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File: 1415482817918.jpg (107.91 KB, 463x418, 463:418, once1974.jpg)


Excluding new releases, which films do you want to watch but cannot find?

I'm intrigued by Once, an allegorical dialogue-free feature that premiered at Cannes in 1974. The film could be fascinating or boring as hell, but the soundtrack of lo-fi ambient electronics would make it worthwhile to find out.


It's reasonable to assume the film still exists somewhere. Hopefully it becomes publicly available eventually.


File: 1415759903478.gif (742 B, 600x359, 600:359, Promises Written in Water.gif)


Goddammit Gallo just put it out already.


How Yukong Moved the Mountains by Joris Ivens.



also unobtainable is your image


I want to see Manfred Durniok - Under the Surface (1960)
It's not lost, but it's just not well-known enough to get much attention.

My hope is someone puts in on youtube as they have with Durniok's other works.


File: 1422853089067.jpg (79.98 KB, 301x367, 301:367, LondonAfterMidnight1927-01….jpg)

This page of lost (and found) silent films is fun to read



> Educated guesses estimate that only 10 to 15 percent of the films made during the silent era survive today.


File: 1423038304482.jpg (20.71 KB, 260x149, 260:149, jokes.jpg)

the first part of Harmony Korine's Jokes, directed by Gus van Sant, titled "Easter"

Jokes was supposed to be an omnibus film with three stories written by Korine and directed by other directors (Chris Cunningham was a possible candidate at one point)

unfortunately Korine got hardcore in to drugs, the movie studio went under, and the film was never completed. the "Easter" segment was, however, and was screened once at a film festival.

pic related, probably the only image on the internet from the film


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
one of the most notorious "lost" films

even though it seems like it would be unwatchable


File: 1426124069224.jpg (76.1 KB, 420x331, 420:331, mountain-09-bfi-00m-j6x.jpg)

BFI Most Wanted - The hunt for Britain's missing films


> Here at the BFI National Archive, we're committed to filling the gaps in the national collection and are asking the nation to help us; this list of 75 'Most Wanted' British films contains titles we would like to preserve and make available.

Their most wanted is the only missing Hitchcock film – The Mountain Eagle.


> Among the most 'wanted' of all missing films, The Mountain Eagle is the only one of Hitchcock's films as director to be lost (save for the never completed Number Thirteen, 1922), and hence something of a Holy Grail for film historians. It was dismissed by Hitchcock, in conversation with François Truffaut, as "a very bad movie"; but then the director could be brutally disparaging about his early films, notably The Farmer's Wife (1927) and The Manxman (1929), the second of which in particular is widely judged a very fine example of advanced silent film style.


Everything by Sadao Yamanaka


where to find this:




all three by Miyazaki


Those don't seem very lost (as in: no one on earth can find them)
Maybe you misunderstand?



File: 1427844982806.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, 440:247, 1410805190248.gif)

>The Boy and the World
>Magical Girl
>Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl
>The Portrait Studio
>Boro in the Box
>Living Still Life
>Kumiko the Treasure Hunter


>tfw no region A blu ray of Hard to Be a God
>tfw can't find anywhere to stream it
>tfw paranoid of using torrents ever


I don't think this thread is for new releases…

>tfw paranoid of using torrents ever

That's a tough one because it's really unavoidable for some films. You aren't on any private sites?


>you aren't on any private sites?
What do you mean?


private torrent sites, i.e. sites that you need an account to be able to use


No, I've never torrented before
I'm 19 and I live with my parents, they pay for everything and I'm afraid of getting into shit with our ISP


Ah well if you want to take a look post your email address. I don't use torrents unless absolutely necessary, but I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for torrenting rare stuff.



I tried Google and torrent site and I didn't find it.

Could you find the rest of the films?

>tfw no one cares about torrents in my shitty countrya and I can download as much as I want



File: 1432415967233.jpg (74.17 KB, 536x768, 67:96, 4d930eeb7e8eb.jpg)


> Can Terry Malick tell a joke? The serious and the absurd in Terrence Malick's Lanton Mills.

> When Terrence Malick donated a copy of his thesis film Lanton Mills to his alma mater, The American Film Institute, he stipulated that scholars be allowed to view the film in the AFI library in Los Angeles, but nowhere else. The film cannot be copied or checked out.


almost all of richard foreman's films. i found a few on youtube a while back and so i have shitty vhs quality youtube rips of three of them, but he made a lot and i can't find them (for free on the internet that is, i did find one that was extremely expensive: http://www.eai.org/titleOrderingFees.htm?id=2357#terms and then there seems to be a library where you can view them by appointment, but fuck man)

anyone on KG who can tell me if there are richard foreman films there? there certainly aren't on PTP




for reference if you maybe enjoy this too and want to help find more


File: 1432482412606.png (40.72 KB, 1370x273, 1370:273, RForeman.png)


KG has City Archives (DVD), Strong Medicine (xvid), Lava (xvid), and Astronome: A Night at the Opera (DVD)

It seems like Out of the Body Travel is not in circulation.

But that website looks very cool. I'll bet a few archivists know about mindblowing stuff that virtually no one has seen, even in 2015.



man i gotta get me a KG account. city archives, lava, and strong medicine are the ones I got off youtube but I'm sure those are better quality. astronome looks to be a recording of one of his theater pieces but I'm sure that would be very interesting too



and looking through that website, I found something… interesting



File: 1445923931350-0.jpg (83.58 KB, 339x500, 339:500, What-Is-It-poster-copy.jpg)

File: 1445923931351-1.jpg (68.05 KB, 400x593, 400:593, final posterlarger.jpg)

The BTTF hubbub reminded me of Crispin Glover's own weird films which he refuses to let anyone watch unless he's in the same room.

What Is It? leaked in a shitty form. And he's really pissed off about the leak. I remember watching part of it where Crispin sat in a Nazi uniform while some retard was getting a handjob. Adam Parfrey is in there too somewhere (check out his book Apocalypse Culture).

The second one It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine can only be seen if his tour stops by your city.



I saw one of them on one of his tours



Which one? How was the rest of show?



The one with Crispin in a Nazi uniform and the retard. Before the screening he read from two(?) of his books, I really enjoyed that. The film was pretentious as fuck for me. After the screening you could buy the books and get a photo with him.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ah yeah. That film was very odd and I might have bailed out in the middle, ha ha.

I remember in an interview he talked about doing a slide show of old medical images as part of the show. I found this video and it looks like he's trying to create a funny story out of the images, but I'm not too impressed. Maybe there's too much hype for all of this...



Oh yeah, that was the other spoken word thing. The whole show was too weird and not enough substance, good thing I didn't pay for it.


File: 1446006493010.jpg (112.42 KB, 685x968, 685:968, PD_POSTER.jpg)



documentary about hebe photog and one of his models

it seems that the topic is too objectionable for wider release

> The film shows how the mostly fatherless families in these two countries find ways to survive. In this society it must appear to be a matter of great fortune to marry someone like the Swiss Daniel. This is why Sveta is very happy when her daughter and Daniel marry. Her life was very hard. Her only goal today: her daughter Romina should have a better life, in safety and with dignity. However, things are not as simple as they appear.


Reportedly, ten years from now we'll be able to watch The Day The Clown Cried.

It sounds vaguely ominous.


I'd like to be able to see Michael Mann's early films like Jaunpuri (1971), 17 Days Down the Line and Insurrection. Apparently the AFI has a copy of Jaunpuri but Mann now considers it to be embarassing and prefers it not to be shown. Maybe it will come out after his death, like Kubrick's Fear and Desire did.



Jerry Lewis' The Clown Who Cried


File: 1451690107364.jpg (515.76 KB, 1292x2000, 323:500, The-way-of-all-flesh-1927.jpg)

The Way of All Flesh (1927)

More of a trivia answer than something I desperately want to watch, but I think this is the only Oscar winning film to be (mostly) lost


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah this BBC video updates the situation with some new unreleased production photos.

It's weird how we kind of passed a tipping point with this film. It's been talked about for decades with minimal information and no chance of ever seeing it. Then recently new content started to drip out every few months, and now a possible release date. It's must be a combination of Jerry Lewis approaching the end of his life and enough people on the internet pressing the issue.



I would bet that if you have seen Life is Beautiful then its a fair chance you have seen what could have been The day The Clown Cried, imho.



Does anyone know where/if I can watch any of these?

The Story of Sue San - King Hu

Une Femme Coquette - Godard

Little Boy Male, Little Girl Female - Pedro Costa

Strangulation Blues - Leos Carax

Those Who Make Tomorrow - Kurosawa



Oh, and Oliveira's Acto Da Primavera



>>The Boy and the World

I literally found that one on kickass a year ago with one simple search, you've just not been looking hard enough.


File: 1469046775182.jpg (54.39 KB, 530x800, 53:80, killme.jpg)


>No one will ever find a copy of what is almost certainly Lon Chaney's best film


File: 1469055536826.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1985x3000, 397:600, London After Midnight (MG….jpeg)

The poster's not bad either



there's an .avi on PTP. I'm downloading it, always down for a good silent horror, I can upload it to mega for you




Little Boy Male, Little Girl Female is on the criterion "letters from fontaihnas"

i have the criterion, do you know where can i upload it for you to download?



Thanks dude. I assume it's this 2002 reconstruction since the original is the most-desired missing silent film


> The last known copy of the film was lost in an MGM vault fire in 1967. In 2002, Rick Schmidlin completed an approximation presentation of the film’s original storyline through use of production photographs, the original intertitles and a new music score.



yeah you're right, I hadn't watched it before I uploaded it



I think I can find some of these.

I'll post them in the Request Thread since they don't really look like "lost" films.



You could put it on a dropbox or something similar. I would really appreciate it, together with any other Criterion features you'd like to share. In Vanda's Room is my all time favorite film



rip will finish in an hour or so, included everything on the supplements disc, didn't add subs, don't think that's be a problem

in Vanda's Room is great, but colossal youth is my fav, casa de lava is close





i'll upload the rest of the supplements tomorrow



Thanks a lot, I've been looking for this for a while now



Anybody got Tsai Ming-Liang´s Afternoon?


File: 1469827331579.webm (6.71 MB, 960x540, 16:9, tebaatusasula.webm)


File: 1470711494377.jpg (58.54 KB, 500x714, 250:357, ipi8mh4h.jpg)

Geomeuna Dange Huina Baekseong by Bae Yong-Kyun.


File: bfd7f3555afc01e⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, 000_was3905729.daffa153125….jpg)

Lost work by early film pioneer Melies found in Prague


> Researchers at the Czech national film archives said Tuesday they had found a film by early cinema pioneer Georgers Melies that was thought to have been lost forever. The silent two-minute "Match de prestidigitation" ("Conjuring contest"), dating from 1904, was found on a reel given to the archives by an anonymous donor, labelled as another film.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keep an eye out for a release of Palmer Rockey's film "It Happened One Weekend". He's quite a strange fellow who spent most of his life promoting this self-made film which was lost until recently. It's probably terrible but there's an interesting story behind it.


>One of his success stories is a 1974 cult film called "It Happened One Weekend," the life's work of a Texas musician-turned-filmmaker named Palmer Rockey. He produced, wrote, directed and starred in the movie, and provided the musical score.

>"You couldn't make this guy's story up," Lea said, admiringly. "It was a real labor of love for him."

>The movie, a murder-romance-horror tale involving twin bothers, was panned as an incoherent jumble by critics when it premiered at a film festival. Undeterred, Rockey spent years revising the film, which went through multiple name changes. Rockey died in 1996, and the final cut was never seen in movie theaters.

>But it built up a cult following and even inspired a book by one of its stars: Rockey's ex-wife, Mary Ann Ashcraft.


>He believed he could make an Oscar winning movie. To do so (rumour has it) he borrowed and conned money from wealthy Texan housewives. He never worked at the time, being instead supported by his hard working wife Cookie Ann with her job at the Post Office. She even worked overtime for three years so he could get his film off the ground. When he had money, he shot film. When he shot film he fell out with crew and cast. He’d then run out of money. Then find some more, then shoot more film with new crew and cast. And so it went on, for years. The “finished” film, It Happened One Weekend was only shown once (ironically just once, one weekend), at the premier in Canyon Creek, October 11th, 1974. In fact the photo on the front of this LP was shot by Cookie Ann on her brownie camera the night of the premier, a night when Palmer had managed to get about 300 people along. The film was written, produced, edited, directed and starred Palmer Rockey (as twin brothers of course), with music by Palmer Rockey. The plot was apparently demonic and “beyond the room of terrifying evil”. Also included was a ‘Sunday Surprise Ending”. I believe the surprise that Sunday was that people laughed all the way through, and even walked out. It was a total disaster on every level, nothing in the movie made sense. Undeterred by such poor initial responses Palmer Rockey took it to LA to try and get it qualified for the Academy Awards. He continued to tinker with the film, and released it again and again in several different versions over the next few years, firstly with the title It Happened On Sunday, which played briefly in Denver, El Paso and also at drive-in theatres. The film then disappeared, was recut with new scenes and appeared again in 1980, as Rockey’s Style, Scarlet Love and also Scarlet Warning 666. All the while he was battling debtors, having already been sued in the 1960s by his uncle for non-payment of loans. There’s not a great deal of information about his career and life in the 1980s, but we do know he passed away in 1996, leaving behind very little apart from debt and this unusual self-pressed album.


I know it's not a lost film, but ffs i just can't find it anywhere and i want to watch it badly for years and years. I did found it once and download it, but then i could find subs anywhere.

The film i'm talking about is Edvard Munch by Peter Watkins



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New documentary about finding a long lost collection of 533 nitrate film prints


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Thanks, interesting commentary that touches on a lot of topics. I hadn't thought about colorizing a complete film for restoration purposes rather than as an alternative version, if you get my point. I wonder if this has happened yet?







I realize this was almost 2 years ago, but if anyone still has "Little Boy Male, Little Girl Female" I'd be grateful if they could upload it to mega.


File: f4ddf13119942f1⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 704x544, 22:17, UOhWJJKnJanRvP28.jpg)


It's legitimately unobtainable, at least on the internet. I see it nowhere on any of the torrent/download sites.


Justing Oakey's Riverhead, it's a 2016 Canadian film and I can't believe there isn't a way to find it.

Oakey collaborated with Norvegian collective Ulver and the soundtrack itself is astounding.

If anyone know where to find it please let me know, it's very important.




Was it ever on Mubi?


File: 2dbce12a9b4d493⋯.jpg (833.56 KB, 1927x2925, 1927:2925, Last_house_on_dead_end_str….jpg)

The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell is a lost horror film. It's been said that the film is so graphic and violent that is caused mass hysteria in the theaters where all the viewers were attacking each other in their moment of insanity. Because of hysteria, the film got banned and it was toned down and cut from 3 hours to 78 minutes under the name "Last House on Dead End Street". Rumor has it that the original film still exists in New York's film archives.



Assuming this isn't just a marketing stunt, theoretically where would you need to go to find this movie in New York? There are dozens of archives here.


File: 597dd77dbfafed1⋯.jpg (327.44 KB, 1200x1188, 100:99, a3682951517_10.jpg)


> the soundtrack itself is astounding.

yeah it's worth a spin. I wonder why there's no movie



Pinocchio 964

Can't see it online for some reason. (Free)



It can't be lost if it's on Amazon. If you want links you should try the request thread.


File: 3dbee29243670c3⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 680x478, 340:239, 16.jpg)



With how great Buffalo 66 was how did Brown Bunny turn out so badly, I got sick of it within the first 5 minutes cause it looked insufferably sappy (but I'll eventually give it another chance). I'm not saying it should never be released but it's probably a giant piece of shit of a film and sometimes cancelled or shelved projects are done so for a reason.



BB is indeed a masterpiece, you just need to make a travel to american underground cinema from the 60s to understand it, pal.



It took me 3 days to finish that boring insufferable movie, it's just him staring at the horizon and touching random women. Every movie he's been in is just him moping his past and since he isn't European he doesn't get a pass to be artsy, call me when he makes a movie that isn't about him. There were some nice shots and scenes I liked however.


File: 8b87cc8e9dac968⋯.png (18.62 KB, 627x213, 209:71, Vincent Gallo.png)



So you don't get it, it's ok if you can't argue about it happens to all of us.

>some nice shots and scenes

Hint: this is what all the movie is about

Take a look at what he said about critics, pic related.



Seems he doesn't have an argument either. A movie about scenery and location could work if that was the main contention of it but it was about a motorcycle racer going across country to visit his ex-girlfriend, nothing about the synopsis is "vague" for interpretation or really explores the scenery taken. I've seen some alternative 60s films prior and it barely has similarity to the Brown Bunny.

The whole thing was pointless and unless this is autobiographical I guess I'll never understand it or personally didn't like it.


File: 93cb3e12ccc838d⋯.jpg (78.28 KB, 1000x529, 1000:529, brownbunny-1000x529.jpg)


The fact is the film IS autobiographical (like his previous movie, but in a higher way). I bet you can't see a shot like this in any other film whose director hadn't an illness urge to transform his feelings into art so hard.

The thing is you can't really see a narrative here cause there isn't it's all about feel it.



Personal issues and emotions don't translate well into art, becoming mushy or pretentious in the process. It's a person's world and you only know yourself and can relate to yourself, and only the creator will understand so what's the point really unless at best you will get some people to merely understand it. Buffalo 66 also isn't completely autobiographical or at least the final product isn't so there's that to keep in mind he's done multiple interviews on it (however he said he lies to build an image of himself so there's that to keep in mind). It's not one of the worst movies ever made or even particularly mediocre, in short it's a navel-gazing wank and not much else and I appreciate how much he devoted himself to it.



>Personal issues and emotions don't translate well into art

Sure, say that to Brakhage.

If you really think art must be "understood" you're not understanding anything at all. In my experience, people with real arguments never use the "understanding" card in a debate and, specially BB, can be attacked in so many ways, so I'm not buying it. Nothing personal.


File: 76655f34310d293⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 540x524, 135:131, 1995836600469392.jpg)


Fair enough point.



<Personal issues and emotions don't translate well into art

isn't the main attraction of art that skilled artists can translate any any psyxic thing into a communicible form?

nothing must be understood, but your experience of an art product is often going to be better if you understand the art product. though you're right about the 'understanding' card: if you say "you just don't understand the art product, if you understood the art product, you would understand this", you are not really helping anyone understand anything; and there is a sort of person who will leave arguments like that with a feeling of discouragement as though he cannot understand art, which tends to cause him to stop making attempts to understand art.



please, instead of telling us that we need to do X to understand it, help us understand it. tell us about it. give a description of it's essential qualities that make it what it is. and don't just say 'ineffability of art', art is not ineffable, maybe some particular art products are, but then you must give a good reason for us to believe that that art product is ineffable.


<since he isn't European he doesn't get a pass to be artsy

that's false reasoning, though the conclusion is true: nobody gets a pass to anything based on the parts of their identity which they cannot control. if being european and making art is sufficient for that art to be considered good, then why is my art not considered good? i'm european, i make bad art. despicable. or maybe my art is just misunderstood and ineffable



^this nigga goin wild

First things, first; I didn't even said that "art is ineffable" trash you came with (which is funny you enter the debate showing yourself that way). On the other hand, you're misunderstanding making an axioma to defend your personal thoughts for not being capable to understand art with the inherent condition of an art being expressed by feelings which is where I was focusing the argument in the first place. You want to go wild and jump out the window, it's ok for me.

>That said.

I think I was very clear pointing a direction to "understand" what emotional films like the one Gallo did, anyways, I'll give you both more hints since you asked.

Add to your wishlist films directed by sensible directors like Ozu, Ford, Bresson or Gotard (among others); people who understood the importance of gestures and so did Gallo (trough his egomaniac ways) in both of his movies.

Aside of that, you can see in BB a lot of improvisation, a thing which is completely forgotten these days, just watch Cassavettes's Faces you'll understand it quickly.

Btw, cut both of you the "product" thing since we're talking of art manifestations not industry little toys. You're welcome.



Went to their website and the only movie they had for sale was Who Killed Captain Alex, a shame since they've made the best action to ever exist


File: f36cf46d65ee957⋯.jpg (298.24 KB, 549x791, 549:791, The Prussian Cur.jpg)

The Prussian Cur (1918)

WWI anti-German propaganda directed by Raoul Walsh. This poster is rather interesting as we see Uncle Sam about to intervene with Lady Liberty and "DEMOCRACY" behind him. The first of many such interventions!

<The film's director, Raoul Walsh, called it his "rottenest picture ever" for its anti-German sentiment, while its star Miriam Cooper (Walsh's wife) called it the worst film in which she had ever appeared.

The film includes a depiction of a Canadian who was crucified by German soldiers. The shocking story was based on real accounts from the war, though difficult to verify it was effective war propaganda. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crucified_Soldier

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