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File: 1446852036772.png (112.94 KB, 655x393, 5:3, wot.png)

21a0ca No.295897

Guys they're making a film about us! I hope they get sethrogan to play me



> Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest.

21a0ca No.295899

Gamergate's biggest achievement: Getting Zoe Quinn fuckyou Hollywood money.

21a0ca No.295900


21a0ca No.295901


Harassment makes big money, apparently

21a0ca No.295902

When do we get to fund Eron's lawsuit for libel?

21a0ca No.295904


Soon, I'd hope

21a0ca No.295906


> creator of such hip interactive games as Depression Quest

> instead of running, she decided to fight back

> Most gamers give zero fu*ks about this. Like the rest of us, they’re just here to play games. But a vocal minority are clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity ‘hardcore gamer,’ muttering ‘fu*kin casuals’ under their breath.

Bait of the biggest type.

21a0ca No.295907

>from the producer of Ghostbusters 2016 and an announced Barbie movie

apex kek

21a0ca No.295908

File: 1446853012258.png (384.03 KB, 1106x539, 158:77, Ghostbusters.png)


It all makes sense now

21a0ca No.295909

But really there's no way this could be a movie. They couldn't even make a movie about the Stonewall Riots without producing a bomb. No one is going to see a film where the biggest plot development is someone saying mean things on the internet.

Also this person will never find work again after Ghostbusters is in the trash bin.

21a0ca No.295911

This has so much potential.

21a0ca No.295912


I think we're going to be just as excited as her cult

21a0ca No.295913

File: 1446853528764.jpg (97.02 KB, 700x520, 35:26, 1412282343357.jpg)


Can't wait for the memes.

21a0ca No.295914

File: 1446853547024.jpg (121.64 KB, 320x232, 40:29, IMG_20150619_224741.jpg)

The silver lining is that even if it's made as and marketed as a low budget indie it will be a commercial failure.

The mainstream public has turned it's back on nearly all SJW flavored movies recently on top of record low box office results this year.

We just need to sit back and watch this crash and burn.

21a0ca No.295915


This will be a cult classic.

If this ends up destroying the careers of everyone involved all the way to the studio going bankrupt, I'll be totally okay with this too.

21a0ca No.295917


I Hope we get a few rare Pepes and the seal pasta

21a0ca No.295918

File: 1446853729012.png (163.12 KB, 309x480, 103:160, Banespeakofthedevil.png)


>inb4 gamergate is portrayed with a leader being a masked man

21a0ca No.295919



Gorilla Warfare: The Movie

21a0ca No.295920


to backfire

21a0ca No.295921

Lifetime Movies-tier shit. Is this how desperate Hollywood's become for new material? Can't wait for "Christina Weston Chandler: I'm on the Silver Screen! :)"

21a0ca No.295922

Big fucking deal.

Hollywierd buys shitty script pitches all the time.Don't mean it gets made.

Assuming (and that's a big fucking assumption) it gets made into anything, the odds of it actually making money are slim and none.

I would also point out that the studio in question is also attached to the Ghostbusters reboot, which is a guaranteed box-office disaster.

So they may not even be around long enough to do anything with this anyway.

No major studio is going to pump a fortune into what's basically a one sided sob sister story under today's social climate, especially since they're so many people online and IRL ready and willing to contradict whatever bullshit LW1 is peddling.

And if you guys have been paying any attention at all, you'd realize that the studios have had several very large and expensive flops this year, including a few that under "normal circumstances" should have made bank but didn't.

The public at large is getting tired of the PC bullshit Hollywood is pawning off as entertainment, and the self important douche canoes making this tripe.

They're losing on TV as well.

The Daily Show's ratings have tanked since Jon Stewart left, and even supposedly 'sure fire' tv shows like the new Muppet Show are losing viewers in droves.

Let them go through with it, I say.

It'll just make the inevitable failure/ruination of a certain purple haired harpy's reputation a concrete fact in the eyes of the general public.

She'll be revealed as a fat sociopathic liar to the world at large, and not even hipster welfare will be able to undo the damage.

I plan on sitting back and watching it burn.

21a0ca No.295924

>all these people think we're gnashing our teeth

in reality, this could be the dankest meme drop since that CSI episode


21a0ca No.295925

File: 1446854885483.png (469.65 KB, 556x678, 278:339, 1433685440336.png)

Aidan Gillen as Jim.

Brendan Fraser as Eron.

21a0ca No.295926

her husband is jewish. Hollywood kikes are the worst kind of kikes

21a0ca No.295927

File: 1446855156498.gif (1.86 MB, 202x175, 202:175, 1435280495674.gif)

I can only imagine how dank the memes will be. The Law & Order episode is just the tip of the iceberg.

21a0ca No.295928

File: 1446855256579.jpg (208.04 KB, 900x506, 450:253, amy pascal.jpg)

21a0ca No.295929

In the event that this ever gets made, I can't wait to watch it with you faggots like when the Law and Order episode aired.

21a0ca No.295930

I hope they go through with this, because it'll produce new dank memes, it'll be a gigantic flop, it might start "movie watchers don't have to be your audience anymore, movie watchers are over", SJWs will find something about it to complain about like they did with the L&O episode and it will most likely ruin many careers as it'll be an embarrassing failure that will haunt them forever.

21a0ca No.295931

File: 1446855571202.jpg (175.34 KB, 1400x785, 280:157, 1439291770381.jpg)


I've got a sinking feeling that it might fall into production hell, but I hope it comes to fruition.

Maybe we could have an Alternate Premiere attended by prominent faGGots.

21a0ca No.295932



Unfortunately, unlike a TV episode, it would take years to fucking make this thing.

I don't think we'd last that long.

can we all get together to meme on it one when it happens?I'll be on /v/ no matter what

21a0ca No.295933


>No one is going to see a film where the biggest plot development is someone saying mean things on the internet.

>not watching CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF: The Movie

21a0ca No.295934

File: 1446855876951.jpg (24.54 KB, 961x493, 961:493, LIcf2.jpg)

yfw the fat chick from the new Ghostbusters movie is playing LW.

21a0ca No.295935

File: 1446856577575.jpg (72.02 KB, 540x449, 540:449, 1436987993910.jpg)


>Scarlett Johannson expresses interest in project.

>Cast as LW

>Needs to put on weight to do justice to the role

>Next Avengers movie keeps the weight

>Gamergate kills both biopics and capeshit

21a0ca No.295936

Knew the SJWs would try something like this after failing to shut down the film "The Red Pill".

21a0ca No.295940

If this gets made, it's going to be a Cyberbu//y tier Lifetime made for tv movie. It'll be incredibly boring and everyone will mock it.

I'd absolutely LOVE to see this passed around the online review circuit. RLM, YMS, MovieSins and Stuckmann all tearing the film apart, and then the Channel Awesome circle all saying it's a masterpiece or if even they can't deny it's shit claiming it's a "very important" "must-see" film.

Also, they may *want* Scarlett Johansson, but she's way too big for a shitty, dinky project like this (not even a fan, but she's got Marvel money and can pick from the cream of the crop currently, no way she'd want to take part in a career-destroying film like this.)

The best they can hope for is Anna Kendrick, who previously made an Anti-GG statement in an interview. Some obsessively feminist nobody actress.

I expect it'll pretend she has some really awesome video game she's made instead of a single text adventure. It'll completely omit her having borderline personality disorder and portray the relationship as her dumping Eron and him posting "revenge porn" rather than what really happened, and it'll claim she made some big dramatic change to society rather than scamming a bunch of stupid people who share her politics and making even the UN a laughing stock, and will completely erase her past with SA.

21a0ca No.295945

Scarlet Jo and Anna Hathaway are feminists now that they are aging and afraid of being replaced.

We need to expose them for the hypocrites they are.

21a0ca No.295946


>and so the memes grew dank and the keks flowed like water

I know this shit probably isn't going to happen, but god just the idea is funny.

21a0ca No.295948

File: 1446857436238.png (12.42 KB, 578x131, 578:131, b0bdb205bd[1].png)

SmegmaKing going all out today.

21a0ca No.295949

File: 1446857679846-0.png (46.84 KB, 500x368, 125:92, tumblr_nah9pyREiD1qh6gzao1….png)

File: 1446857680015-1.png (40.33 KB, 500x353, 500:353, tumblr_nah9pyREiD1qh6gzao2….png)

File: 1446857680015-2.png (66.58 KB, 500x371, 500:371, tumblr_nah9pyREiD1qh6gzao3….png)

reminder zoe quinn is literally a sexual harasser

21a0ca No.295950


21a0ca No.295951


It's control. If you control what everyone things, you stop dissent and control what everyone does.

21a0ca No.295952


Not to mention it will completely neglect that she lied and harassed to get a bunch of suicidal virgins to commit suicide right before published a game about suicide.

21a0ca No.295953

File: 1446858933586.jpeg (72.05 KB, 534x554, 267:277, image.jpeg)


What else would you expect? They're in the business of pushing lies and propaganda. If you're jelly over shekels perhaps I could redirect you here.


21a0ca No.295954


And marketed it with the suicide of a beloved comedian.

21a0ca No.295956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WERNER HERZOG: It looks like the battle for whore mountain has begun in earnest.

21a0ca No.295958

File: 1446860431016-0.jpg (90.12 KB, 604x731, 604:731, smegmaking vs quinn movie ….JPG)

File: 1446860431017-1.jpg (86.41 KB, 580x717, 580:717, smegmaking vs quinn movie2.JPG)


Can't smite the Smegma

21a0ca No.295961

File: 1446860792116-0.jpg (74.51 KB, 577x585, 577:585, smegmaking vs quinn movie3.JPG)

File: 1446860792118-1.jpg (87.46 KB, 1022x435, 1022:435, smegmaking vs quinn movie4.jpg)

Leaders come quick. He's on fire.

21a0ca No.295962

File: 1446861199330.gif (313.4 KB, 973x902, 973:902, how to drink coffe.gif)

>Scarlett Johansson is seen to be the main character

>the same chick that had her nudes magicly "hacked" from the apple clound around the SAME TIME that gamergate started

some one got tell /pol/ about this

21a0ca No.295965

It's almost like some of us over at pol called this. Congrats guys, the result of your "cultural libertarian" revolt… Hopefully some of you start to realize what it is you are actually up against. It isnt simply "SJW's".

Until you are willing to admit that pol is right about who the "Conspiracy" is, you are participating in nothing more then a left vs left distraction.

21a0ca No.295966




Fucking hell SmegmaKing. Truly the hero of our generation

21a0ca No.295967


how would pol had prevented this, though? She has the money and the contacts, if anything, had GG followed pol's instructions, this would have happened earlier.

21a0ca No.295969


>how would pol had prevented this, though?

I'm talking about the people of pol that actually said gamergate was a trap. Not the "reformed leftists" of pol that jumped in on the hashtag.

21a0ca No.295970

Just when you want to get off the gg train

Sjws keep shooting the caboose gg will never die because they wont let it even if thier names are dirt

This movie is gonna flop like that indoe movie

What was it called again where thier advertisement for that movie was "Dont listen to the critics"

21a0ca No.295971


So, would have done… nothing? from the start?

21a0ca No.295972


>Sjws keep shooting the caboose

It's more then SJW's… I mean, how long can you simply stick to that term, when Hollywood itself is proping up a very specific ideology. People who support "SJWisms" support much more then just social justice.

21a0ca No.295973


Oh god yes

I can only imagine go home gamer girl

You know we should stream that episode again sometime many keks were had

Glory to the eairly days

21a0ca No.295974


Relatively speaks, become a voice against liberalism, postmodernism, white guilt, and ect. In the political landscape of everything. Gamergate should have helped spark a huge outcry for alt right support, seeing as pol has been proven right through all this who the "Conspiracy" actually is.

If the hashtag would have immediately shifted focus last november to calling out things similar to what pol calls out.

Instead it went the "cultural libertarian" way, which doesnt solve anything, since libertarians have never been in control of anything.

21a0ca No.295975


I doubt Hollywood really supports the ideology they are just doing it since they think itll make money because they aren't informed that feminist dont turn a profit

Watch this will tank harder than that indie movie and law and order episode

21a0ca No.295976


Relatively speaking*

That all said though, gg had no chance, because too many liberals got in it in November. As a result it was destined to just b e a strawman for the liberals in entertainment.

21a0ca No.295977


>I doubt Hollywood really supports the ideology

Are you serious, right now?

21a0ca No.295979

File: 1446863093953.jpg (21.36 KB, 513x546, 171:182, pepeslut.jpg)

>mfw they are choosing Scarlet Johansson to play the slut zoe quinn.

21a0ca No.295980


Yes i am they believe what money tells em to believe controversies make money so buy adding fuel to the fire theyll think well watch it for shits n giggles but then again if the ttp bill does pass then no pirating just boycotting

I guess only time will tell

21a0ca No.295981


>I guess only time will tell

I dont know how much more evidence you need…Last 3 years alone, should be more then enough evidence for you.

21a0ca No.295982

File: 1446863297985-0.jpg (66.09 KB, 550x362, 275:181, beavis550.jpg)

File: 1446863297986-1.jpg (44.83 KB, 640x537, 640:537, pierre.jpg)

File: 1446863297986-2.jpg (67.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, willy.jpg)

File: 1446863297986-3.jpg (90.27 KB, 600x462, 100:77, Three_Stooges_Intro_Card_1….jpg)


I don't get what your sperging about anon!


it's like watching the worlds largest pile of bullshit, burried under a mountain of gunpowder, sunken beneath a sea gasoline and it sudenly start's raining napalm.

Absouletely every single attack they have tryed against us has backfired so cartoonishly comically that it almost feels like we are dealing with pic related

21a0ca No.295984


>Absouletely every single attack they have tryed against us has backfired so cartoonishly comically that it almost feels like we are dealing with pic related

Yes, clearly you have the upper hand here… Not like the people behind the scenes supporting people like Zoe, are not running roughshod over the US/EU. But hey, video games, amirite?

21a0ca No.295985


You mean like how more and more people are calling out sjws hell even south park is dping a season on sjws and hipster its glorous and everthing they have tried to spin a narrative has failed horribly

21a0ca No.295987


Don't be a retard anon, the cure for the cancer you speak of is exposure and sunlight, and if this movie gets atention it'll just red pill a fuckload of people like these whole shtstorm has

The more they try to sweep their shit under the rug the stronger it stinks, an normis wil start weaking up the more the pile grows.

Honestly i can't wait for the dank memes, this is like Law & Order gone super saiyan

21a0ca No.295990

I desperately want this movie to happen. The memes will be like that SVU episode ON CRACK.

21a0ca No.295991

File: 1446864025542.png (112.51 KB, 366x414, 61:69, what the dick.png)

>yfw this film makes it in an upcoming edition of "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"

21a0ca No.295993


Honestly I agree.

Usually when le happy merchant media tries to write about this the responses are just "stop writing about this dumb shit". This is not a mainstream liberal thing, it's an ivory tower rich white celeb thing. They're really desperate to get their audience to care and it's not fucking working.

If you search Gamergate on Youtube the videos are either pro-GG or "fuck both sides, this is all retarded".

I don't think the public is that easily manipulated by this shit.

21a0ca No.295994


If the common people don't buy the bullshit then its a great victory

21a0ca No.295995


>Spider-Man 2017


21a0ca No.295996


It will and doubt anyone will see it

21a0ca No.295997


the only way i see this movie skyrocketing to the top of the charts is if somewhoe they get Adam Sandler to play LWuu…

Somehow that dude just keeps getting away whit selling bullshit

21a0ca No.295998


Yeah but I dunno Pixels seems to be the last straw for most people

21a0ca No.296000

They will have to change everyone's names because NO FUCKING WAY will legal allow this film be made due to the number of libel lawsuits it would open the makers up to. Not to mention Zoe being sued for libel.

Eron needs to get his lawyers on the balls to squash this via threatening to sue this cunt. Put enough fear in the cunts so that they basically sit on the rights and do jack shit with it…..

21a0ca No.296001


it still counts as libel if they use the movie to pimp the book which will definitely mention eron by name

this is fucking suicide if it's actually getting made

21a0ca No.296003


This film will most likely be a vanity project and god awful made of failure Oscar bait pic. They will push it for awards and each the shit of it tanking at the box office in leui of Amy paying off reviewers (major irony) and forcing whichever studio that releases this turd to basically put all of energy and resources, pushing it as their top pick for as many Oscars they can get it nominated for

21a0ca No.296004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21a0ca No.296005

File: 1446865407148.webm (2.34 MB, 854x480, 427:240, sheeesaaaaasluuuut.webm)

21a0ca No.296006

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well remember to spam the imbd and rotten tomatoes pages with red pill material debunking the movie

21a0ca No.296007


>If you search Gamergate on Youtube the videos are either pro-GG or "fuck both sides, this is all retarded".

Like right here >>296004

This guy is on friendly terms with the Cinemassacre guys and thus gets lots of views. Even if mainstream media writes "GG IS EVIL" articles, what the fuck will that result in? A middle-aged mom going "omg so awful!!! O:" then forgetting about it in 5 minutes? Oh no…………………

Among the people actually interested in 'nerd culture', the anti-SJWs outweigh the SJWs. Just because the SJWs normally have power and influence in other areas plays no role here because, after trying really hard for over a year, they still have not won over the mainstream. Normies do not care about this fucking shit and most nerds who care at all are against them.

21a0ca No.296008

File: 1446865746675.webm (7.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captain_SLut_Shamer.webm)

21a0ca No.296009


That was beautiful

Thank you based leader

21a0ca No.296010


You're confusing her with Jennifer Lawrence

21a0ca No.296011


>Honestly i can't wait for the dank memes, this is like Law & Order gone super saiyan

I don't think Super Saiyan will cover it. They'll have to find a way to sanitize the Five Guys and sell her terrible game to a bunch of people who probably knew Robin Williams. The real comedy's going to happen off screen.

21a0ca No.296012

File: 1446867038109-0.jpg (100.51 KB, 450x701, 450:701, 51b70097cf661d62e31087590e….jpg)

File: 1446867038110-1.jpg (123.37 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 796603f4213c0431c500001724….jpg)

File: 1446867038110-2.jpg (140.53 KB, 800x1108, 200:277, af1b1f295eae3dcbb714e24662….jpg)

File: 1446867038110-3.jpg (79.08 KB, 960x717, 320:239, 1c0e87168e48e5bed9b5bf034f….jpg)

File: 1446867038111-4.jpg (124.51 KB, 700x495, 140:99, f80ac5d6cceb5a3cb85f217da2….jpg)


>Zoe Quinn and Alex Doesntevenliftshit are getting ready for bed

>Separate beds because Zoe is saving herself for marriage

>Suddenly a brick smashes through the window

>Lifshitz picks up the brick, attached is a message: "Go home gamer girl!"

>Exchanges puzzled looks with Quinn

>A red dot appears on his forehead before his head explodes (can't have one of her exes in the film for too long)

>Cue intense running gunfight/car chase to the airport

>Escapes to Britain where she finds an underground feminist resistance group.

>Obligatory scene with Quinn in front of a computer concentrating intensely and typing rapidly

>Insert random lines of code scrolling up the screen until the camera cuts to her finger smashing the enter key

>The secret location of GamerGate Headquarters has been hacked

>Rebel feminists lead by Quinn assault GGHQ, Quinn gets separated from the group.

>Finds Eron Gjoni who blubbers for mercy, snaps his neck

>Final battle vs Alex Baldwin, seems to be losing until she makes a cheesy quip followed by a sudden turnaround

>Baldwin falls into a pool of magma

>Based on a true story

21a0ca No.296013


So you're salty that we didn't let /pol/ co-opt us.

21a0ca No.296015


>postmodernism, white guilt, etc

…Isn't everyone on GG against this shit

21a0ca No.296016

21a0ca No.296022

File: 1446868460617.gif (100.36 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 5511518 _9bb2efe9f7ef007ec….gif)


or you mean you wanted the gamergate to be the voice of the ebin natsocs - heil hitler, 14/88, fuck the federal reserve, gas the kikes, goose step in formation and all that good stuff.

this is why stormfag dipshits can't influence anything or even grow their group other than cry on some forum somewhere

21a0ca No.296023



Aka. The Bitch that got fired from Sony because of racist Obama emails. I'm sure they're just lining up to work with her again.

21a0ca No.296024

Whatever happens, this is a nonissue. No one will give a shit. it will be like that movie with the cyberbully that aired on ABC Family channel.


And people forget there is a wealth of info about her and the shit she's done. And just leave it up to Milo to reawaken everything just in case anyone forgot.

21a0ca No.296025

even if you believe her side of the story how can this possibly be made into a movie?

>zoe fucks some dudes

>japanese image board nerds troll her

>the end


21a0ca No.296026

File: 1446869070198-0.png (176.52 KB, 252x379, 252:379, acidrain.PNG)

File: 1446869070214-1.png (110.37 KB, 253x255, 253:255, 3333.png)


I hope you haven't forgotten of our dearly departed leader Acid Rain.


21a0ca No.296027

At the absolute worst this will be the next Reefer Madness.

21a0ca No.296028


If it ever makes it out of screenplay, it'll be a horrible C-list tv movie of the week flick for some feminist channel.

That's a very big if mind you.

21a0ca No.296030

File: 1446869683338.jpg (20.39 KB, 599x249, 599:249, CTLV64yWwAAnBQF[1].jpg)


>Scarlett Johansson playing LW1

>seems like a good choice considering…

21a0ca No.296031

File: 1446869902796-0.gif (2.99 MB, 256x196, 64:49, 1433618081766.gif)

File: 1446869902796-1.gif (105.34 KB, 160x128, 5:4, 5216.gif)


10/10 I guffawed.

21a0ca No.296033


>no good info

>they make a movie instead

Gotta compete with Paranoid's Bible somehow! :^)

21a0ca No.296034


of course it is based on a true story

she didn't work on any games

21a0ca No.296035


They're going to go the Unfriended route, except instead of a spoopy ghost making you kill yourself and being unblockable in your skype call, it's a spoopy hacker telling you to kill yourself and being blockable on twitter but you keep looking at his tweets anyway because you're an attention whore who needs to be the center of attention and insists on poking the proverbial beehive whenever the bees start to ignore you.

Seriously, throughout this whole thing, if you look at her behavior, she starts actively antagonizing GG whenever we ignore her for too long. She craves the attention because she never got it from her parents or whatever.

21a0ca No.296037

So I wonder how Zoe's (or whoever the character based on her will be) game will be portrayed in this movie?

>Great, fun, well made and innovative game that has gameplay, BUT THOSE MISOGYNIST SHITLORD GAMERS SHIT ON IT BECAUSE IT WAS MADE BY A GIRL!

>A quirky and thought provoking vignette game only an intellectual could think of, it doesn't have gameplay BUT IT'S ABOUT THE ART YOU SHITLORDS, but gamers hate it because they're braindead shitlords who only like mindless and mainstream CoD clone crap and can't appreciate art

21a0ca No.296038


she's a narcissist psycho, of course she craves attention.

Which is why the whole 'don't touch the poop' works in one way by ignoring her shit, but doesn't work mostly as some spergs will try to troll her for keks and she will play it up for her own ego.

21a0ca No.296039


The problem is that when we ignore her, she either makes up more death threats (which usually seems to prompt Anita to do the same…), or she starts laying down bait until someone takes it.



21a0ca No.296041

File: 1446871291049.jpg (90.22 KB, 500x349, 500:349, tumblr_mc8wq6fZcc1rcga1xo1….jpg)

I love how they're trying to get Scarlet to play Zoe; she's the second highest paid actor in the Marvel movies, and they know they'll need someone hot to play a hobgoblin like Zoe.

21a0ca No.296042


This sounds a lot like cyberbu//y

21a0ca No.296043


I like @urfrenz better, myself. A woman cyberbullies her daughter to death in it. It's great.

21a0ca No.296044

I expect this movie to never be made or it's so exaggerated that's it's not even remotely related to anything gg. Either way, expect some dank memes.

21a0ca No.296045


SVU 2.0. We'll be laughing at it while they freak out and try to distance themselves once they realize how stupid it makes them look.

21a0ca No.296046



For those who don't know what it is

21a0ca No.296048

File: 1446872057742.jpg (17.21 KB, 520x264, 65:33, dsfar.JPG)

ITT: we cast the ebin Gamergate movie

I'd like to see Crispin Glover in the role of Milo.

21a0ca No.296050


Mickey Rourke as Wu.

21a0ca No.296051


Again, Pascal's a big wig and will be doing this for award bait. Piece of shit films like this one are not made for big box office returns; they are made for the purpose of getting awards and because they are vanity projects.

They will push this piece of shit and push it hard as Oscar bait. They will spare no expense with regards to bribes to get it nominated for as many awards as their budget allows for them to bribe (even if it's the notoriously corrupt Golden Globe) and having as many corrupt film reviewers writing glowing reviews pushing ALL of the false narrative elements to hide the fact that it's a shitastic hit piece and lie filled piece of shit.

Doesn't matter if the film flops worse than Fantastic Four 2015. They will most likely push it as a low budget indie film, limited release to theaters (to hide the fact that it would crash and burn if they gave it a mass release) and have the corrupt Hollywood machine hype it up as "best film ever of the year" while holding off the DVD release until after awards season and crush ANYONE who leaks it online.

If the gaming press was willing to die on the hill that was protecting Zoe Quinn, I would not be shocked if the equally corrupt use Zoe's biopic as the final battleground to kill if not maim torrenting and shit, in order to keep people from downloading the film and spreading the truth about it online/meme-ize it to point out how full of shit it is. ESPECIALLY if the new totalitarian trade bill passes; they will use the evil power inside of it to make sure NO ONE but the lie-filled Hollywood narrative about the film and Zoe is the only one allowed in any venue and to lock up anyone trying to pirate the film to spread it for the purpose of denouncing it.

Hell, Amy doesn't even have to think outside the box; The Weinsteins famously made the playbook for getting pieces of shit indie films major awards by rigging the system. And the rigging has gotten even more overt too as time has past since the 90s.

21a0ca No.296052


While the idea of someone pulling a Downton Abby and buying Zoe's story SIMPLY to sit on it and make sure Zoe can never write a book or make a film off of it is a dream, Amy is a true believer of the lies.

21a0ca No.296053


Regardless of everything they might pull, I'm looking forward to seeing people like RLM and YMS tear it apart.

21a0ca No.296054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You guys all have Wu wrong.

Chris Lilley as Brianna Wu

21a0ca No.296055



you're both wrong, it needs to be the guy from silence of the lambs

21a0ca No.296056


Again no; they paid big money to this lie filled piece of shit.

Again, it won't be mass release because they know it will flop. But they are not doing this for money. It's about pushing the lie and pushing the lie big time via a movie that will be made solely so they can push it for awards and further the lie that way.

21a0ca No.296057

File: 1446873160908.jpg (512.33 KB, 1297x1400, 1297:1400, 1425574616_mickey-rourke-z….jpg)


Man, have you seen Mickey Rourke lately? He'd be perfect.

21a0ca No.296058

File: 1446873340469.jpg (441.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ralphie may.jpg)


Ralphie May as Randi Harper

21a0ca No.296059



Or if you want a girl, Rebel Wilson.

21a0ca No.296060


Sure she's a true believer, but what studio will actually fund the movie to completion? Scripts are bought up all the time but don't see the light of day. She's already a producer for an announced barbie and spider-man reboot; this shitty made for tv movie plotline will be put on the back burner until they can embellish the shit out of it.

Like I said, if it does get made, it will be so exaggerated that it will be SVU 2.0 like >>296045 said and we can get dank memes out of it.

21a0ca No.296062

Cera needs to play Moot

Terry Crews can play Hotwheels

The rest of gamergate can be composed by animatronics or CGI, maybe even muppets

21a0ca No.296063


Bitch has power still in the industry and again,it doesn't matter that the film only gets a limited release when she can still bribe all the right people to get it awards and shit.

Especially since this film is the type that would THRIVE on such Hollywood corruption; limited release piece of shit that has all of the right people greased to get it all of the awards with a DVD release not out until AFTER the Oscars so that people don't fucking see what a piece of shit it is and let their displeasure be known.

And with the new trade deal, they can take what was done online to silence ANYONE questioning the cover-up and lies about Zoe to the next level of Orwellian censorship. NO ONE will be able to talk about the film online, only Amy's bought reviews and news articles will be allowed online or in print or on TV. Anyone making memes will be arrested for copyright violations and pirating it will be used by the industry to test out in court, locking people up for piracy for the maximum amount of years they can trick a judge to agree to imprison someone.

21a0ca No.296064

File: 1446874078933.jpg (21.01 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Scarlett Johansson Leaked ….jpg)


Not necessarily, remember #scarlettjohanssoning ?

21a0ca No.296065


Of course EdgelordOmegaShill jumps on this news the moment he hears about it. What a fuckin leech.

21a0ca No.296066


Shocked they aren't saying they are going after Jennifer Lawrence instead of Scarlett Johanson. Lawrence is a much bigger tool for the corrupt SJW machine and they have the added bonus of constantly evoking the Fappening as part of the marketing.

21a0ca No.296067

File: 1446874539928.gif (2.91 MB, 291x300, 97:100, 1436518232886.gif)


What, are you upset?

Mundane Matt probably will make a video on it as well, it's Youtube vidmaking business.

Or are you a commie that hates capitalism? :^)

21a0ca No.296069


they'll probably just erase the diversity of our opposition with comic buffoonery.

>Kitetales played by Jack Black

21a0ca No.296072


Like Mazes and Monsters.

21a0ca No.296073

>GamerGate spins every defeat it suffers as a win

>a-at l-least w-we'll have cool may mays!

Jesus christ you faggots have pushed this people ahead by probably 20 years.

In 2013 these bitches going to the UN and getting a movie deal would have been a joke but you fellas have given them a straight money train into the mainstream and set them for life.

This is a modern day greek tragedy where the main protagonist just thinks they're the fucking shit when in reality everything he does alienates the ENTIRE WORLD against him.

Ya'll some dumb niggers.

21a0ca No.296077

File: 1446876291896.jpg (77.96 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1365377579988.jpg)


Oh look, We're dead.


21a0ca No.296078


Hi Amy!

21a0ca No.296079

File: 1446876404615.gif (2.99 MB, 501x501, 1:1, 1444103310989.gif)


Tom Hanks was in that and he still managed to turn out a good career. "I killed somebody, I think I killed somebody" while being a dribbling mess.


>implying anybody watches that yawnfest that will be drudged up, if ever.

21a0ca No.296080


okay, but we are gonna have to put him in a fat suit

21a0ca No.296083


The television show in the ratings toilet and a world government that has no relevance to anyone with half a brain are not exactly very good goals to have won. All of the victories of the hollow, phyrric, and expensive. Despite all the money they still have no support from the general public probably less so than they did before this began. They can only protect the appearance of success not materialize actual success. The difference between the two is very, VERY important.

No matter how successful they look they still have not gained very much in the grand scheme of things even their crowd-funded money is a drop in the bucket compared to the things that would need to take place for this to be considered a success. ALL of their Patreon money cumulative wouldn't even pay Johansen's rates.

Remember Sarah so desperate for this to end the day of hired entire sociologist to work full time and even then they refuse to take any course of actions leading to success due to their own biases. PR is about illusions, nothing solid.

21a0ca No.296093


I'm GLAD this movie is going to exist

This'll do even worse than the female Ghostbusters because NOBODY CARES

21a0ca No.296099

Sadly, this movie is gonna get cancelled.

Zoe is such a controlling PR freak that she will harass and sabotage the whole thing.

If anyone involved in the production crew even reminds her of Jontron, this thing will fall apart.

21a0ca No.296100

File: 1446879048332.gif (295.43 KB, 700x704, 175:176, let's_all_laugh_with_lain.gif)

So what are the odds that she broke up with Lifshitz to start banging someone in tinsel town?

Yeah, I highly doubt Scarlet Johansson is going to be in this, or even has any interest. Studios and news outlets are usually talking out their asses when they say "So-and-so has expressed interest." It's all about getting investors interested. Unless she takes a serious pay cut, they wouldn't be able to afford to hire on Johansson. This type of movie doesn't do nearly well enough to justify getting someone that big. Just look how terribly that recent Steve Jobs movie did, and that was about someone that the general population knows and has somewhat of an interest in.

By the time this ends up coming out, it'll pretty much be radically different from even Quinn's fictionalized version of events, and will have virtually nothing to do with Gamergate. It'll just be a bigger budget version of the CSI episode. Chances are though, is that this baby ain't getting out of development hell.

Also, look at how the entertainment sites are naming Quinn in their headline, like she's someone that people should know. This is all about selling Quinn as an important figure. Making the average person think she's someone they should know about. Hell, even before GG, they kept trying to push her on us. I remember she made a couple appearances on Electric Playground a few years ago, touting her as the next up and coming

game developer (and long before Depression Quest came out). Someone with really deep pockets has a vested interest in her, because I refuse to believe that she's THAT good at gobbling cock. She's not going away either, because now the powers that be are trying to use her as a poster child for selling the Internet violence narrative.

Also, Seth Rogen for Lifshitz the cuck.

21a0ca No.296103

ok everyone movie cast


21a0ca No.296106

will this movie be rated X, or will the dick sucking just be implied?

21a0ca No.296107


said on the /v/ thread already but the ghost from the movie 'Mama' for Literally Wu.

21a0ca No.296108

File: 1446879996086.jpg (46.45 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 272997.jpg)


oh yeah, forgot about that gamejam that got wrecked by Chelsea's queef with JonTron.

21a0ca No.296111


>The mainstream public has turned it's back on nearly all SJW flavored movies recently on top of record low box office results this year.

Makes me wonder how badly that all-female Ghostbusters movie is going to do at the box-office considering it's a film nobody asked for.

21a0ca No.296112


If it continues the way it does now, where it has no publicity and it's just "they're women now" and it's not a sequel, then it will be a bigger flop than FF.

21a0ca No.296119

SJWs think we got rekt

/pol/ thinks we got rekt

but i don't feel it. am i weird?

21a0ca No.296120

File: 1446884714924.jpeg (77.56 KB, 595x443, 595:443, image.jpeg)


The movie won't get made and even if it did the salt, memes and flying redpills would thrust GG into a new golden age. /pol/ can go fuck itself.

21a0ca No.296121

File: 1446884718733.jpg (9.89 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Costanza.jpg)


>/pol/ thinks we got rekt

really now

21a0ca No.296123

File: 1446885070007-0.png (11.23 KB, 191x200, 191:200, 5287294.png)

File: 1446885070007-1.jpg (262.34 KB, 900x659, 900:659, 1431826762045.jpg)


SJWs are dumb because they think anything the mainstream media does is correct and that will making queef quinn the leading lady of a movie will make people bury gamergate for sure.

/pol/lacks that think this is a loss are dumb because they think that anything that makes the Hollywood jews any money would be a loss, not knowing that this project is destined for failure.

21a0ca No.296124


>Scarlett Johannson plays Zoe Quinn

>Explicit sex scenes with at least 5 guys


21a0ca No.296126


Pushing them 20 years ahead means the foundation is in no way ripe and this is ocurring when the generation that would be more likely to fall for this nonsense doesn't exist.

There are two ways to stop something.

The first, and obvious answer, is prevention.

The second, and more difficult one, is speeding it up until it collapses on itself. Once this occurs the crop is dead. It was harvested too early.

Every time they do something it backfires harder, forcing them to keep reaching higher, alienating themselves further. The last few wins have been a lot more normal of an audience than things four months prior.

This is potentially another like it.

21a0ca No.296128


I was curious what else they could fuck up after they went crying to the fucking UN.

This is going to be fucking glorious.

21a0ca No.296130

File: 1446887857833-0.jpg (246.68 KB, 670x542, 335:271, vandroid.jpg)

File: 1446887857834-1.jpg (42.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, manborg.jpg)

File: 1446887857834-2.jpg (37.71 KB, 640x355, 128:71, badass cyborg.jpg)

>[Pertubator starts playing ]

>[Montage of social media sites being used by people]

Narrator: Noone thought it could ever happen … here.

>[Clip of virgin neckbeards playing 90s eroges in a dimly lit room]

Narrator: They are an army of international terrorists.

>[Richard Lynch casually educating a crowd in front of an oversized screen]

"The internet hasn't been invaded by trolls in 35 years."

>[Trailers cuts back to a neckbeard staring into a microwave]

Narrator: Their target …ZOEY QUINN

>[The camera turns slowly, you can see a hotpocket rotating on the turntable]

Narrator: Their objective …HARASSMENT

>[Michael Ironside in a generals uniform yelling into a walkie-talkie]

"18 hours from now, the internet will be a different place, you fools!"

>[Zoey Quinn getting slammed in the ass by a skinny beta with a jewfro]

Narrator: Now only one thing stands in their way.

>[Spinning Newspaper montage with Gamers Are Dead articles]

Zoey Quinn: I'm raw. I'm squirting blood. How many articles does it need?

>[Slow Zoom on Michael Ironsides's face while he pushes Zoeys face in his crotch]


>[Close-up of Michael Ironsides spazzing face while he ejaculates another load onto her blobfish face]



>[Exploding genitalias]

>[Carpenter Brut intensifies]

21a0ca No.296131


You know, the beautiful thing about the 'postmodernism' they use is that it could be used against them too.

Don't you think?

Oh, forgot that it would just be the truth.


They made a movie about Steve Jobs and nobody would thank Bill Gates for what he did for humanity.

21a0ca No.296132


The two Jobs films failed for the fact that they were polar opposites of fail. The first one was too masturbatory in how it whitewashed Jobs and his bullshit, alienating people who wanted to see a non biased bio The second one had Jobs be a HUGE asshole and was true to the real life version of Jobs but IT got rejected by people who did not want the false cuddly image of Jobs torn down

21a0ca No.296133


I cant await the Direct-To-DVD release

21a0ca No.296134

File: 1446889325455.jpg (18.71 KB, 216x187, 216:187, 238472937.jpg)


>Zoey Quinn: I'm raw. I'm squirting blood. How many articles does it need?

21a0ca No.296135

Oh I can't just wait how the story is going to be.

>After winning a prestigious award from renowned competition, showing first time in history that a woman can also accomplish in video game industry. Later, Chelsea's abusive boyfriend becomes jealous of her and starts to harass her.

>Chelsea later runs to her secret admirer who helped her during those hard times. Lifshitz, portrayed as being poor from blue collar family, chases Eron away. Eron vows for revenge and creates a gossip page, creating all lies about Chelsea and calling his closest buddies to start harassing her.

>Harassment escalates as those name-callings and accusations keep getting bigger to her tweets. Prominent figures and the famous video game critic, Anita, starts giving support to Chelsea. Later, famous indie devs started to voice their support also

>Video game journalists, the pinnacle of "fair and balance" and the embodiment of professionalism, saw this story for no apparent reason and started to post articles of how oppressed female game developers are in the industry.

>After countless bomb threats and attempted murders, the FBI found out that the group called "gamergate" is a small cabal, containing roughly 100 white male people with thousands of fake identities.

>Eron and all of his companions were put to prison thanks to the collected evidence from Nyberg, who later got the permission to adopt a child

>In the closing scene shows how Chelsea and Anita goes to the UN and advocate of fighting against sexism and discrimination against women.

21a0ca No.296137





21a0ca No.296141


The question is does GG hit max level with this or is there going to be an expansion pack.


Of course it will be SVU did it, why change a working formular.

>and not even hipster welfare will be able to undo the damage.

But it will still keep her above water just like it does now.


>I don't think we'd last that long.

Doesnt matter the memes will flow.


FFS you just gave them a better script than they ever had, well done now this pill of shit actually may make money.



Guys could you stop writing the screenplay for them ! What if thats why they count on because they know they could never come up with anything.

21a0ca No.296144

inb4 dozens of false flag "threats" are made against movie theaters leading to a media blitz against gamergate, labelling us as a terrorist organization.

Prepare for it ahead of time, there's no way it won't happen.

21a0ca No.296146

File: 1446895562446.png (52.08 KB, 747x521, 747:521, hitmochan.png)


Gamergate is pretty much the internet's punching bag at this point.

We got sjws that want to talk about how gamergate ruin there lives, but they continue to ironically give life to it whenever it is discussed by them. Gamergate had a huge surge in popularity when the svu episode came out. Almost no sjw defended that episode but ironically made it with the articles literally calling gamergate a misogynist terrorist organization.

We also got people that hate sjws and have the opinion of gamergate being shit. Some will even blame gamergate for problem they have experience. These people also give life to it by ironically giving attention to it. >>296073

Not sure if simple trolling or someone being mad, but it just seems weird to try and get a heated response on a subject that gets controversial posts made all the time.

21a0ca No.296148


Didn't Jon M. Chu just make this movie?

21a0ca No.296150

File: 1446896629186.jpg (505.18 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, burn let it burn.jpg)



If we can help make it happen, please do.

The more they lie, the harder they fall.

21a0ca No.296152


>The more they lie, the harder they fall.

kind of like you fags lying about this being about gaming journalism? 2 words, dipshit- Gerstmann firing.

21a0ca No.296154

File: 1446897563080.jpg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Laughing whores FSN.jpg)


>Game Journalism props up lying douchebags

>Lying Douchebags keep lying

>they try to get more coverage but it only exposes more of their lies

It still is you salty whore.

21a0ca No.296159

File: 1446899354128.gif (275.99 KB, 500x281, 500:281, so much suffering.gif)


Best news in while. To ridicious and hilarious for me. It half of day I learned about this and it still make me smile.

I really hope this cinematic Intimidation Game become fully true.

Plus that Ctr + Alt + Del title.

Also Now I want Gamergate anime.

Just imagine this: all LWs and other big name attention whores and professional victims being cute girls in dark magical girl show fighting evil internet trolls, gators and ant monsters. Writen by Urobutcher.

21a0ca No.296160

File: 1446899627278.gif (497.51 KB, 500x281, 500:281, weddingbribehimym.gif)

Also what if it be real life The Wedding Bribe movie?

21a0ca No.296165


>implying anyone had to do anything and Silverstring had nothing to do with it, even back then

21a0ca No.296166

I wonder how they'll portray Based Mom in the movie

21a0ca No.296177

File: 1446905717784.jpg (25.19 KB, 468x359, 468:359, Wicked Witch-of-the West.jpg)


Considering the level of intelligence and nuanced thinking these people regularly display?

I think we can have a pretty good idea.

21a0ca No.296178

File: 1446906721235.jpg (122.35 KB, 1300x933, 1300:933, 1287222907849.jpg)

Okay so, honest question: how the fuck could they possibly win anything from this? At best no one will care, at worst they'll look into this whole thing and realize Zoe & co are ridiculous and the mainstream media is even more garbage than they thought. There is no fucking way the mainstream will side with Zoe, they've tried for fucking years and even on the most liberal websites people aren't buying their narrative. The Guardian is left-wing central and yet the most upvoted comments on their latest "Anita vs GG" article are basically just saying "yeah, sending death threats is scummy and awful, but Anita's videos are still shit". They've put crazy amounts of money into swaying the masses to care about their gay Twitter drama and it has not worked.

What the fuck do they hope to gain from this? It will be a loss of money and of credibility. What SJW journalists have been doing for the past years is fucking suicide; for their credibility AND their cause. They're peddling the craziest, worse-than-Tumblr shit and no one likes it, either they're insane or they actually think that outrage clicks are enough and it's somehow ok to make your entire audience think you're a crazy fucker as long as people read your site to get pissed.

I mean, with clickbait at least you're getting ad money from the clicks. But if you're making a movie, people will just pirate it so they can laugh at it. You make NOTHING from people watching it ironically.

21a0ca No.296179

File: 1446906842580.jpg (650.81 KB, 900x1167, 300:389, 1292063525941.jpg)


Who is even their target audience for this? The GamerGhazi crowd? Among the groups who actually legitimately care about Gamergate to a significant extent, the pro group is significantly larger.

21a0ca No.296212

File: 1446914494857.jpg (44.87 KB, 620x387, 620:387, 1436221641875.jpg)


>Amy Pascal movie

>fuckyou Hollywood money.

Nigger please.

21a0ca No.296224

File: 1446919315471.png (471.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1440230553463.png)


We have transcended any and all media platforms there's no fucking stopping us now.

I hope they add a Vivian character in it as a girl who just wants to play vidya and save the world

21a0ca No.296256

So, hour and a half of Scarlett Johansson crying into her pillow?

that's my fetish


Fuck. Yes.

21a0ca No.296261


wait, so you want us to be whining instead?

21a0ca No.296265

It's the Ghostbuster reboot producer. You know what happens when Sony tries to back both his McCarthy vehicle Ghostbusters 'reboot' and this schlock? They won't get a return on their investment. They'll beg Adam Sandler to come back and these 'girl powerrrrrr' films will die.

Mark my fucking words. This producer's career is nearly dead before it's begun. All the marketers who chip in on the Ghostbusters 'brand' for Lunchables and what the Hell ever will feel burned and unlikely to back a similar project by the producer, including promotions for 'signature' adult films.

This will be his Eragon.

21a0ca No.296266

There'd better be a scene where the hacker known as gamergate blows up a van.

21a0ca No.296267

File: 1446930973327.png (343.11 KB, 500x464, 125:116, oh my.png)



This is being moved to further cement the narrative that Gamergate is too extreme for 4chan, Zoe Quinn is a feminist game developer, and the rest of the nonsense that gets passed as objective fact. People who have no horse in this race get their first exposure from the MSM.

They have seemingly limitless resources that can manuever like goats on fire when they need to. Remeber how many people in the vidya industry bent over backwards to come to the defense of Zoe against the Internet meanie harassment misogynist horde that didn't exist?

Also, it should be noted that the same people who keep pushing the 'feminist' angle also consider Brianna Wu a strong woman who has every right to unironically discuss pregnancy scares and what to expect during the third trimester. Anyone within actual feminist circles are branded TERFs.

It's also the same group of people who censor, if not outright close comments sections.

It's also (sorta) part of the same group that rushed to Nicholas Nyberg's defense for his brave decision to be an open edge lord and prey on little kids.

yadda yadda DARPA something something Silverstring

Granted, as a whole, it might spectacularly fail. Ghostbusters and Star Wars are kinda like the Greeces and Portugals of the EU. Experiments in real time to see what can be gotten away with.

Maybe I'm being a bit needlessly optimistic here, but from Facebook to the NYT comments section: People have been more open to calling out bullshit where they see it and a movie like this is exactly what can rally people who can tell the difference between chicken shit and chicken saladyou know, 'normies'

I believe Social Justice is a manufactured distraction despite money to be made off of it, like a pyramid scheme or Scientology. It's a multifaceted beast. For example, part of it's agenda is to co opt feminism. More and more people see feminism as fat rainbow haired banshees who argue personal pronouns and identity politics instead of what it actually is. Now I don't want to get into a pissing contest as to what feminism is and isn't, but a goal in all of this is to co opt the label/identity of people involved in Video Games

21a0ca No.296268

File: 1446931595472.jpg (17.13 KB, 308x282, 154:141, u15kc_zps0d9fda26.jpg)

This movie is pretty much confirms what I've suspected for months:

Quinn only cares about herself. She doesn't give a fuck about helping harassment victims (isn't CON still not open?). She doesn't give a shit about "improving" the game industry by adding more muhdiversity unless it directly benefits her. What has she worked on since DQ gamewise? Correct me if I'm wrong, but a whole lot of fucking nothing.

She's riding the harassment narrative since GG began. She's made bank off of it, via Patreon money, (presumably) speaker appearances, and now this. In the meantime, she's not only set her own alleged agenda back by several years, but she's also effectively helped ruin the livelihoods of several people (After the Ghostbusters movie and now this, chances are Pascal is gonna have a hell of a time finding work after this). Devs have become more open to standing against peer pressure to conform to previously-mentioned agenda, whether anonymously or openly.

At the end of the day, she's only helped herself. That gravy train will reach the station down the road. Practically everything else has backfired on their authoritarian agenda, in some cases, permanently. She can strut around like a peacock all she likes, because when it comes to important things, we've only continued to win.

21a0ca No.296270


CON is running, but you have to make contact with Zoe directly through referral by somebody she knows. You can think of the web page as something like a rabbit hole from an ARG.

21a0ca No.296272

Meh - her selling her story to hollywood seems like a rather last-ditch effort thing to milk her victim cred for more victimbucks

plus, once Gjoni's court adventure ends and he wins (which he honestly looks to, since she offered to drop everything to avoid a court ruling) then the movie can't even claim to be based on true events, since there'll be a publicly available court record showing that she was not harassed or anything by her ex

21a0ca No.296279


I wonder who is going to make this story a reality

21a0ca No.296280

The boingboing story about this pretty much fucking nails gamergate.


The irony is rich and delicious. A favorite claim of Gamergate is that the people they have targetted for nonstop rape and death threats had deliberately set out to be terrorized because of the riches they'd receive. This asinine claim and the inexcusable behavior it inspired has actually made the absurd prophecy come true: by behaving in such a terrible way, Gamergate has made celebrities out of its targets, building them a mainstream platform from which to tell their stories, while Gamergate continues to fester in obscurity in the Internet's dankest sewers.

Gamergaters: eternal losers and permavirgins.

21a0ca No.296283


I would love to see this movie made.

But, how could they possibly portray the convoluted wild ride deep into the rabbit hole of internet text and may mays that makes up this story? Are they going to start with her humble beginnings in fourth rate ameteur edgy porn sites, dive bar strip clubs, fabricated claims to murder, and a short story in choose-your-own-adventure form slapped into twine?

I mean, are they going to make a movie about a "video game developer" and then show video games compared with the high school journal entry she tried to pass off as one? Do they understand how that's going to play? Then what? Are they going to bring up Eron? Because he'll own every asset pascal and Quinn have to their name if anything about him hits the big screen since they'll have to commit provable libel and slander to make the movie soft enough for their raw vaginas.

Then what? Just an hour of tweets on screens? Are they going to bring up the Van Valkenburgs or the fact that Zoe's ex got kicked out of Harvard for attempting to torch a hollcaust memorial? What about the game jam she deep sixed? Won't that cause legal issues? Lifshitz dad? He can afford lawyers and definitely will use them if he or his son comes up.

I'm seriously curious, how do they intend to tell this story without literally turning it into The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo told through a Hackers lense… and even if they do that, the'll still get sued and be laughed at.

I really want to know. I also want them to do it so that all of the above happens and Eron gets to live in a villa in Burbank, burning hundreds of Sony's money while Chelsea works at a roadside diner to pay off the libel and slander judgments against her.

21a0ca No.296289

It's the story that needed to be told. The tale of how one womyn went on a year long crusade to make sure nobody on the internet thinks she slept with five guys. The epic of our generation.

I wonder if they'll let me play myself bro bono if I agree to be a gamergate villain and just really ham it up.

21a0ca No.296293



21a0ca No.296301


So long story short, she likely only wants to help people that belong to her clique. Got it.

21a0ca No.296303



No, but seriously, we need to consider this now. How will we deal with this?

21a0ca No.296309



We go int he imdb forums and rotten tomatoes coments and reviews then we post all the evidence we have to prove zoe is a lair

I mean everything

From Interet Aristocrat to every imgur link we have

21a0ca No.296310


I can see it now

Gamegrumps host a party for this like two best friend did for pacific rim

Meanwhile Danny and Ross are.forced to go watch it

Even with game grumps hyping it only a few hipsters and a few anons go and they pirate it

21a0ca No.296318

File: 1446945332852-0.jpg (15.02 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 1370154806439.jpg)

File: 1446945332853-1.webm (7.96 MB, 854x480, 427:240, get rekt.webm)

21a0ca No.296320

File: 1446946258720.png (141.09 KB, 379x382, 379:382, 1439053759742.png)

Cool, my agent secured me a role in the film:

"Such a lust for hipster semen…..


21a0ca No.296323


>How to save the internet from itself

Holy shit, the Bund deutscher Mädel isn't even subtle anymore

21a0ca No.296330


Seriously, how many things do you think Zoe has stuck inside her while blazing on prescription amps and hammering out "OMG OMG SCARJO ME SCARJO ME ME AM SCARJO SCARJO ME UH UH UH UH UH UH ME AM PRETTY!!!!!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" ?

I bet she's going to make whatever the next person she bangs for personal benefit call her "Scarlett".

21a0ca No.296332


What the fuck do the game grumps have with this

21a0ca No.296333

File: 1446952742348.jpg (63.26 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1283192301542.jpg)

Start hashtag asking why Zoe has to be played by a white woman

Why can't she be black?

Or transgender?

21a0ca No.296334

>bidding battle

there were other companies willing to make this?

also, wasnt Amy Pascal fired over sexually agressive and racist emails, in addition to throwing a shitfit about making my little pony into the smurfs?

21a0ca No.296335


Only one person bid for it. The battle was for how much or little the story is worth.

21a0ca No.296336

The thing I love about this is how stereotypical it is. What's next? Zoe Quinn place mats! Zoe Quinn toilet paper! Zoe Quinn flame thrower! Yes, this is exactly how a poor oppressed victim behaves. Let's merchandise it and then scoff about it on Twitter.

21a0ca No.296339

File: 1446953789594.png (236.65 KB, 539x623, 77:89, 1399579587150.png)

>mfw she broke up with Lifschitz so she could start sucking some Hollywood higher up's dick instead

21a0ca No.296342

File: 1446954167911.jpg (32.39 KB, 576x335, 576:335, castingcouch.jpg)

Quinn's new work space. pic related

21a0ca No.296343

File: 1446954313617.jpg (81.08 KB, 625x790, 125:158, cad-20080602-358b1.jpg)


>Ctr + Alt + Del

I wonder if Buckley is going to sue. B^U

21a0ca No.296344


>Casting counch

Where dumb sluts get taken advantage of,fits perfectly

21a0ca No.296349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's a it's a revoltshill verbal tic; like the smurfs:

>I'm gonna smurf Smurfette so hard in her smurfing smurf

21a0ca No.296361


You had me RIIIIIIGHT until the perma virgin. Seriously, with how anti sex you asshats are, shouldn't that be something to be proud of?

21a0ca No.296376




The one who fucked up Spider-Man and took till 2016 for him to join the MCU by royally fucking up the Amazing Spider-Man 2, for playing the progressive side even though she made actually pretty racist comments about Obama but eh, fuck it, femuhnism amirite?

21a0ca No.296381

File: 1446963337794.jpg (91.92 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 6cfe6a3531ee2a690489a842b7….jpg)


>People who have no horse in this race get their first exposure from the MSM.

I'm gonna stop you right the fuck now and quote myself to counter this

>Among the people actually interested in 'nerd culture', the anti-SJWs outweigh the SJWs. Just because the SJWs normally have power and influence in other areas plays no role here because, after trying really hard for over a year, they still have not won over the mainstream. Normies do not care about this fucking shit and most nerds who care at all are against them.

Compare the amount of users on KiA vs the amount of users on Ghazi. Search "gamergate" on Youtube. Read comment sections.

Pro-GGs and neutrals outweigh aGG.

21a0ca No.296414


>Reminder that the Jews nailed God on a stick just because they couldn't control him.

21a0ca No.296421

File: 1446979030686.jpg (54.77 KB, 479x361, 479:361, Bender.jpg)

21a0ca No.296427


I would hope there would be a cameo appearance that pays tribute to "Movieblob" Chipman. In that case, I nominate Steven Segal

>Somewhere in a basement apartment in New England, an overweight man is busy fisting his keyboard; He sees those gooblegobbler assholes being mean to a wimminz

> (Fat person breathing) "If they wanna mess with m'lady, they'll have to get through me first"

21a0ca No.296438


As usual you'll deal with it by pouting on your little echo chamber board, and then be very very sad when you're hung out for ridicule. Now go be a good boy and play your little games and don't bother the big people.

21a0ca No.296457

File: 1446998173682.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1520, 16:19, 42f23f8175bf2abfc61628c053….png)


The Deadline article says

>Pascal Pictures is Sony-based

So she still works for Sony it seems?

21a0ca No.296460


>Zoe Quinn toilet paper!

I'd buy toilet paper with all the antigamers faces printed on it, not just quinn.

and if you can throw Marx, Stalin, Mao and all the other assholes the SJW cult prays too, i'd be delighted

21a0ca No.296461


>As usual you'll deal with it by pouting on your little echo chamber board

that modus operandy was fairly effective when the SVU episode aired and when the LWs went to the UN.

GGHQ is often the spark that lits the fuse and eventually blows the dinamyte.

And your salty damage controll is the fuel that fires up our engines

21a0ca No.296480


You do realize that a certain boingboing "writer/journalist" has an inherent bias against #gg?

But whatever, I can trust sources that tell me to fuck myself for wanting them to partake in objective reporting rather than blogstyle garbage (at least, if they want to call themselves journalists).

21a0ca No.296508


Adam Baldwin as himself

21a0ca No.296514


That will be very effective in getting your posts deleted from those sites.

21a0ca No.296534


Suzy and Arin are huge Zoe Quinn supporters

21a0ca No.296538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21a0ca No.296542


Thanks for the post mate

21a0ca No.296544


Well nothing will stop my autism from flooding it to breakthe narrative

21a0ca No.296556




Shit, SJWs will expose themselves to the masses? And then all we'll have to do is give more info to the unaware public? After Pedon't defenders and so much digs made, this is just perfect. Shit, even normalfags might get salty.

Zoe, don't fuck this shit, hold your fucking ego and let people make the fucking movie however they please!

21a0ca No.296587


>New Ghostbusters

>Spider man reboot

>Barbie movie

They'll never get the chance to make the movie.

The studio will be bankrupt before then

21a0ca No.296601


Really great video. It's true, look at the shit SVU did when it aired. This will only cause a massive backlash and open up discussion again as evidence piled upon itself about Quinn's past. I hope this hits the big screen, as it will kill aGG.

21a0ca No.296602


Some more food for thought: remember how The Fifth Estate flopped and how Stonewall flopped even though both movies were pandering to specific crowd? People debunked both those movies for being untrue to history. If this becomes a movie, people will seek the truth behind it. And the truth will open up a can of worms and legitimize what GG has been fighting for all along.

21a0ca No.296607


Marvel Studios is making the Spider-Man film, she's only producing it because of a deal.

21a0ca No.296668

step 1: encourage people to 'play' the 'game' LW1 made

step 2: inform them about reality after inevitable dissapointment

21a0ca No.296680


>However, on February 9, 2015, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that Spider-Man would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the character appearing in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film and Sony releasing a Spider-Man film co-produced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal on July 28, 2017, with Sony Pictures continuing to own, finance, distribute, and having final creative control of the Spider-Man films.

>with Sony Pictures continuing to own, finance, distribute, and having final creative control of the Spider-Man films.

>final creative control of the Spider-Man films.

This is discouraging. We have to win this thing soon if we don't want to hear Spidey quipping about "GamerGate creeps" in 2017.

21a0ca No.296683

File: 1447076030667.png (81.71 KB, 754x650, 29:25, paulblartmallcop2figures.png)


>"Assuming (and that's a big fucking assumption) it gets made into anything, the odds of it actually making money are slim and none."

>Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 gets greenlit as a subsidized Vegas vacation for Kevin James

>makes money

21a0ca No.296685

File: 1447076586700.png (160.32 KB, 501x585, 167:195, darth shlomo.png)


>Star Wars never turned a profit according to weird Hollywood bean counting

21a0ca No.296694


>Doesn't matter if the film flops worse than Fantastic Four 2015.

I was double-checking, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 actually did better in profit, because it had one-fourth of a budget.

21a0ca No.296698

File: 1447078824259.png (313.59 KB, 920x791, 920:791, ghazion8chan.png)


>actually check for a board

>look at catalog

I laff'd

21a0ca No.296707


Apples and oranges, man.

Paul Blart actually has a fan base (god knows why, I thought that shit was awful), not a bunch of sycophantic hangers-on like LW does.

This isn't going to be a Michael Moore documentary idiots are going to pay theater money to go see.

It's a Lifetime-tier drama fest that might not even get made.

21a0ca No.296711


>Some more food for thought:

you can't eat gamergate, ya dingus

21a0ca No.296712

File: 1447082201995.jpg (31.97 KB, 700x500, 7:5, thomas morton.jpg)


>This isn't going to be a Michael Moore documentary idiots are going to pay theater money to go see.

I'm surprised this guy hasn't hosted a 15 minute sob story from Zoe on HBO yet.

21a0ca No.296721


She already had fuckyouheiress money, indie film money doesn't really measure up in comparison.

21a0ca No.296723


This faggot was one of the reasons I stopped following Vice and their coverage. A real shame too because they were one of the few people bothering to live stream large scale events and actually get themselves a little dirty, taking on dangerous posts.

Nothing I enjoy gets to good though that's my take away from a year + of this bullshit.

21a0ca No.296730

File: 1447085578489.png (51.72 KB, 600x544, 75:68, quinncarcrash.png)


What people fail to realize is that most movies now have hashtags associated with them. Pro-gamers are better at hijacking hashtags than the hollywood hype machine.

As another Leader mentioned, gamers are pushing the SJW narrative faster than the vast population would be willing to accept it. If quinn and others were not so narcissistic then they may have succeeded but they cannot help themselves. It is like nudging a car from behind. The car accelerates, loses control and crashes.

The final result will be:

> People finding out what quinn is REALLY like.

> The SJW "progressive" pursuit will be shut down by the rest of the population.

> People will think that gamers still suck but we can be good for a laugh now.


> Dank memes and keks shall be had as they completely fuck the movie up.

cap this

21a0ca No.296734


Great video

21a0ca No.296736

File: 1447085815434.jpg (184.4 KB, 500x493, 500:493, Slutwalk.jpg)


>every aGG hashtag that got taken over

and now I want to hear Milo say "you are entering a world of pain." (and other assorted lines from The Big Lebowski. and N)

21a0ca No.296769

>Scarlett Johansson as Zoe Quinn

So it's a farce?

21a0ca No.296774


I think only two people can pull me off look wise, either Keanu Reeves or Ansen Mount. Let's get this plane crash in the air.

21a0ca No.296776


>Fulton extraction of Milo

Lol lost my shit seeing that. He in da navy now with all da seamen

21a0ca No.296880


In a way it sort of is in the Torah. While Jewish society may he somewhat patriarchal, the men carry most authority and responsability, it is also matrilineal. Which means that the children get their jewishness from their mother. This is why there is a huge taboo among Jews against men marrying "Shiksas" or non-jewish women (funny that they're allowed to use othering epithets, huh?). It's also why Jewish women essentially have Jewish men by the balls, damned near literally.

The result? Generations and generations of Jewish men learning to tell women whatever they think they want to hear to get them to quit nagging them and let them catch a nut, and generations and generations of Jewish women who know that if they can find the right place to dial their nagging to, those men will capitulate. Or they'll be denied the opportunity to fulfill the Jewish prime directive of creating more Jews.

21a0ca No.296926


What is that second pic from? I think I saw that movie in like '90.

21a0ca No.296946

File: 1447111877231.gif (1.01 MB, 500x300, 5:3, 1428881796893.gif)


>Internet's dankest sewers.

21a0ca No.297052


Spider-Man crying about white privilege, anyone?

21a0ca No.297093


Imagine the IMDB reviews and comments

"I don't get it, why doesn't she just turn off the computer or block them?"

She's going to be equated with the ditzy blond girl in every horror movie who, instead of getting into her car and driving away from the scary man with a chainsaw, decides to run into his house and hide from him there.

21a0ca No.297102


>went to the UN

>report got recalled because it was goddamn pathetic

>seriously it referenced the author's C drive

>like goddamn

>even Zoe distanced herself from it the next week

Stay salty my friend.

21a0ca No.297103


>"I don't get it, why doesn't she just turn off the computer or block them?"

Because she is a stronk in-deep'n'dent womynz who is afraid of no man/neckbeard/misogyist/dudebro/gamer.

21a0ca No.297168

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best film of all time.

Seriously this movie already exists, it was hilarious the first time and it will be hilarious again. The fact that they're making a movie about gamergate just ensures we'll have something to talk about for 3 YEARS.

I mean, fuck, not even I assumed we'd go on until 2018, but looks like we will.

21a0ca No.297245


Yes!!! This

Its gonna be cyberbully and intimidation games bastard child

21a0ca No.297248

I tell ya man we should stream this movie cyberbully and svu intimidation game

Hell we should stream intimidation game again sometime

21a0ca No.297299

We should beat them to the punch and make our own "WHITE MALEZ R NAZI TERRORISTS THEY WANT TO KILL BLACK DISABLED WOMENS" movie. It would be great if you could resist hamming it up too hard.

21a0ca No.297308


what's the stream? I'd watch with you guys

21a0ca No.297396


Maybe a gamergate cytube but someone needs to post a torret

21a0ca No.297462

File: 1447226022675-0.jpeg (114.42 KB, 590x322, 295:161, 131010_BB_TomHanksCaptPhi….jpeg)

File: 1447226022675-1.jpg (35.26 KB, 300x296, 75:74, prdmg.jpg)

It's actually clever. And lucrative.

All they have to do is slap an "Inspired by a true story" tag on it, and they can change the Gamergate story into anything they want. ZQ can appear on the red carpet as the "inspiration" behind the beautiful, innocent, "trying to break into a hostile industry with nothing but inner bravery and a dream" lass, and Gamergate's greatest strength, that being "an amorphous collective of people with no structure" becomes it's greatest, most vulnerable, most profitable weakness: an amorphous collective of people with no structure cannot sue for libel.

Remember the Tom Hanks 2013 film Captain Phillips? That was inspired by a true story, and oh, wasn't he a brave, heroic victim? Didn't you just love him? Never mind the fact that in the true events, he was an incompetent bastard that practically invited the pirates onboard due to his idiocy.

>“The crew had begged Captain Phillips not to go so close to the Somali coast,” said Deborah Waters, the attorney who brought the claim. “He told them he wouldn’t let pirates scare him or force him to sail away from the coast.”

> “It is galling for them to see Captain Phillips set up as a hero,” Waters said. “It is just horrendous, and they’re angry.”

The crew were horrified by the film. and insulted. And angry. But oh, the academy awards doth flow, such a heroic captain bravely taking care of his crew at the expense of his own safety. SO BRAVE…

The film will be a farcical reimagining, low cost, big payoff, and the "amorphous group" it recasts as the breaking-and-entering, hacking, LITERAL rapists (like the film's villain Aaron Gonjee, who raped the female star and carried out his threat to ruin her reputation by unleashing his Social Media Troll Army at Kiachan)… can't do a thing about it.

Because it's simply "inspired by a true story". Meant to "shed light on a serious issue that is facing society, which deserves frank, open discussion.

21a0ca No.297529


>an amorphous collective of people with no structure cannot sue for libel.

Eron is alrready suing for libel, slander, and perjury.

I did not know the captain Phillips story, but i didn't care about the movie either, any way the same shit won't fly with Zoe, nobody but the actuall crew knew the trut about phillips, but half the world alrready knos the truth about Valkenburgers

21a0ca No.297590


It was a decent flick but after hearimg that it wa all lies it was all lies its just disappointed but whatever sells a story

21a0ca No.297654

I cant wait to see how they portray gamergate

Oh boy its gonna be acid rain all over again

21a0ca No.297716

File: 1447288968366.jpg (67.61 KB, 640x359, 640:359, 1435560836698.jpg)

I'd watch it.

Just to see if its going to be Law and Order SVU Intimidation Game: Movie Edition.

21a0ca No.299416

File: 1447826412632.jpg (41.61 KB, 400x366, 200:183, edge_ow.jpg)


21a0ca No.299439

File: 1447833696605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.75 KB, 395x416, 395:416, 1399256136459.jpg)

I'm about to ask the most important question that's ever been posted on this board. Who is going to play Teridax? Because he's obviously going to be the hero of the film.

21a0ca No.309911


They should recycle the gag from Better Off Dead, except have the paperboy wanting his $10 back.


21a0ca No.310377


I liked Pixels. It was dumb and fun. But then, I think Adam Sandler went to shit shortly after Happy Gilmore.

The low point was Funny People, which I guess was meant to be an ironic title, since it didn't contain any. Funniest part was Adam Sandler getting leukemia.


>since libertarians have never been in control of anything.

Libertarians don't really want to be in charge of anything. The sticking point is that they don't want anyone to be in charge of them, either, with most compromises being based on public health and safety. Or at least, that's what I've managed to pick up.

21a0ca No.326158


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