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File: 01728e4d3cbcef1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 960x618, 160:103, notredoingthedatetbh.png)


Comfy season

Thread #111

Old thread >>67629

What exactly is an NPC anyway?


Can anyone recommend a keyboard?

Mine is fucked. Or maybe you could just tell me why it rarely ever types "J" and "B" unless I press several times and always does double Fs.


File: 2387e34a3fa843e⋯.jpg (76.5 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 2387e34a3fa843e5c43be5c807….jpg)

>this is our autumn/halloween thread image


Why the fuck are 3 pronged forks still manufactured?

Nobody likes them, they feel horrible in your mouth, they are ineffective at picking stuff up, they're certainly not standard so nobody is expecting them or has experience using them and they look ridiculous.


Black bedsheets look great until you have a wet dream.



What a rubbish OP. Is this really the standard we hold ourselves to?


File: 3de9e04a17fe0f6⋯.png (12.85 KB, 320x256, 5:4, wojak.png)

I've been away, I don't even recognise this community anymore. Scotland is still miserable but a new job on the horizon looks promising. Still doing gamedev. Dolequest never.

How is everybody? Are you still all improving your lives to some degree? What happened to Khan academy updates?


Shit OP lad.


https://amzn.to/2Aj8Hib has done me well for typing in the dark.


File: fc5c1f49e2dda1f⋯.png (171.45 KB, 960x765, 64:51, ClipboardImage.png)


Mostly for gardening, they're useful round this time of year when planting bulbs for spring. Not too long left to plant stuff, first frost of the year is right around the corner.



I'm trying to be a good lad and self-improve. It's hard, but I'm trying.


File: 7c4c98fcb861d05⋯.jpg (144.61 KB, 718x1199, 718:1199, harry potter guide.jpg)



Ah, I see you've been browsing /lit/ for around 2-3 days now.


My blender broke today. Quite sad since it must be about 25+ years old. It was just a plastic gear part but I doubt I'll be able to find a spare part.



I'm getting a raise at work but my manager still hasn't told me how much by. Guess I'll find out in 4 weeks.



No I've never been there. Is it a good board?



It's alright.


File: 1413ab5b84e28cd⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, autumn.jpg)

File: 110ff4e6d2a72d1⋯.jpg (76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, halloween.jpg)

Picked them up from the printers yesterday.


>left bin bags at in the work kitchen

>they were there all week

>will probably be flies and bad smells everywhere on monday


File: cb6f9173260ca95⋯.png (945.57 KB, 900x605, 180:121, iHateYouAll.png)




What's wrong with it?



Put your glasses on.






The entire internet, especially imageboards, is unrecognisable to what it was only three or four years ago. It's all in decline.


File: d4540054306a7c0⋯.webm (532.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Greed_Will_Save_You.webm)

File: 71e7ed5060e4ee6⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, notonBliptho.webm)

File: e96e255d2b38a34⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JautisticBrain.webm)


>tfw up at good boy hours

>tfw already had breakfast, tidied my room and on the way to the gym

>tfw all this whilst you schmucks are reading this 4 hours late because you're still in bed



They're really good lad.


File: 89dca1ed01de330⋯.png (210.15 KB, 522x747, 58:83, 1521929101633 (1).png)

>new thread has been up since the 19th

>no one linked it

For fucks sake, I've been sitting in the old thread this entire time.


File: 38ae2bf8ac5289e⋯.png (29.91 KB, 587x360, 587:360, fagtru.png)


It's the threadslave's obligation to do it, and this time we have a shitty one. Even the captcha knows.




>Forums died

>imageboards are dying

>everything now is shitty social media focussed on promoting NEW content.

I miss the old days.



>What happened to Khan academy updates?

Lupus was the one who started it and kept tabs on our scores, and she died.


Want an invite to the official britfeel discord?



Me and Smitho are already in it you clown.



Delete yourself.


What have you been up to today then lads?



Got up late, haven't really done anything since. I think my mum wanted help with something in the garden, so I'll ask her about it now.


File: 5ce67514eb9b58e⋯.jpg (94.96 KB, 957x903, 319:301, thumbs up.jpg)

>yfw you start recognizing regulars at the gym and they nod to you when making eye contact

>mfw finally able to make friends through lifting


I have reason to believe that the OP image maker for this thread is a nonce



Right, that's all I needed to hear. Someone remake it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw old enough to remember this


File: 8b1eba77c0e259f⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 934x855, 934:855, 1527604717004.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1995 is probably about as early as I can remember hearing music too, never liked scatman though.



Can one of you gymfags tell me how many calories/protein I have to consume a day to be a bigboi.

Also my legs are becoming disproportionately stronger than my upper body and I don't know how to stop. Not visibly bigger but the progress for how much I can lift now from when I started lifting is much greater in my legs. Is this normal?


File: 3e1580178cf808c⋯.png (30.02 KB, 1418x212, 709:106, Untitled.png)

Just seen this lads, I can't believe it.



I'm not ok with this.




>White Monster


Preddy good Breakfast

>coffee and bread squashed up into a ball

>just coffee

Depressed Mum breakfast

>tea and cigarettes

Normie breakfast

>buttered toast

>cornflakes and milk

ADHD breakfast

>sugary cereal: Krave, crunchy nut, frosties etc

Shit tier breakfast

>"full English"



>bread squashed up into a ball

Belongs in 'special needs tier' tbh



fucking Jamie Oliver got to him


File: d6408ea210dca5e⋯.jpg (28.64 KB, 1037x126, 1037:126, 76452345328.JPG)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Can one of you gymfags tell me how many calories/protein I have to consume a day to be a bigboi.

Work out your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) here (https://tdeecalculator.net/) and eat 500 kcal more than that per day for two days after lifting

>Also my legs are becoming disproportionately stronger than my upper body and I don't know how to stop. Not visibly bigger but the progress for how much I can lift now from when I started lifting is much greater in my legs. Is this normal?

It's not unusual. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but it will probably balance out as you become more advanced.

Who here /big boy meals/?



>height only goes up to 7ft

This was made for manlets.



How often should I be lifting?



It takes 48 hours for your muscles to recover, so never train the same muscle group two days in a row. Do you need a routine?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fantastic. What a talent.




Are you offering to give me one?



I can only recommend what I do, which is a PPL (Push/Pull/Legs) split. You'll hit your whole body over the course of three workout days, and each session is focused primarily around a heavy compound lift (exercises which target large muscle groups; bench press, deadlift, squats, overhead press) with some isolation work (exercises targeting fewer muscles; bicep curls, lateral raises, etc.) added in.

>Push day: chest, shoulders, triceps

>Pull day: back, biceps, traps

>Leg day: legs

You can find plenty of examples on google, but I can go into more detail about my own routine if you like. Do you have a gym membership?


File: b0b0fe14716f96f⋯.mp4 (775.9 KB, 406x720, 203:360, girl takes a tumble.mp4)


File: 0911214eef830ba⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 300x200, 3:2, man cave sign.jpg)

>Your order has been placed.


File: 9aea5f693300561⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 366x329, 366:329, 9aea5f6933005613d0ac4eec4d….jpg)


On the topic of lifting, I've been at it for 2 years and I got my first mire today.

>random black guy walks up to me

>"you go gym, innit bruv?"


>"I thought so"

>he smiles and walks away





What will you all be getting up to today? I'll be putting some stock out on the shelf, and when I get home I'll be ordering a burger.



I'm off today and tomorrow, so I'll probably be catching up on all the achievements I haven't got yet on Civ 6



>Do you have a gym membership?


>but I can go into more detail about my own routine if you like

Yes please


>paid £100 for a screen replacement 6 weeks ago

>dropped my phone 3ft last night with a phone protector and screen protector

>wake up

>check time

>lcd leak everywhere

There's absolutely no visible damage on the screen, not even a crack. how the fuck is this possible?


Why are the royal mail so shit and awkward? Pretty much any other parcel service in the UK is better.

I tried to deliver a parcel to a building site with an address but unfortunately the postman was unable to deliver it because it wasn't a "registered" address in their database. They didn't even leave a red card for any of the workers so nobody was able to pick it up from the post office.

When I spend THIRTY FIVE minutes calling them, their only offer was a redeliver. A redeliver which the man on the phone sheepishly confirmed was futile because the postman would once again refuse to deliver it.

Literally any other parcel service would happily deliver to a building site and use a bit of common sense, but everything with the royal mail is so fucking awkward.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 4091bfb4b3362bc⋯.jpeg (3.45 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 22957073-0447-4E62-B54A-2….jpeg)


Why are £2 coins so fucking huge, they junk up my wallet like real bad


I have just got back from an ultrasound scan on my testicles. The nurse said they look great.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hope they showed you this video



Porn is more harmful than cigarettes.




Cigarettes aren't a weapon of psychological terrorism designed to turn you into a male angler fish world government fuckdoll, I bet they're easier to quit too. If you can't work it out unironically kill yourself.


File: 090d27ae5b6e356⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 350x333, 350:333, homer simpson.jpg)


What next, the porn industry is owned and run by jews? Get real, it's my choice as a free-thinking individual to masterbate daily to video footage of other people having sex, and there's absolutely nothing subversive or degrading about the content.



Nah, they just destroy pretty much every organ in your body, drain your bank and give you floppy dick.


I'd be willing to bet that you've spent a majority of your life watching porn 2-3 times a day and perhaps you've quit recently and the ego boost from quitting is making you feel like a god who can rightfully lecture other people.

I however, have no use for porn and never will do.



>I'd be willing to bet that you've spent a majority of your life watching porn 2-3 times a day and perhaps you've quit recently and the ego boost from quitting is making you feel like a god who can rightfully lecture other people

You'd lose your money in that bet. I masturbated once or twice a week during the bulk of my teenage years (predominantly without porn as this was before "youtube except with porn" websites existed or were popular), but once I'd gone full hikki, I spent about 5 years masturbating daily/multiple times a day to increasingly extreme forms of porn and hentai. I made the decision to cut down on masturbation and cut out the really degenerate shit several years ago, which I've mostly stuck to, minus the occasional relapse.

To say I've quit would be a boldfaced lie, and that's why you'll never see me posting Varg images, despite agreeing with the sentiment. I don't lecture to anyone about porn usage or the porn industry, but if the topic comes up I'm not going to pretend there's nothing wrong with it, or that there's anything good about it for that matter. If the question is "which is worse: porn or ciggies?", I'd say both are detrimental to the individual, but while cigs will destroy a person physically, porn will destroy them mentally, socially, spiritually, and additionally, slowly erode the moral fabric of the society it's being pushed in. From that perspective, I'd say that porn is worse. Cigs are still bad though, I've held a passionate anti-smoking stance since I was a lad.



>youtube except with porn

When I was about 11, I knew porn existed but I was too scared to search for it because I was worried my parents found out how to "undelete" internet history.

I clicked through a massive chain of related videos on youtube which back then were a lot more unpredictable because there was no proper algorithm for any related videos. Finally I'd get to a 12 second clip of a woman's ass walking away from the camera which I furiously masturbated to in between intense World of Warcraft sessions. I figured clicking a series of links and not actually searching for porn would somehow hide my internet history from my parents.

I have a feeling the homersimpson.jpg image was targeted towards me. I've watched porn maybe once in the past year and that was with the mindset "Man, it's been a while since I've watched porn. I wonder how I'd feel if I watched a whole load of porn". So I did and of course it felt good, and then I did it again and it felt pretty average and by the 3rd time I felt so sluggish and mentally exhausted that I could just lie in my chair like a cum covered corpse. Since then I decided it's not worth watching porn again.

I went on a bit of a tangent but basically I don't like porn. I think it's disgusting but I still respect peoples right to produce and watch pornography.



>"Man, it's been a while since I've watched porn. I wonder how I'd feel if I watched a whole load of porn".

This is why I shaln't be doing it anymore. I recently broke a 27 day streak and felt just as bad afterwards as I used to. Going without it for a while makes you forget why you stopped in the first place.


File: e722e716828847f⋯.jpg (4.39 MB, 3366x5984, 9:16, DSC_0029.JPG)




>I have a feeling the homersimpson.jpg image was targeted towards me

The was mainly just a rib at what's become a bit of a cliche of these threads, that whenever something conservative, traditional, christian, or /pol/-esque gets posted, a fairly predictable response from the one simpson-posting lad with libertarian views will invariably follow it.

>So I did and of course it felt good, and then I did it again and it felt pretty average and by the 3rd time I felt so sluggish and mentally exhausted that I could just lie in my chair like a cum covered corpse

I imagine it's a fairly universal experience, and I can certainly relate, but I guess it comes down to personal politics whether or not that makes the individual the problem, or the product and it's industry the problem. I think the addictive properties of internet porn make it a one-sided issue in favour of the producers and distributers, although I don't think either party is in the right. There are definitely people, like yourself, that are able to overcome temptation without much struggle, but I think that the potency of modern-day vices like internet porn are simply too strong for many, particularly since moral and religious guidance have fallen out of fashion, and the breaking apart of the family unit.

I view it the same way I do hard drugs, where I don't necessarily hate the people that have ended up addicted to them or destroying themselves (and by extension, their communities) through them, but more the manufacturers and dealers taking advantage of them and profiting off people's weaknesses. With my accelerationist cap off, I don't think the right thing to do is to sit idly by while society attempts to destroy itself, which I believe to be the ultimate end result of unrestrained freedom, as for all it's benefits, it allows for the freedom to abuse.



Pornography Censorship is a slippery slope.



>the one simpson-posting lad

There are at least 2 of us.



As is Pornography Proliferation. I believe in a middle ground, somewhere away from 24/7 immediate access to hundreds of thousands of videos produced with bad / misguided intentions, but also away from any government or movement attempting to ban and/or destroy any and all depictions of nudity and sex.


>…with libertarian views

I'm pretty sure he out simpson-posts you anyway, at least enough to feel like I called him out specifically.



I thought you were talking about me since I had just posted one earlier in the thread.


File: 8de46055f674483⋯.png (414.69 KB, 896x504, 16:9, 1524380760993.png)


Honestly with the censorship and speech police you should be using a VPN so it wont effect you anyway


I'm the libertarian karen poster


Lads, what's the difference between logic and reason?


You alright lads?

I've made a quick test recording with my new mic. What do you think? How do I into EQ and compression?



File: 96799552efec480⋯.png (75.33 KB, 2000x1600, 5:4, 2000px-Compression_ratio.s….png)


Doesn't sound bad lad, but there is an audible amount room reflection, which will be made more apparent after compression.

>How do I into … compression?

In layman's terms, a compressor is a tool that reduces unwanted differences in volume, so that there are no parts that are too loud or too quiet. The key terminology you need to know to understand compression is as follows:


A set point on the volume scale, typically measured on digital compressors as ranging from -0 dBFS (maximum) to -inf dBFS (silence). Everything above the threshold will be reduced in volume by a desired ratio, and everything below will be left untouched. The threshold is best set at the point immediately below the unwanted volume variation, but above the base level of the overall signal.


Once the volume exceeds the threshold, it will be reduced by this amount in relation to the untouched source. For example, a ratio of 4:1 will mean that signals exceeding the threshold by +4 dB will be heard as only +1 dB, +8 dB will become +2 dB, and so on. If the ratio exceeds 10:1, the effect can be described as limiting, rather than compressing (a limiter is a similar tool to a compressor, only more aggressive, and with a different goal in mind). There are no hard rules, but a ratio between 2:1 and 4:1 is typically used on recordings of the human voice, any higher and it will sound uncomfortably squashed, any less and there won't be a perceivable difference.


The length of time it takes for the compressor to activate after it has surpassed the threshold. Long attack settings will keep harsh transients (short blast of volume at the beginning of certain sounds) intact, whereas short attack settings will remove them. Must be set to taste.


The length of time it takes for the compressor to go back to 1:1 after dropping below the threshold. Must also be set to taste.

>make-up gain / gain

A post-compression volume boost to correct any loss in amplitude after processing.



Regarding EQ, I wouldn't recommend anything too drastic, although you should probably use some sort of hi-pass filter around 60 to 80 Hz to remove the unwanted low frequency content in the recording.

I processed your recording with a bit of EQ and compression myself just to demonstrate https://my.mixtape.moe/yhxrnu.flac . Load it into your audio editor of choice and compare the waveform and sound with your raw recording (I recommend normalising it because it was quite a low level signal initially).

The exact procedure I took was:

>Normalise to 0 dB


12dB/octave hi-pass filter at 60 Hz

-1.5 dB at 950 Hz

+1 dB at 10 kHz


Threshold: -20 dB

Ratio: 2.5:1

Attack: 10 ms

Release: 35 ms




I really appreciate all the help you've given me lad, I'll make sure to cut you in when I'm swimming in audiobook shekels. It's a lot to take in, but once I've got it down at least that'll be it and I can just crack on with recordings. The funniest thing is I learned this stuff in music tech at college but forgot it all because I never used it after becoming disillusioned and becoming a NEET (and not the philosopher kind).


Lads, I hit my toe off a doorframe really hard. Now it has a throbbing pain going all the way up my foot. This hurts so bad.



Not going to happen without the government attempting to ban pornography viewing/distribution in the name of child safety.

Better off letting people know the dangers and letting them make their own decision if they want to jack off to porn.


File: 8f0032706b956db⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 616x726, 28:33, toe hurter.jpg)


Also this is probably the 3rd time in my life that I've hit my door of this particular door frame. Such a horribly designed door.

I've mapped out the area to show you what I'm dealing with here.

The red cross marks the spot where my left foot hit the doorframe with quite a lot of force.

The blue line is my walking path.

The green rectangle is an obstruction.

As you can see, I had to make a sharp left to avoid the obstruction which resulted in me not having enough room to properly clear this particular doorway.



I see what you're up against now lad, that layout is an outright trap. Is there no way you can shuffle the obstruction a bit further down so you've more time to straighten out after the sharp turn?

I stubbed my toe on my bed so hard the other week that it turned purple. What's the damage like?



Too early to inspect the damage properly.

Still hurts but I'll report back later after a full foot inspection.

>Is there no way you can shuffle the obstruction a bit further down so you've more time to straighten out after the sharp turn?

The obstruction has been removed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How the mighty have fallen



I knew that was a Kanye quote because it was mentioned in a podcast I listened to this morning.

The podcast was originally release like 3 years ago.

Small world.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





I was actually thinking about him earlier today.


File: 5cb02df2ca05b2e⋯.png (143.05 KB, 275x312, 275:312, 00.png)

>the pop shield goes between you and the mic and not past the mic


File: 0bf1e13d4579e87⋯.jpg (39.15 KB, 528x527, 528:527, kebab removal LARPer3.jpg)

File: 15c14f5857c89b3⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 799x800, 799:800, kebab removal LARPer2.jpg)

File: 226fcc66cb5cf1d⋯.jpg (148.04 KB, 948x960, 79:80, kebab removal LARPer.jpg)


>A “KNIGHT” threatened a man with a 14th century sword in a bust-up with yobs outside his home, a court heard.

>Alun Powell, who dresses in armour for battle re-enactments, pulled the 3ft blade and an axe from the boot of his car after brandishing a knuckleduster, the jury were told.

>Prosecutors claimed he grabbed Kamil Ahmed around the throat.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>he took the meditation pill

I knew he was a good lad with all the pro-Trump and Molyneux/Southern stuff but this just confirms it



Yeah, the point of it is to diffuse the sudden bursts of air from your mouth caused by plosive sounds like "buh" and "puh". If you hold your hand up just in front of your mouth and make plosive sounds, you'll feel what I mean. Without a pop shield, that burst of air will hit the diaphragm of the mic and cause a massive bassy "bomp", that you wouldn't hear in reality unless someone spoke directly into your ear.

The further the shield is from the mic, the greater the diffusion, but of course you (the vocalist) can't be too far away otherwise you'll just be picking up the sound of the room instead of your voice. You should be about 4 - 6 inches away from the mic for a softly spoken reading voice, up to 12 inches if you're shouting, and the pop shield should preferably be about halfway.


File: 8a09745f45c76fe⋯.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, F2073EA7-1CDE-4E0F-B423-C….jpeg)

Morning lads, off somewhere on the train today


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning lads. What are you listening to on this Royalty Free Friday? For me, it's this absolute tune.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gen Zyklon is coming along nicely.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This black man is unironically based


It is literally impossible for a book/novel to actually be "scary".



Depends on your definition of "scary" and your level of desensitisation. A non-interactive book is never going to be able to make you jump out of your seat in fright, but it can describe and explore scenarios that are unsettling and spine-chilling.



Fucking retard.

Get out of here.


I've got genital warts lads



That's God's way of telling you to stop being a normalfag.



Name some scary books, otherwise YOU can fuck off.



Your biography.



>calls me a retard for stating that no books are actually scary

>can't even name one single book to counter this

Thanks for proving me right.



Which books have you read that definitely aren't scary?


Who here /high status alpha male/



The only thing he's proven is that you are in fact retarded. Lack of a counterargument won't make a wild and unproven assertion true.



What the fuck, she looks about 10 years old.



Middleschool Dollar Extreme.




Is it really that difficult for you guys to name a scary book? You're really can't name one? Wow, I was exaggerating but maybe I actually was unironcally right.



>name scary book

>"wooooow… literally lmaoing at your life right now…. you must be gay if you find that scary looool i read that shit when i was in primary school and thought it sucked lmaoooo"

There you go, just saved us all some time.



He's not wrong tbh. I've read a lot of Poe and lovecraft, neither of those were particularly unsettling. I've also read what Walter De la mare horror that I can find, and house of leaves, all of which were somewhat boring, and didn't leave me with much.

I get horror as a thematic genre, and it's okay like that but I've not been able to find anything actually scary.



The truth is, you've never read a book you actually consider scary, and you just can't admit it.


This lad gets it.




I want to know which horror books you've already read so I can suggest some ones that may be a bit different.

You have actually read a horror story, right?



Well, from a quick search of what are meant to be the scariest novels:

Dracula - creepy, great atmosphere, but not scary

The Shining - not even slightly scary (bit shit actually)

American Psycho - not scary, and I don't think it was meant to be

Frankenstein - not scary

From Lovecraft I've read A Shadow Over Innsmouth, and I've read most of Poe's stuff. I enjoyed them but they didn't scare me.

I admit I made an intentionally provocative comment in the hopes of getting some good recommendations



In future just ask for good recommendations instead of begging for arguments like some excitement deprived nu-male.



Fine. I apologise.


File: 2a690bcf4c4757d⋯.png (137.23 KB, 453x668, 453:668, feels.png)

Has anything been bothering you lately lads? Or are you doing well? Get it off your chest


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: b3909f48de67fff⋯.png (917.2 KB, 719x978, 719:978, biggirl.png)

*blocks your path*


Good morning.


So can anyone PLEASE actually recommend a scary book.



Are you trying to prove you're a tough lad because you don't get scared at books? Someone would have recommended one yesterday if they knew one. Horror films are only scary because of jumpscares and since horror fiction doesn't have jumpscares you'll probably have a hard time finding one that's scary.

Read Siege.



The Bible

>Don't follow it go to hell

>All the stuff about the rapture



Because you specified books and not horror in general, I'm going to assume you have no trouble being immersed in horror movies. So either -

1. You're such a bottom tier brainlet that you can only be frightened by jumpscares

2. You're a slightly above the bottom brainlet who is unable to get immersed in books but reads anyway because it makes you feel smart.

3. You literally googled "horror books". Funny enough every book you listed comes up on the first page of that search.

Option 2 makes a lot of sense.

You probably found Dracula and Lovecraft's stories bearable because they're quite short and easy to read but you were bored 1/5th into the shining because it's too long for you to quickly finish. Frankenstein was probably too hard for you to read.

For you I'd recommend Goosebumps.


File: b57f35d2ca80098⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 4030x4096, 2015:2048, 1475512767802.jpg)

>tfw reading The Count of Monte Cristo

You are all intellectual midgets compared to me.


I thought not mixing dark colours with whites in the washing machine was just a meme your mum used to bang on about.

I've just turned all my pillowcases a horrible grey colour.



Yes I Googled books that are supposed to be scary, I fucking said that in my post. You act so incredibly affronted by my comment yet you still won't or can't state a book that you found scary. It's not a trick, any scary book will do.



No, because you'll just come back later telling us about how much of a macho man you are for not being scared at the recommendation.


You lads hear about that helicopter trash? Fucking tragic. Prayers are with his family.



My Dad said something about a helicopter crash.



Sure kid, sure.


How to deal with paranoid and irrational thoughts?



Just let them flow, it's allowed me to meet some great people via conspiracy theories



Sometimes I worry other people can read my mind or have a keylogger installed on my computer. Just recognize such thoughts are irrational and focus your attention on other things. Having recurring irrational thoughts is only a problem if you start believing them.



>Sometimes I worry other people can read my mind

I genuinely believed this when I was about 10, I was convinced that all the kids I didn't like at school were reading my thoughts and laughing at me, and that they'd all collectively decided to not tell me about their abilities.



I don't believe it any more, but the thought surfaces occasionally. For me it was my immediate family who I thought were reading my thoughts.



I had a panic attack a few weeks ago and I scrawled a bunch of names onto my bedside cabinet with a marker pen of people who I shouldn't trust because I thought they were plotting something against me.

Feels stupid now but it scares me that I always act on my paranoid thoughts instead of just keeping them in my head.


File: 353dde190ffa6ba⋯.jpg (5.07 MB, 5984x3366, 16:9, DSC_0023.JPG)

It's turned out to be quite a nice morning, it was extremely foggy a few hours ago.



Everyone gets them, some more than others, but the important thing is knowing that they're paranoid and irrational, which you seem to. When you start taking them seriously is when they become a real problem. Mindfulness meditation is a good way to train yourself to quickly identify and reject them.


The truth will be revealed. Soon.


I'd like the input from other posters on this.

Would anyone else agree that this type of post is the shittest, most obnoxious stuff posted here >>68959

Probably on par with people who link youtube videos without posting any context.



I don't have much of a problem with that post in particular, it's certainly not as bad as some posts we've had in the recent past. The ones I really don't like are the forced memes/shitposting, and ritualposting whatever nu-halfchan's latest wojak edit of week is. 9 times out of 10 it's just a single anon respectively, same with the contextless youtube links. I am fairly convinced there's only about 6 lads here in total, and half of them are unrepentant shitposters that like to use these threads as their virtual toilet.



I cringed when that guy tried to post that northener brainlet wojak about 5 times over 3 days and received 0 responses every time.


Thinking of buying a mountain bike.



BUT I don't really know anywhere I could ride it. is what I've now realized



How about the mountains?



Looks like we got a joker here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm going to be a bit cheeky and post a context-less Morality Man.


File: 3775557cab6aaa2⋯.jpg (645.7 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1540833387590.jpg)

>tfw you remember that vaporwave died out and its pretty much forgotten about


We ordered a bunch of office supplies to our office this week from Amazon. The address of our office is "Office 3", there is also a "Unit 3" on the same estate. Unit 3 is a closed down building that hasn't been used as long as I have worked here and all the other units on that block are closed down. They're very clearly not in use as they have boarded up windows and weeds growing all over the concrete outside.

We got a call from head office, which is the phone number linked to our Amazon account telling us that the courier angrily called claiming that nobody was "in" so he was leaving the stuff outside. I walked to the abandoned unit and all of our stuff was just dumped outside the boarded up door.


File: 6e363a333940486⋯.png (89.25 KB, 1294x744, 647:372, Untitled.png)


I know that feel. One of the small joys of life is seeing things I hate lose relevance and go out with a whimper. I can cope with every horrible fad in music with the knowledge that I will likely live long enough to see them all die.


File: ff159635dc1cf38⋯.jpg (99.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, v70.JPG)

I want a Volvo V70r.



I enjoyed this, thanks lad.


File: 355d60fc7e9da6d⋯.png (647.32 KB, 1084x604, 271:151, Untitled.png)

Jewgle's halloween game would be fun if it wasn't for the fact that I'm probably playing against literal toddlers that don't even understand that it's a game. At least I hope that's the case.


I have decided to stop being a coffee lad, and become a green tea lad instead.

*tea finishes brewing*



>I have decided to stop being a coffee lad

Good lad

>become a green tea lad instead

Well, nobody's perfect.



It's the healthiest beverage on the planet.

Go on then, what's your sip?



I wouldn't class myself as a shit poster, but sometimes I post irrelevant or no-context shit just because it feels like the thread is dying otherwise


I'm at an external training course for work today. It's at a college but the college is huge and they gave no indication of where the building was. I ended up getting shepherded by someone from the finance department. Now I'm here, the course was meant to start at 9am and only one other person has made it yet.



Black tea, like a true son of the Empire.



It depends how it's done. There's nothing wrong with posting something utterly pointless or silly out of the blue, but if all someone does is post *actions* or phrases along the lines of "poo bum willy", then all they're doing is putting off good lads from posting. Why would anyone want to post anything half-decent if all they can see when they open the thread is a den of infantile shitposting? What's the point in this thread even being alive if the only content is utter crap? If it genuinely gets to the point where we can't keep this place going without a steady stream of low-effort shitposts propping it up, then I think it should just be laid to rest.


I don't like how youtube have decided to replace the related videos section with stuff they think you'd like to watch.


File: 8544d58abb2efaf⋯.mp4 (482.14 KB, 638x360, 319:180, videoplayback.mp4)


I aggree, if it's somthing like a funny webm or you tube video then it's nice but some of the junk that gets posting is pure annoying



It's the same as usual for me, are you sure it hasn't just logged you out?


Sometimes I like to post genuine questions but in an unconventional way.

Which leads me to the matter at hand. Yes, you know the one. What exactly, dear lads, have you been up to today?



So do I, but I don't have a license.



Such a nice car. It's a shame that it's so difficult to find one that is under 100k miles. I keep searching gumtree regularly in the hopes that I can find a decent one.

Are you trying to get a license?



I've passed my theory but haven't done the driving test. I'm not currently taking lessons but I'll start again soon.


Is there actually any downside to taking sensible amounts of steroids?



That's good. Are you going to buy a car straight away?



HPTA shutdown?



Start the lessons you lazy bum.


I feel sad, lads.



Probably not, I don't have a job.


I booked one for tomorrow.


>tfw 6 years no claims bonus


Becoming a green tea lad was the best decision I've made all week. How is it that I tolerated my lowly, coffee-fueled existence for so long?

If there are any coffee lads left, I extend to you my deepest sympathies.



getting a car was the best investment I ever made in life


File: bdf552c335325dc⋯.jpg (118.8 KB, 500x400, 5:4, jareth_the_goblin_king.jpg)

You remind me of the babe


File: 4aca33e45799f32⋯.png (265.32 KB, 359x441, 359:441, 1459545094190.png)

Just failed my driving test for the 2nd time, lads

feel like ending it all tbh


My first car cost £180.

Came with a free Dinosaur Jr cassette and a full tank of petrol too.



What did you fail on?



I would also like to know what you failed on, since I'll be doing it soon. Hope you aren't actually that upset over it lad, just try until you pass.


File: ecacadfa9c7fcda⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 300x303, 100:101, 1526485567543.jpg)

>passed theory first time, both times I took it

>passed practical first time



>both times I took it

Are you one of those absolute spastics who takes the theory, then waits so long to do their practical that they have to do the theory again?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I passed on my third time lad, if it helps. Did worse the second time than the third.



Meant to say I did worse the second time than the first.


Getting an office job was a mistake.



No, I passed the theory because my mum was paying for my lessons, but she lost her job and had to stop paying for them so I couldn't keep them up while I was at college with no income.

Fast forward a few years and I had to resit the theory since my first pass had expired.

No need to get vitriolic about it, my jealous friend.



Should have got an income then, schmuck.



I have, I got my license 4 years ago.



I got my licence 7 years ago, so that makes me the top dog of this department.



How many attempts did that take, sweetie?



File: 7b8b3c12c20f935⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1526485567444.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do you lads think of this?




Will someone please explain this meme to me?



It's a girl that pretends to be weird and creepy to promote herself.


How do you like your whibblescromps in the morning?


File: 616550a8fd53326⋯.png (209.3 KB, 582x630, 97:105, corbyn.png)

File: 1a8968a9ad62518⋯.mp4 (15.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, corbyn BLACK history.mp4)




Got failed on observation, Dangerous fault for not checking my left enough.

1st test i was all over the place and ended with 12 faults, cut it down to 6 faults on 2nd test but still wasn't enough.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can he even be saved at this point?



Only with a serious intervention, but that's highly unlikely, so I'd say no. If he ever has a magical epiphany moment and overcomes the delusion, he'll probably just take the easy way out and kill himself, like all the trannies before him.



>he'll probably just take the easy way out and kill himself

I'm 99% sure this is how it's going to end.


File: d4ea74de80de64e⋯.png (124.47 KB, 889x1020, 889:1020, cheese gk chesterton.png)

Is he right?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Our boy is streaming Blizzcon. I always find it patronising how they hire random thots who don't even play video games to host their events.


File: e96d99fb70b2326⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 810x424, 405:212, nu gaming.jpg)


ayo wassup dawg we got all these new games n shit you is gonna love it



It gets people going.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's what we've all been waiting for. Diablo mobile.


I need some new socks, lads.




Depends what type of socks and what you're prepared to pay, but if you want quality, I recommend Pringle socks




Whoa, I didn't know Labour was going full white-supremacist.



Socks that will keep my feet warm all day when I'm in a freezing cold building.


>phone screen breaks on Tuesday last week

>take it to a repair shop the same day

>get told "bring back tomorrow, I fix then I get part"

>take it back Wednesday

>"okay must bring to supplier, he get me new screen leave phone come back Friday"

>go back Friday

>"oh, been so very ill, too ill to work couldn't bring with me. For you I get phone to supplier tonight, come back tomorrow"

>go on Saturday


>call his mobile

>"ah sorry not at shop today, you come back tomorrow I have phone ready"

>go back on FUCKING SUNDAY

>"ah I try to get free phone replacement but they say no, I try very hard but I keep trying okay?"

>ask him when it will be ready

>"Tuesday, Wednesday latest"


>"ah sorry, supplier says phone may be jailbroken you jailbroke? Might not be able to get free screen but I give discount okay, fifty pound for you?"

>just accept the fifty pound repair because I'm fed up of waiting

>"okay good, come back Friday, definitely Friday"

>go back friday

>"ah sorry, phone still not back from supplier, will definitely be ready tomorrow, fifty pound for you yes?"

>agree, so close to getting it back now that I can't be arsed to argue

>go back this morning


>"ah, see problem is phone has crack on LCD, you must have dropped"


>tell him we already agreed what was going to happen and I wasn't interested in whatever warranty his supplier had

>ask him why my phone hasn't been repaired despite agreeing a time and price for this particular day

>"couldn't get free screen from supplier, you must have dropped"

>no idea what the fuck this is even supposed to mean, I didn't want a free screen, I just wanted it replaced

>ask him if he could just repair it now, I'll come back in a few hours

>"need to order screen, will be ready tomorrow, I take £15 off price, will be 85 okay?"


>take phone and leave

>realize he was trying to get a free screen from his supplier just so he could pretend that the warranty was void because of jail breaking and he could take the entire £50 for himself

Never again.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nervous brown people observe Anglo Saxon warriors stand for moral dignity as pedofaggot that gets off exposing himself to children desperately hides behind (((women))).




he broke his phone and took it to some dodgy paki repair shop, the paki strung it out for a week and tried to scam him out of 50 quid



Putting up for it for as long as you did was beta


If that post was too much for your attention span then you need to FUCK off.



I could tell at first glance it wasn't worth reading.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dying here lads


File: 4160e5aa39c7613⋯.jpg (34.92 KB, 855x203, 855:203, scroopleflomped.jpg)


Found you, cunt.



File: b677d742a453257⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 323x323, 1:1, b677d742a4532575b8802ebce3….jpg)

>almost a fourth britfeeler rumbled


File: c8ee10a2d31538d⋯.png (4.33 KB, 221x228, 221:228, sweating wojack.png)




Never would have guessed that the person who constantly posts shitty videos is the fag who spams the thread with that floopity shit


Why the FUCK are Samsung spare parts so ludicrously overpriced?



The Talmud is incredibly popular in South Korea. About twenty years ago they started circumcising their children, pumping out (((entertainment media))) across Asia and now the men either spend every hour outside of work in a PC cafe playing videos games and watching women on twitch slurp up Jajangmyeon to distract themselves from the feminist dystopia they live in, or jump off the Mapo Bridge. Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and other deepstate cunts enjoy visiting SK presumably to join in the Athena////Owl cultist circlejerk at locations such as Ewha Womans University. That's why it's overpriced.



The phone is about 250, the replacement screen is 100. How can this EVER be justified?


I ate 3/4 of a large pizza and a mac and cheese from pizza hut and now I feel too full to do anything.

Wanted to get some cleaning and tidying done.



Are you saying the Jews have taken power there? How did they do it? Where can I read about this?


How will YOU be spending the next 30 minutes? Me? I'll be having a bacon sandwich and then meditating.



I haven't got that planned out. Probably sitting here doing nothing.


2:1 odds on a Republican House majority, think I might put a cheeky bet on.



A man never steps in the same river twice.



I want a dirtbike


One of the men I work with is nearly 30. Every day after work he drives round to his Mum's house who cooks him dinner. Every single day. It's always stuff like potato waffles with beans, potato smileys, oven pizza. After he's finished he gets in his car and drives home. He told me that if his Mum is unable to cook food, he just eats biscuits and chocolate all night.

At work his dinner is usually a slice of white bread with a few dairylea triangles spreaded on. I'm pretty sure his Mum packs it for him because it always comes in a little tupperware lunchbox with an orange that I've never seen him eat.

How can you be months away from 30 and still be this much of a child?



Even I'm not that bad and I still live with my mum.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: bbcc21152449a30⋯.png (73.92 KB, 252x260, 63:65, 1345287266082.png)

>that floopity shit



I was in a similar state in my late teens while going to college. My mum used to prepare my coco pops in the morning, make my sandwiches for lunch, cook my dinners, etc, but I sure as hell didn't let anyone in real life know about it. The fact he's nearly 30 and told you and/or others about it tells me he's a bit special.



I'm 26, live with my parents and my mother makes me sandwiches to take to work every day.

I told her she didn't need to do it before, but she insisted. It seems like she just likes being useful. I don't want to push it further as it seemed to upset her a bit.

Although given that guys lunch, I doubt he's in a similar situation.


>virgins ITT making their own sandwiches and not having their mums do it for them thus freeing up time for more interesting pursuits



How many interesting pursuits can you fit in the 3 minutes it takes to make sandwiches for work?



In that time I can brush up on my knowledge of Greek philosophy, learn part of one of Mozart's sonatas, meditate and explore my inner world, or simply just write a witty, thought-provoking post for the lads on /britfeel/—all while mummy does her duty and fills her role in the natural order of things, from which she derives immeasurable happiness and fulfillment.



Chores and menial tasks are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, doubly so when you're NEET. It can help you build self-worth, develop independence, improve your motor skills, establish good habits, make you less prone to procrastination, get you off your arse, give you a break from computer/internet usage, provide a change of environment, and keep you grounded.



Do you prepare your own food now?



I'm in a similar situation. I would make my own lunch but my mum has pretty much nothing of value in her life besides what she does for me, so I let her continue doing it



She tried working as a dinnerlady at a local school once, but couldn't handle it. I can't imagine her doing anything else with her life other than being a housewife, and I wouldn't want to take anything she does from her. I still don't know what she'll do when I eventually move out.



He's a semi-decent salesman and he managed to get a mortgage when he was 20 years old and move out which makes his mummy situation even stranger.

I think he's just a giant mummysboy.


Opinions on sleeping on a mattress without a bedframe?



Too late for your opinions. Already dismantled the bedframe.

Opinions no longer needed. Do not post opinions, do not share opinions.

All opinions will be reported to the board moderator team.



In my opinion, sleeping just on a mattress with no bed frame would be an absolutely terrible idea. To remove your bed frame, say by dismantling it, would be incredibly foolish and unwise. That's just my opinion, of course.


I'm sick of seeing interracial couples in the media tbh. Makes my skin crawl



Heh, sounds like you need to check your privilege, white boi.



Last time I went to the cinema, there wasnt ANY in the pre-movie adverts. It was amazing.



Yes, except for the 2-3 times a week my mum cooks for everyone.


What's the point in washing your hands after a poo if they don't make contact with your bum or any fecal matter? It seems like a waste of water and handwash to me.



As I only watch anime i've not been to the cinema since I was 14




get a load of this nonce



You're washing away the airborne poo particles that undoubtedly get over your hands when you wipe


>STILL haven't won the lottery

It's quite simply unacceptable.


File: fafc7b5bc852e4d⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1531096271943.jpg)


>airborne poo particles



>playing the lottery

Definitely one of the stupidest things you can do.


Not sure if I'm building muscle or just getting fatter.







People complaining about fireworks bothers me more than fireworks do.

Loud noises don't bother me, they just exist then stop. Whining feels so pedantic.



But you just made a pedantic whinepost yourself, only over something a lot more avoidable and easy to filter out than hours of loud bangs.



I don't agree that it's easier to filer out. The loud bangs (That arent actually that loud) are just stuff that happens in the background. The text post is directly in front of me, and I tend to read almost every post here.

I can't filter it either because I wouldnt want to filter every post relating to fireworks, and there's no AI that can filter only negative fireworks posts for me.

Plus my own whining isn't annoying as people who whine about fireworks because I consider it a legitimate whine.



I disagree, I think complaints about firework noise (which is very loud and annoying for a lot of non-rural lads) are perfectly valid, especially considering the title and purpose of this board. Unironically complaining about complaints on the other hand is just downright hypocritical.



>The text post is directly in front of me, and I tend to read almost every post here.

You poor boy.


Bought a mountain bike.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Full Day Of Eating with John Meadows


I'm sure riding a bicycle wasn't this exhausting as a child.


Morning lads. I hope you all have an acceptably good day.



>a bit of text on the screen is harder to ignore than repeated loud explosions

Like just look away from the screen, like nigga close your eyes haha


Lidl: https://youtu.be/tobL9Lm2Q2k

Next: https://youtu.be/Rah47g3CX9s

Ernest Jones: https://youtu.be/PfAXh-BwMU8

Do you lads like this year's Christmas ads?



Shan't be watching those.



I've being thinking of buying one myself but I'll probabley just wait till christmas



What kind of bike and what are you using it for?



Probably a mountian bike, I just want to cycle for exercise recreation really.


Dismantling my bed was a great idea.

When gramgrams died in 2004, my family clearly just shoved all her stuff in the draw under my bed which hasn't been moved there since and was long forgotten about until today. The draw has always been against the wall so it couldn't be opened without moving the entire bed. I found some amusing stuff.

My Dad's school report papers from 1973, my own primary school reports from 2003-2005 which was quite fun to read through (most of it was complete slander), old photo albums and an absolute shitload of collectable coins and spoons that my Grandmother hoarded between 1953-1970+ and an unopened envelope addressed to both of my parents. I gave it to my Dad and it was a complaint letter from my Primary school teacher that I obviously hid

There was also a newspaper clipping from 1974 when my grandfather got his kidney transplant. Apparently a kidney transplant was newsworthy back then.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tyson Fury Wants Donald Trump to Be His Personal Guest At Deontay Wilder Fight



This man cannot lose.


I think Project Chanology killed the internet.


>tfw no 2002 Honda Accord in Silver



>2002 Honda Accord

What an ugly car



Extremely boring, ugly late 90s/Early 00s sedans are the best cars.



File: 7398ce8f16d6c61⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 500x315, 100:63, ergghh.jpg)


Tell me this isn't beautiful.



You yourself said it wasn't beautiful when you said late 90s / early 00s sedans were extremely boring and ugly, not that I agree. On a purely aesthetic basis, I would take any normal looking car from the 90s any day over a typical 00s/10s "angry insectoid" abomination. In the current year, I reckon if you got the head of a Butt-Ugly Martian, hollowed it out, replaced the eyes with headlights, and put wheels underneath it, it wouldn't look out of place among your average car dealership lineup.


File: ad89b442757dece⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 480x600, 4:5, tib.jpg)


But sometimes boring things are the most beautiful.



That might be true, but in this case the word "boring" was explicitly paired with the word "ugly", which is the direct opposite of beautiful. You can't state something is ugly, and then dare someone to deny it's beauty.



in ur opoinuion



It's not an opinion, it's a truism.






And big poos


Going to Krakow tomorrow.



No you're not



I'll be sure to post a photo when I get there.



No you won't.


File: b0e385a12a208de⋯.mp4 (5.67 MB, 960x960, 1:1, boar attack.mp4)

Wagie BTFO



I'd feel more sympathetic if he'd shown any attempt at fighting back, he could have given it a good kick to the face right before it ran off.


File: ccb2f710055052d⋯.jpg (147.86 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, jordan.jpg)


Right then.

Everyone post something about the modern world that you like.



I like that the length of it's existence is finite.



I like how I have most of the knowledge in existence at my fingertips with the internet.

I like music lad's endearingly autistic posts.


What do you lads think about cassette tapes? Specifically new releases.



You think a kick to the face is going to affect a wild boar?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, I think it affects my opinion of a man who got tackled by one and didn't even try to hit it out of reflex. Compare him with this aussie Chad who goes up to a kangaroo and punches it in the face.


Hipster retardation.



I own 1 cassette from the 90s which I probably listened to about 5,000 times in my old car



That will probably do nothing but break your toes


>white woman with pitbull

>check her instagram

>has a nigger child

100% correlation on this theory that all women with pitbulls are coalburners so far.



Yeah if you're barefoot, missed your target, and toe-punted the curb like a mong. A good kick to the face with a pair of oxfords will hurt only the victim, not seriously, but enough to teach a small-to-medium-sized omnivorous mammal a lesson.



You're retarded they are built like tanks and headbutt everything, there evolutionly trait is hardheadedness.



>trying to get revenge on a wild animal

That's some real gruk shit.




>“Then I kicked towards the pig's head to get myself free, and I must have made contact. Suddenly it lurched off, and then after 20 meters, it fell over, climbed up, and then fell over again, stone dead.”

Obviously the odds of actually killing a boar by kicking it in the face are likely next to impossible, but the point is more that he defended himself in the heat of the moment, and didn't break his toes or take a moment to ponder about it's evolutionary hardheadedness. He just kicked it because that's what you instinctively do when some little shithead animal suddenly tries to kill you.


I'm not talking about revenge, I'm talking about fight or flight instincts in a surprise attack. The proper reflex to getting randomly tackled and wrestled by a wild animal is to attempt to hit it, hoping to injure it or force it to flee. He didn't even make an attempt, and only by sheer luck did it run off instead of maul him to death, so I don't feel as much sympathy for him as I otherwise would. Obviously I'm not suggesting to run after it with a stick once it's already fled, but he should have made some attempt to defend himself.


File: b8465888fee4ed6⋯.jpg (543.07 KB, 2048x1334, 1024:667, 5pazshbcr4d11.jpg)



If you're going to talk about fight of flight, the first reaction is to freeze in an attempt to disappear into surroundings. It's also safer to do nothing than to do the wrong thing.

The hunter in the article you linked was already injured by the boar and for what it's worth, he was a hunter. Most likely spends a lot more time around animals and even boar than this business looking gentleman.




From what I've read, that paper is mainly talking about proposed ideas for why women and children have more of a phobia of blood than men, and why they sometimes faint in the presence of threats, so I don't think it's particularly relevant, nor that the author's proposed "freeze, flight, fight, fright, faint" description is even accurate. Almost any other source simply refers to "fight or flight", or alternatively refers to "fight, flight, freeze" as you mentioned, but freeze meaning the "deer in headlights" phenomenon. It's when your brain has come to the conclusion, usually made within a split-second, that fighting and fleeing aren't possible, and you just stand / lie there completely still. It's a last resort option, not the first in a line of defence, and the business lad clearly wasn't in that state as he was rolling about and tugging his briefcase from the boar's grasp.

>Most likely spends a lot more time around animals and even boar than this business looking gentleman.

You don't need to be a hunter to attempt to defend yourself, although you would undoubtedly be more successful in doing so if you were one. I don't expect a salary man to be able to fight well, but I would have expected men of all types to try and sock an attacker out of impulse, or at least give it a shove. What surprised me was that he made absolutely no attempt at all, not a single hand or foot towards the boar. His only priority was to keep ahold of his briefcase, and it almost looked as if he went out of his way to not touch it. Clearly it worked out for him, but he's still not getting my sympathy without showing any kind of desire to physically defend himself. All it would have taken is a single "fuck off ye swine cunt *thwack*", and I'd be on his side.


Any of you lads have gaming PCs?



Yes, built mine in 2013 and upgraded it in the summer of last year, right before the prices really went to shit.

>(((Intel))) 4670K CPU (overclocked to 4.1 GHz)

>Hyper 212 EVO heatsink

>16 GB RAM

>ASUS STRIX-GTX1070-O8G graphics card (overclocked)

>Viewsonic XG2703-GS monitor (27", 2560x1440, 165 Hz, IPS, G-SYNC)

>Corsair 500R case (white)


I'm going to get back into matched betting. There are loads of new offers available.


You. Yes you. Why not join me and make some easy money?



My builds from 2014

Intel I5 4670K


Nvidea GTX 660

Manjaro Linux (Arch Linux respin)

Planning to upgrade it soon


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>this comes on in my headphones

>bench 100kg for 4 reps


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Classic Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production, those lads had the magic touch in the mid-to-late 80s.



File: d3c3ce1d0df70b7⋯.mp4 (4.52 MB, 720x720, 1:1, exterminate.mp4)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Did you know Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights got BLACKED?



That's not Wuthering Heights, but I don't doubt that black artists have covered it.



You're right. You know the one I mean though.



because I was the one originally shilling it








>a certain breed of people

Based and Redpilled


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It shouldn't be news to anyone here that I like 80s soul and R&B.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

britfeel now has a radio station



Nobody cares, piss off



Shan't be tuning in to this.


Got a lad in trouble for making racist comments at work.


What do you lads have planned for the weekend?



Here's a (You).



I'm off to the gym soon, and tomorrow I'll be putting some stock out on the shelf. What about you?


File: 51ca10d4ccc07d9⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 750x422, 375:211, antidepressant-750x.jpg)

What's your opinion on antidepressants? Are any of you on them, or have you been in the past?



He doesn't even deserve that.

He obviously is desperate to tell us his story, but he feels to awkward to tell us it unless anyone specifically asks him. A very passive/beta trait

He was probably hoping people would be eager to hear more.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What an excellent album.



I went trial riding for the first time today. Probably the most exhausted I've ever been in my life. It didn't occur to me that all the time I spent going downhill would mean I eventually had to go back uphill.



From my experiences, so-called "antidepressants" are like trying to solve a delicate puzzle with a hammer. I have been on a few different types, and since then I strongly advise against them. I recommend instead that anyone with depression takes an honest and objective look at their daily routine and lifestyle; diet, exercise, computer/internet usage, time spent outdoors, quality of relationships with other people (if there even are any), porn/masturbation addiction, alcohol/drug abuse, etc. Of course, that's the last thing anyone wants to do when they're knee-deep in depression, but that's how it is. Meditation and CBT are good first steps.


It was the scroopleflomper doing what he does best; posting low effort bait while he takes a break from posting non sequiturs and videos that nobody cares about.



I agree with all that. How did they make you feel?



Like a carcass that forgot to die.




On the contrary, I'm on antidepressants and they have helped me a lot. I'm on quite is apparently a "mild" SSRI and rather than making me feel like a numb zombie, it stopped me feeling like one.


I'm doing a 24 hour fast starting from now.


I'm considering investing in Monster.



No you're not.


File: 742843e92328556⋯.jpg (348.62 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, voodoo hoodoo.jpg)

Already wankered the front wheel of my bike. It was so cheap that it's really not worth buying a new wheel.

I'm going to save up about $200-$300 and buy a used Voodoo Hoodoo.


File: 7cdc6cf5fc47dbc⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 3366x5984, 9:16, DSC_0030.JPG)

Poland is based!



Poland is a miserable, horrible country. Why do you think so many of them are desperate to come here?

It's good as a tourist though. Don't forget to bring some £3 bottles of vodka home.



>Don't forget to bring some £3 bottles of vodka home

I spent the last of my zlotys at a strip club last night



Ah, Polish strip clubs.

I spent all my money in one of those before I was forcibly removed. It's too tempting when all the girls look like literal models and they are pouring vodka down your throat the moment you step inside.



Whilst you're in Poland, I'd recommend checking out a gun range whilst you have the chance.

Coming from a country like ours where you have to fill out paperwork with 2 references just to shoot a clay pigeon whilst being supervised it was surreal.

I walked in, had to show them nothing but my passport and then I was given a sheet of paper with a list of their available guns and I just ticked the boxes of which ones I wanted to shoot and how much ammo I'd like. There was absolutely no restriction on how much ammo I could use or what guns I could shoot.

The actual gun range was just some underground bunker type of building which used a pile of old car tires as a backdrop.

I shot a S&W Model 29, a 12ga pump action and some glock which I've forgot the exact model.

Very fun day. 10/10, would recommend..


Would you like to go and sit on the park bench?



Answer me.



If your in poland get some fags to bring back, Lucy Strike are my favourate from poland.




I had just got back when I posted that pic.


>pouring vodka down your throat the moment you step inside

Yeah, I was not prepared for that. Pretty much the second I went in I got taken to a booth by a girl and plied with shots non-stop. I can't even remember getting back to the apartment. Thankfully I didn't get robbed or anything.


File: d63b571d2f42cdb⋯.png (598.43 KB, 1024x737, 1024:737, 1517589571329.png)


I've got work at the pub tonight so will be back later lads


Chicken nuggets chips and beans for tea.


I've made £43 so far from matched betting since making my post about it the other day.



Any tips?


Idle/clicker games really fuck with the reward centres of the brain.



I played idle flip until I got the final knife, Excalibur.

It took me around 2 months.



Only if you're dumb enough to play them.


Howdy Brits

Hows the tits ?


What's the plan lad?



I'm going to help my mum with the food shopping and then help her scan some old photos.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's winter here now, so they've all flown south.


I've got £20 on Accrington Stanley to beat Blackpool, and if I lose I'm going to be refunded with a free £20 bet. Fantastic.


Right then. I'm off to York in the morning for a couple of days with a lass from work, and I'm about to log off. I'll see you all on Friday.




Inside your head is a hamster running on a wheel.



Inside my head are powerful calculations more complex than you could ever imagine.



I've uninstalled it now.


So you need to pay monthly just to play DOTA2 ranked games now?

Fuck this.



Never mind, my mistake. It doesn't.



Ah, that explains why theres so many tits here in summer

Cheers m8


Well well well. We have a new hand gesture from the shadow Chancellor.

After this weeks performance, I'd have thought the only hand gesture he'd be doing, would be bye bye!

You don't need it to be Christmas, to know when you're sitting next to a Turkey.


I'm so lonely.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>4chan stole on of our thread images.



They should steal our shitposters and normalfags while they're at it.


File: 2e3b2c8b9c7a9f3⋯.jpg (4.31 MB, 5984x3366, 16:9, DSC_0030.JPG)

Some madman flipped their car on my street this afternoon.

Sorry for the shit quality but I was in a rush.



If it's your street, you want the quality to be as shit as possible so we can't figure out where you live and dox you.




Turns out it was a female driver. What a surprise.


File: 6d63d9a7b653cd4⋯.png (37.18 KB, 986x995, 986:995, 6d63d9a7b653cd42364b9cb9cd….png)



8chan removes exif data lads but still you can work out location without it


Having a quick amber leaf with coffee




How did she even manage that in such a small, flat street.


File: 9a4485352859bbe⋯.jpg (477.56 KB, 1644x890, 822:445, castle.jpg)

File: 64c1e90c85df23b⋯.jpg (375.27 KB, 1647x927, 183:103, minster from castle.jpg)

File: 0429d38f5b12f3d⋯.jpg (433.62 KB, 1646x734, 823:367, minster1.jpg)

File: 0db4f1fb88c8288⋯.jpg (469.29 KB, 1649x925, 1649:925, minster2.jpg)

File: 56ed881742e2baa⋯.jpg (537.64 KB, 1647x921, 549:307, minster3.jpg)

Right then. I'm back.

York was nice. There were relatively few foreigners, and most of the ones I did see were tourists. The Shambles was my favourite part, it's so quaint and traditional. I was a bit disgruntled to find THREE Harry Potter shops down there though, and on a similar note there was too much pop culture Viking bollocks as well. The Jorvik Museum on the other hand was fantastic; authentic history and archaeology without any of the dude horned helmets lmao shyte. The Minster was incredible but they were doing work on a big section of it and it wasn't even lit up at night which ruined some of my photo opportunities. And why the FUCK are there so many coffee shops? All in all though I had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house.


File: 770292268ce97e9⋯.jpg (739.34 KB, 1649x927, 1649:927, squirrel.jpg)

File: 43ce238a2a149c6⋯.jpg (235.61 KB, 1649x923, 1649:923, stormfront.jpg)

File: 8ec2d73977499c3⋯.jpg (664.51 KB, 1653x929, 1653:929, stressed lad in castle.jpg)

File: eb2b06957dd008c⋯.jpg (415.73 KB, 908x1632, 227:408, wops OUT.jpg)




Nice photos lad. Someone I used to know in the 2000s from some forums used to do comedy stuff at the shambles, I always assumed it was some sort of comedy club because of that, as there's no way he was any sort of professional, but now i've looked it up and it's an entire street, so I have no fucking clue.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




There's your answer.


I'm going to buy a big thick duvet.

The one I'm using now I've had for around 8+ years. Most of the stuff inside it has fell out so I'm basically just sleeping with a rag.


How do I make music sound good through a computer without spending autistic amounts of money?


I was going through my old record collection because I want to sell a lot of the /mu/ core shit that I bought when I was 18, some of it is really just dreadful and it's definitely not worth keeping in record format.

In my collection I found this


It's fucking dreadful. I thought I had the RPM set incorrectly but it sounded terrible both ways. I don't even know why such a band went to the effort of producing records and most of all I have no clue where I bought it from.

There's a few other albums that I can't even find on youtube.

braindrops - adrenaline mother



Buy a cheap audio interface or headphone amp.



Never has there been a better argument against adopting irony as a lifestyle than the absolute state of /mu/'s "taste" in "music".



I haven't used the board since 2011-2012. Is it worse now?



Couldn't say, I haven't been a halfchan regular since 2014, and I only ever made brief visits to /mu/ before leaving in disgust. I'd place money on it being worse though, considering how much the "it's shit so I like it" mental illness has permeated since then.



I hope you killed that gr*y squirrel.



These are my favorite /mu/core albums that I still like. Please tell me why they are bad so I can hate myself.






First two are pretentious "art music" crap, and like a lot of pretentious art music crap, it's just a long string of DSP effect overusage and "le quirky XD" sounds to hide the shitty song and vocals underneath.

Third one is simply dull, it's mindless noodling by someone who clearly can't play the instruments they're attempting to play, but they get a point for pulling off a fairly convincing "generic late 60s psychedelic rock" sound.






In 1190 the Jewish population of York was completely wiped out, most of whom had sought refuge in the castle shown.

The warden granted them access only to be locked out by those he saved.

The mob told them that if they converted they'd get safe passage but it was a prank


I don't understand why I lose every Overwatch game. I'm really not bad at the game but every single game I play the enemy team is far better (probably buying new accounts just so they can join low ranked games).

The thing is, nearly every game has these "new accounts" in them, so I've never really had the opportunity to rise in rank.

The whole fucking game is broken. To make it worse, the team I'm put with is always terrible.



Level of cope previously unknown.



>Am I bad at Overwatch?

>No, it's the game and every single player besides myself who are wrong


Ah, Mr. Whibblescromp. It's good to finally meet you. Why don't you take a seat.




It might just sound like I'm taking the piss but if you were to actually watch me play, you'd probably agree. I'm really not a bad player and I always pick heroes that would benefit the team.

The problem is, I can't always carry my team to victory? Yes? So unfortunately this game is just like flipping a coin for a win or loss.

You can flip tails 20 times in a row? Correct?

Well that's what has happened to me.


>wake up

>make this post >>69238

>go on youtube

>get recommended this video https://youtu.be/f0lGo-HVVbE?t=70

>former PROFESSIONAL player describes the game as a "coin flip".

I was right.




He said it was a coin toss to have fun, not to win. And a coin toss is certainly a long way from flipping tails 20 times in a row, which is a 1/1048576 chance. Face it, you are a bad player and are throwing all of your games.



Even if I was bad, which I'm not because my stats and gameplay compared to my teammates is always far better. It's impossible to be so bad that you drag your team down 20 times in a row..



You can remain in denial all you want, but there is no other explanation as to why you lost the majority of your games other than that you are at a higher mmr than you should be. It clearly is possible to be so shit you drag your team down 20 times in a row because you somehow managed to do it.



>It's impossible to be so bad that you drag your team down 20 times in a row..

You'd think, but you've defeated the odds.



Overwatch has a notoriously low skill ceiling so they can bait normalfags like you into thinking they're good at a game, but apparently you're so shit even that's too much for you. Just like how they bait beta males and women with their horrendous characters. If you can't get good at Overcuck then bite the bullet and just play single player games on your switch from now on.





You're delusional and bitter.



That's rich coming from the lad implying that a popular online game is manipulating the matchmaking to fuck people over, despite giving every single one of his opponents a near 100% win record against him, and consistently supplying all the members of his teams with teammates that are on par with their own capabilities (or lack thereof), besides one inexplicable anomaly who is supposedly far better at the game, as long as you ignore all of the actual results.


File: 7f78ca1350ea608⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 236x177, 4:3, c654e0838cd535b9138e8eb41a….gif)

Have you all been eating healthily lately?



Mostly, although yesterday I had a chicken kebab because family were over.

>we order a total of 3 bags of chips

>delivery lad arrives with 2 bags of chips, as that's what the incompetent woman who took our order wrote down

>say we won't pay them until we get the third bag of chips

>another lad arrives an hour later with the bag of chips (that they probably spat in) and tries to make us pay for them

>say we're only giving them what we were originally quoted because the chips were late

>he says "we won't be delivering to this house again" as he walks back to his car

Dumb shitskin retard, we'll be ordering from somewhere else in future anyway, somewhere that can actually manage to count to 3.



>tfw been getting ordering less and less takeaways these days because they're all run by foreigners

Are your family not redpilled lad? You should explain to them how every time they buy a takeaway they hasten the demise of the British race.



>Are your family not redpilled lad?

They are to some extent, they name the jew and want pakis OUT, but my mum's boyfriend is a formerly-obese man that loves takeaway food, and he's always trying to find an excuse to have it. It's rare that we have takeaways these days, yesterday was very much a one-off.


File: b503e09a80849ed⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 152x155, 152:155, random.jpg)

Good evening lads, it's that time again. Let's take a trip to our past and re-experience the following excellent post.




Is this lad >>34874 still here? Are you still working in retail?



That's probably me. I haven't worked in retail in about a year.


I'm now rank 1500 in Overwatch. That's like the real fucking bottom of the game.

It's definitely not my fault, I'm doing well every game. My team is just complete trash.



You're the whibblescromps poster, aren't you?



No that's me and I'm not moronic enough to play a Blizzard game in 2018.



No, and I've uninstalled the game so you don't need to hear my criticism anymore.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Millionaire's Shortbread



Now that's what I call whibblescromp posting.


what was that good VPN that usually does a black friday discount?






I love millionaire's shortbread.


File: f46c1c02c1d8da3⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, C1nLb5MWIAARo8v.jpg)


>that thread was three years ago

make it stop


Whenever I used to have an awkward interaction with someone (or perceived an interaction to be so), I would immediately spiral into negative thought patterns and feel anxious and down as a result. Nowadays I just see the funny side and laugh it off. I'm getting way better socially, but the only things that have changed are my mental habits. I attribute this to reading some cognitive behavioural therapy books and practicing mindfulness meditation, and if I recall correctly, is was our very own resident philosopher NEET who pointed me onto those things, some years ago. Thanks lad, you've been like a father to me.



No problem lad, I got my start and a large chunk of my knowledge about that sort of thing from other anons myself, before I started reading books on it and really getting into how it all works. I posted >>>/improve/731 almost four years ago, and it was the anons who wrote >>>/improve/751 and >>>/improve/753 that really helped me get started on fixing problems that I'd suffered with for years, and there's no thanks I can humanly give to really express my gratitude to them.



>tfw you read through threads from 3+ years ago and you see posts that you have no recollection of making but you know it's definitely your post


I've been taking extra breaks at work lately.



I've been on permanent break from work my entire life.


File: 8bc29a3173139bc⋯.mp4 (7.49 MB, 480x848, 30:53, hail bolsonaro.mp4)

>Armed robbers killed by Brazilian police, dragged away with applause and cries of "Hail Bolsonaro!"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jonathan's meeting one of his fans tomorrow.


>ywn shag bambi blacks



She only costs like £50 on adultwork, lad. Someone posted her page in the last thread.

You're probably best not to though, fuck knows how many diseases that slag has.



Feels good man.



Looks like epilepsy, poor lad.



Is he actually retarded or just northern?


Anyone else managed to get some cheap fags recently, managed to get some no name fake looking ones for £4 from a dodgy bloke at the bus station



Smokers are jokers.



He's very typical for a northerner, above average in fact.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One Cornetto, please.






test 2



File: e281d7a345e7255⋯.png (31.85 KB, 633x758, 633:758, ClipboardImage.png)



what the FUCK is going on with this thing



fuck it I'm going yank


I think I've got a hemorrhoid coming on lads, I really hope I'm wrong and this isn't a common occurrence.

Have any of you lads ever had one?



VPN because the GCHQ trannies and the stasi arresting people for saying mean things to pakis and niggers



Couldn't be a Netherlad? I don't trust any server located in the US or UK.



Every time I go netherlad it gives me a flag from somewhere else





Ran 5k today, boys





Well done.


Do you Nederlads stay connected all the time? It's annoying how searches default to .nl shit



I do, and every time a website thinks I'm actually in the netherlands I chuckle smugly to myself.


I'm quite hungry.


AirVPN is alright. However almost all IPs seem to be blocked on 4chan which isn't the case with IVPN.



VPN IPs get permabanned on halfchan as soon as the hotpocketeers catch wind of them, so any success with them is temporary.

Also stop going to halfchan.



There was a brief sticky on /g/ in 2011/2012 where a mod was asking people to give him Vpn/Proxy IPs so he could ban them before they were used.



Sasuga halfchan.


> winter happens

>The urge to start up dolequest burgeons within once more

Lost all the files from it and all the old OP images from 2014, they're likely in an old external hd I'm going to dig out tomorrow. The game back then was a hacked together piece if shit anyway. Tomorrow will be the day.

Hope you're all well. What creative pursuits are you all pursuing?



I'm alright lad. Creativity-wise, mostly just playing keyboard.



Nice one. I am considering buying a keyboard, any cheapo recommendations?

Just had a spoons breakfast. Pure single man territory there in the morning.



I got a decent cherry MX blue keyboard off Amazon for 25 quid back in August



Depends what you're after. If you want a "has all the sounds and a variety of accompaniment options" keyboard, then you can't go wrong with any 61-key Casio CTK or Yamaha PSR series. If you want to get into computer-based music production, then you'll be looking at MIDI/USB keyboards (they don't generate sound on their own, only control data). If you aspire to be an actual pianist then you'll be wanting a digital piano, complete with pedals.


Somebody stop this lad, he's out of control.


An older women at work keeps slapping my arse and making innuendos. She's fat and I don't like it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Things Transgender And Non-Binary People Are Tired Of Hearing | BuzzFeed India



I'm not joking lad 25 quid


I swear being a trap is illegal in India


Is the lad who got molested by his pervert dad still hanging about here?


Did these threads just fucking die or am I missing something? I check back less and less and I miss how it all used to be tbh



share code




Most of our good posters left because they kept getting attacked by the anti-fun crowd every time they posted, despite being an absolutely based bunch of good lads.



There's basically only about five or six of us still regularly posting. Conversation between us dried up after lupus died, and now we're just left with occasional bouts of shitposting and autism to fill the dead air.


It was you who drove everyone off by choosing to make godawful shitposts instead of things that might inspire discussion or keep people around.


File: cc3a2932e641882⋯.webm (3.48 MB, 224x400, 14:25, 1543001157232-01.webm)



Whoever Lupus was, I left before they were active. RIP.


I dug it out but it's shite. Will rewrite. Did some planning this morning in spoons with my breakfast. Got all next week off because I'm working a zero hour contact so all the more time to devote.



Just share it now though, what language(s)?



There's an old german woman at my work who makes me uncomfortable, she doesn't make any physical contact but I think she's into me.

Maybe she's just being friendly and I'm just being a sperg but either way I don't like it.



Lupus AKA sickgirl was around since before the move to 8chan, she died at the beginning of 2016, and in my opinion the life and soul of the thread went with her. At the very least, I think we're doing a lot better now than we were during the height of the drugscum and tard wrangling era.


File: 5a021ada6c9af95⋯.png (57.28 KB, 294x250, 147:125, inhaling weed pepe.png)

File: a177ee10c929fec⋯.png (145.77 KB, 445x420, 89:84, dude-weed-lmao.png)

File: 4e02873e1d760cc⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 826x450, 413:225, pepe-weed-420.jpg)

File: c98e82fdc99a5f2⋯.jpg (16.63 KB, 160x160, 1:1, dankest-weed-pepe.jpg)

File: ff27a1b077647ee⋯.jpg (331.77 KB, 500x496, 125:124, weed-pepe.jpg)




game maker. Why do you want some crummy 4 year old code?


was she the one that did the party setting with hats and balloons? I have a horrible time remembering people



I miss playing about with game maker tbh.

I actually had interest in stuff back then and had a lot of fun.




Consider Ludum dare. It starts in one week. it's very motivating. I will be entering.



Might be a good idea actually. 48 hours is enough time for me not to get burnt out, and the short timeframe would be enough to push me into actually learning stuff.



was she the one that did the party setting with hats and balloons?

The one and only. I'll never look at party rings the same way.



Good luck lad. I usually do the 3 day compo one instead of the 2 day jam.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I miss it so much lads. I just want to go back to discussing my gf who I met while fishing in catherby in science class with my mate. I just want to go to back to trimming peoples' armour in the wildy. I just want to go back to picking flax to save up for my dragon legs. I just want to go back.



That gives me massive throwback to when I was in year 10 and year 11 lad

Good times



When my Mum noticed Runescape had a private chat she freaked out and yelled at me because "that's how pedophiles meet up with young boys" and demanded I turned all the chats off. Apparently at 13 I couldn't be trusted to play a video game without organizing a meetup with a child molester.



I had similar issues like that but by the time I was 14 she did not care and I was browsing halfchan and shit


File: 6b47b16049ca13c⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 564x940, 3:5, 1542743651287.jpg)

>having 3 drop down menus to input your date of birth


Anyone ever had an internet girlfriend? Tell us about her.



I had one on msn when I was 13, she went to a different school in the same town as me. However, it turned out she was just a chav cunt taking the piss out of me with other lads from my school behind my back (apparently they were already acquainted), and I was ridiculed about it for some time.

There was also another girl on msn from another school in my town when I was 14. I don't remember if we ever proclaimed to be in a relationship, but we flirted a lot, greeted and said bye to each other with pages worth of "love you"s and virtual kisses, went on webcam with each other several times, and we even "sexted" once. It was all very lovey-dovey and nice, or at least as close as I've ever been to something like that. I couldn't focus on school at all because I was just thinking about her all the time. After a couple of months, she went on a snowboarding trip to somewhere in Europe, and on returning, she became very distant with me. It wasn't long before we stopped talking altogether. I can only assume she met a snowboarding Chad out there or something, but I'll never know for sure.



She was form Hampshire and was an asian. We talked about all sorts for a few years, then we both went to Uni and lost contact.

>googling her very specific name draws up no new results since a few years ago


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Absolutely fantastic.



When I was about 19 there was this dude who was clearly pretending to be a girl who I met on /vg/. After a few months of talking to me he revealed that he was actually a dude who lived very close to me.

He kept sending pictures of himself to me and asking "how do I look", he basically looked like I expected, a skinny dorky guy. He ended up getting worse, telling me about all the Baddragon toys he had and what porn he was currently busting nuts to.

Some weeks of pestering me later he revealed that he had a "crush" on me and told me he hoped this wouldn't make our "friendship" awkward.

I deleted him off steam, deleted him off skype and completely closed my skype account down and then he started crying in the /vg/ chat talking about how he messed up.

Complete nutter.


File: 75d5d50722df83f⋯.jpg (13.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hard.jpg)

How hard is your water?



I've looked it up before, our water is considered "very hard".


File: 86af59d29d55f2b⋯.jpg (22.28 KB, 200x326, 100:163, 200px-Grant_Mitchell.jpg)



Same here. We had the internet for a brief period when I was 11, but we got rid of it because I was the only one who used it.

Got the internet back when I was 15, my mum used to find stupid excuses to bustle about my room for the first couple of months because she obviously wanted to make sure I wasn't looking at porn or anything.



I had unrestricted access to the internet from the age of 10, I'm in two minds as to whether this was a good thing or not.



Probably different for everyone, but I feel that if I'd had access to the internet from the age of 13, when the rest of my peers started using msn, I wouldn't be a shut-in autist.

I basically missed out on 2 years of formative socialising that everyone else had.


File: 35e6033ac48de8c⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 292x300, 73:75, MSN_Boneco-logo-E03520C5F2….jpg)


I was using msn daily from when I was 10 through til about 21 (when it shut down), and it didn't stop me from becoming king of the shut-in autists. I would use it as a substitute for real life interactions, genuinely believing that I didn't need to speak to people face to face because "the internet is the future, duh", and eventually I became socially stunted, developing avoidance behaviours and phobias of real interaction. People at school would often point out how quiet I was in real life, and how different I seemed online.

I also wouldn't regard msn to be "formative socialising". The vast, vast majority of conversations went like this:

>hey :)

<hiya xx

>howz u?

<im gd thx, u?

>not bad thx



<nufin lol, u?

>nufin lol :p


[several hours later]

>off to bed, cyaz

<gnite xxxx



There were plenty of people around here who "met" through msn and started hanging around with each other irl. By the time I got the internet those friendships had already cemented and I was too late to join in.



That's more on the people themselves than anything to do with msn. I spoke to a lot of people on there that I'd otherwise never have spoken to or encountered, but you'd only meet up and hit it off with someone if you were already something of a socialiser anyway. MSN was not a substitute for real life interaction, I cannot stress this enough, you don't learn body language, you don't learn eye contact, you don't learn how to use your voice, you don't learn how to walk around with people, you don't desensitise yourself to social situations, etc.

I've mentioned here before, the time I decided to meet up with someone in real life that I'd only ever spoken to on msn. I was 15 at the time, and it was the most awkward and painfully silent social situation I've ever been in even to this day, and single-handedly killed my desire to ever meet up with anyone ever again. We literally just stood/sat there not looking nor talking to each other, from late afternoon until about 10 o'clock at night, despite chatting to each other daily on msn and getting along great for the previous 12 months.



>People at school would often point out how quiet I was in real life, and how different I seemed online.

Ouch, this one hit home. I was practically mute irl but would chat like crazy with people online. I couldn't see at the time how weird I must have seemed.





I courted my only gf through msn, she already had a boyfriend and we knew each other at school but I was an awkward spaz when we talked in person so I did all my flirting over msn.

Eventually she broke up with him and I was next in line, we ended up going out for about 2 years until some other cunt did the same thing I did. They're getting married next year.


What have you lads all been up to today then.



Sleeping mostly.


>we ended up going out for about 2 years




Spend the entire day with my old boss and his gf.

4 hours in wetherspoons having breakfast and tea/coffee then went exploring the scottish lowlands before going back to wetherspoons for dinner

Been in wetherspoons the last 3 days. will I make it 4 in a row? Who knows. suitably pissed right now.

Got next week off so going to go full webdev, failing that, start on Dolequest again.


>2005, first year of highschool and everyone is on MSN

>on my friends computer playing some flash games

>girl I used to like pops up to him on MSN and says Hi

>I get jealous

>call her a minger

>she blocks him



Classic. I remember figuring out one of my friends msn passwords while he was away with his dad, and I acted like a knob to everyone on his contact list. His mum found out via his cousin, and she went full "i'll backtrace you, you little shit" to me through his account, much to my amusement. Since leaving school, that lad has been arrested multiple times for masturbating in public, so I don't feel particularly guilty.


File: b062eb49fbe0a2c⋯.png (252.43 KB, 743x752, 743:752, gimmick.png)


There's 3 people who I went to school with who have now died. All were just unfortunate accidents which makes it quite grim.

One drowned after falling into cold water

One broke down on a dual carriageway. He, his brother and Dad were all hit by a lorry. Only his brother survived.

The other one was impossible to find the cause of death, the family explicitly said on facebook that the cause was none of our business and asked people to stop asking. I'm very curious though.


File: 1a5e481ad063d2f⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 222x227, 222:227, 1a5e481ad063d2f8c528bf9064….jpg)


>One broke down on a dual carriageway. He, his brother and Dad were all hit by a lorry. Only his brother survived.



RIP. I only know of one lad in my year that died, in a motorbike accident 4 or 5 years ago. Wouldn't really say he was my friend, we hardly interacted outside of rough 'n' tumble at primary school, but we were on good terms and he did come to my 6th birthday party at Charlie Chalk's. His girlfriend at the time was someone in my year as well, I sat next to her in a few classes and we used to have a giggle, felt really bad for her.

>the family explicitly said on facebook that the cause was none of our business and asked people to stop asking

Suicide or OD would be my best guess.



Someone I went to school with committed suicide by train, I think he was 16.


No one in my year is dead, that I know of. But a kid in the year above was stabbed to death on a night out, and a kid I semi-knew from another school committed suicide by jumping off an overpass onto the motorway. He was actually pretty Chad-like, no one seemed to know why he did it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I recently played Silent Hill, I think it's my favourite game on psx now.


Anyone got any former classmates in prison?

I know one. He got an 8 year sentence for burglary. .He was always a little shit.

I'm quite surprised he was out of school for 4 whole years before being locked up.


File: cf87d42fdd2e978⋯.jpg (121.45 KB, 960x640, 3:2, RepinIvan.jpg)


Had a few conversations like this. We had a big art classroom in our school, it would have like 60 students in at a time and early on it was one of the few times I was exposed to people outside of my class. This one cutie would compliment me on my drawings and I'd be too cool for school and nervously make sounds like I don't even care about her comments.

One time she invited me back to hers and her parents were out and I thought it was odd but left after like half an hour.

Another time on MSN she asked if I'd like to come over and draw her because she'd really value it and I was like "nah, why would I do that?"

>tfw alone and can't draw anymore



That hurt to read.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>this is a typical """human""" looks and sounds like north of the m25



F-fuck off you southen fairy



Bit of a coincedence, I played SH1 for an hour or so last night. Got up to the school, which is about where I got up to when I played it years ago. It's a bit too unsettling for me to be honest, mainly due to all the creepy noises from the radio and the really low draw distance.


Christ, that is painful. The worst thing about being a sperg is that we can often see our mistakes clearly in retrospect, but in the moment we unintentionally make every wrong choice possible.



I think it's really worth completing at least once, especially now it's winter which suits the game. Took me five hours to complete on first playthrough and half that on the second.


I'm going to be cutting down on my internet usage. It's not very productive for me at all. Do you lads use your time online wisely?



get back in your cage, northern monkey.


File: 972a6fc0af31eb0⋯.png (304.08 KB, 500x490, 50:49, ClipboardImage.png)


> especially now it's winter which suits the game



I browse the internet a lot at work. I think this is a good idea because it will make me associate idle internet browsing with work and this will stop me browsing the internet during my leisure time.

Unfortunately the internet has been complete shit at work recently so I've had to work all day.


>ywn be a bandit robbing unsuspecting travelers with the lads



>ywn have lads to do anything with


Got quite a lot done today (for me anyway).

I witnessed my dad's marriage to his new wife and got all the legal stuff signed and sorted, the wedding ceremony is on Saturday.

I went and bought myself a pair of black shoes for the wedding, as I only owned brown shoes.

Then I went to the bank to change my contact details, because for some reason the mobile number associated with my account hasn't been updated since I created the account 12 years ago (the number I use now I've had since 2010) so God knows how many messages I may have missed from the bank over the years. The only reason I even realised it was the wrong number was because I tried to buy something online last week and the usual automatic bank security check thing said it had sent a security number to my mobile with the wrong number.


The late sunrise affects my mood massively, I just wish I could skip this part of the year

I wake up at about 7:00am and it's still dark for quite some time.

I've made a routine of turning my alarm clock light on, my bedroom light on and I don't open any curtains in the house until I'm certain that the sun has risen



You should look into getting a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light, mine really helps me at this time of year. I used to get depressed from Halloween all the way to Easter, feeling almost suicidal around New Year, but now it doesn't really affect me at all. I have a small desktop one, about 30cm from my face, that I use for about 20 minutes at the start of each day. It can give you a bit of a headache or feelings of eye strain the first couple of times, or if you use it for too long, but you get used to it.



About 3 years ago some complete fuck on this board told me not to buy a light up morning alarm clock for £65. That was the price at the time, they seem to be cheaper now.

Anyway, me being the brave soldier that I am, I decided not to listen to that guys advice despite how much he begged and pleaded me not to buy it.

3 years later it is still functioning perfectly and it is the best thing I've ever bought.



That's great, but those alarm clocks serve a different purpose to SAD lights. They don't cover the full light spectrum, or have anywhere near the required intensity to prevent SAD. SAD lights are like having a window with intense daylight shining through, in a box.


I very nearly have everything I need to build my PC. I'm just waiting on fucking thermal paste of all things and then I can get started.


Did anyone else dread holidays with your family growing up because your mother would just turn it into weeks of unbearable stress and scream at everything for no reason?



No, my mum is like this most of the time.



Same, but holidays just seemed to bring out the worst in my parents.

When I was 12, we were in a water park and my parents were publicly screaming at each other. I just walked off and pretended they weren't my parents whilst the lifeguards tried to stop the fighting

Very humiliating.



My mum would drink alot, she does at home so on holiday it was worse.

Going on holiday with my nan at Christmas this year.

Beats working at the pub for 2 weeks.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Now that's what I call a perturbed nigger.



I'm going to be watcing the figfht at my nigger mates out we're having a viewing party

I'll be having bet on fury too, you've got to at those odds




File: a72e299838ce2d5⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, JPEG_20181129_143802.jpg)

My train was real late today lads but table seats to myself so can't complain







>tfw that was me

Well I sure underestimated this place.



>tfw overestimated this place



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Knowing that cancer like this can die out gives me great hope.




Don't worry lads, just remember the good old britfeel adage.



File: b8ec2ce3d835bd9⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 625x99, 625:99, Untitled.jpg)


My birthday came and went and I barely noticed.

I got 3 cards and 2 texts.



And at least one post. Happy birthday lad.



Thanks lad


File: f5f94d4e94ebe93⋯.mp4 (15.51 MB, 400x400, 1:1, STOPBREGGSITTT.mp4)


File: a4781fc80616c63⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 458x362, 229:181, coffee meme5.jpg)

Morning lads.



Morning. Just eating a salad and mixed nut wrap I made with sriracha sauce. Got some chocolate oranges in the cupboard and I'm ready for Ludum dare.

Hows it going?



What's wrong with having a nig mate?



Normalfags and their monkey mates are NOT welcome here.


File: e7290bc5b64127d⋯.jpg (37 KB, 800x555, 160:111, 1539995694897.jpg)


File: 6efe07eaeed0020⋯.mp4 (11.42 MB, 720x720, 1:1, chuck and viktor.mp4)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

That """""based""""" tranny is de-transitioning, lads.



How the fuck is he 78?



Did you actually watch the video or did you just read the title and post it here?

He's not "detransitioning", he's just staying off meds until he can produce sperm and then going back on them.



Also, you fell for clickbait that was made for the typical audience that would watch tranny vlogs. How does that make you feel?



No, I didn't. I feel so foolish. I'm sorry.



Think you need to take a good look at yourself, mate.


File: ab957f2b057eba3⋯.jpg (58.34 KB, 800x600, 4:3, persimmon.jpg)

Thoughts on persimmons?


I'm starting to doubt whether I exist.


File: 8958058171b2edc⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 854x480, 427:240, ultimate mog.webm)

Absolutely brutal.


File: bf0ad886cc0bbcf⋯.png (77.99 KB, 240x228, 20:19, bf0ad886cc0bbcfec9762db281….png)


Today was sunny apparently, must have been the first day in weeks where you could see the sky.

I noticed a fain blue glow around the edges of the blinds in the office today, I googled the weather and to my surprise it wasn't cloudy. Even though I didn't get a chance to see the sunlight it still cheered me up a bit just knowing it was there and seeing the pleasant glow on the windowsill.

Unfortunately it was dark when I left at 4:30.



I slept through it.



Same here, it was pissing down here anyway though.


File: 2af8c04503cef32⋯.png (354.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Just got back from working at the pub, was a very fucking busy friday night but tips should be good.

Hands are killing me from doing dishes for 6 hours.


Anyone remember that short story about the girl who lives on some other planet but is from earth, she tries to tell her classmates about the sunshine but none of them believe her.

On this planet there is only a few minutes of sunlight for years of darkness.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: ad87db354339da6⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2847x1882, 2847:1882, 1434679765272.jpg)


I wish I lived on a rain planet, I'd wear comfy military ponchos.



I'd happily behead that whore and put it on liveleak.


File: 29934f89825af2f⋯.png (219.24 KB, 500x277, 500:277, 1541263209781.png)


Why aren't you part of the Asda family?


There was a "store detective" at work today. He was going around all day pretending to be a customer but was actually looking for shoplifters. Apparently he was really good and caught loads of them. I bet that's a fun job.


File: 877d83f88ebd4fc⋯.webm (2.68 MB, 854x480, 427:240, turtleangry.webm)



When I was in Sainsbury's, there were two police officers caught trying to steal a large amount of smoked salmon.

The security guard confronted them at the exit, took their details and reported them.

Wonder what happened to them tbh.



Where can I get those?


File: 1b1d0c738c9376f⋯.jpg (136.02 KB, 654x654, 1:1, 1517072849278.jpg)


I hope they get jailed for it


File: c83d94b32eb7b48⋯.png (163.03 KB, 413x451, 413:451, 1527447840656.png)


>needing a special alarm clock just to get out of bed on time



I've had a cold for about two weeks. The worst of it seems to be over, but every morning I wake up very phlegmy, so I'm still coughing and my throat hurts a bit. I've just had some apple cider vinegar and raw garlic, which are supposed to be good for fighting colds.

What have you lads been up to today.



Being able to simply jump out of bed when its still dark outside or programming yourself to function around a clock does not make you more human, it makes you a pitiful nu-male work drone.

It SHOULD be difficult to get out of bed when the sun isn't going to rise for another 2 hours.


>get urge to play WoW

>play it for 5 minutes

>get bored

What's the name for this?


File: 08a041a12109752⋯.jpg (10.86 KB, 159x160, 159:160, random.jpg)

It's that time again. Get comfy, because we're taking a trip down memory lane.




Gaming fatigue


File: 7edc13c331f8784⋯.jpg (98.4 KB, 343x317, 343:317, man sweating profusely.jpg)




Are you playing a vanilla private server? A lot of people incorrectly think it's a fun game but it's not.

You'll probably get some NEETS on /vg/ smugly telling you how lvl 60 can be achieved in 2 weeks easily. This means playing 9-12 hours a day for 2 weeks straight and using the most tedious grinding methods possible. And lets be honest you wont do that, you'll want to reach level 60 without going insane from boredom and repetitive strain injury.

So instead of grinding you'll probably just quest in one location and move on when you finish all the quests, unfortunately the game was horribly designed and occasionally you will complete all the possible quests in your level range and have no more to pick up, so this means grinding by killing the same mob about 1000-2000 times.

And you're not going to play for 9-12 hours a day, even if you do, you wont be playing it for the "MAX-XP/PH!!", so after you've decided not to grind and not to play the game like a 9-5 job, you're looking at about 5 weeks minimum before you reach max level, realistically about 6-8 weeks.


Yes it is, all the content developed past the first patch was for max levels. New level 60 raids, new level 60 Armour and almost all bux fixes were towards raids whilst horrifically buggy content like STV was left to fester for years without a fix. The game IS about getting to max level and doing raids, the whole 1-60 shit is just filler.


If you enjoy doing thousands of almost identical quests and killing tens of thousands of mobs, fair enough. You can forget doing dungeons because nobody actually does that shit unless you actually want to spam /LFG chat for around 4 hours (not im not exaggerating, nobody plays tank and healer whilst leveling up)


True, shame the private server will probably be closed down before you get there though.



What's your experience with endgame raiding?


I think I hate WoW so much because I wasted so much time on it.

I played from 2007-2009 during TBC/WOTLK - I leveled a Warlock and a Rogue to level 80 and a druid to 70.

I played from 2010-2011 during WOTK/Cata - I leveled my warlock and rogue to 85 and a shaman from 1-85, the shaman I reached duelist rank with in 3v3.

I played in 2012-2013 on a vanilla private server where I maxxed a warlock out and reached BLW tier raiding.

I played from 2014-2015 during WOD - I leveled a warrior from 1-100, a druid from 1-100

I played on 2016 on a different vanilla server where I max anothher character out.



Basically this >>69446

Vanilla - Blackwing Lair cleared

BC - SSC cleared

WOTLK - Pretty much anyone could do endgame raiding this expansion, didn't matter how much or little time you invested since the game was just split into hard and easy modes.

Cata- Can't remember much of this expansion. I was in college and my brain was all retarded and silly. I did a massive amount of arenas though.

WOD - Can't remember the names of any WOD raids to be honest, the expansion was complete trash and I only played around Christmas. I do remember something called garrisons which were just an instanced, player owned house which completely gutted the population of cities.



It's not a new MMO.



Nice, very impressive. I played just as much if not more than you yet never achieved anything of worth, probably because I never much did anything socially, instead doing battlegrounds and world pvp on my own. What arena rating did you get?



>link to cowboy bebop doesnt work anymore.

I have planned on watching cowboy bebop for YEARS but never got past episode 2.



>but never got past episode 2

You didn't like it, or for some other reason?



Duelist rank I think. I can't remember what ELO that was though. I actually quit just before the season ended and I remember getting messages from my arena friends telling me how I had let them down, I recall very suddenly losing absolutely all motivation to play.

BC was a pain for me to raid because my Mum had an Ebay obsession at the time and she would kick me off the PC with absolutely no notice just to reply to her Ebay messages. This got me kicked from many guilds and even got me embarrassed because the entire ventrillo chat heard 20 minutes of my Mum screaming at me



Just wasn't in the mood for that sort of thing when I tried watching it.



Anime is proven to reverse brain development in adults back to that of a child.


File: 50cb8e14a61bfa8⋯.jpg (273.53 KB, 1273x1650, 1273:1650, 1526047481424.jpg)


I get my anime from https://nyaa.si these days (use a VPN but you should be using one already if your not tor posting)




I'd rather have lads with girlfriends post among us than anime watchers.



I just don't get anime.

I'm really not trying to have a dig here, but I can't see why an adult would want to watch it.



Noncery. Why do you think the most popular animes are all about little girls



There's nothing wrong with watching anime in and of itself, there's a lot of great stuff out there and there are a lot of good lads that watch it, but actual weeaboos (autistic narutards, shounenshit lovers, people that unironically try to throw japanese words and phrases into everyday conversations) and 2013+ ironic weebs (endless use of intentionally smug and obnoxious reaction images, thinks "dank meme" culture is funny, uses nigger twitter lingo, doesn't actually watch anime except to farm reaction images) need to go back to gaia and twitter respectively.

The good anime lads are the ones who hide their power level, who you wouldn't know watch anime by looking or talking to them in real life, and only discuss it under anonymity in the appropriate venues. This was, once upon a time, doctrine on boards like halfchan's /a/, but sadly they've long since been overrun by the types I mentioned above.


The "moe, slice-of-life, cute girls doing cute things" type of anime that gets spammed everywhere are a small part of anime as a whole, and it's predominantly aimed at the relatively small market of depressed NEET/hikkis looking for escapism. It airs at around 1am in japan, so it's definitely not intended for kids, nor would they enjoy such shows as they're too calm and slow-paced.

There's a lot more to anime than just this genre, but even these types of shows aren't nearly as bad as weebs and shitposters make them out to be. They're all about being 200% comfy and giving you a break from your shitty lonely life for half an hour through serene imagery, pleasant music, light comedy, and an exaggerated portrayal of the innocence of youth; not being masturbation fuel, or a source of reaction images for avatarfags and other cancerous weebforms, like many of the cretins you've undoubtedly already come across.


The most popular anime are about japanese highschool aged characters (16 - 18).



>you wouldn't know watch anime by looking or talking to them in real life

Nah, first thing people think when they look at you is "yep, he's a weeb".



People don't look at me because I don't go outside, checkmate normalfag.


File: a6843b54510027f⋯.png (154.44 KB, 434x416, 217:208, a6843b54510027f0e5bf1b5049….png)



Reminder that antianime is antiNEET and as an officer of the NDF I'm going to have to ask you to get on this bus.



When this board was created, it was defined in no uncertain terms as being an anime-friendly board. I won't allow this fact to be memory-holed or revised, nor have us turned into a typical anti-anime, normalfags-only hangout. It's fine for anyone to despise anime's very loud and vocal western fanbase, those weebs are absolute faggots and deserve all the mockery and disdain in the world, but there is a stark difference between their cancerous rebranding of anime and what anime actually is.



"Hi, what can I get for you?"

>I-I'd like to order a p-pepperoni pizza please…. m-med - I mean uh e-extra Large p-please….

"yep, he's a weeb".

They can tell just from speaking to you.



Unlike your strawman, I don't eat pizzas, I'm a healthy weight (formerly underweight), and I don't stutter. If you must know, I've only watched 3 anime shows in the last 5 years, 2 of them being ones that I'd already seen before, so I'm not really anything you're trying to project onto me, besides being a former-anime addict. I hate genuine weeaboos myself, so if you ever get over your delusions about a medium you only have third-hand experience with, you might find that we have more in common than you thought.


I have nothing against anime, it's just boring



Yep, you're a weeb.



And you're a normalfag who is NOT welcome here.


Right then. It's time for an official afternoon poll.




The only volcels are people who practice celibacy for religious purposes, anyone else is just an incel with sour grapes syndrome. I think it's better to just use the term "virgin" however.



I think it's a stretch to say that, except for religious abstinence, the only people not having sex are those who are simply can't get sex. If someone could get sex with say, some bottom tier 2/10 roast, but refuse and save themselves for something better, they are in essence a volcel.


Is there CS:GO the laziest sequel ever made?


I can't believe I still keep getting put with such awful team mates. I'm objectively a fantastic player and yet my team always loses because of these pathetic neckbeard smurfs who join just to fuck with noobs.

I got so mad after we lost the last match I actually shit myself a little bit.



I didn't think the overwatch shitter could get worse, but it turns out he's a LITERAL shitter.



If you're attacked by geese on the canal it's a heavy enough denomination to stun them so you can escape.


File: abe8c0b89afea3e⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 4903b805714f55cc8fe9746bc5….gif)


>there are only 2 honest lads on the board

Face it, if a top-tier escort like Bambi Blacks showed up on your doorstep and offered you a free shag you wouldn't say no.



The problem is that neither option accurately represents cases like >>69471

>If someone could get sex with say, some bottom tier 2/10 roast, but refuse and save themselves for something better, they are in essence a volcel

I'm an uncharismatic manlet, but I know full well I could go to a club on a friday night and take home some absolute munter and lose my virginity, but I'm not going to degrade myself like that.

But the term volcel is a bit misleading because the "voluntary" part implies that the celibacy is something you're actively pursuing rather than being a side effect of just being too unattractive to have sex with someone who doesn't belong in the circus.




I don't care.



Id rathger get some CLOAK gear, like a real Gamer.



I rate this post 0 thoughts out of 10.




In truth, I think incel and volcel are stupid terms used by stupid communities. It's a false dichotomy, it instigates little more than pointless debates like this one, and gives normalfags more reasons to take the piss out of virgins than they already had. Frankly, I think the term "celibacy" should only be used in a religious context, abstinance can only ever be voluntary, and anything else fits nicely under the umbrella of "virgin".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dan is in trouble, lads.




How does anybody listen to that shit



Please don't mock the deaf, they have it hard enough as it is.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



He's not really that bad. Probably the best British rapper.



Get out, and by that I mean get out of our country.



Why? I'm not in denial as to the state of the country with regards to race and foreigners, and fully accept that for things to be fixed, Stormzy and people like him would have to leave. But that doesn't change the fact that things are currently as they are, and that while they are, we should at least be able to appreciate enjoy the few genuine fruits diversity does actually provide, such as food and music.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying you need other races living in your country to hear recorded music or see them on tour

I've no problem with actual music, but if you're going to be an honorary nigger by listening to the most awful and niggeriest shit possible, while trying to pass it off as tolerable to anyone with working ears and half a brain, never mind being "not really that bad", then you can get on the boat with them when they go.

And "probably the best British rapper"? Never heard such utter bollocks in my life, allow me to give you a small taste of actual UK rap and hip hop.



Japan is where it is in forms of all music.

Normies in public see album covers with Japanese writing on the covers and they look at me strange



Several years ago I'd have agreed, but I've heard a lot of the same horrid normie shite we have coming out of Japan in recent years, like trap and EDM wank that is so over-produced and squashed-sounding that it feels like you've got blisters in your ears after only a few seconds of exposure.



>he tried to lecture the guy who knows every black funk song ever on black music


I went to pizza hut and got one of those pizzas where the crust is a bunch of cheese balls.

Far too much cheese for me, lads. Couldn't even finish 3 slices.

To make things worse, the salad bar has a new hot sauce. Whenever I see "hot sauce" in a friendly restaurant, it's weak as fuck so I drenched my salad in it. It turned out to be far far too hot.

Very disappointing experience, but I feel like I'm the only one to blame.


New thread >>69497



I am NOT posting in a thread with a fucking halfchan britfeel OP pic, this one was already bad enough.



Also while we're on the topic of shitty OPs, I've been thinking for a while now that it might be a good idea to delete some of the random johnny foreigner threads that have built up over the last few months. It was never much of a problem before, but page 1 of our index has become a bit of an eyesore; only 5 out of the 14 threads (not including the sticky) are ours. What do you reckon lads?



I suppose it couldn't hurt, particularly if there's nothing worthwhile or interesting in those threads.


Morning lads. As it turns out, it feels like 1.5 weeks with no work is enough to regress back to NEET mentality. I'm loving it. How are you all doing?

Is the other ludum dare anon here? I never went through with it sadly.



I'm alright lad, just having my dinner.



I'd get rid of them, they have shitted up the board for too long



The BO will do absolutely nothing to the board without months of discussion, multiple polls and staying up all night thinking about it.

Not even worth asking.



Also that wasn't meant to sound rude. It kind of did..



Glad it just wasn't me. I went to works christmas event, and drunk too much so spent the weekend hungover so didn't really feel like coding.

I don't feel like "Sacrifices must be made" is a good theme to go for if I'm only just learning a language anyway.



I'll try and sort something out lad.


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