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Welcome to AGDG, have you ever made a game?
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File: 166189ffb25cf4e⋯.png (68.34 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dbv8142018.png)

c3cfc5  No.32126

Hello /agdg/!

I'd like to share for a moment a game similar to Space Station 13 in engine only, called Dragon Ball Climax.

We have a thread over on /v/ ( >>>/v/15300175 is the current thread as of now) detailing the server portion.

However, we're running into a real problem: the current state of our custom codebase we've ported over from a older version of the one we're currently using for the main server is taking a long time to develop. So far, we've got health bars, a WIP but better skill system, some customization options, the beginnings of sounds and a title screen... and that's about it. It's been about a month, and from two coders that have been semi-active, and another novice whose still learning it, to one or two potential novices, it's clear we need more help.

Not only would we like nigs to play on the server, but more importantly I'm begging for codefags to help out if it seems like something they'd like to get involved in.

>Here's the source of what we're working with right now: https://gitgud.io/dankus10/Finale/commits/master

It's BYOND code, but on top of that most of the code is not ported/redone yet and is really shit. Hell, even some of the 'finished' portions has real shit code.

Some of you might have already seen this post on /tg/. Unlike /tg/, here I'll post a quick FAQ.

>Why the fuck should I help/care?

There is literally no reason for you to be involved if you don't care or don't want to play a improved version. Honestly, you should only get involved if you want to contribute briefly and leave your mark on something others will play (read: code 1 thing then fuck off), or if you want to play it. It'd be pretty shit to waste time and energy on something you're not even interested in.

>Why post this on /agdg/?

Because right now I'm a amateur codefag working on a game with three-ish other anons, and help is wanted.


Because the source we're building off of allows us to have a base to work with, in addition, the engine and game source are things the players are already familiar with. If we could recreate the entire thing within three or four days, point us to a different engine. (I'm being serious here- BYOND is a shit engine and every second we codefags code further is a second we realize how far into the rabbithole we have gotten.)

>I want to contribute but I don't know h-

BYOND is perfect then. It's coding structure is Yandev tier and BYOND's Datums are like Minecraft's Redstone. Make basic shit so that it works, later on experienced codefags can revise your work. Everybody wins, you've contributed and made lives easier. Everything is literally If statements.

b33df2  No.32307

well i installed BYOND and i forget how to actually get to the server. even if i'm focusing on Unity/C# code, i hope i can be a part time beta tester or something.

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