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357e98  No.261468



Sorry not sure where this fits but stumbled across this and thought it was notable. I know HRC is supposed to be Alice but… just check this out and tell me what you think.

Is Ellen her clone? they look so similar. Are they related? even have the same smirks and mannerisms. What if she was age regressed and sent back in time? if she was allowed to keep her memories then she's an elite cabal.

if i'm wrong then she could be a clone.

if I'm right because of the fact she plays a housekeeper… is she the keeper of a house? plus the characters name she plays is Alice.

Alice in Wonderland? How would a clone have memories of the original, can life experience be transferred?




357e98  No.261469

1 more thing, the cabal always likes to hide out in the open and play roles of the type of character they want to be seen as in the public eye.

more in the secret society esoteric circles, this situation could be used to hijack thought.

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