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File: c49be582087b136⋯.png (150.31 KB, 2557x1439, 2557:1439, screenshot-new.png)

c1db6d  No.32357

I've been working on this sci-fi, Star Trek inspired, choose your own adventure style game. For the demo-build, there won't be any combat, but it's the first thing I plan to add. Basically, you're the captain and you need to make all the decisions.

e03221  No.32360

Anything else to demo? Maybe waggle your cursor around the options, I wanna see how they light up. Do the stars move yet? That'd be pretty cool

c1db6d  No.32361

File: e22c032b328b123⋯.gif (5.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Birunji Engine 10_5_2018 5….gif)

Here's a gif of some of the game in action. The stars won't ever move, but that whole area is where there will be the artwork. To make it more exciting, the "blurts" from the crew move and the light down the bottom sort of heart beats green or red depending on the situation.

Currently I'm working on the music... I gotta tell you, song-writing is not easy. But I'm sort of taking the easy route with some atmospheric synth VSTs.

Everything I've used for the game so far has been free, or open source. The only libraries I'm using to date are OpenGL, OpenAL and FreeType2. For the editor/writing tool, for writing all the adventures, I'm using wxWidgets as well.

c1db6d  No.32371

File: 4b01ea7d70ac6a4⋯.mp4 (5.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Birunji Engine 10_8_2018 9….mp4)

Now I've got sound and stuff. And I took your advice, anon, and made the stars move.

c1db6d  No.32391

File: ff102b1ce210a76⋯.gif (2.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, progress-gif-12-10-18.gif)

I've now implemented the sound a lot better, events can play sound effects. There's also a couple of different background music tracks depending on the status of the ship.

I've added a main menu and title screen.

Here's a gif of a problem I've come across. In between events, there's no transition, it's just "BAM" you're in the next one. Without having a map or anything for you to decide where to go, there's no natural break that I can put in. I'll need to think about this some.

9f3655  No.32397

So basically FTL but remove the combat :^)

I like it though, the decision to have the chatter scroll past quickly (and missable) means you're using your eyes to focus on a message or two at a time, the same way you'd try to listen to one specific person when two or more people are talking to you at once.

As for criticism, I hope you make the 3 choices more obviously separated.

c1db6d  No.32400


I plan to have combat, turn based combat, at a later stage.

I've increased the minimum distance to have between the options. Other than making them in boxes or something, I'm not sure what else to do?

c1db6d  No.32478

File: 892cabb820bbda8⋯.png (758.98 KB, 9840x1460, 492:73, story-progress.png)

Lately I've been working on the events for the demo-build. Not much to say about it really. I've written I think maybe 2/3 of the events themselves, but will still need to create a bit of artwork to go with it. In addition there's some additional audio to create, and I think I need to revisit some past audio as well. Finally, I think there's some new graphical effects that I can easily do for the demo-build that will go really well in one of the events.

I'm pretty proud of the story progress. There's not really a lot in the demo-build, but what's there I think shows off what the full game can do well. The events are interconnected to a degree and some can't happen unless others happen first. I've yet to come up with an event that can occur multiple times, but I think that's where the eventual battle events will come in. I'm alluding to how this would work in the game world in one of the events for the demo-build.

Related is a screenshot of all the story so far in the Space Adventure Writer app.

Each of those boxes in a choice to make, leading off to the next choice etc. The green outlined ones are "starting" events. The yellow coloured ones can only occur if certain conditions are met. The lines connecting them show you how the options provided link them up, blue lines are regular options, yellow dashed lines are conditional options only available under certain conditions.

c1db6d  No.32526

Could I ask for some feedback on the flow of this game so far? It's incomplete and obviously needs some artwork, but with what's there:

1. Is the game interesting / fun? I'm happy for feedback on the story stuff in there now, are they too short? Not enough options? Boring? etc

2. Any bugs that you notice?

Download here:


5b90e8  No.32537


>no 32bit version


1e72cc  No.32561


1. Breddy good so far.

2. Text overlapping when there's a lot of choices.

c1db6d  No.32612


I don't even know why I made it 64bit. It's not 32 bit at this new location:



Thanks for the feedback. I fixed up those overlapping choices. Now I just need to add more content.

3315bb  No.32655


I only have a 32bit machine so I can't give any feedback other than converting your WAV background music to OGG because 30mb on a 3 minutes soundtrack is a bit too much.

8e24ad  No.32658

File: dab7c13a023b53c⋯.png (6.73 KB, 936x228, 78:19, progress.png)


I played it. It's really good. Wish it was longer. The radio voices are cool. There should be more information about the 2 empires before picking a side or remaining neutral. It's hard to remember the crew roles. There should be a reference. The crew dialogue shouldn't disappear. It's sometimes hard to read fast enough. The crew names should be color coded in the options like in the dialogue. Why exactly does the embryo ship commit suicide? Is it because it did its job and is not needed anymore? Why does it transmit the coordinates of the moon to the crew? Shouldn't it be keeping that hidden as suggested by the dialogue?

c1db6d  No.32677

c1db6d  No.33903

I'm resurrecting this game with some changes.

Now, the game will be less story driven. Your ship and crew will still be randomly generated, but now the idea is that you and your crew have been transported, unwillingly, across space to a distant star (basically the premise of Star Trek: Voyager).

As a result, your ships computer has calculated some jumps to get you home. These jumps are shown on the star map. So from your current star, you can jump to one of several stars etc. You can see all the jumps that can be made ahead of time so you can plan your moves.

No one star is a "dead-end", every star leads to another one.

The player also has limited supplies, so trips to the different systems will yield different amounts of supplies. When the player is choosing a system they can see what the long-range scanners say in the way of supplies and danger.

Goal is to get to the home system

c1db6d  No.33912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WIP of the star map.

c1db6d  No.33918

File: 58fc459029437a7⋯.gif (4.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Birunji Engine 6_13_2019 3….gif)

Here's some more of the star map. I'm randomly generating the background nebula, but concerned that it looks out of place with the pixelated view of everything else. This is still WIP, but basically what I'm after.

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