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Welcome to AGDG, have you ever made a game?
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File: d0ff32791978d96⋯.png (260.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, logo_render_transparent.png)

cc6769  No.29079

Welcome to /agdg/, home away from home.


The recent Fickle Prick spammer infestation proved that the board has unfortunately been unmoderated for the past few months. I have claimed the board and wish to return the board to a fraction of its former glory. I can't always be around, so I'd love you to apply for a board volunteer position using the email provided!

Please add your games to the wiki http://8agdg.wikidot.com/ and help make the best use of the tutorials available there. Some really dedicated anons have been hard at work to make them as helpful as possible.

Shout outs to the recently started thread at >>>/vg/27335 and the official unofficial /agdg/ Disagreement server at https://discord.gg/k2e67JB.

The rules

Please feel free discuss all aspects of game development here.

Make a thread for the game you are working, it will be lovely to follow your stuff. Shining examples of that are sgt. Shinobudev >>30078 and Fables of Laetus bros >>30488. If you want to develop your game concepts or have small tech questions, go to the design/implementation thread >>29080.

Do not spam or dox. Spoiler any NSFW images. Spamming is defined as making the exact same post over and over again, or deliberately trying to hit a thread's bump limit and will get you permabanned.

If a post or thread needs policing, report it and move on. Also, feel free to send any suggestions, critique and complaints to agdg@8chan.co

Detailed notes on allowed content here https://8ch.net/agdg/rules.html.


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87b188  No.29096

File: 6f8b2bd89767e21⋯.jpg (680.6 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, .jpg)

Please don't let one mentally ill shitposter dictate what is and isn't allowed.

What if someone starts posting cancer that was made in Blender? Will we just stop allowing 3D made in Blender then? This isn't a reason to even consider "not allowing source" or any other tool, because it's literally just that; a tool. 3D is used in games so 3D models and modeling by extension is part of game development, it doesn't matter what you make or present it in or how good the model is.

Spamming those "source" images is not game dev, it's not even "source" because the person posting them didn't make it, they've been spamming the same images for months or years for attention. It'll never stop as long as people keep replying "LOL OMG WHY IS THIS ALLOWED XDD AM I IN THE JOKE YET????" and giving him attention instead of ignoring or better yet deleting it.

227453  No.29097


Wew, I really have trodden in a web of autism.

Alright, clean slate. Thanks for the info.

b1fe2e  No.29099

File: bc49cadd761a494⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 804x802, 402:401, 122662366.jpg)


>every gamedev community is filled with cucks and faggots and SJW trannies

>/agdg/ isn't but you have to look at shitposting and autism instead

>tfw you just wanted to make games

ed3bbc  No.29105


Welcome to /agdg/.

70b76a  No.29106

what does agdg mean

ed3bbc  No.29107

File: ae2afc322b137c6⋯.png (9.44 KB, 529x61, 529:61, title.png)


Check the title, friend.

d4206e  No.29110


>Will we just stop allowing 3D made in Blender then?

You shouldn't allow Blender, Blender is cancer. Unity is the only way to make a game.

92713a  No.29113


I doubt he's referring to the game engine part of Blender.

Honestly if someone wants to handicap themselves with that, good luck to them.

d4206e  No.29117


All aspects of Blender are absolute trash cancer garbage for niggers, jews, furries, and muzzies only. It shouldn't be allowed here, much like the aforementioned groups.

227453  No.29118

File: b773cedd693d276⋯.png (66.47 KB, 460x1020, 23:51, blender.png)


>he can't memorise the shortcuts

Get good.

d002df  No.29151

There's modders posting on the board as if they're real yesdevs. Can you get rid of them please?

92713a  No.29158


If you're referring to >>28136, it was already dealt with.

f7bdf4  No.29162

Nothing is game dev, please delete this board.

4554f1  No.29165


But the thread is still up. Is the guy at least B& and V&?

cc6769  No.29170


But game dev is life.


It's bumplocked. If I delete the thread, how will they get the message?

There would be no-one left if I gave bans for mistakes like that.

c32451  No.29178


You should delete their thread because SOURCE IS NOT FUCKING ALLOWED IN GAME DEV!

Ban them too, since bans should carry messages. Using source should be an obvious infraction.

ed3bbc  No.29183


>My mod is open source, and it works only on the open source campaign


Source engine and open source are two different things, dummy.

84d318  No.29727


I don't really hang around here: is it true Battle Brothers was made by an anon from here?

84d318  No.29728



b197c4  No.30414

I want to request for my thread's bump limit removed or extended please. I would like to keep a single big thread because its easier to track down and see all progress on it.


7e2404  No.30457

>there's still Source in the stickied threads

Fucking remove it already! It's against the rules and Rawr!.

12f28d  No.31099

File: 82b2044c71e4586⋯.png (509.58 KB, 1729x612, 1729:612, waterfox_2018-03-19_23-26-….png)

What the fuck is with all of this pickle shit.

51c47a  No.31187


RIP no-show board owner. Thank you for your service.


>Fucking remove it already! It's against the rules

I got your report and responded with full force. Sorry for the weight.


He's still around, switching IPs and trying to shit up the place. He'll have a hard time doing that now that I have limited new threads to 2 per hour. I will increase the number on demo day, don't worry

Maintaining order will be easier when more volunteers will apply.


Sorry it was only done with your second thread. Love your work, bro. I can increase the bump limit for all threads or set yours co cycle. What would you prefer for the future?



he didn't stick around but now we have even more yesdevs!

fa45af  No.31191



97ed32  No.31196


I suspect you're the new board owner, posting pickles as an excuse to take over the board. Is that true?

c2b067  No.31198


He wouldn't have had to post anything, anyone could have claimed the board at any time and gotten it because of how the automatic claim system works.

51c47a  No.31221


nah, dude. it's just that ban evasion is bannable. If you stopped prickposting and started posting progress you'd be okay

also gotta keep appearances that we aren't one and the same

1c7ce1  No.31259


Just put it in the rules. Source must be a formally bannable offence so all users will know to report it on site.

2ca1d3  No.31447

Is there still supposed to be a game jam on May 5th? How does it work? Do I need to sign up? I can't find anything about it in the catalog but I want to show off my game then.

330ec7  No.31451


hey, it's a demo day. It will appear on >>>/v/ and will likely be stickied so just be on the lookout. Make sure to reply to the anchor thread with your game.

ea6b36  No.31505


>implying level design is Game Dev

Why is this allowed?

000000  No.31534

I tried giving away some free C++ code in the Engine Dev thread.

Said my post body was too long.

Can mod increase limit?

ad75a1  No.31606


Why not put it on a paste site or save it as a file and upload it somewhere? Sites like this don't work with big messages.

8c1870  No.31646

Just wondering why my thread was deleted? I made a post looking for a pixel artist to work on a gamejam with me...

000000  No.31657

Can we enable image posting by TOR users?

The only available time I have to post is during work, but work blocks 8ch domain, so I have to use TOR.

It's kind of shit to try and start a thread about Proc Gen but not be able to give it a meaningful image.

2e00ca  No.31869


if they wanted to smash the scales they could of just stood on them

7b5913  No.32024


not hitting space and typing what you want it to do when you forget a hot key?

330ec7  No.32053


apologies, bro. Don't take it personally, I thought I just locked it. I'll set up and sticky a teambuilding thread but I'm 100% sure the /v/ thread is the best place to look

53f734  No.32678


Why are there so many trannies in game dev?

a3cd8e  No.32714


Why are there are so many H-game patreon scams?

The answer is the same for both of these questions.

581abb  No.32747


What kind of game are you making?

a657d6  No.33105


>I really liked reading your post, please try this OP

Its clearly a automated post. Why are you replying?

f9eaa9  No.33313


Creativity is linked with being left-leaning and mentally ill. Explains a lot honestly.

b8583a  No.33411


>the left


The left can't even meme, faggot.

Go be a filthy kike somewhere else.

042758  No.33625

Should we start banning lazydevs who use "IF" or "ELSE" in their code? It's unperformant and just shows that they're only here to posture and not to actually make Games properly.

14a3d1  No.33632


Stop being so butthurt Alex.

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