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File: 2ec8912462b2daf⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4075x2497, 4075:2497, university_of_westminster_….jpg)


I'm applying for an undergraduate journalism degree in the UK and I have conditional from all five, I have to choose firm and insurance by the 8th of June. I can't decide between Westminster and Bournemouth.

You guys are my last resort, the student room is shit and doesn't help at all.



We're generally a bunch of NEETs, autists, losers, and outcasts mate, so I'm afraid to say you've probably come to the wrong place for that sort of advice. You might want to try /improve/ or /qq/ instead, they might be more qualified to answer.

You can stick around if you'd like though, but it's worth mentioning that this board works by hosting an endless series of general threads that we all post in together, because there's only about 12 of us at best. Other threads, like this one, rarely get seen by many. I only happened to see it because I accidentally went to the catalog just now.


I cant give you much info about the uni's themselves but I can tell you a bit about the areas.

University of Westminster is within London, which is very different from the rest of the UK, for one its incredibly expensive, if you're getting student loans they'll be increased to compensate but you will still struggle more than if you were anywhere else.

London has a lot of "culture" around young people, lots of clubs and lots of variety within this. It's also a VERY multicultural city, thats a pro or con depending on how you feel about it.

Bournemouth is a bit more rural, there'll still be nightlife because there's always nightlife around a university, but the town itself will be a lot smaller, and you'll be a lot more limited in terms of your option of things to do. It's by the sea though, so that's nice.

And I dont blame you for not trusting the student room, they're a bunch of cunts. I'd suggest posting on 4chans britfeel thread asking about this too, it's usually up on the /r9k/ board. We dont like they're thread culture much (hence us not being there) but they do have a LOT more traffic than us, and could probably answer you better simply because of the variety of people.

It might also be worth what youre looking to do at uni, what you study could determine quality of the uni itself (just because somewhere has a good maths department, doesnt mean the same sort of funding goes to history) It's also worth checking out the societies at the uni, which you can probably find by googling X uni societies. This will at least give you a look at if you'll find people sharing your hobbies easily.


Go Bournemouth. It's a 90min direct train to London. And, if you Uni in London you may visit Bournemouth once. If you study in Bournemouth, you'll still visit London loads.

Bournemouth has the UK's best beach, and it is fucking lovely and dripping in pussy during the summer.

The parts of Bournemouth that are in student budget range are kind of scummy, but it's not too bad for crime and violence. You're doing journalism and Bournemouth is quite well respected for new media and tech.

God speed.



<dripping in pussy during the summer

Normies OUT



It's true though. The park where they have the bandstand right near the beach is always filled with hot young sluts wearing next to nothing as well.

My favourite prostitute also lives/works in Bournemouth so I visit a lot during the summer months



Your kind is not welcome here lad, piss off back to wherever you came from.



i think you don't belong here, think about it lad, paying women for sex, paying them money for sex.



Think about this, fuck off and don't come back.


File: 068affff9bc07a3⋯.png (774.09 KB, 636x474, 106:79, 0% interest in people.png)

London is definitely the place to be for journalism, you'll be able to intern/work experience at all the major broadsheets and a ton of other magazines besides, plus report on actual newsworthy things every day. If you pick Bournemouth you'll be reporting on school plays and the only game in town will be the "Middle of Nowhere Inquirer".

t. actual journalism grad (who now works in Lidl but hey)




👁 👁



what the fuck

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