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File: 240b7a6cde5568c⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, sample20161009_18.06.37.webm)

File: 84883849d8b330d⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 1292x843, 1292:843, morelayers.gif)

7f90e3  No.30539

Hey fellow nodevs...

This thread is for the development of Jack-o-Nine-2 slave training game, or JoN2 for short

First of all, I was just want to say that I already had a dead thread in /hgg/, but since most of the traffic there is just about brainded horny anons, it was frustrating finding any input that mattered

Second, I first start this project about two years ago, I did some nice progress for a long while but it remained half dead for most of that time, including some HD crash that really crashed my motivation

now I'm back with a newfound motivation, and mostly because I got a lot a free time now and need a creative outlet, I really think its a good idea even though I have very little chance of getting anything back

So what the game is supposed to be about? its basically a spiritual successor to the original Jack-o-Nine-Tails

at first it was supposed to be more of re-write of the original in sensible code, but now I'm aiming to distance myself from it for a simple reason: the game was boring

though the original had a really good slave training mechanic, you need to manage your slave body and mental health, in sort needing to break her in without breaking her mind

however the game was mostly constituted of stolen random pictures that didn't fit together, and somewhat unplanned by design, but having very bad ecchi content,

thus failing at in main objective, that is to be an hentai game, what I want to do instead is inherit that slave training depth while also giving it good hentai to fap to

For that task I've chosen godot which is a reasonable featured open-source engine and easy enough to work with (which I'm sure most of you know it already)

I'm aiming for the same basic navigation design for the overall game, just menu based navigation, with the occasional dialog or something else, in general daily training aspect will be the same

and of course one of the biggest let downs were the unrelated stolen images, my idea was to break this by introducing paperdoll mechanic, where you have a whole lot of variety while maintaining uniformity

for that I took on a goal of ripping art assets from good old KISS 2d games, which were practically masters of the paperdoll art,

with the help of talented anon I was able to rip from CRV and make sane importing system so that we can use them without going crazy,

this was planned of course only as example since its stolen anyway, should any derailed anon want to design its own art for this in the future,

but it could also be done by smart 3d rendering of layering and imports, or even implementing the 3d right into the game, but only a possibility for real distant future

The code is fully copyleft and hosted now on gitgud, if anyone wants to check it out

pic related were some pretty old samples, first is navigation, second is the layering at work



7f90e3  No.30540

btw, I just wanted to add too, that I was able to rip CRF assets, and while everything should be in working order, the gimp script isn't working

if anon wants to help out with that, it shouldn't be too hard, just being gimp/python literate should be enough

the reason for this is that it seems CRF had some more variety to customization and scenes, and not to mention fantasy elements

7f90e3  No.30577

7fce6d  No.30719

File: b6c7251f1fa9ea0⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, testing-2018-02-08_18.04.….webm)

File: 41f42e3fa222542⋯.jpeg (18.14 KB, 277x498, 277:498, Screenshot_20180214_20464….jpeg)

File: 0bc05a7e881e36d⋯.jpeg (71.93 KB, 1487x646, 1487:646, Screenshot_20180214_21032….jpeg)

File: f2906c63a507883⋯.png (5.27 KB, 1113x720, 371:240, design0a.png)

File: d46aeea580bb336⋯.png (5.46 KB, 1087x714, 1087:714, design0b.png)

So last week I had some pretty big breakthrough, of had re-implemented the scene structure and class and getting back working state, just in time for the holiday, where I took a much deserved break a weekend of no computers and sex in a isolated cabin in the woods

I'm now gonna share some of the more technical aspects of this design, for whom may interest in /agdg/ or coming from the /hgg/ thread

first let me say that its more or less in the state where it was before the crash, where the first webm in this thread was taken, although it may look somewhat the same point it was big overhaul in design with insights which I did not have at that time

one of the biggest changes, was how data was handled, before you had world data in json files, from which code would load it, keep in a major dictionary of scenes, through which, when a scene was called, they went through that json data and created the scene on runtime,

that seemed fine but was turning into a lot of spaghetti code concentrated on a few godot scenes and to which was hard to maintain, didn't take advantage of godot's node and OOP paradigm design

from that time (and since I had to rewrite the code anyway since I've lost it), I've thought taking a different approach making every scene its own node, since a godot script is practically its own custom class by definition

the initial idea was to get rid of world data in the form of json files and populate them with handcraft scenes, using the more usual godot direct approach and taking advantage of its editor easiness

but that would a lot of manual work and maintenance to keep up, another idea would to just have the scenes with elements exported for the editor for ease of filling them (second pic related)

I tried this, but overall I didn't feel like it help a whole lot in the process, of either filling in the world data, nor the loading and automation that would take place in game

my answer to this was again to keep the data as json, and through a more detailed loading process, turn all the data into node objects ready for use on its own for the game

so having well defined node classes with their own behavior, which only they know what data they hold and what should be done with it,

so in terms of game design we have a base scene class from which SceneLocal inherits from, this class has a menu for other locations and possibly some dialog to go with, being flexible in how its attributes are given in json form (third pic related)

I envisioned for most of the game content being given in this scene form, for example:

> the player home

> the slave training scenes

> the possible sex scenes

> shops and even the shop items themselves

> slave buyers and sellers

> fork scenes for conditional checks and random events

on top of that, for extra stuff like checking slave or house stats to be shown on design layout b, yet to be planned out

64ca07  No.32267


So may I ask, what is your solution to making the game more fun? I found that the menu based navigation itself was one of the major turnoffs of the game, of course included with the other issues you stated.

To TL;DR what you've said though, you're essentially porting the game currently to have a more understandable base to work off of?

ef8b49  No.32274


heya, have you checked the thread back at /hgg/?

there are likely more details and discussions there, but the gist of it:

the original game summarizes to: having a pointless sex system, grinding skills and selling slaves

to get around that I was aiming to make gameplay more reward in a way that you unlock scenes after reaching skill requirements, so you can income and be rewarded with H content for the grinding

being 2d menu navigation doesn't necessarily make the uninteresting, having intrinsic slave mechanics for example can make up for it

42094f  No.33036

File: 2de790d1c3aebf5⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 600x854, 300:427, necropost.jpg)

Heya there folks, original developer here, bumping this up from beyond to ask some two serious questions.

The first is that I sort lost hope with this project on the sole reason that I may never be able to make a reasonable income with it, given stolen graphics, music and everything else, the only thing I could claim as my own would be the code.

This was a long time realization and reason why I never really devote much to it, while focusing on my normie life, studying finding a proper job for my wanted career, taking care of my health and relationship with a real woman.

The bad news is that much time has passed and everything went to shit, still failed to find a job, gf broke up my heart nearly myself with it, relapsed into bad habits over porn consumption and now am sitting on huge amounts of free time on my hands.

So naturally, while I'm still working on improving myself (while also trying nofap), I'm sitting on huge amounts of free time that in turn brings me more anxiety and lack of motivation, so I've considering taking back on the project, even if just to pass some time.

So what I'm really asking here is for some insight from you bros that have been developing steadily for longer, I usually go into this devoting too much for some weeks literally only this, only to burn out later and completely leave it behind, I've guess in the end is not really what I would to be focusing on life right now, but its still something I liked to do.

The only way I could see getting some income from this would be to open a patreon page solely for supporting development, not for releasing the game as I intend it be open/free and I wouldn't be able to sell the assets anyway. But even then to get even the smallest of support I need to devote a lot of time and work to show off and to get some decent demo going on.

So help me bros, and its even a contradiction here since I want to steer away from degenerate content, but I guess creating it is better than falling in consuming it.

Another point that I want to make as well, with the possibility of giving it up for good, is that I'm open to pass the torch on to someone with interest, I'd be willing to show them the ropes, concepts and ideas behind the design.

7ed6e5  No.33039


Honestly, it looks like you've got a pretty decent amount of work under your belt. I think it would be absolutely wasteful to do nothing with it as it stands, though the borrowed art assets will definitely prevent you from monetizing it.

My personal advice is to spend some time researching similar projects and find out how much they're making, and observe what characteristics set them apart from their competition. See what sorts of themes and settings are popular, and try to keep that in mind when making this sort of thing.

My strategy in this regard is actually to look for a successful NON-erotic franchise that gets a LOT of rule34, then deliver something similar with an erotic twist.

42094f  No.33042


Thanks, I did have a lot of work put into it, and I believe the design and finished product could be great. But at the same it will require a lot more of work as well, and then a good amount fiddling to find the best values for the mechanics and a whole lot more in terms of content filling.

2e60b8  No.33182


I loved original Jack o Nine Tails and I've been drawing up some mockups, documentation and fiddling with renpy(cant code, and not the best engine for what I want but oh well) for the few past days because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time. The problem is it's very hard to start properly because there are so many things to do and I don't know which one to do first.

I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

My game idea is inspired by Jack o Nine which is why I'm in this thread in the first place, just trying to scour through everything I can to see what people liked/disliked about it and get as much info as I can while working on my "game".

Lore and setting background are done to the point where I know where I'll be heading but not to the point where it's fleshed out. The nature of the setting means you can put in almost anything and keep it consistent, which is exactly the reason why I've designed it like this.

When it comes the the mechanics I'd like to implement some turn-based small scale combat that is at least somewhat fun, a raiding mechanic which would be part turn based-part VN style choices(not sure about this yet) and a slave management mechanic. Also some basic gladiatorial combat and hippodrome races(like blues and greens, except there would be 4 different teams to reflect each faction, maybe add some hooligan shenanigans for fun).

When it comes to slave management, I liked how the Oldhuntsman did it but it seems to me that he put excessive amounts of unnecessary complicated mechanics. Also the fact that every slave was randomly generated was boring and the grind was tedious. I'd like to add generated slaves you get from raids for instant H-scene gratification, but also uniques that you need to work for while building a relationship up.

I put my email up if you wanna contact me and work together/share ideas. Even if you wanna check out some of my concepts for curiosity sake or at least

>pass the torch on to someone with interest, I'd be willing to show them the ropes, concepts and ideas behind the design.

The fact that I bothered writing this up hopefully tells you I'm serious about the whole thing.

42094f  No.33187

File: cffc62e2f8dd5e3⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_15.50.….webm)

File: cd9b541c3e6e147⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 1288x836, 322:209, preview-2018-03-16_16.03.….webm)


>because I've been wanting to start my own project for some time

I'm just going to warn you right there, how it is to do a project of this type all by yourself, specially if don't know programming or doesn't have any idea of what you're doing.

>I'd honestly like to help you or work with you, the problem is I don't know any programming language or how to draw which are both extremely important. Writing is the only thing I could do with a modicum of skill and you can get away with text only, at least until you get Patreon neetbux to hire a decent artist for some scenes.

This would be the kind of help I would have liked some time ago, I would still do with this stolen art (check attached), since I think even comissioning my own would be a major task to undertake, with the dangers of bad quality, bad commitment on the other part, specially being the internet and all.

I also think that my idea is quite different than what you had in mind. For one, the original Jack did not have randomly generated girls, it had tons of custom tailed girl files with their own stats and images, this is just something that made managing in that game a sort of a nightmare. Another thing is that the detailed slave mechanics is what intrigued me the most, so I would want to mimic or at least improve on that. And finally, that while you work on your slave stats, I would change completely on how the H is delivered, in a sense that you can certain scenes when unlocking stats/selling slaves/specific jobs, where there would be actual VN style scene, much like other KISS games and HRPGs if you ever played one. So in turn it would have any side minigames either, like fighting or other stuff like that.

So what I wanted to show in these examples here was the positive point of the random/customized paperdoll style thing, I would slave would generated with randomized attributes and body, so you can have a proper representation of her in every specific scene, clothes, tattoos, and other appendages are additional attributes, and then when writing the scenes up you can check on each additional tag, like number of orcs, if inserting or cumming, that kinda stuff.

And btw, I've uploaded these CRF image sets to a new repository there on the project page. They have a quite big variety of scenes, the setting kind of fits in the sense its some sort of medieval fantasy, however the scenes would have to be tailored to what have available indeed, though I think there should be plenty regardless.

On the topic of me getting to work, I still don't feel like it would be a good choice, I'm trying to get my life straight and am in particular trying to steer away from degeneracy, which is obvious contradictory to developing an hentai game. I am however with lots of free time on my hand in which God hasn't showed me what to do with yet.

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