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File: ca022f8b8ee885e⋯.png (955.19 KB, 1419x923, 1419:923, glitch techs.png)




Shakeycam is bad enough, why can't idiots turn their phones sideways?



>One of the videos is complete but looks recorded on a potato

>The other one has better resolution but is incomplete

These fucking leaks suck


It looks okay for a leak. at least it isn't more bean face shit.








File: ee4182edabdaa8e⋯.jpg (136.07 KB, 1072x603, 16:9, GlitchTechsCast.jpg)

File: ffabba3e6918ff5⋯.jpg (58.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, GlitchTechMangaMaster.jpg)

File: 170fa181aa8588b⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, glitchtechmiko DhJMDptU8AA….jpg)

File: 0a786aa752fd177⋯.png (787.37 KB, 1932x781, 1932:781, GlitchTechMiko.png)


I heard he's Latino.


This pic reminds me of that short by JG Quintel for some reason.




>what are intentional leaks



>Soft Sad Sorc™


>has the I must save the world and everybody besides me is wrong problem


>My druid got that half-orc dick she was after

>half-orc dick she was


Nick please stop doing the same errors that all the other industries does. Stop buying shills. Stop pandering to a bunch of people who are just mentally i'll for the sake of profits. You can do profits too with more "normish" people it's just that it won't be as much but at least the humans involved will be less damaged by that decision.

>new Nickelodeon cartoon leaked, thoughts?


>The show will center on two kids who battle video-game monsters that have found their way into the real world.

Not much, another name would be better I think. As a autistic computer wizard I thought that it would be something else.


>why can't idiots turn their phones sideways?

99.9% of computer users don't even know what they do nor they understand it.


>pre-production began in early 2016

>originally planned for this year with 20 episodes

>being made in-house







>Asian girl has purple hair AGAIN

They really can’t help themselves huh? This is like what, the 7th or 8th now?



I don't know if it's the years of beanface eroding my quality perception, but it doesn't look terrible to me.



Given how standards have gone down in recent years I don't blame you.


File: 776776fa4916a38⋯.png (822.49 KB, 1932x781, 1932:781, GlitchTechsMikoTurnAroundE….png)






Nice of them to include a character with Down syndrome.



Pretty good. That sidecut thing is still weird, as is making her use a shirt instead of an actual skirt but at least the coloring doesn't look like vomit now.




Wait a minute here: When she's facing right she has the bangle on her right wrist even though she only wears one on her left wrist in every other shot. They got the other asymmetrical parts of her design right but forgot that when they mirrored her 'facing left' pose.


Fucking repulsive.



Is it me or does her facial design kind of look like the one from the Gorillaz?





>b-but we'll air all the episodes we made so far anyway!




Why would they cancel a series that is in middle of production? Wouldn't that mean they would lost a lot of money?

Kind of a retarded decision.

Too bad. The show looked interesting.





>cartoon production has gotten so bad that producers realize they're approving trash before it even airs



Guess it was too expensive, therefore risky.



>Why would they cancel a series that is in middle of production? Wouldn't that mean they would lost a lot of money?

My bet is on money laundering.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This looks like some early 2000s art, and it's actually not bad to be frank.


File: 08e1c7a355673ba⋯.mp4 (7.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GlitchTechsIntro.mp4)


Viacom blocked the video. Saved this from a twitter upload.



Damn that intro's impressive. Hope the actual cartoon has that same level of animation.



>therefore risky.

>Corporation X with 1000 Billion dollar reserve why did you cancel this show ?

<We couln't take the risk of it being unpopular can you imagine what would happen if it didn't bring us money ?

>from what we heard the quality war already bottom line, would investment in making a product with quality attract more people ?

<nonsense our economical annalists told us that the only thing that brought up money was pandering to a certain group of people for example Steven universe is a show entirely based on that and it works.

>thank you X.

>Now tonight on the FN channel, why people who do not appreciate the new wave of feminist cartoons are literally Hitler.


>Damn that intro's impressive. Hope the actual cartoon has that same level of animation.

How new are you ?



Yes, actually.

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