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File: 1462220605487.png (1011.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1423148875525.png)


Mayday Edition

Alternative title: Leaders of the Free World Edition

Alright lads?

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what's that? I don't think we've got one local



Frankie & Benny's is expensive as fuck, I hope you have a big wallet.

new thread when?




Why? i get it. When i was NEET i'd often buy Doritos because i'm a big lad and a big bag was £1. Tiny salads started at about that much if your lucky. It used to annoy me. I eat a lot better now, but i can afford too. Also eating like shit is a viscous circle.

I feel like healthy food should be cheaper and unhealthy food should be taxed more(maybe to subsidize the healthy food), then fat people really have no excuse. Laughing at people with poor health, in my experience has often been thinly veiled classism. Posh faggots should'nt be able to criticize anyone for anything, they don't live int he real world. Raised on waitrose and bupa-ass niggers should be ethnically cleansed.


Oh i think it does, not much though, are you sainsbury's anon?


I'd recommend five guys if there's one near you and your being a cheeky yank.


Oh shit no! that place is shit! run lad!



Still want one?








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File: 1460658398506.jpg (196.47 KB, 793x869, 793:869, 1458690444208.jpg)


It's really April this time edition.

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how fucking huge is your cat for it to plausibly having a human amount of sick?



women are stupid


File: 1462213136138.jpg (13.31 KB, 315x305, 63:61, 1361356218329.jpg)


>being a misogynist


someone stream








File: 1458690444208.jpg (274.94 KB, 802x800, 401:400, jimmy was innocent.jpg)


Correct name and date edition

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I stayed awake for 26 hours, now I'm going to bed. Goodnight guys.


File: 1460658218241.jpg (100.48 KB, 797x720, 797:720, 1426290302144.jpg)


I'm an actual human being anon, you can talk to me!


night night



Dark Souls 3 invasions are shit since your average person would rather spend 25 minutes running than dying, re spawning and continuing with whatever they were doing.



i've been having fun with invasions

also the dungeon wasn't that bad lad

File: 1459851045397.gif (2.91 MB, 260x427, 260:427, toristits.gif)


Want to feel with some fellow brits, lad?

You could do a lot worse that join Discord and Chill @ https://discord.gg/0Xc4Gfg3ZvJlVDy2

If you wanna talk to the slut in this gif her name on the server is tori



Go away.



I think you misinterpret what this board is.

File: 1456793203239.jpg (40.19 KB, 464x261, 16:9, image.jpg)


How did we lose the revolutionary war? I mean… We obviously didn't lose. That's an historical fabrication, we did not lose. We clearly allowed them to form their own States and made some type of agreement maybe. I don't know. But there's no way we lost… How could a few poorly armed colonists fight off the might of the British imperial military? They couldn't. I think it was because of how liberal things were that we couldn't just massacre them, rape them, set fire to their shit and pillage. Something happened but I'm not too good at history… Educate me britfeel. I tried of Americans claiming they won when it's impossible. I know we supported the confederacy against the union but we never actually came to their aid… Why?

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How do people still not realise we all post in one general





Public opinion was really against the war and taxes were raised to fund it, it was the british empires vietnam in a way


Listen lad, few things about the sundering of our great trans-Atlantic empire that we here can seek solace in.

1.) When our soldiers where pitted against theirs in honorable 18th century conventional warfare, they invariably got their shit shoved in.

2.) Most Americans weren't even explicitly for the war, many were apathetic and a fair few were loyal. It wasn't

>poorly armed colonists

who led the charge, it was a class of wooden toothed faggy Virginian slavers and all round power brokers, it was Ye Olde Jews like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine pushing there insidious disingenuous liberalism. It was a conspiracy of some truly Machiavellian traitors, most of whom (see. Franklin & Washington) where just butthurt they didn't make the cut and were't considered worthy of British high society. Others (see. Jefferson) just didn't have time in his busy schedule of sucking french cock to even humor the demonstrable truth that the revolution was not a righteous affair. Others (see. J. Adams A.K.A his rotundity) where just happy they weren't being called fat. Others still (see. Based Hamilton) just wanted to fuck bitches, make money, and watch the world burn. SO YOU SEE dear anon, t'was nothing personal.

3.) The American's were hardly underdogs, especially as the war progressed, the ancien régime pretty much killed itself bailing out the yanks, the Spanish who still owned a sizable portion of the world were starting to attack the lion while he was distracted, and those fucking dutch dyke building cunts were so bitter that we cucked their trading superpower with the EIC, and even courted their precious little stadholder, that they began laundering Americans cheap credit and trafficking them good weapons.

5.)Even ignoring the aforementioned nations and the near unlimited resources that came with them, world class soldiers from other nations got in on the action, (see. perfidious pole no.1 [honorary citizen of the USA Casimir Pulaski] and perfidious pole no.2 [Tadeusz Kościuszko, who if i recall correctly built west-point.])

4.) Even with these OP advantages and alliances, Americans still had to resort to the lowest of tactics and had to engage in the most debauched sophistry to justify and fight thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>That threads a little long in the tooth.

Mate, we're a recurring general thread with our own board for the sake of having total control and to get away from the unbearable faggots in the halfchan equivalent, it's not like /i.n.t/ or /brit/ or whatever.

You post whatever topic you want into the general and the other anons lurking the thread will respond. If you post outside of it you'll get virtually no response, and simultaneously shit up the catalogue.



>shit up a catalog thats nothing but generals

that doesnt even make sense.


>It's the historical version of a mum asking a NEET to pay a few pound in rent, and the NEET turning around and orchestrating her gang rape with the intention of throwing her corpse in a canal.

this lol. whatever fanciful romatinicized stories they tell you in amerilard schools, for the common man it all came down to the fact that we wanted to maintain the status quo, which in this case was not paying taxes to britian.

File: 1457523601790.jpg (274.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1456779252914.jpg)


"You lads really need to keep an eye on the post count" edition.

I've been super busy the last few days and havent been around, but have this as a sorry.


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Senörlad isn't back yet


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Bear witness to the elusive alpha female



Back mate. All in all, I had a great time exploring the cathedrals and other old buildings. I couldn't post much as WiFi was limited outside the hotel, but I missed you guys

Also new thread NEEDED


File: 1456779252914.jpg (274.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 485431879641.jpg)


No smelly brown 'people'.

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Oh wait, I just realized what you mean.

Yes, that could be worrying.




New Thread



I don't understand why you think I've been duped?


>new age

I guess you're just a rustled Christfag?


File: 1457525761308.jpg (142.85 KB, 665x967, 665:967, 546647313.JPG)

>Queen strongly backs leaving the EU

>this is the front page of the BBC







Post last edited at

File: 1455815338187.jpg (21.31 KB, 400x266, 200:133, alone-bedroom-girl-photogr….jpg)


who else /wishestheywereagirl/ here?

my boyfriend would be so lucky ;_;

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File: 1455816887718.jpg (26.85 KB, 460x440, 23:22, 1454422840370.jpg)

immoral thread needs to be purged


somebody get peter hitchens in here ASAP




>not a cuckservative who denounces enoch powell and won't be voting to leave in the eu referendum




File: 1455817145459.jpg (235.78 KB, 800x800, 1:1, january2.jpg)


Be thankful you're civilized edition.

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Me too, despite the fact it's been the warmest winter in the UK since the 17th century.

winterfags utterly BTFO, so much for "it's gonna be the coldest winter for years, and then it's going to be cold forever, swear on me mum"


Bollocks, see >>31369


alright lads, if someone makes a new thread I'll ban pakiboo



I do like winter but for some reason I feel like its been excessive this year. Not really cold just dreary and dark and never ending. I like dreary but I've had enough now. I need some sunshine.


Is anyone making a new thread? I'd make one but I've never done it before.









File: 1454717406524.jpg (167.52 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1454087814335.jpg)


We almost fucked that up lads

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just post your favourite image next time. the op doesn't mention sucking dick.



Your parents aren't your only ancestors, rat boy.




fuck off back to 4chan with this autistic threadwars bullshit, your OP was crap and that's why we have another thread



>implying I take the word of a paki as honest

Less IQ than I gave you credit dirty ape

File: 1454087814335.jpg (167.52 KB, 800x800, 1:1, januarypartyhat.jpg)


RIP edition.

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Think I'm going to get some rest. Goodnight lads.


Your mother is a wise woman my friend.



she really is, and night mate.



Goodnight mate, sleep well.



I can't imagine any hobbies that would make me happy. Plus work is asking too much of my time right now and it's really driving me down, but I have to be there as everything will go to shit if I don't, and it'll mess up in the long run. So I don't really have time to do much.


File: 1453509276513.gif (19.42 KB, 255x156, 85:52, 1430419213164.gif)


Sure, here, whatever edition.

Post stuff I guess.

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You're probably right, I strongly doubt they'd put deaths on there without confirmation.



I've just checked her mums facebook from when the halfchan stalker posted it and it doesn't seem the facebook of a greaving parent.

I could be wrong



I checked her mum's yesterday and today too, as well as her boyfriend's. It could just be that she asked her family to not make a big deal about it when she dies, or they're just very private when it comes to things like this. She did have a "complicated" family situation after all.

We'll just have to wait and see really, although personally I am fairly convinced she's gone.




Oh and let's not forget, they've had some online faggot pestering them about her as well, and probably some other bits of online harassment if their profiles got posted on halfchan.


File: 1453145021645.png (999.39 KB, 2344x6344, 293:793, o sapo e o escorpião.png)


Rate my 0c.



bretty good mate

File: 1452475976321.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1451850310721.gif)



Get in here and fling some shit lads. Or hug and make up. Whatever really.

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New thread, I guess.




File: 1453509978570-0.png (403.42 KB, 955x642, 955:642, wg1.png)

File: 1453509978613-1.jpg (133.67 KB, 629x854, 629:854, wg2.jpg)

File: 1453509978613-2.jpg (162.94 KB, 633x935, 633:935, wg3.jpg)

File: 1453509978623-3.jpg (62.18 KB, 634x454, 317:227, wg4.jpg)

A few months ago I would've thought this was an accident but since then he's proven to be a genius when it comes to playing the media.

>They're taking the bait

File: 1445765379345.png (361.13 KB, 975x322, 975:322, 2am.png)


I failed them. I gave all I had, but couldn't fix them. I should've done more. I could've done more. I have carried this guilt for 7 years, and alcoholism for 3 years. Nothing helps. It's getting worse. I'm losing hope of getting better or being happy. idk what to do anymore.

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File: 1451687099064.gif (1.68 MB, 504x279, 56:31, a way out or in idk.gif)

Hey /b/rothers,

I'm depressed. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression a year ago. I've had it for many years now along with pretty bad anxiety. I'm hurtin pretty bad right now. Even when I'm up (and i use the term "up" loosely here) i still feel like theres something missing until i sink back down into my bad days of depression. It's almost like i long for it. I know how fucked up that is. I just need a friend right now. My friend that i confde in is busy and my gf is pissed at me because im an idiot. "I think about suicide not like a point on a map, but rather like a glowing exit sign at a show thats not yet quite bad enough to leave."- neil hilborn





I think you might be on the wrong board m8.

>clinical depression

>bad anxiety

>need a friend

Maybe not. Join us in the main threads if you don't mind hanging around a bunch of britbongs. It works like a general, and we make a new thread every time we get near the post limit. Current thread as of this post is >>31096 .



Okay I misread the

>my gf

part, normie pls go and stay go.



hey man. I don't know why you chose this board of all places, but feel free to post in the main "general" thread if you want a response. No one really checks anywhere else.


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