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File: b38147f67ce15fb⋯.jpg (28.95 KB, 1258x695, 1258:695, embarrassinggame.jpg)

93c56c  No.31643

I'm a software dev, have a b.eng in software engineering and game design. So I know how to document, plan, and develop a game. Thing is, I've never actually gone ahead with it besides making pic related in university (the trash sprite art was my classmates).

Just wondering if anyone who knows how/is learning how to do pixel art would want to work on PyxlHaus 2018 with me. It's small, only 15 participants so far. It's one week and it starts tomorrow at 3am. The prize is that someone makes an illustration for you.

93c56c  No.31644

File: 38801b82b393be0⋯.webm (8.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gay.webm)

Here's the game itself, I did the physics, control scheme, music and sound effects.

8f086f  No.31660

File: d155cd5e1c24c58⋯.jpeg (105.62 KB, 699x699, 1:1, 21edf208472c4b199d22913e1….jpeg)


>bachelors of engineering in game design

>pixel art

>game looks like that

074827  No.31661

File: b0e5fbd7b99acce⋯.jpg (145.59 KB, 999x1399, 999:1399, 1495616949.jpg)


>I'm a software dev, have a b.eng in software engineering and game design. So I know how to document, plan, and develop a game.

Anon. It would do you well to first lurk before posting. Your problem is that you LITERALLY got a meme bachelors degree. Not the software engineer part (although that is still not best), I'm referring to the game design part. It means fuck all and reflecting on the experience you acquired in Uni, it did you bad. DO NOT learn game design as a theory. Learn it in applied situations. 2D Pixel shit is not something you want to come out of college with.

93c56c  No.31669

We had a capstone on udk, but i contributed nothing and still got a 90. I'm trying to get back into it, anyways I am now working on PyxlHaus with my friend recreating hero core basically.

101092  No.31699


Good game design is more important than pretty pictures. Programmer art is normally not hard to redo. Fixing poor game design in an established game is normally difficult.


In any computing course, you're normally required to apply your theory into a project.

31c31f  No.31700


not him but, the collision resolution of your game is unsatisfying. The character blocks on the wall. By simply having your character act like a bullet when it hit the wall would simply give a satisfying end game. You could feel the velocity you've accumulated.

Other than that, the game idea is unoriginal, none-innovative or anything really. There's potential but your current result looks like a blue print. I sincerely hope the code is modular and make good use of various design pattern.

dc7b5e  No.31701

Good luck with your project OP. I suck at art so sadly I cannot help

3f90b0  No.31797

A platformer like this? Looks like every Game programming 101 project in every game design book ever.

c24af0  No.32197


>being that fag who doesn't contribute

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