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File: f73344f8b3426d9⋯.mp4 (2.35 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Adam Walking on Grass WIP.mp4)

b5c5d4  No.30488

Last thread reached bump limit

Old thread: >>27922


Everyday Lite is a fantasy themed farm sim with focus on deep mechanics, it will feature cooking, farming, fishing, building, faeries (helpers), over 20 female NPCs (you will be able to marry most of them).

After the official release (15$) all expansions will be free, planned mechanics are alchemy, exploration (more maps) , combat and other crafting systems.

Cooking System and Faerie Village management are available in a vertical slice i released on Steam for free


3e5d42  No.30496

File: 43f693a1b061005⋯.png (360.38 KB, 1024x788, 256:197, Momiji.png)


Hey anon keep at it! I'm gonna keep headpatting your faries and bumbling around making terrible dishes until they tantrum. I'm really looking forward to where you go! I don't post much but you deserve some encouragement.

b5c5d4  No.30498

File: d3dcc1ece5c0a07⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.79 KB, 1361x844, 1361:844, polygons.png)


Thanks brah

Here have some tiddies!

b5c5d4  No.30506

File: 1d4133afedbf749⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boobies1.mp4)

File: 3a5501deb2a36bc⋯.mp4 (3.35 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boobies2.mp4)

File: 98708f1b10cefb8⋯.mp4 (3.38 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boobies3.mp4)

My brother worked hard for those, it came out very well

374feb  No.30507


they look awesome anon,

may I dare to ask you, what is this game you're working on, if I'm not mistaken is farming related right?

how will the tiddies fit into it?

and btw, the physics look decent, but their shapes do not, if you want to I can share how to make some more better looking tiddies

b5c5d4  No.30508

File: 59e362e72a762c9⋯.png (12.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, new adam.png)


>how will the tiddies fit into it?

You can't have a harvest moon-style game without marriage

>If you want to I can share how to make some more better looking tiddies

Please do, the female model is in early/mid modeling stage, so if im going to change them it has to be now, otherwise it will end like the male model, which im having to remake

374feb  No.30509

File: ec66f975e562e25⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 582x568, 291:284, StardewValley_20170421_230….jpg)

File: d979437a3c1805b⋯.jpg (292.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, StardewValley_20170424_154….jpg)

File: 97951cf2318c90d⋯.jpg (87.04 KB, 531x732, 177:244, 2016-11-01 00_15_54-CUSTOM….jpg)

File: f276b84603ca029⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.22 KB, 671x584, 671:584, 2016-11-05 23_31_16-CUSTOM….jpg)


well to be honest, when playing stardew valley I often wondering how it didn't have any lewd mods yet

besides the nudity ones, there is plenty of room for ecchi in that game

regarding the bewbs, I was often bothered by how they looked so fake in cm3d2

after extensive fiddling I've managed to find a good balance and formula that works well for most cases

natural boobs hang much more, having more mass on the lower part than upper, also shapes vary wildly and are up to taste

for I example I would prefer still firm, rounder or pointy boobs

b5c5d4  No.30510


the boobs we are currently making are the max sized ones, since if the jiggle work on the melons, should work on smaller sizes, most boobs will be like the ones you described

2a3cc3  No.30511

File: eb5aa049477a349⋯.png (77.98 KB, 445x327, 445:327, Screenshot_2018-01-20_15-5….png)

File: 615918813eb805a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 938.15 KB, 1302x984, 217:164, Screenshot_2018-01-20_17-1….png)

File: e88854ec12e2adb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1640x788, 410:197, Screenshot_2018-01-20_17-1….png)

File: 8718c1a6eb8a08f⋯.png (116.44 KB, 551x699, 551:699, Screenshot_2018-01-20_17-0….png)


My friend, I'm not sure that's how boobs work. Even if you are making the biggest sized ones so you can scale it down later and still work with your jiggle physics, your boobs are too close to each other. The circles in which they extrude outwards are too close to each other. You should leave a gap between them. As a breast is extruded, it grows in size. They are tear dropped shaped not torpedos lol.


Make sure you use subdivision when you redo it otherwise it will be a waste for you to remake it. The reason you get ugly distortions is because of that bad topology. It's still there. To get good topology you must follow these rules:

<Do not make triangles. Ever. Always use quads unless you are making a pole

<Poles are vertices with more than 4 connections and are used to sow together topological lines of quads.

<limit your usage of poles and make poles in places where the bones dont deform at corners because they have bad deformations.

You may need to brush up on your anatomy. Look up Proko anatomy videos on YouTube. It will make a difference. I modeled a quick torso for you with the main topological paths to show you how the topology should look like. Notice how it follows the muscles.

b5c5d4  No.30512

File: 2fb0dddb3ed2965⋯.png (129.2 KB, 700x575, 28:23, red reference.png)


Not sure if you are aware, but I am not aiming for realistic models, i will be going for 4~6 head tall anime style models, but i will still take your feedback into consideration to improve the models, thanks for the tips.

2a3cc3  No.30513


I tried to show you some realism tips because it looked like you were trying to model a low poly realistic torso: >>30508 You should still adhere to musculature even when doing low poly stuffs. it still makes a difference.

b5c5d4  No.30514


Yes, i know, i don't want the clusterfuck my last model was, im trying to cut the triangles, but i want to follow the reference closely

2a3cc3  No.30515

File: 7462ad9f021dee2⋯.png (756.11 KB, 1053x961, 1053:961, sad loli tits.png)


You are good at modeling the overall shape, but yet you say you still struggle with the topology and deformations. You quiet simply cannot make good shapes and have good topology without understanding where the topology of the shape comes from. A basic understanding of the skeleton and muscles are vital to achieve both. Not just for looks but also mainly for deformations. You don't need to go overboard with studying anatomy but you should definitely dip your feet in the water. It will save you time in the long run. I am still a noob but my work on the Shinobu model taught me that it's just not possible to make good anime models without referencing the human body. I had to redo her twice because I didn't want to learn anatomy. Anime model references are made from human references after all. Just trying to help. I've been following your great project for a long while.

b5c5d4  No.30520

File: faba7b939d18d65⋯.jpg (467.71 KB, 1000x1361, 1000:1361, shinobu pat.jpg)


where did you find the muscular anatomy references? simply googled and found them or some specific site?

i really love your shinobu model, just wish you didn't lewd her that much

2a3cc3  No.30522

File: ecb973eb06997a9⋯.jpg (210.52 KB, 800x615, 160:123, maletorsowires.jpg)

File: ec980490d971a51⋯.png (32.05 KB, 815x428, 815:428, model_loops&flows.png)


Use Proko. He has short 10-15 minute videos on specific parts of the body. He tells you first about the bones, muscles, then form. Kind of funny too.


I also could not find topology references online in one place. People always want you to pay for them. So I also googled images. These are my only good images for male topology. I recommend you remake your male body and the same time copy the topology of these images. Modeling the shape is easier when you have your topology down. It's not that it's too realistic and muscular, it's that that's how the male body is. You can scale it down afterwards from this topology. Take note of the ring that goes from shoulder to shoulder.

b5c5d4  No.30523


Thanks shinobro, gonna work on the model now

b5c5d4  No.30524

File: 602aabc9f1ae573⋯.png (62.52 KB, 971x824, 971:824, manbutt.png)

File: afe4374d49f473a⋯.png (66.44 KB, 971x824, 971:824, mancrouch.png)


it really looks better now, but only if i add a subdivision modifier

2a3cc3  No.30528


Subdivision is your friend. And useful for mid-high poly count models. If you are worried about poly count, you can always simplify the topology you make. It would be trickier but you can alternatively just do it without subdivision. I don't know enough about your project to make that call. Will there be lots of models? Targeting high end hardware? Etc.

b5c5d4  No.30538


about 40~50 characters in the town, we are going to do some stress tests this week

b5c5d4  No.30544

File: 4270e16c9ad8727⋯.png (194.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shoulders.png)

Holy shit the shoulders are being a fucking challenge, my reference differs too much from the topology refs, and finding middle ground is being a nightmare. Already did and deleted it twice

b2e8cd  No.30546

File: 0d98e1155e96f08⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 452x396, 113:99, 68cdbc7b23cad2161e4803afb2….jpg)


Remember its a giant ring that falls on the shoulders like pic related.

b5c5d4  No.30549

File: 5e0856d015a36df⋯.png (96.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, back.png)

File: 61d83924f7f2e38⋯.png (82.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, front.png)

This is much harder than it looks, but i managed to make the top of the shoulders now

b5c5d4  No.30552

File: 56badd46690377e⋯.png (323.79 KB, 1256x834, 628:417, chest.png)

I think i got it

b2e8cd  No.30555


Awesome dude now it will be easier to shape it. I would get rid of 1 or 2 rings around the waste. Dissolve them.

b5c5d4  No.30563

File: fca34e9795734d0⋯.png (132.34 KB, 543x824, 543:824, back.png)

File: c0787e3de4d48ba⋯.png (124.91 KB, 543x824, 543:824, front.png)

Next hands

2a3cc3  No.30580

File: 0023d4921f4ec53⋯.png (30.3 KB, 893x272, 893:272, Screenshot_2018-01-25_20-4….png)


Looks good man. Im not sure about the middle of your pecks on the front side though. There shouldn't be that tiny thin column of quads going up. You may want to simplify it right around nipple level so you get rid of it and make the quads of the breasts change direction from sideways to go upwards. Also you may want to turn on to edit cage mode so your vertices snap to your subdivision surface. Easier to see. I think you have one too many lines of quads on the front going from the crotch to the neck. Look at the 5 point pole on the pevis. See how it is 4th from the middle? It should be 3rd from the middle like the reference. Try merging to center opposite vertices of square to simplify it without having to redo the whole thing. I made a short video about the trick in my thread.

I would totally ignore the dude from the thread. He was full of shit.

b5c5d4  No.30583

File: 2055265bb8baec7⋯.png (119.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, starting head.png)


Thanks man, you have been a great help

you mean the one who thought i was making up the topology loops? Its funny how he reacted after i shown the reference

b5c5d4  No.30585

I will make the changes you suggested later today by the way, the image i posted is my progress from yesterday and today's morning.

The face will not deform, this is why the topology there is crap, i am only worrying about the shape, i will be using textures for facial expressions like the previous model.

b5c5d4  No.30586

File: c3a48e61b87e175⋯.png (279.1 KB, 1132x860, 283:215, front.png)


Finished the head and removed the center line as you suggested, also the edit cage tip makes this so much better, i don't believe i missed it, thanks again

Im trying to simplify a bit more, but so far i can't do it without losing the shape, with the subdivisions it comes under 14k triangles, will probably be 30k~40k with clothes, im satisfied with it, now i only need to place the armature and use shape keys if this topology is not enough for good deformations

2a3cc3  No.30591

File: dfddd080311384b⋯.jpg (177.26 KB, 1800x1433, 1800:1433, untitled17.jpg)


WAY better. You'll have enough vertices to play with a collarbone and pectoral muscles. Right now it has quiet the womanly bust and hips. Move the nipple level vertices lower. You can do so easily by selecting multiple vertices and pressing G+G to activate positional sliding. Then move your mouse downards and your selected vertices will slide downwards along the edges it's on. As for the face, even if you say you are gonna slap on textures, your topology is not optimal, especially with subdivision. You can shave off quiet a number of triangles if you do it correctly. I might even say you have more vertices on the face than the rest of the body and they aren't necessary since you don't need a mouth or eye sockets. Definitely half the vertices there. Nose is fine though. Keep that chin pole if you can.

b5c5d4  No.30595


Im not changing the shape further, as it will lose the anime-ish style i move more towards realistic

I will lower the face polys as suggested

Also, should i apply the subdivision mod before or after making the armature?

4352f7  No.30596


Never permanently apply subdivision. Keep it on and make duplicates of that mesh. Store it in a different layer. Use Shift+D instead of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to clone because then blender will also copy the armature.

b5c5d4  No.30597


What if i want to fine tune some very specific parts of the subdivision and the snap to cage is not enough?

Also applying the modifier and cutting some of the generated rings would be better in the end than applying only when exporting.

4352f7  No.30598


You don't want to do that because it will destroy any smoothness in shape, destroy smoothness in deformations, and make dealing with unwrapping and weight painting much slower and harder. When you want to simplify rings, you instead simplify the topology. Its what it's for. I did exactly that at first with Shinobu model of applying subdivision. I have a couple posts noting how it fucked my model up. My current model keeps subdivision and helps me a lot with shape keys like for the face. And its nice because your model exports with subdivision without having to apply it.

b5c5d4  No.30605

File: a6dce0ed0b8396f⋯.png (136.75 KB, 737x852, 737:852, new Adam adding bones.png)

I reverted to the backup i made before applying the subdivision... but i will have to apply it eventually before exporting to Unity because Unity does not import the modifier itself

I will make the armature for now

2a3cc3  No.30606


>Unity does not import the modifier itself

Are you importing the .blend file or the .fbx file? It should work with the .fbx file.

b5c5d4  No.30610


If i remember well when you do it as fbx you can apply the modifier as you export

b5c5d4  No.30616


Yep just tested, it does not keep the modifiers, you probably didn't check out the "apply modifiers" box when exporting and your modifiers got applied during the export process, Unity does not have mesh modifiers, only has shaders

b5c5d4  No.30620

File: b3737524cb751bc⋯.png (244.01 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hand.png)

Hey, this might be the best hand i made so far

b5c5d4  No.30632

File: d32bb544985a0dd⋯.png (51.11 KB, 1023x945, 341:315, texturing.png)

Started the texturing, plenty of misplaced features already, but should be done tomorrow

b5c5d4  No.30644

File: 729909474f24521⋯.png (90.12 KB, 1400x940, 70:47, new adam scars.png)

body texturing 90% done

2a3cc3  No.30646


Very cool man. I'm sure you'll have an easier time rigging now! Loving the side silhouette of the manly chest.

b5c5d4  No.30647


the butt deforms better, but its still not perfect, the knew and elbow are much better though

b5c5d4  No.30648


b5c5d4  No.30650

File: 95f13784ce9e88c⋯.png (71.93 KB, 820x951, 820:951, New Adam Face.png)

Do you guys think the eyes are too derpy? Maybe i should being them closer together

b2e8cd  No.30651


Maybe a little but really it's because the pupils are facing forward too much. Bring the pupils closer inward otherwise you get that 1000 yard stare. Id also make the top of his head rounder.

b5c5d4  No.30654

File: 4bdf727f4abdfc2⋯.png (44.39 KB, 726x911, 726:911, adam 1.png)

File: 681f10f1ec68652⋯.png (32.36 KB, 726x911, 726:911, adam 2.png)

File: 76a6ef286f6bf88⋯.png (33.63 KB, 726x911, 726:911, oldadam 1.png)

File: b6f646d5431483b⋯.png (31.94 KB, 726x911, 726:911, oldadam 2.png)

Old Adam vs New Adam

b5c5d4  No.30655

File: 01e839d7eb0554b⋯.png (81.96 KB, 726x911, 726:911, adam 3.png)

File: f692783ba44cfe0⋯.png (64.4 KB, 726x911, 726:911, adam 4.png)

File: bac7720fed81641⋯.png (68.74 KB, 726x911, 726:911, oldadam 3.png)

File: 65c3a48db37835c⋯.png (53.37 KB, 726x911, 726:911, oldadam 4.png)

Face close in

b5c5d4  No.30671

File: 3317d11d80ad91c⋯.png (71.65 KB, 632x764, 158:191, hair progress.png)

Hair progress

b5c5d4  No.30679

File: 274544e427865ff⋯.png (65.73 KB, 700x700, 1:1, hair front.png)

File: f836daa916f3dda⋯.png (41.75 KB, 700x700, 1:1, hair side.png)

hair is finally done, it was much harder than i expected

b5c5d4  No.30685

File: 9c46a4eeb83b4a9⋯.png (17.92 KB, 481x585, 37:45, boots improved.png)

File: f8b1915198c5199⋯.png (17.59 KB, 481x585, 37:45, boots improved2.png)


Gonna make the shape keys for pants+boots tomorrow

b5c5d4  No.30690

File: 3fa946e3b1e15dd⋯.png (38.51 KB, 774x883, 774:883, pants boots.png)

Pants and Boots, it has a shape key to shrink the lower parts of the pants into the boots

b5c5d4  No.30691

File: 77487ed94c702a3⋯.png (26.27 KB, 539x841, 539:841, holster.png)

Its looking much better than the previous model, im glad i decided to redo it

ec5058  No.30692





Awesome job man. Topology powers unite.

b5c5d4  No.30695

File: 8530d2256492af4⋯.png (48.22 KB, 1059x668, 1059:668, bent1.png)

File: 61035cdaefbc0cb⋯.png (16.68 KB, 609x554, 609:554, bent2.png)


thanks brah

b5c5d4  No.30696

Weekly report finished, now to make (or just import) that hat


b5c5d4  No.30711

File: 7befc83bad4365d⋯.png (34.48 KB, 677x909, 677:909, jacket shirt and hat.png)

Jacket 75% done

After that i only need to make the scarf

b5c5d4  No.30718

File: c82ae9a9fc08e72⋯.png (34.08 KB, 827x853, 827:853, scarf.png)

jacket done, need to add bones for the scarf, but i think i will do so in another armature so the other clothes are not attached to the scarf armature which has extra bones they will never use

b5c5d4  No.30729

File: 4bb5482c2da51cd⋯.png (265.42 KB, 900x500, 9:5, adam on grass.png)

New Adam is mostly done

b5c5d4  No.30749

File: 7b39ce508149aba⋯.mp4 (3.52 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Adam walking.mp4)

Cloth coliders added

b5c5d4  No.30770

File: bb8efdbd47fe4a7⋯.png (183.56 KB, 624x806, 24:31, new topology.png)

now remaking the female model

b5c5d4  No.30775

File: 02f9c4bc0cb9766⋯.png (103.41 KB, 381x802, 381:802, sexy topology.png)

b5c5d4  No.30778

File: 070eef9f51666ae⋯.png (390.52 KB, 1550x850, 31:17, fem model.png)

Instead of going for a straight T-pose im going to make these with a 30º angle on the arms so the clothes are easier to make

1b3708  No.30779


Bad move anon. You need to consider your rest pose instead based on the types of animations you want it to perform. Will you be reusing animations from Adam(which has a different rest pose) on that one? Make your clothes conform to your model. Not your model conform to your clothes.

A pose is better for putting more detail in the armpits at the cost of much higher deformations if the arms are to shoot up. Consider your animations.

b5c5d4  No.30781


oh shit good point, totally forgot about it

2a3cc3  No.30782

File: 042f4065fb68750⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 388.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1514749789.png)


When in doubt, ask questions!

b5c5d4  No.30785

File: d5a5b99a2984320⋯.gif (322.47 KB, 400x225, 16:9, shinobu whirl.gif)


It was a full retard moment, i didn't even had questions in my mind

b5c5d4  No.30786

File: f342450a32464b7⋯.png (173.3 KB, 1013x764, 1013:764, started hands.png)

Fixed the T pose and started doing the hands, third try already, this is always one of the hardest parts

1b3708  No.30787


It will help if you start your topo from the knuckles then outward to connect with your fingers. I made the hand topo with the 3 palm reading lines. So it bends at those points. Are those hands different than Adams?

b5c5d4  No.30788


yes, the female hands are much more delicate and detailed

Im starting from the fingers because its easier for me, i already remade those twice

b5c5d4  No.30791

File: 7cc7aa31441cd2b⋯.gif (667.28 KB, 500x281, 500:281, party hard lolis.gif)


My brother has decided to quit his job and join me in a bit over a month, starting from April 1st yeah i know, its his sense of humor he will be working on the game fulltime

2a3cc3  No.30792


Dam nigga that's a big investment. You are now deadlocked to development. Hope your game does well.

b5c5d4  No.30793


Its our dream job, this is true freedom

i spent my savings, but my brother has more than enough to keep both of us deving for a while

b5c5d4  No.30796

File: 8c7e16f10fb257d⋯.png (140.29 KB, 750x842, 375:421, female model.png)

File: fc620a334e54c22⋯.png (231.74 KB, 662x866, 331:433, head front.png)

File: 1d48c1246982704⋯.png (225.09 KB, 662x866, 331:433, head side.png)

File: 89f1841daef6604⋯.png (156.02 KB, 750x842, 375:421, total size.png)

topology is mostly finished for the female model, i need to make several adjustments on the armature and several things have changed in comparison to the old model

b5c5d4  No.30800

File: ca8267eb2be86fa⋯.png (157.41 KB, 748x836, 17:19, applied mods.png)

File: 126c2b271964c6c⋯.png (100.57 KB, 1059x696, 353:232, hand1.png)

File: 343fcd504d30675⋯.png (147.12 KB, 1059x696, 353:232, hand3.png)

File: f1d6c67570ec1ab⋯.png (149.89 KB, 1059x696, 353:232, hand4.png)

Next is attaching the armature and checking all movements

b5c5d4  No.30805

File: 0d4b3b1e6493b60⋯.png (486.06 KB, 1040x2100, 52:105, detailed hands.png)

found out the secret for qt anime hands, just make the nails rounder

616856  No.30814


You should watch Prokos video on hand bones. It would help out with your rigging. You posted on the v thread but your finger bones are not proportionally correct. Each finger bone is roughly 1:2:4 ratio big. So starting from the tip of your finger to the palm your finger bones should look like they double in length as they get closer to the palm. Also Im not sure you need those 4 interior palm bones. You do need the knuckle and carpal curve though. Your anime style doesn't need that many hand bones. They would be a waste for a game. Keep in mind that you should build your rig so no vertex is affected by more than 4 bones at a time. Otherwise Unity will incur a performance hit since it would need more memory for the vertex deformation pass as it rolls over to 8 bones per vertex. Don't apply subdiv.

Those are my recommendations.

b5c5d4  No.30818


> Each finger bone is roughly 1:2:4 ratio

I thought it was more like 1:2:3, i will correct it

>4 interior palm bones

I have to check mecanim again, but i probably can delete them

>Keep in mind that you should build your rig so no vertex is affected by more than 4 bones at a time. Otherwise Unity will incur a performance hit

Thats good to know, thanks!

>Don't apply subdiv

Too late! I do need it applied before i export the fbx, if i have to apply eventually i prefer to apply early and use the more complex mesh to make the model more detailed, its harder to weight paint, but i don't mind

2a3cc3  No.30823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the tricky part about hands! Try looking at your fingers with your palm facing you. Each finger looks about the same size. Now flip your hand over and wiggle your finger, notice how the bottom finger bone suddenly looks ALOT longer. Anatomy. Watch this.

b5c5d4  No.30828

File: 271cfa45e44aba2⋯.png (230.93 KB, 1003x768, 1003:768, fist.png)


I watched this yesterday, very helpful

After another full day working on this i got this result, the final segment of the fingers have bones of the same size as the middle segment, but if it was a real finger the bone would stop midway, in my model i extend it to the tip of the nails, i still need to calibrate the exact potion of the thumb bones, but for now its fine, i need to finish the other parts of the model

b5c5d4  No.30840

File: e4f648b8fc07dab⋯.mp4 (2.75 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boob slider.mp4)

File: 6e58ea818bd5066⋯.jpg (225.53 KB, 630x772, 315:386, sexy flatness.jpg)

File: a3f3fc66326c5c8⋯.jpg (209.69 KB, 730x1046, 365:523, busty babes dct.jpg)

Boob slider is here!

e76afa  No.30842


Hot. If you want better looking in between bust sizes, make the circles around the flat closer to each other. Thereby make the topology grow in size when it expands instead of looking like it extrudes outward.

b5c5d4  No.30847


oh, thanks i will try that

b5c5d4  No.30849

File: a3e6719d995b9a2⋯.png (214.78 KB, 1310x706, 655:353, size mods.png)


didn`t work well, but i found another way to do it, i will use the breast bones to change the orientation of the breast during the proccess, making it point a bit upwards, making them look more perky

Also size slider is done, i will probably make another for smaller characters

2a3cc3  No.30850

File: e06102b9c2ce73a⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 500x500, 1:1, breast_slider.webm)


Cool. But you can just use a shape key without needing to make to make it needlessly complex with another bone. That's what blend shapes are for. Here's a quick boob slider I made in 10 minutes to show you that our exact topology allows for breast shape sliders and looks good with in betweens. You just need to get the topology shift right. It's not that hard. Look at the wireframe in my video. It even works with my breast bones before and after for a nice jiggle. I don't actually plan to use this shape key.

b5c5d4  No.30851


well i could try again

2a3cc3  No.30852


It would also be easier with subdivision modifier!

b5c5d4  No.30855

File: 90f5e18c3e75d5d⋯.mp4 (7.46 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boobs v2.mp4)


You were right, it was worth trying again

Looks much better now, but i had to change the shape of the max size boobs slightly

Also i still need to smooth the flat version i never used the sculp tools, is it there the tool to smooth surfaces?

41e626  No.30860


Looks better!

>sculpt tools

Anon I keep bringing it up not to bother you but because you are doing it wrong. You wouldn't have to smooth out individual triangles if you kept your subdivision modifier on. I like to use the smooth vertices button in the tools panel sometimes. But you really REALLY want to keep subdiv and save days of work. You will be making lots of other little changes and take 4x longer every time with worse accuracy. You virtually don't gain anything in terms of precision. Let it do the hard work for you. Transfer your weights over to the backup and fly nigga.

Also you may want to consult your bone count in your body. If you post pics I can help you simplify it. I say this because I remember seeing 4 bones for the spine which is overkill. The less bones the easier and faster it is to animate. Unity even sometimes recommends 2 spine bones.

b5c5d4  No.30864

File: 3dc6a8d74c9d8cb⋯.mp4 (6.1 MB, 960x540, 16:9, sliders.mp4)


Other than the boobs and butt bones all others are used by Unity's Mecanim, i made sure to even give them the same names they have in there

Shape keys done, now to texture

b5c5d4  No.30865

File: efba085bae5fb5c⋯.png (184.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, panic and despair.png)

I fucked up

I fucked up

I fucked up

I fucked up

I fucked up

I fucked up

I forgot to mirror the important changes i did to the left hand, i will now have to redo all shape keys to be able to mirror it

2-3 days of work into the trash

41e626  No.30866


Anon Jesus Christ did you also apply the mirror modifier??!? Do this:

Delete the left half of your body vertices without fucking up your shape keys. Simply delete and don't switch to another shape key while in edit mode. Then add your mirror modifier. Remember you can still have different shape keys for both halves without having them be affected by mirror modifier if you use vertex blend for it.

b5c5d4  No.30868


How many times do i have to say that i must apply the modifiers before exporting to Unity?

I cannot have a single modifier other than the armature one when i make the fbx, Unity does not know what a modifer is, if i export half character with a mirror on it Unity will see only the half character

2a3cc3  No.30869


Have you tried just applying it for the export and then undoing that to continue working on the model?

b5c5d4  No.30872


You cannot apply modifiers if there are shape keys on the model

b5c5d4  No.30873

well fuck found a crash on Everyday Lite, now i have to fix that too, and my brother will be busy working 12 hours a day in his job this week, so no work on our game, still 3 weeks before he leaves his shitty job.

I guess im going to have a setback week

2a3cc3  No.30874



Half of Blender's other powerfulness comes from addons. The downside is that sometimes they only work in certain versions. This one apparently works in v 2.68~. There is some other addon that does the same but also is version locked. I say it's very well worth it just for exporting stuff.

b5c5d4  No.30875


oh, this is nice, i will check later, thanks

b5c5d4  No.30876

File: a10a9f0e994b735⋯.png (225.8 KB, 814x840, 407:420, abc.png)

well since i can change the base shape more anyways i decided to add something


support for stockings!

I think i will make it at B

2a3cc3  No.30879


To be honest I didn't test out those addons to bake out the modifiers. None of them worked out of the box the problem was a lot more complex but I spent the day figuring it out. I should probably tell the others in the Blender Stack Exchange.


b5c5d4  No.30880

File: 045870cde6dbead⋯.png (265.82 KB, 919x780, 919:780, stocking support.png)

My internet is very unstable, seems like the modem is dying, it was super hot earlier and i turned it off for a while until it cooled down, but seems like it is fucked

9baae8  No.30888


Any plans to add polygamy and a CK2 style inheritance system?

dda670  No.30890

File: 38461d2f550f617⋯.png (13.39 KB, 1172x772, 293:193, hand.png)


only a few girls will accept polygamy like the elves, and there will be no kingdoms to inherit, we are thinking about procedural children that age and help in the farm, but that won't be on the first release

Didn't get much progress today... food poisoning + headache, tomorrow i should finish the texturing on the base female model

a33e9d  No.30892

File: 38488b12559e333⋯.png (82.59 KB, 2000x700, 20:7, face proportions.png)

Ready to start making Sasha's face

a33e9d  No.30904

File: 45fc00dc8c9f5c0⋯.png (87.84 KB, 804x714, 134:119, eye shape.png)

finally decided on the eye shape for Sasha

9baae8  No.30905


I wasn't thinking about having kingdoms to inherit, more like kids wanting to stay or leave the farm(some get sick and tired of the farm and leave for better job opportunities, others like the farm and decide to stay), and you can choose which ones to inherit the farm in your will.

Also, I was thinking more of a family tree system implemented.

a33e9d  No.30906

File: 04353d64a62f320⋯.png (88.78 KB, 804x714, 134:119, eye shape.png)


depends how hard it will be to age all characters, i don't want everyone to be "forever 17" this shit breaks immersion

a33e9d  No.30912

We have decided how the town will be, it will be similar to the ref images i posted at


But with a less modern and more fantasy theme, buildings of white stone and grown wood (wood will be grown by a dryad instead of chopped from trees) with canals of pristine water running through all of it, with decent versatility and fishing spots in the entire town.

During the summer the girls will mostly walk around in swimsuits and swim in the canals or simply refresh themselves sitting in the ledge with their feet on the water

During the winter the surface will freeze and you will be able to walk all over the frozen canals, the girls will ice skate over it

We are going to need more water-based monstergirls now

a33e9d  No.30914

File: a8cc913d0c405e3⋯.png (67.63 KB, 1364x754, 682:377, sasha eyes.png)

Still doesn't looks good...

Gonna make them larger then see what else it needs to look better

7184b0  No.30915


>Gonna make them larger then see what else it needs to look better

Those eyes look a bit far apart but maybe it gets fixed when you make them larger

Good progress, also I like the look and shape of the eyes

355bab  No.30916


Texture is good but you need to make eyes bigger, closer to nose, and fix that weird head shape. Look at online pictures of toy doll heads. That's the kind of round head shape you want. You may have to fix the topology for the head.

a33e9d  No.30919

File: ec30153e61be1f7⋯.png (183.21 KB, 1393x800, 1393:800, looks derpy.png)

She looks derpy as fuck, not sure how to fix

a33e9d  No.30920

File: bf35549229e90e1⋯.png (140 KB, 1393x800, 1393:800, looks slightly better.png)

Got the eyes closer together and lowered brows, looks fine now... i think

Its only from the front, from other angles look better

ce7de2  No.30922


looking good anon

were you thinking of implementing different features, or maybe like a modular face thing

so you can, you know, make other characters more easily or maybe in-place textures for expressions?

ce7de2  No.30923


>We have decided how the town will be, it will be similar to the ref images i posted at

oh and for fuck, these fucking awesome for a setting, can't wait to see the develop anon(bros)

a33e9d  No.30924

File: a8a2dd186544f47⋯.gif (623.47 KB, 245x300, 49:60, sameface.gif)


My first priority is give each character a distinctive look, i hate samesafe characters


My brother got really excited when i told him my idea, he wants to push at least some of the town out during 5/5 demoday, i will see if i can plan some buildings by then along with a few characters even if the demo will be just Adam walking/cutting grass

a33e9d  No.30925


a33e9d  No.30998

Just bumping my thread back up since the board got nuked by a clown

a33e9d  No.31049

File: d9ff2c9adc5f280⋯.png (89.71 KB, 658x706, 329:353, hair.png)

trying to figure out how to hair

a33e9d  No.31062

File: 21e3bd29908daad⋯.png (116.29 KB, 700x786, 350:393, sasha.png)

50% done

a33e9d  No.31100

Where is the board admin?

e365a2  No.31114


there was none for the past 7 months. I have claimed the board, will do some cleaning up and reach out to try and improve the place

Post last edited at

a33e9d  No.31183


good luck

a33e9d  No.31202

File: 37a7270161b077f⋯.png (301.82 KB, 1456x728, 2:1, sasha hair front side.png)

Texturing the hair took way longer than expected

a33e9d  No.31230

File: a29b08a7fb02928⋯.png (665.41 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, sasha reaches edengrall.png)

Sasha Boreas

Age: 52 Laetus years, 16 in Earth years (A year in Laetus lasts 112 days)

Race: Human

Marriageable: Yes

Personality: Energetic and Radiant

Favorite Food: Basically anything with potatoes

Native of Mistri, previously part of Valvalia which became Pollan territory for a few years, Sasha’s town was attacked by the goblin horde that plagues the continent after the fall of Scarlon, during the attack she and her mother were embarked into a merchant ship used as emergency refugee transport, but the ship was destroyed in a massive storm before it could reach the safe harbors of New Vinlarr, Sasha was the only survivor and was dragged by a mysterious creature to the beaches near the town of Edengrall. She was rescued and quickly accepted by the villagers, she now lives in the tavern and helps around as much as she can, despite losing everything dear to her she is able to smile and be cheerful when others are around, suppressing her sorrow, her biggest fear is being seen as a burden.

10d0a0  No.31231


Why the pointy left tooth?

a33e9d  No.31232

File: 13de3958fe404f9⋯.png (658.27 KB, 1603x1721, 1603:1721, Sasha before and after Yur….png)


Because energetic girls have cute fangs

Comfy mode Sasha achieved

a36bdd  No.31233


>Because energetic girls have cute fangs

fair enough

a33e9d  No.31236

File: 41cb72bc3dca4e3⋯.png (84.7 KB, 1450x850, 29:17, Sasha.png)

Bra and short jeans, still gonna do the size key shapes

a33e9d  No.31241

File: d18887b4847d566⋯.png (60.9 KB, 599x838, 599:838, bending.png)

Doing kneesocks now

a33e9d  No.31242

File: abbcdeba9bc1298⋯.png (54.25 KB, 682x850, 341:425, light blue.png)

Next, shirt

a33e9d  No.31243

File: bca15efc560367f⋯.mp4 (5.81 MB, 960x540, 16:9, boobsize.mp4)

a33e9d  No.31255

File: c1f3a7f68b0ad7d⋯.png (428.73 KB, 742x826, 53:59, flower.png)

File: 7478b3720f2e717⋯.png (13.23 KB, 1071x744, 357:248, hand and bracer.png)

File: 0ada12df58c7a2d⋯.png (45.85 KB, 615x828, 205:276, sasha complete.png)

File: 2bf71c0d80d62d0⋯.png (47.31 KB, 712x800, 89:100, sasha front.png)

Sasha default clothing done

I will make a few more characters before making winter clothing for them all

a33e9d  No.31264

File: 448541fcd880924⋯.png (60.99 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Sasha comfy.png)

File: a6e8573945c516e⋯.png (72.26 KB, 1240x900, 62:45, Sasha wink.png)

Starting new girl now

a33e9d  No.31280

File: 5b70e9a562c835b⋯.png (48.95 KB, 601x826, 601:826, elly face.png)

File: 55908d2f8b07571⋯.png (14.3 KB, 334x790, 167:395, elly hair side.png)

File: a2196b5ccbe027d⋯.png (26.37 KB, 828x794, 414:397, elly.png)

Meet Elly, she is a good girl and she likes to read books all day and night

making her wings tomorrow

ef8919  No.31281


Is her mouth open or are those just her lips?

a33e9d  No.31284

File: 889637b17a6ddbf⋯.png (337.12 KB, 1094x854, 547:427, elly solid.png)

File: 6811abc3fe0fc38⋯.png (49.45 KB, 1094x854, 547:427, elly texture.png)


lower lips, they are naturally colorful and glossy because of her species

a33e9d  No.31301

File: 7131aa5aae47438⋯.png (49.7 KB, 716x832, 179:208, armature.png)

Now i need to fine tune the weight painting, specially on the hair

e891db  No.31303


I think you got too many bones there Anon. Use less hair bones by making the bones NOT evenly spaced. Bone density should increase the closer to end of hair strand. Also your head wings dont need 4 sets of bones. 2 max. Remember, the less bones the easier to weight paint and faster to animate. I suggest removing 1 set from all wings on each side.

a33e9d  No.31304


I tried less bones on the wings, but when i test on pose mode it looks like crap

Elly will be a very timid girl and her wings movements will be an important part of her body language like covering her eyes with the headwings when embarassed

As for the hair im using only one bone chain for hair strand except for the long part which uses 3, middle, left and right, are you saying i should only have one bone chain for the long part?

e891db  No.31307


Well then you must have not painted proper weights. The thing about weights is that it doesn't have to be rigid weights with hard cutoffs. If you paint it with a wide smooth falloff, you can achieve a bendy smooth curve deformation instead of a sharp angle deformation. This is how you can fake in between bones. Im not sure about your hair strands but what I mean is place them in a way that looks like they double the closer they are to then end if the strand. So instead of _*_*_*_* you would do _***__* this is easier to animate realistic physics driven strings and stuff because it looks like it percolates movement downward. More bones is not always better.

e891db  No.31309


Stupid formatting meant to say do


Instead of


f23901  No.31310

File: b6e4d8db4af7515⋯.png (51.4 KB, 1094x854, 547:427, Untitled-1.png)

File: 8f2f3f967c11e56⋯.png (53.44 KB, 716x832, 179:208, Untitled-2.png)


I made you this sketch hopefully it's useful but it's a more ideal rig for the wings. Your model currently has 72 bones for wings which is absurd for a simple game character and would be a nightmare to weight paint the wing roots. Remember you should keep vertex deformations to max of 4 bones. You would run into almost 8. This approach is only 26 bones and covers all the important parts in <= 4 bones per vertex. Body language will be easier to achieve with this and will be 100x faster to animate. Rig bones shouldn't necessarily line up with the bones themselves. They can represent groups of bones.

As for your hair, it's really cute but I can't see it very well to make a sketch for it. However I do also see too many bones. You have 3 bone chains with about 11 bones. That's nuts man. Instead use 2 bone chains with 6 bones.

a33e9d  No.31311


I will lower the bones on the hair, but the wings are out of question, i need the mobility on them

f23901  No.31312


If I can't convince you to help you then so be it. But your mobility will be animated better and faster with a simplified skeleton. Consider this last thing: your rig is using more than twice as many bones than the Skyrim dragon and has 6~7 bones per vertex.

a33e9d  No.31386

File: a68c529c82c2088⋯.webm (879.69 KB, 400x416, 25:26, 2018-04-19 17-44-40.webm)

File: ac2f733504d1313⋯.png (318.16 KB, 885x792, 295:264, foliage new.png)

Our trees will change daily with this system, the leaf color will also change slightly every day

9579d1  No.31388

File: 6b3f7320cfe090f⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 508x476, 127:119, 2018-04-20 17-27-33.webm)

9579d1  No.31403

File: 433b13237132fba⋯.png (123.99 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Branch A.png)

File: 4adc5437c4987da⋯.png (233.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Branch Long A.png)

File: 1efddc3616340b3⋯.png (149.56 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Branch B.png)

Finished several variations of small modular branches, this time i will place them in varying angles instead of doing two billboards in the same axis for each branch end

9579d1  No.31409

File: dafa623bd117cc7⋯.png (392.81 KB, 856x814, 428:407, early summer look.png)

File: c7d4bde74bf35ee⋯.png (586.91 KB, 1350x725, 54:29, 3000 triangles.png)

File: 96d508ffde36510⋯.png (423.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, closeup.png)

Before and After

0725cf  No.31412


shes not supposed to have a hole in her right wing is she?

9579d1  No.31413


thats the hair clipping

9579d1  No.31418

File: 1960de769d526f1⋯.png (251.48 KB, 991x824, 991:824, temple island 2.png)

File: 4ec6bb818a7cd0f⋯.png (317.53 KB, 991x824, 991:824, temple island.png)

File: 5e80a078907d47d⋯.png (133.11 KB, 991x824, 991:824, tunnel 1.png)

File: 0ff8c2441d824d0⋯.png (129.05 KB, 991x824, 991:824, tunnel 2.png)

Expanded the shrine isle/lake and made it into a temple isle and lake

It has a tunnel to climb up from the water

9579d1  No.31422

File: b97a0e5b472d02a⋯.webm (6.96 MB, 1228x512, 307:128, new trees.webm)

My bro improved the shader and i improved the leaves, also added more branches, each tree has 3800 triangles

52b2b3  No.31436

File: 67312614196e686⋯.png (651.24 KB, 1007x822, 1007:822, tree plats.png)

Looking at references, but still can't decide on a style for the tree houses

They can't fill the entre platform as there will be bridges and people will need a bit of space in the platform to walk between two bridges

52b2b3  No.31470

Grass & Leaves demo, we didn't manage to optimize it, so be careful when looking at the trees, your GPU might complain

Also the buttons get glitchy sometimes, we are looking into it


000000  No.31486


Wut? Why cant they be of varied length?

Or you're not going to make dress-up?

52b2b3  No.31490


it requires extra 3 rings on each thigh for each length, if it was just the shape keys i would do more, but i don't want to fill the models with a thousand polygon rings in the legs

47c406  No.31520

File: 935b0cf8f76e505⋯.png (144.78 KB, 965x646, 965:646, kiosk 2.png)

File: 6ecc2e75bb9557b⋯.png (143.39 KB, 965x646, 965:646, kiosk 3.png)

File: 067e09252e05a33⋯.png (112.08 KB, 965x646, 965:646, kiosk 4.png)

File: 0ec0171175a9fc2⋯.png (374.68 KB, 965x646, 965:646, kiosk 5.png)

File: b0021e8d7f960f0⋯.png (60.61 KB, 965x646, 965:646, kiosk.png)

comfy symmetric bar

47c406  No.31591

File: 7f926d64eb58512⋯.webm (5.13 MB, 1106x534, 553:267, 2018-05-29 11-43-10.webm)

File: 8d1fae66d12db37⋯.png (283.15 KB, 1005x919, 1005:919, edengrall.png)

Haven't posted in a while, but we have been working on the game every day

By the way, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Friday Report


47c406  No.31609

File: 37a3ed8549f8a09⋯.png (171.29 KB, 1119x957, 373:319, tree spiral.png)

Tree Spiral!

7c480f  No.31612


Looks good but the bridge and stairs seem a little out of proportion. You should model with dimension reference so you get consistent measurements. Put a little dude in there for size comparison. That bridge practically has no railings and looks like it's ~5 feet wide.

47c406  No.31615


the bridge is large, the ropes are closer to head height

47c406  No.31641

File: 615a1f094efae3c⋯.png (242.58 KB, 1001x583, 91:53, district houses.png)

File: 9f7d592f78828c0⋯.png (184.95 KB, 833x860, 833:860, districts from above.png)

File: 293990ae2eb7e29⋯.png (251.56 KB, 1101x477, 367:159, platforms done.png)

Treehouses done, overall designs of Forest District and Aqua District are mostly done

47c406  No.31658

File: 3f78a50dc91ae06⋯.png (196.45 KB, 971x883, 971:883, aqua tower 2.png)

File: 1f87ac5b39f081f⋯.png (257.61 KB, 971x883, 971:883, new aqua tower.png)

Remade the central building in the Aqua District

Before and After

47c406  No.31665

File: 04a38dd40bef7cb⋯.png (208.47 KB, 919x809, 919:809, library.png)

Library/Museum WIP

7c480f  No.31667


It's coming along nicely. Are these models for a minimap or the actual full map?

47c406  No.31668


Actual map, but very simplified, i want to test moving around and doing some parkour in the city before making more detailed versions

47c406  No.31675

File: 4f754bd268ecad4⋯.png (195.09 KB, 814x730, 407:365, library2.png)

File: 407bb3f3337d882⋯.png (184.79 KB, 814x730, 407:365, library3.png)


47c406  No.31677

File: e4bdad9a859a68e⋯.png (96.87 KB, 867x820, 867:820, library 1 floor.png)

File: e6513d0bbc4ca2f⋯.png (98.97 KB, 867x820, 867:820, library 2 floor.png)

File: 3ff442c6a46235b⋯.png (124.85 KB, 867x820, 867:820, library 3 floor.png)

File: 840078fc4ee320d⋯.png (125.44 KB, 867x820, 867:820, library 4 floor.png)

File: 0d254b4fd4983c4⋯.png (185.19 KB, 867x820, 867:820, library 5 floor.png)

First two floors are the museum part, last two will be filled with books

Also roof garden like in most buildings

47c406  No.31709

File: 37ab76f7e8f21ee⋯.png (29.94 KB, 905x619, 905:619, temple progress.png)

Temple Progress

106a8b  No.31710

File: 828134b03c8622f⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d96.jpg)

Just wanted to say that I'm really liking the direction this game is taking. I check back every few months (or so) and the last thing I remember seeing was the cooking demo. This has come way farther than I would have thought and when you end up releasing it, you can at least count me buying it. Keep it up anon

47c406  No.31711

File: 43b23b71bc72d54⋯.jpg (195.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, oh goshy 3.jpg)



47c406  No.31714

File: ce1c124c777ed12⋯.png (142.86 KB, 879x326, 879:326, lighthouse now.png)

Now to remake the lighthouse and the floodgates

47c406  No.31721

File: d423265a18ff734⋯.png (114.22 KB, 1006x401, 1006:401, side view.png)

Remade the lighthouse

Now only need to make the largest district

The Port/Market district

47c406  No.31740

File: c1695dc38281759⋯.png (8.46 KB, 377x326, 377:326, happystory.png)

Playing story of seasons after work now, it was the only harvest moon-like game i haven't played before

So many ideas to st-take inspiration from!

47c406  No.31756

Im getting so many ideas to add like a part-time job system similar to SoS ToT, but on steroids, still im not going to let feature creep delay the game, i will pile those ideas on the todo list and add them later as free updates

47c406  No.31764

File: bf4e1379eb575dd⋯.png (448.86 KB, 1105x767, 85:59, edengrall inn.png)

File: 1aaad486c80dfd4⋯.png (403.58 KB, 1105x767, 85:59, edengrall.png)

Making INN/Tavern

47c406  No.31765

File: 0600df4aa32ace3⋯.webm (10 MB, 940x826, 470:413, water.webm)

River technology

47c406  No.31770

File: de001c47378f143⋯.png (113.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, inn.png)

exterior is mostly done

47c406  No.31791

File: 7c33c26e3a6d0dd⋯.png (23.07 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern1.png)

File: 493e5a62536595d⋯.png (60.76 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern2.png)

File: 9881fd25c84d946⋯.png (87.51 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern3.png)

File: 4d4587f59997bfd⋯.png (112.63 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern4.png)

File: 1acb7a4f9982a5e⋯.png (157.66 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern5.png)

Inn done, has 6 rooms, attic, kitchen, laundry room, storages, large tavern, games room, plenty bathrooms and innkeeper room (tower)

47c406  No.31792

File: 0837258b7dd72c8⋯.png (174.11 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern6.png)

File: 0dc15037cf4beb9⋯.png (225.1 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern7.png)

File: 1fe9808b07d759c⋯.png (269.06 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern8.png)

File: e8ad5ed288f394c⋯.png (289.19 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern9.png)

File: d904f9ec5dd2327⋯.png (282.52 KB, 939x943, 939:943, tavern10.png)

And the bridges to the Community Center and the Library

47c406  No.31793

File: 156038969c56963⋯.webm (11.17 MB, 720x416, 45:26, 2018-07-06 14-41-09.webm)

River with water reflections

47c406  No.31810

File: 6c07474e45bc888⋯.png (82.19 KB, 1099x642, 1099:642, shops.png)

File: cfc548588d1f79e⋯.png (55.48 KB, 1200x459, 400:153, shops2.png)

Shopping district will basically be like this, each building is a shop, total 10 buildings with two floors each

47c406  No.31816

File: ce3106998e79a49⋯.png (146.58 KB, 1029x720, 343:240, shops3.png)

almost done

47c406  No.31819

File: 34ad794a33fad50⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1115x772, 1115:772, welcome to edengrall 2.png)

File: cc73d14c10ac8dc⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1115x772, 1115:772, welcome to edengrall.png)

almost ready for Unity

47c406  No.31825

File: 8ffac334217f088⋯.png (183.24 KB, 1307x622, 1307:622, city.png)

Transfer to Unity was (mostly) without problems! Just need to fix a ton of small graphical glitches, mainly faces with flipped normals

47c406  No.31838

File: fac4a92820a27e0⋯.webm (7.02 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, pedrospots.webm)

There is not such a thing as a half A press

47c406  No.31850

File: 6338db9a40fd714⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1313x610, 1313:610, Edengrall in unity.png)

Finally finished the new terrain, remade the entire terrain mesh using my brother's terrain system, it is made to allow procedural generation of props and objects based on the terrain type/biome, so filling the map will be much easier later on

47c406  No.31854

File: 94661e2da7ef977⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1301x614, 1301:614, added stuff.png)

Added a few more details, im satisfied with the terrain now, time to check collision boxes

47c406  No.31855

File: 2379a303ae875f6⋯.png (486.02 KB, 1315x622, 1315:622, Edengrall6.png)

Huuuum, maybe it needs a skybox now

47c406  No.31888

File: fb23f462e2bfa90⋯.png (77.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, blendtree.png)

character animation is suffering

01b119  No.31890


Yeah unitys animation system is trash for dynamic logic driven changes. Its only good for static immutable logic. If it ever gets complicated I suggest you do your transitions entirely in C# without any animator node connections. I did it for Shinobu and a couple work projects. Headaches were saved.

47c406  No.31891

File: 0af35cddfdb1836⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 512x325, 512:325, pool of misery and sufferi….jpg)


this is hell

47c406  No.31894


Talked to my brother about this, we will use your suggestion, he will program it and i will get the clips

But for 8/8 demoday we will still use the current placeholder system

47c406  No.31950

almost finished remaking all collision meshes for the buildings, and my bro is remaking the bridges on the treehouses to make them move and shit

47c406  No.31973

Looks like we won't be finishing the dynamic rope bridges for 8/8, we will be use simple long planks as placeholders

47c406  No.31984

File: 2888a43c0ddc8c0⋯.png (638.67 KB, 1149x622, 1149:622, edengrall is my city1.png)

File: e8a446a250ee724⋯.png (711.46 KB, 1149x622, 1149:622, edengrall is my city2.png)

fixing small glitches on the city meshes, mostly ready

106a8b  No.31985

File: bb066fa09affedf⋯.png (158.62 KB, 1024x650, 512:325, pool of misery and sufferi….png)


That image really irks me for some reason.

47c406  No.31993

File: ede062109746a21⋯.png (933.57 KB, 1151x638, 1151:638, bridges.png)

We had to make the dynamic bridge building system spawn simple planks for now, we didn't finish it in time, but at least you can get on the treehouses with those

47c406  No.31994

7c480f  No.32006

File: 18bb2a931c13e21⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1547x1177, 1547:1177, s.png)

File: f4c4c0100fe28e6⋯.png (299.46 KB, 481x360, 481:360, 1397106303243.png)


0/10 Just kidding

That looks super comfy and looks like you put in a lot of work in it. It can definitely blossom into a pretty fucking cool RPG adventure thing. Something within the scale of a PS2~PS3 game (considering modern software and the size of your team). I love the variety of buildings within your town and that you can walk inside all of them. I really do like how there is a calm peaceful comfy shrine outside. The river flowing throughout the entire town was a nice touch. Felt like a hotel pool with the bar at the center.

Now for real criticism: I agree with the other Anon that you could have done better planning out your houses with simpler shapes first. I feel like the main town buildings are too close to each other and some buildings feel disproportionally small and claustrophobic inside. Height:Width measurements are sort of erratic. This would have been corrected if more testing with the player running around to get a better feel. That's all I got. Good luck. Keep on trucking.

47c406  No.32008


thanks, changing buildings proportions is still possible if needed, i will only know for sure how much space i really need when i start making interiors

Also nice find, i will fix that inverted normal

6e2360  No.32040

Fixed all holes and inverted normals that were found during the demoday, including >>32006

Now i will start finding animation clips for Adam or improve the textures/materials

6e2360  No.32051

File: b441f70d52204b5⋯.webm (5.85 MB, 1134x552, 189:92, 2018-08-13 17-57-34.webm)

bridges and shit

6e2360  No.32052

File: 46b08655c734940⋯.png (139.9 KB, 756x672, 9:8, current state.png)

File: 9421d168ee9e57c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1161x622, 1161:622, edeng.png)

File: 0fc63c85190e09b⋯.png (275.84 KB, 1035x852, 345:284, plans.png)

File: 7ec0e7b7d9750dd⋯.jpg (296.87 KB, 320x480, 2:3, banyan xa.jpg)

File: 5e2a470f98c8f0d⋯.png (4.04 MB, 1852x887, 1852:887, samples.png)

Iam not satisfied with the current state of the Ladrasil and the Ironwood trees, it indeed look silly to have trees under a large tree, i will remodel all of it into a huge Banyan tree, with the ironwood trees becoming roots to support the much longer branches that will extend over the temple lake, the tree will also have roots covering the community center, creating a fusion of marble and wood

6e2360  No.32094

File: af8eec074e5186a⋯.png (446.35 KB, 1011x935, 1011:935, new ladrasil.png)

Now to turn these 160 curves into meshes and merge them into a single mesh....

6e2360  No.32111

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

UV mapping is hell

04e37d  No.32116


You are probably doing something wrong. I dont recommend using curves to make trees because the baked out meshes cause that twisting you saw earlier and that makes it a pain in the ass to unwrap. I like to use skin modifier with subdivision. Much easier to make and edit branches. And the result is easier to set all top facing edges to mark as seams.

Basically if you have trouble with unwrapping, you are doing something wrong. Check topology and method.

bb3c9f  No.32121

File: 957d921af002f18⋯.png (851.96 KB, 1262x923, 1262:923, new ladrasil.png)


im not referring to the tree, but in general

Im usin triplanar for the tree, so there is no need for UV there

Even when it goes well it is a boring process and i hate it

bb3c9f  No.32130

File: e62744a4dd88e32⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1163x620, 1163:620, ss2.png)

File: 5b5595842049ed0⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1163x620, 1163:620, ss1.png)

Proper materials make it so much better

bb3c9f  No.32136

File: 7fbdea323350032⋯.png (160.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, problem12.png)

File: 1948e679e19a099⋯.png (114.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, problem14.png)

File: 5b58e7e141be8c4⋯.png (210.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, problem17.png)

File: cbfb495b07e25d4⋯.png (871.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, problem20.png)

God damn it, this shit never ends

d1b021  No.32137

Looking forward to seeing the city once it's properly lit.

bb3c9f  No.32138


By next demoday should be done

bb3c9f  No.32148

File: b748812411c5286⋯.png (344.67 KB, 1150x600, 23:12, treeclimb.png)

File: 5c7ab3a54432bba⋯.png (351.7 KB, 1150x600, 23:12, treeclimb2.png)

Climbing the tree is entertaining even with this clunky movement, should become actually fun when my bro finishes the new movement system with ledge grab and shit

4d57ab  No.32149


>that CPU time

Did you put a mesh collider and that insane mesh?

bb3c9f  No.32150


All buildings and the tree have a simplified version of it as a mesh collider, i can simplify them more, im just afraid of making spots where the character would fall into a mesh or meet invisible walls

bb3c9f  No.32155

File: dcd7f7457de9438⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1918x909, 1918:909, edengrall1.png)

File: 3165ab2adf51590⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1918x909, 1918:909, edengrall2.png)

The city is getting prettier every day, and i still have plenty textures/materials to add, not to mention details like flowers and shit

And one day this tree will be covered in leaves and vines

bb3c9f  No.32158

File: fbb33470e541ba2⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1147x622, 1147:622, more bridges.png)

building bridges, 12 more to go...

9622c8  No.32160


I just got around to playing the demo. The level design is great. Tons of interesting places to explore. It'll be nice seeing this one come together.

bb3c9f  No.32161

File: d3f9e45f31b6f58⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, alice happy.jpg)



bb3c9f  No.32171

File: bd08628081bbdf5⋯.png (1008.94 KB, 1153x616, 1153:616, city.png)

90% of the materials have been replaced, only a few left

bb3c9f  No.32174

File: 186278c703d56c9⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1147x614, 1147:614, top view.png)

Finished replacing the default blender materials into UBER shader materials, i will try to change the style from realistic into slightly more cartoony eventually, but for now they will remain as they are

Next step is to add some ambiance sound and start looking for pretty skybox scripts (i found some with inbuilt weather system, look neat)

bb3c9f  No.32184

File: f4e2f9229e7099f⋯.webm (10.86 MB, 412x522, 206:261, 2018-09-06_18-22-55.webm)

Bro is making progress on the ledge grabbing

bb3c9f  No.32185

File: f419357e561c37d⋯.mp4 (8.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-09-07 14-57-51.mp4)

City is textured and looking good for now, i will change my focus back to the characters

bb3c9f  No.32199

File: 808c24890102994⋯.png (51.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Adam Shaved.png)

File: a5bdd57844d9fac⋯.png (43.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Adam Shaved2.png)

Say hello to the new Adam!

4dc8f9  No.32208


Hi Adam

bb3c9f  No.32209

File: 5735e61ad961670⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 212.5 KB, 848x410, 424:205, cringeeeee.png)


Now lets go back 1 year ago meet the first version of Adam to compare

7c480f  No.32212

File: fcca8c5cc48cedb⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 222x172, 111:86, 1332543763411.gif)



Real men cringe at their current work to improve further.

bb3c9f  No.32243

File: 7ceb6706f00b3cb⋯.png (528.18 KB, 800x600, 4:3, adam hat.png)

File: 98c608ca722989c⋯.png (196 KB, 581x610, 581:610, adam1.png)

File: aee4d4282a62a7b⋯.png (123.4 KB, 581x610, 581:610, adam2.png)

File: dd34aabcf587868⋯.png (144.08 KB, 581x610, 581:610, adam3.png)

File: 449ebdf446e49a3⋯.png (217.54 KB, 581x610, 581:610, adam4.png)

No more empty blender materials

bb3c9f  No.32251

File: 898461fdd291c33⋯.png (42.42 KB, 485x737, 485:737, hair elly.png)

Making long hair is harder than expected, this looks like shit, will probably have to redo the texture

9ae1b0  No.32277

File: bb218043ed5db53⋯.webm (2.1 MB, 640x358, 320:179, come_on_let's_work.webm)

You're doing great!

bb3c9f  No.32278

File: d22bb5b0751454a⋯.png (195.72 KB, 1378x858, 53:33, Elly wings1.png)

File: e5381989154af26⋯.png (199.33 KB, 1378x858, 53:33, Elly wings2.png)



bb3c9f  No.32287

File: bd5af9917a17646⋯.jpg (3.54 MB, 2432x3481, 2432:3481, 491728.jpg)

File: c01f418da582a51⋯.jpg (329.17 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, Operationrainfall.com_wp-c….jpg)

File: cca5a501c2fb10d⋯.png (313.33 KB, 1073x716, 1073:716, elly face.png)

Gave her glasses, now the hard part, clothes

Im going for a mix of Rorona and Pamela (doll), using the top parts of Rorona (simplified) and Pamela long skirt

d4e460  No.32300


this girl's face looks like shes seen some horrible shit in her life, I think its a combination of the eyeshadow/liner color making it look like some heavy ass bags under her eyes

bb3c9f  No.32301


Those are her eyelashes, they are thick

bb3c9f  No.32306

File: faed9dcbefd2f8f⋯.mp4 (7.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, corset boobslider.mp4)

bb3c9f  No.32309

File: c436e33b0f6e8cc⋯.png (205.58 KB, 879x770, 879:770, qt jacket.png)

finished rigging, now the shape keys and uv mapping

bb3c9f  No.32337

File: 4b8fa0388387483⋯.png (611.28 KB, 1405x850, 281:170, cape and pendant.png)

File: d10aa63401d60e3⋯.png (563.7 KB, 1435x862, 1435:862, cape done behind.png)

File: 16ef8644bd7f4b2⋯.png (649.45 KB, 1435x862, 1435:862, cape done.png)

Added cape and pendant

bb3c9f  No.32342

File: d8d8f653b0ebaea⋯.png (91.66 KB, 945x784, 135:112, elly new colors.png)

almost done

bb3c9f  No.32345

File: 20b15ed79c29e54⋯.png (85.32 KB, 798x844, 399:422, Elly.png)

File: ca772149e521d3f⋯.png (103.91 KB, 1056x856, 132:107, Elly2.png)

File: 3ca5dcc15a57d0b⋯.png (90.65 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, shoes.png)

Solved the shoes problem by giving more work to future-me, they will require a special walking animation, i will deal with it later

Now time to texture the frills!

bb3c9f  No.32365

File: 6b5beddca85e5d1⋯.png (133.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, more frills.png)

Frilly frills done

now time to uv map Sasha's clothes and everything will be ready for Unity... probably

bb3c9f  No.32366

File: e2efebf65767009⋯.png (164.82 KB, 916x828, 229:207, elly clothes.png)

File: dcfa05c78b254ea⋯.png (107.91 KB, 890x864, 445:432, elly with sasha clothes.png)

Elly with her clothes and using Sasha's

bb3c9f  No.32393

File: b7e9a749f2e9abe⋯.png (77.36 KB, 776x850, 388:425, elly alt hair.png)

File: b75052f63419fa9⋯.png (99.36 KB, 776x850, 388:425, elly alt hair2.png)

File: 0cd5b18288d261b⋯.png (104.92 KB, 1060x828, 265:207, Elly in Sasha clothes.png)

Finished Elly's alternative haircut, now need to remake her cape's rigging, i didn't work well in Unity

bb3c9f  No.32445

File: 50f04cfaf41e9a2⋯.png (171.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, carrot with flower.png)

The Proportion modifier script is taking a while so i started making veggies while my bro work on it more

Lowpoly carrot with flower anyone? Harvesting seeds on our game will be less complicated than in most Harvest moon-like games, no need to buy the seeds every time or make a "seedmaker" machine, just don't harvest the thing and wait it sprouts flowers and the flowers will turn into seeds after a while

This baby has 64 triangles, so having huge fields of veggies will not be taxing on the graphics

10fe0c  No.32446


I would round out the super sharp end of the carrot with 1 loop. If you need to keep it 64 tris then get rid of the flat circular top of the carrot.

bb3c9f  No.32450

File: aa9a2ef80a2a61c⋯.png (81.09 KB, 407x634, 407:634, carrot.png)


like this?

bb3c9f  No.32456

File: 33b11222410a1ba⋯.png (305.9 KB, 961x620, 31:20, all chars1.png)

File: a1b79bd660b9f85⋯.png (272.72 KB, 961x620, 31:20, all chars2.png)

File: e959bcc95969d9d⋯.png (178.88 KB, 735x561, 245:187, height comparison.png)

Proportion modifier script is (almost) up, my bro is still fixing issues with it, but i could increase Elly's model to her actual ingame size with the current version, she will look a bit taller in the game because of her high heels

10fe0c  No.32457


Yeah that looks better. But now that i think about it, would you ever see the bottom of the carrots if they are planted in a field?

bb3c9f  No.32458



if you glitched under the map

bb3c9f  No.32468

File: 03159a39036b386⋯.png (213.45 KB, 1800x525, 24:7, plants.png)

bb3c9f  No.32473

File: 7854ec3f9b6b7d5⋯.png (100.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, turnip flower.png)

File: a0137137f3519e8⋯.png (42.7 KB, 621x436, 621:436, turnip.png)

Turnip, ok now that i have 3 crops lets see if i can learn how to animate the growth of these babies

bb3c9f  No.32480

File: 5ffb462a7a5cde5⋯.jpg (226.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, olivia suffering.jpg)

>having to change texture layout and UV map on all the plants for the third time already

bb3c9f  No.32489

File: 32ec05e5b5f98a0⋯.mp4 (6.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, carrot animation.mp4)

Plants done, now gonna try animating the girls

bb3c9f  No.32502

File: 7b1dc60ab8470bb⋯.png (265.42 KB, 819x551, 819:551, animating.png)

Animating characters now, each will have an unique idle animation

254c88  No.32508

Why does it seem like there's everything but gameplay in this project? It looks like an art project of neat things but the game is missing.

bb3c9f  No.32509


Because my brother doesn't post much and he is the programmer

Just wait for 11/11

bb3c9f  No.32510

File: 703bdee3691c0ae⋯.webm (10.08 MB, 720x376, 90:47, 2018-11-01_15-02-19.webm)

Here, he made an webm

bb3c9f  No.32511

File: 7dd7cd7bf401e62⋯.mp4 (6.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-11-01 17-23-43.mp4)

Made Idle animations, gonna refine these later

0690b4  No.32518


This is going to implode my autism, I'll be spending 17 hours just aligning the cursor so things are in neat rows and as close to one another as possible

bb3c9f  No.32522


Don't worry, my bro is making a grid system, when you place a plot near another they will be in the same grid, if you place it far away it makes a new grid

This way you will be able to have different plot grids in different angles

bb3c9f  No.32523

File: 85a9d5e250a1f19⋯.jpg (169.67 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, adult serval lewd2.jpg)

File: 4fa1d3e8eff6b38⋯.jpg (162.38 KB, 1199x839, 1199:839, happy adult serval.jpg)

File: 5ffe7ea79aff3f2⋯.jpg (146.6 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, adult serval4.jpg)

File: 714aee2cb103bfa⋯.jpg (187.46 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, adult serval2.jpg)

File: a3db5994b666377⋯.jpg (233.39 KB, 1199x839, 1199:839, sexy adult serval.jpg)

Time to start the next girl, a milf Foxgirl, and next her daughter

My inspiration for her is adult Serval

bb3c9f  No.32524

File: 29d0c3eaa76e8bd⋯.png (71.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Reiko face.png)

I think i captured the calm and mature aura on the eyes

bb3c9f  No.32530

Configurating cloth physics is a fucking pain in the ass

bb3c9f  No.32536

File: b6778abb5ed0247⋯.mp4 (5.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-11-05 16-32-29.mp4)

jacket done

bb3c9f  No.32538

File: 1d7fbb571e52173⋯.webm (11.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2018-11-06_16-48-42.webm)

First demoday version ready

bb3c9f  No.32539

File: 7833a072cac0b1c⋯.png (156.83 KB, 1720x820, 86:41, before and after.png)

My brother is trying to add grass on the demo, i don't have anything that i could add in time for the demoday, so im back to making the third girl, the Innkeeper Reiko.

Improved her, looks more mature now, but something is still missing...

bb3c9f  No.32540

File: 04cd4c1afbbcaa3⋯.png (88.28 KB, 871x804, 13:12, reiko.png)

I got it, instead of shrinking the whole iris i should instead make it squish to make it round, looks way better now

bb3c9f  No.32547

File: f6af58a73d4f5e6⋯.webm (11.92 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 2018-11-08_18-49-47.webm)

Bro added grass back into the game! Now works on the new terrain system.

bb3c9f  No.32548

File: eb6c8ca090831d5⋯.png (159.12 KB, 800x600, 4:3, fluff.png)

Also fluffy ears

bb3c9f  No.32550

File: 9676a48b4712f78⋯.png (122.94 KB, 864x921, 288:307, reiko1.png)

File: 3e89feff7120f11⋯.png (104.66 KB, 864x921, 288:307, reiko2.png)

File: 98a7e3921706e49⋯.png (77.46 KB, 864x921, 288:307, reiko3.png)

File: 327f823b4b5d107⋯.png (70.63 KB, 864x921, 288:307, reiko4.png)

Is this just my bias or is she turning out better than the previous girls?

bf94f1  No.32555



you should probably make the running/armspeed swing animation about half as fast (while keeping actual movement speed the same), looks like he's awkwardly shuffling everywhere

bb3c9f  No.32557


I got a big animation pack and will start switching the animations to it after the demoday, these are placeholder

I will also get some swimming animations

bb3c9f  No.32564

File: 2bd307ec2cbcdba⋯.png (52.02 KB, 783x949, 783:949, dress.png)

Gonna try a mix of western and eastern dressed for her clothes, a simple kimono is too boring

bb3c9f  No.32565

File: f2ac80f171ae933⋯.png (40.15 KB, 639x945, 71:105, tailhole.png)

She gonna have 9 tails in game, they will be 9 copies of this one.

bb3c9f  No.32574

bb3c9f  No.32613

File: 1dd4e282214f152⋯.png (44.85 KB, 619x889, 619:889, clothing.png)

Finished rigging the clothes, gonna UV map it now

Then i will make her some shoes and a fan, Reiko will be finished much faster than Sasha and Elly were, the character creation pipeline is speeding up

106a8b  No.32620

File: 3e27b63283bca67⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3ae02eb416e76dad925e9e6e3c….jpg)

File: d962462866e95ff⋯.webm (9.48 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 12.webm)

What are the expected system requirements for the demos? I'm not sure if it really matters at this stage in development but I only get 25-30fps at 1080p on "Fastest" settings with a gtx860m. It's not the greatest card, but it can run beefier games at higher frame rates. It could just be Unity, I dunno. Again, I don't know if it really matters at this point, I just wanted to give a heads up.

Otherwise, I don't have much to comment on other than how much I'm liking the ambiance. I'm sure the world will start to get more lively once you start adding more dynamic stuff. On that note, maybe having the characters' eyes and hair move around would make them look more lifelike. I am curious what all of the tree houses will be used for, but they are fun to climb and run around on.

This has been somewhat stream of consciousness, so sorry if it's a little jumbled. All in all you're doing good, keep it up!

bb3c9f  No.32621


We get 60 fps on our notebooks, we didn't knew it was so intense for older machines

It will probably get heavier once we add fish and bugs (as physical interactable objects) and leaves on the large tree in the middle of the town (using grass tech), so older machines will have to use lower specs unless we can find more stuff to optimize. My brother is getting white hair from stress with the grass system optimization already.

bb3c9f  No.32629

File: d8c1cc8bab69e55⋯.png (119.65 KB, 642x897, 214:299, Reiko Sandals.png)

Just need something on the neck and a fan for her to hold

d0a530  No.32630

File: ed17076fabcd752⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 425x481, 425:481, D.gif)

The game is looking great so far, i can't wait to pirate it

bb3c9f  No.32631


I will put the pirate version on Pirate Bay myself

But all characters will have a pirate eyepatch permanently in this version, i can't wait to see the complaining on the steam forums when people who pirated say they can't remove them

8ac3c3  No.32632

File: 9a61fad45c228f4⋯.mp4 (235.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, PureEvil.mp4)


Thanks for the heads up.

bb3c9f  No.32635

File: 579748703362a6a⋯.mp4 (1.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-11-16 17-37-24.mp4)

Shape keys are very useful indeed.

bb3c9f  No.32641

File: f1bc59924ad1a0f⋯.jpg (266.28 KB, 1266x1280, 633:640, sad fat cat.jpg)

>Had a dream where the game suddenly became popular and a ton of people started to follow the development

>Notice it is a dream, get disappointed, dream shifts into something else making me forget i am dreaming, then go back to previous dream with bigger numbers this time (more followers, comments, etc...)

>This happens at least 3 times the same night

Why is my brain bullying me?

bb3c9f  No.32647

File: db9dbe73b12c213⋯.png (90.51 KB, 630x822, 105:137, karen.png)

Karen hair basic shape done, now to add volume

bb3c9f  No.32648

File: 9e98a30da1b399e⋯.mp4 (3.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-11-19 18-50-39.mp4)

Final touches before UV mapping

bb3c9f  No.32653

File: 1d7c69742d959f0⋯.png (167.75 KB, 738x870, 123:145, textured and rigged karen.png)

Textured and rigged, now clothes

bb3c9f  No.32657

File: 00b27347de16358⋯.png (139.46 KB, 867x931, 867:931, yukata.png)

Forgot to do the rigging before doing the chest size shapekey, i hope i don`t regret it tomorrow

Well this is her bust size btw, much more modest than her mother`s

5878bd  No.32660


Don't forget to add some thicc milf hips and big milf nipples for this foxy lady.

386f00  No.32661


This is the daughter bro, she won't be thicc, scroll up for milf

244f8c  No.32662


Sorry my dude. I missed like a week or so.

That is some nice milf there sir.

You are both doing the work of god here.

386f00  No.32666

File: 5c0d905b0f2d660⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 680x680, 1:1, morrigan yes.jpg)


There is more to come brother, we have plans for more than 20 monster girls

386f00  No.32676

Some of the currently planned characters: (in order they will be made)

Meru - White Sheep Girl

>meek loli, scared cat

>supplies village with white wool

Fuko - Black Sheep Girl

>smug loli, trickster

>supplies village with black wool

Mint - Dryad (marriage possible, expects faithfulness)

>Builder, can manipulate living trees to shape into buildings and furniture

>Takes care of the Ladrasil, magical tree that keeps the town barrier)

Marie - Vampire (marriage possible, accepts harem)

>Towns' doctor

>Dresses like a nurse, likes to act cute and flirty

>Her bite can apply antibiotics, anesthetics, anti-coagulants or healing substances

Tiana - Faerie (marriage possible, accepts harem)

>oldest and most powerful faerie

>can become human-sized

>very smug

>lets you access the Faerie Village feature once you gain her trust

Momo - Cowgirl (marriage possible, expects faithfulness)

>has a dairy farm

>sells SPECIAL milk


Bianca - Elf (marriage possible, accepts harem)

>Tailor, loves working fabric and making cute outfits

>extremely lewd and lazy, specially when drunk

>dresses her brother as a girl

>to marry her you need to play hard and refuse her flirting until love/friendship are capped, she will not respect you and refuse marriage otherwise

Lucca - Elf (male)

>conflicted shota, suppresses the gay

>good housekeeper, takes cares of the daily shores

>constantly harassed by sister

>wants a male role model (he wants an Aniki, no lewds)

<Might require a special model

Lumina - Mothgirl (marriage possible, REALLY expects faithfulness)

>very fluffy

>very soft

>likes doing house chores

>loves baking


Shizue - Undine (marriage possible, expects faithfulness)

>temple miko

>permanent waterwalk, calmly walks by the temple lake

>sweeps leaves that falls on the lake as if she was doing so in land

>can't actually swim (never learned, never needed)

>afraid of diving underwater

>powerful hydromancer

<Will require special movement script

<Will require special pathfinding (waterwalk)

Nina - Lycanthrope

>loli form during day to save energy, very sleepy

>adult form by night, strongest melee fighter

<Will require a special script and some base model modifications to make her transform, low priority

Aria - Spider Girl (fluffy jumping spider) (marriage possible, expects faithfulness)

>the actual nurse

>helps the vampire

>drunk with coffee

>likes to dance

>can use her thread to close wounds, she also sells her silk

<Will require a special model and animations, very low priority

Ceruli - Mermaid (marriage possible, expects faithfulness)

>very outgoing

>makes sure the fishes in the city canals are healthy

>likes to fish (without a pole or net)

<Will require a special model and animations, very low priority

<Will require special pathfinding (aquatic)

These are the ones i have more planned for (personality, appearance, role, etc..)

Other planned girls (mostly still without name): Lizard Girl, Lamia, Bunny Girl, Squirrel Girl, Slime Girl, Cat Girl, Otter Girl, Horse Girl, Centaur, Monkey Girl, Oni, Cyclops, Ghost, Scylla.

Others (no romance for these): Dwarf (blacksmith, in my universe dwarves are constructs, basically robots), Granny (the last surviving founder of the village, she is very old, and very grumpy)

386f00  No.32679

File: 15e32429bb00652⋯.png (78 KB, 1115x891, 1115:891, hair.png)

Started making Fuko

386f00  No.32685

File: f8ec64c98ac8016⋯.png (71.35 KB, 1850x650, 37:13, Fuko.png)

Looks much cuter with horns and ears for some reason

386f00  No.32690

File: 4b301d530ba9d3f⋯.png (181.8 KB, 1387x854, 1387:854, Fuko.png)


386f00  No.32695

File: 0cc3930d7870cd5⋯.png (52.22 KB, 619x874, 619:874, Fuko fur.png)

Added Fur, now a summer dress

386f00  No.32697

File: db797890cee7aa0⋯.png (42.61 KB, 855x899, 855:899, summer dress breast slider.png)

File: d54137bee68ef3d⋯.png (75.12 KB, 855x899, 855:899, summer dress.png)

Made her a summer dress, like all other clothes it has a breast slider so that other girls will be able to use it too

386f00  No.32698

File: 61949224e432b45⋯.png (129.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ribbon.png)

Added Ribbon tiara, next cute sandals

386f00  No.32702

File: 9303b2442726562⋯.png (107.28 KB, 702x879, 234:293, sandals and tiara.png)

Sandals modeled, need to make the texture

386f00  No.32706

File: 1c3b6ce34fedfc7⋯.png (146.75 KB, 947x858, 947:858, Meru drills1.png)

File: d0be95b65b03064⋯.png (400.15 KB, 947x858, 947:858, Meru drills2.png)

Making Meru

386f00  No.32711

File: a0907ef0a9626f9⋯.png (288.44 KB, 2000x750, 8:3, Meru.png)

Drills done, now to make the clothing recolors

386f00  No.32717

File: 1ddea8128862ee8⋯.png (470.88 KB, 1186x607, 1186:607, 6 girls 2.png)

File: f29a67d2311fa95⋯.png (245.1 KB, 847x587, 847:587, 6 girls.png)

6 Models done, now gotta configure the hair for the newest 4 girls, give them idle animations and animate all extra parts (wings, ears, tails)

386f00  No.32720

Fucking hell my blog got all fucked up during this update, im trying to fix it

386f00  No.32721

Seems like wordpress 5.0 fucked everything up, those hardworking indian tech supports are working on it

386f00  No.32725

File: 5487b08e50ba33c⋯.mp4 (9.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-12-09 15-51-20.mp4)

Gave Meru a slight tan to make easier to see her facial features and finished doing hair physics for the girls

No idea why the recording became so dark

386f00  No.32726

Nevermind i guess my monitor glitched when i opened the mp4

386f00  No.32761

File: 1672f98fabcb881⋯.webm (14.65 MB, 552x614, 276:307, 2018-12-16_18-19-45.webm)


386f00  No.32762

File: d555e6df1c98f5b⋯.mp4 (9.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-12-17 19-28-07.mp4)

All ears, tails, wings, etc.. are now animated, each girl has an unique idle animation

7c480f  No.32801


I like the black sheep idle. Did you do that one?

db3727  No.32802


Yep, i made them all except for Adam's movement animations.


But we still haven't implemented all of them, like the ledge grab

db3727  No.32804

File: 834c306d26f0115⋯.png (124.41 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Face Momo.png)

Making Momo the cheerful and hardworking Cowgirl

She will be Fuko and Meru's guardian

db3727  No.32805

We gonna make an additional boob size modifier just for her

And she will sell special milk in her ranch

9459a4  No.32807


>boob size modifier

Does this mean we'll be able to change her boob size in game or something else?

db3727  No.32809


This is a tool we use to modify the base model. We have these modifiers to allow clothes made for one of the girls to be useable on others, we want the girls to be able to gift clothes to each other, so i make sure all clothes can fit in all girls.

The new modifier is required to increase the boob size further, this time based on bone proportions instead of shape key, this way i don't have to remake all previous shape keys.

Also one feature we want to add in the far feature is aging, like having the lolis grow up, this will be a second use of all those modifiers.

2f730b  No.32812

File: 81c98f90741b18d⋯.webm (97.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, JC.webm)


Thanks for the explanation.

>Also one feature we want to add in the far feature is aging, like having the lolis grow up

>aging the lolis

You sick monster. that actually sounds like a really cool feature, keep up the good work

db3727  No.32855

File: abb9fe616d23dac⋯.png (61.49 KB, 907x875, 907:875, ahoge placement.png)

Now the most important aspect of character design... ahoge placement

ace6f5  No.32870

WTF does this have to do with a farm sim? Where are the tractors and seeders and harvesters and shit? How the fuck do you harvest canola with a furry?

db3727  No.32876

File: a52279432439388⋯.jpg (78.78 KB, 939x1080, 313:360, shimarin disgust2.jpg)



Also did you ever play harvest moon or rune factory at all? This is not a german simulator

ace6f5  No.32878


>I don't know the difference between an RPG and a farm sim

Yes, that's the point. A farm sim simulates farming. Harvest moon is an RPG whose setting is a farm.

db3727  No.32880

File: 7f59148aa7d3017⋯.png (131.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, its both.png)


You should know that harvest moon is both of them, same with Everyday Life.

ace6f5  No.32881


>someone put something stupid into wikipedia so that makes it true

Well I guess gamergate was evil nazis hating women and harassing them with death threats right? Seriously, what part of farming is simulated exactly? Absolutely nothing.

db3727  No.32885


Are you blind or just stupid?


ace6f5  No.32886


What does that have to do with farming? That's not simulating anything, and it is a gardening game not farming.

db3727  No.32888

File: 9d7963d6f120626⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 571x300, 571:300, retard.jpg)


>What does farming has to do with farming?

You got your (you)s now to go to bed

ace6f5  No.32890

>planting 10 carrots by hand is farming


7c480f  No.32904


Sounds like farming to me.

ace6f5  No.32905


Sounds like gardening to anyone literate.

db3727  No.32935

File: 08c8341fba4b2f7⋯.png (42.51 KB, 487x879, 487:879, momo1.png)

File: 293032cb008a6ca⋯.png (87.44 KB, 1133x955, 1133:955, momo2.png)

File: 9a49b69ee9fdf38⋯.png (58.19 KB, 921x893, 921:893, momo3.png)

Momo overalls work in progress (need pockets and shit)

The final boob multiplier is still not applied btw

495213  No.32936



db3727  No.32959

File: ca679c560d9fe1c⋯.png (58.58 KB, 789x925, 789:925, momo4.png)

File: 82c6f7221bcf63e⋯.png (64.7 KB, 789x925, 789:925, momo5.png)

Gave her clothes more detail, just need to finish weighting the overalls, making the small breasts version and then i will give her gloves and boots

db3727  No.32993

Modeling finished in 8 days

Need one more day to make the clothing textures and another to configure all items on Unity and add the extra boob slider

She should be done in a total of 10 days, if i keep this average i will have all girls done by july 2019, then i can make animal models like chickens/alpacas and more crops

db3727  No.33040

File: 0476a079cffea2c⋯.webm (3.12 MB, 564x544, 141:136, item use.webm)

File: d474ac62b95de89⋯.png (146.02 KB, 470x585, 94:117, milky momo.png)

Momo done and inventory progress

db3727  No.33041

File: 0d099374d671532⋯.mp4 (7.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-01-04 15-29-00.mp4)

Forgot vid

db3727  No.33054

File: 188f4777ad632bf⋯.png (84.1 KB, 1015x762, 1015:762, marie.png)

Working on Marie the village doctor, she is a vampire, in my world vampires are a special type of homunculus engineered to serve as doctors and nurses, they are able to inject various kinds of antibiotics, coagulants, anti-coagulants and anesthetics though their fangs, they also can make very advanced diagnostics though tasting the patient blood.

db3727  No.33066

Until late February we will be traveling, its for a family thing, we will still have a 2/2 demo, but progress will slow down a lot.

486750  No.33189

I am sorry guys, but we won't be submitting the demo this time

We could not finish the new cooking system in time and we have no time to make anything playable

bf4160  No.33242

File: 8f3db892aa69144⋯.png (338.94 KB, 941x760, 941:760, new edengrall plans.png)

File: 20ff600739251f3⋯.png (306.45 KB, 941x948, 941:948, new edengrall.png)

File: c33a412d1f03e19⋯.png (232.3 KB, 941x948, 941:948, old edengrall.png)

Reforming the town while my brother do the UI components for the cooking system

3b1e13  No.33272

File: e4c48c3eac8cb40⋯.png (121.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, future plans.png)

File: db586cde7f0dc40⋯.png (937.7 KB, 959x499, 959:499, Reforming Edengrall.png)

We made a very hard decision, we will scrapping about a month of development by remaking a third of the town on top of the aqua district reform, we were dissatisfied with the previous structure of the city, we will be switching to a much more functional design, the largest difference will be the removal of the Ladrasil tree and the tree houses, which will be replaced by normal buildings

With this the city canals are no longer clogged with branches and roots and will be used by small NPC boats

The tree will be remade much later during development in another location after my brother finished his leaf tech based on the grass tech that will allow rendering on millions of individual leaves

3b1e13  No.33276

File: 2b7dd053dd6e661⋯.png (285.37 KB, 880x940, 44:47, edengrall 2.png)

Now every building will have a proper purpose

Edengrall 2.0 will be function over form

3b1e13  No.33284

File: f6f0afb3f79c7c4⋯.png (16.43 KB, 468x885, 156:295, carrot.png)

The improved cooking system is about halfway done, my brother is making the UI right now, the ingredients have been converted into xml and the recipes will be converted into scripts for easy modding

3b1e13  No.33286

File: 844e9971ef5201a⋯.png (345.74 KB, 1092x867, 364:289, Ballista.png)

File: 8e9225cf6c0bc92⋯.png (394.78 KB, 1006x947, 1006:947, crane and ballista.png)

File: 1b9f8dd275dd0f5⋯.png (199.44 KB, 1006x947, 1006:947, crane.png)

Made a crane and ballista, right now they are just decorations, but will be used for minigames in the future, it was fun making those, i needed to do something other than UV mapping walls, it was too boring.

b88821  No.33288

File: ad078f58a7cbd01⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.14 KB, 480x270, 16:9, DcdTEpD.jpeg.jpg)



d428e6  No.33291


Will require a special model, so she won't come out soon.

d428e6  No.33293

File: 372643845cede60⋯.png (375.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, cannon turret.png)

File: 9eba8ff679731f1⋯.png (583.01 KB, 1081x642, 1081:642, defenses.png)

File: 50fdbdba33e2e99⋯.png (528.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, town hall.png)

File: b1ecf79d7fc689d⋯.png (389.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, town hall2.png)

Added two cannons, finished the wall, and remade the central building (community center? i never actually gave it a purpose) into a proper town hall that takes only 1/3 of the space leaving a large open area in the middle of the city for the much needed town square

The defenses right now are just decoration/lore,but i wanna use them for minigames in the far future

39b5df  No.33357

We are finally back home, now we can focus on work all day, expect more progress soon

39b5df  No.33369

File: 12e6fcece6383aa⋯.png (695.4 KB, 1069x919, 1069:919, school1.png)

File: c982129dc881ea2⋯.png (986.64 KB, 1069x919, 1069:919, school2.png)

File: eb896b8b872c93e⋯.png (926.04 KB, 1069x919, 1069:919, school3.png)

File: bbb0906a84049eb⋯.png (30.91 KB, 780x887, 780:887, special traits.png)

School basically done, but im not satisfied with the building shape, looks too weird

Also listing ingredient effects while my brother implements the system that i will use to turn those into xmls

81d043  No.33375

File: 63097d4446c5839⋯.png (578.36 KB, 1067x836, 97:76, school1.png)

File: 7e284004b0de3ba⋯.png (575.27 KB, 1067x836, 97:76, school2.png)

File: 241c476941b54e5⋯.png (858.71 KB, 1067x836, 97:76, school3.png)

Reformed that ugly ass building

81d043  No.33383

File: a2bde06f1a9a4a4⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1102x579, 1102:579, new buildings.png)

Last two new buildings, the school and the apartments that will replace the tree houses

6f5004  No.33384

This seems interesting

81d043  No.33392


thanks man, little messages like this mean more than you think.

c17262  No.33394


How about disparaging remarks?

I could give some, if it'll help.

81d043  No.33395


Go ahead bro

6f5004  No.33398


so whats the project about

81d043  No.33399


We want to make the next step in farm sim games, what harvest moon and games of the type should have become if they cared about innovating, i want to do everything those games refuse to, including:

>Deeper mechanics (like the cooking system which will become this next demoday)

>Marry the milfs (we are still discussing harems), almost every NPC will be a girl you can romance or a loli you can adopt, no sex scenes tho, we want to make a wholesome game

>A world that can exist without the protagonist, we are planning events that happen if you are there or not, and characters will remember those. We want to make the best AI we can for this.

81d043  No.33400

File: 36afe52196cae0e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1104x575, 48:25, gotta fix those textures.png)

Fixed the roof textures, gonna work on walls next

000000  No.33405


Checked and shit, that's not bad. RT!

000000  No.33406


Please poaste moar anon, we're waiting for updates.

1bdfe8  No.33412


you have intrigued me deeper, so each character has a schedual, what all characters do you have, or are you just world building at the moment.

81d043  No.33414

File: 7a9109dba053184⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1114x576, 557:288, 8 girls.png)


Right now we only have 8 girls (6 marriageable and 2 for adoption, i want to have 20 at launch

The Ai is not implemented yet, we are going to use a task based system instead of fixed schedules, this will allow the characters to react more realistic to different situations, example:

Task - retrieve dry laundry - would be low priority, take the laundry at the end of the day

Event - rain starts

Task - retrieve dry laundry becomes a urgent priority, the npc drops whatever she is doing to get the clothes before they get wet, unless she is already doing an urgent task

482060  No.33415


that doesn't sound very sanitary

81d043  No.33416


Its fine, everyone in the town is very clean :^)

81d043  No.33420

File: 7b10687327ae767⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1118x587, 1118:587, edengrall the ivory city.png)

File: 5ace5a03fcf3ce6⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1118x587, 1118:587, edengrall the ivory city2.png)

File: 9bd84350bf76d3f⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1118x587, 1118:587, wall fixed.png)

We should have some gameplay to show in a few days, but for now here some more Edengrall, i fixed the walls

6f5004  No.33421


so the ai would be like the sims or minecraft comes alive, i can do some quick character designs if you want.

81d043  No.33422


if you got some character ideas i don`t mind listening, but i already have more than 30 girls planned

000000  No.33424


nice work.

81d043  No.33427

File: 1e2b2aaf38954ba⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1114x589, 1114:589, colliders.png)


Thanks, collider meshes almost done, looks like i will be finishing the town reform this week

My brother got pneumonia so gameplay development is going to be slower this week

b518e6  No.33428


i was more going for drawing up character ref sheets

81d043  No.33429

File: a6a27ec05f26736⋯.jpg (174.18 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, a83e8d3332637609427aacf913….jpg)


if you wanna draw some cute clothes that are easy to model i will gladly look at it

4b1103  No.33433


what's your list of characters; I'll keep clothing simple, but unique.

4b1103  No.33434


or are you wanting outfits

81d043  No.33435


Right now i have

Sasha, the energetic blonde human girl

Elly, the timid succubus librarian

Reiko, the fox milf, genius and good in everything

Karen, Reiko's daughter clumsy, but hardworking

Meru, sheep twin (white), meek girl

Fuko, sheep twin (black) smug bully

Momo, cowgirl, takes care of the sheeps

Marie, vampire, the town's doctor, but she likes dressing like a nurse



There are others, but they don't have planned traits/personality yet

6f5004  No.33437


i will dig around the non complete ones for the moment, the lycanthrop serms neat

6f5004  No.33438

File: 7d5627a53ca792a⋯.png (240.39 KB, 1268x1086, 634:543, 1552457818304.png)


lycanthrop rough sketch

81d043  No.33439

File: abd2a2e679d509b⋯.gif (982.22 KB, 540x304, 135:76, hakua.gif)


My idea for Nina is deadpan loli with a summer dress and spats, in night form the dress basically becomes a shirt

She will also be quite thin on the adult form, A cups and just some butt, thighs won't be extra thicc

The named girls are pretty well defined in my mind already

2378d9  No.33440

81d043  No.33441

File: 9ad5a84794b73d2⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1102x583, 1102:583, reform complete.png)

It took 8 hours to do just the last two buildings

But the reform is finally complete, now i just need to fix the terrain since the town shape changed

6f5004  No.33455

81d043  No.33470

File: 0f86c18dd675f0a⋯.png (173.42 KB, 828x828, 1:1, new terrain.png)

File: b1225f7e0b755c7⋯.png (358.87 KB, 828x828, 1:1, temple isle.png)

I am remaking the terrain in blender now, instead of using the primitive editor my brother made, he created a script that will convert an .obj into a map object with the materials being biomes, this way making the whole island will be much easier and faster.

7c480f  No.33472

File: c03161cf00c94eb⋯.png (596.91 KB, 1433x1204, 1433:1204, Capture _2019-03-18-03-36-….png)

81d043  No.33474


Everything looks like a dick if you really want it

6f5004  No.33476

File: 40d5908b15c1f89⋯.jpg (26.12 KB, 510x242, 255:121, f46a23928d8322f3.jpg)


nope, my dick looks like a pretzel.... mini pretzel.

81d043  No.33484

File: 3d6afdb67a7206e⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1120x591, 1120:591, bridges.png)

File: 829d1e3c2a3b815⋯.png (825.96 KB, 1104x583, 1104:583, city on new terrain.png)

Back to Unity

81d043  No.33485

File: a78b6992962f03b⋯.png (78.95 KB, 1210x1210, 1:1, DESIRE = JUSTICE.png)

This is my dream... and i think i can achieve it

d3b259  No.33489

File: 9d8a7b23c60c72d⋯.png (224.49 KB, 1210x1210, 1:1, island map.png)

Plans for the future

d3b259  No.33491

File: 3d28d37df80b806⋯.png (266.02 KB, 1210x1210, 1:1, map planning.png)

d3b259  No.33507

File: 8d92aa95a3958e5⋯.webm (9.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-03-22 17-00-54.webm)

Reform done, just need to fix a few textures

d3b259  No.33508

File: 7d5707bb3abc141⋯.webm (9.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-03-22 16-56-31.webm)

Some more exploration

d3b259  No.33509

File: 977cea7f834ad85⋯.webm (8.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2019-03-22 17-05-19.webm)

And one more

6f5004  No.33522


this map is huge

d3b259  No.33523

File: 2a9e53b4773b0c1⋯.png (8.22 KB, 330x290, 33:29, big sip.png)


And shit only gonna get bigger after the release

I want to make more islands after i finish this one

6f5004  No.33526

i see you do alot of work in blender, did you ever think about using Armory

d3b259  No.33529


Nah, Unity has more features, also my brother does the heavy engine work, so he gets to choose the engine.

d3b259  No.33542

File: 50f0ec1e14eca20⋯.png (424.51 KB, 1108x581, 1108:581, cooking tools.png)

Cooking Tools

>Sink+Knife+Mortar&Pestle for raw preparation

>Jars for conserve preparation

>Big Stove with Pan and Pot (they count as different tools)

>Small Stove with Steamer

>Stone Oven for baking

>Stone Grill for barbecue

Total 7 cooking tools (up from 4 the previous cooking system had)

6f5004  No.33555


thats fair, plus unity has huge support.

d3b259  No.33564

File: 9919e2aa779f6a3⋯.png (212.64 KB, 1925x979, 175:89, its finally over.png)

89 ingredients implemented

it has been a long week phew

d3b259  No.33588

File: e7ed48f3d59083a⋯.png (139.78 KB, 1920x955, 384:191, implementing recipes.png)

Making the recipes into xml now while my brother implements the effects.

d3b259  No.33612

File: b70250d8036da26⋯.jpg (70.24 KB, 1200x584, 150:73, crying moeta.jpg)

Still nothing to show

Recipes.xml has 9139 lines, and it is only 60% done

886926  No.33615


You should write a script to make it less tedious if you haven't already, especially if you already have the information in another format. You're not filling out a massive XML by hand, right anon?

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