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File: 7c69a2446958eec⋯.jpg (744.07 KB, 2705x3500, 541:700, Vixen.jpg)

File: 01b2a2aa0736f83⋯.jpg (883.63 KB, 1026x1500, 171:250, ActuallyAWolfButStillAVixe….jpg)


Bump limit hit. New thread for the season of monstergirls.

The last thread: >>12937


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's almost that time of year again. How are you going to protect your bf from being stolen by rude skelegirls?

Nah, I'm just kidding, you can't. He's basically theirs already. But it's fine to imagine the defensive measure (which will fail).

"But they're skeletons!" I hear you say, "They don't even have vaginas!" Which is true, but that really says more about you than them, Anon, that you're getting your bf stolen by a girl who doesn't have a pussy.

What do they do in bed, sans vagina? Well that's really none of your business, Anon. Stay out of his sex life.



Well the answer to the inquiry of sex is obvious. The man bones her.



Well the answer to the inquiry of sex is obvious. The man bones her.



Be serious, anon. I'm trying to talk about the real threat of skelegirl bf theft.



If an old girlfriend dies and revives as a skeleton or zombie, she has all rights to her boyfriend's dick. His new girlfriend has no say in the matter.



I think that's fair.


File: b5d62cdbb88b11c⋯.jpg (445 KB, 1391x1800, 1391:1800, 1538413558538.jpg)

File: 94828196e7f66b3⋯.jpg (572.92 KB, 1080x658, 540:329, 1538376380891.jpg)

File: 4fc2e811b32e2fa⋯.jpeg (195.93 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 3LxVnh4Q.jpeg)

Halfchan /co/ has an annual month-long event every October called Spooktober where they draw monstergirls. A lot of the art is focused on the Ghoul School, a girls' school of monsters who appeared in a Scooby Doo special.

Ghoul School fan art and stories:


Also the cartoon OK K.O. just released an episode guest-starring the girls. Hopefully that will spur some new rule 34.



File: e0bcdda12d70951⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 917x846, 917:846, fd4d111bd424697d29c254e599….jpg)


Shaggy is the only dude in that special, which would make it seem like a harem thing. I don't know if Shaggy even dates girls though. He seems to be a burgersexual, like Jughead.



I'm still shocked that there isn't more cuckquean porn involving foxgirls as literal vixens.


File: 44f21341acc8705⋯.png (142.2 KB, 403x329, 403:329, 1369483-shaggyvelma_sdmyst….png)


Correction on that, Shaggy dated Velma in Mystery Incorporated. And who better to be cucked by monstergirls than that nerdy bookworm? And of course she would cry out "Jinkies!" as she watched.


File: 0688cff24cfb1b2⋯.jpg (3.55 MB, 4000x3120, 50:39, SpotRealAndFake.jpg)

File: d992af1b2c70388⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 1386x2314, 693:1157, 6b5a302b66a455047035cdf133….jpg)

File: 245ff36d4e17117⋯.jpg (364.36 KB, 850x1015, 170:203, sample_423bca80cbbe7be662f….jpg)

File: 26aa876fa901656⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1204x1700, 301:425, c303c3ef1c3da4e793c045210d….jpg)

File: 1b32604071e4077⋯.jpg (57.85 KB, 667x800, 667:800, 1471644236821.jpg)


Agreed. Part of the problem is that we haven't yet unseated that other term.


File: 231c440f1f61c1f⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1555x864, 1555:864, 'queaned.com.PNG)

Archives of previous threads

Monstergirl Thread 1


Monstergirl Thread 2





It's a weird fixation, because the movie itself was rather bad, as Scooby Doo specials tend to be But I guess that's the power of monstergirls. Also, Plague of Gripes had a lot to do with it.

At least it wasn't based on that awful one about witches, where they couldn't be bothered to do the research and realize that wiccans originate as a group of beatnics in the 50s.



Poor Velma, destined to be eternally cucked by comically large sandwiches. And after she somehow became hotter than Daphne in that one live action movie.


File: 94c0c5e14152b7c⋯.jpg (307.65 KB, 1280x751, 1280:751, 0019.jpg)


>second pic

>Kagerou is happy, excited, and affectionate in her presentation of Momiji

>lipstick marks around the cheeks but none on the lips

>lipstick marks on and around panties but none underneath or directly on the slit

What a good girl.



Yep, you don't want to accidentally make her go awoo too early (or at all, if that's your preference). A horny and needy wolf girl is a good wolf girl.



Autistic harpy in a world without men finds a spaceman. Second chapter reveals she's way into being ntr'd.


File: bc4a51591c40bb9⋯.jpeg (166.08 KB, 892x599, 892:599, BBD98BBD-F2C9-4213-9064-B….jpeg)

File: 81da4ff6f7c7506⋯.jpeg (1.57 MB, 2427x2288, 2427:2288, 721280A0-2CC3-4251-B3D3-C….jpeg)

File: 74a1680bf077cff⋯.jpeg (97.17 KB, 471x652, 471:652, D16AC2F9-46C8-4114-B4A9-A….jpeg)



Looks more like a happily compersive cuckquean to me.

Good lord the art is rough and rolls in the obnoxiousness of Western cartoon style but it’s cute and seems to do an okay job of making the main harpy girl cute so I’m interested to see where it goes.

The only time I’ve ever seen the manga style synthesised properly into a Western comic format is Empowered.


File: f71fb4f25436b9d⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 1047x704, 1047:704, Gazer548.jpg)

Which mamono would make the best sister-wife?


File: 0d858614ff42ce5⋯.png (186.92 KB, 852x426, 2:1, Screenshot_260.png)


File: f7209266bd15706⋯.png (858.78 KB, 1800x1000, 9:5, [chastity monstergirls] Dr….png)

File: acf3a7a9e093a40⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1800x1000, 9:5, [chastity monstergirls] Al….png)

Bumping with new content. I made these a while back but actually don't remember if I ever posted…


I wonder if there was a heirarchy of cuckqueaning between an angel, demon, and a normal girl, how would it go?

I'm asking because the main story of the Angel Thread at /monster/ is starting to get really good cuckquean vibes between the MC and his Angel childhood friend as he's slowly being taken away by a rich demon who basically drugged him.







>Not being a pushover.


File: dc34d8f6f4399ca⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 490x310, 49:31, forantschink.jpg)


I want to read this, but…


File: 9c7527111fc9946⋯.png (166.11 KB, 1140x822, 190:137, 648398304f4e21a25255b9728b….png)



I'm up for cuckqueaning, but incest doesn't go for me.




>Herald of the 7 sins

>One of them being lust

>Not being on top


File: 8bcfeb0ede68c95⋯.jpg (84.2 KB, 330x372, 55:62, ScaryAngel.jpg)


I can see an angel being worthwhile, if she's an old school biblical angel made out of flaming wheels or something, with six wings, four faces, and a dozen vaginas.


The only problem would be making sure your face doesn't melt off from seeing her true form. Your husband can easily be blindfolded, of course.



I feel like I missed some context here.




None that I can see, just your standard 'hellhounds are nignogs' 'BLACKED' shitpost.

… unless that was the context you were missing


File: d1e747e851aade7⋯.jpg (286.33 KB, 1129x1600, 1129:1600, Anubis154.jpg)


>dark tan anubises

Anon pushing buttons over here. So what's the HOUNDED equivalent for Anubi?


That's silly but I'll take it if it means being able to live alongside a qt tan-skinned jackal girl with white features. I'd love to read a story about comfy cohabitation with an anubis that eventually results in the narrator monsterising and them both forming a triad with their mutual love interest.


File: c0b684e7648a116⋯.jpg (408.29 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Nonsummerjack-egyptian-God….jpg)


That clears it up a little, if this is a /monster/ thing. It still decides halfway through that it's his sister's computer without establishing that. And if it's his sister, wouldn't that make them both hellhounds?


>qt tan-skinned jackal girl with white features.

How about one with asian features?


File: 0fb82b56f19b602⋯.png (759.5 KB, 1000x1360, 25:34, Anubis28.png)


>How about one with asian features?

Not historically accurate but I suppose we can give each other a chance.



/monster/ runs on Pokemon rules, sons are human like their father and daughters are monster girls like their mother. /monster really hates monster boys

>lil' sis freezes up… then bolts it out of my room

Seems to me like she was watching porn on her brother's computer, for some reason.


File: f6857e5cd263095⋯.png (67.68 KB, 584x416, 73:52, stop living.png)


>And if it's his sister, wouldn't that make them both hellhounds?



>/monster/ runs on Pokemon rules, sons are human like their father and daughters are monster girls like their mother.

Yeah, it's this kind of weird specific crap that I forget about /monster/. They're married to that monstergirl encyclopedia and it's own specific rules.


>Seems to me like she was watching porn on her brother's computer, for some reason.

I guess? Maybe I'm missing the context of what's going on in the thread, or it's more /monster/ norms. It just seemed to assume the reader knows what's going on without establishing it, which is especially odd for the greentext style.


File: f3ef66ad7ceb5e6⋯.png (145.44 KB, 866x399, 866:399, hounded 02.png)


>Seems to me like she was watching porn on her brother's computer, for some reason.

Yes, that seems to be the situation. Perhaps the little sister has no connection of her own or it's heavily filtered.


>They're married to that monstergirl encyclopedia and it's own specific rules.

Monsterboys are heresy no matter your source material; the MGE is not the first to have this idea. The presence of monsterboys is an early warning sign of a corrupted community which is ironic and will often coincide with a rise in male cuckoldry discussion and material.



While I think that's kind of a cop out, I can't deny the tendency for certain sections of degenerates to move in on an opening like that and damage a good, wholesome perversion.


>Noone has made a hentai cuckquean caption for Kaga and Akagi




This gve me a giggle.


File: 2b6101859afb0b2⋯.png (459.7 KB, 650x869, 650:869, b383e31efa7f90c427f9be3428….png)


"So. I didn't expect to see you getting to work already, Victoria," Iga asks, stepping up from behind me in the lab. She does not draw attention to how she has not been present thus far.

"It's better to get to this sooner than later. Even with the process working as it does, fresh tissue is best," I say, continuing to cut into the cadaver. Removing a vagina is actually a new one for me, if you can believe that.

"I guess nothing can take the scientist out of-" Iga begins, but is immediately interrupted by a series of labored grunts echoing through the lab.

"Iga, do we still have any replacement parts for the voice tubes?" I ask, looking up and staring straight forward, "This one appears to be broken, and I can't shut it off. It, um, coincidentally leads directly to my bedroom. Which is where Eve is right now. And Eli. I have suspicions about the tube breaking in such a specific way, at such a specific time, but no evidence."

"Um, I'm not sure. I'll have to check. I was just down in the basement, and I didn't see anything, but I wasn't really looking. Just checking on our… guest. She's down there. Eve put her in the cell down there. Also, we have a cell in the basement. Which I didn't know. So there's that," Iga informs me.

"Yeah… I think we put that in before you got here. It was related to the thing with the fire weasels. It's complicated," I explain.

Iga pauses in thought, and in the silence, we can both hear a series of loud moans echoing through the voice tube.

"That cell doesn't seem like it would really hold something like a-" she begins.

"Hindsight is 20/20, Iga," I quickly interrupt her. No need to relive old failures.

"Right," Iga says, after a long moment in which we get to hear some moans that are clearly masculine, this time, "So Eve locked her down there. She's taking it well, all things considered. That may involve certain promises. But that's probably nothing to worry about."

"Promises?" I quirk an eyebrow.

"Eve said something to the effect of letting the coroner have turns with Eli if she behaved herself and didn't cause trouble," Iga unsuccessfully tries to downplay it by saying it so casually, "But probably an empty promise. I mean, Eve seems pretty busy riding his cock as it is, I can't image her stopping to give someone else a turn."

I could point out that she isn't helping, but that seems like an obvious conclusion. Unfortunately, our awkward silence is met by a similar silence from the voice tube, which was so noticeably loud just a moment ago.



thanks anon


She lives!


File: 439fb4900702630⋯.jpeg (672.35 KB, 1023x1512, 341:504, 05df7a4e0415dd7783a89ef07….jpeg)


Eve graces us with her presence a lot earlier than I might have expected. She appears in the lab, thoroughly naked, with a sheen of sweat across her skin, and an expectant look. And it's a weird time to be self-satisfied with my work, but she really is quite the specimen.

"Are you prepared to perform the operation?" she demands to know, in a rather stoic tone.

"It's, um…" I can't help but notice a thick stream of semen dripping down her thigh as she approaches.

"Eve, I think you've got a little-" Iga feels the need to draw attention to it, for some reason, but is met with a decidedly harsh stare from Eve, to which she backs off, "You know what? Nevermind."

"I'm… almost done removing the, um, parts," I tell her, "Did you mean for us to do this now?"

"Yes. The operation will be the most successful if the tissue is fresh, correct?" she astutely observes.

"Eve! I think they need time to finish with-" Eli calls out to her, coming down the stairs.

"No, Victoria says she is ready," Eve says, without turning to him.

He's also naked, but actually observes some level of modesty, half heartedly covering his penis with one hand. Which is a little silly, since everyone in this room has had it inside of them. And one of them still has her fluids all over him. Making him look very shiny. And smell incredibly lewd.

"Oh," he says, a little surprised. It's nice that he was coming down to protect me from being interrupted. He's a sweetie like that.

"We are just about prepared," I nod.

"Well we're not doing this already, it seems a little earl-" he yelps out loud, though in surprise, not pain, as Eve reaches back and firmly grabs his penis.

Iga's and my eyes shoot open in surprise, as well as she pulls at him, and he's given no choice but to follow.

"Hey! Be careful with him!" I demand of her, a little unwisely, now that I think of it.

"He belongs to me," she declares, with a slight scowl in my direction, "I will do with his body as I please."

I glare back, angered at this behavior, but knowing full well that there's not really anything I can do, right now. Iga does not look as outraged as she should be. She's mostly just staring at the way that Eve drags him along.

Eve pauses and looks back at me, almost with sympathy, "Don't worry. I'm not going to harm him. That would interfere with my ability to use him, sexually."

"What… Where are you taking him?!" I again demand, as she pulls him along towards the door.

"To the basement. I will lock him up with the hospital woman," she informs us. Not a fan of that.

"What for?" Iga asks.

"So that you cannot kill me while I am unconscious," Eve says, flatly, "I have changed the combination on the cell door, and only I know it. You will have to complete the operation to get him released."

"What!" I throw up my hands, "Eve, I would…"

Iga and I exchange a nervous, knowing glance, "Eve, I would probably never do something like that! That's absurd!" I declare, a little unconvincingly.

"The hospital woman will also have my permission to use him for sex while they're locked up together," Eve adds, "It should keep her docile and cooperative."

My jaw sets in, but she's already led my poor baby out of the room by his penis, by the time I muster up the courage to protest.


File: 96c4c40e73a9c39⋯.jpg (73.32 KB, 850x758, 425:379, __suzuzono_sai_kagaku_chop….jpg)


The operation actually goes a lot smoother than I would have expected. I've never replaced an entire female reproductive system before, and the new one is noticeably smaller than Eve's more robust frame. She's much taller than the petite asian woman we removed the vagina from, though still a little shorter than Eli - Iga, at one point, accused me of specifically making her a good height for pairing well with him, whether consciously or not. Which is madness, because that implies that I somehow wanted her to take advantage of my poor baby. How insulting! As if I'd get off on the idea of my Eli being with some other woman. Granted, Iga didn't say that was specifically why, but I could tell she was thinking it. I took the opportunity to remind her that these accusations that I would subconsciously sabotage myself are likely, in fact, her own insecurities about being so short and not being able to compete with my genius. She laughed at that, which is, I guess, some sort of defense mechanism to avoid dealing with the truth.

Speaking of genius, I do manage to 'install' her new vagina in record time. Like I said, I've not done this specifically before, but between how much stitching parts together I did when assembling Eve, and my overall impressive intellect, figuring out this sort of thing was fairly trivial.

"So…" Iga pipes up as we finish, "Do we really want to wake her back up?"

"Of course, how else will we know if everything went right?" I lift up my hands, but not my eyes, at Iga's silly question.

"I mean because of the whole 'constantly making our boyfriend her personal semen supply' problem," Iga crosses her arms.

Oh, that. For a moment, I'd gotten so invested in my work that I forgot the exact particulars of our living situation with the monster on the slab. It does feel good to be really working, creating, again.

"Well, Eli is still locked up with that corpse-counting harlot down there, what am I supposed to…" I realize what she just said, "What do you mean 'our' boyfriend?"

She laughs, uncomfortably, "I mean, technically speaking, I've been intimate with him more than you have in the past six months, give or take, so he's really as much mine as yours. I didn't mean to imply that he was also the boyfriend of Eve and the coroner downstairs. We should really ask her what her name is, by the way."

I narrow my eyes at her, "Eli is mine, Iga."

"That's not what his cock says, so…" she abruptly stops, clearing her throat and averting her eyes when I continue to glare at her.

"We have to get him out of the cell, and Eve is the only one who knows the combination. I'm kind of in a corner here, Iga," I say, flatly.

"Okay, yes. He's locked in the cell downstairs. And yes, that coroner woman has probably got the head of his cock on her tonsils as we speak," Iga says, unhelpfully, "But that doesn't mean that he's stuck in there without the combination. We can find another way to break him out, can't we?"

My eye twitches a little, "He's not doing anything. And those bars are a special carbon-tungsten fiber I put together, they aren't going to break so easily. We need to get my baby out of there, and so far, Eve has kept her word."

Iga puts up her hands in surrender, "I can go either way. He either fucks the corner for awhile, or he fucks Eve for awhile. I'm willing to share him, either way, you're the one that wants to get all greedy with Eli."

"It's not greed, he's -my- boyfriend, Iga," I scowl in her direction.

"Yes, yes. Fine. He calls your name in bed, after all. Fair enough," she continues to be kind of a bitch.

"Are you trying to provoke me?" I ask her, my voice dropping deeper.

"Sorry, Victoria," she sighs, "Just tense from all the undead monsters and corpse thievery and not getting to have sex with our boyfriend."

I guess that's as close to an apology as I'm going to get, "Let's just wake her up. We can figure out our next step after Eli is free."



Iga's so silly, getting presumptuous ideas at a time like this.


>tfw no vampire to fuck your boyfriend and drink your blood


File: 68efa69d3b43878⋯.png (3.73 MB, 2804x3200, 701:800, 0A7DC8C8-2837-419B-8396-26….png)


I love the passion behind these captions. I love denial/chastity play and there are some good moments in these. I’d like to see more. Can we have one with an Anubis who stays in her bossy-autist-for-your-own-good mode for the reader but melts into goo for the reader’s man?



She has to make do as she can. She's far too short to get a real man on her own.



Not to mention that Victoria is clearly better at science. I'm looking forward to more.


File: 70b38181218632e⋯.png (4.19 MB, 2573x2261, 2573:2261, df0f7879a1da4bb26553540b8c….png)

>>19988 (checked)



File: 37d6c0eb5055923⋯.jpg (89.75 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1be6854d9a6d2907e9d596419e….jpg)


"I can't help but notice that the words 'let's wake her up' have been followed, not by waking her up, but by doing the exact thing that I suggested," Iga complains, unhelpfully.

"As a woman of science, I reserve the right to change my mind, should new information become available, or should closer inspection of the details require a re-evaluation of the details," I carefully explain, and honestly, Iga sometimes just doesn't think like a scientist, "Now hand me to blowtorch, already."

Iga sighs and surrenders it, "Is this really a good idea, with them so… naked, in there?"

"That's a good point. Sweetie, you probably want to stand near the back of the cell. Avert your eyes and turn around. You can hide behind the corpse counter to avoid any stray sparks, too," I tell Eli.

"First off, my name is Felicia, not corpse counter," she begins with some crap no one cares about, "And I take exception to be used as-"

"Why are you even naked, too, you degenerate harlot?!" I shut my eyes tight, as if it will drown out her whiny voice.

"Degenerate? You're the one that offered me your boyfriend so you could steal bodies out of the morgue!" she exclaims.

"Offered! You used extortion to force yourself on him!" I am unfortunately unable to strangle her from the other side of the bars, "Besides, what I did was for science, what you did was just for your own debased urges, you whore! And you still haven't answered why you're naked in there, when you were fully clothed when you arrived!"

"I didn't want to make Eli feel uncomfortable by being the only one naked in here, so I got naked too. Obviously," she throws up her hands like that's some sensible conclusion.

"Don't pretend you care about his feelings, you horrid bitch!" I yell, "He's just a piece of meat to you!"

"That's not true… but, there are parts which are certainly nice cuts," she leans back to give Eli posterior an extended gaze, before firmly slapping him on the ass.

He jumps as that skank sexually harasses him, "Ow! Hey now! Look, ladies, we're all in this together. Can we not be so antagon-"

My eye twitches, "Do you ever want to get out of this cage?" I ask her, my voice dropping.

"As long as I have Eli in here, why would I need to?" corpse-slut looks me straight in the eye and smiles while she reaches out to firmly grab ahold of Eli's cock.

Iga doesn't quite manage to stop me before the blowtorch goes soaring through the air, between the bars, and just narrowly misses connecting with that whore's head. I stumble to the side a little, but don't fall as Iga tries to tackle me, but her short stature and low mass means that it doesn't amount to much.

"Victoria, that's not helping!" she shouts at me.

"Yeah, cause I missed, goddammit!" I shout back.

"Eli's right. We need to just take a deep and remember that us fighting amongst ourselves is not going to help our situation with the aggressive sex-zombie upstairs. Who I might add has not been under anasthesia for awhile, and could wake up at any time and is this really how you want her to catch us?!" Iga pleads with us, totally ignoring that that whore is still groping my baby just feet away from me.



Will do!


File: 91a1bf45b6f8229⋯.png (1.59 MB, 917x1609, 917:1609, 38.png)


Eli, being the sweetheart that he is, returns my blowtorch, and then does a second time, when it's thrown again. But unfortunately, it's actual function proves to be for naught. I was right, this thing is simply not going to cut through those bars. Shit.

I am, eventually, forced to give up and concede to my earlier decision that this would be a fruitless endeavor. Which technically means I'm still right, despite Iga's insistence that taking both positions on a topic doesn't mean that I'm right either way. This is why she's just a lab assistant.

But onto more important things - we are greeted with an empty table when we return to the lab. She's gone. Apparently got up, removed her IVs, and walked off. Didn't put her clothes on, but that's pretty standard for Eve.

"Not an encouraging development," Iga understates the obvious.

I nearly pull my hair out, "Where'd she go now?!"

"I've… got a pretty good idea. She doesn't exactly have a complicated modus operandi, Victoria," Iga points out.

"Well we have to stop her!" I turn and storm out, back to the basement, with Iga in tow.

"That's never exactly worked before, you know?"

"Yes, but if she starts going at him now, she's going to tear some of those seams and destroy all my work," I explain, jogging down the stairs.

"Um. She fucked him like his cock had an antidote, pretty much the moment she came to life, I fail to see how it's going to damage her this time," Iga says, "I think you're just being jealous. As usual."

"I am doing nothing of the sort. It's different this time. It's a fresh operation that didn't involve reanimation, and the seams and stitches have to… um…" I groan, "Shut up! We just have to stop it, that's a fact!"

"It just doesn't seem like a very scientif-"

"Oh, danger," I turn back and say to her my voice dropping, "You wouldn't be lecturing me about science, would you?"

She puts up her hands in surrender, "No. No we're good. Stop her from using the pussy you gave her to use. Got it."

Eve isn't at the cell. Unfortunately, neither is Eli.

"Where did they go?!" I demand of the only remaining occupant.

"Hm? Who are you talking abou-" she narrowly dodges a thrown blowtorch for the third time.

"Answer. The Question."

"Yeesh, why are you so uptight? I'm the one being held against my will," she tries in vain to compare her plight to my own.

"Where-" my eye twitches.

"I don't know! She didn't tell me. Just dragged him off by the cock like a leash. She did say I could get next, since he didn't fuck me proper while we were together in here," she examines her nails in the bitchest way possible, "I mean, I'd like to get out of here, but if I can get some of the D, that works too. And not just cause it pisses you off, but, I mean, considering how good he was with his tongue…"

"I'm going to turn you into a limbless cyborg toaster, but that will have to wait," I turn and rush back out.

"She's probably joking about that. She's just a little tense right now," Iga says to her as we leave. Good thinking, make her believe it's all hyperbole, so she doesn't panic.

You know when you lose something, but then find it as soon as you stop looking? Well that's what happens. In my bedroom. After I had searched it three times. Only that is usually a feeling of relief not a… Not sure what you'd call the feeling of finding a patchwork superwoman riding your boyfriend's face in your own bed.



A big thanks for posting those. They are awesome.


File: fe5361886356bf4⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 600x1369, 600:1369, 1dbdb36d8d1780baa0f6ed8d78….jpg)


"Um… hi Eve… could you…" I begin, feeling like I need to slowly back out of the room.

"I'm busy," she states quite flatly, as she continues to groan while she treats my baby's face like a saddle.

"Right. About that. I'm not sure you and Eli should-"

"Eli is also busy," she reminds me, still without even looking back.

"I see that," I avert my eyes a bit.

I want to yell at her. I want to tell her to get off my man and stop all this presumption that she can just take him whenever she wants. I want to tell her what an awful, evil bitch she's being, and that I didn't create her for this. I want to furiously masturbate.

Wait that last one… nevermind, my mind's all over the place.

Regardless, I don't do any of those things. Instead, I just stand there. I stand there and watch, and feel helpless while I watch her arch her back and moan, bucking her hips on poor Eli's tongue as she loudly and aggressively cums all over his lips. I swallow hard, and I continue to tell myself that my arousal is just a normal autonomic response. But what I don't do, is anything to stop her, or even slow her down.

She lets out a sigh of relief when she is, apparently, done for the moment, and steps off of him. Eli gasps as he is freed from between her quite powerful thighs.

"So, Eve," I clear my throat as I begin yet another attempt to reason with her.

"I'm going to test penetration of the new vagina," she informs me, going into the bathroom to fill a glass of water, "Prepare Eli's penis for me. He needs to be as erect as possible."

"Right, about that. I think you need to wait on, um, testing that," that's probably not going to convince her.

"Why? It feels fine. And my responses worked fine when he was licking me," she takes a large gulp of water, before walking back over, "Are you saying this because you are jealous, and this is an attempt to take my male for your own use? Like the other woman did?"

-I'm- taking him! -Her- male! The nerve of this… wait, what was that last part?

"The other woman?"

"Yes, the short one with the tighter vagina, who is always with you. Iga," she makes some unfounded claims, "She was here earlier, telling me that I should let her use him instead, because of the transplant, and that I should not mention it to you."

Excuse me, Iga, I believe this knife in my back belongs to you.

"Look, I'm not trying to," I take a deep breath so I don't fly into a rage, "…get between you. It's just so soon after the operation. The body needs to heal, and I don't think it's ready to use. Eli's cock might, um, tear some seams."

"He does buck very hard. Perhaps you are right," Eve nods. Did that just fucking work?

"I still desire to be intimate with him. I will use you as a proxy," she tells me, and immediately grabs my hand, pulling me towards the bed.


File: 1dbcacf792d0533⋯.jpg (183 KB, 850x1164, 425:582, 40.jpg)


"Eve, what are doing with her, exactly?" Eli sits up, taking notice of what's going on around him, presumably after catching his breath from the mouth-rape.

"Victoria will help us with her mouth. You may lie back for me," she doesn't wait for a response, just pressing a hand to his chest and tossing him back towards the bed.

She practically tears his pants open with one hand, the other still attached to my wrist. She pulls me close, releasing my hand and opting instead to grab me by the hair.

"I don't recall agreeing to- mffy uh iff," I try to protest before she forces my mouth onto Eli's not-quite-hard but certainly not flaccid penis. That status quickly changes.

"Eve, please be gentle with," he punctuates his sentence with a moan as I envelop him, "with Victoria."

It is sweet that he's caring for my wellbeing, but obviously he's not going to be focusing on anything else while I'm sucking on him. Clearly, no one else knows how to please him like I do. Despite what Eve might think.

I'm somewhat prepared for what happens next, given that she said she'd use me as a 'proxy', but it's still startling when she straddles over the back of my head, the way she might mount Eli, except for the brilliant brain between their genitals. Having my great scientific mind in such a situation might be hot under other circumstances. As it is, I almost choke as her weight forces Eli's cock down my throat. She's heavier than she looks. Crafting her with the perfect ass apparently had some drawbacks. Didn't see that coming.

I have to carefully steady my breath through my nose while she starts to pump her hips against my head, cutting off my air a little each time she forces me down onto his cock. It's uncomfortable, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that I'm actually getting a chance for any sexual act with my own boyfriend for once.

Eli must feel the same way, he doesn't protest. He even lets out those cute little moans of his as she uses me to pleasure him. He and I catch a few little glances, but Eve keeps getting in the way, leaning down to kiss and touch him like he belongs to her. He doesn't fight her, clearly because he sees my precarious position and doesn't want to risk hurting me. Granted, he doesn't seem to fight her the rest of the time, but I'm sure it's because he knows it will do him no good, and that I'll only worry if he's putting himself at any sort of risk of angering Eve. Don't worry, baby, I'll find a way to free you from her.

He even starts to get into it. I'm sure because I'm doing all the real work of pleasuring him. His hips pump a little, or as much as they can with Eve and myself pinning him to the mattress.

It's rough on me, but there's no burden I wouldn't bear for him, so it's fine. It doesn't take long to get him there. I can recognize his ragged breathing and the way his hips move, I just wish there wasn't a corpse woman attached to his face while it happens. I brace myself just before feeling him release into my mouth in thick, powerful streams. I wish I didn't have to watch Eve force her tongue down his throat while he cums down mine, but there's not much I can do right now.

We both gasp as Eve gets up and releases us. For a moment, I dare to think I'm done, but her hand takes hold of my hair again and lifts me up, promptly pressing her lips to mine. I'd say she tastes like Eli, but everything tastes like Eli right now. At least it does for a moment. She invades my mouth and sucks my tongue into hers, taking my baby's hot seed from my mouth. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. It's like she's trying to play some mind game to assert dominance, pulling his cum from my mouth and swallowing it while she looks me in the eye.

Finally, she does drop me, though, and steps away, "I am done with you, for now. I will test my new pussy soon. I suggest Eli rests and prepares himself."

She departs the room and we both breathe a sigh of relief. The situation may not have changed, but I do appreciate that we have some time alone together.



>tfw no demon to steal your childhood friend and lover, and be his first


>Title: My Husband's Angel and me.

>Narration: So, weird thing happened to me today at [Nearby church event]

>N: It was weird. Without a doubt. We were driving home, and then suddenly, out comes this big ball of fire. It crashed in front of us, but luckily, he braked on time.

>The fireball opened, and out stood, or rather, floated something with a bright halo, and wings. It was an Angel. It was a literal Angel. Beauty and body surpassing anyone, even moreso mine by all means.


>Anon: "I-"


>Before your husband could object, he is pinned down and rode immediately, unable to speak.

>You couldn't stop hearing them both moan. It was almost perfect. And yet, you wanted a piece of it too.

>The weirdest part was that she was not making any sounds like that. It was straight in your mind.

>And yet, the moment you try to drop your hand a bit low, you are interrupted by the angel staring at you, stopping you with her magic.


>You nod, helplessly, as your man, although gagged, looked like he was experiencing pleasure like never before. Shooting out thick load after thick load inside

>Every voice she made, was like megaphone in your ear, And with her flushed face, she enjoyed it.

>After an hour of constant moaning and creampies, the Angel ungagged and unbound your husband, seeing him still high on extacy.

>"WAKE UP! GOD WILLS IT!" she said.

>Yet your man still isn't moving.

>"Understandable. You body, like your mind and soul, both neeed to rest. I WILL RETURN!"

>And like that, she's gone. But she still comes back. Even before we sleep.

>And every time, they go at it. I can't look away because it's all I will see. And her voice never leaves.

>Until one day…


>Anon: "Maybe, he's just tired. Normally people need a break."


>"Want me to show you around?"


>"Lot's of things. Human media, chocolate, coffee,- "


I could imagine a skit dedicated to us about an angel trying to adapt to modern society, while an Anon brings the bedsheets, food, water, etc. while being her guide. And when they go at it, you are forced to watch for your and your god's sake.



oh boy, keep it up





File: eba3515f7dd4983⋯.jpg (386.09 KB, 800x1463, 800:1463, Envious-Fool-507055-Tae_Ta….jpg)


"Are you okay, baby? She hasn't been too rough with you?" I ask Eli, curling up next to him in bed, "I'm sorry this has gotten so out of hand."

"Don't worry. One doesn't date a mad scientist without expecting a few hiccups. And we've had a few before. I'm sure it won't be the last either," he runs his fingers through my hair, "Still worth it."

I sigh and rest my head on his chest. Part of me want to tell him that 'mad' scientist is something of an antiquated term, and not really accurate. Is it mad to want to find a way to prolong life? Is it mad to want to raise the dead? Is it mad to build cyborg bees that can form together to build a larger robot that can do your gardening and shoot those individual bees stinger-first as projectiles to keep away that woman from the homeowner's associate that keeps complaining about the strange fumes that keep coming out of the shed, which I've explained multiple times are no longer under my control, and will gradually decrease anyways, due to the decaying half life?

But I'll give Eli a pass on such a minor faux pas, just for being Eli. Not to mention, it would be no good to start an argument when there's other things on my mind that I want to start.

My hand wanders below the covers and gently runs his cock, playfully teasing him with my fingertips. Which goes on longer than I would expect. So I become more firm, which also goes on longer than I expect.

"I, uh, think you're trying to get blood from a stone there, Victoria," Eli admits to me, "Do you want me to just go down like last-"

"No! No, no, we can do this!" I pull back the covers and scoot down.

He chuckles briefly at my insistence, but doesn't object as I stuff his cock into my mouth. It doesn't seem to bother him, and I get little sighs of enjoyment here and there. But no increased bloodflow, it seems. I fondle his balls, I suck him like I'm siphoning gas, but it's all for not. Nothing happens.

"Sorry," he says, tiredly, "I don't think this is going to happen right now. I can only manage so much, you know?"

I grumble in frustration. Time's wasting while Eve is away, so it's not like I can just wait. It's sweet that he offered to go down on me, but that's not what I want. I want that fucking cock, goddammit, annd I want it now.

"I promise, once we sort this Eve situation, I'll give you some proper attention, okay? But lately, between her and you… and Iga, there's only so much energy I have to give, I'm only one man."

My eyes shoot open, "Eli, that's it!" I exclaim.

"What's it? I don't foll-"

"You're a genius!" I shout and jump forward, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately. He, um, still tastes like Eve, but that's not important right now.

"Pretty high praise, considering the source, but I still don't see what it is you're getting at," he questions me when I finally release him.

I jump from the bed and head to the door, "Coolidge effect!" I shout as I dash down the hallway.

"What's the Coolidge effect?" he shouts after me, in confusion.



I like this. For some reason, the idea that the angel is incapable of speaking in a normal tone, and that everything is loud and super dramatic, is super amusing to me.



Same, it sounds fitting for them. An angel being loud as shit can create some shennanigans when people overhear on her talking.



>"What's the Coolidge effect?"

inquiring minds want to know.


File: 01f3e1c859fe85e⋯.jpeg (361.8 KB, 764x1080, 191:270, 42.jpeg)


Iga is in her room, pretending like she wasn't trying to hear us through the voice pipe with the whole 'I'm asleep' excuse. She should know better than to try and deceive me, by now, but that's not really important right now.

I try to explain what's going on to her, but she just keeps arguing about how she can 'walk on her own' and to 'stop pushing', and I don't think she's grasping it. But that doesn't really matter, she doesn't need to understand. Nor does Eli, actually, he just needs to get hard.

He sits up and reflexively pulls the sheets over himself as we enter the room, as if it's anything either of us hasn't seen. I push the confused Iga to stand directly in front of him.

"Okay baby, we're going to get this working, don't worry, Iga's going to help you get hard," I place my hands on her shoulders, as if to present her to him.

"What?" she asks, as if I'm being weird or creepy, and not being exceptionally generous to her, "Are you trying to get me to be your fluffer?!"

"What?! No! No, no, no, no," I assure her, "…well, yes."

"I'm not opposed to weird bedroom stuff. This is actually pretty vanilla for me, recent events considered, but it's not sounding like she's that into it, Victoria," Eli offers his sweet, but largely irrelevant thoughts on the topic, "And what does this have to do with, what'd you call it? The-"

"Coolidge Effect!" I finish his query for him, "It's quite simple really."

To demonstrate the concept, I reach around Iga and tear her shirt open in one swift motion, putting her tits on display for Eli. She squeals in protest, of course, but Eli's eyes go wide, and they land right on her chest, just as intended.

"You see, the Coolid-"

"Victoria! What the hell are you-" Iga quite rudely interrupts, but I quickly clap a hand over her mouth.

"We're talking, Iga," I scold her and turn back to Eli, "The Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon, mostly found in mammals, though sometimes in birds or reptiles, wherein the post-ejaculation refractory period for males is lessened by the introduction of a new female. The turn around on his arousal and orgasm becomes much shorter when the possibility of mating with, and thus impregnating, another female is presented. Pretty simply evolutionary biology. The name itself comes from an apocryphal story about President Calvin Coolidge and his wife were touring a farm, and they witnessed cattle mating, and the first lady asked the farmer whether the bull-"

"Okay! Got it, Victoria. New pussy, new erection, simple enough," Eli raises up his hands as if in surrender.

"Good! I'm glad we're all on the same page," I cheerfully state, then unfasten Iga's pants and push them off her hips, her panties with them.

"Hey, we are not on the same page, Victoria, I didn't agree to…" Iga starts yapping the moment I release her mouth, "Wait, are you actually going to let me fuck him without you interfering or getting jealous and weird, for once?"

"I don't know where you got that idea, Iga," honestly, that's madness, "You're just here so that we can use your body to arouse Eli's limbic system with the idea that he's going to have access to a new partner. Once he's erect, I'll take over. Simple as that."



I don't know who's cucking who anymore.

But I want it to continue.



It’s a Mexican standoff of cucking.



*a cuxican standoff


File: 695ee14115d830e⋯.jpg (177.08 KB, 825x1200, 11:16, ce6104a69bd6a283cdc794b0ca….jpg)


"Why should I have anything to do with-" Iga snorts a laugh from her nose, "You can't even get him hard, Victoria?"

"These are extenuating circumstances, Iga! Eve is using him as her own personal carnival ride, I can hardly expect him to always get it up if that bitch is constantly draining his balls!" I scold her.

"I mean, it seems like she has no problem getting him to, er, get it up," she looks down and seems to finally notice I've disrobed her from the waist down, but doesn't seem that perturbed by it.

"You don't know that. You aren't there for it," I remind her, annoyed.

"You could always just ask Eli if-"

"Back to the point!" I try to keep Iga on task, "You should have to do with this because you are my lab assistant and this is an important experiment."

"You fucking our boyfriend is an experiment?" she does that obnoxious snort laugh through the nose again.

"Me fucking -my- boyfriend, and yes, finding out if I can parade you like a teaser horse to get Eli excited is indeed an experiment," I reiterate the obvious, "Now shut up and get to enticing him."

"Aren't teasers usually for the females to- Hey!" she jumps a little I reach down and spread her pussy open for Eli to see.

"Calm down, it's nothing hea hasn't seen before," I remind her as I try to give him a better angle.

"You with your hands on my crotch is something he hasn't seen, Victoria!" she complains, but doesn't really try to stop me.

"That's brilliant Iga!" I exclaim, not having expected her to be genuinely helpful, "We should focus on sexual interaction between us, he hasn't seen that and it could excite him more."

With that, I grab Iga by the hips and spind her around, forcibly bending her over to display her rear end to Eli. Fairly easy, given how short and insignficiant Iga is.

"What do you think, baby?" I ask Eli as I present Iga's ass to him, "Does that look good? Does that excite the neurons in your limbic system? Like something that would make blood flow into the corpus spongiosum so that you can vaginally penetrate and then ejaculate inside of her?"

"Um, we've discussed the scientific dirty talk, Victoria, but… you actually are onto something here," Eli sits up in the bed, taking better notice.

"See Iga, I told you it would work!" I excitedly inform her.

She doesn't quite have time to respond, because I extend two fingers and promtply push them inside of her pussy. Which, I might add, offers no resistance and is already drenched, so any insistence that she's not into this, is pretty much out the window. She yelps a bit in surprise, but doesn't struggle. At least, she doesn't struggle enough that she's going anywhere.

"Victoria, what the hell!" she shouts as I work the fingers into her.

She -is- rather tight. Tighter than I would have expected. Maybe I've been too hard on her. This must feel real nice for Eli to fuck, so maybe I should let it slide now and then, no pun intended. Not tonight though. That cock is mine, as soon as I get it going.

"It's just science, Iga, calm down," I assure her, before finally pulling the fingers free.

I finally release her and move quickly to Eli, who is rather perplexed as I smear her fluids on his upper lip, making sure he gets a healthy amount of her scent, before shoving those fingers into his mouth to see that he gets a taste. His body may be tired, but it can't fight nature.

"Anything yet, baby?" I ask him, before remember to pull the fingers out of his mouth.


File: 68e6ccd0da6540f⋯.jpg (36.54 KB, 343x277, 343:277, n000.jpg)


>"It's just science, Iga, calm down,"

I'm glad someone's keeping their head on straight here. What would any of them do without Victoria around? I'm looking forward to this more than any other cuckquean fic.

Aside, have you considered rolling your work into eBooks for sale? I know these are a labour of love and all, but I promise I'd buy 'em for the love.



I've considered the possibility. Though I really know absolutely nothing about what would be involved in that.


File: aa18490f9601d3a⋯.jpeg (138.56 KB, 913x743, 913:743, 3df0a48f4e4a33edaad3cdab1….jpeg)


"Yes… I think this is actually working Victoria," Eli says, idly licking his lips.

"See, I told you! My genius never fails," I reach down to inspect his cock. It's getting thick, but not quite there, yet.

"Maybe it would help if you two kissed a little, that might help," Eli suggests.

"On the lips?" I tap my nails on my teeth, "That's rather… intimate."

"As opposed to forcibly stripping her and putting your fingers inside of her?" Eli seems a little perplexed.

"Well that's just… there's something more mechanical and scientific about that, it's just-" maybe I'm overthinking this?

"I don't remember volunteering to neck with Victoria, here," Iga protests, standing back up, "I mean, I know she's getting on this whole lesbian thing with some of the stuff going on with Eve, but I'm actually pretty straight here, the abrupt fingering notwithstanding."

"What do you mean 'getting on this lesbian thing'? Eve has forced herself on me repeated-"

"Girls, girls!" Eli chimes in, "It's fine. If you don't want to, that's fine," he says with a sigh.

Iga's reluctance is not about to get in the way of Eli's libido. I grab her and roughly through her against him, the two of them tumbling back onto the bed. I pounce overtop of them and plant my lips directly against hers, pressing her against Eli's chest as I force my tongue into her mouth. In for a penny, in for a pound. Iga flails around a bit, in what is, honestly, not even a slightly sexy manner, which won't do. I grab her wrists and pin them back against Eli, holding her in place while I make out with her.

Oh, it's working. I can hear Eli's breath getting harder as he watches us. I think I just bought us a one way ticket to dick city. And all I had to do was become sexually aggressive with my lab assistant. I'll make note of this for future experiments.

Eli's eyes catch mine as my lips part for air, "That's really good. But let's not stop here. Since we know this works, we should keep going."

He leans in and pulls me to him for a kiss, and then grasps my shoulders and starts pushing be downwards, along Iga's body. It doesn't even occur to me where he's guiding me until my face is already between her legs. I do hesitate. I mean, I'm not into this lesbian stuff. I've been over that. But I don't get much of a choice in the matter, Eli's strong hands push my face right up against her pussy. And my tongue kind of ends up inside of her. I have a hard time saying no to Eli when he's being forceful like that.

Neither can Iga, from the sounds of it. She starts moaning and whimpering and writhing against him. Very enthusiastic for someone that was all uptight about kissing a minute ago. She might be faking it. Or in denial about her lesbian tendencies. But if Iga getting all excited makes Eli all excited, then it doesn't matter why.


File: bbdf0fe6a636927⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1800x1000, 9:5, [chastity monstergirls] an….png)


btw if anyone could find for me the font that I was using in the previous pictures, it would be very helpful… I have a few additional captions written out but it feels weird to use something different.



Wow. This goes all the way through bossy, blasts through domineering, then peaks out somewhere between sadistic and cruel. Too much for me, sorry.


File: 8a8cdd10ff7350a⋯.jpg (204.33 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Makise Kurisu.jpg)


It's not as objectionable as I'd expected. Maybe I was expecting worse because I've only gone down on a woman under duress. Also, Iga is a little cleaner than that first time. If I'd known Eve was going to force me to be her cleanup girl, I… well I wouldn't have reanimated her. But failing that, I would have cleaned her body better prior to reanimation.

She gets into it more than I expected, too. She's writhing around on top of him like a little whore. Emphasis on little. I could do without her leaning back and kissing him like that, but I did want her to get him going, so writhe she shall!

I redouble my efforts on her pussy, pushing my fingers up into her while I show no mercy to her clit. She's really not hiding those lesbian tendencies, now. I'd accuse her of being a slut, and she certainly is being one, but I suppose anyone getting between her legs is a win for Iga. I can't fault her too much.

What I can fault her for, is when she reaches below her and pushes Eli's cock forward, shifting her body and forcing him right inside of her. The gall! She tries to play it off like that wasn't on purpose, by not even acknowledging me. But she specifically waited for a moment when my fingers weren't in her to try it. And she's now actually fucking him right under my chin. I stop licking and glare up at her, but she's not even returning my gaze, pretending to be caught up in the moment. We'll fix that.

I grab her clit with my thumb and forefinger, and give it a harsh pinch. She yelps… well, no, it's more of a guttural moan. And she thrusts up, as if she doesn't even realize I was trying to punish her for being the cock-stealing thief she is.

Wait… if she's fucking him, he's clearly hard enough. What am I waiting for?

I take a firm grip of the base of Eli's cock and roughly pull him free of Iga's greedy little pussy. He gives a sharp gasp, but it seems to be entirely pleasurable. Hating to have to remove his source of pleasure so abruptly, I promtply shove his length into my mouth, to which he also reacts positively, and continues thrusting as if he hadn't traded one orifice for another, at all.

Iga doesn't. That finally gets her attention, and she finally returns that glare, while I suck his cock. Now, I've been accused of having a resting bitch face many times before, most intelligent people have. But one should never underestimate my active bitch face. Which can be hard to do with a cock in your mouth, but I manage. I'm skilled like that. Iga can't compete with it.

Or physically, because once I release Eli from my mouth, I find it fairly easy to lift Iga by the thighs and push her forward and out of my way. She is so short. I guess that makes her easy for Eli to throw around and manhandle, but there's no way she can really thrust back in any satisfying way, I'm sure.

With her out of the way, I immediately straddle over him and sink myself down on Eli's cock. Fucking finally. I haven't had a decent fucking since this insanity all started. By which I mean reanimating Eve. Eli would argue there's always insanity, but that's normal background noise insanity. Doesn't count.

My breath leaves me all at once as he fills me. Almost forgot how good he feels. I barely even have the focus to give more of a bitch look to Iga as I start riding him. I do manage a little, though. She responds by flipping over and once more getting in my way by laying over top of Eli and kissing him, rubbing her less adequate chest against him. Well played, Iga, but you've made yourself vulnerable in the process.


File: fa45bc90fd9ff61⋯.png (1008.61 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, 1425532072462.png)


>Well played, Iga, but you've made yourself vulnerable in the process.



What can I say? I have some pretty sadistic tastes…


File: be5c4482fea94d9⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 500x346, 250:173, spank1.jpg)


>Well played, Iga, but you've made yourself vulnerable in the process.


File: 6b9a1bae50de482⋯.png (790.12 KB, 660x919, 660:919, tumblr_ozb6ho3C4M1qlb0eso1….png)


"Ow!" Iga yelps, "What the hell Victoria!"

"You react like you've never had someone shove a thumb up your ass, Iga," I roll my eyes at her, though I don't know if she sees it with her head only half turned back.

"Well it's not a regular occurrence!" she continues to squirm, which only causes me to press deeper. I admit, watching her writhe on top of Eli is kind of hot, though my judgement may be off right now, considering I'm finally getting a decent dicking.

"What?!" I exclaim and thrust my hips forcefully down, as if that would somehow make my point, which Eli doesn't seem to mind, "What do you mean it's not a regular occurrence?"

"Don't usually do this anal stuff, Victoria, now could you please remove it!" she whines at me.

"Is that true, Eli?" I pause for a few seconds of intense riding, as he hits a sensitive spot, "Has she not been giving you anal?"

"Is this, um, really the time, Victoria?" he asks, in between groans.

"It's the perfect time. We're all here, the subject is obviously relevant!" I suspect I already know the answer.

"We haven't really experimented with that, no," he admits.

"And why not? Honestly, Iga, what kind of job were you doing as a sexual surrogate!" my hips stop, and I place my hands on them, glaring down at her.

"I'm not really that into it, and he didn't press me for it," Iga shrugs, looking back.

"That's hardly relevant. Him being too polite to tell you to spread those cheeks is no excuse. I gave you the luxury of fucking my Eli, and I expect you to offer him all your holes, Iga," it's maddening that I have to spell this out.

"You don't even remember asking me, Victoria! You blanked your memories! You can't possibly- AH!" she jumps as I pull my thumb free and force two fingers up her rear. Her hole is surprisingly pliant for someone who's 'not really into it'.

"Not even vaguely the point, Iga!" I force the fingers deeper, "If you're being asked to satisfy his needs when I can't, then you're obviously expected to do everything in your power to satisfy them! Clearly that includes anal!"

She doesn't respond, or rather, she doesn't respond to my words. She does respond to the fingers I start pistoning into her ass. I start him hips again, slamming down as roughly as I penetrate Iga. Almost as frustrated with her as I am aroused. Watching her squirm under my fingers is actually quite enjoyable. Eli seems to, as well, judging by the increased strength of his thrusts. Iga, herself, is trying real hard to pretend she doesn't enjoy it.


File: 2aff9b74e2e56d4⋯.gif (34.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A true literary masterpiec….gif)


File: a6caa2c59a7f1c1⋯.jpg (159.49 KB, 513x862, 513:862, buttbunny.jpg)


>Iga hasn't even given Eli her butt yet

Disappointing. I mean, it's hot that Victoria is doing the responsible thing now and making sure this oversight is corrected, but I'm really just disappointed in Iga's low standard of vixenhood. Victoria is absolutely right about it being one's duty to properly fuck a taken man's brains out by any means possible if one is permitted the luxury of borrowing him. Hopefully the lesson will sink into her brains just before she cums them out.


File: ad151c99b876d92⋯.png (330.5 KB, 500x725, 20:29, 47.png)


I get a little lost in the moment. It's been so long since I've had a decent dicking that for a few moments, I nearly forget about the whole situation. Eve cockblocking me, Iga fucking Eli and not even doing it properly, even that bitch locked up in the basement. It just melts away with each pump of my hips.

I mean, it doesn't completely go away. Hard to forget about what Iga's up to when I've got my fingers in her. She keeps whining and squealing, but doesn't fight me, so she must like it. Especially judging from how tightly she's wrapped her arms around Eli's neck and how much she appears to be shoving her tongue down his throat. Not much composure on her part, but giving Eli attention is why I brought her in.

My hips pump against her ass each time I raise them up, or as much as they can with my fingers still working into her. I'm going to be honest here, Iga has a nice ass. It's not going to make up for lack of genius, but it's nice. It must be pleasant for Eli to bounce against when he fucks her, even if she's not been properly giving it to him.

But like I said, I do get a bit lost, and forget about whatever hangups I have. It gets intense, and I nearly forget I have my fingers in Iga, by the time I cum. I tense up and my fingers curl a bit, which much stretch her more. If she was properly taking it in the ass like a good lab assistant, it wouldn't even faze her, but here we are.

A second one courses through me fairly quick succession. I've never had what I'd call 'multiple orgasms', like they don't come one right after another, but I do have multiple, and they are orgasms. And they're fucking good ones. I squeeze him really good, and I wait for the spurt that usually comes about now. I haven't properly averaged Eli's typically time-to-orgasm, but I can usually ballpark it.

Not this time.

"Baby, are you almost there?" I ask him, my legs getting a little tired.

"I, um…" he clears his throat, "Victoria, I appreciate the effort, but I don't think it's happening tonight."


"No, no, baby, you can do it, I'm sure of it," I lean down, pushing Iga to the side a little as I finally pull my digits free from her. I sort of sandwich her between us as I lean in to kiss him.

"The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak," he sighs with a laugh, "It's okay, really. The body can only give so much, and I think I'm at my limit."

Oh, there is no way that I'm letting Eve get between us like this. Figuratively, I mean, not literally, like Iga is. I'll be damned if she's going to keep me from making my own man cum for me. My honor as a woman and a scientist is at stake, here.


File: c4d3a850a71fd07⋯.mp4 (399.35 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Can_toss.mp4)


>If she was properly taking it in the ass like a good lab assistant, it wouldn't even faze her

Telling it like it fucking is.


File: 9b5247709bf7f6e⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 600x769, 600:769, anal assult pack.jpg)

File: 53315f13f04581b⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 720x540, 4:3, cats holy shit.jpg)

File: fe2c6132fa3036f⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, nigga you don't understand.jpg)


Every update warms me up just a bit


File: e4c893b2c2ed610⋯.jpg (92.48 KB, 705x1000, 141:200, sample-35ff6b69f4fbfa87143….jpg)


I sit up and cross my arms, in thought, while I still move my hips. He's not getting any softer, but he's no closer to cumming. Obviously, this isn't going to work tonight, so there's no point in keeping on trying the same thing and expecting a new result. Definition of insanity. Josef Mengele said that. Or Jesus Christ. One of them. It started with a J. Unless it was Genghis Khan. Not a J, but G is closely related, when you think about it. In any case, it's not the real definition of insanity. You won't find someone in psychology saying that, turns out 'insane' is not a real diagnosis. Won't hold up in the courts, either. I've looked into it, in case I need an insanity plea at some point.

Whether it's a useful definition or not isn't really the point. What is the point, is that my pussy, as much as Eli adores it, is not getting him off tonight. This is what our situation has done to him. But there's no point in wasting time bemoaning our fate. I need to be solution oriented.

"The solution is staring us all in the face, so there's no point in beating around the bush on this," I proclaim, "In fact, we're going to have to abandon the bush, altogether."

Iga tries to pretend, once again, like I've gone off into my own little world, and she doesn't know exactly what I'm talking about, "I'm sorry, the solution to wh-"

"Eli, you're going to have to fuck Iga in the ass," sometimes, the duty of the intelligent is to state the obvious.

"Uhh, I think I'll pass on that one, thanks," Iga says, very presumptuously, like not giving him her ass is an option.

She crawls off of Eli and across the bed, like she's going anywhere. Fortunately, she doesn't just lack my genius, she lacks my reflexes. Before she can get far, I bounce up off of Eli's cock and pounce her with a flying tackle. We tumble and roll, finding ourselves going straight off the edge of the bed. Don't worry, no injuries are sustained, as Iga's body breaks my fall.

"Stop it!" she squeals, then something I can't quite make out because the position has her face muffled between my breasts, "…not doing it!"

"Victoria," Eli clears his throat, peering over the edge of the bed, "It doesn't sound like she's really big on this idea, I don't think trying to force it is going to work."

"Thank you, Eli, you're the only sane-" she starts, and I shove her face back into my chest to shut her up.

"Of course it will. This is Iga we're talking about. What kind of lab assistant would she be if she didn't get sodomized now and again?" I tell him. Eli doesn't always understand science.

"Why don't you put up your own ass, Victoria?!" Iga wriggles free for a moment.

"He's had that before, and we need the novelty. I already explained the Coolidge Effect. If you weren't here, obviously we'd try that. But since you are here, there's no point in trying what -might- work, when we can jump straight to what most certainly -will- work," sometimes you have to explain like you're talking to a child.

"But I don't want it in my ass! I'm small and Eli's cock is not!" she continues to whine.

"I hardly see what you want and don't want is relevant. We're talking about how we need to get my boyfriend off, here," I explain.

She wriggles free a little while I'm busy trying to talk some sense into her, but again, doesn't get far. I pin her down face-first on the floor.

"I didn't want to play this card, Iga, but you've forced my hand," I reluctantly prepare my nuclear option, "If you don't take it up the ass, I'm cutting you off. No more Eli for you. No sex, no fooling around, no nothing. I will rescind your 'other woman' status."

There's a loud gasp from beneath me, and I know I've struck a chord. She turns her head sharply back towards me with wide eyes.

"You wouldn't!" she shouts, "You couldn't!"

"Would and could, Iga. The cock carousel will shut down. Permanently," I tell her, with a commanding tone. It's a bit cruel to cut poor Iga off like this, but she's left me with no other options.


File: 31eadf359198b26⋯.jpeg (225.35 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3fd63797e7c5928a01691ddc0….jpeg)


"Fine," she gives an irritated sigh, "I'll do it. Just this once."

She walks over the bed and leans over it. I practically jump with glee. Finally, I'm getting through to her. I run to the dresser and pull out a bottle of lube.

"You… sure about this, Iga?" Eli's worried about her, he's a sweetie like that, "I know Victoria's sort of pressing the issue, but it's important to me that you-"

"Whoa!" Iga squeals and jumps as I start to apply the gel to her anus, "Victoria, that's freezing!"

"Well we don't have time to warm it up or anything!" I remind her, "What, do you want Eli to lose his erection in the meantime?"

She turns her attention back to him, "It's fine. It's you, after all," she winks at him in a way that forces me to shove a finger up her ass and pretend it was part of the process. She doesn't react as much as I would have hoped.

"Besides, if Victoria is inadequate at something, what can I do but pick up the slack?" she shrugs while spouting nonsense.

"It's not a matter of inadequacy, I already explained. Besides, as my lab assistant, you're an extension of my sexual prowess. Saying you're pleasing Eli would be like you claiming full credit on a published paper. Absolutely absurd," I conclude by giving her ass a firm slap, "Okay, she's all ready for you, Eli!"

"Wait, that's it? You hardly put any lube on there at all!" Iga starts to complain like she's going to get out of this.

"You don't want to eliminate all the friction, otherwise he doesn't feel anything, Iga," I shake my head, "Obviously."

I pull Eli by the hand, and bring him behind where Iga is bending over the bed. I give him a kiss and a few strokes of the cock to make sure he's good and ready to go. He is. I stand behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, getting a good firm grip on his cock so that I can position him.

"Okay, but first time and all, maybe-" she stiffens as I take Eli's cock and press it against her asshole, "Hey! Okay, he seems a lot bigger when he's right up against me like that, maybe we should talk about this some more."

"Nope! You already agreed. Fuck her, Eli," I instruct him, but I don't actually wait for him. Eli's kind of softhearted about things like sodomy that's only semi-consensual, so I give him a little nudge. Literally. With my hips.


File: 32b9e7b73361bcc⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 503x1200, 503:1200, CghGz0VWsAAa7y5.jpg)

File: e9fd45695e065d9⋯.jpg (219.98 KB, 600x600, 1:1, irisviel_mix_cover-3510.jpg)

File: 4d5a8a827446613⋯.jpg (388.64 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Fate_zero_full_1287676.jpg)

Are homunculi Monster Girls?

>ywn be a modern Pygmalion and handcraft your very own Vixen for your man to conquer in front of you

>ywn make a homunculus for your daughters and sons to serve them as she does you


File: 1207b0e75658aff⋯.jpg (110.78 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __madaraki_fran_franken_fr….jpg)


Maybe it was a little too hard. Even geniuses make mistakes. I'll admit to it. I didn't intend to send him balls deep from the get go. That was a little harsh, even considering how difficult Iga's being. Fucking hot, but harsh.

She squeals, as you might expect her too. Honestly, I think she's putting it on a little thick. It's just a cock in the ass, Iga. Still, watching her squirm is oddly pleasing to see. But my focus isn't really there, it's on Eli. As if to mirror her over the top performance, my baby gasps out the most delicious moans I've heard in awhile. It must feel so good for him to force into that tight little hole for the first time. Who'd have thought watching your boyfriend violate your subordinate would be so pleasant to see?

I get almost as lost in the moment as they are, rubbing my hands all over his chest and sliding my whole body over his back. I even find myself pushing my hips against his ass more, urging him to penetrate her harder. Fuck that slutty little ass of hers, Eli. You know she wants it.

"Fuuuck!" Iga whines, in between gasps, "Not so fast, this is a little tight, you know!"

"Language, Iga!" I scold her, "That's blatant reverse psychology, baby, she wants it faster and harder. Rail that filthy slut up the ass as hard as you can!"

He doesn't seem to be listening to what either of us is saying, really, sort of lost in his own world, for the moment. But he does turn up the intensity, to my delight. He leans over her more, and gets a handful of Iga's hair, giving a good, slow pull while he picks up the pace, and really punishes that ass.

Iga gets into it, which is surprising. Sort of. Okay, maybe not, but how she feels about it isn't really the important part. She starts bucking back on his cock pretty fiercely, though she's still making that pained, wincing face, like it's too much for her. Come on, Iga, cowboy up. Her moans do sound less and less like discomfort, though. She repeatedly tries to reach back to touch herself, too. She doesn't quite manage it, though, she keeps having to put her hands back to regain her balance, with how hard Eli is now pounding her. Good job, baby. I don't know who she thinks she is, trying to pleasure herself while she's supposed to be getting you off.

I'm not, though, so it's perfectly alright for me to masturbate right now, which I of course do, enthusiastically. Kind of hard not to. Not that I'm just focusing on myself. I reach down with my other hand to massage Eli's balls as best as I can. Not that easy, considering how much they're moving, but I sometimes worry that his balls will get cold when they're just swinging out in the breeze like that, without a warm hole to heat them, like his cock gets.

I lay my head against his back and just listen to the sounds of his labored breathing. A beautiful sound, but it doesn't last as long as I'd expected. Despite his claims that he was at his limit, Eli gets to his peak fairly quick. Seems I was right about using Iga. Serves her right for doubting me. I'd say she's already getting what she deserves for her lack of insight, though.

There's a familiar series of gasps and moans that I can hear and feel through his back, as he finally gets there and cums, dumping that hot seed into the undeserving lab assistant of mine. And to my surprise, Iga seems to cum as well. The way she arches her back and the specific sounds of her moans seem to indicate that. I've… researched the two of them together enough times to know it. She just came from anal with Eli, on her first time, without even touching her pussy. What a slut. I should remember to point that out to her, later.

Exactly what follows gets a little blurry. Our collective exhaustion and relief catches up with us, and we all fall into a heap on the bed. Normally, I'd remind Iga that she has her own room, and that she doesn't need to get all cuddly up with Eli, now that she's done her part. But I suppose it doesn't hurt, just this once. Besides, I'm far too tired for any arguments that will follow.

When I finally wake, even before I open my eyes, I"m met with a distinct feeling of being watched.


File: fe060f9810e9ade⋯.webm (2.78 MB, 1176x664, 147:83, tokyo_drift.webm)


>Are homunculi Monster Girls?

Probably, though Irisviel looks too human to look like a monster.

>day 1: Start growing homonculus

>day 2: Still looks like shit

>day 3: Okay, now it kinda resembles a human being

>day 4: Oh, so it's female?

>day 5: Wow, it's actually quite cute…

>day 6: It's breasts are still growing?

>day 7: Okay, that's too big!

>day 8: Is it learning to talk?

>day 9: It's flirting with my husband?!?!

>day 10: Homunculus, stop!!!


File: b0a20729e0bac52⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 335x601, 335:601, 51.jpg)


"Iga, shut up!" I yell in frustration.

"I… didn't say anything, Victoria…" she replies in what is probably understandable confusion.

"No," I sigh and rub my temples, leaning my forehead to the wall, "But you were thinking it."

"It sounds like you might be projecting a little bit," she says, rather unhelpfully. Not wrong, just unhelpful.

"Of course I am! It's an ego defense mechanism, and my ego is in crisis right now," I'm forced to lecture her about the obvious again, "This is a disaster, and it's clearly your fault."

She folds her arms and gives me a stern look that risks going beyond her station as a mere assistant, "How exactly would this be my fault?"

"Because the only other person who's fault it could be is mine. And obviously that's not true, I'm a genius," I lift my head and lightly bang it against the stone wall.

"So close to self-awareness, yet so far," she gets snarky, but I don't have the energy to correct her right now.

"Do all your 'experiments' end up this way?" a shrill bitch voice comes from the other end of the cell.

Iga, once again unhelpful, holds up her hand and gives the wavering 'kinda' sign. I just point back to the corpse counter, without looking back.

"You don't talk. I've had enough of your shit," my hand drops when I've made my feelings clear.

"It's the first thing I've said since you've been in here with-"

"And it needs to be the last thing!" I shout.

There's a long pause in the conversation.

"I'm cold," I say, flatly.

We are, in fact, all naked, sitting in a stone cell in the basement, so that's kind of a given. How Eve managed this is still a little baffling. I guess I just didn't imagine she'd go so far, and we left ourselves tired and vulnerable. Also, she's a horrible abomination and mistake of science who's freakishly strong. Which, as I've already explained, is basically Iga's fault.

"I'll say you're cold. If you were worthwhile, you wouldn't have to make entirely new women and bring in your assistant to satisfy your-" the corpse counter stops her awful bleating when I come rushing at her.

No weapons available, but I'm not above beating her to death with my bare hands. It's not really using my brilliance, as I'd prefer it, but I am bigger than her, so that'll have to do. Unfortunately, Eli is bigger still, and his calmer judgement prevails as he grabs me around the waist and pulls me back.

"Easy, babe, this isn't going to help our situation," he says into my ear.

"Nonsense, I'll feel much better!" I shout, "Emotional health is paramo-"

I pause, once again with the distinct feeling of being watched.


File: a25787eb3c87737⋯.jpg (125.39 KB, 478x575, 478:575, im_pro_zombie.jpg)


>Eve locks the quean and other vixens in the same cage as the bf

Eve confirmed for true meta quean?


File: 36dc3b43d722fdf⋯.jpeg (114.87 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, EC131556-79A3-4CE7-A2AB-B….jpeg)


>"Easy, babe, this isn't going to help our situation,"

>"Nonsense, I'll feel much better!"


File: c4306134a640eab⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2600x3636, 650:909, monstercuck1.png)

File: 222e42fde89c2df⋯.png (5.62 MB, 2597x3617, 2597:3617, monstercuck2.png)

I just found this webcomic that should be relevant to your interests: http://mhfap.com/


File: dac6193d67e10e4⋯.jpg (195.93 KB, 850x1313, 850:1313, sample_ca403fd660df4daaa1b….jpg)


Eve slides the cell door open extremely casually, without even moving to block us from escaping. There's something very smug about how she leaves us completely open to an escape attempt, like she's got us terrified of her, and none of us would dare to risk her wrath by making a break for it.

In fairness, none of us do, because Eve is fucking crazy and strong, and none of us want to risk it, but that's besides the point.

She doen't say anything, she just reaches in and grabs Eli by the arm, just above the elbow, and promptly pulls him towards her, out of the cell. I don't care for how she treats him like a piece of meat. Really, only I should be doing that.

"Yoink," Iga adds a very unnecessary sound effect to the action, possibly unaware to the extent that she's risking getting slapped.

I almost reach out to grab him as she pulls him away, but realize that playing tug of war with my poor baby as the rope is not going to help this situation. Instead, I just kind of, let her take him.

"Eve, please, can't you at least let him rest awhile? He only has so much stamina," I try, in vain, to persuade her.

"If he is tired, it's only because you decieved me to get away with using him for sex. Any exhaustion he has is your fault," she closes the door and immediately grabs his cock, trying to coax it back to life.

Technically true, in a sense, but that's not relevant. She has no rights to him, like I do, and she should be grateful for the time she has with him, ill-gotten as it is. Of course, I don't say that. That would be crazy.

"Eve, he's my boyfriend, what would you think he and I would do together?" I argue.

"No. He is my boyfriend now, as I've told you. You are only permitted access to him, sexually, when I allow it. You've proven you cannot be trusted with him, so you will stay secure, where I can keep track of you," she says very confidently, while continuing to try to get Eli hard.

"That why you locked him up with us?" the corpse-counter chimes in.

"In his current state, none of you have capacity to make him physically aroused. Your appearances and demeanors are sexually insignificant," she criticizes us, while struggling to make him hard, herself.

It's a little funny, but I don't say anything. That wouldn't help. Iga apparently thinks otherwise, responding with a snort of laughter.

"Doesn't look like you're as significant as you think," she smirks a little.

Brave. Maybe foolish. But amusing. There are times she reminds me why I chose her to assist me in all this. Eve is markedly less amused, and stares daggers at her. Iga retreats back a little from the bars.

"Eve, listen," Eli clears his throat, "They're right, I can only accomplish so much, physically. Maybe if we wait just a little-"

"No," she cuts him off, "You will become erect and I will use you for sex. Whether you like it or not."

With that, she releases his cock and spins him around, slamming him against the bars, so that he's directly facing us. He doesn't seemed harmed, just surprised.



What depravity is going to happen now? I can't wait.


File: 030221c1f1edd46⋯.png (179.93 KB, 617x1069, 617:1069, 0b98074b-3386-494d-acde-67….png)

File: bed18d2d7cb24d9⋯.png (152.31 KB, 676x857, 676:857, f7719f45-9309-41d9-b397-3b….png)

Fuck me I have horrid eyesight. Anyways, pretty sure this works here


File: 35840bfd16bcd61⋯.png (4.09 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 5ea6ea756f6e2771387884f6fc….png)


"Baby, are you okay?" I ask, reaching to grab his hand.

I don't get a chance see or hear a response before Eve's arm darts through the bars and grabs the closest person she can reach. Which, with Iga shrinking back, just so happens to be me. She takes a handful of my hair and pulls my face towards her and jams a pair of fingers into my mouth, twisting and swirling them around. I almost gag, but science isn't the only thing I'm good at.

"Eve, what the hell was that for?!" I demand, catching my breath.

No answer from her, but when I lock eyes with Eli again, it becomes rather clear. His eyes go wide like dinner plates and he gasps sharply, pulling forward as if to get away from Eve, but only pinning himself to the bars.

"Eve! This is not helping anyone, and it kinda hurts!" he shouts, hurriedly.

I grab his hand to try and comfort him. I hate feeling so helpless as she just does what she wants to him.

"Stop this immediately!" I demand, knowing how futile it is, "You're hurting him! And he's not going to be into it, I've tried several times!"

She presses her free hand against his back, pinning him in place while she pistons the two fingers into my poor baby's ass. I gently stroke his hair and clasp his hand, hoping it will be over soon.

"Prostate manipulation will make him erect," she says, flatly, "If you had not worn him out, this wouldn't be necessary."

I barely contain a scream at that. How dare she try to blame her behavior on me? I mean, yes, that's technically correct in that I created her so it's sort of my fault, but that doesn't excuse it. And really, Iga deserves a lot of blame, too.

It, um, does work though. She pushes her fingers back and forth, and in practically no time at all, she pumps his dick up like it's an inflatible toy. Wish I'd thought of that earlier, actually. He still probably would have said no, but it'd be worth a shot.

He sighs in relief when she finally withdraws her fingers, but the moment doesn't last as she grabs him by the back of the neck to promptly spin him around and push him to the floor on his back, right next to the bars.

I expect her to mount him right there, but she seems intent on asserting her dominance. She grabs his legs behind the knees and pushes them forward, folding them over him, then pulls his cock straight up before sinking herself down on him. The thrusts start immediately, no warming up with slow pump, just straight to pounding herself down on him. It doesn't look like the most comfortable position for him.

"Ooh, amazon position. Kinky," a skanky voice declares from behind us.

"Thank you, we can see that," I say through clenched teeth.

Right next to me, and I can do nothing. I reach out and grab his hand, which he squeezes back, but doesn't respond any beyond that, being a little too occupied.


File: cc85cfb567b21b3⋯.jpg (133.17 KB, 327x853, 327:853, 3e7ac14967a50fff072001779b….jpg)


Though, I will admit, the human spirit can weather anything, and this is not nearly as shocking or stressful as it was at first. That itself is almost upsetting - the idea that I'm watching Eve use my man as her own personal carnival ride, and I'm not nearly as troubled by it as I was at first.

I'm still bothered by it, obviously. Though it does put things in perspective. I'm now much more comfortable with sharing him with Iga, given the alternative. It's almost pleasant to think about them together, now. I mean, yeah, I did masturbate while I watched them that first time, which makes me sound like a giant pervert when you actually say it, but I was still clearly distressed about it, and that was really more of a physiological response.

Which there is some of that here with Eve. Not gonna lie. Emotionally objectionable? Visually objectionable? Absolutely not. Maybe that's why him with Iga isn't so troublesome. Iga's not exactly a competitor. She's not prettier and could never be better in bed than I am. Eve, on the other hand, is the manifestation of my genius, and thus seems far more threatening.

I think, for a moment, that I should stop overanalyzing this whole situation. Then I'm left in the moment, watching Eve bounce up and down, that newly installed pussy of hers nearly squeezing the blood back out of Eli's swollen cock. She just pistons back and forth, clearly unconcerned with either his pleasure or comfort, just seeking her own satisfaction. The rhythm is hypnotic, and Eli's hand squeezes mine each time she slams home.

Then the rhythm breaks, and his hand squeezes hard, and stays that way.

"Baby, are you okay?" I ask, as I notice the change.

The words haven't even finished leaving my mouth before I realize that was a stupid question. His back arches, as much as he can with all her weight over him, and his body tenses. I shiver a little as I watch him. I can't help that I love watching him cum, even if it's into another woman.

He lays back and gasps as his orgasm finally subsides, which is swiftly followed by Eve standing up, looking decidedly non-plussed.

"He finished too soon," she states, flatly.

Don't look at me, I'm as surprised as you are. I didn't think he'd have it in him to finish so quick.

"…And?" I ask, maybe a little too sharply for my own good.

"You will finish what he started," she informs me, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me to the bars. It's a flimsy grasp, and I actually manage to pull free, for once.

"Hey! I'll do no such thing!" I pull my hair back, "Maybe you should just take a cold shower."

"Fine," she sighs, irritated, then points to the corpse-counter, "You will finish me. You will make me cum and you will clean out his semen."

My eye twitches. What did she just say?

Oh hell no. That harpy is not putting her lips on my baby's cum, no matter where she gets it. I mirror eve with my own annoyed sigh.

"Wait," I tell her, "I'll do it."


File: f8bf2118b6aaa05⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 600x919, 600:919, eda9b298cae77d1aaacf8b6107….jpg)


"By which," I continue, "I mean Iga will do it."

Look, it's not my fault that Iga wandered too close to the bars. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and I took my chance. I didn't mean to throw her under the bus, it's… no, no actually, I meant that exactly.

It works, too. Eve's arm snaps through the bars and grabs Iga before I can even blink. It's actually quite impressive to see those fast twitch muscle fibers in action on Eve. My serum did more than I ever expected, really. As soon as I find a way to get my house back in order, it might actually have some applications that don't involve crossing ethical boundaries. Not as interesting, but probably more practical.

She hauls my poor assistant to her knees and pushes her face between the bars. I almost get a nasty look, but no time for snark from Iga, as her mouth is buried in pussy, post haste. Sorry Iga, but sometimes being the assistant means you have to make sacrifices for science. Besides, Iga's basically a lesbian anyways, from what I can tell, so this is more up her alley. I almost feel bad about throwing her to the wolves like that, but when I think about it like that, I realize that there's really nothing wrong with it. It takes courage to forgive myself for any wrongdoing like that, but it's necessary if I'm going to get us out of this - I can't spend time being hung up on little details.

Clearly, Iga's better at this than I am, so it makes sense from the perspective, too. She really gets into it. Not that she has a choice on being 'into it', in that Eve is holding her in place, but Iga seems to actually be doing her best. She gets her tongue deep in there like she's looking for a prize. Eve is pumped full of Eli's cum, ill-gotten as it was. Clearly, Iga just wants to make sure she gets it all out so that there's no chance that Eve will do anything with that awful woman in the corner, and allow her to touch my baby's cum. This is why I trust her with such a job.

I find it hard to look away, not that I should be doing anything but keeping an eye on Eve for signs of what she'll do next, but I mean watching Iga at work on her pussy has me a bit transfixed. From an intellectual perspective, of course. She's clearly very good at this, which I can see from watching her suck on Eve's clit, and from how I can tell she's rhythmically circling her tongue under her lips. Even if I couldn't tell just from seeing her movements, the way Eve grunts and moans and presses her hips to Iga's mouth tell me all I need to know.

I wonder if maybe this is another role that Iga could serve as a lab assistant, if Eli is occupied. Obviously, I'm not any sort of lesbian, so it's not that I want a woman between my legs, specifically, to perform sex acts on me. But mouths are mouths, that's pretty much the same no matter who you are, and sometimes a good orgasm can clear your head and help you get back to the science at hand. So I'm only thinking of practicality here.

Eve cums in the most unsubtle way possible, practically riding poor Iga's face to orgasm, and covering it with her fluids. The way she pulls at the bars makes me think she's going to bend them, but they stay put. When she's done, she releases Iga and lets her drop, as if discarding her now that she's done her job.

Eve slowly she catches her breath, then turns and grabs the exhausted Eli by the ankle, dragging him off with her like a cave woman. He doesn't say anything, seeming to be resigned to this treatment.

"Where are you taking him?" I demand.

"I will keep him where only I have access to him from now on. You are done having sex with him, unless I decide to reward you for something," she stops and half turns back, "I will have more improvements for you to make to my body. Consider this when you perform them."


File: 38a49fee5cd41d6⋯.jpg (231.63 KB, 863x752, 863:752, the ride never ends.jpg)


This train has no brakes!


File: fb66d545a33e03c⋯.jpg (52.42 KB, 501x689, 501:689, __madaraki_fran_franken_fr….jpg)


It's a relief to finally be let out of the cell, even if it is to make Eve more of an offense to god. I mean, I'm not against that on principle, but I prefer to make my own abominations against nature, not have it dictated to me. I don't even argue that much when she says Iga has to stay in the cell, and I've got to do the operation all on my own. A little time not crowded by everyone is nice, which I get once I've properly sedated Eve. She won't know if I take a little time to relax and act like I'm not in in a bizarre hostage situation.

And it'll give me time to find where she's hiding my poor Eli.

Doesn't actually take too long. Eve demands we start the operation immediately, nudity be damned, so I put her under anasthesia before I go looking for some clothes. I find that my bedroom door is locked tight. No points for creativity in hiding him, Eve.

"Hello?" my baby asks from behind the door after I jostle the knob.

"It's me! Open up!" I urgently tell him.

"You don't think I would if I could?" he points out, rather astutely, "It's… look, go into the next room, over to that peephole, so we can talk easier."

"I… I don't know what you're talking about," I say, rather unconvincingly.

"Babe, I've literally seen you looking through it. From the other side. It's unnecessarily large and kind of hard to miss," he explains, "I think Iga knows too. We can pretend we don't next time you watch us through there if you'd like. But just go over there so we don't have to talk through the door."

That's a little embarrassing. He's right, though.

"Okay," I settle down on the other side of the peephole, "What exactly has she done?"

"She put these heavy duty locks and bars on the door and windows, there's no getting them open without the keys, and god knows where she hides them," he sighs, "Lots of places for that in the house."

"Fine, we'll just cut through the knot on this one," I decide, "I'll go get the axe from the shed and just chop through the wall."

"That's… that's not gonna work either," he says.

"Don't tell me she's reinforced the walls, too? There's no ways she had the time to do that," she is strong and fast, though.

"No, she used… something else. She may be developing more intellect than you planned," he tells me, anxiously, "See, there's this apparatus, like a ring… on my balls. I can't get it off. And there's this big metal cylinder she installed on the ceiling. She says if I leave the radius of the signal that thing puts out, it'll activate. And then bees will home in on the ring. And will also trigger an email to the authorities full of evidence of what we've been doing. And also the ring will trigger an electrical charge if I try to get it off. And then explode. A normal person would say that's crazy nonsense, but I'm not really at the point that I want to risk it."

I pause for a long moment, "Hornets," just kind of slips out.

"I'm sorry?" Eli says immediately.

I clear my throat, "They're, um, hornets. Not bees."

"Victoria," he says flatly, "Is there something you want to tell me?"


File: d83d1fec92c1446⋯.png (207.7 KB, 761x602, 761:602, ba90590f8982e08736c3be6cbb….png)


"So," I take a breath, "the good news, is that Eve is not displaying as sharp of a display in brilliance as she might appear, because what you're talking about is one of my inventions."

"The bad news?" Eli asks, and I can almost hear the eye roll.

"It's still pretty complicated, so she had to be pretty sharp to figure out how to work it. Also, that means she's gotten access to my old projects. Also, also, that one's a little glitchy," I clear my throat, "I didn't ever really get to test it. You probably want to keep a blanket handy or something, in case it triggers. Which it might do, pretty much arbitrarily."

"Well that's… terrifying," Eli says, "But, um, can we back up a little bit? Why do you have an invention for sending bees towards a device that seems to be custom fitted for my balls?"

"Again, hornets," I correct him.


"Right," I nod, even though he can't see it, "The Homing Hornet Holocaust is something I put together back when we started dating. I was feeling a little insecure, and like most problems in life, I figured the solution was science. So I made something that could gently encourage your behavior if I needed to."

"Gently encourage?" he gets a little snippy.

"Well it's not like I actually used it! I didn't even finish it, really. I realized it was a bad idea and abandoned the project. I didn't expect her to find it! I don't even know how she got into the vault room where I keep all my old projects," I knock my forehead against the wall, "She must have guessed my password."

"What is the password, exactly?" he asks, "Not that I want to ever go in that nightmare room, but we might need to."

"It's, um, 'ELI'," I admit.

There's a pause, "That's not exactly a very secure-"

"I know that, Eli! Hindsight is 20/20!" I shout, maybe to harshly.

"Wait!" I can hear him shift position as he looks through the peephole again, "You said you developed it when we were first dating. Shouldn't the bees be dead by now?"

"Hornets," I have to correct him again, "And no. They're in a form of suspended animation, they'll take a moment to reactivate, and then be good as new. They're also part cybernetic. So that doesn't exactly die."

"Oh, they're robot hornets, too. Outstanding," he continues to be a bit sharp with me, "Any other surprises?"

"I said cyborgs, not robots, Eli. Don't overdramatize it," at least he got the hornets part right that time, "But no, not that I can think of. I think you're up to speed on that one."

He seems to let it go, "I hesitate to ask, but is there anything else in your vault that might help our situation?"



>at least he got the hornets part right that time

There's hope for us all.


File: 4fc1a71a7cda43e⋯.jpg (215.1 KB, 1200x2000, 3:5, ed9ec9f149d6348989f92b3ca9….jpg)


"I don't… hm," I tap might teeth, "Maybe. There might be one thing."

"It's not a bomb, is it?" he asks.

I pause to consider the definitions, "…No. I don't make 'bombs', Eli. Creating a simple explosive isn't exactly a new invention. That wouldn't be scientific progress."

"Is it functionally -like- a bomb, and achieves the same result through a drastically convoluted method?" he rephrases his question.

"…No," I clear my throat, "Look, I'm going to have to go dig through some of my old stuff to see if something will help, so there's no point in nitpicking over what technically constitutes a bomb."

"I would just appreciate it if you didn't do anything that would make the situation worse," he pleads, "Especially for those of us who can't, for example, run from a burning building without incurring the wrath of hostile insects who will leave a bunch of stingers embedded in our genitals."

"Eli, you're being absurd now," I inform him, "I told you, they're hornets, and thus they don't leave their stingers behind and die when they sting you. Only bees do that. Hornets are free to continue living and stinging as many times as they please."

I receive a blank stare through the peephole. It's like he doesn't even care about the entymological specifics.

"Let's just find a solution to all this? We need to stop screwing around, or we're just going to continue to be prisoners in our own home," he says, "Eve is just getting crazier and more aggressive with time, and our situation will not improve until we do something about it."

I nod emphatically, "You're right. I need to take advantage of her being unconscious, and find a way to get leverage on her. Once everyone is free, -then- we can drug her and kill her with a shovel."

"You're not being literal, I hope," he sighs a little.

"It doesn't literally have to be a shovel."

"Look, just put that big brain of yours to work? I'm sure you can figure something," he says, "I can't do anything from in here."

We both sit there silently for a few moments, contemplating the situation.

"Speaking of screwing around, before I go…" I say, suggestively.

"No," he's very terse.

"What I mean, baby, is that, since you pointed out the peephole is rather wide, we could-"

"Improvised glory hole," he jumps in, "No, I got it, hon. Not gonna happen."

"What? Why?!" the madness.

"Aside from how my balls are taxed beyond their limit?" he underestimates himself, "I don't think I can right now, and I really need to save what energy I have for Eve. She's increasingly demanding, and gets upset if I don't cum, like it's an insult to her pride. I don't really want to risk her wrath. For now, I need to save all my cum for her. It's for the best."

"What am I supposed to do?!" I ask, exasperated.

"You have fingers, don't you?" he asks.

This time it's me that gives him the uncomfortable silence.

"Look, once this is over, I'll give both you and Iga a thoroughly hard dicking. I promise," he says, "But for now, let's just focus on the task at hand."

"Okay," I give him one last look through the peephole, before getting up, "I'm going to hold you to that."

…Wait, what did he say about Iga?


File: 86978724431cae6⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 350x456, 175:228, 6ad2dbc608cce6fa6bcd092935….jpg)


After taking advantage of my temporary freedom, in getting something proper to eat and a bath, I return my attention to Eve. I make sure to further sedate her, in case the drugs have worn off in the meantime. There is the brief worry that I might give her too much, but then I remember I am the unrivaled mistress of life and death. So it's not like accidentally killing her is going to be a permanent setback. Probably. Unless I have to reanimate her and she's lost her memory and she can't get Eli and Iga out of their captivity. It's unlikely I'd kill her by accident anyways. She's quite a robust specimen.

I do get a chance to dig through my old experiments, to see if anything will be particularly helpful. And that won't get me into too much of an argument with Eli. Or just generally make things worse. It's fairly slim pickings when it comes to usefulness, despite the variety of technology. Most of these were discarded because they weren't overly useful in the first place.

I finally do start to put together a plan. I briefly consider running it by Eli and Iga, but think better of it. I can't really speak to Iga in private with that whore in the room, and Eli will probably try to start the aforementioned argument. Besides, I'm the genius here, I don't really need outside opinions on how to proceed.

Everything decided, I return to Eve and prep her to get to work. I make up my mind that this is going to be the last time I alter her, under duress or otherwise. It's a bit sad, in that respect. She is an amazing creation, despite, you know, everything else about her. So if I'm not going to get another chance, I might as well do my best and make this count.

I'll also be including my little surprise.

Most of it is pretty straightforward things she requested. Bigger tits, bigger ass, wider hips, poutier lips. She wanted me to remove her gag reflex, and I tried to explain that's not so much a physical thing that I can just remove, and even if I could, that's not a great idea. Arguing with her is still like talking to a brick wall, but it's getting better. I dare say she's almost developing social skills and a personality. Kind of. Still nothing that would make her a socially functioning human being. I do my best to make her throat wider so that she can avoid gagging. Not sure if that'll work.

Then there's the weird one that has me worried. The extra set of arms. She says she needs them to help hold and position Eli for sex. Or any of the rest of us. I do, again, try to explain that not only am I not sure if this will work, but that it may actually make her less physically attractive to Eli. There's no way around it, this one is gonna freak him the fuck out, but I try to communicate that more diplomatically. I'm about as successful as you'd assume.

I also don't know, at first, exactly how I'm going to implement that. There's not really a routine way to add extra arms to the human body. At first I try to add a second set of shoulderblades below the first, but I can't figure out how to map the muscles in a way that they won't interfere with her regular arms, or handle the stress of picking up a grown man with them and not tear the musculature. I finally settle on essentially making a second ball and socket joint in the original shoulder blade, by fusing two shoulder blades together. It takes some doing, and I kind of start to wish I could get Eli down here to help me. I'm a master surgeon, but he's better with the… well, it's basically carpentry. I manage however, and after a few mis-cuts, a lot of swearing, and the use of more gorilla glue than I'd like to admit, I have something respectable put together.

After that, attaching the nerves and muscles in place and patching her up seems like child's play. Admittedly, my childhood was very strange. I barely pause between this and administering my plan, which is simple by comparison. It's when I finally stop and almost collapse that I realize how long I've been at this. I don't even know what time it is. It's dark out, but I think it was dark out when I started. It was definitely light at one point during all this.

Eli and Iga need to eat, they're stuck in their respective cages. -I- need to eat. Eli has access to the master bathroom, but was there even a toilet in the cell? My thoughts race a bit, and I make the mistake of sitting down while I try to catch them, and I'm completely out within a minute.


File: 25435523050904e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1239x778, 1239:778, b6438454195b1f41e3bd01eeec….png)


Eve is not on the slab where I left her when I wake up. I had hoped to at least get a look at some of those stitches before she got up and moving around, but she's ultimately going to do whatever the hell she wants, anyways.

Figuring that she'd go the first place I would, I head up to the bedroom, but no one answers my knocks. I don't she's taken Eli anywhere, since she'd have to remove the Homing Hornet Holocaust Hive Chamber to do so, so he must be sleeping. I briefly consider knocking louder, but I think he could use his rest, honestly.

When I get down to the cell in the basement, she isn't there either. Anyone's guess where she is and what she's doing, but her absence does at least let me update Iga on the plan.

"Where the hell have you been?" she launches right into complaining.

"Obviously, I had to perform Eve's upgrades," I tell her what she already knows.

"That was almost two days ago, Victoria!"

"Sometimes these things take time, if you're going to do them right, Iga," I snap at her a little, she really should know to better respect the scientific process, "And also I fell asleep afterwards."

She gives me a stare that I'm not entirely in love with.

"Are you okay in here, at least?" I do feel a little guilty about leaving her to rot.

"Yeah, Eve did at least not leave us to starve. Her idea of feeding us is to give us a big block of cheddar, though," she says, "I don't even know where she got that, I don't remember us having that in the fridge."

I clear my throat, "It… didn't have any, like, star shaped spots on it, or smell like ozone, did it?"

"…No," she says slowly, narrowing her eyes.

"Okay, it was the control group then, you should be fine," I pause for a second, then lift up my hand, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"…Three," she again gives me that look that I'm not thrilled with.


"It's unrelated. And like I said, control group, so that was just cheese," I explain, "But let me know if you start seeing any colors that you've never seen before."

"But look, Iga, I've got a plan," I say, "While she was under, I put an extra surprise among her enhancements."

"It's… not a bomb, is it?" she nitpicks.

"No," I roll my eyes, "It's an implosion device."

"That's a bomb, Vict-"

"Bombs are strictly explosives by definition, Iga!" I shout, clenching my eyes, "It's not a bomb!"

"Fine, fine," she waves her hand, "Not important. How does this help us?"

"It means we have leverage to control her," I apparently have to explain this, "Or at the very least, if we can get everyone free, we can safely implode her from a distance, and be done with it. It's as simple as a button press from…"

I reach into my pocket, "…my remote…" I continue to rifle through, coming up completely empty-handed, "Shit."


File: c51cc5aaad547bf⋯.png (202.72 KB, 377x390, 29:30, c51cc5aaad547bf83d67504bd0….png)

>Monster girl thread

>Not a single Cheshire post

What's wrong, can't handle the smug?


File: fe2b3442d6544ed⋯.jpg (198.2 KB, 635x900, 127:180, 61.jpg)


"What, you can't find it?" Iga asks.

"Obviously I can't find it, I'm looking for it and not finding it, Iga!" I snap.

"Well, where could you have left it?" she says, surprisingly patiently, which makes me feel a little bad for my tone, "Retrace your steps."

I sigh, disappointed, "I'm… I'm pretty sure it's in her."

Iga rubs the bridge of her nose, "Like, with the bomb?"

"It's not a bomb!" what is it with the lack of respect for terminology, lately?

"It's not important what it is!" she says, though I disagree, "The remote is basically right next to it?"

"…Yes," I sigh and look up to the ceiling.

"Where ins-"

"Uterus," I clarify, "Right in the baby-box."

"Huh," she says, and we sort of stand in silence for a minute.

"Sounds like that handsome boyfriend of yours is going to get imploded if he pounds her too hard," a bitchy voice pipes in.

Almost forget she was there. Iga and I slowly turn our heads towards her, almost in unison. If contempt could manifest physically, I'd be able to choke her with it. Not even the fact that she properly identified the implosion device would save her.

"Thank you. Noted," I tersely respond.

"She, uh, does kind of have a point, though," Iga turns back to me, "All that jostling from Eli's cock thrusting up into Eve's pussy, over and over, pushing so hard on her insides…"

I furrow my brow at her, and she takes the hint.

"…it could be a risk of activating the remote," Iga says, "Tell me there's at least some kind of safety feature, so that it doesn't go off too easily?"

"It's, um, kind of hard to press?" I shrug.

Iga looks nonplussed.

"Science is a process, Iga, you know that," I scowl, "Learning from our mistakes is how we improve."

"I'd like if those mistakes don't involve our boyfriend being compressed into a singularity or anything," she says.

"Don't be overdramatic, it's not a 'singularity', it's just a standard implosion. But, yeah. It would probably not be all that amazingly great for Eli if it went off while he was balls deep in Eve," I take a breath, then realize what she said, "What do you mean 'our'-"

"Not important right now, Victoria!" which is technically correct, but only just barely, "We have to stop her from riding him like a carousel!"

I bang my head against the bars, "But that's basically all she does!"


File: 74a545e48119bfe⋯.jpg (622.71 KB, 732x1280, 183:320, __frankenstein_s_monster_a….jpg)


"All who does?" Eve is right behind me, because of course she is.

She's wearing a robe, thankfully, concealing the new… stuff. I don't have to explain everything just yet.

"They were just saying you ride her man enough to get saddle sores," the coroner opens her whore mouth. The 'whoreoner', if you will.

"That is not all I do," Eve still doesn't quite get jokes, really. A weakness, but not one I can think of any way to manipulate.

"I can see why you think that, though," she continues, "I find that I need very little sleep, so it must seem that I am having sex with Eli very regularly. Which I am. But I have more time in the day to dedicate to other pursuits as well, like going through your computer. You have a lot of fetishes."

"I do not! I'll have you know that's a perfectly normal amount. How would you even know what an abnormal amount is?" the nerve she has.

"I didn't imply it was your computer," she furrows her brow a little.

I choke back a snicker, "You meant Iga?"

"No, I meant you. I simply hadn't implied it before you got so defensive," she says, "You're very insecure for someone who's into some very-"

"Okay! Point made, Eve! What do you want?!" I probably should have taken her larynx out. Hindsight is 20/20.

"I'm going to have sex with Eli again," she throws out there. No shit, Eve.

"Okay…?" I'm a bit confused, "Why are you here, then?"

It's so routine at this point, there's not really even any urge to protest her being an undead hussy.

"You are going to watch," she informs me.

My eyes narrow, "Why would I need to do-"

"I've seen your 'cuckquean' folder, and it appeals to me," she says some crazy shit, like that's something I have, "I've adopted the fetish. You're going to watch me have sex with Eli, and also you are not going to have sex with him anymore."

This degenerate shit is going a little far. And I don't know where she learned it. I'm not into that weird stuff.

"Why the hell would I agree to that?!" I exclaim, "And also, if you're into cuckqueaning, should you be the one watching?"

"No, I like it this way. And your agreement isn't necessary. You can't stop me," she says, and grabs me by the wrist to pull me away.

As I'm struggling, I look back and a wide eyed Iga looks at me with an outstretched hand, which she quickly closes. Shit, she's right.

"Wait, wait! Eve!" I shout, "You can't have sex with him. It's too soon after you've had surgery!"

"That's what you said last time. It was a ruse to illicitly appropriate the use of his penis," I swear her vocabulary is expanding, "I'm not falling for that again. You just want access to him."

"No! It's true!" it kind of is, she's even more of a freak of nature than before, "I'll prove it! Um…"

My mouth got a little ahead of me, "Uh… you can make Iga have sex with him. And I can watch that. I'll still be getting cucked, so clearly it isn't about me getting any."

"No. The short woman is in cahoots with you. She is also forbidden from cock," she pauses and stares at me for a moment.

She tilts her head a little, like she's gotten an idea, "Instead, he will have sex with Felicia."


"Who the fuck is Felicia?!"


File: d07077932c70221⋯.png (1018.61 KB, 627x886, 627:886, 00b22302e08fa9c59175c7697a….png)


My keenly honed deductive powers catch up with me rather quick.

"OH NO! NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO!" I shout, "Not an option Eve! That hussy is not to come anywhere near my baby!"

"Oh, come on, it's not like it'll be the first time I got a little attention from your man," the whore jumps in.

I lunge forward, trying to grab her and choke her through the bars, but Eve's hands promptly grab my upper arms from behind, and she pulls me back, "That was under duress, and it wasn't all the way!"

"What difference does it make if he gets his dick wet from -another- pussy, anyhow?" she rolls her eyes, bitchily, "You'd think you'd be used to the idea by now. Besides, this could be the highlight of my kidnapping, and could convince me to not contact the authorities when this is all over."

"Your skank-whore-cunt will never touch his beautiful cock you degenerate below average succubus!" I screech at her.

"You're so uptight about this. I'd think you'd want me to explode all over his cock, and not Eve…" she trails off, with her quiet threat to rat me out.

Also, she said 'explode', and that's clearly, explicitly an attempt to piss me off, since she was there and knows goddamn well that it's an implosion. How fucking hard is this?

"It is decided," Eve states, quite flatly.

"It is most certainly -not- decided! We are still deciding here!" I continue an argument I already know I've lost.

"Yes it has been decided. I just decided. My decision is the only one that counts," she strives to piss me off more, "Felicia will have vigorous sex with Eli, and you and I will watch."

"Do, um, I watch, too?" Iga asks, with a little too much hopesfulness in her voice, for my tastes.

"No. I don't have enough hands to hold both you and Victoria in place, and masturbate at the same time. You will stay in the cell and wait," Eve tells her.

"…Wait, but you do have enough hands to hold Victoria and mast-" Iga begins asking, but immediately gets an answer to her question when Eve reaches one of her new arms out from under her robe to unlock the cell.

"WHOA! WHOA!" Iga jumps, both her and Felicity, or whatever her name is, shrieking in near unison, "What the hell is that?!"

"An arm," Eve doesn't elaborate.

"Clearly!" Iga shouts, "Why do you have three?!"

"I don't. I have four," Eve displays the last one to illustrate.

I have to admit, the motor control on them is much better than I'd anticipated. Turns out I am as brilliant as I think I am.

"But why?!" Iga continues to be unnecessarily incredulous.

"Victoria installed them," she grabs the whore from the cell and yanks her out, re-locking it with her last free arm.

Iga gives me this exasperated look like I've done some horrible trespass.

"Oh, don't pretend like -this- part is where we enter 'horrible offense to god' territory, Iga," I roll my eyes a bit.

She opens her mouth to say something, but then claps it back shut and gives a surrendering nod. Any further disucssion is cut off by my being yanked away, along with the whore. Speaking of offenses to god…


File: 6c49f9aa477acf1⋯.jpg (95.86 KB, 850x766, 425:383, 64.jpg)


"Um, hi girls," Eli gets up from the bed rubbing his eyes, "What's… going on?"

Eve drags the both of us in then turns to lock the door, "We are here for sex."

"Yeah, I got that Eve. You don't generally come by just to… do anything else," he sighs a little at that.

Being locked away and used for his body must be a bit demeaning and objectifying, after awhile. When this is over, I'll be sure to take him somewhere to keep him safe, where I can make sweet love to him repeatedly, whenever I feel the need, without these other women preying on him.

"I mean specifically, what is going on?" he gestures at the three of us, "This is different. What weird stuff do you have planned?"

"You are going to fuck her this time," Eve informs him, refering to the slut.

She pulls the woman forward and pushes her towards him. She stumbles a bit as Eve grabs the back of her shirt by the collar, and tears it off of her in one fluid motion. I'll admit, the way she shrieks at the sudden disrobing is a little amusing.

She's also not wearing a bra. Imagine my shock.

Eli raises his brow a little, observing her, before leaning to the side to look at me.

"Victoria… ? Is this your idea?" he asks.

"I assure you, it most certainly is not," I tell him, quite defiantly.

"It was her idea," Eve says.

"It is not!" I think about that one, "Okay, yes, sort of, indirectly. It wasn't my idea for you to fuck her. I was just going to have you fuck Iga again, but Eve said no."

"I feel like I'm missing an important piece of- OH HOLY CRAP EVE WHY DO YOU HAVE EXTRA ARMS?!" normally I'd say that was oddly imperceptive of him not to notice that until now, but we've collectively probably pumped several liters of semen from him in the past week, so I'll give him a break.

"Yes, yes, we've already had all our freakouts over that. Very strange, lines man was not meant to cross, yadda, yadda," I wave my hand dismissively.

"I… what?" he stares at me in confusion, "I'm kind of out of the loop up here, Victoria, what exactly is going on?"

"Not important right now," Eve jumps in, "Remove your pants, Eli."

She's kind of right, we should just get this over with. Eve walks up to him and starts forcefully unfastening his belt, to which he does his best to slap her hands away.

"Eve, I've got it, I don't need your help with that," he takes over disrobing himself.

"Clearly you do, your cock is not presented to me yet," she folds her arms. Well, one set.



This is turning into some kind of double-reacharound multicucking. I love it.


File: 45fe3d16ed44154⋯.png (407.21 KB, 973x957, 973:957, 97f80422b457d48542922ab418….png)


"Yes, yes, I'm going, I'm going," Eli unbuckles his pants and drops them, then lifts his shirt over his head, "Still confused. Why exactly do you want me to have sex with her, after acting all jealous over her kissing me before?"

"Don't forget when you went down on me, too," the slut feels the need to bring up, "I certainly haven't! You have magic lips, baby."

"Watch your whore mouth, whore!" I blurt out.

She doesn't really respond, just gives me a smug, bitch expression real quick, before turning back to Eli. Not crazy about her calling my baby 'baby', either.

"Um, yeah, that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about, Victoria. You don't seem thrilled with this," he says, "Why am I not just having sex with Eve, like usual? You seem to at least be at peace with that."

My eyes turn to dinner plates, "No, Eli. That's not a good idea right now. Your cock in her pussy. Not a good idea, right now," I clench my teeth, "You should fuck Felicity instead."

"It's actually Felicia," she opens her whore mouth again, to dare correct me in front of my naked boyfriend.

Eli narrows his eyes, "Why is that not a good idea?"

"It's the operation. It's too soon to use her pussy," I tell him.

Eli's not a brilliant scientist, but he's certainly not a dullard, and he can be too perceptive for his own good, "Is there something I should know about-"

"Just fuck the stupid corpse counter, Eli!" I shout.

"There's no telling me twice," Felicia laughs and promptly sinks to her knees and promptly shovels his cock into her mouth like the greedy cunt she is.

My jaw clenches, or at least it does for a second, before I gasp at Eve grabbing me from behind. She was strong enough with only the regular set of arms. I'm… not going anywhere.

She promptly pulls me back and sits in a nearby chair, and I fall in her lap with a thump. She immediately shoves a hand down my pants, as well. Because of course she does. And someone needs to teach Eve how to masturbate properly, because she shoves a pair of digits without the least bit of finesse. I'm not saying I'm demanding a high quality approach when I'm being sexually assaulted, but she could really use some work. She seems to have the same approach to her own anatomy, from what I can feel going on behind my ass. At the risk of normalizing our situation too much, I may have to ask Eli to teach her how to properly operate a vagina.

She only uses one hand to hold me in place. She's still strong enough that it's probably enough, but it's not like I'm going to bolt suddenly anyways, she'll just drag me back. What she does make a point to do, is use her last available arm to grab the top of my head and pivot it back to face the scene, when I start to look away.

"You will watch, Victoria," she commands.


File: 094e1368495928b⋯.jpg (279.41 KB, 1880x2500, 94:125, 49bd9ef7a76759db6ecd31b767….jpg)


"I'm aware, Eve," I sigh, "You made that perfectly clear."

"Then why are you trying to look away?" she asks, jamming her fingers, as if to make a point.

I jump a little at the motion, "It was just reflexive. Can we just get this over with? You don't really need to do… that."

"Yes I do," she gets rough with her fingers again, "You need to cum. While watching them."

"What?! Why?"

She pauses for a moment, eyes locked forward, "Classical conditioning. You will learn to associate Eli having sex with other women with the pleasure of orgasm, and eventually-"

"I know how conditioning works, Eve!" I snap, "Why are you trying to condition me?"

She doesn't respond. I turn my head to look at her, and see that she's actually kind of transfixed on them. Is this the first time she's actually watched Eli with someone else? I can't quite remember.

Doesn't stop her fingers though. On herself or on me. I gasp a little as she hits it just right, for a moment, as I turn to watch where her eyes are locked. The woman, Felicia, right? She's still on her knees. Far be it from me to judge someone on their blowjob technique, or how they look while doing it, but she's a total bitch, so I'll do it anyways. She's got no class or dignity to her approach, no technique or focus, just kind of hungrily going at it, like some depraved slut. Shocking, that. She must not get any to be so greedy about it, which I guess goes along with how she extorted attention from Eli. Even Iga isn't so raunchy about how she does it.

Eli, for his part, must be as disappointed with her fellatio skills as I am, because he starts thrusting into her mouth, presumably to get some actual sensation out of her random and tactless sucking. Part of me gets a little joy out of watching it, as he gets a little rougher. Choke that bitch with your cock, Eli!

I do get a little aroused, watching. It's not my fault, Eve has got her fingers in me the whole time, and her rough treatment of my poor pussy does even out into a rhythm, after awhile. That doesn't mean she's about to start conditioning me into liking this. Especially after she told me that's what she intended to do.

"That's enough of that," Eve finally snaps from her little trance, "Penetrate her now, Eli."

Felicia finally pulls my baby's cock from her mouth and stops slobbering all over it. She looks back at us and stands, stumbling a little like she got drunk off of his cock or something. You know, cause she's a degenerate slut.

"Already?" she says, as if trying to be coy, and reaches down between her legs, "I haven't gotten any attention to get me started yet. And I know for a fact that Eli is more than proficient at it," she steps back and puts an arm around his waist.

"Not necessary," Eve says, "I can see and smell from here. You're practically drenched, so you're ready. Your pleasure isn't as important as Eli's. And I want him to have your pussy now."

I supress a little giggle at that. Put that slut right in her place. Sometimes I think I'm warming up to Eve. And again, not just because she's two knuckles deep, and actually getting kind of good at fingering. I am glad I didn't skimp on her fine motor control.

"Now bend her over and fuck her, Eli," she commands him, "Hard."


File: b00a4576d7dfc7e⋯.png (942.81 KB, 1928x1681, 1928:1681, 672413c94ba1bbe1a5ecb3fb4d….png)


Eli gives me a sympathetic look and a shrug, as if to apologize. As though I would ever blame him for anything this cock co-opting sluts do. He's sweet to think of me, though.

The tension is elevated when Eve's fingers stop for the moment, her face leaning in. Eli grabs Felicia at the shoulders and spins her around before forcefully shoving her forward, bending her over the bed. I am a little amused at the way she stumbles when he manhandles her. He doesn't waste any time, taking her by the hips and plunging right in. She moans like a whore who wants a lot of attention, but that almost goes without saying. I'd say she's laying it on thick because she's a histrionic slut, but then again, maybe she's not had a proper dicking in any decent amount of time, what with her being generally sub-par as a woman.

Eve resumes her fingering. Harder. Unnecessarily hard. She puts her digits in me like she thinks I'm hiding something in my uterus, and hammers my clit like it's a goddamn feeder bar. I don't hate it. I mean, it's not a great time for it, considering the view, but it's definitely getting a response.

"Eve… are you okay? You're sort of…" I say to her, but she isn't listening.

Her eyes are glued to them, barely blinking, and I can feel her chest heaving against my back. I'm starting to wonder if there's something to this that I can maybe use to manipulate her. I've never seen her so transfixed on anything. I would consider it more, but my attention is a little split right now.

Admittedly, watching Eli give it to Felicia isn't as hateful of a thing as I expected. It's still foul that he's getting her cunt slime all over his beautiful cock, but it's hard not to appreciate him punishing that slut from behind. I mean, he hits it hard. Her whole body jumps a bit with each thrust, and he goes balls deep with each go.

Fuck. I try to rationalize this one, but I am getting off to watching him with her. My hips start going on their own against Eve's fingers, and I've completely drenched my panties. I can't really help it.

Eve can't, either, judging by her reactions. Her eyes clench and she shudders, looking down and grinding on her own fingers. That was fast. I suppose I did upgrade her pussy, so it's no surprise if she cums so easily.

She doesn't stop though. On me or her. She resumes watching and keeps fingering us both.

"I… I think I'm starting to understand why you like this so much," Eve gives a throaty whisper.

"What? I'm not into this!" I kinda lie. Kinda.

"Sure you are. The whole cuckquean thing. Your computer is full of it. You love Eli fucking other women," she also says a bunch of horrible lies, "I'm saying… I get it. I like this."

Both of our attentions get pulled back to them as he starts slamming her even harder. He grabs a handful of her hair and presses her hard to the bed while he fucks her into submission. It's hard to tell if she's even enjoying it. I allow myself to fantasize that she's not, for the moment. I like to think that she's bit off more than she can chew, and wants to get away from Eli's brutal pounding. But that's not going to happen, he's going to use her pathetic cunt for his own satisfaction, and make her regret being the devious bitch she is…

I know that's probably not true. She's probably loving it. Because of course she is. But it's fun to imagine.

That fantasy gets a bit too intense, however, and I soon find my pussy ready to spasm and clench all over Eve's fingers. I didn't intend to cum to this, I was going to hold back, out of spite more than anything. But here we are. I get kind of lost in the moment as I watch him get rough and rougher with her.

"He's about to cum," Eve whispers something I already know. If anyone's the authority on when Eli's about to cum, it's certainly me.

"He's going to pump her full of his cum," she says, and I'm not even sure if she's talking to me or just to herself, "and then we'll suck it out of her."

She had to say that right as I cum. That puts me over the edge. For a brief moment, the idea of licking Eli's hot cum out of a freshly fucked pussy, it's actually arousing. I kind forget we're talking about doing it to that bitch.

Eli lets out his own familiar moan, and holds Felicia down to the bed. He puts his foot on the edge of the bed to steady himself, and it lets me see the base of his cock twitching and pulsing while he fills her. I don't know if she came. I don't care. Scratch that, I hope she didn't. But he sure did. It looks like a lot.



>Eve gets it of her own accord

>Cuckqueaning is the first thing she has properly understood as something she likes that isn’t semi-autonomous craving of Eli



File: cb08b1616cc3cdf⋯.jpg (200.22 KB, 1181x1200, 1181:1200, 59971b87bc8e3e94e500b76c94….jpg)


Eli finally stops thrusting and takes a deep breath as he pulls out of her, leaving her limp on the bed. He really wrecked her, from the looks of it, with how she just sort of lays there. I guess being a massive bitch, cock extortionist, and a generally sub standard piece of ass means she probably doesn't get much, so maybe Eli was too much for her. For a moment, I almost think he fucked her to death or something, but no, she's breathing. That would be hot, in a weird way, but I don't really need to add sexual murder to the list of fucked up things that have happened in this house.

Now that he's no longer plugging her up, a slow stream of his semen starts to pour out from between her legs. Which of course we have ample view of from here. Eve jumps up from her seat, nearly throwing me into the air in the process. One of those arms manages to catch my wrist, and she drags me along with her as she dashes across and sinks to her knees behind Felicia. She shoves her face between the woman's legs, in a display that I would characterize as exceptionally slutty, even considering we're talking about Eve.

She looks back to me and pulls at my arm, trying to drag me in and make me suck on that sloppy snatch with her, like she had planned for me, before. Nope, not happening Eve, not on her. Questions about my sexuality are not even relevant this time, my disdain for that woman supercedes it. My lips are going nowhere near her crotch.

To my surprise, Eve actually relents without any argument, and turns away from me and continues. She doesn't release me, unfortunately, having enough hands to hold me where I am and use another pair to forcefully spread Felicia's thighs apart to get better access. The woman whimpers a bit, but doesn't fight Eve. Slut probably likes this, too.

Eli just kind of sits on the bed, on the other side of the two of them, and we share a brief 'Yeah, this is our life' expression. It's cut pretty short when Eve finishes slurping pussy in the loudest manner possible, and sits back up.

I scarcely have enough time to yelp, before I'm enveloped in that festival of arms of hers. She yanks me in and holds me against her with one pair, and grabs the sides of my face with the other, planting her lips squarely to mine and proceeding to pour Eli's cum into my mouth.

I swallow. You've got to pick your battles. Sure, it's got that whore's pussy all over it, but it's still my baby's cum, and this isn't the worst thing to happen today. Besides, I've never had his cum in my mouth and -not- swallowed it, and I'm not going to break that streak because of her.

When she finally lets me go, I dare to think we're done here. How very foolish of me. Eve bolts to her feet. No idea where she gets her energy. Well, I mean, she would have high metabolism, but she doesn't seem to eat that much. And no one's gone out to get groceries in like a week and a half. Maybe two. Oh god, I hope she's not going out in public to get food while we're all locked up.

"Eli!" she announces, "Make love to me, now!"


File: 5c30201cfc635b1⋯.png (1.61 MB, 2058x1893, 686:631, 87d69158b5e9e4632876119b10….png)


"Wait wait wait!" I bolt to my feet and rush between Eve and Eli, "You can't!"

Eve seems more confused than suspicious, "Why?" she tilts her head with an inquisitive look.

"Yes, Victoria. Why is that?" Eli chimes in, making up for her lack of suspicion with his own.

"I mean, um," I clear my throat, "You just discovered the joys of being a cuckquean. You enjoyed him fucking another woman instead of you. You wouldn't want to spoil the moment by simply having sex with him, yourself. That's madness."

She gives me an expression I can't hope to read, "I see what you mean."

I exhale in relief.

"But I've become far too aroused by the experience. My desire outweighs the novelty of the fetish. I will have my Eli now," she puts a hand on my shoulder and effortlessly pushes me aside before walking over to Eli.

"Wait!" I regain my balance by grabbing the nearest thing to my hands, which just so happens to be Eve's ass.

Which, just noting for posterity, is amazing. I mean when you sew corpses together, no matter how the originals looked, you never know how it'll really work out in the final product. This part in particular, though, worked out wonderfully. That actually gives me a fantastic idea, reaffirming my genius in the process.

"Eve… you haven't tried anal yet, have you?" I come to her side and drape an arm around her shoulders.

"No. Eli has shown disinterest in doing anything with his rear," she replies.

"No, no, not his ass," I correct her, "…and tell me about it, right? I mean yours."

"Why would I want him their instead of in the front?" she asks.

"Yes, Victoria. Why is it of such importance to you, that her vagina not be penetrated, in specific?" Eli crosses his arms, being utterly paranoid.

"Because shut up, Eli, this is important for Eve's development," I turn and hiss at him through my teeth.

"Eve, it's the best of both worlds for exploring this new cuckquean side of yourself," I explain to her, "You get to have sex, but get denied having him in your pussy, while you think about how other women do get that."

"But how will I reach climax?" she asks.

"Well… you have a very sensitive anatomy, Eve," I explain, "And I would know that better than anyone, after all. So I'm sure you-"

"What Victoria is saying, Eve," Eli interrupts me, "Is that she'll take care of that for you, while we're having sex. She would best know how to get you off, after all."

I almost turn to stare daggers, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction.

"That works," Eve nods, confidently, "I agree."


File: 47433e98a82ea41⋯.png (1.41 MB, 864x1095, 288:365, CLAP.png)


This is still great


File: 8184123e1f707e4⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1280x1763, 1280:1763, 152d0f535996eaf3b09f6a27ce….png)


Because Eli has elected to be extra difficult about this whole thing, he actually approaches Eve, himself, for what I think is the first time. He gives me a sideways glance before embracing and pressing his lips to hers.

He, um, really gets into this time. Grabs her ass - which I'm still admiring a little bit, but that's besides the point - and really grips his fingers in, hand goes up in the hair, the whole deal. tongue, too, I'm pretty sure. It would honestly be kind of hot if he wasn't making out with her from a position of spite.

I mean, not that I generally find the idea of him necking with another woman hot, but I can appreciate the simple aesthetics of an interaction. Obviously. But the fact that his weird paranoia is driving this, that kind of ruins it. He acts like he thinks I put a bomb in her, after our conversation about that. Is there no trust? He doesn't know what I put in her, and an implosion device is clearly not a bomb, anyways.

I manage to forget about Eve's spare arms, already, as they give her the ability to grab me while embracing him. I find myself pulled by the wrist, and tumble down to my knees, beside them.

"Make him hard," Eve commands me.

"Eve, I'm not your prep girl!" I'm getting a little tired of being pushed around like this, "And anyways he's already becoming hard."

"It's okay, Eve," Eli rests a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure Felicia still has some energy left."

He barely finishes speaking before a gasp escapes his lungs. I don't remember making the decision to put his penis in my mouth, it was almost reflex. So much that I forget that whore's pussy is still soaking his cock. But this is no time to look like I'm not in control of the situation, so the fellatio begins.

He inflates to full size pretty much immediately. I could take credit for that, and I certainly know my way around his penis, but I wasn't lying before, he was almost hard, already. So this is mostly just for show.

The two of them start making out once more, with me stuck between them. Eli thrusts forward a little, because of course he does, it's not like he could resist my skills. But having her press her hips to the back of my head is not helping when it comes to continuing to have access to air.

"That'll be enough, dear," Eli tells me, taking ahold of my chin and pulling me back from his cock, "All ready, now. Good girl."

He smiles and pats me on the head. I don't hate that. Maybe if we were in a different situation, I might better appreciate him making me be his good girl.

He turns back to Eve and gives her another quick kiss, before grabbing one of her multiple arms, spinning her around, and bending her over the bed. She offers no resistance, instead just obediently bending over and presenting her ass to him. I've not seen her act so… compliant, before.


File: 8e1b0b9d00089ca⋯.jpg (150.86 KB, 593x261, 593:261, slaveharem1.jpg)

Anyone found the lightnovel, internet novel, or manga for Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World?

The story follows a Japanese teen who, as an alternative to committing suicide, is transported to a fantasy world. Where he acquires nubile young slave girls, all of whom are demihumans (dog girl, catgirl, elf, etc.) so he can't impregnate them, and uses them as both a harem of sex slaves and as utility slaves while fighting monsters and exploring dungeons. And all of the girls absolutely adore him.

It's an interesting story so far, but the light novel/internet novel is light on sex and heavy on RPG mechanics, while the manga is a bit more graphic (without going directly into hentai territory) and cuts out a lot of the unnecessary discussion of RPG mechanics and how the world works.



I tired to look for the LN on your recommendation, but it seems like the fan translators no longer have any chapters up but the last: https://rtd.moe/novels/slave-harem/ Is there somewhere else it is hosted?


File: 12c693d93f7bccf⋯.jpg (292.06 KB, 700x947, 700:947, 12c693d93f7bccfd781b1f4747….jpg)


It is happening.


File: 2457042541e73f0⋯.png (149.04 KB, 350x508, 175:254, slaveharem4.png)



They have up to chapter 222 translated and uploaded. I'm on chapter 51, where he's acquired a dwarf loli (see pic above) to go along with his wolf girl and just broken her in. If you know what I mean.

Maximum party is six, he's now acquired two slave girls (Roxanne the wolf girl, Sherry the dwarf) for his party/bed, and I've seen pics of two more (a catgirl and possibly an elf?), so clearly he's going for a full party.

It's hilarious how initially he's just trying to figure out the RPG-style mechanics of this fantasy world, then trying to figure out how he's going to make a living, is talking to a slave dealer (while thinking of how modern Japanese ethics mean slavery is unthinkable) who casually mentions "by the way, Roxanne here is for sale if you're interested…" and he spends the next several chapters grinding for cash so he can buy Roxanne, with a massive boner the entire time.

Acquiring Sherry is adorably awkward. This fantasy culture is completely alien to him, so he keeps doing unexpected things, like 'allowing' his slaves to eat the same quality food as him, allowing them to sit on furniture instead of the floor, 'allowing' them to get in the bath with him (only rich people can afford baths in this universe, so master 'allowing' them in the tub with him is an unthinkable luxury for two lowly slaves… and he's oblivious to what they're thinking and just happily soaping their tits over and over.), they love that he bought them nice, expensive clothes instead of cheap rags (he just wanted to see them in maid outfits and really doesn't understand just how poorly most slaves are treated compared to his), so they're quite enamored with their master. He keeps stumbling over things he doesn't know/understand, both slaves have a hard time figuring out what he's thinking beyond "I lucked into a SUPER nice master", and while Roxanne is initially jealous of Sherry (supports her master buying another girl, since she's useful, but immediately tries to put her in her place by declaring herself his number one slave, gets jealous when he pays more attention to the new girl, etc.), but quickly warms up to the idea of sharing her master. She's touched at how gentle he was for Sherry's first time, and then immediately sets out to show the new girl how it's really done. The relationship dynamic is adorable, and it's not terribly unrealistic. It'll be interesting to see how the new girls are added to the harem/adventure party over time.


File: 8ed8dcbd84870be⋯.jpg (257.51 KB, 800x969, 800:969, b0dc5a996c07b7e9425b15708e….jpg)


Eli wastes no time easing in, he just rushes his cock right into her. She screams and clutches the sheets with all four hands, but otherwise just sort of takes it. Not gonna lie, watching my man brutalize her is a little hot. The way he looks at me and smiles while he does so, also hot, but I'm not about to tell him that.

It actually is good that I got him started. Without getting at least one of them a little slick, this could cause damage, given how rough he's being. I don't really want to have to be doing an anal retreading on her. I almost pipe up to scold Eli for being so careless with my creation, but I don't think he's exactly in the right mood to scolded.

"Eve," he says, in between grunts, "I do believe that's the tightest ass I've enountered."

He, again, turns to give me a smile as he says it. As if to imply she could possibly be better, sexually, than me, in anyway.

Though, admittedly, she is pretty perfect, physically speaking. Not counting the weird multi-arm body horror stuff. So I guess in the far off chance that fucking anyone else is better, for him, than the obvious preferable choice of fucking me, it would be Eve.

The thought fills me with a pang of jealousy. Which then fills me with several pangs worth of arousal. Stupid autonomic responses.

She doesn't really respond to him. Not verbally. She just kind of moans like a whore and pushes back against his cock.

"Don't loosen up on me, Eve," he instructs her, leaning forward to grab a handful of hair, pulling it tight enough that her head leans back, and I can see the glassy eyed lust all over her face.

I do wonder, would Eli be able to tame her behavior like this, so that I don't have to implode her, or kill her with a shovel or anything? It's a good point, but it kind of evaporates in my head because the display is also excessively hot, and I find my fingers migrating between my legs.

That one's not an autonomic response, but I'm sure I can figure some way that it's not my fault that I'm masturbating while my baby aggressively violates another woman. Just… not right now. Fog of arousal and all that.

"Victoria…" he says, in an almost sing-song fashion, "Look at you being all self-indulgent. If you've got time to masturbate, I'm pretty sure you've time to take care of Eve, like you promised you would."

Upon being called out, I try to pull my hands away. But it… doesn't quite happen.

"I promised no such thing!" I protest.

"That's okay, I promised for you. Still counts," he smiles and reaches down to grab me by one of my very busy hands, and yank me over to him.

I stumble a little and collide with him, our lips touching before I've even found my balance. He doesn't even slow or skip a beat with his hips, even while we kiss. I'm impressed by his focus, honestly.

He breaks the kiss as he pulls my hand down, between her legs, and presses my fingers to Eve's pussy. She's absolutely soaked, and practically quivering as I touch her. He leans in to the side of my head, giving my earlobe a little nibble.

"Make her cum for me," he whispers.


File: 4f7b745976fa8b9⋯.png (6.26 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 2e8931ba1271ebc6c136542376….png)


I open my mouth, like I'm going to protest. Like I'm going to say something in refusal. Or at least like I'm going to say anything at all. But I don't. My lips just hover open for a moment before quietly closing, and I meekly nod.

Eli may or may not have discovered Eve's weakness, but he already knows mine. He's not had much time to practice it since this all began, but when he gets all authoritative like this, whatever will or resistance I had just sort of dissolves.

I still, on some level, object to being used as a toy for Eve. To being a helper to facilitate sex between her and my man. But on a much more concrete surface level, I'm absolutely drenched and horny, desperate mess that wants to do whatever Eli tells me and be his good girl. So naturally, I start rubbing her pussy.

"That's it, Victoria," he pats my head.

The position is a big awkward, so I sink down to my knees beside them. This, of course, puts me right at eye level with Eli's cock forcing it's way into her ass. Again and again. He wasn't exaggerating, that is a tight fit. Each time he pulls back, I almost think, 'There's no way all of that's going to fit inside of her', but of course it does, producing another shriek out of her. I'm not really sure if it's pain or pleasure, or both. I don't really care, either. I just want it to keep happening.

Make her love it, or make her hate it, baby, but just make her yours. It's hypnotic to watch. So much so that my fingers stop, prompting a tap on the head from Eli.

"You're down there to do a job, baby," he reminds me.

My fingers immediately return to their prescribed duty. The angle is still awkward, but I do my best to rub her cliit with one hand, pushing my digits inside of her with the other. She bucks back, but there's no way to tell if it's what I'm doing or what Eli is.

But my attentions are cut short when he leans forward and scoops her up, letting her weight push down on his cock. She squeals and reaches back, clinging to him however he she can.

Eli doesn't even have to command me this time. I pounce forward and slide my tongue along her pussy, lashing her clit with it. I climb up on the bed, trying to get the best angle, ending up laying on my back with my head leaning back. My hands grab her hips, fingers resting over Eli's, while I plunge my tongue into her.

Now servicing her with my mouth, I find my hands migrating back between my own legs. Or at least they do for a moment. Eli releases her, and drops her body on top of mine. My lips never part from her pussy, however. I'm weirdly proud of that.

The whole bed bounces with her weight pressing down on me. She steadies herself with her hands. Then, as if to remind me that despite the fun time we're having, she's still a bitch, she grabs my wrists with her other pair of hands, wrenching them violently away from my pussy. My heart and clit throb in unison as my hips buck in the air. I can feel her hot breath over my pussy, but she does nothing to touch me, just seeming to get some joy out of holding my fingers out of reach.

I would stop servicing her as well, and the thought crosses my mind. But I'm not licking her for her sake, I'm licking her for my baby. I dig my tongue even deeper. Her hips press back and forth between my tongue and Eli's cock.

Even super human monsters can only withstand so much, and she finally reaches her limit. I can feel her pussy tense and clench on my tongue as she cums all over my face. She wails as she cums, but seems to wail even louder when Eli does. I can see his cock, just inches from my eyes, twitching as it pumps his hot cum up Eve's ass. I really, reallly wish she'd let me masturbate.

When he's finally finished with her, he slowly pulls free. The absence of his cock allows thick droplets of cum to pour from her rear, which trickle down over my face.

"Good girl," he says, "Both of you."

Eli leans down and kisses my cheek, before climbing onto the bed and collapsing with a heavy sigh of relief. After a few moments, as the afterglow fades, I move to try to get up, but Eve doesn't budge, just laying there, limply.

"Um, Eve?" I ask.

No response. She laid her head on my inner thigh, and appears to have fallen asleep. I struggle a big, but it's no use, she's out like a light. I try to move my hands from her grasp, only to find that she's somehow still gripping them in her sleep.

"Eli?" I ask, "Um… Whatever your name was? Felicia?"

Nothing. Everyone's out. Except for me. And my desperate, hungry little pussy.



I have seen some tedious light novels in my time but this one advances the state of the art in tedium. Chapters and chapters of MMO-style grinding. The harem better be cute and the sex better be good.


File: ca5fc97c1ce2323⋯.jpg (130.68 KB, 786x576, 131:96, slaveharem5.jpg)


Like I said, the light novel is HEAVY with RPG mechanics, where as the manga isn't. The manga also doesn't include the main character's inner monologue, so he doesn't seem nearly as insecure.

It does get better. Eventually. The sex scenes aren't explicit (they're more so in the manga), but the interaction between characters is interesting and they all have a personality, even if it's not especially developed. Michio stumblefucking his way to success with broken RPG mechanics and blundering through conversations with powerful and important people just well enough to give them a good impression is amusing, and the interaction with the girls is good. I especially like how Roxanne is initially jealous when he adds Sherry to the harem, but then takes to her like a little sister, then makes it very clear she doesn't like the idea of her master purchasing more girls (as that would mean more girls for him to pay attention to that aren't her), but backs down immediately when he says he's going to add to the party/harem… while still being jealous. If Sherry, the second girl in his harem, has any jealous thoughts toward adding a third girl (so far her only jealousy toward Roxanee is 'her boobs are bigger than mine, it's an unfair advantage!'), she hasn't expressed them. It does make the story more interesting if the girls aren't immediately ok with adding another girl to their nightly orgies with their slave master and there's at least a little friction while they figure out the relationship dynamic/pecking order. The girls also have realistically tragic backstories (Roxanne got sold by her family so they could pay their taxes, Sherry was a failure and allowed herself to be sold to pay for medicine for her sick brother- and has self-esteem issues because of being a failure), and despite getting the usual isekai hero bullshit of being overpowered compared to everyone else, the main character is clueless about how the mechanics work and what this society is like (without being a dipshit), and suffers crippling insecurity. There's a reason he owns sex slaves: he can't get a girlfriend in our world, and ain't likely to find one in the fantasy world either. Even when he's fabulously wealthy and overpowered compared to the peasants, he's still a loser; then you compare him to the rich and powerful people…

But yeah. The first several chapters aren't Waiting For Godot levels of tedium, but they are a slog to get through.

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