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File: 1438486885216.jpg (3.01 MB, 3224x2304, 403:288, 62764864.jpg)


Can we have a thread dedicated to the best culinary ingredient that will improve over ninety percent of dishes?

Remember that there is no such thing as using too much garlic.


yes there is such thing as too much garlic



jesus christ what kind of faggot are you



That is only true in rare instances. The vast majority of the time when some pussy says something has enough garlic they are 10x short of the amount it needs


my friend claims he has perfected his recipe for "60 garlic clove chicken"… i have to try it sometime.



I do not know that the flavors of garlic and cloves combines nicely with chicken



Then there's only one way to find out.



I can see cloves, I can see garlic

Just not sure of the combination

60 cloves is a lot cloves.



… an individual piece of garlic is know as a clove. the sweet spice known as cloves are completely different, but there are quite a few indian and middle eastern recipes that use both. as far as i know his recipe is pretty much just filling the cavity of a roasting chicken entirely with whole cloves of garlic, seasoning the outside of the bird, and slow roasting it.







I once actually put too much garlic, i think i was making a sauce or something and went "eeh fuck it i bought some month or so ago they might get bad soon" and just smashed somewhere between 10-15 full-sized cloves of garlic into it.

Needless to say it was bit… overpowering.




>inb4 poe's law

>inb4 i was just pretending to be retarded

/ck/ can't cook, anon. you have to explain every little detail sometimes.



Of course, on any fucking chan, one should assume that the place is populated by trolls.

>/ck/ can't cook

… needs to be turned into a banner



Considered roasting it? Mellows out the harsh parts of the garlic, but keeps the good parts intense.

More garlics, less overpowered.



Sautéed garlic with cherry tomatoes is a fucking wonderful side dish that goes well with nearly any pasta ensemble



Sauteed garlic is fucking wonderful no matter what you do with it.


My garlic patch >>>/out/693


My folks and I drove past this town called Gilroy that's full of Garlic farms. They also have this little stand where they serve garlic ice cream. Didn't get to try it sadly.

Oh and no, garlic is absolutely great. No such thing as too much garlic.

There's also this little food chain called potato corner and they serve some rad garlic fries. Fucking yummy as hell.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yea, love garlic as well. Last year, I tried making sopa de ajo from 'vidrelated.yt' and it was pretty yummy but it was strong. I used about ~12 bulbs of garlic (bogatyr and georgian fire variety).

Speaking of which I put in an order on Allicin Ranch for some more bulbs to grow for the fall which I can't wait. If anyone is interested this is a nice list of the different varieties there are out there.



>Remember that there is no such thing as using too much garlic.

>This tastes pretty good, why are my limbs going numb






One girl I used to hook up with ate a lot of garlic.

Garlic in her food, plus garlic supplements.

She was absolutely convinced that it helped maintain the "correct pH balance" in her pussy.

She was OK, but not great. And she always smelled mildly of garlic.

Not it like a tasty food way, but a pungent old pickles way.


File: 1440262092322.jpg (546.83 KB, 333x500, 333:500, An_Excellent_JPG.jpg)

>mfw finding fresh garlic


Very nice. Wish I had one, but I have no way to grow anything except a few aromatic herbs in pots.



>tfw no garlic-pussied gf


File: 1440444016264.jpg (755.53 KB, 1335x2000, 267:400, 1436463100203.jpg)


>she always smelled mildly of garlic.

>Not it like a tasty food way, but a pungent old pickles way.

I laughed so hard.


File: 1440634117618.png (79.64 KB, 369x260, 369:260, white-onion.png)


A challenger approaches!



I prefer red onions personally. Anyone here can eat raw onions by itself? Maybe with salt and pepper?


File: 1440639649770.jpg (549.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1440614338910.jpg)

Latest order from Allicin Ranch.

Georgian fire.



I will probably use half lb. to plant this fall.



Sometimes with soy sauce. Most of the time I end up brining them.



>tfw no garlicfu



Some drawfag get on this.



I'll eat raw onions sometimes, but I won't add anything to them.


One time I made chicken loaded with garlic and the cooking process turned the garlic blue


Garlic, fat and salt are what brings out the flavour in food. Meat stew with onions, mushrooms, potatoes and garlic is my go to when I'm feeling uninspired.


But garlics give you stinky farts…



>stinky farts

I believe the term you're looking for is "aromatic", or possibly "fragrant"


File: 1441225943056.jpg (66.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, All-About-Onions-on-TheShi….jpg)


Superior herb here, vampire repellent is shit.


File: 1441230986698.png (138.5 KB, 529x1000, 529:1000, burntgarlic.png)



Onions don't provide nearly as much flavor as garlic and it isn't savory. They are okay raw though



Applefags get out, we're talking about oranges here



Anon, you have started a fever.

2 days straight of raw sliced onions, salt & pepper, and a packet of soy sauce.


File: 1442549431653.gif (1.52 MB, 311x223, 311:223, tmp_20256-1472-1838360044.gif)


File: 1442623952002.jpg (22.78 KB, 469x314, 469:314, images (7).jpg)

I love garlic bread, but the garlic they use on my oil rig's galley leaves my mouth with a very unpleasant sensation. It's spicy and overpowering, and the flavor and sensation won't leave for like 3 days. Is it shitty garlic? Because I love eating garlic and only there I end up with that awful feel in my mouth.

That being said, seafood with garlic is amazing. Dunno if you name it in some other way, but here mojo de ajo is this sauce prepared with garlic and butter. Mojo de ajo octopus is delicious.

Most places here also love to put a lot of garlic on whole fried fish.



N O R W A Y ?








File: 1442706143835.jpg (246.41 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, containsnoshellfish.jpg)

Versatile maybe, but best? No, that award goes to pic related.


File: 1442767219005.png (823.46 KB, 800x572, 200:143, ClipboardImage.png)


Most best, most versatile?

Cooking may not taste good without fish sauce or garlic, but a whole lot of cooking just isn't possible without eggs.

Cheapest protein, makes baking happen, and the traditional chef's toque symbolizes that he knows 100 ways to cook an egg.



>100 ways to cook an egg

None of them good tho. Fuck eggs.


File: 1442783573124.png (109.72 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1411414815327.png)


Alright don't cook them then, chug the fucking things raw if it suits you



>Fuck eggs.

Eggs are essentially chicken menstruations.

And you want me to fuck some old chick's period?



>Honey is formed from the regurgitation of honey bees

>still beneficial

Every anon that frequent this board should grow garlic. Period. It grows on its own. No maintenance required. When the leaves start to turn brown/yellow, pull it up. It has so so many uses.



>not liking eggs

I bet you don't even have a personal recipe for deviled eggs, perfected over the course of a thousand times making it, faggot.


Sat some butter out on he counter for about an hour, chopped up some garlic and chives, mixed in with butter and placed it back into fridge.

Garlic chive buttter ya'll!




mah niggas

garlic is fine and dandy, but nothing compares to onion


I love em on bread with cheese and paprika

Raw by themselves is a little too much for me though.


> I love em on bread with cheese and paprika

> Raw by themselves is a little too much for me though.

Paired with cheddar is divine.


File: 1454029686753.png (91.24 KB, 191x242, 191:242, anime girl made of vomit v….png)


Fuck you motherfucker

>sister makes risotto for us one night

>puts fucking 400 cloves of garlic in it as if she's trying to smoke out dracula

>we all have garlic breath for a week


When my brother was away at a 2-week camp out in the woods in south dakota, he detailed to me how they would eat multiple cloves of raw garlic per day.

He said once the garlic started to seep from your pores, the black flies wouldn't bite you anymore. I wonder if that would work for mosquitoes?



I eat them like chips. garlics are tasty


/ck/, how do I get the maximum amount of flavor out of my garlic without leaving it as a whole bulb? I've tried crushers, but I feel that a lot of the flavor is lost in the juice.

Is grating raw garlic before cooking it a better solution?



chop it into a few chunks, crush it hard with the flat of a chefs knife, let it slowly slowly simmer in oil/stock/whatever will be cooking



I agree but i would like to add that after cooking a dish or whatever add fresh chopped garlic to it. That helps retain *more* of the nutrients.



wooden mortar and pestle



I believe you could roast it.



The only time I said "yep, too much garlic" was when I added a whole bulb (about 6 pressed cloves) to a garlic cream sauce that was about two cups when done.


File: 1456701982198.jpg (128.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Chicken with Garlic update….jpg)

40 clove chicken, oh man.



That's some weirdly shaped vomit.


garlic is fucking patrician

too bad it makes your breath stink like a sewer



Eat some parsley afterwards, and save some if you happen to own a rabbit or a rodent, they love it.

t. has owned a rabbit for over a decade


Garlic has only ever failed me once, in eggs. It

just doesn't go with eggs and tastes nasty as fuck in an egg dish. If you disagree, what are some of your favorite eggs dishes with garlic?


Garlic tastes great, is healthy, is very sexual and I love to eat it in every form BUT my boss is very sensitive to the smell of it and complains everytime I've eaten it, which kinda forces me to eat it only during weekends since I don't want to get fucking fired because of it, which would probably make me resent this lovely little garlic and THAT would really suck.

FUck, I hate this shit



>Garlic tastes great, is healthy, is very sexual and I love to eat it in every form

>Garlic is very sexual





>posting in a thread about garlic

oh shit nigger what are you doing


its an old mongolian tradition


File: f6d33dbf0e0cbe0⋯.gif (178.69 KB, 500x400, 5:4, Wario Shake.gif)

Garlic is probably the most good for you thing possible.



It's an important part of the recipe for fire cider / master tonic, afterall.



>Sexual garlic

Putting aside the garlic waifu, don't put garlic near your dick.



>Not seasoning your dick with garlic paste to make a nice, savory treat for the missus

You gay or something?



I think you just have shit taste, bro. I love garlic eggs.


I only use dried garlic because I'm not going to let this shit stink up my house. Onions I cut in bulk and freeze them in bags, or I use straight up onion powder.





File: 7a0e3dc052b6bf6⋯.png (41.88 KB, 798x980, 57:70, Raw.png)

File: 7ce47b2233587af⋯.png (82.4 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ibs.png)


Fug, I had completely forgotten I'd made that. Have something tangentially related. Garlic sure is more agreeable than onions



Thank you for this. Really diggin' the anatomy of garlic+human.


File: 047c7dce0d89f58⋯.jpg (133.3 KB, 748x781, 68:71, 047c7dce0d89f585be90f9456e….jpg)


>anthropomorphic garlic



I don't know what I'm looking at, but I'm enjoying it. I fucking love garlic.



isn't testosterone an onion meme??


File: aec8f65f44a9712⋯.png (802.17 KB, 2479x2139, 2479:2139, shallot.png)


>All these garlic

>but no shallots

These things are so good that we fry em into a goddamn pseudo-condiment that goes with any fucking clear-broth soup.

Garlic is good sure, but you can eat shallots without having to fry it way and still has that crunchy and sweet aftertaste without being overpowering to the point that it's offensive the trick is to pickle them ofc.

Also Onions are better raw, fight me faggots




I think i'll draw some too


File: 123a02fc0acc794⋯.png (47.86 KB, 732x916, 183:229, family feud.png)


That's because she's actually an onion, only with the leafy parts cut pretty high. The garlic was the first one >>6512


Poor shallots. I only ever remember them when I make white wine or hard cider sauce.



Jesus man, do you post on every board? I see you everywhere.


File: bf56b3121286976⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 1023x883, 1023:883, If i see that fucking cook….jpg)


>I see you everywhere

Well, doesn't that mean you're everywhere as well?

With that many cool and interesting boards we have, it'd be a shame not to explore a bit and, potentially, settle in.



>Well, doesn't that mean you're everywhere as well?

I suppose, I'm just surprised how often I see you. I imagine less than 1% of users use as many boards as us.

As for your onion girl, why did you draw her making fun of (what I assume to be) her lover?

It's bizarre to be laughing at somebody's discomfort through the door of a toilet.


File: af4364d27f08f21⋯.png (210.78 KB, 709x900, 709:900, young garlic.png)


In any case, it's nice to meet people with similar interests.

>why did you draw her making fun of (what I assume to be) her lover?

Having learned about IBS, and appreciating onions (very healthy, good taste, etc.), I wanted to express this terrible duality: she's loving, but a bitch with a particular sense of humor. The head of garlic, on the other hand, is really kind and sweet but self-conscious about her most unfortunate traits. If I had to apply gross archetypes and call forth my inner weeaboo, I'd quality garlic as both dandere and tsunshun (the poor gal) and onion as both himedere and either tsundere type A or yandere (depending on the evolution of your IBS).



Well said anon


>eat chili that I put Carolina reapers and Trinidad scorpions in

>no heartburn

>eat a single clove of garlic


what the fuck is wrong with me?



Could it have to do with your stomach acidity or other factors?



the fact that you can eat garlic alone tells you you can never use too much of it in another dish.

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