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By the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories


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File: 1430419213164.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1429866600801.gif)


Alright lads?

We're pretty laid back but here's some general guidelines:

1) The purpose of the board is general discussion, for Brits (and Brit-sympathisers if they're cool)

2) Topics include NEEThood, dolequesting, wageslavery, nogf, and general feels, good and bad. But there's no "fixed" subject so chat about whatever

2) Don't post anything extreme, ie gore, animal abuse, death, all that shit

3) we're a NSFW board but if you do decide to post nudity or porn then probably better to spoiler it

4) Vote UKIP

5) No tripfagging unless it's for a very specific requirement/thread

6) This board operates using one big "General" thread at a time, so post there instead of making a new thread for individual topics. If you absolutely must create a new thread outside of the general, link it in the General so people actually see it

First 8chan thread: 19/02/15

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File: a766e5777c7cc2e⋯.png (5.09 MB, 2500x1827, 2500:1827, MattressMan.png)


Thread #93

Mattressman Edition

Previous thread: >>54782

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<3 water tbh lads




>De flesta länder som handskas med inflation printar mer pengar för att ha råd med samma saker som tidigare då företag ökar priserna eftersom behovet ökar. Detta kallas för ‘Quantitive easing’ vilket är när en central bank printar mer pengar till pengaflödet. När inflation drabbar länder så printar de försiktigt mer pengar för att undvika en hyperinflation vilket skulle leda till att pengar knappt blir värda något alls längre och att nästan ingen har råd att ens köpa mat vilket är farligt. Alltså handskas de flesta länder ganska försiktigt med inflation för att inte förvärra den. Exempel på hyperinflation är Zimbabwe, där pengar knappt har något värde längre.

<Most countries dealing with inflation print more money to afford the same things as before when companies increase prices as demand increases. This is called 'Quantitive easing', which is when a central bank is printing more money for the cash flow. When inflation hits countries, they are cautiously printing more money to avoid hyperinflation, which would make money hardly worth anything anymore and that no-one can afford to even buy food which is dangerous. Thus, most countries deal fairly with inflation in order not to worsen it. Examples of hyperinflation are Zimbabwe, where money barely has any value anymore.

>Inflation påverkar folks privata ekonomi på så sätt att deras pengar förlorar värde och de kan inte köpa samma saker som de brukade kunna, alltså att deras levnadsstandard sjunker. Inflation är inte lika dålig för företagen som den är för konsumenterna på så sätt att företagen kan höja priserna på sina produkter när behovet ökar och utbudet minskar. Alltså tjänar företagen mer pengar medan konsumenterna förlorar mer pengar. Egentligen är en balans mellan inflation och deflation bäst för både företagen och konsumenterna då företag kan tjäna mer på att sälja 50 äpplen för 10kr styck istället för att sälja 10 äpplen för 20kr styck, i denna balans tjänar både företagen mer pengar samtidigt som levnadsstandarden för konsumenterna är stabil/ökar. Det är därför företag försöker öka utbudet genom att importera billigt material t ex. Då vinner både företaget mer samtidigt som konsumenternas levnadsstandard inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Inflation är dåligt eftersom företagen måste öka priset på sina produkter för att få samma värde som innan inflationen, medan konsumenterna som har lika mycket pengar men mindre värde inte kan köpa lika mycket produkter som tidigare och levnadsstandarden minskar.

Företagen ger arbetarna mer lön för att kompensera för de dyra priserna alltså blir kanske priserna dubbelt så dyra men din lön är dubbelt så hög så det är inte ett jätte stort problem förutom i u-länder som handskas med inflation eftersom de inte brukar hinna höja löner vilket leder till att folkets pengar blir ex antal % mindre värda.

<Inflation is bad because companies have to increase the price of their products to get the same value as before inflation, while consumers who have as much money but less value can not buy as many products as before and living standards decrease.

Companies give workers more pay to compensate for expensive prices, so prices may be twice as expensive but your salary is twice as high, so it's not a huge problem except in developing countries that deal with inflation because they do not usually raise wages Which means that people's money becomes ex-percent% less worthwhile.

>Även om inflationen kanske inte påverkar i-länder lika mycket som u-länder så är det fortfarande mer arbete för företagen för samma eller mindre production. Exempel är ‘’menu prices’’ när företag tvingas ändra priser för att konstant få lika mycket som tidigare vilket kan vara tufft arbete, samt måste företagen öka lönerna till arbetarna för att de ska få samma ‘’värde’’ som innan. Allt detta är jobbigt administrativt arbete.

<Although inflation may not affect developing countries as much as developing countries, there is still more work for companies for the same or lesser production. Examples are menu prices when companies are forced to change prices to constantly get as much as before, which can be tough work, and companies must increase the wages of the workers to get the same value as before. All this is tough administrative work.

>En effekt av inflation är ‘’Shoe leather cost’’ vilket syftar på sambandet av tid och kostnad, talesättets ursprung är från att folk helst hade så lite pengar på sig som möjligt under en inflation så de gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Got into work and typed my password in wrong 6 times in a row, then realised that someone else's username was on the screen, got logged in and then immediately locked out my two factor authentication.

Currently sat in my car, I need to go home but I'm super out of it, I shouldn't have driven here in the first place, but it didn't become apparent how fucked I am until I actually had to do something around other people.



I also took more attempts than I'd like to admit to fill out this capture.

File: bddf797f100d7b0⋯.png (903.93 KB, 791x783, 791:783, 7f0b74673e91f6cf5d308f9690….png)


Degeneracy edition


File: 05e9150cc75dc19⋯.mp4 (10.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VID_20170318_163627879_con….mp4)

So I get memed into DMT by the joe rogan experience.

>Think theres a non zero chance I will communicate with aliens and/or gods.

>Put it in pipe, breath in a little too hard, flood lungs with crystals.

>cough and ree.

>take 2, do it properly, dose maybe small and might be heating too quick but get shroom-tier hallucinations, walls collapsing, rainbows, humming, odd faces, general promiscuity with what is real and not.

>come to, pretty meh tier. Assign no hippie dippie spiritual shit to what was clearly glorified dizziness.

>underwhelmed try again, try to break through, massive dose (300mg), melt half slowly, woah this is a little different tbh.

>Loud humming, my periphery converges on one point and everything falls into it.

>Darkness and humming and paralysis.

>Bretti spooped

>Remember what I read on guides, don't resist and don't think about it.

>Odd furry man thing wearing protective clothing nods and then dissolves.

>See eerily familiar countenance.

>"Abdolute nectar!"

>IT'S KEITH! We maintsin eye contact but I can see in his pupils all sorts of things. Spooped but amused.

>Feel insatiable desire to watch jahans as I hear the mighty farsh/ dr. Who song he did obliterate keith into the abyss.

>Play jahans, feel bizzare affinity with jahans, clarity about life, and as though my circulatory system is plumbed in (I think because the boiler started making sounds).

>Come to.

Drugs are such fucking trash, this is my first and last drugpost lads.



>Take 0.5g equivalent of weed dissolved in fat

>1 hour later:

>nothing happens. Wow, what a rip-off.

>2 hours later:

>Holy shit, I'm not feeling my forearms.

>Oh my God, my fantasies are real.

>I look at a water bottle on my table and I'm seeing a nymphomaniac water elemental who's sexually abusing teenagers.

>Short-term memory has been disabled; I looked at a browser tab 20 seconds ago, yet it's completely novel to me.

>Whenever I pay attention to anything, there's a zoom-effect on it.

>Food tastes phenomenal beyond anything ever experienced; an apple is the feast of the gods.

>Fapping brings joy beyond imagination into my consciousness. Orgasm feels as if I'm being drowned in the most delicious sugar imaginable. When I concentrate on pleasure in my dick, it is magnified tenfold.

>Later on, I'm lying in my bed, and as I see 50 years into the future and 50 years into the past, I'm crying hysterically at the birth and death of my mother, imagining all of her life's experiences at once. Waves of unbridled emotion wash over me, completely overwhelming all of my emotional barriers. Pure feeling flows through my being and I experience boundless empathy for all of the sadness and joy of another human being; I weep like a baby.

>When I look up to the ceiling, waves of phosphenes wash over the white background. I see into spheres not yet glimpsed by human minds. I peer into the second and third heaven by sheer acts of concentration. I die and am reborn again and again as I ascend.

Truly, it was a magical experience.


File: 66963e35a033bc3⋯.png (210.36 KB, 341x401, 341:401, you bang ese.png)

indy /sp/ get (now on endchan)



ayyyyyyy we bang ese go doyers

File: 45b87c2e6a91403⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 224x225, 224:225, 111.jpg)


When you Eat a Meal… You are Tasting Yourself…



too dark


very dark

File: 20bd9d51e2aa5cc⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 648x430, 324:215, 18446906_437327623286554_6….jpg)





at least their in love



yeah love is great



well I love you



thanks you too

File: a34883c2c58d938⋯.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1452475976321.gif)


Thread #92

Election Edition

Because you know we'll still be posting in here when it's happening

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That's not exactly high for what is presumably full time work



Good lad, I don't get paid until next Friday.


RIP Anon. Better luck next time.












it feels allrightht

File: 2ec8912462b2daf⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4075x2497, 4075:2497, university_of_westminster_….jpg)


I'm applying for an undergraduate journalism degree in the UK and I have conditional from all five, I have to choose firm and insurance by the 8th of June. I can't decide between Westminster and Bournemouth.

You guys are my last resort, the student room is shit and doesn't help at all.



We're generally a bunch of NEETs, autists, losers, and outcasts mate, so I'm afraid to say you've probably come to the wrong place for that sort of advice. You might want to try /improve/ or /qq/ instead, they might be more qualified to answer.

You can stick around if you'd like though, but it's worth mentioning that this board works by hosting an endless series of general threads that we all post in together, because there's only about 12 of us at best. Other threads, like this one, rarely get seen by many. I only happened to see it because I accidentally went to the catalog just now.


I cant give you much info about the uni's themselves but I can tell you a bit about the areas.

University of Westminster is within London, which is very different from the rest of the UK, for one its incredibly expensive, if you're getting student loans they'll be increased to compensate but you will still struggle more than if you were anywhere else.

London has a lot of "culture" around young people, lots of clubs and lots of variety within this. It's also a VERY multicultural city, thats a pro or con depending on how you feel about it.

Bournemouth is a bit more rural, there'll still be nightlife because there's always nightlife around a university, but the town itself will be a lot smaller, and you'll be a lot more limited in terms of your option of things to do. It's by the sea though, so that's nice.

And I dont blame you for not trusting the student room, they're a bunch of cunts. I'd suggest posting on 4chans britfeel thread asking about this too, it's usually up on the /r9k/ board. We dont like they're thread culture much (hence us not being there) but they do have a LOT more traffic than us, and could probably answer you better simply because of the variety of people.

It might also be worth what youre looking to do at uni, what you study could determine quality of the uni itself (just because somewhere has a good maths department, doesnt mean the same sort of funding goes to history) It's also worth checking out the societies at the uni, which you can probably find by googling X uni societies. This will at least give you a look at if you'll find people sharing your hobbies easily.


Go Bournemouth. It's a 90min direct train to London. And, if you Uni in London you may visit Bournemouth once. If you study in Bournemouth, you'll still visit London loads.

Bournemouth has the UK's best beach, and it is fucking lovely and dripping in pussy during the summer.

The parts of Bournemouth that are in student budget range are kind of scummy, but it's not too bad for crime and violence. You're doing journalism and Bournemouth is quite well respected for new media and tech.

God speed.



<dripping in pussy during the summer

Normies OUT

File: 7a6addaa42aa09f⋯.png (6.5 MB, 2500x1827, 2500:1827, britfeel moraltown.png)


Thread #91


Previous thread: >>53353

709 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






Everyone knows that the best cure for depression is having little tasks and chores to keep you busy, so you can start with making us a new thread.


Popped into town lads, sitting in spoons ATM and I've just ordered a chicken burger with bacon and cheese. Looking forward to this since I haven't eaten yet today.

I'd make a new thread but mobile.



I don't have the energy to do anythign with the OP image so it'll just be an old one





New Thread Lads

File: 2f40e3e7ccb58d8⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 1430216654882.jpg)



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no, none



Not sure really, thought maybe someone had one they'd watched recently and had nobody to tell to watch it. Yeah TWBB is a good film.



I've watched quite a few films recently. The Manchurian Candidate from '62, which was really good. Something quite weird, the Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari, which is a collection of short stories based on Mari folklore but it's probably not to everyone's tastes; I enjoyed it however. I also watched Refn's Bleeder which is pure kino, I'd say it's my favourite of what I've watched recently.



I'll download them, I think Bleeder is the only Refn film I haven't seen.








File: 275903e4c953f38⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1656x864, 23:12, britfeel ghost town.png)


Thread #89

Ghost Town Edition

Previous thread >>51890

746 posts and 126 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You're a faggot.



I don't care. I'm fed up with him snapping at everyone who is slightly different to himself.

If he's trying to improve I think he should work on basic empathy more than anything.



Yes, he was also a cunt.



If it makes you feel any better, I was the first to respond and congratulate him on his more optimistic update ( >>53268 ), unlike the one other anon who just called him a normie. Regarding your reason why you think I initially responded to one situation positively and the other negatively, I don't think your theory checks out. Firstly, they are two completely different situations, with the only similarity being "sudden appearance of a girl who is overly romantically interested considering the circumstances". Secondly, I can relate to neither of these anon's lifestyles, but I can certainly relate to the miserable pessimism and suicidal thoughts that train-anon was going through, far more than I can the optimism/working out/flirting/bantering of milf-anon in fact.

However, just because one is more relatable, doesn't mean I find it more respectable or desirable, which is probably half the reason why I got so annoyed by train-anon's first post. Add to it the fact that he, from my perspective, had seemingly obtained many of the things I've been working towards for a couple of years (mates, occasional nights out, a job, ability to take trains alone, random girl dropping from the sky and asking for a date, etc.), but seemed to completely disregard their significance or importance, and you have all the ingredients for a spur-of-the-moment "fuck you" post. For that, >>53181 train-anon, I apologise, my first reply to you was a knee-jerk response that could have been worded in several hundred more constructive ways.



As has been established more than a few times, according to various (((mental health professionals))), I allegedly have a natural inability to perceive and convey emotions and feelings in a way that neurotypicals would usually find appropriate Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Mod Edit:






Post last edited at

File: c239e1900555d5e⋯.png (105.72 KB, 500x330, 50:33, kebab-ao-jobcentre-plus-un….png)


Will I get disability benefits for autism



File: a42aa2131af0085⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1251x826, 1251:826, odfnjs.png)


Thread #88

Morality prevails Edition

Previous thread >>51163

692 posts and 138 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why haven't you lads joined the hobbyhorse revolution yet?



>tfw no GF to horse around with



I've still got mine from when I was a kid, a simple, flat, wooden one. Haven't used it in a long time though.


I know that feel. Obviously I don't want one of the many fat, downsy-looking feminist ones in that video, but there's a few cute ones hidden in there that I wouldn't mind sharing a hobby horse with.








Post last edited at



Anon-kun you've never warned me before that was an entirely different anon, but I assume what you said is transferable to my spaghetti spillage of inarticulance.

File: 7f0b74673e91f6c⋯.png (1.02 MB, 800x800, 1:1, thing-2.png)


Thread #87


Previous Thread >>50485

726 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm here to chew gum and kick some ass and I'm all out of gum





These air Jordan's make me taller



I have a pair of air jordans






File: 5bdfe97f3d70de5⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1251x826, 1251:826, 1423585902244-17.png)


Thread #86 - Classic OP image Edition

Previous thread >>49733

665 posts and 94 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


File: ae4c5fc1c4c4939⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 415x481, 415:481, 98548291278.jpg)

>people spouting unfunny 'look at me i'm redpilled' teen-that-browses-half/pol/ tier shit in vidya text chat

It was novel at first, now however, it's just annoying. 'Schlomo Goldstein' saying 'remember the 6 gorillion' and 'oyyyy veyyyyyy' all match isn't funny or original. The Alt-Right was a mistake.



Any popular movement will eventually attract those kinds of people. It annoys me too, but nationalistic ideas are making their way back into the mainstream, and the memelords are helping with that.



It might be annoying, but it really goes to show how little the kikes' "untouchable" status means to people these days. It's actually become trendy and cool to stereotype and mock jews in circles far wider than /pol/, and I'll gladly take that if the only downside is a few old memes going stale.


Lads I'm producing an anti-degeneracy list for the next thread, give me your thoughts. So far I have:






ok I didn't wanna wait so






File: 5106a01241c9be0⋯.png (902.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wr-3.png)


Thread #85 - Return of the Threadslave Edition

Previous thread: >>49002

721 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 114841d67cbf5d2⋯.png (66.16 KB, 833x768, 833:768, 1429046318345.png)



Thanks guys, at least we're not alone in having no friends, r-right?

>I'm still perturbed by the fact that there are actually people with friends here at all.

It's weird, I've always wondered how one ends up here of all places without being a literal loner, like what would the appeal even be? Even on /r9k/ boards in general, the majority of anons always seem to have those one or two friends they made in school, or be confident enough to use voice chat in multiplayer games and stuff.


since I've got prime I get a free trial of audible, gunna give audio books a go on my drive to work.


File: 98aac8fc0e97bf4⋯.png (611.55 KB, 556x753, 556:753, nigel.png)


Good lad


I really need to stop drinking.







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