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File: 693d4fb63a6866e⋯.jpg (191.01 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, 1542741346.tube_photo_2018….jpg)



I’m astounded and disgusted by the recent renewed interest in Tube’s “Contraindications”. I hate the story. And I hate the author.

The story actually terrifies me. To this very day, I cringe in terror whenever I think about it or try to read it again, and yet several scenes arouse me to the point where I still return to them in my mind over and over again, trying hard to change it in my mind so that it’s not so scary. I don’t always manage to do it. It’s sometimes like an old drug addiction that makes me feel horrible, and I’m still not doing a perfect job of dealing with it.

I think the story actually gave me PTSD.

It’s not exactly a physical repulsion- it’s more of a psychological horror.

You see, there was a brief period in my life when I was actually fearful of my sexual urges- specifically, of my urges taking hold of me and not letting me live a normal life.

“Contraindications” came out at exactly the wrong time. And when it went on a long hiatus, I was almost going mad worrying about how the story would turn out.

Matt spends most of the story feeling afraid. Afraid of what’s he become. He’s afraid that he’s lost all control of himself, his urges, and his body. He’s afraid that he’ll no longer be able to have sex with anybody when he grows too big to fit his cock inside anybody, especially his boyfriend. He’s afraid that he’ll NEVER stop growing. He’s afraid that he’s going to become a mindless sex fiend, even a rapist.

There are several scenes that make this particularly distressing. The gas mask, for instance. Stetson treats him like a patient with an illness. They chain him up to post(?) in a dark room so that he doesn’t escape and recklessly fuck somebody. He’s overdosing.

There’s a bunch of unnecessary discussion about homosexuals getting beaten up.

Gym-goers tell him that his growth is “cheating”.

Matt loses the ability to fit inside his car. Normally this wouldn’t seem so strange in a growth story, but he waxes nostalgic about the car and the memories he associatesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>Getting traumatized by a story.

HAHAHA the author wasn't mean enough holy shit fucking kill yourself you stupid nigger.


kill yourself OP



OP, I'm the poster who asked for this. Thanks for providing. Yes, Tube was mercilessly sarcastic. But I don't think he was trying to be cruel. He probably assumed you were a troll.

Here's the bottom line: this message board, like most message boards, is not a good place to get help, or to have people ease your fears and comfort you. This is the wild and wooly internet, where people in general are frequently harsh critics. I won't be harsh, but I'm about to be firm. Here's what you need to do:

This story terrified you. That's understandable. It's time to make your best effort to discard it. It's not reality, and it's not a fantasy you want. You can't un-read it, but it's just words some guy put down, and you can find a better fantasy. It's time to go out, find one of the furry story archives, and look for a story you might enjoy. And if any stories you find begin to turn dark, don't hesitate to just quit reading right then and there. I'm sorry that I can't point you to any stories about your fetish, because your fetish isn't one of mine, but good stories are out there to be found.

You'll get the best of this board if you just dump this thread and go off on your own. These people won't help you.


It feels like I find muscle growth fluff stories all the time on FA. Check some of those out OP! There's probably a category for it even.


Same poster as


Here, did a search for you. Have a look here, pages and pages of the stuff:


Don't forget to read the tags. And if a story turns dark, even if you've been enjoying it, remember that NOTHING obligates you to keep reading it as it does so. Close that shit and find another story. Or, if you're into creative writing, open your notepad app and start writing the rest the way YOU want it to go.

File: 2dd252f8345000c⋯.jpg (339.15 KB, 2586x1706, 1293:853, image.jpg)


I can't believe there is no Anthrocon thread on here yet.

Are any of you all going to Anthrocon this year? Anyone want to potentially meet up in person?

Any general thoughts?

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>"x thing I don't like is mental illness" meme



lmao you can't be older than high school age if you are this naive. people were trading cp on floppy disks before you were born. probably pics of you on there, kiddo.


Anthrocon is great. Furries are great. Don't let any self-hating poser furs corrupt you.


murrsuit and zoophile central right under the nose of soapbox preacher uncle kage.


Why are there so many outraged normalfags on this board? I guess I shouldn't be saying normalfags. Anyone who is on a furry board is a autist, not normal.

File: da60d5bc3edec78⋯.png (56.37 KB, 741x712, 741:712, chrome_2018-12-03_13-35-05.png)


where were you when tumblr committed suicide

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File: b5fddb1a9c3c76a⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 400x189, 400:189, tumblr burning.jpg)


i wonder how much their userbase will shrink overnight. i honestly wonder if smaller sites like here get popular because of it.not sure if want


reposting my original comment.

>thank god, the sex work and murrsuit posting privacy has finally ended. and the child porn too thats a plus.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread theme



to like 100.



Masturbating while making fun of godawful pseudo feminist shippers, Champagne in hand.

File: 66fb884e798af07⋯.png (8.31 MB, 1347x7438, 1347:7438, screenshot-www.tanraak.net….png)

File: 4b79f7fc1301116⋯.png (1.67 MB, 905x1280, 181:256, 4b79f7fc1301116a0a933d8310….png)

File: a0cb5da19a1a053⋯.jpg (599.84 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, a0cb5da19a1a053d1194a49577….jpg)

File: 9e895d0df7d299d⋯.jpg (162.2 KB, 1280x819, 1280:819, 1490630269.kardie_comm.jpg)


>this is what furries will defend with their money

The fact that "people" are going to claim these spots disappoints me because they don't know any better about value.

You could've spent $1000 on anything other than a piece of drawings, like sport cars or a good house.

>inb4 fuck poorfags xd

33 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Putting aside the fact that furries are heavy supporters of things like pediatric medical research and animal hospitals and shelters, again, I just asked is it not a little bit annoying that an INDIVIDUAL would pay over $1M for a piece of mass produced graffiti instead of building a hospital wing, and your reply is that furries could also donate money? None of them have a mil just lying around.

This is really not a matter of “everyone else is doing it.” No furries are blowing a million a pop on publicity stunts from over the hill street artists. No furry work of art has ever sold even close to that price. Furries MIGHT mimic art moguls if any of them were anywhere near that income bracket. And yeah you’re absolutely right that most furry art is garbage, but that still doesn’t answer my question of why furries deserve to be the first target here. If society is the same way in general then it might be a problem with society, not a problem with furries.

People who cannot afford to buy art don’t typically buy art. If that makes you mad then you should either become an artist or figure out a way to enrich the lives of the poor. The solution is not to attack the institution of art as a valuable commodity.



Furries aren't organized, they're not a church, no need to create some sort of public perception or anything. It's just a hobby where people make or buy things (mainly arts and crafts) for themselves. Donating is good, but it has nothing to do with what people should or shouldn't be doing as furries.


i wish everyone went back to drawing there fursonas with glowsticks and being ravers.



I don't really believe in charity or philanthropy as a systemic solution to problems. It annoys me rich little californian kids piss money up the wall in this fandom and generally culturally dominate the west, and to a lesser degree how rich new york/london bankers and ad-men dominate the world, but my preferred option would be for them to not have money at all. That could be via taxation, or it could be via an economic rebalancing towards currently overlooked areas and industries with better income distribution effects, or it could be through divine intervention. (The concern is not so much the political argument of how when dealing with such a preference, because it won't come about.)

When it comes to building schools and hospitals I'm a strong universalist. There's no point relying on the whims of rich people to pick up the tab because what you'll wind up with is a million schools and hospitals in London, America's western and north-eastern states, etc, while the backwaters that actually need refreshed public services continue to be overlooked. For that you really need a government (or if you hate government, some other body) with a legal obligation to provide service to everyone, everywhere.

Art pricing is stupid and wacky, but it's not really for consumer culture. It gets strange and meta since you can't definitively say furry porn isn't real art because hey, you could sell a printout of furry porn as art to make some weird statement, but as a general rule it isn't, it's a $60 pornographic commodity, like a game. and again, you could probably sell a PS4 game case as an artistic statement, but you'd be going for a completely different audience to the people the game was produced for.


Furries do raise a fortune for charity and it only adds to the insufferability of the fandom.

For some reason (probably rooted in mid-2000s fursecution and the way furry has commodified social interaction), furries take economic statistics as a validation of their existencePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



> to commodify relationships

This is like, the first legitimate complaint I’ve seen in this whole thread. And it definitely does matter in the fandom whose characters you’re fucking in your gallery.

But... is this not the same thing as eating each other by how many likes or followers we have on Facebook or instagram or Twitter? Social media inventivizes popularity because if you have a lot of followers they can target them with a lot of advertising. That is doing nothing at all to help society.

File: 6e020cd22483bc6⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _104428365_mediaitem104428….jpg)


19 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e3027324f86835f⋯.jpg (37.55 KB, 600x466, 300:233, patient bear.jpg)




File: 15dfaf9c42e9b57⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 500x291, 500:291, crack_pipe.JPG)


>I wish straightfags would butt out of their straight game and make something that fits my tastes instead because this straight content that I choose to subject my gay self to is less than optimal for me



thanks how many of those are -16



fuck off, stop opressing gays you retard.



op died.

File: d7a4f14fbc9a5d5⋯.jpg (202.89 KB, 1911x1079, 147:83, ramza.79ff068.jpg)

File: f9c8ee2f71d755b⋯.png (207.44 KB, 1400x791, 200:113, 26.jpg.png)


How the fuck is /trash/ making better /fur/ threads than /fur/.

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The problem with /trash/ is its mostly all generals and shit that is not really fur related. It's rare when there are real discussion threads like the one posted in OP.



No, the problem is that all those generals are some variation of a fat fetish.




A few. Theres about 6 in the catlog of the 100+ threads there right now. Biggest issue is that its been getting raided for a month straight


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New filler video until he finishes the next animation.

Just takes his dog for a walk, stares at spiders, and acts like a total clown with a bunch of his corny as fuck editing done over everything.

I feel kinda bad that I so vastly prefer his animations over this stuff, since it seems like he started out wanting to do his regular videos more like this.

It's just so fucking shit compared to what he's spent years doing professionally though.

I'll admit, the stupid t-rex did get a chuckle out of me.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I swear these videos give me the same feeling Spoony's videos used to.

The low production values just make it charming in its own way.

I'm probably alone in that.

File: b8d6370984d24f6⋯.png (128.89 KB, 392x408, 49:51, 1523616227794.png)


i'm dangerously low on furry reaction images. can y'all help a nigga out?

bonus for cropped smut

186 posts and 274 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3a513a54f4d74f2⋯.png (246.04 KB, 448x335, 448:335, fannie gets a bf.png)

File: 66cf9074515d061⋯.png (98.28 KB, 371x347, 371:347, strech.png)

File: b4c1c1248aae736⋯.png (217.28 KB, 459x324, 17:12, squish.png)

File: e56efc2dba15dc7⋯.png (30.26 KB, 302x265, 302:265, rip nds.png)


I was curious about what would be under the "why" tag, and now I am once again reminded of the depravity and sickness of mankind.


File: 1d48965c2753865⋯.jpg (164.29 KB, 659x639, 659:639, Screenshot_20181115-171005….jpg)


File: 4dedb7552fd49ee⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 625x637, 625:637, 1469947790670.jpg)

File: 0ed217fab2f8067⋯.png (251.87 KB, 523x644, 523:644, 0ed217fab2f806760fa58401b8….png)

File: a5cc634218543f9⋯.jpg (39.06 KB, 500x375, 4:3, a5cc634218543f97c989c75fc6….jpg)

File: deb55d9ed474ad8⋯.png (4.21 MB, 2487x1426, 2487:1426, It's rude to stare in a li….png)

File: e35a27e14ba03b8⋯.jpg (33.98 KB, 423x490, 423:490, 1410588155871.jpg)


File: 158b694fe0b34ab⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 687x553, 687:553, 47211444_2059230487503164_….jpg)

File: 8175e7fbdc6d7ee⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 444x386, 222:193, 47283327_2059788854113994_….jpg)

File: d82a77fd26f64b2⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 320x335, 64:67, 47285556_2059701514122728_….jpg)


File: 19c1eea0f89386a⋯.gif (173.68 KB, 200x200, 1:1, cumming.gif)

File: 39c0019dd03034e⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Dr2IoCUWwAEJNdI.jpg large.jpg)

File: adece748f4ad119⋯.png (9.13 KB, 175x255, 35:51, 7c1b5f1704fb886f8dc11389de….png)


Are there any good sitez other than e621 for furry porn

Preferably sites that allow extreme kinks

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.





TWYS is in full force tyvm




Fchan is shit now, but it was actually not bad a long time ago as the granddaddy of furry porn boards along with VCL. It allowed cub porn and the mods weren't as much ban-happy assholes back then.





File: 03309ed07293584⋯.jpg (45.68 KB, 990x902, 45:41, fenfen.jpg)


What are some tips for visually designing a fursona? How do you avoid making it bland and generic without making it too much of a special snowflake? Should I stick with a theme or go with a modern setting/clothes?

47 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Frosting makes cake better though... especially pound cake.


dont even know why i asked for help



Oh come on you actually got a few decent answers. It's just half the users here are barely furries.



not OP


They said I could become anything I wanted, so I became an enormous colony if worms.

Similar in nature to a Portuguese man o war, steals bones from the dead it consumed for mobility and protection. An amorphous clew that consistently changes form.

My spirit animal is for some reason a worm so fuck it.

File: 8988f86e8edeabf⋯.jpg (305.04 KB, 1174x1066, 587:533, 1543252122504.jpg)


so, it's okay to fuck goats but not make lewd drawings of them? how is this allowed?

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Well Semitic people generally have a lot of problems with a lot of things, like beer, ham sandwiches, Christianity, gender equality, you name it. Just because they’re not wanted in Oman doesn’t really say anything about furries specifically.


Even if it's fake I'm still offended that someone would make an article that disparages us like that.



Who's "we"?



The collective voice of the furry fandom, of course



go away, Jin Saotome.

File: ddc112bfde58035⋯.png (253.2 KB, 700x696, 175:174, 343.png)



Came out today, you are gonna buy my game, aren't you anon?

Also porn of him when

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Gotta say that this has a really nice art style to it.



Point and click puzzle solving more like

Imagine Pajama Sam but darker



>Also porn of him when

You know, it's this rule34 mentality that makes me think that if you're one of those narcissistic people willing to spend thousands getting porn drawn of your fursona, you're better off instead investing that money into commissioning someone to make a game featuring your fursona so that clueless people will draw art of it for free.




I don't even have a fursona




The fact that I quoted you doesn't mean I was talking to or about you.

File: d21084dd4bfc34d⋯.png (2.13 MB, 960x1280, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


do anyone know what happen to this guy? he seems to have disappear off the face of the earth and never have resurface


as I heard that he done some shady stuff like never delivering the Cherri DVD and getting a lot of commissions from others and runing away with the money


I kinda want to know what happen to him

9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Yeah, that's him. It's been a while. These seem to e after he stopped back-dating them.



I miss Fossil's dino girls...



Same. They always has just the right amount of thickness to them and their tails were nice and plump.


a furry nobody cares about.


You tried.

File: 645bc6d2d415f7f⋯.jpg (216.87 KB, 1014x1280, 507:640, 4dd47f0bfd7841d0b9abee3e3d….jpg)

File: a35944ea96b3140⋯.jpg (553.26 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1399972565.bastek_rooster.jpg)

File: 47bf696348ece4e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1396x1621, 1396:1621, 1511380645.3rev3_111.png)

File: ad43dc1a3d870d3⋯.png (561.37 KB, 1300x1027, 100:79, 1542998533.halopromise_stu….png)

File: b63f6f5941ed6c7⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_o4nb6gT5y11r7llf5o2….jpg)


Just hoping to find more art of furry chicks with flowers growing out of them (though I'll take them just being around flowers). With or without blood. Flower tattoos or fur patterns count and it can get as weird as you want, I'd just like it to fit the flowers or flowers/blood theme.


File: 76ba6415910e39e⋯.jpg (241.68 KB, 800x800, 1:1, superbabsy123_aurora_posin….jpg)


Alex Jones isn't the only victim of Youtube's censorship crusade!

11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



same. i am deeply ashamed. but i want to titfuck that suit so badly.


do they have anything fappable?

all i could find were poorly edited videos with cuts every couple of seconds and lets not get started on the whole 'Angle of Darkness xD <3' cringe


What do normies think when they see her videos' thumbnails in their search results.


i mean she has giant fur covered tits and shook her ass on video, thats in some notions considered softcore porn coupled with the fact that children could view it. was borderline illegal and against the youtube rules.


Completely removed this time.

File: 9a6eca70499d646⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 400x259, 400:259, 20728203@400-1470067648.jpg)


I find that with yiff im more, extreme, with my fetishes.

Anyone else like this, if so give my your two cents?


That's the thing about sex: you can be attracted to something in art, stories, roleplaying, etc. that you don't want to do/don't get excited by in interpersonal sex. That's not unusual at all.

Sexual orientation can go the same way. A person could, for example, be able to get off to both gay and straight porn, but once they start actually having sex with people, realize that interpersonally, they're only into women. That's the "Q" in the acronym-- "questioning" means you're not quite sure what your orientation is, and you're trying to figure it out. A man can be aroused by men in art, in photos, in stories, in roleplay, but then try having sex with a man and realize that's not at all arousing.

Some furries (and some non-furries, for that matter) may fap to porn of loli/shota/cub, rape, torture, castration, zoophilia/bestiality, all sorts of wild stuff, but in real life they have no interest in ever trying any of them. They're just and only fantasy fetishes. And there are fetishes you really can't do outside of fantasy (whole vore, micro/macro, unbirthing, transformation, etc.). Most of these fetishes started in erotic fiction long before the furry fandom existed.



This right here.

Ideas don't need to map to reality(see: political discourse). Some ideas are constructed with a fantastical foundation (ie magic, anthros, many kinds of vore, growth/inflation) that precludes all but a proximal representation of them in the real world such as art, stories, erotic roleplay, or costumes.

Another subset of ideas are built upon real phenomena, but the experiences and sensations surrounding them are unknown, and so are filled in with the brain's best guesses. One example is death. Fictional and real living things can easily effect our emotions differently. A person playing a tabletop or video game might encounter the death of a large number of humanoids and be almost completely unaffected. If the same person were to watch real footage of a human being killed, they will likely map that to the concept of a real human dying(not always) and be emotionally effected. Most extremely, if a person directly witnesses the death of many people, it is very likely they will develop PTSD. I believe this would apply to the overwhelming majority of people attracted to snuff as well as fans of violent media.

Lastly, there's a subset of ideas that map directly to reality and can be imagined by drawing from real experiences(vanilla, anal, bodily function kinks, prop kinks, bestiality, and ageplay). This subset is likely the whole point of this thread. The same explanation for liking these only in fantasy described above can apply here as well. Your particular conception of anal doesn't need to map to real experiences, even if it is possible. (see: painfully-large insertions) Even if you know the reality of a kink like castration would be significantly unappealing, there is nothing stopping you from exploring a fantasy involving it and cherry picking the aspects you want to focus on. Overwhelmingly, the effort of creating media containing a specific kink will not be wasted on the less-desired portions of it. Notice that the picture in the OP doesn't show the cage being installed, the piercing being made (and the consequent bleeding/healing/infection), It's either too expensive to do so, undesired, or both.

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