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File: 1430419213164.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1429866600801.gif)


Alright lads?

We're pretty laid back but here's some general guidelines:

1) The purpose of the board is general discussion, for Brits (and Brit-sympathisers if they're cool)

2) Topics include NEEThood, dolequesting, wageslavery, nogf, and general feels, good and bad. But there's no "fixed" subject so chat about whatever

2) Don't post anything extreme, ie gore, animal abuse, death, all that shit

3) we're a NSFW board but if you do decide to post nudity or porn then probably better to spoiler it

4) Vote UKIP

5) No tripfagging unless it's for a very specific requirement/thread

6) This board operates using one big "General" thread at a time, so post there instead of making a new thread for individual topics. If you absolutely must create a new thread outside of the general, link it in the General so people actually see it


8) New threads should have a new/edited OP image wherever possible instead of reusing old ones.

First 8chan thread: 19/02/15

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File: 30e5aa8e5468445⋯.png (3.75 MB, 1500x1450, 30:29, Deanopocalypse 001.png)


Thread #114

Cutting it Fine Edition

Previous thread: >>70231

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I successfully held my old computer chair together with cable ties and tape for 6 months before I leaned back too hard, snapped my DIY and bent the bolts.



I'm surprised my Mum let me have a toy gun. She was always massively against guns and resented Americans for their gun culture.

I just got lucky that I won this particular gun at a faire and I was such a stubborn kid that I made my parents bring a realistic looking cap gun through customs.


How do I tell if thoughts are irrational paranoid thoughts or completely rational thoughts that I should be worried about?



ask the lads at your local



You could try writing the thoughts down and reviewing them at a later date. You could also try posting them here to see if the beliefs hold up to third-party scrutiny.

File: d7417d087cf535b⋯.gif (448.4 KB, 700x700, 1:1, britfeelmanga.gif)


No wagie posting in my NEET thread Edition

Thread #113

Previous thread >>69509

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Spanish guitar is my favorite kind of guitar music. That's really nice.

Ill find one of the ones I really like and post it later.



I dunno, it sounds like a solid concept, but I don't really browse imageboards much any more besides coming here, occasionally checking in on a couple of other scarcely populated 8ch boards, and one fairly autistic general on 4/jp/ that doesn't have an 8ch alternative. I also haven't been to the job centre in years, last time I re-applied I got considered autistic enough that they don't ever need to see me or check up on me again. They just send me the bux, no questions asked.


I'm too busy at the moment, and I haven't got any ideas for the OP pic. Somebody else needs to do it, we've only got 7 or 8 posts left.


Been tinkering around more with Windows 10, got it looking a lot more familiar now by using Enterprise edition, OOSU10 (thanks for the rec lad), Open-Shell menu, and just diving deep into the settings. Can't say I like the idea of relying on third-party software to make the system more stomachable, but I guess it's not so different to the Vista days when I used to use weird things like "Circle Dock".

Only thing I haven't found is a proper replacement for the analogue clock when you click on the time. I use that a lot on 7, I find analogue clocks much easier to read and easier to calculate timings. Apparently you used to be able to unlock it in 10's registry settings, but they killed it off a couple of years ago. Wankers. Maybe I'll just buy a real one.

Anyway I'm off to bed now, goodnight lads.


I'm the lad who made this OP but I can't make another because I don't have photoshop anymore and I wouldn't know what to make anyway so some other lad is going to have to get creative.


Well, I guess it's up to me then.







File: 5167746534159d0⋯.png (26.14 KB, 314x575, 314:575, Course Fields.png)


Operation Information Liberation *CROSSPOST*

>Original Post


The online digital age has rendered institutionalized education obsolete and has left them exposed as the detriments to society that they have become. Colleges no longer exist to educate, but to indoctrinate. And to add insult to injury, we're paying through the nose for the right to have our youth brainwashed against us by these narcissistic ingrates.

No More.

This is a project that, in time, will be cross-posted across numerous boards, platforms & media, taking participation from numerous communities with Truth being our guiding light and uniting purpose. This project is designed to provide and highlight alternatives to mainstream universities, or at least offer an inoculation against the Marxist intellectual contagion perpetuated by these Institutions of Higher Indoctrination. For the fields that can't just be done online, and require some sort of hard infrastructure, like a chemistry lab, we may want to consider utilizing, or copying the Maker Space route of community educational facilities.

We will need to find alternatives to accreditation.

This project will also need an accompanying meme campaign to get Normans, especially in the hiring class to associate a traditional college degree with risk. Risk that the person will be some sort of entitled SJW. Risk that they may file false sexual harassment claims (Humungus). Risk that they may be incompetent at their job.

The Class of 2018 graduates in May. I imagine high-schools will be having college days, fliers, trips, speakers, recruiters, field days, etc throughout March and April. When that begins, I'd like to see this project ready enough to print out business cards with the links and downloads for all the resources and content we'll be compiling.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



One of the problems you're going to get is how people are going to find themselves through education.

Colleges/Universities, while horribly expensive, the cost isn't upfront. Loans and grants mean the student can move out of home and survive, and this step of living out on your own (but still having a parental safety net of stuff goes wrong) is great, and I'd argue very important for learning how the real world works.

It's going to be difficult to get people to take up part time jobs and pick up a kind of education that is just starting up, may not guarantee they'll get hired as easily as the alternatives would, etc. It's going to be even more difficult for them to convince their parents to let them do this. And let's pretend that they're parents won't be a factor, because with a part time job and no loans or grants they won't be able to move out.

Online only universities/colleges might be worth looking into, but they still have a massive stigma themselves.



And the idea of makerspace style chemistry labs is only going to get attacked by the media for being terrorist breeding cells, and all its going to take is some idiot playing a dangerous prank to ruin it all, you'd need people of obvious authority and experience in charge, and good luck finding someone with that much chemistry experience with enough time, who's willing to work for likely very little compared to what other jobs they can do.

Not that I don't agree with the core principles. I just don't know how practical this all is.


Just took the most humongous dump right now. Felt like i was being assraped in reverse.

Just thought y'all 'd like to know.

File: b1312292d16e8be⋯.gif (438.85 KB, 610x374, 305:187, Britfeel Christmas 2018.gif)


Christmas Edition

Thread #112

Old thread >>68804

What do you want for Christmas?

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File: 05116b6b7675c2b⋯.jpg (162.11 KB, 800x533, 800:533, deano chows down.jpg)

I'm feeling a whibblescromp-themed OP for the next thread.



Is that his mate doing the percussion again? It sounds like it could be an actual drum. It's definitely not just him is it?



Nothing, I just like the song.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one makes me feel like everything's going to be alright. Could be wrong though.


File: 01728e4d3cbcef1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 960x618, 160:103, notredoingthedatetbh.png)


Comfy season

Thread #111

Old thread >>67629

What exactly is an NPC anyway?

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The BO will do absolutely nothing to the board without months of discussion, multiple polls and staying up all night thinking about it.

Not even worth asking.



Also that wasn't meant to sound rude. It kind of did..



Glad it just wasn't me. I went to works christmas event, and drunk too much so spent the weekend hungover so didn't really feel like coding.

I don't feel like "Sacrifices must be made" is a good theme to go for if I'm only just learning a language anyway.



I'll try and sort something out lad.


File: 98652f0b1b3d958⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Untitled.jpg)


Time for a new thread lads

Thread #110

Old thread >>67335

How is everyone doing at the moment with their depressing lives

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A man has climbed a tower



The NPC meme has some real momentum right now.


Oi. Hows your Saturday night going then.

I said. How's your Saturday night going.



I am very disappointed in all of you


File: b9c3667e7b4d600⋯.jpg (154.15 KB, 1024x892, 256:223, SMTfeel.jpg)


Thread #109

Perennial Edition

Previous thread >>66555

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Post last edited at


For all my failings in life, at least I can take pleasure in the knowledge that I will never be a coffee fag.



Hypothetically yes, though in reality no because no Tranny could ever be passable enough.



In all fairness you probably lack the intellect and refinement required to truly appreciate a nice cup of coffee.


Lads I think we need a new thread. Shall we just use the one that spacker made a month too early?








File: 84e554d201c1ed7⋯.jpg (179.81 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, dindins.jpg)


Thread #108

Dinner at Deano's Edition

Previous thread >>65856

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People who are politically on the left have been using these smear tactics against people who express politically right-of-centre opinions for years.


someone make a new thread

(I'm threadslave and am not doing it this time btw)



Making new threads is the most beta thing you could ever do besides being a mod or BO.



Harmon is a big guy for the Soy Left, and it's mostly been /pol/ circulating the video.


My first threadslave in a year and a half.





File: 2ec8912462b2daf⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4075x2497, 4075:2497, university_of_westminster_….jpg)


I'm applying for an undergraduate journalism degree in the UK and I have conditional from all five, I have to choose firm and insurance by the 8th of June. I can't decide between Westminster and Bournemouth.

You guys are my last resort, the student room is shit and doesn't help at all.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Think about this, fuck off and don't come back.


File: 068affff9bc07a3⋯.png (774.09 KB, 636x474, 106:79, 0% interest in people.png)

London is definitely the place to be for journalism, you'll be able to intern/work experience at all the major broadsheets and a ton of other magazines besides, plus report on actual newsworthy things every day. If you pick Bournemouth you'll be reporting on school plays and the only game in town will be the "Middle of Nowhere Inquirer".

t. actual journalism grad (who now works in Lidl but hey)




👁 👁



what the fuck

File: 582b5bbc18d5eb6⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, britfeel campfire-5.png)


Thread #107

Camp Feels Edition

Previous thread >>65136

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Actually I think I've fixed the audio dropout problem, a new driver for my audio interface came out 3 days ago and now it seems fairly solid. I thought it was just my PC being shit because my old audio interface did something similar in it's old age, albeit a lot worse.

I'm not impressed though, this interface model (Steinberg UR824) has been out for about 6 years, and yet they've only just the other day solved a fairly major performance issue that people with certain PCs have been complaining about for ages. I swear I googled for shit like this before I bought it, and nothing significant came up, at least compared with other ones I looked at. At least it seems alright for the time being, but if the problems continue I'll have to sell it.






They're a German company, and the majority of the hardware and software for their audio interfaces is actually produced by Yamaha (Japanese), just with the Steinberg label slapped on it.



I will say though, when it comes to their DAW (Cubase) they're jewish as fuck. Do yourselves a favour and never even think about using it, or any other DAW that uses cancerous dongle protection or makes you pay ludicrous amounts for every update. Stick with FL Studio and their lifetime free updates, and the ability to install and use it on as many computers as you bloody well please, without requiring an internet connection.


File: fbebcb7788d3628⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 640x718, 320:359, fbebcb7788d36288dd01923a06….jpg)


Hey guys, I wanted to be stupid and type a message to you guys from a drunk feelposting 75% Anglo Amerimutt, so here goes:

First of all, sorry for that whole Revolution thing. I know our ancestors slaughtered each other, but we've reconciled that for a while. You're my white brother, we have the honor of knowing how dangerous brother wars are now, so lets cut that shit out for all eternity, yeah?

I sure hope we can just uncuck our nations soon. Some people say your guys are worse off than me, but i dunno. it'd be chill if we could just fix things and not worry about politics and stuff, and just get our lives to a happier place, you know? I don't think either of us like to worry about our own survival, whether that involves paying rent on time or not getting massacred by invaders.

We should become gym friends. I've never been to a pub, either. The UK is cool. We can do this together, yeah? Let's make a pact to not die, so we can help each otehr out in the future. We can be roomates, mate


Stop trying to get the Brits to have gay sex with you ya seppo cunt



You sound like a good lad, apology accepted.

>I've never been to a pub, either

I don't see why you'd want to. A pub is mainly just a social hangout for loud people who like to shout to each other about football and he-said-she-said gossip. I'd rather stay home.



>Sorry about the whole Revolution thing

<Be oldBrit

<God this America place is boring

<Why don't we just leave and take over the majority of the known world?

<Oh look, they are following behind us and calling it a revolution

<Stupid burgers, don't put teabags in the sea, it'll get too salty

<fucking French wankers, we ought to take the lot of them

No chip off our shoulders


File: c10712a3ae1c020⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 436.98 KB, 2412x1092, 201:91, antipedo chad hominem vs v….png)

File: 82ddfcbfcf65c53⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.82 KB, 944x442, 472:221, american cuckhold porn usa….jpg)

File: a3eed7db89ab80a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.55 KB, 640x857, 640:857, moralfag vs pedo 56%.jpg)


File: 64bbe6f246e48a6⋯.png (176.39 KB, 443x512, 443:512, pedo shooter v3.png)


Thread #106

Execute the pedos edition

Last thread >>64373

704 posts and 151 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I just sat in KFF alone and ate an entire 10 piece family bucket all by myself and I don't even feel ashamed.







I would but the food looks far too poncey for my liking.



>10 piece

wew lad, and I thought I was a /bigboy/ for managing five pieces.


Right lads, had enough of that ugly OP image tbh







File: 72e96168f6c9ec5⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 443x512, 443:512, deathfeel.jpg)



1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


i SAID. I guess we're posting here now.





REEEEE Where's the new thread?



The usual threadslave seems to have vanished, and I certainly can't be bothered to make a new one, so I guess we'll just have to go without. We had a good run lads.


File: c072f3fe6a91d0e⋯.png (188.39 KB, 523x516, 523:516, dead deano.png)


Thread #105

Execute the druggies Edition

Previous thread: >>63610

746 posts and 170 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>MP Lucy Allan calls for a public inquiry but police and council officials in Telford write to Home Secretary Amber Rudd saying this isn’t necessary.


Reminder that the guy posting all the anti-fag shit is just a gay pedophile with a guilty conscience and nothing more.

A few years ago he was regularly tugging his meat to pornographic content involving men and little boys. I think one of the reasons he is so big on curing homosexuality is because he likes to believe he has cured his degeneracy when he most likely still battles with his gay/pedophilia urges.



I kind of assumed he had some deep lying issues.

No one hates gays that much unless they've been raped buy a faggot or are a faggot.

>inb4 projecting



If you're going to slander one of our posters like this you need to provide evidence, gayboy.



Actually I'm one of at least 4 different posters, and I'm definitely the least extreme of the lot. I wasn't the one saying we should just throw them off buildings or beat them up, I was the one suggesting rehabilitation.

>gay pedophile

Will you ever stop being a disingenuous cunt? I had a completely straight track record until I was in my 20s, but after several years of being hikki and addicted to my computer, anime, and hentai, lurking around the sort of people that browse 4chan, /a/, /b/, exhentai, etc. all day for years, masturbating all day, and generally just completely desensitising myself to everything, I started masturbating to all kinds of things that I was formerly repulsed by. This included, but wasn't limited to: lolis, futas, traps, BBWs, BDSM, incest, bestiality, watersports, mild scat, vomit porn, asphyxiation, vore, monstergirls, giantesses, and much more. It was generally the case that the more taboo, socially unacceptable, or downright wacky it was, the more intense the more I got off to it. Even then, I never masturbated to "little boys", at worst it was a few explicit pictures of underage "3DPD" girls that I saw on /b/, which I immediately regretted, and never went back to. A good 75% of my fap material during this time was still "vanilla" stuff like 3DPD women, milfs, lesbians, etc. I didn't wank to "men and little boys", that's a willful misinterpretation, and dare I say it, projection, on your behalf.

I've spoken to a lot of lads that have been through similar experiences, starting off completely normal, but after a few years of being a shut-in and spending most of their waking time browsing imageboards and porn, started masturbating to things they otherwise wouldn't have touched with a 10 ft pole. To say that "well, you and all those people were clearly just gay pedos", is completely misinterpreting the situation, which is that anyone is capable of turning to degeneracy under the right (or wrong rather) circumstances, and that it is preventable, and that it is, to a degree, reversible. Almost every lad you see online that goes on about lolis, traps, or some other popular online fetish, was once a normal lad until they fell Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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