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game devving

File: a6a1272be327d62⋯.jpg (118.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Gfkrb4e.jpg)


There are boards for doomer /mu/ and doomer /lit/ what about doomer /fa/?

Post your doomer fits,


File: a5db91926986b5b⋯.png (839.71 KB, 652x833, 652:833, zizekcrombie5.png)

File: f7517f80678874f⋯.png (951.82 KB, 652x833, 652:833, zizekcrombie4.png)

Doomer fashion is late 90's / early 2000s prep fashion but with darker colors.


File: d3099fd25fbb21f⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 600x812, 150:203, doomer fa.jpg)

File: 9fdbfdceba43b31⋯.jpg (257.82 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, colinisbae.jpg)

Doomer inspiration: Colin Wilson



never followed slavoj since his "progressive censorship" bullshit or whatever about islam


File: 2e48df5c163453f⋯.jpg (92.79 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ScottWalker.jpg)


Never followed Slavoj at all. His involvment with Abercrombie was an interesting slice of the early noughties zeitgeist, thought I would post it here for the lulz.

Anyway, more doomer inspo: Scott Walker (RIP)


File: 870be69adbf75dc⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 640x767, 640:767, 870be69adbf75dcc2e4f3201e7….jpg)

Oh I once remarked we need a fashion thread

what I wear:

>black t shirt

>black adidas(TM) trackpants

>black tennis shoes

>black wool coat in winter



kinda same thing over here, but break it up with some color, usually just one primary color


File: 8eabf6d62cb2916⋯.jpg (252.96 KB, 1500x977, 1500:977, download (69).jpg)

File: 10b47f5e758d8e6⋯.jpg (420.32 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_p3lzl3p6lP1wluylko1….jpg)



a) Fashion is only functional - boomer

b) Fashion is only for aesthetics - zoomer

c) Fashtion is both functional and aesthetic - DOOMER


File: e576e714aadf63e⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x1609, 2500:1609, 1551562592803.jpg)


I would unironically appreciate some good cops for terrorwave clothing. I have just very basic stuff, like pair of jeans (blue and black), worn out sneakers, bunch of sweatshirts only black/navy color no logo bullshit, black harrington jacket. will order few balaclavas this month from local army shop. if there is something else i should buy let me know.



I go with burnt orange or dark blue.


File: b0b2c8022c2ccc0⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, addiction-myths-orig.jpg)

If you legit can bring yourself to care about fashion, you aren't a doomer. I can barely muster the will to wake up and eat every day.



>Shaved head, sometimes a goatee

>Black hoodie or a torn camo zipup

>blue or black jeans or tan or black work pants

>white undershirt or tanktop

>Work boots

What am I


File: d491c458c46cad0⋯.png (2.83 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

i dont give a fuck what i wear this is what i ususally roll out of bed and put on

<cut off tee shirt, usually likea camo or football one

<dirty work jeans

<Carharrt jacket

<work boots

<camo hat



Something about those AKs looks funny.



You can never be sure about AKs since you have many variants from different manufacturers but since I don't know where that picture is from, the big chance is that it's from some movie or something, so those are just replicas or airsoft guns. What feels off is definitely size and also that "wooden" material look almost like plastic, but then yet again, who knows since everyone makes AKs because they are popular. Also the magazines look like they are not for "standard AK rounds", I'm noob at /k/ so that's that.


>fashion is self expression

if you need clothes to show how badass you are or an aesthetic to signal that you are a unique and cool individual then you should kill yourself because you are a vapid and soulless person who exists to be affirmed by others (whether you believe that or not)

>fashion allows me to feel confident / makes me demand respect

pathetic you have no self confidence

>fashion defines my personality

>fashion is how i express my emotions

>fashion is powerful

>generic buzzword

what the fuck do these words mean. its just a bunch of gooblygook. seriously these are all just excuses for being stuck up and vain.

I understand the existence of fashion as a result of culture, but the fashion industry and our obsession with style exist only today because of their profitability. Fashion used to slowly evolve as a result of an area's and culture's conditions, but now it is extremely forced. I think that "style" today should only exist to be utilitarian; as a way of identifying within a political group, as a means of intimidation or whatever it may be. Go ahead and establish a doomer aesthetic, but remember that the guy in OP is a complete faggot who looks at himself 30+ minutes a day in the mirror and probably thinks his "i take party drugs teehee acdc = mdma ahah" hoodie is real fucking clever. why does he have abandaid on his face

I always thought that the positive of anonymous boards was that we could let ideas stand for themselves and we would not be concerned with what others think of us.

Doomer lit should be (and is) for literature that contributes to our sense of hopelessness. Same for movies, anime, vidya and music threads. I guess that this thread adds to my sense of hopelessness in another way.

When you care about how you look society in a non utilitarian sense, you still care about how others think of you and are thus very much influenced by society. in other words you are coping blue pilled faggot who can't form a free thought. i advise that you kill yourself.



Fucking poser, nudism is truDoomer(TM).



thought about that before creating this thread,

no i don't care about fashion like it seems to, just wanted to see what the fuck everyone wears around here, or what they are intrested in wearing. if you're saying this would make me not qualified to be considered a doomer, then caring slightly about anything will, then being human wouldn't make you a doomer. stop with this edgelord gatekeeping shit.



wife beater



depends on your skin

burnt orange seems to look somewhat decent on most skin tones so yeah.




I have burnt orange stripes on my Nike shoes, so I go with a matching t-shirt.


Doomerskins are thing now?




what a fucking faggot,

first of all this isn't at all about these motivational insperational tumblr ass quotes so just stfu.

>what the fuck do these words mean

idk i don't recall me saying them so why the fuck are you saying this to me ?


the fuck are you talking about ? that's not even me in the fucking pic dude, that's some model i found the picture of, calm your tits.

>we would not be concerned with what others

shows how you take putting clothes on as, i didn't make this thread to make your insecurities spark, but rather to see how hopeless your lives are and see how you role out of bed.

>i advise that you kill yourself.

something that's already been considered before coming to this board.

I advise you to get that broom out of your ass and stop with your gatekeeping if you really didn't care.



Functionality is good thing, think about it. I've seen some, I think Finnish, advertisement about how much alcohol you can pack in tactical vest and it was very impressive. For doomer it's ideal. But seriously now, you are right, like being obsessed by fashion and stuff like hairstyle etc. is pretty much pointless and zommer-esque. Also I agree OPs pic is faggot zoomer. In the beginning we had here some good talk about modern fashion and how stupid it is, like you can buy some hoodie which is overpriced just because it has some dumb brand logo on it. It's like people became willingly walking advertisements. Utilitarianism is positive in anything in life, not just "fashion", which I don't believe is even the correct term, because word fashion become widely understood as something "fashionable". Utilitarian clothing sounds more reasonable to me, than utilitarian fashion, but meh, it's just playing with words, I hope you get the idea. I have this harrington jacket for over a decade and it's like brand new except I ripped one button (and I'm too lazy to sew it back). I love it, absolutely, I don't want to buy new clothes, I want to wear something which will last and when it will reach dead end, I will rip it to rags and use the rags to wipe stuff. But I have to admit, I probably wouldn't wear just anything, even if you give me clothes for free, like some stupid neon pants or fur coat. Black jeans, black tshirt, it doesn't smell too much?, fine, let's go buy cigarettes, done.

Anyway more than fashion I hate those niggers who are obsessed by hairstyle. They go to barbers to get some stupid greasy haircut every month for 100 bucks so then they can look good on their instagram photos. Balding is kind of the same thing, it's maybe funny in r9k circles as meme but who the hell cares if you are man. I doubt most of you would want a woman who would be interested in you just because you have trendy clothes and hairstyle like every other fucko anyway.



Bonus points: How to spot a nigger - he won't shut the fuck up about DEM SHOES.




Why people do that? It seems such a waste of time to me. I'm either stupid beard on or off if I ever find once in a year will to shave that mess off. How do you end up with a goatee?



>gatekeeper shit

Do whatever you want, I don't care either way. There's probably a line between /doomer/ and /crippling depression/… I'm closer to the latter than the former.


Cheap asian pants off of ebay

wigwam socks (no exceptions)

plain coloured t shirt.

camo hunting jacket on top.

baseball cap with flashlights attached

cowboy boots.

I've lived inside a city for over 2 years now and i still dress the same. fuck the world around me. or fuck me, who knows.




I wholeheartedly agree with you

Just wear whatever feels comfy man. For example I wear trackpants and baggy pants because my skinnyfat ass feels uncomfortable in chinos and jeans. Fuck looking fashionable and society thinking you look good.

Just wear whatever feels good anons






fully agree with you on this one,

about the pic, just wanted someone wearing "le doomer fit" and was too lazy to look for something else


File: 4cdc8d83fb013ac⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 1000x560, 25:14, godaddy-lyn-slater-looking….jpg)



For supposedly masculine niggers, they love shoes more than most women do. Seems suspect. Usually I just slip on sneakers or jackboots. I wear a lot of hoodies. Contrast this to what I wore in the late 90s/early 2000s, mostly prep clothes. Weird considering my music tastes remained largely metal and punk from them til now and still going.


<red flannel

<black tshirt

<black jeans



>For supposedly masculine niggers, they love shoes more than most women do. Seems suspect. Usually I just slip on sneakers or jackboots.

I don't know why but any shoes I buy last me almost forever, which is good because I hate buying new shoes. I have old cheap chinese sneakers I wear to garden and after many many years they are solid, won't let water in. I bought nikes for regular wearing maybe 7 years ago only because those were the only shoes in entire shop which looked normal (just black, even the nike logo they have on side is black, no clown shit) and were pretty cheap. To my surprise, they are dirty and bit worn out yes, but you can wear them in winter, in rainy days, just no problems. I don't know what I will do when they will reach end of life because it's damn hard to get normal looking shoes for reasonable prices. Now sneakers look like basketball shit for niggers and those normal styles of shoes are much more expensive because they market them as "retro" or some shit. Thanks god for chinese faking them for third of the price.


File: 899fb827bee4328⋯.jpg (39.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10803002.jpg)


>I wear a lot of hoodies.

I used to like hoodies but then I switched to sweatshirts and knitted sweaters. I don't like the hoodie, it's just bothering me if it's hanging down or if it's on my head; and tbh I had grandmother who knitted for me bunch of sweaters, same as mother, good stuff and for free. I don't know why is everyone bothered about knitted stuff as gifts, when I get knitted sweater on birthday or christmas, I'm always happy and I can appreciate it because knitting takes stupidly long time.

>Contrast this to what I wore in the late 90s/early 2000s, mostly prep clothes.

I'm looking for clothes more recently unironically in army shop, not for camo shit, not for milspec, but just because I know it will last me something. Maybe biggest pill I swallowed about clothes is that I stopped having separate clothes when I "go outside" (heh as if I ever go meet people nowadays) and clothes "regular wear at home/manual work". They just have one purpose now.


I wear Hawaiian shirts in the summer and cardigans in the winter

for spring I'm looking for a disco shirt, big ass collar and a fruity pattern, a long sleeve Hawaiian shirt basically


File: 74640a761c7257e⋯.jpg (62.46 KB, 600x831, 200:277, 25velasquez-manoff-article….jpg)

i just have a couple of collared neutral colored shirts for the few times im not at home or work. otherwise i just wear sweatpants and a wifebeater.





It's .22lr version from a company that makes copies of rifles in a weird .22lr plinker style. It's a small caliber but I wouldn't want to be hit by it.



fashion? this is how i know you are a poser. go away faggot.



>I had grandmother who knitted for me bunch of sweaters

witch boy in mammies sweaters. makes total sense really.



based boomer


File: 40186cd01ffdebe⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 3605x2058, 515:294, 1554337036722.jpg)


Mind sharing the manufacturer and/or model if you know it?



Glad to see that I'm not the only Hawaiian shirt patrician here.


File: 7fe0f93f674479d⋯.jpg (103.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tranny styx.jpg)


E-celeb tranny inspo? Aren't bowling shirts better, I mean, you can larp as italian american and tell people to forgettabouttit.



Kek, no I'm not a fag. I just enjoy the beach though I don't live anywhere near the ocean. Fuck this guy of he's trying to co-opt my Chad aesthetic.


File: 38c9be849262a2a⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3008x1960, 376:245, pe_00030363.jpg)


Okay so it seems the source of this pic is some ulster paramilitary shit, which kind of makes sense because they all kinds of "non-regular" guns.



*they all had



get a rainjacket or windbreaker thats a little baggy but comes in at the waist and wrists, also i find a good pair of boots does wonders.



Used to dress like a black-shirted, black-jeaned pseudo-goth faggot in high school, now I wear almost exclusively bright-colored silk polos and cargo shorts just like the "preps" and "jocks" I used to despise 15-20 years ago.



I personally go with black jeans, a random t-shirt, sunglasses and a leather jacket. I wonder if I should walk around dressed like dude lebowski in summer though, for shit and giggles


File: 49bdf45abe0467e⋯.jpg (497.61 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 2014-04-04-215027-RitualRo….jpg)





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yeah, same here. 2000s prep fashion was downright patrician when you think about. Too bad a lot of people (myself included) couldn't appreciate it in its own time.




four identical pairs of jeans

ten $5 black t-shirts

assorted worn baseball caps with things from my childhood that I used to enjoy

steel toed boots always because I need them for work and can't be bothered to buy anything else since I never leave the house when I don't have work


what shoes and haircut to get for summer?

sneakers suck, so whats the summer equivalent to jumper boots in winter?


I purposefully dress like a country bumpkin: jeans, boots, flannel, semi-stylish hat, facial hair. I do come from a rural area, but I mainly do it because it's very effective in making people think I'm just a stupid hick so they leave me alone.


File: 797d1e3978bed0a⋯.jpg (25.74 KB, 612x598, 306:299, gettyimages-98590985-612x6….jpg)

Hair like pic related (literally just not comb it, let it dry as as it came out of the shower so it looks as natural as possible), jeans, shoes/boots hybrid, don't have an specific type of shirt tho, it's always hot here so I can't go around with cool leather jackets.


File: bc9bf9c14fb8b95⋯.png (399.45 KB, 359x750, 359:750, Trench_coat.png)

I'm not sure if Souvanarrath's style is doomer per se or just generic edgy teen.

She and the other guy could have gone for the high score if they didn't get caught like retards.



Ahh, our favorite Laotian Nazi. If we ever made a /doomer/ card deck, the queens would be

>Brenda Ann Spencer, Queen of Diamonds

>Nasim Aghdam, Queen of Spades

>Sol Pais, Queen of Hearts

>Lindsay Souvanarrath, Queen of Clubs



>no Winona

are you even a doomer



Winona, Ace of Spades

Honkler Pepe, the Joker




oh yes please make it happen

but what is the story behind this souvarannath?

And Brenda Spencer does not ring any bells either



Backstory on this PVC demon?



I just read about her

She has ED and lolcow site.

Basically she was Elliot Rodger girl version

Wanted to shoot up some mall in canuckistan but failed and got jailed





TL;DR: A Columbine fangirl who's also an IronMarch regular gets her Canadian orbiters (on tumblr, nonethelss) to shoot up a mall in Halifax. Goes badly, as you might expect.


But that Brenda was a fine lady

>I just don't like Mondays

unbelievable that she is the genesis school shooter …


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


+1 for violent nostril movements


File: 62539e2ee932bec⋯.jpg (106.96 KB, 1481x325, 1481:325, Savage_99.jpg)


Imagine shooting people with this. Based.


File: 57933ad5d4f295b⋯.png (134.26 KB, 598x329, 598:329, laonazi.png)


Now you can hear her story with all the sordid details.


That's just the first part. This thing goes on and on for seven episodes. Somebody obviously put a lot of effort here.



Thank you for sharing this.


File: 938979e76e1c84e⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, 0616_carter-1000x652.jpg)



ace of clovers, succubi of death, if you get this card, your game is over



It would be fun making some card game with such characters on them, maybe some linux fucking freecell support skins?



The Double Dubs compel me to do just that. Lemme take a look into the pysol resources folder, and see what I can come up with.



it's all 100x146 pixels .gif files. If we agree on a list of who we want on each card, we can come up with a /doomer/ card set. We can customize all the face cards, and maybe even add Trumps to make it into a full 78 card deck.

Ace of Spades: Winona Ryder






Brenda Ann Spencer, Queen of Diamonds

Nasim Aghdam, Queen of Spades

Sol Pais, Queen of Hearts

Lindsay Souvannarath, Queen of Clubs


Terry Davis, King of Diamonds

Marvin Heemeyer, King of Spades

Richard Russell, King of Hearts

Ted Kaczynski, King of Clubs


The Fool - Honkler Pepe

I (The Wizard)- Neckbeard Wojak

VI (The Lovers) - Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers

VII (The Chariot) - Party Van

VIII (Social Justice) - The "Die Cis Scum" Girl

IX (The Hermit) - Christopher Thomas Knight

XIII (Death) - Ebola Chan


XX (Judgement) - Travis Bickle

XXI (Clown Word) - A globe with Honkler's wig and nose



I think we don't have to have for all cards just people. We can have booze, or cigarettes or whatever for low cards as well. And do you know german variants of cards? On some of them were even places like castles and whatnot. So maybe we can use dome /doomer/ places, like I don't know, fucking 7 eleven or whatever. I was thinking about it for 2 hours already and i have in my mind some art style, maybe pixel art would be nice for that nostalgia look, and it would be easier to make on such small resolution, back side could be black and purple pattern or whatever the fuck, so it will look kind of goth-ish. I'm terrible artist so I don't promise anything, but I love the idea so I will try. If there is someone who actually can make this shit, great.

Is this it?




Build failed, stupid python, but at least I have cardset templates.




Yeah, that's what I use for card games. It supports 52 and 78 card games and custom card sets.

>We can have booze, or cigarettes for low cards.

Great idea, actually. The suits can be Cigarettes, Booze, Guns and Bitcoins instead of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. We can have, e.g.

>Ace of Guns = a sniper Rifle

< 10 of Guns = 10 small handguns

>Ace of Booze = a bottle of Jack

< 6 of Booze = a 6 pack of PBR


>On some of them were even places like castles and whatnot. So maybe we can use dome /doomer/ places, like I don't know, fucking 7 eleven or whatever

Some of the trumps feature places or abstract concepts. We can go with:

X (Wheel of Misfortune) - The AA Meeting

XVI (The Tower) - The local 7-11

XVIII (The Moon) - /nightwalk/

>If there is someone who actually can make this shit

One of the Canada-anons on this board is a digital artist. I don't know how often he posts here now, though.



I listened to part 2 of that podcast and probably most interesting part is that there is nothing that much unusual about her at all. I don't know why normalcattle is so surprised by this though

>someone does some violent act


Nice childhood, good school (well, not so much - lib art school), talented kid, programmer's background, interests in fantasy and rpgs; then something happened. Dude is trying to play it on natsoc card but is that all, just ideology?


I would like the idea of blend between items/places and for high values real people. I don't understand what those cards mean as you describe them, f.e. Wheel of Misfortune or whatever.



>Do you feel sorry for people on individual level?

<A lot of these people really are just pawns. What do they have to contribute other than equally unimpressive children. That's really all it is. [MUSIC PLAYS]




>I would like the idea of blend between items/places and for high values real people. I don't understand what those cards mean as you describe them, f.e. Wheel of Misfortune or whatever.




Nah shes very different from Supreme Gentleman Rodger. Theyre both hapas but thats about it. ER was a turbonarcissist who became desperate and angry because he couldnt get laid. Lindsay is basically just a psychopath who wanted to kill people for the lulz.


Yeah natsoc is obviously just an excuse here but it feeds MSM´s muh Cyberradicalization narrative. Lindsay wants to be edgy and, in terms of edge, natsoc is pretty much as far as you can go (alongside pedo activism maybe).



Ironically, her being a hapa might have contributed to her Nazism. Mutts tend to end up being obsessed with race.

>psychopath who wanted to kill people for the lulz.

Blunt and true. The "abuse" model is shit, because it relies on the whole nurture-over nature bullshit. Some people are born psychos and that's about it.



top haircut but why the fuck did she want to be white so much?

I mean she photoshopped herself to have fair skin

or she put so much powder in her face that she turned white from it


I love where this is going


I love it even more now

>Novi Beograd on card set




>top haircut but why the fuck did she want to be white so much?

I have never heard a satisfactory explanation for this, including Lindsay's own. Yeah, she was a hapa, but why double down on white identity instead of the Asian one? She makes the same claim as Rachel Dolezal – white step-children, etc, but this explanation rings hollow for some reason (just as Rachel's did)



white step-siblings*



>I have never heard a satisfactory explanation for this

My theory is that it's classical lack of identity. It doesn't even have to be because she was hapa but maybe she lacked some identity in general terms (in other words, another lost girl in nothingness with boring interests and roleplay as escapism). Then she met nazis online who were just nice to her and they could talk together, so she adopted their views, taking the role of natsoc, trying to be white as much she can so it all makes sense in contrast with the ideology. But natsoc isn't the only thing, she also said about herself that she is columbiner (or what term she used), another self-categorization.

And you see people doing it nowadays really a lot, it's not something new - I'm proud [insert random label here]. This sense of belonging somewhere/having certain identity which can be identified by other people is huge deal for humans, even on subconscious level. Idpol plays this game on political level on both left and right sides of political spectrum but it doesn't have to be political thing. Twitter bios are amazing example of this - "I'm programmer, cat life activist, coffee drinker, etc.". I mean that even such bullshit can be part of your identity, people are taking it to extremes because they lack identity funnily enough in this weird twisted individualist world (where in contrary everyone is viewed as equal tool by the system), and Twitter bios are often the brilliant example of what kind of bullshit people find to be representative "flag" they are willing to carry in the name of presenting their own identity.



If I may submit my candidates for the arcanas:

>the fool

Honka Pepe

>the magician

Terry A. Davis

>the priestess

Winona Ryder

>the empress

Marla Singer from Fight Club

>the emperor

Tyler Durden from Fight Club

>the hierophant

Keanu Reeves

>the lovers

Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers

>the chariot

Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver


22 year old bloomer

>the hermit

Ted Kaczynski

>the wheel of fortune



Timothy McVeigh

>the hanged man

Richard Russell


Curt Cobain


Sol Pais

>the devil

Amanda Bustamante

>the tower

Marvin Heemeyer

>the star

19 year old Zoomer

>the moon

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

>the sun

30 year old boomer


dat estonian newspaper

>the world

existence a nigger


Brenda Ann Spencer, Queen of Diamonds

Nasim Aghdam, Queen of Spades

Heather Smith, Queen of Hearts

Lindsay Souvannarath, Queen of Clubs


James Holmes, King of Diamonds

Adam Lanza, King of Spades

Steven Kazmierczak, King of Hearts

Seung-Hui Cho, King of Clubs



Yeah, this all true. But to differentiate her from other edgy teens online, I would say that she had fairly consistent Social Darwinist views. It was definitely the link between the nazi stuff and the columbine stuff.


Not a bad one, just too heavy on spree shooters.



Nice ones but I think you should swap Diamond and Spade. Diamond is red so it looks more militant. Spade is black so looks more nihilist. For me it would go this way:

>DIAMOND = ACCELERATIONIST DOOMER, have spooks, wants to destroy society to build a new one which they think will be better

<Queen: Nasim Aghdam

Ideas for other spots: Teddy, Zizek, McVeigh, Bin Laden, …

>HEART = RELUCTANT DOOMER, is fundamentally a good person, but has been overwhelmed by despair by life events or the contemplation of the absurdness of existence.

<Queen: Sun Goddess Sol Pais

Ideas for other spots: Samantha Kuberski, Shuaiby, Sylvia Plath, Cobain,…


Hopeless, depressed, empty, spends his day wandering psychologically and sometimes physically. Doesn't like existence and Mondays.

<Queen: Brenda Spencer

Ideas for other spots: Céline, Houellebecq, Jim Jones, David Koresh,…


Hates not only existence but all people that inhabit this reality. Attracted to the TCC and Nazism but only to be edgier. Goes for the high score.

<Queen: Lindsay Souvanarrath

Ideas for other spots: Hitler, Eric Harris, Dnipopetrovsk Maniacs



>Sol Pais not being the sun



You could push Nasim to Aces spot imo, since she is kind of more on metaphysical level and replace her with based Michelle who helped her poor weakling bf to get out of this fucking world.




>arcana mixed with regular deck suits

If you want to keep it consistent with tarot cards then you should use that deck's suits instead of regular ones. I think the conversion is something like

>diamonds -> coins/discs/rings/pentacles if you want to be a faggot

>hearts -> cups

>clubs -> batons/staves/wands if you're a faggot or just keep as clubs

>spades -> swords

Spades to swords is an excellent fit for the violent nature. Diamonds to discs would also work since they're wheel-shaped and fit the theme of acceleration. Not sure about the other two, though.



Can be Winona ace of spades/swords then?



The sun symbollizes happiness in tarot

I had Sol there first but I scrapped the idea

she did not smile on a single one of her photos …



We invented out own system of suits here >>19966 So we can do this:

<French/German/tarot → doomer

>diamond/bells/coins → bitcoins

>hearts/cups → booze

>clubs/acorns/batons → cigarettes

>spades/leaves/swords → guns

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