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File: bbb06af32603a31⋯.jpg (136.75 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_2018-07-07_19-50-28.jpg)


Post murrsuits and fursuits with dicks and tits

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then why are you posting if your not gonna leak private murrsuit content shut the fuck up



p a r a n o i a



ive got plenty of content that was leaked to me/ i saved from murrsuit.info and fetlife, whats your fucking point man its so easy to break the protection on fetlife and its even easier to save videos.

if you cant find famous fursuiters being murry on fetlife, you suck at finding content



also its even easier to leak content from furriesxtreme, nobodys going to hide there content forever because someday it will get leaked, just you wait, there was a 2014 leak rar floating around so if its been done before it will be done again.

File: ebea06a02f91e79⋯.jpg (91.11 KB, 675x800, 27:32, 73ed4f8a7d0f7f1e1c43564355….jpg)

File: 2dac15b86a16598⋯.jpg (90.02 KB, 629x800, 629:800, ec7a34959f89463597d0bd5167….jpg)

File: 09cb1e6fea8bf67⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 800x362, 400:181, 259bc1a8c5262a8562f952277a….jpg)


Post thuggish furries. That would probably bully you into submission.

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File: 0f7e6184a425d46⋯.jpg (108.12 KB, 488x800, 61:100, ! Razor Image 1 Alt.jpg)

File: 177f2161455bf84⋯.jpg (577.55 KB, 660x1080, 11:18, ! Razor Image 1.jpg)

File: 804dbd77c30bb67⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 618x800, 309:400, ! Razor Image 2.jpg)


OMG Alpha as Fuck? That pitbull is sexy as fuck!

Here's a couple more sexy thugs (skinny thug this time!) <3 I like them gangsta

Can we get more slender-medium guys here? I'd love what we'd got so far and would like to see more


File: dcca2269d298a44⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 799x800, 799:800, 5d350cd811c3b50a64cb159e67….jpg)

File: cfd9d803031a308⋯.jpg (74.75 KB, 696x800, 87:100, 7d02c832fa8b77ba6052695ebd….jpg)

File: db672e9d98c963f⋯.jpg (92.79 KB, 651x800, 651:800, 4f80cfcd2b8b1bccb6b6e6ad80….jpg)

File: 6d1f5c4ca4f812b⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 708x800, 177:200, 9750f9467d191752cfd882f665….jpg)


I prefer them big and strong :3


File: cb135684c29e26c⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1280x2052, 320:513, 1536089904.missyazriel_dai….png)

File: 80b3a411d3e304a⋯.png (652.4 KB, 950x594, 475:297, 1544257968.lycosa_somehip.png)

File: 6589f6e74514118⋯.jpg (641.28 KB, 1000x890, 100:89, 1551404243.sxfpantera_vect….jpg)

File: c4032399626a0fc⋯.jpg (624.27 KB, 1000x890, 100:89, 1550790508.sxfpantera_vect….jpg)


File: 310789fccd84066⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 563x800, 563:800, fe2e317f62c56254de48c23f09….jpg)


File: 9358f7c7302e71a⋯.png (141.39 KB, 882x1280, 441:640, 1459574625.anixis_relius.png)

File: 3eafe17e1f5eb00⋯.png (93.7 KB, 250x250, 1:1, alt.png)


This board has really dropped down the popularity list. The alt furrys are toxic and ruin everything they touch.

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Bringing that up doesn't help.


And as sure as day turns to night, so too is OP a faggot.


File: 00f0687cc350ad3⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1429x1074, 1429:1074, 00f0687cc350ad35d3d8d3c024….png)


>killed /furry/ for good. Which sucks a whole lot because that board was one of the best furry "communities" in a very long time.

It hurts so much more to hear someone else say it.


File: 0023873d27cefc2⋯.png (117.86 KB, 800x800, 1:1, DLqwMsCWkAAC1bP.png)


Fuck off, commie


I hate both communism and fascism.

File: b3125a1ff9b8146⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 1623x1011, 541:337, dragonportrait.jpg)

File: 63d6eb7ae310260⋯.jpg (226.78 KB, 737x596, 737:596, Didhomosexualitykilloffthe….jpg)

File: 56656cc1670d71d⋯.jpg (175.51 KB, 512x635, 512:635, 8ca840037a4d5b2baa4444f639….jpg)

File: 57d9b7575e504e7⋯.jpg (579.98 KB, 622x1200, 311:600, dragonriver.jpg)


Not enough users to split in M/M or straight like the good old times so just post whatever has scales or slimy skin

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File: 88f6f8fef7527d2⋯.png (1.61 MB, 834x1000, 417:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed2cd3c55bdb7d4⋯.png (892.48 KB, 1171x1078, 1171:1078, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 81322c6f564b233⋯.png (1.6 MB, 4832x1140, 1208:285, ClipboardImage.png)


Am I the only one who wanted the Indoraptor to win in that movie?


Keep refreshing for different dragon porn:



File: f8264c2ab8e0929⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1228x1280, 307:320, 1529121515.phinja_inffa.png)

File: 08267e16e21f375⋯.jpg (218.42 KB, 1226x2048, 613:1024, blue_indoraptor.jpg)

File: c5b2fcf4613cb9b⋯.png (1023.64 KB, 700x867, 700:867, blue_portait.png)

File: f187fecbfdddfb9⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1400x1000, 7:5, rerr.png)


Nah, he was a cool dino, and it kind of sucks that he's just killed off (and speaking of sucking, the movie wasn't good at all). At least we got a lot of nice art of him, and Blue too.


Oh, nice. I wonder how big of a repository the site pulls the images from.



I like this.

File: 82332406eda0446⋯.png (5.51 KB, 231x218, 231:218, download (4).png)


its okay guys come here and confess your sins

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I'm tempted to return to furry RP to make up for the fact that I'm lonely as fuck irl with shitty social habits who finds it tough to meet new people and maintain meaningful interactions with them.

Yes, I'm also diagnosed by doctors autistic.



This made me check my folder

61.4 fucking gigs where has my life gone


I love commissioning porn of my oc and posting the art I get publicly because I'm a degen who unironically masturbates to creepy, sexually charged compliments people leave in the comments.

I realize it must be at least in some part narcissistic on my end but I just can't help myself. If I ever see my stuff get reposted somewhere I get super excited and always check to see if someone said something dirty or described how they want to fuck my character.

Honestly makes me drip. I'm not really proud of it but there it is.



Not him but I'll be real with you, yeah I like fantasy kids and I get off on that pedo shit like "oh yeah groom this fox kid to be a huge faggot for pedo cock"

But I find irl children gross. It's just the way things are. I like guro too, but seeing blood irl makes me feel sick. I like ballbusting but I'd never let anyone smack my nuts irl and I'd never be willing to smack anyone else's.

Idk why I enjoy my fantasy fetishes, I just do, w go online, frig my dick to filthy, degenerate cub shit then blow and go back to gayming. It's all rather transient, I guess I'm not really into any of my fetishes irl, they just serve as the fastest way to get me off before I go back to whatever.

I also really like furry females but find pussy super gross irl.

Idk, crazy idea, maybe there's a difference between reality and fantasy but eh, people can think what they want.


File: b13b1e3ccffa90c⋯.jpg (293.73 KB, 1280x1751, 1280:1751, Scan0056.jpg)


I kind of considered trying RP for a new kind of social interaction, as I'm also a lonely hermit, but I'm not sure how to approach it. I might draw or commission a picture or two and build an F-list profile and see what happens.

And while not diagnosed, I do not believe I'm autistic.

File: a915e2710bbdea1⋯.png (208.54 KB, 500x547, 500:547, 1435197504039.png)


Like many others in this world, Morenatsu has provided me with a method to cope with the draining decay of the society we all live in., It presents a perfect sopciety, where man and animal are one with nature and demonstrate admirable qualituies. It is unfinsished, but os are we. It is the thign that keeps ups human but reklated to the aniumals. Sane or not I may be, but i exploit goodness when I see it, for I love it, like many others, the love expressed in this game is what keeps us together, keeps is toheryger, jeeps us together keeps us together., I am happy, but not is i as I express the one emaotion that keeps us human, but ties us to the animal., Humans are nothing moe than an animal who thinks and breatyhes better than the others, is we not? Fuck, if I could express one last time, it would be theat I love and live, but not live and love for sure.

File: 96c4ddcf7bad3eb⋯.jpg (275.7 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, super-lucky-s-tale.jpg)


The other thread seems to not bump anymore.

Here's a new one!

Here you can discuss furry games or games featuring mainly anthro characters.

449 posts and 215 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>anti lewd spin

There's a big difference between who will play a game, and who will play a porn game, as well as what they'll be wanting from the experience.

Games take a lot longer to make than a picture or something, so you need to be 100% sure you're spending all that time to get the results you want in the long run.



I like that mid 90s DOS 3D software rendering aesthetic, which is a nice change from the tired 80s pixel art that's been done to death.



We got some gameplay from the stream yesterday


File: ac49b3274152346⋯.png (33.45 KB, 634x505, 634:505, hgg.PNG)

Have you guys heard? BO of /hgg/ finally snapped and all furry games are getting kicked out of /hgg/.

Previously there were no rules against them.




They moved onto >>/sgg/ , just shill it.

File: 6b3c9edaa865729⋯.jpeg (246.74 KB, 909x676, 909:676, E3E8A8FE-10F7-4383-8C2A-A….jpeg)


Does anyone have that furry version of our blessed boy Ricardo?

18 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




absolutely based


File: 6f81d880c741946⋯.jpg (289.23 KB, 831x1200, 277:400, 1540223581.kyander_свитор1.jpg)


File: 8952b4e34b62fee⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 680x961, 680:961, 59c.jpg)


File: fbd6b2d6532d618⋯.png (280.37 KB, 600x495, 40:33, ricardo.png)




It's the only one that actually looks like an anthro Ricardo.

>>96615 and >>98834 are just animals wearing similar clothing.

File: fff9b272478aad1⋯.jpg (345.37 KB, 920x1232, 115:154, 1279175_graymuzzle_1442720….jpg)


Redpill me on Graymuzzle. I've been an on-and-off reader of his comic "Tina's Story" (I really don't get the whole arrangement behind this comic either) for a while and I haven't really cared to learn more about him. But then, I heard that the man is 65 years old and one crazy comment I read somewhere said he used to be a congressman, senator or some kind of politician in the U.S. gov't. I keep hearing all these things and I would like to know if any of it is true.

And, after seeing him starting to paywall his comic and basically telling everyone who doesn't like it to fuck off kind of prompted me to make this.

18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



"i sware bro i dont like furry children it w.w..wa.as was a mistake"

*Sweats profusely while burning all cub porn on pc*



Dat forehead!



>some random shitposter making an accusation against another random

Ok whatever idiot you have fun.



Fair 'nuff. Don't really give two shits if he's into cub.




Nothing wrong with either ageplay or cub

File: 3984fbc06a31243⋯.jpg (87.69 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, photo_2019-03-14_22-02-18.jpg)

File: c4ca8160d441400⋯.jpg (119.23 KB, 885x1280, 177:256, photo_2019-03-14_22-02-41.jpg)

File: da1b5ec84474160⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 823x1280, 823:1280, photo_2019-03-14_22-02-45.jpg)

File: c3e6b1bc3bad353⋯.jpg (111.68 KB, 809x1280, 809:1280, photo_2019-03-14_22-02-47.jpg)


"Seems Barking Mad Suits and its owner HypeHypno are on a crusade of virtue and righteousness for the good of all the fandom... Wait, what's this?"

4 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Wow and here I was actually thinking about buying a suit from her. Screw her, she acts like a spoiled, stuck up, racist


Doesn't she block people on Twitter for saying the exact same shit. Really makes you think.



Is everyone on this board a political stereotype like you?



I personally don't care that he says it, but why so often? Even more than the average chantard. It's just odd.


98962 well of course she blocks it. It makes her look good on Twitter. She can be a racist because she think shes behind closed doors and makes up sob stories

File: c00ccb3cd0e7e03⋯.png (566.85 KB, 1204x1784, 301:446, 1540861335913.png)


Impress her, /fur/...

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This. Weaver's mastered the art of the cocktease.



You aren't writing dialogue faggot. Say what you want without also letting us know you're a faggot using ellipses and typing like you would speak.



No. I don’t want to. This way is more enjoyable and fuck you for trying to make people communicate only the way you like.


File: 6416f431f9c2c0d⋯.png (538.25 KB, 978x998, 489:499, 1506923560923.png)


File: 5ea4232e6b96e9f⋯.jpg (599.11 KB, 1300x921, 1300:921, 2635655_Zaush_gideon-bonni….jpg)


>Impress her

Maybe you need some better to show you how.

File: fa034320b925ebd⋯.jpg (78.23 KB, 675x800, 27:32, 7db53b2633197ef5a9d7583115….jpg)


Let's address the elephant in the room, all I see here are threads by political shitheads, news about shithole countries because some autist anon clicked some clickbait ad on his favorite piracy/ cheese pizza site again, or news about how some furry guy was shocked that he wasn't socially accepted and beaten up or murdered in public.

So where the fuck can people who don't give a fuck and just want to see furry shit or draw something go? I especially ask that guy who rarely posts some F8th here and complained about the same thing, because I rather want some mascot drawing threads instead of this garbage.

Also: If you try to be as edgy as Cuckchan, at least try to destroy those sell-out furries accounts and shoutboxes instead of just whining about it.

33 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






You can discuss video games with other furries on >>>/vfur/

It's pretty slow at the moment, but it would be nice to build a small community there.



What? they aren't nazis.


The Elephant in the room is that you need to start a forum somewhere other than 8chan. 30% of the posters here are sociopaths who get excited at fucking-up threads.



>It's pretty slow at the moment

>little over 500 posts in little over a year

You could say that.

File: a0ffbd4f5431680⋯.png (952.33 KB, 666x800, 333:400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90042cdf76569eb⋯.png (698.01 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ac761860479ba6⋯.png (931.3 KB, 640x800, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)


I know there's a "Weird fetish" and "Gay fetish" thread, but I what about a thread for completely retarded fetishes?

Like I can't wrap my head around this one in particular: Scalies with body hair.

Like I could understand if you've got a character that's a hybrid between a couple of species, but when it's just quite literally a snake with body hair, no explanation: Come the fuck on.

You hear all the time about how boobs on reptile characters would never work, but you never hear about this. When was the last time you saw hair on an alligator?

If you remove the hair, nothing would be lost from the image itself.

That's my starting retarded fetish, give me some of yours.

15 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



thx m8



Okay, okay, okay. I know I've been semi-participating in this thread, but I haven't really posted any shit fetishes. Until now. This is a fetish I do see in the fandom on occasion-- but then, every fetish that exists outside the fandom likely exists inside as well-- and as much as I think it's retarded, as long as its kept to fantasy, I don't care much. But once in a great while, it isn't. That being: bug-chasing. Which nearly always refers to HIV/AIDS; I've yet to see someone who was eager to acquire, say, syphillis, or gonorrhea, or chlamydia or something.

Now, sad to say, I do "get" this fetish. I mean, I can place it on a fetish map (it covers a couple of categories). But I think that, as much as it being done only in fantasy is really no worse than fantasy rape, gore or snuff, I still think it's shitty in a way. Incidentally, I don't necessarily think the biohazard symbol on furries is inextricably linked with HIV, that symbol has been 'cool' with raver and neo-punk types for ages, I think more suggesting the same sort of vibe that, in the 80s, made acid, lasers, radioactivity etc. all the rage with cartoon characters. Danger is cool. I can picture a bug-chaser wanting it, though.

Thankfully, actual HIV-sharing is almost nonexistent in the fandom, despite rumors to the contrary-- unsubstantiated rumors, mind. People spreading them simply insist that you need to believe them and, when countered, basically say, "Are you doubting me? It's true!" Whether this is or isn't true, Sibe claims he has HIV. I've only seen a few furry bug-chasing characters, but I haven't yet seen any who claim to do it in real life.



Sibe does have HIV. Sibe also runs a scat fetish group on telegram Sibe is gross and probably going to die by 30.


File: 699d158095fa1da⋯.png (16.31 KB, 142x105, 142:105, Mouse_Transformation.png)

How about transformation? TF related stuff I could actually jerk off to is rare but it gets me rock hard when I see it, and it especially did when I was a kid and I didn't have actual porn yet. Slow and detailed sequences are the best but sometimes even an instant and cartoony one can get me going if there's enough focus on the character's new form. For instance

>fucking pic related of all things

>watching those hips move

>it's a playable character, so it's like you're the one that's been transformed

>the point of the mechanic is that you can do things you can only do as a mouse

>deku link in majora's mask

>transformation itself isn't even shown but it's drawn out with cutscenes including skull kid being a bully and link's reaction to the tf

>playable character again and you have to find out how to change back

>npc's even treat you differently

>basically everything about pokemon mystery dungeon

Shit, even being turned into a frog in fucking Runescape gave me a boner. If it's slow and detailed a boner is pretty much guaranteed, even if the scene isn't exactly pleasant to watch. Mitty's transformation in Made in Abyss practically gave me ptsd and I could barely look when I rewatched the anime, but it still made me hard.


That last one is pretty hot



How old is Sibe, anyway? I fully admit I feel sad for anyone who fucks themselves up, but at the same time, anyone who enjoys destroying people-- not in the ways most internet trolls do, but really, truly enjoys destroying people-- loses that altogether. Sibe has chosen to be a terrible person. Though I've seen him a few times, I've only really met him once, and in that one meeting, he proved his rep.

File: 4f2f78fba5fafae⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 600x350, 12:7, IMG_20180920_134435.jpg)

File: 11fa74cd3f124e3⋯.jpg (990.07 KB, 1080x4364, 270:1091, IMG_20180920_134527.jpg)

File: 5804e6ecad11121⋯.jpg (497.87 KB, 1564x1564, 1:1, IMG_20180920_134403.jpg)

File: 81f7196a14bd9aa⋯.png (688.66 KB, 1080x1403, 1080:1403, IMG_20180920_134810.png)


This is the biggest drama the fandom has got in a while. YouTuber Kero the Wolf that gained popularity after an interview with Shane Dawson two years ago has been exposed for necrophilia and zoophilia


Shane Dawson just deleted the original interview video after tonnes of backlash, w e w

458 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: efc04ee8b42da0d⋯.png (226.04 KB, 440x440, 1:1, dog laughing histerically.png)






Holy shit you actually are a schizo!


Kero is not cooperating with the police and is moving between new york and PA because both of them have huge zoophile groupings






no im a leaker, your just a faggot, your just talking shit because your mad i leaked your little shit to twitter and everyones leaked more of your little shit to the internet, i cant wait till they pass PACT.

and the reason i leaked those logs?

because someone called the police on me and made them come to my house to stop me from leaking your information because muh precious zoophillia is more important then the safety of animals.

stop calling me a schizo, your justification is unjustified and retarded, if you have nothing more to say then im schizophrenic then your a fucking loser. because you know what, raping animals is wrong and always will be. see you in court. faggot.



kero is working on a pleadeal to have his charges dropped to misdemeanor. kiwifarms quoted as he raped dogs so he didnt rape children. belongs in mental ward. -via kiwifarts

so he was a dogfucker all along. and just proved everyone right. lmao


cupid the deer has been released from jail and his new private suit has been leaked to kiwifarms

File: 1471096001381.png (227.02 KB, 1224x1070, 612:535, 1430852013140-2.png)


So, what are you writing right now? Do you have any ideas you never bothered writing down or putting into a story yet? Is there something you'd like to improve within your writing skills, let's say grammar and word usage? Have you seen other furry literature, that was maybe: laughably dreadful? astoundingly outstanding?

417 posts and 104 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d0f8b0e0380f149⋯.pdf (118.15 KB, Of Vixens and Vines by Whi….pdf)

File: 73ebca5ce91cabc⋯.pdf (1.53 MB, Whitekitten - Safer Sex th….pdf)


These are things Whitekitten produced



Here's your (you). I'll read it later tonight and tell ya what I think soon


File: 16355b6d3c6f39c⋯.jpg (84.6 KB, 1280x716, 320:179, Moe-6.jpg)

File: 0cf1154d472b4f7⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, Moe-5.jpg)

File: a06b5cb8add7226⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, Moe-4.jpg)

File: 04cfd0f38357f85⋯.jpg (81.65 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, Moe-3.jpg)

File: 5ec83aaf3d16cc4⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, Moe-2.jpg)


File: 8498252a5c3b757⋯.jpg (106.18 KB, 1280x701, 1280:701, Moe-1.jpg)


Fuck, it uploaded backwards. Weird. Also omitted Moe-1


Been working on an interactive story. No sign-ins or anything. Trying to get feedback on IB to no avail, so turning to /fur/, including taking some suggestions.


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