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File: b0fdab43e9a7bd3⋯.png (250.26 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-09-17-15-3….png)


This food item is $20

>> Spend $10 on the voucher

>> Spend $10 on the food at the restaraunt

>> Still spending $20 in the end

Am I missing something? How does this shit work?


Generally, you pay $10 and get $20 worth of food item credit at the restaurant. (Or pay $25 and get $50 credit, etc).

You order $30 worth of food, you pay $20: $10 in advance for the voucher, $10 at the restaurant because your voucher only covered the first $20. (You save $10.)

Drinks are usually NOT covered, nor are gratuities. You effectively get a discount on part of your check. Remember to tip based on the pre-discount amount.



Careful with places that are on groupon all the time. Heard from a chef I know that some places dial back the food quality / amount for people with vouchers.



can confirm, worked at a place with groupon and another voucher program that i can't remember. anyway the servers would always tell us if they were using one and we'd make sure not to give them the more primo looking steaks/cuts of fish and to save those for someone that's actually making the place a profit.



why is it showing me as canadian i'm so confused




The funniest part about this is the point of Groupon is to get people to try your restaurant at a cheaper price in hopes that they will like it enough to come back and buy it at regular price. It’s a incentive to get people to try your food. Serving them shittier food than normal kinda defeats the purpose. Pretty ironic if you ask me.



Of course that's the hope and intent; repeat business and word of mouth advertising in exchange for a discount.

In practice, a lot of grouponeers are just trying to save a few dollars and won't be back nor tell their friends.

Hoping the better restaurants at least cover food costs and sell a few cocktails.



live in puget sound?



That would only make sense if it didn't also think people stuck in Commiefornia were Canadian too.


I spent 6 bucks for 20 dollar coal fired pizza. nobad



Just dont tell them until the check arrives



>In practice, a lot of grouponeers are just trying to save a few dollars and won't be back nor tell their friends.

That's because of shit like >>12074

When they provide decent service despite knowing I'm using a voucher I become a repeat customer at that establishment and tell my friends (if they're any good anyways).


Pretty much any of the ones that aren't chain restaurants require you to declare your voucher before being seated. Some actually require you to call ahead if you're using a groupon voucher (no doubt to pull ou the older shit they can from the freezer to prep it). There's a Vietnamese place that's always on the groupon/always skimps on the food for said grouponers here in town who lost their shit when someone didn't call ahead to tell them they had a voucher/were going to turn them away before realizing my ma' and I were the only other people in their shitty restaurant and we were about to get up before our food was even served while she was complaining to her cook from what she thought was a quiet corner.

Honestly I try to avoid groupon after I bought a $50 one for CCW training courses and found out it didn't cover using a gun or ammo, or the range time, or really anything other than the physical class itself which was held off-location at some church.


File: 92e871c7a2f0ab5⋯.png (197.38 KB, 294x256, 147:128, 1559597074799.png)


>Remember to tip based on the pre-discount amount


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