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File: 6c29250141760ca⋯.png (12.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, AGDG.png)

de77a4  No.29080

Interested of getting into game dev?

Got a small question not worth it's own thread?

Wondering how to move forward?

This thread is for you!

Dev resources



- Gamemaker: http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/000_using%20gamemaker/index.html

- Unity: http://unity3d.com/learn

- UE4 tutorials and resources: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?483-Community-Tutorials-for-UE4

- Godot: https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/wiki

- Sly: https://github.com/guildhall/guile-sly (2D)

- Xenko: https://xenko.com/ (2D/3D)

- Construct 2: https://www.scirra.com/ (2D)

- Urho3D: https://urho3d.github.io/


- Python: http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/python

- Javascript: http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/javascript


- WebGL fundamentals: http://webglfundamentals.org/

- OpenGL in-depth: http://wayback.archive.org/web/20140326132506/http://arcsynthesis.org/gltut/


- http://opengameart.org/

- http://www.blender-models.com/

Free audio

- https://machinimasound.com/legacy-tracks/

- http://freesound.org/browse/

- http://incompetech.com/music/

- http://www.mattmcfarland.com/

- https://www.fantasymusica.org/

Other stuff

- An in-depth walkthrough of making a full game from nothing (very, very long series): https://handmadehero.org/ (episode guide: https://forums.handmadehero.org/jace/guide/)

- Video series on game design: https://www.youtube.com/user/McBacon1337/videos

- About "juice" AKA game feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy0aCDmgnxg

- Sound effect creator: http://www.bfxr.net/

- Source code for classic id Software games: https://github.com/id-Software

If you know any more resources/tutorials, let me know.

Post last edited at

f2e65b  No.29102

What are some good 2D engines?

Hopefully, I'll be making a 2D puzzle game with friends soon, but the only one I've ever heard of was live2D.

e00336  No.29103


I don't think you're ready to make a game with friends if you need to ask this question.

Gamemaker (most popular 2d engine)

Unity (probably most popular indie engine)

Construct 2 (babby steps engine that doesn't require coding)

Godot (free and open source engine)

9b9b8a  No.29104

File: f3c5153081ee1f7⋯.webm (4.1 MB, 902x720, 451:360, lag.webm)


Live2D is for sprite animation, it doesn't do things like collision detection. Do you mean LÖVE 2D?

GameMaker is pretty fun to use, but the performance takes a dive if there are too many objects. If you've played Risk of Rain, you'll know what I mean.


Darn, beat me to it.

f2e65b  No.29108


Thanks, I had completely forgotten about unity and game maker.

Half the group quit in the first three planning sessions we had, so there's that. The remaining ones each have something they're good at and they're hyped for it though, so there's at least a bit of hope.


Yes, I meant to say LOVE 2D.

eef57c  No.29159


Sly is a 2d game engine based on high level language called Guile. Or, you could call it a Lisp derivative programming language.

f99a4b  No.29160


I dunno if I'd use for production level stuff, but it looks fantastic for prototyping.

e9520b  No.29181

File: 5bfff02626932d9⋯.png (116.14 KB, 684x393, 228:131, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at ….png)


I made the leap and got game maker. I have animation and design experience but zero coding. Where should I start to get my foot in the door? Ive already started looking into the forums and youtube but was wondering if anyone here has any good resources specifically for someone making a game alone and with no experience.

a7ad38  No.29182


>zero coding

I recommend you go through one of the codecademy tutorials before you get too much into gamemaker itself. It'll teach you the basics of how code works and how to use a programming language.

I think Javascript is most close to the language that Gamemaker uses. I think you need to make an account but codecademy's tutorials are some of the best ones for beginners IMO.


After you can do that, then it's mostly just up to following tutorials and googling (you'll be doing that a lot) when you're stuck or don't know how to do something. The exact direction you should go to depends completely on what kind of game you want to make. If you want to make a platformer, you'll probably want to start by making a box that can move and jump around, but if you want to make a card game then a jumping box won't be useful at all. Game dev is kind of a creative process like art; you learn how to use the tools, and then it's up to you to figure out how to make a game with them and what kind of game to make.

31deb4  No.29184

File: cc81fd37e979cf4⋯.png (4.5 KB, 320x200, 8:5, 114055.png)

File: 227fe2706308462⋯.jpg (220.87 KB, 1300x1734, 650:867, 1413342413001-4.jpg)

So I wanna do a clone of You Have to Win the Game pic related in Gamemaker just to learn the ins and outs of game dev before moving onto what I really want to do. I've played around in GM before and made a few little demos where a character can basically just run and jump, but that's always as far as I get in them before I become totally lost on what to do next. Does anyone here have a preferred order of programming things in a 2D platformer, like HUDs, NPC interaction, damage states, etc?

9b6a54  No.29189

File: 059e0d33192eae0⋯.png (118.06 KB, 266x891, 266:891, tower.png)

How's this? Is this okay?

60275c  No.29199

What are good game dev libraries for Java and good GUIs for C++?

f8e2a3  No.29200


>Language wars will be removed

>only language resources posted are for high level (aka terrible for serious gamedev) languages

>really makes you think

put a link to "The C Programming Language" and "The C++ Programming Language"

a7ad38  No.29201


>doesn't provide link

It's as if there's a reason this hypothetical link isn't there

a7ad38  No.29204

Actually on the topic of the links, here's some updates that could be made to them:


source code for some id Software's games (Doom, Quake, etc)


Xenko (new-ish 3d/2d game engine similar to Unity/Unreal)


Construct 2 (visual scripting 2D engine)



Mattmcfarland link needs a "www." at the beginning or it won't work

Change machinimasound link to this or else you get paid music: https://machinimasound.com/legacy-tracks/

Add https://www.fantasymusica.org/

9b9b8a  No.29205




>terrible for serious gamedev

Well sure, but this is for amateur gamedev. If you want serious gamedev, OpenGL and UE4 is often coupled with C/C++.

I'll move the mod notes somewhere less intrusive.

aaa59a  No.29207

File: 31264303a481cf7⋯.gif (3.17 MB, 560x350, 8:5, EXECUTIO_screenshot.gif)

File: fa5f20281f4ff90⋯.gif (251.17 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Undercover_Cops_(Arcade)_2….gif)

h anons,

So I have this idea for a new video game that's redpilled as fuck. i'm thinking something along the lines of a side scroller with rpg elements. Think executioners and undercover cops + castlevania sotn

The premise of the game is anon is a redpilled /pol/tard who (with the help of his anon m8's) revives hitler (as a lich) and summons moonman, to fight against degenerate kikes, niggers and sjw's.

they will travel all over the world confronting (((them))) and (((their))) shields. Blm will get took down,sjw will recieve the final justice, isis btfo,cartels rekt, porn industry exposed and destroyed, tumblr and reddit wiped off the cyberscape.so far I'm thinking it will have the side scrolling levels as well as memeing levels where you must btfo shills and larpers with your powerful meme magic.(like a simulated pc) and you will do hacking I'm these levels. The side scrolling levels will comprise of moonman, hitler-lich, and some kind of paladin/crusader with holy powers beating the shit out of our enemies and leveling up to face the 6 dark rabbi's and eventually the FINAL BOSS KIKE soros himself, who will transform into a reptile after you first kick his ass, then into satan himself. Also I plan on allowing play as (((them))) but I haven't worked out (((their))) characters yet. the good guys are just trying to stop the lie. the (((other side))) has an endgame we all know to well

Global domination and subversion.

Anyone here have any ideas or good at art or programming….

Thinking of starting a kickstarter or patreon….should I?

Also I wanna call it

Current Year +2

6f4200  No.29210

What's the best way to go about breaking into the industry as a writer or musician?

ecb680  No.29211


The best way is just like make game.

Use a babby tier game engine if you can't program.

07fcc2  No.29212

Good tips on how to sort out game states? Like a turn based SRPG?

7831f7  No.29229


Why do you not have a C++ entry OP? It's a very important language for vidya.

7831f7  No.29230


Finite State Machines?

ecb680  No.29233


Link me a good resource and I'll add it.

88b87e  No.29235

Does anyone have the resources for the Gamemaker's Companion book? I found a pdf of the book, but not with all of the stuff from Zool (sprites etc) that was on the CD that came with it.

6c008c  No.29239

File: a97fc1d2b383384⋯.gif (558 B, 64x64, 1:1, jeep1.gif)

File: 79cb6618c9a61da⋯.gif (32.08 KB, 15x15, 1:1, grenadier.gif)

Can someone who knows what they are doing with graphics tell me why when I try to use the fill tool in GIMP to make this jeep yellow it turns into a shitty shade of brown? My fill mode is normal, my fill opacity is 100, etc. (basically didn't change the default settings on that). I have another image that does the same thing and I am not sure why either. I noticed that the channels tab has an indexed channel, and my other images that don't do this have separate red, blue, and green channels. Is this important?

The jeep gif turns yellow into brown, the grenadier ones lets me just use the yellow.

6c008c  No.29240



Is this what you are looking for?

308b16  No.29253


Yeah, I think the resources are in there somewhere. Thanks!

a7b516  No.29270

Hey /agdg/, what are some of the more weird or infuriating things you've experienced using GML in Gamemaker Studio? I am trying to reverse a game made in GMS, and any information on how GML works (or doesn't) as a programming language would be pretty valuable.

This post is an example of what I'm talking about:


c9350b  No.29277


GM is far from perfect but most of these complaints seem like they come from a programmer; GM is made to appeal to a wide demographic and be easy to use. Having all variables be weakly typed does not really impact performance, nor even needing to make objects to hold scripts. You can make like one "PlayerControl" object that updates every frame and that's it.

I don't know about the garbage-controlled part, but that post was also made in 2015 and GM just had a new version some months ago, maybe that's something that was fixed. He's talking about 7.0 and older, nobody would or should ever use that anymore. They stopped selling and supporting GM Studio 1.4 (the "Studios" came out after 8.1 I think) now that 2 is out.

Also I admittedly have no idea what an external DLL is, so that's not an issue for me.

Here's some details on the changes in GML :



The basic thing you have to understand about GML is that scripts are functions. They also have automatically 15 arguments that are adressed as "argument0" to "14". So send variables in parentheses then just use "argumentX" in the script, there's no "declaring" the arguments.

Another weird thing that you have to pay attention to is variables :

- global vars are always declared and assigned with "global.varName"

- "var varName" is a local and will disappear outside the script

- "varName" with nothing before is considered a member of an object. So if you're inside a script that's not being read from an object, it won't work.

I'd say, at least for me, the problems with GM is that it's not simple enough and is lacking some functionality, like runtime autotiling, weighted A*, or a depth system for basic topdown RPG decoration items like trees (so the hero is in front of them when lower, etc.).

4ff209  No.29291


Please list in the engines Urho3D too


312ad8  No.29304

File: a625aec5c0e7d14⋯.png (45.99 KB, 507x309, 169:103, .png)

Is this the local ideaguy thread?

I summon the power of ideaguys: How would you fix the problem in MMOs where every method of skill training and resource gathering makes you want to be ALONE? Completely contrary to the whole point of MMOs, in almost all MMOs it is beneficial to be alone because other people will steal your kills and resources.

Want to kill mobs? Someone will compete with you for the XP/drops of each mob. Want to mine that ore? Someone may snatch it from under your nose. If the other person has higher skill level (and thus can get stuff faster than you) you're basically fucked, your only options are to struggle with a fraction of your potential productivity, switch worlds, or go away instead of playing together with the other person.

b513c6  No.29307

Guess this is a good thread to ask: are there any good beginner friendly websites/files I could access to study VR programming and design? I think I might have to study C++ again but what else should I study on? Reason I'm starting this isn't exactly to make a game but to make my own personalized 'home' where I can escape after work. Saw some VR games like robo recall and was pretty impressed by how well designed VRs came along.

e4d3a0  No.29309


Give a %resource per hit/damage or something similar, possibly with small bonuses for cooperative

If it takes many hits divy up at the kill/etc

Negative bonus for obvious last-minute steals from weak players, eg <10-20% of the hits/damage


It would need all the usual 3d graphic stuff, i think the only difference would be the pair of screens / "world cameras" and how to throw the pictures up on the device

e4d3a0  No.29310

762d33  No.29311


Have XP gaining activities that can only be performed by multiple people and provide increased yield. For example several people can operate a mining machine/drilling apparatus that will mine ore more efficiently than if they were all individually picking away at rocks (ore and XP can then be divied up among the operators).

8c6bd6  No.29317

File: 8383993e83d101e⋯.jpg (61.96 KB, 900x600, 3:2, No step on snek.jpg)

So I'm learning Python 2.7 for Roguebasin's Roguelike tutorial with Libtcod so I can try my hand on some glorious ASCII carnage.

I've also heard about Pygame, but I wanted to know your guys' opinions on it before diving too deeply into it.

c1903c  No.29325


Pygame is the Python equivalent of the SDL library. I like Python and I like SDL though I haven't exactly used Pygame. Take the time to learn Pygame and gain experience. It is through experience that you learn the most important lessons through your analysis of your mistakes. While I haven't exactly used Pygame, I would guess that learning Pygame won't be a mistake or a waste of time.

6ca1ba  No.29327


In a software engineering class my group made a Galaga clone in pygame.

The final result was decent enough, and working on it was never exactly challenging on my part.

You basically just create whatever classes you'll use in the game, then put some logic to use or update them in the main game loop. It was honestly less of a learning curve than working with Unity's 2D.

8c6bd6  No.29338



Thanks for the help!

4db68e  No.29362

File: c731625f522ca1a⋯.png (10.56 KB, 911x146, 911:146, why won't this work.png)

Losing my mind over this bit of code. I made a simple block breaking game in Unity but it's a bit too hard and rather than lowering the challenge I want to add in a lives system. So far the lives system is implemented well but for some reason the ball always spawns at one set location when I use transform.position.x.

As I said observed behavior is it always spawning in the exact same fucking spot, it's like it's totally ignoring the updated transform.position and only spawning where the object was before the player moved it. I printed transform.position.x and it looks fine, but for some reason whenever I instantiate the object it spawns in a static location of 8 on x.

Any help would be appreciated, it's a shame too because aside from this odd bug the feature is complete.

4db68e  No.29363


Nevermind, happy to say I found the issue. Seems another script that was calling the object was referencing a prefab instead of the current paddle in the scene. It all makes so much sense now. Still, I think typing it out helped as it often will.

8f75e5  No.29401

File: 29ee28dcabd6304⋯.png (366.21 KB, 946x674, 473:337, 3dcq1.png)

Which preset do I use for DotA 2 assets?

1973af  No.29462

File: 9ecaa5d78db2c6e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 2496x3358, 1248:1679, 2c1a288d0d0c22c0e422580e3a….jpg)

File: 3f0a35a62d0ea76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 636.64 KB, 1024x1378, 512:689, 414fa096c23386d5975b9e0371….png)

Going straight to the point, I'm thinking in straight out steal Towergirls Kingdom mostly to remove the cuckolding content and make it an overall better game that doesn't punish you for not wanting to whore out a princess. The game is made in RPG maker VX Ace, and here is the thing. I've never worked in any kind of game development ever, but I might as well start here. So far I'm reading the tutorials but I need to know how to decrypt RPG maker files. Any other advice would be good, but it's not necessary.

b075e7  No.29464


Here's a pretty decent tutorial for both C and C++.


Also I think it might be worth it to add a command prompt introduction, since you probably need to use it for compiled languages. Here's a pretty good one I found.


It would be nice to also have something for the linux terminal, but I can't find a very straightforward tutorial.


>I've never worked in any kind of game development ever

You're probably biting on more than you can chew. I don't know how RPG maker works, but looking at other people's code before you're familiar with coding yourself gets very overwhelming very fast. Especially if you don't get commented source code.

71647a  No.29465


>You're probably biting on more than you can chew.

Probably. RPG maker is piss easy to control, even a retard could do it, specially after reading the tutorials and fucking around with it myself. I also know that towerfag, the original dev, used public scripts with probably minimum change to fit the game.

The problem is that even thoughI was able to extract the art assets from the game decrypted file, I can't do a lot with it using the editor. It would be easier to edit the whole thing if I had access to the game file directly from the RPG maker editor, but it doesn't recognize the file for some reason. Refer to my "progress" here >>>/hgg/123062

5d5593  No.29495


That's fucking disgusting. Why is it even allowed on this board?

4d2ad1  No.29498

Any of you learn how to effectively extend the Unity Editor to help development? I had a book i was reading on the topic but i lost it. suggested replacement material?

4d2ad1  No.29502


For the case of specifically mining. When two or more people are grouped up, have some bleed through ore given. So if Player1 is mining, then Player 1 get a single unit of ore, and player 2 gets a counter of 1/x ore. This means the group activity should in theory increase the amount of ore you mine as a group.

1ea651  No.29518

File: 169574759064fe1⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 1456412168777.jpg)

Do any of you happen to have, or at least know where to find a face texture of Billy Herrington? I desperately need it

20b6fc  No.29578


Yeah this:


Is a good idea. Even your example of runescape had this with minigames such as Fishing Trawler and Blast Furnace. How about having certain spots in skilling locations reserved for group activities that hasten the exp gain or increase yield.

cbff5a  No.29664


Pygame is excellent both as a learning tool and as an engine for simpl-ish 2D games (I've done bullet hells with it, no lag at all).

And since it's python, you're get the benefit of being able to implement your ideas quicker than in lower level languages.

cbff5a  No.29666

File: 7edccf3ae97a51a⋯.png (52.05 KB, 481x626, 481:626, Screenshot from 2017-10-16….png)


Pic rel is a bullet hole from ~1.5 years ago

080198  No.29684

First time here. Decided to force myself to make a very simple game to take a break from my main game.

Would like to see if anybody's got some fun and engaging ideas for structuring progress in a simple game (so it's not just an infinite level with score) with one to two mechanics. I don't play a lot of games any more (30 yo) and only ever played "big" PC games, so I don't have a lot of ideas for casual games other than infinite + score and straight up levels.

Any way, my game idea is you have a series of randomly placed dots/orbs/whatever you have to protect from enemies by clicking them and dragging the mouse to boot up a shield in the opposite direction. Maybe pressing spacebar explodes the shield and sends a physics based missile to collect powerups.

1de254  No.29729


Make a task list, excel will work.

You could make a general TODO list, or just set aside what you want to do for the day. If you got anothing on the list and can't think of anything, play through the game once, and figure out what polish it needs not to suck.

be54b5  No.29745



If you ever set up a repo for your code/project (and you should, you never know when your HDD will fail, niggers will rob you, or your house will burn down), Github has a pretty nice "Projects" feature that lets you basically make a little pinned noteboard and shuffle notes around with rows and columns, and it even has integrated support for its own bugtracking stuff. Pretty nifty.

Although, some people don't like Github because SJW mods can shut down a hateful project, and that your project must be public (not necessarily open source - but people will still steal from it) unless you pay for it.

Overall, for what it does do, it's pretty solid

1de254  No.29786


gitgud.io is the repo i use.

40ad73  No.29808

So, I've got 2 ideas and I'm wondering how best to implement them.

First idea is stripped-down turn-based strategy game. I want it to be on a grid system and have very simple rules, and have both the option of both local 1v1 multiplayer and vs an AI. I want to use this as a way of getting used to and started with an engine.

Second idea is a fast-paced platformer. The general idea of it is that you have an 8-directional airdash which is faster than your ground movement, and you can collect powerups to temporarily give you more airdashes. There will be no combat mechanics, all enemies will be there solely to be avoided, and boss levels will generally be survival tests or pursuit levels with the boss shouting at you to get back here and fight properly.

The thing about this is that I want to learn a useful skill while making these games. I already have a solid programming foundation with C-based languages, but I need practice.

Would Unity be a good engine to start with here? If not, what engine would you suggest?

cef6ac  No.29812


Unity or unreal would work. Unity uses C#, where Unreal uses C++. Pick your poison.

4fa453  No.29813


Why is stuff like this even allowed?

b0ab10  No.29871

Programming resources/blogs:


>Data Oriented Design Engine & Rendering development


>Mostly C++ stuff


>Excellent posts about game networking


>Strong focus on math


>Data Oriented Design engine development


>RTS game programmer, talks about various things

ec1c09  No.29917

Good 2D physics engine that integrates easily:


4faf66  No.29943

I want to create an RPG. I'm more interested in developing the combat system than anything. Does Gamemaker allows me to do so or should I got with something or just use it to prototype?

4227ee  No.29958

File: 90c292b17d29a68⋯.png (118.27 KB, 650x650, 1:1, stupei ace defective.png)


I have a question about Gamemaker and Construct 2. I am thinking of using Construct 2 to make a prototype basic 2d game but limits of the free version really turns me off on it if I want to build upon my prototype. Is gamemaker a superior alternative when taking the free limits into account or would Construct 2's limits be a non issue?

31c0a2  No.29966

File: fa2751bf968c75c⋯.jpg (155.45 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 11180351_849430815139845_1….jpg)


Construct 2's free limits are absolutely retarded.

They limit you to 25 sprites on screen at the same time, no particles, and only 2 layers in the game.

It's not even useful for prototyping.

HOWEVER! The full version of construct 2 is the bests thing that has ever happened to me.

So... because of that I'll let you in on a little secret.


Download and place that file on your construct 2 installation folder WITHOUT EDITING IT.

This will only work with release 245 which you can download here:


245 is a stable release that has all of the current features(the newest release is 248beta) so you'll get everything.

Anyway, enjoy and remember to disable automatic updates or you'll fuck it up for all the needy children who can't afford software

409d7a  No.29977

File: d2a4c7bd01f2d12⋯.png (341.47 KB, 600x532, 150:133, cc8.png)


Thanks anon, you are a pretty cool guy.

4227ee  No.29980

File: 096b3646b8e41bb⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 377x523, 377:523, Arino.jpg)


You are a cool guy! Thanks anon, I knew those restrictions were bullshit but I just wanted a second opinion on it.

Have a rare Arino.

ae03da  No.30009

File: 06c0c1b0f903b4a⋯.png (112.98 KB, 1814x852, 907:426, it's so bad.png)

I'm giving myself pixel art practice but it looks so shit. I'm not going to use any opengameart shit because I want to be completely original.

0c2f8b  No.30027


Maybe you could try to confine yourself to a smaller amount of pixels first? 16x16, 32x32?

3b7b45  No.30029

File: b8d41089170798c⋯.jpg (99.98 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 11248041_867183910031202_2….jpg)

File: 475d475df63d0ca⋯.jpg (102.83 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 11422923_867184263364500_8….jpg)

File: 0537a2f995ae0cd⋯.png (92.42 KB, 431x404, 431:404, deceivesmall.png)



This. When I first started trying to draw pixel art for a 2D GTA style game that I abandoned a while ago I had no idea where to even start

So I decided to go as small as I possibly could, mostly because each character needed about 10 animations each.

So I started with a constraint of 16x16 for items, 16x32 for characters, and 32x32 for tiles.

Before I knew it I was drawing cars, and motorcycles, and streets, and all sorts of stuff without even looking at the size.

So start small, if you can make a 16x32 grid look like a humanoid then you're definitely on the right path.

Pic related, my very first attempts at pixel art once I stuck to the small size constraints.

cef6ac  No.30031

My fellow devs, i need help. I'm a programmer, not an artist and have only a little experience with blender. This is a problem because i am my 3d modeling artist. Anyone got links to daily modeling challenges or something like it?

3209dc  No.30041

File: 6d73c59319ed808⋯.jpg (63.04 KB, 1170x563, 1170:563, Dev Joke.jpg)

I'm a proficient programmer (though I've never created any large projects) and might like to try a couple techfag ideas I had.

1) Dark Messiah of Might and Magic With Better Combat: Better Combat Edition. I suppose only 3D would do it justice but you be the judge.

2)VOXELS IN SPACE (Basically I want a space sim with meltable, destroyable hulls that you can weld more junk onto to keep flying.) 2D or 3D is fine.

3) So what if there was a 4x game going on which was the server but for all the other players it's an RPG and the kingdoms provide the setting.

I've looked over the features for Torque, Ogre, and Godot, and snubbed my nose at unity and unreal due to royalties and bullshit I don't feel like dealing with. (Unreal is bullshit that doesn't let me just code things, and unity has (((chaching))) everywhere despite just letting me code things)

Really just looking to mess around every now and then and see if anything comes of it; I'm not looking to engage in big projects or obligations as there's lots of other things vying for my time... but it's always nice to have another option than just playing vidya or shitposting.

3209dc  No.30042


>with better combat: better combat edition

Forgive me it is late and I must sleep. I meant tech demo edition. Feel free to leave some (you)'s to that post with suggestions though if you want. Polite sage for double post.

61b385  No.30133

How do I into python?

I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, and bruteforcing the code academy exercises

9018e6  No.30157


If you already know how to install libraries and stuff go ahead and download pyGame, then follow Kris Occhipinti's pyGame tutorials to go from noob to pro in python game development.

While his tutorial only focuses on pyGame, the techniques thought can easily be applied to other python scripted game engines(like Blender for example)

What you will learn:

-Create your window and window properties

-Create sprite characters, animations, and movement/rotation

-Create 'bullet' objects, gravity, particles, collision detection, and other physics.

-Create multiplayer games that connect to a web server

-Publishing your game as a binary executable

So here's the first video in that series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnuEqzAAkHw

Kris is very fun and easy to follow, and he starts slow but quickly builds up to harder and harder things.

Even if you already know the basics of python he can help you to find different ways of doing things that you might not have thought about before.

Anyway, python is really fun and with pygame you can't really go wrong. I wish I still had some of my sample codes, but I lost them when my hard-drives got stolen out of my car :(

361212  No.30412

c1f9e9  No.30483

Does anyone know how to set up Unity so that animations update on a constant time scale. Basically, I want to make it so that no matter how much times passes in a frame, a constant float value will put it. I tried using animation.update() but this causes animation unctions to be called twice in a frame, which is rather un-ideal behavior.

6ec22a  No.30484




6ec22a  No.30485

I'm here because I want to learn Lua so I can use Love2D.

Where do I begin? I downloaded the free book on the Lua site, but is that all I need to get started?

This will be my first time learning how2code

ee3072  No.30487

Any idea on how to drag object on path using Unity

da31c2  No.30581

Looks pretty dead here but I'll give it a shot.

I'm playing a fan game made with unity. The game always use up to 80% on all four cores. On a dual core cpu, both cores are used up to 100% I'm trying to determine what's using all the cpu cycles.

The town area is filled with around a hundred buildings and static decorations like flower pots, table and chairs. I image the shear number of polygons doesn't affect cpu a lot as they are offload by the gpu, right? The next thing that would be cpu hogging culprit would be colliders. I heard the dev uses a lot of mesh colliders but would just looking at a scene without any collision going on use cpu cycles?

89b939  No.30582

Any of you have luck with a node/behavior editor/state machine? I haven't been able to find a good free one for unity, and with the serilization in unity I haven't been able to make my own, and I've found some frameworks for node editors but they don't support behavior states mostly just calculations, and I can't find any tutorials.

371ffa  No.30614


Maybe occlusion culling and colliders, yea, especially if they move regularly.

0a16e8  No.30640

File: d07630104beaefc⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 474x245, 474:245, 13.jpg)

File: 655606fc9692682⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 356x193, 356:193, 12.jpg)

15a7d5  No.30687

I take it python is the best first step in the process of lrn2 make game.

How retard proof is it?

15a7d5  No.30688


That slowdown is satisfying as heck.

a7eed9  No.30831


Click `Image -> Mode -> RGB`

69925b  No.30836

Magic has various elements

Melee has various attack types (slash/stab/crush)

What do archers have for damage variety?

faa066  No.30837


Arrow types : light/heavy/poisoned/incendiary/explosive

Bow types : composite bows, great bows

You can also make certain bows/arrows deal splash damage or can penetrate multiple enemies, etc

69925b  No.30838


The idea was that there's multiple damage types and multiple armor types, so picking weapons/armor is not completely straightforward. For example melee armor is good against melee attacks, but one type might be weaker against stab while another may be weak against crush.

It wouldn't make sense to have high resistance against great bows but not against composite bows or crossbows or whatever. Having special effects like poison and fire arrows could work somehow though.

faa066  No.30839


How about evasion?

You can give lighter armor higher chances of evasion (bonus chance against archers).

You can also make arrows deal more damage depending on their weight, in exchange for accuracy.

7d4eb4  No.31217



4daddc  No.31237


Implement a law system where killing/stealing is punishable by NPCs in particular areas of the game. Another way to deter violence is a bounty system. Strongly incentivize character specialization by having skills/bonuses which are difficult to unlock but get exponentially better the more you level them up. This makes people dependent on each other and reliant on trading so you have to help others/be helped some time. Have a strong, player-driven economy (marketplaces.) Make things other than griefing other players more profitable.

Perhaps have a system where you can team up with people nearby to enable voice chat or a private chat window or whatever. When mining resources or completing missions or whatever, the entire team gets a bonus. The catch is that you have to explicitly team up with them, you can't just stand nearby.

4daddc  No.31238


How about chain mail, which is good against blades but not against bows? How about shields which are excellent against bows, but balanced by an 'encumbrance' stat which limits how much heavy metal you can carry around all the time?

2dbafc  No.31252

Is there a resouce for RPG games?

Youtube videos, or a online book for:

> intertwining game and story

> how to make stats

> AI

84dc1e  No.31257



Ban this shit nigger.

7c97f1  No.31332

File: 6b7f92e64af118c⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 237Ny42omwc66_l.jpg)

I'm a rank newfag. Other than some rejected ship art for someone else's space RTS that went nowhere, I've got no real experience making a game. However, a recent floating ball of inspiration hit me in the face and I want to do my own take on turn-based battlefield games like Final Fantasy Tactics A2 or Shining Force. With help from some drawfag friends IRL, I should be able to get what I need for the art relatively easily, and I've put down a lot of rough planning into plot, characters, and abilities.

Having said all that, I'm kind of overloaded with choice for the various game-maker programs out there. I want to be able to use a controller or mouse/keyboard to move the characters around on different types of terrain and do actions in either a 2D overhead or 3D 3/4 view world. Does anyone have any recommendations for a program that will do what I'm describing?

b1859d  No.31362


I found UE4 to be quite easy to use because using blueprints you can avoid actual coding for 90% of things, and what you described should be possible without too much trouble.

7c97f1  No.31363

File: d86a3fa4c1163ab⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 201x255, 67:85, thumbsup rocket.jpg)


Thank you very much. I'll look into it.

UE4 is "Unreal Engine," right?

ddb7ab  No.31364


Yes. Post on this board again if you need help with the project.

6a2187  No.31519


Thanks. I'm thinking I want to make it 16-bit (in appearance like SNES or Genesis games), so would I still want UE4 or should I go to some other creator program?

777ba5  No.31558

How can I tell if an engine is totally free to use or not? That I don't have to pay royalties or get a license or anything.

Is iD Tech 4 free in this way?

713849  No.31582

I am making a space themed game, at the moment it feels like Star Trek TOS or TNG. What resource would the player be restricted by? Fuel, money, time?

It's a bit rogue like like like. I want there to be a single consistent resource that the player will be concerned about losing.

ac7fd3  No.31583

What would be a good engine to make a point and click adventure like Zak McCracken?

cea59a  No.31596


If you want perfect authenticity then you can make a rom. If you don't need that then it's a matter of your art style.


The project page should mention the terms for using it. That engine is licensed under the GNU GPL. That means you can use it but you can't misrepresent the author and you have to publish any changes to the source that you make.


Fuel would be the closest to the way the modern world works. Access to oil and the means to transport it are fundamental in sustaining a war machine.


Any 2d one should work. There's probably some engines that are specifically made for point and click games.

000000  No.31598


>Access to oil and the means to transport it are fundamental in sustaining a war machine.

It's not a war themed game. It's more of an adventure/exploration game.

cea59a  No.31599


It's still important. What would be the pros and cons of each resource?

079fd2  No.31603


I want to make a pixelshit super meat boy clone. What engine should I use? Want something easy to work with. I know java and C++, not very good at art.

cea59a  No.31608


SFML for C++. Libgdx for Java. As for art, you'll have to either stick with programmer art, learn proper art, or get someone to do it for you.

2bb7ad  No.31642

File: 684bdb339e64f3a⋯.gif (916.31 KB, 255x162, 85:54, t_19c76c435b3c29e7cf9949c2….gif)

I want to read a book on game design but it seems that most of them use c++ for examples. "Game programming patterns" is what I had in mind. Would it be worth it to learning c++ just to read the book?

I have a beginner's understanding of C and lua, and I was able to make a tetris clone in löve using the wiki and http://lua-users.org/wiki/TutorialDirectory, but I'm just not really sure where to go from here.

696a89  No.31673

I'm more or less just starting, but my goal is to make a strategy RPG/visual novel hybrid similar to Sengoku Rance. What would be the best engine to learn about in order to make a game like that?

bdc3f0  No.31682

File: b14e88137a00492⋯.jpg (112.93 KB, 1170x677, 1170:677, xPPP2frontNback.jpg.pagesp….jpg)


>Would it be worth it to learning c++ just to read the book?

Probably not. But would it be worth learning C++? In a gamedev thread? You kidding, of course!

But there is literally only one place for a beginner to learn C++ anon, by reading and working through Stroustrup's PPP2.


Ironically enough, the book's main topic isn't about C++, but about programming. Still, the single best freshman textbook on the two topics in existence.

7d2659  No.31683

File: 48f98860577c6d5⋯.png (609.35 KB, 557x750, 557:750, 1.png)

File: 5ba57163bda5a42⋯.png (688.49 KB, 557x750, 557:750, 2.png)

Just finished a blender tutorial. WEW, guys, if you're always nodev like me and don't know where to start, do a simple tutorial per day. Always gets me motivated.

bdc3f0  No.31684


That looks pretty remarkable actually. Is this tutorial available publicly?

7d2659  No.31695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Of course, this is it.

2bb7ad  No.31707

File: 67eaa78eb7e140e⋯.gif (1010.69 KB, 240x174, 40:29, 1362377682934.gif)


Ok, I'll try it. That seems like a pretty solid move. Maybe I'll mess around with sdl 2 after. Thanks for the reply.

4891b0  No.31753


This page has a few handy things.

4891b0  No.31755


Oh, here's two more pages on 2D packing. First one is more esoteric and applies mathematically, but the second is an implementation of other the post above.



5d8d5f  No.31800

If you were looking to make an open world adventure game (think minecraft or cube world) where would you start?

What sort of map would you design where you get from "I can use GIMP okay" to "I made this game where you punch dinosaurs in the dick and feast on their corpses"?

b876f9  No.31801


strongly consider suicide

364076  No.31808

Any good light 3D engines for an average laptop? Something that's not Unity?

364076  No.31824


So I have to stick with the meme engine, huh?

3576e5  No.31834


Agreed with the other anon. Kys.

6f7ff8  No.31841

Should add http://www.nihilore.com/ to the free audio section

f3e940  No.32020

File: 1b226709d11bb89⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 400x435, 80:87, 1423698866375.jpg)


Poor anon.


How is SFML?

0f82ea  No.32023


Yes, do you still need?

I'm wanting to build a gachimuchi-themed (2d) JRPG.

Any recommendations on references for engine architecture?

Also, I'm currently using C++ as "C with classes". Will I come to regret this, if I end up writing an engine?

1cf24a  No.32028

Sup. I have been toying with the idea of a fighting game for a few hours now and honestly I'm just an ideaguy with more time than sense. I don't know how to code or even what would be required to make a fighting game, so I was hoping to get a sense of scale here. Basically what do I need to know, what I should research, etc. I already know that I'd have to research the subject matter I'm basing the game on, as well as learning a lot more about fighters in general since my knowledge is novice at best.

Without going into details it'd be a anime-styled fighter with around 13 characters starting out., with each character having his/her own stage and something like a story/arcade mode.

109960  No.32029


I wish I'd read straight from Bjarne Stroupwaffle himself instead of following shitty online tutorials for C++. Once you learn that shit, the damage is already done.

61eff9  No.32039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Also, I'm currently using C++ as "C with classes". Will I come to regret this, if I end up writing an engine?

Thats how a bunch of AAA console engine devs do it. If you don't know DOD, yes. If you do know DOD no. Vid related.

c32e63  No.32059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Because I just want to do things the obnoxiously hard way, is there a good method for emulating indexed color like with SNES (vid related)? I'm trying to work one out in JavaScript/canvas, but I keep overthinking it or messing it up. I'm currently trying to define a format using typed arrays, but I'm having trouble handling different color depths and bitplanes. I'm considering doing this for 2 reasons: 1.) I like challenge, 2.) I want to do different pallet-swap based effects like in Chrono Trigger.

c32e63  No.32060


Damn. Like ten years ago I read an article that gave the statistics on how long a fighting game like yours would take. Can't find it now.

I ususally just do tiny afternoon projects so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Firstly, while you will have more freedom if you know how to write code for your game, some engines (like Gamemaker) have visual programming which is helpful for people starting out.

Next, consider collision detection. While you'd normally want to optimize this part so that your game slows to a crawl when many objects are on screen, if your game is going to be a standard fighter with two collideable characters and maybe some projectiles, this can (probably) be ignored, since there will will not be enough collideable objects that performance would be affected. That being said, fighters seem to use multiple hit boxes per character and determine damage caused by checking if an "attacking" box is colliding with one of the opponents hit boxes. Try to determine how to manage and check these hitboxes during attack animations and how these boxes would vary from character to character.

For physics, you can establish a simple gravity value that will affect a character's vertical velocity each step through the game loop. With fighters, you'll also want to determine what forces will be applied to the characters when they recieve an attack. If the force exerted is small, perhaps just push them a little to the side, if the force is strong enough, how high should they be thrown into the air? Force being applied should take into account blocking and the weight of the characters. Additionally, what threshold needs to be passed so that a character gets stunned by an attack (where input for that character is temporarily disabled during a stun animation).

As part of collision handling, you'll want to understand event handling in general, which also includes input handling and timing. Learn how an event handler works and how to parse a generic event object (note: last time I used it, EVERYTHING in Gamemaker was done with event handlers).

Take into consideration how the characters will differ from each other. What will be their speed, their weight, their strength, and how would these characters be balanced? You're going to want to continuously test (this is the most important part) and tweak these characters so that they have strengths and weaknesses that keep them from being overpowered/underpowered.

You have thirteen characters. Each character will have multiple animations. Each animation is going to have multiple frames. How long it takes to animate a character will be determined by number of animations, number of frames per animation, level of detail per frame, and skill of the artist. Each character will have a stage. Each stage has a background. If these backgrounds have moving parts, these moving parts will have animations.

Will each stage have BGM? Will different stages have environmental sounds? What sounds will characters and attacks make? The VA for Vegita once mentioned in an interview that he had to record hundreds of voice clips for one of the DBZ games (a lot of them being simple grunts and groans). How long will it take to record and process these sounds?

With a single player mode, you'll need to program AI. This possibly could be done with a state machine which takes in the current state of the objects on the screen, updating the internal state of the AI controlled character, and select an appropriate action based on the new internal state. Note that while it is called "artificial intelligence," keep in mind the idea of "artificial stupidity." Because you can pass game data to an AI controlled opponent that a human player cannot know about, you could accidentally give too much power to the opponent who will know the perfect response to any situation.

As for additional advice, critically examine other fighting games and consider why they work and why certain features were used. Be careful about ambition and don't bite off more than you can chew (a friend of mine who's a veteran game dev said that you start a game project with infinite ideas, and then you remove ideas until you have the game you can make). PROTOTYPE AND PLAYTEST EARLY AND OFTEN. Early prototyping and testing will help you determine what works and what doesn't.

Lastly, go in with the mindset of a rockstar. As an entertainment medium, most games won't make it, and those that do only have a slight chance of being successful. A rockstar only has a small chance of success, but they persevere because what they're doing is worth it to them.

Again, I'm no professional, these are just some things I would consider.

39d500  No.32124

File: 71096004980f527⋯.png (225.93 KB, 625x352, 625:352, mugen-top-625x352.png)


Depends on whether you want a 3D or 2D fighting game. If you want 2D, there's this thing called MUGEN. All you need to do is create the characters and animations.

3D would be more complicated. Even just making the 3D models would be a lot of work in itself.

39d500  No.32125

File: 3cdbaedb2ae2e9c⋯.png (14.11 KB, 1410x793, 1410:793, fb_ad_1.png)


Depends on what kind of game you want to write. Most games are written in C++, but if you're making a VN, 2D platformer, roguelike, anything not CPU-bound, then you don't need the power of C++, you can use something more accessible. Learning C++ takes years, I'd say don't learn it if you don't need to. I say this as a C++fag. Tons of indie games these days use simpler languages so they can just focus on getting the game done.

ce51ae  No.32172


>Learning C++ takes years

Learning C++ takes a week or two, assuming you don't try to learn every feature which even most pro devs don't know.

Learning to program things effectively is the hard part, your knowledge of C++ doesn't increase much after the initial hurdle, but your ability to put that knowledge to use does.

5d8d5f  No.32198

Is there a way to use voxels which isn't minecraft shitty? I have an idea for a game in my head and I'm working towards it but it's in voxels.

39d500  No.32200


True. The mechanics of C++ aren't that hard to learn. Building your engine however is going to take a long time no regrets. In a game maker you can probably start with zero knowledge of programming and have a game done in a week. Why learn pointer arithmetic if you just wanna make a platformer?

39d500  No.32202


Tons of games these days store the terrain data as voxels but convert to polys for rendering. So basically it'll look like your standard poly-based game.

5d8d5f  No.32210


How does that work? Could you show me some examples please?

60a1e6  No.32217


>Why learn pointer arithmetic

Pointers are incredibly simple and useful though. It's just a number that represents a location in memory, and you can either modify that number to change the memory location, or "dereference" the pointer to modify the data in it's destination. For fancy trickery you can cast the pointer to another type of pointer to change how much data it interacts with.

3ab3b9  No.32220

is there anywhere I can get an fbx of a sex animation from? I just want to quickly test something out, wanted to see if there's anything before paying someone for just a single animation

3cc0cb  No.32222


You lack so much context its surreal. Why not make your own 2 frame sex anim to test out whatever you want to do?

3ab3b9  No.32225


yeah my bad. I was thinking more along the lines of 3D. I want to try and recreate how illusion does their sex animations through mecanim. I suppose I could look into doing something simple like a handshake, which should still follow the same principle right?

ed8174  No.32227

I have a few random questions, I figure this is the best place to ask.

A few years back I was getting into game dev, ultimately made a small text game in the command prompt. Was interesting but I ended up getting hung up on what was a necessary minimum for a game loop, so I could be doing basic 2d graphics, with just simple windows and colors and what not.

I think I'll start like that again, with a simple text game, but I wanted to package it in my own small, super simple graphics.

My real question is, how much C++ should I be learning? I remember I would learn the core basics, apply those and then move on a little but I would sort....delve too far the rabbit hole in earnest and realize I was reading things that were way over my head.

I have mountains of ideas and I am a fairly decent artist, I would just like to really understand the programming from a core level, without having to make my own engine from scratch.

I was wondering if anyone has a really simplified list with a few book/website suggestions on basic software architecture and just the core subsystems needed for a game.

I'm being lazy, I'm going to keep looking but it seems to save a lot of time to just get pointed in a direction instead of stumbling around for so long.

a94275  No.32230


>how much C++ should I be learning

>I would delve too far the rabbit hole and I was reading things that were way over my head

>without having to make my own engine from scratch

>understand the programming from a core level

First you need to figure out what you want to do, because I really don't understand from your post. You're trying to learn something unnecessarily deep if you don't want to do something deep. The way game engines can work vary so greatly that learning how to make one doesn't really help you understand someone else's engine that much.

>simplified list

>software architecture and the core subsystems needed for a game

Pick one, and then pick a genre for the latter.

ed8174  No.32258


I guess generally I just want to start with a command prompt game, using c or c++, then possibly utilize or create my own simple graphics engine and learn how to package my files together.

I think that makes sense...

8560eb  No.32260

File: 04b0850d1adee9e⋯.png (23.83 KB, 869x230, 869:230, code.PNG)

Is it normal for it to be very tedious and unintuitive to create enemies in a bullet hell game or is it just my design? I'm working with C++ and the SFML library.

What I have right now is a list of enemies that I'm hardcoding in and then an EnemyFactory class to create the enemies at the times they're designated to enter. The problem is that writing out all these enemies is time consuming and very hard to read and understand at a glance. Which makes me think I'm doing something wrong here.

Pic related is what I'm talking about. Most of the parameters aren't really a problem since they're the same for groups of enemies. The 4th and 5th parameters though are a pain. The 4th is a Path that enemies move along. It's a set of points containing an x position, y position, and a stop time if i want the enemy to stop for some period of time at that point. The 5th parameter is the time the enemy actually enters the game.

Does anyone have any advice here? Are there any ways around this or should I just deal with it?

f1be41  No.32268


It doesn't get much easier than that unless you make some kind of editor that lets you scroll back and forth in time and place/configure enemies, and then save it all into a file. If you're planning to make a long game with lots of enemies then it's probably worth it to spend the time making such a tool.

For a bullet hell game it might also be useful to add patterns, e.g. so you can use a single line for spawn X number of Y enemy in a row. Or maybe spawn enemy in X position and spawn another every Y seconds until N enemies have been spawned.

ba8248  No.32269


Creating patterns for the enemies sounds like it would make things a lot smoother, thanks. I would go for a tool but for now I'm only planning on making a 1 stage demo so it would be a bit overkill.

25b196  No.32347

I plan on making a 2d platformer with somewhat pretty graphics, I thought about using unreal or is it just as unstable as unity?

d42a1c  No.32363

So, what started out as a joke is now turning into a semiserious project. I've started writing down ideas, making maps and parsing out grids and movement and such.

Three words: Asshole Necromancer Simulator

The overworld/map plays like Civ 5 or Crusader Kings, and battles play like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator but more polished and you can cast your own spells in the middle of battle.

What would be a good place to start? I've already started writing down plans and ideas for usable units, castable spells, what sort of stats and are important in the gameplay, mid/end-game transitions, win conditions, enemies you have to face, etc., and I've got a map of ~1000 AD medieval Europe with a grid overlaid to simulate a campaign with.

I want to make it complex, but the individual parts should be very intuitive and easy to understand. There's no need for 800 different stats; you can operate off of a 'knowledge' base that dictates your known spells and their strength, and an infamy level that determines how likely a paladin is to come bash down your front door and Turn Undead. More options, but make them easy to understand and play around with. Make the game fill in the blanks.

60b58b  No.32369


Can you program?

60b58b  No.32370


Because the first thing to do is make a prototype. Make a shitty manually made (non proc gen, not sure if you want that anyway) map, have units move around, build a fake AI. This is important because you can't always plan so much before making a prototype because you may have to throw some of it away.

d42a1c  No.32378



I took some low-level programming classes back in high school, but that was almost 15 years ago. I'm downloading Godot now, unless you think another language would work better.

I'm starting off with a mock-up 'board game' style prototype to basically show friends what it would be like so I have a place to start at. Most, if not all, of these ideas should be possible to implement; whether or not they're easy to implement is a different issue altogether, but I'll figure that out as I go along. Particularly the TABS-style battle engine, I would have a tougher time designing something like that myself unless I took some serious time to work stuff out, and then I would need models and all kinds of stuff.

And yes, I'd like a procedurally generated system for this project, but I wouldn't imagine starting any project off with that. Start with the basics and get an actual system set up one module at a time.

be236d  No.32381


Because cooperation is based on necessity. Simply put if you make it viable to play the game and win (or do well) on your own, then people will.

You can copy the WoW formula and just make everything the same level of difficulty as a hardcore dungeon.

Another idea would be to create skilled based gameplay. Not just combat but cooking and crafting as well. For instance cooking means not just the right ingredients but also the correct amounts and correct timing incorporated in the preaparation. That way people will specialize and since you can't be arsed to do everything yourself you'll turn to other players because they are better cooks, smiths, warriors etc.

25ecc3  No.32413

Any engines that use a decent entity component system or ecs libraries for engines? I used entitas w/ unity and I fell in love with entitas but began to despise unity3d. I want an engine/editor that doesn't get in the way of programming I just want a decent ECS library along with other useful libraries like collision etc then hop over to my editor to create assets and arrange and test levels.

35b1c7  No.32434

Are there any books/tuts on how to structure your code vs a normal application? For example, the different ways to write enemy code or spawning, saving/loading, npcs etc Are there game dev specific data structs/algos? I only know of "Game Programming Patterns" Anyone know similar books?

bc2ee1  No.32444



Learn the language features like functions, conditionals, loops, classes, and such. Learn about dynamic memory allocation and pointers. Learn about the standard library features like printing, strings, file IO, containers, math, and so on. Learning how to compile and run programs for whichever library you're going to use. Learn about the API of that library. That'll get you started.


A shmup in C++ and SFML? I'm doing the same. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. In my engine, all the behavior of an enemy is based on a function that the enemy has a pointer to. Instead of having a spawn delay, there's a function for each stage that uses conditions to determine when to spawn enemies. It would be like...

if(time == <time to spawn enemy>) {
enemies.spawn(params, [](Enemy *enemy) {
<enemy behavior>


Programming isn't that cut and dry, especially if you're working from scratch. It's up to you to decide how to structure your code. It depends on your preferences, experience, and needs. There's a lot of discussion and disagreement related to that topic.

51ae5e  No.32447


>Programming isn't that cut and dry, especially if you're working from scratch. It's up to you to decide how to structure your code. It depends on your preferences, experience, and needs. There's a lot of discussion and disagreement related to that topic.

I think that's something that always gives me trouble. Having multiple possible solutions always puts me into analysis paralysis.

I imagine this is something that gets better as you become more experienced and learn about your own preferences or maybe it's just a special kind of autism.

1725d1  No.32461


I'm just starting out, so don't take my advice as gospel, but what I do is take some time to write out a project skeleton on paper and include the most basic functions and what values need to go where, then sleep on it and come back with fresh eyes. When you feel confident about the way you think might work, code out the basics and flesh it out from there.

Stick with a general method and run with it. If you get stuck, sleep on it and come back and see if your method still makes sense; you can always see if a slightly different way of thinking helps out a bit later on.

bc2ee1  No.32463


That "autism" is you wanting to do well. You'll be more consistent as you gain experience. Dwelling on the code will help you fix those inconsistencies.

8560eb  No.32469


That sounds like a good way to do it. I haven't touched the project in a while now but I realized in my data structures class the other day that a priority queue would probably be a good way to handle entry order. Just add the enemies to the list with a key representing which "encounter" or "batch" you want them to be part of and add all the enemies with a shared key at once and wait until they're gone before adding the next set.

82dba7  No.32479

what should I learn after understanding basic programming concept?

I tried making games in unity, but sometimes foreign concept pop up and I must dig up what it means and understand it before I make progress. And I tried to read some books about game devs but even then I found some foreign concept that makes me feels like I skip a step somewhere.

814aac  No.32481


Read the book Game Design Patterns. It takes the Gang Of Four Design patterns and explains them in a video game context and uses. Also very good for learning programming in general, regardless of game programming.

570257  No.32492


>sometimes foreign concept pop up and I must dig up what it means and understand it before I make progress

This is your life now, it will never stop happening unless you start making the same thing you've already made before, so get used to it.

bc2ee1  No.32513

I'm at the point in my game where I find awkward looking code that I don't remember writing. I miss when the codebase was tiny and I could keep all of it in my head at one time. It makes me want to make my code as compact as possible.

010473  No.32520


imGUI for quick and fast GUIs

nuklear (actually ANSI C) if you want something more fancy

4e86a9  No.32525

File: 12fb75fae6ec99c⋯.png (1000.91 KB, 1400x1717, 1400:1717, Mewtwo-RFVF.png)

How do you come up with simple, interesting designs for your monsters/creatures?

d48d62  No.32534


I get inspiration from real life and warp features.

4891b0  No.32535

File: f6db229edb089d4⋯.png (20.54 KB, 800x429, 800:429, ClipboardImage.png)


>Take two random concepts

>Make them work together

For example "fire fly". What immediately comes to mind? Not an actual firefly I imagine an annoying fly that shoots fire.

c863e2  No.32554

I have an idea for a game that involves playing as a murderous asshole. The main thing however, is that I want to subvert the hipster/game-journo notion that the player (not the player's character) enjoys the violence he is imposing on the enemies. I want the main idea of the game, is that the player is forced to watch his avatar do horrible things, and get the notion in that the player wouldn't want this, as a foil to undertale's genocide route ending.

the closest implementation I can think of is this:

>Throughout the game, the player character occasionally breaks the fourth wall, in between post-level cutscenes and after bosses.

>this comes to a head at the end, where the player character comes to gruesomely murder the catalyst for game's plot, and the actual player can choose to either to destroy her, or to let her go.

If you choose to destroy her, the player character figuratively and literally breaks her, at as many points as possible.

If you choose to let her go, the player character lets go, and she falls 100 meters to her death.

<"HAHAHAHAHAHA! And you thought you actually had a CHOICE in the matter?"

<"you see, I don't are how good or bad you really are. You never had a real choice this entire time."

<"And now that things are over? to be honest, I'd take you too if I could. But I can't."

<"so enjoy it, cause this is the end,"

>the camera then sees a helpless bystander who witnessed the crime.

>you are given control of this bystander who then has to escape before the former-player-character destroys the building you're both on... but you got only one chance to escape. the ending will be slightly different if you manage to succeed, but will be slightly more hopeful for that person.

>end credits take place over the broken body of the catalyst, which occasionally twitches, and if she was destroyed, gurgles and chokes too.

how else would I implement a helpless player controls the protagonist's murder spree game?

c6878f  No.32636

How does one shut up and make a game? I keep saying I will do it, but I keep getting distracted by a technical detail that I want to handle myself, but when all is said and done the only thing I can show for it is another iteration of the Snake game.

bc2ee1  No.32643


You have to suck it up and find a balance between doing things yourself and using tools. Pick a library for making games that's higher level than raw OpenGL and lower level than prebuilt engines.

876090  No.32651

File: a3a5e1ff689b3e1⋯.gif (3.07 MB, 720x480, 3:2, low poly.gif)

File: ba36c91698343e5⋯.jpg (85.55 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, low poly4.jpg)

File: a37f71dc2371da0⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 352x224, 11:7, 1540907432057.gif)

File: fdde780cc3cde0a⋯.gif (566.71 KB, 450x679, 450:679, 1540904061560.gif)

any good guides and resources for low poly 3D moddeling?

27e784  No.32751

What would be a good engine for messing around with a 3d platformer, particularly if I'm not planning on using highly detailed graphics?

e1c5e4  No.32949

Can anyone help me flesh out an idea for a game. I'm thinking that in a perfect world, it would be like Counterstrike Tactics. Basically, the kind of objective-based maps of counterstrike but in a turn-based tactics fashion (somewhat like FF Tactics I guess).

I think it would need to be 2D, or at least the map and gameplay would need to be 2D. Verticality could come into it, but I think that's really just an extension to 2D, as in gun angles wouldn't factor into it, but the verticality might affect LOS or something.

Cover would come into play as well I think.

What I'm coming up hard on is how to make sure that it doesn't get stale every match. What I mean is, if the T team takes out 3 of the CT team, I don't want that to spell certain doom for CT. I want the victory condition on each map to always be somewhat achievable, but I don't know how to do this. I would also want the victory conditions to be varied so there's some variety (which is what led me to CS).

I'm happy to step away from the Counterstrike aspect. As in I don't want CS to stop allowing the game changes needed to make the tactics version fun.

As I understand it, for a match to not get boring, there always needs to remain a possibility of winning, right down to the end. I thought maybe putting a time restriction on the team that's got the upper hand for the map+victory condition, but that seems so arbitrary.

96ebc4  No.33005

File: 8a11a9dfbbeab1e⋯.png (7.47 KB, 518x463, 518:463, Devily Civilian.png)

File: ddf28a5a7b29b40⋯.png (16.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Solid Incarnate.png)

File: b62a4d7a6ab8d0c⋯.png (12.5 KB, 603x494, 603:494, Scent Seed.png)

File: dd2740bc841c836⋯.png (48.97 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Nishiri.png)

File: 4e58b33ddb2d961⋯.png (537.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Slasher Dust.png)

I'm absolutely new to this board so I apologize, I really don't want to be the newfag that points a big sign to himself claiming he is one but I'm a bit lost and I feel it would be easier joining with this community rather than randomly picking a forum hoping to get it right.

With a bit of background: I'm a fa/tg/uy that one day decided to start their own campaign online, drawing all my own assets, making my own monsters (2e adnd), maps, dungeons, plot points and such.

Three years later, my campaign is still going strong and I've drawn a lot of (shitty) things, plucked a shitload of OSTs all over the place and overall worked my ass off every week to make sure each Saturday my game would be fun for others to play.

I started my campaign on a whim.

Now, on a whim, I'd like to make a game.

I've been inspired by many amateurish and not so amateurish games, some free and others not so free.

OFF, Lisa the Painful, Undertale, Space Funeral... the art isn't a masterpiece (though probably way above my own) in those games and yet they have a following.

In particular, I was inspired my OFF, even for the general themes of my campaign.

Like OFF, I'd like to make a simple game, one that relies more on the story and some combat gimmicks rather than making the next Undertale, with ultra meta commentaries, scripts and whatnot.

I'm currently looking around the kinks of RPG Maker VX Ace, mostly because I'm stupid and I know Dingaling (creator of Lisa the Painful) is a self proclaimed idiot as well, yet he managed to make a game from it... still, I'd like to have opinions from you guys, because this is a new experience and I'm fumbling in the dark... basically I'm an "Idea Guy" that wants to actually do something with his ideas, even if he lacks the talent.

Is the engine I am using right now good enough for what I have in mind or should I switch to something else?

I heard I should learn to script in Ruby... should I dive into that even though I have no coding experience or should I try something else?

Again, sorry if I'm breaking etiquette here but I'm a bit on edge and overwhelmed, which in turn makes me slightly nervous too.

Pic related are the things I drew for my campaign, they are not good but I think it's better to give players original concepts they can fantasize about on their own, rather than use random stuff I found find from the internet and conform to that as result.

799b1b  No.33009


Look up some games made in that engine. Judging by what features they have, do you think you could make your game out of it? Some great games have been made in RPG Maker. Is it missing any features that you need for your game? Does it allow you to distribute your game the way you want to? Does it run on the platforms you intend to target? You can make your own engine but it'll take you ages especially if you're just starting out. Ruby isn't popular outside of Rails. It's interpreted so everyone that plays your game needs to have it installed. C++ with SFML is easy to distribute and has advantage of native bindings. It's tough for a beginner so make sure it's what you want.

ef532d  No.33013


Lisa the Painful was made in the engine I am currently using and I've enjoyed the game a lot, likewise OFF was also made with RPG Maker, though I'm not sure of the differences between the various updates/types.

Also I'm a bit lost again... SFML?

What's the difference between SFML and RPG Maker?

Also Rails?

What's that?

What I want right now is to be able to bite onto something fairly easy that even a dolt like me could be able to make: distribution at the moment isn't an issue because I'm just testing the waters... though, I'd be willing to tackle bigger obstacles if you're telling me they would, in the long run, make things easier for me in certain aspects.

799b1b  No.33017


>Also I'm a bit lost again... SFML?

It's a media library that can be used to make a game engine. It includes window creation, rendering, controller input, audio, and networking. You'd have to implement that by yourself for each platform you want to target otherwise.

>What's the difference between SFML and RPG Maker?

SFML is a library for C++. RPG Maker is a standalone engine.

>Also Rails?

Ruby on Rails. A massive web development framework.

>Lisa the Painful was made in the engine I am currently using and I've enjoyed the game a lot, likewise OFF was also made with RPG Maker, though I'm not sure of the differences between the various updates/types.

>What I want right now is to be able to bite onto something fairly easy that even a dolt like me could be able to make: distribution at the moment isn't an issue because I'm just testing the waters... though, I'd be willing to tackle bigger obstacles if you're telling me they would, in the long run, make things easier for me in certain aspects.

Keep doing RPG maker. It's your best bet. It's relatively easy to use. You don't need a lot of programming experience. It worked for the games that you like. If it falls short for you or you want more control, you can consider a custom engine. Try doing some SFML tutorials to see how you like it and get an idea for how it works.

e6d151  No.33093

File: 8ba41528dd4800a⋯.png (77.94 KB, 197x264, 197:264, Dale 3.png)

triying to make an oldschool wargame in the vein of Panzer general or John Tiller´s Campaign series

any tips on what programming language should i use or what programs should i use?

i have no programming experience nor knowledge but i am tirying to learn python

3d777c  No.33101


Try with Godot and GDscript. The first one is free and the second one is based on Python

35a8ac  No.33103

Been making a few small games (start small meme) from different genres to learn the engine I'm using, when should I start working on an actual project?

c6878f  No.33138

I'm trying to throw together a roguelike engine (in JavaScript) and I've got it set up to output a terminal-like window on a web page. Being a traditional-turn based rl, the game loop should be pretty simple, but I'm overthinking how input should be handled (like what happens with button presses in different contexts, such as inventory management, examining tiles, etc.)


I'd say it's a gut feeling kinda thing, but if you do not feel ready yet, is there an element to your larger project that you haven't worked with yet? Is there a mechanic you can build a small game around so you can get experience with it?

2f2350  No.33154


>I'm overthinking how input should be handled (like what happens with button presses in different contexts

var keyboardinputevent = null;

function keyboarevent_inventory (keycode) {
switch (keycode) {
case ESCAPE: {
keyboardinputevent = keyboarevent_world;
// insert other inventory controls

function keyboarevent_world (keycode) {
switch (keycode) {
player.position.x += 1;
player.position.x -= 1;
case I: {
keyboardinputevent = keyboarevent_inventory;
// insert other world controls

document.addEventListener("keydown", function(event){

c6878f  No.33159


So I was on the right track, but I was overcomplicating the process. Thank you greatly.

cae39f  No.33164


Depends on the project. Basically, you should be more or less comfortable with most of the technologies you are going to use.

Let's say you are making diablo clone.

You need:

1. Sprite animations.

2. Map creation

3. Collision detection

4. Item system

5. Saves

6. Dialog system

Probably, smth else, like ability to manage sizable project. When you start feeling comfortable with main aspects of your game you can start working on your main project.

37bc65  No.33166

This is out of curiosity, rather then practical interest, as I realize it's ambitious. Would it be possible for someone to get a handheld system and have their own games playable on it?

Basically, if somebody had made enough well-selling games with low system-requirements, could they manufacture a handheld about as powerful as the GBA and sell their games on it? If those games were made in an engine licensed for specific platforms (i.e. gamemaker) would creating your own platform break the rules of that license?

a4bc9f  No.33176


This is so very wrong... The most recent version of GameMaker uses GML. Game Maker Language... It's a love child of C#.

Javascript is for web-scripting, specifically for front-end related tasks. Two COMPLETELY different languages.

RPGMVX and RPGMVXA uses javascript...

If this anon want's to learn programming, they'd better stick their dick into something C based or even python. I'd recommend starting out with C++ to learn OOP and Procedural.

861076  No.33179

Has anyone experience with this development tool for point and click adventures? https://www.visionaire-studio.net/?lang=en

0780e0  No.33183

Godot newfig here

How can I tint individual nodes? I'd like to tint the currently focused button in the UI to show that it is focused and tint greyscale sprites to color items.

117a8c  No.33192


Have you ever played an MMO that wasn't some modern cash shop gook grinder or casual browser game? These problems have long been solved, or rather, MMOs existed long before these problems were introduced.

>skill training

Skills increase in level as they're used. Hitting a mob with a sword -> swords/slashing attacks skill goes up. Brew a potion -> alchemy skill goes up. No problems here.

>resource gathering

An invented problem. Before, ALL materials were dropped by mobs, sold by NPCs (usually only the basic, low-level ingredients), or crafted by players (from items from the previous categories). Period. Running around try to click on a sparkling rock before everyone else does is a single-player mechanic autistically hacked into a multiplayer-game.

>getting experience

First player to tag and aggro a mob gets it. Player or party who deals >50% of mob's hp in damage gets all of the experience and loot. These have always been basic rules in real MMOs. Ignoring these is called kill stealing, as is typically a punishable offense. How to discourage a higher level, or in your wording, a higher skilled player from taking all of the mobs you're after? By making mobs give less and then eventually no experience as you out-level then. The higher level character will fuck off to where he should be killing and let you do your thing. This is not even unique to MMOs, this is RPG 101.

>switching worlds

Oh my fuck. I suggest you get a little more MMO experience under your belt before trying to design one. Many of the old classics are dead now, but you should still research their wikis and forums, and try to play on emulated servers if you can. Good luck.

0780e0  No.33194


EVE handles mining well. Low tier minerals are available in a nearly endless supply in highsec, but you need to cooperate for protection to get the high tier minerals in lowsec and nullsec.

I hear CCP has made living in nullsec unbearable, but making high reward activities so high risk as to be suicide to attempt solo to incentivize people to cooperate is a solid idea. Players HAVE to work together to progress.

That post is over 2 years old, that anon is probably dead by now.

17b934  No.33197


>Skills increase in level as they're used

That's exactly what happens in Runescape and the problem still exists.

>Before, ALL materials were dropped by mobs

Uh huh and how do you get monster drops when some autistic queer with higher DPS attacks all the monsters that you do? Even if the drops are somehow shared then it still reduces both player's ability to gain XP because you have replaced combat with the downtime between getting from monster to another.

>who deals >50% of mob's hp in damage gets all of the experience

I see you can't type 3 paragraphs without forgetting what you wrote in the first one. You're back to the point where it's beneficial to be alone instead of working together, in fact you're encouraging it.

>kill stealing, as is typically a punishable offense

So your solution to contradictory game design is to ban people unless they play the way you like? Genius.

>These problems have long been solved

Seeing that you contradicted yourself several times and didn't solve a single problem, I suggest you turn down the attitude.

0780e0  No.33203


First past the post, first tag, first X% tag, these don't really matter because all of them can still be exploited to grief. KSing is effectively dealt with by just putting groups of mobs far enough apart from each other that no player can tag them all and having so many that a player or group of players can always find something to fight if that's what they want or need to do.

17b934  No.33205

File: 3bc4ce97ee00637⋯.jpg (374.64 KB, 1300x1016, 325:254, 1.jpg)


>putting groups of mobs far enough apart from each other that no player can tag them all

Now you're designing the game in such a way that people won't be near each other in the first place. What we should be aiming for is a way to make people happy to find another person in any given activity, and work together. It's contradictory for a multiplayer game to push people apart or discourage them from playing together.

A straightforward example could be some kind of automatic partying feature, where your stats or loot drop chance or xp gain or something gets boosted if there's other people around, to over-compensate for the fact that you don't have as many mobs for yourself. Maybe the enemy spawn rate is boosted as well, or the spawn chance of some uncommon miniboss version of the monsters increases and they have have highly increased loot drops. Maybe monsters will alternate who they attack when multiple players fight it, thus you can halve the damage you take by fighting it together with another person. You can't turn it off so stubborn modern MMO singleplayer faggots won't be able to negate the benefits of the feature for everyone else.

Maybe replace the normal RNG loot drop mechanic with some kind of "contribution score" which determines your loot drops. e.g. every time you do/take damage or heal/buff a player or something, your contribution score goes up. Any monster that you were involved in killing in some way (doing/receiving any amount of damage, or healed/buffed a player who killed it) will drop loot that's instanced for you, and the quality of the loot is determined by your contribution score. If you get good loot your score goes down, but trash drops don't reduce it. This way your drops will effectively be the same quality relative to how much work you've done recently, if you want the loot of a specific monster, then you'll have the same loot chances regardless of how many hits you got in on that specific monster. It also has the additional effect of letting support guys get drops.

Add skills that benefit other people, or are benefited by other people. For example a thief has abilities that weaken the enemy with bleeding effects or something, anyone who attacks an enemy weakened by you will grant you some XP, and will give them more XP as well due to doing more damage. If a mage uses a freezing spell, the enemy becomes slower and everyone benefits, and anyone who attacks it will grant the mage some XP. If an archer shoots at a frozen enemy with a water arrow, it'll turn into a more powerful ice arrow.

And with all that said, make enemies much more resilient than typical MMO enemies so there's more time to cooperate and play with tactics, this way you also reduce the time penalty from having to find the next monster to attack.

In regards to non-combat skills, they should be designed in such a way that more people won't simply drain the resource faster and nothing else. So a tree shouldn't get depleted of wood 2 times faster if there's 2 people. You could also give obstacles that make it SLOWER with less people. For example a tree needs to be felled first, which takes some time and gives reduced resources, but more people will be able to fell it faster.

Or in order to mine ore you need to first find ore veins by prospecting random spots in caves. The first person to find a vein gets some XP, but you can't find more veins until the already found ones are depleted. Or what if every time you swing your pick at a vein, there's a chance of a rare gem vein being uncovered, the veins don't deplete faster with more people, but there will be more picks swinging at it so more chance of gem veins.

What if fish cluster towards bait, thus increasing the chance of them biting? That way the more people fish together, the higher fish biting chance will be.

0780e0  No.33209


>Now you're designing the game in such a way that people won't be near each other in the first place

that's a big leap

e16cdd  No.33211

Fellow developers, how can I avoid the pitfall of distraction? Looking at what other people made and becoming incredibly frustrated at my own work. I know the problem is in my head but I can't help stop falling down that hole.

0780e0  No.33243


you can uh... um... wow this video of two monkeys boxing is way better than human sports

0de839  No.33250

How do I make a game without engine?

0de839  No.33251

What is the history of gamedev?

1bd8fd  No.33257

I am going forward with making a game, but not having any artists worries me. It's not an even remotely urgent problem, but art and visual direction is primarily what sells a game these days. How am I supposed to get artists if I need artists to get make the game to get money?


You forget about the concept of an "engine" and you write your own code based on what you need. Googling can get you a long way. Here's a book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1138035459


Yes. An example is the PocketCHIP (http://www.chip-community.org/index.php/PocketCHIP) running PICO-8. In this day of systems on chips, it is not hard to get something way more powerful than the GBA in your pocket. Barrier to entry on this stuff is lower than ever.

The final part of your question is silly. Either your thing runs the binaries you compile or it doesn't.

17b934  No.33259


Watch the first couple episodes of handmade hero, and "intro to C" from the same series.

e16cdd  No.33265

There were ~8000 game releases on steam in 2018. That's almost 22 games per day. Is there even a point in game development anymore? How come the market hasn't collapsed onto itself yet, with everyone going broke?

1bd8fd  No.33266


because steam isn't the only platform and no one buys garbage games so who even cares

4ceef5  No.33268

Can someone link me a pipeline showing how people make varying policount models for the same 3D asset w/o redoing rigging and animation? You know, like when a game has different graphics settings and you can switch to lower poli.

786a6e  No.33292

Just chiming in that fossil is pretty comfy for version control as a solo dev. It just works.


d182df  No.33294

So, in my game I have a bunch of items which inherit from monobehaviour, which other things inherit from, like Melee weapon, Ranged Weapon, Tool, Head piece, food. These then use interfaces to get called at runtime. And this works, so I should be good... but... crafting gets messy. For instance basically all different types of melee weapons are prefabs in the inspector. This is great for quickly generating a bunch of items... but it also means they don't have distinct types. Unity just sees them as Melee Weapon instances. I want to implement inventory stacks for crafting where things from the same prefab will stack. Unfortunately there is no way to determine the prefab that a game object was instantiated from at runtime, and my searching has only found the prefabUtility.getprefabtype which only works as an editor script, not after the game is built. Apparently, this doesn't exist in unity normally, see https://answers.unity.com/questions/264328/determine-if-game-object-is-tyoepf-one-prefab.html Now, I was wondering, does anyone know if you can create a GUID when an item gets prefabbed, which can then be used like a tag so all instances can be mapped back to their prefab? Reset() isn't a good place to do this, because then resetting the component on an instance in the scene willbreak the link by creating a guid that doesn't map to a prefab. OnValidate() is even worse. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can create this guid to associate instances to their prefabs?

4ff316  No.33298


Yeah it's insane these days. Making a successful game is like becoming a successful actor. Tons of people trying, only a handful make it, the rest have to work second jobs. Welcome to the modern world. But the thing is that while more games are being made, there are also more gamers these days, so the market is expanding as a whole.

The market might be completely flooded with games. But it isn't flooded with good games. I'd bet the majority of those 6,000 games are either VNs or some dude uploading his Game Maker game onto Steam just to see if anyone will buy it. If you make a good game, people are going to want to play it.

f7634e  No.33299

File: 3d4df43cc525a53⋯.png (190.75 KB, 470x600, 47:60, 1539000696704.png)


>Got a small question not worth it's own thread?

Hey guys, I would like to learn how video games are made.

Don't get me wrong, I don't plan on making a game immediately so I don't want to use unity or game maker or stuff like that.

I want to learn the mechanics behind the engine that creates a video game.

Could you redirect me to the resources or thread that is suited for that stuff please?

Will probably try the video on the OP in the meantime.

Thank you in advance.

17b934  No.33300


>Will probably try the video on the OP

If you're talking about Handmade Hero then that's the deepest you can go while still reasonably making a game with it, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except people who really like programming.

f7634e  No.33301


I don't know man, I just want to know how the stuff works instead of just download this and that and do the point and click game.

Not sure if that video helps to understand that.

799b1b  No.33302


There's resources on the wiki. You'd have to give us more detail about what kind of game you'd like to make if you want deeper info.

17b934  No.33306


I mean, you'll be watching hours and hours of footage before you get to the point where he can draw 2D images onto the screen, and that's without hardware acceleration. Even the language he uses is quite meticulous and "inconvenient" in some ways, it has a lot more educational value in terms of programming than game dev I think.

Like the /agdg/ wiki suggests, there's many layers to dev and you eventually get to the point where it starts to become less relevant to gamedev. It's not very useful to know how to tell Windows to open a window and read mouse input and shit when you could just use some kind of a framework like SFML to handle it for you. You're never going to change that functionality no matter what kind of game or engine you make, except maybe if you do some esoteric program that uses the window or operating system in a unique way.

I'm not telling you not to watch it, but just be aware that it shows you EVERYTHING done from scratch, it's easy to get overwhelmed and think gamedev is too much work or too complicated.

e1c5e4  No.33308

Anyone know much about handling dynamic stuff in pathfinding? Not many of the tutorials I'm able to find cover collisions well, just some general pointers. Right now I've got a vector field working, my NPCs just follow it to their goals (each goal is a different field). However, there's some narrow corridors, if I put a guy there, everyone just piles up waiting for him to move.

Calculating the field seems too expensive every time someone gets in the way. And in the case where there's a pile-up, I think some NPCs would get stuck.

If two guys are going in opposite directions, they will both refuse to get out of the way.

What do?

799b1b  No.33312

File: 732cf2f12be3963⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 300x315, 20:21, zax.jpg)


Some games resolve the pileup problem by having units "ask" each other to move out of the way. It's common in RTS.

9c43a4  No.33315

Any good suggestions for learning blender? I've tried a couple tutorials but not really grasping it.

0bbd20  No.33361

File: 1adb197ce06d653⋯.png (219.96 KB, 479x558, 479:558, sad2.png)

dont know if this is the right thread but how the fuck do you keep motivated? Why is writing so much harder than actualy making a game?

I was making a game, small game, i had about 80% of it done and everything was working fine.then i decided to make story mode. it would be like a parody of visual novels with a fun small story. Nothing realy big. just a explanation for why shit was happening the way it was. I started and even finished a chapter it was going great.

to cut a small story short i got little sick and "almost died", that was 5 months ago, i got better 2 months ago but i simply cannot work on my shitty game again.

i was so close.

fa97d9  No.33368


tell me if you find out. I never get past art. Currently making >>32310 but got stuck on art. Recently quit the project, but came back to it after just making my own shit-tier assets as placeholders.

The only reason I made progress was because I decided to relax and stop trying to make my vision. I now consider it a shitty prototype to test what does and doesn't work. Once I've a finishedpile of shit prototype with no major bugs, I'll remake the game and pay someone to do the art for me. Maybe you could do the same or find someone decent who wants to write to help you out?

95b1b7  No.33372

File: d54696b2ec8dcf5⋯.gif (148.03 KB, 311x360, 311:360, 1347813094355.gif)


Idk, I've been trying to find motivation for the past 10 years. I think it's never going to happen. However over time I get better and my games are getting to the point where I might actually release something. Even if you fail 100 times, you have no excuse not to pick yourself up and keep going, and you get a little better each time. It only takes maybe 6 months to release a good game... But nobody tells you about the years of learning that led up to it. Don't let it get you down. Becoming the master of any craft is a lifelong pursuit.

17b934  No.33409

File: 15cc73d562815b8⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2532x2000, 633:500, rpg_classes.png)

Where can I find some kind of an autistic chart like pic related, except for elements/themes? Water, fire, earth, wind, electric, ice, light, shadow, etc etc. Doesn't even need to be organized, I just want a list of everything imaginable.

I've needed to come up with elements and stuff many times but it's always a pain trying to rack my brain for ideas.

17b934  No.33410


So far I've managed to put together these:

water, fire, earth/ground/stone, air/wind
electric, ice, metal, crystal
light, dark/shadow, life, death, order, chaos, corruption
time, space, void, energy, magic, sense(sensor)
poison, nature/grass/wood/plant, spirit/ghost, soul, psychic
bug, machine, undead/zombie, vampiric
mind, flesh, knowledge, tool, human, travel, motion, exchange, change, healing, flight, damage
repair/build, greed, wealth, defense/protect/armor, damage/attack, damaged/broken, trap

adf4f6  No.33426

File: a24cb428f10b281⋯.png (671.1 KB, 896x1023, 896:1023, ts-power.png)


Trap as in something you fall for, or trap as in something you fall into?

f3e940  No.33430


For me, it's the other way around.

Also, how did you "almost die"?

41413b  No.33452



Air, Water = Mist
Air, Earth = Dust
Air, Fire = Smoke
Water, Earth = Mud
Water, Fire = Steam
Earth, Fire = Ash/Lava/Magma

There was one text based MMO that had a lot of elements but I don't remember the name of it now. It had a wiki. Might be worth searching for. It had things like poison, plasma, light, and darkness.

f0643a  No.33453


I got a realy fucked intestinal infection that lasted for 6 months. lost 10kg and was shiting blood for some time.

When i got to the medical they said my asshole looked like i was raped by the insides out.

11952c  No.33461

I've been working on a Ren'py game (I know, kiddie-tier but shut up, it works for what I need and is free) for the last couple weeks but it's been ages since I coded anything and I haven't used Python before ever.

How the fuck do I make a variable that is itself variable?

Like if I wanted to call the [Character]Status variable for a collect-a-monster game, or I want to call [Species]AttackStat to modify the monsters final Attack stat. I don't want to do a thousand line If statement for every single species every single time it gets called.

I just want to be able to dynamically create, call and edit variable names.

397d64  No.33478


It's hard to tell what you're trying to do. Can you post some code?

786a6e  No.33482


Use dictionaries?

5aae07  No.33493



Yeah it sounds like you're describing a dictionary I think.


I forgot what this exact pattern was called, it might be the prototypal pattern? Basically there is one object that holds the data for all things of thqr type which can also be overridden.

17b934  No.33495


Thanks, didn't think of those for some reason even though they're pretty basic compound elements. Here's the current list, still badly organized though:

water  air/wind  fire  earth/ground/rock/stone
ice electric/lightning metal crystal bone poison nature/grass/leaf/tree/wood/plant steam/mist smoke dust gas mud lava/magma ash
light dark/shadow life death order chaos corruption
time space void energy magic sense(sensor) heat cold
spirit/ghost soul psychic/psi chemical/science oil corrosion destruction
bug machine/clockwork electronic laser undead/zombie vampiric disease/plague angel/heaven demon/hell
mind flesh knowledge tool human travel motion trade/swap/exchange change healing flight beauty
repair/build greed wealth love/lust dream/sleep/sloth wrath defense/protect/armor damage/attack damage(d)/broken trap

f7a973  No.33496


Super quick shit:

label start:

PikachuAttack = 4

CharizardAttack = 7

Species = "Pikachu"

if [Species]Attack = 4:

"This code works somehow"


"Haha fuck you"

Species = "Charizard"

if [Species]Attack = 7:

"This code works somehow"


"Haha fuck you"


What do I need to put, so that the [Species]Attack variable is read as PikachuAttack and then CharizardAttack

ea35fe  No.33498


You use a data structure that stores the parameters for each species.


species = ['pikachu' = ['attack' = 4, 'defense' = 4],
'charizard' = ['attack' = 7, 'defense' = 7]];

To access it, you do

Like the previous anons said, use a dictionary.

9bf7bd  No.33502


Thank you


And thank you

786a6e  No.33592

Would there be any noticeable difference in performance between the built in PNG alpha or replacing the alpha of a specific color (i.e RGB 0 255 0) via a shader?

2a3d18  No.33600


Yes you can use GameMaker.

6d165b  No.33842

I'm trying to make an JRPG with multiple classes in GameMaker (with more classes than character slots), but I got stuck thinking how to implement the different class skills (one active for each class to start out) and then how to load a class/character into a fight depending on which characters are in the party.

Is it viable to create 4 character dummies and "load" a class into them when battle starts?

Is there a way to receive a "Class" parameter for a create event?

79ba28  No.33845

I used to code in c/c++ back in the day, including a few uni courses. Years later I want to make a game. Searching for information on what language to use I ended looking at java, but dropped it after a few days and went to Python with pygame. I found what I wanted here for my 2d platform game with plenty of examples... except the total fucking late of depth that I really want to create with rpg-classes/races/skills.. I can't even see anything in py- that goes very deep. Is it a waste of time to try to code a game with depth, like complicated inventory systems in pygame, should I just go back to where I started all those years ago with c++?

511e99  No.33939

How do you guys deal with stress and burning out?

I've been working in a game for a week already and had to redo some assets, and for fuck's sake I didn't even finish the sprites of the main character.

I'm planning to draw up every character and monster and I've been thinking about doing some Parallax work, but for fuck's sake I'm stressed as hell.

It doesn't help I've been looking at my assets and feel like it is poorly done and I might have to restart some full 2 days work. It's my first full game and I should just do it to experiment, but I would like to do it more or less professionally.

Any advice to prevent being burned out?

51df38  No.33964


Just make small parts of what you want to do and then add them to the overall thing.

Make different combat or dialogue options and figure out which you feel works better.

Try different animations for the sprites. Do everything as though it was for the final thing but don't treat it as such till your ready to. Just have fun with it.

7185d4  No.33974

Completlely new to the board so I'll just jump in.

So I'd like to develop a game similar in style to king of dragon pass. Story wise it's about you and the 8 other surviving colonist trying to get this new planet ready for the next colony ship thats coming some years down the road. Unlike KoDP there are no other people just you and your "advisors", yes they are all waifubait.

I have an economics back ground so I decided to use python but other than doing udemy boot camp where should I begin? Do I even need to use something like unity?

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