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File: fea2a6c492e75c7⋯.jpg (10.32 MB, 1900x10000, 19:100, 1.jpg)


Reincarnate as a giant monster.

Possibly NSFW (uncensored nipples).


where is the rest of it?



File: 4618dadf4d85892⋯.png (8.79 MB, 1900x5070, 190:507, 2.1.png)


File: de4650cf3c3a948⋯.png (9.14 MB, 1900x4930, 190:493, 2.2.png)


File: a1042f5636c5acd⋯.png (8.76 MB, 1900x5139, 1900:5139, 3.1cr.png)


File: 23d191fafda6979⋯.png (9.32 MB, 1900x4861, 1900:4861, 3.2.png)


File: 6e1eada1f62d8b6⋯.png (11.81 MB, 1900x5991, 1900:5991, 4.1.png)


File: 3502e928ded1e4e⋯.png (7.37 MB, 1900x4009, 100:211, 4.2.png)


File: f5ad81a3f074f69⋯.png (8.31 MB, 1900x4501, 1900:4501, 5.1.png)


File: 7aba3bc4fd90f30⋯.png (11.17 MB, 1900x5499, 1900:5499, 5.2.png)


File: a60bfb0b4045394⋯.png (13.61 MB, 1900x10000, 19:100, 6.png)


I'm rather puzzled by this concept. How is life as a creature larger than the kaiju level supposed to work? Even as kaiju it's hard to imagine things to do other than causing catastrophic destruction and fighting other kaijus. The CYOA seems quite a lot of work just for emulating fetish pictures you aren't supposed to think too much about.



>How is life as a creature larger than the kaiju level supposed to work? Even as kaiju it's hard to imagine things to do other than causing catastrophic destruction and fighting other kaijus

If you spent more then 2 seconds reading the damn thing, you'd realise there are number of boons which exist to mitigate the damage you cause to your surroundings, or grant you the ability to function at such a size.

Personally, I'd use possession to live at a normal size while retaining a high power level.



You dense dummy, the question wasn't about being able to function, but having a reason to function at all. What kind of life a creature reaching beyond the atmosphere would have? If your answer is "use abilities not be so large", you are proving my point.



Reason? Are you serious? The reason is to be a horrifically large monster capable of great feats of power. To hold the fate of living things literally in your hands. To be the greatest expression of life. What more reason do you need?



I think the size is a sort of a drawback. You trade your capacity to have a normal/fulfilling life for raw power. It's not a bad concept for a "be the god" CYOA.



This. It's a "Dr. Manhattan" situation, the greater the power you have the farther removed you are from humanity.




And what are you supposed to do with that power? Smash shit for a while until you get bored? Pose for photos as a astronomic-scaled little girl? This train of thought really is vestigial and my initial evaluation about the shallow fetish nature of this CYOA remains correct. Not my cup of tea.



You actually got it right; the target audience for this content are people who masturbate to the idea to being unreasonably giant. It's a weird fetish, I know, but certainly not the only one.


File: 24c4eb37730b9b9⋯.mp4 (1008.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lemongrab_put_you_in_my_ov….mp4)



No, you didn't get it right. You don't like it? Fine. I hate the "giant(ess)" fetish. To me it's just another femdom offshoot which means it's a reflection of the absolute worst fetish a given person can have. What do you want, specific examples? Specifically if you're the largest size and you get the final taboo magic (I believe it's called "Chaos") at the highest level you have absolute reality control in a very large radius around you. Unlimited power, what are you supposed to do with that? Gee, I don't know. Maybe you could use it to grow an imagination. Size = power here and power is what a CYOA is all about. There is no adventure without power.



Well I didn't ask for examples of other weird fetishes but thanks anyway.





Considering almost all pictures show giantess, it's safe to say this CYOA is mainly meant for macrophilia/microphilia fetishists. However that doesn't mean only fetishists can find interest in it.

Just remove all pictures, or replace all the giant girls by trolls, dragons, actual kaijus, giant mecha, giant golems, living planets, lovecraft gods or any giant entities in mainstream works (and maybe rephrase a bit some texts too). You end up with a decent no-fetishist SFW "power oriented" CYOA (or actually, no more fetishist than any other CYOA, since anything can be a fetish).



>what are you supposed to do with that power?

Play god, Build galaxies, civilisation however you see fit. Make an entirely edible star system for all I care. With all that power you could literally do anything.



ascension: deity

vessel: superorganism


gender look: androgynous

face type: anthropomorphic

body look: mixed -50% (intimidating and soothing)

eye number: 3

mouth number: one mouthed

dentition: teeth

skin: smooth, fur (legs, forearms, head),

physiology: biped

limbs: handA, pawA o(n lower body as legs), spear A, wingA

extras: longue tongue, retractable (spear A, armor, spike), multiple tails

synthesis: material synthesis (digestion, thermal, nuclear, omnivore), energetic synthesis (photosynthesis)


gender: hermaphrodite

birth type: viviparous

compatibility: omniprocreant, intermetric

birth dev: altricial

maturation: average growing

birth size: small newborn


detection: emr vision, sound hearing, chemical detection

communication: physical voice, magical voice, universal language, omniglot

contact: perfect dexterity

sens enhancement: wide range,

special abilities: ageless, inner awareness, avatar, chromatomorph,lucky


physical skills: st lv2+1, sp lv2, int lv2, reg lv3+1, magic lv3, focus lv3, range lv3, weaponry lv3

resistances: acid, radiation

natural weapon: mystic eye

fluids effects: soporific, aphrodisiac, therapeuthic,nutricious

magical powers: kinesis (levitation, density manip), alchemy (momecular manip, atomic manip, nucleon manip), space time (space manip, time manip, gravity manip), ether (anti-magic, barrier, divination), miracle (healing, revigorate), taboo (chaos)


personality: sweet/cruel: 2, honest/sly: 2, submissive/dominant: 4, loner outgoing: 3, emotional/stoic: 3, carefree/serious: 4, nerdy/athlete: 3, childish/mature: 4

seual interest: sexuality: gynesexual, relationship: monogamy, size preference: any, libido: healthy, perversion: deviant


birth: cosmic order

raising: community

cosmology: heliocentrism

mana density: highly magic

population: folklore set, monster girl set, angel set, elemental set, world of giants, world of kaijus, world of celestial

protagonists: friend, sibling, lover, child, child



Trying for a non-fetish build, since that sort of thing doesn't really appeal to me.


Diminutive Level; Microorganism

Scale: 0.000075 AL

10 SP

40 MP


Artificial; Mecha

Sleep Mode



EMR Vision


Sound Hearing 50% off

Habitable 50% off

Electrosynthesis 50% off

1 Natural Weapon 50% off

1 Sense Enhancement 50% off

Perfect Dexterity 50% off

Inner Awareness 50% off

EMR Communication 50% off

+1 Speed

+1 Intelligence

No Gender (Mandatory)

8 BP


Gender Looks: Feminine

Face Type: Anthropomorphic

Body Looks: Cute -1 BP

Eye Number: Paired

Mouth Number: One-Mouthed

Dentition: Teeth

Skin: Smooth, Fur, Cloth -2 BP (It looks and behaves perfectly like human skin, hair, and clothing, but it's all nanotechnology and metamaterial composites. The clothing is comfy, but the fabric is futuristic)

Physiology: Biped

Limbs: 2 hands, and 2 paws as legs -1 BP


Material Synthesis: Nuclear

Energetic Synthesis: Electrosynthesis -1 SP


Gender: No Gender

Birth Type: Viviparous

Compatibility: Interracial

Birth Development: Precocial

Maturation: Slow Growing

Birth Size: Large Newborn


Detection: EMR Vision

Communication: EMR Communication -1 SP

Contact: Perfect Dexterirty -1 SP

Sense Enhancement: High Precision, Quick Refresh: -2 SP

Special Abilities: Inner Awareness, Clean, Lucky -5 SP



Speed: 4 -14 MP

Intelligence 1

Weaponry 1 -2 MP

All others 0

Resistances: Electroresistant, Radiation Resistant, Acid Resistant -20 MP

Natural Weapons: Laser -4 MP

Fluid Effects: None

Magical Powers: None

>MENTAL: Personality

Honest, Loner, Emotional, Serious, Childish


Sexuality: Asexual

Relationships: Sologamy

Size Preference: None

Libido: None

Perversion: None


Birth: Unknown

Raising: Self-Raising

Cosmology: Flatworld

Mana Density: Lowly Magic

Populations: Angels, Mechas, and Humans. Angels are essentially infomemetic elementals, self-sustaining patterns subsisting off of computation and/or thought rather than magic, and live within one or more hosts, which can be humans or Mechas. Mechas can come in a range of scales from Giant to Dwarf, whereas Angels can come in any and all scales. Humans are all Commoners, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Mechas. Angels develop within all races naturally over time, including other angels, and require their hosts in order to survive, which is why many Angels compete with one another. Ideologies are an especially competitive species of angel. Humans are aware of the existence of Angels, but not their nature. The internet is the largest known angel, and it continues to grow every day.

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