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File: 9a773ad7e125e1d⋯.jpg (86.47 KB, 1014x693, 338:231, the return of improvefeel.jpg)


Thread #104

Hope and Salvation Edition

Previous thread: >>62854

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Does it have a macro recording feature? If not, could be a number of things, a dodgy switch, crap firmware/driver, bad USB port, some sort of IRQ conflict, etc.


Go away.



Please just fuck off.


File: a22e799c05b5823⋯.png (94.16 KB, 634x697, 634:697, w13.png)



Exactly what is the issue with my post lads? I see no issue with promoting a bit of healthy lad banter and stories in the thread? Or are we all serious now?


File: 2241624beb994fb⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1728x1266, 288:211, christmas at deanos.png)


Thread #103

'Tis the Season Edition

Previous thread: >>62098

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File: 171e15a4022ab94⋯.mp4 (4.49 MB, 468x360, 13:10, miscegenation is bad.mp4)



What a lad.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It never gets old. Fantastic.


The retail milf I took to the gym with me earlier just texted

>As my personal trainer I thought I should inform you I have some serious peach pain

What's that? Does she mean her bum or her minge?




File: 758814ad71e5028⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 422x549, 422:549, neetshoahh.jpg)


Thread #102

NEET Holocaust Edition

Previous thread: >>61345

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File: 3fb02cbfa9d62a3⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 320x180, 16:9, the civic pastor.webm)

File: 09c5d7c3190ce8c⋯.webm (1.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vitamin k.webm)

he's not that bad, lads


File: 60ef8b1ca2d5378⋯.jpeg (66.05 KB, 597x450, 199:150, sleep tight streetbike.jpeg)

My bike is outside all cold and alone with more snow building up on top of the cover. I want to bring it inside.

I probably wont be able to ride it for another month.


File: 5518ad13183913f⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, neetsche.jpg)

he's not wrong



File: f9193ceebf60b6a⋯.jpg (505.73 KB, 1430x1068, 715:534, asda.jpg)


Thread #101

Based Retail Edition

Previous Thread: >>60587

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Every time. Didn't the 8chan Nostalrius guild fall apart due to a tranny?


File: d6815439e597fe8⋯.jpg (96.87 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, twindalecooper.jpg)

I'm going to rewatch Twin Peaks from the beginning again.



It didn't really fall apart, everyone just stopped playing and one of us died.




Oh my mistake I thought you were talking about /guildfeel/. I don't know anything about the 8chan guild, but I'd say it's quite likely as there are a disproportionate amount of trannies on this site.




Yeah I meant /v/'s "Infinite" guild. I don't really know the details as I didn't play with them, but I remember there being some massive drama regarding a tranny, and the whole thing falling apart because of it.

File: a87c07d29ecf942⋯.png (801.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, a87c07d29ecf942626e62d1c34….png)


Thread #100

Wrasslin edition

Previous Thread: >>59919

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File: 2fd4ce14494cdee⋯.jpg (52.89 KB, 550x412, 275:206, the-gate-clock.jpg)





That's true, but if you're not already at that point, like a lot of us, you need to find ways to build yourself up first.



If you try to get in a relationship when you're not of sound mind, then the whole thing will fall apart anyway. You'll put too much pressure on it when you're still unhappy. You'll get angry at her for not being the miracle you were hoping for.

It's not a good way to live.



There you go lads, confirmed by a real and actual normie, he's licked fanny and everything.



I've actually been in the situation that I'm describing when I was 20 and it was a complete nightmare.

File: 8312f8caeb99cb9⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 370x270, 37:27, Gunz.mp4)




File: fb7532d2011f77d⋯.webm (5.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, We'll be right back after….webm)

bretty gud

File: dc615a5557b3863⋯.jpg (602.12 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, My Bike is actually perfec….jpg)


Thread #99

Last thread >>59159

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we're literally welcoming normalfag cuckchan tripfags



I've been thinking the same thing, we also had those yanks and two outsider threads.


>we're on the first page on the public board list, and currently the 50th most active board

Welp. I know I have been going back and forth between IPs lately due to steam being a cunt about VPNs, but not so much that it would add up to 40~ IPs in 72 hours.


Actually, even just looking at the other boards on the list, the active users are way up across the board compared to previous months, almost back to late 2015 levels. Very strange.











Thanks lads, I was pretty awkward about it, like I always am. I think she think's my awkwardness is cute.

Must be so much easier for normies.

File: 7100616609adb3e⋯.png (3.64 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, britfeel holiday blues.png)


Thread #98

Holiday Blues Edition

Previous Thread: >>58402

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>make Skyrim

>hire 70 voice actors

>90% of the characters are voiced by the same 3 actors

What were Bethesda thinking? Almost all of them have that gruff meathead voice, the generic nordic voice, or the weedy Rosh from Jedi Academy voice



Most of the VAs likely had one specific main quest character that they were hired to perform, and then there would be a much smaller team of workhorse VAs doing everything else.



I recently loaded up Skyrim for a couple of minutes just because it's so comfy in Autumn. The atmosphere in that game is better than any other I can think of.


But skyrim is such a reddit game, you can't possibly like a reddit game!


File: f9a76df1e126193⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 392x445, 392:445, f9a76df1e126193af649824bc4….jpg)


>he's still mad

File: 9fe8adb96e7ee82⋯.jpg (159.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, based stormzy.jpg)


Based Stormzy Edition

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cook with Phil Heath & His Wife - Steak Lunch






Real New Thread





Real New Thread



Sorry, we're posting in this one.


File: 4e2c922ed9259f5⋯.jpg (127.12 KB, 1634x619, 1634:619, an officer of the poz.jpg)

I'm in trouble now lads.



I can get to 55 in about 3 seconds, KID.

The c90 really is quite nice though.

File: 8da0c5e90bba0e3⋯.png (855 KB, 1115x591, 1115:591, tripfag lynching.png)


Thread #97

The Lynching of the Tripfags Edition

Previous Thread: >>57677

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I don't care what anyone says, I love my bike so so much.


File: 31f694550d087e9⋯.png (39.43 KB, 807x775, 807:775, electabuzz.png)



It's alright lad, it's no based c90 though.





I actually like the c90. I'd just like to be able to ride at at least the speed limit.


File: 6fc16636b4ddf48⋯.jpg (197.86 KB, 1664x936, 16:9, big yellow c70.jpg)


55 downhill mate, no slouch.

*Mod Edit*






Post last edited at

File: 0318585ea1d7dd1⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Game of Feels.png)


Thread #96

Game of Feels Edition

Previous Thread: >>56932

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>no white sauce

the fuck kind of lasagne do they make in seppo land?


What can I do with my life, lads?



end it










Thats how I remember them, the stench of grease and cigarettes in the air.

File: 4b13a28bc814fe8⋯.png (670.62 KB, 1001x899, 1001:899, WithdrawalPepe.png)


I have started a board for pure shitposting. You will not be banned unless you post something that is illegal (e.g. child pornography).

When you just want to brit/post/ and don't want to shit up brit/feel/ then pop in my lambs.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Why do you guys keep bothering us? We don't want to be friends.



The board was made hours ago lad


File: 4405f0ca594f300⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 350x263, 350:263, Skellington5.gif)


And yes, you will be my friend. Or else . . .




This particular board was, but it's obviously you guys from britpol, or whatever you're calling g yourself now, sorry I can't keep track of all the board moves.

File: 83e150ed145219f⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, britfeel spooky mansion-1.png)


Thread #95

What Haunts Us Edition

Previous Thread: >>56220

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Have you had a good day?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Yeah I forgot about that. It's striking when you travel down south and see the liquorice allsorts selection of diversity

trying to look for a good GPU lads, what the fuck happened to the prices?











File: 72db516e06f9325⋯.png (4.86 MB, 3628x2524, 907:631, big3 thread image witterwo….png)


Thread #94

Das /NEET/ Edition

Previous thread: >>55474

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Still surprises me that "kid's first attempt at making hip hop in fruityloops" became a real genre, that civilised people pretend to like because <80 IQ ghetto niggers retards like it.



He used to be an Icy Hot Stunta, is this real life Faith +1?


I'm off to bed, goodnight guys.



N'night lad.








File: a766e5777c7cc2e⋯.png (5.09 MB, 2500x1827, 2500:1827, MattressMan.png)


Thread #93

Mattressman Edition

Previous thread: >>54782

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I'm really questioning what sort of areas you lads live in, but then I remembered my area is high 90% white, so it makes sense that I literally never see police unless theyre responding to something, and even that is rare.



I live in a town of ~16k and it's upwards of 95% white.

I think the police are just bored out of their tits because there's nothing to do at that time of the morning.



I live in Sheffield, there's about 576,664 people and I think about 81% white


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