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File: 8e68017f397358e⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 458x190, 229:95, IMG_20180524_005146.jpg)

b25bde  No.31544

I've been in a slump for years and haven't been able to wrap my head around this. Are there any good resources for learning GML?

b25bde  No.31571

Shameless self bump

92a7d3  No.31574

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You'd be better off trying to learn another engine, Gamemaker has been dying ever since they released 2. Try Godot or something.

If you really insist on GML though I learned it mostly through youtube, this series is a good starting point.

154621  No.31679

The built-in tutorials that come with GameMaker, and also downloading example games from their marketplace.

Try modding existing GameMaker games first, you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Also use GameMaker Studio 1.4. Avoid 2.

b6eafd  No.31780


>Avoid 2

i disagree. i've used GM since v6, obviously my favorite was GM8 which was the golden age. I hardly used studio until 2 came out and it was a vast improvement imo. I even prefer GMS2 to GM8 now. i just wish i could use an exterior code editor but that will never happen.

a345da  No.31783


>>i just wish i could use an exterior code editor but that will never happen

You should be able to do that, if you only want to use GM as a compiler and aren't bothered by the lack of drag and drop. Generate some files in the project via GM and then just open them in the code editor of your choice.

>>I even prefer GMS2 to GM8 now

I started out on 7 but the UI in Studio 2 is just shockingly bad for productivity. It's like they tried to make it mimic some sort of futuristic space game interface. Also the whole trying to split things up into either drag and drop or code only projects was weird. GM is most useful when all features are available in the IDE.

I would like to see them fall back to a mix between 8 and Studio 1.4. The only thing I would salvage from Studio 2 is that the IDE itself was easier to modify. If they continue in that area, maybe making it to the extent where you can add features to the IDE via addons (like how Sublime and Firefox/Chrome do it) it would be a great tool. I'd probably keep the compiler the same, but remake the IDE in Node-Webkit.

5ade66  No.31790


>avoid 2

Why exactly? I have been thinging of grabbing 2 after fucking about with 1.4. What is worse about it in comparison?

a3ceeb  No.32122


Nothing that I know of, except maybe the weird GUI.

8809b8  No.32785

File: b5b599f7ba09445⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b5b599f7ba094459a436be3ece….jpg)


Anyone got a dl link? need the pro edition

000000  No.32908


When I was 10 (9 years ago) I learned it mostly by using a "game" someone uploaded to the site which converted D&D to GML to help learn how to do things in GML. I used it as a reference when I would get stuck. I don't remember if my code was any good though. Considering I was a kid and just learning at without using any sort of guide, it was probably pretty bad.

e455e4  No.33092


Just use the Help guide. The whole language is explained there. Also tutorials, like >>31574

01497d  No.33165

Out of curiosity, if I made games within gamemaker and had a site associated with them, could I sell the games on that site DRM-free as a steam alternative? Would that be within what the developer license allows?

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