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File: 98652f0b1b3d958⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Untitled.jpg)


Time for a new thread lads

Thread #110

Old thread >>67335

How is everyone doing at the moment with their depressing lives

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I can't cope with how boring my job is anymore. It was okay at first because I was usually the only one in the office so I could do my work whilst taking frequent breaks but now there's 4 of us crammed into a little room.


making my tri annual post

alri la ;4)


File: 1c9b590010bdd1e⋯.png (125.77 KB, 476x357, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

What are your guys thoughts on Britain's involvement in the Meiji era, to sum it up a British diplomat was responsible for the overthrow of the current Japanese government and murder of over many anti-meiji Japanese to instill a new government as well as a central bank in Japan.

The Meiji restoration is also the reason Japanese porn is censored.



I disapprove of the porn censorship but otherwise I have no strong feelings on the matter



Imagine being so cucked that your entire nation's destiny is altered by a single Anglo diplomat.



What a strange thing to disapprove of.


Pretty excited to hear that Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is getting a remaster on modern consoles lads.



Doesn't look any different to how the Gamecube version looks in Dolphin.



It's a hassle to set up in dolphin for multiplayer though, and when I last tried single player, it didn't emulate particularly well for some reason, although I'm betting it would run better now.


I have never played a Final Fantasy game.


File: b9bbde47f572cf0⋯.png (77.94 KB, 664x492, 166:123, 1425058535322_edit.png)


>it didn't emulate particularly well for some reason

I tried it briefly when you or someone else suggested I stream it, seemed to work fine, and they've improved Dolphin a lot since then too. Alternatively, Wiis are cheap and easy to softmod.


u wot lad?



>u wot lad?

Well I didn't get to play it multiplayer as a kid, I doubt I'll be able to as an adult either.

A man can dream though.



They're comfy games, worth checking out at least. None of the mainline games have any storyline relation to another, so it's an easy series to jump into. Everyone has a different opinion over which one is best, but my personal recommendations are VI (SNES), IX (PS1), and X (PS2). A lot of people rave about VII, mainly because it was the first FF game released in Europe and the first one to contain 3D elements + FMVs, but I think it's pants.


Ah, I know that feel.



I've not played too many Final Fantasy games myself actually, I played Crystal Chronicles because it looked super comfy (and it is), i've also played 1,2 and 3. which I enjoyed.

I hate the look of VII though, the industrial stuff is not for me.



>I hate the look of VII though, the industrial stuff is not for me.

It mostly stops being industrial/dystopian after the first "chapter", there's a large variety of different area types after that, but all the pre-rendered elements always have that primitive, "uncanny-valley" CGI look, and all the 3D stuff (outside of battles) consists of about 10 misshapen, gouraud-shaded polygons per object.

If you liked I, II, and III, you'd probably really like IV, V, VI, and IX. They are peak comfy.


A lad at work has been awarded with 10 star points for supposedly delivering great customer service. I know for a fact that sometimes he doesn't even take them to the item nor does he ever ask if there's anything else they need help with. I am livid. The only reason he's got them is because he's friends with the Deano section leader. I put out more stock than both of them put together.



Do you get celebration lunches at the store?



We used to get them when I was at the store, but the management tended to eat all the good stuff since they could go up and have some whenever they wanted.



I got a letter a couple of weeks ago inviting me to one of the celebration lunches. Too bad it had been sitting at the office since May.



Sometimes they do buffets in the canteen.


If you aren't programmed to be a normie by the time you leave school, it's over.



That's a grim thought to start the day with lad.


Will you lads be playing WoW Classic when it comes out? I feel burned out from playing so many private servers, plus I always end up playing alone, so I'm thinking maybe I won't bother.


File: ad97585de046b2c⋯.jpg (168.72 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, takes over your party.jpg)



As time goes by White Sharia seems like a better and better option.


File: 2b7a15ce5028a3d⋯.jpeg (225.31 KB, 1000x940, 50:47, bf4dff33-8e9b-4d16-ac1f-1….jpeg)

>yfw you realise all negative thoughts come from within and that by practicing mindfulness you can instantaneously disregard any which aren't conducive to your wellbeing

>yfw you realise such thoughts don't have their source in the self but are an ancient defense mechanism of the primitive flesh vehicle it inhabits


File: 9de604d72bf1826⋯.png (355.34 KB, 439x468, 439:468, 9de604d72bf1826a7061a81f72….png)


<he thinks the body is not part of the soul


File: b7cddfc6d858d08⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 715x655, 143:131, 1525526725260.jpg)


>being a materialist


File: 8d54720b9ae2533⋯.png (132.26 KB, 372x340, 93:85, 8d54720b9ae2533b359e336391….png)


<part means whole



I know that feel. The "my depression/anxiety/whatever is a result of a chemical imbalance" meme is ridiculous. It's like fat people claiming that it's their genetics that prevent them from losing weight.


The body can change form if you put in the work or let yourself go, the mind is the same.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What a lad.


File: 611fd52feecf957⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 426x454, 213:227, 444609925a34df10e6d1cacf67….jpg)

>watching ants, start wondering if all people are actually conscious beings

>see this https://archive.li/hlNbu

i-it's not true, right?


File: e2f290bd2952f4c⋯.jpg (72.28 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, act.jpg)

File: bf4bd8fb1352b88⋯.jpg (31.47 KB, 550x422, 275:211, frog image3.jpg)


How's your physical training coming along lads?




Thats what I meant in >>68114

As far as a propper dinner goes, I never went to them, it was always the checkout girls that got invited.



Fucking kek. Guess they want to get online discussion completely banned now, because the power tripping mods on most forums arent going to risk legal action, and it wont even effect shit like 8chan.



Given my experience in life, it probably is.


Mattresses are expensive. Wow.


File: eba9377e6e392a1⋯.jpg (82.76 KB, 600x448, 75:56, comfy bear.jpg)

>when you've learned a piece so well you can just execute the muscle memory scripts and sit back while it plays



Buy a hammock, they're better for you.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ross Kemp and the Armed Police 2018


File: 7e8ef20b4e359a6⋯.png (23.89 KB, 492x475, 492:475, frog meme 37.png)

>he isn't playing Ed Edd n Eddy Online right now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Whats good about it



Do not respond to nigger posts.



>certain online forums

I wonder which ones they had in mind.


Morning lads. What's the plan for today then.


I'm going to start keeping a journal.


File: e426d101fab6b13⋯.jpg (340.06 KB, 1647x921, 549:307, BOOKS TBH.jpg)

I've just signed up for the local library and borrowed a couple of books. The deadline is 3 weeks, which provides an added incentive for me to get through them in good time. I plan on doing this every 3 weeks, so the rate at which I take in information will increase massively. My problem at the moment is that I'll dip in and out of a book, then another, 10 minutes here, an hour there, sometimes before bed, sometimes on my break at work–there's no structure. I'm resolving to get through two chapters a day, starting right NOW.


I was about to buy my YDP-143 on credit, which would've cost me roughly an extra £140 over a two year span, but I've decided to just wait til I get paid on Friday and see if I can do it in a onner. I will have to life frugally as hell for a couple of months but I think I can manage.

I'm not trying to turn this place into my blog, but it's been a bit slow lately, and I'm feeling optimistic and motivated today. What are you lads up to.



Wise decision lad. It's always better to live below your means, save up, and pay for things outright. Buying things on credit, AKA buying things you can't afford, is the single best way to keep yourself poor and in debt.

>I'm not trying to turn this place into my blog

It's basically what this board is for, as long as you're not a normalfag.

>What are you lads up to

Just emptied the dishwasher and had breakfast, got up late.


test 321


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is impressive.


If anyone is interested in playing win95/98 games that haven't worked on windows for years, and were never re-released on GOG or anything, you can now use https://github.com/otya128/winevdm to run 16-bit executables, and http://dege.freeweb.hu/ to run DirexctX 1-7 and Glide games with the correct graphics.


File: 415b1462fdfd731⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 288x346, 144:173, Hype_the_Time_Quest.JPG)


Maybe I'll finally be able to play this forgotten gem.



>The PC's answer to The Legend of Zelda

Is this true?



Honestly, I remember not being able to figure out how to get out of the castle as a kid, so I have no idea what the game is like, but I have always been annoyed that I saved up and bought it then couldnt actually play it.



Kek, I know that feel. Several games I had as a kid would always crash at certain points, so I couldn't progress any further even if I wanted to. One in particular I remember was Little Big Adventure 2, I got quite far in it as well, but it would always crash at a certain point.


88 to 91 FM





So then. Let's hear it.

What are you up to.

Answer me.



I was looking up the history of domes.



Watching Babylon 5


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've just got back from the gym and had a large big mac meal. I started training for planche because I want to be like Dan Jeong.


File: 4c82a14826e9ec1⋯.png (357.19 KB, 718x819, 718:819, carl the conqueror.png)

He made it, lads. Our guy made it.



What kind of domes?



Dome roofs.



Discovered anything surprising about domes that you can share?


File: 7b8b3c12c20f935⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1526485567444.jpg)


Imagine how this picture makes literally every other member of UKIP feel.

These two memelords get to go to the EU parliament with the head of the party while other lads who've been members for years don't.



The champions of the working man. They've revitalised the party.



I guess just the fact that they've been a thing for as long as man has been building structures. I thought there might have been a point in time where they were "invented" and adopted by various cultures, but really they're just things that man has been building since at least the late stone age (20,000 BC), and they gradually increased in size and grandeur over time.



Post your favourite domes


Is it too late to have a cup of coffee?



I don't have any, I was just interested in how they began after seeing a references to dome buildings while I was looking up old testament-era history.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lad. How do I play that run at 1:09.



Sostenuto pedal.



Una delicia



I only have sustain.



Soupa de macaque



You'll just have to git gud with your left hand then. Try to keep your wrist constantly moving, and pivot on your thumbs. It helps to play arpeggios with your arm/hand at a 45-ish degree angle towards the keys as well, rather than perfectly perpendicular with the keyboard. It's also easier to scale major/minor triads if you play them in 2nd inversion (middle/ring finger on 3rd, index on 5th, thumb on 1st) rather than root position, as your thumb can easily bridge the gap between the 5th and the 1st of the next octave, and there's less distance to travel when pivoting.


File: e69cd261b600345⋯.jpg (108.1 KB, 720x960, 3:4, BIG cat.jpg)

>GTA V was 5 years ago



We are closer to 2030 than we are 2006.


My job is so fucking boring. Retail was more entertaining than this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't think that lad could have made that game look any worse with his retarded emulator texture filtering settings, playing the PS1 port, playing the PAL version, in the wrong aspect ratio, and with a shit frame rate. It was never the best looking game in the world, but it didn't look that bad.


File: 0ccf776ee163366⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 584x675, 584:675, nhs 2.jpg)

File: 1989759b8dd0f1f⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 640x934, 320:467, nhs.jpg)

File: 89f4c4e9b35b14c⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x1659, 1280:1659, thought spud.png)



>Our population is too low to let our economy grow, we need mass immigration!

>Kids are such a nuisance, wouldn't you rather live a child-free life of convenience, goyim?

It's all so tiresome.


I went into aldi today to buy soap, dishsoap, kitchen roll, bread and crisps. I put a till divider between some of the shopping because the bread and crisps were for myself and the rest was for work and having a separate receipt would be useful.

The stupid old fucking hag on the checkouts just decided to scan it all through, she didn't even ask if I wanted a subtotal, the old worn out bitch just scanned it all through at once. I politely asked her if she could take the last two items off as I wanted them on a different receipt and she just said "can't, already scanned them" in the most condescending way I've ever been spoken to. I couldn't even reply so I just stared at her for a while, she then apologetically said "sorry, the bread was on discount or I would.

For a start, that was clearly a lie. Having a discounted item certainly doesn't stop you from removing it and secondly she didn't explain why she couldn't remove my crisps. I was too frustrated to even speak so I just turned around and left. Now I'm back home and so fucking frustrated, I've already thrown stuff around my room and I don't even know why this is irritating me so much, everything that just happened pissed me off so much I can barely describe it.

I have no crisps for tonight, no bread for tomorrow and I'm missing supplies I wanted for work all because one impatient old hag decided she didn't want to spend 13 extra seconds scanning my stuff through all so I could get my second receipt. I don't know if I'm being irrational but nothing has annoyed me this much in a long time. How fucking dare she try to trick me like that, there was clearly a till divider between the items. What if they had been for another customer? I fucking hate her so so so much.



At least you didn't cuck out and pay for it anyway, good on you lad.



Now you've just reinforced the idea that I should be angry at this.

Should I go back and kick her in her stupid post-menopausal womb?



Not unless you want to get bummed by pakis in jail.

Isn't there another shop you could get the stuff from?



That's just bad customer service. I'm unsure whether Aldi is different but back when I was in Asda, cancelling stuff was fine, but if it was over a few quid it needed a manager override to allow, I assume they have something similar for sale items in Aldi.

The fact that she'd have to get her manager or team leader to come was too inconvenient to her. Hopefully she'll learn because now they'll ahve to come anyway, to cancel the entire thing.

Either that or she was being honest, it's impossible to move the bread and now someone needs to pay for your shopping to get the queue moving again.

I wouldn't suggest doing anything to her, however if possible see if there's any sort of feedback/complaints procedure you can take part in. If you do it, make sure to write exactly what happened and that you won't be doing your weekly shop there going forward, and will instead go to a different supermarket.



Why didn't you ask her to get a manager down? You should have probably mentioned it before she started scanning, but still, she should have inquired due you having put the divider there.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I know nothing about speedrunning, but this is the saddest shit I've ever seen.

Does it get worse?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes, but first, we need to talk about parallel universes.



Are you not glad your autistic obsessions drifted towards music and electronics instead of something as completely useless as this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shame that despite essentially dedicating his life to music his tastes are still vastly inferior to my own



Actually forget what I said, I watched the video and it's quite impressive.



I'm sure he'll find a way to tell you why that song is objectively bad.



I dunno, I think if somebody high up watched this they'd hire him in an instant to put his champion autism to use.


It's just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab6sloT6ly0 (released 1990) but slowed down. Not even going to give him a (You).


File: 578d04249b4c81f⋯.jpg (138.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 142356456833.jpg)

>only posted it so I could find the original because I knew he'd know it



You think you know a lot about music? Well go ahead and name every song.


Heh. Thought so.



You know fine well that he would have gave you it if you politely asked.

You're just shocked at how terrible your music taste is.



I'm actually very grateful for vaporwave, even if most of it is shit because without it I would have never found a lot of good music.



If you weren't involved in the early 90s underground electronic music scene then you have no right to be listening to music.

Fuck yourself.


File: e4ede384ce0eadb⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 800x532, 200:133, the rippingtons.jpg)

I expected them to be black.



>cant detect the race of musicians just by their music



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good night lads.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's not very PLUR of you lad.



Goodnight mate, sleep well.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do any of you lads have a theme tune? I've decided mine is this one. I'm going to imagine it playing whenever I'm about to enter a difficult situation, and whenever I do well at something.


I'm about £100 short for being able to buy my piano and cover all my living costs. How can I make £100 fast?



By moving the purchase to a later date to give yourself more time to produce the funds. You really shouldn't be buying luxery items if you'll be just about breaking even (or worse) after doing so.



I felt the same about 10cc. Listen to dreadlock holiday and tell me they don't sound black.


File: 839711b6d192fb9⋯.jpg (99.11 KB, 1080x603, 120:67, would jesus.jpg)


File: 3b4f8dc04f8025b⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 638x411, 638:411, living colour.jpg)


I also thought these lads were white when I heard them in GTA


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The music and backing vox do, but the lead vocals not so much. Bobby Caldwell and Teena Marie on the other hand, I couldn't believe they were white.




File: 0f796115e57c525⋯.jpg (7.28 KB, 272x185, 272:185, images.jpg)

GTA IV is the best GTA.



I loved the realistic feel, but SA had a better story.



It wasn't bad, but I'll always prefer to play III, VC, and SA.


Did any of you ever complete GTA I or II? I recall finding I extremely difficult and not getting far at all, and making it some way through II but not completing it. The only thing I remember is a mission where you had to go to jail.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, when I was younger I just used to use cheats and dick around, and in later years I've still never gotten very far in them. I find the first one virtually unplayable due to the erratic camera, but I think GTA2 is still very playable. I really like the aesthetic of the game with the PC versions "dusk" lighting, makes it feel like a completely different game to the PS1 port.






I ended up cheating out of frustration in I because I couldn't do the missions so just dicked around instead.

>all of the songs on the radio stations in both games were original compositions

This is a feat in itself, considering a lot of them were quite listenable.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A lot of them were original, but I know for a fact that some of them were real records, just not mainstream hits. Vid related for instance which is basically just a lazy loop of the strings hook from "McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin Us Now".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's going on here?


Whibblescromps for supper.


I hate the Fr*nch. Every single piece of Fr*nch media is nihilistic soulless garbage only meant to disturb or arouse, and that's probably one and the same for them. It's applauded internationally, ``"aren't they so artistic."``

If you ever watch a Fr*nch film expect to see: faggotry, rape, pedophilia, incest, cannibalism, public nudity, infanticide, gore, cuckoldry, miscegenation, every kind of bodily fluid and combinations of any of these things. It's not like I'm looking to see this stuff, it will be thrust upon you in attempt to shock; this is just par for the course when it comes to these people. It's as artistically coherent as Jackson Pollock. The only method at work is deconstructionism, and barely that. Even Jews make less morally degrading, and more meaningful films.


File: c2f65f9cc0719e8⋯.jpg (175.77 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, download.jpg)


What about Rayman?


File: aaeacf705e0078b⋯.png (85.11 KB, 294x315, 14:15, what a fucking nigger.png)





Ah yes, platformers, the Fr*nch's greatest weapon of mass degeneracy.


Right, I'm not happy with you lot.

On my way home I was wondering which interesting topics the lads on /britfeel/ might have been discussing today, and then I arrived, filled with eagerness and anticipation, and what did I find? NOTHING.

Explain yourselves. Now.



Been imagining ending it all lad, not really felt like posting.

I don't believe I'd ever do it, I'm horribly afraid of the idea of death and the nothingness that comes with it, but i've just been imagining it more and more over the last week or so, the images are so vivid in my mind. I usually don't even have a visual memory, but with this I do.


>go downstairs

>see this on the television




They'll pay one day.


File: e3da0a29491f14c⋯.jpg (184.88 KB, 660x751, 660:751, e3d.jpg)


I wish I had some lads to self-improve with in real life. Everyone is so content with their animal existence.


It's that time again. I'm going to put stock out on the shelf.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For me, it's Skyrim ambient music compilations.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is no comfier channel.




A hero.


GTA IV is garbage and GTA V improved on it in almost every way


File: 102dc5af5d41307⋯.jpg (256.67 KB, 1125x1593, 125:177, Dm7oOGFU8AEOg7g.jpg large.jpg)



Literal dystopia-tier

>good goy, remove yourself from the gene pool and play videogames for the rest of your miserable life


File: 30e61179b60654c⋯.png (69.75 KB, 251x260, 251:260, 1356047695927.png)

A lass at work gave me some chocolate and hugged me today. What does it mean?



I'm pretty sure this means I have a girlfriend now. Suck it, losers.




Excuse me lad, but I'm going to have to stop you there. I'm an alpha male now and you do not have permission to respond to my posts.



If you're an alpha male then you do not have permission to make posts in the first place, bugger off Chad.


How do I combat the negative emotional response/heightened anxiety when I feel I've done poorly in a social situation? I only get it speaking to people I'm less comfortable around, but it's pissing me off, because it makes my brain go foggy and I start spilling spaghetti.



The only way to overcome anxiety symptoms that are irrational in nature is to get more exposure to those things and/or scenarios that prompt them, so simply getting yourself into uncomfortable social situations is actually progressing towards the goal of feeling comfortable in them.

Regarding automatic negative thoughts, the best way I've found to tackle them is reframing. Instead of just going along with the idea that they're always correct and believing them, assume that they're wrong, and then provide an alternative take. Once you develop that habit, you can use meditation techniques to silence the "chatter" and self-judgements entirely, as they aren't productive or even necessary for anything in life.



Thanks lad, I'm going to meditate in a moment actually. Do you think your social anxiety is too deeply ingrained now to overcome? I've definitely made progress but it seems slow. I think I need to brave and dive into some new situations tbh.



Agreed. Same with Oblivion and Skyrim.



show us some pics of her lad, we're your friends



I don't have any. I don't know why she would do this, I thought she was with someone.


I really need to cut out my imageboard habit. I gain nothing from it and lose so much time.



>Do you think your social anxiety is too deeply ingrained now to overcome?

I don't, I made a lot of progress in overcoming anxiety and I don't experience many obvious symptoms any more. My main issue is replacing all the learned safety behaviours from when I was still highly anxious, like avoiding eye contact, speaking quietly, predominantly choosing to stay at home in my bedroom instead of go outside or be around people, etc. Unless I'm making a very concious effort, I tend to act the same way I always have done, despite no longer feeling anxious or being pounded with automatic negative thoughts. Still, I'm a far cry from where I was a couple of years ago. I used to be too afraid to go downstairs or leave the house at all, and simply thinking about doing so would make me lock up, send my heart racing, and my palms sweating.

>I think I need to brave and dive into some new situations tbh

It's a good idea, it's all about finding the balance between experiencing enough that you're able to make good steady progress, and taking it easy enough that you don't get massively overwhelmed and give up.



Women are never with someone, it's just that someone's turn.


Does free will exist, lads? Reading about neurology and how our brains contain collections of automated processes which determine who we are is making me doubt it.


File: 67c72330bee1ed6⋯.jpg (101.56 KB, 1288x492, 322:123, nigel looks at the live ch….jpg)



>Does free will exist, lads?

It does for 25% of us


>tfw no autistic music sperg mate to help me analyse my anxiety-ridden brain irl over a cool can of monster



>tfw absolutely no fulfillment or enjoyment from anything in life



>anxiety-ridden brain

>can of monster

It's not the best idea to be drinking dense cocktails of sugar, caffiene, and a bunch of other chemicals, if you're ridden with anxiety. I stay far, far away from that shite, I pretty much only ever drink water.


File: bf7008aa2a6390d⋯.jpg (108.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 5054073042066.jpg)

>tfw it's 3:00pm and you've eaten nothing all day and you take that first sip of 69p "Energy Drink" Energy Drink

No better feeling.


>8:00am - can of white monster

>9:00am - get to work, make coffee

>9:10am - more coffee because I drank first one too quick

>11:00 - pre lunch coffee

>12:00 - coffee because I planned lunch for this time but forgot to eat so just drink coffee

>13:00 - drink coffee with quorn sausage roll (actual lunch)

>15:00 - start crashing, start seriously drinking coffee to counteract the effects

>5:10 - get home, coffee

>6:00 - sip on a nice can of white monster to chill out

>12:10 - Order kebab and eat it before falling asleep

Rate my diet



You go a full 6 hours without any monster or coffee lad, that's not healthy.


File: 396183ca4f46f05⋯.png (3.48 MB, 3200x4136, 400:517, modern male.png)


It's sad because it's true for a large number of people.



Imagine being so insecure that you avoid cycling because you're terrified it will give you big hips.



And imagine being so much of a tard that you have a problem with safety features in cars.




>Imagine being so

Hello reddit lad, glad to see we're still blessed with your presence.



Been posting here since /r9k/.

Imagine being so painfully insecure that you're scared of using common phrases on the internet because people may associate you with another forum.



They are not common phrases on the internet at all, unless "the internet" to you is reddit and reddit immigrants on halfchan from the last 5 years. Snarky "ironic" cunts who always use phrases like "maybe, just maybe", "it's almost as if", and "imagine being so x that y". It all originates from places like the ShitRedditSays subreddit, and wasn't a thing before then.


File: 28a30be3dfb3133⋯.png (277.83 KB, 507x501, 169:167, rth.png)


Oh my god I don't care I just don't care.

Your posts give me toothaches.



Greentext your average day



>Your posts give me toothaches

That's not my posts, that's your diet, but I'll take the compliment anyway.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm sure your diet is great. What was it today?

Monster Munch and Mini Roll for Brunch and Turkey Dinosaurs and Potato Smileys for dinner eaten at your computer.



I had porridge and banana for breakfast, peanut butter sandwich plus another banana and an orange for lunch, I haven't had dinner yet but it'll likely be whatever fresh meat we've got in the fridge plus broccoli, carrots and rice, and all I've drank today is water (like 99.99% of days). Don't ever accuse me of consuming shite again.


File: 111f6bc4fba74cb⋯.jpg (190.54 KB, 1000x847, 1000:847, frog meme54.jpg)



Irrevocably btfo



>wake up at 1pm

>brush teeth, make sandwiches for work, go for a shower

>leave the house at 1:45pm, get to work at 1:55pm

>finish work at 10pm

>get home at 10:15pm

>have something to eat

>watch shit on youtube

>go to bed at 6am




your simpsons images are gay and so are you, please die


Morning lads.


File: 3afac18499a3e3f⋯.jpg (497.13 KB, 2645x876, 2645:876, Cadbury-Twirl-48x.jpg)

Who here /patrician/?


File: b0b53493010c561⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 670x243, 670:243, timbritfeel.jpg)



Nothing to do with us, must be cuckchan britfeel


sex with attractive girls





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who was in the right?



Nobody in that video, that much is certain.


File: 02895e575213285⋯.jpg (39.43 KB, 680x500, 34:25, 02895e575213285143653579e8….jpg)


>ywn be an autistic shirtless overweight redneck with a shotgun

Orange shirt retard got what he deserved; they should have executed the wife too.


File: 35ece0d340399e3⋯.png (891.26 KB, 624x951, 208:317, 1537569525407.png)



>microwavable ready brek for breakfast with a sugar stick

>fat sandwich and another sugar stick for dinner

>nearly 10:00 at night and still hasn't eaten

You sure shown me, partner.



What was he planning to do with a baseaball bat against 2 armed men?



I take back what I said, your diet must be excellent for you to be able to carry the goalposts this far, and to perform such mental gymnastics while doing so.



Peanut butter is very healthy provided it's not one of the brands that add a load of sugar.



What next, eating a banana isn't exactly the same as eating a curly wurly? Madness.


File: be477e1199a5bb9⋯.jpg (69.91 KB, 306x877, 306:877, punished mummy.jpg)

File: af10ad16733fff8⋯.jpg (64.05 KB, 306x877, 306:877, punished mummy2.jpg)

Disabled mother, 48, is left barricaded in her living room for TWO HOURS after Asda delivery driver dumps crates of shopping in her hallway - then drives off

>Anna O'Mara ordered £80 shopping to be delivered to Wolverhampton home

>Delivery driver refused to help unpack food crates and left them in her hallway

>Ms O'Mara was then trapped in living room of ground-floor flat for two hours

>Asda have since apologised and admitted their employee 'clearly got it wrong'



File: 34d94a854aeec35⋯.jpg (90.89 KB, 1001x552, 1001:552, based retail lads.jpg)


He can't keep getting away with this.



When I used to be a delivery boi for amazon, a woman asked me to come inside her house to put her stuff away for her as she was disabled.

Cat shit EVERYWHERE. All old, crusty dried out cat shit that had been there months by the looks of it. Maybe even years.




I guarantee that my physical health is far far better than yours.



Imagine dying over a fucking mattress.


File: 7a8198760c45c56⋯.jpg (220.69 KB, 768x1000, 96:125, 7a8198760c45c56debe9357e2b….jpg)

>when you're at work and have to hold your breath because the gay bloke is about to walk past you



The only thing you're best at on this board is being an arrogant, annoying wanker


Hello lads, I've just got back from work. Felt a little cheeky so clocked out 5 minutes early. How have you all been?



Alright lad, I just got up, having my breakfast now. Stayed up a bit too late last night / this morning playing SSX Tricky for the first time in ages. Still holds up.



I think my brother used to play that, I was more of a Tony Hawk's lad myself.

>tfw remembering my mum whinging at me for getting up past midday

>tfw having my own place now but naturally waking up around 8am because of my work schedule




I was always awful at those kind of games I could never remember combos for the best tricks.



I spent countless hours playing THUG and THUG2 back in the day, great games also.


The tricks in SSX and the like are mostly just holding a direction to spin and pressing different combinations of shoulder buttons, the hard part is more just getting on and staying on the path you're trying to take, and not fucking up the landing. Even though I spent countless hours playing Tricky when I was a lad, there are still loads of routes I've just never been able to get to.


Did any of you lads ever play Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven for the ps2?



I did not, I had the original Tenchu on PS1 though, which I liked but I was very shit at it. Looking at WoH, it looks exactly like the PS1 game but with improved graphics, might chuck it on my PS2 hard drive at some point.



I loved it, it was much better than the original in my opinion.

Not sure how it holds up today, though, so I'm a bit hesitant to get it in case it ruins my memories of it.



It depends on what you're comparing it against, I find it quite easy to put my mindset back to what it was when those games came out, and what my standards were. I also recommend not playing these games on an emulator like PCSX2, which in my experience always manages to make games look (and run) a lot shittier than they actually look and run on a real console with component output, forced 480p, and a properly calibrated TV/monitor of course. Every game will look washed out unless you lower the black level to what most games (and the SMPTE) recommend, which means all blacks with a value of 16,16,16 and below should be crushed. No emulator does this by default, and it makes all old games look naff.

I was playing Need for Speed Underground the other day, and I was suprised at how excellent it looked (at least, until you start moving, and the low resolution + motion blur means you can't see any walls or obstacles until you crash into them).


What do you lads do when you're sexually aroused?



I think you know the answer to that one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Well do you watch porn or just bash one out to the wank bank? I hope no one here is actually low IQ enough to watch it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This lad is a good composer.



He attacked me unprovoked just because I called out his stupid picture and insecurities.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wish I was this good. And I can't even sing.



This doesn't seem anywhere near as advanced as some of the classical stuff you've been learning.


File: 321ad730567637a⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 680x639, 680:639, fjzfhz126k911.jpg)

Am I the only britfeeler left that has never had a job?



I think so, yes. I was 24 when I got my first (and last) job, how old are you?



I'm 21.



Ah, still a while to go then until it's a red flag. It's not that uncommon now for people get their first job in their early 20s, for better or for worse.



I think that's because they are at least going to school, I dropped out when I was 17.



With some of the retarded qualifications people are getting t. Music Tech BTEC owner, they might as well have dropped out. Doesn't make much of a difference with entry level jobs anyway, they'll hire anyone willing to put up with a shitty job for low pay.

My mum's boyfriend interviews and hires people for a security company, and he says the majority of the applicants are Mohammeds that can't speak basic English or even turn up on time, and he has to hire them simply because they're the only people applying. If you can do those two things, you're ahead of the game.



I was lucky enough to get a qualification in Equality & Diversity before leaving school.



What the fuck lad, what did that even entail?


Got myself a couple of extra controllers off ebay for my PS2, and dug out my old multitap. Played a fatal 5-way match with myself in Smackdown: SYM earlier, it was weird seeing the character select screen with so many players, and having so many controllers in front of me. Might try 5-player PES3 next.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ywn be this kawaii


Maybe I should just get a piano keyboard with 88 keys. I'm sick of waiting.



If piano is really your passion, you'll come to regret not getting a proper digital piano with hammer action keys, 3 pedals, etc. I'd only recommend a generic keyboard or a workstation keyboard if you're more interested in composition, arrangement, and multitimbral functionality.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alright lad you've changed my mind, I'll keep saving.

>that fantastic feel when heavy squat set and this comes on


File: a1bf19e8bb435b1⋯.jpg (107.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1532293363433.jpg)


Researching local demographics, can hardly remember because no one took it seriously. What I can remember is someone made the wallpaper of someone else's computer a penis. The class got a talking to because we were using the computers in the neighboring girl's school since we didn't have enough in our school, and we were told that it could have traumatised the girls if they had seen it.

>imblying they weren't all riding the cock carousel by then


Had some sharp chest pain for about half an hour this afternoon lads.



What do pedals do?


File: e4c57584fb3f567⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 474x471, 158:157, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

>7 years old

>grab my left leg and hold it up whilst trying to force it down whilst balancing on one leg

>it stays still and doesn't move

>get an idea that if I grab both my legs at exactly the same time and provide an equal amount of force between pulling my legs up and pushing down I'll be able to float

>try it

>fall and hurt myself



How do I play two synths at once on my YPT-220 like this lad?


File: 1dd9707c0d469dd⋯.png (103.25 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1dd9707c0d469dd34c185a0fae….png)


>there's no dual voice feature

Some of the voices are two-voiced so hopefully I can find a bass and piano one



Typically on an acoustic piano you'll have the "sustain pedal", which makes any notes you press continue ringing out even after you've taken your fingers off them (most keyboards support only one foot pedal, and it's usually this), the "sostenuto pedal", which only holds notes that were being held when you activated it while new notes play normally, and finally the "soft pedal", which makes the overall piano tone softer, so you can play delicate passages with more ease.

A lot of times, sheet music won't mention to use the pedals anywhere, but you'll be expected to use them as you see fit to help you play the piece. Regular keyboards usually don't support more than one pedal, as they descend from electric pianos and organs, and aim to be multitimbral jack-of-all-trades. Digital pianos aim to emulate the sound and functionality of an acoustic piano as close as possible, and nothing/little more.


File: 9f445e33bb1eb00⋯.jpg (131.08 KB, 719x602, 719:602, pc poz.jpg)



Has anyone ever had a positive experience with the police?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Ten years ago when I was in year 11, I got called into a police station and interviewed for an alleged assault that took place at school,. The officer who interviewed me was very amicable, and knew the whole thing was just a retarded waste of time. It helped that his son was in the same school and year as me, and while we weren't really friends, we were on good terms with each other, and the lad must have mentioned me to his dad in a positive light in the past or something.



Did you post that music video of a Japanese girl wandering around an estate? If so post it again please.


What's happened to the posts?



What the fuck? They just reappeared when I posted that.


It wasn't me.



The only thing that matters to the police is statistics. Both crime numbers, and how "diverse" and "tolerant" they are. The latter of course is more important. That's why reducing stop and searches on blacks is a success, and rising knife crime an unexplainable coincidence


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am not opposed to violence


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Don't like it



Me neither, it's cheesy as fuck, and whoever mixed/mastered it needs to be banned from ever touching an EQ again. The whole thing sounds like it's going through a shitty windows media player EQ preset.


Afternoon lads. What are you all up to then.


File: 268c28444a9e12e⋯.jpg (44.65 KB, 629x473, 629:473, picco.jpg)


What's this some kind of initiation ritual? Hope there aren't any benders here



You transitioning?


We don't need no education

We don't need no cruise control

Hate! Teacher! Leave those kids alone.


File: de4f1a745bfda1e⋯.gif (87.07 KB, 192x197, 192:197, de4f1a745bfda1e92e36944f4a….gif)






I have a question, and I must insist that you answer honestly.

What have you been up to today?


File: c01283dc11c5347⋯.png (255.43 KB, 1280x732, 320:183, 1470687211932.png)



Same as >>68359 , except I didn't have a shower or drink a caffeinated beverage.





File: 5ae8f25753a9205⋯.png (532.27 KB, 680x680, 1:1, laughing tears emoji.png)




File: 685dd45e47a091e⋯.png (1.93 MB, 900x1161, 100:129, when he works at asda.png)

Have you lads had any encounters or successes with women lately? I myself am becoming a bit of a Deano–an attractive woman smiled at me while I was putting carrots out on the shelf the other day.


How do your parents react when you shit the bed? My mum doesn't acknowledge it anymore, she just cleans the sheets and replaces them without a word.


Shan't be responding to that.



Same, whenever he has these spastic shitposting episodes it's best to just ignore him.


File: dafd05927784298⋯.jpg (18.41 KB, 534x356, 3:2, christine ford.JPG)

>implying the chad captain of the football team would rape THIS


I've just downloaded Stardew Valley. How do I get started?


This game is implicitly white.



Clear some shite for a few minutes, go into town, get bored, then uninstall it. At least, that's what I did.




Agreed, the ASDA poster is a right nuisance.

Now, I need your opinions on the bedshitting issue.



If its anything like harvest moon, I have to agree. That game only had two blacks, one of them a tramp who lives on the beach, the other a foreigner who only visits in the summer



Drink soy.


Is Stockholm syndrome just normal roastie psychology?



>how do u come up from a kiss on the left side of a girls nose like wtf who does that like js if u do that ur straight suspect

drugscum and plebbitors utterly blown the fuck out



Yes, and it's more of a biological feature than a flaw. Being malleable, and able to adapt to their mate and social surroundings like a chameleon, gives them a higher chance of survival, and facilitates reproduction. They can't physically defend themselves against men, and they won't survive long if they get ostracised from their group, so instead they rely on submissiveness and subservience. This is as opposed to men, who rely on strength and dominance to survive instead.

As long as a woman's mate is able to protect and provide for her (and her offspring), she'll stay firmly put and will adopt his rules and beliefs, but all loyalties go out the window once a stronger, more dominant male with mating potential comes along. If she feels like the man she's partnered up with is no longer up to the task, and there are better options for her out there, she'll leave for the more optimal mate. This may lead to a fight between the males, which is always in her best interests, as it will establish who is more fit to provide and protect her. Regardless of who wins, it's a win for her, and she'll go back to being submissive and subserviant to keep the victor around.

These behaviours might come across to us (men) as manipulative and fickle at first glance, but that's only if you perceive women as being little dysfunctional men, rather than being inherently different to us, and having different survival mechanisms to match their different biology. Rather than holding disdain towards them for things they can't help, it's better to just be aware of how they work, and to adjust your mode of operation to take advantage of these behaviours, rather than be taken advantage of.


File: 6dd37afd6a2594b⋯.jpg (105.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 712373549432832.jpg)


I don't want it to be as it is. Women being walking rape vessels is the biggest blackpill I've had to deal with. I hate them.



Men and women trying to fight their nature is the cause of many problems in large societies, and plays a large part in their inevitable downfalls, as it's always done. In nature, men and women are like yin and yang; our pros and cons balance each others out, and together we function in perfect harmony. However, things go massively astray between us if one, or both, of us resist our nature. Women trying to live independently and without children for instance, or alternatively, men not being strong or dominant enough (whether physically or mentally) to satisfy the conditions of the protector/provider role. The further we move away from our natural roles, the further our well-being, our families, our societies, and our civilisation, will crumble.

None of this is to say I'm a shining example of what a man should be, I'm very far from it, but I accept that living the way I do will result in me being a virgin with no girlfriend until the day I die, and that's not the fault of women's nature. If I want my outcome to change, then I need to change my behaviour and lifestyle to better suit women's natural needs and desires. This isn't a one-sided affair either, if women want successful and long-lasting relationships, they have to change their behaviours and lifestyles to better suit men's natural needs and desires as well. Fortunately, the changes we need to make are not arbitrary, we just need to forgo our society-learned behaviours, and operate more in line with our instinctive behaviours.



I agree, although I think our natural roles as people are inherently incompatible with civilisation; hence the recursive degradation. I only hope for an age-ending event to send us back to a purer humanity.

Those who prevail in a paradigm like the current one aren't going to necessarily be the best, but more likely to be those who are more adaptable to modernity. Operating on instinct doesn't seem like a good strategy. I've seen someone my age who is having a child with this landwhale, who already has a son by another man; while it's disgusting I understand that for many people it's that or the end of our lineage. I think I'd rather die a virgin than give in to modernity, but perhaps that's weakness on my part.


Lads,what is the answer to the Polish question?



The Polish are good lads and lasses, the real question is on the Romanians, who are scum.


File: 2887d7bc444ebda⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x526, 300:263, 2887d7bc444ebda39fb5670cdf….jpg)

>alarm goes off at 6am

>stop it and turn off phone so shekelstein can't contact me

>now sipping on a mug of freshly percolated coffee and will probably go in at some point in the next couple of hours


What are the best jobs for a robot?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Perennial Podcast


>tfw not smart enough to join Aarvoll's academy



Aarvoll looks a lot like my half-brother.


File: deaafd124df0d2b⋯.jpg (103.33 KB, 800x622, 400:311, 9735207ef9ec18cdd7fe3e1175….jpg)

>17 days no porn


Statistically, 1/5 men are sexually abused as children

Which of you was it? Definitely wasn't me.



Data Entry



Probably the lad with a cross-dressing dad.



Not me, I am unfiddled.



That's been the life for low tier males since the dawn of civilization. Of course society looks bad when you're right at the bottom.


Ahh, it's that time again. Freshly percolated organic Nicaraguan coffee. Fantastic.


Coffee lads seem pretty based.


File: 6d864f7b43c4f17⋯.mp4 (6.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kanye west SNL.mp4)


File: 1dba9211568f9bc⋯.png (280 KB, 2278x968, 1139:484, microchimerism.png)

Is this legit or is it sensationalist MGTOW propaganda? Because it's big if true.


Any of you lads planning on getting Red Dead Redemption 2?

I don't own a next gen console yet and they haven't announced any PC details, but the game looks pretty cool.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone try this and report back.


File: 5e89a45d56c3178⋯.png (64.85 KB, 554x400, 277:200, 1507553728830.png)



>Thanks, you too



You know what we do with bullies around here Kanye?



File: 5eda13163ab2c9a⋯.jpg (99.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ayy.jpg)



I have no idea.


Not a chance, present-day Rockstar can go suck a dick.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Music lad. Can a shit singer train his voice to be really good or do you have to be born with it?



I believe that almost anyone can become at least a half-decent singer with regular practice and the right vocal training, but they'll only become virtuosi if they were prodigies at a young age. Same goes for any skill really.



I really like kayne


Lads my phones broke, I can't use the groupchat for a while.



Yeah, I bought a PS4 specifically to play RDR2 just the other week. It came with a free copy of the new God of War and I've been hooked on it ever since.



No worries Deano, I'll fill you in on the goss when we go for that pint


On what grounds do you lads oppose fannylicking?



It's a submissive act, it's said to be the cause behind a continuing rise in oral cancers for men (and lezzers), and it's a normalfag-only activity.



The act of fannylicking is homosexual because it requires you to be submissive. It's also very disgusting.



He features interracial imagery on his albums, music videos and said he likes blacked. Just because he's a le based trump supporting nigger doesn't mean he's not a nigger.



It's sodomy, but it's not as bad as shit eating.



I don't , btw I'm a cunt



Political beliefs aside, I'll never understand why anyone likes/liked him at all. Almost everything he's ever made has been certified awful. All he has is a knack for generating controversy, which usually just consists of him doing something retarded, and then people giving him attention for it.



I guess it's true, you are what you eat.





Right, I'm not going to do it anymore then.




I've never seen such chronic levels of cope.



I'm going to lick twice as many fannies just to spite you



This board is for hyper-masculine mega Deano sex warlords who submit to no one. I suggest you leave.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's right isn't he lads.


is it safe here?






I've never seen such chronic levels of not being welcome here. Fannylickers OUT.


File: 106784dacd053d7⋯.jpg (185.7 KB, 1647x925, 1647:925, morning sip.jpg)

That first sip.




Reads like typical masonic conjecture to me; sprinkles of truth mixed into a big cake of esoteric sophistry and bullshit, all the while implicitly (or explicitly) stating that that anyone who disagrees must be a plebeian.

>…it is essential today to give up much of one's subjective inclination, much of what one is attached to and thinks pious or clever.

You first lad.



Sounds like you've been corrupted by the Ahrimanic impulse to me lad



That whole "Lucifer VS Ahriman" thing must be one of the biggest false pretenses I've ever seen. I suspect that the entire lecture was intended simply to befuddle his audience and destabilise their existing beliefs, and leave them open to coming around to his own brand of Ideas™ for whatever purpose he had, but I see through his tricks.



I know this post was just taking the piss, but it's funny you ask that question because I actually had a dream last night where my mum was driving me to school and I shit my pants, so then I had to get out of the car and pretend to go back to school while bussing all the way home with shit in my shorts. Weird dream.





Safe from what?



When watching a YouTube video (or any video for that matter), does anyone else periodically pause the video in order to talk aloud to themselves about something relating to the video? I've always done this and am only just now considering how strange it is.



Yes I do, I'll do it in the middle of anything I do really, especially when I'm learning something new. I think it's partly a learning mechanism, where explaining a concept to someone else (or in this case, the air) and putting it into real words helps reinforce your own understanding of it. I think the other part of it is that it's a possible symptom of extended loneliness.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pakis have no cultu-


You lads ever think about how the moments we take to reflect on our lives as we die will stretch out into a seemingless eternity as we're confronted with the sheer underutilisation of our potentia?




I do when I'm drunk.


Thinking about becoming a based IT lad to be honest



Hope you enjoy working with pajeets



better than not having a career and stewing away in my room thinking about suicide all the time lad



Being a wagie and thinking about suicide all the time are not mutually exclusive states. If anything, they go together quite nicely.



I have a job and don't have to spend any time around pajeets, nor do I stew away in my room thinking about suicide, lad.

Maybe you should project less and aim for a better area of work.





I have a "based" IT job, I dont work around Pajeets, but I do think about killing myself now and then.




I wasn't projecting, I was talking about myself. Also IT seems like a good job, the pay scales up quite nicely the more certifications and experience you get. Stay salty retailcuck.



I look forward to your suicide a couple of years from now.



Why are you so so asshurt?



He's just a tsundere trying to look out for you, doesn't want you to end up in a job you'll regret. If it's what you want to do, then go for it, don't let anyone here deter you. If you think about it, this is probably one of the shittiest places on the web to get career advice.




Would a colleague from the poo department please return to their department. That's a colleague from the poo department to please return to their department.

Thank you.


File: e3589f34570bc66⋯.mp4 (7.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, women btfo.mp4)

Good night lads



Bryan is our guy.


File: e2bb08f5c8ff09f⋯.jpg (160.45 KB, 1200x880, 15:11, 1538534164584.jpg)


File: 57ff05b9c35475c⋯.gif (4 MB, 600x600, 1:1, may swagger.gif)


File: 4a024e8e07b2dc5⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 4a024e8e07b2dc5e335cf26a3….webm)


Should I stream Yakuza?


I fucking hate messy people. How can someone possibly just use a plate and then leave the plate in the sink?

How can someone have a shower without opening the windows and not allowing humidity to invade the house?

How can someone take their clothes off before bed and just leave it on the floor?

How can someone EVER make a sandwich and brush crumbs onto the floor?

How can someone ever live a life not having a designated spot for everything they own and feel uncomfortable if said thing is not in its designated spot?



>How can someone EVER make a sandwich and brush crumbs onto the floor?

The dog will eat them.

I completely agree on the others though.



The floor should be cleaned with disinfectant, not safe for your dog IF you are as clean as you implied to be.

You're a phoney! You're not a cleanman, you're a dirty. I can see through your dirty lies.



The post didn't come across as being about being clean, it came across as being about being tidy.



>How can someone possibly just use a plate and then leave the plate in the sink?

I do this until I have enough dirty dishes to do a full wash. It's more time efficient, cost efficient too if you count the amount of washing up liquid you save.



Crumbs that have decided to leave the bread belong in the bin. That is their place.

Stop disrupting the tidiness.



If you spend as much time cleaning as you did making excuses you wouldn't be a dirty.



*brushes crumbs on your floor*


The woman at my workplace stormed out today after she decided the stress wasn't worth it. Her job wasn't particularly hard or stressful and before she joined her entire workload was split between me and the other guy.

Literally all she did was process orders. She even had software so she basically just clicked a bunch of stuff on drop down menus, selected a warehouse and entered a delivery address. She didn't even do the invoices so there was no payment to worry about.

We didn't even have this software before she joined, we had to do it all manually and still managed without storming out (and forgetting her laptop on the way out).

Half of the orders she tried to process would be wrong and resulted in wrong equipment being delivered to wrong people multiple times a week which we would always have to sort out on her behalf.



Clean this…

*splashes disinfectant in your face*




*brushes crumbs on your floor*



I leave used plates, dishes, etc. in the sink to soak them and break down all the shite, otherwise it's just going to be sitting dirty in the dishwasher for hours becoming more encrusted, and with our temperamental dishwasher it often won't come out very clean if you do that.


I have just returned from a 40 mile country bike ride with a girl from work.


File: 176a35905655540⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 428x424, 107:106, f20c1fc6668a6b1b5b5d5854e5….jpg)


Are you lads having a good Friday night?



not really, I'm not looking forward to this weekend so it's bumming me out in advance.


File: 1cc3c7af05fe902⋯.png (30.21 KB, 579x536, 579:536, norf fc.png)

'ate foreigners

'ate liberalism

'ate bourgeouis materialists

'ate modernity

luv england

luv trees

simple as.



>'ate bourgeouis materialists



Go back to wherever it is that self-defeating ironic shitposts are welcome.


File: 9f3a78426518f39⋯.jpg (116.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 27894268021.jpg)


>he can't spell


File: 641432ed24b3362⋯.png (202 KB, 581x451, 581:451, Bowden15.png)

>got 10 days off work

>left my whibblescromps in my locker



My friday night was pretty good, spent about 15 quid on fags and booze but it was fun desu


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>the description

>the comments



Sounds like they didn't care if their audio levels ever came down either, that distortion is unbearable.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Very nice, it's not Gregorian chant due to the accompaniment, but it's nice nonetheless.


I was late returning my library books and got fined 60p.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If your produce isn't exclusively LOCAL you need to leave the board.


I haven't watched porn in 23 days. I'm getting more enjoyment out of reading and playing piano, and I'm procrastinating less, but most of all I'm just pleased to have finally gotten it out of my life. It seems a lot easier to resist the urges now.


File: 1fe66ca1f0ef396⋯.jpg (302.7 KB, 598x714, 299:357, 1508524026920.jpg)


>watch porn every couple of days

>the pain is just getting worse and worse



The will to stop seems to be there and you're certainly not hopeless if you regularly go days without. Some people can't even make it hours. Reading this helped me a lot: https://sites.google.com/site/hackbookeasypeasy/home


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's a bit normie but I really, really like this song. Her voice is soothing.



It correlates to how lonely I'm feeling. When I was adequately distracted by vidya I could go a week without.


File: b225dc2e84c7293⋯.jpg (49.25 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 45yh.jpg)

>his family rents property



It's true that the more you occupy yourself the less you'll feel the urge, but giving into it just makes the loneliness worse. Why not try out some new hobbies?



I'm too depressed to enjoy anything.



When I tried, I found the first few days were the worst and then it started getting easier.

Should stop again tbh.



It's very comfy, i do enjoy that sort of music. I find myself listening to indie/folk compilations and they tend to have a similar sound.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listen to this lads. I'm sure you will like it.



My gym plays the music SO FUCKING LOUD.

In the car park you can hear the bass thumping like you're outside a music venue. Inside it's near impossible to talk to another person.

It's SO FUCKING loud that even if you listen to your own music with headphones, it's not enough to drown out the music unless its at an unhealthy volume.

This is the shit they play. The track list is very limited to make it even worse.



>walk into my Dads room

>weird lump under his bed

>probably the cat, weird cat likes to sleep under stuff like that

>pull the cover down to let cat out

>it's a pair of red, shiny high-heels

He's still at it.



You have to change your actions in order to change your thoughts and feelings. It's very unlikely that you'll suddenly wake up one day, feel great, and do all the things you'd like to do if it wasn't for depression, so the only thing you can realistically do is perform different actions, which will break the cycle.






Pure Gym? My headphones usually block it out unless I go in the upstairs bit when there's a class on at which point they play that kind of rubbish at full volume on the massive speakers and it peeves me right off.


This. Meditation has helped me a lot. At first I thought it was wishy washy mystical bollocks but as I read more about it and forced myself to do it I realised it's just a way of learning to better control your thoughts and develop a more organised mind.

Who else here is in the /improve/ discord?




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's nobody here who hasn't heard this a million times. Might as well mention that the music is basically just a couple of 1 bar loops from this record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb-sNmX1w_4


Right, I want total honesty. Who here has tried to suck their own willy before.



There's nobody here who hasn't tried this a couple of times.


File: de89928dc613955⋯.jpg (88 KB, 408x439, 408:439, de89928dc613955987e39cf5fb….jpg)

>dildo dad might have videos on the internet



I managed to get the head into my mouth when I was a skinny teen.



No, another shitty large chain gym though. I'm trying to find another one but they only seem to cater towards either -

1. Roided, chavvy musclemen in unventilated warehouses with nothing but free weights.

2. A depressing looking retail type building overwhelmed with cardio equipment and a huge window for all people walking by to rubberneck at your workout

3. Ludicrously expensive gyms that give access to pools, saunas and all other extras that can't be deducted from your membership if you chose not to use them.

I'll have to do for now.



When I played world of warcraft I told my raid that the way to suck your dick was to put your head against your wall, raise your feet over your head and "walk into your mouth". There was a bit of silence in the chat for a few minutes and I found it amusing because I imagined everyone stood up from their desk to try and suck their own dick.



>Who else here is in the /improve/ discord?

I used to be, I haven't been there in over a year though. How are things over there?



Can't you just go jogging and buy some weights for personal use?



It's nicely active - people post every day but it never gets spammy, and the quality of discussion is generally high. There are a few lads who consistently give top advice. I'm glad I joined.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Not a fan.



who was that nasally faggot talking at the beginning?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This was my ringtone on my massive brick phone when I was 11.



have white people ever done anything original?


File: f6b7e9c2dbb5a24⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yakub.jpg)



I'd never heard it before since I'm not so ancient that I was born in the previous century.



>not polyphonic

underage get out



Well young lad, it was literally number one, and played all day every day on every pop/dance music radio and TV station for years. According to wikipedia, it was the 8th best selling song in the UK in the year 2000, despite coming out in August. I cannot express to you how inescapable that song was for such a long time. I never want to hear it again, along with "Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me", "Phats & Small - Turn Around", "Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)", and all the other rinsed-to-death commercial house records from that time.


>not monophonic

Who's underage now? My first mobile was a Nokia 5110.



The Nokia 3410 I had before it was polyphonic tbf. I recall my mate having a 3310 which was mono.


File: 8f864ca3409da9e⋯.jpg (97.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snake nokai.jpg)

Name a better mobile game.


File: 7aabb3f814cc819⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 377x345, 377:345, snake-nokia.jpg)


It's funny to think that the 3310 version was actually a remaster.




Not really my sort of thing at all, but it sounds decent and well produced. I can easily imagine it being the soundtrack to a sci-fi film or game.


Last night I dreamed I was having sex with a girl instead of watching porn for the first time since stopping.


File: 56410f2f736d12f⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 480x317, 480:317, khabib btfo taig.jpg)

/are muzzie/ won



Prefer Space Impact tbh.


File: 1a5e481ad063d2f⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 222x227, 222:227, 1a5e481ad063d2f8c528bf9064….jpg)

Rough as fuck today, lads.


File: 3d75ebedc185cf6⋯.jpg (155.16 KB, 647x827, 647:827, help the wogs.jpg)

Could be a good opportunity to see the world tbf



>volunteering for ungrateful shitskins in africa and india



I know lad. I want to see more of the world though. I just want to experience more of life tbh. To feel alive.




Well, that's me disqualified.



Oldflompers OUT



This is an oldflompers ONLY board.



Zoomers OUT



Maybe there's a better way to do that than by using taxpayer money to help the people who are going to replace us.



Someone else will take the spot if I don't.



Good, hopefully it'll be some liberal roastie cretin who'll be culturally enriched.

Pay attention to the part that says "Ready to live in a local community (no hotels!)"

You'll be living in pajeet's fuckhut with his 13 horny brothers.



>being so soft and pampered that you can't handle a bit of rough living



Go for it lad, be sure to let us know how much you enjoyed the rape when you get back to a country with an internet connection.



Unironically tempting. It's not like they can deport you for not volunteering hard enough.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is this worthy of 4.3 million views?


File: e4a9bc3f17e6373⋯.png (223.25 KB, 526x406, 263:203, dogs against brexit.png)

How do we bring them to our side?



so this…is the power…of leftists


>two dreams in one night about having friends



What was it like lad?



It was nice.


I have just booked a session at a local kickboxing club for tomorrow.


*cheekily eats a bacon sandwich*



There are far more facilities and equipment in a gym.



I have to listen to this song at least 5 times every day at work.

Fucking Kisstory FM.


There's no proper waste collection in my workplace so the normal routine for bin bags is to take them to a dump 5 miles away.

About 4 weeks we had some clients come in so one one of my colleagues quickly threw the pile of bin bags in the cupboard under the sink. Two days ago the cleaner (which we finally got for the first time ever) discovered the bags under the sink. These bin bags were now dribbling bin juice all over the cupboard and the whole office fucking stinks and its infested with flies. Flies fucking everywhere.

Everyone else has a laptop so they are just working upstairs until the flies are gone but I'm stuck downstairs on my computer. This really is wageslave hell. Towards the end of the day I just opened all the windows and sat outside because of all the fucking flies.



Do you really need all of them?

Are you a bodybuilder? A model?

What do the facilities at the gym give you that you can't do without?



Squat rack, bench etc.


Goodnight lads.



You might be able to make some beginner gains with that basic setup but if you want to get really big and strong you're going to need more variety and weight than most people can reasonably afford to put in their homes.


Morning lad.


File: 1c199fa55605be5⋯.mp4 (3.01 MB, 854x480, 427:240, are lad tyson.mp4)


File: 183a2c92b5022ef⋯.mp4 (2.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, are lad tyson2.mp4)




A top lad if I've ever seen one.


I know you're there, Lewis.


File: 72c14d8672c883f⋯.png (16.39 KB, 1080x1340, 54:67, norffc.png)

File: 895106ea987c345⋯.png (172.58 KB, 1946x708, 973:354, norf fc.png)

File: 71d073b6ae59421⋯.png (55.05 KB, 734x1018, 367:509, NORF.png)




They're good memes, lad. I'm from the norf myself, it's just banter.



You have to go back.



You sound like a right Michael. Not a Mike, not a Mikey, but a Michael.




I fucking love fury, I can't wait for him to smash that nigger in decemeber.


The bins only get collected once every 2 weeks now.

What the fuck kind of dystopia are we living in?


I just got back from kickboxing. There were a lot of people there, but quite a few were first timers like me, which made it seem less daunting. I had a good time, and I'm going to go again next week.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Normie crap.



Kaskade is good normie crap though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's made nothing but the worst normie-pandering crap since at least 2005. Listen to anything he made before then, it was soulful and had a groove to it, leagues above any of his later cheesy deadmau5-clone rubbish.


Do any of yo lads know any history based podcasts? I'm mostly intrested in WW2 or the cold war because I'm not a soyboy.


Can I buy a dodge charger without looking like a homo?



> dodge charger

I'm a jap car man like from my animes but anythings better than boring run of the mill economy cars.



That is a nice track lad. What do you think of In The Moment? I really like these ones but the rest I can take or leave





Dan Carlin? His interpretations and philosophy are a bit reddit, and he loves banging on about the 6 gorillion, but other than that he's factually on point and a good storyteller.



It's mixed, overall I wouldn't call myself a fan, but there's some decent ones among the shite ones. I like "I Like The Way", "Honesty", "Interlude", "Soundtrack to the Soul", and "Move". The rest are the sort of soulless commercial trash I've always hated, albeit not as offensive to me as the stuff that came later.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Step aside.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am fucking triggered, not least because I clicked it after only glancing at the thumbnail, thinking it was a link to Prodigy's similarly crab-on-a-beach-covered "The Fat of the Land" album, which I think is alright. Need to wash my ears out after that.


is veginism the best thing for the enviroment?



Yes. We would have to holocaust the billions of animals that only exist to feed us, so methane production would be dramatically reduced. I'd rather see the ethnics go than the cows though, the cows actually bring us some benefit. The chinks and pajeets in particular are a blight on the planet.



No, all the livestock farms would just be replaced with quorn and soylent factories.

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File: 70f63cd163e1e73⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, day of the bren.png)


People who are into history online are invariably soyboys, except for our Lindy.


What are you lads' ballsack care routines like.



I leave it the way god intended, same with my pubes.


File: a0d777096d5fa4c⋯.jpg (218.74 KB, 697x954, 697:954, busty bambi tbh.jpg)

>/britfeel/ leaves the house


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



she lives quite near me, when I was looking at protitues on adult works she was on there, pretty cheap from what I remember.


File: fd9d8e55ba4069c⋯.jpg (12.23 KB, 183x232, 183:232, worried merchant.jpg)


>the dad isn't black


File: 122a2867f8f587e⋯.jpg (168.28 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1486270776817.jpg)



How else am I going to get laid?



It's better to die a virgin with a pure soul than to give any of your essence to a soulless demonic puppet. You're a dog.



By improving yourself



I worry that my lack of experince would hinder any future relationships I may have, so why not get a little practice where you can?




If you're aspiring to be in relationships with women that would have a problem with 'lack of experience' then you deserve what you're going to get in life.



>Ironic moustache




If you can get a girl into bed in the context of a proper relationship and not some cheap fling she's not going to be bothered if you're no good, and you'll soon pick it up anyway. It's more important that you're actually able to get it up, so make sure you don't desensitise your todger with excessive porn consumption or soulless fluid exchanges with disease-ridden slags.


I thought that when I clicked it but his commentary is unique and incisive.



Very nice, thanks for sharing. Someone get him on the board.



This is the suckiest part.

If you're a sperg, there's a good chance you wont be able to get it up when the time finally comes.



I'm a sperg and I doubt I'd have any problem. Don't create these prophecies for yourself, it will only give them power. If spergs do indeed have a problem getting it up it's probably because they either view sex purely as a means of pleasure rather than a sacred ritual and/or they've become enslaved to pornography. If it is out of anxiety then you shouldn't be having intercourse with a woman that makes you that uncomfortable. When I see people, like someone on this board, say that they couldn't get it up I often think that their dick is doing them a favour given their descriptions of the women.



I think you're just associating anything that makes you nervous as a bad thing that should be avoided. I don't think that's the case.

You're human, you're supposed to feel emotions and feeling nervous is just part of life. Job interviews, introducing yourself to new people, awaiting results from a hospital and of course, losing your virginity are all nerve wracking parts of life.

Unfortunately getting an erection whilst nervous can be quite a struggle. On the bright side, at least you don't need to get it up for a job interview.



I didn't say you shouldn't be nervous, I chose my words carefully. I said you shouldn't be having intercourse with a woman who makes you so uncomfortable that you're incapacitated. I'd bet many young men who struggle to get an erection with a girl wouldn't if they were with a girl they had been dating for a while and liked beyond the physical.



I disagree.


>want to play overwatch

>forgot what email I signed up with

>tried 2 different emails

>all have different games installed but none have overwatch

Why the fuck did I use so many emails on blizzard?


My problem, even as an adult, has always been trying NOT to have a massive boner, especially if there's a mildly attractive lass in the vicinity. Checkmate normalfags.



Overwatch is shit so you've saved yourself some time.



I played it all day, all night obsessively for around 9 weeks in 2016.

I want to play it again.


File: 1d48f6811986f55⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, reheh43e.jpg)

>been waiting 2 years, 5 months for my medallion



>pretty cheap from what I remember

Yeah, you get what you pay for.



If you lads chip in I'll make a short documenrtty of me hiring and fucking her



How about we pay you nothing and you make a short documentary of you fucking off?



I'm offering to provide content, you're just being rude.



As much as it disgusts me to admit, her sleazy chav porn is what I always go for when I fall of the nofap wagon.


Come on lads she's 100 for half an hour, I don't even want to fuck her but I'm willing to take one for the team, I might not even get my dick up.


It's like a tenner poster



It doesn't even look human anymore.





Even this whore won't fuck pakis.



If you really want to shag that thing then you pay for it yourself, and if you don't want to then keep your dignity and don't.

>Age: 26

10 years ago maybe.








>think about buying somethhing

>decide not to

>somehow convince myself that I saved money



<somehow convince myself that I saved money

But you literally did, by the dictionary definition. Saving is when you decide not to spend your income frivolously, and put some aside for something greater and more useful down the line. The only time "saving money" is questionable is when used in marketing, like the oxymoronic slogan "BUY NOW AND SAVE MORE".


File: b0d810199ce8b1e⋯.jpg (67.48 KB, 768x780, 64:65, laugh1.jpg)


File: 9a89cde23a8d323⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 750x742, 375:371, 1539238471665.jpg)

Is it any wonder women are growing up to be such degenerates when their fathers are so weak?



Is that supposed to be his daughter?

Looks like a boy.



It's no wonder at all. Speaking of weak parents and degenerate daughters, my neighbours' 14/15 year old daughter recently trashed their house with a massive group of her friends / random lads (of varying race) who invited themselves over, while the parents were on holiday in Cornwall, naively believing that she was staying at a friend's house in the meantime. The lot of them were up all night making a right racket, drinking and taking drugs (going by their discussions anyway), and at some point they even threw various objects (including glass that smashed everywhere) into other people's gardens, including ours. They even broke into one man across the road's car boot, and nicked his golf clubs.

Their old grandad had to go over to start cleaning up because the daughter had fucked off, and the parents had to come home early and spend several days clearing out all the broken shit and scrubbing the place clean. You'd expect, assuming they had any backbone at all, that they'd have grounded her for a year, or at the bare minimum 6 months. You'd expect that they told her that she was never bring those low-life "friends" of hers anywhere near their house again, and never let her out of sight while she's grounded. Instead, she was immediately hanging outside with her degenerate friends and boyfriend again afterwards, like nothing had ever happened.



It's all so tiresome.



When I was in highschool there was a kid in the year above me that threw a party for the whole school. His house was destroyed. Not just a little bit trashed, it was destroyed. Some older chavvy guys came, locked him in a wardrobe and took away his phone so he couldn't call the police.

The bathroom was flooded so bad that it leaked through the floor and destroyed the lower room with severe water damage. People were bragging about the things they stole, someone in my class was bragging about stealing his front door.

I used to play cricket with him. He was a prick.



>assuming they had any backbone at all, that they'd have grounded her for a year

>"ur grounded for a year"






>restrict usage of all luxeries and gadgets

>perform bare minimum parental services, no favours or treats

>banned from being home alone without responsible adult around

>strict schedule for daily and weekly chores that must be carried out

>establish clear consequences for further disobedience

>gradually ease off the pressure once disrespect and disobedience ceases

>meet any severe retaliation (like destruction of property or acts of violence) with a phone call to the police




>picks up phone and runs away from home

>straight to Tyrones house

>begs to stay

>skips school until she is 16 to avoid being caught

>get pregnant at 16 with Tyrones brother

>successfully applies for a council house and benefits



<picks up phone and runs away from home

>call police and report her immediately

>get the grovelling cunt back after a couple of days because runaway life isn't as romantic or sustainable as she thought it would be, and her boyfriend's/friend's parents didn't want the liability



That litreally what people did when the paki rape gangs got there kids, and look how that turned out.

The police are fucking useless and will fuck all.



>phone police

>tell them your underage daughter has ran off to stay with her paki boyfriend

>get your door kicked in 5 minutes later and arrested for racism

>get shanked in prison by a muslim gang



You don't report a runaway teenager in order to get them back, you report them to be on the right side of the law when school notices they're missing and asks questions, or if they end up getting arrested for something. Assuming you're not scum-of-the-earth yourself, and you've never beaten them or given them a real reason to want to stay the fuck away (i.e. not typical teenage defiance and rebellion), they'll almost certainly be back.

Also, this exact scenario happened to my own sister when she was 14/15, and the police did actually find her and bring her back in less than 24 hours after she ran off.



where was shee was she found?



I think she was just at a friend's house, I don't really remember the specifics, just that it was funny when she returned so soon after leaving so dramatically.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: ca5c1628dc5956a⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 816x448, 51:28, ragnar_atheist.jpg)



I was reminded just now about your discussion on bad parenting yesterday while reading a book about the French colony of San Domingo.

>"Lost as they were among their immense herds of slaves, the colonists suffered two fatal consequences: by contact with these primitive beings, they necessarily absorbed much of these people's nature, defects, and vices; from a life spent almost wholly among inferiors, their own characters naturally degenerated."

>"This fatal influence weighed upon the Creole from the very moment of his birth. A royal officer laments those Creole children "corrupted in the cradle by the negresses' milk and vices." And everything contributed to stimulate the Creole child's wilfulness and vanity. That slave nurse, who dared give him no direct command; those slave playmates, "condemned to flatter his lightest whim"; those parents, proverbial for overfond indulgence;–all these combined to make of him a pampered little tyrant, unable to endure the slightest opposition. Most writers on San Domingo quote the classic story of the Creole child who, told there was no egg, demanded two. Add a precocious knowledge, gained by constant observation of the indecencies and cruelties of plantation life, and the conduct of the future man when exposed to the temptations of unrestrained authority is easy to foresee."

Permissive parenting and multiracialism are turning our people into niggers.


I'm thinking of volunteering for the Royal British Legion.



Great vid mate, top stuff.


I've decided to start speaking from the diaphragm.


I want to become an audiobook reader. I both enjoy reading and want to improve my speaking skills, so it seems like it would be perfect for me. Is our resident philosopher NEET around? I need some advice on a decent entry level audio setup.


File: df1a55df0706c80⋯.jpg (124.53 KB, 866x900, 433:450, celt fc.jpg)

eyup Tim do ya' fink tha' t'rumorz tha' celt fc is signin' Niggerus Africanus are tru???


File: 730f00126c22aa6⋯.png (107.68 KB, 1730x748, 865:374, norf celts v saxons.png)


'ate saxons

'ate romans

'ate picts

'ate strathclydes

'ate clothes

luv fightin'

luv chariots

luv the gods

simple as.



For an amateur/semi-pro home voice recording setup that doesn't suck, you'll want the following:

>audio interface (with at least a single XLR input and phantom power)

>condenser microphone (somewhere between £100 - £200 will sound fantastic, any less and you'll have problems like a high noise floor, bizarre frequency response, etc.)

>male-to-female XLR cable

>desktop mic stand, with a boom arm if that tickles your fancy

>pop shield (prevents "plosive" vocal sounds like "puh" and "buh" from distorting or causing massive bass thumps)

>DAW or audio editor of some sort

>learn how to apply simple compression and EQ

If you want to spend a bit more for a proper profressional-tier sound, or your room just has really shitty acoustics, you may also want to get a reflection filter / isolation booth, and give your room a bit of acoustic treatment. Alternatively, be creative with duvets and/or mattresses.



>audio interface (with at least a single XLR input and phantom power)

Will my Scarlett 2i4 do?


File: 1db7a2651ac21ec⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 500x533, 500:533, pumpkin-feel.jpg)

>"The chief drawbacks to plantation life were monotony and loneliness. The strict regimen imposed by the climate and the unvarying cycle of tropic agriculture made the planter's existence one of deadening routine. Furthermore, he was practically cut off from the world. His nearest neighbour was sometimes miles away, and he lives as on an island–alone with his family or mulatto housekeeper, surrounded by a horde of negro slaves. "The loneliness of the plantations" is a recurrent phrase in letters from San Domingo."

>"And that distant neighbour? With him our planter was probably upon the worst of terms. Isolation had ended by giving both of them the hermit's abnormal craving to be alone, and "imperceptibly they had at last become by nature what they had been at first merely through necessity.""

/Are lads/


Learn more on how you can make money online [scam link removed]

Post last edited at


File: 4e830bf3d6b94a0⋯.png (61.56 KB, 204x326, 102:163, yank spray.png)



Yes, the phantom power is the "48V" switch. Don't ever switch it on and plug or unplug an input, it will create a massive pop that could damage your equipment. Only ever switch it on when a suitable microphone is already connected, and make sure to switch it off before disconnecting.



Thank you lad. What's a good mic for £100?



Anything by a known and respected mic brand, Rode, AKG, sE Electronics, audio-technica, etc. Which one is "best" depends on your tastes, tons of people have made reviews with recordings and "shootout" comparisons.



I should also specify that large-diaphragm condenser mics (the big chunky "studio" looking ones) are the ones that are most suited for the human voice, as opposed to small-diaphragm ones (skinny pencil-shaped mics) which are more suited for recording instruments and ambience. Large-diaphragm condensers are typically "side-address", which means you place the mic in a vertical position and speak into the side, unlike other types of microphone where you speak into the top.




I'm getting a Rode Procaster. I've also found what I'll be recording first.




>Rode Procaster

That's a dynamic mic, not a condenser. Dynamics are more robust and less delicate than condensers, and generally a lot cheaper, but also a lot less sensitive, have an unnatural frequency response, and don't pick up all the finer subtleties of the voice. I wouldn't recommend a dynamic for voice recordings, only for live singers at gigs, and close-miking drums, guitar amps, etc.




That's a good'un. Comes with a pop shield, shockmount, and an XLR cable as well, can't argue with that.


File: abad326397ed39b⋯.jpg (644.91 KB, 1000x697, 1000:697, 1448178335632-2.jpg)


postin a tune and fuckin' off, g'day lads



Fantastic. I've just ordered it.



Nice, don't forget to get a stand.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are your thoughts on his production quality?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your tune isn't all that. Mine however, is superb.



Shite, only acceptable to lost cause "bad is good and good is bad" irony-addicted retards.



I'd like an instrumental of that track.



Cretins OUT



Take the riff from Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and dick around cluelessly in the demo of FL Studio with quantisation off for a couple of hours, you'll conjur up something similar.



Just because it's bad doesn't mean it's not good.



Stop this nonsense, you'll give yourself a mental illness.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I had no idea that he was the same age as my dad, thought he was at least 10 years younger


All my life I've hated sweetcorn, I hate it more as an adult probably because I was constantly forced to eat it as a child.

About 1-2 times a week my Mum would put it on my dinner. I'd plead not to have sweetcorn again and again but she would just get stroppy and say "you get what you're given" and shout at me or guilt me into eating it. Every mouthful made me want to gag. As a child I never really questioned it, I would put up a little bit of an argument but then I'd spend about 10 minutes slowly eating it as I winced and it began to get cold because of how slowly I had to eat it.

Now that I look back I can't understand why my mother did this to me. What was so difficult about not putting sweetcorn on my plate to avoid fuss and arguments every dinner time? I wasn't a particularly fussy eater, the only things I didn't eat were bananas and sweetcorn but for some fucking reason I was forced to eat it.

I remember when she was making my packed lunch in year 2, I noticed she was adding Tuna to the sweetcorn before she made sandwiches for me and my Dad. I asked if she could make mine without sweetcorn but this just lead to her shouting at me because "I shouldn't have to make separate meals for everyone!".

Now as an adult I can't even look at sweetcorn without wincing. Horrible stuff.


File: 033ed711a440a21⋯.webm (5.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Future Funk in a nut shel….webm)



Retail has lost the magic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That was a retarded conclusion.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's done it again.



It was, but what can you expect from a boomer clinging on to society.




Shan't be watching this.


File: 322f3dadba7bc55⋯.webm (1.8 MB, 960x540, 16:9, chad christianity.webm)


File: dda84d440cce73b⋯.jpg (36.79 KB, 558x507, 186:169, the nose knows.jpg)



He's not even a boomer, he was born in 1933. I just can't believe someone could be so aware of the symptoms of the problem, but then suggest several of the same things that caused the problem in the first place. Older men mentoring young men and regular outdoor exercise YES, "social video games" and women teaching their sons and brothers "compassion" and how to "communicate feelings and values" NO.


I love that his shirt is pointing while he's also pointing, what a lad.


This morning someone put their arm out on the road when I was driving past. I just drove past them, I looked in my rear view mirror and they were facing towards me and put their arms out as if to say come at me.

On the way back I noticed them again. This time they stepped out in the middle of the road and tried to stop me driving so I just drove around them.

What the fuck was all that about?



Couldn't you just link us a full video instead of wasting our time with this horrible quality, 11 second webm with no audio?


File: 9a30ca6570f6186⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 600x531, 200:177, 1527992727660.jpg)


They probs wanted you for some form of hate crime



The fact you ever considered retail to have any sort of "magic" is one of the most solemnly pathetic things imaginable.



t. got bullied by retail Deanos


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>that spicy feel when having a wee with thrush

What are you lads listening to?



When you're 17 and its your first job ever, the tiny amount of responsibility and work experience can be exciting for the first month or two.

Then it gets a bit boring.

Then it gets absolutely soulcrushing.


Anyone used creatine?



Yes. It might give you a little edge if you're an experienced lifter with a solid routine, good diet, and sound sleep schedule, but if there's room for improvement in any of those areas, improve them before spending money on any supplement other than whey powder.



Okay now what about steroids?



Go right ahead.


What's everyone done over the weekend?



Didn't even know it was the weekend.



I pulled my TV off the weekend yesterday and opened it up.

It wasnt turning on, tested the power cable and the fuse in the plug but everything worked there. Inside fuse was fine too. Something was stopping the current moving across the powerboard.

No idea where to go from there, and the TV is 10 years old, so I've bought a new one. Looking forward to a sharper picture, because the old one isn't great.

Other than that, nothing much. I planned on playing a bunch of hollow knight this weekend, but that went out of the window with no TV.



Exact same thing happened to my 2008 TV a couple of years ago, and my dad's TV of the same age this year. I don't think those early LCD HDTVs were built to last.



Procrastinate on getting a job. Been looking for stuff in my area but every job I'd be eligible for I've already tried before and makes me want to die.


Does anyone enjoy hiking?



Yes lad. I say we all get out of our rooms for a bit to meet up and go on an official /britfeel/ hike.



Never been on a proper hike, just walks, but with a bit of training beforehand I'm sure I'd enjoy it.


File: c54fe9ffcdbc2ab⋯.jpg (75.04 KB, 634x423, 634:423, johnny rotten maga.jpg)

File: d268487e840e4a4⋯.jpg (70.03 KB, 634x423, 634:423, johnny rotten maga2.jpg)



Johnny Rotund.


File: 9aea5f693300561⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 366x329, 366:329, 9aea5f6933005613d0ac4eec4d….jpg)




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think i'm gonna wash my car today lads


Who here /deep restful sleep/ here


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rosa | OFFICIAL TRAILER - Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 3


File: 8ccec5d2f892004⋯.png (108.26 KB, 960x958, 480:479, if youre single.png)




>5. Isolated yourself to the point where you're not allowing anyone to interact with you in any meaningful manner.



I love nature and the feeling of being out in the world, so in that sense I like hiking. But I'm out of shape and lazy as fuck so hiking is a struggle


File: a3426993dc46ae3⋯.png (20.5 KB, 628x692, 157:173, 1439244291815_3.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who's old enough to remember this absolute gem?


File: a69e26441ca9044⋯.png (71.48 KB, 1118x1018, 559:509, souf essex fc.png)

luv me sword

luv me 'elmet

'ate celts

simple as



How long are you going to keep posting these for?


>Formula 1 drivers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes on earth


I didn't know this, did you? Reading why, it makes sense, I just didn't think a guy sitting still for hours would need to be fit.



The fact he almost never gets a response, besides a very occasional "fuck off" and "why are you posting this?", tells me he's not doing it for attention. I think rather he gets off on posting shitty halfchan and /britpol/ content where it's not wanted.


I don't understand why I'm losing nearly 3/4th of all Overwatch games.




Sorry I'm drunk. You know what I mean.



>I'm drunk

I think you've answered your own question.


File: 422eeb120f99ca7⋯.png (335.52 KB, 444x593, 444:593, im dying mum.png)


>go on twitch to find a low viewer streamer to flim flam

>find some random thot's skyrim stream

>you are currently banned from this channel

I miss those days, lads



I'm preforming best every time.

Why am I being paired with bad players or being paired against good players every game? Is there something wrong with the matchmaking because I haven't played in a long time.



I don't know, like most people outside of Generation Z, I've never played it.



I want answers, not excuses.

10 loss streak. Why?



Because all the other players got gud while you were away, or you've just become shit at it.



NO. Like I said, I've been doing a good job every game.

I want an actual reason. Not your stupid excuses.



You only think you're doing good. If your team is losing, you can't be doing that well. Big fish in a little pond.



I'm going good and you clearly know nothing of my playing abilities.

I would challenge you to a game just to prove it but I can tell by your ignorance that you've never played.



We do know though, we know you've lost 100% of the last 10 games, and you were losing almost 75% of them before that. If that doesn't mean you're shit at the game, then I don't know what does.



It means the matchmaking system is broken.

I can't carry 5 people.



Your opponents don't seem to be having any trouble with it, having won the vast majority of games against you and all.



My teammates drag me down.


Heelturn just starting




The only constant in the various teams you've been in is you, whenever a team doesn't feature you it seems to result in a win. You're so bad that 5 people can't carry a single you.


File: bd2b66a8d9907a9⋯.gif (3.33 MB, 480x270, 16:9, drs activated.gif)


They're under high g forces for 2 hours in a sweatbox usually in summer climates wearing fireproof overalls lad.




^that, and being completely focused on not dying for eleventy laps.


I need some unbiased opinions if you guys don't mind.

Last year my grandma died without updating her will, my mum single handly cared for her for the last few years while her health was deterorating. When she took a sudden turn for the worse she gathered the family to declair who got what and everyone agreed to respect her wishes that my mum recieve her house.

In the year between my grandmas death and now I had being living in her house with my uncle. He has lived there pretty much his entire life for free due to the fact he is a work shy piece of shit. Things were tense between us for most of the time I lived there due to the fact he felt hard done by with the will situation but it was mostly fine until a month ago. The living room window was left open all night (by him) and the tv was stolen, He accused me of masterminding some plot to steal it and make it look like a burglry. We almost got in a fist fight and I decied to move back to my mums until the signing over of the house was completed.

My mum is on benifits as shes a full time career for my sister, my uncle is also on benifits because he lies to the esa about a bad back, because of this they would have had to pay back the money recevived between my grandmas death and now if the house was in either name, so my mum and uncle signed away his rights to me begrudglingly.

My mum has now decided that she wants to sell the house so she can buy the house she currently lives in through some council right to buy scheme meaning she can get it for around half the price with around half left over.

The problem is she wants to give the remaining money to my uncle because he will have to move out and she feels guilty.

I can't stand the cunt and the idea of that lazy piece of shit getting whats rightly my mums due to guilt is not sitting right with me especially after accusing me from stealing from my dead grandma.

I've suggested that she buy another piece of propery to rent out as additonal income because she's not in anyway well off but she doesn't want to fall out with her brother.

I'm thinking of just going over her head and buying a flat once she's bought her house and setting up a direct depost into her name from the rent it will generate and telling my uncle to do one. I know I'm going to piss off the rest of the family but I don't care about them, I want to provide for my mum and myself down the line instead of just giving it to that piece of shit.

What would you do?



Are you also on benefits or are you the black sheep of your family?



I have a job but its part time



Just go with your plan, but rent the flat out to your uncle.

When he inevitably stops paying rent, kick him out.



Your uncle can get fucked, do what you need to.



he'd never pay rent and he has a girlfriend he can go an live with



>he has a girlfriend

Fuck him then.


File: b0978ef78c5b702⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1513300406315.jpg)


britfeel is a incel board


I want to kill blonde women.


Morning lads. What are your thoughts on slavery?



The slave trade is bigger than ever. Coming soon to a Rotherham near you…



>alarmist /pol/tard




This is a /pol/chad only board.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Haha you triggered that nazi snowflake, comrade!




I could take you out easily. I main lucio and have carried plenty of teams.



No, the matchmaking is wrong. Even if I afked the whole game, I should win more than I do.


Do you all use airvpn?





Ignore that one, was an oops



I do, I like their principles and it's good value for money whenever they put a sale on.



How do you pay for it?




Might be worth waiting for black friday though, it goes down to about 35 euros for a year.



When is black friday?



I don't know, I'm not a yank, look it up.



Well thats over 1 month away.



It is, but it'll save you £16, and I'm exactly the sort of person who would wait a month just to save £16 on a once-a-year purchase, so I thought I'd mention it.



Thankyou I guess.


Why do construction workers earn so much? Even unqualified labour jobs?



Answer me this: If construction workers get paid so much, why hasn't my sister's fiance (a construction foreman) paid me back a single penny of the £330 that I lent them back in July last year so that they could go on holiday?



Because he knows you won't do shit about it.





You have to do something. Make them pay.



Also, why would you even lend them money?

I would get a massive amount of satisfaction in not giving money if my sister requested.



Because it's hard and dangerous, like your dick in a kindergarten.


Your friend is an asshat. Asshattery is arguably over-represented in the construction industry.



The holiday was booked months prior, and they were originally going to pay for themselves, but then they got asked for the payment a few weeks before he was supposed to get paid for a big job that was going to fund it. I initially outright refused (especially after they took their sweet time paying me back the money I lent them to replace a broken fridge a couple of years ago), but then my mum went on a guilt-trip campaign about how my eldest niece was really excited about going, and said that they would 100% have the money in three weeks time. After several days of this I caved, on the condition that I'd definitely be paid back in three weeks, but naturally a week or so after I handed it over, the big job fell through. After the holiday they ended up in the absolute shit financially, and it's been Soon™ ever since.



What could I realistically do? He's a literal builder, I'm a NEET that sits at the computer all day, we're on amicable terms, and I love my nieces. I'm not going to threaten them or take them to court over it, that would be even scummier than them not paying me back.


He's not my friend, I explicitly stated that he's my sister's fiance. In reality, I lent the money to my mum, who booked the whole thing on behalf of my sister. I only mention him because he's the breadwinner for their family, so it's ultimately his money that will be paying me back.



>What could I realistically do?

Be intelligent enough to know not to loan money to NPCs.



This was obviously before halfchan came up with that meme.


File: a710c28c1aa70a8⋯.jpg (69.57 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1488976710067.jpg)






>. In reality, I lent the money to my mum, who booked the whole thing on behalf of my sister

Then ask your guilt tripping cunt of a mother to pay you back.



You must pay rent, right?

Ask your mum to deduct the £330. She should take responsibility for your sister's negligence.



She's not a cunt, but your suggestion does actually give me an idea on how to quickly end this stalemate. It's ballsy, but I could take it out of the rent I give my mum each month, and then she can take it up with my sister more directly. Up until now, she's been the mediator between me and my sister on the topic, but I think she'll be inclined to apply a bit more pressure once it's her money that's missing.


I'm an idiot for not thinking of this earlier.



Good luck lad. Make sure to cut us all in for the suggestion.


File: 8a8ad9e3c90c2f8⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 220x366, 110:183, BLACK napoleon.jpg)

*defeats you militarily and takes control of your island*

is there anything that BLACK men cant do?






Stay out of Prison.



Hold a job


File: c8f59bf2b43189e⋯.mp4 (2.08 MB, 256x144, 16:9, {Nightcore} The Real Sugar….mp4)

I've been using anime and shitty music to cope with life even more.

Got £5 to last me the rest of the week until I get paid lads.



Why is your control over your personal finances so poor?


File: b8f8857a24d1b9a⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 600x614, 300:307, 2bd.jpg)

Did you lads know muzzies are allowed to wear their fucking ninja masks in their British passport photo?


Any physio lads know what to do about getting pain in the area behind my knee when I extend my leg? It's been happening one or twice a day for a few weeks.


File: 2bf6e7b791884ed⋯.jpg (75.42 KB, 999x963, 111:107, kara boga.jpg)

Let's start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength. He is then covered by his dark skin. This dark skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the scorching sun of africa, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The dark skin reminds us of our dark, deep desires that emerge from our primal subconscious past.

The BLACK man's demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man(ʷʰ*ᵀᵉ dogs)

The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his penis. The BLACK penis is largest of all the races. As the penis is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the BLACK man the most masculine of men. This large penis is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the vagina. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent african seed will immediately enter the womb of the woman the BLACK man impregnates.

In total, the BLACK man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the BLACK man is the epitome of masculinity





Gettttt fucked


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 2f798bbe6fd5ce6⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 1024x566, 512:283, 889d55f7e074e12f7c970847d4….jpg)


>tfw sensitive to gore whether it be human or animal, but can watch niggers getting hacked to death and having their organs ripped out and feel nothing


File: 083867c4dba6f3f⋯.jpg (61.49 KB, 633x699, 211:233, 31b8c99e6fec766740259f11e7….jpg)


sir may I see the license to say nigger please



>tfw no superior ARYAN intelligence


File: 950d339d2483f73⋯.jpg (286.51 KB, 1647x917, 1647:917, help.jpg)

This desk stand isn't even strong enough to support the mic holder and pop shield let alone the mic. Am I doing something wrong?

I have it set up in Audacity and it sounds pretty good, I thought hearing my own voice would make me cringe like it used to when I'd hear myself in videos, but it didn't.


File: 46006be2b7f4658⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Rotating the shockmount so it's directly above one of the legs will help prevent toppling, but the stand does look massively inadequate for the job. Really you want one with a sturdy weighted base, like pic related, or one that actually clamps onto the desk.



You are a genius, my good lad. I'm safe to unplug the mic as long as phantom power isn't on, aren't I?


File: 56589e09109a1b6⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, E835EPACK__58639__28639__4….jpg)


Yeah that's right. Another pro tip is gently wrapping the cable around and down the stand, making sure there's a decent amount of slack near the connector, which will prevent unwanted rumble caused by the cable knocking about, and also keeps things tidy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A man has climbed a tower



The NPC meme has some real momentum right now.


Oi. Hows your Saturday night going then.

I said. How's your Saturday night going.



I am very disappointed in all of you


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