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File: 5c9d63f09c48f72⋯.png (183.74 KB, 600x800, 3:4, thonk.png)


So I'm curious to see how popular certain species are among the fandom.


If you have more than one sona, choose the main one you go with.

Also discuss/shit on each other's species choices in this thread.

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I keep going on about my fursona being a husky but everyone calls me a wolf or a fox. How bad are hybrids? I have been mulling over the idea of making my fursona a hybrid of a husky and something but IDK what. Considered being part dragon but that's got some bad vibes to it...


File: 5991b2a30099205⋯.png (834.36 KB, 826x760, 413:380, black worm.png)


Sadly, my only artistic outlet is SL so I made a "close enough" version through that.



Damn this is nice but also I’m a xenophile and want to fuck your sona


File: e10c58265a8ace4⋯.png (38.29 KB, 405x143, 405:143, eyes.png)


always watching anon, always watching


File: 738ae1f40f01e4a⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 640x222, 320:111, Rjpalmer_dakotaraptor_conc….jpg)


Do paraves count?

File: f80b8a1c2e41f8c⋯.png (489.74 KB, 1200x2200, 6:11, asdasdasd.png)


Whaddya think? Maybe post yours too

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yeah, I like the color lavender and royal purple so I incorporate that.



Couldn't give him some purple clothes instead of applying it directly to his body?



I could, but I'm a special snowflake that has it on his body.



>why do gaudy glows get a pass

because other than that it's a rather generic twink character design and it honestly looks just fine, but not only is mister big bird a huge autist and stuck up cunt just like you, apparently but his oc looks like total garbage.


this alone should get it thrown straight in the garbage but

>feather placement looks unnatural and unappealing

>claws are too fat and look ridiculous

>random egyptian eye for no reason

see, at least with glowdogs, or glow dragons rather, it's overt with its special snowflake autism. It's honest, but the bird is a special snowlfake sperg oc that tries to hide it which just makes it 10x worse.

So, while the dragon still looks bad at least it's better than the bird, so I'll give it a pass, hell, I'll give most of the bad sonas in this thread a pass just because their owners don't shit up the place screaming and judging everyone else like cunts much like bird man does.

File: e133c84deeb908a⋯.png (196.74 KB, 480x452, 120:113, cheetah.png)


The most iconic comic Furfag Supervillain of comics is back to action on DC superhero girls.



File: ebea06a02f91e79⋯.jpg (91.11 KB, 675x800, 27:32, 73ed4f8a7d0f7f1e1c43564355….jpg)

File: 2dac15b86a16598⋯.jpg (90.02 KB, 629x800, 629:800, ec7a34959f89463597d0bd5167….jpg)

File: 09cb1e6fea8bf67⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 800x362, 400:181, 259bc1a8c5262a8562f952277a….jpg)


Post thuggish furries. That would probably bully you into submission.

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File: d3c2fbc1073b417⋯.png (546.04 KB, 1012x498, 506:249, Really lewd stuff.png)


My nigga



female tho



Still tougher than anything else in the thread.



my sweet child


File: 2fdd4831988f1dc⋯.jpg (140.41 KB, 1033x1280, 1033:1280, 1548648996.ubzerd_1.jpg)

File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

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Post last edited at


Yo is anyone able to leak Jaeh’s new comic Tight Situation? Idk if this pertains to yiff.party exactly but it is through a pay wall so I mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but can I request an update for fauvfox?



Could anyone be so kind to update redrabbu?


There are some new minisets I would love to see.


Could anyone update thecon? He has not been updated in a while.



Can someone upload Braford's House of Beef V1.3 for PC to the Shared Files section please? The Dropbox link has already expired.

File: 62800b07b7513a5⋯.png (359.88 KB, 799x760, 799:760, c0b1ea5f406aac9bddaffadc49….png)


Making a little source and request thread, but I apologize if there is already one. So, anyone know the artist of this one (artist initials are in the lower left corner, "mh")? Found other images with the same alien girl on rule34, but the images have since been deleted. Any help would be appreciated.

231 posts and 173 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: c7de7c920042a72⋯.png (610.54 KB, 1280x1010, 128:101, 1478121212564.png)



Found a non-colored version


File: 7b2e8bbdfe45b59⋯.png (56.72 KB, 292x285, 292:285, asdf.png)

Anyone have this?


File: 0134606993def43⋯.png (65.45 KB, 292x285, 292:285, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, right here


I spent my morning trying to find a simple image and it's driving me nuts. Here is a description of the image:

>entire picture is sepia tone

>the background is divided into two halves, the bottom half being swamp and the upper half being sky

>at the center of the image is an argonian in tribal dress levitating in a crossed legs pose

If anyone has seen this image, I would appreciate it if you could post it. I know I saw it on a popular website like e621 or FA but I just can't get to it now.


File: 33deb1b15cba04d⋯.jpg (146.47 KB, 1024x1521, 1024:1521, arg10.jpg)


Nevermind, found it. It differs significantly from my memory. It used to be on tumblr but got deleted. This is from a DeviantArt page

File: 675808b0710cc50⋯.png (15.17 KB, 288x69, 96:23, german furry artists.png)


Will german furry artists be the ones to save Germany?

14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Food tastes like shit because Germans can’t cook

Is this guy insane. German food is really good.

t Burger



All I've known are assholes. So, no.



That's on Burgers having shit taste, try Italian or French.



>French food



File: 5c1e0b6c49de1b8⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, jak 4.jpg)


>he only known germans from behind

File: 2bdde9137a3ac9d⋯.jpg (964.29 KB, 1521x2136, 507:712, 1504250425853.jpg)


Can we get a Freya thread going? There needs to be more love for her.

105 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3f3b1a5920b80f1⋯.jpeg (148.9 KB, 934x680, 467:340, 4BE9CB43-D630-441F-A79E-6….jpeg)

File: a5d0604ac106c89⋯.jpeg (205.25 KB, 1000x1800, 5:9, 813ABD36-B6AF-4AF8-A36D-3….jpeg)

File: 7899e6083f67209⋯.jpeg (127.93 KB, 1046x800, 523:400, 9155B0EB-1351-422B-88D4-6….jpeg)

File: 73fbb1a1a2408d0⋯.jpeg (130.32 KB, 590x874, 295:437, 92836C6C-4B97-4E50-8AE7-9….jpeg)

File: fc721f2893fea74⋯.jpeg (147.95 KB, 787x900, 787:900, 433E27FA-584F-4153-9003-3….jpeg)


File: adf8f59ba259e3d⋯.jpeg (165.31 KB, 648x922, 324:461, 77E6ED5E-3711-4B72-BB91-3….jpeg)

File: 6a3083ea992ec0a⋯.jpeg (91.12 KB, 514x600, 257:300, 881B5614-E911-4895-93FF-4….jpeg)

File: 8a3716af56f1b35⋯.jpeg (167.84 KB, 787x787, 1:1, 757D296C-214C-4357-86DA-B….jpeg)

File: 4d524c581f0ad7d⋯.jpeg (185.79 KB, 597x815, 597:815, 7987B1E3-CE71-4B50-88F0-2….jpeg)

File: 9f923843fa6b32c⋯.jpeg (81.81 KB, 561x876, 187:292, D32A5F69-4DB9-4112-9630-6….jpeg)


File: 4cbcaa07b97bd43⋯.jpeg (56.23 KB, 404x525, 404:525, 79769FDC-0E93-462D-A8FB-B….jpeg)

File: adb2021de3d6926⋯.jpeg (374.15 KB, 578x800, 289:400, 7AE23ECB-C441-4714-902D-D….jpeg)

File: cfa18b08bfbefc9⋯.jpeg (66.11 KB, 425x600, 17:24, 1D5CCF5C-E1AB-4D56-B1B2-A….jpeg)

File: fa2d1807a91bd6f⋯.jpeg (491.47 KB, 850x415, 170:83, BBF8BA98-D366-4AB0-807C-6….jpeg)

File: 1ad031b6d62dc74⋯.jpeg (66.75 KB, 600x423, 200:141, 8B4F19F5-F574-4D4E-B2A0-5….jpeg)


File: 1405c1d31770b0d⋯.jpeg (189.77 KB, 1125x1280, 225:256, 7CF1D1E1-6929-4FEB-AAD7-8….jpeg)

File: d479bdc1afd4d52⋯.jpeg (203.76 KB, 1050x1280, 105:128, F5964EAA-192C-4D20-8A96-9….jpeg)

File: c632d198447f9c8⋯.jpeg (167.07 KB, 1256x1704, 157:213, 02C0BDE4-CCD2-4483-9C85-5….jpeg)

File: 93d21e2b7328d19⋯.jpeg (195.42 KB, 860x1400, 43:70, BF349598-5ABA-4830-BFB5-1….jpeg)

File: dd1a31e8abd3249⋯.jpeg (363.55 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, D3C7BF23-05D4-44F3-8A88-0….jpeg)


File: 6be428a96c93843⋯.jpeg (198.7 KB, 800x1220, 40:61, 1DFFA46D-6F81-40D8-BC10-4….jpeg)

File: a710e257911315c⋯.jpeg (143.64 KB, 864x1253, 864:1253, 88C33DBC-727A-4F9A-86A0-D….jpeg)

File: e027db35000f7c4⋯.jpeg (363.75 KB, 1280x1660, 64:83, EB3F154A-BF5C-492C-B6A7-D….jpeg)

File: 845ce87afd1b553⋯.jpeg (628.73 KB, 968x1384, 121:173, 31D0D220-31C2-44A2-92BC-D….jpeg)

File: 77a1e48b0248060⋯.jpeg (236.24 KB, 700x850, 14:17, EDAE3558-7D78-4584-B6EF-C….jpeg)

File: fe325ebdedec5ab⋯.jpg (304.2 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190214-122801….jpg)


Can we get an f in the chat boys

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Not everyone wants to discuss Discord banning cub and scroll past several threads discussing it on the front page. Some people couldn't give less of a fuck about it.



It's really a blow to the furry community. It limits our expression. Doesn't that bother you?



>it hurts free speech being unable to discuss our sexual attraction to children!

This is why I hate your fandom.



>Purposely shilling on an exclusive board filled with the fetish and people that you hate



File: 320ff9fad5516db⋯.png (20.17 KB, 500x459, 500:459, de530545e0f3f62cd46168cf71….png)


>You shouldn't be allowed to talk about that thing because I don't like it!

Is this really all you people have to defend your stance? "it's gross, so it shouldn't be allowed!" If you love the idea of thought policing so much just go to china and stop bitching.

File: 4700cd7e5a91b4f⋯.png (111.83 KB, 617x510, 617:510, Gaslighting_Asshole.png)


Play Paraphore because bored

"You can avoid extreme kinks and they are completley optional"

Ok cool, thought i almost had a problem there

>locks story content behind cub shit

Fuck you

34 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You're supposed to want to learn about the history of your character and 'the real world' and where Paraphore comes from (in universe), and about the backstories of the main characters. You can learn the backstory from some events and from finding log files that show what happened in the history of Paraphore. Then eventually story events start to happen.


Ok, so you understand everything is basically consensual right? No real death (usually), no need to work or toil, even harming animals is considered socially unacceptable.



>The dev himself said that he imported several art pieces from furfags and used their stories they wrote, so again, bad deviantart-tier fiction. It's not original content, this is half the "game."

Can someone please elaborate on this? This is really interesting and if it’s true, I need proof. As much as I’d love to take it at face value, but you know, that’s not really a smart thing to do. Got a sauce for this info?



Fifty Shades of Grey is a twilight fanfic with all original characters.



Who is the artist?




File: d57c0b39886f113⋯.png (239.33 KB, 333x309, 111:103, 153787054.PNG)

File: 4bd181cc128f83d⋯.png (321.42 KB, 490x339, 490:339, 74689432.PNG)

File: 1d738bd76a4fd2f⋯.png (462.2 KB, 602x320, 301:160, 0244651.PNG)


Welcome to the Draw Thread!

In this thread, you state requests for artists to draw, and if they like what you requested (or are just feeling generous), then they'll make your dreams into tangible reality! If you make shitpost requests such as of Nickelodeon shows besides The Loud House, then people are probably not gonna draw your request, and you're only wasting time/data!

You can post any art that is made (/fur/ has to be in the image for e621 to take it) to https://e621.net/post?tags=%2Ffur%2F for anons and other furries to see! Please, for the love of god, don't cause pointless drama! This is a thread about arts for poorfags and cheapskates, as well as inspiration, so take your shitposting and SJW agenda to the meta thread! :^) Do not spam this thread, either, as it makes it harder to keep track of! Even if you're a rapid autist or spammer, I'm sure you want a shot at free art, so why not just treat this thread with some respect and get some nice art while you're at it? Never hurts to not sperg out, and it doesn't make you "unique" or "cool" to sperg, it only makes you seem like a braindead retard who will probably end up getting banned. You'd get better butthurt reactions off of Furry Amino anyways.

First request:

This bbw furry milf, nude and posing for the camera.

Last Thread: >>34971



405 posts and 354 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



then please tell which request interest you?



>waaah make me free porn waaaaaa



>Come to a drawthread

>Surprised to see people requesting

You're either brain-damaged or a cuckold.



or both possibly


File: e5b7e2597c80999⋯.png (513.35 KB, 602x1023, 602:1023, belle.png)

File: 880da3cceeec606⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 475x475, 1:1, IMG_9468.JPG)

Valentine's day request for a long-tongued Isabelle giving a loving slurp to her mayor. Lots of saliva is encouraged, but not necessary.

Alternatively, considering the relaxed speed of this board, requesting pretty much the same thing but with the valentine's day theme being optional.

Bondage not required.

File: d47383e219809f1⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1850x1280, 185:128, f8bellyNOTEXT.png)

File: c3d1092fb1f74ad⋯.png (285.73 KB, 1512x1280, 189:160, K8PSD2RESIZED.png)

File: b7b2b8211024de3⋯.png (283.26 KB, 1280x1799, 1280:1799, K8PTRESIZED.png)


Post and discuss any vore-related content you have. Stories, WIPs and ideas are welcome.

304 posts and 276 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nitrotitan just is garbage.


File: ee8876b48ca29b6⋯.jpg (278.24 KB, 1094x1076, 547:538, ocsketchiedoughana.jpg)

Have some animal crossing


File: d66667d689066d1⋯.png (628.87 KB, 1798x1185, 1798:1185, 9d152ce8757539215092aae7e6….png)


File: d809040d0cb8550⋯.png (2.9 MB, 6100x3600, 61:36, Shmoivern18.png)


Oh geez, that's great! Thanks for doing that, anon!

Got any ideas for another Bill picture? OV? AV? CV? Prey?



The more futa cv the better, tbh

File: 1471096001381.png (227.02 KB, 1224x1070, 612:535, 1430852013140-2.png)


So, what are you writing right now? Do you have any ideas you never bothered writing down or putting into a story yet? Is there something you'd like to improve within your writing skills, let's say grammar and word usage? Have you seen other furry literature, that was maybe: laughably dreadful? astoundingly outstanding?

401 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I changed my mind... negative criticism from posting them on another board have put me in self-doubt mode and I want to continue working on them some more before I post them.



I've personally read that book out of simple curiousity and I have never came across that excrept.


Anyone got GryphonWings' story "Gryphon's Persistence"? He deleted it everywhere, was one of my favorite stories.

Also, any of Alis Mitsy's (Amethyst Mare) premium stories? Wouldn't mind buying them, but I don't want that shit attached to my credit card.



>Also, any of Alis Mitsy's (Amethyst Mare) premium stories?

They were occasionally ok as free stories, then the bitch tried deleting and selling them.

Just look in the furaffinity archives and you should still find them.



That's only for her older stories, though. Even though I think her writing quality has gone down some since she started selling her work, I'm still interested in it.

Also as a correction/update, 'Gryphon's Persistence' was written by Cheetahs, not GryphonWings. I've sent him a PM on sofurry, but haven't got a response yet. Unlikely to get one, to be honest.

So if anyone has an ePub, text file, or whatever of 'Gryphon's Persistence' by Cheetahs, I would be eternally grateful.

File: 3abe0cbb92aaade⋯.png (364.05 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, k8 for art thread.png)


Art Thread 1.0:


Art Thread 2.0:


Art Thread 3:


/fur/ community tag:


Git gud:


When you're not gitting gud fast enough:


This thread is for showing off creations you've made,

not requests.

Share your art, shill your commissions, offer art trades, give advice, ask for advice about your art, ask for resources you need to advance, ask for what types of resources you'd need to advance, share exercises, share inspiring music or inspiring artists, or anything else related to the creation of visual art. If you want some help getting started on a drawing, draw something spooky and post it here. It is nearly Halloween after all.

376 posts and 233 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Something I've developed over the years from multiple books and videos. I did it because I was sick of my figures looking flat. Bridgman was a major influence to me.



> looking flat

A plague on most furry art. If you wanted to post more WIP stages to the process, it would be great. Looks like more aggressive foreshortening and perspective in earlier basic shape stages, and more contours than most people do. But for all I know there's some perspective tools you're using or you just developed a really damned good eye for 3D space. I'm not sure I could nail it even with a 3D model to reference.


File: c6eca6e3ab8ab63⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 523x550, 523:550, ss (2019-02-13 at 12.52.27….jpg)

File: d89d71de02571e0⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 332x320, 83:80, ss (2019-02-13 at 12.57.19….jpg)

I got a tablet so now I can draw digitally, and I think my year of traditional work has shown a lot of results. I'm quite proud of my line control, and more importantly where I'm not good yet I know how to actually learn from what I'm doing. I need a lot more practice with colouring, though.


File: dcb86656b640d16⋯.png (118.11 KB, 521x653, 521:653, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7005db3e12bffee⋯.png (359.36 KB, 737x933, 737:933, ClipboardImage.png)


It's manual handdrawn perspective. The reason for the aggressive foreshortening is because I place the vanishing points to where I can see them canvas. I wanted to learn how to do it manually because I wanted to be an animator who didn't want to be slowed down by digital tools. Although the digital grids are more accurate, they don't really become helpful when you want to change the camera. A lot of people resort to using 3d for this reason.


File: 13e966de8cfa190⋯.png (254.67 KB, 596x533, 596:533, ClipboardImage.png)


>We did it, Reddit!

12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Don't waste your breath. He's probably a real pedo himself and is just virtue signaling hard to divert the attention away from himself. I've seen the same thing happen dozens of times before.



>Diives is virtue signaling

Nigga wut?



I didn't mean Diives, I'm talking about this guy. >>96425

He's a nut.



Oh, my bad.



I would agree, except that I've seen no indication that the fandom contains more than a handful of genuine pedophiles, and most (not all) have already been arrested for having CP and/or molesting children. As noted by others, cub art isn't illegal and can't be charged as CP.

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