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File: 5a76279ed0bc253⋯.png (107.49 KB, 601x499, 601:499, npc7.png)

23d2cd  No.33094

Say I want to make a top down text based rpg and fill it with a bunch of npcs who have thier own daily routine and "talk" to eachother like in es oblivion but to have them actually make coherant conversation, how would I do it?

Would I actually need to handcraft each dialog interaction or is there some way to make it automated but not seem robotic.

384cac  No.33095

The video below might help. The gist of it is to have a list of dialogue that trigger based on some condition, like bumping into another NPC for example. That piece of dialogue then in turn triggers a response that could be static, random or based on some other condition. You would have to handcraft the dialogue entries and responses so that when an NPC talks about the weather, the other NPC responds with a dialogue entry that is also about the weather. There is probably some way to generate it all procedurally, but that's another whole can of worms.

>AI-driven Dynamic Dialog through Fuzzy Pattern Matching


000000  No.33125

both handcrafted and automated each to some extent


I found a norrowind-like convo engine recently but its in JS

89ff74  No.33146


Thanks anon this was really intresting!

1f7c99  No.33548


cool talk, I'm a lazy unity dev, has anyone built a system like this I could just integrate and plug in my own context/rules/dialog?

610bf3  No.33549


To expand on this idea, I suggest giving NPCs different "personality" types where they have different things they like to talk about. A motherly NPC, for example, would be interested in conversations about children. A /doomer/ type NPC might be more dismissive of conversations about children and instead, prefer depressing talk.

You could give each piece of dialogue different tags which would allow you to construct different responses, like for example, /pol/-tier talk about sending children off to join the totally-not-nazi army would have tags like "scary", "children", "military" and the motherly NPC would respond to both the "scary" and "children" tags and recoil, "Oh my! That sounds absolutely frightening! Not my kids!"

Just spitballing.

1f7c99  No.33550


Answering my own question, looks like the "Dialogue System for Unity" asset can be used like this.

Reading over the docs, they have variables you can track (the query) and use as conditions (the rules), even barks that can be used as branching conversations too.

Probably not as performant as writing it from scratch though... plus they have so much other shit though with "quests", special "quest conditions", their own shitty UI elements, networking, scene transitions, save systems, and other nonsense that doesn't belong. and I swear every other asset has their own shit implementation of localization that I have to rip apart.

idk why asset devs dump in shit like that when they could just sell it as addons, it just bog down the core dialogue asset when they insert every little request noob devs ask for. It ends up taking way longer to figure out because you have to sift through all that trash.

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