommend to not remove things to do just because you've finished them, just add a comment to the side signalling that it is done. By doing this I can always go back and see how much I've already finished when I feel like a project is moving to slow/standing still.

Disclaimer; I'm an amateur at most so don't take anything I'm saying as gospel.

Here is a podcast made by a guy who makes Magic the Gathering and he has some pretty good suggestion when it comes to design;


I wish you the best of luck with your game.

6600f6  No.22704

I'm (currently) a fulltime software developer at a major company. I started to learn how to program by making video games. I have full knowledge of things like C++, Qt, OpenGL and whatnot. I've always told myself "I want to make video games," but I sometimes have a lot of trouble doing it.

I want to build things by hand, so instead of taking an off the shelf engine, I spend a lot of time making my own. I get sidetracked on other parts.

I also want to be an animator. But school also holds me back. People told me "college is when you'll have free time to do things that you want. To learn, and explore." Like making video games. But for me, it has not been.

At times I'm glad I pursued a CS degree, but other times I feel like it was 4 years of my life wasted...

6600f6  No.22735

I'm a fast learner, capable of making various art, can program well, the problem is: I'm still using Game Maker. I want to learn OpenGL and C++ to the level where I can make game in them. I just don't know how, or where would I learn what I need to learn.

6600f6  No.22751


In school, mostly.

No offense, but learning to code well is like learning a new spoken language. It requires a lot of effort over years.

You can definitely do a lot with tutorials and reading code and tweaking stuff.

But most of us who know a C variety well learned in school.

6600f6  No.22762


I'm the same way. I have used C family laguages for almost 8 years. Started learning openGL for a challenge.

Now I realize how important an asset pipeline is. Lol thank you unreal4

6600f6  No.22772


>C++ OpengL

All I can tell you is that it isn't really fun, lots of boilerplate code and 3d math involved, then you realize its better to just to use a premade one

6600f6  No.22791


If you are capable of producing various art and a capable programmer then you're all set. JLMG. Is Game Maker actually missing some crucial features you need for your game or you just don't want to use it?

>I want to learn OpenGL and C++ to the level where I can make game in them.

If you actually want to make a game, just don't. Basically what >>22772 said. You won't need 3d math for a 2d game but you'll still need to write hundreds of lines of code just to get a simple image on the screen. Taking a peek at what I've wrote while messing around with SDL2/OpenGL year ago, stub for a 2d game should be around 3-4k lines of code. And at this point GameMaker still is going to be a better tool. Not to mention that time you'll waste on writing boilerplate code could be actually used for prototyping.

I guess C++/OpenGL might kind of get handy if you're going to work with Unreal Engine but eh, you have to familiarize yourself with core tools first, I guess.

6600f6  No.22793


Learn it in steps.

You should become an apt C++ programmer first, and then learn OpenGL, which is just an API.

If you are serious about this and don't know C++, it'll take like a year at least. More if you don't know linear algebra.

I'd suggest just not doing it. C++ is a great thing to know, but if you aren't planning on dumping literally years into learning 3D graphics, math, and other concepts, I'd say you don't want OpenGL, but actually something simpler and lighter like SFML or SDL (both of which are C/C++ libraries).

Either way, the first delimiter will be C++. Try to get started with C++ and see where that takes you.

If you still want to learn OpenGL, you'll need to read some books. The Red Book (OpenGL Programming Guide) used to be the best, but apparently since the programmable pipeline hit, it's absolutely shit for beginners.

The Orange book is still great for shader writing (OpenGL Shading Language)



For modern OpenGL you do have to understand clipping coordinates still, and how to work with VBOs and VAOs, and shader writing.

It's not just boilerplate. Even if you're working in 2D, OpenGL is a 3D API, and you have to understand the way it's written and a lot of the 3D concepts even to use 2D in it, that includes 3D coordinates in clip space, how to handle texture coordinates and moving textures to and from video memory, etc.

I've got quite a bit of OpenGL experience, and I have to say that the most daunting things about starting with modern OpenGL are:

* Managing matrices and transformations if you're doing 3D

* Managing buffers and learning how to handle shipping to and from graphics memory

* Learning what a fucking VAO is in the first place

* Learning how to load functions and why

* Managing shaders and learning how to handle attaching data and buffers to points in the shader program

6600f6  No.22797

My game looks less and less doable for one person the more I work on it. That's not stopping me though, I just may never get it done before I'm 80

6600f6  No.22821


I like Game Maker a lot and I'm capable of making making a full game in it, but it just doesn't feel right, when I see things like Minecraft and Eldritch it just feels like I'm wasting time.

I want to make something like Eldritch and surely, GM won't suffice.


Thanks for such a long answer. Sounds like I should stick to GM and go to college first (finishing high-school next year)..

6600f6  No.22823


By all means, go ahead and dip your feet in C++ first. Do some tutorials and check out how to get simple output and such.

You just need a compiler (and an IDE helps for a beginner). You might like it enough to get some serious experience in it on your own, and there's no barrier to entry beyond a somewhat steep learning curve.

If you're on Windows, You should be able to get some version of Visual Studio Express or something for free to get started trying it out.


If you're on Mac, xcode is the equivalent.

Linux has tons of stuff available, but I haven't used an IDE in years (Vim, gdb, and simple makefiles are all I need), but I remember codeblocks being quite decent: http://www.codeblocks.org/

If you want to be making fun little things in C++, you can start immediately and get stuff going if you're dedicated. Could probably get some fun simple, 2D games up with SDL or SFML and C++ in only a few months of learning. I'm just saying that if your goal is specifically C++ and OpenGL, it's a very significant investment of time and effort to get to any useful point.

6600f6  No.22828


>Visual Studio

Get the community edition not Express. I don't know the differences off the top of my head but something something Express is more crippled.

6600f6  No.22829

File: 1444261815939.png (30.94 KB, 887x403, 887:403, 2015-10-07-174958_887x403_….png)


Thanks. I'm not a Windows user, I've just heard that VS is the best you can do for Windows programming, if you aren't experienced enough to work your way around mingw and Cygwin.

It looks like "Community" is on that link I gave, though.

6600f6  No.22844




Thanks for the tips, I've gotten to pointers in C++ so far and I've made a simple CMD server with SFML but I don't know anything about making a game from scratch. I'll look into a book I've downloaded.

6600f6  No.22846


Why not work with Unity and use C#?

You get the IDE which handles so many organizational problems (loading and utilizing resources being one of the biggest) and can design levels visually.

Learning C# will basically mean you've learned C++ (though with some important differences).

And you'll actually stand a chance at finishing a game rather than spending all your time working on an engine. Of course, building your own engine is a great way to learn, if you can keep up your motivation despite the extreme difficulty (if you haven't coded much before). But I've been a programmer for over a decade and I still don't write shit from scratch. Yes, it's something I could do, but it's a pain in the ass and for the most part it's just not necessary at all.

One of the things they teach you in school as a programmer is to never reinvent the wheel if you can help it. There's no shame in reusing others' code (algorithms, libraries, engines, full studios, etc.). It's considered foolish to make again what's already been made. Though obviously, again, it can be a useful learning experience. But chances are that it will take you the next year to even get a proper handle on object-oriented design. Why not also spend that time making something, rather than "being hardcore" but making nothing new whatsoever?

6600f6  No.22848

i'm too retarded to get unity, all i can work with is any rpg maker.

but that's not game development is it?

6600f6  No.22849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ofc it is!

Barkley was made in RPG Maker. And it's one of the best games of all-time. Barkley 2 is in GM.

You just have to fuck with it a bit so you don't get the same old shit that every teenager's put out for the last 10 years.

Please consider the following video

6600f6  No.22861

File: 1444331631482.jpg (119.89 KB, 562x289, 562:289, oh_my_god.jpg)


Lot's of tutorials on game-related concepts on the internet covered in tutorials. You probably want a basic event loop, e.g.:

Render image

Poll & process input

Process game mechanics


>but that's not game development is it?

Yes it is. RPG Maker is just a tool.

6600f6  No.22862


Fuck is wrong with me today... Pic intended for post >>22844

>Learning C# will basically mean you've learned C++ (though with some important differences).

This is so wrong. There are no "some" important differences, there's a fuckton of MAJOR differences, like garbage collection or multiple inheritance.

6600f6  No.22995

File: 1444814642121.gif (3.63 MB, 500x281, 500:281, say wood for sheep one mor….gif)

Whenever I propose anything to anyone, it's met with either "That's just [x game] but indie and probably not as good as [x game] that I remember fondly already. Why don't I just play [x game] instead?" if there's even the slightest hint of similarity (a great example is a first-person shooter wherein the gimmick is that you don't directly control your dude, you just direct him from a control room and prep areas for his arrival/hack stuff for him/etc like the mission control character that every FPS out there has, and everyone I proposed it to said "that's just pikmin, i'd rather just play pikmin") or "That sounds weird. I 'd rather just play [x game] because it's simpler." if it's at all fresh. So I've stopped making things and even looking at the tools fills me with hate because I know that anything I could do with it is pointless to make because it's not literally just a re-release of something already popular nor do I have a cult of personality surrounding whatever I make.

It even seems to happen to AAA studios; people panned good-looking stuff like AC: I and Perfect Dark Zero for not being enough like older titles. What chance do I have as a nobody that everyone can just say "That's just [x game] but indie and probably not as good as [x game] that I remember fondly already. Why don't I just play [x game] instead?" to? it's just deeply discouraging when seemingly everything I want to try is met with "no, i'd rather just keep playing whatever I've got now instead". Even just making maps for shooters, it's all "well, it's not de_dust/nuketown/2fort/facing worlds, so I'm not running it"

6600f6  No.22997

File: 1444815162706.png (463.6 KB, 635x624, 635:624, ClipboardImage.png)


If your game's good, though, people will play it.

Most games that're released are shitty knockoffs of others.

It's impossible to be truly new. Everything you do is going to be derivative. Or, if it's not very derivative, it's gonna be too weird for people to play (generally).

Thing is, media is about novelty. Video games get old. I'm not gonna play fucking Pikmin all day because it's just not going to satisfy after awhile. You need a new take on things quite regularly. Also, everyone will like different aspects of a game, and people like different combinations and styles.

In the end, fuck that noise. Just don't tell people about what you're doing. They're cunts who don't know what they're talking about.

People who don't create anything also feel smaller than creators. They want you to fail and be like them, because the fact that you're trying to do more makes them feel weak and lazy. Nobody, NOBODY wants you to succeed. They want you to crash and burn and give up and join their masses, and they will do ANYTHING they can to get you to do it, because your very existence makes them feel like shit.

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. It's time to show them they're lazy cunts. Even if you just like make game and it's not that good, at least you made a game. What the fuck have they EVER done with their lives? Pic related. They can't succeed so their next best hope is that nobody they know will succeed.

6600f6  No.22999

File: 1444817085170.jpg (95.5 KB, 460x638, 230:319, made with real food.jpg)


none of this is motivating and runs counter to my direct experience. most of my friends play the same games over and over and I'm still playing CoD4 myself like 8 years later

I don't think it's that they want to see me fail because OH NO I FEEL SMALL, it's that they are genuinely unwilling to leave whatever content they area already playing in favor of new stuff.

It's an art, in the classical sense. Like baking bread. Why would I bake bread if everyone's already busy eating storebought cakes? Everyone's busy playing de_dust and HuniePop, why bother making anything if no one is gonna have it? /o/ and /n/ aren't willing to play anything other than pcars and Train Simulator, why bother making any other vehicle games? so on, so forth

6600f6  No.23001

>>22999 (checked)

Your friends sound like a bunch of faggots, and so do you. Still playing MW? Really? You couldn't find anything better than that?

I have some games that I still inexplicably continue to play after years and years, but I'm constantly, constantly playing new games, trying new things, and there a lot of people like me who are always itching for a new experience.

If you're not one of us, not to sound like a proper asshole, but I'm not really sure what business you have developing games anyhow. If you yourself don't actually like playing new games, why the fuck do you want to make one?

6600f6  No.23005


I just like using the tools, man. And I want to create content for those games that I do like.

I like baking too, but shit man, there's only so many breads and cakes you can bake that go uneaten before you stop bothering

though ps


kill urself my man

6600f6  No.23030


tbh it sounds like your descriptions are just fucking stupid as shit

like the architect's version would be "It's a house with a wall cutting through the center, diagonally"

It's a description of what you're doing, but not a description of what it means to have done so

If you're just talking about what you're doing, the physical (digital) construction, obviously it'll sound exactly like some other game, because the mechanics themselves really aren't very complex. There's really not so much you can do in that realm without stepping all over work that's been done before. What's complex is the interaction between mechanics, and the players interaction with that system.

No one gives a shit if you put a diagonal wall in the house, because that doesn't have any particular value. But if you're exploring the interaction with space, forcing the inhabits to exist within a structurally deformed system, on one side the wall acting as a repulsive force, on the other a couch-substitute.. then you have an idea that might actually be worth exploring.

6600f6  No.23033


>I like baking too, but shit man, there's only so many breads and cakes you can bake that go uneaten before you stop bothering

So, uh, how many games you've finished exactly?

6600f6  No.23055


>If you yourself don't actually like playing new games, why the fuck do you want to make one?

How are these two ideas related

Unless you're actually thinking of "playing new games" as "any game that isn't old", which would be stupid as shit, then I don't see why you can't dislike modern games (which tends not to do much more than what was accomplished twenty years ago..), and still want to create a new game

6600f6  No.23069


it's amazing that you typed all those words and managed to convey literally no information


>w-wheres your game man, how dare u talk shit w/o being peter molyneux himself

my games are in the trash bin because I know people won't play them, because like I said, people are apparently already fine with pikmin and 2fort and don't want to play anything else.

6600f6  No.23073

File: 1444976700638.png (690.21 KB, 779x581, 779:581, 1384042796444.png)


Wow, no need to get all defensive, I just wanted to confirm my assumptions.

Personally I think it's a pretty dumb excuse for not even trying, especially here on /agdg/. Everyone here knows sites like Steam or itch.io are full of indie games, most of them are not even original, and people don't really have to pitch them in any way beyond basic gameplay videos.

Would be a bit understandable if you actually made something and was upset about not getting enough attention.

6600f6  No.23074


>my games are in the trash bin because I know people won't play them, because like I said, people are apparently already fine with pikmin and 2fort and don't want to play anything else.

Yeah, but we're saying you're being intentionally obtuse, because many of us play new stuff all the time. I'm always looking for the next great innovation.

My friends have also never been interested in the shit I've worked on. They think it's cool that I DO it, but they don't honestly give two shits about it. That's fine.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you or your friends are the only people in the world. You're just not. Obviously there is a large chunk of people who are playing tons of new games. The demand isn't going down. But the market is getting saturated, so yeah, it's hard to stand out.

It's also easier than it's ever been before to make a decent game, though.

6600f6  No.23079



I try to at least get to a proof-of-concept stage before gabbing about my projects to friends. Just so I can immediately dispel any "but h-how are you even gonna do that man!?!?" by actually describing exactly how it works in some example thing I built.

And while you say "oh theyre not the only people in the world, fufufu" they are the people who are probably my best lines to greater audiences, being people who run game servers and can run my content, well-liked goons who can shill my products in Let's Play!, etc.

But they, much like the rest of the internet, only play new games that are either AAA releases, or are anime titty schlock like HuniePop or EBIN RETRO MUH FEELS RPGmaker trash like Undertale or Lisa.

6600f6  No.23080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So you're saying that they're your best lines to greater audiences because they manage servers that could run your content or are LPers who could LP your content, but they would have no interest in actually running or LPing your content?

So in reality, they are not a line of any kind, but instead a dead end?

Not only are they not the only people in the world (fufufu) but they are pretty much useless in terms of opinions about any sort of game you'd be likely to create.

I don't go asking my friends about my sci-fi novel when they're all only interested in romance. I don't get bummed out because everyone I know likes romance, and those are books, and so my only perceived chance to publish a sci-fi novel is through one of my romance novel friends. It's a different audience. It just doesn't fucking matter, man.

6600f6  No.23081


>So in reality, they are not a line of any kind, but instead a dead end?

literally yes, gg finally understanding my complaint that game dev is a dead end because no one wants to play shit unless you have a cult of personality/memes behind it (like undertale or CoC or w/e) or are making anime shovelware hoping SOMETHING pops off (like Neptunia or HuniePop)

>Not only are they not the only people in the world

they're not, but they're strikingly similar to many if not most other people in the world

6600f6  No.23087


>game dev is a dead end because no one wants to play shit unless you have a cult of personality/memes behind it

So what? Making games solely for other people is awful, you should be making games that you love, even if they're never going to be the next Neptunia or Undertale. I mean, is it really so awful if your game only gets played by a couple dozen people? I'm afraid I don't understand why you're complaining, unless you're approaching game dev from the standpoint of "money = success".

6600f6  No.23097


>But they, much like the rest of the internet, only play new games that are either AAA releases, or are anime titty schlock like HuniePop or EBIN RETRO MUH FEELS RPGmaker trash like Undertale or Lisa.

So if what you want to make is none of those, what is it you want to make?

6600f6  No.23106

lack of concept art to work off of.

6600f6  No.23108


>"money = success"

that's not what I said at all but ok project all you want man

> is it really so awful if your game only gets played by a couple dozen people?

yes because it's a ton of effort that literally went nowhere when I could have just stopped at an earlier, more experimental stage and moved on to the next exciting thing instead of working 5ever to go gold with something


>wheres your gam-- i mean, wheres your design document

shut thef

fuck up


you can google similar places/things and use that, tons of people do it. even older AAA companies used to just get stock photos for early game concept stuff, since it's a waste to hire artists for things you're gonna change a hundred times in one meeting alone

like 90% of the Van Buren design doc's images are watermarked as being from stock photo sites, fact

6600f6  No.23111


>But they, much like the rest of the internet, only play new games that are either AAA releases, or are anime titty schlock like HuniePop or EBIN RETRO MUH FEELS RPGmaker trash like Undertale or Lisa.

Oh no, it's popular, I don't think I can make a popular game (because a bunch of random people refused to play my non-existent game), then it must be actually a bad game!!11 Good thing I didn't make one of those!1

Is there really any point in talking to you?

6600f6  No.23112


You have to admit that it's just pointless selfishness to put that much effort into something that literally no one (probably including yourself) will enjoy.

Like, if you're going to a party, and ask "hey should I bring a bottle of creme du menthe" and get told "no, we have real booze, skip that shit", are you still gonna go buy a bottle of shitty mint booze and be that huge pleb bringing creme du menthe to a party instead of something legit?

6600f6  No.23124


yeah, I've been making do with google images so far. I just like to think I'd work quicker with more professional shit y'know?

6600f6  No.23132

For me, it's my lack of attention span. Very few things can keep my attention for extensive periods of time nowadays. I need to see some semblance of progress for me to persist. This is especially troublesome with coding, where if I hit a wall, I usually end up spending upwards of hours stuck against it.

6600f6  No.23143

File: 1445125911046.jpg (344.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, huniecam-studio.jpg)

Because pic related makes millions while anything I ever pitch to anyone just gets me told to fuck off and to do something else.

>b-b-but fuck the haters, jus du it anyway!!!11!one

ok so i can sink hundreds of hours into making something no one will even bother downloading instead of, y'know, just getting a real job and doing other things in my spare time

6600f6  No.23144


I was actually on an indie game startup (before kickstarter and the like got big, so this was actually a serious undertaking) and it literally failed solely because the resident Ideas Guy running the show spent all the money on concept art instead of, y'know, sitting down with the team and at least having a solid design document before running off and hiring concept artists for thousands of dollars to make like five images of generic sci-fi shit.

6600f6  No.23145


I have ideas and I'm trying to learn to program. Can you teach me your programming ways and I'll share a few mechanics I have rolling around in my mind?

6600f6  No.23148

To everyone itt...

Where's Your Game?

6600f6  No.23171

>have the core game

>learning to use engines

>story isn't needed for this game but I'm a ghost writer as a real job so ain't a problem if necessary

>don't know where to start with music

>have no fucking clue about art

Hey, maybe I will find some good anon on /Mu/ or /draw/

6600f6  No.23175

File: 1445179646407.jpg (127.19 KB, 850x878, 425:439, sample-c8511e21c9c2c65ee8d….jpg)


Calm your tits, we're working on it.

6600f6  No.23294

I have been doing 3D art for years, but I have no programming skills and no matter how many classes or guides I attempt, it just goes straight over my head. I have so many concepts for games or mechanics in my head, but I have no idea how to put it into code.

Truth be told, I would rather have a partnership with a programmer rather than coding myself, as I always worked better in a team.

6600f6  No.23298


Realistic or stylized? High or low poly? Do you do level design?

What about the themes? Science fiction? Fantasy? Modern military? Something else?

6600f6  No.23304

File: 1445533267173.jpg (230.85 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 1444186754069.jpg)

Bad artist

Bad knowledge

Badly placed autism

6600f6  No.23308

I haven't started yet but I have plenty of __Ideas__ for games.

Currently learning Lua and will move to Love when I cement my skills.

I can draw well enough to make sprites and can compose a tune or two when the need arises, what interests me is the whole development thing.

6600f6  No.23811

I keep getting distracted by pictures of cats on the internet.

6600f6  No.23846

I suck at art.

6600f6  No.23883


My biggest problem is the engines I use, I used to use flash but couldn't hang in when AS3 came through.

and after thinking I was something other than a game dev for a few years I came back and still can't program.

I even used Stencyl and that shit is giving me problems too!

6600f6  No.23886

Languages for multi-faceted projects are a pain.

Go is nice but shit for games so I have to mix in C, also GC and runtime shit.

C is simple but the standard library is ass.

C++ is C+Java, standard library is still shitty.

D is nice but... I don't think it's ever been used for games. Hmm. Anyone have experience with D? It seems to be between C and Go in speed. A less cancer C++

Rust - lol Mozilla no

6600f6  No.23904


>C++ is C+Java

No. C++ predates Java, and has little in common.

C++ is C with classes, incredibly strict typing, and a big focus on metaprogramming as part of the language standard instead of as a preprocessor. On a linker level, C++ is incredibly different, with name mangling and namespaces and such.

> Standard library is still shitty

Not since C++11 and C++14. The standard library is fucking great now, as long as you're not expecting to be able to do windowing or graphics rendering directly in it, or something stupidly platform-specific like that.

6600f6  No.23905


I should have read your entire post before responding.

>D is nice but... I don't think it's ever been used for games. Hmm. Anyone have experience with D? It seems to be between C and Go in speed. A less cancer C++

I've used a bunch of D in the past, but it's been a few years. I did a few commercial projects in it, and programmed a light-weight CGI framework that I used to develop some production websites for clients.

D is cool, but there are the following issues:

- Garbage Collection is shit. You can technically turn it off, but that will break pretty much every major library you might want to use.

- It's also shitty that the reference implementation has a closed-source backend.

- The most annoying thing for me with D was that there is no "standard library". The community-accepted standard library is Phobos, but that's a recent decision, and not enforced by the D standard.

- I dislike that `class` and `struct` are the same thing, except `class` is heap and `struct` is stack. `class` is garbage collected, struct is scope-destroyed (being stack). `class` may be inherited, and `struct` can't. `class` is passed by reference, `struct` is passed by value. `struct`'s destructor running is guaranteed, whereas `class` may or may not ever run its destructor, based on garbage-collection. It's a dumb distinction in my mind, and I think it's stupid that location of storage is determined by the type itself instead of the code that uses it.

- Properties are stupid. If a function is executed, it should have function call syntax. I'm not saving any time nor am I making the code more readable by omitting a single pair of parentheses.

- The reference implementation (dmd) is shitty and slow, and produces slow code. The alternate implementations (gdc and ldc, namely) are way better, but also unstable and less-reliable.

- 3 constness specifiers: const, final, and invariant. Dancing around constness while programming in D can be a serious pain in the ass, especially with transitive constness (in D, a const pointer to int is a const pointer to a const int), and the fact that you can't assign a non-const value to an immutable value without making a duplicate.

- Tons of extra power makes compiling D code really fucking slow.


6600f6  No.23906




The positives are nice:

+ Natively-compiled, and way faster than most non-compiled languages, even beating the shit out of Java and C# in speed.

+ Real fucking module system.

+ Compiled language with a defined ABI, so all libraries will work with all compilers

+ Real shared library support. For some reason, so many new compiled languages (like Go and Rust) make it either impossible or shitty to make a dynamic library.

+ Metaprogramming is done in the same syntax as the main language. No shitty separate template language for code generation. You can make most computations that can be evaluated at compile time forced with a single static keyword (like turning an if (...) into static if (...)).

+ Multiple implementations mean extra choice, and give the advantages of a mature existing codebase like GCC and LLVM.

+ Garbage collection can be nice if you want it, though it should have been opt-in, instead of the reverse.

+ Doesn't fuck around with being backwards-compatible to a previous language, so there are no retarded out-of-place things like C++ enum scoping.

+ Can easily interface with existing C and even C++ code (though the C++ linkage is shaky at best)

The biggest language feature, in my mind:

+ Arrays (and strings, which are immutable arrays of char) have extra data at a language level. In D, arrays can be implemented as either a start pointer and an end pointer, or a start pointer and a length, so any array or string operations that need to take length into consideration are instant, and strings can have embedded nulls at a language level without issues. The language features to easily manage, concatenate, search, etc. arrays is pretty much unprecedented in a compiled language. It's also trivial to split an array/string into substrings without using any extra storage or copying, beyond a single 8 to 16-byte structure (though this feature doesn't work without garbage collection, unfortunately). C++ has better strings as well, but it doesn't go the extra distance of improving the definition of an Array itself. The way D did it makes it actually unnecessary to have a native string type.

I don't think I'd call it a "less cancer C++", and not just because I really do like C++. I'd call it a "different C++". It's got so many advantages over C++, but also so many weaknesses. It's like a marriage between C++ and Java.

I love the idea of D, but I do wish the community had more C++ influence and less Java influence. I'd love it more if it was actually a better C++, with all the shit removed and without unnecessary C compatibility, and not what it is, which is C++ melded with Java.

If D was more stable, gave the fuck up on DMD and just made GDC or LDC the reference implementation, had a written language standard instead of just a language implementation, and enforced better compatibility for running without a garbage collector on libraries, I'd probably use it at least as much as I use C++. As it is, I don't know if D will ever be fully production-quality.

There have been a couple video games made in D: http://wiki.dlang.org/Current_D_Use#Video_games

6600f6  No.23923


Guys from OpenMW were using D at the start but then have rewritten everything in C++

I can't recall why though, probably because a lot of people wanted to contribute but didn't want to go extra mile learning D.

6600f6  No.23934


OpenMW started 2008. D was introduced 2007.

My guess is that it was that people didn't know D and also because D was an immature, unstable, and virtually unusable language still in its infancy. D was still iffy for actual production use when I was using it some years ago (though that was during the Phobus vs Tango fiasco), so I can only imagine how unusable it was in 2008.

6600f6  No.23938


I hardly know anything about tech, coding, art, and all the other necessities of creating a game. I also haven't looked at much resources. The biggest problems are lack of time, patience, health, attention span, and frame of mind to sit down and read guides on the internet. Also a newfag with mental disabilities and depression.


I am going through the same thing now. How do some of you deal with it?

6600f6  No.23970

File: 1448064706065.png (266.03 KB, 1262x780, 631:390, sketches1.png)

nothing so far

My project is brand new so of course I'm motivated to do shit

I'm planning a bit ahead of when I get to that 'oh god everything I make it shit I must stop while I can' phase.

probably a few work outs and break should do the job but still I'm thinking of ways to keep going while thinking of my past failures at projects.

6600f6  No.23995

File: 1448192052572.jpg (57.98 KB, 640x421, 640:421, putin sad.jpg)


>What specifically is holding you back from making games?

I work a 40 hour a week manual labor job and I feel like shit 5 days of the week when I get back.

I'm working with an artist and a prodigal composer, both of whom are very good at what they do. I'm fine with coding solo but it's a lot of work to do with how much time I have. It doesn't help that my game's scope is pretty big, but I'm sick of making mini-games. It's time for beef.

6600f6  No.23996

I work on what a toaster would consider a toaster (I have to program on an old version of code blocks and most libraries won't run) and can't get a computer until next year because low income.And my art skills are deviant art tier. However programming is easy, and I can't get into the trickier parts of the game for the reasons already mentioned.

6600f6  No.24543

fear of failure leading to indecisiveness at key points meaning I can't go with A or B, and rather than make the 'wrong' choice I'd rather just never make a choice.

Also I get distracted easily and ADD meds suck.

6600f6  No.24549


Hello /monster/

6600f6  No.24563


Where to start.

6600f6  No.24566


Start by assessing what you can do and what you want to achieve.

6600f6  No.24570


>And my art skills are deviant art tier.

Dust: An Elysian Tail made enough money for the dev to live comfortably and make video games full time, and his art is LITERALLY DeviantART yes I know he did the art for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, but come on, have you SEEN Jazz Jackrabbit's art? Not batting a thousand.

6600f6  No.24628

1. I'm finishing my bachelors in computer science and am about to jump into a masters and then possibly a doctorate in artificial intelligence.

2. I have not found any motivated folks to work in a group with, and am having a hard time working on a project completely by myself.

3. In about a year and a half the money set aside for my college will run out and I'm actively seeking out tech-related side jobs to push that date back further or be able to support myself.

6600f6  No.24677

File: 1451852144147.jpg (41.38 KB, 338x506, 169:253, 1420929090309.jpg)

Every time I start to do something actually creative and not just procrastinate on the internet, I always get a little worked up by the fact that I'm actually doing something productive and that starts to make me uncomfortable

Doing something productive also for some reason starts to fuck up my wrists, not procrastination though

What is wrong with me

6600f6  No.24697

File: 1451949006259.jpg (118.33 KB, 413x310, 413:310, hell.jpg)

Our map guy went AWOL and nobody on my team knows how to make maps.

6600f6  No.24698

I'm tired all the time.

Today I tried to nap and got shivers and got a blanket and the maid was making noise and I moved outside to the net and my dog was barking.

So I ate some icecream with chocolate. But it was too few.

Such is the life of a nodev.

Also I'm trying to read a book callled Game Programming Patterns, but so far it's only talked about C++ optimization shit, like, I'm using JavaScript, what do I care about linked lists? C'mon.

And before that I was trying to modularize my code, separate it into spells/npcs/maps modules, but then I got such lazy willpower and tried to think up other things to do.

I dunno, it's just how my mind works. Can't focus. Someday I'm getting some of those smart pills and dev like no tomorrow, but my psychiatrist is being a close-fisted bitch, setting all kinds of requirements, like staying on an anti-convulsant for weeks, like what the fuck?!

6600f6  No.24706

File: 1451992752824.jpg (21.45 KB, 207x204, 69:68, robotnik.jpg)

6600f6  No.24708


>Spreading misinformation about Barkley. Come on now mate, you should know it was made with gamemaker.

6600f6  No.24736

If I get hung up on a problem I usually grind my head on it until I'm wore out and lose interest. I am also bad at planning out what I want my games to do.

6600f6  No.24761

I did some stuff and felt motivated.

Then I jerked off and now I don't feel like doing anything but drinking and sleeping.

I think the main benefit of working at an office/library/coffee shop is that you can't jerk off in front of everyone and waste all of your precious dopamine.

I should get out more.

6600f6  No.24794

File: 1452633582718.jpg (68.98 KB, 489x600, 163:200, noogy.jpg)

Got stuck on a problem with a decision to make that wouldn't be easy to refactor later. Then it got cold as shit outside and some fuck broke my window. Even after covering it up, now it's cold as shit inside and I don't feel like doing anything.

So I'm just making smaller progress on other aspects.


Some of his still life from the past few years is breddy gud. I mean, it made all his non-realistic stuff look absolutely abysmal by comparison. Can't seem to find them anywhere anymore.

The only thing I could find was this... thing... from 2001, which doesn't really illustrate how he's slowly become a pretty competent artist that seems to deliberately go for Deviantautism as a stylistic choice.

Furfags are weird, yo.

6600f6  No.24814


Oh wow, dude looks like Chris-Chan, except I guess he's managed to channel his autism to something worthwhile.

6600f6  No.24821


He's an animator of some sort, characters from Dust look like animation frames from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (I'm pretty sure he did those too), stripped of all details. Which looks okay in movement but borderline abysmal when the image is completely static.

6600f6  No.24851

I only know code (and not that well) and story/writing, and the games I want to make are all RPGs which are impossible for a single person.

I could learn music and art but that would take years, and then I'd be that many years older. The actual construction of the game would then take more years... you get the picture.

6600f6  No.24860

6600f6  No.24873


i can't come up with ideas that fit within my abilities in both programming and art. so i'm stuck in an endless cycle of just getting better at both.

for example, say i want to make a 3D platformer (basic run and jump, item collection, enemies). i can make the character model fine, i can get it in a game with the camera moving, i can even build some 3D assets for a level and maybe an enemy or two, then realize how big this project is and get discouraged.

from there i decide to make the game smaller and see that it isn't fun. and this happens over and over.

i need to get better at shrinking games down to their core mechanics somehow while keeping them fun and simple enough for me to stay motivated. this is the hardest thing for me more than actually building a game

6600f6  No.24898

File: 1453334215244.png (282 KB, 1133x153, 1133:153, 1447992627140-0-v.png)


Making bigger games is all about compartmentalizing your jobs. Don't worry about art at all in the beginning, just lay out the basic gameplay using basic shapes for everything. Use version control and break the game down into as small steps as you need.

6600f6  No.24908

My job is such a nightmare that when I get home I want to kill myself, and it kills every motivation that I have for my game, which no one cares about anyway.

6600f6  No.24948

I'm a perfectionist and I recently realized that everything they told us about OOP only works for incredibly trivial systems. Having bad code triggers me very much, but I don't see another way to structure shit without switching to another paradigm. That's why I'm looking at FRP now.

6600f6  No.24956


fucking quit your job then.

6600f6  No.24963

File: 1453519778932.jpg (174.32 KB, 470x394, 235:197, lyingtomyself.jpg)

Eh, been messing around on Ren'Py because I would be a full retard trying something else beyond visual novel shit. So far I haven't done much beyond "show animugrill at left" basics. Also did a bit of the Codeacademy Python classes, but that's not enough.

My art was always shit, "can't even do sticks figures right" tier.

Trying to get myself on making a full-fledged game, let anone shipping it will probably be only in my delusional dreams for years. Was on classes on how to be a jew and get the g0ys' money (also known as business adminstration), so I can do basic payroll, guess that's a start

At least I feel like joining programming classes for this year, so maybe I can at least make a first step. Is learning C# on Visual Studio a good bet for a full beginner? Cuz that's what some schools have been offering around my area.

6600f6  No.24964


alone* fuk

6600f6  No.24979

I've been posting on half-chan and it saps my will to work to see that the indie game making ~community~ is such poisonous dogshit. It doesn't help that the people around me who I talk to about making games (or just content for games) or ever show my work to behave in basically the same way. I used to enjoy making stuff, but now, opening the tools just reminds me of all the bullying I'm going to get if I show anyone anything I do.

6600f6  No.24980


I won't bully you anon, sorry to hear about that ;_;

I am sure if you think hard about the games you want to make, you can get to good places.

Don't go much on half-chan a lot anymore, what threads/boards they have on game developing? Are they worth the time to read and learn?

6600f6  No.24985

Lack of skill, mostly, in every single aspect of development.

Whether it be music, art, storytelling or mechanics, I'm not really good at anything, and I'm too fucking lazy to get good. Occasionally I'll try, but then fail and give up.

Hell, I already gave up on coding and decided to go with fucking Game Maker, but everything else is equally shit so far.

Worst part? I know I can do it.

I've made what I think is decent music, but I can't replicate it anymore. Haven't made anything remotely decent in a few months.

I've drawn decent sprites of characters, but I can't do that anymore either. Just looks like shit now.

I have an interesting concept for a story, but whenever I start writing it down, it ends up being shit.

Doesn't help, of course, that I'm a fucking pussy and afraid of putting shit out there. I hate myself enough as it is, and people rightfully criticizing my content would hurt, like it always has.

I just need to stop being a fucking pussy, get off my ass and just, like, make game.


6600f6  No.25000

Right now, it's trying to get the Unreal Engine to work on Linux Mint.

6600f6  No.25136

I'm an artist, I mostly work in 2D and I'm good with character design.

I am also a writer, I write stories and plots for comics, books and other shit.

Sadly, I suck balls at everything else.

I can't do 3D modelling, music, code or anything important.

6600f6  No.25137

I'm an artist, I mostly work in 2D and I'm good with character design.

I am also a writer, I write stories and plots for comics, books and other shit.

Sadly, I suck balls at everything else.

I can't do 3D modelling, music, code or anything important.

6600f6  No.25138

I'm an artist, I mostly work in 2D and I'm good with character design.

I am also a writer, I write stories and plots for comics, books and other shit.

Sadly, I suck balls at everything else.

I can't do 3D modelling, music, code or anything important.


6600f6  No.25155

I can't decide where or how I want to start. I've got so many ideas cooking in my brain, but every time I start seriously thinking about pursuing them I start to doubt if I could even do it, and suddenly what seems like a simple starter project becomes a monumentally impossible task. I mean, the easiest idea I have is a nice-looking Pong clone, but even then I see all the little things that I haven't even begun to think about, and when I start to consider them my head starts swimming and I chicken out of doing anything productive.

I have no idea how to get around this. I know the general advice is to break everything down into smaller portions, but I'm the kind of guy who can't do that because when I try to work on something individually I still feel the weight of the other hundred things I need to do pressing down on me and I freeze.

Combine that with a genuine lack of knowledge in any area other than ideaguying, and I'm stuck dreaming about games I want to make with nothing to show for them.

6600f6  No.25163

A few things

>no knowledge, the only "experience" I have is making a shitty tf2 map

>trying to code has given me severe headaches every time I tried

>I probably would have to work with someone else to finish my game, and I hate working with other people.

That last one is probably the biggest reason.

6600f6  No.25174


also I willingly acknowledge that I am a crappy programmer

I'd rather work with someone who likes to program but sucks at being creative than be stuck as one person trying to do both.

6600f6  No.25198

My mind cracked in college. I used to make small games that were more of programming exercises. Now I can't settle for any kind of dev tool. I used to use gamemaker, and I would love to make something with c++, but whatever tool I look at either has too many bells and whistles or not enough. I'm currently avoiding gamemaker because I need to register an account for the free version, which goes against my religion.

6600f6  No.25263


I can relate, I start by making a checklist but get overwhelmed just by all of the things that I have to add to the list. I recommend this podcast I heard recently. It's called Setting and Achieving Goals and it's in two parts.



They cover self defeating attitudes and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I think it could really help people struggling to complete goals.

Also, nice dubs

6600f6  No.25264


>I used to make small games that were more of programming exercises. Now I can't settle for any kind of dev tool.

Yeah... Been there too. Just pick anything. Don't be like me.

I started making my own engine. Then started making my own portable multimedia application development environment. Then I started making my own language. The language features need OS level hardware tricks to guarantee security and speed... so I started to make my own kernel driver for Win & Lin. The language would be a "device" that compiles and runs virtual machine image files, sort of like how game carts work. I ran into some bullshit that Linux let me do but windows threw wrenches at me (generating code signing certs -- they want a fucking thousand dollars for each executable my driver generates!) That won't work for end users... So, then started building my own portable operating system. It can run as an application inside Linux or Windows, or be installed on the hardware directly. I was going to do this by bundling an emulator, but holy shit ARM and x86 are crap to emulate, and since I'm doing a virtual machine anyway, I created my own chipset. I'm implementing the chip using VHDL, so the chipset could be made into real chips. However, the VM for applications is coded in x86 and ARM assembly, and its bytecode can be compiled to native code to run programs directly on the metal (bytecode + Ahead of Time compilation).

The first iteration of the chipset was a success, but I figured out a few ways my design decisions hindered speed, so I can make it much faster on bare metal while keeping the memory protection guarantees in application mode without too much overhead. The instruction set is made more complex in that it needs to be translatable to ARM and x86[-64], and the VM runtime has a new form of incremental garbage collector that leverages segmented address modes.

I'll probably be able to make some text based games after the next revision of the chipset has been implemented and bugs worked out. But before games I have to program an assembler in machine code.

Good thing I'm not doing this for a living.

I really do want to make a game, but now I also want to build my own language / chipset / VM / [dis]assembler / debugger / high level language specifically for games.

What's holding me back is a bad case of enginitis. I actually do have a game design that utilizes the new features of the subsystems to achieve game mechanics that wouldn't be possible otherwise... but I could totally just like make games on existing platforms, if I had the self control.

Every time I put the project down to JLMG, I end up thinking:

> Oh man, if only I could use [cool feature in my language] here it would make this so much nicer.

Then I end up working on The Monolith again.

Take my advice. Settle on anything and start learning it by making tetris or space invaders. Don't catch enginitis. You might not ever just like make a game if you get a bad enough infection.

6600f6  No.25265


that post sounds so ridiculous that I'm considering it's fake, surely no one would go through so much engine after engine making to not make something at all with it

6600f6  No.25266

File: 1455259518882.webm (590.78 KB, 1440x832, 45:26, AGDos-02.webm)


I do embedded systems programming at work.... and OS dev for fun. I know it sounds crazy, but I like utilizing hardware features in ways OSs haven't done yet.

It's not that I couldn't make something yet, it's just that I want to do things right so I can move forward and not have to return to the groundwork for a very long time.

6600f6  No.25362

>get bullied by /agdg/

>"well it's just 4chan, whatever"

>get bullied by my friends

>"well they're just weird gmod nerds, whatever"

>get bullied by 8ch

>"well they're just random internet people, whatever"

>get bullied by randoms I meet in pubs

>"well they're just random internet people, whatever"

>realize that there is no one who won't bully me, no matter what I do

why bother? game dev is a consumer-oriented field. clearly, nothing I ever do will ever be good enough. why bother?

6600f6  No.25365


That can mean one of 3 things:

1. you're an obnoxious cunt

2. you think critique is bullying

3. you get triggered easier than a landwhale from tumblr

6600f6  No.25370


>"If it smells like shit everywhere you go, maybe it's time to check under your own shoes."

6600f6  No.25372


Honestly, this all sounds badass to me, I wish I had the tinkerer mindset and not my stupid philosopher's one.

Why go solo though? Why not contribute to something open source?


Fuck them, do it for yourself. Hold yourself to your own standard, make the games YOU want to play or YOU want to make. Fuck pleasing anyone else.

6600f6  No.25380


Are those scanlines in a screencap?

6600f6  No.25381


Because the central mechanic to the game I want to make is really complex procedural generation that I'm really not sure how to go about. As far as I know, the type of shit I want to do hasn't been done yet, because I have looked EVERYWHERE to find some kind of info about it.

I can do the rest pretty easily, though.

6600f6  No.25383


Do you make 2D side-scrolling platformers?

6600f6  No.25387


You could try http://opengameart.org/ for art and music (I would say especially for music, so as to give your game a distinct look, but I am sort of a visual person so I might be biased... (furthermore, I'm sure there's plenty of unused art on there))

I'm not sure, but it might be a terrible idea to try making indie videogames for money unless you are the Christ or something; you might end up making well below minimum wage. Do a little math guesstimation.

6600f6  No.25391


>i have a great song in my head, but on paper...

If it helps anon, what I do is record myself whistling and beatboxing all the parts of the song and then use those to get the right notes on paper (as in: 1. whistle 2. try note 3.works? Yes, next note/ No, lets try another one)

6600f6  No.25392

What is the easiest way to learn DirectX? I use a windows box with visual studio community 2015.

6600f6  No.25400

File: 1455795021449.webm (1.56 MB, 1440x832, 45:26, AGDos-07.webm)


>Are those scanlines in a screencap?

Yeah. The VM's classic (IBM CP437) display is emulated in video mode with a framebuffer on hardware, or OpenGL when hosted. That means I can add effects, like scanlines, to the virtual "monitor" device "driver" while bytecode / executable just interfaces with an old fashioned CGA / EGA memory mapped text/color interface. This also lets it run on an actual old fashioned 386 or 486 with a real CGA / EGA / MCGA / VGA device and CRT w/ true scanlines (CRTs have richer blacks, more vibrant colors than LCDs - LCDs don't emulate scanlines well, but I try). It runs much faster than shown in the videos, and the scan lines are clearer, but the screen recorder I used on Linux was stuttering and video encoding doesn't like fine detail like scanlines.

Here's some better still shots and a vid of me doing some custom 3D code in text mode to test out an ASCII line drawing function. text-mode This also can run on an actual 386 or 486... It's not a 3D rendering with an ASCII filter, it actually draws with chars into a text mode.

Why? Someone implied I only wrote 2D code because I can't into 3D... So I made a 3D renderer in my (currently) textmode-only OS. I'll get to 3D (and pixel art) eventually, but I have to get past 1D first (coding the new compiler tool chain now is what's currently holding me back).

Made some progress on the system, hacked together a temporary assembler in machine code (raw hex binary) using just a subset of opcodes. Now I can use it to write a disassembler in assembly language. Then I'll assemble the disassembler, then disassemble the assembler's binary and I'll have an assembler written in assembly code. This strategy saves me the step of re-writing the assembler in assembly. I'll just have to add comments.


Note: This is what enginitis sounds like. I'm posting as a public service to others. If you start thinking things like this, seek professional help or take two GameJams off your main project and Just Like Make Game until the morning.

6600f6  No.25401

File: 1455795635887-0.png (162.5 KB, 1440x800, 9:5, snapshot(22).png)

File: 1455795635971-1.png (94.14 KB, 1440x800, 9:5, snapshot(28).png)


>Why go solo though?

As I learned from Fidonet while waiting for the Internet to come out... Design by committee is a crap way to do anything. If you want something done right, and sooner rather than later, you have to do it yourself.

> Why not contribute to something open source?


If any OS or VM system was capable of accepting the radical changes I'm making, then I'd contribute. They aren't, so I won't. If I show them the way first, then they may listen.

No one else knows is doing what I'm doing. No existing project is anything similar to what I'm shooting for. Everyone is dumber than me. I'll just do it myself and release it FLOSS later, if I feel like it. I doubt anyone will use the platform seriously on its own though, so I'll sneak it in under some nifty games.

Even osdev plebs wouldn't understand why the design decisions must be made the way they are. I'm doing next generation OS & language dev in my spare time... for fun. New OS architecture devs are a rarity. The simple changes I've suggested over the years to improve security, no one else understands. Everyone is happily sitting there, covered with shit, with no end of malware in sight.

Fuck, the OSs today don't even leverage Hypervisor mode (hardware virtualization) natively. I've already completely eliminated the possibility of buffer overrun and stack smashing from causing code execution exploits -- and not via interpreter, but by leveraging hardware features and getting away from the dumb-ass way C does things.

Just insulting C makes other system level coder's heads swim with rage. No way in hell a mainstream OS dev would even associate with me. It's like I pissed on their god. C was great, but now it needs a new implementation. Problem is, the creators made some crappy design decisions. Line continuation chars can happen anywhere (not just between tokens). That alone makes implementing C a fucking mess.

The fucked thing is: As hardware grew up, chipsets adopted the way C wanted to do things, and implemented C features in opcodes: CALL / RET became ENTER / LEAVE, and what does that shit do? Why, it puts a CODE pointer on the fucking parameter DATA stack, because that's the way C does function call frames. No. That's dumb, and no one else can even imagine a different way of doing it, but me. That's why we have insecure exploitable systems, and no, inefficient "canaries" on the stack will not save us from a targeted attack. There are function pointers on the heap! No one but me is promoting segregation!

inb4 /pol/

OS and language devs like to pretend that hardware and language design are completely isolated spheres, the latter purely philosophical, but in reality they are intimately entwined. Just as languages adopted certain strategies because of performance on hardware features, hardware adopted certain designs to facilitate existing software (Everthing is C? Well, the computer now runs your C faster). This realist view so strongly contradicts the academic world's theoretical view that I am a near completely alone / unique in my approach to the problem. Language purists have a hard time explaining to me why ASIC is a thing.

Fundamentally, you have Hardware, OS, and Language devs all isolated making dumb decisions. I'm the only one really looking at the whole picture... except a very few number of people inside Google (and the NSA, who hates my guts).

I could go on all day about how shit the world of computing is. But that's just me procrastinating when I should be writing a new disassembler so I can eventually write a debugger then begin high level language implementation so I can JLMG.

6600f6  No.25410


You are my hero, man. Keep this shit up. There is no reason for shit to be as sloppy as it is today, I mean none. How many times do we have to patch broken shit before we throw it out, start out from scratch, and keep the end goals of efficiency, usability, and security in mind?

6600f6  No.25451

I can't learn anything sufficiently enough.

I can't code, but can kinda understand it when reading it.

I can't art, but i've been learning quite a bit of photoshop over the past few years.

I can't model/animate/rig/etc, but I can kinda make basic shapes and forms in blender.

I can't sound design, don't even know where to begin with that.

I can't make music, I followed a tutorial for famitracker but can't even make basic cover songs. Also I don't have proper audio equipment for recording instruments that I don't own and don't know how to play.

I can't make levels, at least not proper ones. This is because modern visual design in games has shifted towards saturating the level with models that I wouldn't be able to make.

I've tried Unreal (3 and 4), Unity (4 and 5), CryEngine (2? 3? I don't remember), and Source (1).

I've been meaning to try out Lumberyard and maybe Game Maker for shits and giggles.

The only thing that marginally clicked with me was Hammer tutorials, but I feel like that was because I had a lot of friends to turn to that knew how to help me with my problems. Self teaching is the worst shit, that's not at all how I learn anything.

I feel like if I were to get good at any of this stuff, I'd need a mentor or a teacher or just someone willing to put up with me until I can take off the training wheels and just experiment with my knowledge.

Other than that, I'm an ideas guy trying to find a way to stop being an ideas guy.

6600f6  No.25462


You are one of the rare individuals that have broken free of the C cult. C is garbage in the modern world and should have been retired decades ago. By the way, is your name Terry?

6600f6  No.25490

File: 1456021912679.gif (906.52 KB, 150x113, 150:113, 10outof10.gif)



are you a wizard?

6600f6  No.25505

I can't make music and I can't get a simple idea, I always end up going overboard and getting discouraged.

6600f6  No.25511


Know how you feel there, when you don't even include school/work getting into your free time, there are so much stuff to learn about coding and gamedev that you are just not sure how to pick one to start with. I will be doing an intro to programming class next week, hopefully it will help me understand the very basics and I can then write some simple software.

6600f6  No.25546

File: 1456121097339.jpg (84.34 KB, 580x320, 29:16, thewizard.jpg)



Thanks for the support. My interaction with all but alternate OS community has been pretty rough. That's why the project must pretend to not take itself seriously on the surface. Like that version number. It looks like it's trolling the version number system, but it's actually a UNIX-like timestamp in binary (dot = 1).

> C cult

Not Terry, but I agree many people follow the C cult for no good reason (mah furformance). Lisp machines had the right idea, but they took it too far and made it run too slow unless the language was Lisp. RISC takes things too far in the minimalist direction not giving all the proper features needed to make security features we need, and CISC goes to the other extreme and includes tons of instructions that make everything but C run like shit (don't want return code pointers on your stack? Too bad, ENTER instruction does that [the C way], and if you don't use it, performance hit). This cements C's dominance in "system level" language design.

If CPUs had just a slightly different design (if x86 hadn't sacrificed a register to the virtual memory paging god), then we could solve many security issues and have low level support for high level language features like closures, and run as fast as C does. Just a few small changes are needed to the hardware, will allow massive new innovations in language design and security (and you can still run C on my chipset too, but I'm thinking of a way around that -- translating existing driver code automagically). I can also run my language on existing hardware, provide far more security than C, with only minimal overhead.

The C cult exists because hardware is designed to work best with C, and OS design is stuck in the Monolithic model because they keep userland language devs from having the same abilities the OS has. E.g. a process should be able to say, "I want to restrict this JIT compiled user function to a subset of my address space" (like an OS does), and languages should support such things natively.


> are you a wizard?

Sometimes I wonder. Being able to create things out of thin air using our minds and wiggling of fingers is surely a component of wizardry.

/me puts on his robe and wizard hat.


> there are so much stuff to learn about coding and gamedev that you are just not sure how to pick one to start with. I will be doing an intro to programming class next week, hopefully it will help me understand the very basics and I can then write some simple software.

People like you are my main inspiration, that keeps me trudging up the impossible mountain that's holding me back. When I learned to code (in FORTH) things were very different. No Internet, but there were magazines with pages of source code and we would type it all in, praying not to make a typo. Then run it and play some dinky game. But that was magic! Because you could then modify variables here and there and tweak the code, and quickly learn by doing without all the boring bullshit of "introduction to coding".

If you want to teach most humans effectively you have to give them a use for the knowledge right away. People are tool using creatures. If they can't immediately reap the fruit of their knowledge they forget it and rightly complain, "When the fuck am I ever going to use this in real life?" If the answer isn't, "RIGHT FUCKING NOW, LET'S USE IT TO MAKE SPACE INVADERS (or some other game)." Then you're doing it wrong. Instant gratification is not to be underestimated, it is the cornerstone of fun.

The stodgy establishment supports itself by making coding overly complex. By teaching tons of theory bullshit first instead of last (when it actually starts to matter). We need to give Amateur Game Devs an OS that gets them back to the basics (while avoiding BASIC).

6600f6  No.25548


Looking for a music guy. Needs to be dark, foreboding, etc. Think you can help? I've got programming down and I've got an art guy. Interested?

6600f6  No.25549


Well I forgot to look at timestamps. Shit.


What would you reccomend for someone trying to learn OSDev? Like where to start. Also you are doing gods work, like a true wizard.

6600f6  No.25550


I use Kevin Macleod music in my games. His music sounds great when used right.

6600f6  No.25576

File: 1456208508342.gif (1.62 KB, 360x248, 45:31, C64_startup_animiert.gif)


>People like you are my main inspiration, that keeps me trudging up the impossible mountain that's holding me back. When I learned to code (in FORTH) things were very different. No Internet, but there were magazines with pages of source code and we would type it all in, praying not to make a typo. Then run it and play some dinky game. But that was magic! Because you could then modify variables here and there and tweak the code, and quickly learn by doing without all the boring bullshit of "introduction to coding".

I remember having to write my C64 games from magazines. Fucking nostalgia, man.

6600f6  No.25584


I would totally do that but I'm NEET. I have all the time in the world to self teach but i'm cursed with having a completely incompatible learning style.

6600f6  No.25597


>just like, make game

A good starting point for learning programming is to just fuck around with code. Go into a game engine and make pong or some shit. Its easy and fast to learn if you have fun with it.

6600f6  No.25607


How would you learn OS development? Should I start learning how to write a compiler / JIT compiler first? Do you have any recommendations for books?

Also, can you accomplish your OS goals with ARM?

6600f6  No.25608


I don't have that much knowledge of code.

6600f6  No.25628


Its basic logic. The trick to code is figuring out the absolute basic properties of your problem. Just choose a engine like unreal and use the blueprint system or go into a visual programing ide like Alice and start from there.

6600f6  No.25633

Because first I need to start making money with art, since it's the only skill I'm remotely decent in. I started drawing because it's useful for game development, so I'm not really wasting my time.

I've been reading about Unity a bit, too, lately, I'm hoping to start making tons of tiny projects in it soon-ish.

I should probably get into music composing, too, since I have a shitload of free time these days, but I spend most of the time worrying about not drawing enough.

6600f6  No.26982

File: 1465839247930.png (136.72 KB, 1440x800, 9:5, 1455795635887-0.png)


In case the anon from >>25401 still visits.

Did you/are you still planning to release your work?

Me and some guys from /tech/ are interested in what you're doing & would like to hear more of your reasoning.

Maybe you'd like to pay us a visit? #/tech/ on rizon.net

6600f6  No.26984


I can't program. I can't draw. I can't compose music.

6600f6  No.26986

File: 1465919798072.jpg (29.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1418356351084.jpg)

I can program pretty well, but I can't do art, music, or story.

I currently have a vague idea for a plot, but I don't know how to flesh it out and develop it further. Any ideas from the writers, here?

I have trouble coming up with interesting mechanics to base a game around. It seems like everything that comes to mind is carbon copied from an existing idea and doesn't feel particularly fresh.

6600f6  No.26987



I was plagued by severe hyperphantasia first half of my life, still able to spin shit from thin air, can do some art but can't code beyond basic bitch hello world.

Email me and write what you do want to work on. Themes, genres, anything you can think of. I work good with feedback so it'd be optimal if you're as much into the subject as me.

6600f6  No.26997


PS Hope tutanota doesn't block my goddamn indbox. Tryhard technicool email services.

6600f6  No.27010


I'm mainly a writer and coding scares the shit out of me. I can't draw very well plus I have no idea how the fuck people make pixel art. I've got no idea at all how to make music even though I can think up amazing songs in my head.

I'm lacking skill and there's so much to learn, it's super discouraging. It's mainly programming, I don't want to do that shit at all but I know I have to learn it.

6600f6  No.27012

File: 1466321078224.jpg (144.45 KB, 930x1276, 465:638, are nige.jpg)

i can make decent music

i can write good monologues and descriptive stuff but can't into character development or subtle dialogue, and i can't think of an original storyline

i want to make roguelikes so art isn't an issue


i'm not a logically minded person at all, i'm terrible at math, as well as a very visual learner so coding is confusing and frustrating as hell

i was thinking something relatively simple like inform 7 or adventure game studio, but those games really do require a good story, characters and puzzles

so i'm basically every ideas guy ever

6600f6  No.27035


There's a roguelike engine though, I think librogue or something like that.

Would cut your work in half, and TOME was made in it last I checked.

6600f6  No.27039

I can program, model, and I could do music if I really had to, but I can't develop an idea to save my life. I have the same problem with creative writing: I can imagine characters, personalities, appearances, give them backstories, build a setting, but I can't make them /do/ anything. I can't come up with a present struggle for anyone, and I can't come up with any sort of game I'd actually like to make.

6600f6  No.27041


My kindred spirit, I am primarily a writer myself and I've found the most success with Python, because it's the only language I've tried that I actually understand from a basic syntax point of view. Coupled with Godot or pygame (or Blender engine if you're loony enough), I know you can do it.

6600f6  No.27046

File: 1466552389938.gif (1.99 MB, 293x289, 293:289, another ending down here.gif)

Lack of knowledge, the plethora of options is paralyzing.

I narrowed myself down to game maker since it was simple but I also do not know much about coding.

I also work full time in an entirely unrelated field and generally come home, collapse, and then go back to work.

I also want to sprite and do music, I want to do everything and end up doing nothing. Every day. Even when I open a program related to what I want to do that day I realize I know nothing and despair.

6600f6  No.27047


I wouldn't reccomend gamemaker, it's gonna die any time now.

Jump shit before you fuck yourself over.

6600f6  No.27050

File: 1466572264162.jpg (171.65 KB, 515x423, 515:423, capture_005_20062016_23110….jpg)

Lack of programming knowledge and experience making complex class relations.At least I have a better defined idea of what I want to do but it seems unachievable for someone with my skill level.

6600f6  No.27051


i'm trying to learn python+libtcod, making beginner progress. the algorithms for dungeon generating scare the shit out of me though.

java+squidlib might be worth a try

6600f6  No.27059


Care to elaborate? I'm not seeing any evidence of that.

6600f6  No.27070

6600f6  No.27080


Gamemaker is only good to make very simple games and it's buggy as fuck. If I made games with it as a lazy and stupid kid than it's never gona be that good. You will always feel like you will never get somewhere with it.

6600f6  No.27081


> You will always feel like you will never get somewhere with it.

What do you mean?

6600f6  No.27082


I mean that it's full of bugs that you unnecesarily have to fix. Look at undertale if you press 2 keys at the same time while against the wall the character sprite goes fucking nuts. You work on a code for like a day and it always turns buggy even if it is correct. I guess if you get sorta good at it and look up enough guides for assistance it may work well enough but still it's really buggy.

6600f6  No.27084


Game maker has bugs like any other engine I get that but untertale's 2 key bug is completely related to what toby coded, you can come up with some weird shit when you create a small bug by yourself. Game maker doesn't know what a wall is and won't do anything when you press 2 keys unless you make it too, so he fucked up somewhee.

I coded quite a bit in gamemaker and when it did turn buggy it was 90% my fault. I am assuming you are a bit new to the engine but don't let that get you down, it's actually very useful once you get used to it.

6600f6  No.27085


>New to the engine

No I used it as a kid and even so I would ask on fora what I did wrong but they ould just explain that it was mostly how game maker cannot handle too much strings of code and how I just would spend days long coding just to fail because gamemaker can't handle too much codes and no it wasn't even that bad it just coudln't handle shit and yes there were ways to go around it ofcourse it was still really sketchy. I mean it could work out for you but assuming you're an adult I would suggest using a different program even though I am sort of a noob at Unity it seems to have possibilities in bulk compared to GM. I'm not saying it's specifically a bad program I'm just saying you might struggle with it even though it may still be a competent program it lacks certain possibilities.

6600f6  No.27089


Dude, you aren't making any sense. You say that game maker can't handle too many strings of code and that's really vague. What do you even mean by this, it can't handle a lot of scripts? You are wrong. I only script in GM, never use drag and drop and trust me that I used a shitload of scripts and a lot of things need to happen in my game every frame.

I understand you are saying that is not bad, and I also realize Unity is way more powerful and I will try to use it at some point. But I'm just saying that you are being really vague with the code examples. And I personally used a lot of scripts and I know it doesn't have problems with loading them.

6600f6  No.27093


Yeah I may have been unclear I'm not very focused today a little sick.

There definately were errors when using too much script though just saying that it was a bit buggy at times.

I mean whatever you feel comfortable with as long as you make good games and stuff.

6600f6  No.27095


This is exactly the way I feel.

I've been wanting to make games for a while now, but I never had any idea of where to start. Nowadays I know I wouldn't really want to do it as a full time job (sounds really miserable) but with the recent surge of games mostly made by self taught amateurs I do feel an urge to make something on the side. My issue is that I'm in a shitty tech job that's totally unrelated to anything resembling game design, so it really would be amateur attempt. Hearing gamemaker is shit is a shame, not sure what I should work with to make a 2D game.

6600f6  No.27096

File: 1467000960936.png (19.89 KB, 800x400, 2:1, ss.png)

>add vertex groups

>if you rotate the chamber by its bone

>it scales smaller


6600f6  No.27100


>not sure what I should work with to make a 2D game.


6600f6  No.27105

File: 1467094453712.png (28.05 KB, 680x653, 680:653, 156295.png)

Not able to make 3D models yet and the fact that I lack the will to do things. Stupid practicing to draw which is all I had and now simply too fucking lazy and uncaring whatsoever to do anything. Gonna fail art-school niggas. The year is as good as over and I haven't even began my 'end project' which is pretty much all I needed to do aside from studying the bones from the human skeleton. Here's some low energy footfag or whatever it's really the artistic level I am at now it's not even good and I don't even seem to care about trying. Been having it very difficult.

6600f6  No.27116


Same here, mate. Commute transportations wastes 4 hours each day, leaving like 2-3 hours to do all else.

Also drawing sprites slowly. Also RL.

6600f6  No.27131

I really don't know where to start. do I just jump into an engine and get working or what? I only very little of python and java but I had just picked up a C++ book and started that.

6600f6  No.27144

Nothing's actually holding me back today OP, although my progress seems excruciatingly slow sometimes.

In the past, it was primarily ignorance of technicalities on my part: Not just magically understanding how build systems and toolchains worked, or library usage, or creating assets, or, or, or...

Slowly and surely I climbed out of that pit of ignorance and now I can at least work on slowly implementing my ideas, and not just basic gruntwork.

Good thread btw.

6600f6  No.27145


It's probably parented (or 'padded') to another grouping anon. If that's Maya, check the outliner window and you'll be able to tell at a glance. If so, try breaking the parent connection and see if the behavior changes.

6600f6  No.27164

The fact that I can't open these damn .kar files.

6600f6  No.27235

File: 1468268680642.jpg (19.71 KB, 580x308, 145:77, scoutknots.jpg)

Lack of knowledge: working on it by educating myself on C. I'll move on C++ later. Also want to properly learn Java, Python and Ruby on Rails (though the later for webdev only)

Lack of art: I'll think about it when I cross that bridge. First I want to make game with shit art and then start replacing everything.

Lack of music: Read the above

Lack of time: I try to be consistent by it will be years before I finish my first complete game

Others: Right now I have free time and could keep studying c but for some reason I feel like my intestines are doing pic related. Can't really focus on anything in this condition.

6600f6  No.27324


Anon, thats online content. anything you create offline is safe.

6600f6  No.27325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


stop talking shit anon. game make is just fine.

6600f6  No.27368

I've thought a lot about this and I guess the main reason is that making a game (by one person alone) is simply a bad choice. It might be fun, it might be fulfilling but at the end it's just a bad way to invest time. It takes a huge amount of time. This alone isn't necessarily bad. However considering that chances of actually succeeding (it being recognized/liked/sold) are very low (not because lack of skills but because games with much bigger budgets/teams failed) it makes it a foolish endeavor.

Reality is simply that "making a game" is simply no thing to do just like you don't "make a movie" with only yourself. Unless the game is a very simple game a game is made by a variety of specialists and one or two lead designers who put all the things together.

So in order to force myself to work on it I have to distract myself from thinking about how foolish every step I take actually is and just think about that finished game and how great it will be. And not only that I also have to distract myself from all those reasonable, healthy, profitable choices I have to invest time. I continue for no other reason than having it finished.

6600f6  No.27525


>howto GL

Minimize drawcalls. Theres many talks on how to do good batching. But honestly a lot of it should be intuitive.

If you are using legacy GL then go murder whomever told you it was okay.

6600f6  No.27526


My brother we share many qualities

I have a low opinion of QT though. Its bulky as hell, and I infinitely prefer either HTML or ad hoc for UI

I'm a proud dropout myself, managed to land a job at a prestigious company for 10 months. I recently walk-out-resigned because anxiety attacks. But I have 4-7 months of savings, so I can not give a fuck about money for awhile. Still not enough time to finish my game.

The big thing that fucks me up with gamedev is I get overly ambitious with every feature. I can never concentrate on something until completion before getting distracted by another feature.

Or if I try to do a rough naive impl of a feature and go broad, then I get stuck architecture astronauting.

6600f6  No.27545

I got into computer programming because I wanted to know how games work.

I had note books I'd fill with ideas on games, and drawings, but now that I have the skills the ideas are gone.

I stopped enjoying games because I'd rather think about how they work more than playing them.

(implementation anxiety -- programmer's monkey see monkey do, i.e. suicide)

I can't think of anything that would be fun, because I don't have fun.

The only reason I'm considering getting back into gamedev is because interactive graphics impress normies (employers) more than pure algorithms and computer stuff (last project was compiler)

I'd like a job, but don't want burn my eyes out for Sanjay writing useless software in the C#/SQL/JAVA/PHP/FULLSTACK/BALLSACK all day.

I'd rather work with engineers, physicists, math guy or something, but I'm not AMPL enough and I'm pretty fucking degenerate.

I wish I had my old hard-drives. It would remind me that I once had passion for this.

6600f6  No.27548


>interactive graphics

>work with engineers, physicists, math guy or something

A defense industry contractor is where you want to be

6600f6  No.27565

>can't draw with a mouse

>can't make sound

6600f6  No.27596

art and drive, mostly the latter.

however I am at this point heavily editing sprites to fit a concept I'm working on.

think Hotline Miami but if you could stop time, slow time, and 'skip' time.

oh and throwing knives, claymore, c4, revolver, and maybe a wormhole gun.

You'd work for the PD dealing with a extra planar terrorist organization that turns out to be a bunch of nihilistic humans who came from different lost places in history.

As in Atlantis, maybe like five Egyptians, a bunch of fags from that one town in Maryland that disappeared, the fuckers behind the Green Children or whatever they were...

Being that my expertise is shifting away from computer science and more towards astrophysics and math, I'm finding that the universe demands more attention than my incomplete project.

I guess you could say that I'm out of time

6600f6  No.27598

File: 1471473128925.webm (2.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Anime Girl Waits for All ….webm)

No assets outside of code- anything I made would need to be a "fan game".

No time to learn- made a /tg/ game to sell. I've spammed various forums and no one cares. Will try again when it's released.

Easily Frustrated- last time I tried code (UDK) I spent more time looking for errors, and not understanding why I had errors.

I mean, the easiest part I have is making stories. No idea if they're good. And publishing is just as much of a farce as getting vidya published.

I'm scared of putting effort into another venture that'll have no pay off that'll just rob me of another 5 years I could have spent focusing on something that would actually let me create.

6600f6  No.27645

File: 2e52f022bf31cbe⋯.png (3.64 KB, 265x132, 265:132, mareo.png)

I don't know which engine to fucking use.

The game I want to make is essentially an Ace Attorney clone. So there has to be support for stuff like

>Adding in effects like sounds, screen shakes, pauses, transitions, etc.

>Make character sprites animated and move their mouth along to dialogue, etc.

>Branching dialogue paths, evidence, interrogation


Ren'py seemed promising at first but trying to get the sprites to animate when certain things happen is a living nightmare

Then I tried Game Maker, but my options are:

A: Learn how to code a complex visual novel frame in an engine that isn't built for it

B: Buy a fucking $40 engine pack on the marketplace that may or may not actually do what I need

C: Cry

6600f6  No.27646


Have you tried any of the other VN engines like KiriKiri or Novelty? They might give you the control you're looking for.

6600f6  No.27647


I would just code it in game maker if I were you, spend like one or two months making a solid VN engine in it and you're set. Better than doing it from scratch or being limited by other engines. There are way more complex projects out there so a VN should be easier.

6600f6  No.27648

File: fcd77250b4f6826⋯.png (123.36 KB, 247x321, 247:321, mu.png)


Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm not hardcore enough to use an engine with 65% Japanese documentation, so I checked out Novelty.

It seems alright, except for the whole "importing" crap that's needlessly complicated. Seriously why


The problem is, I barely know code as it is.

My crowning moment is making Asteroids in GM without any drag-and-drops.

6600f6  No.27649


>The problem is, I barely know code as it is.

>My crowning moment is making Asteroids in GM without any drag-and-drops.

Follow Shaun Spalding's tutorials on GML and never ever use drag and drop except for adding a script when something happens (duh).

Drag and drop is absolute shit and GML will give you a lot of freedom. Try programming asteroids in gml.

6600f6  No.27654


Are you serious?

Download and learn Ren'Py today. It is the engine of your dreams.


I did it and never looked back. Forget everything else. I tried everything else for you so you wouldn't have to. And it was shit.

Btw I am not a coder, merely an artist. I can confirm that using Ren'Py is game development in easy mode. And the results are absolutely fantastic.

6600f6  No.27683

Lack of knoledge, school, lack of work ethic because I'd rather be lurking on here.

The usual.

6600f6  No.27690

File: 873cf989f3ba44e⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 695x715, 139:143, crye.jpg)

I don't even know anymore. How do people make all these amazing things? Music, art, code, how do they do it?

I don't understand agdg. What kind of sorcery is it? Where did they learn all that stuff?

I want to create, agdg, I really do.

But how? H O W?

6600f6  No.27693


The skill doesn't come from a void. People learn because they really love doing it and they just do it, not read tutorials and post in 8chan and anything besides actually doing the thing.

6600f6  No.27702


>Where did they learn all that stuff?

Most of the games here are shit made by reskinning game maker tutorials. It's not that impressive.

6600f6  No.27707

I'm shit at modelling and texture work.

6600f6  No.27713


Give me the .blend, and I'll fix that shit.

I don't know how you fucked up yet, but I sure as hell know how to fix it once I get a look.

6600f6  No.27714

File: 1e4a9b7e3805623⋯.gif (641.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, stuffed crab.gif)


That gives me some confidence since I've never done that myself.


I love fucking doing it but the question is how other people do it? I'm not able to make a game engine in C++/OpenGL because I don't know all the concepts around game engines, where do other people get the info I seek? Should I wait until I finish college? I don't want to. I want to make games and I want to do it now but the only thing I have is youtube tutorials and OpenGL examples.

6600f6  No.27716

File: 34e4e97099b5c90⋯.png (106.66 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 1348258557654.png)

I'm okay at coding, but that's about it. Can't draw worth a shit, can't compose anything but repetitive <30-second loops, can't model or texture at all, can't make levels, can't do anything but code. I don't even have the social skills to team up with other people.

And even with programming, I'm stuck whether I use an engine or do things from scratch. If I make the game from scratch then it takes forever because I have to do everything. I have to handle rendering, I have to handle collision, I have to handle every single thing. Sure, writing optimized algorithms is fun in their own way, but it takes ages to make anything and eventually I give up.

I can't learn an engine for the life of me, either. After doing so much from scratch using pure code, premade engines just feel alien in ways I wish I could describe. I guess I'm just an idiot.

6600f6  No.27723


> I'm not able to make a game engine in C++/OpenGL

Try SFML, it's built on openGL and it's quite clean. You can always add openGL later on.

>I don't know all the concepts around game engines

>where do other people get the info I seek?

Program until you get good. there isn't a magic trick for doing a game engine. The best tip you can get is: "make a game not a game engine". If you're lost and have no idea, just structure your game in 3 function: event(), update() and draw(). event for the keyboard stuff, update for updating the current state of the game(physic, animation, the weird piece of crap falling from the sky, etc) and draw, well, for drawing every sprite. Go on youtube and write alot of bullshit like "making c++ game progress/tutorial" and look how people did their code. Get a book on the subject(game programming gem). Also, do some math,...linear algebra, do alot of it. Most of the thing I wrote is probably thing you know.

> Should I wait until I finish college?


>I want to make games and I want to do it now

just do it, make that fucking RPG/platformer right now

6600f6  No.27725


> I don't know all the concepts around game engines

What "concepts" are you looking for?

There's no one set way to do things, otherwise it would be completely pointless to make your own engine.

The only real thing that most games have in common is the game tick, and you could probably even do without it in the case of turn-based roguelikes for example.

6600f6  No.27745



Programming is pretty innate. The skills that make a good programmer are ways of thinking that aren't very trainable. You're either good or you're not.

You can learn whatever interfaces and even be a qualified expert at them, but still write shit code.

6600f6  No.27746


>"You're either good or you're not."

>it is impossible to train someone on a piece of machinery like a computer

kys my man

6600f6  No.27748

There's no fucking FOSS turn based rpg it seems, and I get too scared over making something from scratch since I know I'll have to rework it a thousand times.

Shoot me

6600f6  No.27750

I specialize in 3D Animation so I got nothing really. I'm still trying to find a job but most companies out there want people with 5 years of experience or if it's an internship they want them to still be in school.

6600f6  No.27805


>learning algorithmic creativity is the same thing as learning to use a GUI

I see you're the latter

6600f6  No.27830

Two things, lack of art ability and lack of health. I plan to get a good chunk of my game done and then look for an artist (or two, if my friend that can do sprite art falls through, but I'll need a portrait artist either way). I figure if I use my own money to pay for some commissions, and I have enough of a game done to start doing early promotions as soon as I put art into it, it'll help with recruiting.

There's not much I can do about my shitty health, but I pretty much work on my game whenever I'm up for it.

6600f6  No.27930

What's probably keeping me from starting what would most likely remain a personal project anyway is this feeling that I can't make something that isn't already out there in some form. I'm interested in making one of those autistic factory/logistics management sorts of games. I really enjoy Factorio and mostly enjoy Fortresscraft despite its various issues and absolutely autistic cunt of a dev, and I think that Farlight Explorers is the most like what I picture in my head for my game, but I can't shake the feeling that just taking pieces of other games and making my own "supergame" out of them is something a useless ideaguy would do.

Besides that, I can't art or music but that doesn't bother me terribly. I know I can learn Unreal or Unity, or some other thing.

6600f6  No.27931


It's generally understood by anyone actually involved in computer sciences that the best programmers straight up love doing it. I've seen a few people that did muscle their way through the learning process but they never compared to those that already possessed the thought processes that suited the work.

6600f6  No.27932

The amount of time required to create all the content. It's really a two or more man job unless you wanna spend a year on it to make it good.

Optimal team in my eyes:

>1 programmer

>1 graphic artist, spriter & modeler

>1 audio guy, sound effect & music creation

All of them can work together on the story if your game has one.

6600f6  No.27941

Time and focus. Between work and family, even when I do find time, I just find myself zoning out in front of my computer. Like now

6600f6  No.28024

File: 5f133be053e7e70⋯.jpg (214.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yuki.jpg)


Depends on the quality you want.

My ideal would be

>gameplay and UI designer and programmer

>engine programmer

>concept and rough artist

>finishing artist

>audio guy

... I'm doing everything except audio.

6600f6  No.28027


Just programmed for fun for the first time in years and I think it'll turn into a game.

In short: absolutely nothing.

6600f6  No.28064

File: cdc34dbde08d6d0⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MEGH!.jpg)

>What specifically is holding you back from making game?


>"No motivation" isn't an excuse.


I spend too much time worrying about the syntax errors and variable typos I'm constantly making and it distracts me from visualizing what I'm trying to do.


6600f6  No.28074

>what's holding you back?

Other than time? I'm such a nodev I can't even code Javascript, how's that?

6600f6  No.28075


>syntax errors and variable typos

Just use a proper IDE? autocomplete and autofix

6600f6  No.28290

File: 8d376da4c7afd20⋯.png (16.48 KB, 228x736, 57:184, list.png)

File: 24aeb92eef81f6c⋯.png (5.95 MB, 2880x1620, 16:9, mach5_3.png)

File: de17afd76a344c4⋯.png (3.95 MB, 2880x1620, 16:9, Chess2.png)

>Whats holding you back?

I'm too stupid to learn blueprints. I'm a terrible self teacher but I can learn incredibly quick if I have a second person helping me out.

If I had a teacher I could learn it all in three weeks.

I have a list of everything I need to work on specifically.

What I need to work on the most is an understanding of baking normal maps, and texturing models.

I'm decent with modeling, but I'll only get better with time.

6600f6  No.28779

File: ba8e9bab114452d⋯.png (49.01 KB, 451x485, 451:485, 1462512180100.png)

I'm a lazy cunt.

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