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File: a34883c2c58d938⋯.gif (236.65 KB, 610x374, 305:187, 1452475976321.gif)


Thread #92

Election Edition

Because you know we'll still be posting in here when it's happening



I was making a thread image ree



You can do it next time lad.


Good thread.


Just been told my Uncle has died lads.

A little sad tbh.


oh my GOD my Dad is so fucking annoyiNG HE'S asked me the same 4 things OVER AND OVER AGAIN



I'm sorry to hear that. Did you have a good relationship with your uncle?



But do you want waking up in the morning?



Not as much these days, which is a shame, since he's always had values britfeel would be proud of, he anti-EU as far back as I can remember.

I was a lot closer to him when I was younger though.


What do I need with me when I vote lads. I did vote in the last GE but don't really remember specifics.



Nothing, you just walk in and they'll just ask for your name and address to see if you're on the list. At least, that's how it works here.



Nuke this city.



Got something to say? Remember that we don't tolerate intolerance around here before responding.



Way things are going, you won't be waiting long for that.



I just don't know why the native white minority of this city are always causing problems for these friendly foreigners.




>Anyone being friendly

pick one



You should ask your wrangler to explain sarcasm to you sometime.




it's difficult to detect in text form

for me anyway




I'm not working tomorrow, there's no reason I'd want to be woken up and even if I did I have an alarm clock



I'm off to bed, didn't mean to stay up this late. Goodnight guys.






Night night.


based islam tbh lads


Sit back, smoke crack and enjoy the ride because this countries fucked and it's only gettin worse.. #seatbelttime


404 fix attempt.


I hate my mother, lads. I don't want to.



>BS1770GAIN is a loudness scanner compliant with ITU-R BS.1770 and its flavors EBU R128, ATSC A/85, and ReplayGain 2.0. It helps normalizing the loudness of audio and video files to the same level.

>This project is dedicated to my European heritage. It is strictly to be understood as a statement against the "sweet" liberal lie of "multiculturalism" which is going to destroy Europe as we know it, in particular against the Merkel regime selling out Europe for nothing as we watch.

Finally, the redpilled ITU-R BS.1770 compliant audio/video loudness scanner we've all been waiting for.


>Its a boring Sunday episode.


>tfw no comfy job as a sapper.




"m8s & d8s" normies absolutely BTFO, well played BuzzFeed.



I don't even know what point the video is trying to make.


>wake up

>no time for breakfast, gotta head straight to work

>no cups to get water, thirsty as fuck

>no change in the change in my pockets

>6 hours later feeling dehydrated as fuck

>get home and take a piss

>the piss feels like I'm draining 20 year old motor oil

Drinking water when you're thirsty as fuck feels pretty good.



It seems to me like a general jab at their vaguely anonymous/MGTOW/dudebro/NEET/anti-feminist/robot/anime-nerd/autistic/goobergater/shitlord archnemeses, demonstrating how people like their envisioned bogeyman might be created. I think the only thing they got right was the MGTOW part, because they actually do go around posting "don't bother trying, the game is rigged" after a couple of bad experiences. The rest was one big strawman.



Thats a very broad target to jab.


Do you think girls like based retail lads.


File: e1636e3bd93c35d⋯.jpg (269.43 KB, 1078x1681, 1078:1681, 1496593880333.jpg)



I don't think any woman likes a man specifically because he works in retail, but it certainly doesn't prevent most retail normies from getting girlfriends.

My dad once suggested that my mum should switch from her current job in the middle of nowhere, to working in a supermarket or something, because it would provide her with more opportunities to meet people and make new friends. Less than a year later my parents got divorced, one of the reasons being that my mum had met someone new while working night shifts at Tesco.



Women traditionally took the role of housewife, raised the children and only spoke to other mothers.

It wasn't just for convenience, it keept them in their place too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yeah I know. My parents weren't the traditional types though, and they were also skint as fuck. They had a house and kids they couldn't afford, and they were both also horrendous with money (each parent to this day has 100 reasons why it was the other one's fault, so I can only assume it was both of them), so to make ends meet they both required multiple jobs. In a way, their relationship was doomed the moment I was (unintentionally) conceived.


So touching. This will show the terrorists.




>Election Edition

not anymore i guess lol



Dont know what you're talking about lad, last I heard its still going ahead despite terrorists.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>rescue missions

those pieces of shit are not "rescuing" anybody, they ship the niggers a few miles away from the lybian coast and they illegally take them all the way to europe

(select english subs)





>Theresa May is set to chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency response committee on Sunday morning […]

You do realise it's currently Sunday night in the UK, don't you lad? All she said was some crap about regulating the internet more, like she's always done, the GE is still going ahead as scheduled. We are somewhat legally locked into having poll day on 8th June, it can't realistically be changed at this point.


Might quit my job, fancy being neet again.


Who /aectyjhf/ here?



y-yeah, maybe


>ordered weed on Friday morning

>understand it wont come until Monday at the latest but if I'm lucky it will come Saturday

>check post today


>check AB notifications

>its only been shipped 1 hour ago

You lazy fuck, you've had since Thursday to do this. All he has to do is walk over to a postbox.



He's probably a weedsmoker, what did you expect.


What are you lads up to then.



Laying in bed, stufifng my fat face, watching 13 reasons, which is shit tbf. U?



I'm gonna have a shower because it's been 9 days since my last, and my sister and nieces have turned up.



>9 days

Jesus Christ.










Are they fit?



I guess it's pretty gross, but it's not that unusual for me. I've gone 6 weeks without washing before, now that was bad.


My sister is obese and my nieces are aged 0 and almost 3, so no.


Drinking lots of water again tonight lads.



Nice, me too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ant colony raids a rival nest - Natural World - Empire of the Desert Ants - BBC Two



File: 4142cd4bd0080f0⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 300x238, 150:119, Rasberry-Crazy-Ant-01.jpg)

Post interesting ants


>*blocks your path*



Do you lads like this song.




I'm here.

>Do you lads like this song.

No, it's irritating and a very boring bit of music in my opinion. It's also distorted as fuck, although that appears to be the uploader's fault judging by another version I found on youtube.



I'm here but i dont know what to say



Say what's on your mind, laddo.


Had some good news financially today lads, bought a few beers to celebrate, feeling alright. Have a weeb song.




Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E



Who died?



>implying anyone in my family has anything of value to leave in their will



File: 26929854c27680f⋯.jpg (184.76 KB, 716x1274, 358:637, 1496699333085.jpg)

So British. What a LAD.



benders OUT


File: 5d6d4cd0e98e494⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 896x504, 16:9, -record scratch-.webm)

RS2 is great


Is it worth paying $130 to find out if I have Jewish DNA?



remember when unilad used to be about racist/sexist jokes and actual lad culture?


>tfw its stormy outside and you can hear the rain bash against the window.



Idle faggotry is an excellent strategy against Jihad.

I've often heard of rapacious salafists advising one another to be weary of the unwavering strength of gin drinking goo goblins.

In 1453 for instance Zaghan Pasha anxiously asked Mehmed II before the walls of Constantinople

>"What if we start pillaging the city and they just carry on as normal™? How will our swords work then!?"

When they learnt that most of the Greeks planned to not only not resist, but scold those who did the Muslims were so overcome with fear that they simply called the siege off.


Does look fun lad.


Don't feel well lads, called in sick.





don't be a kike and spend the money


Me too, jobcentre be fucked



I've got a bit of the sniffles myself, I think it's more hay fever though.


File: b231eea084c4d30⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, azhhafq.jpg)

File: 8ccb2ab581e4896⋯.jpg (137.23 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, app-water-treatment-and-di….jpg)

Stop what you're doing and drink a litre of water RIGHT NOW

Post results


File: ed74376403c3490⋯.gif (10.5 MB, 720x405, 16:9, X1IjNP.gif)


I warned you about fluoride lad.


File: 68fc48b04488484⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 640x504, 80:63, 1451443403602.jpg)


Found a really nice looking flat in a good area for £375 a month, lads. Going to arrange a viewing.



>£375 a month

where the fuck do you live where rent is that cheap. Couldn't even get a room for that here



the north assume


Anyone else get sudden extreme fatigue to the point where you can barely move and sometimes just fall asleep?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yes, I think everyone gets like that at times. It's not happened so much recently, but there have been plenty of times where I've fallen asleep at my computer desk and woken up with a dead hand because my head was resting on it.

Speaking of sleep, the dark circles under my eyes have gotten ridiculous lately thanks to my hay fever tablets, I look like I've been punched in the face. I've not had a good night's sleep in ages, every night I'm constantly waking up with dry mouth/nose/eyes and feeling dehydrated, despite drinking loads in the day and before bed.



Probably still not eating enough either



Regarding today you're probably right, but recently I think I've been doing alright, I've even had an extra sandwich on a couple of days. The sleep problem is purely the tablet's fault, they completely dry my face out and also block my nose, so I end up tossing and turning a lot, mouth breathing, and frequently waking up before I've properly rested. It's starting to take it's toll on me, today I feel very dead and my face/eyes hurt as if I've pulled an all-nighter.


I regret selling my bass.



What bass was it?

I also have bass though I'm more proficient on the guitar, it's a Ibanez sdgr, I'll need to re-look at its neck to get exact model though.


Salami slices on toast with butter is surprisingly good, lads.


Dildo son here. My toy arrived in the mail - only a 6 incher, quite appropriate for a newbie I think. I haven't used it yet, I'm thinking tomorrow evening after I've gone to get some lube would be a good time.


What do you lads think about this concept.




It sounds like the article was written by jahans.


File: 1d4cad9533cd812⋯.jpg (154.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, claire elise boucher.jpg)

Are their coming of age films/programmes that are about grown men, who are still really children, finally becoming proper adults?



Only thing I can think of that fits the description is Welcome to the NHK.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl9-nSH1Fng (bit spoilery if you haven't seen it)



What is NHK?



NHK is a real life japanese broadcasting company, but in the protagonist of the show's hikki-fuelled delusions/paranoia, he believes they are conspiring to make people hikikomori through propaganda and subliminal messages. It's a very minor plot point as far as I can remember, the vast majority of the show is about the protagonist's NEET/hikki lifestyle and his various trials and errors in overcoming it, with the help of two "friends" he makes along the way.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw this is what turks were like before Islam

reee jews ruined everything.


File: c8d10b8beeca9c9⋯.jpg (164.49 KB, 1205x827, 1205:827, condensed history of turke….jpg)



d-did you just have this saved for moments like this?



nah, I just post on the Total War general on halfchan regularly and it gets posted a lot.



well, time for bed I suppose


File: a704e649768b1c2⋯.png (670.92 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 1496818075196.png)

File: 7c2fa481212315e⋯.png (127.49 KB, 485x431, 485:431, 1496820646615.png)

>jagex hosts an unpolled gay pride parade

>some players try to host a white pride parade

>get perm banned

Now there are riots everywhere. It's kicking off big time.


File: 935c1606309bd23⋯.png (185.08 KB, 814x936, 407:468, osrs.png)


To be fair though what should one be more proud of?

>belonging to the group responsible for the zenith of every conceivable human discipline and endeavor

>belonging to the group responsible for the proliferation of aids

What one should be celebrated?

Stop being such a bigoted close minded uncultured goy.

This is great though, their reddit is good for some chuckles at the moment.


File: 3b2fe73a5df9e65⋯.png (341.26 KB, 333x500, 333:500, DBC317_01.png)

>squatting 100kg, last set

>3 reps in, weak, fatigued, but go for one more rep

>fatigue causes me to go lower than I intended, so deep that my arse is practically touching the floor

>struggle with it in that position for about 3 seconds

>lad on the next squat rack sees me and thinks I'm stuck

>I actually agree with him at that point

>as he runs over to help I decide to go for it

>draw on every ounce of my inner ANGLO might and squat it for the most difficult rep I've ever done on anything, so red I look like I'm about to explode

>he stops when he realizes I've got it

>rack the weight, say to him "just testing you", he chuckles as I walk away

Lifting is fun lads.


File: 21e81160be2c25d⋯.png (14.17 KB, 903x171, 301:57, rsblackpride.PNG)


I'm pretty angry about this to be quite honest lad. I wasn't mad at first, but having seen how the mods are responding to criticism I'm kind of pissed off. Look at this fucking screencap. I could honestly live with pride, but the combination of banning protesters and THIS fucking response makes me think I'm going to ditch runescape.



>Jagex has no black staff members

This should be the next angle of attack. This racism cannot be allowed to stand.



if I could be fucked making a leddit or twitter account I might ask this



Do we know how much of it is down to this numale fuccboi ModMatK? The devs generally never struck me as SJW types, more just awkward nerds, and a lot of them are middle aged so will have witnessed the rise of PC culture first hand as opposed to being raised and indoctrinated into it from child. They might tow the line out of social pressure but I really doubt many of them are zealots like the faglord in the screen caps.



Update: I don't think I got the right lube because it didn't really help. I thought maybe it was still supposed to be difficult so I forced it in and I think I ruptured something. I'm bleeding quite badly and I'm scared to take it out of my ass now



Mod Mat is pretty fiercely defending the event, but it's actually Mod Wolf's idea I believe. Mat has been with runescape for a long time IIRC, whereas Mod Wolf (the homosexual) only joined the OSRS team a few months ago. Mat has been around a long ass time.



I didn't realize it was THAT Mod Mat. It's ogre.

On the bright side at least a lot of the community seem like good lads.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just sat down in microsoft excel and planned a valium taper plan lads. Taking it nice and slow, it should take 16 weeks and then I'll be free of this Jewish drug completely.



I liked their early redneck stuff but hate the late edgy steampunk shit.



That's great lad.



I remember this song from the first THPS, never liked it though, it sounds absolutely dreadful. The drummer seems to be the only one with any musical sense.



I like a few of there early tunes but I wouldn't say I'm a big fan or anything.


That's great to hear, I wish you the best of luck.



Cheers lad, I'll have a butch.



I'm hoping this new job will make me quit benzos.

Diazepam was never much of an issue, I could cope kinda well on it but Clonezapam reduces me to a deep fatigue where I'll usually just fall asleep on the floor when it starts to wear off. Very strange effect from a sedative.

I'm on about 10mg valium + 0-4mg clonezapam a day. How about you?



I'm on 6mg a day but I sometimes end up taking 8 or 10mg. It's a pretty low dose but because I've been on it too long I get really nasty withdrawals after about four or five days without taking any. Do you have much experience with that sort of thing? I usually get a racing heart, aching joints, struggle sleeping and often lay semi awake in a state of delirium for much of the day.


Going bald lads, send help.


I hope no one ever knows my dreams.



Please tell us your dreams.


any of you lads seen the runescape shit that happened today?


File: efa8f97460023c5⋯.jpg (127.28 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 1430216654882.jpg)


>he hasn't scrolled up



>re-install tinder after not using it for 2 years

>swipe for a while until my matches run out, not much luck

>still have a couple of matches from back then, including one I didn't message

>decide fuck it, message her making a joke about the delay

>she responds extremely positively, gives me her number without me even asking for it

who /chad/ here?



banworthy post, keep this normalfaggotry out of here



Christ, that's not even a high dose no offense, this stuff is additive as fuck. But I read about people who are on 20mg on clonezapam a day and I wonder how they got to that point. Coming off that must be a living hell.



>Do you have much experience with that sort of thing?

Forgot to reply to that.

I'm pretty much always on benzos or had a few drinks, I don't really remember what its like to be 100% sober anymore.



No one, fuck off.


night night



Goodnight mate, sleep well.








Good morning.



all me





Morning lads, I had such a good dream, feel like killing myself.



what happened tbh


Voted UKIP lads. The accelerationist in me wanted to vote Corbine but the sensible side won out. I would sooner vote for him than May though, I hate her tbh.


What is your opinion on the lib dems?



They are faggots.


Voted for Grimes, hope she wins.



I had Hayley Williams wrapped around me and we were planning to go live in the woods. Pretty sure we were in Edward Scissorhands' loft, maybe I was Ed.



I just voted UKIP too. Fully expecting them to only get a fraction of the votes they did in 2015 due to the referendum result and May's current stance on brexit, but like yourself, I cannot and will not vote for Big Sister Sharia May.



I couldn't even vote for UKIP as they weren't standing in my area, as they aren't in a number of areas that already have a pro-brexit MP. That will significantly reduce their voteshare



Same here.



File: c63142415ec12f8⋯.jpg (176.44 KB, 664x1203, 664:1203, 1484699095462.jpg)

>I voted UKIP


Who's the best Babestation slag?



ur mum





File: aa452d9c3961a78⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 543x533, 543:533, 1456881519610.jpg)

>I watch Babestation




I used to watch babestation loads back in the day, internet porn put and end to that though


Lads, I am comfy. Good night, sleep tight.



Goodnight mate, sleep well.


File: f2b42e7730edcdd⋯.jpg (127.98 KB, 358x350, 179:175, 1496958025330.jpg)

only darkness awaits


File: 0a29413e2e5606f⋯.jpg (23.49 KB, 500x375, 4:3, erwg.jpg)

>my obese friend is confused why I'm able to get a 125cc past 65mph whilst he struggles to get it to 50

>blames his own bike rather than the extra 100lbs he's carrying round his gut


Think I might break my tradition of staying up all night on results night, and go to bed instead. Don't feel like this election is worth me ruining my sleep pattern over, I'm not as invested in it as I have been the last few events, and it seems like it's going to be a disappointment for virtually all involved.


Tories got shafted, but on the bright side so did the SNP




Morning lads.



Morning lad.


Teresa May on suicide watch



Hope she kills Corbyn then herself tbf.


>wikipedia page for the DUP says they are eurosceptic and anti-immigration while also supporting soft brexit



File: 1cc506e448668de⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Do you lads like the LA Beast.



He's no reviewbrah but he's ok


File: 0eab273de95c891⋯.png (34.78 KB, 1353x287, 33:7, Nuova immagine (4).png)

what now, bongs?



Now the Conservatives retain control of the government with DUP support and things carry on more or less as normal, wop.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Norn is complicated, Ireland is in the EU, they have a "soft" border (part of the peace process) and want to keep it that way (so they're not at war I guess). DUP has a history of being actually conservative.

It should be possible to negotiate a special condition to keep the border soft without perpetuating (((the free movement of people))) but it would be another concession and tbh it's more leverage for the EU. They're going to pretend that a soft border with Ireland means a soft border with Turkey and Morrocco because the EU is one country!

Bright side is Labour's *surge* is really a fucking shambles,

as >>54957 shows they couldn't form a government even if literally every other party joined their rainbow progressive alliance.

>tfw Labour+LibDem+SNP+Green would still be *17* seats shy of a majority and the left thinks this is a victory.

Nightmare scenario is Theresa May somehow futzing up the formation of a coalition government (unlikely) which results in the Leader of the Opposition becoming prime-minister although there's always hope tbh lads - that could be an accelerationist dream because it would result in serious constitutional changes if only to prevent Jezza 261/650-[Two Es at A-level] implementing marxism.exe


/britfeel/ porn survey



Drank 2 litres of milk today.





Oh god I've had the worst hangover I've had in a long time. Why the fuck do I do this to myself every night.



maybe you should drink less



Because you're an addict, get help.


Afternoon lads.


Spent two whole hours studying math today lads, quite pleased with myself if I'm being honest.




Don't forget to do the lottery, just one line this time


That's pretty good, I spent six wageslaving, don't feel any better than I did this morning. You just refreshing what you know or learning new stuff?



Technically refreshing, but because it's been a good four or five years it's essentially all new to me. Very much enjoying it though.




Nice one, I have to admit I've been slacking on maths lately, I'll do some now.


File: f70ebb868804cdd⋯.png (48.94 KB, 323x356, 323:356, ita pepe.png)



Hope so

Please don't fuck it up lads, after France and Netherlands cucking out and Trump going full kosher brexit is my last beacon of hope

Here's a pepe of encouragement


Nan said I was looking slimmer today, felt good lads.


File: 2051c8a43fe48ab⋯.png (33.92 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1431215738730.png)

>one company owns almost every major porn website



>watching porn

It's like you don't want a cute autistic french wife.


>doing an amazon flex shift

>some cunt ordered about 8 bags of stuff, most of it is in chiller bags so probably their weekly shopping

>arrive at their place

>it's an apartment block

>they added an access code because they want me to actually come inside

>they literally expected me to carry 300lbs of groceries up a huge apartment block


>hit "unable to deliver" Reason: recipient not home

Fuck anyone who lives in an apartment block and does this.

I actually prefer driving 20 minutes to Durham rather than local ones in Newcastle because at least it's normal houses that are easy to find







you lazy prick



I deliver too, if I hit the trades button and the door doesn't open they can fuck right off. The new richnigga blocks buzzers phone their fucking mobiles and they expect me to wait for it to dial, ring, then go to the voicemail and have me talk to a fucking machine, or they pick up and they're out and I'm left standing there like a cunt talking to some fuck who's God knows where ringing his mobile like I'm his mate, fuck you. Living like fucking ants, get a garden and a fucking letterbox.



I have less than 2 hours to make about 7 deliveries, spending 10 minutes dragging 10 bags of heavy food up 20 flights of stairs can make my future deliveries late.

There was a guy who lived in an apartment today, in his notes he said "My door is the one right next to Costa, call me when you're outside". See, this is good, he specified where his apartment was and he wasn't an entitled cunt who expects me to drag it up the stairs for him.



Could have just let them know you've arrived and then left the stuff at the entrance for them to take up.



They had alcohol so leaving it without a signature is an instant point or even blacklist since they could be underage and I'd have to forge their signature which I believe is illegal. Also I couldn't even find the apartment, they're so fucking confusing. It was one of these "modern apartments" that looks like a 7 year old made with lego where there's loads of different blocks with numbers and some have gates and some dont, the whole thing is just awful.



Fair enough, there's no excuse for living somewhere that's poorly designed or ugly.


A guy just had a heart attack at the gym lads.



This dude put a lot of shit online, I'm looking at his youtube channel atm, and he's edgelord as fuck.

He seems to idolise Eric and Dylan when in reality they'd probably hate him for being a degenerate.



His goodbye video is unbearable.


File: cf5999cf8efa8a9⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 335x337, 335:337, 68943897654.JPG)


>only killed three

>didn't delete his gay as fuck youtube channels



Thanks for linking the videos you mentioned.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For future reference.



>going on a shooting spree with a shotgun

Failure from the start.



I get jelly when I see videos of people shooting guns in their back yard. I really wish I was American.



I know mate, wish I could live in the middle of nowhere and shoot squirrels with guns big enough to stop tanks.



You can get 12 gauge pump action shotguns in the UK and any caliber rifle you want as long as it's bolt action.

Problem is you need to find a range that will let you shoot them.



So I can;t do what I want, thanks for the update.



The worst shooter ever, what a huge faggot. Hopefully he's forgotten soon.


File: e8cb35d0fa5d88b⋯.png (343.75 KB, 566x480, 283:240, 1473378741559.png)

Full day ahead of schedule for my math study lads. I've found having a set amount of work to do each day really helps, I've printed it out and have a chart on my wall and can tick off each topic as I do it.

Also, my psychiatrist is undiagnosing me. Turns out he was a forensic psychiatrist who works with a lot of psychopaths/ASPD cases, and he is pretty convinced I don't have it. Feels good. Means I might be able to hunt or join the military one day.


if you actually have land you can shoot on that and just claim you're doing pest control, if you're not a rural landowner you're fucked though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It would be selfish if I didn't sacrifice my life for a greater purpose.


File: 6e51e753f574692⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 720x404, 180:101, naked attraction 1.webm)

File: 092dcaf2ed288f6⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.85 MB, 720x404, 180:101, naked attraction 2.webm)


>(((Channel 4)))

What did you expect?



Wow, what a passive aggressive, bitchy post.

It's as if it was written by a middle aged office lady.



I found it funny tbh


>selling a bunch of old Xbox 360 games on gumtree

>guy comes to my house with a list of games he wants

>he's some middle aged metalhead man with tobacco stained teeth, edgy metal shirt and work boots

>picks a bunch of standard shooters, mostly COD and L4D games

>price comes to $18 and he hands me a 20

>ask him if he wants to pick one more just to bring it to a straight 20

>he has a look through the box quickly and pulls out MagnaCarta 2, some JRPG where the main character is a 7 year old girl with DD tits

Hope he enjoys it.








Sorry I guess . Just want out.


I'm drunk . On my patio being sick. I don't want to. I have just embarrassed myself to no end. Sorry for my passive aggressive post .


Do you lads like redpilled traditionalist trannies.




No, they need to hang with the rest of the queers.



Is it out yet lad ?



Based Alt-Right.


>Mum is going to be away for another 11 days.

Wew lads, it's so weird in the house with just me and my dad, we don't really talk much.

Last time I spoke was friday night.




I said "what?"








Are you actually going to explain what you're talking about or are you just going to go through unfunny attempts at humor? Because if you are just stop now because I can't be fucked and I'm not going to go through the whole "what" on repeat routine.



who /FOY/ here?



I warned you already that I won't abide your childish games. Stop this now or, I assure you, you will regret it.


My mother singing makes me very angry but I can't tell her to stop.



It's her house lad, if you dont like it, move out.

Should be grateful tbh.



Why do you think I said I can't tell her to stop.


>leaked audio tape of Rich Piana

Starts at 0:31





Yeah, but you shouldn't complain about her behind her back. Just move out if you don't like it.


Do you lads like delivering great customer service.



wow shut the fuck up. Someone can complain in the thread if they want to



He's taking passive-aggressive potshots at the lad who was working with his dad, a characteristically feminine/beta tactic, but which is sadly his only recourse as he knows he would get demolished and humiliated if the two had an argument.



Yes he should complain away from his mother, bottling things up isn't healthy



Maybe people are fed up of being sperged at whenever they use an anonymous imageboard as a place to vent only to be told that they are a bad person for it after.




Lad who worked with his dad here, no posts were written by me because I've been with family all day. I haven't posted in this thread since >>54997 , in fact I haven't posted much since this thread began.



I'm just saying, he should respect his mother and be great-full.

Shouldn't be complaining about her like that.


File: 39e2ec0f2faab9e⋯.jpg (73.41 KB, 923x838, 923:838, ahahaha.JPG)


>trying this hard to b8 me



His dog looks caring and dependable.



That's a great picture, what a lad.





Speaking of family members singing, my mum, her boyfriend (a pub singer), and my auntie are all downstairs drinking, playing oldies on the big speakers, and loudly singing along. It wouldn't be so bad if my auntie wasn't tone-deaf.



A bit late of a reply, but what's wrong with cafe racers?



I have a yank keyboard.


Lorning mads.



That's not good, I assume being sick on the patio is the wost hopefully no one saw you anon.


off to bed


Just benched 80kg for reps lads. How many of you lift? I know there's at least one more.



File: 32fb2a43d42dc33⋯.jpg (150.33 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, Anglos.jpg)


I got up to 120 pound bench press three weeks back then hurt my back, then fucked up my sleep pattern so I didn't go to the gym for two weeks. Now I cannot do 5 sets of 116 1/2 pound. I'll get back up to 120 but it's always depressing to lose progress. 80kg / 160 pound is a damn nice bench though.



I got a new job but they told me they give you random drug tests.




How did you hurt your back? I have some experience with back injuries.

On the topic of sleep I've noticed lately that I feel better when I get up to an alarm after about 8-8.5 hours of sleep than when I don't set an alarm and get up "naturally" after 9+. When I don't set one I find that the last 30-60 minutes are very low quality and consist of lots of tossing and turning mixed with intermittent bouts of rest. I put naturally in quotations because in those situations I think I'm actually trying to get more sleep when my body doesn't need it which is why it's so restless.




The new job is metre testing anyway. They told me it will be easy for me since I'm in a nice area but the other guy was from a scummy town and half of the people there are stealing gas.

I learned today that it's a lot easier to steal gas than people may think.



Hurt my back doing barbell rows, it wasn't anything serious. I just didn't want to risk making it worse so I went easy for a week.



Bench is shit, I don't really do it, when I do it's usually 60kg which is terrible for my size, I guess it's shit form but I feel like I'm just frustrating the tendons and cartilage in my shoulders rather than working my upper chest. I have better luck with dumbbells but still, it's similar weights.

I don't really max out but the maximum I'd typically do for reps is

>Deadlift: 160kg

>Squat: 120kg

>Shoulder Press (Standing): 60kg

Aside from this I usually do pull-ups, dumbbell bicep curls and tricep pull downs because i'm an armlet.

I weigh 90-95kg.


Hopefully stealing the piss of non degenerates is just as easy lad.



That's a common one. Ideally you want to have your hamstrings bear more of the load than your lower back, a good way to do that is to warm them up properly beforehand (light weight-high rep machine ham curls are my preference), and to get into the row position with light or no weight and practice consciously firing them.


Nice lifts lad, you're stronger than me. I weigh 86 but am at around 17% bodyfat (at a guess) which is more than I'd like. Do you retract your scapula fully when benching and do your elbows point downwards as opposed to straight out?



Scapula, yes.

Elbows, i don't know what they're doing tbh



Well aim for about a 75° angle. Any higher and you're in impingement territory which will definitely wreak havoc on your shoulders.



kek, I've been burned by that myself, have you already handed notice in?



I'm just going to cut my smoking down to a once in a while sort of thing and then just become more of an alcoholic since apparently driving to work hungover is A okay but having one joint a night in the privacy of my own home is enough to lose me my job.



why not get on of our kind fellow anons to donate some clean piss.



And just carry round a spare bottle of piss round me at all times? I think I'll just cut it down from an every-day thing to a once in a while thing. I'm just worried I'm going to end up drinking more because of this.


Oh, something else about this job.

They gave me a pack of giant plastic socks that I have to put on if I want to go into a Muslim's house.

No this isn't a joke, this is the country we live in.




but then you have to live with the constant fear that the "once in a while" you do it is the time you get randomly tested.


File: b6c992ae6e7f5ad⋯.png (238.93 KB, 508x398, 254:199, ClipboardImage.png)




what fucking job is it, bomb defusal?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you lads like Geoff Thompson.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I hope adolescence blesses this one with some muscle


File: e4f0d7e37bcce3b⋯.jpg (96.61 KB, 576x768, 3:4, My mother's womb.jpg)

I didn't get the meter reading job, I was fired before I was even properly hired.

Yesterday I was late because I missed their text telling me that the training was going to begin 1 hour earlier. This morning I was about 15 minutes late because I'm an idiot and I couldn't find the building since it's such a confusing area.

When I got there they told me my shoes weren't appropriate and I needed trainers, I also forgot the photo IDs they requested so on my lunch break they gave me 30 minutes to go home and get them. One of the trainers was stood outside and he just said "what's your excuse this time". Apparently I was late again, I explained there was traffic and I couldn't call them because I was in my car, his response was that I should have just pulled over and called him. After that he just told me to take my bag and coat and he escorted me out of the building.

I'm feeling pretty shit right now, I thought I was finally going to escape retail hell but apparently not. It's my own fault, I could have just looked at where the location is on a map instead of relying on my satnav or setting off earlier but I'm stupid and didn't.

What do I say to my Dad? I don't want to tell him what really happened. I need an excuse.



Lad, nobody is blessed with a muscular body just by going through adolescence. He'll have to build muscle himself through working out and eating big just like everyone else, that's why it's called "making gains" and not "receiving gifts".



Kek, well at the very least you've learned a lesson in timekeeping and preparation that you'll likely not soon forget. Personally I think you should just tell your dad the truth, he could have some good advice for you or a good clip round the ear. Lying only ever makes things more complicated in the end, and I should think you've had enough of making things worse at this point.



I'm supposed to be going on a test run tomorrow with another guy.

When he gets back home from work I think I'm just going to talk about how horrible it is and I never want to work there.

It does look pretty shit tbh. They give you a huge list of addresses and you have to plan the entire route yourself, unpaid of course. You don't even get to chose when they dump the list of addresses on you.



>It does look pretty shit tbh

That sounds like sour grapes to me lad.

>you have to plan

Ah, maybe it really wasn't the job for you after all.



>That sounds like sour grapes to me lad.

That should be blatantly obvious to anyone. Thanks for reminding me though.

Thanks for the passive aggressive remark at the end though, I already know I'm a fuckup.



I was gonna put "just teasing lad" in a spoiler at the end, but frankly I hate it when people put "THIS IS A JOKE, THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS NOR AGGRESSIVE REMARK, /S, L-O-L" at the end of every post, so I decided not to.



>that pic/filename

Top fucking kek

In all seriousness though, I'm sorry to hear that lad. That really sucks and you're bound to feel deflated, but don't let this stop you. Keep looking for opportunities, you'll find something and you'll be more prepared next time


What unhealthy foods do you really like having every now and then? Overindulgent gluttons need not reply.

I like McDonalds' cheeseburger and chicken nuggets.



KFC gravy was always god tier. I've not had it in what must be around 5 years though, I might hate it now. These days I consider a bit of golden syrup in porridge an indulgence.


File: 96d23caff2bec71⋯.png (160.81 KB, 315x395, 63:79, packShot150.png)


>nobody is blessed with a muscular body just by going through adolescence

idk about that lad, mesomorphs exist, genetics is massive and we don't all go through the same hormonal changes, a lot of chads are gifted. If everyone lived the same lifestyle and had the same diet there would still be a good amount of variation in physique and athleticism.


If this is meant to be bantz the (being a cunt):hilarious ratio is off tbh




Deep-fried pizza.

I don't know why, I have one every year and they're always just greasy as fuck and completely bland. I just get the craving for one sometimes.


File: 1d0528210e958c4⋯.png (135.03 KB, 800x850, 16:17, 1488983251418.png)

>get a packet of hobnobs

>the "Tear here" tab doesn't have the red ribbon

>it pulls off completely a third of the way around the pack



>lot of chads are gifted

Rubbish, the whole "body type" thing is largely a meme as far as I see it, the shape your body takes is almost entirely based on things like your lifestyle, your posture, and your diet (beyond obvious deformities, diseases/illnesses, things like your hair/eye colour, etc). You could start off with the best genetics in the world as a baby, but still look like a freak if you/your parents aren't doing the right things. And you definitely won't be blessed with /fit/ness just by going through puberty alone, it's something you have to actively work towards.


He got sent home from a job interview due to his admittedly poor planning, and then he said the job would have been shit anyway because it involves planning, so the joke was "haha, maybe it's for the best that you didn't get hired after all :v) ;) XD *nudge nudge* wahey". I get that a playful or jovial tone doesn't always come across through text, maybe I should have worded it differently, posted an ebin reaction image, or put several :v) faces at the end, but it certainly wasn't intended to be cunt-like or passive aggressive.


I'm not into anything that's really unhealthy any more, the worst I do is maybe a meal out at a pub restaurant with family every couple of months.



How are body types a meme? Consider the relatively massive variation in height seen in adult men with access to nutrition. It's almost always due to genetics.

While it's true a baby with incredibly good genetics is not necessarily destined for success there are massive segments of the population that couldn't be Olympic power-lifters even given the best work ethic, training programme and access to nutrition.



>Consider the relatively massive variation in height seen in adult men with access to nutrition

Height is obviously a mostly hereditary factor (although still greatly affected by lifestyle and nutrition), but I believe the "shape" (muscle development and body fat distribution) of the bodies themselves are largely not. That's not to say they don't vary from person to person, but I believe it's almost entirely environmental, just like jaw/teeth/face development if you're familiar with the work of Dr. Mike Mew.

>there are massive segments of the population that couldn't be Olympic power-lifters even given the best work ethic, training programme and access to nutrition

Of course you'd have to be real cream-of-the-crop material to hope to achieve Olympic power lifter level, but I think everyone born healthy has (or had) the potential to be decently "muscular" or "athletic". People can definitely fuck themselves up to the point that they might now never make it (people like boogie2988 for instance), but I think with the same genes under different circumstances and with a different lifestyle they could easily have ended up with a Chad-tier body.

Anyway, my original point was that it doesn't matter what genes you're born with, you're not going to turn muscular in adolescence if you don't exercise and eat big to some extent. In terms of american teenage stereotypes, Barron currently strikes me as more of an introverted and socially-awkward computer-kid, rather than an american football-playing jock. Things could turn out very differently given a few years, but that will be because of his actions rather than anything genetic.


File: 8a14ea8d123a893⋯.jpg (42.13 KB, 529x800, 529:800, do I have potential.jpg)

Do you lads like Will Durant.



I didn't mean to post a picture.



The ease with which you develop muscle mass is a highly inherited trait. Even your behavior and intelligence are heavily influenced by your genes, I know it's gratifying to look at the boogies of the world and think they're like you but just chose to live that way but it's perfectly possible people like that never had a chance let alone a choice.



Apologies, I thought you were just making a snide remark about my "poor" planning. I just got fired and was obviously not in a great mood.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



thought that jock cunt didnt do """comedy""" any more





File: 4cf2f2f20964a82⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 532x767, 532:767, 0cde09_6251827.jpg)


>it's gratifying to look at the boogies of the world and think they're like you but just chose to live that way

That's not what I said, in fact I was careful to avoid words like "choice", because parenting, environment, social bonds, bullying, addictions, etc. can impact our lifestyles greatly, and nothing is really a "choice" when you're still a child. What I did say is that, beyond certain syndromes/illnesses/whatever, body shape is largely environmental and not genetic, and that's the truth. You become obese if you consume significantly more than your body requires, you become underweight if you consume significantly less, and you get /fit/ if you work out and eat well. It's dependent on our actions and our environments throughout our lives, which is not necessarily to say it's our choice, but it is to say our genetics don't factor into it nearly as much as you might think.



Anyone watching this? He gets a based Indian comedian on and together they DESTROY those far-right UKIP nutjobs.



Yeah, not a fan.



Dynamite kid-o ?


File: 1bbd86a32584fad⋯.png (39.73 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1431215738730.png)

>Hence a certain tension between religion and society marks the higher stages of every civilization. Religion begins by offering magical aid to harassed and bewildered men; it culminates by giving to a people that unity of morals and belief which seems so favorable to statesmanship and art; it ends by fighting suicidally in the lost cause of the past. For as knowledge grows or alters continually, it clashes with mythology and theology, which change with geological leisureliness. Priestly control of arts and letters is then felt as a galling shackle or hateful barrier, and intellectual history takes on the character of a "conflict between science and religion." Institutions which were at first in the hands of the clergy, like law and punishment, education and morals, marriage and divorce, tend to escape from ecclesiastical control, and become secular, perhaps profane. The intellectual classes abandon the ancient theology and—after some hesitation—the moral code allied with it; literature and philosophy become anticlerical. The movement of liberation rises to an exuberant worship of reason, and falls to a paralyzing disillusionment with every dogma and every idea. Conduct, deprived of its religious supports, deteriorates into epicurean chaos; and life itself, shorn of consoling faith, becomes a burden alike to conscious poverty and to weary wealth. In the end a society and its religion tend to fall together, like body and soul, in a harmonious death. Meanwhile among the oppressed another myth arises, gives new form to human hope, new courage to human effort, and after centuries of chaos builds another civilization.



Transhumanism fucking when


Now that I look back at my training today I'm not surprised that I was fired.

I was late by at least 15-30 minutes every day, I showed up with no passport photos or proper footwear and I was hungover as fuck the first day. If I was the trainer I probably would have sent me home too. He did it in a fairly polite and dignified way, he told me outside the office that he was sending me home in a non-aggressive tone and escorted me to the exit.

The other guy he was training was way older than me, had proper experience, showed up early and actually knew what the fuck he was doing so it's no surprise that he was preferred.

You live and learn I guess. Time to get looking for more jobs and this time I'll actually prepare in advance by looking where the fuck I'm traveling to and get everything I need.

I really can't blame him, it was 99% my fault, if they properly recruit me and I fuck up I guess I'd be his responsibility and he'd get shit for my countless mistakes.



How old are you?



I turned 23 a few days ago. The other guy was about mid 40s and had experience in every trade that exists.

Also I'd like to say that I'm not NEET. I just want a better job. I'm one lucky fucker that I didn't hand my resignation in yesterday.


Up bright and early. What are you plans for today.



I'm a bit suspicious of historic recurrence, I don't think we're bound on cyclical trajectory or even heading anywhere in-particular, if this was written by Socrates i'd be more spooped but it's 20th century so it's more reflection or observation than premonition.

Regardless, what got you into Will Durant? tell us about him tbh, what have you read, what are you reading?



I've just received my tax refund from when I worked last year, so I'm going to do a bit of matched betting.


>tfw want to drink but may need to drive


Handed in my application for a one bedroom flat lads.


I've just been listening to some of his audiobooks on youtube. I've finished the ones on Caesar, Jesus, and Muhammad, and am probably going to listen to his one on Plato next.


What would you lads do if you lived in this burning tower block then. I'm thinking I would have a rope on hand in preparation for this situation, which I would tie to the barbell of my home gym, which would be racked with ~200kg to support my 86kg frame as well as anyone I would rescue. I would have to learn how to make good knots because I don't know any yet. I would throw the rope out of the window and start climbing down, keeping my eye out for any stranded white people in the windows, and upon finding one I would lower myself carefully to their level and walk sideways along the building while firmly gripping the rope if they weren't on my level. If they were fat I would just leave them because it might risk the barbell not being able to support us both, but if they weren't I would grab them by the hand using my well-developed grip strength and then lower us both down to safety to be met by the cheering and adulation of amazed onlookers. The media would probably want to interview me so I would quickly but concisely adovcate for a swift and thorough Brexit, which would obviously include leaving the single market, before going on my way.


File: 9f93ec35b7c2365⋯.mp4 (2.68 MB, 596x336, 149:84, crawl.mp4)


Kek. As I probably wouldn't have the right materials to heroically abseil down the side of the building, my most likely survival attempt would be to just cover my mouth and nose with a suitable material like a shirt, get down on the floor, and army crawl my way down the corridors and stairs. Chances of survival would be slim if I was on one of the upper floors, but it's better odds than jumping out the window at least.



this, plus say I saw a paki do it and he said we won't stop until we are all dead



>somehow find a rope longer than a tall building

>tie it to your barbell and throw it out

>climb out the window and suddenly become aware of the stamina required to support yourself on a rope

>hand starts to burn because you're just "firmly gripping" it rather than abseiling, even moving a few inches is straining so hard that it's painful

>eyes, nose and lungs in agony from the hot smoke rising up below you

>start to feel light headed from inhaling the toxic fumes

>slip a few feet which burns the skin off the palms of your hands

>fall to your death

But to answer your question I'd locate the nearest fire exit and evacuate the building safely.



You must be fun at parties



are you counting the weight of the rope?



Kek this, you might be able to assail a few stories safely but you're going to need one hell of a rope too, did you see the building? Being on the immediate outside is barley better than being inside, it might even be worse, the flames would have no shortage of oxygen.

I feel like I'd accept the burns, get the most fire retardant clothes I could and just sprint down the least hellish staircase, getting low where I could for breaths.

Also wouldn't it make more sense to tie the rope to something nailed down?


File: df90e4c9f19716b⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 962x640, 481:320, building.jpg)

>I would throw the rope out of the window and start climbing down



Even if you were climbing down the outside of that building in a place where there are no flames, the heat is still going to -

1. Kill you from inhaling the smoke

2. Burn the rope an you'll fall to your death

3. Assuming you're immune to toxic fumes and have a fire proof rope, the heat of that fire is still going to burn you alive



>at parties




Try to fold my mattress around myself and tie it there and jump out of the window and prey to god / the gods that I don't die.



Over half of fatalities from falling are from head height or lower.



How the fuck do you tie a mattress around yourself? You know they're flammable right? This plan is hilarious



Yeah, I actually think this is the worst plan I've ever heard. Not just about how to survive a fire but the worst plan I've heard about anything ever.



It would be falling so fast that it wouldn't catch fire.



I bet this is primarily because almost all falls are from head height of lower.

I don't have the data to back it up but i'd bet a lot your chances of survival decrease, as the height of you fall increases, and that this relationship holds true up until 100 meters and probably beyond.


You'd be crippled and in agony when you hit the ground, woefully overestimating how much impact a mattress would absorb, it would slowly catch fire, and you'd cook like the contents of a pasty. It would be fucking hell, springs might even burst out and stab you.



Well I did include praying as part of the plan so it was clear I didn't have high hopes in it. I was also assuming I would be fairly high up in the building.



You'd hit the ground at 80mph and break every single bone in your body.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We lose 93 million Americans to gun violence a day -Gov Terry McAuliffe


When will it end?



RIP america, everyone in the country will be dead before the end of the week at this rate. They should have got rid of the guns, it is not worth it, people are being killed by god damn dogs because of their guns.


>recruitment person rang me up this morning asking about yesterday

>tells me he was told I "walked out" of the induction (what the fuck?????)

>explain what actually happened but leave out 90% of the information that would make me look bad since it's apparent that they already lied about me

He said he'll be able to get me a refund on the money I wasted on passport pictures when they come to pick my uniform up which was quite nice of him.



I told you lad,

I said he was going to tell them you went to lunch and never came back.



>I said he was going to tell them you went to lunch and never came back.

I've searched up and down but I can find no evidence of such a post.



>He's a threadfag



Chat scum OUT



If I don't get the fiver for those passport pictures I'll have an autistic meltdown.


Bit hot.



It is, I thought I'd turn my PC off and clean out the insides as it might let my room cool down a bit, but it's actually done the opposite due to all the moving about and additional hoovering that was involved. Cleared a lot of dust out though, so at least that will help keep my computer cooler, and by extension my room.



Should I call them out on it? I have nothing to lose.

Or should I at least ask the recruitment person if I was supposed to be paid for my induction?



Speak to the recruitment people tbh, theyre losing money on this too so will be on your side, tell them how much of a cunt he was and that he didnt like you.

If its agency work like I think, then they do all the hard stuff for you.



I spoke to him this morning, he seemed kind of concerned and confused when I told him I didn't just "walk out" as they told him.

I asked him if I was supposed to be paid for the induction and he told me no. Apart from that I'll just leave it at that. until I find out where the guy who fired me lives and then he's getting pizzas sent to his life every day for the rest of his life.



>pizzas sent to his life

th-thats a bit harsh



kek, didnt notice that.

But now it's life. I am sending pizzas to his life.

Home from work? Pizza

Holiday? Pizzas to the hotel

Day off work and wants to lie in? Pizza

Finally wants to retire? 1 pizza every hour of the day

When he dies I'll punish his next of kin.


File: 51facd61e98c41a⋯.jpg (168.89 KB, 649x638, 59:58, 1497049201646.jpg)

I smashed my car mirror on a wheelie bin.


To stop spending so much money I'm going to switch from vodka to tramp juice cider. That should cut the cost down by a lot.


My hair looked good today lads. Accidentally put too much gel on but combed it to the side Hitler Youth style then ran my fingers through it so it wasn't perfectly neat. It made me look like a fascist renegade tbh.

I'm going to have some pomegranete seeds soon.


Alcoholic anon? What does it matter how much you spend if you've already resigned yourself to an early grave.



I have good lung and liver genetics from my family history of smoking and drinking.


File: f9bc76d9eb5a3e5⋯.png (24.99 KB, 200x240, 5:6, jdimsa.png)

New girl started at work this week lads, can't wait to get oneitis again without having spoken to her before then the inevitable crushing hopelessness of finding out that she has a bf.




Are you a based retail lad by any chance?



i work at asda



Good lad, so do I. Are you going to try and talk to her?


Why does this news about a Bernout trying to kill Republican congressmen make me laugh so much.



Of course not



go for it lad, if it goes wrong just call her a fucking normie and quit


Weird guy in class who speaks to himself and listens to normie music loudly though his earphones brought his scooter into the workshop today and started spinning it around and shit, he even scooted out of the building at the end of the day. Nobody said anything about it either.



haha great post friend ;4)


Just nipped to Asda, lads. Guess what I got






A based retail girlfriend?



jaffa cakes


File: 26c01aa88f1ddc4⋯.png (228 KB, 480x271, 480:271, ytk.png)


>tfw a guy on a scooter tries to do a biker nod at you



>after 10pm

Not in Jockland, matey Jim.


I wish.

I got milk and teabags.


File: 56702d9acd781c6⋯.jpg (147.14 KB, 821x1331, 821:1331, 1426544648046.jpg)

Just went to make myself a cup of tea and seen two boys and a girl walking down the street dressed to the nines. Looks like it was prom night or something.



It's all fun and games for them now, but they'll soon be slapped in the face by reality, don't you worry.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it hurts to look at her lads



Yeah me too, what an ugly whore.


File: 37bfe19fbf2ae11⋯.jpg (191.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1497505871420.jpg)



Morning lad.


What are you lads going to do today then. I'm going to put stock out on shelves.



Morning lad


I'm going to do some deliveries.



I'm going to go visit my dying grandmother, I feel like a horrible person though because I don't really feel anything regarding it. I just feel broken inside, I want to feel the upset and the pain but I just can't.


hey lads just got back from a driving lesson, it went pretty well I think


File: 80718a82005ae40⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, confused jew.webm)



7/10 asmrfu


It might come after, lad.


I got accepted for the flat, I'm moving in next Friday. I won't have internet for a bit so you lads will have to manage without me.


Slept in before work today, not enough to be late for work but enough that I couldn't have a shower. Felt manky as fuck all day, it's a physical job and it was hot as fuck. Gonna go for a shower now.


For those interested in my degenerate father, last night at about 12:00 I heard a weird pumping noise and I realized that he was probably having a disgusting wank before bed so I decided to interrupt him.

Listen closely at the start of the recording and you can actually hear the suction cup pop off his cock as I surprise him.




Shan't be listening to this.



You cheeky git, nice one. Would be a shame if this was to happen more often, like if you said you'd be out for a certain amount of time, only to come back early and scare the shit out of him perhaps literally, considering what he gets up to.


Besides the very first noise, it's just dad-lad asking about mouthwash, and his dad in another room trying to pretend that anon just woke him up.


File: 1ed0d7ecb014783⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 756x838, 378:419, lad.jpg)


>getting matches on tinder

>have absolutely no clue how to talk to any of them



ask them if they fancy a shag mate aha



handsome lads OUT


Friday night lads.


Right, my Dad gets home in about 30 minutes so I need to pretend to him that I've been doing my meter reading induction and decided I didn't like it and quit.



Pretty sure if you keep swiping you'll get at least 1 match.

I just make sure that

1. they're white

2. there's no kid present in the picture

3. If there's a 3 in their age it comes after a 2


File: 7216ebc6f208463⋯.jpg (127.46 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 1430216654882.jpg)

>googling my old email address/account names in games and reading my old forum posts



I don't have tinder, tried but I needed a facebook, don't have that.


Mine aren't even that bad, mainly just obsession with Japanese bands. I went through and cleared all my old profiles a few years ago, just in case I become famous.



You need A facebook, that just means you need to make an account.


just 2 more weeks and I can become a gun club member and apply for a firearms certificate. (assuming they vote me in but I see no reason they wouldn't.)

There's a chink psycho in my club who bought 1,000 shotgun shells and he keeps them under his bed, he also bought a load of high caliber guns that no range will let him shoot. Pretty sure he's a prepper.



How many shotgun shells are you going to buy?



>I went through and cleared all my old profiles a few years ago, just in case I become famous.

I know this feel.


I'm pretty sure it's designed in such a way that you need to give either Tinder or Facebook (which Tinder can read) your mobile number to use it, it's really scummy.



I'm not big into shotguns, I do target shooting with a rifle.

But I wouldn't mind buying a 12 gauge and a bunch of shells just because why not?



That's correct.

I guess if you don't want to give facebook your mobile number then you can't use tinder.










Just got home from work, had a shower beer and then put some washing on, first time I've done it and mum has been away for a week.

Think dad is out with the dog, at the very least, neither of them are here.












What are you up to lad?


>broke and out of fags

>put on an old jacket that I havent worn in ages

>feel something square in the pocket

>pull out a pack of richmonds with only one missing

Pure euphoria






File: 9fba3ec0e8ab458⋯.png (66.39 KB, 1058x254, 529:127, 1497636313257.png)

Do you lads agree with this post.



This is one of my least repulsive habits.


I used to be a normal person.



I personally would get down as many floors as possible while carrying a mattress, then jump out of the window while holding onto said mattress, hoping it would partially break my fall and allow me to get away with a few broken bones and a concussion.



Pick your mattress up and take it downstairs and out the door in under 60 seconds.

Give me proof of you doing this and I'll give you $100 in bitcoin if you gib address.



Sort of, but the "Kekistani" lot, AKA the Sargon of Akkad and Shoe0nHead-worshipping crowd, aren't right-wing or even particularly centrist. They're big on LGBT "rights", first- and second-wave feminism, multi-racialism, atheism, etc. They're simply against being shamed and preached to, whether they perceive it coming from the "regressive left", the "alt right", or anyone else. Still, it's a good idea to meme about nu-males and the like, because social pressure often makes people rethink the way they behave, no matter how immune they think they are to it.

Speaking of that whole crowd, has anyone else been following the Laci Green thing? If you don't know who she is, she is/was a massive SJW feminist who's been making obnoxious "sex-positive feminist" youtube videos for years. She disappeared for a while after raging about Trump being elected, then a couple of months ago she resurfaced in various debates on anti-SJW channels, and then she made a video of her own titled "Taking The Red Pill" talking about the experience, which was noticeably more level-headed than her old videos. Since then, it's been revealed that she's actually started dating an anti-SJW e-celeb/youtuber called Chris Ray Gun. Naturally, a shitstorm has ensued, and she's essentially been excommunicated from SJW/feminist circles.


>tfw you're busy swiping right and you see "full time mummy" just after the picture goes off the screen


>out of benzos apart from a few 1/4 pills that I've snapped up in my jeans, wallet and jacket

>no problem, havent got work this week so I dont need them anyway

>Dad tells me I'm actually in on Saturday but off on Sunday

>check my holiday form

>he's right

Well, tomorrow is going to be a nasty shift.


Up for tough mudder at 7, should really get to bed.


File: 1e0fadda3621b4d⋯.png (310.29 KB, 697x360, 697:360, DeceasedKekistaniRefugeeCh….png)


I like it tbh.

I almost got faggy with someone because I found out he liked Sargon, it probably just means he's where I was when I was 14.

I definitely agree with the positive enforcement bit, always ask yourself cui bono? tbh. Scolding those who might make natural allies for not being enough like you is such good goy behavior.

The obvious difference is as >>55195 touches on, the "Kekistanis" aren't anybodies shock troops, SJWs are the most zealous manifestation of the contemporary left, the right doesn't have an equivalent.

That Laci Green stuff sounds funny

This crowd in my mind is mainly a mass half way through a very common and old metamorphosis, whereby impressionable liberal idealists get punched in the face by reality enough times and become increasingly conservative.

>They're big on LGBT "rights", first- and second-wave feminism, multi-racialism, atheism, etc.

This is true but for a lot of them this will be temporary, first they concede things like white men aren't obliged to provide for others, then they'll begin to ask why they ever had to in the first place. They'll cling to shoddy theories that blame systemic injustice but will eventually admit that like it or not the West, it's people & traditions are simply better in every meaningful sense and begin to resent any movements that seek to erode the aforementioned. Respect for Atheism, miscegenation, gay pride, women's liberation etc. fall like dominoes.

Why you'd kick them off this path because of the green flag and say "Shadilay", I'll never know, maybe you work for the Jews or something.

That they've made it fun shouldn't be discouraged, I remember a few years back reading some pretentious article exploring why the left is just so fucking funny and god to I hate being white!

might have been this one https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/02/why-theres-no-conservative-jon-stewart/385480/

Recent events have betrayed what vapid sensitive jews these slick champions of liberalism are. They've got no edge now, everyone even a lot of liberals hate the degenerate sermons that (((comedians))) give.

New media is giving the right a lot of opportunities tbh.

We shouldn't take ourselves to seriously, taking the piss out of the modern left is a good thing, it's easy and effective, normies watching Sargon is honestly probably for the best, i'd rather that then them watching John Oliver.



I actually agree with Sargon on a lot of things, and his arguments are usually quite solid and backed up with sources.

I don't agree with his civic nationalist tendencies, but other than that I'm not sure why he gets so much hate.



Civic nationalism depends on the idea that multi-racialism is viable, that non-whites can live as whites, it's an unstable world view, resulting in:

>Forcing the host/indigenous people to redefine themselves in a way that can accommodate for the xenos à la Quintessential Britishness, SNP, Plaid Cymru etc. This isn't very convincing or attractive to very many people at all.


>what happened to me Eventual realization that non-whites can't/won't live as whites and that the disparities we see aren't amenable.

regardless, it's a stepping stone for a lot of people.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Anyone want to hear how my date went last night?



Not really.



Yes but only if you explain how you managed to get a date in the first place. If we deem that explanation to be incongruent with the spirit of this board, then the lad who was working with his dad will firmly reproach you and you will also be banned.



Good luck, try not to touch too many people.


I suppose.


I've been awake since yesterday afternoon, goodnight guys.



Goodnight lad.


What were your plans for today? I was going to watch all the Varg I haven't seen.



He uploaded some really good videos lately explaining some of the deeper aspects of Paganism, before I saw those I just thought paganism was some kind of warrior cult. Really good stuff.


I only took 1/2 a pill of Valium yesterday, today it will be 0 pills hopefully.

I';m going to search every jacket pocket for every spec of blue dust I can find OH GOD please just give me a little bit of your minty freshness



I spoke to her on bumble, which is like tinder but the girl has to message first



>tell me more

Is she cute?



being a britfeeler, I trust that you are a man of your word and will honour this arrangement. BTC address is in the video lad.



File: 68b049a03395749⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 344x379, 344:379, 5481439879.JPG)

>the 'i'm an alt-right woman with nothing of value to say but i parrot commonplace right wing opinions and feature myself on all of my thumbnails as well as making 'how to get an alt-right girlfriend' videos p.s please donate to my patreon' youtuber

Alt-Right is so low IQ; the price of popularity.



>alt-right gf

>not wanting to live in the woods with are Linds

Any gf will do me really.




I'm a man of my word. I'll send the bitcoin later.

Don't spend it all at once.



cheers pal, I respect that.



She wasn't a model or anything but I thought she was cute. Nice body.

She's also very fun to talk to and seems slightly redpilled



Nice to see Britfeelers moving up in the world, I wish you good luck lad.



Where did you go? £10 on Wethers



He's recently broke up with his girlfriend who he was in a relationship for over a year with and he's had about 3 dates since.



Oh, well in that case Chad is at it again by the sounds of it.



That's it I'm out.



> £10 on Wethers

I-I don't accept this bet



I was a kissless virgin when I started browsing britfeel


File: 7c2d82597f5c6fc⋯.png (115.3 KB, 731x341, 731:341, imageboard chat.png)


Things like this make me wonder why I still come here. I assume you would have found all this out through the unofficial off-site chat, which as predicted, has been nothing but a detriment to this board. I wish those faggots would segregate themselves away from here for good, and never come back here. The rumbler can stay though, you seem like a noble lad.


>I've only been a normie for 2 years minimum, pls no bully

You started posting about tinder and date-related encounters about 2 months into the 8ch board's creation, if you're the lad I'm thinking of. That excuse barely worked then, and it definitely doesn't work now.



I made the mistake of playing DayZ with three guys from /v/ once, two where completely fine, we played that once, had fun and never spoke again. The other cocksucker would not stop bothering me. Play this, play that, download skype, what the fuck mate.



>Play this, play that

I dunno, personally I wouldn't mind someone being overly eager to play games with me.

>download skype




I'm not that anon but I've had a similar situation, it can get so tedious when all you want is peace and quiet.

It's not the friendship I didn't want it was the barrage messages.



I've clearly made a mistake, I'm sorry



>all you want is peace and quiet

This was the only reason to play walking simulator 2k13.



>You started posting about tinder and date-related encounters about 2 months into the 8ch board's creation, if you're the lad I'm thinking of.

Not me, I never spoke about it bar one post. I had a relationship for about a year yes, majority of it being long distance. she left me a few months back. I went on a date a couple weeks back that has not led anywhere, and one last night that ended in a hug.

That's the long and short of it, and now I shall leave you in peace.


>tfw not sure if sweat is from the heat or benzo withdrawals


File: 4fa0c602238a8d9⋯.png (482.52 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1431231299166_3.png)



>I'm sorry

>now I shall leave you in peace



I'd say it's the heat, I've been sweating like crazy not just since I woke up, but when I was asleep too.


I propose the next thread be made in honor of our based retail lads and all the hard work that they do.


Lads, develop alcoholism and then take your first sip in over 24 hours.

The feeling is 10x better than an orgasm.



>not England's brave delivery boys and their tireless efforts



what about this thread's fine meter readers?

Oh wait, nm kek


File: d0a899652179c24⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 500x290, 50:29, vargy v.gif)


File: 9bec2efc7bf3596⋯.jpg (21.93 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 547.jpg)


I hate you.



Good idea, I hope the threadslave is paying attention.


Brave and tireless, unless they have to deliver to an apartment block.


File: 997b424b6246b8a⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 547.jpg)


>Brave and tireless, unless they have to deliver to an apartment block

I hate you


File: fd6b48d08437182⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 960x639, 320:213, nintchdbpict0003314673051.jpg)


>taking the risk


File: 388fd49c658104e⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 510x341, 510:341, budget-mattress-510x341.jpg)


It's fine as long as you bring protection.


File: 25f1cc7fb3d5f3c⋯.png (258.24 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1429047994487.png)


I'm hotter than usual tonight but for some reason not as uncomfortable.



Fuck, I'm actually going to have to pay that guy.



I am extremely uncomfortable.


I'd honestly rather burn to death than go through the humiliating death of everyone knowing I tried to jump out of a window with nothing but a mattress.



What if you rolled the mattress up for three times the cushioning?


Roll your mattress up, jump out your window and you'll get a bitcoin reward.



I rolled it up and jumped on the floor, I think I broke my throat.



Morning lads, not so hot today.



I'm still awake from "yesterday", temperature hasn't really changed as far as I've noticed. Still 29 C in my bedroom, it's currently 27 C outside, and it's only gonna get hotter as the day progresses. I'll be sleeping in the day again too, and if it's anything like yesterday then I'll be sleeping like shit again.




Feels just as hot here as yesterday.

Gunna go walk the doggo and I know im gunna come back covered in sweat.


>go to play New Vegas after not playing for ages

>have fuckton of mods installed, that I spend ages getting to work together without confliction

>Mod Manager has apparently had a major update, so needs to re-install every single mod

It's gonna fuck it all up, I know it


Tough Mudder went well yesterday, done it in 4h35m

Got sunburned like fuck on my arms, face, and back of my neck and I got a bit chafed between my thighs. Other than that I feel pretty good, no sore muscles or anything today unlike when I did the Rat Race last month and was practically a cripple the next few days.



I know that feel, NMM did that the last time I went to play Skyrim after a long time. Now there's apparently a "remastered" version of the game which means even more hassle if I wanted to play it again, but from what I've seen it looks like it's basically just slightly different lighting, so perhaps it's nt worth it.


Nice one, well done.



I have 71 mods installed, even if it runs it might not be apparent right away if one or some of them aren't working. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE





your own fault tbh



What are you implying?



If you're going to play Skyrim again pirating the special edition is well worth it.


File: 58206cf099dbbf2⋯.png (508.02 KB, 600x686, 300:343, ClipboardImage.png)


you should be buying your mods, goy. Don't you want to support content creators?



You should be using MO, not NMM





File: 37cc5dca6575a02⋯.png (37.97 KB, 296x299, 296:299, 1459591854195.png)


>go to log into NMM

>my account has been disabled due to inactivity

>Have to recover my account via email

>the email address I had linked to the account was deleted ages ago

>no way to re-activate my account



>Several of my installed mods couldn't be found and haven't been re-installed





the absolute STATE of NMM plebs



NMM is fine.



It's notoriously bad among the modding community.

They had to recruit the MO dev to work on a brand new NMM from scratch rather than keep updating the current mess.



It's still fine, most people can use it without a problem. MO is better though, yes.



I pirated Skyrim when it first came out and played the shit out of it, then about 3 years later I bought the "legendary edition" on Steam when it was cheap because fuck it. I got the "special edition" for free because of that, but it counts as a seperate game from the original version which is a bit awkward. Out of interest, why do you think the special edition is worth playing over the original?


Never heard of it, I've not been into Skyrim for a long time and I don't currently intend on playing it again any time soon. I was never really into modding Skyrim either, I mainly just used it for the unofficial patches and some minor aesthetic things.



It looks suprisingly better and it's much more stable.



If you don't intend to mod the game, then you're better off playing the Special Edition, but if you want to get the most out of the game you're better playing modded regular edition since most mods haven't been ported to the SE.


>New Vegas won't even launch now




Well it's launched but several things aren't working and so I'll probably need to start from scratch



What mods are you using, lad?



Lots, but i cba anymore






' z a



File: 42bcb685e380ab5⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 634x671, 634:671, 354FADC100000578-3642919-A….jpg)

Someone go to the shop and get me a calypso.



Spagbog night tbf.



someone fetch me some cans too, this pizza is nice but beer would make it better




thanks sport


File: e88a967a3271a4d⋯.jpg (4.25 KB, 208x250, 104:125, 1495731421859.jpg)

Fuck. I got drunk last night and ordered a pizza from my favourite takeaway, but then I fell asleep and missed the delivery.

Can't risk ordering from there again in case they give me shit for it, or even worse what if they spit in my food or something?

FUCK. The place is so good too.



contact them and explain, offer to pay them for it



I'm too autistic for that. I'll just not go there ever again (or at least for a good few months)



They won't care or remember, I promise you.


Have you Skyrim lads ever tried the Requiem mod.


Haven't taken any benzos in about 2 days I think. Sleeping is very difficult and I'm feeling pretty anxious.

Either I put up with this for 2 weeks or I buy more and taper off slowly but I'm not sure I trust myself to sensibly taper off.

I feel weird and confused and it's going to get worse.

Don't take this jewish drug ever.



No, is it any good?



I feel for you lad, you're doing good though. "Meds", not even once.



Why the fuck is this even a "medical" drug? Pretty sure in 50 years people will look at benzos the same way we do now with 1900s morphine cough syrup.

It would be safer and easier to prescribe someone a bottle of vodka and a pack of cigarettes.


reeeeeeeee I want a PVM



shut up



File: ed5975acd7d7d79⋯.jpg (842.4 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, mNi7Lzs.jpg)


I know that feel.




Tried phoning a production company? That's where I got mine.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you lads like Ronnie Coleman.



File: e6076928b9d3a31⋯.png (548.19 KB, 764x573, 4:3, wojak letterbox 4.png)





Get mummy to phone, just give her a script.


File: b15a52fc0113521⋯.jpg (824.05 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1497803610042.jpg)




No way, I'd rather just continue living without. It's a luxury item that I would like to have, but it's not something I desperately want or need.



Have chinowankers gone too far?







File: 233827d882b0c9c⋯.png (363.52 KB, 846x692, 423:346, 1439244291815_4.png)




n'night lads



Goodnight mate, sleep well.



How the fuck can you not email?



It's just a bit nerve-racking. I have sent emails before of course, but generally I get the same feeling writing/sending an email that most people would get if they had to give a presentation or approach a girl that was out of their league. I've never sent an email to inquire about something, I've just replied to a couple of messages from sellers on ebay/amazon if they tell me there's an issue.


File: 7c86bbae41480f5⋯.jpg (150.07 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1442975970800.jpg)

>31 C

>haven't showered in a week

>spiders around

>sneezing fits

>nose running

>eyes watering

>banging headache

>sleep cycle completely out of sync


Send help.



Go for a shower, it'll make you feel much better and it'll help clear up the hay fever symptoms for a while.



I really should, I've felt disgusting and stunk for days but I just haven't bothered to do it. Showering at night is a bit awkward though, because my mum's bedroom is right next to the bathroom, and tonight her door is wide open due to the heat.



Just do it lad, a good shower honestly does wonders considering it's just you standing under running water.



It's mainly all the preparation and clean-up stuff that puts me off because it's effort, hassle, and takes me ages, although the "taking clothes off and standing under the shower" part isn't particularly appealing to me either. I'd have to change my bedsheets afterwards too because they're as disgusting as I am right now, and that's hassle and effort too.


Just got out the shower. Hasn't helped with the hay fever symptoms at all, but I no longer feel greasy and sticky, for the time being at least.



Good lad.


Bedtime, chaps. Nighty night.


Whoever was driving that van was a colossal idiot or it's a false flag.



I wish I had a shower, if I want to get clean the only option is baths. I fucking hate doing it but I make myself at least once a week (which is far less than is normal but I feel like it's decent for this place)



Yeah, it's awful convenient after all the severe Muslim terrorism lately that there's now this high profile attack against Muslims with a shockingly low casualty count.


>all major news outlets label this mosque attack as a "terrorist attack"

>braindead pakis on facebook still doing the old "why are they never labeled terrorists if they are white???" bullshit





Now now lads, this was an isolated incident and you cannot blame all Islamophobes for this. And to make sure everyone understands, Islamophobia has nothing to do with terrorism. And we all know the real victims here are the whites who will face anti white backlash from the Islamic community. Society really ought to have done more to address the van drivers grievances instead of painting peaceful Islamophobes as terrorists.



Agreed, there are millions of peaceful islamophobes in this country, and to paint them all as terrorists because of this isolated incident is racist and ignorant.


File: 7541ade67b09b2a⋯.jpg (40.77 KB, 620x472, 155:118, White-van-man-503916.jpg)

File: 2af0074723fdd72⋯.jpg (115.38 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 21_islington1_w--(None).jpg)

File: 39f53e04933c08f⋯.jpg (40.55 KB, 615x409, 615:409, PAY-Dan-Ware-outside-his-h….jpg)





File: 1223933312ed184⋯.png (360 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 1496245331853.png)



If it wasn't for all the young Christian boys round der, helping them, coming from church, people wudda dead! Nufmorepeoplewuddadead!



Just looked on facebook and it's shocking how true this is. Even the few that acknowledge that it has been labelled terrorism are saying shit like "I'm glad for ONCE they're calling it terrorism even though they normally blame mental health when it's a white person"

Fuck them.


Laying in your pants daydreaming is the only way to spend these hot days tbh.


'za is ready.


White people can't keep getting away with this, smh. We have to stop them.



Well I decided to try it out. Seems decent after about an hour of playing, but I recommend using the Alternate Start mod (although it's worth noting that I found an Ebony Dagger hidden under a pile of straw in one of the cells just past the torture chamber under Helgen).


Tempted to buy a gaymen pc.



>not already having a gaymen pc



I've just been napping for the past couple of hours, it really is too hot to do anything.


I have one, but it's too hot right now to play anything that makes use of the extra power.



I don't even like vidya tbh. I have my old case still, sold all the other bits.



Then why are you tempted to get a gaming PC?



Every one is talking about it, I feel left out.


My jar of coconut oil which is normally a white solid at room temperature has completely liquified and now looks like water.



>falling for the peer pressure meme

I bet you're a smoker.






Skyrim can be comfortably played on 5 year old toasters with only Intel's integrated graphics, and even older PCs if you have even a basic graphics card, as long as you don't mind it looking like a PS3 or Xbox 360 game.



It's all or nothing lad, I was looking at 4k monitors too, I don't even own a tv.



4K is the latest kike meme, just get 1080p.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10000 Stinging Caterpillars Vs 1000 Degree Raid Flamethrower Extreme Pest Control





The 4K meme isn't worth the money in my opinion, at least at the time of this post. A single GTX 1080 Ti can't hit solid 60 FPS at 4K in most 2 - 3 year old games on max settings, and that card is about £700. Keep in mind I have a GTX 770 (which is now 4 years old) and I can still get solid 60 FPS in most of these same games on medium/high settings at 1080p, and any newer card will do significantly better. Personally I'd rather have double the framerate over double the resolution. It's also significantly more cost effective to build a rig around 1080p or 1440p.



>they cook up fast, don't smell bad either

Fucking Aussies. I haven't seen a caterpillar in years, not that I go looking.


>A single GTX 1080 Ti can't hit solid 60 FPS at 4K in most 2 - 3 year old games on max settings

How awful, the 4k dream is over. I think I had a 6950 when Skyrim came out, it good but mods started to kill it.


File: a00983befcb85b8⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 234x250, 117:125, 1486184720233.jpg)


>that tree



>the 4k dream is over

Just put it aside for the time being, it'll happen eventually, just not quite yet. It's hilarious how (((people))) have been pushing 4K gaming for years though, but even to this day expensive high-end hardware just isn't reasonably capable of doing it.

>I think I had a 6950 when Skyrim came out, it good but mods started to kill it.

At that time I had a pre-built Dell PC with what I believe was a Radeon HD 5870, although I may have swapped it out with a 6xxx at some point, don't really remember. I was quite okay with playing games at lower than native resolutions and at 15 - 20 FPS at the time though, "anything is better than nothing" was my mindset.


who /dunce/ here?



I think I'm inherently quite intelligent and quick to grasp new concepts, but I'm not MENSA-tier and I'm not good with things like maths due to a lifetime of avoiding studying and practice.



Ever forget you actually have a perfectly good, though 7 year old, pc in your house that you gave to your sister when you got a new one but completely forgot about it as it's gathering dust somewhere? Dunce.


File: 10fc95b2ab63051⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, maybe.webm)


I was clearing out a load of old cans down the side of my bed and found 1/2 a pill of valium that probably fell down there some evening when I was drunk and trying to snap pills. I almost instinctively swallowed it without realizing that I probably should have kept it for sleeping tonight.



No, but I do have a functioning 7 year old PC in my room gathering dust and I also have a sister, which makes me question whether you're talking about me or about yourself. I never said she could have it though, and I never forgot that I owned it. How can you give something away but still have it? In what way does any of this make you a dunce?



How cute is your sister?



She doesn't use it, you should take it back. I'm sure our sister won't mind.


shut up



Enough of your games, get your possessives straight.






You can't just drop in the fact that you have a sister without telling us if she's cute or not, lad.


File: c064071fe583e08⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.4 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, folder.jpg)



fine, here's a pic.



that's a cute girl (male)



Only child spotted.



You be nice to Claire, mate.



So she must be pretty cute, huh?


Good morning.


File: 340fea61546cd2b⋯.jpg (64.08 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 335106-me-gusta.jpg)


Well played, sir. Well played.


What are you boiis going to do today then.



Morning lad.


My next task is to go to bed.



You've lost control, lad…



I lost control about 7 months ago.


File: 99b1e2b1b79090b⋯.jpg (61.24 KB, 768x478, 384:239, 11cowley-inyt-master768.jpg)




Why can't my Dad just be comfortable with silence for more than 1 minute.



It's too hot right now, and I'm too tired. Goodnight mate.






Good afternoon.


File: fcbcfee451c2c8f⋯.jpg (20.62 KB, 427x427, 1:1, 1483474738559.jpg)

>tfw wearing sunglasses so I can look at women's asses without being noticed



>he's an arse men



>normie memes



>implying breast isn't best


File: 9afeafce0e3c0aa⋯.jpg (691.84 KB, 1061x643, 1061:643, 1497967867336.jpg)

Do you lads like ancient Aryans.



>tfw nearly crashing the car twenty times a day checkin out da shawtys

Seriously though, the girl I'm obsessed with looked ever cuter today, I can't handle it.



It's making me depressed, that I'll never have any of these women.


i am a big boy


Got the pc hoovered and set up lads.


File: 6eeb058f5aeb638⋯.png (114 KB, 365x273, 365:273, Beyblade_Logo.png)

One time in primary school I stole some nigger;s Beyblade and then made the niggers race promising the winner a Beyblade, the event was a resounding success and I awarded the winner the Beyblade but the one I stole it from realized it was his, and deduced that I had jewishly pilfered it.

The niggers turned on me and I was somehow able to outrun them all, back to the sanctuary of the school.


How do I connect computer to amp?



Got away from the wrangler did you?



Assuming you mean a normal audio amplifier / headphone amp, and not something mad like a guitar amp, you do it by hooking up your PC's line-out to your amplifier's line-in, the most basic cable for this being a 3.5 mm stereo (TRS) jack to dual RCA male cable. Preferably you'd have some sort of audio interface or sound card, because integrated audio chips always have nasty downsides (pathetic S/N ratio, interference from everything inside your PC due to improper shielding, crap DACs that don't give a flat frequency response, more harmonic distortion, etc.). If your amp has SPDIF or HDMI audio support, you could use that for a nice clean digital signal, although this will often come at the cost of latency.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Our Oriental Heritage: Introduction—The Establishment of Civilization


simply fantastic






It entirely depends on the inputs of your amp. If it has 2x 1/4" jack sockets, then yes, but normally consumer-level audio hardware only has RCA sockets when it comes to analogue audio. But do remember, if your coming straight out your motherboard, you will likely get some noticeable interference and other unwanted artifacts that otherwise wouldn't be there if you used even a cheap-ish USB audio interface.



Ree, my sound card broke ages ago and someone told me to not bother getting a new one.

The sockets are just red and white holes, idk what they are. How do I know?


File: f6286cfb418270c⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 700x700, 1:1, twin-phono-to-3.5mm-stereo….jpg)


As a side-note, it's important to know that all analogue audio cables, plugs, and sockets are ultimately just wires and bits of metal in different shapes and sizes. A line-level audio signal going down an RCA cable is no different to line-level audio signal going down a 1/4" jack cable, in the same way that your car travelling down the motorway is still the same car when it's travelling down a country road, but your "starting point" and "destination" will dictate which of these you need. The only time you need to be careful is when dealing with microphone level signals (very low voltage) or speaker level signals (very high voltage, only really found between power amplifiers and passive speakers).


Red and white holes are RCA sockets, you need pic related, stereo 3.5 mm jack male (the thin pointy one) to twin RCA male (the red and white ones). The colour doesn't actually matter, that's just so you know which one is intended for the left speaker signal (white or black), and which is intended for the right (red, red for right).



I bought what I linked before because I only had 9 minutes left to get next day delivery. I'll just hope it works.


File: 988abab8e2279e3⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2307x1635, 769:545, Output_Jacks.jpg)

File: 69e5632a7a88cf8⋯.jpg (303.53 KB, 1760x959, 1760:959, xphono-input.jpg.pagespeed….jpg)


It's not going to work if your amp doesn't have 1/4" inch jack sockets. Pic 1 shows 1/4" jack sockets, pic 2 shows RCA (sometimes called phono) sockets. They are completely different shapes and sizes, so while they carry the same signal, they can't be plugged into each other without an adapter of some sort, or just using the right cable to begin with.



Lets just hope my amp has 1/4" jack sockets.



I'm not entirely sure how you can't know, do you not currently have the amp in your possession? If it has a metal nut around it and looks like you're almost able to fit the non-writing side of a pencil inside the hole, it's a 1/4" jack socket. If it's red/white and looks more like you could only fit a lollypop stick down it at best, it's an RCA socket.



If I check now and find out its the wrong socket I will be disappointed now. If I wait until the cable arrives I will only be disappointed then.


File: 68d3f0b9f84556f⋯.jpg (21.55 KB, 448x392, 8:7, morhaime.jpg)


Do you lads like heroin.



Yeah, it's one of my favourite songs.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Only the dub mix, the vocal mix is terrible and cheesy, but the dub mix is apparently 2rare4youtube, so it'll have to do.



Your taste in music has a lot to answer for, lad.


Just ordered a calzone and a burger meal for myself, why am I always such a greedy cunt when ordering food online? I'll be stuffed after the calzone, never mind the fucking burger meal.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't like the version I posted, I don't particularly like the record overall in fact. I have the record because my dad got given the DJ-only promo back in 1987, and I thought one particular mix on it was "okay" at best. I didn't go out and buy it or anything.

Maybe some classic acid house will make up for it.





Even TLWWWWHD will like this one.









RIP Alarm Clock.


Went outside and stepped on a slug wearing nothing but socks, it stuck to the bottom of my sock and when I shook my foot it was still stuck so I had to pull my sock off and throw it away.

Fucking disgusting, I'm going go make some wiccan ring of salt round myself.



Why did you go outside wearing nothing but socks?


Think I might nip down to Asda for some chocolate milk.



For a smoke.



No sympathy tbh.



Smoker BTFO



Get me a bag of jam doughnuts please mate.



Were you ready to give my sympathy for walking outside in my socks in the middle of the night before you found out I'm a smoker?



Not him, but I wouldn't have because it's pretty silly to go outside without shoes on, or at the very least slippers. The fact it happened to a smoker is just the icing on the cake.



I used to have a pair of chucks without any laces that I'd use as slippers to go outside with but they've vanished and I can't find them.


Night lads, RIP Slug.



Goodnight mate, sleep well.



I was considering it, yes.



I've just noticed you were referring to me in that post. You are dead wrong, I think it sounds dreadful. There's a point where"experimental" can meet "musical" and make something interesting or even beautiful, but this is long past that point and falls straight into "car crash cacophony" territory.



I'm sick of this. Let's meet up for a fight.


I hate it so so much when my Dad takes time off work and I have to put up with him trying to force conversation from the moment I wake up.


50°03′N 05°45′E


Moving into my first flat on Friday. Do you lads have any tips.




Probably not but tell us more tbh, renting? why you moving?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm glad this video is making a resurgence.



File: 9b8cbfe11e16db9⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 620x350, 62:35, smug-corbs-620x350.jpg)




Benzo withdrawal is hell.


File: d60dc94e8274669⋯.webm (214.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, anglo saxon man.webm)





Do you lads like asparagus.






I do not.



Yeah, it's alright.





>Finsbury Park terror suspect "tried to kill himself six weeks ago by throwing himself into a Cardiff river and begged to be sectioned", his sister claims



I'm loving this breeze.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Paul Nuttall gets absolutely DESTROYED



>there are 7 million ethnic Swedes and 20% of their population are foreign born

How long until it collapses?


>ywn be a weed lord


I honestly expect them to be less white than the yanks in 10 years if the current rate of immigration sustains.


>take paperwork to girls downstairs

>tell them its not done properly because something is missing

>one girl says 'it's ok because we like you so much' in a weird tone then glances at her friend

>she looks down then mumbles 'oh god'

>she either fancies me or has been calling me a cunt

Fucking bitches OUT, don't know what I did tbh.



which one mumbled "oh god", the one who was speaking or the girl she glanced at?



girl she glanced at


Been playing that Requiem mod for Skyrim for the past few days, stealth is completely and utterly gimped, literal waste of perks tbh since even with 100 sneak, all the perks unlocked, and wearing the lightest armour in the game, everything detects you before you can even get close enough to sneak attack them.

Heavy Armour is the way to go, even if it does make you move at a snail's pace until you get the higher level perks.



I've electrocuted a few wolves.



I've personally had more success against wolves than I have against mudcrabs, although I think that may be due to the non-level scaled enemy placement.





Why were there girls downstairs? Why were you doing paperwork? Why was something missing? So many questions left unanswered.



Easy now lad, it's not Friday yet.


I'm have become Sam Lowry.


File: 5f030f363fabf4c⋯.jpg (82.63 KB, 585x555, 39:37, 1498152775049.jpg)

File: f6965f07ca08124⋯.jpg (288.33 KB, 865x992, 865:992, 1498154849241.jpg)

The Yanks are bullying the Sussex police because they've been reporting people for hate speech on Twitter.



Our police are an embarrassment.


File: 1f5de7edefad204⋯.jpg (58.81 KB, 343x357, 49:51, 1449949919223.jpg)


We honestly deserve to get fucked by the shitskins tbh.


>£1110 has been deposited into your bank account





Goodbye lads. We will meet again.



I don't know about retail, but receiving minimum wage at the end of the month after working my bollocks off full-time was always underwhelming. It was nowhere near the value of the work I was actually doing, and because I was working all the time I didn't have a life to spend the money on anyway. I'd have felt like I was getting ripped off even if I was getting double the wage, triple even.


See you later mate.



L-lad? You're not killing yourself are you?



That's not exactly high for what is presumably full time work



Good lad, I don't get paid until next Friday.


RIP Anon. Better luck next time.












it feels allrightht

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