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Welcome to AGDG, have you ever made a game?
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File: a0a34738e56d3e5⋯.png (145.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, text-adventure-1.png)

0286db  No.31769

Thinking about getting out of the nodev state I'm in right now, and throw together a quick, text-based/UI-based/point-and-click/cookie-clicker type of game. Something simple, using logic, and probably just fucking around in mainly the UI in whatever engine that I decide to use, but I can't decide what to make it about and need some inspiration.

What do you guys think would make one of these fun?

0f5f28  No.31777

Attention to details. You have to make your game immersive.

e576ea  No.31796

im working on making a shadowrun like game where it's more about the network than the external actions.

My stack is: JS/Canvas for UI, Flask, Memcache/Zmq/Couchdb

44a986  No.31836

I'm working on a game that is text based. It's like all these random stories that you play through.

It's easy to make a single art that you show the stories in. Like it doesn't need to be a game in a console window.

e48b5d  No.31840


How are you using Flask and Zmq? Do you really want to use Zmq?

ce26c6  No.32077


Good writing helps, evocative descriptions above all since you're trying to create a world in the mind of the player.

Look at the Iron Hills (IIRC, it's the only dwarven starting point) on Multi-Users in MiddleEarth as an example.

I'm making a text-based game in C with Ncurses right now. It's a comfy way of working. Something like an old-school dungeon crawler, but with more text and a turn-based combat system.

3a22b5  No.32157


I'm thinking about making one myself too. Personally I enjoy the ones that go with the theme of "a text game on a terminal", as in, the character is using a terminal to communicate like in a chat room, operate a computer or a machinery... it's easier to be immersed when you're literally doing what the character in the story is doing.

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