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File: 1451850310721.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1447381669165.gif)


New Year New Thread. Lets stay the fuck away from infinity next.

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w-wat that wasn't me



Well sure I never took real issue with him being here which is why I hadn't banned him, but if he comes in posting that bollocks he deserves to be shit on.




I've received my fair share of shit from you all thanks




File: 1451125278807.jpg (524.76 KB, 1251x826, 1251:826, 1423585902244-1.jpg)


Boxing Day Edition

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N e w T h r e a d










I vote for a new thread on here. It took 10 minutes for my last post to appear and I really don't want to go to Next.





N e w T h r e a d





N e w T h r e a d

N e w T h r e a d

N e w T h r e a d


so, new thread WHEN

File: 1450053761900.gif (3.32 MB, 614x394, 307:197, 1449517889325[1].gif)


God bless you, Mr Trump edition.

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what a cute doge

I got an r9 390, some cologne and some nice new IEMs



Clothes and a gardening book, 2016's farmfeel pictures should be more impressive looking as a result. Shame that I need to wait untill spring to get started on the outdoors stuff though.



I think when it comes to spring I'm going to plant some veg in my window sill, or maybe my roof top.



You can plant indoors veg now provided you keep windows closed, are you the lad who wanted to grow Garlic?








File: 1448116070904.png (619.58 KB, 500x739, 500:739, everythingisfine.png)



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File: 1449447802582.gif (84 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1447112521149.gif)


We need a proper Christmas image edition.

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I think it's quite reasonable to be angered like that. I can work myself into a frenzy over politics, I rather meant totally at random. Like sometimes I'll just be getting on with my day and get really angry for some reason.

Also lads we need a new thread.


If I washed some black shoes with bleach, would they turn orange?




Not so much in real life, but I certainly do on anonymous imageboards.



Because they're French?

File: 1448987691361.gif (91.75 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1447710744052.gif)


We stand with Korea edition.

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Why do people not understand we don't look outside the main thread? Is it that hard?



That post is like 6 months old.



The most recent reply was 3 days ago.



File: 1449447872308.jpg (16.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1345482755342.jpg)

>tfw don't have to wake up for work in the morning

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


VIDEO "Leytonstone Terror Attack (FULL): The Religion of Peace Strikes Again"

In response to #YouAintNoMuslimBruv


Spread around. This one hits home.

"On December 5, an act of terror occurred at Leytonstone tube station in East London, UK. As people were coming home from Christmas shopping on Saturday evening, a man wielding a machete slit the throat of an innocent bystander and injured two others. Some witnesses feared the terrorist intended to behead the man. As the 29 year old alleged Muslim man threatened bystanders, he declared "This is for Syria!. Police nearby were able to subdue the man but only after multiple attempts at tasing him.

This video contains multiple eye witness footage accounts synced together to capture the entire event. One bystander declares "You're not a Muslim, bruv" and yet almost all incidents of terror are committed by Muslims. Studies and statistics show that a rather large minority of Muslims sympathize with these acts, especially among male Muslim youth.

Muslims make up 4% of the population in England and Wales but are a staggering 14% of the Prison population. Violent crime has increase by 23% across England and Wales while Rape crime has increased by 50% yearly in London alone since 2008.

While the bystander may feel that that terrorist was not a follower of Islam, it is very clear that there is substantial evidence to suggest there is a direct link between Islam and crime, particularly violent crime. This is not being addressed and as this climate of fear grows, as the UK continues a foreign policy of destabilization in the Middle East, so too will the climbing crime statistics and incidents of terror. Victims deserve an answer and citizens deserve a justification for both the down right dangerous policy of mass immigration and an aggressive, expensive foreign policy which does not suit the interests of the citizenship and certainly not the victimPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1433107194309.png (283.76 KB, 481x480, 481:480, 1408212514665.png)


englesh faggots u tok over my cantry for moar zan 60 yrs, heres ma revenje facktards



>In the early years of the occupation, when Egyptian finances were in disarray, French hostility to British actions was a serious problem. It was difficult to take bold and effective action.

>However, from 1889 onward there was a budget surplus and consequently greater freedom of action for the Egyptians and the British. A moderate degree of international agreement over Egypt was attained by the Convention of London (1885), which secured an international loan for the Egyptian government. They left an infrastructure that was the envy of nearly all other African and Middle Eastern powers.

>Cotton, light industry and agriculture were all consistent earners for the government. And, it was also one of the first non-European countries to exploit tourism.

>They also benefited from the world wars. They were able to supply the allied countries with food and materials. It was the relative economic strength of the country that enabled Britain to declare self-rule for the country in what was an unusually early time frame for decolonisation.

Seems like you did alright out of us buddy


>u tok over my cantry for moar zan 60 yrs

by the way who hasn't?


File: 1449180157115.jpg (20.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1447855212247.jpg)


coz we are so burning

File: 1448491568581.jpg (68.39 KB, 607x368, 607:368, 1447541805572.jpg)



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Looks like its some fucked up hotdog, or some chunks of horrible meat with sauce on or something.




My guess is severely burnt meatballs with some kind of brown coloured sauce.



But they look all slimy.

My guess is beans.



I think it's a cheese and prune sandwich


File: 1447710744052.gif (84 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1447112521149.gif)


First step to Christmas Edition

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I hate alliance.


So it was cold as hell last night so I had to put my comfy as shit fake fur throw over my bed to keep warm. I had the best sleep I have in a long time too. I got 7 hours, and I've had nights where I slept more and didn't feel as good. I hope this cold keeps up.



Thanks for the explanation. I still don't get it though, various words and numbers still seem like they're being pulled out of thin air. Why is this shit so mindfuckingly complicated?

I don't have the brainpower for all this abstraction shit. Every time I see things like "modifier", "proficiency", "+2", "attack roll", etc, I just think "what did that mean again? where did those numbers come from? what am I even supposed to be doing?" and my train of thought crashes headfirst into the rusted iron gates of my long abandoned brain.




that's the new thread btw, if anyone is sitting here refreshing

File: 1447381669165.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1447112521149.gif)


I'm scared of the thread breaking again edition.

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File: 1447710818732.png (12.88 KB, 1782x854, 891:427, 45kh849j.png)


No hangings tonight.





New Thread.

New Thread.



>Dude, you have to put the right answers in.

Bet he never thought of that, if only you'd told him sooner.


File: 1447710884153.jpg (48.06 KB, 460x476, 115:119, 1393857266476.jpg)


>just pull your socks up


File: 1447112521149.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1430419213164.gif)


We need new threads at 300 now by the looks, so here we are.

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File: 1447378716894.jpg (75.09 KB, 537x534, 179:178, 1446879712554.jpg)


>this guy exists



>Calvin Klein

>Calvin Klein

>Calvin Klein



300 posts soon.




>tfw when friend offered to blow me

>tfw I was 1 friend lighter

File: 1446829431182.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1430419213164.gif)


Because the other thread has shit itself, and replies to other topics work.



Just trying to get a link to show up somewhere.

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I agree so much with this, I'm all for a bunch of drugs being legal (as long as side effects and problems they cause arent treated by the nhs) but fucking hell, there is a seriously vocal group that doesnt shut the fuck up about weed, and makes it their entire life.





Why the fuck are people bumping an ancient thread?


I fucking hate hotwheels.

I'm going to steal his wheelchair and sell it for scrap.

File: 1446918538142.jpg (44.89 KB, 600x519, 200:173, IMG_20151106_210155.jpg)


Hello fellow >>>/politics/ ians We have a major problem on our hands. The Jew has successfully tricked people into fighting race wars instead of overthrowing their governments; into using corrupt government currencies instead of bit coin and a dozen other free alternatives. The Jew has tricked them into accepting capitalism with all its government buying scandals and warmongering lies.

While some have accelerated a war on straight European Race men - others have decided that the biggest problem is Islam and the hordes coming from the Muslim lands.

The biggest problem is government and its many tentacles that infiltrate and corrupt everything they take over. From public education to zoning laws in cities. From subsidization of major corporations to income taxes on individuals but not on corporate profits.

Even if you think government is necessary - the current governments in power are against man - against honest living. They perpetuate minor problems into bigger ones to make sure they remain relevant.

Know the real struggle here. A relatively few men with political and international business empires that have survived the centuries are strangling everyone to maintain their unnatural hierarchy. Humans are not a hive. Those who want leadership let them choose. And those who seek no guidance let them walk their own paths.

The modern governments consider all who aren't in the ruling ranks to be brainless drones. Are you a brainless drone? Do you not have a right to control your own body?

There is no new world to go to. And if we ever get off this earth while they still rule going to new worlds will not be as open as it was to go to the Americas. Save this planet from these corrupt souls. Do not hide from criticism. You deserve everything you strive for. Fight for it. And the future generations will be so lucky not to live in a world prison. https://archive.is/tM6OG

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Worked beautifully,


Pls make new thread.


Got so bored I ended up rummaging through the kitchen.

Eating a raw carrot now.



there already is an active thread.





Not for 2 hours there wasn't, but thanks.

File: 1424992261293.png (234.02 KB, 417x544, 417:544, 1416520923379.png)


100 GET

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Post last edited at



what the fuck ARE they doing? we usually get a bunch of mongs who start spamming when we're close to a GET, but we aren't as far as I can tell.


There isn't even a get about to happen, what the fuck is going on?


Also, posting works here but not the actual thread, someone new thread plz




working for me

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