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File: 73585b814ec98db⋯.png (14.72 KB, 1113x346, 1113:346, 1.PNG)

e568e6  No.33075

Users on my Discord recommended I share the game more so here I am; The Bad Grammar Loliconman to present:

Lolicon Market.


Lolicon Market is a text-based (Lolicon/Shota) dating sim. While the game is still being improved, I pride myself on user input and a multiple choice story where almost every choice has an effect on the story; from massive to the hypocrite.

The game is the first game I ever made with twine and...Well, I was banned from twine discord instantly and told I could never host it on their site due to the Admin being triggered. I respect honesty and love to receive both good and bad input, but if you're not a lolicon I'd recommend not to even play it.

Hope you enjoy, next update coming out on the 15th to remedy small bugs and most of the typos.

beee48  No.33076

File: 5b25f622d68c758⋯.jpg (113.08 KB, 728x1114, 364:557, DwdoVSRUcAEkJh2.jpg)

Little sister incest, it is time to be a good older brother, I will remove her from the perversions you have foreseen for her.

e568e6  No.33141

File: 7e2261191e282fe⋯.png (13.7 KB, 1057x351, 1057:351, Capture.PNG)

Game has been updated.

-Added New Ability to save as and load save files

-119 Typo corrections

-changed 'My World" messages

-corrected Midori Event bugs

-Removed Redia's Panties if you didn't give her your lucky shirt

-Fixed Suiko's day01 review

-Added new variables to setup Day03

-Misc Changes to some passages

a6a5b0  No.33147

File: 6366249864f4395⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 340x277, 340:277, dejected loli.jpg)


Wait but Mister, if I was abandoned by my parents and told to take care of a newborn baby girl, I'd make sure she turned into a good woman! I wouldn't be angry!

a6a5b0  No.33150

File: e4ef76d611af8c7⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 601x583, 601:583, smug_kuroko.jpg)

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter anywhere near a public school

>implying I'd let my sister/daughter/ anywhere near my degenerate habits

>implying I wouldn't let them go for my sister/daughter's sake

Anyway, definitely needs some editing work. To name two examples, "gestor" should be "gesture" and

>"'You’re doing well! Don't be shy, my sister here to be your new friend.'"

is missing an "is" between "sister" and "here", though even then the sentence sounds a bit off.

Otherwise I kind of wish there were more customization choices. Even if simple, like hair/eye color. I'm still playing through it, but so far I kind of wish there were more options; feels too linear.

a6a5b0  No.33151

File: e6f249412f791dd⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 900x636, 75:53, wutkit.jpg)


>Soon after your sister begun grade school, you often see her with her two friends you introducted to her.

Wait, there was another? I only met Suika.

a6a5b0  No.33152

File: bfc3eb9f5389ea8⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 594x439, 594:439, newspaper_really_m8.jpg)



>daddy has anger issues normal temperature for modern first-worlders

>scold daughter

>get pressured into apologizing

a6a5b0  No.33161

File: 9a980a173c6a76a⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 568x360, 71:45, SWTOR_-_le_Dark_Side.webm)

File: c28374c9b213974⋯.gif (426.7 KB, 200x198, 100:99, wait_what.gif)

>mother is a CEO

>cannot afford the bills whilst paying for the condominium

Don't remember, but is he just paying the bills, or mortgage as well? If the latter as well, why doesn't he just move to a smaller abode? If he isn't allowed to sell the house, why doesn't he change the ownership? If it's more complicated then just visiting a government center, why doesn't he go to court? Doesn't really matter, and I understand that the point is that the parents really don't give a shit about their children, but still.

Also, the default age says "18", but now I'm 24? Then I think it says I'm younger again, I don't know.

>have a thing for tomboys

But I don't actually I do, at least not Jewesses, unless she was supposed to be Anglo-Saxon-Hibernian shouldn't I be able to choose? Or is it based on how high the love meter is?

Otherwise, I select options that read, for example, "Smoking isn't for everyone", yet then there's all this extra stuff I did not anticipate when selecting. Vid related.

Also, I don't remember meeting Redia on day 2. Also also, what was that about the sister and her room? Is it revealed later or what? Most people would ask why everything strewn about and why she's crying.

I don't know if text games or Japanese VN are like this, if so, then I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I have not really played VNs. Anyway, I enjoyed it (really, there's something comfy about games like that), but the earlier chapters definitely need to be tuned before continuing.

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