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game devving

File: ec027a031167c3c⋯.png (751.04 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, 1.png)


Do you think we will witness their Downfall in our lifetime?


No, where I live most people have an easier life than me. The only downfall I want to witness is society. These whores are scum though and so are the retards funding them.


File: 441f55fdcaa8922⋯.png (39.69 KB, 756x760, 189:190, 441f55fdcaa89223b47c565b41….png)


>Do E-Thots having an easy life depress you?

Not anymore than the fact that people in the 1st world have an easier time than people in the 3rd world. 80% of the world's population lives on less than 10$ a day. They work long hours in horrible conditions for little pay. They work their whole lives away a die early, all to make stupid shit for first world normies. E-thots are just an example of the nihilism-inducing consumerist luxury we live in. 1st world society, despite being leagues ahead of the 3rd world in wealth, comfort, life expectancy, etc, still depresses the living shit out of people. People are still bored with their jobs, overworked and lonely. This loneliness creates a vacuum for e-thots to fill with their shitty content. They provide a service that people are willing to pay for, so really I can't be more mad at them than I am about modern consumer capitalist society as a whole. They're just a symptom of a far larger problem.


as long as they keep twerking those fat asses all over a fake DEEELDOO my dick couldn't care less



I definitely hope for more mass shootings if you know what I mean.



Third Worlders today have it much easier than Europeans did 100-200 years ago, when we were the ones doing the cheap factory jobs.

We didn't hae a superior civlization that gave us advice, tech, help and just showed us what was possible.



they still have it shittier so get fucked unknown location nigger



>Third Worlders today have it much easier than Europeans did 100-200 years ago

I'd say they're about just as shitty. It's not like people in the 3rd world were living in luxury when the Europeans were working in factories. They lived in feudalism subsistence farming and getting taxed by their lords. Why not just admit we're all getting fucked by the bourgeoisie and take back our world?



Do they have it shittier than NEETs in western society? I doubt it. Being a NEET is a mental prison. It's torture.



>Do they have it shittier than NEETs in western society?

Of course they do. Imagine having all of the problems a western NEET has while having to work 60 hours a week in a clothing factory and subsisting on 50$ a month because your landlord who rents you a dilapidated room with no air conditioning or running water takes the majority of what you make. That's mental prison and torture too.



i'm a mexican neet that still lives with his parents, however i wouldn't i don't say i have it worst than people that work in fucking factories here


So it is agreed that the bourgeois class are an impediment to human life all around the globe? Wow, I'm so surprised. What next? When will any of us take matters into our own hands? Never. This is why I've been saying we need disgusting incels on our side. We need the evil goblins to do our dirty work. And we need to be comfortable with being monsters. The revolution is never cute and pretty and comfy enough for the literate to take part in. That's why we will clean it up with fancy paintings and novels afterwards. We control the past, nigger. Eliminate the bourgeoisie at all costs, and we'll continue from there.



>muh euroapeans

>muh we did the hard job

>muh superior civilization



The Ultra Rich are worse imo.


Try being a NEET and a male virgin in this society and tell me about oppression again.



Nah nigga the ultra rich aren't shit compared to the U L T I M A T E R I C H



>Try being a NEET and a male virgin in this society and tell me about oppression again.

Just shut the fuck up. You are mixing apples and oranges. Don't expect anybody is forced to care about your muh western civilization memes and your incel oppression. Is /pol/ closed today or what?



Also i would like to know how your experience of being a NEET-male-virgin in other countries is. I'm also a virgin, i got to do a lot of shit with my gf but never really came to sex, i'm fucked up from all the shit i've jacked off to so i think losing my virginity wouldn't be that life changing. I also don't go out or have friends so i'm never really made fun of for being a virgin.



Male Virgins are so oppressed, that Normies invent that we are part of some kind of political movement and associate being "involuntary celibate" with all kinds of shit.


I agree that these are different things, but it doesn't mean that somehow everything is fine in good old Europe.

In fact the current system in the west practically requires some people to be unemployed and Neets.



elaborate a bit more, your personal experience.



When I said everything is alright? When I talked about neets or employment? Don't read what isn't written.



>Is /pol/ closed today or what?

Worse. It's flooded with magapedes.


Trump's victory has ruined that place.



Personal experience?

Literally non-existant, except for ignoring all girls in my school, whenever they invited me to their birthday.

I also hid inside the toilet during breaks in school, missed a lot of classes and then became a NEET after getting kicked of high school. Always had lots of issues with my looks, even today, but i'm in my mid 20s and naturally give less shits about that.

I think hormones during puberty, jacking off constantly and gaming/browsing the internet really fucked me up and gave me anxiety. Puberty also took its time, because I still had ways to go after I turned 16. Even got mistaken for a girl one time, but that was more of a bully, then actually getting mistaken for one. I had long hair as a dude.

Then I had an internet-gf that despite needing lots of attention, really gave me a lot of self-confidence. I would have never imagined, that a girl is jacking off to texts I write to her and to pictures of my face, she puts as her phone background. She was the only actual personal relationship I had with a woman ever and it was very refreshing just how feminine girls are.

That was also good, because I became kinda prison-gay, before I talked to her and got the emotional interaction with a girl I needed. But of course that wasn't real gay, just imagined jacking off to traps and shit on the internet, like seemingly almost all of 4chan and the "meme" side of the internet does.

Now I am sitting here and I continue to extent the "last day", before I intenet to get my life into order and stop eating tons of sweets and sit in front of the pc all day.


That sounds exactly like me, untreated public anxiety in your early life will fuck you up, that's just a fact. What is it you are waiting for to change your life? and what kind of life will you have then? going back to highschool? do you have a job or live with your parents?



>What is it you are waiting for to change your life?

I am not waiting for anything, I am just making an excuse to have one more day where I slack off and do nothing, eat sweets, fap and watch porn.

>and what kind of life will you have then? going back to highschool? do you have a job or live with your parents?

I did kinda turn my life around a few months ago. I am actually going to move far away and survive on a minimum wage job, but I am not sure what to do from there really.

I don't know what to do long-term with my life.

Well, there are some things, but I can't rely on them. You can't really plan to make a great app, that will make you rich for example, you know?



Me neither, right now i wouldn't mind to lay down and die, my mom is the only person pushing me to do something, as expected. She wants me to take english classes since it is apparently the only good thing i'm good for, though i don't want to be a school teacher, i want some interpreter job.


I never really thought I was special but given how I've avoided the mindset that would allow one to spend their time watching ethot streams/instagram posts/tiktok vids and then wanting to support such a person financially. It's probably one of the best examples of how broken modern society is in regards to how men and women relate. That one ethot who does the ahegao faces gets 250k a month. That's not normal at all. Donating to these ethots for a 5 second thank you is probably the bright spot for a month for most of these guys. I understand why it came around. Most women will not date or fuck down. There is a serious lack of female attention for a majority of men. I think the big change is how men are financing these ethots even when they don't do camwhoring. This is more evidence that its not just the sexual lack of attention most men are suffering from but complete lack of attention. I think our society is rotten and nonviable currently. Women can't even cook now anyway and every time I treat one to dinner they act surprised. If only I grew up in a small town instead of this kike city oh well



fucking spooked as fuck holy shit LOL


File: 267de05c5c69c00⋯.webm (139.52 KB, 268x326, 134:163, 1548954794148.webm)

It doesn't depress me, it enrages me. But they are not the ones I am mad about, they are just using the system in their favor, I would do the same in their sittuation. What trully pisses me off are the manginas who give her money. Those motherfuckers are the ones keeping it alive.


Good times create nihilist and consumerist frivolous people, it's just the way life works. Make the third world better, and we would be as much shallow as western thots. It is not a problem of economical system, it is not a problem of society, but humans. Suffering builds character, and raising in a neutered spoiling place makes you shallow and egocentric.

The only way to solve this is trowing everyone in the shit, and seriously, you don't want that.


Not him, but yeah, it really sucks. Imagine if everyone, left, right, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, every political side available unironically told you your life is shit, you should kill yourself, you are a pathetic cockroach subhuman, and their disgust for you was so big they invent political movements and associate you with school shooters just to legitimize their agression towards you. Seriously, the pressure can make anyone go mad, it's absolute loneliness as you think you are the only one unable to get it and the ones who do just like you don't admit it because they want to avoid the mockery that would come out of it. The only reason to why I didn't kill myself back when I was 18 was because I found imageboards and discovered there were others like me.

>just get fit, and get a good job!

I'm already fit, I exercise daily and get medals on martial arts competitions, I look normal, I am not a manlet. My problem is not my body, but my personality. You know when you see someone and you think he is kinda weird, and girls describe him as "creepy"? That's me. I can't even begin to imagine what exactly makes me strange, but everytime I see a video of me talking or moving, I realize that indeed there's something off, even when I try to fake. I had never ever had a relation with a girl, or had one interested on me, the only people that have ever had that kind of intention towards me were 50+ year old faggots, I have no histories to tell about girls, absolutelly none.

To this there's no medicine or exercize, and I already gave up. I just want to be left alone, but people everywhere saying that those like me are filthy subhumans and should get on a FBI watchlist really rustle my jimmies, and pushes me even further away from society, and I'm not even in the worse of situations. Those who have physical problems are the ones who know true suffering.



depends on how you make the third world better, full communism will fix everything, just turning the poorest places in the world into first world countries will fix nothing




I also suffer from looking like a weirdo, in highschool i hanged out with three girls who everyone too described as looking angry all the time, and even they asked me if i was angry constantly(it might be my big ass eyebrows). I always look like half of my face is melting in photos and in videos i look like a hunched, coward creature that doesn't wish to be there.


File: 369cae417c3723a⋯.jpg (295.79 KB, 1200x1450, 24:29, 1541172803340.jpg)


At least you had girl friends, that was probably pretty nice. I went to an all boys school until half the high school, so I never really had female friends, and I never managed to speak their language.


No system will ever fix anything, the problem with any political or economical system is that humans will never fully cooperate, as the biggest majority is interested in their self benefit. No system will change human nature, ever, and dissidents are born from thin air, because some people are just born to be contrarians, like me, and probably you. In the day that will never ever happen, get over it. You sound like someone saying that when people go to heaven they will just get along everyone suddenly become Teletubbies, talk about political systems wouldn't even be necessary, as people would just get along with no interference.

You are already too old to believe in fairy tales. I would also apreciate if you ceased your preaching here, I have enough of this garbage from my religious mother. Also, If I were to take some bullshit talk seriously, it would be the one that when you reach 30's virgin you acquire magical powers, because at least in this one I'm directly benefited.


File: 4c83ad0b53cd8a4⋯.jpg (67.54 KB, 495x750, 33:50, 09fa1f58b4e32aff7dfb330714….jpg)


>It is not a problem of economical system,

I see what you mean, but I respectfully disagree with this point. I'm a Marxist, so I see the superstructure of society (culture, philosophy, art, etc) as being predominately molded by the base of society (the means of production and the relations of production). The vapid, materialistic consumer culture of the West was simply a development of late capitalism. It began in the early 1900s and became the monstrosity it is now after the American victory in WWII and the economic boom that followed it. Capitalists needed to continue to grow their profits and realized that people were not naturally buying enough goods to accomplish this. The capitalists began using mass advertising and marketing to induce the desire to consume more goods in the population. This is called artificial demand. It is demand that would not exist without the colossal public relations and marketing campaigns that corporations spend untold billions of dollars every year on. In a socialist society, such as the USSR, culture is not based around endless consumption. Soviet society was based on art, science, family and the desire to uplift all of humanity to a new edge of prosperity. Just look at their art and culture and you'll see the difference between it and decadent Western capitalist culture. We communists intend to build a new society focused on the continuous improvement of the lot of humanity, on discovering truth and innovating to new heights. Consumer culture is based around shallow, selfish fulfilment of one's immediate desires. However, when people realize that material wealth alone cannot satisfy oneself fully, they become depressed and nihilistic. This is why you see so much of this in modern capitalist countries. The people are miserable despite having every latest product in existence. Socialism and communism will focus on creating true happiness and freedom for all of mankind.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




While I do think capitalism is a major contributing factor here honestly I think revolution is no longer possible which really fuels the misanthropy. I'd love to be proven wrong but it seems like our best bet is for global capitalism to collapse at this point. The second half of this video sums up my position fairly well.



>living on 10 bucks a day.

I don't even make that.



>rich JEWS. just them specifically.


ofc. based Jim



it could though I bet you're more internationalist than I am



>Socialism and communism will focus on creating true happiness and freedom for all of mankind.

you are exchanging one horror for another one, its just you are too blind to see whats horryfing about it.



I know what you mean. I get discouraged about the prospects of revolution myself quote frequently. I think really our only hope is accelerating the decline of neoliberalism and hoping that Xi Jinping delivers on his promises to being China back to socialism and uses China's superpower status to spread revolutionary ideals all over the world. I feel like it will happen eventually when capitalism finally can no longer physically continue itself but my concern is whether or not humanity will still be alive by then.


I'm not a Trotskyist, so I am in favor of socialism in one country. I favor allowing ethnic and cultural groups a degree of autonomy. I believe the concept of the nation state itself will eventually become obsolete much like capitalism rendered feudal fiefs and domains obsolete in favor of the unified nation state. However, I think that is something that will occur on its own as the material conditions of society change and we shouldn't force it.


I see you're from Poland so I won't try to pretend I know what living under communism is like more than you do. I will admit that the Soviet Union was not perfect and neither were the other Warsaw Pact states. I think we should learn from the USSR, both it's strengths and weaknesses. I do believe that they had a sense of community and collective effort that inspired the masses to strive towards a greater common goal. I know things weren't perfect back then, but the socialism of the future will be better than the socialism of the past.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>all this internet obsession

>over wannabe celebs

>that are not even good looking

I understand when people fap to victoria secret underwear models

but when they obsess over ecelebs they destroy them forever

their egos get inflated into infinity and eventually they start to think they are pissing petroleum


File: 0d90582bed66172⋯.jpg (327.48 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, sens zycia.jpg)


>I do believe that they had a sense of community and collective effort that inspired the masses to strive towards a greater common goal. I know things weren't perfect back then, but the socialism of the future will be better than the socialism of the past.

sense of community due to hard living conditions and needing to band up to survive.

then again l wont change your mind because you are too deeply dug in into your beliefs. but sure us humans, imperfect creatures will create perfect society



>I understand when people fap to victoria secret underwear models

Oh wow it's not 1996 anymore, zoomers today have access to so much porn and maybe that's the problem because these ewhores give them a fake sense that they as their viewers "really" matter. That's something pornroastie can't give you and that's same reason why camwhores and ecelebs make so much money.


File: 4633e29d646d224⋯.png (487.87 KB, 1500x700, 15:7, 4633e29d646d22411b58b0eedc….png)


>hoping that Xi Jinping delivers on his promises to being China back to socialism and uses China's superpower status to spread revolutionary ideals all over the world

I really wouldn't count on that



The societies that were communist were generally all communitarian cultures to begin with. The Russian people, for instance, had the concept of the Mir, or peasant commune, prior to communism and communism was basically a modified and more technologically advanced version of Mir. I never said communism would be the absolute perfect society, but rather an inevitable development of human civilization that results from the continued advancement of the productive forces (robotics, labor automation, AI, etc). I think it'll happen eventually given the inevitable technological advances that are predicted to occur in the coming decades.


I know China may not be the ideal approach to socialism that most people would want, but they're the most likely to bring the world to socialism. Why do you think they're so heavily invested in AI and robotics? They have to play the West's game for now until they can eventually beat them at it and then spread socialism when the time is right. I know its not the most glamorous route, but they're the last relevant Marxism-Leninist state (at least in terms of ideology) on Earth. The neoliberal Open Society is failing and will collapse with the United States. China is the obvious power that will replace the US, so all we can really do is wait and see what they do. I just don't see any reason to believe that they'll never abandon capitalism, considering how much Marxist-Leninist thought is ingrained into their society.






how can a nation be socialist when they are literally prostituting their own human energy factory slaves to western capitalist companies in order to get greenbacks so they can buy up ressources and equity all over the globe. They are the embodiment of capitalism. Just because Mao is on their bank notes it does not mean they are commies.

BTW you are also overestimating their power. China is toast. Their demographics are dooming them. After 30 years of 1 child policy and millions of girls aborted away, they are now facing the fastest aging society of the northern hemisphere. They are now where Japan was at the end of the Showa period. Back then economists said Japan will take over the world. What happened? Their credit financed bubble burst, and they were sitting in a stagnation swamp for 30 years.

Same will happen to china as well. Then also the problem with old folks. Mr. Chen living to age 80 after retiring at 65 is beautiful for his family. But that means Chen is unproductive for 15 years and someone needs to pay the bills for him. A society that spends more and more ressources on their elderly instead of their young has no future. They are investing ressources in walking dead. Zombies so to say.

Not that anyone could fund this shit anyways. Eventually all those unfunded liabilities will be met with boomers having the free choice to either:

>work again


>live off their own wealth from the golden years



Not sure what you're getting at because neither me nor the other commie anon were arguing that China was socialist and I was actually arguing against supporting China.



That is not China's primary problem, but it is a problem. It is less important than other problems because it can be solved: A nation authoritarian enough to impose a one-child policy is authoritarian enough to reverse it with a natalist policy.

China's real problem is cultural. China has no soft power at all. This is simply unsolvable: evolution simply didn't endow them with charisma, and globohomo is gonna walk all over them. What is the point of investing billions in a shithole country when your pet dictator there is just going to be overthrown in a color revolution? China is just gonna get cucked on a global scale.



>the problem with china is that their culture isn't convincing enough for the popular masses

>implying the chinese cultural engine couldn't build communist buddhism in their country and export it everywhere

>implying authoritarianism isn't convincing enough



Both implications are correct. The Westphalian fundamentalism of Chinese foreign policy is both more realistic and more sustainable than liberal interventionism but is thoroughly unappealing. **Perhaps it is unappealing because it is too realistic, like so many other things''


Isn't it weird how regardless of where it is a commiefag can't help but talk about their religion




>implying you don't invite us by spewing your shitty opinions without being ideologocally challenged

Hugbox faggot that you are, you complain about being debated online. Unplug your computer.



Nowhere was he implying that his ideas wren't to be debated. He just said that commies bring their ideology up in every conversation he's not wrong.



Shut the fuck up nigger i will stick my Stalin bedtime story in every single thread on this board to spite your bitch ass slut ass bitch nigga fucker



Also are you RETARDED how can you not bring up communism in every single issue ever considering capitalism is the root of all evils in the world. Literal nigger.




You sound pretty worked-up, my friend. Also, you're slacking, where are the big black cocks?


File: 272d971f2fa69b7⋯.jpg (242.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fhhedvqm.jpg)




File: 88c4bf196bc9fe7⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 885x490, 177:98, 1519093881498.jpg)


>from where is the faggot who posts blacked porn as a means to offend? Mexico

>from where is the preaching commie who can't shut the fuck up about his state religion? Mexico

Browsing /doomer/ is surely making me hate mexico. Also, it confirmated my bias about commies being obsessed assholes.



this must be why donal drumpf is building this fence



you and me are jungle niggers, don't get ahead of yourself.




Get killed in a cartel, Carlos.


File: 8c796c78e4a1044⋯.webm (13.18 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 1546049836.webm)






never gets old.



as far as I know, every South American country hates Mexico. FACTS.



I'm anti-Capitalist as they come but Mexicans sure are some feisty little niggers aren't they.



Cartel violence and beheadings are pretty ego dik though


File: e0a1b4c816021c5⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 1200x638, 600:319, e0a1b4c816021c59a3ae86376c….jpg)







Stalin was Robespierre and Napoleon rolled into one and imprinted himself in the notion of socialism itself, and the left really has to come to grips with that heritage. Complete disavowal ("it wasn't true socialism") or gleeful celebration of Stalin's reign seem to be the only two camps. We must own up to it. Whether we like it or not, it was a form of socialism, no matter how much off-target it hit. But we don't have to apologize for it. Even past the simple fact that contrition for something you haven't done is spooky nonsense, there's the very significant matter that a war-ravaged, semi-feudal arctic wasteland the size of a continent became one of the only 2 world superpower in a mere 3 decades. Not even we stop to think about it, but this is, by a huge margin, the fastest development in mankind's history, and it's unlikely it'll be surpassed. It's most likely the fastest increase in living standards in relative numbers too, tho the data-gathering at the time isn't enough to properly prove it.

Still, compare and contrast. Despite this amazing development, Stalinist USSR was arguably socialism at its worse for other reasons, which I don't think I have to enumerate here. Capitalism, on the other hand, "came into the world oozing mud and blood from every pore". The scale of the violence perpetrated is incomparable, and very, very few people have the slightest ideas of how bad it was and still is. Have you ever seen a liberal, let alone a reactionary, mention the hell on Earth that was the Congo Free State? Now that was as capitalist as it gets, as it was probably the only time in history where there existed a market on severed human hands. Did you see them bring up the European powers testing their new industrialized weaponry by machine-gunning and gassing entire African tribes? But everyone is well aware of the time they used those on other Europeans. Australian aboriginals being hunted for sport? I confess I don't have proper sources, but there's some evidence that life for the Tasmanian tribes was made so unbearable by colonization that it might have been the only time in history (capitalism has a lot of firsts) where one or more people's simply decided to stop reproducing in order to shorten their collective suffering.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. I just bring up these so I can state with no doubts that socialism at its worse was still nothing compared to the capitalist day-to-day. Stalin imprinted his pathological personality on socialism, and committed terrible things that were largely unnecessary, and that's one of the points that usually are missed. The excesses of Stalin (and Mao) – the famines, the mass relocations, the collective punishments, the routine intrusion in private life – were unnecessary, and tho this might seem, at first glance, to make these events more awful, the other side of the coin is that they weren't necessary parts of the system. It's undisputable that the 30s famine, the Great Purge, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, on the whole, stalled development of the socialist societies. They were products of their time, and not systemic crimes, inherent in socialism. In capitalism, it's the exact opposite. The pitiless dispossession of whole masses of peoples, grinding their lives away for 14 or even more hours a day, and terminating colonial peoples so these things could repeat further, all of them were absolutely integral and necessary for capitalism to develop and reach its current form. Mass violence against the weak is part and parcel of it, not out of some horrible spook that can be averted and give capitalism a human face, but out of simple self-perpetuation. The human suffering it entails isn't incidental, but rather both causal and consequential of its continued existance. Capitalism with a human face is as paradoxical as dry water. It had to commit these atrocities in order to come into being (if you forgive the slight anachronism), and tho it has given up on extermination (for now), the other crimes are happening this very moment, only farther away fro the eyes of the peoples of develop countries, giving the illusion that capitalism has improved.



Such improvement is localized and temporary, of course. Capitalism has merely expanded in more ways than one. The superexploitation of the dispossessed still happens just as it did in the early industrialization of the UK, only now, instead of the proles, the porkies and any in-betweener inhabiting different neighborhoods, they are in different countries. Perhaps as important as the offshoring of exploitation, was the offshoring of its visibility. This keeps the people in the developed countries as ignorant of the human suffering caused by capitalism today as they are of that inflicted against their own ancestors in their own homeland, until not that long ago, and thus tolerant or even enthusiastic about it. You can bring up the worst crimes committed in the name of socialism, and not only will it, in all likelihood, have been a historically isolated incident extraneous to socialism itself, but it still be dwarfed by what capitalism causes just by dint of existing. Throw all charges against Stalin and his heirs as you like, and socialism would still have the moral high ground. For all its faults, systemic or not, it has never ended entire tribes and peoples. Do you understand just how abominable this is? As much as people cry about the crimes of communism, you can still hold your head high, knowing that its existance didn't spell the extinction of entire nations and cultures, wiped out forever. God only knows how much human "experience", let's call it, has been lost, irretrievably. And not a single damn anti-socialist will ever have the balls to own up to their legacy, and for good reason, because it would entail accepting the immanent inhumanity, or antihumanism, of capitalism. People who want to perpetuate this chimera simply have to be either ignorant of its full scope, or accept their unacceptable legacy.



And lastly, let me bring up the start of this rant. We have to abandon these two extremes of disowning or enshrining the past. It was its own phenomenon, it accomplished some goals and completely forsook others, but in the end, it fell – or rather, was dismantled, but nonetheless, it's a closed chapter. Let's do what Zizek says, and abandon ideology. Trying to enact Stalinism again would be as ridiculous as if the Bolsheviks had tried to emulate the even more ill-fated Paris Commune, with which they, nevertheless, measured themselves up constantly. That's what it means to abandon ideology, as it was deftly defined by Marx: "they do not know it but they are doing it". It means always being self-aware, and never falling to the twin weapons of reactionay pathology, dexontextualization and ahistoricism. It's owning up to the past, studying its every detail, but leaving it where it was. It's about always taking care not to get spooked, and keeping eyes on the goal of elevating mankind instead of adoring idols and dogmas. It's about always questioning yourself, without being paralyzed by doubt. Or to put in a single word, sublation. As in dialectics, we ought to incorporate all the theses and provide antitheses, so that we may create something new and better.



Europeans also were shitty in the past, but they lift themselves out of that hole. Eat shit subhuman.



>A Brazilian used the subhuman word as an insult for other people



>implying the point of my post is that white niggers should give brown niggers all their moneys instead of a post about capitalism being a fucking nigger in general



>A no flag nigger thinks he's in position of calling shots


kay, move along


File: aa6826ba3c7fdb2⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 900x600, 3:2, eb9b7d415dd96c47e3a9ea42ac….jpg)


jungle nigger alliance achieved, shake my mexican farmer dirty hand



Dude, I am so genetically superior that the rest of the world destroyed my country 2 times, when we invented Racism, because they were jelly.



couldn't beat Russia though. so close…




thanks though



yes, we should start bringing them here but with our own police force. beheading niggers sounds hilarious and I gotta jack off now.



i thought for a second you said you should start BREEDING niggers instead of beheading, and now i'm the one who needs to jack off, the thought of breeding a white girl with my spics genes makes me spunk all over my trousers


File: 144f687ba2db614⋯.png (242.66 KB, 406x376, 203:188, 1546477895278.png)


And nowadays, german is rulling Europe and stomping on nation sovereignty and the democratic power of the people on european countries, but this time trough money, debt, and the EU.

Gotta admit, your country is something else. I hope mine gets as tough as yours in the future.



Yeah, we love having our little Empire so much that our only serious Euro-Sceptic Party emerged and now has over 10% of the votes, when we violated Greece's sovereignity and made them adhere to a monk-like ascetic life-style, which translates to still spending more money than earning, but just less so.

We Germans really love our Empire, especially if we have to pay money to pretend like we have any influence.



i didn't understand any of that tell me the entire history of germany pls no spoilers


File: fda4b8b1af5513d⋯.jpg (165.25 KB, 1200x1130, 120:113, IMG_3019.JPG)


Well, we are descended from the people that left Scandinavia and went south and impregnated celtic women and made them have our children.

We fucked them so much that the Pre-German Celts stopped existing there. Just imagine being a German and establishing the new German order in the territory that will be forever known as Germany. There is no known prior name to Germany. It has for all effects always been Germany.

Imagine that and just fucking the Celts out of existance. Taking their women and just impregnating them over and over with Germans kids. Celtic women were the womb of German Children.

They carried our seed and were the greatest asset for us. Because the German Nation with the help of the Womb of willing Celtic women, because THE GREATEST Germanic Nation there ever was. All other Germanic tribes pale in comparison.

Sure, the Swedes founded Rus, but they didn't Germanize it. In fact they took a lot of Slav pussy back home and they have a lot of slavish genes. Iceland is basically majority descended from celtic thralls.

Not that that's bad. But what do the other Germanics accomplish? We aren't even called Snowniggers, only the Scandis are called Snowniggers. If anything we are faulted for our Autistic amount of willpower.

And how did we accomplish this? You know the answer. We had Celtic Women on our side, that probably left their celtic homesteads in droves into the arms of Germanic Warriors.

Just imagine how it must feel like for a Germanic Warrior to have a qt celtic waifu and teach her basic Proto-German Phrases and see her cute smile, when she sees how proud you are, when she mastered a new sentence.

Imagine seeing the accomplishment written in the faces of yourself and your celtic waifu, when you fathered 35 descendents and are a great-grand father and how happy she is responsible for creating all of these Germans in the world.

Celtic women were probably the happiest women that ever lived in modern day Germany. To be a vassal to make permanent settlement for Germanic People possible, not just raids, not just "Germanic influence", but to really make the heartland of the Germanic Race into a proper Germanic Homeland.



i like seeing people passionate for their own country, that didn't explain at all the success of germany but thanks i guess fuck snowniggers



We are successful, because of German Autism.

We go above and beyond, where it's just necessary.

Once we as a people determine that something is good and moral and something is a problem, then we set out to correct the problem and follow our ideals.

We also aren't really a western country. We have a mix of western and eastern mindsets. We are central european country and aren't a typiclal western Democracy.



that's weird, i remember hearing Lenin wanted russia to be more like germany or some other european western country in terms of culture



Why? A combination of western and eastern ideas is still different from Russia, which is basically fully eastern. Russia never had a typical western-style democracy.




>green eyes

simply beautiful

your story sounds plausible but sadly today the arabis and turkis are doing the same with your women. I noticed they have some kind of fetish for the blonde hair. I thought they only want to marry loyal and virgin muslim woman and all others are whores to them. the world is a crazy place



I really don't remember, i guess mostly the fact that russia used to be a feudal shithole probably gave it a very unpleasant culture regardless of how much they kept going forward



i'm not even a sandnigger and i would breed a white qt



but the muslims are known for accusing any woman that is not wearing burqa for being a whore so why can't they keep their dicks in their helal women? is our degeneracy just too much for their muh dikk?


File: a96ac8756d5f24e⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 700x700, 1:1, reverse brittany venti.webm)


They only get our trash. Even promiscous women with a bit of pride won't go anywhere near them. What do you think "being scared of going alone outside and man-free festivals" really means? It's all a PC left-wing version of being afraid of non-white men.

I wish I had that graphic saved, which showed that of any major western european country Germany have the lowest percentage of people that would let their children marry a muslim.

I think racemixing is just fearmongering from /pol/. In reality it rarely happens and let's be honest. The white people that DO racemix basically have an eugenic effect on our people, because their descendents are no longer of pure european stock and thus are removed from them for all intents and purposes.


They just managed to leave Serfdom behind and wanted an educated, high quality population. Sad that Russia is plagued by drunk and low-life behavior.


Oh it's simple. They see western women as whores and would only seek them out for pleasure. Same with boys. That's why it's not gay. You don't marry them or anything gay like that.

The thing is though that Muslim Men won't ever get access to pure non-whoreish European Women, because by definition they would never racemix, unless they are whores.




>and thus are removed from them for all intents and purposes.

or they become genetically superior versions of the enemy camp :^)

>Sad that Russia is plagued by drunk and low-life behavior.

this is just slavic mentality. barbarism and slacking away like yin and yang

>dat video

her eyes are beautiful. that deep brown color. big also. but she is right about the issues she has. I guess she feels like an alien most of the times. she is good looking and all but she can never belong to any tribe. and this african facial structures with her alabaster skin is not a good combination it just looks strange und unnatural. I hope she can live a normal life nevertheless.



it's actually capitalism coming back to russia that turned it back into a shithole but ok



>or they become genetically superior versions of the enemy camp :^)

There is nothing superior about the fat whales, skanks and insane women that convert to Islam. Unless you are talking Blacks, because their descendents probably get improved. But not Arabs or Turks.

>her eyes are beautiful. that deep brown color. big also. but she is right about the issues she has. I guess she feels like an alien most of the times. she is good looking and all but she can never belong to any tribe. and this african facial structures with her alabaster skin is not a good combination it just looks strange und unnatural. I hope she can live a normal life nevertheless.



Svenny Svensker, you have very beautiful blonde women in your country. How can that girl look beautiful to you? Go to 0:48

You can't tell me that this ayy lmao looks beautiful.


File: bbe93b9ec80f5c9⋯.jpg (174.75 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, bbe93b9ec80f5c9a25180e6200….jpg)


how about these two mixed girls then? makes you want to fuck a nubian princess, eh? i for one liked the european-spic mixed girls i saw when i was in middle school, big asses too



They look good.

EAST not West Africans can look alluring too.

But that's because they have caucasian facial structure, which is the most beautiful by semi-objective standards.



I have no clue what you austists are talking about again itt but that chick on right looks identically to girl i know irl - want kicker? She is half gypsy. We have your nubian princesses here.



j really, really, really just care about the ass and thighs but ok



Dieter Meier, it's her eyes. her eyes have the same deep brown color like my first love. so this is a personal one. And she is slim and fit so you cannot tell she is ugly. She does look unusual but not ugly.

She probably has a million beta orbiters on instagram as well.

>beautiful blondes

I am into jet-black hair tbh


they look like Shakira's lost sisters



>I am into jet-black hair tbh

me too, thats why yen>triss


File: 23da85aa2aa61e8⋯.gif (3.07 MB, 600x255, 40:17, 23da85aa2aa61e8f3bf6db5355….gif)


mein negroid compatriot




>I am into jet-black hair tbh

patrician taste


File: 47642b8cbe8f655⋯.jpg (285.79 KB, 768x960, 4:5, IMG_3538.JPG)



Pale woman with bright eyes (blue or green) with long silky dark black hair are GOAT.

Don't even care, if people say that guy's sexual preferences are influenced by their mothers and that my mom had dark brown hair, had pale skin with blue eyes.

I still would.


File: 4823b5a03926d91⋯.jpg (26.64 KB, 343x278, 343:278, 1411658242785.jpg)


I prefer green eyes but agree on the rest you say


mine has black hair as well. but short

>inb4 Freudian discussion now



>Do E-Thots having an easy life depress you?

it just makes me hate them more


>Do you think we will witness their Downfall in our lifetime?

no. this is just the beginning of the female sexual utopia in power. we will be slaves if the kikes have their way.


File: faa7e227546c1f4⋯.png (52.52 KB, 300x300, 1:1, zoooooey deschanel.png)



>like small girls with glasses and bangs

>my mother is small, have glasses and bangs

I try to pretend there is no connection.



>Not anymore than the fact that people in the 1st world have an easier time than people in the 3rd world.

not this faggot again. take this horseshit to leftypol ponyboy.



dont type too hard pussy. you might break a nail.



In my case that isn't a real thing because my mother is blonde. But if chick has blue eyes and black hair I'm going insane, nothing except her exist for me. It's more rare combo than I thought before.


File: b59f3daa4c52b8b⋯.gif (1006.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1438241852568.gif)


If your mother has this look she has superb taste



She was such a weird character in her show.


File: 4dc5ce9be65ae84⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 913x1405, 913:1405, 1531988683359.jpg)



My nails are fine, should paint them though, wanna help? :* <3


File: 881039230604faa⋯.png (492.93 KB, 731x719, 731:719, zooooooooooooey.png)


New Girl is my guilty pleasure, unironically the series I rewatch constantly. I just started watching because I tought the MC looked too much like a girl I tried to date and failed miserably, you never get a girl when you like her too much, you get insecure. Slight disdain for her appearance and strong distaste for her personality is the only state of mind I manage to get then at the time, and don't regret anything.

Also, Nick in the first season is literally me, specially the "broken law school dropout who drinks too much and hate life" part.



She is that type of character you want to love so much but for some reason you can't. If that was the goal of the series, then they did it well.


File: fe39b7086ee8d68⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1534683512041.jpg)


File: 7a97a5188b88f49⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, How do you deal with that ….jpg)

Weeb monkeys are the fucking worse, what's with mutts and cuckime?


f-fuck you trannypol



Why are you posting that?


File: 555fa4f71f12012⋯.png (574.55 KB, 784x722, 392:361, vlcsnap-2019-02-26-07h19m2….png)


The thread already went off the rails in the second post my fellow countryman, just enjoy yourself with the new theme.



…and that was a good thing. Bitching about e-girls is lame and gay.



>jungle nigger doesn't like communism and revolution

disgusting sight, without communism you are just a nigger, no red, no revolution, just a jungle nigger.


File: e2c164eee608347⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2611x3905, 2611:3905, schwarzes haar helle augen.JPG)


>Why are you posting that?

Why do I need a reason to post beautiful women?


i think it's pretty amazing how you can have a psyop that is, direct quote, GO DO SHITWORK FOR THE IRS, PEON FAGGOT and you'll still have retards lining up to do literally just that. based!


File: 38e47e66852298e⋯.jpg (262.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1535895511882.jpg)


File: a4e087acbf6ce35⋯.jpg (262.08 KB, 647x456, 647:456, mexico btfo.jpg)


Why do the mods allow your shitposting? Depraved board


File: a6e42d2f62aeaa5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 319.84 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Gaben.jpg)


It's the same mexican every fucking time, he is also the one who posts blacked porn. He is not shitposting, motherfucker is legitimally deranged and can never shut the fuck up about communism. His house is probably like pic related, but with Stalin pictures. Posting with spoiler because unlike him, I have manners.

His annoying and obsessive behaviour is more effective to push people to the right than any right wing preacher could ever be.



I have no idea who that is but those eyes are the eyes of goddess. That cold, hard look I was talking about. Her gaze is splitting your soul in half. Be careful, women with those eyes can turn you into their slaves.


File: 85f367443cdbb31⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


It's Stoya, she is a porn actress, unfortunally retired.

She indeed turned many man into her slaves alright. One of the prettiest porn actress to ever grace the earth in my opinion.



>she is a porn actress

There are certain things in life I didn't need to know to keep my illusions intact.



Sorry, anon.


File: 44731a409e114c6⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 608x720, 38:45, 44731a409e114c64016a6b9e6….webm)



deranged it's just another state of mind



>unironically liking bmwf porn

Consider suicide Jorge



Yes, everybody knows that wmbf is the more patrician choice. /bleachright/


File: 94672e530c4a31c⋯.mp4 (5.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 94672e530c4a31c55a7776b172….mp4)


File: 9d68a617f4beead⋯.jpg (159.13 KB, 1280x1546, 640:773, 1543909220112.jpg)


Hard agree




File: 2c93f3bedb6964a⋯.mp4 (2.33 MB, 636x480, 53:40, 2c93f3bedb6964a807360b69c1….mp4)

File: 5052f5ef5b4dc6a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1422x774, 79:43, 5052f5ef5b4dc6ae1f1bb8d1ae….png)

File: 9096d648aceb24d⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 9096d648aceb24dd9d31ed60c8….gif)


more like ASSGUSTING



File: 157b812edd286ad⋯.jpg (22.7 KB, 500x432, 125:108, Summer-3-summer-roberts-49….jpg)


>you never get a girl when you like her too much, you get insecure

once again words of wisdom. The one I met in january I could only face because I knew from the very beginning that she is too good for me anyways. It was a very nice feeling to not be stressed about yourself.

But why do you always have to be right anons?

Why is existence such a nigger?

BTW my guilty pleasures were gossip girl and the OC commiefornia. I loved those shows because of 1 character each. I am sure you all know which ones I mean.

Summer and Blair


einfach nur wunderschön


I second this



>capitalism coming back to russia that turned it back into a shithole

Bullshit, Russian was a shithole before USSR, during USSR and after USSR. The only difference is that during USSR period they used to pool their resources to accomplish big things… Sometimes great things, sometimes stupid things.



>commie spic posts spic slags+ black dicks

Why commies are always into cuckoldry? Is it because they are inherently decadent cucks or is it because free love cuck stuff?


File: 4a6c9373d8767e8⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 367x407, 367:407, 3e0d7647dfad604e14f2b93846….gif)

File: 8cf49ff50a9552f⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 398x201, 398:201, 8d19f57fa8111b07da9f47e1f4….gif)

File: deac66276233b62⋯.gif (174.2 KB, 666x357, 222:119, 33715c5f49bcc18098b9b58ebb….gif)



Russia before the USSR was an imperialist power, but that obviously didn't mean it had a mighty economy or army, as the breakdown of both during WWI demonstrated.

The Soviet system emerged from seven years of imperialist war followed by civil war (1914-1921), faced a significantly greater degree of economic isolation owing to hostility from the capitalist world, and suffered devastation in the western portions of the USSR due to the Nazi invasion. And it still emerged after WWII the second most powerful country in the world.



It was still a shithole, where does it says "USSR wasn't a shithole" in what you posted, cuck?

"Muh big army"?

I guess China and Nork really are paradises, then


File: f8f9b312e41dfdd⋯.png (155.6 KB, 500x263, 500:263, communistpreconditions.png)


Mexicanon, you really should cool it with the cuck shit. It's not good PR - in fact, i'm fairly certain that right-wingers are enjoying themselves to the shit you're posting.

Just a friendly reminder to the brazimutt posting ITT that liking Stalin and Soviet Russia has nothing to do with black dick. That's a very strange and unrealistic association.

It's hard to tell if the bbc cuckposting is a psyop to drive people to the right or if it's genuine, either way you're only giving rightist cucks more fap material and that's unacceptable.



I genuinely like raceplay and the idea of breeding white girls with my spic genes, but i'll stop to help a comrade out to not be disgusted by my shitty fetish.

Mexicanon departs now.



In 1990, the Soviet Union had a Human Development Index of 0.920, placing it in the "high" category of human development. It was the third-highest in the Eastern Bloc, behind Czechoslovakia and East Germany, and the 25th in the world of 130 countries.By the early 1970s, the Soviet Union had the world's second largest industrial capacity, and produced more steel, oil, pig-iron, cement and tractors than any other country.[50] Before 1973, the Soviet economy was expanding at a faster rate than that of the American economy (albeit by a very small margin). The USSR also kept a steady pace with the economies of Western Europe.Before its disintegration, the Soviet Union produced 2.1-2.3 million units per year of all types, and was the sixth (previously fifth) largest automotive producer, ranking ninth place in cars, third in trucks, and first in buses. Soviet industry exported 300,000-400,000 cars annually, mainly to Soviet Union satellite countries, but also to Northern America, Central and Western Europe, and Latin America.

Soviet Union had 100% literacy rate and high life expectancy. It also had caloric intake on par with the US.

During stagnation period,Soviet Union supported anti colonial revolutions in Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia,Angola,Mozambique,Guinea-Bissau,Nicaragua and more. Soviet Union supported Cuba which engaged in world wide literacy campaigns and medical internationalism. Provided education to 400000 Africans, and thousands of Latin Americans and Asians. Responsible for some of the greatest scientific achievements in history.



>liking Stalin and Soviet Russia has nothing to do with black dick.

I know correlation ain't causation, you fag (correlation is a connection). I'm not saying "fugg, u lik blag benis, so u gommie XDDDD". I was implying commie shit is keen on cuckoldry since it's about "sharing" your things with other fuckwits, and there's stuff like free love retardation. Things posted by our spic friendo, and things said by berniebros, don't help to break the association of "socialism=cuckoldry".



>the Soviet Union had a Human Development Index of 0.920


Holy shit, Commie street dwellers had a better life than people on Liechtenstein and japan.

>Soviet industry exported 300,000-400,000 cars annually

This must be why there was a waiting period for getting a car of ten years, on east germany

>Soviet Union had 100% literacy rate and high life expectancy


o shid, i dab on you gommie.



>literally making a parallel between cuckoldry and socialism

tell me how higher the soviets wanted their african comrades to fuck their wives compared to americans do right now thanks to their own taboos

also i just said i'm the one who wants his big black (spic) cock in white pussy, i'm not letting a nigger fuck it in front of me while i jack it




here, read this and if you deny it you are truly a jungle nigger



Scared to prep the bull, pedro?



niggers have poor nutrition, México is one of the top countries with obesity, this plus harsh mexican culture made me a strong macho desert man giant



Why you fuckwit? Because some other gommie like you made a pasta, i should belive all that? I know the shit about literacy is bullshit because a giant rural country like Soviet Union with almost 250 million inhabitants had no way in hell to alphabetize everyone. If you look at the countries with the highest literacy today, they all have small populations or at least a small size with a concentrated population, and have a high coesive society (at least they used to, before the gates were opened). Soviet Union had a fucking zillion of langueges and ethnicities, and a fuckload of people, all spread in a gargantuan size of a country. You faggot lie to my face with a blatant lie of "100% literacy rate" and expect me to take you serious? Bury yourself. You, Your pasta and Zsuzsanna Clark can shove your shit back in your asses.

>B-but if you deny my lies, u must be a jungle nigger

WHO CARES WHAT YOU WILL THINK OF ME. You are considered a fucking cockroach by your northern neighbor just as i am considered some jungle creature by them. What fucking changes?

I tell you what changes. If spiting on some bullshit a gommie liar tells me on internet is what makes me a jungle nigger, then i take it with pride.


File: bb165abff66bac4⋯.jpg (43.35 KB, 400x533, 400:533, black-nazi.jpg)


your assumptions without any research must be right, now i'm mexicanationalist

jungle nigger alliance has been strengthened beyond belief


>100% literracy rate

Wew what an accurate source you have.


Fuck la raza

>jungle nigger alliance has been strengthened beyond belief

Hope it's an alliance to get to hell faster.


File: 35d7a965aeaae68⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 472x291, 472:291, nazis-puruanos.jpg)


>fuck la raza





>That pic

wew, fashy indios.


File: c62fecbb275addf⋯.jpg (164.01 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 0wusdrf2wwt01.jpg)


i pray to god i never see them, here's another pic for your pleasure



I guess we have at least one thing in common. Bye



i love you bye C:



>muh 10 year wait period to get a car

Tbh cars are shit and there's no reason to have one when your job is nearby, your country is urbanized and there's extensive government funding for trains, subways, bike lanes, airplanes and buses. As an American, i hate cars and car culture. I wish we had extensive public transportation but unfortunately our culture tells you that if you haven't been driving since you were 14, you've failed as a man.

Your point is literally irrelevant to how "bad" east germany was. It was better than the "occupied zone" (allies didn't want to call it germany) which was far more degenerate and corrupt. While east germany had to rely on allies financially, the occupied zone had the entire west to trade with, so there's one explanation for the economic issues. Not only that, but i'd like to point out that the ddr was everything nazi germany wanted to be while the occupied zone was much more similar to the weimar republic. Just food for thought for those who have paid attention to german history.


File: 09d1291ebf7a78a⋯.jpg (301.58 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, download (27).jpg)


Sorry for OT but I thought I will never fall for ranting about cars but here we go baby. I used to love cars and even though I never truly got "car = freedom" car culture mentality like you had in 50s in USA, I loved and still love rally, probably because uncle's influence, I love old cars, I have big collection of car tuning magazines from early 00s. Don't even have drivers license but at least I learned to drive (don't tell cops). Anyway, there are two main problems with cars which drive me nuts. First is minor problem, that all cars become this useless shitty cityboxes, not even speaking about design, they all look like crap, the golden era of cars and motorsport is over. The major problem is that cars become exactly the opposite of what they used to be. Car could indeed mean for you certain freedom but now cars are turning into surveillance mechanisms and it will be only worse when self-driving pedocars come. Like why the fuck would my car need face recognition, measuring my blood pressure and so on? Fuck this.



I wanna spunk on yer mum's face



she's not a cute latina but ok man, my cousins are hotter, they vary from 11 to 17 so take your chances



At this point, everything you spergs do will drive people farther to the right. If you want to get ahead, ditch Sovietism and adopt identity politics– that way you'd at least be a pampered pet of the establishment rather than an icky autist everybody just tries to avoid.


File: 2d787482828a694⋯.png (1.3 MB, 815x1462, 815:1462, marxfeminism.png)


>ditch sovietism and adopt idpol

I'm just going to be honest with you here - i'll die before i ever start spouting some nonsense about trannies being revolutionary or female ceos being perfectly okay. Go fap to cuck shit or something. You're the only one who protested when i told mexicanon to chill with the cuck shit, so it makes me think maybe you wanted him to dump more bbc porn. You don't belong on this board, that much is clear. Tell me when somebody calls you icky and says everything you do will drive people further away from what you believe in, then you'll be allowed here.


I was offering you free career advice and this is how you reply?

>maybe you wanted him to dump more bbc porn

I like Mexanon's gimmick, actually. I am not insecure enough to be bothered by a random Mexican's raceplay fetish. considering that someone has actually posted SNUFF on this board His shitposts are way funnier than miniature essays on meme ideologies that no one really reads.

>You don't belong on this board

lol. why? and who made you an arbiter of that?

>Tell me when somebody calls you icky and says everything you do will drive people further away from what you believe in.

I have heard worse insults and I still don't want the world to be my hugbox.




It's not the insult that hurt, it's the truth behind it. One of the reasons i post here is because my extreme views push everyone away from me. Doesn't change the fact that i'll always stand by those beliefs. If you aren't so idealistic that people hate you for it, maybe you should post elsewhere.


File: ed5eb8212822a89⋯.png (49.38 KB, 534x450, 89:75, ivegotnothingtohidemyfeels….png)


Don't worry brah. If you can deal with alienating a whole bunch a normies, then you can deal with a mean post on /doomer/. If it means anything at this point, I take it back, okay!

>If you aren't so idealistic that people hate you for it, maybe you should post elsewhere.

sufficiently advanced idealism is indistinguishable from nihilism– if you truly believe in an idea, you should be willing to do anything for it. This includes dissimulation to fool the normies, when the situation demands it.


File: e3896d42db0dc10⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 602x283, 602:283, churchill.jpg)


Thanks bro. Have a churchill quote.


the only way they fall is if all of civilization falls



After civilization falls and we are all forced to go anprim, reply guys will all get together in a tribe and build a statue of Belle Delphine.



I don't feel bad for sociopaths, it's the weak men that follow that I worry about.


File: 1ee77b1e5c102ed⋯.jpg (18.98 KB, 375x290, 75:58, 811278-6.jpg)


>I like Mexanon's gimmick

thanks mane



>I genuinely like raceplay and the idea of breeding white girls with my spic genes

That is completely natural. It's the most basic instinct of every living organism to strive to maximize the survival potential of its offspring, and thus all the lesser races desire to mate with people of European descent to improve their inferior genetic makeup and have better looking and more intelligent children. Nothing to be ashamed of there. What you should be ashamed of though, are your cuckold fantasies where you insert niggers instead of yourself. That is unnatural and serves no evolutionary purpose.


File: 492ad83e837bdd0⋯.jpg (975.42 KB, 3888x2321, 3888:2321, 1513412362421.jpg)


Which one is your favorite BO?

I like pretty much all 80s to 00s rice boxes



>muh "muh 10 year wait period to get a car"

>implying it's not truth

>implying the situation wasn't so precarious that east germans weren't cracking cynical jokes about it already

>Tbh cars are shit and there's no reason to have one when your job is nearby, your country is urbanized and there's extensive government funding for trains, subways, bike lanes, airplanes and buses. As an American, i hate cars and car culture.

This is you coping.

>Your point is literally irrelevant to how "bad" east germany was

It's not, it was shit.

>It was better than the "occupied zone"

Kekekekekekeekek, no son. Stasi weren't clowns for kiddie parties.

>far more degenerate



Wut? The situation was so bad even the gommie media had to acknowledge, that something was happening. Here's The Jew York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/1989/11/25/world/clamor-east-reports-corruption-east-berlin-shock-even-party-rank-file.html

>While east germany had to rely on allies financially, the occupied zone had the entire west to trade with, so there's one explanation for the economic issues

>While east germany had to rely on allies financially

Are you sure West Germany was the shithole?

>the ddr was everything nazi germany wanted

Bullshit, the NSDAP purged strasserists for a reason.

>the occupied zone was much more similar to the weimar republic


>allies didn't want to call it germany

This must be why they called it "Federal Republic of Germany"


so this bread mutated from hatred towards e-thots

into posting beauties

into political arguments between south americans

aaaah, what would south america be without cocaine and communism…


File: 40c669a29e0389d⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, download (40).jpg)


From japanese easily pic related, 180sx, is my fav or one of the favs. I can't really speak for Mazda and rotary engines but at least they sound very cool. If I would buy myself a relatively cheap car though, it would be probably Volvo 240. I heard they have in USA some kind of "the hipster car" status but I don't care, I like them. Good on road, good on dirtroads as well, no hard maintenance, take it and race it in woods in Sweden. Or some old Saab, but since they don't make them anymore, if you have one, you will be better off keeping it in garage and selling it after 30 years for insane money. There were a lot of nice cars made during 80s and 90s.



>south americans

Mexico and US are in North America, bruv. You should have just said americans. But anyways, thanks for acknowledging Brazil's location.

>what would south america be without cocaine and communism…

Still a shithole…

>so this bread mutated…

Rule 25



there's not a lot of huge latino cock raceplay out there m8 if there was i would ditch niggers in my porn

or i could just start breeding white girls with my huge verga, never thought about that before



>what would south america be without cocaine and communism…

without cocaine boring, without communism non-revolutionary which is bad and should never happen


File: eba2e6a8d6e298a⋯.jpg (89.14 KB, 838x954, 419:477, 7a47d62f30370056554fb23503….jpg)



also "jokes from people in commie countries about the situation being shit" are mostly false



>muh gdp growth


I guess Ethiopia must be a real paradise.


>also "jokes from people in commie countries about the situation being shit" are mostly false

They could be, after all if an fellow gommie heard you saying one, you would be arrested, just like the case you send me here >>10784


>The car stopped in front of the station. The poor drunk was hustled off and all the passengers came along. The defendant had sobered up somewhat by this time and began apologizing before we had even entered the building. We got to the commandant of the station. The drunk swore that he didn’t mean what he’d said. “I was drunk and angry about something else. I swear to you citizens that I have no race prejudice against those Black gospoda (gentlemen).*

>We actually felt sorry for the poor fellow and we accepted his apology. We didn’t want to press the matter. “No,* said the commandant, “we’ll keep him overnight. Perhaps this will be a lesson to him.”



*a fellow



imagine not wanting to arrest russian niggers for bothering black niggers, absolutely disgusting

i'm done discussing jungle matters with you, i leave now and i hope the thread talks about big fat asses getting money online again


File: 8e35f57aa87a655⋯.jpg (911.55 KB, 1020x1600, 51:80, 1548630321060.jpg)

File: d54f7aa41394c18⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1548684515353.jpg)

File: 8cb79fc804560bf⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1549118669529.jpg)

File: 5546eb7e7b2c33b⋯.jpg (90.34 KB, 540x720, 3:4, nice asses in thongs bent ….jpg)

File: 2f65dc395230b06⋯.jpg (62.22 KB, 493x767, 493:767, 1548459239992.jpg)


>ignoring the police state part

>russians arresting russians for saying the wrong phrase is desirable

>he didn't adress the GDP growth part

>i-i'm done

Gommunism, not even once.

Bye, don't get pissed mexicanon i brought you some pics you can get wasted over. ;)



last two are ok, i'm out of BBC photos so i'm done with the spamming, have good suerte



>russian niggers

*checks flag*

Err… ok, Ricardo Gomez.



woman is the nigger of the world


File: 6316d618f20016c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.37 KB, 314x474, 157:237, TaoBook.jpg)

Just boycott them and anyone who would feed them in any way. They're sure our enemies.



No, but we will watch them fall into hell afterwards.



>That one ethot who does the ahegao faces gets 250k a month

Okay no but seriously sauce? I don't believe that.



Underage poon is the best



I'm not going to sit around and pretend to care about people that are rightfully slaves, it just sucks that my own father sold me out to live as an underclass.


File: daac79be0b5343f⋯.jpg (169.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1261c3d9e2272c5934652d692d….jpg)


You ever hung around third-worlders? They're the stupidest, most arrogant, dumb, filthy fuckers on the planet. It's literally their own fault they are where they are.






>does it depress you

No, whether they existed or not doesn't really affect my situation. People pay me for my work regardless of what ethots are doing. The only way they could harm me is by me giving them my money, which I don't do. Meanwhile, for the subhumans that do give them money, they are universally despised and I feed off their perpetual misery.


i try to boycott them whenever i can



>poor uneducated people are dumb





NO, that is not normal. No matter how uneducated and poor, you don't get more uneducated and "poor" than a monkey in the wild, and you simply don't see that kind of shit in that picture happening.

That shit is pure demonic degeneracy.


File: f96b68a1217cbf4⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 500x667, 500:667, kevin-carter-trash-can-lid….jpg)

I couldn't care less about e-thots. What depresses me is the shit pic related saw.

>I'm really, really sorry. The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist. …depressed … without phone … money for rent … money for child support … money for debts … money!!! … I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain … of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners … I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky.

THAT is what REALLY sets me off. These e-thots are a dime a dozen - they come and go. This shit, though? It's forever. It's an inherent feature of this clown world.



Oye tío, cuál es tu problema? She's a beautiful human being giving birth to a cute kid. Don't be racist.


File: 58653a1bc4dfd34⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


>Most women will not date or fuck down.

And why should they? What is the incentive to do so? Hell, most men don't either. The average man will always go towards Stacy, the average woman towards Chad. Life isn't a movie, anon. You're not entitled to fucking anything whatsoever. That's the tragedy of this life.

>There is a serious lack of female attention for a majority of men….This is more evidence that its not just the sexual lack of attention most men are suffering from but complete lack of attention.

This sounds like that participation ribbon shit we hear from the suppressive pseudo-left.

>m-m-m-mommy told me I was special, so I should, like, have the sexual equivalent of a you tried trophy lol

You sound like pic related talking about his mother. Sorry, but if you don't look the part, you're basically fucked no matter which gender you are. You're either just another beta cuck or another pump and dump for some desperate fuck. I myself am a volcel, though, so I don't have much of a stake in this shit.

>I think our society is rotten and nonviable currently.

You ARE right on this one. The problem is that "thots not sucking MY cock" is hardly one of the reasons why.



To be honest, being old must suck regardless if you are a woman or a man.



>a fucking catlady.

I see your point, but I don't see how doomers are any better off than cat ladies. We have cats of our own, metaphorically speaking.


True, but for some of us, it'd be a blessing because then we wouldn't have to deal with this clown world much longer.



>women will not marry down

I don't think this is the problem here

The problem is that boomer society with their 1968 hippie everyone is a winner flower power socialism attitude has created a generation of feminized faggot males who are not fit for modern turbocapitalist overcompetitive world. In China they have it as well. They call their millenials "strawberry generation"

This leads to women not being able to find marriageable men and men being so fucked in their heads that they spend their lives either perma stoned with all types of drugs on frat parties or in mommys basement debating with random strangers on the itnernet about which chinese cartoon is the best.

So in the objective sense, this is horrific for society as a whole but from an individual level it is better people like me stay unmarried because only thing we could do is fuck up the lives of our wife and children even more and nobody needs even more unhappy and depressed single mother children in this already overly shitty world.



That's the spirit, die while you still can be considered young.



>I don't think this is the problem here. The problem is that boomer society with their 1968 hippie everyone is a winner flower power socialism attitude has created a generation of feminized faggot males who are not fit for modern turbocapitalist overcompetitive world.

Fully agreed, but then again, who could be fit for it? They've literally made everyone obsolete - it's basically a rich boomer's playground. It's like that Treehouse of Horror episode where Springfield's nuked and Homer thinks he's the only one left alive - he thought he could do whatever he wanted, and he did for a time. That's what this world is for these rich boomers.

>This leads to women not being able to find marriageable men and men being so fucked in their heads that they spend their lives either perma stoned with all types of drugs on frat parties or in mommys basement debating with random strangers on the itnernet about which chinese cartoon is the best.

Exactly. I'd say the same about normie sites like Guru Gossip and abnormie ones like the Kiwi Farms too. People are so desperate to live a life other than their own and it shows in everything they do.

>So in the objective sense, this is horrific for society as a whole but from an individual level it is better people like me stay unmarried because only thing we could do is fuck up the lives of our wife and children even more and nobody needs even more unhappy and depressed single mother children in this already overly shitty world.

Agreed. I used to say the same when I was little. I'm a volcel/antinatalist myself, so I'd have adopted if I felt like being a parent, but even then, I doubt I'd be any good. I'd probably just use my kid as a weapon to get back at my parents for how piss poor they were at parenting and my kid would end up like me and I'd be what I detest most.



>People are so desperate to live a life other than their own and it shows in everything they do.

This is one of the most dangerous psychological things nowadays. This whole idea of "find yourself" became "find your role you can play". I was not that much different though. Throughout my teenage years I've tried to find myself so I tried to took roles which seemed to be suitable to me only to realize I'm never satisfied because "nothing feels like me". The biggest fear became true when I realized in my 20s that I'm nothing else than empty shell trying my hardest not to be just a tool of some mechanisms, while refusing to admit we are all slaves of mechanisms anyway (political, biological, etc.). Somebody should tell young people that feeling lost is okay and roleplaying your life away is not that much useful if you are at least semi-autonomous being with ability to produce objective thoughts.


Nah, Society will do it just fine.

They will be even better since we will rope ourselves really soon like real losers we are.



Men often do date down, other wise women couldn't date up. A billionaire man might like a waitress girl he meets while getting lunch. A billionaire woman won't consider the waiters to be human.



My aunt in canada got a rich girl friend

she lately married a trophy husband who could be her son

the guys sister now is ashamed of being seen with him

his entire family ostrasized him but hey, she got that money

Just wanted to show that it goes both ways…



>sufficiently advanced idealism is indistinguishable from nihilism– if you truly believe in an idea, you should be willing to do anything for it. This includes dissimulation to fool the normies, when the situation demands it.

I knew that was me….shit….far ahead of ya anon.


"muh balance"


>And why should they? What is the incentive to do so? Hell, most men don't either. The average man will always go towards Stacy, the average woman towards Chad. Life isn't a movie, anon. You're not entitled to fucking anything whatsoever. That's the tragedy of this life.

I disagree, if you want something, use force.


undoutably true. its pretty much the reason we're in the situation we're in with incels. women have always kind of been like that, but after the boomer counterrevolution society took a severe nosedive and incels aren't even the pit bottom. at least during the Roman times/medieval/enlightenment/romance era shit like that went on and even though men had the upper hand society was still kind of shitty but empires and nations still existed. now its just globalism being pushed en masse.



actually, I do get his point. most people hate them because intrinisically we're programmed to be selfish and punch down but can't come up with an actualized reason for hating incels other than its just natural for human beings to be like "I've got mine, sucks you don't"



>I don't see how doomers are any better off than cat ladies

If things came right in our societies tomorrow and our traditional social norms were restored, the average doomer would have a very good chance of being able to start a family and have a normal life. The 35 year old Involuntarily Single (Insin) cat lady is fucked, her last chance at normalcy is gone forever. Furthermore, men can do stuff with their lives even without getting married. Tesla springs to mind for some reason. An old childless roasty has absolutely nothing ahead of her other than a slow spiral of decay and despair.



Any hope for an almost 37 year old dude whose never been married?



Trolling tinder for hours on end.



If marriage is your goal then there might. There is early 30s women who would be willing to date you but only if you have a real life going (career, social life, hobbies). If you have nothing to tell her about, she probably won't be interested in you and think you are boring. Good luck doomer


I thought there was milf fetishists and stuff …


Knowing they are wasting their lives in a useless field of 'work' without any long term plan is justice enough for me. They aren't building any skills by e-whoring, so after however long it takes for their body to fall apart they will have absolutely nothing to rely on. Maybe some savings from their e-girl career if they're lucky, but women like this are especially bad with saving money so it's doubtful (not to mention cosplaying can be an expensive hobby).

And if any of you are really worried they won't get their proper justice- why not create some?



Who needs to build skills when you get money for free?

That's like telling LeBron James "you should build some skills other than throwing a ball around."



Because free money doesn't last forever, and only shortsighted people tie their entire livelihood to one source of income, especially when using platforms that are still evolving. It's huge now, but the e-girl phenomenon will turn out to be as fleeting as the old YouTube monetization system. Every new adpocalypse comes with waves of videos from channels complaining they can't make rent because they foolishly relied on YouTube paying them to make incredibly niche content forever with no backup plan.

That aside, they're working in a nonessential industry that barely exists, so anything could happen. Most obvious is the fact that they will lose their looks, the source of at least 98% of their appeal. A star you mentioned like LeBron can retire from basketball and make a living through book deals, interviews, cameos etc. until he croaks, but the amount of frumpy ex e-girls who would be able to make any money off their career after retirement would be incredibly small in my opinion. Being a top athlete involves a lot more work than sitting on your couch in lingerie, so they still have a story to sell, not to mention being an athlete presumably does require skill and athletes sign detailed contracts when they join a team which I assume guarantee whatever amount of money, making it more reliable than e-whoring. I don't imagine the majority of them make enough to live off of for the 40+ years after their looks drop off, either.

Some of them might end up living off donations later on but not most by far. They will have to contribute like the rest of us for once, and an average person with a decent resume and some practical skills will have a definite edge over a camgirl trying to reenter the workforce after being unemployed for 10+ years, not to mention with nudes floating around all over the internet. They're going to be fucked.



>If things came right in our societies tomorrow and our traditional social norms were restored

Too bad they won't, though. Traditionalism made sense in a material environment that is now obsolete. There's no going back, and if you can't handle it, tough luck.

>French flag

And it's all because you frogs had to go chop your king's head off. Y'all cucked the West to death lol



Don't count your chickens before they hatch; the world is rapidly running out of resources to fund our little modern day experiment, and the exploding population only means the resources run out faster.


File: bae7699715d9937⋯.jpg (373.73 KB, 1536x817, 1536:817, DtpRs3r (1).jpg)


Oh, I know all about that, I'm well aware of it, but that doesn't mean "muh trad norms" are coming back. It only means that the future is going to be little more than, as Orwell put it, a boot stamping on a human face - forever. That's it, period. There's not going to be a golden age of traditionalism, there's not going to be anything like that. What will happen is that the world will essentially feel like all doomers do inside - lost, abandoned, incompetent, unable to cope. The pic related shows exactly what I mean.


this thread is all over the place, and 99% of posters confirmed incestual reptiles

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